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US Government Pulls Out of Scientology “Rights” Event




And if you missed today’s post alerting the world to the matter see:


Wake Up Time for the White House

Just when we all thought it was time to take a collective breath of relief, what do you know?   At the very time we were shoulder to the wheel on the final stretch of the White House Petition to investigate the corruption between the highest levels of the US Department of Justice and David Miscavige’s Corporate Scientology,  the highest levels of the US Department of Justice were scheming with Miscavige to use the credibility of the United States government to wipe out any lingering truth in the public’s mind about Corporate Scientology’s rampant Human Rights violations.   Here is the incredible, blatant evidence in the form of an email flier being sent out en masse by the Seattle Corporate Scientology organization:

Know Your Human Rights!

You are invited to an evening discussion

on human rights featuring:

Kareem W. Shora, Senior Policy Advisor

Office for Civil Rights and Civil Liberties,

U.S. Department of Homeland Security;

Senator Jeanne Kohl-Welles

speaking on the impact of human trafficking

Senator Maralyn Chase

on the importance of educating

our children on civil rights.



Scientology’s Human Rights Campaign!

This event is sponsored by the Church of Scientology on

Wednesday, October 26th at 300 W. Harrison St.

Reception starts at 6 pm. Program starts at 7 pm.

For more information, contact Ann at 206-284-0604.

© 2011 CSWS. SCIENTOLOGY is a trademark and service mark owned by Religious Technology Center and is used with its permission. Programmed in U.S.A.

You read it right, the Department of Justice is lending the name and presence of its “SENIOR POLICY ADVISOR” on Civil Rights, Civil Liberties, and Homeland Security to overtly pimp and pander for David Miscavige by promoting Corporate “Scientology’s Human Rights Campaign!” (note, while a technical argument can be made Homeland Security is different than the Department of Justice – see footnote below, Homeland Security ultimately answers to the head of the Department, the Attorney General)fn

If this does not immediately shock your sense of right and wrong, then I implore you to re-read the following post:


If you do not have the background on the tomes of evidence that have been provided to the Department of Justice that serve as the foundation for the original FBI Human Trafficking investigation, then please read the entire Truth Rundown series in the St Petersburg Times:


In a way Miscavige has just strenghtened, as is his wont these days, the next move I was working on. Knowing the White House is shackled by its own devotion to politics and the money that requires, I knew the White House petition was only the next step in the struggle.

This latest event provides the evidence required for phase II.

Certain Independents have already began paving the way to the Congressional Oversight committees that exist to police corruption within US government agencies.  Now, armed with evidence of how overt and unabashed the collusion between Corporate Scientology and the Department of Justice has become, it is time in my view to communicate loud and clear to the members of the appropriate Congressional committees to start preparing, because chances appear great that the White House is about to deliver a White Wash for the benefit of the biggest perpetrator of slavery on American soil since the Jim Crow era.

My suggested course of action is as follows:

a. Review the members of the House Oversight Committee and the Senate Oversight Committee.  Determine which ones that you are a constituent of.

House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform members:


Senate Committee On The Judiciary members:


b. Write to appropriate members of the House and Senate Committees asking them to take note of what appears to be every indication that the “church” of Scientology has not only bought the Department of Justice to back off a two-year, momemtum gaining investigation but to go the extra yard and promote the suspects as defenders of the very rights they were being investigated for destroying wholesale on American soil.

As far as evidence is concerned, I would print off and utilize the flier and the two links that I have provided above – in addition to whatever else you believe is relevant to the specific communication you would like to deliver.   In anticipation of corporate Scientology attempts to attack the credibility of my linked post above, you might want to note that this little blog that could, on its little unfunded lonesome is visited by far more readers than all multi-million dollar Corporate Scientology sites combined – by a very long shot.  The specifics as of today, according to Alexa (the Web Information Company) are as follows:

Moving On Up A Little Higher  traffic rank in the US:  23, 383

Scientology.org (with all front groups linking back   :  52,548

c.  Ask for a meeting so that the member may be briefed by witnesses who observed first-hand the buy out of the United States Department of Justice at the highest levels.  As of Nov 15 I am willing to travel to visit with any US Representative or Senator on the above committees, provided someone covers the travel cost.

d.  March on the Seattle church of Scientology to arrive at 6 p.m. on Wednesday October 26th.  If  I were not committed to a pc visiting from across the country, I would be there myself, demanding entrance to confront Mr Shora with the evidence of the atrocities he is helping to cover up and promote.  I may still find a way to get there. If an industrious Seattle Indie has some time to devote to organizing, you’ve got a bee line to me between now and then.

