Scientology Inc Plague

Here is the latest justification for a multi-million dollar shakedown of Scientology Public called the Idle Morgue scam.

Twin Cities – Think Big

Tens of millions of dollars for two new people a day?   Making it a total of five people of day to be avoided like the plague, denied a live comm cycle, and made to look blankly at Miscavige’s gaudy videos, and finally be blown off with a creepy impression of Scientology?

And to think, David Miscavige is suing Debbie Cook for having the temerity to object to this sick travesty.  And he has spent at least another couple hundred grand in parishioner donations already in an attempt to silence, punish and annihilate her for doing so.  In my opinion Miscavige has degenerated into little more than a cluster of escalating spending to cover up and  distract attention from previous crimes, which escalated spending constitutes more crimes which require further escalated spending to cover up and distract, and so forth and so on and on and on.  The closest analogy I can think of is the plague.

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  1. Brilliant Yoyo Babies. Your palace is going to bring Scientology to the entire MidWest (the thought of ever opening a NEW org anywhere is so foreign these days nobody even considers it) — thus the St Paul Org is going to handle all of Minnesota, Wisconsin, the Dakotas, Iowa etc at 5 people per day!!! And with math like that, don’t doubt they won’t be able to figure out how to pay the electricity bill within 2 months and the place will turn into a frozen ice palace….


  2. “The average amount of walk-ins in past buidings was 2-3 per day.
    That has all changed now with the colossal-size “Church of Scientology” sign and magnificent building.
    Just since the Grand Opening it has doubled with an average of 5 raw public walking in to the org every day!”

    Bean theory in full application.

    Congratulations David Miscavige – you’re “the brain”!

  3. George M. White

    Very interesting that I received my first call this evening from the Freewinds since completing OTVIII more than 23 years ago.
    Whatever is spreading is spreading. The young lady was informed that I have been in Theravada Buddhism since my Freewinds experience and that it is the path. She agreed to check it out after my recommendation. This is actually a great step for me as a Theravadin – it is not policy to direct anyone to the Buddha. I felt compassion for her and she responded so it is OK. If she calls me back, Mr. Miscavige, I will follow another Theravadin policy and direct her back to the study of scientology. The Buddha sent the Jain Upali back to Mahavira, the great Jain teacher.
    May all beings on the Freewinds be well and happy!

  4. 5 people walking in per day doesn’t even mean anything. How about some services delivered?

    Mike and I walked into the Ocala Ideal Mission a few weeks ago and got a tour of the place by the receptionist. There was one person there – it was DEAD. And this is the brand new sparkly mission that was promoted heavily as part of the straight-up and vertical expansion.

    We would have been counted as part of their stats for how many “walk-ins” per day they achieved in Ocala. And we walked right on out too, and will never be back again…….

  5. haydn (T Paine)

    Absolutely right Mike. This piece of promo should be preserved. It proves what has been stated all along, Miscavige’s so-called “Ideal Org strategy” is so contrary to what LRH said to do as to be total sabotage.

    Constant and illegal events spouting the need to illegally collect millions of dollars in “donations” and illegally spending such on overly lavish and utterly unnecessary quarters results in … two extra people and their dog walking in, per day. Totally proves the point.

    Condemned by their own promo piece.

  6. It’s sad to see how the “yo babies” are kidding themselves so badly. Pathetic.

    Yes, agreed on Miscavige. Money can’t buy him everything…

  7. I come into contact with 20-30 new people a month and I’m always promoting Scientology management tech. I don’t mention where it comes from until I’m all done and I get, “that sound great, I will use it.” Now I mention it is L. Ron Hubbard – Scientology tech and every time I get, “that’s a cult, why did you get involved in that, those guys a crazy…..” Then I explain that it’s not Scientology that’s bad, it the business of Scientology that’s bad. At that point I get about 1/3 that can understand, the rest still would never have anything to do with it. The point here is that the vast majority of public this Scientology and Scientologists are wacko. It’s sad that management has turned something that can really help into a laughing stock of a religion.

  8. Gary "Jackson" Morehead


    I bet they were forced to use the money planned to be used to pay their electricity on this piece of garbage promo if that’s what you want to call it.

    The Yo Babies??? Before I go off on this does ANYONE know what YO BABIES has to do with Scientology or their Idle Org?? Is it a Minnesota thing??

    Google tells me it’s some brand of yogurt, a move with a Yo-Yo, YouTube moments.

    In my day AVCI would of sent the responsible party to cramming via ethics.

    But back to topic…… what a joke. I sure wish these kinda “upstats” were that easy for me when I was on post.

    Just the simple “posting one’s graph” on this crap of theirs would show the real condition.

    I could go on and on. This simply disgusts me beyond belief.

    Like Mike said…. “Jesus”.

    — Jackson

  9. That really is disgusting. Yo Babies?
    Yo, where’s the auditors?

  10. And they’re funding it by a David Miscavige favorite “special properties”, sale of leather bound DMSMH to, to, to, yep, the “marks” that have paid by “doctrine of exchange” free IAS/Super Power fundraising donation extravaganzas.

    And all this gets 2.5 more “walk ins” per day in a major US city. Hmmm, somewhere in there the math exists to make this 40X expansion.

  11. Yikes!!! I just thought of a new “special property” for David Miscavige – leatherbound BASICS, with teutonium CDs (teutonium being a new element patented by DM.) These will fund…ummm, a new OFFICE OF DM in each Idle Org.

  12. Speaking of ‘yo babies’, two of the five public in the piece are babies.

  13. This is really pathetic and sad. Even cherry picking stats there are no cherries to pick. What about some actual Div 6 stats? Is people”heading in to check it out” a stat? Maybe it is, I forget. Do the panels count as an intro service? What about NBS RAW, Div 6 Comps, Div 6 to Major etc- real Div 6 Stats?
    How many of those “5 people” walk in, have a 30 second look at the video panels and then walk out never to return? 99%?

  14. Just like extras paid to be at events, they most likely paid these 5 people to come in and then they left. It is not to get people in there so they could be serviced, it’s for the photo op and PR op. There is no mention of Sign-Ups” or PRRPS (Public Reg Paid Starts) or any real production stats that would show Clearing or helping people. Five people, crap, when I was in Detroit we used to BODY ROUTE 260 people in on each weekend day. We signed up around 15% of them and of that 15% we got at least 4 new academy students started. We had a jammin’ academy as a result and we MADE kick-ass Auditors.

    This is how incredibly stupid David is: Everything is PR, but there is no end product to the PR other than adolation for himself. I can usually handle stupidity, but this brand is just too small to wrap wits around. “The not quite bright have a button on self importance.”

    ML Tom

  15. Do they read these things before they go to print? Again, why would promoting statistics make anyone interested? What happened to sharing wins and gains? Why the focus on statistics? Why is the good news always more (fill in the blank).

  16. I See Greedy People

    In the late 70s there would be at least 10 -30 new people in a day minimum to various orgs. And now that big vulgar hammy advertisement boasting it’s up two people a day from two people a day? The signature Miscavige forced contrived bragging it’s because of the “beautiful building”?

    I think people have become hip to implant stations glittering with big BIGGER BIGGEST shiny facades. . . and David Miscavige’s shouting is unfortunately dead noise.

  17. I have to agree with you St. Peter. I’ll admit right off I have not been a great FSM for the church even though I have experienced many great wins.

    I noticed those I have tried to speak with begin to tighten up almost immediately when I mention Scientology. I thought it was me and to some extent it may be but the poor opinion of the church seems very prevalent.

    As regards the photo in the T. Cities promo- that just look like a group of kids who just wanted to get in out of the cold St Paul weather for jut a minute.
    Not just say that to critical either because I know a lot of good people out there worked their tails off to make that building come true.

  18. Don’t buy it, Yo Babies!

    Seattle Ideal Org is DEAD. They have ONE auditor during Day hours.
    The Day E/D is too sick to be the E/D anymore and has been replaced by a former Mission holder who’s Mission is all but dead and who’s OT husband just had a stroke.

    Stop this “Yo Baby” and “Space Pirates of Purpose” fund-raising bullshit! It’s degrading, demeaning and massively disgusting to the outside world.

    WAKE UP!!!

  19. I used to body route more than 5 people in a couple of hours and we had a 5 minute walk back to the Mission. I must have missed out on something. I did it for free. Now it costs millions and there is no one to have a comm cycle with in the process. This is better?

  20. The outpoints in this campaign are numerous, but the sell is in making it BIG, how? Quote: “The funding is coming from those that purchase gorgeous, personalized Leather Bound edition of Dianetics. Do you have yours?”
    In other words: David Miscavige will have your ethics checked (at your expense) if you don’t actually PAY for your “Leather Bound” copy of Dianetics. (So that he may fleece countless others into joining his “Church” “In one of the most beautiful buildings in the world.”)

    ‘Yo Baby, bend over…!

  21. Tony DePhillips

  22. Christie-You said it perfectly and its like that stupid TV ad. My question is “where’s the beef?”

  23. Cindy Pinsonnault

    So the promo says “A thetan only gets what he postulates, so postulate big!” Then it says they “think bigger.”

    But they never say what the postulate is. They never name the product of the campaign. They say they will flood the media to get out of non-existence. And they tell you how you can buy yet another “special” copy of DMSMH to fund the campaign.

    What are they going to get out of non-existence for? Having a big, beautiful building? I get from this promo that the big campaign is their “big think.” And, not a teeny tiny little mention, even off-hand, about auditing or training or making clears, or … sigh.

  24. Random Stranger


    COB, RTC

    Project # 11,654
    Plan C
    Sub-Program Codename: Bigthink


    Now that we have an Ideal Org in Minneapolis, we need lots of additional funding immediately to finance all the campaigns that I’ve written in order to achieve our objectives. Achieving the steps of these campaign projects WILL give us a Cleared Midwest, one step closer to a Cleared Earth and Saved Universe.

    Besides the dire urgency for funding of the Non-Existence Campaign where we will be bombarding the public with constant reminders the org is there, the following programs need attention NOW and the push for contributions needs to be Hill Ten Accelerated NOW:

    1) THINK BIG – THINK McDONALDS: Simple, get McDonald’s permission to set up org testing center tents right outside their doors at their multiple locations in the Midwest states. There must be at least 10 or 20 or 25 of them right in downtown Minneapolis alone! I’ve had surveillance videos taken of walk-ins to McDonalds and they come in constantly in droves, like bowling bowls rolling on a high speed conveyer belt. Those spots can then be extensions of the org and every single person who walks through is to be handed a pamphlet or at least have a poster shoved in their face while A/V blasts at them so they get SOME contact with a Scientological picture, word or symbol or sound. Those bodies CAN and WILL be counted as Walk-Ins.

    2) THINK BIG – THINK FAT PEOPLE: Easy. Giant fat people can now be counted as two. Look, they wear twice the cloth as a normal person, eat twice as much, wear furniture out twice as fast, take up twice as much space, sweat twice as much, eliminate twice as much waste product, create twice the trash, walk twice as slow and take up two seats on a plane. That’s two goddamn people. Count ’em.

    3) THINK BIG – THINK YOUNG AND NAIVE PEOPLE: Come on, this is not rocket science. Most kids under the age of 14 spend most of their time on video games, texting, emailing, looking at goofy stuff on the internet or they’re watching some stupid reality TV show and haven’t been tainted by Black PR or 3-P or stupid opinions of others about Scientology, yet. They are prime meat for getting in, made to sit and watch a video and regged for something. They have money, they just spend it on crap. Take their damn money.

    4) THINK BIG – THINK OF THE SIZE OF YOUR DECLARE ORDER: Like the actual size and the thickness of the ethics order and declare and amends project and the amount of time in the RPF if you don’t get some damn people in that friggin’ org. Are you trying to make me fu@%ing look stupid? I hate that because of all my internally combusting phobias so I will wreak revenge and havoc on you and your family and I’ll make your life a living hell. Well actually, I’ll do that anyway but I’ll do it with more gusto and demonic creativity if I don’t see these numbers moving up real fu@%ing soon.

    5) THINK BIG – THINK LAWSUIT: Yeah. The size and magnitude of the lawsuit I will personally file against you if you don’t get more than 3 dweebs and a twit to pose for a stupid promo shot to show ‘how full’ the org is because of all the walk-ins it supposedly has. Who the hell thought of that one, the doorknob? Jesus H. Christ almighty in a hand basket. It looks like four kids waiting for a friggin’ bus. Are you all committing so many crimes and looking through underwear catalogs or something when you’re supposed to be working or are you all just suppressive??! I swear, if this kind of fu@%-up keeps happening, I will slap my lawyers and get ’em pissed and they’ll find a way to sue you for something, some break, some crime (because I KNOW you have them) some something. I’ll file so many of these that they’ll be NO WAY those stupid Independent fu@%ers can fund the defense of all of ’em. I’ll do it all over the fu@%ing Mid-Goddamn-West and all the states and all the countries. I’m global. I can fund way-way-way-way-way more than they can, so let ’em take their best shot. Just fu@%ing get some fu@%ing people walking in there or you will fu@%ing live with the fu@%ing legal fu@%ing consequences.

    None of these new campaigns are to displace or prevent any of the other fund raising targets to be met for the IAS, More Ideal Orgs, Even Better and Even More Ideal Orgs, Super-Ideal Orgs, Super-Ideal Elite Meritoriousness Orgs of the Future, Outer-Planetary Book Translation Campaigns, The Get the Base Ready for LRH Campaign, The Confidential TC Scientology Five and Six Leader of Leaders Project, The Bosnian Renovation Project, Way to Happiness, Narconon, Super-Power, The Secret Super-Duper Behind the Scenes Only-in-the-Know Power Campaign for the Elite of the Elite, Maximum Super Power-Plus, Able, Special Properties, Services, Accommodations, Ideal Mission Starter Packages, Ideal Mission Ender Packages, The OT IX and X Secret Marcabian Translation Project, Concerned Businessmen’s Association, Preserve the Tech Even Better Campaign or any other fund raising or income making or saving or hiding or hoarding or laundering campaign.

    David Miscavige
    COB, RTC

  25. St Peter, I recommend you amend your response just a little. If you say the Church of Scientology is “an abusive, money-grubbing cult with the personality of a drug cartel. They don’t use their own philosophy — that’s the problem.” If they have a button on it being a religion, explain that Scientology is not a religion — It’s not about faith or worshiping anything. It became a religion for defensive reasons — it’s actually a spiritual philosophy which is a far broader subject. Religion is narrow — people have to accept it on faith. Religion is for people who fear death. Spirituality is for those who fear nothing. Scientology legally qualifies as a religion because it deals with the human spirit, but when most people say “religion” — Scientology is not that. It’s a spiritual philosophy. The Church is something else entirely — they are rotten to the core, 100% criminal and utterly insane.

    Every time I have introduced Scientology like that, even to people who moments before were rabidly antagonistic, their jaw drops open and I have someone fascinated wanting to know more. They can’t believe a Scientologist is saying these things.

    That’s how you handle the black PR on Scientology. The black PR is on the philosophy. It was created by the Church (David Miscavige) through criminality. The public, not knowing what the Why is, assume the CoS is criminal because the philosophy makes them that way and that’s the black PR. The group became criminal because it was subverted by a sociopath who grabbed power and took over after LRH died.

    This explanation works for one reason: it’s the truth. And by truth I mean the exact time, place, form and event. Telling the truth improves conditions.

    It explains things. It indicates. And as a result, their hostility vanishes instantly. It isn’t the “business” of Scientology that is bad, it’s the Church. You got to tell it straight up like it is, then it will work. Because the Church is 100% subverted and off purpose. The Church committed so many overt acts under DM’s direction it became suppressive as a group. The only way to fix it is to audit it out by pulling their withholds, getting off the overts, until they split out of the suppressive valence. In short, getting in Ethics.

  26. Mother of Grendel

    Doesn’t anybody read this before it gets printed? I mean really – hey, the most effective dissemination technique is a big sign! Forget books, forget the dissem formula – heck, forget the tech. Just get a really big sign.
    Hmmm… I guess we’ve all missed the HCOPL 29Feb1965 BIG SIGNS BRING MORE BODIES.

  27. A little late night math to support Mike’s view: if the St Paul org is handling Minnesota, Wisconsin, the Dakotas and Iowa, let’s see how well the Church of Scientology is doing on “fresh meat” nationwide. A quick trip to Wikipedia’s list of US states by population shows that the states mentioned ad up to 15.6 million people. Total US population is 307 million, so the St Paul org covers 5.1% of the US population. So if they’re getting 5 walk-ins per day in St. Paul, that would imply that the total number of walk-ins per day nationwide would be about 100 (sure, they could be exaggerating about 5 people, but let’s take them at their word for illustration’s sake). That’s 36,500 a year assuming consistent traffic each day. Assume 30,000 per year to be safe, since some wogs watch the Super Bowl or take days off on Sunday. That’s a lot lower than the 4.4 million stat in the TV commercial, which tries to imply that 4.4 million people show up at their local org… We know that’s bogus, of course, but let’s compare a number based on one claim they make with the number they’re trying to claim elsewhere… nothing matches up…

    I wonder what percentage of people in the door these days actually sign up for courses, versus people interested in seeing just how Idle the Orgs are, like commenter Christie says in the first reply to your post. The first thing I thought of when I realized it’s the St. Paul org was an image of homeless people coming inside to get warm for a few minutes in their Arctic winters (homeless probably are a great opportunity for a stat push!). Someone with actual experience with these things might be able to supply the current “conversion” percentage of walk-ins and complete the math to give some idea what the actual number of new people on courses could be nationwide each year… I’m sure it’s pretty low.

  28. See Marty…you and that L Ron Hubbard guy are WRONG. We’ve got 5 people a day coming in…na na na na NA. I’m right. You’re all wrong. SEE!!

    Real stats. Real people. Big sign says it all. Don’t you see how RIGHT I am and how WRONG WRONG WRONG WRONG WRONG all you doubters aare.


    Shit no. I never told them is was going to cost them $250,000 to go clear…what do think…I’m stupid?

  29. Mike, Marty, Plague indeed. I think the math is even worse: DM spent 5 million dollars and got in 5 five people. That’s going to last a week or two then dry up when the novelty wears off.

    Have you ever done any body routing? I have. A body router can get in 5 people an hour pretty easily.

    For $5 million dollars, they could have hired five of the best body routers in the world at $25 an hour each. And kept them going at 8 hours a day, 365 days a year, for nearly 14 years. In that time, those body routers would have brought in 500,000 new people — 1,000 a week.

    Those 1,000 new people would be more than enough to send the entire Church into a range of expansion never before seen. Instead, Miscavige the Genius got an empty building. Can anyone BE any more stupid?

    But that is just silly to assume he’s stupid. Because we all know he isn’t. So it’s not really stupid. It’s evil.

    “To reform a subject one has to find this primary assumption and improve it. Out of this, with further study in other fields, I found that any complexity stemmed from an initial point of non confront. This is why looking at or recognizing the source of an aberration in processing ‘blows’ it, makes it vanish. Mental mass accumulates in a vast complexity solely because one would not confront something. To take apart a problem requires only to establish what one could not or would not confront. The basic thing man can’t or won’t confront is evil.” — LRH

    That’s why every night I get down on my knees and worship an exact likeness of David Miscavige. Actually, it’s a dead jellyfish in a jar — no brain, kills everything it touches, i.e, same thing.

  30. Miscavige continues to say he will “flood the media” with Scientology to get new public in the doors. Yet it still has not happened. I wonder how long people can still believe him when they do not see his promises (over a decade) coming to fruition? Except maybe posh new buildings….they sprout up all over the place, they just have no one in them except staff.

  31. Theo Sismanides

    If Miscavige had kept Scientology on the right path, Missions and Groups would be opening left and right in every city.

    This has not been happening since I have been in Scientology from the ’90s.

    Here in Athens there were 2 or 3 Missions.

    The 2 were closed down by the execs of the 3rd Mission and under the auspices of mgmt.

    Now there is only 1 Class V Org. Where are the 20 Missions around it, like LRH says?

    The real Ideal Orgs are the Missions and many groups which should be around for people to go and do things and then move up.

    Body Routing DIED in the Athens Class V Org and I bet mostly all around the planet. Why? Because of the Overts of Omission and Commission to this Society: We are NOT able to give you Scientology anymore, it costs a lot to go up the Bridge, there is no Co Audit, you have to be in debt to be a Scientologist in upper levels, we do not apply Standard Tech but altered versions of it… and so many other such overts and high crimes…

    Miscavige, like all High Priests in the past, has managed to make all Scientologists believe that Ideal, Luxury, Riches, Status is what Scientology is all about.

    But the Stats say otherwise. 5 walk-ins is Pathetic.

  32. Speaking of being denied a live comm cycle: I just received a recorded message from Andrique to attend an IAS event. Yes. Recorded. WT..? I could barely make out what he was saying. I know he’s getting up there in years, but seriously, it sounded as if he were eating a sandwich during the recording. Wow. He was my hero, you know?. Sad.

    I’m reminded of the time when I worked behind the scenes at a huge company picnic where Clayton Moore, “The Lone Ranger” was booked to sign autographs for the kids. I loved the Lone Ranger. I grew up watching him every day.

    The picnic was on a very hot summer day during the early 80’s. Clayton obviously growing older by then, needed a cool place inside away from the heat. His assistant asked if he could sit in my office with me until he was needed for the signing. I agreed. I noticed she talked to him like he was a 2 year old.

    He sat behind me in a chair, in his mask. In less than two minutes, he was sleeping with chin buried in chest. He snored, drooled and even scared himself (and me) snorting out loud a couple of times. This went on for over an hour. Just the two of us…alone in that room.

    When his assistant came along to get him for the signing, using his sleeve, he wipes off his drool, looks me in the eye, apologizes for snoring and yells out a robotic: “Hi Ho Silver”…. out of a dead sleep.

    PR Pawns..owned by those who put them on display…all for a buck. Pathetic.

  33. That picture of the audience watching the Div 6 video shows the exact right demographic for flickering video images–little kids. Another brilliant dissemination idea from the “mind” of David Miscavige. Hey, DM, there aren’t many 10 year olds who can take out a second mortgage on their bicycles.

  34. A plague for sure. This Organization has run the entire history of the Catholic Church in less than 60 years and is now in its dark ages. The successor to the “benevolent monarch” certainly wasn’t this guy who has, perhaps intentionally, run the subject into the ground and made it an embarrassment. To say “yes, I was a “Scientologist”, to me, feels like saying “yes, I was an idiot” and any attempt at explaining anything right and workable about it falls on switched off ears. He has made the subject dirt. The philosophy is synonymous with the base stupefying cult organization in which you quickly loose all ability to think and are tooled up with a vast and expensive library of quotes to stop thought, get literal and misapply.
    If a free thinking individual empowered to make conditions in life better was ever the original intention of setting up this “Church” I rate this one as one of the most spectacular failures in history and even as a business it’s sinking and there are no lifeboats on it.

  35. Disgusting !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  36. mark mckinstry

    The photo of the five “walk-ins” all appear to be children. To strengthen that affluence, I’d put a video game into one of the AV displays and 5X the stat of child walk-ins, as service stats or completions don’t fit into events anymore anyway.

    Now that the public there has put up millions to buy the building, next round is leather bounds is for a local marketing campaign.

    You’d think that the Buffalo Org or another earlier Org would have piloted the local marketing angle by now, after 10 plus years. That must be where the millions of people introduced have gone, as they aren’t in Twin Cities.

    So we sell 100K worth of leather bounds of which 10K at best will go to local advertising and get 10 people to walk in during the campaign.

    Bridge can then continue to market/sell only to existing public, ASI gets their royalties and the regges can continue to bankrupt the Scientologists in the area.

    More effective would be a direct mailer telling local folks to come in and receive a $20 bill. Just agree to get your photo taken watching the displays so we can use that for our events and promo.

    I think our campaign message to current C of S members should be very simple…. LOOK DON”T LISTEN.

  37. By the way, in that picture of the “five” looking at the display, I notice three are children. No kidding, that is TWO walk-ins and their babies. The babies will keep Mommy and Daddy’s time, attention, and money tied up for the next fifteen years. GIVE ME A BREAK! That’s really gonna shoot the stats out the roof!

  38. And one more thing, in the policy “What Your Donations Pay For / Buy” I never saw “hush money” on that list. I would be curious to know WHICH bank account Debbie Cook’s check was drawn on when they paid her hush money? Maybe is was illegal on some level to even offer that money? Members of the Church are informed what donations are used for in L.R.H. policy. Was this money paid from any donations account? If it was paid from an I.A.S. account, how was the money clarified as an expense? Intent could be proven by which account she was paid from. Is the Church even supposed to be paying hush money? What catagory did they classify that under? Payroll? If so, are they honest on their books ? If it was paid from an I.A.S. account wouldn’t that imply they were handling a legal matter? If it was classified as payroll, wouldn’t that suggest severence pay? And how would they give a volunteer or religious worker severence pay? This all could have some bearing in the court. If it is from a donations account, doesn’t the Church have an obligation to inform it’s members their donations also buy silence?

  39. And it could have a bearing in court if it can be proven David Miscavige used members money to silence someone for revealing his personal crimes.
    If that is the case, the check should have come from his personal account.
    If he using Church resources for personal cover up? That is highly illegal given his position and trust.

  40. Quotes from the flyer: „That is exactly what is going to happen with our Non Existence campaign“.
    Thus, DM assigned that area the condition of „Non Existence“. First step is to tell the Media that they make it known that they are there. Interesting viewpoint. „I am here, now I tell you want you have to do!“ That is the modus operandi of a parasite.

