Corporate Scientology vs Captain Scientology Mecca


also, in case you missed it, first interview with Debbie’s attorney.

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  1. By now Dear Leader – David Miscavige – must have cognited he has launched the Mother of all Footnukes. This surpasses all prior footnukes by a distance. This is already going very very badly for the cult, and will get worse and worse as the case goes on.

    I can just imagine Miscavige cussing and frothing at the mouth, demanding what f***ing m*****f*****s ordered this action be brought, with no lackey quite having the balls to say “Ah, well actually Sir I think er…you ordered it”.

  2. When I first became aware of what was really going on in Scientology just over two years ago I said to my wife that there is a storm coming and when it comes we will all have to pick a side. That time is now. I’ve picked my side.

  3. George M. White

    “To have much wealth and ample gold and food, but to enjoy one’s luxuries alone – this is a cause of one’s downfall.” The Buddha

    Debbie Cook has it right. Mr. Moth-cavige is hoarding over $1 Billion.
    Now he wants money for every word spoken by Debbie and all
    others who signed documents? This is folly; cash flow from
    free speech?


  4. Thanks Davey,
    Great going pandemic, you’re unstoppable.
    Please don’t hesitate to put some more oil on the fire.
    Why don’t you sue everyone saying anything about Scientology.
    Why not sue the Constitution, LRH and Congress.
    Please keep the implosion foot nukes going…….
    Love your firework backlash!

  5. Hush money, trade secrets, confidentiality agreements, promises… about transparency, truth revealed, enlightenment,and a touch of honesty? It doesn’t hurt to dream …….

  6. What drives Debbie Cook?



    Regaining status?

    Doesn’t appear that anything OTHER than a love of LRH and his technology is what drives her.

    And because of this, as her underlying message and motivation, she will prevail.

    When a rage against ones abuser takes over, when a wish to inflict the same type of harm and abuse on another takes over, the war is over. The abuser has won.

    “Anger is like a chariot careering wildly.
    He who curbs his anger is the true charioteer.
    Others merely hold the reins” The Buddha: Dhammapada


  7. the heat is on, like the fame movie… hopefully yous guys will never quite, very well done in standing your ground, lots of people need you right now including planet earth. much arc krc.
    darren may

  8. I’m no lawyer, but perhaps more individuals still “in” should be aware of whistleblower laws?

    State Whistleblower Laws
    Compiled 2005, updated November 2009

    State: Florida Covers: public and private employers
    “An employer may not take retaliatory personnel action against an employee because the employee has disclosed or threatened to disclose to a government agency an activity, policy or practice that is in violation of a law; or testified before an entity conducting an investigation into possible violations; or refused to participate in an activity, policy or practice that is in violation of a law, rule or regulation. ”

    State: California Covers: all employers
    “It is unlawful for an employer to make or enforce a rule or policy or to retaliate against an employee for disclosing information to a government or law enforcement agency if the employee reasonably believes the information involves a violation of state or federal law. Claims must be reported to the State Division of Labor Standards Enforcement within 90 days of the alleged retaliatory act.”

    Some states do not have whistleblower laws, such as New Mexico. There is an entire table at the above referenced site stating which do and do not, as well as who and what is covered.

  9. haydn (T Paine)

    Three things stand out for me in this video.

    The first is the use of the word “voluntary” in the response by Radical Corporate Scientology (RCS), which stated that Debbie and Wayne voluntarily signed their gag agreements. Nothing, but nothing, is voluntary in the RCS. And I mean NOTHING. They go to elaborate lengths to make it look that way,a huge smiling pretense in everything from “donations” to the IAS, ethics handlings, out-tech auditing programs/actions and of course gag agreements. But it is just that — pretense. This is the real point of fraud in the RCS. Yes, the RCS rep sitting across from you may be calm and smiling as they insist you do whatever it is they want you to do, but you know they have a dagger held behind their back as they smile ever more sweetly, not to mention the tanks and rocket launchers parked just outside.

    True self determinism died in the RCS years ago and Scientology died along with it. I wish that were an over dramatization, but, if anything, it is an understatement.

    The second stand out point is the fact that David Miscavige’s freak out about Debbie and Wayne on whom he has at least some leverage (his draconian gag “agreement”), under scores and highlights just how freaked out he was and still is about Mike and Marty and why he goes to such no-holds-barred lengths to shut them the hell up. He’s got no leverage on them so has had hordes of people running around trying everything to get some.

