Where’s the Love?

Tony Ortega’s Open Letter to Tom Cruise

San Antonio Current: Scn Inc v Cook

Village Voice: Shane Kelsey case

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  1. There will be many serious meltdowns before this is over I think, and most of them will be coming from David Miscavige. I bet many people are wishing they could be a fly on the wall to see it happen too. I think it is now time that Washington took that petition seriously now, anyone else think so? This is much more than a “fascination” of the church, as the attorney for the COS put it in court, by people and the media. This is something that has gone on for way too long. And as far as Miscavige has gone to bully, beat and silence people for so long…..I think that may well now have come to an end. He can no longer keep this covered up, and it will free so many. I hope they make him take the stand in this case.

  2. That is a well written article.

  3. The article is aptly named, “A Serious Meltdown,” though the author is a little off on the terminology. These are exciting times for the liberation of our religion.

  4. Great article. Also, a great new expose from Australia: http://au.news.yahoo.com/today-tonight/latest/article/-/12905379/australia-s-child-labour-camp/

    This, and a minor incident in my own back yard yesterday tell me the endgame is now in full play.

    The incident yesterday: I was shopping at my local precinct when a local public – let’s call him Kenny – as that’s his name – walked by across the walkway. This is word-for-word how the exchange went; Me: “Hi Kenny. Kenny (looking down, walking): “Fuck Off”. Me: (brightly) “How are you doing?” Kenny, walking away “You’re a dick”. And off he shuffled.

    This is sad on several levels. First, I spent several hours with him last year getting some true data across. He’s read Mary Jo Leavitt’s mail and some other bits of data. Even though he’d been told I had been declared he invited me in to his home saying quite correctly that “If it isn’t written it isn’t true”.

    Second, I know for a fact he is one of countless products locally of squirelled Clear mis-handlings.

    It occurred to me later that those STILL supping the KoolAid are now doing so voluntarily. In other words, there are probably VERY few, if any public left who really don’t get that their Church has gone off the rails and crashed right into the woods. Kenny’s “handling” of me is right out of the David Misacvige handbook; walk on with your hands over your ears going La La La and shout foul abuse in public for good measure.

    David Miscavige, you have done it. You have turned the once mighty Church into a vicious, snarling, bullying, odious cult in your own image. Even parishioners at the very lowest levels are testament to it. Well done.

  5. good luck debbie – can’t beleive the last time i looked you were the golden girl

  6. A very clear case of fine reporting. It would be nice if there was a national follow-up by the likes of ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, FOX.

  7. Boy oh boy oh boy, February 2012 it is NOT shaping up to be a good month for the Cult of $cientology. No Valentines for Scientology Inc. this year.

  8. The Village Voice has posted an open letter to Tom Cruise this morning.



  9. Where’s the Love? A very appropriate title. Every man for himself to help somebody else. Those used to be my thoughts (still are) and that is what the SO has been about for such a long time under “Little Dickie.” Peta, if you are reading this – good on ya! The black hole that is the church is imploding and in time the love will no longer be sucked away from well intentioned people.

  10. I read in the paper the other day that federal investigators (US Attorney’s Office) had finally concluded a two-year (TWO YEAR!) investigation into whether Lance Armstrong had doped himself with performance-enhancing whatamajigs during his Tour de France days. Their conclusion after two years was not to prosecute.


    And yet DOJ / FBI cannot get their act together to investigate adequately the already highly documented and corroborated allegations about the Church of Scientology’s crimes of:
    * human trafficking
    * abuse (physical, mental, sexual)
    * financial extortion
    * inurement and other IRS / state tax regulatory violations
    * cover-ups and perjury

    Come on, FBI and DOJ — do your job already. Or, better yet, surprise me. Show me you’ve been doing your job and actually charge somebody with something!


  11. So true, unless it’s some version on some flow of an Al Capone special.

    But you could be mine anytime. Minor details that you’re taken or given or just plain not a candidate, I know. 🙂

  12. A selected quote, “Tom, you’re in a bad position here. All of these things, they’re being done at the behest of your best friend, the man who runs Scientology, and who appears obsessed with making you a kind of unofficial second pope. Increasingly, you will be seen as a tacit partner in these practices.”

  13. Tom Cruise is loyal to his best friend Dave Miscavige = TREASON to L. Ron Hubbard.
    Tom Cruise, take your fancy sunglasses of, AND LOOK at the truth (=what is).

  14. Martin, thank you for the hysterically funny description of your encounter with Kenny. He’s quite the commercial for the application of Scientology as performed by the current RCS organization, isn’t he? And it’s all the more funny in the wake of the recent TV commercial touting Scientology as the greatest path ever discovered to impressive ability to handle relationships, communication, friendship, etc. Yep, Kenny is a real Homo Novis all right.