  41. Joe Pendleton

    I wasn’t able to download that on the computer I’m on so can’t comment on it. I guess if they actually SIGNED UP 5 new people a day, that would be great for them (1,700 or so new people on course in a year), but to sign up 5, you usually need to get in about 30 or more (just remembering my body routing days) unless you do the “Davis Mission method.” Anyway, I was very proud of my city’s new org building about 6 years ago. It was a historic and beautiful building in one of the tourist centers of the world. BUT… ain’t the building that makes the religion. I’ve been in Notre Dame a few times as well as a number of times to St.Peter’s in the Vatican, and I ain’t a Catholic and I’m not gonna become one. I just really dig the Cathlic Churches. Been to many Buddhist temples too and I’m not a Buddhist. When I got in Scientology 42 years ago, my org was stuck in an office building with no sign outside, mismatched furniture, old desks, foldup chairs….. and oh yeah, at night the Academy and comm course were PACKED. No videos, live lectures. Uhm…… find out the successful actions and………

  42. Small print in the promo says. “We are here”? “That is exactly what is going to happen with our Non Existence campaign! The funding is coming from those who purchase our gorgeous, personalized Leather Bound edition of Dianetics.”
    Note “funding is coming from”. Are they kidding? How many people will buy that special, extremely expensive, albeit beautiful book? The purchase of the book, will be only from those members who already purchased the building, if they have any money left. When the campaign fails, it falls on all who didn’t buy, huh? They postulated at BIG building and they got it. Bless their hearts!

  43. Other than the fact Arden Jensen looks like he has cancer …. I would say … same old, same old.

  44. MIke- that’s 1825 per year on their numbers …. In ten years, there’s going to be a really keyed out one gas station farm town in northern Minnesota … right in time for world war 3 …

    Amazing vision and leadership. I think these guys would have a hard time running a lemonade stand … errh …. Kool Aid stand … {Sigh.}

  45. If DM’s goal is to increase Sea Org reserces by making public buy expensive real estate then he could be said to succeeding. If his stat is Sea Org Reserves, well, then it kind of makes sense. I’m just saying….

  46. markthehungarian

    Wow. When I clicked on the link I honestly thought that this was some sort of shoop. Is it real? It has to be a joke. This release is so sad it’s pathetic. 5 people a day! Really?

    Hey Church of Scientology, open a hot-dog stand. Open a cafe. Open anything on the side of the building and you’ll have the 40x expansion you keep droning on about.

    5 people a day? That’s it? And that’s *expansion*?

    The mind boggles. You must have your head deep in the sand if you believe this is a good thing.

    And of course, these 5 people a day could be tourists, people who are lost, strangers asking for directions, etc. It means nothing! Hell, I work in a business where we do not have walk-in customers, where we’re totally out of the way, and guess what, *we* get more walk-ins than you do!

    You sad, sad, deluded bunch. I think when kool-aid-drinkers are referred to, this is what they mean.

  47. David Miscavige and his minors are OUT OF VALENCE (=CRIMINALS)

  48. Irony of ironies – they use a quote from LRH ED 339R The Birthday Game “Thing Big” etc – which issue, IF they actually applied it per LRH, would result in ACTUAL expansion of Scientology (not to mention would also result in the re-introduction of the Universe Corps, the Exec Strata and so on). Instead they pat themselves on the back for the creation of some creepy synthetic apparency of expansion with fancy buildings.

  49. Lies cost a lot to maintain, the truth is free.

  50. Think Big. BIGGer. B I G G E R. BIGGER MEST! MEST. MEST. M E S T…!!!
    OMG, is this sick!!! David Miscavige must have the idea when the (his) MEST gets bigger, “HE” gets bigger too – BIG MEST!
    Sometimes I wonder if he really doesn´t understand anything about Scientology; or if he understands it just to turn it around 180°. Looks like he “studies” Scientology just to turn it around and to use it the opposite way – to destroy… . Reverse Scientology indeed! Destruction of beings and theta and conversion into total MEST. The purpose: Total MEST! Reminds me of what LRH said about MEST beings…

  51. At least they seem to be telling the truth about a stat for once. I’m surprised.

  52. Just spoke to the people that typed these books way back when LRH was around.Its all a money making Gimmick, along with those being crtical
    with all the chit chat about errors and mistakes / and the cause of Mu’s in books. Its crap and why has so much be altered ? whats that for a justification cover up, Aswell one would ask why on earth wouldn’t any one think LRH didn’t or wouldn’t have known about all those years before even he was blocked with comm .Come on, and even if it was the case of such errors, regardless people bought books as were and didn’t complain back in early days.. Its a scam at the expense of public.

  53. Oh my, whoever is responsible for that promo piece, which naively reveals the truth of the small amount of new people walking in, is going to be in trouble.

  54. I noticed that the the flier states only that five new public are walking through the doors. I assume after that point, they are herded into some elegant room to watch the introductory video. At the conclusion of this film, and no doubt stifling the urge to vomit, the staff members, acting more like hungry zombies than the stepford wives they are trained to be, hound these victims as they run for the door. The unfortunate five, will then be the recipients of evidence of environmental crimes in the form of glossy promotional mailers that will litter their mailboxes-I weep for the rain forest.

