Motion to Dissolve Restraining Order

Here is an objective factual, albeit partial, account of today’s proceedings published in the San Antonio Express News.

And here is the rest of the story.

In San Antonio, each motion in a case gets assigned to a random judge.  The one assigned to Ray Jeffrey’s motion to dissolve the temporary injunction today was not too keen on listening to Ray’s constitutional arguments when the full hearing with evidence on the injunction is set to be tried next Thursday 9 Feb. The one issue that did catch Judge Littlejohn’s attention was the potential effect of the overbroad temporary injunction being used to prevent Debbie and Wayne from properly preparing their defense for 9 Feb.

Miscavige’s (FSO’s) counsel claimed not to have any intention of using the temporary injunction to hinder Debbie and Wayne’s defense.  Then Mr Jeffrey pulled out the letter Miscavige’s boys faxed to Jeffrey the day before last.  The letter threatened the Baumgartens with a motion to have the court hold them in contempt.  For what?  Allegedly conferring with her legal team consultants and witnesses, namely yours truly and Mike Rinder.

The judge denied the motion to dissolve only after being assured by Miscavige’s boys that they would drop their attempts to use the court’s order to obstruct Debbie and Wayne’s defense preparation.  Back to the salt mines in preparation for the main event – Feb 9.

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  1. When I read the Village Voice article on today’s decision I was going to call this a mini win for the dwarf. However, after reading your account I can’t even call it a mini mini win for the nasty little midget. I see this as a major win for Debbie in that the dwarf is and will be unsuccessful in preventing her from mounting a defense. Off to the RPF for DM!

  2. Thanks for the update Marty. Glad you and Mike are there in Debbie and her husbands corner. You guys know how the other sides plays and hopefully can help.

  3. I have to give DM credit for his ways and means of keeping the OSA staff in a game that does involve looking at him. He will run those people ragged with targets until they drop before he does. And have no Church to come back to to be handled.

  4. Free Speech Advocate

    Go get em Marty!

  5. I meant, DOES NOT involves looking at him.

  6. This isn’t a victory for the church of scientology so much as a standard procedure in ligitimate cases of the kind the church of scientology is trying to bring; to allow the motion would have been like the court saying they don’t believe the allegations prior to the case.

    The defense was smart though in trying to dissolve the restraining order because it not only forced clarification but also revealled the faxed threat and so neutralised it.

    Were not really scoring points yet but if we were it would be 1 up for the good guys.

  7. TroubleShooter

    OK!! Rock ONNNNNNN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It’s only good news to now FINALLY have Debbie talking to you two. BAMM on the covert effort to stop her from putting a defense together. SHAME ON MY ONCE CHURCH OF SCIENTOLOGY and cob David miscavige, SHAME ON YOU ALL WHO ARE PARTICIPANTS IN THIS!!! Maybe now she’ll really get the fact that you, we are ALLLLLLL HER FRIENDS too and will do whatever we can to help her. We already have a car load for a world-wide muster in San Antonio…

  8. It is ironic that such an agreement is actually a secular tool that prevents the practice of Scientology.
    Fundamental tenets such as the Code of Honor, Ethics and the Dynamics, etc demand that a person take responsibility for non-optimum conditions. If they are prevented from taking those steps they are in fact being told that they may not practice Scientology.

  9. The mind boggles…… “What your donations pay for” Hey?

    There is something that I really, really don’t understand. The Creed of the Church of Scientology, is publicly advertised on the Church’s official website. It states publicly for anyone to see – what the Church of Scientology is suppose to ‘believe’ – thus practice – and thus stand for. Inter alia the Creed states:

    “We of the Church believe that all men have inalienable rights to think freely, to talk freely, to write freely their own opinions and to counter or utter or write upon the opinions of others.”

    So why are these ‘beliefs’ as declared by the Founder of the Church IMPOSSIBLE – to practice within the Church of Scientology.?? Why advertise such noble beliefs – but practice the exact opposite? Why are people so stupid as to tolerate such complete double standards? WE ARE ALL RESPONSIBLE FOR HAVING ALLOWED THIS TO HAPPEN AND FOR THE CHURCH TO GET AWAY WITH IT. I do hope Debbie will not be silenced but insist on her right to be practising this simple Creed.

  10. Random Stranger


    Dave: “T, walls of Texan justice ain’t what they say, huh? Heh, heh, heh.”

    Tom: “You got the judge in some kind of mind control grip-lock or what? Ha ha ha, heh, heh, heh, HA HA HA HAH!”

    Dave: “Judge sees us already using the TSO to restrict their defense and still denies the motion to resolve!! How about that, huh??! Does the universe move when I glare at it or what??”

    Tom: “D, what the hell dude? Did you actually tell our attorney to say to the judge, ‘These are not the droids you’re looking for’?”

    Dave: “YES! YES I DID! And he DID! He said it to the judge and the judge made his decision and essentially said, ‘Don’t try to fu@% with their defense any more’. Whew! I was a LITTLE bit concerned. These powers come and go, you know.”

    Tom: “We’ll get there, Dave. WE’LL EFFING GET THERE DUDE!!!! Ha ha ha HA HA HA HAH HAH HAH Ha Ha heh heh heh ha HA HA HA!”

    Dave: “Duh we will. We just need to make sure we maintain a strong offense. ATTACK! Outsmart ’em. Eleventeen steps ahead. Shooting ducks in a pond, T, ducks in a pond.”

    Tom: “Pow, pow, quack-ouch, flop. Ha ha ha heh.”

    Dave: “Heh.”

    Tom: “Booya! Like…DING! Ha ha heh, BINGO! HA HA HA-HA-HA-heh heah.”

    Dave: “I want to get together soon, talk about fu@%ing Marty and Rinder getting their fu@%ing fangs into Cook.”

    Tom: “I’m there.”

    (Rest of text unable to be descrambled)


  11. One word of warning to Marty the church of scientology may try to class you as “media” for the purpose of the restraining order given that you run a blog. This will be an interesting one since previous cases have held that bloggers are not news media and so do not get protections granted to journolists; a situation I’d like to see reversed but in other circumstances.

  12. Seems to me that even though the judge did not lift the TRO, Debbie Cook’s attorney did something that could help stack the deck in Debbie’s favor at the hearing next week. After the Scientology attorney said that the Church is not using the TRO to prevent the Cooks from mounting a defense, Mr. Jeffery pulled out a written document he had received (potentially written by the same lawyer) announcing Scientology’s intention to do exactly that.

    Debbie’s lawyer thus established on the record that the Church of Scientology attorney has lied and misbehaved literally from the very beginning of the case. Even though Mr. Jeffery may not have made a big deal of this fact, it’s on the record. And the judge hearing the case next week will undoubtedly read the transcript or notes of the hearing just concluded. A lot of times, judges understand without being told when one side or the other in a case is trying to game the system; they don’t need the other side to call attention to it.

    So it seems reasonable to expect that the judge next week will recognize what happened and he will be on his guard for more shenanigans from the moment the gavel comes down. He won’t have to wait until the Church lawyers try to “punk” him as they did in today’s hearing. Forewarned is forearmed.

  13. Mike and Marty,
    It was pretty obvious what you were doing in San Antonio and now it has been confirmed. Debbie and Wayne could not have any better people in their corner. I hope you’re enjoying yourself working out the strategy. Debbie and Wayne are no dummies either, so it’s going to be interesting to see it all unfold.

  14. Queen Debbie's Supporter

    They’re suing the Queen of Flag? She’s being sued for insisting the scriptures are followed. She’s gagged from doing that? Then stating she never held a senior position in Scientology! Why didn’t they just call a comm ev? Is she declared? Nothing about this situation is right or just.

    Debbie is Queen Debbie of Flag.

    Those of us who have trained and processed at Flag know her as the most senior, long standing and accessible executive in the history of Scientology service organizations. Debbie is highly honored, admired and beloved. Above all of that, she’s a competent caring executive.

    Debbie is not a squirrel. Nor is she an apostate or a heretic. We all know that. As a matter of fact, most of the OTs that received Debbie’s letter are having a very hard time accepting the church’s black pr of her. Even as some of these OTs play along there are some real awakenings occurring. OTs are asking questions. Even the few that have been temporarily placated by an MAA or a DSA are only one single long painful IAS reg event away from permanently coming out from under the suppression. I want to be in the room when one of those arrogant IAS regges in their IAS pseudo beingness, who go into our orgs and commandeer the org, the ED and its staff, tells one of these Queen Debbie E-Mail Letter Reading OTs how out-ethics they are.

    Many legendary queens come before you Debbie; Queen Mary Sue, Queen Annie, Queenie Amy and missing Queen Shelly. Debbie will be turned into a folk heroine by none other than the corporate church.

    Stay strong Queen Debbie!

  15. haydn (T Paine)

    Isn’t it weird how, even if you were a stellar Sea Org member, the moment you criticize Miscavige’s programs or actions, over night you are, and always were it seems, a nobody.

    In the press report, Pouw attempts to undermine Debbie’s importance by saying she never held a senior management position. Actually, that is false on two counts.

    Firstly, CO FSO became increasingly responsible, over the years, nay decades, for the implementation and running of vital management programs in the church. I would say that the CO FSO was relied upon more than ANY other management position for the success of such actions. I won’t go into details here but suffice it to say that the CO FSO position was responsible for far more than just running the FSO.

    This was so much the case that when I was the D/Commanding Officer of the International Liaison Office (management) in Los Angeles, in 2006, the place was abuzz with the news that, based on her merits, and at the order of DM, Debbie was promoted up to Int HQ.

    Quite apart from David Miscavige’s MO of promoting up to Int stellar executives as a way of putting them in an arena (his fiefdom) where he could and would destroy them, you can’t get much senior than that in Radical Corporate Scientology.

  16. I do not think any of us should get too excited about a court victory for Debbie or this case being any battle that is going to do DM in. LRH was clear that courts are unjust and suppressive. The courts are suppressive and DM is suppressive and the courts know that DM is suppressive. Criminals side with criminals. Remember the white house petition? No help from the government on that one. What do the courts know? They know that DM is suppressing Scientology. Are they going to remove him from power so that Scientology can persevere? Hell no. I’m sorry to invalidate any hopes, but after reading LRH’s thoughts on the US judicial system, I can predict a not so happy outcome for Debbie. I hope they rule in her favor, but I just don’t count on it. DM has used the courts to steal the church and suppress everyone that opposes him and they have helped him all along the way, including giving him a tax-exempt status. An SP can recognize the identity of other SP’s, I believe. “We have no quarter from any sector” -LRH. The correct action would probably be to stop fighting DM, start new groups and Promote! Promote! Promote! Scientology spreads from word of mouth according to LRH’s Word of Mouth policy letter. When public see the gains in their friends, they want some. The tech violations and conditions violations are going to be what eventually do DM in. “Public stay away from Orgs in droves that alter tech” -LRH

  17. Even without court victory there is irreparable demage done to David Miscavige’s Empire of Darkness.
    The game is over for him. I mean, he lost the game.

  18. As a side comment, Karin Pinocchio Pouw, your nose just grew another mile. Debbie was not senior management? Besides the time she was David Miscaviges new golden girl, she managed the FSO forever. Karin – you could not handle that post in a million years. God how do you look in the mirror?

  19. one of those who see

    “Pouw disputed others who described Cook as a longtime, important church leader, asserting she had “never held a senior management position.”

    “She has not attended church in years and has become a squirrel. A squirrel is someone who alters Scientology Scripture; a heretic,” she added.”

    Miscavige, Pouw – All I can say is WHAT IDIOTS!

    Glad you’re in on this Mike. Godspeed to Debbie and Wayne. You are rich in friends and postulates for your success.

  20. retired, extremely dangerous

    DM’s time was up even before he joined the Sea Org. He foretold his own future when he assaulted his pc at St. Hill. DM is an evil little brat who has no compassion for any living soul. DM is an ‘only one’ and will forever be that. DM will never get better because in his eyes, he is already better…..than everyone or anyone ever will be. When he stands in a crowd and closes his eyes he only sees himself because in a crowd he is the only one there.
    This little evil ONLY ONE always attacks the Truth and anyone who exemplifies Truth. This is why he attacks those who see his lies because he cannot do anything else but to further his lies.

  21. Marty,
    Thanks very much for the update on this. Tampa Bay times covered this very briefly and has an article on another repayment court case. Seems the RCS and David Miscavige’s Karma with increasing litigation from his fraudulent conduct and suppressive behavior.

  22. Not to mention the 200+ news stories of David Miscavige losing in France on appeals.

  23. This current legal battle will, in my opinion, serve to bring out the most tenebrific aspects of Mestsavage’s efforts to destroy those who can destroy him by exposing his crimes.

    I also feel, even more so now, that Debbie is playing a hand and is doing so with plenty of thought before she even entered the game. She is not just defending. There is some offense in her actions. That’s what I sense.

    Whatever the case, the team of Cook, Rathbun and Rinder is one formidable enemy that I am glad I am not up against.

  24. Good point, Dean. As there is no injunction preventing reporting of the court proceedings, Marty’s free to do so. He hasn’t reported any information gleaned from conversations, if any, with Debbie or Wayne, so there’s no exposure.

  25. Tom Gallagher

    Thanks SKM, Uttely beautiful.

  26. I just want to say how thrilled I am to hear that Marty, Mike and Debbie are on one side of the courtroom, while DM’s reps are on the other. I can not think of a better scenario. David Miscavige must be in terror…as he should.

  27. Probably at least 70% of judges are relatively social personalities.

    So, the odds are about 7 out of 10 that whatever judge gets the case will be a social personality, see the criminality of miscavige and his sharks and dispense justice as courts are actually capable of doing…fairly, with good intent.

    I know a lot of Texans, kids and grandkids included, and they don’t take a whole lot of crap from lying, arrogant snakes.

  28. TroubleShooter

    comedy GOLD

  29. TroubleShooter

    “Even as some of these OTs play along there are some real awakenings occurring.”

    THAT is an understatement. . . giants have been angered. . .

  30. haydn,
    The legal ploy is to carry forward as if this was a simple contract breach case.

    The TRO and the letter from DM claiming contempt by the consultaion with expert witnesses/consultants in the person of “apostates” is the other avenue.

    This is a simple contract case and the apostate objections don’t change that.

    The maintainence of the TRO, with some leeway granted to prepare her case, is actually a positive if you consider that it limits the facts to the present situation.

    She was a Scientologist IN GOOD STANDING, attempting to PRACTICE Scientology and has been sued by the Church for doing just that. NO apostates there.

    After the fact, well it’s Karin Poo’s “apostate” hue, shriek and cry.

    It will be interesting what tactic Spencer tries to limit Marty and Mike and all sorts of others as “apostates” and irrelevant to a “simple contract breach”.

    Advice to Debbie’s lawyer should include a COUNTER CLAIM, within the 30 day limits so as to prevent DM from spitting the hook. Make it one of those 9 hook Rapala lures so if he spits one, another finds itself imbedded in the shoulder, and when he gyrates, two more sink in, past the barb and well, it’s all over but the fryin’.

  31. She never held a senior position in Scientology?

    That one statement will telegraph to every scientologist the following message:


    Way to go, Davey.

  32. TroubleShooter

    Oh shucks, being the Captain of the top service org in the world and responsible for training the top technical executives and staff for every org in the world isn’t REALLY a big, executive, snr management org position is it? And when they changed the command channel and made Flag “senior” to ILO that didn’t really mean DEBBIE, that captain of that org was riGHT?! She had a little ‘ol position in a little ‘ol game of creating the majority of the CofS statistics in an org whose weekly stats were greater than all the other SO service orgs combined – big deal, so what, yawn yawn yawn. . .

  33. Yah, right in ‘his’ pocketbook too and not chump change.

  34. Bela,

    Yes that trio and Wayne and the legal team have the ability to Observe and are Aware. The other team is stimulus response; well funded but taking orders from a drama queen.

  35. I’m sure this is exactly how they talk and laugh-perfect!

  36. Add a note: everytime Debbie talks to an “apostate” she’s in breach, according to the legal strategy of David Miscavige via Mr. Spencer. I wouldn’t be surprised if that were to include anyone she talks to according to the terms of her “contract”.

    DM figures he’s got her muzzled. That’s the legal strat he’s pursuing. She can’t even talk to an attorney, according to the “contract” and the TRO they got approved.

    It would appear from the Texas paper report that the last was mitigated somewhat.

  37. 🙂 drama queen…yes.
    And absolutely Wayne too. These people are the TOP representatives of what Scientology is really about.

  38. Franklin,
    David Miscavige wasn’t given tax exempt status, the Non Profit Corporations were, and that was a requisite for RTC having any standing whatsoever as one of those Corporations according to L. Ron Hubbard’s Trust Instruments.

    This generality YOU are interpreting that every court is “unjust and suppressive” is just that. Your mistaken or robotically literally misinterpretation of whatever the fuck it is you think you read.

    You’ve missed the boat, the liferaft, the lifering, the piece of lawnchair floating, the fat guy that is bobbing and now the last piece of cardboard of a pack of Benson and Hedges.

    Debbie Cook has ALREADY won. She got her ethics in and is recovering her integrity. Only she can lose those and it would appear they were gone, but with a tiny grip which is now turning to a full force grasp.

    You are right, public stay away in droves in orgs that alter tech. You are mistaken if you think a responsible person can just let that reversed suppressive implant station operate next door while you whistle past it every day delivering a comm course to your cousin.

    Wake the fuck up.

  39. Right on Sinar. Including the french court decision being carried in the San Antonio prime newpaper.

  40. haydn (T Paine)

    I hear you Jimbo.

    And today in Florida a church attorney argued that the matters before the court (a repayment case and the relevant contract governing service and the claims verification board) are religious matters and the court cannot intrude. Its reported in the Tampa Bay Times.

