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Miscavige’s “Streamlined” Grades

Miscavige talks in fits and starts as some of you all have caught on to. It is the oldest implant technique of them all.  It is covered, among other places, in Hubbard’s St Hill lecture Instant Reads Part One.  Basically, you bore someone to death with some monotony, then you slip in your hypnotic command, then carry on with the monotony.

We’ve broken down some Miscavige speeches on this blog in the past showing how he pulls this stunt at every event.  Well, here is a particularly nasty one he’s been laying in for several years now.

Over the past several years Miscavige keeps alluding to his having “cracked” the Grades and figured out how to “streamline” them like never before.  He never seems to get around to the big announcement and event release he keeps promising on that score.  Instead, he has in a nifty fashion gone ahead and implemented his “streamlined” grades over time.  But, another new release from Int (Miscavige’s words from the 2004 OT Ambassador secret briefing – read implant)  shows Miscavige laid this in on the field “Opinion Leaders” early on, clearly to condition the public in advance.   Miscavige talked to them of things he “can’t talk about in a public event, like money,…”

He let his captive audience know that his way to get people through Grades and New Era Dianetics in the time LRH recommended in Ron’s Journal From Clear to Eternity (Miscavige’s puts it at 150-200 hours) was to cross order Ron’s injunction that Objectives be done at Grade I of the grade chart, and instead send people into a course room with a single instructor to do up to, are you sitting down?, six hundred (600) hours of objective processing before they go near the Grades!  In this wise, the hundreds of hours of Objectives (which, again, LRH put on the Grades) get subtracted from the total hours on Grades.  Streamlining, indeed.

Too incredible to be believed?  Well, read his words below.  And now correlate that to the following facts:

a) Objectives co-audit is the biggest single service delivered at the Flag Service Organization in the year 2011.  Flag even promotes a TRs and Objectives accommodations package.  They need a package since those dumb enough to sign up will likely be on objectives for, well, 600 hours, which translates into months of accommodations.

b) in the year 2010 Flag and FSSO began programming OT VIIs and OT VIIIs wholesale for massive amounts of Objectives.

Without further ado, the king of squirrels, welding the doors onto and up the Bridge shut:

What is it, and now let’s get down to stuff I, words I can’t mention in a public event, like “money”, “economics”, “time”. There’s a certain point where you can hit the level where, you say, the guy, well it’s such an overwhelm, he’ll never make it.  And if you say it’s just nothing, then there’s no staff member in the world that could live on it, because he could never live if he could, if auditing was 5 cents an hour. It’s a problem okay.

Number one, the first answer to that question actually is these objectives. Because here is what it should be. Now mock this up. Guy comes in. He’s through his Purif. We really get him grooved into what an Objective is and we can run a co-audit on Objectives. That is going to be the completion of this long-term project. And specifically directed by LRH on when he was doing OT Levels. Because these guys are going to flounder all over on the Grades. Especially with Dianetics being moved later. That isn’t the bug. The Dianetics being moved later. You know, we often thought, well maybe it’s because this guy, Dianetics, he’s not getting this reality on the reactive mind. When he studies the book he gets it. But don’t forget. 1965 when the Grade Chart came out, look at it.  You won’t see Dianetics before the Grades. Do you see what I mean? 

So it’s not. But here is one.  These Objectives that people were doing. And he wanted every single objective process since the dawn of time put together in the gradient approach. And now here’s the real deal.  I get this done. Some are heavy druggies, some aren’t. Some are bad off, some aren’t.  But mock this up. The guy signs up for the TRs and Objectives Co-audit, he’s got all of them. And I don’t care how long he’s in that course room under a co-audit. At the cost of a TRs and Objectives Co-audit.

And what do I want him to do?  200, 300, 400, you want to do 600 hours, go for it bud.  Go and go and go and go and go and go and go. For the guy who really doesn’t need 600 hours. He’s going to be done.  For the guy who does, go and go and go and go because his case, and you guys can get it, will be locking in.

And now we’re ready for the Grades.  So step one is that. And in terms of an org delivery, you take it down from the amount of auditing with one-on-one pc and what a guy is going to have to pay for per hour of auditing. You get it down to a co-audit sup who just knows objectives so cold, it isn’t funny.  What do you need in terms of resource?  In other words it is, it handles that economic factor in terms of the org’s delivery. And for the public making it up the Bridge. 

I’ve got news for Miscavige and his minions. In addition to delivering another several hundred hours of auditing at all levels over the past couple years including dozens of Grades, I have audited two people from their first introductions to Scientology through all Grades and NED to Clear.  Both were done precisely as LRH finally advised in the Grades package he finally settled on as his best shot at the modern Grade Chart – including Objectives on Grade I.  And both Clears were right within the time expectancy prescribed by LRH in LRH ED From Clear to Eternity.

I’ve got more news.  Miscavige’s intentions and actions with respect to objectives has nothing to do with speeding anyone’s progress up the Bridge to Total Freedom. Quite the contrary, he is doing all in his power to weld the doors to application of Scientology shut.  He is mis-using Objectives to drive thetans’ anchor points right back into the physical universe for the purpose of making tractable, robotic,deployable cult members.

More evidence that the only place Scientology will be practiced and survive is outside the confines of David Miscavige’s implant factory.