    It’s not quite as deranged as the episode a few years back where someone with an anti-Scientology T-Shirt encountered Jenna and Bodhi Elfman on the street and Jenna screamed incoherently, “What are your crimes? Have you raped a baby?” leading dozens of onlookers to wonder whether she is certifiably insane (see TMZ.com article here).

    Of course, the problem is that this embarrassing behavior makes it hard for anyone to see that there might be some value to the tech if used correctly…




    Two hundred people 50 dollars per?


  16. Anytime the Church decides, or is lured, in to a public response – TO ANYTHING – we get closer to the end of the Miscavige regime.

    Pouw’s response compares the RPF to Monks spending years in meditative religious seclusion then talks about the RPF as penance for severe breach of ecclesiastical responsibilities.

    Sorry, Karen, but the article is about a child, living on dirt floors and being used as slave labor. How could a kid even be in a position of having ecclesiastical responsibilities to breach?. What did he do, not make his bed?. Are you seriously trying to label this kid’s years in the RPF as a religious experience?

    Pouw’s comparison of this kid’s life in the RPF to some Monk on a vision-quest shows RCS for what it is…. A dangerous, abusive group hiding behind the word religion.

    Keeping talking (or sockpuppeting for your master) as I’m starting to think you are on our side.

  17. Interesting that Mr Jeffrey says there’s virtually no chance of a summary judgment at this stage. Of course it’s LEGALLY possible, keeping in mind that Debbie is the defendant.

    I smell a counter claim

  18. martyrathbun09

    No – don’t think it is a good investment.

  19. Yes, Tom. Wake up and smell the enema.

  20. yep, Happy Valentines Day Kenny and KoolAid drinkers everywhere!

  21. Thanks to the many thousands of doners pumping hundreds of millions into miscavige’s slush fund, and the hundreds of sleazy lawyers miscavige has been able to hire over the years with that money, the “press” has been cowed into silence on matters miscavige.

    So too have many “scientologists” with stories to tell been cowed into silence.

    Individuals like Marty, Mike, Steve, Tony Ortega, Childs and Tobin and many more, are the ones who will set the stage for the next act in this bizarre play.

    They are the ones who will set the stage because they are the ones with the courage to observe the truth and state what they have observed.

    If my hunch is correct, in the very very near future miscavige will no longer be able to hide behind the curtain of ecclisiastical privilege since nothing he’s doing is in fact part of the religion he’s pretending to be a part of. His “friends” will desert him, as they are already doing, and david will be indicted for his crimes.

    On the day of his indictment, with all of the truly courageous and hard work already done, the feeding frenzy will begin in earnest. The jonny-come-lately media will finally jump on the band wagon when it’s “safe” to do so.

    Anderson Cooper has balls. Greta Van Susetern is an enabler.

  22. Ortega’s open letter to Tom Cruise is an impressive one.

    If these celebrities are going to keep their heads in the sand while kids and adults alike are currently being starved and tortured, then they must be bypassed, as is happening.

    Tom Cruise: You are being bypassed. As the face of Scientology, you are in the condition of Danger.

    And if you are aware that there just might be a problem with the sanity and stability of your best friend, David Miscavige, yet you keep your head in the sand, you are in the condition of Treason on a broad scale, against many, many good people who trusted you.

    Tom Cruise: You are in DEEP trouble, man.

    Muster up some real, actual courage and do the right thing.

    Stop living in Disneyland, where money is everywhere and people roll out the red carpet wherever you tread. It’s disgusting.

  23. Why don’t you just make them wrong? I would imagine using a little ARC would work much better. And I’m not saying be namby-pamby. Talk in their language, get their R and communicate from there. There must be someone who is a social personality working there.
    Just sayin’

  24. Ordering another to break someones finger,etc,etc, ad nauseum

    Why is D.M. not in prison

    OPCAT Other protocol for Committee against torture
    ,Office of the High Commissioner

  25. Marty – I think Tony Ortega and Bryan Seymour should be nominated for a CNN Hero award.

  26. Summary Judgement. Please enlighten me. If they ask for a ‘Summary Judgement’, which I understand means they are saying all the proof necessary to judge the case is in, does that mean they rest their case and can the judge say, “Okay RCS, you lose.”? Or if the Judge feels RCS loses do they get a do over?

  27. KFrancis | February 10, 2012 at 11:46 pm | Reply

    A message to Tom Cruise.

    Tom in your interview done by Golden Era you communicated very intently regarding your commitment to KSW and LRH. I am sure you remember and I take you at your word and believe you spoke honestly that day.

    LRH has stated that fame is a rock and so I ask you, if fame is just MEST then won’t you use some of yours to strike a blow to keep the technology free? Won’t you use it to assist LRH?