    So let me get this right. In Texas the Church says to the court: “this is just a contract, so get involved and enforce it.”. While in Florida, on the same day, it seems the church is saying: “The court can’t get involved in contractual matters as regards Scientology. It can’t look into the contract and decide in relation to it.”

    What the Sam Houston is going on?

  41. I wonder if the Ken Lay could have had his staff, a year before Enron went belly up, working 16 hours a day, seven days a week, eating rice and beans and being thrown in a cold lake. Then, while being guarded 24/7, and not being allowed to leave, had them sign a NDA which would hold up in court because, well, your honor, it’s simply a contractual agreement.

  42. TroubleShooter

    FRANKLIN, Franklin, Franklin take a WALK man. Do you really think the tech would have survived as long as it has (and NOT inSIDE the church!!!) with that viewpoint?! It was never Ron’s viewpoint to postulate failure or resign himself to succumbing to the evil forces in the world. There’s much to be learned by his words and preparations and estimations of effort to overcome what he’s said such as you quoted. He wasn’t Nostradamus and didn’t profess to be so all things in perspective there isn’t much fun in a game you think you can’t win – that’s called a no-game condition and that isn’t what this is.

  43. More and more corporate Scnts are going to be reading this blog and will realize that when they bail, the Indies will have their backs.

  44. You got me on “Karen Poo…..” he, he. 🙂

  45. It’s possible that DM’s attorney is starting to realize what a snake he has for a client. I mean, who in the US tries to prevent a defendant from having legal counsel and mounting a defense? Who does this? It had to seem bizarre even to DM’s own attorney. To try to get such a thing by a judge shows that DM has utter contempt for the US Constitution or that’s he’s exceptionally unschooled & ignorant.
    In a sense it’s good that he did this. DM and his attorney have let the judge know that the plaintiff has a screw loose. And they’ve given the judge a peek into how DM runs things; dictator. I bet the judge will be watching him with a beady eye to see what other stunts he tries to pull.

  46. One little tidbit: Poowow says, “Plaintiff alleges that Defendants anticipated that the Church would probably sue them and fully appreciated that they have no viable defense under the law,”

    Was that was Debbie said, that she had no “viable defence under the law” or did she just say she didn’t have the money for lawyers?

  47. martyrathbun09

    We’re helping someone who was being destroyed in the name of our religion till we stepped in. Hang crepe on that if you wish – not gonna slow this train down.

  48. U laughing makes my day 🙂

    And it IS her name which makes it seriously funny. Karin Poo. Allo, my nom iss Poo!!

  49. Joe Pendleton

    Franklin, you know just because LRH was “clear” on something doesn’t make it TRUE. Having seen the Scientology justice system up close and personal since 1970, I think it is even WORSE (in its design as as well as application) than the US legal system. Per HCO PLs, a convening authority brings charges against a person AND appoints the “jury” in a system where basically a person is guilty until proven guilty (occasionally I have seen a single charge not proven on a comm ev, but I don’t recall ever seeing someone accused of high crimes found truly innocent of the charges). There are NO indpendent voices in the Scientology “justice” system. It is ALL weighted towards the power (of course one is NEVER allowed representation and if one decided to let one’s fellow Scientologists know about an injustice, rather than “puttin it on proper lines”, an SP declare would soon follow. It’s a system rotten at the core, all devised to keep people knuckled under to the powers that be, which is why Miscavige has had such an easy time offloading any perceived “enemy” he wished at ANY time he wished. Because the system as set up in HCO PLs is all top heavy with whomever holds the power in an organization.

    Axiom “The practice of not-isness reduces understanding.” And i ain’t not-ising the above, which I’m guessing most people involved in Scientology actually agree with me on but won’t ever say. I’ll take my chances with American justice over Scientology “justice” any day of the week. Though I will admit the Scientology system is a bit better (a bit) than the one used in the USSR.

  50. HG,
    Here’s you and I sitting over a glass of beer (wine if you prefer, but I’m simple and an ice cold one Down Under is goooood) discussing this marvelous First Amendment and the legal twists this case can take.

    DM’s going for the “simple contract law” and Debbie’s leaning on the First but it’s religious clause. It’s a Constitutional lawyer’s dream. Does the Free Speech clause (which Spencer has already alluded to being completely open to being paid to quell in a contract) she, they claim “signed away”, deny Debbie the Religious Clause which she certainly DID NOT sell to Dave.

