Battle of San Antonio: A Review

On day one of Scientology Inc v Debbie Cook, after witnessing the opening statements of Ray Jeffrey and George Spencer, after Debbie Cook was called as first witness of the plaintiff, and after being dismissed from the courtroom as announced witnesses, Mike Rinder and I took a leisurely stroll at the Riverwalk in downtown San Antonio.  We could relax for a moment since by then we were assured that  we owned David Miscavige.

We talked about the state of David Miscavige’s mind as reflected in his handling of the Battle of San Antonio. Our walk was relaxed because we knew that Miscavige’s  arrogant, ill-advised first move would be his last – calling Debbie Cook to the stand.  I said to Mike, “these days, watching Scientology Inc Legal is like watching a Tommy Davis PR performance.”  Mike mused about how predictable it was that Miscavige would react as we figured he would to our message from the Alamo.

We reflected on how after our announcing to the world that Miscavige was following right in the footsteps of infamous general and despot Santa Anna, he had ignored the well-known aphorism of philosopher George Santayana:

“Those who cannot learn from history are doomed to repeat it.”

That is not say that all was sea shells and balloons on the front lines – but we knew at that point there was no reversing the fact that the Scientology Inc locomotive was headed straight into the train wreck of the century.

Even then though, we did not suspect that within 24 hours Miscavige would channel Santa Anna right on down to waving the white flag, and fleeing across the Texas plains in his underwear.

A Scientology Inc outright surrender is unprecedented in circumstances such as these.

Yes, Scientology Inc has paid huge sums of money at the courthouse steps in exchange for silencing Public Relations and Legal nightmares.

But, never has Scientology Inc surrendered after the damage was already done, and never in such a pathetic, thoroughly embarrassing fashion.

On my way out of San Antonio, I had a visit with Village Voice Editor In Chief Tony Ortega.  Tony asked me why the Surrender at San Antonio was so epic.

I told Tony that in order to fully appreciate the answer he needed a little history lesson, as follows.

The Temporary Restraining Order(TRO)/Preliminary Injunction (PI) procedure is relatively standard in most states in America.  Since 1981 Mike and I had helped Scientology Inc capitalize on it to crush, punish and silence many people.  Generally, one can get the TRO with no notice to the defendant, and then the defendant has but ten days to put together a complete defense in a hearing for a PI.  That means scrambling together for bread and trying to hire someone competent to enter a thoroughly unremunerative and unrewarding battle field and get him prepared for the unpreparable.  Very few that Mike and I could recall had ever been able to get it together in that time frame.  So, dozens of times we had used the weapon successfully to muzzle a defendant from the outset and for the remaining two to five year period the case would take to get to ultimate trial.  It was like shackling the defendant to the whipping post, then using the two to five years of litigation process to bury, punish, and bankrupt him or her with harassing discovery and motion work.  And while ultimately the defendant might prevail at trial (e.g. Gerry Armstrong, Joe Yanny), in many ways the person was ruined and enervated by that time.

Mike and I knew that it was no coincidence that from January 1, 2012 to this day Office of Special Affairs (OSA, dirty tricks and propaganda arm of Scientology Inc) had every available operative in the field pushing one message and one message alone toward Debbie Cook and Wayne Baumgarten:  whatever you do, stay away from Marty.   We read that like a telegram authored by Miscavige: we’re isolating Debbie for the whipping post treatment.

As one can read at exhibit B to Defendants’ Original Answer filed in the Bexar county courthouse, as late as January 15 (12 days prior to the Temporary Restraining Order), the OSA line had some effect.  Debbie pled with OSA to leave her alone with this distancing claim:  “I am also certain at this point that it was Marty and the Independents that worked so hard to get that comm into the press.”  That was claimed despite the fact the “press” had her email before I even did, and I’ve never worked, let alone “worked so hard”, to get anything into the press, and notwithstanding the fact I had already informed Debbie through a mutual friend of the identities of two confirmed OSA agents whom she and Wayne had already befriended and trusted since 1 January.  Regardless of Debbie’s mistrust, Mike and I still noted in my blog that it would not take long for Miscavige to force Debbie toward her only hope of a decent defense.  And so we proceeded to raise funds for that purpose.

It was not until Debbie and Wayne were served with a Temporary Restraining Order that I received a call that she wanted help.

Here is where the formidable Independent network really came into play.  First, mutual friends Yvonne and Ken Schick arranged a meeting at a secluded several acre residence where no OSA interference was possible.  Another Independent paid the airfare to get Mike Rinder out to Texas immediately. Another Independent (Action Jackson Morehead) stood in for Mike in Florida to complete the move that he and Christie were in the middle of when the call for help arose.  Probably the most crucial clutch play of the game also came from a Texas Independent.  His many years of ethical business practice and consequent connections lead us to the biggest star of the entire battle, Sugar Ray Jeffrey.

Mike and I have worked with some of the most expensive and accomplished lawyers in countries across the world for several decades; and both of us recognized the day we met him that Ray was the only horse that could run the course before us in the time allotted to prepare.  Normally, an attorney of his capability (with the level of competence and dedication of his partner and associate) would cost far more than we could afford.  But, because Ray and his team were quick to understand the facts, and were moved by the principles and equities involved, we were able to retain him through the hearing of this week for just about the amount of money that Independents (for the most part) contributed – almost to the penny.

With precious little time to work, it seemed that every resource we needed at every step of the way magically appeared compliments of one Independent or another.

I told Tony that had it not been for a lot of good folks living right and supporting one another and being there for one another and ready to drop everything to answer when the call came, Debbie Cook and Wayne Baumgarten would have been Texas road kill by now.

Had it not been for David Miscavige’s insane paranoia – which was as predictable as the morning sunrise – Debbie Cook’s testimony as to Miscavige’s crimes would never have seen the light of day.

Until David Miscavige sued Debbie Cook she made her intentions to him clear in writing as follows:

a)       She did not intend to disclose publicly the crimes of David Miscavige and Scientology Inc.

b)       She considered the intentions and interests of “Marty and the Independents” something not necessarily parallel to her own.

However, the very crimes Miscavige was trying to cover up with the Temporary Restraining order, and keep covered up with the sought for Preliminary Injunction, were the very crimes that invalidated the “agreement” that he wanted enforced.  It didn’t take a legal genius to understand that; Mike and I saw it before we even saw Miscavige’s stupid lawsuit and secretly obtained Temporary Restraining Order.

David Miscavige literally forced Debbie Cook to disclose his crimes in the only forum, under his own interpretation of the law, she could possibly do so without legal repercussions to herself. To wit, in the witness box in defense of an application for a Preliminary Injunction worded in the fashion Miscavige worded his would-be one against Debbie.

Miscavige got what he postulated; and he paid dearly with Scientology parishioner  donation war chest funds to make his postulate stick.

Some have wondered about the merits of Miscavige’s claim that he has now attained the goods to win the case on Summary Judgment.  There are no merits to it.  It is simply a typical Miscavige “PR” maneuver – the bully getting the tar whipped out of him, and claiming as he retreats “I am gonna kick your ass later.”

And as is typical of Miscavige, the rest of his statement was bogus too.  He didn’t surrender because Debbie was going to continue to use the witness stand to trumpet his crimes.  She was done with that phase of her testimony – the rest of it was rather mundane by comparison.  What he was hoping to avoid was the rest of the defense case (Mike and I establishing that the precise duress Debbie described being applied to force her to sign the “agreement” was standard operating procedure designed and engineered by Miscavige) and the inevitable court ruling that Scientology Inc gag orders are unenforceable, whether backed by fifty grand in “consideration” or not.

You see, Debbie is just the tip of the iceberg.  And Miscavige is acutely aware of that.  Others have left the Int Base torture chamber called “The Hole” since Debbie departed in 2007.   Among them are former WDC member Greg Hughes, former Int Management Exec Committee member Debbie Hughes, and former COB Project Ops (and Hole Torture In Charge) Angie Blankenship.  They too were bought off and signed agreements identical to Debbie’s. The facts they can testify to about the conduct of David Miscavige are still within the criminal statute of limitations for aggravated assault and battery, false imprisonment, and human trafficking.

While Miscavige’s unprecedented surrender is indicative of a meltdown of magnitude, there is still a method behind the tyrant’s madness.

But, Greg Hughes, Debbie Hughes, Angie Blankenship, and others similarly situated cannot take solace in the lack of official precedent invalidating their agreements.  I know they would love to do so as some kind of synthetic balm for their aching consciences.   Fact of the matter is, despite the lack of written judicial decision, the precedent has been set and it is clear as a bell to any literate individual aware of the Battle of San Antonio. David Miscavige has not nor can he use the courts to enforce his unlawful, unconscionable cover-up contracts.  We have proven that when push comes to shove those “agreements” are as worthless as the paper they were written on.   Further, we have established that when Miscavige attempts to isolate and tie anyone to the whipping post, there is a formidable movement out here that will protect them and lead them safely to the promised land; whether they agree with and support our aims or not.

All who contributed please take a huge win.  You got us to exactly where I predicted you could take us with your contributions.  The product was better than any of us could have expected.  Some of the lessons I take with me:

Don’t mess with Texas.

Don’t mess with Independents.

Don’t mess with the Truth.

update:  Village Voice Cook Interview, Ortega’s Intro video now works.

521 responses to “Battle of San Antonio: A Review

  1. Very Well Done!

  2. Debbie and Wayne were smart to solicit your help. Congratulations to you all. I hope you’re all sitting around enjoying your margerita’s on a Saturday night.

    To avoid this mess for himself all Miscavige needed to do was, like Debbie asked him to, stop the bullshit of messing with her life. In stead he declared her in what is now common procedure (myself including): no hearing, nothing written, just gossip presented as facts in the most unclassy way you can imagine, pulling personal confessional information, supposed to have been given in strict confidentiality, then pulling friends and associates into a meeting presenting this (as gospel truth) and telling them to disconnect from the person so being smeared. So Debbie and Wayne at that point had nothing else to loose and that brought about the perfect storm, namely letting you and Mike into their defense.

    Miscavige: Just when I thought you could not possibly be any stupider you pull a stunt like that – and totally redeem yourself. NOT!

  3. DMs Psychotic Break

    I hope no one was hurt when David Miscavige had his epic meltdown, although it would have been fantastically entertaining to watch on video.

    One can only guess at all the ‘WTF’ moments his hastily hired San Antonio (BB) guns had after the first day of testimony. That would have been another highly entertaining moment if caught on film.

    I get the sense that the cult’s hired BB Guns only did a cursory amount of research on the matter before accepting the case.

    I hope that Debbie reveals the rest of the ‘iceberg’ to law enforcement. At the very least, revealing what she knows to the authorities may serve as a CYA because her email (as posted by the Tampa Bay Times) may incriminate her in a cover-up of sorts.

  4. My hat is off to you and everyone who contributed!!!! The consorted efforts of those of free will, integrity and truth will prevail. It is the law of nature. I’m proud to consider you my friends!

  5. Marty ~~ Top of the line Essay.
    Very educational. Very enlightening.
    It is clear to me that David Miscavige has concocted a scheme of blackmail and extortion for anyone who will give away the inner secrets of his atrocities, his rage, his insane black heart and iron mind.
    This is how I read it
    Prior to departure
    +++++Lock down, imprison, hold against will, beat, savage assault and terrorize
    ++++Declare the whistle blower an “apostate” and “squirrel”
    ++++Cut off family members as a punishment
    ++++Shut down all business comm lines to bankrupt the person
    ++++Fair game them to the point of loss of making a living (e.g. Mike Rinder/Robert Almblad.
    +++ Publish tabloid hate pages of malicious lies as juicy as it gets
    ++++ Let the person leave sick as a dog (Debbie Hughes, Debbie Cook) as long as they sign the non disclosures for $$$$ under co-ercion, intimidation, video camera in a room of OSA/Security guards/lawyers re-enforcing how menacing they will be of Miscavige and CULT secrets are revealed.
    ++++On any hint of moving off blind obedience, shoot off threatening letters stating they will be handcuffed and jailed for YEARS for violating the enforced and co-erced Non-disclose gag agreements,.

    All this cloaked as” Ecclesiastical” “Religious exception” “Ministerial exemption”
    “Church scriptures”.

    I believe the presence of both you and Mike Rinder about to testify on many issues and to reveal the falsity and pretense and worthlessness of the GAG orders (under co-ercion) also played a part in the overnight withdrawal.

    Debbie Cook, after running a multi-million dolllar entity $150 million a year for 17 years, a global entity, with the title of Commanding Office or Captain, is driven to the point where she originates that she will slit her wrists . A 30 year veteran driven to suicide by the predator David Miscavige. That was a sobering thought for me.

  6. I thoroughly enjoyed this review of the events this week. What an incredible turn of events.

    By now, Debbie must know she is not going anywhere on the Bridge without independent assistance. I say she will be at Marty’s place within 3-6 months, for services.

    Whatever the case, well done to all who helped in this spectacular win for Scientology and those dedicated to the preservation of same.

  7. This is an awesome news !
    I am proud to be a contributor and yes, this is a huge win 🙂
    Shine on Debbie….SHINE ON …..WOOOOOOOOOOOO!

  8. Dear David Miscavige:

    Other people are real, although it might not seem like it.

    Other people want to protect their interests just as you do, although it may not seem like it.

    Many tough people have been crushed by you and I have to give you credit for remaining in power for thirty-plus years. There is no doubt you are good at what you do.

    But, if you take the time to study your history, you will easily see that all who rise to power, then abuse it and damage others, eventually get creamed.

    Right now, in 2012, it is your time to get creamed.

    I have two words for you:

    Team Rathbun !

  9. Wu wei – wu wei.
    Scientology works best if applied above 20.0

    Miscavige – don’t mess with Scientologists!

  10. What a great post Marty!!!
    And what a last couple of days!!!

    Thank u all…A change is gonna come, and is indeed coming!!!

  11. Well, my morale is up. Thanks, Marty, Mike and Debbie and her attorney, and everyone that contributed. I have been a Scientologist for 20 years and I do not want this wonderful technology to fade from the earth. I have seen it work miracles. I have a hunch that the media and many people of earth actually want the tech and they know, somewhere below their conscious level, that there is something to it. This has to be the truth because they are thetans and they got here just like the rest of us and we all knew the rules before we violated them and got crushed. Non-Scientologists won’t admit it, but even though they won’t, why are they watching? Why is there any media interest? They want Marty and his team to win so Scientology can be available to them in a safe environment. This is obvious if you have a conceptual understanding or Scientology philosophy in it’s entirety. You’re a superstar Marty and light will shine on the Earth because you helped. I know you assisted Miscavige for a while, but if you hadn’t you wouldn’t be so aware of his every move and how to combat him. Think about it.

  12. Very well done!

    David Miscavige is going to be made to answer for his crimes.

  13. Jumping ovations! An absolute privilege to witness and support. And what do you know, Prediction of Human Behavior is founded in applicable, repeatable skill sets. It really is possible to know one’s fellow man. Bravo Marty Rathbun and Mike Rinder, and each and all.

  14. Well Done to all who contributed. What occurred in Texas was fascinating. David Miscavige is losing power and credibility. Debbie Cook reached many people before he could stop her and your support was instrumental in the epic fail for radical Scientology.

  15. I want to thank everyone involved. Indies, Ex’, Anons, on-line Scientologists and anyone else who simply want to help to bring the truth out.

    Thank you!

    This will only get better!

  16. Very well done to everyone! Can hardly believe Miscavige was so stupid. Was waiting with bated breath, however, for Marty and Mike to take the stand; Miscavige’s hasty retreat has deprived me of this pleasure….Am proud to have contributed.

  17. Bravo!! Bravo!!

    That thundering sound you are hearing Marty and Mike is the joint standing ovation from all indepedents and others who support the efforts to expose the truth and bring David Miscavige to justice!!!

    Amazing effort by everyone involved.

  18. Congratulations to Debbie, Marty, Mike, and all other scientologist (independents and those still trapped in miscavige’s corporate church), this is a WIN well deserved.

  19. Theo Sismanides

    Marty this is awesome and thanks for the history fill up.

    The Battle of San Antonio has been recorded in history as the triumph of a free State, a free Movement and Truth.

    The lesson to be learnt is that a 3rd dynamic formidable as the Indies and so close to Truth with the legacy given to us by LRH is our strongest point.

    Function is senior to Structure and this group CAN function.

    Congratulations to all and mostly to Debbie and Wayne who took the stand and defended the Scientology we all knew and postulated to have.

    The price of Freedom: Constant Alertness, constant willingness to fight back.

    To the Indies and the victorious Battle of San Antonio!

  20. Thanks Marty. That is one complete and eloquent acknowledgment!!

  21. Thanks to cult leader David Miscavige and his brainwashed, kool-aid drinking cult members, being a “declared SP” from the controversial Radical Taliban Corporate “Church” of Scientology is now a badge of honor. David Miscavige is walking proof that a real SP will get rid of good staff members. However, I don’t think even LRH could have predicted that someone like DM could come along and hijack the religion he founded originally to help people and take it and twist it to unbelievable levels of sadism run by a single dictator and his narrow-minded followers.

  22. Marty, It is so great to hear the story behind the story. Thanks for communicating clearly to the field what has really been going down. Did you once say that Miscavige told you that you “thought that you were a good writer, but you really didn’t know how to write”???? Um, OK. But as far as I have learned the purpose of writing or of any art is to communicate. And beyond that there is the tone level of the communication to consider. Your very effective communications can be summed up with the last word of today’s post: “Truth”. Can’t get much higher on the Emotional Tone Scale than that.
    As for David Miscavige there is no doubt that he is somewhat intelligent but it is often really hard to make sense out of what he is really saying or what the purposes of his actions are. I think that’s because they don’t always have a lot to do with what is going on in present time….the Achilles heel of his ilk.
    Also, after watching and listening to Debbie Cook’s Village Voice interview it is plain to see that she is a wonderful LADY and an wonderful example of a dedicated Scientologist…..with dedication to almost beyond belief.

    Debbie, despite being terrorized by that psycho you stood tall. You may not believe that you did or that you did all you could, but let me tell you something: I would rather be you standing in that garbage can for 1000 years than to be DM directing his sadistic circus for a nanosecond. Nothing like that will never have a chance of happening to you again. You are free and you have created your own freedom. And you have lots of friends who contribute to that motion with great joy. I know that everyone on this blog may not agree that the church can be salvaged, but I do agree with you that this is possible even though it may not look that way. In any event, pursuing that purpose of dedication to LRH’s true legacy (the Tech) with one’s ethics and integrity in can only lead to good things. I think that you have become Scientology’s Joan of Arc. Thank you for being who you are.

    And Marty. And Mike. Wow! The dynamic duo!!! (Biff! Bam!)
    You are so OT. The stuff of legends.

    PS: Something happened with my hushmail account, but I will call them on Monday and get it straightened out so that I can access it.

  23. Dizzy Mizz Lizzy

    What you sow is what you will reap! I´m sure Hubbard is very pleased with your good work – all the rest of us sure are! A church that is constantly in contradiction with its own doctrines and Human Rights must be made to conform and work FOR its own people and not against them! I am very angry to discover that my donations are being used to harass and take fellow scientologists to court to silence them. Everything needs to come out into the open now! And DM needs to be disciplined and disconnected from honest, hardworking people!

  24. While I am pretty happy so far with what’s going on I think there’s still something not entirely clear to those who witnessed the crimes of David Miscavige with their own eyes. If anybody witnesses crimes (especially of that magnitude) he is legally responsible to report these crimes to the police.
    As Scientologists do not stand above (or beside) the law, NO gag order or any other legal construction relieves one from that responsibility.

    From what Marty reports and from what I can see in the comments on this blog the corporate church of Scientology tends to play with and tries to bend the law. To me it seems that also people who left the church are still not completely free of that attitude.

    It just shows how far the whole movement of Scientology is off the rails. While normal people still know to some degree that they have to report crimes, Scientologists seem to be entangled in a net of false data, justifications and “good reasons” to do not.

    Well this is a message to all those remaining silent:


    Spill the beans, or another lesson to learn:

    Don’t mess with the LAW

  25. Tony DePhillips

    I salute you Marty and Mike!!
    What a win to have such competent thetans doing the right thing.
    Thanks much to all the Indies that helped too!!!!

    Maybe I missed this , but are you saying you don’t think dm will follow through on the suit against Debbie Cook?

  26. Now it´s clear who is the Lombar Hisst !

    After this statements made by Debbie for me the matter is now clear.
    Sorry Mike and Marty that I haven´t previously trust to you …… In the name of humanity many thanks to all who have stood up !…. there are many more to follow soon……

  27. Excellent summary and write-up, thanks. We can pat ouselves on the back and take a win. But the real acknowledgements must, yet again, go to you and Mike for being a safe point that makes it all possible. Debbie Cook definitely knows who her real friends are now. As for Greg Hughes, Debbie Hughes, Angie Blankenship, looks like this is a pivotal moment for you – will you hold firm to any integrity you have left and do the decent thing? Or will you allow David Miscaviges dramatisations continue to define your lives and the lives of so many others? A lot rests with you.

  28. Brilliant article about a brilliant piece of networking… I am applauding you wholeheartedly!

  29. Greg Hughes was the most insouciant person I ever met in the SO in 27 years and I consider myself somewhat of an expert in the art though nowhere near Greg’s Zen master level. Nothing but nothing seemed to be able to depress this guy, at least not on the outside. DM once made a video of Greg who was Gross Income Exec Int a time or two and it showed Greg with dizzy spirals for eyeballs and a big thought balloon flashing in bright cartoony letters “What, me worry?” a la Alfred E. Neumann. Greg just laughed it off. His wife Debbie did not have it so good with her diabetes and times were very rough for her now and then. Both are super top notch people regardless of whatever shackles they think DM still has on them. They run a consulting business in Oklahoma now so are not too far away from where the action is. One hopes Greg will decide to employ the same level of insouciance to restoring the luster he once brought to Scientology when he introduced thousands to LRH and his works as the leader of Sterling Management back in the day. I wonder what it would take.

  30. It just occurred to me that fallout from Debbie’s hearing and upcoming trial is going to lift the smokescreen of confusion about what is wrong with Scientology today. All the yapping about “It’s LRH” or “It’s policy” or “It is part of the whole rotten system of Scientology,” etc. is just so much confusion. Everything has a source and a source is someONE, not a generality like the FSO, or CSI or RTC. SomeONE. Of course, we here all know that. I believe the public in general will know soon as well.

  31. Wow! What an accomplishment. I hate injustice and when that great disinfectanct, light, is brought to bear on injustice it makes me feel there is hope for the world.

    However much the world hates a tyrant it is often the tyrant himself that brings his own downfall – drunk on the power he thinks his own superiority has brought, but blind to reality. This is an old story being retold and will have a happier ending than we all thought a few years ago.

  32. Well done, Independents – and Well Done Debbie Cook!

    We need more people like Debbie to step forward and reveal the crimes of the criminal Usurper who has taken over our religion!

    I look forward to the day when Scientologists TAKE BACK THEIR CHURCH and return the religion to the caring, kind, rewarding roots established for it by our founder, LRH. Scientology WORKS, and we will bring its application back to statistical reality for all to see, in spite of the disaster made by those who would wrongly turn Scientology into dirt.

  33. Marty, you and I don’t usually see eye to eye; but I give you and Mike respect and kudos for this significant win against the Church. Well done to you and Debbie – keep up the good work! After thirty years in this struggle, this feels like a milestone breakthrough.
    Love & Peace, Robin & Adrienne

  34. Yes! Very Well Done!

    What a win. I wish Debbie and Wayne the best of luck putting their lives and business back together. I think they will do well, having shrugged off the weight of those NDAs.

    And as Marty points out above, a precedent for others who signed under similar duress and payoff. Those agreements aren’t worth spit.

    A criminal case against Miscavige would be good. I, for one, would offer my own testimony towards that.

  35. Brilliant post. Brilliant result. Well done to all you courageous people!

  36. I wonder if there would be an FBI investigation into Church matters after the testimony of Debbie. What do you think?

  37. I would include this victory right in the line of big events which will ultimately mark the downfall of the Church of Scientology.

    2005 – The South Park Episode
    2008 – The appearance of Anonymous and over 500 people protesting in front of their headquarters in Los Angeles, and many other cities, and the subsequent media attention given to ex-church members
    2009 – Marty and Mike’s testimony in the St. Petersburg Times
    2012 – Debbie Cook speaking out

    I wonder what is yet to come. I guess the international management has amassed enough money to keep up a facade for another decade or two. But I can’t think of anything more damning happening now than has already occured, short of, in escalating order:

    – A class V org, or even Ideal Org collapsing due to financial duress
    – A criminal investigation against the Scientology organisation, and this time for real, followed by a conviction in a court of law in the US
    – David Miscavige fleeing into a country where the US has no jurisdiction, living off the money the IAS has extorted out of its members, with the organisation collapsing afterwards.

  38. On so many levels, this is one of the most remarkable human stories I have had the honor to watched unfold. I don’t know many stories as timely and pertinent in its lessons to one of my greatest personal quests as someone born into Scientology, that joined the SO at 15, worked up from the bottom of the orgboard to the top and fell from grace exiting somewhat in flames and shame: the quest being what type of person am I and what type of human being do I want to become with my life.

    I observed qualities in people that upset and angered me, others that inspired and brought me to tears. Beyond people coming to the successful defense of Debbie, the victory over DM and the oppression of the COS, the PR, the media, I think the most important fact to look at is how this defines us, our community, our humanity, our culture as we re-build from the ashes of the burning oppression of the COS.

    This was a David and Goliath story. A multi billion dollar oppressive religious organization controlled by a dictator carpet bombs the lives of Debbie and Wayne over a month, following their attempts to help the COS by getting in LRH Policy and tech. After being certain that Debbie and Wayne were emotionally, financially and physically beaten, they went in for the kill, hired the best law firm available to them in San Antonio, an excellent attorney in Spencer and a law firm with sufficient resources, with LA and Florida backup to all but crush any defense rapidly mountable in the “small town” legal scene of San Antonio.

    The COS pursued its well rehearsed and never failed strategy employed over the last 30 years; isolate through disconnection, threat and intimation; financially destroy; emotionally break through the above as well as familial threat and disconnection and slander; and destroy through an overwhelming legal barrage.

    The COS failed and ran, despite its vastly superior resources, tactical advantage, vastly greater position and education on legal over Debbie and Wayne.

