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The Road We Must Travel

As of this writing the petition to the White House to investigate the Department of Justice’s cover up of the ongoing crimes of David Miscavige contains 3,702 signatures.   I haven’t campaigned actively on the issue even though I have periodically offered more evidence supporting the premises of the petition.

Some have commented, and even used as a motivation for more action, that Miscavige will take a big win if the number does not reach the 5,000 threshold requiring White House response.  I don’t want to dampen any effective arguments people are using to garner more support. At the same time I have something to say about this one in particular. If David Miscavige takes a win on somewhere on the order of 4,000 people taking the bold step of putting their John Hancock’s to a petition to investigate him, the times they are a changing.  Two years ago I would venture that less than a 1,000 people would be willing to make that move.

That 4,000 people of every different stripe – Independent Scientologists, ex-Scientologists, anti-Scientologists, Anonymous activists, Methodists, Mormans, Catholics, Episcopalians, Buddhists, Hindus, Muslims, you name it – can come together on the issue of Corporate Scientology crime, and act in unison (many even leaving evidence of where they might be found),  the times they are a changing.

For every one of you who signed the petition, and especially to those of you who encouraged others to – regardless of how many more join you – you are heroes in my book.   You have stepped up to the plate and you have looked the beast in the eye and have said, “Down boy!”    Whether the Administration hears you or not, I’ll tell you one person who has heard you loud and clear – David Miscavige.  And whether he claims a “win” or a “lose” is meaningless; believe me, he hears your footsteps and in that wise you have helped tremendously in the process of slowly but surely de-fanging the monster.

This is not my petition.  I did publicize it and encourage people to sign it in a Sept 27 post in which I gave reasons why I thought it warranted support,  https://markrathbun.wordpress.com/2011/09/25/petition-the-president-of-the-united-states/.

I noted in that post that,

Whether the 5000 target is met or not does not relieve the Administration from its duty to investigate and remedy the filth and corruption going on between our Department of Justice and America’s most dangerous cult. But, the more people who sign the more chance there is that justice might be done.

Well, so far you all have provided 3,702 more reasons for the White House to act.  Thank you to all 3,702 of you.

If the petition winds up with 4,321 signatures or 5,500 signatures that will be another 619 or 1,798 reasons why the Administration ought to do its job, and those many more reasons why the oppressor ought to watch its step.

To those continuing to work tirelessly toward the 5,000 threshold, every additional name is golden as are you.

From the irreppressible Steve Hall:

We DEFINITELY CAN MAKE THIS TARGET and I am going to tell exactly HOW to do it. Facts: We have 5 days left including today. We got 250 signatures just last night. We need 1,272 more that is 254 per day. We are no where near tapped out. MAKE A LIST OF 10 PEOPLE (or more — go through your cell phone numbers) and SEND EACH PERSON the following email which I wrote yesterday:


I have a favor to ask. For about two years the FBI was conducting an investigation into the Church of Scientology. It was a serious investigation into human trafficking and obstruction of justice. Many ex-members of the CoS spoke with Federal Agents. However the CoS paid some huge money and apparently got someone (the Attorney General?) in the Justice Department to spike the whole thing. The two lead agents were transferred. So we are fighting back and one of the solutions we discovered was that the White House said if we could get 5,000 signatures on a petition, the President would look into the matter and make a statement. So we have already more than 3,725 signatures. We have 5 days left and need about 1,275 more — only about 255 a day, which we can definitely do (we did 250 Tuesday night). Can you and your family members please sign the White House Petition immediately to investigate why the FBI investigation was spiked, who spiked it, and also to restart the investigation into Church of Scientology criminality?

1) It takes only about 20 seconds to register — just put in your name and email address.

2) They will send you an email, with a link. Click on the link in the email.

3) Click on “Sign the Petition” and you’re done. Your privacy is protected and no one can actually see your last name.

Here is the link: http://wh.gov/4Os

Obviously we need as many people as possible to sign it immediately, so if you know anyone else that can sign it, please have at it.


I send the letter to 20 people myself last night — just going through my phone numbers in my phone.


Another reason to sign: