“My Name is Ulf and I’ve Had Enough”

Many people have asked me since 1 January what they can do to help get Debbie’s New Year’s Eve email message disseminated.  I have answered a) do all you can to further the original email on “in-good-standing-folks’ lines”, then later b) contribute to her defense.  Step “a” as a front has dried up considerably after a month of “dead agenting” by Scientology Inc.  To “dead agent” someone means in Scientology parlance “discredit” her.  Scientology Inc has scrambled for more than a month now to accomplish that by telling their public that Debbie is declared suppressive and is in league with the forces of evil, and by providing them with a “dead agent” pack to counter the substance of Debbie’s email.  

One very bright recipient of that ‘dead agent’ pack did not shudder into fear, silence and  feigned agreement.  Instead, he turned it right back around and communicated directly to Flag Service Org’s chief sheeple herder, External Security Chief OSA Flag, Kathy True.  Ulf Olaffsen addressed each and every section of the “Debbie Cook Dead Agent Pack”  and wound up producing the definitive “dead agenting of the attempted dead agenting”.   

Ulf Olofsson got into Scientology in 1989 in Sweden but moved to the US
where he shortly thereafter joined the Sea Org. He went to Gold and
held various positions in the Audio division at Golden Era for 16
years. In 1993 he joined the Event Crew and participated in the
production of International Events both in the production phase at
Gold, as well as the live events themselves.

From the mid 90’s to 2006 Ulf served as a section head and then
department head over the audio productions for all films and
videos, while remaining on the event crew as the head of audio
production for the events.

Between 2007 – to 2010 Ulf did the RPF at Flag where he thoroughly
absorbed the tech of Scientology and held positions within the tech
delivery unit throughout the RPF program. In early 2010 Ulf routed
out of the Sea Org.

What follows is Ulf’s account. Please feel free to link it, or copy-text portions of it to carry on the debate and dissemination of the message of Debbie Cook’s New Years Eve email – on Scientology Inc turf. 


My name is Ulf and I’ve had enough.


Back in the beginning of January I received Debbie Cook’s email. I left a comment on her Facebook page as I agreed to her view on KSW. I didn’t know Debbie well personally, but had dealt with her, mainly at Int. My impression of her was that of a genuine person, strong executive and well trained in LRH Tech.


Having been in the SO for 20 years – 16 at Int/Gold – including when Debbie was at Int, I can very much relate to her experiences and observations.


Later I was contacted by External Security and Kathy True (OSA Flag) about having commented favorably on Debbie’s Facebook page. I was sent a DA Pack (Dead Agent – LRH term taken from chapter 13 THE USE OF SPIES by Sun Tzu where 5 types of agents are described and one is a “Dead Agent” – term meaning to correct false information spread in a propaganda campaign.)  This pack was supposedly consisting of references by LRH which DAed or countered what Debbie had written in her email.


I went through this pack with an objective view, but by the time I finished I couldn’t but sit down and write a communication to Kathy as I found so many things either out-of-context or simply non sequitur.


I think Debbie wrote her email because from her perspective and knowledge she was applying KSW. Despite anything else that might have been “inappropriate” in the fashion she did it, I felt the same way and hence I spent quite some time putting together a DA pack of the DA pack. This was for the benefit of Kathy, but I had little hope anything would come of it. But at least I was going to give it a shot to write what I felt was true to me, AND, put it on the proper lines.


That was over a week ago. Then suddenly I get an email from Kathy True. Any acknowledgement(s)? No! Instead I get the following: It is NOT a communication (from an organization that is supposedly based on a philosophy centered on communication) and is creepy at best.


Kathy: Ulf – sent [send] me your address for snail mail.  ml, KT


Ulf: Kathy, as you didn’t acknowledge or comment on anything I wrote to you I am highly curious why you’re inquiring about my mailing address. What should I expect in the mail? My declare for expressing my views? Or should I expect a visit? Spencer [Flag External Security] at least had my address unless he has lost it.


Kathy: I’m taking this off email lines.  This is not the correct line for this.  KT


Ulf: Each new communication from you is non sequitur to what I wrote or asked. If you need something from me, why don’t you call me? Spencer has my number.


Well, I wonder what the “correct line” for this is. So far I haven’t found it, as there isn’t any correct line for “critical” thought against the Church’s actions – such activities are simply not acceptable seemingly, at least, whatever the reasons, they are justified strong enough to utterly abolish basic LRH data on communication, integrity, evaluation of data, free thought and just about any other subject that deals with decency, ARC and human compassion.


After I read what happened to Annie Tidman – one of my favorite staff members at Int – and after mainly reading and getting communications from people – who are all “Scientologists” – about all the “enemies” of the Church; disconnect from so and so; that person and this person is disaffected, ad infinitum, I just couldn’t take it anymore.


What happened to the Church I joined? Why all these internally assigned “enemies” instead of fighting the real enemy out there, and the 4th dynamic reactive mind? This is not the Church I chose to join.


As I believe other people have received the same or similar DA packs from OSA terminals such as Kathy, I can’t think of a better place than to provide my own DA pack at this blog, so at least the data can be made known and hopefully useful.


If someone like me, who so far has only communicated on “proper Church lines” gets such odd and creepy communications and responses, it may also provide a tell tale sign of the measures drummed up by the Church to attack Debbie and Wayne.


If you wish to communicate to me personally, you can email me at warewhulf@hushmail.com just ensure you clearly state who you are and your intentions and I will answer you.


Here’s the original communication to Kathy:



Kathy True                                                                                                    27 January, 2012

OSA Flag


Ulf Olofsson


Re: Debbie Cook DA references


Hello Kathy,


Thank you for providing the references I asked for in regards to the email Debbie sent out.


I have had some time to digest these and what you wrote raised many more questions.


Right off the bat I want to emphasize that my answers are not intended to snap terminals with you, nor minimize anything you lay out. Being an ex-SO from Int I quite often get communications asking about facts and figures as a means (for them) to verify if the information the inquiring person received is indeed accurate, especially after Debbie’s email. This is in addition to general Scientology inquiries from my wife and friends who know I am a Scientologist. The DA reference pack you provided me does shed some light on some aspects, but unfortunately raises more questions for me, AND not just because I don’t understand or have an MU, but because I apply key pieces of tech in my life such as “look, don’t listen” and simple evaluation of information.


Hence I am presenting some questions which arose while going through your DA references and which put me in a position where I feel I am not able to fully handle the originations of those inquiring, nor my own reality of the actual state of things.


I have highlighted in italics what you wrote and I have highlighted in bold any questions I still have which I felt were not adequately answered with the data you provided me with. If your busy schedule permits, it would be very much helpful if you could provide answers or further data on this.


Thanks in advance, Ulf



The result of these efforts is unprecedented expansion in the actual delivery of Scientology religious services—an increase of 40 times over previous levels—and the religion now measured in terms of more than 10,000 Churches, Missions and affiliated groups, with millions of members in 167 countries.


This is the first and most commonly used statement in DA material, both from your press spokesmen as well as OSA affiliated terminals. It is, in my view also the least credible and hardest one for me to honestly defend. Let me elaborate:


40X Expansion. Expansion is measured by comparing one unit or units at some earlier time period with the same unit or units at a later time period. Without stating the units you are measuring and the time period, it becomes very vague to argue what that expansion actually is.


Are you comparing total org delivery in 2012 to that of Phoenix, AZ 1952? I’m not trying to be sarcastic here. NOTS auditing hours went up in the mid-90’s after the 20 NOTS auditors fired back to each AO but has dropped ever since – a verifiable fact. Maybe Solo NOTS solo hours are up, and maybe Div 6 services such as the Basics course completions and the new TR’s & Objectives courses are up over previous times, but then this should be specified. I know for a fact that the training of classed auditors (one of the major VFP’s of an org) is not 40X, nor is the WDAH’s for general Bridge delivery.


  • What exactly is the 40X – what training and/or services and what time periods are you comparing?


10,000 Churches, missions and affiliated groups is a datum very hard to explain. No new orgs, and if I missed one or two, it still doesn’t explain the numbers, have been announced in almost a decade. Athens was one of the last, and maybe a Celebrity Center. The total number of orgs never exceeded somewhere around 160 from the time I was at Int, and from your events no new orgs have been announced since that time.


When I worked at Gold I routinely did A/V products tailor-made for the active missions and groups and I would get updated lists of ALL the missions in the world. The total never exceeded 600, and I got my lists directly from SMI Int, and the lists contained ALL registered missions with contact information. The numbers were roughly about 60 in Russia, less than 40 in Hungary, less than 100 in the rest of Eu, less than 10 in all of Asia, less than 40 in Africa, less than 10 in ANZO, less than 70 in all of South America and less than 200 in North America. In total the numbers were 500 – 600.


Yes, my information is not current, but these figures are not from the Ice Age either (2006.)


I know from my time at the Flag RPF that $50,000 mission starter packages were sold a lot, but a package sold doesn’t equate to a mission delivering services and it would seem to me that a Scientology org, mission or affiliated group should in some way be delivering Scientology training and auditing, even if just on an introductory level.


If you combine the existing orgs and missions from my 2006 verified statistics the number doesn’t exceed 750, and I used all of your websites to look for additional centers and groups and I couldn’t even locate 400 contacts in all of your websites combined.


Even the number of 750 is probably too high. For example, here in Hong Kong there is a Dianetics Group run by a local OT VIII. The place is open 3 evenings a week. There are never more than 1-2 people there when it is open. I’ve been there 3 times and each time it was empty. There is no sign on the street so you can’t possibly run into it, but it is located in a regular, cheap apartment on the 4th floor of a building. This is in addition to a serious amounts of outpoints observed when I went there which I initially reported in proper form to SMI Taiwan, but got no answer after 3 emails, and then to SMI Int and still got no answer, but this is a separate subject to this communication. 


I’m sure this is counted, but it is hardly delivering at all, and I’m sure this is the case in many places around the world. I have a close friend in Malmö in Sweden. She went to the local org in November last year. She said the place was almost empty other than some staff. I also have friends in Stockholm and Gothenburg who are on lines and they also tell me those orgs are almost empty.


So, with the 750 number being in question, I can only suppose that the remaining 9,250 must fall into the category of “affiliated groups”. But what is an “affiliated group”? Do you count a school teaching TWTH, or a school using study tech, or a WISE member using LRH tech in his business? Though these are using LRH tech, they are not delivering Scientology and should not be included in counting a group delivering Scientology.


Less than a year ago, the Scientology PR statement was 8,000 Orgs, missions and groups, and in less than a year that total has increased by 2,000.


I know Mr. Miscavige himself stated these figures at International events and with all due respect I don’t want to doubt the figures, but in applying logic based on the actual statistics which I was privy to I can’t get the math to add up.


LRH states in PR policy which you, Kathy, are very familiar with, to NEVER use lies in PR. I know how these figures were put together when I was involved with events. Marc Yager used to be the appointed “Stat Man”, i.e. he was responsible for summarizing various statistics to be announced at the events. All the information was collected by the IMPR office staff. I read through all of this information many times throughout the years. NEVER did the actual figures even approach 10,000.


  • What exactly is the “10,000 orgs, missions and affiliated groups” comprised of? Is there a list available, or a basic breakdown? Anyone who tries to look it up on the internet can’t even get a number 1/20th of that, so this is one of the hardest pieces of information to defend.


Another hard to defend datum is the “millions of members”. In all the years at Int, the total international event attendance statistic never exceeded 50,000. Most of the time it was around 30,000 – 35,000.


To be a member, one has to officially apply to be a member, such as becoming an IAS member, going on staff, or such a thing. When I was on the Flag RPF there were several IASA staff members on the RPF who had recently been in IASA. As I was a tech terminal within the RPF I dealt with them both as a C/S and auditor and supervisor. From this I learned that the total IAS membership number was in the hundreds of thousands – this was from 1984 to 2010. There are less than 10,000 staff around the world.


Again, I don’t want to just negate and I know this datum was announced by Mr. Miscavige, but with all the information I have and with all the information that can be verified on-line I can only come up with at most 25,000 active members in the US and maybe twice that amount in the rest of the world, and maybe a couple of hundred thousand others who are currently inactive but have a valid IAS membership.


  • What comprises “millions of members”? Anyone who ever bought a book?


…LRH covered this phenomena in HCO PL 7 August 1965, Issue I, SUPPRESSIVE PERSONS, MAIN CHARACTERISTICS OF:


“Soft sell” is another recommendation of the SP.


 And “build it quietly” and “get only decent people” are all part of this.


When somebody is demanding less reach, that person is an SP.


Therefore, we have another characteristic:





HCO PL 7 August 1965, Issue I




You included this reference in regards to Debbie’s email, but I couldn’t relate it to the content of her email. There is nothing in Debbie’s email that suggests soft-sell, or hard-sell for that matter in regards to the subject of SERVICES, which is what this policy is talking about. Debbie objected to the crush regging for the IAS, which regardless of validity has nothing to do with disseminating services of Scientology.


  • How is Debbie’s email or the content therein advocating soft-sell of Scientology?


3. International Association of Scientologists


Misinformation and wrong information has been spread on what the IAS is supposed to be.

The IAS did not replace the HASI. They are entirely different entities existing at different times with different purposes.


On March 12, 1966, L. Ron Hubbard announced in HCO Executive Letter that the Hubbard Association of Scientologists International, Inc. had been replaced by the Church of Scientology of California as the senior corporate entity in Scientology. This announcement included that effective 5 April 1966, all of Saint Hill, including the International Executive Division of Scientology, would be under the corporate control of the Church of Scientology of California. This ended the role of the HASI as the senior corporate entity in Scientology.


The International Association of Scientologists is a membership organization founded by individual Scientologists in October of 1984. It is not a management organization, but a membership organization, the purpose of which is to unite, advance, support and protect Scientology and Scientologists in all parts of the world so as to achieve the aims of Scientology as originated by LRH.


As with the HASI, the IAS has annual and lifetime memberships. Beyond that, there are levels of honor statuses to acknowledge the contributions of Scientologists.


This is a bit confusing. First you state that the IAS did not replace the HASI and that it is completely different, and, you state that it was not implemented by LRH, but founded by individual Scientologists.


Then you state, ”As with the HASI, the IAS has annual and lifetime memberships.” So first you lay out how they are different, and then you lay out how they are similar. Not only is this confusing and doesn’t really answer anything, but it also doesn’t explain why the IAS should exist at all as Debbie laid out as there is no LRH to back it up, neither of which is included in the material from you.


To DA this to someone questioning it one would have to understand how a membership organization could be created, not based on LRH, and which collects huge sums of money, compared to the relatively affordable HASI annual fees (even with inflation considered.) One can argue that the IAS funds dissemination campaigns and org buildings, but when reviewing the accounting of Ideal Org buildings, they were mainly sponsored by individual fundraisers from their local area. Also, I haven’t seen a single Scientology ad on TV since I left the SO in 2010. Apparently there was one playing on American Idol recently, but to quote from International events, “…we will flood the airways with advertising campaigns” seems to imply a large presence of Scientology media across radio, TV and the internet and I have searched and looked for it and other than what is playing on your internal websites, I have seen no sign of it.


These contrary facts, in my personal experience, have raised some doubt and questioning with those who read Debbie’s email and then asked me about it. Again, lots of fancy words are being proclaimed that sounds good and all, but in the physical universe the evidence is not there. How can one not question the massive IAS donations when it isn’t exchanged with tangible services or means to disseminate with verifiable, non-PR evidence?


Yes, I know this is what you say they do, but can any specifics be provided? Obviously an accounting would be out-security, but if new places were opening up and delivering, if ads were playing all over the place, if print ads were placed in papers all over the world, if people were sponsored to open up and run new groups instead of being charged $50,000 for a starter package, then I believe the arguments about the validity of the IAS and the questioning about the money aspect would be insignificant.


  • Regardless of the validity of the IAS, how is the money donated to the IAS used exactly, without generalities?




Scientology applied at a high echelon to social, political and scientific problems. This requires the earlier levels and a high state of training on theoretical and wide- application levels and the personal state of OT.



HCO PL of 2 August 1963, Issue I



In fact, the existence of the IAS makes possible these specific Fourth Dynamic activities envisioned by LRH:


When considering all the policies written about the subject of what the parishioner’s money is used for, this excerpt and earlier mentions of the 4th dynamic campaigns not only fail to explain why HCO PL “WHAT YOUR FEES BUY” states that money paid for services is what provides these things, but seem non sequitur in context.


Here a policy about the importance of relative marketing for various categories of public is being used to justify the donations for the IAS, when there are numerous finance policy which states exactly how these campaigns are supposed to be funded, etc.


The hardest argument for me personally has been to explain the extreme fundraising activities which have gone on in escalating order for the last 15 years, despite very clear and non-interpretable, step-by-step direction from LRH of how to manage and deal with finances within the Church. The only “DA” I have seen so far is out-of-context excerpts which don’t “handle” the full LRH policies which Debbie quotes from.


  • How can this be justified despite cleat-cut LRH policies which state otherwise?


4. Ideal Orgs are Fulfilling LRH’s Intention for Churches of Scientology


The Ideal Org program is about delivering quality of service.


One can’t argue this, but one can argue how very posh and expensive, new buildings equal to quality of service. They are not synonymous. I wasn’t there, but I dare argue that LRH ran top quality service at Saint Hill and on the Apollo and none of these required posh buildings.


  • How does quality of service equate to expensive, new buildings?


The sole purpose of our Ideal Org strategy is to be able to deliver ALL the services LRH intended to make available to mankind and to do it in an environment conducive to people rapidly stepping onto and moving on the Bridge. And to expand all orgs to a level they can deliver that quantity and quality of service at once.


In lectures and policies, LRH described his vision of an Ideal Org. It is this vision that is now being put into reality, as the following excerpts show:


These are awfully good people in Central Organizations. These are terrific people. At a sacrifice of considerable income and a lot of other sacrifices, these fellows and girls stay on the job and get the job done. One could not render a high enough tribute to them, because it has not been easy and they have done it extremely well. And they’re still there and they’ve still got the show on the road.


And now we’re thinking in terms of new buildings and designing new buildings all over the world. In other words, we’ve kept it there for a long time; now we’re going to keep it there with exclamation points. We’ve even got the designs for these buildings.


Actually, it requires two types of building in one of these Central Organizations. It requires a city building, one that is downtown and rises straight up from the ground to some height. And it requires one out in the country which sprawls all over the place.

 – LRH


Here again we have a problem of magnitude in regards to explaining the current actions of building expensive buildings as this one excerpt from 1962 ignores almost everything LRH later states in actual HCO PL’s covering the subject of building acquisition and the steps to take to expand, not to mention all the traffic from LRH to the Building Investment Committee, which you may not be personally familiar with, but I am.


Outside of the factors of the buildings of Ideal Orgs, this also doesn’t explain how the Ideal Org Program has come to replace LRH 339R and the making of Saint Hill Size orgs. The latter was THE strategy for orgs and management from 1982, whereby the Ideal Org program was mentioned in a lecture from 1962. I’m not saying the 1962 lecture is invalid, but it doesn’t appear to me to take precedence over an LRH ED from 20 years later which lays out the steps for expansion in full and exact detail.


I know Debbie didn’t mention the now almost infamous and cliché-used quote (among those who are questioning the Ideal Org strategy) about blowing up the headquarters.

“We own a tremendous amount of property. We own a tremendous amount of material, and so forth. And it keeps growing. But that’s not important. When buildings get important to us, for God’s sake, some of you born revolutionists, will you please blow up central headquarters? If someone had put some HE under the Vatican long ago, Catholicism might still be going. Don’t get interested in real estate. Don’t get interested in the masses of buildings, because that’s not important.

“What is important is how much service you can give the world and how much you can get done and how much better you can make things. These are important things. These are all that are important. A bank account never measured the worth of a man. His ability to help measured his worth and that’s all. A bank account can assist one to help but where it ceases to do that it becomes useless.”

One could argue that this was 1960 – before the Ideal Org lecture, but:

  • How is a lecture from 1962 the overriding principle to concentrate on posh buildings despite a multitude of other actual policies on finances and buildings which stresses delivery of service and puts the quality of the building itself as one of the last priorities? (Not including cleanliness.) No matter how one views this in light of all the policies and advices, it just doesn’t add up, and it doesn’t DA what Debbie wrote and quoted from LRH, unless one just takes the excerpt you gave and ignores everything else, but this wouldn’t be a proper evaluation of all the data, would it?
  • How and why has LRH 339R and Saint Hill Size orgs been replaced by an Ideal Org strategy, only outlined in a 1962 taped lecture?

EXPANSION. It is upon expansion that victory depends. But how much expansion is EXPANSION? Well, to give you a hint, you all know how big and busy Saint Hill was in the mid-60’s. Well, I ran it up from six staff to that in very short order indeed. It was the last org I ran directly as its ED.



LRH ED 339R Int

13 March 1982


I find it interesting that you would include an excerpt from LRH ED 339R which talks about expansion mainly in terms of delivery and numbers of staff – not the building. I don’t see how this explains anything in Debbie’s email, nor does it DA what she stated. If anything is appears non sequitur and draws your attention to, “What happened to 339R?”



LRH personally built Saint Hill and Flag. Those are big, posh, impressive orgs!


This is one line I can’t use unfortunately in any sort of DA action because most Scientologists know that these buildings were NOT big, posh, impressive orgs when LRH set them up and ran them. They have been made so after LRH dropped his body.


In 1976 Flag was a rundown hotel and the total action ordered by LRH at that time was to thoroughly clean it. No renovations were done and it certainly wasn’t posh. Quality of delivery was the only thing stressed.


As far as Saint Hill goes, there was nothing posh or even big about it (building-wise) when LRH ran it. It was clean and set up to function and they coped with spaces as the place expanded. A large part of the BC delivery was done in the basement of the Manor and in the Solarium and the main Castle was not even available to them like it is to AOSH UK today.


So, using Flag and Saint Hill to show what LRH did, just acts to contradict the whole thing; as a matter of fact, while LRH was around, not a single organization had a posh and “perfect” building, but what was emphasized was cleanliness, putting in proper org form and delivering standard auditing and training.

5. Donations For New Buildings


And as for obtaining donations directly for the purchase of new buildings,in HCO Policy Letter of 2 December 1968, GUNG-HO GROUPS, LRH writes specifically about it in this fashion:



The most heavily worked-over income point of most civic-minded groups is the obtaining of contributions.


These can be quite sizable.


They do not however, come easily unless the group has a nonprofit status and the patron can thereby deduct it from his income tax.


A group, however, that registers as a charity and is a member of existing nonprofit organizations can obtain contributions.


Governments have been known to contribute large sums to groups.


Contributions should be worked at but should be regarded as an irregular source of income and not counted on for the general running expenses of a group. Rather, they are like an affluence, and major projects are the best use for contributions and the best reason to get them — such as a new building for the group or a new hall, things like that.

As anyone who has done OEC Vol 0 knows, Orgs are about selling and delivering services to the public and get in public to sell and deliver to. No doubt this PL about Gung-Ho groups has its own application, but Gung-Ho groups don’t even sell and deliver services.


Debbie quoted LRH policies which state the opposite about fundraising as it applies to orgs.


  • How does a policy about Gung-Ho group explain numerous HCO PL’s about Scientology organizations NOT getting involved in fundraising, but in delivering services and getting paid for it?


That ends this section.

I can see that there is much potential that by now I must be viewed as extremely disaffected and full of enemy lines.

It is my hope however, that what I have written and questioned above can be at least partially answered.

I consider myself a Scientologist because I use and apply Scientology to improve conditions of my dynamics to the best of my ability.

As you well know, I don’t have a very clean ethics record in my SO career. I am not and I never was a moralist, but in the here and now I try to do what I see as right and constructive and I judge others mainly by those same attributes. I want to add that my period on ethics lines and the RPF exposed me to all the Basics, the large majority of the tech vols coupled with having M9’ed the majority of Management volumes just prior to coming to Flag. With this under my belt, I believe I have a good reason to express my thoughts and points of view regardless of my actions in the past.

I have a tendency to want to tell my family and friends about Scientology and I actually find it easy to get people interested in the religious applied philosophy of Scientology. A good example is my own wife who has studied some basic material, including Science of Survival, the Tone Scale and is suing it successfully at her work place and she agrees and sees the workability of it. She agrees to basic concepts like the Code of Honor, Personal Integrity and TWTH.

However, when it comes to the Church of Scientology, here’s where the difficulty begins. Due to the vast exposure in media, even here in Hong Kong, it is very hard to explain the actions of the Church. To someone like my wife it does little good to state, “Well, honey, Mr. Miscavige said so at an event!” and hope that it will just explain everything.

Especially for the Chinese (which my wife is) family and friends are of utmost importance and I happened to show her the Code of Honor and the Code of Behavior tape transcript early on.

LRH states:


In other words, never permit a feeling of affection you have to be tampered with by somebody else. You can tamper with it if you want but don’t let someone else come along and tell you that ‘the reason why you should not like Jones is because…’ and tell you a lot of things about Jones.”

This made sense to her, but when I am told to disconnect from someone (as has been demanded of me on Facebook) who has been a personal friend for maybe 20 years because he or she now has different views of the Church, i.e. “disaffected” in your terms but not gone to the media or press or tried to sue you, it becomes an impossibility to try to explain the rationale, and factually it does violates some of the very basic principles of human decency.

It is stated as early as 1951 that Dianetics and Scientology is about raising an individual on the Tone Scale and increasing his self-determinism. There is even a slogan for the VM campaign which states, “Think for yourself!” Now, if one is routinely coaxed to think along a certain pattern and be told what is and what isn’t, it goes against the very core of the basics of Scientology and THAT I am not even willing to defend myself as I would be violating my own personal integrity.

LRH states:

“Those things I tell you are true are not true because I tell you they are true. And if anything I tell you, or have ever told you, is discovered to differ from the individual observation (be it a good observation), then it isn’t true! It doesn’t matter whether I said it was true or not. Do you understand?”

 –L. Ron Hubbard, Scientology and Effective Knowledge, 15 July 1957 lecture

“Personal Integrity:

 “What is true for you is what you have observed yourself, and when you lose that you have lost   everything…

 “Nothing in Dianetics and Scientology is true for you unless you have observed it.

  “And it is true according to your observation.

  “That is all.”

–L. Ron Hubbard, book Scientology, A New Slant On Life

I’m including these quotes here to simply try to state where I’m coming from in writing this communication.

As a note worthy of mention towards the end, I wanted to relay another personal experience. During the process of routing out Mike Sutter was stressing to me not to contact specifically Marty [Rathbun] and Mike [Rinder]. At the time I didn’t think much about it.

Then later in phone conversations with Spencer, he again brought up Marty and Mike at several occasions and how I should not listen to what they had to say. I guess, just like a child who does exactly what he is told not to do, I had to find out what all the fuss was about.

I looked up Marty and Mike on the net, and also located your own websites with the Church’s attempt to DA them. I was recently directed by a Swedish Scientologist who had seen my Facebook posting on Debbie’s site to watch a video about Marty. I did so.

Now, it is peculiar how one reacts when one is on the outside, versus being on the inside, but what struck me personally in watching this video was how it stressed how Marty was the violent person AND he ADMITS to it, followed by a graphic representation of what I gather is his O/W’s or confession or something.

Not only did it strike a disharmonious cord inside me to see the Church publicly publish something which per policy was intended for HCO and Qual personnel only, but I was also struck by the fact that in the end I had the image that Marty was indeed guilty of violent acts, but he admits to it – fully – and publicly. This was made into a big deal through the narrative of the video, but for me it actually increased the respect for Marty.

I knew Marty at Int, and I knew Mike even better. I know what they did do and how they acted. But I also know that a lot of faults were committed all the way up and down the org board which cannot be justified through any policy, out-of-context interpretation. I have however NEVER seen the Church admit to a single piece of wrong-doing.

This fact alone is the hardest to DA in speaking with my non-Scientology friends and family. How come there is so much bad exposure in the media about this Church but they deny 100% of it. Marty doesn’t deny what he did and that automatically makes him more credible, especially as I share some of the experiences and facts which Marty is stating.

I’m only bringing this up as, so far, Scientologists attempting to “get my ethics in” or providing me with “DA” material, only amounts to, in the end, a blind faith in what the current Church and Mr. David Miscavige are doing and that goes against the verbal tech checklist, the quotes above and about 100 hundred other references about evaluation of data, and self-determined thought.

That is why I publicly agreed with Debbie on her Facebook profile.

So, of course you can chose to answer this, or simply file it away as “disaffected entheta.” I for one would be very happy if you would engage in dialog, as this current situation is distressing as I believe in Scientology and I’m not interested in a war, but I will not waiver away from what I know is true, and I won’t accept explanations which are taken out of context and which are clearly stated otherwise in policy.

I believe in Scientology and L. Ron Hubbard and as I know you do too, maybe with this one thing in common we can somehow figure out how to increase our ARC and KRC. I will consider any full policy by LRH or statistic or other information as requested above.

One final thing – this communication is from ME and not written or dictated by anyone else.

Thanks for listening, Ulf

397 responses to ““My Name is Ulf and I’ve Had Enough”

  1. “You have no power over me”

  2. Random Stranger

    The short letter that Ulf would have written had he more time:

    Dear Kathy True,
    The DA pack you sent me is bullshit and you know it.
    Have a nice day.

  3. Hey Kathy True-Believer,

    Ulf just fuckin’ took you apart. The lying doesn’t work anymore. Are you going to keep doing this for David Miscavige? Why?

  4. Hi, Ulf! Scientology is meant to teach one to think for themselves and stick to their personal integrity. It’s good to see that the pressures of the organization are not caving everyone in! I’ve spoken with a few others who called BS on the whole thing too. Great summary, which I’m sure will help a lot more people.

    Shame on Kathy True. She very well knows she’s covering up and lying. Kathy is fully aware of severe departures from church policy (including acts that are against the law and violate human rights), but she’s “programmed” to cover up and protect the “rightness” at all costs, which is very destructive.

    Again, the truth will prevail.

  5. Ulf,

    Superb D/A of the OSA D/A you received on Debbie Cook’s email. Thanks for taking the time to do this for us. Each time a Scientologist stands up and tells the truth, we gain a greater economy of time with which to get the job done.

    Well Done, brother and best wishes to you!


  6. Thanks for not just ‘making her wrong’ but laying things out in order to increase ARC and KRC. That’s good for her and anyone else who reads this, including me, since I didn’t get a copy of the DA pack about Debbie Cook’s email. Wow, you did that like a Scientologist. Great job on setting a good example.

  7. Hi Amy, Yes Kathy indeed knows, but as has been thoroughly demonstrated, what is right and what is wrong no longer matters. The only thing that matters to Kathy True is to defend all criticism and to try to quiet down any “disaffected” dissent, or otherwise she will have RTC Reps breathing down her neck with an array of penalties she rather not confront, so, Kathy does what Kathy must – lie, lie, lie, lie, lie………. Amazing how she can even sleep at night – or maybe she’s not allowed to so it doesn’t matter.

  8. Wonderful!!

  9. Ulf great to see your wisdom shining here. I did thank you for saving my life couple of times in the RPF, didn’t I?

    Before RPF, KT took me in for several mindbending ‘sessions’ where the outcome had been decided beforehand – great atmosphere for session. Unfortunately she did sell her soul to DM long ago.

    Delighted to see you out!

  10. Thanks Scott, Well I’m sure my Facebook friends list will start shrinking by tomorrow, but hopefully a few more people will read this and hopefully come out of that blind ignorance which you get when you are too stuck on the inside. I hope that some piece of reality will hit home and maybe little by little some more people will come out of the shadows and make their voices heard.

    The least they can do is to spread Debbie’s original email or provide my (or their own) DA material for anyone who is still doubting after having read it. The important thing is to use something that is really true and real for YOU (not you Scott, but a general “you”) when you attempt to help to DA something, because when you speak about something that is 100% true for you, your own sincerity and conviction often helps in making someone else see it too. That’s why the length of my write-up to provide various facets from which a person can pick one or several things which are really real to him/her and this will empower him/her to go to another few friends and start spreading the message and as a calm ripple against the raging sea, we can get enough enlightenment hopefully to get both the Scientology world and the rest of the world to help rescue Scientology, initially by ensuring Debbie wins her court case.

  11. Ulf,

    Wonderful to see you here! Welcome.

    Your logic and insights are invaluable. Thank you for not caving in to the pressure to “think like we tell you.” What is so astonishing about the utterances that spew forth is how patently illogical and untrue they are. If you have an ounce of reasoning power, you see right through it. But the sheeple have been so conditioned to believe what the church says without any critical thinking that I guarantee that a good percentage of the public that were told that “Debbie Cook was never a senior Scientologist” just took that datum as gospel and will repeat it to others.

    As the days tick by, the statements become more and more bizarre, but they are said with a straight face, as if everyone should just stand up and applaud in agreement and praise for the brilliance of the statement.

    Unfortunately, this is a hallmark of religion, though something that LRH sought to avoid “what is true for you is what is true” — but “believers” in every religion are asked to accept on faith things that are not provably true. And the RCS has become the purveyor of similar “believe me because I am the anointed one who can lead you to eternity/heaven/God/nirvana…” and if you don’t believe, you will be denied access to the Pearly Gates.

    I believe that Scientology has become a religion of followers rather than a religion of searchers. People in the RCS need someone to tell them what to do. They are not seeking and finding the truth for themselves. They want to be led to the promised land. Sad, that’s not my understanding of Scientology.

    Sorry for the rant Ulf. I am genuinely happy to see a smart, knowledgable voice added to the choir.

  12. Karla Zamudio

    Indeed it is!

    Bravo, Ulf!!

    Yours truly,
    Karla Zamudio

  13. Random Stranger

    Church of Spiritual Technology
    COB, RTC


    1) Anyone else with the name Ulf is to be expelled immediately.

    2) Sec Check all Swedish parishioners by the end of the week.

    3) All stats and graphs are hereby reclassified as Confidential.

    4) Dig up some dirt on the original Oloff family in Sweden.

    5) Put those who were on the RPF with Ulf back in the RPF, five times through.

    6) Send a reply to Ulf’s email with an embedded trojan virus in it that’ll capture his comm lines.

    7) Spam all his comm lines with Viagra ads and Nigerian money scams.

    8) Have his old Sea Org desk burned.

    9) Ban any Swedish food from my menu.

    10) Trick him into coming to Flag so I can go there and punch, kick, slap, choke, throw him to the floor and spit on him, as I’ll be there next week to inspect the new comforter they put on my bed.

    David Miscavige
    COB, RTC


  14. This is a great post! Thank you Ulf!
    I, too, received that pack and it is insulting to me that someone would actually think I would not see thru the BS, excerpt here and there, and complete misrepresentation of LRH.
    The pack, as you say, outright says that the IAS was not created by LRH, but that it was adopted as the membership organization for the Church…so now we have HCOPLs being virtually cancelled by creating a new idea and adopting it into the Organization…geez…it only follows suit that making this ok to do has made it’s way into the rest of policy and tech.
    It’s criminal!

  15. Tom Gallagher

    + + + + +………….

  16. Thank you, Ulf for publishing your DA letter. Perfectly correct to do.
    I had a similar experience DAing on my own and with conversations with others, when sending out Debbie’s email, which I quickly realized were fruitless, as long as I was speaking with “active” (corporate) Scientologists.
    As one of the masses of people who were “deattested” Clear by an “executive C/S decision”, and who WAS attested Clear, twice, the second time in the “Golden Age of Tech” by a 40 year seasoned Cl VIII and Power Auditor, I have replaced my Clear bracelet on my wrist, after several years. My wrist and I are happy to throw out the wrong indication, and acknowledge the SUPPRESSIVE ACT OF INVALIDATING THE STATE OF CLEAR.

  17. Ulf this is beautifully written and presented. Thank you.

    When you stated: “40X Expansion…Without stating the units you are measuring and the time period, it becomes very vague to argue what that expansion actually is” – this is a beautiful example of ‘dropped out time’ (an outpoint).

    And regarding the Church’s responses, LRH says this in Data Series 41RA (15 March 1977RA) under Clouding Up a Situation: “Occasionally you’ll find a scene wherein a person’s or area’s PR is greater to him than production – PR, personal PR, means more than production. And that is a characteristic of a suppressive. He’ll fog the situation up with big PR about how good it is so it can’t be handled. So there’s somebody sitting on those lines who is a bit suppressive.”

    Tom Price

  18. Thanks M,

    Still remember you from back then! Your sister was my junior for a while.

  19. Yes Kirsi, you did thank me. Glad I could help!

  20. I realized that POB is perhaps dramatising the RCS idea that “man was born with original sin”, and therefore, needs to be sec checked constantly to “wash away his sins”.
    Of course, this in addition to the “fact” that “everyone” but POB is a DB.

  21. Thank you Mike!

    I don’t think there are many who excels your wit and way with words – makes me seem like a first grader 🙂

    As the old Chinese proverb goes:

    “He who asks is a fool for five minutes, but he who does not ask remains a fool forever.”

  22. RS,

    However sadly, reality from fiction is probably not far apart.

  23. Random Stranger


    “We would like to make the following perfectly clear with regards to Debbie Cook:

    A) Debbie Cook was never in the Sea Org.

    B) Debbie Cook does not have red hair.

    C) She’s never been to Flag.

    D) She stole a car from us.

    E) She did not wash her uniform before turning it in.

    F) We STILL cannot find that little uniform tie she said she paper clipped on the final leaving routing form.

    G) Debbie Cook is yet another in a long, long, long line of victims of alien kidnapping and PDHing that we are rapidly tiring of.

    H) COB, David Miscavige never met Ms. Cook, adamantly denies witnessing her standing in a trash can holding a sign that said ‘Lesbian’ while she was slapped, screamed at, humiliated and sprayed in the face with a hose and commands you to stop saying that at once.

    I) Debbie Cook was only on staff for a short time.

    J) All of the above points apply to anyone else who states that Church management has gone awry.”

    Kathy True & Karin Pouw
    Temporary Acting PR Spokespeople

    DM: True/Poo

  24. One excerpt that was also in the pack was a line from an LRH lecture that said, “close your ears to false statements made by bad hats and thus really clear the planet.” This was then explained to me that I should literally cut someone’s comm, or plug my ears, or leave a room if anyone even starts to possibly mention anything critical of the Church or David Miscavige. I kid you not.
    Monkey…hear no evil…lalalalalalalalalala, plugging ears….
    Yes, I think that is exactly how LRH would handle things and would want us to deal with life…NOT.

  25. “A closed mind is like a closed book: just a block of wood.”

    1600 year-old Chinese proverb

  26. “There are three truths: my truth, your truth, and the truth.”

    Old Chinese proverb.

  27. Bela, wow… Do you have that conversation in written form?

    “To know the road ahead, ask those coming back.”

    Good old Chinese saying which is very applicable here.

  28. Mike, your statement contains such a fundamental truth it deserves repeating as it is one of the major reasons for the continuing exodus of public and staff;

    “I believe that Scientology has become a religion of followers rather than a religion of searchers.”

    And it only takes an instant to spot and know where LRH would be now in regards to the current organization. GONE. LONG GONE. INDEPENDENT. Just as he lived his whole life. In fact he would have beat us all out the door.

    Scientology processes have not lost their magic. But the end process of that magic finds itself quickly incompatible with the organization. Exhileration and thought stopping are not good bed fellows.

  29. Cindy Pinsonnault

    “I believe that Scientology has become a religion of followers rather than a religion of searchers.”

    Spot on observation, Mike.

  30. “” “…we will flood the airways with advertising campaigns” seems to imply a large presence of Scientology media across radio, TV and the internet and I have searched and looked for it and other than what is playing on your internal websites, I have seen no sign of it. “”

    Well I have seen Scientology ads on WWP 😉

  31. Cindy Pinsonnault

    Ulf —

    Thank you for your brilliant dissection of the DA pack. The logic you applied to the murky, misleading information in the pack shines a pretty bright light. Pointing out the lack of any verifiable information has to make one think – doesn’t it? Also, it seems like a lot of references were added that really had little or nothing to do with Debbie or her email. You have to wonder if those were just thrown in to make it seem like there was more to their argument – like they are counting on people not actually reading it and deciding for themselves, but just seeing that the church has “lots” of info so Debbie must be wrong/bad/evil, etc.

    Somewhere else in these comments, Mike Rinder said that scientology has become a religion of followers. I think Miscavige has worked hard to create that and relies heavily on it to continue.

  32. martyrathbun09

    Hey Karla! Thanks for gracing this site with your words and smile.

  33. Ulf, great to see your name here. Your intelligent, well-researched takedown of the OSA smear on Debbie Cook is priceless. Any of us who were at Int know that they are just making these statistics up. I wish you all the best.

  34. no, not written. I just chuckled at the person…I mean, come on…really?
    But that is what David Miscavige wants.
    And yes, good Chinese saying there, as well as they others you have posted. Thank you.

  35. martyrathbun09


  36. Ulf,

    Loved your letter and love the way you think. I could not have said things better than you did. Seems I left Int before you got there so we unfortunately never met … sounds like you are a bit of a “pirate and bum” and we would probably have gotten on great!

    One of my sons is about to graduate university, the first in my family history to do so, and in celebration I am looking at a world tour with him. Would love to meet up with you and your family in magnificent Hong Kong, a city I haven’t revisited for several years.

    Perhaps we could meet for tea at the Lin Heung Tea House, or catch the night market at Temple Street, or hang out in the Infinity pools at the intercontinental or pack a pick-nick for Victoria Peak.

    You and your family would of course be honored guests in my home if you make it to Texas!

    Wonderful to hear that you are doing well!

  37. Good job Ulf!

  38. Random Stranger


  39. martyrathbun09

    You gotta love the way Michael Laws treats people. The living embodiment of the Golden Rule.

  40. Yes Jeff, ANYONE at INT would know that this is all PR, especially the event crew, and ANYONE who was at Int in 2006 would know that “Debbie never held an executive position” is the lie of the century – outside of her 17 years as Captain of FSO.

    But I guess they have it figured out, as nobody was allowed to be posted at that time, so even though Debbie was responsible for posting the entire Int Base, she didn’t have a post – her post was “Debbie Cook”. I guess that was convenient to ensure she couldn’t be accredited later. But ask ANY Int Base staff member who was there in 2006 – 2007 to swear under oath in a court of law that Debbie never held an executive management position and they will have to think twice before answering that question.

  41. A very hearty second to that….

  42. I think Kathy True needs to word clear her own last name. Isn’t a DA pack supposed to handle the opposition by presenting the TRUE facts? You have to love the irony that the cult’s DA pack is so filled with lies that it’s basically showing people the way out the door.

    Ulf, you did a great job with your response to that pack.

  43. Ulf — Love those old Chinese proverbs of yours. Real wisdom there.

  44. Random Stranger

    DMology A=A Translation:

    The Three Truths:

    1) My lie = Truth.

    2) My Truth is the only allowed truth.

    3) I swear to tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth, so help me me.

  45. Well, Thank you Mike!

    No, I don’t think I ever met you. You’re certainly welcome to Hong Kong any time. You seem to know the typical tourist spots. I know much more “local” spots that are great fun if you want to explore. I can’t take you to the Intercontinental though as my wallet would be inverted, but I certainly can offer equal opportunities elsewhere 🙂

    And thank you for your hospitality!

  46. Thank you Karla!

  47. OMG! Wooooow! Ulf ,I don’t know who you are but that was a body slam of epic proportions! You may have sent Kathy running to the ladies room to collect her shaken self in an empty stall.

    Genius in action!!! Thank you!

  48. A friend of ours was called in to ethics and shown the pack. I appreciate Ulf’s explanation of what was in it.

  49. Pat — Funny you say that. THere are a bunch of people who have had to deal with her that refer to her by her maiden name: Kathy False.

  50. Yes Pat, Kathy’s name is ironic indeed.

  51. Thanks KF, but I honestly think that if Kathy is running to the ladies room, it isn’t because of what I did, but the ramifications she has to face for not “handling” me and hence having to face the RTC Reps.

  52. Ulf,

    Thank you. You really (as did Debbie Cook and Mike and Marty before her) did something extraordinary here with your response to OSA’s D/A – you got people up to LOOK on the Know to Mystery scale.

    It is a rare quality of communication that can raise one’s tone level that far, especially for the Kool-Aid drinkers suffering the torpor of apathy engendered by the Corporate Church of Scientology culture.

    Great job Ulf. You “Broke on through” to the other side!

  53. Arthur Pendragon

    A few weeks ago I was assigned a condition of enemy by LRH. But I guess the only real thing I could have been assigned enemy thor is in Not Keeping Scientology Working, i.e not blasting the offenders at the time I percieved it would happen to me and then potentially others. From a one overt leading to other overts prospective. Due to accepting whatever chicanery. ( bait and swithch) Affraid of causing an upset. Kiss arsing ( not wanting to offend). Affraid of not getting any auditing. recieving a non enturb order…

  54. Ulf, for a very long time my favorite action hero has been Batman but after reading your post here today I am afraid it’s time to move on.

    That was the most well written and organized response I can imagine anyone putting together-really well done! Thanks again!

  55. ULF…thanks for the most excellent dissection of the untrue DA pack sent out by the church of miscavology. Very well done.

    Kathy…Just a quick question. How far into Ulf’s data analysis did you manage to get before the implanted circuits in your lying brain began to scream out for you to stop looking?

    Kathy…Before it’s too late, please contact your nearest independent auditor and begin to get the Not-Isness off your case in a standard session.

    Kathy…Please re-read the HCOBs on The Criminal Mind and Suppressive Persons, Main Charateristics Of. Realize that the number of people who know you are lying through your teeth and the Number of People who recognize DM is an SP are the only 40X stats over the last ten years.

  56. 11) Forbide Scientologists from shopping at IKEA.

  57. Michael Fairman

    Thank you for the clarity and logic with which you addressed the DA pak, Thank you for revealing who you are and that you stand for the basic goodness of Scientology. And thank you for serving as a powerful example of one who lives the Code of Honor.

  58. RS, I think you owe me a new laptop screen. I figured out how to get the coffee stains out of my nose, but the ones on the screen have got me beat.

    Oh, and brilliant answer BTW. Absolutely bloody brilliant 🙂

  59. RS, totally agree, COMPLETE BULLSHIT!!!!! good on you ULF.

  60. Mike, can’t help but remember our recent discussion on what we perceived catastrophic flaw in the DNA of the Scientology culture.

    Mine was “the ends justifies the means” and yours followers looking to obey leaders.

    Thinking about this over the past week, the term that keeps sticking in my mind is opportunist. In the parasitic sense, people holding on, sitting around, waiting for an opportunity to present itself that can be latched upon, whether someone to provide spiritual salvation, or gaining “eligibility” by monitoring and reporting friends or data, or financial and business opportunities. The demands are so extreme that normal average actions to build a normal average life don’t nearly provide the various resources needed to survive in the COS world and culture.

  61. Ulf, Hejsan svejsan in lingon skogen!
    Thanks for taking the time to put together such a well-reasoned response to OSA’s DA pack. You and Kalle write better than most of the Americans I know.
    I can attest to your friend’s observations of the Arlöv — errrrr, Malmö Org. I visited there in 2010 and it is located in an old sugar factory in an industrial suburb with absolutely zero foot traffic and nearly impossible to find. I saw staff only when I went for a tour except for a couple public who they were trying to recruit for staff.
    Occasionally they send their Dianetics tent up to Halmstad to do stress tests and the staff I have talked to are hitting the Kool-Aid heavily.
    Mvh från Sverige!

  62. Ulf,

    You speak my language. I really like how you observed for yourself, went about verifying the true data independently and then proceeded to tear Kathy’s statements to shreds. And all the while maintaining ARC & KRC.

    I think that is a very important point – to maintain ARC & KRC. Why? Well, because whatever Kathy has done and said are things she must of course take responsibility for, but by no means did she think then up herself. They came from somewhere else and she’s pushing a party line – a very important point of differentiation.

    I think your letter is going to become a famous DA point, up there with Garcia’s letter, Jeff’s book, Thoughtful’s site, Amy’s book and more (there’s so many of them now, too many to mention one by one).


  63. Oh, Kathy Truuuuuuuuuuuue,
    you got some ‘splaining to do!
    Listen, we all know that people heavily dramatizing one side of the GPM channel will at some point snap to the other side. Your time must be about due.

  64. Hi Ulf – I appreciate your common sense approach in disarming the nonsense put forth by this supposed DA pack. Who are these guys kidding – themselves alone. Really sad and pathetic.

  65. My name is Bruce and I never tire of witnessing such displays of courage, integrity, honesty and just plain old well meaning as that of Ulf’s.

    You sir set a high mark. Thank you.


  66. Ulf-Love your DA of the RCSs DA. I also appreciate your admission of not being such a perfect moralistic person, possibly in anticipation of slams against your character. All I can say is that your ethics as defined as “rationality toward the highest level of survival for the individual, the future race, the group, and mankind and the other dynamics taken collectively. Ethics are reason. The highest ethic level would be long term survival concepts with minimal destruction, along any of the dynamics.” is superbly IN.

  67. Like, like it a shit load!

  68. Highly unlikely a sister of mine was your junior, though one loved going to Hong Kong and speaks Cantonese and there were 4 others. I was the only one ever in the SO. Sorry, your name is not familiar.
    There were at least 3 Maureen Sullivan’s in Scientology that I heard of. I’m the cute one…

  69. No more ABBA either.

  70. FCDC Class of 74

    Thank you for raising my tone today that was enlightening. You remind me of a Sea Org officer I met in the seventies while learning about the FBO. He was honest,quoted source and really liked what he did. He exuded LRH’s philosophy and really his theta made you want to join the cause. You are that personification. I hope we meet someday.

  71. Thank you Ulf. Quite an entrance you made. Glad to see you are here.

  72. WWP?

  73. Mike,
    So sad but true re “Scientologists having become followers instead of seakers” giving away their self-determinism over to a corrupt group.

  74. Second that! 🙂

  75. Ulf,

    Have you considered posting your entire write-up in FB? Kathy True (or is it Kathy False?) may then have to issue a DA pack on you. This would be a “Da on a DA,” aka “Chain DA handling,” or “Resistive DAs.”

  76. Mike,

    Totally agree… “a religion of followers rather than a religion of searchers.” And they are being led by their nose rings right into a precipice.

  77. Ulf,

    Thanks, my last couple of trips to Hong Kong were as part of buying trips into mainland China for custom built industrial equipment for our recycling facility (see my facebook page now that we are friends). I soon learned that Chinese hospitality, especially business entertained hospitality is unrivaled anywhere in the world. It only took once, negotiating a deal, going out to celebrate, 20-30 course meals (stay away from beef restaurants in china … delicacies like cow lips and eyelids and eyes are recognizable now matter how well prepared), and what the hell is that rice whiskey drink that they force down your throat.with great gusto while you eat? Anyway, not remembering how I got back to my gratis 5star hotel, barely able to focus on my hand near noon of the next day, my highly polite hosts sit me down over coffee to sign a contract “per our agreement”, unseen modifications to which paid for the excesses of the last night 20 times over. The Chinese spectacular hospitality should never be allowed to mask their tremendous intelligence and drive. They wrote every trick in the book over 2,000 years of civilization, and then some.

    The “real Hong Kong” tour is just great for me, my son prefers it too … my business Chinese hosts would never let me explore the “ghetto” or less cosmopolitan areas. In Bangkok, my favorite meals are with some old guy, squatting on a street corner sampling what he cooked on a half dozen briquettes burning in an old hub cap. My son prefers that too, choosing to live in a modest apartment “in the hood” in Houston, Marty’s old stomping ground.

    As we get older, it seems we learn that real friends are incredibly rare and spectacularly valuable. To me at least, my closest friends have lived a life that baptized them in the fires of hell, perhaps we just have more in common. It seems that once we have lose everything we thought was important, wrestled for bare survival, we seem to have been gifted the lesson of what is important to us, had our personal strength and goodness validated by the world, and seem to have a clearer potential to understand what has meaning to us. I suspect you will find, being openly involved in this community, an exceptionally large pool of quality new potential friends to choose from; people who, like you, consider life not just our personal comfort and success, but standing up and taking responsibility and effort to help those around us.

    I wish you the very best.

  78. Ulf,

    Awesome analysis! You are obviously an exceptional observer and evaluator. Very glad to meet you.


  79. Dan, allow me an approximate translation of your greeting to Ulf: “Hello to you and all the little red berries in the forest!”

    A classic Swedish greeting.

  80. Wow, a Norwegian complementing a Swede!

    The universe is shifting…

  81. Tony Dephillips

    Thanks for that Ulf.
    Fantastic write up.

  82. Random Stranger


  83. Er, rather “complimenting”

  84. martyrathbun09

    Da’ DA o’ da’ DAer.

  85. Ulf,
    Thank you from my heart for an amazing piece of work you did here. Not only do you have the knowledge and integrity, but you also apply HCOPL VIEWPOINT to the letter. Sure the short version as “BS” nails it just fine but you took the time to dissect, research and lay it all out beautifully wrapped up in ARC and KRC. It is like a REAL CSW (=COMPLETED Staff Work) to make it acceptable.

    How about offering it to Debbie Cook so she can send it to the same mailing list she sent her original email to. Not that I doubt that many who got her original email and the ‘dead agent’ pack know it is “BS” but it REALLY gets people to LOOK….AGAIN. Number of times over the materials….Ah, the devil is in the details! Speed reading just doesn’t cut it.

  86. Ulf,
    Your a gentleman, Ulf, with far more patience and understanding than I would have in your shoes. Thank you.
    David Miscavige,
    The dominoes are falling all around you. Here’s one for the Ladies of the Court in the hopes the next one falls from there.

    Sorcerous of Secrets

    She’s the sorcerous of secrets, your femme fetale
    The keeper of transgressions unsavory and foul.
    She’s worked her way up into Queen of the Day
    By bedding you down while your wife dearly pays
    In the mountains alone for the stakes that she played
    Her life a regret for the mistake that she made.

    She’s the sorcerous of secrets, that one that you trust.
    She’s the last one standing, not yet under the bus
    A survivor of blackmail, extortion, and worse
    A plague on humanity, an angel’s curse.

    Yet you put down your guard in these final days
    Thinking all’s well while you still haven’t paid
    The sorcerous of secrets for all she knows
    About penchants of the emperor and having no clothes
    It’s those secrets she’ll tell, your passing thoughts
    It’s your life that she’ll wreck and the mayhem she wroughts.
    But you keep her around, as if in good play
    While your gallows they swing by the end of the day.

  87. Got me in stitches by now…..:)

  88. Why We Protest, the website of the Anons who protest (The Church of) Scientology)

    Big 3 years ago, now populated by the still devoted, like me, AnonKat or KittyKatspanker at your service *tips hat*

    Cat Daddy

  89. Ulf, Thank you for ☼ looking ☼ and for the report. Your letter to Kathy would beneficially be circulated to at least 12K persons via email. Kathy’s Q&A (Q & A question & answer, basically not addressing the communication) is a big CAPS FLUNK on TRs, and revealing of robotism.

  90. Yeh, gotta agree, Scott. Kathy used to be the decent sort, she’s gone a long way down the chute by defending such blatant hypocrisy and lies, and forwarding the b.s. Miscavige dishes out by the…what do you call those big earth-moving behemoths? You know, the ones that clear huge areas for building large edifices. He dishes crap out using one of those.

    Good shot, RS.

    Ulf, you have my respect and admiration. Thank you for this cogent posting, it will prove to be very useful.

  91. Laughing uncontrollably …

  92. “Those things I tell you are true are not true because I tell you they are true. And if anything I tell you, or have ever told you, is discovered to differ from the individual observation (be it a good observation), then it isn’t true! It doesn’t matter whether I said it was true or not. Do you understand?”

     –L. Ron Hubbard, Scientology and Effective Knowledge, 15 July 1957 lecture

    In other words, think for yourself and an admission of falliblity, wise words indeed.

  93. Luis,

    If it comes from Kathy False, would it be “False DA”?

  94. True/poo is BS by another name.

  95. This was a joy to read! Thank you for taking the time to craft it and for sharing it. This message has wings.

  96. Random Stranger

    13) Swedish Fish are banned from the base.

  97. Random Stranger

    14) Anyone with the names Olf, Ulf, Olaf, Olga, or has a sson or sen at the end of their last name is hereby assigned a condition of doubt.

  98. Mike,
    LRH in March 52, Hubbard College Lectures, #27:

    “…because whenever a religion- you see, a religion is different than a religious philosophy, very different – a religion is that thing which is
    given as a package to a people about which they are not supposed to reason, and under thought and duress is used to control that people onerously. And you find many of these religions are completely bare of aesthetics. And then when they come up to higher levels of action, they actually get up toward theta for a while, and then they will slide back into a MEST religion wholly. They very seldom rise up. That is why an individual is almost never a mystic and a religious person at the same time. We need differentiation in those categories in order to understand that anything used as a control mechanism is the MEST universe.”

  99. Mike, re: some of the truly crap attempts to DA Debbie’s letter, I think part of the problem these days is that things in RCS are carefully constructed so that people just do not learn policy (or tech for that matter). Anyone with a good grounding in Policy can see through such crap DA points as quoting Gung Ho Groups policy to justify crush regging of donations for buildings. Anyone who knows policy knows there is relevant on-point policy that forbids that sort of fundraising. But fewer and fewer people know policy, and David Miscavige makes sure of that, you can’t even buy the OEC Volumes these days and have not been able to for years.

  100. Ulf,

    Thank you providing this. Logical and true. Reminds me of the following quote:

    It is truly enough said that a corporation has no conscience; but a corporation of conscientious men is a corporation with a conscience.
    — Henry David Thoreau

    I’ll also use definition #3 from some online dictionary to define ‘corporation’ once:

    3. any group of persons united or regarded as united in one body.

    And Thanks! for the lively discussion.

  101. Sentence should read: I’ll also use definition #3 from some online dictionary to define ‘corporation’ at least once:

  102. Well done Ulf.

    One of the many added inapplicable, incorrectly included, assumed identities are not identical illogics that Ms. (Not Really) True forwards is this nonsequitur of the Gung Ho Group reference being used to justify the regging of criminal level exchange (no exchange) for the buildings.

    The twisted logic that arrived at that is astounding. Of course it’s almost palatable following the other one used, a snippet from Hymn of Asia. But then it sticks in the craw nonetheless. God, the crippled think that pervades these guys is a rough go.

  103. Nice going Ulf!
    Welcome to the party pal! 😀

  104. Random Stranger

    15) Check out that new File Downloading Religion that just got approved in Sweden and come up with a good op to put them out of business.

  105. +1 Cindy

    It’s almost like this misdirecting double talk is used to confuse people. I know it confuses me .

    All the more reason to Commend Ulf for making sense of it all. Thank you Ulf!!

  106. Ulf,
    It’s really great to see you here with impeccable homework and application of LRH materials in life. Welcome to Independence and out of the box.

    I remember and admire you for completely keeping your TRs in one certain Halloween at MCI where Maria bullbaited you on DM’s urging.

  107. Pass the Scotch

    Just saw the latest San Diego Org Mag (Issue #412). Under “Releases and Graduates”, it lists ONE Grade Chart auditing completion for the last 3 months.

    If this is 40X expansion from 10 years ago, what was the number of auditing completions then? 1/40th?

    Just wondering.

  108. ULF, welcome! Wow, well done!your integrity shines in your letter to Kathy True. Code of honor all the way!!!!!

  109. Hello Ulf,
    Thank you for your time, perception and skills in writing this up. Laser perception and asking all the right questions.
    I also admire how you wrote taking care that not every person reading this blog (which has worldwide following) may be familiar with Scientology nomenclature — you took care to write your findings into words that give reality and background on definitions and issues so all can understand. So lucid. So simple. So clear! full responsibility for viewpoints, sides of a game, awareness, care, and totally there!
    Thank you! A fine example of real Scientology at work!

  110. p.s. “Oh man! There is no planet sun or star could hold you, if you but knew what you are.” ~Ralph Waldo Emerson

  111. Mike, now that is a good one! LOL

  112. Thanks Ulf 🙂


    Posted a link to your exposition on my forum FreezoneOrg 🙂

  113. Pat, well said.

  114. Ulf — Brilliant. Just brilliant! I applaud you and your handling of the situation!
    I WILL make my way to visit you in the not too distant future. Hong Kong is just a hop, spit and a jump away — and I think the last time I saw you in person was in 2003.
    Talk soon.

  115. The choir is becoming big enough day by day thanks to persons like you mr. Rinder:

  116. Tony Dephillips

    Words to live by Dean.

  117. martyrathbun09

    Thanks Terril

  118. Love it!!

  119. Thank you Ulf.
    This is the first time in a long time that the International News which should be broadcast at an Int Event has been. You are still the event I/c. You did a great job of presenting the Debbie DA pack accurately I, like many others here, didn’t get a copy of that DA pack for obvious reasons so I very much appreciate your sharing it with me and the rest here.
    If David Miscavige hasn’t changed (in print) the PR law “Never use lies in PR” , he most clearly has established and used the law “always use lies in PR” as his basic stable datum in PR.
    You are truely a welcome new member here.

  120. RS-
    that letter should be sent too.

  121. Random Stranger

    Huh? A few weeks ago? Oh. Hey, how is Ron?

  122. As a note regarding the above lecture and quote. Before the renaming of lectures era this lectures original title was “What is Scientology.” It was one of my favorite lectures which I listened to numerous times on reel to reel and it always started with the title of the lecture “What is Scientology”. It is listed this way in the first tech vols as well.

  123. Random Stranger

    Church of Spiritual Technology
    COB, RTC

    Personal Notepad

    EXPANSION PLANS (Rough Draft)

    1) Order staff and parishioners to gain weight so orgs will look more full.

    2) Get one of those new 3-D holograph projectors to put realistic avatar images of public walking around.

    3) Join that Billionaire’s Club I was reading about.

    4) Get everyone to speak louder so it seems busier.

    5) Hold more Historical Building Tours inside the orgs.

    6) Get a bunch of those Home Alone contraptions that’ll make it appear as though there are people inside the orgs dancing.

    7) Hold more events.

    8) New podium.

    9) Practice holding my right hand a little differently on the podium.

    10) See if Tom has any more relatives he can bring in.

    David Miscavige
    COB, RTC

  124. Jim, I guess they don’t make anybody word clear the *routing* on HCO PL’s any more.

    Anyone with access to a copy of that issue: please post the routing here so we can see plainly to whom it was addressed.

    Michael A. Hobson
    Independent Scientologist

  125. Ulf said: “Yes, I know this is what you say they do, but can any specifics be provided? Obviously an accounting would be out-security ….”

    Specifics? An accounting? Fuckin’ A, Bubba!


  126. Event Disrupterman

    Mike, What do you think would happen if a group of people showed up at the next Corporate Scientology event and began chanting “SP!” to David Miscavige? Could we get arrested for this?

  127. I had a cognition that DM was able to take over because of a giant flaw in Church Policy. Paying staff slave labor wages doesn’t give them much incentive to fight for solvency or to enforce policy. When they know that their income will be cut if and they can’t feed their damn kids, it makes one a bit more disciplined. It’s also in violation of LRH’s exchange policy and the natural law of “Everybody’s gotta eat”. Some Sea-org were actually calling public “Pool pigs”. If Sea-Org staff where getting proper wages, they would be glad to be there and not resentful of an affluent public. They would be happy to have the customers and so would their income. I wouldn’t get out of bed for 50 bucks a week. If LRH’s sea-org could have worked, then why is it a proven failure? Have some guy at Micro-Soft or Apple or any large company crashing the stats and lying about it with false PR and watch how fast he’s replaced. There’s no room for being reasonable when it comes to your personal income. LRH was no poor man, that’s for sure. Why he expected us is an OUT-POINT, an Illogical per his own definitions. So now the whole thing is going to be corrected and Scientology will go to the free market where only the able will be able to profit from it’s delivery. And if anyone alters tech, then they go out of business because Public Stay away from Orgs that alter tech. If you keep it standard, then you make a buck. I know I’ll be cursed for this posting, but the free market has historically always prevailed. Always will. Slavery has never worked. Research your history. LRH’s valuable final product was auditing. His Sea-Org violates free-market laws and exchange laws. There. I said it. It needed to be said.

  128. Thank you.

  129. Ulf, your logical approach to DA the so called ” Cof$ DA Pack” is very refreshing and revealing. Too bad current RCS members are below the level of unconsciousness to be able to confront the content of your write-up…
    This one is for you my friend:

  130. Mike and Ulf,
    Ulf – thank you for a detailed specific communication of the truth of the BS being fed the sheeple. Mike so true that this is another indication of the failure to know what is true for oneself and that one must be a “believer” of what crap is stated or be denied one’s eternity. Does it really matter? I ask this question from the viewpoint that what the current RCS is giving isn’t the Scientology that LRH wrote. The RCS believer has already left the road to truth and instead is following another path – one that requires belief without review or analysis of anything, no matter how absurd, that is stated or that has been deemed to be “command intention.”

    We, here on this blog and who follow this blog, probably already know that. For those needing or wanting a reminder there are many references already noted in these posts. I would add to that wonderful list what LRH has to say in The Phoenix Lectures.

    …” There could be a great deal of argument about this. Someone who is passionately devoted to practice rather than wisdom (there are two different things here that embrace religion) would argue with you. But Scientology has no interest in arguing along that line because we can make this very, very clear differentiation right here and now. The word religion itself can embrace sacred lore, wisdom, knowingness of gods and souls and spirits, and could be called, with a very broad use of the word, a philosophy. So we could say there is a religious philosophy, and there is a religious practice. Now religious practice could take the identical source and by interpretation put it into effect and so create various churches, …”

    “So let’s get a very clear differentiation here between religious philosophy and religious practice. When someone comes to you and says so-and-so is actually the way you’re supposed to worship God, you can very cleanly and very clearly and very suddenly bring this to a halt by merely mentioning to hm that he is talking about religous practice and you are talking about religious philosophy.” LRH


    What Ulf so eloquently wrote to Kathy True about the lies that were being spread about the facts in Debbie Cook’s email is also covered by this reference. What has occurred with the RCS is a bait and switch. We are baited with the promises of LRH tech and our eternity and then we are given, or attempted to be given to those that stay in the group, a poor substitute. The true Scientology, a religious philosophy with specific techniques for its application to bring about an increased awareness as a spiritual being has been replaced with something from the dark side. What in the RCS is called scientology is really a practice of what you must believe, the cognitions and agreements you must have, even to what definition from the glossary in the books you must use instead of LRH study tech. And in this practice one must pay indulgences and one must pay homage to the exhalted one(s).

    That is NOT the Scientology that existed when I came in in the 70’s and I don’t believe that is the Scientology of you, Ulf, Marty or the many others who have woken up from the bad dream and are once again able to freely study the tenants of the true philosophy of Scientology.

    And back on the original subject Ulf noted – I don’t believe in an instant that LRH would have accepted the idea that one has open 20-30 new churches when in fact all you have done was move them to a different building. That really shows that it is the building which is considered to be a new org. I liked the old definition – an org was composed of able beings with the desire and ambition to make clears and auditors. Perfection on all fronts was a goal and not a requirement.

    I remember from my training the correct sequence was quantity, quality and then viability. Now seems to be reversed to viability of the int reserves above all else, enforced perfection of quality before any type of quantity is even allowed!

    And lastly, to Ulf, welcome to the world of the Independent Scientologist. You are free to be, to do and to have. You can study and know what you find to be true and then continue to apply what you have found to be true to make the life of all your dynamics better. And you don’t need to pay no stinking indulgence to use what you know. Welcome and I look forward to your continued input when you wish.

  131. Kettle,
    You haven’t posted much of late. Just want you to know that my cats and I miss you. This, from one who rarely posts at all.
    The Pot

  132. True/Poo.

    A GPM even kids can see.

  133. Great write up Ulf. I truly hope it gets read where it’s needed.
    Sometimes I think concrete is softer than the minds of the RCS robots.

  134. Bela,
    Thetans have left the buildings, along with Elvis. All that remains are talking sheep. Baaaaaa.

  135. UnDisturbed….
    You picked a perfect quote from LRH:
    “He’ll fog the situation up with big PR about how good it is so it can’t be handled.”
    This has been David Miscavige’s modus operandi for years…..

  136. Hi Ulf!
    Glad as hell to see you on this board!
    Beautiful Letter.
    Thank You! I hope it reaches those who really need it…Like poor Kathy True!

  137. Ulf,
    This is the best, most comprehensive and well-written logical “state of the union” since the letter from Luis Garcia. Congratulations on that. It must have taken you a long time to research and write. Thank you so much.

    From another Scandinavian (I’m Danish), welcome here. From what I read about your background you might know my brother-in-law Larry Jacobs. If you have any recent news about him, please let me know. My email address is bodil@scandical.com.

    My sister, Gunhild Jacobs, I think fell into the kool-aid bowl as a child (I hope you read Asterix comic books in your youth and get the pun) and cannot be changed into a free-thinking individual, but I have tried to bait our fellow Scandinavian, Carl Heldt, into starting to think for himself (Google “Open letter to Carl Heldt”). Carl is such a nice person and I fear for him getting closer (within shooting range) to David Miscavige. Do you know Carl and do you have any suggestions as to how to get him to wake up and smell the roses?

  138. Mike,
    The routing isn’t nearly as interesting as the purposes of the PL, GUNG HO GROUPS from 2 Dec 68:
    “The group’s purposes are:
    1. To discover the purposes and targets the citizens as individuals in its area
    consider most desirable to improve the area.
    2. Coordinate these targets into long-range community objectives and publish
    and arouse interest in them.
    3. Work with other civic groups to coordinate action on these targets by
    means of planning of short-range targets each civic group is to do, (the
    short range being parts which when done add up to a long-range target).
    4. Study and use Scientology to improve the reach of one’s own group and
    the leaders of other groups.”

    So, lemme see, the CITIZENS of the areas were obviously consulted and THEY, like say in France, or Tampa, or Buffalo or, or…made an overwhelming demand to see giant buildings with TV screen introductions and NO people or training or auditing. Makes perfect sense to reg the Scn public and staff to donate their auditing and training money to build an “ideal org” that the Gung Ho group got a demand for from their carefully conducted surveys of the local population and opinion leaders.

    Geez Dave, you are so…

  139. Mike,

    I really appreciate you writing this!

    Haha, your story about your business trip to China sounds just about how it goes. I can only assume you went to Shenzhen or Guangzhou as they contain the majority of industrial businesses which westerners usually deal with as this area has special economical laws which allows westerners in for business, compared to the rest of China. It is the ultimate in double standards, i.e. ultra capitalism (as far as business dealings go) in a commie country.

    I have by now learned how to deal with the Chinese, though mainlanders are very different from Native Hong Kong folks. Hong Kong is still a special administrative region with its own legislation and political system and it is not commie despite being under China. A decision purely made to keep Hong Kong being a major trade and banking zone to merge western and Chinese commerce.

    Tourist spots in Hong Kong are about 4X (or more) as expensive compared to “local” places. Factually, they cater more to rich mainland Chinese tourists who come here to shop brand names as they are not available in China, or very expensive, or fake. Shenzhen however have no sales tax on cigarettes (one of a few items which do have sales tax in Hong Kong – gasoline being another one) so an awful lot of Hong Kong people go to Shenzhen to smuggle back cigarettes to sell on the black market in Hong Kong. Literally thousands make a living doing this. The 3 border places see hundreds of thousands going through in any single day, so there is no way to check everyone at customs and the subject of smuggling is a long-practiced tradition.

    As far as friends in this community, I know many who used to be at Int which I regarded highly when I was there but haven’t been able to communicate to because they were in “bad standing”. At this point I care more about what is really right and wrong and my friends will be those who act as real friends. They have a high integrity and they act according to what they see is right. They personal opinions are not that important to me, as long as they respect mine.

    I’m not really picking any sides, but I welcome any and all who are decent, constructive and is fighting for what they feel is right. It doesn’t matter to me whether that is an “Independent” or an “Insider” or a non-Scientologist, as long as they are real friends. Technically many “Insiders” can’t be friends with me, but I know I have several “Insider” friends who won’t disconnect from me even if they are told, because they are true friends even though we may not agree on everything, and that is all that matters to me.

    So, whatever your Hong Kong plans Mike, just let me know and I will host you and your family!

    Cheers, Ulf

  140. Very clever and witty.

  141. No Luis, I’ll keep FB out of this except individual messages and emails as my friends list is mainly composed of friends who would have no clue what this is about.

    But the concept of a “chain-DA” sounds good to me 🙂

    Speaking in terms of Sun Tzu, the “Doomed spies” have already showed up on my FB and email in less than 24 hours – impressive, but predictable.

    I don’t know you Luis, but I know you’re a Friend!

  142. Oh, oops – I have you mistaken for another Maureen. You’re probably right – we’ve never met as I am not familiar with the “Sullivan” last name. My apologies. Cool that your sister speaks Cantonese – that is one hard language to speak!

  143. Thanks Sapere,

    Very well summarized and succinctly stated!

  144. 16) Issues a TRO on the Swedish Chef in the Muppet’s and forbid him from speaking out again – ever!

    17) Request Google Translate removes the function of translating Swedish, and set up a link that warns OSA of anyone attempting to translate anything Swedish online.

  145. Hey Scott – I like your translation more than Google translates’:
    “Hi there in cranberry woods!”

  146. Thanks so much Ulf. Your analysis of the DA done on Debbie was excellent.

    I think (guess) people like Kathy True and David Miscavige have access to search engines of LRH materials where they can search a term like LRH quotes on “new buildings” and get 100 hits of LRH quotes over 30 years that say something like: “Make sure you concentrate on delivering services and don’t get stuck in accumulating MEST, like new buildings, etc..” and then get one hit regarding a “Gung Ho group” where someone wrote enthusiastically to LRH about getting some buildings and he passed the idea along….

    So, Ulf, thanks for pointing to the out-point that a “Gung-Ho” group is not a delivery Org. This analysis and the rest of your DA analysis was spot on and much appreciated. You have a keen mind and have studied LRH well. A fine addition to Marty’s (internet) living room.

  147. Thanks Cindy,

    The official Church seems to have turned into that which is shown on that first, epic Apple TV commercial from the early 80’s with the 1984 theme. Debbie Cook is the girl with the sledgehammer!

  148. Thank you Mike and I can only say the same about you!

  149. Thanks LDW,

    My bet – first paragraph!

  150. Barney Rubble

    Kathy True,

    Thanks to Ulf your “DA pack” has been exposed for the thousands of lurkers that received Debbie’s email. It was in fact OSA’s DA pack in response to the Truth RD series from Tampabay.com in 2009, convinced me that you and your constituents are delirious.

    I was in the SO for 25 years, many years in management, and I know for a fact that your claims for example on C of S stats and expansion are a croak. This latest DA pack has hit rock bottom for your leader Dave. My suggestion to you so that you may get a decent nights sleep, is stop lying to yourself. To contribute to this on a daily basis must be very hard on you.

    Have a nice day.


  151. Close Scott, the second word is just a made-up word which rhymes with the first – “Hello”. Roughly it means:

    Greeetings sweedings in the lingonberry [cranberry relative] forest!

  152. Thanks Dan,

    With “Kalle” you mean Kalleheikki Kannisto?

    I can’t picture you in Halmstad – how do you cope with the lack of American sports 🙂

    Yes, the location of Malmö Org is rather strange. There are so many places in that city which are high profile due to it being the entrance port by car or train from the rest of Europe that one wonders why they placed the org in a relatively dead suburb?

  153. Thank you Alan,

    Yes, rest assured, not a single word in that “DA pack” came from her except for her signature.

  154. Fellow Scandinavian,

    Thank you. I am sure if they want to defame me there is plenty of dirt to use, but I don’t care anymore. It is worst violating what you know is right so to hell with it!

    Do you speak Norwegian?

  155. Random Stranger

    18) Get TC to help me push through a boycott against the Nobel Peace Prize.

  156. I think Ulf’s DA on the DA sent by the D.A. (dumb ass) is da’ bomb.!! As a matter of fact it’s like: da’ End of Endless DA’s.

  157. OK Scott, that is the one; False DA. Of course there’s the False DA Checklist to follow…

  158. Yes Scott, that is a rarity 🙂 The animosity of Swedes from Norwegians mainly stem from the second WW when the Swedes let the Nazis use the Swedish trains (under cover) to transport their soldiers to the backside of Norway and so enable an attack from both sides of Norway, all while maintaining a “neutral” status. Same reason why the Finnish still hold a grudge as the Swedes promised to assist should the Russians invade, but when the Winter War started the Swedes suddenly had a second thought. For young people these historical backgrounds are mainly lost, but for the older generation this animosity still exist. Though Sweden does have a lot of positive aspects, it is also a fact that it became a major location of incorporated business from Nazi’s escaping Germany to transfer all the money amassed in fairly unnoticed ways. While many fled to Argentina and Brazil, the businesses popped up in Sweden and exist to this day. But of course that is all conspiracy…

  159. Thanks you,

    Should you mention this to the Gold Ethics Officers who used to deal with me they would probably have a stroke 🙂

  160. Thank you Tom!

  161. 18) Change Sven Kune’s name back to Dan Koon.

  162. Thank you Luis!

    Your own postings and integrity are among my favorites so glad to have met you too!

  163. 🙂

  164. Yes, 10 years ago it was 1/40th of a completion. That was before the Basics, DUH!

  165. Thanks you Zephyr,

    Debbie already has my write-up. What she does with it is up to her, but I’m sure she has her hands full dealing with her court case at this moment.

  166. Just Me,
    Yeah, that one got me too. An accounting- what, like an independent audit or something? Yes, that would be out-security for Dave. Real out, like Dave – out.

  167. Thank you Jim,

    Yes, it is astounding. What is even more astounding is that this was all they could come up with using LRH, and mainly out-of context excerpts at that, but during Int events David Miscavige can lay out the details of these strategies for 3 hours straight. That should say something about the relation between LRH’s and DM’s instructions.

  168. Ulf,
    I just Googled the reference I gave. It was “Message to Carl Heldt” in stead.

  169. Thank you Sinar,

    Yes, remember that 1993 Halloween party well. It was fun!

    Also remember you well from the galley and services area and from events as you interfaced with my ex-wife a lot.

  170. Thank you V. for your kind words!

  171. Thank you Lana,

    You and Jim are always welcome at my place!

  172. Thank you Robert. I was never the Event I/C but I was responsible for the technical execution of the audio aspects of the events.