    Why? A rag tag bunch of people, themselves healing and recovering both financially and emotionally from COS abuse, together with people of good will from across the world, Anonymous members, exes, freezoners, critics and simply concerned human beings took a personal leadership role and said NO, THIS WILL NOT STAND. WE WILL NOT LET THIS HAPPEN. Vastly out gunned and out numbered they scored a solid victory.

    Debbie and Wayne did not do what I consider a great strategic job in preemptively planning for the almost certain COS attack, they didn’t build alliances, they obviously didn’t amass resources to defend themselves, they put themselves at great risk to stand up for truth, to do what was right. Their actions may have even dissed certain people by staying separate, but when the time came, their sincerity and genuine desire to stand up and do what they personally believed was right, others stepped up to lend a hand resulting in this victory. This despite Debbie taking the very clear position that she loved Scientology, and LRH, something that has divided the critic community for decades.

    The arrogance of the COS, of DM, and OSA, their belief in their invincibility directly caused their failure. Their hunger for victory over all else, their practice of fair game, their governing doctrine of “the ends justify the means”, their ruthless strategy forced good people who were themselves victims to say “NO MORE”.

    People like Sam, perhaps initially insulted that Debbie would not call herself an independent, became a ferocious and loyal supporter/warrior.
    Perhaps as many has a half million views and comments on boards such as WWP and ESMB showed the gambit of emotions and feelings from support and financial aide, legal advice, situation analysis, to prayers down to people wishing Debbie’s destruction and failure, that she deserved it and pulled it in. This in itself shows a key reason the COS, today is doomed, individuals are thinking and acting for themselves, ideas can not be stopped.

    Other than Debbie’s incredible courage in standing up alone and saying in the COS community “THIS IS WRONG AND MUST STOP! WE MUST TAKE OUR OWN RESPONSIBILITY FOR WHAT IS GOING ON!”, Marty was to me perhaps the next most relevant point of human inspiration.

    Despite Debbie publicly making it clear she wanted nothing to do with Marty or Mike or Independents or Critics or Anonymous, Marty mobilized to her support should she later need it. He re-directed his humble donation line towards her, something essential to his own activism and human rights work. He launched a fund raiser for Debbie and Wayne without their consent, to scorching criticism. When tides turned in the 30 day siege, he gave honest analysis of risks to people because of OSA infiltration attempts, again to scorching criticism, yet he did not slow or ally his work to support her.

    These qualities I saw in Marty, and Mike, and Sam and many others are qualities I would like to expand and reinforce within my own humanity. Debbie’s courage and bravery is something I would like to be a key component in my evolving humanity.

    I have been very blessed with the opportunity to have a personal friendship with Marty, for the opportunities to share and grow on our paths to personal recovery. While it is highly probable both of us have considered the other an asshole during this journey, perhaps a guaranteed certainty, there are few examples of humanity I feel more fortunate to consider a friend.

    I love to see the forming sense of community, people overcoming differences, taking a leadership role in their own and others destiny.

  39. Perfect strategy !
    Very well done !
    Everything went the way as you predicted.
    Will he be behind bars this year !

  40. It has been a real privilege for Helma and me to have contributed to this worthy cause. Freedom marches forward!

    To all the Independents who gave of their energy, LRH would definitely site this as a prime example of the “Definition of a Team”.

  41. Li'll bit of stuff


    Due to heavy work commitments these days, have been missing
    out on regular blog time, but, I guess, like most of your ardent
    supporters here, it’s hard not to break away from whatever to
    catch up on the latest with Debbie’s court appearances!

    First off, my huge personal thanks from a long time fellow LRH
    devotee since the early 70’s. Between you & Mike Rinder,
    standing ringside in San Antonio, Miscavige, via his five
    appointed lawyers, never stood a chance! Indeed ‘Sugar’ Ray
    Jeffrey, did the most fabulous job, while Debbie did her very
    best, while appearing to have genuinely lacked some much
    needed sleep, in order to have been better prepared to deal
    with the rigours and demands of court appearances.

    As, you had predicted, Miscavige, besides himself, took the
    bait, against all advice of his legal counsel, and ended up
    having to be humiliated into hanging out a white flag of defeat!

    Just amazing what mere “presence” can have in a court
    decision, hey? Darth Midget ( David Miscavige ) clearly is
    absolutely terrified, especially of what you and Mike will say (not to mention the HUNDREDS of witnesses, chomping at the bit to get their chance to testify ) when finally spilling the deluge of horrible crimes, torture, deceit, degradation and dehumanization inflicted on so many , by this heartless sociopathic dictator.

    This insane dramatizer is already experiencing the self
    inflicted death throes from which there is no escape. Bye-
    bye Mr. David MESTcavige! Hello future THETA leader/s

    Make way Miscavige, you’re toast!

  42. great work, great team, we are all very grateful for your works, bravo bravo, and with midget David cant put this fire out lad its getting hotter.

  43. George M. White

    Definition for astonied:
    Amazed, filled with the emotional impact of overwhelming surprise or shock;

    Message from Boethius:

    “When the full-orbèd moon grows pale
    In the mid course of night,
    And suddenly the stars shine forth
    That languished in her light,
    Th’ astonied nations stand at gaze,
    And beat the air in wild amaze”

    Very Well Done!


  44. You killed me with Action Jackson and Sugar Ray! God, I love a laughing out loud the first thing in the morning. It’s such a great way to start the day!

    Marty, you’ve laid it out pretty clearly. Miscavige is toast and has no way to enforce his illegally obtained gag orders. Everyone now knows it. As the saying goes, “A blind man could see it with his cane”!

  45. Marty, Mike, Debbie and Wayne congratulations on your great victory!

    I am particularly glad you were able to come together as a team. This is what must strike the most fear in David Miscavige. The idea of many highly trained former Sea Org. members combining there knowledge and experience and driven by their love of LRH and his original intent must certainly be his worst nightmare. The fact that funding also appears to be readily available from the independents only extends the bad dream.

    As long as he able to keep able people from forming a team with a single-minded purpose to recover the church he may still consider he is safe.

    Sea Org. experience, funding, clear purpose, legal support means the end of David Miscavaige and the return of a real golden age for Scientology. Fight on!!!

  46. Brad McAllister

    I want to be declared an SP by David Misacavige’s suppressive cult of brainwashed sheep. Can anyone please tell me how to be declared? I want the actual declare so I can frame it on my wall.

  47. Excellent report, Marty. I feel well informed! Debbie did a fantastic interview! It was intelligent and very professional. I hope other news outlets pick it up and encourage all Scientologists to watch it.

  48. Thank you all for everything. Seems to little to explain how I feel. Know that your all appreciated by me.

  49. Congratulations to Debbie and Wayne for their huge win! And congratulations to you, Marty and Mike, and for all the good folks who pulled together to prevent yet another miscarriage of justice.

    Davey Boy must be up to his eyeballs in Scotch right now. Can you imagine how unpleasant it must be at Int?

    Undoubtedly, more folks will blow because of his dwindling spiral of behavior. And I hope those folks get together and file a class-action lawsuit against the little prick.

  50. Defender of Theta

    Mike, Marty, Mosey, Debbie, Wayne, and all those others who support LRH and his technology, and who contributed to this win:


    The anti-Scientologist, David Mischaviege, will not prevail against the supporters of L. Ron Hubbard.

    Defender of Theta

  51. Defender of Theta


    Defender of Theta

  52. Great work by a great team! Such good news this week!!

  53. You can go to your local org and give them all the information you have as to why you want to leave the church and why COB is an SP and all his policy violations. Tell them that you post on this blog and that you are in agreement with someone who fights against DM’s regime. If that doesn’t work you can post your story of how you came to realize what you realized about the current state of affairs in the church. You can get on the lines of other people still in the church and communicate your concerns to them, especially those who contribute a lot of money. Somewhere in there you will obtain your declare.

  54. George M. White

    Very well written!

  55. This song says it all. My thanks to all, especially you Marty.

  56. I have to applaud every single person who had something to do with this outcome. You are all heros to make this happen. Of course it wouldn’t be possible without the total stupidity and inability to predict consequenses of one key person. Hey David Miscavige, don’t forget to look in the mirror and make a big champagne toast to yourself for being “cause” in this matter.

  57. In a class action suit the ONLY ones who makes any money are the initial plaintiff and the lawyers. The rest of the people get pennies.

    Look at the recent case against Honda for low mileage in one of their cars. In the class action suit the people are slated to get $100 – 200. Whoop-de-do! The attorneys were/are to get over $8 million! One lady said no way and took Honda to small claims court in Calif. Last week she won and was awarded just under $10,000. It was a huge blow to Honda because what if others bow out of the class action and decide to use Small Claims Court too.

  58. Dan,

    You are spot on here. As LRH stated: ‘they are never doing nothing’. And that is the frustrating thing for me – the sheeple don’t see that this mess in CSI is being created!

    “….time and pressure…”

  59. Theo Sismanides


    LRH said: Hat don’t hit!

    well… now DM applying Reverse Scientology is doing just that:

    Hit don’t hat!!!

  60. Yes indeed, a predator. The most evil, viscous predator this country has ever seen, using “religion” to shield his monstrous acts. But that shield is being ripped apart, day by day.

  61. TroubleShooter

    Yeeeeeehaw! Scotch anyone?! Times they are a’changin’…ethics, tech and admin degrades motivate the epic watershed, moreover and here to fore shall be the everlasting cause of the straight up and vertical ride for cobs straight down and vertical fall…
    strength and honor prevail. Ten gallon hats off to you all.

  62. Dauntless, Defiant, Resolute!

  63. Karen,

    Why can’t I help but believe you were one of the “shadow warriers” helping behind the scenes create a positive outcome?

    Without a doubt your positive energy and wishes and drive had a greater impact than anyone will know.

  64. Brad said, in referring to Marty;

    “I know you assisted Miscavige for a while, but if you hadn’t you wouldn’t be so aware of his every move and how to combat him. Think about it.”

    Brad, i agree with your point. Everything happens for a reason. We each were involved with scientology and had certain experiences for a reason. Its all part of our individual and collective progression. Good deeds, transgressions, friends, enemies, family, all of it.

    It is taking long time practitioners like Marty and Mike and karen ,et al, who have invested so much and are known leaders in the field to help stop the downward spiral for the subject. Their rexperiences and personal investment in Scientology is just what would be needed for days like today. Its all happening as it was always meant to happen. There is intelligence and reason behind this and it relates to growth and progression for all involved.

  65. I have to agree. I am afraid to say I find it amazing that many chose
    Not to talk .Look at the years of people being abused and the effects
    it has caused, and peoples lives turned up side down. Whats the hang up
    or it will keep on running.

  66. Second that. Really well stated, Mike.

  67. Sorry to say, you will still not receive a copy that can be framed from the RCS. They’re not distributing them, that would be per policy.
    You can emulate the bunch in Seattle and just create your own and publish it broadly as they did.

  68. “More than anything the SP is trying to do themselves in.”

    Miscavige in the most non-sequitir and bizarre of ways proves so many ideas of Hubbard in regards to the nature suppression, the predictability of human behavior based upon their emotional tone, and specific manifestations of the cycle of action.

    The organization is a ‘havingness’; it is MEST; no theta, no life force because of that it can’t generate power. It’s actually dying in front of our eyes. All it has is MEST. It’s done. It’s over. The scary thing is that Miscavige will most likely waist ten of millions as this things plays itself out.

    Too bad because money with a high purpose can do so much good in the world.

    It’s just a really sad thing. I really hope people “on the fence” find the courage to step up to the plate …. If there was ever a time ….. Now is it

  69. I want to echo the comments posted above by others. Every single person named above — and so many others unnamed — deserve ringing kudos for this victory over David Miscavige, the predator (I love that word, Karen#1!).

    Yes, it’s a shame Marty and Mike weren’t called to give testimony at this early stage of litigation. But I don’t doubt they will soon, in this case or other cases, testify in open court against the actions of the predator Miscavige.

    Marty, as I have felt ever since I happened upon your blog more than two years ago, I admire and appreciate your strong and consistent leadership in the fight to halt and right the wrongs perpetuated by Scientology Inc. You are an unusual person who’s so fortunate to be living in this space/time to do this work.

    Today, Sunday, is traditionally a day of rest, and I cannot remember a day in the history of this blog (which started in July 2009) when a day of rest was more deserved. Today, I wish for Debbie and Wayne and their lawyer, Ray Jeffrey, that this victory has heartened and strengthened them. I hope they now find it easier to sleep and recharge, as they prepare for the battle to come. I hope they know how many thousands of people of good will now have their backs and stand ready to help in ways large and small.


  70. Brilliantly executed and summarized, Marty. I think we’ve witnessed the emergence of the Independents as a force to be reckoned with and the true torch bearers of LRH’s legacy. The visual imagery I enjoyed the most in your summary was that of David Miscavage fleeing across the Texas plains in his underwear while waving the white flag.

    I’m also reminded of the scene in Talladega Nights where Ricky Bobby thinks he’s on fire and is screaming “Save me, Tom Cruise!” – substitute David Miscavage with Kathy True coming in at the end of the scene to put the fire out. The only problem for the psycho-munchkin is that THIS fire is not going away. (Somebody help me if I embedded the video improperly)

  71. Hi all;

    One action that is vital to reconstructing the CofS is to distinquish between the subject of Scientology and the present day Church of Scientology. Then the bad PR of the CofS can be separated from the subject. What Mike did in Ireland and Marty did in Germany, Debbie has now done in Texas. People who look will see that the subject of Scientology and the Church of Scientology have little in common these days.