    Lastly, the TV station stressed this was all about protecting the money lines of the RCS but we know it is all about protecting the crimes of David Miscavige.

  10. Izhar Perlman - Lisbon

    The “noise level” in the media regarding the cult is increasing on a daily basis now, and that means that there is an accumulated agreement that David Miscavige is a criminal, that the CoS is just a money making machine, and that time has come to stop the midget.
    Also the amount of the truth being revealed and the spreading of the truth sources makes it harder and harder to be controlled by POB, OSA and the legal jackals.
    The end of Criminal Dave is near, and backed by the increased agreement, more and more real!

  11. Good to know. Is your nick your last name? If so, I know you. Drop me a line….altair4 AT gmail DOT com.

  12. Any predict how long a case like this will take?
    Also, excuse my ignorance but how is the outcome decided – by jury, judge or a panel?
    The butterflys are busy in my stomach on this one, worldwide coverage and the sharks are circling on both sides of the fence, phew… what a year this is going to be!

  13. As usual Haydn, the best word to describe your comments is incisive. They really do cut through the bs to the heart of the matter.

  14. Small world. If I’m not mistaken, the footage of Debbie is from one of the many FSO Tour videos that I wrote in the late ’90s or early 2000s. What is so great is that the media sees right through the CoS antics and they are asking the right question — how come a “church” cannot stand transparency? Why are they coercing ex-members to keep silent? What crimes are they HIDING? As further documents go into the public record, the media attention is going to increase dramatically and already the story is being covered by the New York Times and other major media.

  15. Oh snap, he’s bustin’ out the big guns…REMIX!

    When the dwarf’s in the crib…
    Audit like its hot!
    Audit like its hot!
    Audit like its hot!

  16. I’m curious … just how well informed is David Miscavage about negative press? Does he know the potential disaster he has set in front of him, or is he completly oblivious?

  17. The Church of Scientology is headed for a fight they are stupid to engage in. This is going to be about 1st amendment rights and ALL of America and a long list of foreign countries will be watching the developements of this case like a cat watching a moushole. Like Haydn said there is nothing voluntary about these orders. There are hundreds of us who can attest that the Church made us sign affidavits in front of a video and an attorney and if we didn’t we were back to sec checking (not allowed to leave) and possibly expelled. That I will be glad to personally testify to on the stand.

    The Church has turned into a military organization. It won’t be long, Haydn, before you actually see tanks and missles on Church grounds. I know they have an ever-expanding arsenal of weapons at Int already.

    ML Tom

  18. expelled 4 Life

    “I know they have an ever-expanding arsenal of weapons at Int already.”

    Huh? Do you mind elaborating?

  19. George M. White


  20. …”The question is, why can’t there be full disclosure?”

    Ahhhh…that is the question, isn’t it!

    I wonder. How many “scientologists” will contine to be miscavige groopies when they finally learn just exactly what david did to Debbie?
    I wonder. How many “scientologists” really believe that building golden palaces is the key to public acceptance of the tech?
    I wonder. How many “scientologists” are willingly in agreement with the gross out-tech, inurement, vicious behavior modification, cut comm, and other cult like behaviors they currently demonstrate?
    I wonder. How many “scientologists” can audit a pc to a good result?
    I wonder. What percentage of “scientologists” are completely sold on the idea that obedience is senior to freedom?

  21. Bruce Q Hammond

    Wow, Tom Cruise, an outstanding Scientologist, has had some sort of cognition and has joined with Anonymous to help us handle the DM/CoS.

    This is a very inspiring message!

  22. haydn (T Paine)

    I would be willing to testify on the stand too, Tom. Each story of what RCS does when you leave is probably a little different as to exact details but the MO is the same: leverage and threat, leverage and threat. Sometimes there is a carrot, sometimes not, but there is always a VERY big stick.

  23. The church is getting flanked now, two many people are coming out, what does the church think that we will give up people have spent their lives for the truth and this is what we get suppression from above?,,, ha we are used to it its ever where on this planet, too late we are trained with lrh scares the truth in our hearts and minds, we will prevail.
    darren may

  24. You know from all my time in the Sea Org. I think the guy who put this cycle into the court is already in the RPF or our of the SO by DM.

    This is the biggest fuck up I ever see.

    Or maybe is because too much crimes done by DM that he want to go out ASAP.

    Because is obviously I already see the News and the future is going to be very dark for DM. Sorry DM I see your end and is coming very soon.

  25. The gag-order-agreements doesn’t say anything about writing a e-mail to his friends and give quotations from L. Ron Hubbard’s policy letters, right?

    For me, the most important point to ask is, why Miscavige is afraid of the content of her original email?

    He sues her for something she never signed in this gag-order.

    If there is any way to reproduce parts of her e-mail to hand over to all people who attend the court… with minor explanation what she was talking about as there is lots of Scientologese in it and not anyone will be able to understand the full intention of her letter.

    However, Miscavige… what a mess. Go hiding!

  26. Hey Dad,

    Remember those fun days when we were routing out.

    During the two and half months I was on my leaving staff routing form I had a personal guard escort me it was 24/7 ordeal. He was 6’2” and weighed 200 lbs and I definitely had the idea he could out wrestle me and out run me. He escorted me to and from sessions, to and from meals, and yes to the ladies room. Boy was I relieved when he didn’t actually enter the ladies room and waited outside. And at night there was another one who sat outside my door. (They worked in shifts).

    Then when they had me sign my gag order, video and all, there he was my special 6’2’ guard outside the room waiting for me. Lucky me, my own special guard!

    The church tries to say these gag orders are ‘voluntary’. What a laugh. They took my passport, my bank cards and separated me from my husband and then had me guarded. But the real leverage they held over me was the fact that they knew I wanted to see my daughter, Katrina, and until I was done with my sec check and signed a gag order I couldn’t see her.

    When I was finally ‘released’ and Haydn picked me up, we looked at each other and said “What has happened to our church?”

    (my story by the way is a light weight one!)

  27. My fear is this sort of scenario. My hope is this trial will expedite the apprehension of Miscavige before another Waco style event (in Texas, ironically) happens . The lingering memories of 1993 are quite possibly what is making the FBI so reluctant to move on the mountain of evidence they must already have.

  28. 2012 is The Year!
    Final victory & justice.


    Give Channel 9, Australian Current Affair, the clicks for viewing their story.

  30. There is also a small Q&A with the COS following the argument.

  31. Yes, perfect summation.

    I think it was $10 millions dollars that I was to pay if I said anything bad about the organization. And I wasn’t supposed to go near the Int base or enter Clearwater, Florida ever again.

    I “voluntarily” signed it — after nearly 2 months of being under 24 hour security watch, receiving intensive “confessionals” to dig up any “dirt” while being fed rice and beans for breakfast, lunch and dinner. And they video’d my signature going onto that piece of trash.

    It finally took Mat telling them that if they didn’t let us go by noon the following day, he’d physically bust through security and the only way they could stop him was shoot him in the head.

    I didn’t follow the gag order — because I was aware of crimes and severe human rights violations committed by Miscavige and his criminal organization, and because my family was being blackmailed and harrassed.

    I spoke out in the press, went to the authorities, wrote a book and even moved to Clearwater Beach for a year to be close to Mat’s family. Lots of threats and PIs, but I’m not going to let their intimidation tactics stop me from living my life and keeping my own personal integrity.

    The truth is the truth.

  32. The times, they are achangin’.

  33. Interesting “Q&A” section on this web page with CSI, it’s an exercise for the lie detector and no answer:

    Read out Q&A with the Church of Scientology International below:

    Q: What was Debbie Cook’s role in the COS?
    A: She was a full time staff member of the Sea Organization at the Church of Scientology in Clearwater, Florida.

    Q:What is the purpose of asking former members to sign non-disclosure agreements?
    A: Non-disclosure and non-disparagement agreements are common amongst institutions in countries around the world. It is good and common practice for companies, government offices, charities or religious organizations such as the Church of Scientology, to implement such agreements.

    Q:Are all former members asked to sign these agreements?
    A: No. These agreements apply in select cases where contracts are appropriate and of benefit to both parties.

    Q: Are members who sign an agreement given a copy for their records?
    A: Someone who asks for a copy is provided with a copy.

    Q: Why does the church seek financial restitution from former members if they breach the orders?
    A: The Church complied with all of its promises. We expect other parties to comply with theirs.

    Q: How does the church arrive at these figures?
    A: It is detailed in the contract and by the evidence.