    Debbie Cook and many other good people are working hard to put things right. You are in a position to help and tip the balance in this war. Fame is fleeting – please don’t waist this opportunity to use your MEST to strike a blow to recover the Scientology LRH envisioned for everyone.

    You are Freedom Medal Winner- make it mean something for real!

  28. Agree with you Marty not a good idea.
    to Payback: instead why not donate the money to Debbie’s defense fund.

    Tom Price

  29. Summary judgment is where the case doesn’t go to trial. It could be to avoid the cost, or to spare someone from having to give evidence, or where the initial evidence shows there is no case to answer.

    It has to be applied for by either the defendant (Debbie) or the claimant (RCS) as it doesn’t just happen automatically.

    Mr Jeffrey is saying that there is no chance of a summary judgment which means there is every intention of fighting the claim.

  30. Tom Cruise is not the correct prospect to speak out.
    Go for JT.
    JT is a respected personality all over the world. TC is not.
    Having TC speaking out would be a nightmare for Scientology in general.

  31. If a motion for Summary Judgment is filed by CoS and denied by the judge, then the lawsuit would proceed forward. That’s assuming Miscavige doesn’t move to drop the whole thing, like a handful of molten metal. Of course, there is a good chance Debbie will file a counter-claim, keeping the the torture of Miscavige going, now that the tables have turned.

  32. Too bad that all those social personalities there work for the same puppet master as Davey.

  33. Bluebonnet, that’s not the right gradient at this time. Remember the make-nice petition, basically ignored? Time to pressure for criminal charges. I, for one, don’t trust the Justice Department to stand truthfully on the side of justice and use the right-sized hammer — they could go completely nuts and do more harm than good. But would love to see Miscavige prosecuted for his actual crimes, whether by California, Florida, or Federally.

  34. LOL! Because the comm above to the FBI is pretty late on the chain, Bluebonnet.

    But don’t let that stop you from sending them your own communication in any flavor you like.


  35. Tony Dephillips


  36. Impartial English Girl

    Excellent article; thank you for posting. And DM has only himself to blame – not that that fact will prevent him “getting medieval” on some poor innocent minion…

    I agree with SKM above also. JT is a man one can respect – TC lost his credibility years ago…

    Hope Debbie Cook and her husband are doing OK.

    IEG xx

  37. Tony Dephillips

    That was to Blue bonnet.
    Like the FBI is not going to do anything now because Just Me upset them?? Lol..

  38. Marty mentioned in his previous post a comment about the statute of limitations for David Miscavage’s criminal acts. Does anyone know what those time limits are, for the kind of crimes DM would face if ever called to court, such as assault, kidnapping, illegal incarceration, conspiracies of such, whatever else?

  39. Don – perfect, so true!

  40. Hope MR and MR have an updated plan to pick up the pieces. Or, grab the reins. Looks like The Little One is working hard to finally “pull it in”.

    This is expanding the concept of going outside of an Organization, by whatever means, to report an outness, to a new level.

    The Little One has already set precedent for assuming the reins from seniors after Source moved on.

    Maybe The Little One can assume a cell, in a hall of dark souls, next to Charles Manson.

  41. Last time I sent money to Debbie, she said the money was greatly appreciated and needed for further legal action. Certainly I see nothing wrong with adding to Debbie’s war chest. If she is applying LRH then she will go on the offensive. If sending $100 neutralizes $5K of IAS donations, then I need to give Debbie a little more to make up for the damage I caused by giving to the IAS.

  42. A teacher of mine once said, ‘to really understand religion you have to trancend religion’. I never really got that until now.
    The expediency of claiming Scientology a religion, although valid at the time, may have laid the groundwork for the present predicament. When I look at LRH I get a sense of someone natively quite insouciant and irreverent even iconoclastic. He’s more Chuang Tzu than Lao Tzu!
    It is horrifying to see how quickly a spiritual philosophy in that vein can morph into not only its antithesis but all that is bad about organized religion as a whole – dogma, heirarchy, greed, arrogance, intolerance, narrow-mindedness, fear and lazy-mindedness!

    I look at Shane and I’m struck by the evil that now exudes from this church. What a waste of a childhood! I remember him as a baby. He was sharp as a button, really THERE. Now he has to somehow get back to zero point. He’s got to re-boot. Anyway, he’s got a great dad and a great mom too ( Lesley, WTFU!)
    This is the risk of a huge, de-personalized organisation, where the group is all and the individual expendable.
    I keep hearing the defense that there are good people doing good things in the church. What does that really matter when the whole edifice has become nothing more than a bureaucratic blunt instrument in the hands of sociopath with a Napoleon complex, It’s just piss in the wind.

    On a lighter note, Tony Ortega must walk funny as he’s got a serious pair of cojones!

  43. John P-I had an encounter with the Elfmans in the same neighborhood as I live there. As I came out of my building, Jenna and Bodhi walked right in front of me. I decided to greet them.I told them my name is Ingrid and that I’m an auditor in Scientology. With actual fear in their eyes, they hurriedly scurried away, as they gave an insincere ack over their shoulders. They kept nervously checking back to make sure I was far behind them. I told a friend about this strange behavior who told me that at CC celebrities are taught to not trust anyone, including Scientologists “they are all out to get you” “They are l.l”

  44. Oops – I had to re-check that number from Marty’s older posts. The IAS neutralization cost seems to be 5%, not 2%. This seems to be about right as the cost of my auditing results in the field are easily less than 5% of what I would spend in the church.

  45. The derogatory media for the Church of David Miscavige is overwhelming. I just hope that true Scientologists will be able to restore the good name of the applied religious philosophy, Scientology, at some point in the near future. It is heartbreaking to think that the public considers the evil things reported, as Scientology. Nothing could be further from the truth. Those of us who have experienced the miraculous gains of the true technology that L. Ron Hubbard developed, know the difference.

  46. Don’t know if this is applicable here, but when I was consulting with a very experienced attorney about my son’s case, he stated that there are all kinds of different statutes of limitations in different courts and in different states. In my case, we were talking about civil law and family law. Hope this helps.

  47. Jason Lee seems to have about the lowest profile as a Scientology celebrity-I would love to see him have an interview with Tony. and also get the truth.
    These celebrities are so isolated from the truth. If they only knew…..

  48. Plus John Travolta can differentiate Scientology from Miscavology.
    He knows the old days.
    TC don’t.

  49. “Hope MR and MR have an updated plan to pick up the pieces. Or, grab the reins.”

    The “reins” have already been grabbed by hundreds of individuals and groups around the planet who are already delivering. Marty himself is one of the stellar examples of delivery. Many others have set up shop as well.

    “Scientology belongs to those who can use it.”

  50. PersonalJudas,

    How right you are, the Kelseys were cool folks. I’ve known Lesley since she was still single and posted in Durban. I didn’t get to meet Adrian much but it was Lesley who first contacted me in 1999 to rejoin the SO (at AO ANZO). That only lasted 6 weeks, no fault of hers.

    I well remember Shane at that time, he must have been around 9 or 10 years old. A bright wide-awake kid just like you noticed too.

    If Lesley finds herself back in SA she’s going to need some friends to help her out, and I hope she looks me up. I have a standing offer (repeated on this blog a few times) to help out any of my old SO member friends if they need it when the shit hits the fan. Lesley is one of those friends. So here’s a message to her hoping she’ll see it:

    Lesley, you have friends out here who can help and are happy to do so (no BS, no strings, just real genuine honest help). You know me quite well, my name is Alan McKinnon and these days I live in Joburg. If you read this, call me, OK?


  51. You are right Ingrid…they are isolated. They have communicators that filter most of their comm, several times, before it reaches them… and being that their communicators are Scientologists as well, they are also under the extended arm of David Miscavige being closely watched, sec checked, and in fear of letting any “entheta” get thru the lines. Heaven forbid one of them should hear any of those “lies”. The only way one of them would see Debbie’s email, for example, would be for it to find a “backdoor” to them. Those backdoors do exist…and will be used, but it just adds time to seeing the full picture.

  52. I’m absolutey stunned. The rate of fire at the RCS, Miscavige in particular, and now Tom. Wow… When the cows come home they really, really do.
    All I can see now is that the flow has reversed big time for dm and is accelerating, the speed is amazing.
    Closure for many is just around the corner as well as a huge wake up call to the organisational types still hanging on to Blind man Pete’s malady.
    Putting order into Miscavige’s universe… whew, what a head spin!

  53. Yes indeed 🙂

  54. I see the fund as an ongoing thing, too. It’s disheartening to see “money for attorneys” in the Indies, as it was in the Co$, but this money amongst the Indies has a purpose to end what has become an oppressive totalitarian regime in the Co$ – not to perpetuate it. My own “private question to self” is whether this is the case to continue, to break the Co$ legal hold. I personally do not believe the Co$ has valid legal ground for its abuses, but the costs of a case should be somehow proportional to its merits and effects. There are various cases going on, Australia is a virtual frying pan for the Co$, as is Germany, France, Belgium, the UK, and perhaps other countries too, for example. So is the decision going to be, based on Jeffrey’s team’s informed assessment, to counter-claim or possibly expand this Debbie Cook case?