  55. That promo is shameless and clueless.

    I just threw up in my my mouth a little, as the young’uns say 😉


  56. 5 people a day?? FIVE??? Just 5 people per day for an entire fantastic, uber-special, over-the-top, ultra-expensive Ideal Org?

    Holy shit, someone needs to revise their expectations.

    20 years ago in Pretoria Org we used to have 5 people into the Info Center every 15 minutes. And all it took was someone standing outside the door saying hello to passers by and inviting them in for a look. Once inside, there wasn’t a TV or electronic gadget in sight, just two nice friendly folk sitting at regular desks and quite happy to talk to the public.

    Did anyone else notice that the photo of “new, interested public!” in the flier looks awfully like a teenager and two toddlers? I don’t have anything against toddlers mind you (I raised two myself), but toddler’s aren’t exactly an Org’s target public!




    “….time and pressure…”

  58. Tom Gallagher

    Hey POB, you addlebrained sociopath.

    Let’s get really aggressive and get that fundraising program straight up and vertical. Here’s a suggestion:

  59. George: Someone must be reading this blog 🙂

    As for the Theravadin policy of directing her back to her first teacher — the Buddha did allow, after much contemplation on the part of someone, perhaps Jain Upali, to follow him.

    In other words, the buddha recognized that not all relationships were made in heaven (humor here) and could be dissolved as long as it was done in a mindful and compassionate manner. Not just jumping ship.


  60. I recieved another piece of IDEAL ORGs promo.
    The promo piece is composed of pictures of 11 buildings from all over the world.

    The text goes like this.

    “All great cathedrals began their building by the placement of a single stone.”

    Contact your local …

    This is the same old trick, quoting LRH out of context (it’s a crime in my eyes).

    The very next 2 paragraphs tell another concept:

    “All great cathedrals began their building by the placement of a single stone.
    The building unit of a great society is the individual.
    We can speak of clearing in a broader sense and we can discuss its potentials for Earth. But while we work at that there is today another meaning to the word—a smaller meaning to the individual perhaps but a greater meaning to all men. Since it can happen now, in a few hours of good processing: the clearing of one’s transgressions in this lifetime and the taking of responsibility therefore.”


    “THINK BIG and your deeds will grow,
    think small and you fall apart.
    Think that you can and you will –
    it’s all in the state of mind.”

    If David Miscavige just knew what the VFP is supposed to be…


  61. Who or what are Yo Babies? It reminds me of that pathetic hip-hop video from a few months back.

    It very well could be that the hip “yo baby”, street type people are the demographic he’s trying to reach. God knows educated people aren’t buying what he’s selling so he’s got to find a new market for his snake oil. A market that’s poorly educated, not well spoken and barely literate BUT have money to fork over. That’ll work.

  62. In the real world the stat hasn’t really changed at all. Even with all the new building glitz they are still in non-e, danger zone Plus to change this stat sales of gold covered book is so pathetic. To put on an effective PR campaign they will have to sell a boat load of these books.

    The flyer is juvenile and if I had to admit to these
    stats I’d be totally ashamed!

  63. Huh! We used to bring in 2x their HE of 5 on a good evening and 5.4x their HE on a weekend day with ONE good body router and just an old building which was kept clean. And 50% of those went onto the old HAS course or bought DMSMH. Not everything is automated or Ford productionism, DM. There has to be some work involved, some doingness.

  64. I was wondering when someone was going to mention that.
    GREAT stat keepers, eh? sheesh…

  65. Open aHot dog stand next to the Ideal org for public.Years ago that would get me declared suppressive, but now ITS A DAMN GOOD IDEA. Like Pinks in LA hundreds of people filling the sidewalks in both directions.
    My God it makes me cry

  66. Hope the hell we get this made open and nailed

  67. Someone from “The Voice” blog is doing an up-to-the-minute accounting for activities today in San Antonio re: Debbie Cook’s court case.

    That’s a really nice building, the courthouse! I think David Miscaviage should make an offer on it and turn it into the new Idle Org of Texas!

    …just sayin.

    Good luck, Debbie! 🙂

  68. LOL! You’d think so, right?
    But that’s the funny thing… they won’t be!
    This is brilliant, flashy, PR and I’m sure 75% of the readers will never even get, no matter how many times they “read” it. The implant is there: B.I.S. is 2x PLUS! That’s all they care about.

  69. Jackson,
    a Yo-yo goes up and down just like an extremely PTS person to David Miscavige!

  70. That promo says it ALL. Unbelievable!

    Twin Cities must be the talk of the Scientology world. I bet Twin Cities is winning the “Birthday Game”. Staff around the world must be sitting around saying “Yo baby, how did Twin Cities do it? How did they get 5 people to walk through their door a day?” “Damn, if we only had $10,000,000 to get a building pretty enough to make someone come in and look around!”

  71. The other three are children.

  72. christie, now that’s a hoot you and Mike walk into Ocala Mission. Pretty obvious the staff at that mission don’t read. You would think your pictures would be on a wanted “dead or alive” board!!!!!

  73. Does anyone else notice that the children watching the television are 100% completely covered? I mean i guess it could be chilly, but I think it is odd that they are all covered like a burka.