    Q: The Church is suing Cook for breaching her agreement. What does it hope to gain from that?
    A: A court finding requiring the defendants to comply with the terms of their agreement as written.

  34. When Danny Sherman writes the next speech for Miscavige it should go something like this:

    “…. and furthermore, I’ve created more negative press and public opinion for Scientology in just the last week, than the previous 6 decades combined. NOW THAT’S STRAIGHT UP AND VERTICAL !!!!!!!”

    “Due to unprecedented expansion I’ve decided to move my bunker, I mean office, to an undisclosed location in South America. I would tell you where it was, but then you would all need to sign gag orders that would have you paying me $100,000 every time you even thought of it. (Ha, ha, ha)”

    “In order to show my love and appreciation for what’s left of “International management”, I’m having them all permanently locked in the Super Power Building doing a new confidential “pilot” I thought up.”

    Lou – grab those 2 suitcases, let’s get the f@#* out of here!!!

  35. “During the two and half months I was on my leaving staff routing form I had a personal guard escort me it was 24/7 ordeal. He was 6’2” and weighed 200 lbs and I definitely had the idea he could out wrestle me and out run me. He escorted me to and from sessions, to and from meals, and yes to the ladies room. Boy was I relieved when he didn’t actually enter the ladies room and waited outside. And at night there was another one who sat outside my door. (They worked in shifts).”

    Lucy, Believe it or not my wife, for expressing the truth about a service she recieved at FSO, got that same treatment as a public!!!
    “Flag–the friendliest place in the world,”
    Their arrogance and methods of dealing with people are nothing short of astounding.

  36. Please remember, beings are basically good. Does not the criminal secretly want to get caught? Even the most raving of SPs will cave themselves in eventually, if only to stop themselves. The PTS/SP data fully applies – even to Diamond Dave Miscavige. Or maybe that should be especially….
    True, his death throes are damaging Scientology’s PR. But he’s been carefully destroying that for years, so nothing new there. He can’t see “disaster” — that’s an Awareness Characteristic (-12) too far above where he sits. I think he’s around Criminality (-31) and headed south!
    Perhaps 2012 will be the end of this chapter, “David Miscavige, The Golden Age of Destruction”.

  37. Tony DePhillips

    Paying people to withhold your overts.
    You are going to be discovered BIG TIME!!!

  38. As a point I went to very strict Catholic schools and I was known to be “mouthy” but they never put a guard on me!

    When one of our priests, father Kenny decided to leave the Catholic Church and marry the church financial director he had to go through a ‘leave process’. They never put a ‘guard’ on him and he didn’t have to sign a gag order.

  39. OMG I had no idea they started doing this to the public!

  40. What I personally find funny is that, toward the latter part of the video, my old “mentor”, Dr. David Stedman, is shown on stage with DM at the Seattle grand opening from July 24th, 2010.

    He’s the OT8 Fdn ED and he has financially raped our field for a 14 million dollar empty cathedral over many painful, off-policy years.

    Several friends and I who know him recognize that he is in the valence of a used car salesman, pretty much full time. He literally referred to himself as “the most ethical being in Washington State” and I’m not kidding at all. He meant it.

    He’s a millionaire from running a successful chiropractic office and has donated over a million bucks to that Idle Org piece of shit building.

    On July 20th, 2009 I called him to tell him about The Truth Rundown. He let me talk for about 20 straight minutes, giving him as much dope as I could at that time. I asked for his help to find out what was really going on. The next morning, he had the local FBO call me up and read me the riot act, threatening to declare me right there on the spot if I ever “enturbulated” anyone again with such “entheta”. And on that very morning, after a 2-hour comm-lag where I sat like a zombie in utter confusion on my sofa……I decided that I was DONE!

    David Stedman effectively blew from me. That phone call was the last I ever heard from him after knowing him for years.

    Ha ha. He’s now officially on record, standing next to and supporting the evil dwarf.

    David Stedman, you are on the wrong side of ethics!!! Shame on you!!!

    Bryan Ubaghs
    Proud Independant

  41. “That I will be glad to personally testify to on the stand.”

