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South Park Blowback for Corporate Scientology

reference: Corporate Scientology Targets South Park

Tony Ortega has provided the second installment of Corporate Scientology’s Operation South Park at the Village Voice website: Scientology’s South Park Investigation: To Send In A Young Mole

According to an original Corporate Scientology Office of Special Affairs (OSA, terror and harassment arm of Corporate Scientology) memorandum OSA cased the offices of South Park’s Trey Parker and Matt Stone in April 2006.

Within a couple weeks the following text appeared in an OSA Intelligence Office Daily Report (a report Chairman of the Board of Corporate Scientology David Miscavige reads avidly, daily):

OSA Invest DR 3 May 06

SOUTH PARK: A PI met with a young filmmaker who recently graduated college (who was a student of Eric Sherman).  The filmmaker recently did an interview with Lloyd Kaufman, a friend of Trey Parker and Matt Stone.  He has agreed to assist to establish some comm lines in the South Park Studios and to try and get intelligence on their plans with regard to Scientology.  He is going to approach Kaufman to see if Kaufman can get him an introduction to Parker and Stone and either possibly get a job as an intern there or as a writer (he has seen every episode of South Park).

The Eric Sherman referred to is a long-time OSA operative in the Hollywood Community.  Here is his website:  http://ericsherman.com/

Ortega reports that he has been attempting to reach Sherman to no avail.   You can bet OSA has Sherman under very tight control; he will either never surface or will issue a blanket denial if media interest persists.  Sherman believes his immortal future depends upon playing nice with OSA and David Miscavige.

In the meantime, corporate Scientology’s chairman David Miscavige has called the dogs out on Mike Rinder who is a former Corporate Scientology insider who witnessed much of what Mr. Ortega and I have posted over the past two days. Rinder is in the United Kingdom for an important speaking engagement.  Here is a report from a gentleman named Alex Castillo who met with Rinder in London today:

Today I met Mike Rinder in London. He wanted to take his friend to Buckingham Palace to see the famous change of the Royal Guard, so we three agreed to meet at a nearby tube station. The meeting had been arranged via Mike’s email and Sam’s phone. And what do you know? by the time I arrived at our meeting place a “PI” was already stationed near where Mike and his friend were waiting for me!! This just shows that the invasion of privacy being carried out under Miscavige’s orders is alive and well.
After we met and had given each other a big hug (filmed or photographed by the “PI”), we made our way to the Palace, followed by the PI. As we stood in front of Buckingham Palace waiting for the show to start, this poor guy just stood there looking bored and taking pictures. Mike was friendly and polite with him, even said something to him. I was friendly too, I smiled and asked him to smile while I took a picture of him holding his camera. He actually posed for the picture and smiled!! Later on another PI showed up with a bigger camera with a big, long microphone and all, and made a point of aiming it at us at close range. When the change of the guards finished, we walked a few blocks towards Trafalgar Square with the intention of going into a cafe. They followed all the way. The three of us went into a busy cafe, they stayed at the front door and didn’t notice that the cafe had a side door into another street, so we just calmly walked out of the side door, walked a few paces down the street, went into another cafe and disappeared from their view! From the window of the second cafe where we went in I saw one them running to the corner and frantically looking around trying to find us, but they never did, so me and Mike and his friend were able to sit down, have a coffee and enjoy our converstation undisturbed by these poor guys who are getting paid to be “Private Eyes”. Me, having heard so much about what these people do, had never experienced such bizarre situation and I must say that I am still in two minds about wheather I should laugh (I must say it WAS funny) or feel shocked by the sheer stupidity of what Miscavige is spending millions of dollars of parishioners hard earned money on. In any case, I had a great time conversing with Mike after almost 30 years of not seeing him in the flesh.
So, this experience today tells me: 1) Miscavige is still ordering the hacking of phones and emails and 2) He’s spending Church of Scientology money just to harrass his “enemies”. I know this is no news to anyone here, but I thought I would add more confirmation of it. Maybe South Park would be interested in this episode??


Seems Miscavige’s propensity to create blowback knows no bounds.