    To the Scientologists who read this and realize that David Miscavige has crafted a contract that is completely and utterly ANTI Scientology and attempts to suppress Scientology and Scientologists, all the while loudly declaiming that very fact, and completely oblivious to the fact he’s declaiming it the other way to in this freakin’ lawsuit, THIS is the point where they can see this creature for what he is.

  51. The cult of miscavige is “takin’ it in the shorts” on the legal front…

  52. Joe Pendleton

    Uhm…his time was up even BEFORE he joined the Sea Org? Actually he’s been Mr. Big (sort of pun intended – ha) now in Scientology for about 30 freaking years! So, his time’s not really up YET. Though someday we as a group will fully confront the conditions and agreements which ALLOWED and PROMOTED the Miscavige dictatorship, I do think that now is the time that the methods of how the COS has been run can be FULLY exposed to the public. I do hope that the Cook case becomes the vehicle for every aspect of the media to be exploited to get this story out there. I still think that we don’t know yet if Debbie Cook has any intention of moving in that direction. Of course I certainly hope so and that what has happened to the Rinders, Headleys and many others become more widely known.

  53. In a draconian organization where all roads lead to Miscavige; where everyone is a nobody regardless of post title, duties or responsibilities; where no one is allowed to make any important decisions; where even LRH counts as “the blind” and where Mary Sue Hubbard (who?) and the whole Hubbard family are swept under the Miscavige rug; there really is only one “senior management position” regardless of checks and balances, regardless of corporate segregation (since there is none) — Captain Emperor Savior Chairman of the Board RTC. He runs everything with fervent micromanagement cross-eyed insanity. Debbie never held a “senior management position” because in the Church of Miscavige there is only one post that fits the description. Everyone else is a bug to be stepped on.

  54. Random Stranger


    I, Debbie Cook, former Captain of the Flag Service Organization, agree never to disclose to anyone, not my husband, the media, friends, family, Church of Scientology parishioners, the judge, investigators, any future auditors I might have, nor even to myself that the Chairman of the Board of the Religious Technology Center, David Miscavige, made me stand in a trash can and hold a sign that said “Lesbian” while other members of the church confinement camp sprayed me in the face with a water hose, screamed at me, slapped me in the face repeatedly and tried to get me to confess to things I had not done.

    I also acquiesce to the Church’s position that I know nothing about any of the other verbal and physical abuse against staff, off-policy actions by the COB, wasting of Church funds, urgent and extreme demands for exorbitant amounts of money from parishioners, David Miscavige’s black thong underwear or the answers to any game show questions.

    My acceptance of $1851.58 for each of the 27 years I worked in the Sea Org binds me to this unbreakable, very fair contract forever and ever.


    Debbie Cook

    PS: I do not have my fingers crossed as I’m signing it.

  55. Sounds like the kool-aid drinkers: black and white generalities, us vs. them, my way or the highway. Independents actually think with infinity valued logic, can see identities, similarities and differences, can think for themselves instead of blindly and literally believing what they read, even when it was written by LRH. Sure the courts have made bad decisions, but there are plenty of examples when they’ve made good ones too.

  56. Oops, devolved into Shermanspeak there with all this Dave talk going around. Declaim has two meanings: one to deny and the other to claim intensely.

    The last paragraph decoded is: while David Miscavige loudly declaims (denies)he’s guilty of what he IS guilty of (and IS suppressing Scientology and Scientologists) he’s now declaiming (loudly claiming with “de” used as an intensifier in this case and not the negatory prefix) that he’s simply got a “contract” with an “apostate”.

    These “contracts” are clearly exposed now for what they are: an attempt to prevent another from practicing Scientology under the guise of ““People can, by contract, agree to injunctions that would otherwise violate their constitutional rights,” George Spencer.

    OK, no more Shermanspeak. Sorry.

  57. Well done to all on getting through the first milestone of this battle.

  58. After catching up on my blog reading, I have to say this one thing–We have the wanna be church of miscavology, and now we have the wannabe united states of miscavige. I know that my time in the sea org kept me in the dark about US citizens’ rights, Human Rights, the Constitution, little silly things like that–but I’ve caught up with that reading too and sonofagun, they are based on TRUTH.

    There is nothing that can remove or undo or remake the truth in to something else. It already happened, it’s past, it can’t be changed. Debbie speaks the truth. Tough. Hundreds, no, thousands of parishioners know she’s right. And a bunch of self-proclaimed religious thugs and their idiot money-grubbing laywers cannot change that nasty little truth that she and many others speak. The more you miscavige whore guys try to amp it up, the taller the flames in which you will go down. Enjoy the ride.