    Also they need to run a spell check: opening not openEing .

    Hope someone is kicking some @$$ in San Antonio!

    Cheers and Beers

    Bed Man in Okc

  74. Steve, you hit it out of the park with this one – brilliant!

  75. Sorry…. just can’t get the words out….between the barfing episodes….

  76. “If David Miscavige just knew what the VFP is supposed to be…”
    See I think you’re going on the wrong definition of VFP because the one that meant ‘Valuable Final Product’ is old and not used anymore… or it never was used because apparently the transcriber was an SP and altered it from the original…. not sure which it was but if you want clarification you’ll have check with the Pope.
    The new definition (and the one clearly in full use now) is:
    VFP: Vociferous False Pontification
    David Miscavige knows what he’s doing! Go to cramming and clear your MUs SKM 😀

  77. Firebreathing Frog

    Wonderful. So clear and well stated.
    Thank you.

  78. love the line about Marty and Mike scrubbing up well, or words to that effect…

  79. Kevin, your assessment is extremely depressing to read but unfortunately all too true. The harm DM has inflicted on Scientology is tragic in the extreme. Very hard to confront, as LRH says about evil.

    Still, rehabilitation of reputation can occur if undertaken with proper application of Conditions – just like Thoughtful talks about in his reply to St. Peter (above).

    A long term project to be sure, as the damage is enormous. But first, DM must be gotten the hell out of there and the cancer surrounding him fully excised.

  80. Hmmmmmm. Where Admin is out, Tech is out, and Ethics has long ceased to exist. To me it isn’t the antics that DM and his followers are using to get more people to donate more money. This is to be expected! There IS NO PRODUCT in the church that is actually exchangeable, hence altered methods of support. Attracting new people by aesthetics (new and shiny mest buildings and all this gawdy advertising, the absence of human contact when a new guy walks in the door (greeted by multiple computer screens with various PR and alter-is) has been used to abandon the actual Policy on “New People In” (admin, Green on White) and in it’s place, the DM methods of raising money. Which is a “tech” in itself, one could say, but certainly not anything to do with exchanging money for increased awareness; Instead the exchange is getting some sort of picture for awarding huge money. And being satisfied with it? Mercy.

  81. Sam, well then, take a tour of the org, you get a limited special edition barf bag for only $500 as part of the deal.

  82. Tony DePhillips

    Good one B.

  83. Yo Babies? More like Yo Suckas…. (it sounds more like Philly to me). It would TAKE a sucker to purchase any more of those exclusive leather-bound properties. I think there must be a new Div 6 post called Flim-Flam I/C. Hey Miscavage, I’d say “Yo’ Momma” if it wouldn’t disrespect your mother, who I found to be a very theta lady. What the hell happened to you, punk?

    Don Cramer

  84. Tony DePhillips


  85. Tony DePhillips

    I hear ya Kevin.
    I do think parts of the philosophy and auditing tech can be salvaged. But it is on life support right now. The cancer needs to be finally burned out and then some re-growth can take place.
    I hope you don’t really think you were an idiot. I’m sure you got a few things out if the subject didn’t you?
    I have used the analogy of downloading a computer program that is very helpful and later finding there was a virus in the program that crashes your computer. Get rid of the virus and the program will work well and no more computer crashes.

  86. Sorry to go off topic here…Tony Ortega at V V has a live blog feed to the happenings in San Antonio. Check it out.

  87. The trial is being reported in p/t on the Village Voice!

  88. Also, Childs and Tobin already reporting on Tampa Bay

  89. “Hearing” is what I actually meant…

  90. You are funny, funny!!!

  91. Another Layer

    If anyone in the Twin Cities org is reading, I’d be interested to know what your thoughts are. To me, it looks like you are being taken for a very protracted, expensive and off-policy ride by the Miscavige administration.

  92. Journey Continued

    Dan, you got that right.

    I loved the bit about using the Non-E formula. It should be painfully obvious to DM and anyone involved in this Ideal Morgue program that the Church is not in Non-E. Never before in the history of Scientology have so many people been aware of the CoS. The reason that they stay away is because the CoS is at least in the condition of Treason.

    If the CoS applied the Treason Formula on up from a 3rd Dynamic and 4th Dynamic then possibly their message would attract some attention and generate some interest.

    By applying the wrong condition the situation for the CoS can and will only get worse.

  93. Yo Babies is NOT a Minnesota thing. The Twin Cities OT Committee Chairwoman Sherry Brier is married to New York native David Brier, who coined the phrase “Yo Baby”. It is what he would say often when he was emceeing Idle Morgue fundraisers.

    David Brier is a self proclaimed “expert” on the subject of branding. How he or anyone thought calling the OT Committee and the field the ‘Yo Babies” was a good idea, is beyond me.

  94. One more public per day and it’s triple the old volume! Straight up and f’n vertical! I take back all the bad things I thought about the Co$, with results like that! That Ideal Org strategy is pretty awesome!

  95. Is this a joke or piss taking or what LOL

  96. Likley the brain is over run on false reports and needs to make changes HA HA.( surpose to be a joke) I beleive sweet nothing on any reports by Church, because its not a church anymore.

  97. It’s happening everywhere else. It’s not happening at YOUR org ’cause YOU are out-ethics. I believe that’s how it goes.


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