  173. Thank you Ziba!

  174. Thank you Jason!

    Didn’t know if you would remember the many we recording sessions we had as you usually would call me “Wolf” 🙂

  175. Thank you Bodil,

    Yes I knew Larry Jacobs well, but he was offloaded from Int a while back and I believe he went to LA. I honestly lost track of him.

    I know Gunhild well from dealing with ASI. I’m sure she is very pro-DM having him around at ASI, but I believe she is basically a very good person. She has very good qualities but of course is driven by that disease of lies which has become the scourge of the current Church. Hopefully she has enough inherent qualities left to see the light.

    I don’t know Carl Heldt in person, just know his background and that he is a fellow Scandinavian. I know his daughter well and his ex-wife whom I met when I went on tour to Russia.

  176. Thank you Robert!

  177. I knew I had it pretty close… I love Swedish people. Great big beings so full of life…

  178. If I have missed to respond to a personal “thank you” within this blog I haven’t missed your encouraging words and I sincerely want to thank you all for your backup and sense of a REAL community!

    Thank you ALL!

    Love, Ulf

  179. she could kinda look like that girl too lol.

  180. mark mckinstry

    Larry was sent to the PAC RPF in around 2006.

    He told me shortly after arrival that Gunhild had requested a divorce. She was ASI staff at the time.

    I knew Gunhild for years and really like her. She has integrity, but I fear is too connected to COB to see the light.

    Larry had been a Gold videographer for years.. perhaps he noted too many outpoints with the stuff he was filming for Int events to maintain his composure.



  181. Ett fantastiskt material, Ulf! Och grattis till friheten!

  182. It was new to me that the I.A.S. was not an instrument of Hubbard’s. It seems in the OSA pack sent out they are glossing over that and if this were perfectly ordinary knowledge.

    Given all of that, it has become clear that DM is just on another purpose with valuable final products. Which seem to go like this:

    A. Money in with no exchange required.
    Ab. Money forcibly taken from Missions and support groups with no exchange given.
    B. Groups of acceptable beggars established and begging successfully.
    C. Big boats paid for via begging crews.
    D. Big buildings paid for via begging crews.
    E. Successful events measured by applause for me.
    F. Books reissued with royalties paid to me.

    There are more (feel free to contribute). But this is what happens when people do not understand the Org Board. or purposes of functions outlayed by an Orgboard or VFP’s.

    His “VFP’s” above has caused more animosity and ill will and out P.R. that any one of us could have envisioned.

    This only illustrates his ineptitude for running anything beyond a leper society, producing anything beyond a narrator gig, and a tendency towards plagiarism and pilfering.

    That’s not all that bad except he is doing it and rampantly with supporters at the expense of every man woman and child on this planet.

  183. Hi Ulf, That was an extremely well-done piece of reasoning making full use of the Data Series and all the fundamentals of Scientology. Thanks for doing your part to Keep Scientology Working. However, I can explain the statistics:

    “An increase of 40 times over previous levels” means that Kathy True has been gone over these same lines like 40 times, probably more, but each time she shouts louder, more shrill and more screechy which is the increasing part. I think her voice can’t go much higher so the stats are bound to start tapering off a bit now.

    “…the religion now measured in terms of more than 10,000 Churches, Missions and affiliated groups” — that means the Church can be measured in terms — see — of more than 10,000 Churches, Missions and groups. That simply means they are using the terms of other churches, missions and affiliated groups (like organized crime mobs) to measure production. Terms like “theft” “racketeering” and “human trafficking” you know what kind of terms…

    “…with millions of members in 167 countries” is actually correct since after you left, they started counting bats that were circulating around the Int base. The bat genus has millions of members in 167 countries. “Humans” also have millions of members but there aren’t any humans left in the Church (just bots like the Kathy True unit) so they couldn’t count them.

    Hope this helps you understand.

    Steve Hall

  184. Dear Ulf,
    What a super contribution to peeling back the lies and responding to bogus stats and other cover-ups. It is not easy to stay in ARC with Kathy True and you did it. She is DM enabler and an OSA worker bee.
    Anyway, congratulations on some sizzling repartee.
    It sounds like you left in 2010. Did you also have to sign a gag order before you received $500 on departure. Or did they take into consideration that you knew a lot of what went on at INT base and treat you differently at route out ?
    What an asset you are to this community ~~ already !

  185. HN, Boy did you hit on something I’ve realized with fireworks going off too. At Int, and probably in a lot of SO establishments, the hours you work are so crazy that you are never “studentable” or able to focus on reading for any length of time. You can sit there in the course room and train your eyes on the book and look like you are studying, but you are in no way absorbing any coherent information. So no, you’re not going to be able to absorb LRH policy, and even more important, separate it out in your mind as the truth in comparison to the BS you see happening around you every day which is masked as “policy.”

    For myself, the PTS/SP data and the tech on the Academy Levels made the psychotic behavior stick out like sore thumbs and I made myself acknowledge it, see how utterly rampant it was at the int base and then realized I had to get out of there because it was in NO way Scientology anymore at all.

    However, very good, well-intentioned people who have not ever studied any body of tech (or policy) are certainly not going to get the correct data now, and with no real truth to compare the majority of the BS to, they are in a prisoner-type spin where they can’t say exactly what is wrong–even though I am sure a lot of them feel like something is definitely wrong with the picture.

    They think that’s Scientology, and it’s expanding like crazy (like the ads that are now on Channel 2–unbelievably false, fake and dishonest) when in actual fact Ulf’s DA information on the Kathy True DA Pack is really what’s going on….a big nothing! Groups and missions closing all over the place. (I mean the ones that allow themselves to be under the C of $ “management.”)

    I remember Ulf to be a very productive and dedicated staff member but a little mischievous. The good WAY outweighed the bad, but at Int if you had a thought about something it qualified you for sec-checking. Really counter-productive. So I am glad to see him present this true information, in very understandable terms, and blow holes in the lies that we perpetuated at the base and that all the puppet SO members are still promoting.

    Well done Ulf–stay safe and happy in your new life, well done for getting the heck out of there and thank you for being so precise and factual in your letter to KT. She and all her pals can say nothing but “this doesn’t belong on email lines….” It would have been easier for her to shred if you had only sent it hard copy. 🙂

  186. ‘Thanks for speaking up for the truth, Ulf!

  187. WOW. Aswesome response to DA pack. I am gobsmacked.
    I remember being shown Dead Agenting material years ago. I forget now what I was questioning–but I got shown this Dead Agenting pack.
    My first response was–this is lame.This material does not address the issue and is full of generalities. Not at all convincing or compelling.
    My second response was–I better not say that.
    I just wanted to get out of Ethics and back on course, so I smiled,made noises like I agreed and went back to course.
    In retrospect, I can see my gut was spot-on but it was not safe to speak up, so I became a sheeple.
    Nothing much has changed in how the Church operates but the playing field is more level since we have the Internet and sites like this.

  188. Exellent posting Ulf. Debbie Cooksnews no doubt has be spread around
    reagrdless of DM’s manipultaive control, and for him to say she never had a high Post is just a laughing stock. Dm were you off planet whilst she was on her Post ?, Who the Hell does he think he was giving his orders to .Like perhaps a wax doll that answered him . DM your an idiot .

  189. Hi Ulf, glad to see you here!

    Brilliant DA of the “DA” (OSA nonsens) – another masterpiece of a great person with a free mind who could not be subjugated. That gives me hope that more people have developed a resistance to the kool aid and just need to take a step further. The “Church of Scientology” is developing
    rapidly into a kind of parallel universe alienating itself to the general public, becoming more and more unreal. Inside the cult the road to truth has been converted into a road to lies (alter-is) becoming more and more solid, approaching the consistency of its leader. Theta, the life force, the energy of thought and live (“theta is reason, serenity, stability, happiness, cheerful emotion and the other factors which man ordinarily considers desirable”) is found outside of the perimeter of the Cult of Miscavige.


  190. Thank you, Ulf, for taking the time and effort in doing this excellent job of putting the CofS’ Party Line DA materials into proper perspective.

    Someone had to do it and I’m glad that it was someone as capable as you demonstrably are. Thanks.

  191. It just came to me where the dwarf is getting his stats. He’s counting the Independents! That pesky 40X that nobody can figure out? It’s the Indies whose expansion is up 40X. That 10,000 church, mission and affiliated groups? I think he’s counting every Indie as a “unit” and lumping them in.

    If he’ll sanction outright theft of monies on account, does anyone put it past him to steal someone else’s stats? Not me.

  192. Ulf, Yes, I mean Kalle. We visited him in Stockholm with Carrie and Peter Cook just after he got back to Helsinki in 2007. Had a ball. Mariette and I moved here last summer to be nearer her parents. We have been keeping a little blog of our exploits: http://www.movingtosweden.org.
    As for American sports, yes, that has required a slight adjustment but we had ESPN for awhile and then TV10 showed the NFL games, so I am coping nicely. Seeing that you are in Hong Kong one wonders how you manage there without bandy, handboll, skidskytte and bäckhoppning!
    As to Malmö org’s new location outside of Malmö it makes perfect sense if one looks at the future of Scientology as a real estate company. The church found an old sugar factory, bought and renovated it without spending a penny of Sea Org Reserves but by placing local parishioners heavily in debt and they now own a flashy, cold chrome steel albatross that would make a nice headquarters for Saab or some defense industry company once the org itself fails from lack of foot traffic. (When we visited in 2010 we were literally one block away and asked two people on the street if they had ever heard of such and such street and they hadn’t.) Mariette showed me where the old org was right smack in the central square, 500 meters from the train station. Div 6 staff (usually pretty girls in mini skirts) would greet passengers coming off the train, and handing them a DMSMH was all it took to make a sale in many cases. The CF went from 3,000 to 36,000 in about a year, where it remains today if even that. The decision to move the org out of town certainly had nothing to do with LRH policy and delivering Scientology. But, as you and I both know, what else is new.

  193. Dear Karen,

    Yes I had to sign a gag order very similar to Debbie under similar circumstances, videoed etc., but I didn’t receive any special severance pay.

  194. Joe Pendleton

    Very beautiful communication Ulf, as truth is beauty (my viewpoint anyway).
    Of course I highly doubt you will get any comm back specific to your comm. My experience has been that my exact points are ignored and I am sent a “canned” response and reccomendation
    Thank you again for your contribution..

  195. Good for you, Colorwheel!

  196. Thanks Dan,

    Yes coping without Swedish sports, especially bäckhoppning is a real pain 🙂

    Have to check out your blog.

    Yes, back in the 70’s and early 80’s Malmö was definitely on the map and not only in the Scn world with the Lanchai’s et al. Now it is but a sugar laced dot on Google maps that gets 1 hit a year.

    Have only driven through Halmstad (takes about 5 minutes) on my way to Gothenburg, but I’m sure you’ve found that living in Sweden isn’t quite as bad as some extremist American’s make it out to be – the “horrible” country of “socialistic commie stuff” and other such lines that I’ve heard. Sure, not everything is perfect, but it certainly it is much more survival than in the US. I believe Norway and Finland is even better, outside of the colder climate.

  197. Theo Sismanides

    Ulf thank you for standing up and speaking your thoughts and observations.

    Yes you summated correctly, We’ve had enough!

    I am so happy that Debbie Cook in her way and keeping her position in space inspires people to act the way you did.

    I do know you’ve had enough FROM before Debbie’s email but let me just point out how the 3rd Dynamic (in this case it is Debbie) comes in and helps all of us re-unite.

    Thanks a lot and in Chinese Xie Xie (pronounced sίe sίe, since i see you are over there)

  198. K) Debbie Cook can not possibly be right because I say so-
    and that’s an order!

  199. Ulf, wonderful.
    Thank you very much.

    “Ulf had had enough. Who is the next person?”

  200. Seriously Ulf, welcome to the Scientology community!

  201. Hey Marty I got an email from my friend regarding the new promotion that the Ideal Org are making. Looks like the Corporate Church starting promotion that first Fundraiser Campaign actually start in London with Fitzroy in 1950. Anyway if you know something about this please lets us know.

  202. Hi;
    An event where many Indies would stand up and loudly ask questions such as; ‘how many auditors where made last year?’, or, ‘how many Clears where made last year?’, would be show that we are everywhere. If the Indies stood up, one after another, and asked the questions, and if other Indies videoed the incident, it would have an enormous impact on the crowd who are hopefully thinking the same questions. Imagine, DM up on stage, someone stands up and ‘Excuse me sir, do you know how many Clears were produced last year?’! Wow! And as he is being grabbed, another one does the same, then another, then another! DM would blow back to basic basic, or maybe come up to basic basic.

    Such an event would blow corporate Scientology apart. It would be like Debbie’s letter, 10,000 xs.

  203. Is the “membership” office in every org posted on the org board, and if so, when was it added to the posted org board in every org?

  204. 🙂

  205. Ulf,

    Thanks for such a thorough and well-written document — your comments here as well as the thoroughness of your letter to Ms. True.

    What struck me is the complete randomness of her responses — it is as if she didn’t listen to you and think about what you wrote before dropping in some pre-canned piece of text in her reply. She was talking past you, not trying to communicate with you, saying just enough to try and get you to stay then get on to the next person she had to “handle.”

    Her behavior shows me that there is no actual communication going on between the Radical Corporate Scientology organization and its public. So Ms. True is a poor advertisement for what might be possible by practicing the Scientology tech, since “Communication” is 1/3 of the ARC triangle and the other two pieces can’t exist without that. No wonder the stats keep crashing… any time somebody comes in contact with a senior exec, they end up asking themselves “what planet is this person living on?” And then if she’s supposed to be one of the elite in Scientology they would have to ask themselves, “what, exactly, am I trying to get out of being in this organization?” Incompetence of staff like that shown in her communication with you probably turns as many public off to the organization as the evil of David Miscavige.

  206. Random Stranger

    19) Fire that fat Swedish masseuse I’ve been using.

  207. Random Stranger

    Hey, there’s no ‘K’ in A-J! But since you’ve extended the list:

    I) She was just a cook.

  208. Thank you Steve.

  209. Thank you Gato – do I know you?

  210. Jim, you make a very, very good point.

    Now, how about helping me make *mine* by posting the routing of that issue, since you obviously have a copy to hand ?

    The routing of an HCO PL is actually an important part of the communication as specifies which organizational terminals (hats) Ron Hubbard thought needed to know the information imparted. That, in turn, reveals what specific job the information is supposed to help accomplish.

    Michael A. Hobson
    Independent Scientologist

  211. Thanks John,

    Yes communication is something they have redefined in the Church. Senior management terminals started communicate like this a long time ago, and this filtered down lower and lower on the org board until I meet a public Scientologist in Hong Kong speaking just the same way, and, she was OT VIII and had done all of her Basics???

    Anyway, all I can say is (outside of all the basic tech on the subject and DIanetics 55) notice how LRH is communicating to the fumbling idiot in the film EM 5, How To Set Up A Session And An E-meter, and compare that to the typical responses from KT and her ilk. Then ask yourself if there is any Sicentology being used in those responses, then ask yourself what “wog” organizations would lower themselves to use such communication and when you finally can answer that you have a pretty grim picture of where the CofS is at, but of course that is “disaffected” thought and not allowed.

    Only problem is, common folks reject bad manner and poor communication. I believe that’s covered in The Way To Happiness, but those low-gradient texts are probably well below someone like KT or anyone else in OSA for that matter. I’m still to get an answer from my emails to Donatella at Osa Int after almost 2 years, but I guess she is so busy she can’t bother to do her job. I mean, if I’m not allowed to communicate directly to the correct staff members, but have to communicate with people like her, then of course who should expect that she should answer – that would be common sense and simply decent and that is not how we treat people in Scientology we don’t approve of is it???

  212. Did you know then Peter Vodeging at the FSO ?

  213. As usual, a perfect duplication of and application of an LRH reference with excellent results by david miscavige. The exact result david wanted. Zero people going up the bridge with glorious golden palaces to “prove” that dave is upstat.

    Well stated, Jim.

  214. Whilst I acknowledge your exellent write up Ulf and letter to the Church
    I ask Were you allowned a copy of the video ?.This is a stupid
    question of course the answer is No. ( I just had to make a point of mentioning it.
    It appears it becomes harder for any one to speak out. and bravy and such standard of ethics you demo on this out, IN regards to gagging orders, Is it not so one is entilte to a lawyer in doing such or perhaps being within there is know means to do so unless resources to make known outside prior if any such contact . Some one will say wishful thinking !
    Its Hiding evidence of truth and placing people into being cut from being truthful to themselves and others that should know such like authorthies
    Its just inconveiveable thats at this magnitude the church has got so out of control . Its not stopping any where soon it looks the case .So Seems ENDLESS .

    Everything and anything within seems to be being cut off . and one gets
    the impression Who is dead or alive within, and are hanging on for dear life hoping something is going to happen , wondering in thought how can I escape ? And you ask Or are they beyond that ?.Maybe not even any more allow to think for one self or be ones self ( thats more Likely the case) and thats obvious.Its a disaster thats happened.

  215. If this is about Find Raising As of Dec 2011 A big event
    for donations for ideal Orgs had taken place and Regging was done A friend of mine had been there and witness it.
    Also on OT level routing forms after completion is a standard practice
    to being invited to become and obtain Membership and contribute to ideal Orgs . If we are discussing same matter. I am sorry If not aplogise for interferring.

  216. Norwegian was my first language. However, since I’m not part of some international jet set that also speaks Norwegian, its not very good now.

  217. My relatives in Norway had many stories from the war and there is alot of charge on the Swedes.

  218. Yep, that’s the Basic on the chain. Notice how I have the Norwegian flag on my facebook photo 🙂

  219. Another thing, Jim…which I am sure you would love…is the fact that in the DA pack, they place the excerpt from the Gung Ho Groups PL immediately after an excerpt from an OTC PL…thus making it look like the Gung Ho info applies to OTC. It is very sneaky.

  220. It is probably about the same as my Swedish 🙂

  221. Thanks you Poet Man!

  222. Yes I did.

  223. I only knew a “Roho Grande” but never a Red Cat.

  224. Ditto

  225. Straight Up & Vertical

    If the event is held at the Shrine, could the staff get arrested for forming a “human wall” to prevent anyone from leaving? … (a fire hazard, BTW)

  226. yes of course I remember!
    You were the most up-tone guy at the base. Seems like you haven’t changed a bit.

  227. ULF,

    Nicely done.

    I would mention my Swedish heritage but it appears, there be bigots about. Not to mention any names: Scott Campbell. (joking for those more literally minded)

    Of course only a Swede could really do this as well as Ulf did with his response. Now a Scott might give it a go but the aroma of fresh cooked haggis would simply be to distracting for him to finish.

    And speaking of the Finnish, where is my drink. Get it quick before my wife gets home, I already told her I love her, why does she insist on hearing it again?

    Sorry, I just couldn’t resist.

    Nice piece of work Ulf. You really put the DA pack to shame or should I say sham.

  228. Ulf, Yeah, come to think of it you do look a little like a bäckhoppare! 🙂
    In the U.S. we called it socialist. Here we call it the Worker’s Paradise. There are definite advantages to investing tax revenues back into social programs as opposed to “defense” spending and having more than two political parties. People here are definitely more engaged in how their society works.

  229. Kathy True, I have Ulf’s Why: PTS to Norway!

  230. Hey Ulf – sorry I’m late to the party. WONDERFUL D/A of the D/A. Loved it. Hope to meet in person soon. Martin

  231. Thank you for providing us with some data on the membership situation in CoS. What you write matches well the data we have managed to get togehther from other sources, and it is allways good to have another source!

    Good luck with your life outside CoS!

  232. What a relief! So glad this one is sorted out and aligned……

  233. Ulf,
    Having patty-cake TRs being done nowadays and Dianetcs 55 not even having been made part of the ‘basics’ the basic tech of communication is about to get lost in the Co$.
    With the fundamental PR techniques being altered it is no wonder that MANNERS (PR series 9) have been thrown out along with the Truth.