    I imagine “a lot depends” is the answer, but I think one factor is fairly clear: it should not be stopped for lack of funds, alone. Whichever case is pursued, it should have sufficient funding to carry it through. Jeffrey is closer to becoming a household name nation-wide, in a very good light. As I understand things, M&M expressedly do NOT wish to establish a new church or pointlessly try to reform the Co$, yet they are willing to use their considerable expertise to stop the Co$ abuses and monopoly. And as “Co$ v. Cook” has demonstrated, they are willing and able to step up and make good use of a legal fund. So I continue to view this legal fund as a positive necessary. That’s my limited view of it.

    I think for most it is much easier to donate small amounts over time, than to donate “emergency amounts”. Certainly it is easier to pool contributions to a great case, and support someone else willing to take the stress of it, than it is to bring possibly under-funded suits as individuals. One precedent setting case that pulls the “ecclesiastical mystique” off this PIG of a church will open doors to similar cases, and make things too expensive for the Co$ to continue.

    Then we can watch and smugly applaud as the FBI and the White House step in the take credit for everything with a big flash-bang raid after the show is all over, and hold a news conference about fighting terrorism at home, championing civil rights, or something. Betcha even the Vatican gets its finger on the scales – maybe they have some influence in D.C. and the DoJ?

    In the meantime, I think we should build up a legal fund. I would like to see financial statements and estimates so we have some idea and can make some personal plans, but I’m viewing it as a kind of “tax on Indie auditing” dedicated to keeping the work free. Btw, I’m not asking for financials at this time – I do not think that would be especially wise at all! Whenever M&M make the call with whatever is prudent to say at whichever time. Perhaps when it’s all over, some would OK a list of major contributors so they get recognition due them, “Guerilla Emeritus” or something. (Ask the U.S. Army how difficult it is to fight a guerilla war! Never knowing when the next attack is coming, nor from which quarter! Yet still having the fearful assurance that it will be well planned and funded, and that responses will be quick and fatal!)


  55. Erin, this bullshit is getting old real fast.

    The only “puppet master” David Miscavige works for is himself. If you think otherwise, produce the documentation to back it up.

    Michael A. Hobson
    Independent Scientologist

  56. That’s OK. On Valentine’s Day, I’ll be your Valentine. And thank you very much for the compliment. 🙂

  57. Fine, fine response. Like.

  58. Whoever picks up the pieces from Miscavige, please do a wholesale cancellation of ALL existing SP orders, erring on the side of cancelling ALL SP excommunication sentences. (Reference, Board of Review policy, in the existing Ethics Book)

  59. Tony Ortega! You are the man! God! That is an outstanding write-up! Listen people, we need to bring in the FBI! We need an FBI raid on SCN INT to free anyone still locked up in The Hole! I started an online petition. PLEASE SIGN and PROMOTE.


  60. Tony DePhillips


  61. Marty, Mike & dear friends,

    Thank you for the continuing differentiation between Radical Corporate Scientology and the Independent Movement. I’m blown away by the receptiveness of portions of MSM (main stream media) towards this.

    I sense, that they, too, as beings, are looking for something.

    And isn’t that something called the truth?

  62. These stories of degradation and abuse illustrate how the church treats its members who do not “toe the line”.

    It may seem unbelievable to many – that people would stand for this type of abuse, let alone withstand it for many years or a lifetime. What is generally not known is that the technology and policy of Scientology itself is being used (albeit in reverse) as a tool of coercive persuasion in order to hold Scientology staffers (and yes, parishioners as well) in thrall.

    The C of S’s response to the Shane Kelsey Case omitted mentioning the endless hours, days, weeks and years of being counseled to stay, the onerous church administrative procedures, the “routing forms” and the coercive persuasion (intentionally misapplied Scientology “Security Checks”, Confessionals, Ethics and Justice actions, etc.) that a staffer or parishioner is subject to when he expresses any dissatisfaction or originates wanting to leave.

    These techniques along with the more well-known and time tested methods of duress, punishment and deprivation often cause the adherent to choose the (apparent) path of least resistance and decide to stay, hoping for a better tomorrow.

    Well that better tomorrow is only here my friends – on the outside. Come join us and see for yourself. Quit fucking around in that dead-end disaster Miscavige calls the Church of Scientology.

    He’s never known what the word Scientology means.

  63. Tony DePhillips

  64. Ingrid ~ Proof of who the terrorists are…

  65. Tony DePhillips

    Incredible letter by Tony Ortega. The man has skills!!
    Tom Cruise, grow a pair and take a little peek and go and find out. The clip above that I posted where you tell Matt Lauer that if you don’t know about something, that you go and find out is the true test now. If that statement is true then GO and LOOK and READ and Interview these ex Sea Org members!!! Don’t be such a chicken shit.