  59. H,
    Yep, just read that Tampa Bay Times article and sure enough, Dave’s asserting First Amendment protection in Florida while in Texas he’s seeking the Court’s enforcement of a contract that denies a person’s same First Amendment right to PRACTICE Scientology.

    What’s goin’ on?

    I’ve been a thinkin’ Dave sucked back Lou’s enema bag too bein’ in need of lots and lots of coffee and now on a caffeine-poo high he’s lost ‘er.

  60. Yee-Haw!

  61. I am continually blown away that certain OSA staff, who were once dedicated, well-hatted, and caring, are now so totally not-ising the global crashing stats (ie. acceptances of…), the mountain of outpoints, the LRH policies and EDs once so treasured, investigatory tech. Instead they are being “see-no-evil, hear-no-evil, say-no-evil” monkeys – thoroughly infiltrated and enabling the worst suppressive of all time! How does that happen?!?

    David Miscavige must have them literally under lock-down – physically, emotionally, and financially. I’d bet that even OSA Intell and CIC staff are not allowed to read all that gets electronically “filed” these days. I sort of envision various staff sitting around with little bits of information – no one able to get at the whole picture. It’s just hard to fathom how some of the veterans could let themselves be so cobbled and do such a 180.

  62. You sound very “Reasonable”, However it was LRH that said the Court Systems are Suppressive. LRH gave that generality and I believe him. I said start new groups and promote! That’s Theta. The Sea-org is rotten and we need to start over anyway. You do need to resort to insults and profanity either. There are new groups starting already and I am currently supporting one with my time and money. All standard tech. It is our future. DM will fall, but not because of US courts. The US courts are directly controlled by the central bankers that run this planet. They will be all over this. You become what you resist. Don’t forget.

  63. That would be hobbled, not cobbled. Enchained even better.

  64. Postulate failure? Huh? I said start new groups and promote. Did you read what I wrote. The courts might not rule in her favor. That is a fact. Can you guarantee that they will? I did not write anything that reflects what you wrote. Do you think deposing DM is going to solve the condition of the S/O and it will all be back to normal. I don’t. There are a few new and very groups on there. We need more. We win by making clears and OT’s, the very thing DM is trying to stop.

  65. Ha ha. You have my complete agreement on the Scientology justice system. I actually think LRH would have modified it by now if he was around. But I do think the US courts are suppressive and there is no guarantee of justice. It could go either way. They could very well squash Debbie. It depends on David Rockefeller passing a suppressive order down the lines, but apparently not everyone is aware of who is really running things. LRH sure was. He identified who was attacking Scientology and I’m sorry to hurt anyone’s feelings, but they still run this. We don’t. Not yet.

  66. Impartial English Girl

    I am sorry that I cannot afford to send any money for the Defence Fund – but please be assured that I will really be rooting for you and the Cook/Baumgartens on 9 February from my little corner of England.

    I’ll keep everything that’s crossable crossed 😉 for you, in the hope that justice prevails. You’re on the side of right here, whatever sh*t is hurled in your direction. Keep strong and keep smiling!

    Much love and best wishes,

    IEG xx

  67. Another thought. Debbie is being sued for $300,000 based on (IIRC) a contract with a $100,000 per breach clause.

    Does this mean they plan to show 3 incidents of contract breach? While the email may have sparked this whole affair one wonders how one would quantify it, 3 just doesn’t stack up as I see it.

    We’re all assuming the email is the seed of the alledged breaches. If they’re claiming the email is a breach then how do they come up with 3 breaches? Is the sending of it one breach? Were 3 of the recipients considered 3 seperate breaches, if so in what way? Or maybe they’ve got 3 other events distinct from the email in mind.

    Facebook is another mass media. Are they going to try to show something on Facebook was a breach?

    Did Debbie meet with Marty and Mike prior to this kicking off, as alluded to before are they considering Marty to be Media and so class that as a breach? Is Mike also “media”. Who would be the 3rd?

    What are the other clauses that they could be trying to claim were breached?

    Just trying to think outside the email looking for the curve ball(s).

  68. Joe, having been involved in Scientology “justice” proceedings from all possible angles, I sadly must agree that the justice system is a complete travesty and there is chance for a real impartial consideration of evidence with an understanding of the charges by a Committee of Evidence, which is controlled from beginning to end by the ethics officer and convening authority and often executives senior to the convening authority. I was made Chairman of a Comm Ev once, and after each meeting with the interested party, would be called on the phone by a senior executive from a senior organization to be debriefed on what happened in that meeting. Another time I refused to consider certain information that was supposed evidence against an interested party, because LRH policy clearly stated that this “evidence” could not be considered by a Comm Ev, only to have the ethics officer absolutely refuse to accept my ruling on the point. On the other side, as an interested party myself, one Comm Ev Findings and Recs on me opened with a sentence that could not have been more obviously factually wrong and was littered with policy violations throughout and there was nothing I could do to overturn these clearly erroneous findings. It truly ended up as an injustice system, corrupt and suborned by outside influence.