  234. one of those who see

    Wow, Wow, Wow Jim!!!! Great Quote. Where does one find The Hubbard College Lectures??

  235. Ulf last seen Peter when ? Its important Marthy has my email

  236. Speaking of real scientology products and completions, we were discussing the Training Lion which graces the front steps of ASHO.

    We were speculating if the new idle orgs would have a big, golden cow at its entrance. Fitting…golden idol, cash cow.

    Anyway, I seldom post success stories here, but this Level O comp we just wrapped up today I think exemplifies what direction we’re taking and seemed appropriate to the discussion at hand.

    Academy Level 0

    “This course has a great deal of meaning to me as it was the original reason I got into Scientology in the first place.

    I spent many years in the church on what appeared to be a treadmill–endlessly running towards my goal of being an auditor. The runway continued to get longer and longer as time went by… adding basics, lectures, congresses and numerous other cycles onto what I have now found to be a rather simple and enjoyable cycle.

    I blew a lot of false data finishing this course and ultimately auditing a PC to some fantastic wins. I had held the belief–from so many years of failures on this subject–that auditing was somehow difficult or that I had to be a total master of the mind in order to get any results. Furthermore, I held a belief that I could totally mess up a PC for life if I made one tiny error. So it was really nice to clean up these falsehoods and get moving.

    I also gained a lot of personal benefit and pride in being able to see that I can, in fact, change conditions for the better. I also see that many wins can be gotten from the training side of the bridge!

    Anyway, special thanks to Les, Anita, and Linda, for all their wonderful help. At one point, I wanted to give up. They located the issue and kept me moving steadily along. I definitely believe that a cert from LEC holds a tremendous amount of value as I know the level of quality and certainty that is produced. It is a very high standard and the proof will be in the PC’s I audit in the future…

    I look forward to many success stories from my PC’s, down the road, as a way of showing my gratitude to their efforts!

    Also, thank you to Trey Lotz for the auditing I received in LA. Without my recovery back onto the bridge, I most likely would not have pursued my training any longer!

    Big wins!

    On with the show!”


    PS. I was planning on having him audit several more hours before graduating, but his PC came to exams with a floating TA so I figured he probably had the skills okay.

  237. Hahaha!
    Love it!

  238. Forget the idea of a bunch of you turning up to an event, David Miscavige would realise something was wrong with the sudden spike in attendance. 😉

    Must admit such a stunt would be hilarious though they’d probably claim you were all “terrorist hate criminals” and link you with Anonymous, they’d likely have over zealous “security” jump on you a few times. Not to mention the law suits for terrorising the parishoners. Oh and make sure the jurisdiction doesn’t have any law preventing the disturbance of a religious service.

  239. Brilliantly said. You aptly poke holes in their wall of PR.
    Encouraged me to post another blog, just tonight!

  240. I’ve got ’em. Send me a mail. You’ll get ’em. And that’s for education purposes only, not commercial. That’s so’s Dave doesn’t get his thong in a knot over Copyrights. Fair Use and all. Education. The work was free and such like, speaking of which, this whole thing started with the Original Thesis being copied and passed around. Hmmm, imagine that.

  241. HCO PL OF 2 DEC 1968

    -All Orgs
    -Div 6 Hats
    -and Missions

  242. F’n A Les!!!

  243. That is exactly right. +1

  244. BTW,
    the next day LRH wrote another HCO PL re Gung-Ho Groups.
    An excerpt from this HCO PL goes like this:

    – All Orgs
    – Div 6 Hats
    – Students
    – FSMs and


    “The essences of a true group are participation and contribution.

    Group members must be able to participate in action to become a true team.

    And each must be permitted to contribute to the action for a group to generate a life of its own.

    Giving money or things to a group are both a form of participation and contribution. But while this is an important matter, it does not involve actual action. Thus, a contributor of money or objects to a group is yet withholding himself and his time. One should seek contribution of money and things. But the status granted for this is that of patron or associate, not of a true member of the group.

    Thus, one must sharply differentiate in giving out “membership” cards between the contributor of money or things and the active member by always calling the money contributor an “associate” or a “patron” and the time and effort contributor a “full member” or a “true group member” or an “active member” on the card. …”
    L. Ron Hubbard

  245. Wonderful!

  246. SKM, Thank you very kindly!!!

  247. TroubleShooter

    this was Ron while leading up to the heady days of the Philadelphia Doctorate Course lectures where life became truly knowable IMHO

  248. Ulf,
    And that they can’t come up with exactly applicable, valid references is a point made by Debbie in her email. Of course they can’t. They don’t exist. So they take whatever they can and streeeeeeeeeetch it as far wide as it will go, and then it breaks.

    It’s so bad that I’m sure the next round of incorrectly includeds will take the word “contribute” all by itself, culled from the entire work, and use THAT as the “LRH” to splain all this gibbering nonsense.

    LRH did say the word “out-exchange” too, and so this is all per “LRH”. It makes perfect sense to a rock who has four trillion molecules just like every other molecule.

  249. TroubleShooter


  250. TroubleShooter


    In addition to a very well executed analysis your posting has inspired some wonderful posts as well and some amazing LRH quotes. Seeing the theta moving in to join the theta is well … theta.

    Thank you for your work, dedication and loyalty to the Aims.

  251. For all you independents, and to Ulf:

    “Don’t confuse a clash of personalities, independence and lack of subservience with unwillingness to do. The military does this and look at it! If you only want a staff that won’t talk back, join the army-they punish people for communicating or deserting. Some very high-class bastards can do some high-class jobs.” Policy, A MODEL HAT FOR AN EXECUTIVE, 19 Sept 58.

  252. one of those who see

    This is absolutely Fantastic!!!! Thanks so much for posting!!! Well done to all involved!!

  253. What gets me is I received the same DA pack. I was told that the reason Debbie’s letter was so suppressive is because she took LRH policies out of context to fit her viewpoint – but that it was all wrong. I couldn’t believe that. I read the DA stuff, it’s all out of context references which are junior on the important of orders. policies, as LRH laid out and put together to ‘fit David Miscaviges” viewpoint/justifications.

    I thought to myself, wow, I’ve read all of the references she referred to in their entirety and I read the DA references in their entirety, try pawning that sh*t off on someone who just fell off the turnip truck.

  254. Now this routing *is* interesting of itself, I reckon – in terms of who is *not* on the routing.

    “Remimeo” means that of the two copies received by a particular Org’s HCO , one of these was to be reproduced on *their* mimeo machine and distributed to the appropriate parties.

    My reading is that this was intended to go into the Hat Packs of anyone in Div 6 in any Org, Students (defined as persons being trained to become auditors – and eventually Field Staff Members (FSMs), FSMs (defined as *auditors* in the Org’s Field) and to the staff of any Missions (which are Div 6 activities in the local org). So, “Gung Ho Groups” is an activity entirely concerned with Div 6 – that is, bringing new non-scientologist public into an Org or Mission for Introductory Services.

    This issue is not addressed to any other Division and therefore has nothing whatsoever to do with Financing of an Org (Div 7 and Div 3).

    This perversion of Policy is reminds me of the use of Div 6 “Congress Policies” to justify completely unmock the Orgs four or five times a year for Int Management PR events that have *nothing whatsoever to do with getting new non-scientology public into the orgs!!.

    Michael A. Hobson
    Independent Scientologist

  255. Pacific Area Command

    This is kind of beside the point to this communication however it’s why I continue to fight. And it’s why whenever someone like Ulf can reasonably and logically throw the correct policies back in the faces of the big Scam, I applaud.

    I have access to the little earnings slips they send out to staff members at one particular ideal org (in the northwestern United States that went “ideal” in 2010). Looks like a few of the execs only made about 2k income for the entirety of 2011, others made less. I hardly call this ideal.

    In fact this is way below poverty. If you paid an SO member $50 a week for 52 weeks that’s $2600 – AND they get room, board, food, PROVIDED.

    For an (executive) staff member of an “ideal org” to barely break 2k for a year’s worth of production and all that entails; having to go in on weekends for events, staying late for “call in”, etc. About 60+ hours a week … plus the necessity to moonlight to eat or buy gas to keep showing up = suppressive.

    That’s roughly $40 a week or $6.66 per day putting in at least 6 days (there are ALWAYS events and they ALWAYS stay late or put in extra time!) $40 is just about what SO members make a week only these staff members have to pay for their rent, food, gas, insurance, car maintenance, dry cleaning, and on and on and on.

    The “ideal org” of Miscavige looks like this: Load up the staff roster with transfers and route people onto staff that any other person in their right mind would backdoor through Qual and you get a temporarily high roster. Take the org GI and now divide it even further thus making your average paycheck drop considerably because of the “expansion” and recruitment of people who aren’t hatted and haven’t gotten hatted. Get the execs, who often double as Reges in smaller orgs, IAS regging and other useless activities and the whole lack of GI, lack of real delivery = crappy pay check.

    The idle org is just that and their income shows. But it looks pretty when you drive by. Thank you David Miscavige, you can fall off the earth any time.

  256. You’re welcome.
    Obviously the reference has nothing to do with the “Ideal Orgs” – Program.
    This Program is not only Miscaviges solution to the SH Size Orgs Program (LRH ED 339R) but is a new invention by him to destroy all existing orgs.
    No “Ideal Org” is in the hands of the Org.
    It’s a Real Estate Corporation. The public pay for the building. The building does not belong to the organization. The organization must pay the rent. The public has no money left for services. The Org has no income for the rent. Nor for the staff pay. They need to moonlight. It’s not a Ideal Scene at all. It’s all a big deal for Devil Mustcavein, but for no benefit for the rest of the society what so ever.
    Plus the IAS “sucking the blood out of stones”, just to ensure that no one in the church is free from any kind of PTPs.

    Only the SP considers those “Ideal Orgs” an ideal scene. Or his robotic clones.

  257. Ah … so THAT’S where the 40X expansion is! Nice!

  258. “Sea Org slave-labor is way to expensive…”
    You’re absolutly right.
    The “Ideal Org Project” is a big Real Estate Corporation financed by the Orgs Public. The Building is than took away from the Org so the Org needs to pay the rent for the Building anyway. Both are fuc**d. The public (who believed, when he gives money for HIS Org, the Org will have a benefit) and the Staff (who believed, that once the Building is there, the Org will be IDEAL).
    But there is less production (as the public is out of money, hence no money for service), more stress, more “command intention”, less fun, less ideals.

    “Scientology, the only game in which everbody wins.”

    It’s great to see how this Blog is the source of Ethics to revitalize the objectives of LRH.
    I am optimistic that David Miscavige will be gone soon.
    Once he is gone, the “Scientology Religion” will need to go down with him. And we will reinstall LRHs Scientology: applied religious philosophy.

  259. Thanks Ulf for standing up to the bullies in the school yard.
    Your actions should make it easier for the next person to also stand up and shout: I’M NOT GOING TO TAKE THIS BULLSHIT ANY LONER.

    I’ll bet you’re feeling a lot better about YOU….


  260. ++ Now that’s truly cool! I was about to have a very bad evening, and reading your post turned it all around! Thanks for bringing this all into being, and by all means, carry on!

  261. 20) Saab and Volvo are to cease producing cars and are ordered to donate 500 million to the IAS by Thursday 2PM

  262. Thanks Ulf.

    All I can say is thank god I did not join the SO when I signed in 1987. And thank god I have received minimal GAT tech, and as a result have not gone up the bridge under DM. But I have received real auditing b/4 GAT and yes the WOW factor is still alive in me as it is easy to rehab, I just think about it. And nobody can take that away, that’s for sure.

    Freedom is alive and well. A friend of LRH.

  263. SKM,
    Well this makes perfect sense too; the IAS and the entire Class V org sector, and even the Mission sector are all, every last one of them GUNG HO GROUPS!!

    Of course!!

    And the single “true group member” of the over all scheme is Tom Cruise, with Dave as management AND the goal maker. (He’s double hatted because he has a big enough head.)

    I’m not sure how this last works out with TC and DM though, since according to Tom, there’s LRH, then DM, then him and that’s a different heirarchy.

    Alas, such mysteries must be accepted on faith and are not to be understood by “patrons”.

  264. FOS,
    “I was told the reason Debbie’s letter was so suppressive is because she took LRH policies out of context to fit her viewpoint.”

    Wha’? Somebody said this? Is this of of the “DA” lines? Please tell me this is part of the pack. PLEASE.

  265. Champion as a matter of fact back in the days 🙂

  266. agreed with both. And I do subscribe to “Spirit of Play”, it will make one happy once one sees. Let the games begin and end right soon, as we all know the real game. I am VVGI’s.

  267. Factually, back then I was pretty gloomy – but now its quite different. Say what you want about the RPF, but getting such exposure to the tech, no matter how it was administered, it did clean up quite a bit of stuff, and getting myself fully disentangled from the lies and insanities on the inside, the mind is clear and awake as a Church bell in the morning sun 🙂

  268. What a great blog thread and great conversations.

    Does this mean Ulf’s picture will be edited out of the next editions of the What Is Scientology book and the Scientology Handbook?

    I’ve noticed the later editions of WIS and Scientology Handbook get the “bad” people who left, edited and new faces pasted on top of the old faces.

    Who does that picture editing, of the books that have the Int and Gold staff members’ photos in them.

    It’s like a 1984 yearbook editing.

  269. That is probably true, but more likely the Church has taken on the valence of the “winning attitude” at the top and is emulating it all the way up and down the org board all the way out to the public field. It has slowly but surely spread and the changes are gradual so nobody even notices the strangeness in their behavior. Its just the way it is done and only when you step outside and start interfacing with “normal” people do you realize how weird you’ve become.

    I don’t think any particular policy has been either deemed invalid or redefined, but rather people read these glibly and A=A these with the observed current behavior of execs and somehow justifies it all with “that’s just the way it is”.

    Communication = honesty = directness = toughness = ethics presence = David Miscavige = “winning” valence = manners = rudeness = screw you = fuck you = no “ack” = everyone else does it = that’s how my senior did it = I saw an RTC Rep speak that way = I was briefed on the OT Ambassador Seminar how it REALLY is = I was called theetie wheetie when I applied ARC, so that must be wrong = I’m soft cell = This is too confusing and makes no sense anymore so I will just do what everyone else does = Ctrl Alt Delete = Kathy True = Response to Ulf’s letter

  270. Tim, Maybe its because I’ve been away from Sweden for too long, but most of that went straight over my head…

  271. Thanks Martin – would have expected some British thrown in there for posterity…

    Yes, it would be fun to meet up!

  272. Hey Ulf———–this for you<<<<<<<<<<<<<<, welcome to freedom in the free zone, have some fun.

  273. Thank you TS. With only 2 days left to Debbie’s trial let’s focus this theta and flow it toward Debbie and Marty and Mike who are shoulder to the wheel getting the mess straightened out!

  274. Amen Jim!

  275. Thank you Jack!

    I do hope that my voice will inspire others to come out. We all have a responsibility as Scientologists to apply KSW and when there are no more “proper lines” at least openly disagreeing (or even silently disagreeing) or supporting Debbie at this moment are some things everyone CAN do!

  276. Ulf,

    Ni Hao! and Xie Xie Ni!

    Michael A. Hobson
    Independent Scientologist

  277. Thanks Hadley, well actually not but I like your information. What happen that now they start explain on the email that the Ideal program actually start on Fitzroy in London in 1950. The email say that building was done on fundraising. I think they start to using this because as you know is not LRH policy on this.

  278. Alas, such mysteries must be accepted on faith and are not to be understood by “patrons”.
    You got it!

  279. Wow! Well this reference (which I do believe was issued to all students, once upon a time) certainly points out how upside down things have become! Super platimonious sanctificious multi-million dollar contribution walks on water today, but lowly org staff member who gives a decade or two at 60-80 hours a week is an expendable DB and better not look DM in the eye either!

    Also, referring to what Mike Hobson said regarding Congresses – in 1970 there was a big Grand National Convention in Los Angeles or Long Beach – attended by (seemed like) thousands. I heard after the fact that LRH ordered that there would be no more such events because the world wide stats crashed. Those would have been the legitimate production stats – Gross Divisional Statistics – ie. auditing and training, the stats you should be able to see in every org’s HCO/CIC. ( Sorry, I can’t give the reference on the LRH order, but perhaps someone else can).

    I guess it doesn’t matter in today’s church, though, because who uses stats anymore anyway? That’s old, not used anymore policy – right?!

  280. Just gimme da’ end o’ da’ Endless Co$ … and some good DA’s of the legal hue.

  281. hey , welcome to the bridge, every step you make in the COS gets you more able, gets you more able to get into debt, lets not forget your contributions to IAS, Narconon, WTH. ABLE, WISE., all of which if you don’t donate stop your progress to clear a planet, but you going clear or ot doesn’t matter, we need to handle the 4th dynamic so you can go ot or clear………….right. I mean the individual going clear or ot doesn’t matter cuz when we handle promo to the the 4th dynamic why you go clear and ot? Right? So, you do not need to contribute to your own bridge, we need the masses involved, right? then you can go clear or ot. Right?

  282. That is fine Cat. Even shorter:

    Fuck u. Sincerley yours. Love _ _ _ _

  283. Huh. maybe you should be an actor…

  284. Thanks for the background and history, Ulf. I always wondered about the jokes, such as:

    Swede to fellows: Do you know why they don’t serve spaghetti in Norge?”

    Fellows: “Why?”

    Swede: “Because the plates aren’t long enough!”


  285. Wow CP,

    That was some strong magic, right there.

  286. Good work, Ulf. Glad to have you with us.

    Kathy True has to justify herself with falsehoods, and can’t even confess it to her auditor. She may be allowed to read this blog, and if so, I wonder what will pass through her mind. Hopefully, she’ll walk.

    Richard Kaminski

  287. Hi Karola!

    “Inside the cult the road to truth has been converted into a road to lies (alter-is) becoming more and more solid, approaching the consistency of its leader.”

    Good one! 🙂

  288. Excellent product Les!

    You are without a doubt skillfully guiding others toward the most pro-survival objectives in this universe!

  289. “Out-exchange is simply a failure to contribute.” HRL/dm

  290. The second way of suppressing a Dynamic is a speciality of religion:
    “Any of the dynamics may be suppressed in two ways. The first is the suppression which says “No!” A person who has been told since he was a child that he was worth nothing, that he was no good and that he would never be able to do anything is likely to have little or no First Dynamic. The First Dynamic changes polarity and starts pointing toward death. This person is capable of committing suicide, unless he is very strong on the Third Dynamic and can live for the group. He may, however, needlessly sacrifice his life for the group. This represents a suppression of the dynamic—the survival urge of the First Dynamic is not sublimated over into the Third; the Third is only more visible because the First has been suppressed toward death.

    The second way of suppressing a dynamic is by enforcement: “You’ve got to be a good girl! You have to amount to something! We expect you to be a credit to your family!” After a few years of such commanding the girl who has been forced to be a great credit to her family is unable to do anything. She has been interfered with. Mama has entered her own dynamics into the dynamics of the child, with the resultant blunting of the child’s dynamics. If any dynamic is inhibited, it enturbulates, and if it is enforced, it enturbulates. Either way, it is pushed toward death.

    The principle of self-determinism, to be workable, dictates that a dynamic should neither be suppressed nor too thoroughly enforced. On a spectrum from shut off completely to center to maximum enforcement, self-determinism would be found at the center. The individual who is surviving best is exercising all possible rational self-determinism in an environment which allows a maximum of self-determinism.”
    (SUPPLEMENT NO. 1 to SCIENCE OF SURVIVAL, September, 1951, All possible Aberrations, Tech Vol 1, p. 220ff)

    “Self-determinism is the goal of the auditor.” (REVIEW OF DIANETICS, SCIENTOLOGY AND PARA-DIANETICS/SCIENTOLOGY , 23 March 1953)

  291. “David Miscavige can lay out the details of these strategies for 3 hours straight” Hypnotism, definition of: “a continuing inflow without an opportunity on the part of the object to outflow.” (Dianetics 55!)