  66. The ABC news story on Debbie Cook’s hearing is airing in LA at 5pm PST (right now).

  67. “As the face of Scientology, you are in the condition of Danger” Confusion. There, fixed it.

  68. JM,

    Love your “SNAP”!

    As for the FBI….

    Here’s what I think it stands for:

    F = Fidelity (To themselves for sure)
    B = Bravery (Yes I am sure many are)
    I = Integrity (As a responsible group that has been mandated to serve and protect the rights of U.S. citizens, these guys and gals have FAILED to do so too many times. Documents given to them about Cof$ and they still have their collective heads in the sand? — FAIL —)

    Gary 🙂 – just a villager with torches for davey and anyone that still supports his psychotic criminal actions.

  69. OTVIIIisGrrr8!

    We in RTC are seriously concerned about professional athletes and doping. We think that hundreds of millions of dollars and dozens and dozens of law enforcement agents are needed to ensure that professional sports and the Olympics are protected from steroids and psych drugs.

    We in RTC are opposed to any form of interference in religion. We are opposed to so-called wog “courts of law” allowing bitter apostates to attack religious leaders, particularly COB. Please! His job is already difficult enough without baseless attacks. COB literally works to put Ethics in on the Planet everyday as he fights the forces of global suppression with only a very small and shrinking budget of a few billion dollars. It really is a paltry amount given our battle against Big Pharma and its trillions of dollars.

    Please contact your elected leaders today to demand that they step up their investigation of professional athletes and doping. Please demand that your elected leaders pass strong new laws that give the Church freedom from prosecution when it acts on behalf of the Planetary citizenry for the greatest good.

    In closing, we in RTC remind you that the entire agonized future is at stake. This is why you must raise your IAS Patron Status today. Please call IAS right now and donate as much money as you possibly can to help save Scientology during this time of unprecedented religious persecution in which COB is being irreparably harmed in a way that even the Tech cannot help.

  70. Cindy Pinsonnault


  71. Cindy Pinsonnault

    Tony Ortega’s article is really great. One of the things I like most about Mr. Ortega is that he recognizes and even emphasizes that there is a difference between the philosophy of scientology and the COS/Miscavige. Even though I think he probably finds much of it to be, well, humorous, he nevertheless sees that the philosophy has been deliberately twisted and misapplied DM:

    “One thing I want to emphasize at this point, Tom. So far, in all of this shocking, rotten information about the church that has leaked out in recent months and that I’ve listed in this letter, NOT A SHRED OF IT INVOLVES THE BELIEFS OF SCIENTOLOGY.

    IT’S NOT THE BELIEFS OF SCIENTOLOGY THAT ARE RIPPING YOUR RELIGION APART, with many longtime members leaving and becoming “independent Scientologists” ….

  72. Debbie just made the Los Angeles ABC7-News at 5PM and the abc7.com website! I’m so excited! Congratulations, Debbie & Wayne, Marty, Mo, Mike, Steve, and all who have been instrumental in bringing this about. And to all of us whose postulates have been with you all the way! This exposure has got to be close to the end of Miscavige’s tyrannical reign. Take a big win!

  73. Michael, this isn’t a court of law. Erwin isn’t obliged to produce evidence to support a suspicion that may arise more from obnosis. That there are “puppetmasters” behind DoJ is certainly plausible if one applies the biblical admonition, “Ye shall know them by their works.” Whether or not there is someone or something behind the curtain may not be a critical question to answer, but it always pays to keep one’s eyes open. I mean, look around. If you “follow the money” who is benefiting from the various global crises? Could it be plausibly asserted to be the same bunch who benefit from the suppression of freedom-supporting tech like Scientology? I ain’t saying there is some particular conspiracy going on, but to assert that maybe there are more SPs behind it all doesn’t seem that far out in left field to me.

  74. ABC News just aired the story on Debbie Cook at 5pm this evening, Los Angeles time. See the video of the airing.
    Transcript there as well.


    Pretty damning, hard hitting.

    We are only in to the first 6 weeks of 2012 and the rocket ride is only just beginning…..

  75. Speaking as a “wog”, I think its insane for anyone who is mentally competent to allow someone else to act as their “communicator” so they can filter communications.

  76. That’s funny as hell, and I’m not sure you were even trying to be funny! By the time you add up all the extra sets of Basics and IAS donations and Idle Morgue donations, I see your point — the costs of the Independent routes are a fraction — maybe even less than 1% in some cases. The cost of doing Scientology was pretty reasonable in the 60s and 70s, and maybe that is why some of the principles of Scientology have percolated into many different areas. Some of it via est or other practices that borrowed from Hubbard, but the influence of Scientology principles and techniques can be seen all over the “human potential movement”. At sky-high prices, the suffusion of such theta into the world is proportionally narrowed and choked off — nobody is buying. The incipient victory of Independent Scientology portends the return of reasonable fees worldwide (already happening), which could bring a 2nd heyday of application, and the renewed flow of “contact high” benefits into the world at large.