    Yes, Tom – me too!!
    I knew it was coercion when I was made to sign, and I would have liked to state that on the video also. But I was afraid that that would have just added to the time of detention on the Ship and resulted in further punishment. I had to shut up and to sign whatever was put in front of me to get out of there at all (and had also no way of consulting anybody or any attorney to check what I was signing – a big out point).
    Also I think that many staff, specially Sea Org members, are in a kind of traumatized state when made (forced) to signing due to the threat of getting declared a suppressive person, the threat of disconnection from spouse, family and friends and due to the enormous stress that preceded and due to being subjected to punishment and harassment. So I wonder if a contract being signed under such conditions has any validity at all. – Karola

  42. I have a sincere question. Does anyone know of any religion on planet earth that forces people to sign gag orders?

    Do Alter boys now have to sign gag orders?

  43. And then when you don’t go back and don’t answer their emails or phone calls, they send you emails wanting to know if you are “upset”. Don’t bother answering that email, as it will be at best a waste of time.

    I must say, Cowboy Poet, your wife’s story beats any of mine.

  44. Integrity, Honesty, Decency ?

  45. Hint: Debbie was also at the Int base. All former members do sign. A copy is not provided no matter how many times asked.

    The rest are no-answers and Q&A by another definition.

  46. As has been mentioned before but bears repeating – If one follows policy and writes a standard KR on off policy actions David Miscavige will sue you or torture you if you are still inside the CoS.

    The action she took to expose David Miscavige off policy actions will result in him melting when the News media really gets started in “tossing a bucket of water” on his leadership.

    He can’t fix this. He lost control long ago and keeps trying to destroy himself. He cannot outrun his own demons.

    As William Pitt, the Elder said to the UK House of Lords in 1770, “Unlimited power is apt to corrupt the minds of those who possess it”.

    Interestingly that post was not to have had such power. David Miscavige perverted the LRH church structure to accumulate and hold that power. That crime removed all restraints from his actions. Reference

  47. +1

  48. Lucy, I don’t know, but there is a specific area of law called ‘clergy malpractice’ which is fascinating and has to do with the relationship of trust between a parishioner and priest/clergy.

  49. The more I look this over, the more I sense this is all part of a stratagem; a deliberate move to get DM right were she wants him. A person as skilled as Debbie is would not allow herself to be destroyed so carelessly by an opponent that she knows so well.

    I don’t think we have seen her master plan in action just yet. But perhaps a taste of it is the ever more increasing doses of negative PR COS is getting because of this story.

    Thar be dragons ahead, Davey.

  50. Only the guards 24 hours a day. And my wife is as explosive and dangerous as any other compassionate, caring, and rational mother of children—she’s a Rock of Gibraltar.
    And all of 120 pounds soaking wet.

    I thought ^$#3@!!!???

  51. PersonalJudas

    I wonder how many of us will use this experience as the invaluable opportunity for spiritual growth that it is.
    The naive arrogance evidenced by terms like ‘wog’ and ‘meat body’, made us believe that we were different; special, even chosen. That we had all the answers and the rest of the world needed to catch up.
    The arrogance and ignorance of teenage is giving way to the emerging wisdom and humility of adulthood.
    Scientology has been but a short time here on earth. I think it’s starting to grow up.
    I think, here, in the days to come, we will begin to take back Scientology’s humanity and in doing so, restore its relevance to mankind. That is exciting.

    Scientologists, as a group will either grow tremendously from this or vanish into elitist obscurity.
    I hope it’s the former.
    I realised a moment ago that all my OL’s in this subject are here, on this blog.
    That alone makes me feel very positive about the future.

  52. “Do Alter boys now have to sign gag orders?”

    Lucy, This is a public forum—don’t set me up for a joke like that again. It was all I could do to contain myself. 🙂

  53. And THAT Amy, is why you are loved by so many.

  54. Well then, the lack of a specific whistleblower clause may be partly why this was filed in Texas rather than Florida or California…

  55. Tom Gallagher

    Hey Bryan,

    Stedman, as an undisputed leader of an Idle Borg and as one who had been fully assimilated into the hive, he delivered the ominous message that “Resistance is Futile!

  56. Tony Dephillips

    Plus 100!!

  57. Martin, I doubt if worrying about killing innocents is stopping the FBI. The deaths at Waco didn’t seem to bother the FBI much at all.

  58. I’m happy to see that what I hoped would happen with the French Court decision has in fact happened. Don’t know if someone here helped it along.
    Two blog posts ago I mentioned that the Pioneer Press in Twin Cities was carrying the AP story of the French Court decision and how it it would be so nice to see it carried in the San Antonio Express news. I see it got there. This should help set the stage for Debbies side.