    Eventually, the bait and switch of the ‘Scientology Religion’ for the ‘Church of Scientology’ will have to come onto the front burner. Then people will realize that the ‘Church of Scientology’ has had nothing to do with any of the fiascos of the last 28 or so years, as it really didn’t exist anymore, except in name only.

    The true targets are David Miscavage and his ‘Scientology Religion’. DM and his ‘Scientology Religion’ have been hiding behind the name ‘Church of Scientology’, and that is why it is the Church that gets hit with all the mud. Get DM and his perverson ‘cleared’ out’ and the CofS can be rebuilt. Until then, nothing will change.

  72. And, what a battle it was!!
    Congratulations to Debbie and Wayne! I can only imagine the cloak of suppression you have been forced to live under for a very long time. Thank you for your courage in battling the tyranny we have all come to know. Your courage gives courage to others and helps to remove that cloak of suppression for all of us. Let the sunshine in!!
    Marty and Mike, thank God for your knowledge, prediction and expertise. But mostly thank God for your huge capacity to care and love others because without that, nothing else would matter.
    Our hats are off to everyone on the front lines and behind the scenes that contributed to this monumental win. It is a win because whatever happens from here we see the bully can be backed down. Cause is so much nicer than effect.
    Our love to all!! Laura and Mike Wilson

  73. I have a vision of the resurrection of theta. That one day, soon, independents in great numbers will thrive in the field delivering auditing and training, supported by the church to do as they wish but not enforced to be connected to the church. That the church will once again be a safe place to go for help, individual spiritual care, where HGCs and Academies are full and fun again and all levels of people seeking to help their fellow man will work together in their efforts. That public will be able to, and in fact encouraged to, look and think for themselves again and be free to go where they choose for enhancement. That there will be no more threat of alienation by life-long friends and family. That people will be allowed to formulate their own opinions of what is true for themselves, and that the phrase “command intention” as well as moniker “COB” are wiped clean of any spoken language anywhere in the Scn community. That human decency and spiritual freedom will be the law of the land.

  74. LRH says that an SP is trying to get someone to stop him. Miscavige’s predictability in this matter is an example of this phenomenon.

  75. Perfect summary to the most amazing outcome! VVWD Debbie and Wayne for your strength to confront such evil. Marty and Mike your contributions to this win is nothing less than amazing. I am so proud of those who contributed and came together as “one of DMs worst nightmares”. Thank you to all those involved in this shockingly amazing outcome! ML, Jan

  76. That’s Right Marty. Don’t EVER mess with Texas. It hurt me to see Debbie upset on the stand and I very much want David’s time to come. Hopefully theist of the active corporate Scintologists will wake up and practice independent of the corrupt org. Might I add I would like my friendship back with Scott and Michelle Blakenship – Angie Blakenship’s brother and sister in law.

  77. Mike: Wonderful write up.

    We are very fortunate that dm doesn’t believe there is a theta universe and therefore has NO idea that beings are capable of joining together in a universe that one doesn’t “see” —

    We are very fortunate to have this community built by Marty, Mosey, Mike, Sam, Karen #1, you and so many others to come together and share and heal. To again view LRH as someone who has been a pivotal point in all of our lives.

    My current teacher – Sakyong Mipham Rinpoche at a gathering of center directors and leadership people in Halifax this September opened the program with these words:

    “There is some kind of universal energy that is really bigger than any of us can manipulate, and you could say that the Dorje Dradül* was part of that universal power…that is essentially giving us messages constantly about how to heal humanity and heal the environment. The notion of universal energy is something that, in the modern vernacular, we have very few words for, but it is something that we are constantly feeling… What will determine our success, is the ability for us to remain open to the universal message and to remain unequivocal in our trust in human nature…”

    *Chogyam Trungpa Rinpoche – my teacher’s father. LRH to me is ALSO part of this universal power

    We are very fortunate that dm thinks these words spoken by my teacher and passed on here by me are just the ravings of Windhorse.

    He had no idea who I am or who any of us are. He thinks we are MEST.


  78. Marty, you and Mike are really awesome. Way to go!

  79. How about this for an idea: Instead of putting your effort on being declared, instead use your effort to speak to those who still haven’t come to the conclusions you’ve obviously arrived at. At some point in doing such you will most likely obtain your declare, but you spent your effort on telling people the truth (at least for as long as it lasts). Also, try to do it in a not too forceful way; it may not yield the sought-after result, i.e. if you go to someone who is currently on-lines and tell them that Miscavige should go to hell, well, that may not have a desired effect. But if you shared some truths that are real to you and you think will be real to the person in front of you, and get the person in front of you to slowly cognite on the state of affairs themselves, you may get somewhere. Just a thought…

  80. Random Stranger




    1) Gun

    2) Stack of signed Release and Waivers from entire Int base.

    3) Case of scotch.

    4) Duffel bag of cash.

    5) Ten best watches.

    6) Gold coins in sterilized anal tube.

    7) Hacksaw blade and file imbedded inside cake.

    8) Extra vials of Botox.

    9) Celebrity Confessionals Gone Wild videos.

    10) One-way first-class ticket to Rio de Janero.

    11) TC’s secret Bat-Phone number.

    12) Roll of quarters to punch harder with.

    13) History of Man revision notes.

    14) Phone number of Brazilian lawyer.

    15) Bronze bust of self.

    16) Extra bullets.

    17) Photos of favorite motorcycles.

    18) Shoe lifts.

    19) Recipe for hair shellack.

    20) Portable Podium-in-a-Suitcase with Pop-Up Pillars.

    David Miscavige
    Ex-COB, RTC

  81. VWD on your win, everyone. It’s kind of nice to see Miscavige bitten by his own karma. Keep up the good work!

  82. Congratulations to Debbie and Wayne to Marty, Mike and everyone else who helped! What an amazing win! What a big crack in the walls of Miscavige’s castle of horrors…

  83. To Greg Hughes:

    I remember years ago seeing you give a lecture to doctors. I’m a success today, partly because of you and others who inspired me me to more than I ever thought I could. If you have something to say, I hope you come forward. I’m beginning to believe it’s possible to clean up this mess.

  84. nice…..shine on!!!!

  85. Scientologists in the church are ‘hung up at doubt’.

    I say this for two reasons – They have false data. Viewing the true data has been made dangerous (disconnection, Sec checks,etc.) and is actively disscouraged. It is normal in the Scientology community to ‘listen, don’t look’.
    The are also very clearly PTS to a man who has created a problem of such magnitude that it has all but hung the group up in time – “I know it works but the world thinks it’s crazy, what can I do, what can I do?”
    One experiences such profound wins and benefit that it is only natural that one would want others to have the same. One feels one owes it to LRH to pass it on; that is normal, it is the most basic exchange. But when one tries to disseminate one hits up against this wall of suspicion and derision.
    I do not believe this wall is a natural response to a subject such as this. This wall was built. The man who built it is David Miscavige; perhaps not on his own but it is clear that he is the architect.

    What Marty, Mike, Steve, Debbie and all the contributors to this motion, are doing is nothing less than tearing down this wall. I believe the ramifications of this will be huge. They are providing the truth – time, place, form and event.
    PTS’ness is an ethics situation. There is no longer a valid reason to be hung up at doubt. Steps 1-3 are finally doable.

  86. I’d also be there in a heartbeat.

  87. Thank you for helping Debbie.

    Joe Childs in the 7th video segment on the Village Voice site which has the after interviews of Debbie and Wayne, Joe asks Debbie could the movement be reformed.

    She says yes, if could be,and I agree.

    As part of any reform of the movement, they’d need to cancel all the false excommunications, disband OSA, lower prices/stop the execessive fundraising, do wholesale refunds to all disgruntled ex members, and reform Exec Strata and WDC properly, let the Pres of COS be the spokesperson as LRH wished, fix all the top postings of top management mainly by “Tone Scale” of those chosen to hold those positions, and start fixing up all the things left to go to hell these last 20 years.

    If I were Services Exec Int, I’d push LOC (Life Orientation Course), and drive home to the membership that LRH wants each Scientologist to get into Power on their 21 Departments in life. LOC , I hope all future Exec Strata and strategic leaders take note, the LOC is the course to un-shell shock the members, after these periods of “leader/slave” dictatorship style era that Miscavige has put the movement through. LOC caused a lot of “upset” because it unleashed a lot of people to really stand up for themselves, a lot of Sea Org routed out, but so what! The Sea Org wasn’t to be a slave camp, because the 21 Department “tech” was originally written up, and it’s actually still part of the Sea Org Basic Training lineup, all new Sea Org members do the 21 department drill/exercise, conditions by departments, that is, on the Basic Sea Org Member Hat Course.

    Anyways, later down the road, if anyone is listening, LOC would help knock the whole membership OUT of the slave mentality to Miscavige that’s gone on these last 15 years in particular. (LOC knocks a person OUT of any slave to LRH mentality also, if anyone’s stuck in that, but not many independents are in slave mode to anyone, so this advice is for Miscavige slaves reviving.)

  88. Marty: I’m kinda just sitting here gobsmacked (as the Brits say) with my own realization that dm and others like him consider ALL theta and thetans to actually be MEST.

    Which is why their appreciation of art is ONLY on how much it costs.

    Or a business only on how much MEST it accumulates.

    Why they cannot conceive of a thetan having a creative idea.

    MEST cannot create. Thetans can create with and from MEST. But a rock is gonna stay a rock until it erodes.

    This is a huge cog for me because it explains other peoples behavior. (not just SPs) The less others can view human beings and other sentient beings AS beings the more they treat them like MEST.

    FOR EXAMPLE — not even talking about an SP friend. Just someone low toned. You work hard to change certain behavior patterns, through auditing or other spiritual work. You visit your friend who you haven’t seen in 2 years. And the friend DOESN”T SEE you (the new you) — he thinks you are still the same person.

    This applies easily to marriages IMHO — work on yourself changing this and that and the spouse still sees you IN THE PATTERN they have you fix in. Or not to blame the other, but to the degree we are unable to GRANT BEINGNESS to what IS — we are fixed in a MEST orientation of life as well.

    Conversely, if people can see the changes, acknowledge them, not be frightening by them — then they are viewing life from a THETA perspective, not MEST one.

    Thanks Marty for constantly providing the space to view what is.


  89. 21) Enema bag.

    22) Monogrammed silk thong collection.

  90. Correction

    To Greg Hughes

    I remember years ago seeing you give a lecture to doctors. I’m a success today, partly because of you and others who inspired me to become more than I ever thought I could. If you have something to say, I hope you come forward. I’m beginning to believe it’s possible to clean up this mess.

  91. Marty,
    Thanks for the extremely well written synopsis of what just went down. And, of course, thanks for your almost unbelievable orchestration of this magnificant opus.

    This third dynamic engram we’ve been experiencing is blowing to bits by virtue of the truth of the incidents being exposed in broad daylight, under the penalty of perjury, with the intentin of as-isness, not obfuscation. Brilliantly executed and kudos to all who contributed.

    Question…was there even one single solitary “scientologist” in the courtroom other than indies? Where were the hoards of miscavige supporters lining the walls of the courtroom to intimidate the witnesses? Where were the hoards of miscavige supporters picketing outside, demanding ecclisiastical privildge and justice?
    Miscavige has millions and millions of members in his cult…where were they?

    I would love to see Debbie do one last Flag graduation where the feature presentation is her “under oath” testimony. How about featuring that at the LRH birthday event, Dave? Go ahead dave, picture one of your not-so-loyal slaves switching the video at the last second and…

  92. Correction to # 12: A roll of dimes (quarters are too big for my tiny fists) to punch harder with.

  93. Brad McAllister

    Thanks, ULF. I want the declare though. If they don’t give it to me, I’m going to sue them. I will sue them for violating my religious beliefs.

    Hip Hip Hurray!

  94. Free Hushmail has to be accessed at least once in 3 weeks or they turn off that account. The only way to get it back is to go to Pay Hushmail, as far as I know.

    Michael A. Hobson
    Independent Scientologist

  95. Marty — I would like to add some comments to your very well written post, not to distract from them, but to highlight several things from my perspective, some of which may be obvious, some a little less so:

    1. Ray Jeffrey and his his team of Danette and Diana are more than very smart, competent litigators, they are exceptional individuals who sincerely care about right and wrong. They dedicated themselves to this cause, working hours that even Sea Org members would find rough, not for money, but because of their sense of personal integrity. I know I speak for all of us when I say I feel honored to now call them friends. You just don’t have the good fortune to come across people like them every day.

    2. The third dynamic that now exists outside the RCS in this community of like-minded people who share a common reality and purpose IS the third dynamic that I originally joined in 1973. The loss of that 3D was as big a loss to me as the disconnection of my family and overnight disappearance of my entire 2D. Today, I have both a flourishing 2D and 3D. And the people I have come to know in the last two years (and they are way too many to list) form a group that I am extremely thankful to be part of — MY kind of people. And happily now that now also includes Debbie and Wayne.