  77. FCDC Class of 74

    It is amazing how little man has all these high powered celebrity types bamboozled. Personally I handle my approach to helping them to be more enlightened by a mest method picked up as a laborer, an organized laborer. I boycott. Since they are in an enviroment that is all about the almighty dollar both from DM’s perspective and their own it is evident that when their fan base would dwindle, then so goes the cash. So far pointing out the moral side to the church’s behavior is not working, then this could be another alternative.

  78. Hello Mike,
    you may be right.
    But consider this:
    greedy people make stupid deals and sometimes, after they sold out, they doesn’t work on their own agenda only.

  79. Nicely written LDW

  80. I wasn’t saying to be lame. I said talk their language not just make them wrong. “I’ll hold you personally responsible for ANY MORE deaths.” kind of thing might communicate better than a whinny, “Do your jobs!” And I would consider Ann Marie Tidman’s death a direct result of depraved indifference on the part of your favorite management terminal. And I’m sure where there’s this one there are more.

  81. Carcha — Well put. You are astute….

  82. Ingrid, that might not be so weird. I knew a guy who ran into Bob Dylan coming out of a mutual friend’s house, and because Dylan didn’t have a conversation with him, he decided it meant that Dylan was an antisocial asshole. Who knows, possibly he was right, but the point is: Do you know how hard it’s gotta be (in some ways) to be Bob effing Dylan? Or Jenna Elfman — must get hit on by guys constantly for one thing. And how many people do you think she has to meet or avoid meeting every time she walks out her door? I’m not saying, “poor, poor celebrities,” but it’s not likely too easy to be in that spot. And it’s irrefutable that there are stalkers and crazies out there — more than one celebrity has been killed by a deranged fan. So, I don’t blame them for sometimes overreacting and walking the other way. Not to be sarcastic or flip, but seriously: if John Lennon had been a little more suspicious of people walking up to him, he might still be making music today.

    Plus, you did tell her you are an auditor. Maybe she thought you were about to try to sell her another set of Basics.

  83. Mike – Thank you. I steal a moment here to LOL, as there are people elsewhere who call me much less complimentary modifiers (can’t repeat them as my Mom told me not to use bad language, and not think bad thoughts).

  84. Don’t have the link, but a judge in the Headley’s case ruled that if the plaintiff was under significant duress, believing empty threats by the Co$, still laboring to recover, the statute of limitations may be set aside. Shane Kelsey for example might convincingly argue that it has taken him some time to understand the rights he has as a human being and recover from the “indoctrination” he received from a very young age. Not that I would want to interfere in ecclesiastical footbullets, but the Co$ lawyer-boys might do well to stop the abuses and tortures that extend the statute of limitations. The Co$ is going to fall anyway – all they have to do is ask themselves if they would like to be in “the hole” for two or three years? And, what’s the point of continuing failed policies of abuse? Counsel yourselves, counselors, or seek counsel; the calendar is growing thin, and the Ultimate Judge will not be swayed with verbiage.

  85. I agree with you, Tom.

    If you look at some of Tony’s earlier writings in all this, he was quite catty and disparaging about Scn in general. It is noteworthy that his letter to TC clearly differentiates between the subject and the organization committing crimes in its name.
    this move, in the media, away from identification towards differentiation is extremely positive.
    There are many people who have played a part in this 4th Dyn FDS’ing and continue to do so but there is a very clear ‘hub’ around which all this activity orbits. That hub is Marty and this blog.

    Thanks again, Marty
    for all that you do.

  86. Who owns the trade marks and who can take out the licences of RTC?

  87. Good God! I feel so angry that any of you – Debbie, Mike, Marty, Amy, Scott, and so many others – have ever endured such hate and abuse.

    On the plus side, if there can possibly be a plus in all this, it is terrifically gratifying that in Debbie’s and Wayne’s case so much evidence of the abuse done to them has been made visible by Scientology Inc. itself.

    Had the cult not filed this lawsuit against Debbie, her testimony in open court would not have been given and recorded for the world to see. Had the cult not filed all their documents and exhibits with the court and played this video in open court, the media could not have been made the abuse so visible to the world. Had the cult not defended “The Boss” so pathetically in its responses to these stories, the world could not make such a bright connection between Debbie’s and Wayne’s suffering and their tormentor – The Boss, David Miscavige.

    Eliot Abelson, just for a moment, imagine how you’re going to look on videotape when federal prosecutors offer you a plea bargain to roll over on The Boss – and you accept their offer.