  59. Well all I can say is well done Debbie and Wayne!!! This is so insane to think you can shut someone up that was tortured. What Debbie and Wayne were put through is completely against any and all morale codes I know of. I am also sure there are many illegal aspects to all of this as well.

    Debbie and Wayne our thoughts are with you. You are strong beings and this will all shake out in your favor.

  60. “Never use lies in PR.”

    Dave’s cult has been lying for so long, I think they actually believe their own B.S. Because they haven’t been prosecuted for their lies, they seem to think they are getting away with it.

    Once he hears all the facts, the Texas judge hearing this case is going to have to decide if Debbie (or anyone else) actually signed those gag agreements “willingly.”

    Dave can use all the lies he wants in PR.

    I seriously doubt he’s going to get away with using using his lies under oath, under the penalty of perjury, with competent people doing the depositions.

    Hope I’m right.

    Question: Do you swear to tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth, so help you God?

    Hayden James: Absolutely

    _________ (church exec): I refuse to answer that question on the grounds that I’ll probably incriminate myself over and over again.

  61. Jethro Bodine

    It just shows that the only way to properly leave the church these days is to just blow rather than “route out standardly”, which means:

    1) Grueling MEST work every day
    2) Living in pigs berthing
    3) Beans and rice three times a day
    4) Separation from one’s spouse
    5) Continual sec checking until you cough up something “juicy” so that you can be blackmailed
    6) 24/7 security guards
    7) You’re paid no money the whole time you’re routing out
    8) Absolutely no communication with the outside world
    9) Signing a gag order under duress for a paltry sum of money once they finally decide to release you. You aren’t given a copy of what you sign.
    10) The SP declare and freeloader bill as they kick your butt out the door
    11) OSA will inform your friends and family that you are now an “SP” and that they therefore have to disconnect from you even before you’re gotten on a bus to go home. Your family will never hear your side of the story.

    If you just blow, you could skip directly to step #9 above and avoid the torture and the gag order.

    Blow baby blow!

  62. I just got in the first comment on the article and made a plug for them to carry Debbies legal story if posible.

  63. That is very interesting Amy. How many other so members signed gag orders like Debbie and yet Scientology did not file suit against them? Could this info help debbie’s lawyer?

  64. The Church of Scientology now promoting itself as a yoke.

    Yoke Definition
    yoked, yok·ing.
    a device for joining together a pair of draft animals, especially oxen, usually consisting of a crosspiece with two bow-shaped pieces, each enclosing the head of an animal. Compare harness ( def. 1 ) .
    a pair of draft animals fastened together by a yoke: five yoke of oxen.
    something resembling a yoke or a bow of a yoke in form or use.
    a frame fitting the neck and shoulders of a person, for carrying a pair of buckets or the like, one at each end.
    an agency of oppression, subjection, servitude, etc.

    And this type of promotion has been going on for some time.

    Sales must be out the bottom.

    No wonder they are striking fast anyone who points out the Church has been kept afloat on donation rather than sales and delivery.

    I have to say I never thought the day would come when the legal issues were focused around donations. This subject isn’t even covered in any writing by L. Ron Hubbard.

  65. We decided that we weren’t interested in continuing with Scientology and asked for money we had on account at flag, AO and Stevens creek org. After much run around we hired a lawyer. We were asked to sign a gag order with money to be paid if we utter a bad word against the organization. We were told by Helena korbin, Scientology lawyer that a person can give up their freedom of speech. It is not just so that are being asked to sign gag orders but public too.

  66. Whistleblower laws cover the violation of the Trust Instruments LRH put in place. The decimation and cover-up of this is valid territory for “discovery” in Debbie’s response.

    David Miscavige has “unclean hands” in this area. Debbie blew the whistle.

  67. Ok poeple, I’ve got another serious question. Does the Dalai Lama have Tibetan Buddhist Monks sign gag orders?

  68. GSM,
    All those cut theta lines are coming together in one very powerful back flow – straight to David Miscavige. An Essay On Management Dave, it’s there, despite any “missing” semi-colons.

  69. Mat,
    And as he does his Santa Anna run, all we’ll find is a fake-toothed, helmet-haired, dweeb in a thong. Not even pantaloons.