  292. Nice Captain Bob. Yes, me too, I am so proud that I left the SO in 1984, that I did most of my service before 1988. “The WOW factor is still alive in me …”

  293. “Yeah, that one got me too.”
    The being-beaten-with-a-mystery-trick. That is hard to DA if one tried because it introverts one into a knot-know. That is the trick.

  294. Sometimes also phrased as “this is confidential”, “only a true OT would understand that” etc. The same trick.

  295. Ulf, thank you for the work, the precision and the understanding you have applied. I am working on making your DA available in german.
    As to the “Ideal” buildings, there is an aberration called: “Having to have before one can do” ……..

  296. 21) Beat up Warren again for that Spaink fiasco when he validated all the NOTs issues in the field.

  297. That’s excellent!

  298. George M. White

    Much appreciate the factual information.
    DM manipulates paychecks!
    IRS, I hope you are reading this.

  299. Pat

    LOL!!! VERY good point!!!

    “…time and pressure…”

  300. cf33

    Would to see that plate of bull s@#$!!! Please post the email in its entirety.

    “…time and pressure….”

  301. Congrats Ulf!

    My best wishes in the future!

  302. Oracle,

    Thanks for your input.

    It made me realize something: WHO was is it that ‘had the bright idea’ to form the IAS??? I have never seen the name or even heard of the actual individuals “who met at Saint Hill and formed the IAS, pledging themselves to mankind…” .

    But think about it: this rolled out from a BP, a program, a project, or a strat plan that came from someone’s desk – yet its origin is only ever discussed in a broad vague generallity (i.e., suppressive).

    And I don’t think it was David Miscavige – he just hi-jacked the activity. But it came from someone.

    Just sayin…

    “….time and pressure…”

  303. Ok thks Verymuch

  304. If they need a skinny, tall and goofy looking villain. I guess I could audition 🙂

  305. That’s Mandarin Mike. Here in Hong Kong we speak Cantonese. 🙂

  306. I wonder that seriously as all within are PTS to the situation and to DM at first. AS why haven’t they gone.?
    However postively hopefully some part of the thetan is retaining input in what is not right and with open questions.
    One would have to hope some where within her somethink ticks and makes her think ( even in secret in her mind) (Ha Ha) One Can only hope. and she manages to act before some nutter of Dms hentch men catches her. with thought / emotion and maybe question what action did you think you were going to get away with ? missing a few witholds of wanting to react, And its to late before she is then stricken down to nothing. and locked away (Which Its highly likely she will be next .Good luck Kathy

  307. I beleive that to be used as PT Gimmick for funds and not true intentions .,but I may be wrong.

  308. Indeed and Many I passed it on say they Give their support of theta it will be ok.We are with you Debbie.

  309. Hi;
    This may be slightly off topic, but I need some help finding a blog entry from a while back. A dear friend of mine is looking close at what is going on in the CofS, but one thing that is hanging him back is a DA on a part of Debbie’s letter, specifically her comments about OTs having to do objectives. He was given as a DA the references C/S series 3 and 4, which are not relevent to the issue.

    What I need is to be pointed to the blog entry which is, if I recall, a letter or email from a flag reg, or flag terminal, which refers to flag and the 200 hour objectives. I’m not being lazy, I’ve looked for it, back and forth a few times, but I keep missing it, or it has been removed.

    Any other actual CofS issues on the subject you can steer me towards would also help. I want to show this individual that the objectives in question are not for repair or return programs, but the grade chart.


  310. Thank you for translating this!

  311. Random Stranger

    22) Get rid of all the Absolute Vodka in my bar.

  312. Ulf, thank you so much for this product. It is very valuable.

  313. Becomes crazier and crazier LMAO!!! Good point, Mr. JL!

  314. Worsel, if you are coordinating the German translation, let me know I can help too…

  315. Wonderful product, Ulf, and your handling was a thing of beauty. “The best defense is an excellent and well planned offense”. Kathy didn’t have a leg to stand on.
    You see truth. Welcome.

  316. Bob — Check this out:

    The Mecca of Thought Control, blog topic of January 7, 2012.

  317. 🙂 🙂 🙂

  318. Ulf, that was great! tku and welcome to the indies.

  319. Franklin, I for one am glad you said this. You are 100% right, it needed to be said, and you said it really well.

    My admiration for LRH is extremely high. But I’ve always thought he had some kind of bug on the subject of money that, in the real world (as opposed to writing and talking) manifested itself as (more or less) “all money to the central organization, as little as possible to staff”. Along with an unspoken attitude of “the harsher are the living and working conditions of staff, the harder they’ll work, and the faster our progress will be”.

    I know this was never written or said by LRH, but it is the way things were for so long, you have to wonder if it was not in some way intentional (and aberrational).

    IMO the most insane time in Scientology (PRIOR to DM’s ascent) was 1976 when the “Solution to Inflation” LRH ED was issued, with its order that prices increase 5% PER MONTH!!! Totally crazy, no organization on Earth except for a monopoly could get away with a decision like that. And I don’t think even a monopoly would attempt it. But, the “sheeple” bought into it, and so it was a “win” in that more & more money flowed in.

    The net result was fewer & fewer people on training, as most could not afford it. Which problem was then solved by more & more idiotic “mini-courses” at the bottom of the bridge, “Scholarships” (50% discounts) for some training courses (which were by then still priced insanely high even with the 50% “discount”).

    It was during those years that Scientology became a rich person’s luxury and, perhaps not coincidentally, large donations started flowing forth from some of the super-wealthy.

    When the “average person” could no longer afford Scientology is when Scientology ceased to be a realistic solution to the problems of this planet, for the people on this planet. IMHO.

    Now, finally, thank God (just speaking metaphorically), with the Independent movement, the cat is out of the bag, and Scientology is and will be affordable to just about everyone, with fair exchange to those who dedicate themselves to delivering it.

  320. It was told to me by an HCO terminal. It’s what this HCO terminal was told to communicate to others about how the letter was so suppressive. “Twisting LRH to stop expansion.” I laughed too.

  321. davemessenger

    It’s interesting that Kathy True should be recommending something other than email. Snail mail is definitely a much slower communication particle. Could it be that the Church of Scientology is incapable of handling fast moving particles? So they need to suppress the use of any fast and effective communication protocol. Once again they are about two decades late to the party.

  322. BR, good letter to Ms. FALSE!!!!! personally I don’t get how in the world this women is not completely nuts by now.

  323. Leonore, you write:
    “I heard after the fact that LRH ordered that there would be no more such events because the world wide stats crashed. Those would have been the legitimate production stats – Gross Divisional Statistics – ie. auditing and training, the stats you should be able to see in every org’s HCO/CIC. ( Sorry, I can’t give the reference on the LRH order, but perhaps someone else can).”
    I would also like to know where it is written.
    If anyone knows the reference, plese let us know – and maybe post some quotes from the reference.

    Kind regards,

  324. Cowboy voodoo…

  325. Can’t you see the logic? These OTs have problems, so they must be unflat on Grade I; hence the logical step to redo parts Grade I. Standard Tek I would say. – Of course there are other OTs who need to communicate through vias like OSA and DSA. Maybe his Grade 0 is unflat? Or his PE course? Some people can only communicate with mirrors as those will not disagree.

  326. Oh, in that case…

    你好 and 多謝


  327. Ulf, part of contract law is quid pro quo. The “contract” is invalid if you didn’t receive a valuable consideration in return…

  328. That is supposed to be néih hóu and dōjeh if the characters don’t show 😉


  329. +1 absolutley
    That how it really is.

  330. That’s what circuits do -> slowing down communication.

  331. Publius,

    I have a slightly different take on this. I don’t disagree that staff were paid poorly – I was on staff myself for 8 years and there were 6-months periods where staff pay was in total ZERO – SO members at CLO level were paid better!. But I don’t think Ron didn’t care for staff welfare.

    I think it’s more of a case he just assumed everyone else could sell the subject as easily as he could, and be prosperous doing just that. Let’s face it – Ron was a good salesman and had no backoff on selling. So why shouldn’t the Class V orgs just go ahead and do the same thing? I have the same thing in my own field – I find it really hard to understand why others don’t see things that are perfectly obvious to me. When I sit back and look, I can see that it is so. But when I try to explain it, or try to help people see it – let’s just say I have some success but it’s not spectacular.

    There’s policies about staff pay, about how to budget out the CGI, there’s even 339R laying out a recipe for success. All these point to someone who cares, not to someone who doesn’t care. Others here have also described periods where Ron was racking his brains for long periods trying to come up with workable ways to pay staff a decent wage. But if you have an Org full of youngsters (like the one I was in) who can’t or won’t sell, almost anything you try is going to fail on that point alone.

    I first went on staff in the mid 80s and the attitude of not caring about staff too much was already present then in hindsight. People pushing that line always had some quote from Ron to back up why it was OK to act that way, but that doesn’t mean the harsh attitude came from Ron himself.

  332. No, the purpose is to gain a physical universe location to send Sea Org Missionaires / OSA crew for harrassment — oops, I mean attempted recovery.

    Michael A. Hobson
    Independent Scientologist

  333. Publius,

    It is not unreasonable to suspect that some financial and governmental conceptions LRH had were influenced by full-blown suppressive personalities. What is unreasonable is to expect too much of any one man (one simply cannot cover all bases, and much of our modern world of microeconomics (commerce) is developed not from theory but from trial and error practical experiences). It is equally unreasonable to follow directions which are illogical by studied inspection. It is reasonable for us to expect that we each share some responsibility in bringing our knowledge and expertise to bear, to shoulder some of the weight. LRH got Scn exactly right, in my view, but some of his (ahem) opinions as regards bankers and governments seem a bit uninformed – this is no more aspercion that explaining that a man who has never been to sea will require some data and instruction on how to sail a sloop. LRH could give that, but honestly the guy is never going to win a war simply because the thought of killing another man is abhorrent to him. Priests are not good at such stuff, and hire those who are, to safeguard and manage the many investments and interests of the Vatican. LRH had bigger problems than they, as the level of randomity he introduced has never been seen before. He really knocked the cover off the ball.

    Not to be presumptious but it is an ongoing major concern of mine to put together answers (multiple) to the question, “What went wrong?” The operative stable datum I have so far is that we – not LRH – collectively a) dropped out the tech lines that produced results all the way to OT, and b) substituted false agreements amongst ourselves for the truth.

    I’m not sure how to ‘best’ say this, but there is some contradiction or illogic in the proposition that individuals who can audit should be crammed into ‘quarters’ on less than $50 hours a week for 80 to 100 hours work. Maybe what I want to say is that guys who manufacture the better mouse-trap should not be living below the dollar-income poverty line. Granted, some allocations to common legal and promotion are routine, but someone else will have to come forth with actual financial statements over the years, and actual production statistics. Just kicking thoughts around last night it occurred to me that an org could be run in the evenings, and weekends, by those with full-time jobs, with a focus on auditing staff (not ‘new bodies’). I’m not sure if my view there qualifies as ‘suppressive’. Certainly people have donated enough money freely to sustain an adequate space. A staff well-known to each other, and well-audited, with substantial case gain and rationality, could then put some attention on those who also would like “caek”. and of course could charge reasonable fees for time and expertise, or simply welcome new people and continue on the co-audit format. That would be in contrast to what I have seen: staff with little auditing engaged in low-efficiency production and frustrated in-fighting. LRH wanted a rapid expansion and big footprint, and I can’t second-guess that, but he did get that: the Co$ has served its purpose, perhaps like the booster rockets on the Shuttle, it is now burned out and it’s time to disengage it from the real Scientology of personal knowledge. I think many could do without the millions of tons of raw thrust power necessary for the launch, focus on achieving OT in full, and settle back to enjoy the view in weightlessness.

    My two cents in the platter.


  334. well, foh hou.

  335. Yes, upon digging into that ‘Thoughtful’ informed me that LRH order was
    issued in a “CENTRAL BUREAU ORDER”. that issue is of course kept well hidden in the Vatican, pardon INT library vault, not to be seen by anyone.
    I asked Hausueli about that when he ‘visited me’ in summer 2010 and he said there were LRH advices to do events in the interim time period, which is a) long over and b) a total hidden data line.

  336. Debbie Cook’s email stated it was an instrument of David Miscavige and one other person. Either way, the dead agent briefing pack only admits it was the idea of “two Scientologists”. Suggesting any two Scientologists can change the course of an organization. Very bad move as this in itself implies David Miscavige does not want to take responsibility for it. He is not owning it. That is a red flag in itself. Nobody is owning it all of a sudden? Except “two scientologists” , names with held? Are the people getting the briefing packs to assume it could have been David Mayo and Gerry Armstrong? How ignorant are Church staff allowed to be when they are thinking for members? The fact that nobody in the Church is owning it will cause people to take a very long pause. This is P.R. with the VFP of pulling curtains between the Church and it’s membership and alienting people and putting them in mystery and even causing people to list. How is that for P.R.? That is not even public “relations”. That is running public “can’t have” the truth.

  337. Had they been a little more overt about it, the briefing pack would have screamed, “DAVID MISCAVIGE HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH THE I.A.S.!


  339. Random Stranger

    Church of Spiritual Technology
    2 January A.D. 25


    I want the following code language and symbolism to be read, clay-demoed and star-rated three times through by all Int staff:

    1) After I have decided that someone is not worthy of Scientology, I want you to use precisely, “What is your snail mail address” as a code for indirectly frightening the parishioner into realizing they are about to declare them suppressive. Maybe this will hit home and they will come to their senses.

    2) When I say, “YSCOHB” I want it understood that it means to get your ethics in or suffer the consequences.

    3) When I say, “Bring your black boiler suit” I want it understood that I’m really pissed off and you’d better get the product and get it on time or you’re going to be RPFed real, real quick.

    4) When I look at someone and raise my right eyebrow it means that the person I’m looking at while I do that better get sec-checked by the end of the day or I’m going to throw everyone who was in the vicinity right into the Hole, no Q & A.

    5) When I see those rich, gluttonous parishioners in the front row at my events and they are not all holding their checkbooks with an anticipative look on their face, I’m going to glance over at the IAS reges and give one nod and if I don’t see a check for at least $50,000 from them after the event, I will have the Chief Reg for that event cleaning toilets for a week, at attention and wearing a clown costume with a big sign stuck on his back that says, “I’M A SUPPRESSIVE DB WHO LOVES LICKING POOP!”

    6) When I tilt my head when Gold is mentioned, I want that to mean that I want the timing of the A/V that accompanies my speeches to be PERFECT and I mean within a millionth of a second of how I wrote the script for the event. If I feel any comm lag or premature A/V cue or emphasis, any at all, I swear…no…I GUARANTEE you I will go completely animalistic apeshit on Gold. I’m sick of being suppressed by those DBs.

    7) When I say, “I just talked to TC” I want the entirety of TC’s walking itinerary KNOWN when he comes to the events and I want his seat to have extra cushioning and I want the floor he’s about to walk on vacuumed and hand-wiped with a duster no later than 5 minutes before he walks on it. I saw a piece of carpet fuzz on his shoes at the last event he attended. This is beyond unacceptable and if it happens again I will unleash the gates of hellfire and brimstone until everyone’s nose is bleeding, their hair is burned and their asses sore for a month.

    8) Speaking of time, I actually had to wait a quarter of a second or maybe even longer…yeah…it was longer, for someone to open the door for me when I entered the Sand Castle. More than a QUARTER OF A SECOND! Do you know how much production I get done in a quarter of a second??? That’s at least a couple of solar systems saved. So when I put my hands on my hips, that means you’d better remember to open doors for me in a way that I do NOT have to break stride. Handle it.

    9) When I sigh, I want that to be understood as you knowing that I know that you won’t do any of these things. So upon that gesture I want everyone to scatter out of my way, no looking into my eyes and no noise and just get the hell out of my way and confess your stupid crimes so at least you’ll be maybe a tiny bit less suppressive.

    10) Last but not least, when I puff out my chest I want at least…AT LEAST…three compliments delivered to me…and NOT after a quarter of a second has gone by, but INSTANTLY! And I MEAN this one!

    COB, RTC
    David Miscavige

  340. or, “THIS IS OUR PUBLIC DISAVOWEL OF THE I.A.S.. We Can’t even remember who thought of it!”

  341. “And by the time we finish suppressing the life out of that Hubbard loyalist fan Debbie Cook in Texas, if she does remember she will not be saying!
    Donate to the I.A.S. today to help us in this legal battle to seperate ourselves from the I.A.S.!”

  342. one of those who see

    Hi Ulf! So glad Marty left this as the main post a little while longer. I wanted to take my time in reading it. This is so well done!! Whether you get answers or not, you communicated the truth as you see it to Kathy and it will have an effect. Truth blows the lies away. I hope many more staff read it as well. And you are reaching many, many more people posting here. Many of whom may be tentatively looking for the first time. And you’ve said a big HELLO! So great to have a being of your caliber amongst the Free People.

  343. Bottom line: THE CRIMINAL MIND in action!

  344. TroubleShooter

    Oh yeah to you both


  345. Thanks for translating! 🙂

  346. Leonore: to the best of my knowledge, that “Grand National Convention” was *not* a “Congress” according to the meaning of the relevant Div 6 Congress PL’s, which were never cancelled.

    Michael A. Hobson
    Independent Scientologist

  347. Oops! Just found the Dianetics 55!….

  348. Thank you, Greata.
    Is there anyone else with more specifics about this?

  349. Splog, the stat that would be interesting to view would be – what % of the money taken in by orgs and missions was required to be sent up to WW or Flag (Apollo) or wherever?

    One thing I know from business is that franchise fees can amount to about 10% but unless it is a hot franchise, having to send that 10% to the parent company can be the difference between success or failure for the franchisee, at least in a world where you must pay your employees a decent wage or lose them to a competitor.

    I’m especially curious what % of income (gross income) went from an org, eg, LA Org, to Flag? If it was anywhere between 10-50%, that alone could explain why there was never anything left over for staff pay.

    Just speculating on the subject. Mainly because it never made any sense to me that staff seemed to be last on the totem pole to get paid.

  350. Yes Slur!

  351. Intellectuals solve problems; geniuses prevent them.
    –Albert Einstein

  352. Tony DePhillips

    To Ulf!!!!

  353. Tony DePhillips

    Say it ain’t so!! I just saw that Stanley Clark is going to do a seminar at CCLA. Blah..:-(

  354. Oh Goodie – another Rammstein fan. God knows I don’t want to be an angel.

  355. Random Stranger

    Shorter still:


  356. Random Stranger

    Even shorter,


  357. one of those who see

    Ha ha!! Love the spirit of this comm from LRH! This is stuff that Scientology is made of!

  358. Tony DePhillips

    The man can jam!!

  359. Tom Gallagher

    Sociopaths cause problems of magnitude.

    Say ‘Hi’ to POB.

  360. Random Stranger


    1) The Devil’s really got a hold on me.

    2) David Miscavige hits so darned hard.

    3) My current Sea Org uniform is fitting me so well right now.

    4) I’m playing this just so I can watch David Miscavige get arrested and hauled off to jail with a wet spot on his pants, crying.

    5) I’m sure LRH is coming back in a space ship, leading a battalion of super-powered beings who can levitate and melt steel with their eyes and they need no air or food and are indestructible and he’s going to take over this stupid planet and give us all libs.

  361. Oracle

    Thanks for the vital feed back!! Been out all day, and just saw these.

    It is a HUGE out-point that the origans are not public. Well, guns don’t kill people…. And shit is CAUSE!!! (sm) Someone came up with the brain child and he/she has a name….

    “….time and pressure..”