  69. You are right. In many instances these days the Scientology “justice” system is controled by who pays the most money to the IAS. So, its a variation on the civil justice system where he with the most bucks stands the greatest chance of success. But there are some differences in civil law — you may have a biased, incompetent, stupid or misguided judge but when you go to the Appeals Court to review the actions of that judge you are not going to the convening authority that ordered the proceeding in the first place and thus has a vested interest in the outcome. But more imoportantly, the media can report on proceedings in civil courts. There is NO oversight or checks and balances in the Scientology justice system. And you certainly cannot write a KR. Just look at what happened with Debbie Cook.

    The problem with the Scientology justice system is not how its structured, its that it is part of the overall structure that reveres the dollar above all else and it teaches people to “follow the rules” and “not to challenge authority.”

  70. So true, and at this point in time the entire Scientology Justice system exists and operates to protect and glorify the only vested interest that matters in the Church – one Mr. David Miscavige.

  71. I know exactly what you mean. It is an outpoint that people in that position will not confront an inconvenient truth.

  72. Pat,
    It makes total sense. Just take DM’s viewpoint: It’s a a total GAMES CONDITION, def. 3) Have for self and can’t have for others. (SH Spec 32, 6107C20).

  73. I’m sure the attorney is most ethical lawyer on the planet!

  74. And the fact that there are far too many that attempt to use Ethics and Justice as a weapon when they have *any* axe to grind.

    I always liked Ethics as laid out in policy, and understood that Justice would occur with my failure to handle my own Ethics. Of course there were attempts to disabuse me of my viewpoint when I would route myself to Ethics, write up my O/Ws, or write KRs on myself, but my certainty about it is unshaken.

    Done correctly Ethics and Justice cycles can show an individual that there may be another way to operate in a manner that enhances their survival, and have them reaching for that way, rather than sticking themselves in a mess.

    However, there are too many little despots seeded among the staff who reach executive positions and use ethics and justice as “punishment” when it was clearly NEVER to be used that way. It’s suppressive to use Ethics and Justice this way as all it does is add more crap into the road for that individual.

    Ethics and Justice policies aren’t bad or incorrect imho, the way, and the intention, with which they are used are. And quite squirrel on top of it.

  75. Hear, hear!

  76. People who don’t want you to resist always omit the last part of that quote… “You become what you resist… if you *lose.”

    The answer to that is become extremely competent and don’t lose!

    Michael A. Hobson
    Independent Scientologist

  77. The plain fact of this lawsuit happening at all is a win for all. It is being watched closely by people all over the world, pretty much everyone who has any interest in Scientology. If the church loses the suit, there will be celebration all over the planet. It they win, OSA will have org awards and the rest of the world will move one more step away from the church in contempt (great PR move, DM!). Who would want to confess anything in a “church” that will sue you for speaking your mind? What kind of dirty laundry do they have that they are willing to pay $100.000 to a couple in an attempt to keep them silent about what they have seen “inside”?

    Anyone with any amount of common sense left knows that an honest church doesn’t need to pay anyone $100.000 to remain silent, and if they do, they DO have something to hide. Which is exaclty what the church is confirming, big time, with this lawsuit. Making things worse by turning this into a very public and very noisy legal battle will probably prove to be the bigges footbullet of all.

    Clean hands make a happy life. Someone is not very happy at Int/RTC right now. Anyone with a clean conscience would shrug at someone criticizing them. A luxury you can’t afford if you have crimes to hide and you know the critic knows about them. That puts you in a tough spot: you can’t win, you can only choose which way you want to succomb: squash the critic and slowly succomb from a total loss of goodwill, or let the critic speak and succomb noisily and immediately by having your crimes exposed. Obviously, DM would rather take the longer, scenic road to the guillotine. I’ll bet anything that deep inside he already knows his game is over. He is just trying to enjoy the good life for a bit longer before he is escorted to his cell.

    The effort invested by the church in this legal battle this speaks volumes about the amount of crimes they are trying to hide. They lost completely before any proceedings could even begin.

  78. I’ll take you up on that wine, Jim. Debbie’s email was very carefully worded and I suspect she’ll get a good hearing from the court on the religious freedom angle. I certainly hope so.

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