  70. This is such a perfect job of political jiujitsu that I am truly in awe of Debbie Cook. She sends an email to some friends… and then leaves it alone.

    Hit the correct spot, then step back and watch the entire edifice crumble. It is absolutely incredible what the shockwaves from one little old email (quoting LRH correctly) can do.

    An example from popular culture:


  71. Ok. Let’s get closer to home. Haydn, you were raised in the Church of England. So pray do tell, does the Archbishop of Canterbury demand that Deacon’s and local vicar’s sign gag orders?

  72. In his “church” David Miscavige has “auditors” and “Case Supervisors” invalidate ruthlessly when it routinely comes up in session, the Item “COB” in answer to questions related to Problems, PTSness, Suppression.

    Dave is one of the arbitrarily, and grossly out-tech, forbidden “good guys” on a Who or What? question to find the source of suppression.

    He’s come up again in Debbie’s email. Only this time Dave figured he could invalidate THE ITEM with a “contract”. Pay the person $50,000 and they can’t have their actual item and so resolve the condition.

    Dave. You ARE the SP on the case. AND in this case, you ARE an SP. This one won’t be invalidated. The contract has waaaaaay too much “out tech” in it, and that’s in terms of contracts.

    You ARE the SP for so many individually and this group. My guess is, even to yourself, but that is something you’ll eventually have to find out for sure if you ever hold the cans again and actually answer the Who or What are you trying to Unmock?

  73. haydn (T Paine)

    Not to my knowledge, Lucy.

  74. Reading the public statement Karin, I mean David Miscavige- Pouw issued to the Australian TV show A Current Affair, their legal tactic is clearly laid out – this is nothing more than a “contract” case.

    Sure it is Dave. You’re right. Nothing more than a simple contract that are signed everyday and Debbie is in breach. Yep. That’s all this is. She simply sold her soul for a mass of pottage and now the beeeatch wants to eat it too!!

    Dave, hold onto the Copper Rod. Jam that coffee up your arse, give Tom, errr Lou a squeeze (whatever part of her it is that you squeeze…) and get ready for your very own Severe Reality Adjustment.

    It’s going to hurt. There are many that don’t fear that. It’s a just cause.

  75. Daisy,
    Helena Kobrin herself got her own money back from the ship last year. That’s right. The docs are all on-line. I wonder if she too signed a gag order.
    ps. As I’ve said before, when your lawyer bails you know you’re in a heap of trouble.

  76. Debbie Cook’s Motion Denied: Scientology’s Restraining Order Remains in Place Until Thursday Hearing

    After a hearing this morning, however, Texas 150th District Court Judge Janet P. Littlejohn denied Cook’s motion and continued matters until Thursday, when the restraining order will run out and there will be a hearing to determine if the same restrictions on Cook’s rights will become a temporary injunction that could last the length of the case.

  77. Sorry folks, I may be on a bit of “stuck in a win” on this.

    Dave, remember when you were fucking me over on A-E? I do.

    Well, eventually, after say more than a decade of this bullshit, I decided to investigate First Amendment case law. I found you (and in very large part due to the capabilities of one Mark Rathbun without whom LRH’s intention would not have been realized) had finally gotten what the Founder wanted – ironclad protection by the First Amendment.

    However, that protection does not extend to clear violations of secular law. That was the string I pulled way back when. That led me to the Trust Instruments (sans conspiracy theory) at IRS=OLOGY. And there it was.

    THAT was exactly what Annie was telling me before you declared me. That was what LRH told her. That was THE route. An ingress that L. Ron Hubbard predicted would be needed and laid out clearly to circumvent an SP (yes Dave, that is what Annie relayed to me, an SP, a fascist dictator, taking over Scientology) who may assume power.

    OK, fast forward to the final steps of A-E and you and I. I fucking well told you, you half-witted knob, that I was going to establish the facts and that I was going to pursue you through SECULAR lines.

    Unclean hands.

    California Non-Profit law. SECULAR law. NO First Amendment protection.

    LRH predicted you. He protected his legacy. And he predicted good beings would take on the boots and here we are.

    Yep, maybe I am stuck in a win.

  78. Does anyone know what happens to your PC folders and ethics files when you receive a refund? Does the Cof$ keep them?

