Daily Archives: October 17, 2011

False Report Correction

Some witting or unwitting agents of David Miscavige within the Freezone have been running a vicious black PR campaign against me of late.  I use the alternative “unwitting” as they could simply be what L Ron Hubbard referred to as “dupes.”   In the early eighties Hubbard wrote of  unintelligent types who are false data prone.  That means people who are so confused in life and about society that they are prone to accept any lie they encounter.  The more energetic within the dupe category make a pastime of spreading such accepted lies as far and wide as they can –  for a variety of reasons.  They can be motivated by jealousy, vengeance, or just plain parasitism, attempting to raise one’s status by attacking someone who they consider more important than themselves.

The particular propaganda line that is getting some traction apparently in particularly out-ethics sectors of the Freezone is that I allegedly censor free speech.   The story goes that moderators on this blog are wholesale preventing comments from appearing that might stir dissent.

Let me set the record straight.   Here are actual statistics tracked and logged electronically by Word Press, the company that hosts my blog.

Total Comments:    117,808

Approved Comments:   116,166

That means that 98.6% of comments made have been approved and published.  That means 1.4% of comments have been trashed.

Considering that L Ron Hubbard estimated  in the mid-sixties that 2 1/2% of any given population were anti-social personalities, and modern mental health professionals estimate that percentage is up to about 4% in 2011 (sociopaths), I think one could conclude we’ve shown quite a level of tolerance here.

For those unaware of our moderation policy, please see the following post:


For those of you have read it and don’t want to read the entire post again, I’ll post here its two concluding paragraphs:

I treat this blog like my home.  I entertain a wide variety thoughts and viewpoints.  However, when an originator demonstrates it is a one way street and he isn’t really interested in learning something, but only in enturbulating or propagandizing, I show him the door.

Since OSA has had a well-financed, steadily-worked-on campaign going for more than a year to infiltrate my home and this blog with the specific objective of enturbulating me to the point where I start axing people ala Miscavige himself, I think by and large we’ve done pretty well keeping the ship pointed in the direction of moving on up a little higher.