  88. I am so glad Shane is out and with is father. All Scientologists know this situation exists. You saw it daily while you wandered the Fort Harrison or sat in HGC waiting for your session. The staff, the hardest working, most incredible people on the planet never got the recognition, ever. That is why after a few months in the Sea Org I decided to be public, where you are treated like royalty.

    Today I am going to lunch with an old Scientologlst friend. Wonder if he will bring it up??

  89. Oh yeah, SNAP! DM would be so proud of you. Ridicule me for suggesting you use Scientology! It is possible you have an mu on ARC, possibly from False Data you received at the RCS.

  90. CC via VV

    Dear Tony,

    Thank you very much for keeping up with us, I hope your open letter to Tom Cruise has a wonderful effect.

    You have a wonderful ability to communicate. A priceless gift.

    If I contributed myself but a single drop to moisten the thirsty roots of Scientology reform I would be proud of myself.

    Tom’s silence you’ve made very loud and I hope you continue to repeat the “Command”. His claimed “ignorance” has to be removed. That can not be too difficult, in my mind.

    I am sure you are aware of this recent YT expose’, not certain if it is indeed recent, or reposted. Can you please repost it? Freshly in a new unit of time?

    That would be very wonderful.


  91. I guess it was posted Feb, 14. Now again, here.
    Party on…

  92. Thanks for the answers.

  93. Actually it is very common for folks in positions of importance or public prominence to have “flak-catchers” – others who stand between them and the public. Movie stars, political figures, heads of corporations, all have their “secretaries”, publicists, etc. who speak for them. Like the President has his “Press Secretary” etc.

  94. The timing of the disintergration of the Miscavige hate/violence fest in the name of religion coincides with the collapse of many structured systems in society. Established power centers are showing their age. Tyrannical leaders are finding painful demise. I can’t say I’m upset about it. All those that lead through hate, violence and inhumanity will fall. What a pity there are still some who think Miscavige is a great man. The writing is on the wall. Miscavige must be bouncing off the walls. His paper crown is being lit on fire by the boomerange of his own dark deeds. I for one have been hoping and praying for this for a long time. I you f–k with Truth, be prepared for the fall. We need leaders who lead with a balance of love and reason. I see the Independent Scientologist thriving, as long as love and service is the goal. I hope it does, because the world needs reason, the world needs love, the world needs warriors of Truth and Ingetrity. Om Peace

  95. Om


    Wonderful opening post. It is good to have you here. Hope we hear more from you as you see fit.

    Eric S

  96. I had my lunch with my Scientologist in good standing friend.

    He had just returned from Flag. They found he wasn’t clear after 29 years and took away his bracelet. He is having health problems and looks like he has hit the end of the road for his auditing and hopes for OT.

    No conversation of Debbie Cook but a reference to Anonymous and their attacks.

    He got his patron and was given a pin personally by DM.

    He is the epitome of a cash cow. But I suppose he thinks it is worth it to be a member of the group. His life centers around the Org.

  97. That 1 or 2 Anons that eat there slice of cake outside the Org sometimes nowadays must be a real terror.

  98. It’s not about legal ownership but about control.

  99. He wont do it, right Tom?
    He he is so confused now that he has been slapped so hard by the media for his bloppers (think couches, being an authority on psychiatry etc.) that he probably has engrams about it. He probably knows he should but he problably thinks: “what if I´m wrong again?” “I can not embarrass myself any more than I have already” You look at him in interviews now and he tries to be calm because his “I am the bomb”-“look how enthusiastic I am”-“triumphant grin”-“LOL-HA,HA,HA,HA,HA” attitude has landed him right on the front pages of the media for ridicule.

    So he is not likely to do ANYTHING.

    But hey, miracles can happen. Surprise us Tom.

  100. Thank you Wind Walker, its nice to express these thoughts in a receptive environment. I left Scientology when the missions where destroyed. I remember the intuitive knowing I had at that time. Time to go, this is not truth, something is so not right.
    I formally resigned: went into ASHO, got dressed up in a three piece suit, stood in line with pc’s for the examiner, sat down with a wonderful feeling, the examiner looked at me with a smile and said, “your needle is floating, would you like to originate anything?” I said, with a big smile on my face,”I’d like to formally resign from the church of scientology. The examiner looked as if all the blood drained from her poor face. Floating needle/resigning Wha!!
    I was sent to ethics and spoke my case to the ethics officer for two hrs. I found out later that she left after talking with me.
    There were a few things that did not feel right, my knowing knew, and now that knowing is justified by these brave and wonderful people coming forward to make good on the promise of Freedom. We are free people. And liberty is worth more than life itself. For liberty allows life to flourish and expand.

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