    3. Miscavige waved the white flag for one reason. In years gone by, he would fight to the death, chest pounding all the way (“not one thin dime for Wollersheim”) because he didnt care about those cases going on endlessly (and he personally scuttled numerous possible settlements) as they “only” harm was to the church or L. Ron Hubbard. Every case had been against someone attacking Scientology or LRH. He continued fighting beyond any sensible point and created horrendous precedents because his ass was not on the line. (The settlements he did finally commit to were to prevent exposing the weaknesses in ownership of intellectual properties or paying out when every avenue of appeal had been exhausted). Now, HIS actions are front and center — its no longer the generality of “Scientology” or “the policies of L. Ron Hubbard” that are at issue. And when Miscavige’s reputation is on the line, there is nothing more important in the whole world. I assure you, if he had been able to end the case when he heard Ray Jeffrey’s opening statement, he would have. Had he been able to bail in the middle of the proceedings on Thursday afternoon when it became apparent that Debbie was not going to cower under examination, he would have. He bailed at the earliest point he could, in the MIDDLE of Debbie’s testimony when HE had called her to the stand, and even then tried to paint his abject cave in as the act of a “victim” of the court proceeding HE had initiated to try to crush Debbie and Wayne. And then, as he ran away bloodied and bruised with his tail between his legs, he yells “I’m going to get you” (i.e. “we will file for summary judgement”) as if he is going to come back for another pounding. I guess he forgets (actually, he hopes everyone will forget this case altogether and it will quietly go away) that if he does file for summary judgment, Debbie and Wayne are entitled to put on their defence — and I know there are a lot of people out there who would be more than happy to provide affidavits that describe their experiences in support of Debbie and Wayne.

    4. The truth has been exposed to the world — and its something the media doesn’t fully appreciate and never will — David Miscavige isn’t concerned about the well-being of Scientology or the legacy of L. Ron Hubbard, he only cares about himself.

  96. mark mckinstry


    You are so right about Greg Hughes. I helped introduce he and Debbie to Scientology when he was a dentist back in the early 80’s. We (Lynn Irons, Astrid Neal and myself) had a company, Latch Management that started the WISE consulting boom working with Chiropractors via Lloyd Latch’s clinic and comm lines. Lynn, Astrid and I had all been COSMOD Davis staff together in 1975.

    Greg had a friend who was one of our clients. Although very successful, Greg was interersted in LRH managament tech and auditing.

    He and Debbie moved up the Bridge as fast as I have ever seen anyone do it, both sides. Along with Lynn, they started Sterling to go after the Dental market using what we had been doing with Chiropractors.

    I contacted Debbie via Facebook a year or so ago and we talked, but because I was connected with Marty and Mike she could not continue the relationship.

    I will try to contact them again. Maybe you can as well.

    They are both very sharp and people of good will, stuck in the trap that we all were. I believe their son is still in the SO, but not sure. If so, retaining that comm line would be very important to them.

    And a gag order to boot. But maybe the recent developments will help turn the tide with them.

  97. Seeing as how we are OT’s here:
    Intention is Cause
    Cause is motivated by the Future.

  98. Mike, that makes perfect sense. Thanks for that analysis.

  99. Tony DePhillips

    Well said Mike!
    I think most here know that you have a huge heart and are very active in promoting Human Rights. Thanks for all you do.

  100. +1000000 awesome!! totally agree

  101. martyrathbun09

  102. mike, right on well stated and you are so correct, the truth has been exposed to the world!!!!!!

  103. martyrathbun09


  104. Tony DePhillips

    23) customized copper grounding rods.

    24) My autographed copy of Top Gun.

    25) TC’s cell phone number…( why hasn’t he returned my calls??!!)

  105. As a lowly Sea Org grunt down lower in the ranks, one thing I admired about Debbie and Greg, was they DID decide to join the Sea Org, and while tthey might not have been suited to Int Management ultimately, to me, as a grunt, looking at “our” movement, I did believe it would take members who were ‘successful’, I guess this might be PTS to the business class or something, to come join the Sea Org, get up to the top managment positions, and help “run” or keep the movement and the “show on the road” at least!

    The two represent sort of the exception, not the rule, of who rises up to the management top two councils, WDC and Exec Strata.

    So many factors on why the whole setup LRH laid out, isn’t functioning as it is.

    Long ago, when Dianna Hubbard was doing the OEC, she chatted about how back then, this was very early 1980s after she was removed as CS-6 and Nancy Many took over CS-6, Dianna said surveys showed that most people in the lower ranks did NOT want the top jobs in the Sea Org, since it was like a death sentence to take on the top jobs.

    But outsiders, already successful business leaders, then become Scientolgists, do their Bridge to the top “upper levels” and then join the Sea Org, I recall Greg and Debbie were thought, also as a possible recruitment pool for others, other successful Scientologists, and I recall during the Maiden Voyage periods, that other OT 8s were attempted to be recruited to the Sea Org, year after year, to little success.

    The fear of rising to the top, being treated unpredictably, if one didn’t already have huge confidence in surviving all that unpredictableness, was something only the gullible and more egotistically unwitting types dared make the leap to the top positions.

    I’d post majorly by “Tone Level”, is my big hindsight advice to the Int level recruiters. People truly in the upper range of the Tone Scale, who can’t be beaten down the tone scale, that “qualification” I think is the most important one, to surviving at the top ranks, and next is literacy and ability to increase their knowledge and judgement on those top posts in WDC and Exec Strata.

  106. mark mckinstry

    Well stated Mike.

    And well done to Marty and yourself for acting so quickly and decisively.

    With the power of our group, the experience and reach it has, Miscavige’s tactics of destruction and isolation are getting harder and harder to deliver and enforce. What used to be able to be done secretly is now a matter of public record and forum.

    He just continues to add to the documentation of his crimes and the erosion of his stranglehold over the lives of those under his control.

    Keep up the good work.

    As stated above, I hope Greg and Debbie Hughes are next to tell their story.

  107. the repair course to fix the Sheeple, is the LOC (Life Orientation Course) and specifically the “Conditions by Departments” exercise, since people’s Department 21s, their Source departments, are in lower conditions and they need be rehabilitated OUT of their lower conditions on their own Dept 21s, is my “repair advice” for whoever has to un-shell-shock the members out of the Miscavige I’m the leader, you’re all my slaves, era.

  108. Yes..Ulf.

    I agree. Do what we can quickly, (while we can) to help others “wake-up”. If we do the job well enough, they’ll wake up and care (about as much as I do) about getting declared regardless of how off-policy the declaration process is handled these days. Tsk Tsk… Wow. Running a “can’t have” on Standard Declares. Now I’ve seen everything.

    Although there are certainly a few TOTALLY rotten cherries in the bowl, I don’t believe that “everybody” or every single person that is still onlines is evil. Far from it. There are many people that are strategically kept in the dark–especially in the lower echelons.

    When I forwarded Debbie’s letter to my contacts (that are still active as public or staff ), it was sent as an attachment to a personal email from myself.

    I let them know that I felt a VERY deep responsibility to forward Debbie’s letter to them because I found her words & thoughts to be totally “true for me”.

    I “asked” them to take a look at it while mentioning the fact that surely nothing devastating would happen to them for simply ” looking” and then they could come to their own conclusions. .

    About 50% of them are still with me and at least “looking”. They have also been receiving Marty’s new blog posts every day since then.

  109. Tony DePhillips

  110. Spot on Mike! Excellent summary and contribution. We don’t forget all that you do either. It is good to have you in our corner too!

  111. Your postulate is already a reality, Quentin. Whether the “church” joins in the fun, or allows itself to disintigrate, is irrelevant to the overall success of the project of “freeing beings.”

  112. Excellent points Mike. You are so right.

    What Miscavige underestimates is that you and Marty know him better than he knows himself and with the truth on yourside and the support of this growing independent movement, it makes you ultimately unbeatable!

  113. Awesome win! Excellent work!

    This can only be described as a shellacking.

    Thanks for the context. This whole thing has been proof of the Church’s corruption and ongoing practice of evil.

  114. like!! A lot!

  115. 26) List of tailors in Rio who specialize in custom extra short suits.

  116. Vox Clamantis in Deserto

    So Awesomely well stated.

  117. Thank you Marty, for pointing out that the violent crimes of David Miscavige are now able to be told to the authorities, and in courts of law, by those who have previously signed Non Disclosure Agreements! In the cases where the statute of limitations has not run out on these crimes; these could now be prosecuted, if others so involved are willing to come forward

    Violent crimes such as assault and battery, kidnapping, torture, coercion; outrageous conduct in the form of enforced disconnection and enforced abortion, human trafficking, libel, slander, character assassination, are now able to be told to the authorities, by those who have signed gag orders. This Battle of San Antonio paves the way for many others to come forward with less fear. Also the “white collar” crimes of fraud with the IAS, (lying to the public of what was being done with the money), the publication of false statistics, the use of monies for personal gain (Inurement); all these things can now come forward with testimony from people who have actually witnessed these crimes. When the Plaintiff called Debbie to the witness stand, they were unprepared for the Pandora’s Box they were opening!

    Maybe this time, David Miscavige is starting to learn:


    Thanks for all you have done to make this possible.


  118. Your humble servant

    A brilliant and eloquent statement, Marty, thank you. And, thanks to everyone who helped for bringing about this stunning result!

  119. Hey, JB, how come no one has filed a missing person’s report on Shelley Miscavige?

  120. retired, extremely dangerous

    Rob, before this happens Scott and Michelle will first have to stop lying to themselves, a task that will take Scott a long time to blow through. Michelle who is a Singerbot, will also have to blow through many barriers that Singer Mgmt have raised to make themselves right in the light of Miscavigology. With all that has happened recently at ‘The New Alamo’, the writing is on the wall that positive change is going to occur. Marty’s and Mike’s and Steve’s bright shining smiles and legendary
    support of the Independent movement are paving the way for even the most reluctant Koolaide Drinkers to see the Truth of what is really going on. There will yet be a day when you, Rob Thomas, and the entire Blankenship clan can stand again together in the sunshine if an unaltered LRH Harmony.

  121. Brad, do what some have done and write your own. See at It’s a blast to do a “bulk mail out” party to send them to everyone in your area.

  122. Thank you Mike, I agree that David Miscavige will not chance another round of “bad testimony” against HIMSELF in another go’round in court. It is good that you pointed out that past lawsuits didn’t necessarily involve himself and his own conduct as subjects of testimony; that he didn’t care about the harm he did to LRH and his legacy of the tech. Very interesting differentiation.

    Yes, this is a wonderful group; a whole new third dynamic composed of the kind of people I signed up to be with when I first came into Scientology in 1971. To me, we are the best of the best, the cream of the crop, fire-tested in the very violent forge called the C of S! And yet, here we are, still loving LRH and his legacy of the technology for human and spiritual betterment, and willing to defend our right to have it and practice to the death, for ourselves and others! I told Yvonne in an e-mail I felt like I had finally found my group, after all these years! Your expression of this is very beautiful and I completely understand how you feel; we are all rebuilding our lives. Hopefully, Wayne and Debbie will be able to re-build their lives, with the help of their new found friends!

  123. What a lot of wonderful outcomes already from this litigation. And it’s not over yet!

    Congratulations to everyone concerned.

  124. fly on the wall

    Mike, your point about DM pulling the plug as the proceedings were going to be ABOUT HIM was exactly right. Tthere was no way those advising him could NOT have seen this comming ,especially the lawyers and even those in his inner circle. I suspect they were setting DM up by going along, knowing the likely outcome. They may now see him as a liability and want him gone. There is a cabal afoot. He needs a safe point. And there isn’t one. So now he needs a patsy to take the fall for him. No one around him is safe. That ship is sinking and in this case the captain and his crew will be fightling over the last lifeboat. Treachery will be the order of the day.

  125. Mike

    Can Debbie counter sue at this point to bring out all the crimes of DM?

  126. Thank you to both Marty and Mike for all the background. You guys and all who contributed pulled off an awesome and epic win.

    I too, hope that we will hear from Greg and Debbie Hughes. I think that there is enough momentum now that it will become easier and easier for people to speak out. Also, as the public distinction is made between David Miscavige and Scientology, perhaps those who have not spoken out because they don’t want to harm “the church” will begin to see it otherwise.

  127. Thank you Marty and Mosey for bringing us all together.
    I love my people! 🙂 xxx ♥♥♥
    Round one to the Indies….

  128. Michael Fairman

    The inevitability of Miscavige’s downfall was set in motion the moment he slapped his PC all those years ago. Many have been made to suffer at his hands since, but those who are still with us are seeing retribution.

    Marty, Mosey, Mike, Christie and all those who have stood shoulder to shoulder with them in this cause of truth and freedom, I give you Shakespeare:

    “Some are born great, some achieve greatness, and some have greatness thrust upon them”

  129. Bluebonnet

    Actually that does not seem to be wholly accurate.

    Just two days ago I got my goldenrod in the mail.

    Yup… It’s official.. I am declared Suppressive by the Church of David Miscavige’s Scientology.

    The declare was actually dated July 11, 2012. It was just sent to us from our local Org, probably because we have been more active lately, communicating to our friends, sending out Debbie’s e-mail, countering bogus “knowledge reports”, telling the local Ethics Officer and DSA to get back onto LRH Tech and Policy, and the like. My guess that it was sent in an effort to make us back off or disconnect. Well, of course our response will be the opposite: more communication, more truth. Stating that “your only terminal is the International Justice Chief” is their rule, not mine.