  362. I dedicate this to all that are Getting busy living,,,,,,,,,,,,,,and those that see—————


  363. 好開心認識你

  364. Thank you!

  365. Again, thank you all for your incredible responses! One thing you can do at this moment is to spread the message in Debbie Cook’s email to as many on the inside as possible. If you are onlines but under the radar, you can approach staff and ask about Debbie’s email and try to get into a dialog and ask questions because you’re concerned. Start talking and bring up the topic to your friends. Use the info in the DA material and other places on this blog as necessary. It is important that the world of Scientology gets informed about what the Church is doing to Debbie and the court case and that any black PR on Debbie is DAed to the best of your ability.

  366. Random Stranger

    Dave must have promised him that he could become the first African-American Deputy/Deputy COB.

  367. Tom Gallagher

    Sadly, number five (5) is probably what’s going on in the minds of the rest of these final few on-line Kool-aide drinkers. Bottoms up!

  368. Random Stranger

    Church of Spiritual Technology
    RTC Division

    7 February A.D. 25



    As all of you know, that is, if you’ve been paying attention at all over the last 25 years, is that LRH left behind the remaining OT levels that you need in order to become completely salvaged from the suppressiveness of this universe. There are lots of numbers and dates and the whole thing is there and it’s incredible.

    But there’s only one problem, no one is ready for it. No one.

    The prereqs that LRH listed out have been found to be skills and states of existence lacking in every single Scientologist we’ve checked so far. So to release levels for which people are not ready, unprepared, would be to invite extreme danger and complete chaos into the scene.

    The good news is that New OT IX is already compiled, written, piloted and ready to roll. The bad news is that it sits on the shelf, waiting.

    Let’s clarify once and for all, what the mandatory prereqs are for the release of OT IX:

    1) All orgs Ideal.

    2) Once Ideal, then it’s on to achieving Saint Hill size.

    3) All parishioners, once HQQ or higher has been achieved, are to donate every single penny they have or can get their hands on for every single campaign we now have running, from the Ideal Org Program to IAS to Planetary Dissemination to Services to WTH to Special Properties to Preservation of the Tech to Mission Starter Packages to Basics Packages to Volunteer Ministers Programs to CCHR to ABLE to pushed political campaign recommendations to Super Power to Confidential Church of American Science programs to Narconon to Crush Marty the Squirrel Campaign to the Special KSW Enforcement Program to the Freewinds Fuel Supplement Project to the Elite Scientology Five Club where the big boys play.

    4) All parishioners are to look and act Republican even though actually being independent in political stance. That means haircuts, attire, mannerisms, political philosophy and donations. The day of Democrats and hippies and other eccentrics is officially over and will no longer be tolerated.

    5) TRs ‘Til You Puke – no puking, no OT IX.

    6) Big, big cognitions and recognition of the tremendous value and necessity of re-doing the Objectives. And when I say ‘big’, I mean B I G. No big cogs, no OT IX.

    7) False Data Stripping on your entire prior Scientology studies and false cognitions. This is not a namby-pamby prereq. As a matter of fact we have a punch list of mandatory milestones of achievement and realization before one can pass muster on this point. They are basically confidential in order to prevent cheating, but to give you an idea what they are I’ll give you a taste of three of them:

    A) Ethics is senior to ARC.
    B) The books prior to the basics were all wrong.
    C) You still believe in that Blind Leading the Blind thing.

    8) Money in the hands of the group (ours) is better than money in the hands of the individual. Important point.

    9) Notarized affidavit attesting that Marty is a bonafide admitted squirrel.

    10) When everyone is complete on their Basics, TRs and Objectives, Pro Metering, redone NED, retreaded all their prior OT levels including III-VIII, achieved at least three major statuses in Donation Campaigns, has read my Wake Up Call directive at least fifty times, has not looked TC in the eyes in the last three months, has gotten all their relatives and friends into Scientology or at least gotten them declared, has disconnected from anyone and everyone who’s crossed me or the Church in any way, infiltrated at lest one squirrel group, has personally raised funds in at least one small country and has a proven track record of clapping and screaming and whistling enthusiastically at no less than six key events in a row, then and only then will OT IX be scheduled for release, pending recompilation, expanded triple-piloting and it funding.

    David Miscavige

  369. Random Stranger

    That rice whiskey is either Moi Tai (not Mai Tai) or Ng Kei Pai. Nixon got sloshed on it when he made his historical visit to China. No wonder he opened the door to giving away the USA.

  370. He sounds like a kind man. Yet I tried reading some of his sociology once and I think I know better – as far as my physcis … I do well to screw in light bulb right.

  371. Joe Pendleton

    Jim, I heartily endorse LRH’s viewpoint from that PL. But his viewpoint certainly changed in the 60s and especially with the founding of the Sea Org. Scientology aped the military with uniforms and ranks and ettiquette. Anything but a robust “Yes, Sir!!” to any order (especially from a Commodore’s Messenger) was an invitation for doom due to backflash. By 1965, LRH was getting SERIOUSLY tired of independent thinking/viewpoints or folks who didn’t “go along.” Bastards (like Bill Franks for example) lasted as long as they were (as we say in the Gambino family) “earners.” I love the “50s viewpoints”, but to pretend that they didn’t change in the 60s is to just pretend.

  372. In the late 1970s, when Mary Sue and several G.O. execs were indicted for stealing government documents, etc., the Guardian’s office started a defense fund called the Safe Environment Fund. It was a war chest to cover the costs of the law suits against Mary Sue, et al.

    When the G.O. was disbanded, at some point the S.E.F. morphed into the IAS — we were told that the funds were there stockpiled out of the country in case the IRS won its suit — even if the IRS took every penny and every asset in North America, it didn’t matter. With the IAS funds in place we could be back and operational within hours under a new banner.

    As I recall, it started off voluntary. Then it became mandatory, replacing the original membership system. I remember querying this endlessly as the funds for membership were no longer being routed to the orgs as per policy and there never was an LRH issue authorizing this change. Not that I was ever shown anyway.

    That’s the gist of it anyway.

  373. Spot on. Great oration that makes me only think of David Miscavige. Thank you.

  374. Let’s not forget that LRH’s organizational experience up until the 1960s was entrepreneurial. He had never run a large, international organization in his life. Up until the 1960s, Scientology had been a bit of a heyday scene — people up and starting groups all over the place, getting into troubles with the press and with the vested interests and so on. Lots of loose cannons hanging out shingles and getting the entire group into trouble with medical claims and messing up on pcs.

    Also, in the early 1960s, the C of S was pitifully small and poorly financed, ill equipped to stand up to the well-funded and connected vested interests that wanted to completely control the medical, psychological, psi and holistic health arenas. The onslaught happened fast and on multiple fronts. There was no time to test anything. There was only time to act and act fast. There was no Internet, there wasn’t even telex yet. Communication was slow and expensive. PR / marketing costs were high – it was all print media, expensive typesetters, snail mail with the expense of postage. There was no freedom of information act.

    It was a scary time period — when the government actions began against the C of S, they shot students on campus, they shipped thousands of young men to Vietnam, they lied about government ops, they blasted atomic bombs underground and out at sea and envisioned total annihilation for all of us. Religious tolerance was a joke. Racism was still rampant. Gays were more than bashed. Women had a few rights, but God help the “gay divorcee” who left her husband – she could barely hold her head up in society.

    Much of the policy was built up in response to those early conditions and is seriously in need of review and updating. Its a very different world now.

  375. How DM figured out the Ideal Org strategy:

  376. Thank you. Same here!

    And thank goodness for Google Translate.


  377. I did my part to distribute and many others I am sure

  378. After confronting (over the phone) a staff person at Flag with my support for Debbie Cook and my appreciation for the potential long term effects it could have for the organization of COS, they told me I didn’t know about “all the mess she caused when she was there, and the work that had to be done to clean it all up.” I’m curious if this information is in any DA references anyone has come across? Also, I believe it is LRH policy that the Church not admit wrong doings, but is it policy to make up facts and realities in response to accusations?

  379. Ron Nice attempt you did , And I agree with your questions you have
    I say Any one within would of course give such already drilled
    replies to give.
    .Notice the comment given And the person gave no specfics and only a general and random generalised answer ” Saying all the mess she caused when she was there” thats what supression does and says. Thats so SP like..
    I would have challenged that further with Well I have to question because she must have done a good job to have had a high position there for so many years and very responsible and had care to save The church she worked in Thats obvilous Is it not ( Asking the caller who answered the tel Did you yourself know her.?
    Seems like the receptionist or those put through to deal with such calls if so are drilled with bullshit dishonest replies. They will knock off any thing on this line if calls are made but I would keep at it.
    These guys within receiving calls when they do need to get the asses kicked if any one talking to any one in side and told there PTS to DM . And advice them or any singel person you get to talk to , To reread the email if its not distroyed already or ask Are you forbidden to read it ? (but if your not yet told you Try find it and reread it , Also make it known many outside are around to offer help and advice.

  380. Tony DePhillips


  381. Ulf,

    My goodness!!. Wow. VERY well done!.

    Your overall response to Kathy including questions asked, demand for proof regarding false stats, lies and generalities found in the DA pack were spot on!. I’m sure that you already know that when you ask the question : “What happened to the church I joined?”, you’re asking that same question for literally thousands of people.
    Living in the Northern U.S, for awhile, I realized that ice cream shops, drive-in burger joints and the like close down during the winter. However, their products, PR and reputation is enough to keep them going during the off months. When the doors open back up in the Spring, people are there….excited and waiting in line!!.

    If only “the church that we all joined” could make a come back so easily. Knowing the church is comparable to a living organism. having always had the means & technology to survive, heal/correct itself, yet being forced to witness the disgusting result of internal corruption as “our church” slowly falls crashing HARD to the ground, lashing out, spewing psychotic insanities and lies in it’s final death throes in order to protect the destroyer himself is indeed VERY hard to believe but must now be confronted by all.

    It is a loss of great magnitude.

    Yesterday, I forwarded your blog post because I really wanted others to hear your words.

    Every day, as soon as Marty or Mike posts a new subject on the blog, I copy and paste the URL and send the post in a “group” email to three or four dozen of my Scn. Face Book contacts. They are considered “in good standing”. It’s a ritual that I began and continued after I forwarded Debbie’s email to the same group. The response has been VERY interesting: some of it robotic & some VERY good.

    In forwarding the emails to those “in good standing”, I figured I would have received a DA pack by now, but haven’t gotten a thing…only phone calls…lots and lots of phone calls, all of which I’ve ignored or refused to return, thank you very much.

    Ulf, I gotta tell ya though, I’m just a tad envious that I didn’t get my own DA pack. Well. I just wanted it for entertainment purposes or as a souvenir of sorts. Who needs Reality TV..right? Plus I, would also love to have the opportunity to pick it apart piece-by- piece as you did & I know you’ve heard this over and over again, ….but you did do an awesome job of it.!!

    I’m fully aware that had I answered the calls (especially the DSA’s) and played a really good “naive and gullible” theetie weetster, that I probably could have gotten a DA pack. But it really isn’t worth whining about because frankly, I don’t have the time, interest or patience to listen to one more ridiculous, half-assed attempt directed at insulting the intelligence of me or my friends–the “real” Scientologists!. Plus I wouldn’t be as nice as you are. I totally admire you for it. Me? I ain’t there yet! 🙂

    Ulf, you know what? We’ve all had enough!!

    We’ve had enough of the lies, altered tech, hidden stories of internal physical abuse, corruption, truth & cover-ups regarding LRH’s final days, false stats, intimidation and invalidation of all involved in an effort to gain compliance, rip-off, abandonment of LRH’s intentions, Ideal Org Fund Raisers!, Injustice, No justice, ridiculously shoddy attempts at PR control or DA’ing to save face that only result in magnifying and worsening the already shady and controversial reputation of “the church that we did NOT join”!

    Jeez..talk about Black or reverse Dianetics & Scientology applied to members and orgs, obviously, it also holds true for what is being passed as good PR by the Co$. Since Standard Tech, Admin Tech & Training and PTS/SP tech have obviously all “gone missing” at the top echelon, I’m sure LRH’s policy of getting the PR person fully & properly trained in PR, UHM….PRIOR TO THEM GOING OUT AND OPENING UP THEIR BIG PIE HOLE was either not known, ignored.or labeled “outdated & no longer in use” and replaced with know-best policy guaranteed to create lots of antagonism and self-sabotage. This is a real example of “The Blind leading the Blind” under the pretense of “Expansion of Scientology.”

    Years ago, when I first walked into a Scientology org, the PES asked me a very important question: “If you could change or handle something in your your life that would make things better for you..what would it be?”

    I answered, “I would like to understand why it seems as if some people just “can’t see” what’s really happening around them in life. I’m not sure why, but I believe that my perceptions and intuition seem to be higher than normal and because of this, people naturally come to me for advice on problems in life and work. I didn’t ask for it. It just happens and I do care about them. I reeeeeally want to help but, it seems that when I do try to help or give advice to those asking for help, they don’t use it. It’s as if there is some sort of mental road block or blinders being worn by them. They cannot see that how they are actually creating their own problems or unhappiness. I also believe that a person can’t fix it if he doesn’t know it’s broken ..right? Again, I really do want to help others but I don’t think it’s workable unless a person really wants to change himself… Right?. ”

    The PES just smiled really big and routed me over to the wall and pointed to The Gradation and Awareness Chart. Using his pen, he pointed to the Awareness Characteristics (down the center). He then put his pen right beside the word: Oblivion and says, “I understand what you are saying and guess what? The Founder: L.Ron Hubbard, was also concerned with this situation. Because of him and and all of his research and work done, if a person avails himself of Scientology he CAN become extremely aware. He will do better in life because he “can see” and yes, you are correct, ONLY after he decides that he needs to change. He then pointed to: “Need of Change” on the chart and slowly moved his pen all the way up the chart and gave a big smile!.

    **He had me at : Oblivion.

    It was so comforting for me to know that people can change and something could be done about “my ruin” and that I could help others! Obviously, as I learned more about Scientology, I realized this was more of 3rd and 4th Dynamic ruin. After completing a few courses. I became more aware of my own awareness level as it increased. I was totally “in love with life” like never before. So I joined staff!

    Never in my wildest dreams (as a new Scientologist) did I imagine that those people at the top echelon of Scientology, (those who are supposed to be stable enough to protect and Keep Scientology Working), would not avail themselves of Scientology! They cannot “see” they are surrounded by Scientology– a gift of spiritual freedom and higher awareness…forever! Yet, it’s simply tossed aside so easily?!? It takes me right back to the chart at : Oblivion. (along with ALL of the Anti-Social Characteristics)

    Scientology, Dianetics have been completely hijacked, but not by those who have experienced it’s miracles and want to greedily keep it all for themselves, but hijacked by a “know-best” leader, with no desire or need of change because he believes himself to be flawless. Period. Again, Oblivion. The entire show is now being run with all targets aligned with one goal and one goal only–The Almighty Dollar! Scientology sells & those who are in control know it. They are successfully dangling the carrot waiting with baited breath for 2nd and 3rd mortgages on the homes of Scn. members to close. They are fully aware of the “hoops” one will go through and how much one will sacrifice in order to “Go Free”.


    This is why I will no longer answer the calls and I will continue to forward the truth in Martys blog or Steve’s website. If at some point, I get some bizarre urge to have a conversation with a deaf, programmed robot with zero ARC, I will just shoot myself.

    And one more thing: I totally REFUSE to be a tally mark on some idiot’s weekly statistics of “Total # of PR Flaps/Outpoints- Found & Handled.”

    PR Flaps “Found”?? –Found, my ass! How about “C-R-E-A-T-E-D”??? Now..there’s your straight up and vertical graph.

    PR Flaps “Handled”?–Handled, your ass.—as in pull your head out of your ass. Then, observer what you really DO find. Then of course, you can “attempt” to handle it or simply make it worse, as usual.

    Although I didn’t receive a DA pack, I received (3) DA type responses in (writing) in an attempt to handle me for forwarding Debbie’s email and Marty’s posts, obviously from others who have been “enlightened”. .

    a. I was told that Debbie was an SP, and to look closely at the email and hopefully I was able to “see” that it was written from an SP’s viewpoint because the person telling me to “look closer” loved me and didn’t want me to jeopardize going Up The Bridge by associating with the “wrong” people.. (hmmm. SPs have viewpoints now ???)

    b. I was told that Debbie had not been at FLAG in many years and how FLAG was making more Clears and OT’s than ever since she was no longer on the lines & that “Debbie’s email” and all the noise was simply the SPs screaming because FLAG was flourishing and prospering like NEVER before!.

    My favorite:

    c. I was “acknowledged” for seeking the truth through Marty’s blogs, and forwarding them. However,…I was highly encouraged (since I was already seeking “truth”) to take a look at the Freedom Magazine article because “it” has “the facts” relating to Marty & Mike. I’d seen it before and I think the main point that I was supposed to “get” was Marty & Mike hated each other…(long ago). IMHO: they may have used each other as punching bags, pushed, pulled hair & screamed daily at each other, It’s in the past, they’re good now….however

    The important thing to focus on here: Mike and Marty came out A-L-I-V-E Unfortunately, others were not so lucky

    Here’s the kicker!!

    Less, than a 1/2 an hour after receiving this “helpful” advice from a “concerned” friend, BOOOM! .. out of nowhere comes the “Remember the Alamo” post! Hah! Perfect timing! You got it: Copy, paste & forward! Off it went to this very “concerned” person and to all my other contacts “in good standing” 🙂 .

    What?!?! Marty and Mike in the same place ? ….same time?? …strolling along …chatting? …smiling?…. site seeing?… Alamo?!! What the……..?!?!

    And THAT Shirlock… is how DA’ing is done.

    Thanks again Ulf…You inspire me and hopefully it will do the same in many others.

  382. QUITE the EXCELLENT post, FishFlyToo!!

    Ulf, thank you VERY much for starting this thread. Well done!
    Giving us your exchange with KT is appreciated and quite valuable.

    I was informed that Debbie Cook cited excerpts from policies that were irrelevant, that she ignored the policies that the “Ideal Orgs” and “current expansion” are based on. But I got no specifics. At least I was given the “character assassination”, also with no specifics, which speaks volumes.

  383. Thank you FishFlyToo!

    That was quite an inspiring and comprehensive comment! It is quite interesting that your initial “ruin” and conversation when you first set foot in an org were very similar to mine, so I can very much relate to you.

    If you really want your own DA pack, why don’t you drop me a note at warewhulf@hushmail.com and I send you what Kathy sent to me.

    Take care and hopefully you can manage to get home to some of your Facebook friends who have not yet seen the light!

    Cheers, Ulf

  384. Thank you Ron!

  385. Hey Ulf,

    Wow! Thanks for the offer, was only joking about wanting your DA pack! Besides, “you” really should keep it as a “last straw” souvenir or burn it……I would.

    That’s very cool on our similar “ruin”. Honestly, I don’t recall many people (at all) with the same. Hmm?? And I never really realized this until you brought it up either. LOL. I held the post of ED for several years and always knew exactly what every single new public wanted to handle as a their priority. The ruins were always 1st or 2nd Dynamic which makes sense.

    Another part of the ruin was the desire to “kindly” end a conversation without upsetting another. This was due to family, friends etc that would call, come over or even park in my office (at work!). Like I said, I did care alot, but I had no “tools” to offer them except being a good listener (sometimes for hours & hours) which can drain one. Sometimes by the end of the day, I felt like the guy on the movie- The Green Mile that needed to “toss his entheta cookies”. Needless to say, I was unknowingly searching for TR’s and very happy to have found them!

    Oh!! Yes..I am making good progress on getting a few others to wake-up and that feels sooo good, just wish it didn’t have to be so gruesome at this point.

    Thanks again!


  386. Thanks. Just sent you a mail.

  387. It’s not PR if it’s a LIE, just wasted effort, as continual liars like that soon are just ignored.

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