I believe it is time to increase the volume of the alarm to wake up the White House. Even assuming this is all going on unbeknownst to the White House, it demonstrates just how smug the US Department of Justice is and just how confident it is that President Obama will cover Eric Holder’s and Robert Swan Mueller’s rear ends. I believe it is time to act.   I believe it was situations like these that L Ron Hubbard was talking about when he uttered the following words in 1960:

We are not helpless There is something we can do about it. We can tell you the wrong thing to do always.  That’s nothing. Nothing is the greatest overt act you can commit.  If you don’t believe it, run into it sometime on your case.  The times you did nothing: those were the overt acts.  Well we needn’t be guilty of it in this particular lifetime, because you’ve got just as big a share in this as I have, as anybody has.  And with your knowingness goes a certain increased responsibility. That’s a terrible thing, isn’t it?  You say, “Well, I want to know more about this.”  The second you know more about it, you’re more responsible for it. Do you realize that? – 3 January 1960 Zones of Control and Responsibility of Governments

fn: The Attorney General has lead responsibility for criminal investigations of terrorist acts or terrorist threats by individuals or groups inside the United States, or directed at United States citizens or institutions abroad, where such acts are within the Federal criminal jurisdiction of the United States, as well as for related intelligence collection activities within the United States, subject to the National Security Act of 1947 and other applicable law, Executive Order 12333, and Attorney General-approved procedures pursuant to that Executive Order. Generally acting through the Federal Bureau of Investigation, the Attorney General, in cooperation with other Federal departments and agencies engaged in activities to protect our national security, shall also coordinate the activities of the other members of the law enforcement community to detect, prevent, preempt, and disrupt terrorist attacks against the United States. Following a terrorist threat or an actual incident that falls within the criminal jurisdiction of the United States, the full capabilities of the United States shall be dedicated, consistent with United States law and with activities of other Federal departments and agencies to protect our national security, to assisting the Attorney General to identify the perpetrators and bring them to justice. The Attorney General and the Secretary shall establish appropriate relationships and mechanisms for cooperation and coordination between their two departments. – From Department of Homeland Security web site 

UPDATE Friday afternoon: Homeland Security Pulls Out:  http://gawker.com/5852250/department-of-homeland-security-staffer-pulls-out-of-scientology-event

Village Voice coverage: http://blogs.villagevoice.com/runninscared/2011/10/scientology_pet_1.php



Thank you 5,005 Times

We wish to personally thank all 5000 people who signed the petition to the White House to investigate the corruption and graft between the “church” of Scientology and the US Department of Justice.

I know there are dozens of people who went the extra mile by reaching out and educating other citizens prompting them to also sign the petition.   Double thanks to you all.

There are also five people who I know personally who went even further beyond the call of duty to educate the public in big ways to assure the petition made its targeted total.  If I omitted anyone who was involved on that level, please inform me.  Do not take this as an invalidation if you were at that level of involvement and I failed to mention you by name.  These are the folks I have been made aware of as deserving of special mention.

5.  Theo  Sismanides

4.  Sandy “Data Dir” Richards

3.  Steve “Thoughtful” Hall

2. Karry Campbell.

And the most effective connector and networker in the Independent field:

#1. Karen de la Carriere.

Again, thanks to everybody who signed.  You all are special.

Catch some z’s.   I’ve got some fireworks to share tomorrow.

Good Night.

UPDATE, Friday morning 21/10,by Steve Hall:

Marty — you and Karen de la Carierre especially deserves props, as does Graham Berry (signature #1) and our incredible ally, Ursula Caberta. I want to let everyone know that this entire accomplishment was a direct result of our trip to Germany (thanks to everyone who supported us on that project). After Marty and Mosey arranged to go there, Ursula quietly arranged for Graham to attend — to help heal some old wounds (the CoS went after him murderously and tried to destroy him in the late 1990s). As LRH said, “Problems end when communication begins” so we all got in comm. From communication came real friendships and the next thing you know, Graham came up with this bright idea for a petition. Karen (signature #4) helped phrase the wording of it — she and Graham spent two days working it over. The result was a magnificent petition that really listed out the Church’s crimes. But when Graham clicked “Submit” a dialog box opened saying that it was too long. Petitions were limited to 840 characters!

As everyone knows, the CoS is so loaded with crimes one could go on for tens of thousands of words and still only be scratching the surface. Alas, back to the drawing board went Graham and Karen, shortening and condensing it down to a pithy 840 characters.

Conferring with Karen on people who very much went the extra mile to push this along were the following names in addition to those already stated:

Emma of ESMB created a sticky to promote the petition on her forum for everyone to see.

The moderators of OCMB — Sponge and I’m Glib — also pushed it hard on their forum.

The decent activists in Anonymous who pitched right in and helped to push this along — they deserve acknowledgment.

Special acknowledgment to Greebly who brought enormous energy and attention to the petition.

Mark Bunker tweeted it and pushed the petition hard on all his lines and pushed it on his website Knowledge Report.

Old Auditor helped big time by really pushing it on his Possibly Helpful Advice website.

Terrill Parks promoted the petition on 100 different forums!

As the creator of Scientology-cult.com, I wanted to extend a heart-felt thank you to all. This cause brought together not only people who have been ruthlessly victimized by the “church” but also their friends and families. And more, it brought together thousands of people whom OSA and David Miscavige desperately want to divide and conquer: critics, Independents, ex-Scientologists, Freezoners, free thinkers, human rights activists, Anonymous, and all the hundreds of Scientologists under the radar who signed the petition anonymously.

Steve Hall