    Something else of interest, is that the “declare” is very mild mannered. There is no long list of crimes, high crimes, invented crimes, or creative black PR. Seems my biggest crime is telling the truth, as I see it, on this blog, and considering many who post here as my friends. Of course it includes inaccuracies, and assumptions, and falsehoods, but not bad really. It was actually a bit disappointing. I am wondering if it reflects a recent change of strategy on the part of the Church.. “don’t feed them anything that they can use against us”….or some such.

    Of course there were no prior “ethics gradients” applied, including the requisite “comm ev”, but hey.. at least I actually got a copy of the Declare, suitable for framing.

    Eric S

  130. Hi Brad,

    I’m not a Scientologist, nor have I ever (to my knowledge) even been acquainted with a Scientologist. However, I do follow closely this blog and other news coverage regarding the ongoing implosion of the COS. I do so because I’m appalled by the testimonies of the many who’ve suffered abuse at the hands of the COS and I believe David Miscavige is truly one of the most warped and evil human beings walking the face of the planet. I’m sickened by the control the COS, under Miscavige, tries to impose on others, I’m baffled as to how these atrocities are allowed to occur with no interference from law enforcement, and I follow because I hope to one day tune in to finally see this “man” in handcuffs.

    I have immense respect for the strength many of you Independents summoned to break from and battle the COS. I believe a person should be able to worship a tap-dancing duck-billed platypus if he/she so chooses, as long as that person is not harming another. And, as evidenced by this latest episode, this community seems to have helping each other at heart…. as opposed to the preying on each other mentality within the COS. I pull for you guys.

    That being said, I’m going to have to respectfully disagree with you regarding the public craving the tech. I do not have a high opinion of Hubbard’s morality and I’ve read far too many accounts of suicides and psychotic breaks to ever submit my mind to the mercy of any technique he developed. There is so much negative information associated with the COS and it’s history, all available on the net. In my opinion, any sane person that might have a notion to get involved will be scared shit-less after a minimal amount of research.

    I think most people are riveted because they want to see justice done. I wish there was more media coverage as that would increase pressure on law enforcement agencies to do something.

  131. Or start a new free account. That’s what I did when I let mine lapse. Couldn’t get the old one back but I didn’t care.

  132. This beautiful video full of all of these wonderful mugs needs to be embedded right here so that no one, especially POB, misses it. Great Texas sounding score by the way.

  133. Amen! 🙂

  134. The Scientology Spring.

  135. martyrathbun09

    Congratulations Eric!

  136. Random Stranger

    27) Extra lanyard for dog.

    28) Swagger stick.

    29) Personal collection of Nazi memorabilia.

    30) Cheek buffer.

  137. Bang on the money as usual Mike. It also occurred to me reading this that in days gone by when there was a B-I-G case against “The Church” a bunch of celebs would show their faces in support. The silence from ANY celebs this time has been deafening.

  138. +1


  139. It’s not as easy at it seems.
    It would be more doable to remove the Master Implanter first.

    As long as he is there he will do anything possible to cover things up.
    Don’t forget that many people still IN have no communication to the outside world and thus little do they know about what is going on right now.
    You need to remove the SP first so they can (de-PTS and) speak freely during the investigation.

    This is a solution for those inside the base and also for the general public Scientologist.

    – remove DM
    – remove the IAS from all org lines
    – review GAT arbitraries and handle the BPC of (field) auditors
    – reestablish the original academy line-up (and handle all BPC and ARCx)
    – remove disconnection “policy” and bring the “reform code” (1968) in
    and on and on.

    When you start to introduce order into anything, disorder shows up and blows off. Therefore, efforts to bring order in the society or any part of it will be productive of disorder for a while every time.

    The trick is to keep on bringing order; and soon the disorder is gone, and you have orderly activity remaining. But if you hate disorder and fight disorder only, don’t ever try to bring order to anything, for the resulting disorder will drive you half mad.

    Only if you can ignore disorder and can understand this principle, can you have a working world.

    L.Ron Hubbard, “New Slant on Life”

  140. I was thinking about this today while reading the comments and suddenly it hit me. I think what’s happened with the Debbie & Wayne victory is that people’s failed purposes on Scn have been rekindled. This is quite a huge phenomena. The amount of theta that goes along with it is out of this world.

    If DM thinks he had it rough with this case, wait till he tries another. With so many people’s failed purps rekindled he’s not even going to know what happened, all because he doesn’t know the tech he seeks to destroy. He’s already failed.

  141. One Bold step for Debbie Cook, a giant leap for freedom of mankind.

    Thankyou M&M

  142. Who gets what is completely a matter of 1) math and 2) people agreeing to a settlement. Who gets what is entirely up to those involved; it need not be a pittance.

    So it is entirely possible for a class action suit, particularly if the number of plaintiffs are relatively small, to get a large enough settlement to make the effort worth while. If the amount of the settlement is too small for one of the plaintiffs, they are free to seek their own suit; as you illustrated above.

  143. Mike Laws ~
    What a fabulous summary and overview.
    What wonderful thoughts to put down for all of us to share.

  144. Eric — You now have the ultimate badge of honor! Good job.

  145. DM is weaker now, probably more weak than ever before. Like Napoleon retreating from Moscow, DM’s retreat from Texas will end in his undoing, and his going to jail.

  146. Thank you Mike 😉 😉 😉

  147. Love your wite up, Mike.

    Windhorse: “share and heal”

  148. Winter 1988, International Headquarters of the Church of Scientology, just outside the course room in Qual David Miscaviage surrounded by his entourage made a profound statement. “Marty Rathbun is the most ethical Scientologist in the Sea Org”.

    DM those words must still echo in your brainless mind!

  149. Michael,


    Love your comment. Your humanity shines through in spades.

    And kudos to you as a mighty unsung hero in the battle of San Antonio.

  150. It is a he said, she said situation. DM has people who testify that the apostates are the liars. No other evidence exists, no photos, no doctor examinations that abuse took place. He stays in power even by withdrawing a case for PR reasons.

  151. Well done Eric.

    While “they” are very very disappointed in you for telling the truth, “we” are very happy to have you speak sooth.

  152. The cat is OUT of the bag via the courts and now the public will have a huge outcry to investigate the atrocities and inhumane behavoir under the sole direction of David Miscavige.

    Momentum is shifting and justice will be served.

    From Day 1 DM was a fraud!

  153. 31) Extra supply of “I’m a Big Boy Now” pull ups like i saw on that commercial. I keep crapping my pants!

  154. Even if he had one, bad PR doesn’t make him step down. There is bad PR about many leaders. No authority can act on he said, she said!

  155. Dan, you make a great point with this comment.

    I think this is why I tend to disagree with the idea that “The Church is Dead”: “The Church” too is a generality. There is always a WHO and we know exactly WHO that is.

    Some (clearly including Debbie) want to reform the Church while others would just as soon toss it on the “ash heap of history”.

    My suggestion would be, keep an “open mind” (the good kind) on this question until DM and his cancer have been fully excised, then evaluate in a new unit of time whether the Church is worth saving.

    Reform from within, reconstituting the Boards and all checks & balances as intended by LRH (for which, see, might well turn out to be a very doable, wise and worthwhile option.

  156. Thanks Mike!

  157. Karen, be realistic, actual convincing proof is lacking. DM has affidavits saying that it didn’t happen and that you guys made it up. Nobody of you has a tape or a video showing that DM did what you said. To convict a guy, you need evidence.

    The judge allowed Debbie to talk but would she and a jury convict of just he said/she said? Not really.

  158. Well, as they say in Texas, Bless their little hearts.

  159. nice video!!!!!!

  160. Good thoughts, agreed.

    The more I think about how LRH operated during the 1960s, to 1970s, just alone his LRH ED issues, with their 1 year authority after which they ‘expired’, looking at the number of things he “piloted” and then decided NOT to continue doing, this whole treatment of the Field Auditors, knowing also the long history of change in their rights, I’m sure, that LRH would have wished, and it’s backed up by LRH 339R Int and the traffic on general principles about Exec Strata’s role, that the Div 6 Exec Strata Exec SHOULD be currently taking your exact comments above, to heart, and issuing some changes to the hardcore bad anti Field Auditor rules that accumulated at the time of LRH’s death and just prior.

    But, how to evolve a top management that does these types of major decisions to let all you indpendents and “squirrels” do what you choose to do, at your own prices or free, would take a lot of judgement that no top managers are being allowed to really develop currently at the top ranks.

  161. WW- The declare was actually dated July 11, 2012.

    Obviously it is not yet valid, Yours is a future declare. Maybe you can still get some services before it goes into affect.

    I’m still waiting for mine.

  162. Mike,

    This is very, very well said.

    I am so proud to call you friend. Most will likely never know the many contributions you have made not only to help Debbie and Wayne but to help so very many. You can grant more beingness to others than almost anyone I’ve ever known. You can think for yourself especially as to what it means to be a man. Your courage and insight are inspiration.

  163. Great comment, Chuck. Two comments of my own:

    1. I did not make auditing my profession despite having it as a goal since I was 15 because of the capriciousness of SO “ethics.” It is stupid to go into a profession where your livelihood can be yanked with no notice by some teenaged CMO kid drunk on power and faulty whole track recall (thinking that the whole track trumps this lifetime experience).

    2. You are right that uptone people can survive despite the BS that goes on. On the other hand, uptone people can also see a quagmire and ask: “Why on Earth would I want to put my ass in the line of fire?”

  164. Mr Fancy,

    What you say is correct, but in practice the purpose of a class action suit isn’t really to get a large pot of gold and share it out so lot’s of folk get money back.

    The purpose is more a way to get the defendant to knock off their shit and stop doing whatever provoked the class action. A lawsuit with 1000 signatories gets a lot of exposure, lots of smaller suits tend to get not so much.

    I suppose it all comes down to what those individuals are looking to achieve. If they want to enforce a refund or restitution to themselves, an individual suit is probably better. If it’s a large group of like-minded people who want to see justice applied and their own financial compensation is secondary, a class action might be better.

    I strongly suspect most folks here tend toward the latter – they’ve already written off their IAS donations as school fees and the current game is to get David Miscavige the hell out of Dodge.


  165. Marty,

    Thank you for another brilliant job wrapping up the saga of San Antone. It was such a privilege to watch you and Mike, Debbie and Wayne, Ray and his team, and all the supporters in action. I felt I was watching history in the making. Whether one was a Scientologist or not, it was clear an injustice was being perpetrated by David Miscavige in the name of the Church of Scientology. I’m proud of any small contribution I could make.

    Much love, Yvonne

  166. Very well done, Eric! I imagine it must be a relief to have your association with DM officially ended. I hope mine doesn’t take as long – I sure have been trying! BTW, don’t forget to use an acid-free mat when you have it framed – it will last longer that way 😉


  167. Very insightful. I’m predicting a need to put a new face on Corporate Scientology. C.O.B. is going to need to drop into the shadows to run the Church (from afar) and hope the Public will forget about him. It will be something along the lines of going to do upper level research or pretend he’s going “Off Planet” (in one of the many Sea Org Space Ships) and he’s turning over the reins to a loyal lapdog. After all the SP’s are out to get him so being in hiding will be his only option.

  168. Thanks Marty and Mike

    It feels good to have stood up, in my small way, and been counted.

    My sincere thanks to you both for your unselfish help on the part of Debbie and Wayne, and for the cause of freedom and humanity. The example that you both live is inspiring and encourages me to do more.

    Thank you, and thank all who long for and actively pursue freedom for themselves and others.

    I am proud to call you friends.

    Eric S

  169. So do this:

    Sue DM.
    Call the Stepford Wives as hostile witnesses.
    Watch how long his “he said” end of the argument holds up.

    Any daft eejit can sign an affidavit shoved under their nose under duress but eing cross-examined in a court of law about that same affidavit is a whole different ball game.

  170. Tim

    …oops… Slip up on that date… of course it was 2011… not that that makes it any more valid.

    Eric S

  171. No words….. that video is the exact right communication for Greg Hughes.

  172. Random Stranger

    32) Lucky rabbit foot keychain.

    33) Lou.

    34) Personal cook.

    35) Photo of Tom.

    36) Mini-Teleprompter.

    37) Marty Rathbun punching dummy.

    38) Mike Rinder beer mug.

    39) Debbie Cook dartboard game.

    40) Acme Quick-Get-Away Disguise Kit.

  173. I absolutely love Mike Laws like a brother … Great post DUDE … See you this summer in Minnesota!!

  174. I love when the good guys win – congratulations to all .

  175. Jaguar/Gavino/Gloria/Rhea Smith/Bill Yaude

    Do I need to remind you that DMs lawyers turned tail and fled the Courthouse because Debbie was giving evidence and Mike and Marty were about to ? …
    Some 40 ex Sea Org members are ready willing and able to testify in a court of law about these very atrocities.
    Actual Convincing proof is lacking ?
    Don’t be silly.

  176. Tim
    It has been some considerable time since I had any desire whatsoever in “getting more services” from the Church. The last several forays into AOLA and Flag were convincing enough that they were no longer willing, or able, to deliver anything that I had any use for.

    I did get L12 in the field recently though… excellent experience all round.

    For the first time in over thirty years I am now interested in doing the OT levels ( in the Independent Field). Not because I should, or MUST, or have something I want handled, but simply because I think it will be a lark, and I suspect I will be able to put it to good use.