  79. I sure never did. But I did the expedited routing out form. Saved a lot of hassle for HCO.

  80. Freedom Fighter

    Yep. Happened to me at ASHO as a public. The Board I/C got upset with me because I wasn’t able to take a nap in the very noisy room they’d given me to do so and he started screaming at me. I ended up in tears and decided to leave when he told me to sit down in the PC waiting area while he decided what to do. After a few phone calls they talked me into coming back. When I did, the assigned some linebacker-sized guy to escort me around — yes, even to the bathroom although he waited outside the door. I remember looking at the window inside the bathroom contemplating how I could break the glass and wondering if I could fit through the hole . . .

  81. My tip is that she is applying a Danger Condition Formula.

  82. Bryan, I knew there was some reason I liked you in addition to your relation to Vermeer!

  83. Breach of contract? How is this. Who was promised 2 1/2 hours of study a day as pay for being in the Sea Org? I was. Was it ever delivered? No! I was caught once in the academy reading and literally body routed back to my desk. They breached contract with me within a month of my being there. Therefore, they made the contract null and void. I spent six years on staff really, not engaged in any contract with the Church as they made it null and void by breach. I performed for those six years so they owe me six years of training in the academy at Flag at 21/2 hours a day. I have every right to walk into the Fort Harrison and go directly to the reg for an open invoice to the academy. I am thinking thousands of others have the same credit due?

    When I joined the Sea Org certain vital details were with held, like the RPF, group torture sessions, abusive missionaires and CMO. That was a bait and switch! Was Debbie told when she signed up that she would not be allowed to have children? I think not. The kids were run off in 88 and parent time cancelled after MANY were lured in and locked down without that as a stipulation.

    I could go on and on and on about how the Church has NOT complied with it’s contracts to people and gotten away with it. But if it is all about contract law and compliance now, it may be near to the time to get a class action suit going for those who complied with THEIR contract obligations while on staff, only to find the Church beached contract with them.

    Sure, let’s get all of these loose strings tidied up. I am glad to see the Church is enforcing agreements and wants justice for any one slighted.

  84. Are there any “rules” for the “pricing”? If I remember right I had to sign “voluntarily” to pay 5000$ for each person and information spread about my experiences in the C of S – and in “exchange” for that I received my own unused moneys back.

  85. Wow. This is vital information. For sure! This is HUGE!

  86. Thanks Jim. Enjoy your win. You’ve earned it.

  87. As a spiritual being. 7 th D handling in my view .

  88. The laws you cite seem to apply to employees, not former employees.

    Although Debbie and Wayne signed an agreement not to talk, that would never be enforceable against them to stop them speaking to law enforcement about illegal activities. The courts won’t enforce a contract if to do so would be againt public policy and it is always against public policy to prevent a crime being reported.

  89. You are strong and beautiful, Amy.

  90. Sherb, by judge.

  91. Which is why I said “perhaps more individuals still “in” .

    I agree with you concerning anybody who has already routed out

  92. Interesting point.

    Coerced into signing legal documents without counsel present or without being afforded the chance to have counsel at least read the document and advise accordingly.

    Since legalese is often used as a language barrier to separate “classes” then counsel should always be consulted as to what the document actually means.

    I’m not disparaging Study Tech here, but the tense of a word, or a use of grammar in a particular way count for much in a legal document.

  93. Joe Pendleton

    Lucy, of course at the very founding of the The Church of England, the then head of the church (one Mr. Henry Tudor, aka Hank VIII) had his own way of making sure people shurt up (essentially your tongue didn’t work when your head was seperated ffromyour body).

  94. A fundamental aspect of the corporate Scientology scam is their documented breaches of the Auditor’s Code, i.e. the corporate breaches of confidentiality. The spiritual practice of penitent confessionals in Scientology, researched and developed for the purpose of having realizations that are liberating and freeing of he past, is instead being violated and breached by the corporate entity calling itself the “church”. The orders from the top (David Miscavige) to cull confessional folders for “dirt” by which to intimidate, procure money, crush, smear or destroy —in other words purposes that no one ever agreed to as reasons to get auditing.

    And David Miscavige wants to charge Debbie Cook per website any conversation where she simply states the policies of actual Scientology need to be upheld? When he and his Office of Special Affairs are fabricating social media smear campaigns of lies and personal information trying to destroy anyone they fear or feel is too influential (inspirational)? Oh the irony. Heinous ludicrous and cold.

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