    Eric S

  177. Jag,

    When the evidence is overwhelming, the defense of “they are all liars” and its just “he said/she said” is unconvincing, either in the court of public opinion or a court of law. Even the highest standard of proof required in a criminal case — “beyond reasonable doubt” — can be met. That is what juries are for. No Texas (or anywhere else in the US for that matter) jury would hear testimony from Debbie and countless others that could tell similar stories, and not be convinced that Miscavige and his sycophants are liars. In cases where there is no “smoking gun” the accused claims innocence and their credibility is at issue, so a jury had to make a decision. They see the evidence and hear the witnesses and DO decide if “he said” the truth or “she said” the truth.

    Miscavige has desperately tried to make his abuses a matter of “he said/she said” in order to keep the sheeple convinced that he is innocent. He trots out prisoners of war to profess his wonders and that he has never done anything wrong or laid a hand on them. Let those same people testify in court and they will be exposed for the liars they are (just look at how they fell to pieces when Anderson Cooper asked them one question). Miscavige’s protestations of his perfection and innocence has worn out its welcome.

    Keep a close eye on the “he said/she said” defense and see how it works out for Mubarak.

  178. Mike Laws, I kiss that big face of yours 🙂

    Windhorse, beautifully expressed truth. Thank you. I sure hope we get to meet up someday in Cape Breton, overlooking that ocean – that space.

  179. It’s a great day! Thanks all for this!

  180. +1

    t h e t a

  181. Li'll bit of stuff

    Wow, Eric! At last! Just think though, MESTcavige
    might already be history, himself, before this comes
    into effect! Irony of ironies. V V W D anyway!
    Couldn’t have happened to a nicer Guy!

  182. Yeah, this must be Church policy, and quite logical really if you think about it. Since everybody is an SP, best to have writen SP Declares on all public and date them at some point in the near future to save on admin and printing costs.


  183. Don

    Thanks for the advice on the proper archiving of the piece.

    I personally do not consider it so valuable as to give it that much special attention though. After all, apparently every Org and Mission on the planet was sent a copy…. How many was that again?… 10,000? I think I will let them handle the MEST of it for “eternity” and I will simply “move on up a little higher.”

    Wait a second…. maybe if they are going to have to remember all the people “declared for eternity” they will have to preserve the declares on platinum plates and store them in underground vaults, specially designed for the purpose.

    Now, one of those would be worth having!

    Eric S

  184. Les

    I almost doubt that they would even be very disappointed since “they” appear to have very little value for the truth…

    But here… sooth is coin.

    Eric S

  185. martyrathbun09

    You weren’t just watching history. You were and are a vital player in it.

  186. Jaguar,

    You won’t get people who were beaten up to change their minds about being beaten up, just because a prosecutor didn’t try to prove the beatings! Affidavits won’t convince a person they were not beaten up either, just because those affidavits were not disproven either.

    Try to see the people’s viewpoints, those who beaten up?

    If a person was beaten up and degraded, and then this whole legal system fails to concur, that does not mean the beatings did not occur.

    Official Scientology by using the legal system to deny reality is doing some really bad damage to society, and it sickens people on the subject of Scientology in general. It’s irreligious behavior.


  187. Claudio & Renata Lugli

    Marty, Mike, Debbie, Wayne, Ray, Tony, and all the GREAT INDEPENDENTS there in San Antonio or there with their souls THANKS A MILLION to all of you.
    This is epic and is making history for our movement.
    This is giving GREAT hope that we can and will win.
    Honesty and integrity are the hallmark of the independents and no steel armor or legal glittering team can compete with that.
    I must say we are proud to be INDEPENDENT SCIENTOLOGIST

  188. Hey….Cool !!!

  189. Great points Chuck. And also have Super Power available for staff as LRH intended.

  190. TroubleShooter

    This is a wonderful synopsis of the scene Mike. I respectfully want to add a point I didn’t agree with.

    “Other than Debbie’s incredible courage in standing up alone and saying in the COS community “THIS IS WRONG AND MUST STOP! WE MUST TAKE OUR OWN RESPONSIBILITY FOR WHAT IS GOING ON!”, Marty was to me perhaps the next most relevant point of human inspiration.”

    Debbie didn’t stand up alone. She had her courageous, loyal and supporting husband who provided her with the unconditional love and compassion despite knowing that he had a lot at stake himself.

    When I was going through my valley of darkness my spouse who knew the scenario that was unfolding with me was full of lies, policy violations and out-tech. My spouse took the low road, stopped talking to me and filed for divorce. My spouse was a good dog and apparently would sit, roll over and run to the door when needing to use the potty, a well trained pet.

    My story isn’t unique as many spouses have curled up in a fetal position pretending to be total effect and living off of the permission to survive that this kind of individual needs – not one of us.

    Wayne I thank you for setting an example for the men in the world of which there are so many in fact in the Indy field.

    That’s my .02 worth. 😉

  191. David Miscavige,
    I’m re-reading the Court record, going way back to the beginnings and all the way up through. I just finished the dismissal of Vs. Webster.

    That Webster opinion is telling. The FBI/IRS at that time and from the earliest days, had every intention of pursuing LRH no matter what he did to wear his hats. LRH played the game and despite the relentless pursuit, managed to complete his real work – the Technology to free beings to be, do and have as they freely chose and with their ethos in tact.

    He left a legacy that included a structure, reserves, and a body of work for delivery using both of those as a via, but NEVER the via to overshadow the message.

    You are the antithesis of that being.

    We are his friends.

    All the money in the world couldn’t pay for what we give freely.

  192. ES – Get the video playing on you tube and copy and paste the window with the address bar of the browser. Don’t try and use the embed code. It must start with the htt… and not with youtube as you posted.

  193. Ray Jeffreys: Honorary Independent who just kicked some serious ass!

  194. You see POB…. this is what power is all about!….All of us!
    Not “Power is when people is listening to you”…Idiot !

    BTW…how is your Scotch today?

  195. Indeed the singer cult has it’s barriers to blow rough as well. I am also an ex singer bot but left after David Singer fired Paul Turnbull for reporting Daid to WISE for not paying royalties. I never looked back. I hope you are right about they day coming where we will reunite.

  196. Jaguar
    It is only a He-said, She-said in the PR Arena.
    In the Legal Arena it is what a JURY says.

    In the Legal Arena, the lying cowed Sea Org members testifying and defending David Miscavige will risk perjury and jail time for lying about their Fuhrer.

    You are doing an A=A between PR arena (media, press, tv) and the LEGAL arena. A Court of Law.

    Jaguar, my dear, sort out your Identities, Similarities and Differences.

  197. I agree with you Dan. I worked under Greg Hughes for several years and I consider him a good friend. I saw DM taunt Greg regularly. One time he made him walk around for a week with only one epilette on (he was WDC WISE at the time). Another time he made him wear an array of different post title tags on his uniform shirt with profanities and absurd ridiculing names.
    Later, when Greg was Gross Income Exec Int, I observed DM try to cave the guy in intentionally over a period of a month. He ordered he write a 339R program for his function of GI, which Greg did. DM then said the program was a piece of crap and ordered him to redo it. Which Greg did. DM said it was still crap and that Greg couldn’t write a program to save himself (Greg is an OEC grad and fully competent as a program writer — infact I worked as his Programs Operation/Execution person for more than 3 years and can attest that his program writing skills are superb and he writes clear and doable programs).

    DM then told Greg to write a 339R program to floss his teeth — taking this as a subject for a program based on Greg’s past track as a dentist. Greg complied with his order, and wrote a 339R program to floss your teeth — which DM then rejected and stated that it was not simple enough, was confusing, could not be followed or complied with. All of these conversations and program rejections were done over lengthy meetings that involved the entirety of the Int Management Executive Committee (all of WDC and IMEC executives) as well as RTC investigators, AVC Cramming Officers, COB Office entourage and more. There would be at least 40 people watching and listening and DM worked to cave in Greg repeatedly over a period of weeks.

    From memory Greg had to rewrite that 339R program to floss your teeth at least 6 or more times. And the lengthy belittling and ridicule that he went through, soley at the hands of DM was awful. It got down to DM telling Greg that the program did not say how to wrap the floss around your fingers, or which fingers to wrap it around, or how to pull the floss back and forth between the teeth and so on. It was absurd. After hours of this, DM ordered the entire room to write the program — so Greg was bypassed and Marc Yager, Mark Ingber, Ronnie Miscavige, etc. all had to rewrite the 399R program on how to floss your teeth. I remember Amy at the time (who was WDC Celebrity Centres) being frustrated beyond belief as she had a huge amount of work and traffic backlogging and DM was keeping everyone logged up in this conference room spending hours on writing a fictional 339R program to floss your teeth.

    And despite all of the above, despite the name calling, the constant invalidation and the efforts of DM to completely introvert and cave Greg Hughes in — he still managed to keep calm, still worked to comply with the senseless and crazy orders, and did not explode — which DM was trying to achieve.

    If you are reading this out there Greg, or Debbie, or any of your friends — I would love to catch up and talk. You can write me on I tried to make contact a while back on FB, but you declined. Maybe now things are changing….. I hope so……

  198. Well, the thing that strikes me as being strange as that initially Debbie didn’t ask for help and even distanced herself from “Marty and the Independents”. She was quick to blame (wrongly) Marty and the Independents for circulating her email to the media. But once she was backed into a corner, she was quick to ask for help from the same people she had earlier shunned. So far I haven’t seen any public acknowledgement or thanks to anybody, not that she owes me a thank you. Is she ungrateful or just keeping a low profie?

    What’s also strange is that she still thinks the “church” can be reformed from the inside. She seems a bit naive to me given all that she’s been through.

  199. Lynne,

    A missing persons investigation for Shelley is I/P out of the L.A. Sheriffs Office. I didn’t write down the case number and name of the sheriff assigned to the case but I can get that tomorrow for you if you’d like.

    This is not a joke.

  200. the bottom line is – policy has within it
    anyone who quits the so is a DB
    make the penalties for non-compliance too gruesome to contemplate’
    SPs CAN be fair-gamed
    LRH overboarded people on the apollo
    If you do the OEC and are in OSA or HCO you know going to the press or wog lawyers is uncool, being in 29 tears means you have to have at least been familiar with it??

  201. Oh — and I just remembered — the whole 339R program on dental flossing your teeth went on EVERY day from lunchtime onwards. The execs were to study in the morning and before they could get to their desks after lunch, DM was there to continue the next round on the Dental Floss 339r program. It would go on for most of the day — so execs would not go to meals or would stay up all night in an effort to do some of their work and post in and around the demands of DM.

    He would force all of the execs to stay there in the room while Greg fixed the program. No one could get to their desks, their traffic or even to do stat evolution on a Thursday to manage their sectors of Scientology, provide direction, etc. The anxiety and frustration of all involved was tangible. Desks were piled high with work to be done — yet DM would not let them get to their desks or to their jobs — instead forcing them to write a fictional 339R program on cleaning your teeth.

  202. Maybe Greg Hughes, Debbie Hughes, and Angie Blankenship and others remaining silent still didn’t get it fully. If Miscavige goes to Jail, and that may happen sooner than he thinks, what do they answer when asked about their “GAG-orders” and where will they go then…?

  203. 41) Georgina (personal steward) to carry and handle the 30+ custom name brand suitcases, suitbags, travel trunks and animals and to do all needed tailoring of clothes if there is any shift in weight.
    42) Maria Starkey (office staff) to bring the dog/s, their kennels, their toys, their bowls, their premium food, leads and do the dog walks daily.
    43) Barbara (treasury secretary) to keep the money flowing, handle all bills, pay my bonuses and keep me surrounded in the luxury I require to perform at my best.
    44) Warren McShane (legal and internal affairs) as a kicking ball and punching bag, and someone to vent my anger at.

  204. Summer 1995,
    International Headquarters of the Church of Scientology,
    just outside the Middle Villas where RTC was housed,
    surrounded by all RTC staff and his own personal office entourage,
    David Miscavige told everyone that Marty is the only one he trusts to get to the bottom of things.
    He told us that Marty is the best meter handler and best auditor we have. He told us Marty really does know Scientology and uses it”.

    That’s right DM. For a brief moment — you got something right.

  205. That’s exactly the point! That’s just PTS/SP Tech NEVER really applied despite all the false allegations and the enforced retrains of the PTS/SP course.

    If you applied PTS/SP Tech fully, you were OUT and fast, really fast.
    Either by leaving or by getting frozen out. ALL the people staying in IMHO were and are PTS beyond belief and should be treated like that.

  206. You know you want some. You’ll get it one day. Hang in there, baby.

  207. Also, I didn’t say public are craving the tech. I said below the conscious level, that means you are not aware of it. One thing non-scientology public need is study tech. Knowing the definitions of words. It’s crucial to understanding written or spoken communication. Please re-read my post and use a dictionary to define the words that you don’t understand.

  208. There are missing person reports filed on both Heber and Shelly.
    Heber- case # 100623829
    Shelly – case # 100623830

    The LAPD detective for the cases is Marla Ciuffetelli
    If anyone has useful information they can send it to her e-mail address:

  209. Random Stranger

    Dear David Miscavige,

    Karma is coming after you. The sound of a million angry galloping horses gaining speed can be heard in the distance, just over the horizon. Go ahead, put your ear to the ground…hear that? The Force is with them and they’re all coming for YOU!

    If you listen closely, you can also hear the sound of bells tolling for thee. You thought you could get away with all those beatings and torture and fleecing and hiding? Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha HA HA HA! HA!

    Have another thought.

  210. Theo Sismanides


    This might sound irrelevant but i have to tell you that tonight Greece is fighting against the Suppression of the European Union. 199 deputies said yes to the EU strategy for greece but 101 were against.

    i urge ALL Indies to augment their sphere of influence and see more problems of this world, as the Suppression is not just coming from DM. LRH said that.

  211. Mike Laws,
    You are already way ahead of the game. I can tell you what type of person you are. You are one of the goodest people I know. XOXO

  212. karen +1

  213. Debbie:
    My letter to Scientologist friends was sent out to thousands of additional people by someone else. I am also certain at this point that it was Marty and the Independents that worked so hard to get that comm into the press. I steadfastly refused to talk to the press despite non-stop phone calls and reporters showing up at my work. And I wrote that letter to Tampa Bay Times to try and diffuse the situation.

    That doesn’t sound to me like a blame.
    Her primary goal is to get rid of the POB in order to bring back genuine Scientology into Orgs.

    Asking for the help Marty and the Independents offered was – as far as I have seen this from the beginning – her Plan B.

    And good for her and all people involved – “Churchies” and Independents.
    She doesn’t need to cover things up in order to bring him to fall.
    And this is also a good chance for Scientology PR-wise. At least for Scientology, the religious philosophy, as envisioned by LRH.

    Thanks to all who helped to bring about the make-break-point for a Mistreatvige-free Scientology.

  214. @Karen, your list there is pretty accurate. Therein lies why so many former SO (and others) are scared to come forward. And especially former SO members who are “institutionalized” into the SO system and don’t know the way the outside world works after being in for 20+ years. They are usually broke (I was surprised to hear about Debbie’s payout and wonder when they started doing this).

    Then put them up against a legal juggernaut; the Church of David Miscavige. It’s a point of “I will just keep my head low and get on with life” instead of exposing the crimes because who can afford PI’s @ $250+ an hour, lawyers, endless piggy bank, and other valuable resources for defense plus an army of people who have been trained not to really think or look, just obey? (“All I have to do is hit this ‘disconnect’ button and the wheels turn, within 24 hours you will have very few communication lines”).

    Makes the Church of David scary to even consider going up against, which subsequently is why Anonymous was such a great idea – the church was fighting ghosts. I think they (anon) set the stage for the rise of the Independents in a way.

    Now the church is screwing up left right and center and it’s because David’s ego (and suppressive valence) has gotten rid of any brains he had around him to stay afloat. And just our luck, the brains, the teamwork is being transferred. And it’s our movement of Independents!


    P.S. Take a breath and carry on with the successful actions everyone. David Miscavige isn’t giving up his billions of dollars and golden throne without a fight to the death!

  215. “I do not have a high opinion of Hubbard’s morality…”
    Study his works, not the man.
    Try to use some Scientology Tech.
    Do a touch assist on someone you know or do some self-analysis lists on yourself.

    Enjoy the results.

  216. Theo Sismanides

    has everybody seen those interviews by Debbie? I hadn’t…

  217. Additionally I’d like to say:
    Debbie, what ever your future plans, bonne chance!

  218. Random Stranger

    45) Cyanide capsule.

  219. 1 like
    2 like like

  220. Have you noticed that not a single person who worked with Miscavige has EVER defended him unless he/she was either paid by him to do so or in fear of severe punishment/grave consequences if he/she didn’t?

    There are plenty of people who left Int. I have never seen ONE who would say “hey, I was there, working with Miscavige, and I have never seen any of these abuses. There was no “hole”, WDC and Exec Strata members were on post, doing their work, Miscavige treated everyone with respect, like a true leader, we loved him and he treated us right… I don’t know what you guys are talking about” How come there is NOBODY who ever stood up voluntarily to says so? Let me guess: there are no actual liars out here.

    If the only people who will ever defend Miscavige are people currently in his employment who (per the other witnesses’ accounts) believe that their future, salvation and immortality are all in the hands of Miscavige, then wouldn’t a jury tend to take their testimonials with a grain of salt, against those witnesses who are “out” and have nothing to gain from telling the truth other than being decent people who stand up against abuse?

    If there is a single person who had worked with Miscavige at Int, left and is “out” now, and can attest that he was indeed a kind and caring person and never abused anyone, please stand up.


    I think, you are in trouble, Dave. A lot of trouble.

  221. Freedom Fighter

    “When I dispair, I remember that all through history the way of truth and love have always won. There have been tyrants and murders and, for a time, they can seem invincible, but in the end, they always fall. Think of it — always.” ~ Mahatma Gandhi

  222. A small sidenote, having just seen someone post the San Francisco Org invitation to the March 13th event on Facebook.

    It’s a joint invitation from the “San Francisco Orgs” — TWO “Ideal” orgs and TWO “SH Size” Orgs.

    They announce that they have had an incredible year of production and give these stats to prove it:

    328 Life Improvement Course completions and 163 Releases.

    That equates to 3 Life Improvement Courses per WEEK for each org and 1.5 releases per WEEK for each org.

    They are proud of this!

    More exposure of the lie of “massive expansion.” Roy Selby, who posts here and was formerly an executive and ED of SFO could put these stats in perspective to earlier times in SFO.

    How incredibly pathetic and deluded these people are. They are SO convinced that because David Miscavige SAYS there is expansion that what they are [not] doing must be “expansion.”

  223. Good point. Funny how omitteds like that often don’t get noticed.

  224. FOS, I don’t think they “started” that kind of payout in general, SO members at lower levels who haven’t witnessed actual crimes are usually given maybe $500 or nothing. You don’t get paid for service, etc., the only money given to leaving SO members is the money given in the attempt to buy their silence. The amount of money seems to be proportional to the amount of criminality the person witnessed, so if anyone (and that includes anyone in the legal system, btw) wants to know who has the most first hand info about Miscavige’s dirty laundry, they just have to know how much they were paid when they routed out. Follow the money – since that’s the only “defense” the church has left.

  225. To Mrinder: You hit the nail dead center on this! Yes…how incredibly pathetic and deluded!

  226. Jaguar … Power is not the same as Tyranny, as Time always tells.

    Tyrants and dictators are never in Power in the true sense of the word or actuality. They may amass temporary wealth, they may behead and oppress for a time, they may pretend to be noble and righteous and get obedience through fear but they always end up running away in their knickers, or being torn to shreds by people who storm the palace or track them down hiding in a remote sewer line. That’s just the way it is.

    Truth always wins.

  227. Jaguar — No one had “proof” on Gaddafi nor Saddam Hussein’s genocides either. And Hitler’s mass graves were found after the allies went in and believed he stories coming out of Europe.

    Your argument sounds like a taunt, as in a snide “Prove it.” That fits a profile society has well identified and labeled.

  228. Jaguar, you slip the put-downs in very smoothly. As if recognizing justice prevails is not being “realistic”? And your argument: “everybody in the world is lying about David Miscavige” is realistic. Reality check!

  229. 46) Ouija Board and custom-made Voodoo Dolls of all these C#%k Su%#ing SPs and life-time supply of stick pins!

  230. Sam he was counted …he is out. doesn’t matter it was round one…it’s over, finito, kaput, victory for knock out.
    and I’ll add: he’s not looking forward at all to a re-match.
    this could well be the last we see of court initiative from david miscavige, I would not be surprised in the least.
    btw, I love you too

  231. like it!

  232. Mary Beth and I are willing and able to help again.

    Who’s next?

  233. No auditors made?

  234. SKM,
    Fully agreed!
    It is a wonderful win and I want to add my joy and acknowledgement to all who helped make it happen :).
    It appears we have reached a rest point up the mountain. The view is great but the SP is still standing on his piddly, shaky apple box and needs to be taken out including his connections.
    Until that has taken place I am not letting down my guards.

    I would love to see that now, while all of the attention of the media is focused on this fight, that the “iron gets beat while it is hot” (or whatever that idiom is exactly) in order for Debbie to counter attack, pull DM, David Miscavige into court one way or the other. Being accused of having committed perjury while on the stand looks good enough to get started.

    Surely Debbie DOES have a lot more ammunition than what has come to light so far. While it is disgusting having to wash laundry in public plain view, so far in this fight against DM, blowing his overts and withholds out of the water is the only thing that has gotten Tone Arm Action.
    The process is obviously not finished.

  235. Or how it’s working out for Bashar al-Assad of Syria.

  236. Let’s finally end the nightmare of this psycho pygmy ‘pope’.

  237. VWD, it’s a bit of a strange TR2 by RCS but ….always nice to get an acknowledgement!

  238. Spot on observation Globetrotter. Affidavit’s were used heavily but that is about it. I too have observed from a few who left Int have said the exact same thing about Dave being “caring”, and it is obvious they are on the same gag order as Debbie was. As this blog has demonstrated this tactic is now a failure.

  239. Spot-on, Mike.

    My own personal thanks to Marty, Mike Rinder et al for doing what you all did to highlight this insane creature called DM trying to totally ruin some good folk who just wanted to do the right thing and make the world a better place.

    I’m hoping my own small contribution from here in Oz has helped – and I’ll see if I can drum up some more media from Oz for you all on the Debbie Cook v. obscene multi-billion $ corp. 😀

    Tick, tock, Wee Davey Boy – Your increasing loss of reality is becoming an international soap opera of media significance.

  240. In my opinion, SS, you are looking at the wrong direction of flow. Scientology philosophy and tech are mainly for those who want to learn to apply them to HELP OTHERS. Scientology tech actually cannot be applied successfully, helpfully, to anyone who doesn’t want it. It is mainly intended to be a spiritual training and self-development route, a way of self-discipline, like Buddhist meditation and contemplation, martial arts, or yoga.

  241. Ah, thank you, duh!

  242. martyrathbun09

    Love ya Mat.

  243. 100% agree!

  244. I still fully expect Kelly Preston or Kirstie Alley to go on the TODAY SHOW or THE VIEW and talk about how Scientology is helping them to lose weight/dance. Then there will be the accompaning PEOPLE/US WEEKLY cover story. Kelly just did her duty, so I’m guessing we’ll soon be seeing Kirstie all over the place.

  245. Unless Kelly is suddenly announced for the cast of Dancing With the Stars. LOL.

  246. No shit, this will give me a night free of nightmares.

  247. “You know you want some. You’ll get it one day. Hang in there, baby”

    Ha, maybe so…. we’ll see. Like you said, I may be subconsciously wanting it.

    “Craving” was a poor choice of words on my part, but I didn’t misunderstand any words in your post the first time around. I was just trying to express that the tech and any form of Scientology probably has a real uphill battle considering how it is viewed by the public at large. I think most people hear Scientology and think Tom Cruise and space aliens, but I wish more would get educated on the behavior of the COS itself and share in the outrage.

    I agree that word clearing is supremely important and I’m sure the Study Tech has benefits, I know very little about it. I have, however, seen and read many accounts where kids who grew up in the church would then lament how far behind they were in certain areas when finally attending a wog school or college.

    I do hope you as a group are able to continue to open the eyes of more current devotees and provide a safe harbor for those who do wish to practice Scientology.

  248. Mike and Marty…Your video at the Alamo for me was very telling…Now we know the rest of the story….Now I know why POB is running scared…and will always run scared. This INDEPENDENT movement is working and you two are the engine that drives all of us towards more freedom and more pan determinism.

    THANK YOU!!!

  249. Jethro,

    Yes, Debbie may be a little naive. She’s spent her entire adult life in the cocoon of the Sea Org. She admitted in her interview that this was the first time in her life she has talked to a lawyer and learned of some of the legal rights she has always been entitled to. And yet, without even knowing those rights, she took the incredibly brave step of tackling this violent sociopath with a billion dollar war chest, on his own turf!

    Is it naive to think the Church can be saved? Perhaps, but two years ago when I realized I could no longer support this organization, my next thought was “How can it be reformed back to what it was?” It took me quite a while to come to terms with the reality that it probably never would, and that the best hope for the tech was in the Independent field.

    Several others I’ve talked to have gone through this exact same transformation, and I expect that in short order, Debbie will too. In the meantime, let’s give her the proper respect for striking a very effective blow against the enemy.

  250. >> That doesn’t sound to me like a blame.

    It does to me. She said she was “certain” that “Marty and the Independents” were responsible for getting her email to the media, when that wasn’t the case; she assumed this. Marty even said it had already been leaked to the media before he had it:

    “That was claimed despite the fact the “press” had her email before I even did, and I’ve never worked, let alone “worked so hard”, to get anything into the press, …”

    I don’t see how someone could send out an email like that with a very broad distribution list and somehow expect that it wouldn’t get outside of the scope of the people she sent it to. Once something is pushed out to the Internet, it’s only a matter of time before it’s BPI.

  251. Martin,
    Good one! 🙂

  252. Hi SKM,

    I did read Dianetics about ten years ago. I knew nothing about Scientology at the time and found it bizarre anyway. I wondered why I’d never heard of most of the concepts, now I know it’s because they were eschewed by the mainstream.

    You said “study his works, not the man.” This is a real problem for me since we’re dealing with a supposed spiritual/religious teacher. If we’re talking music, I’ve got no problem enjoying the products of an artist who hasn’t lived by the highest moral code…… as evidenced by my love of Hendrix, Led Zeppelin, the Stones, etc……. But spiritual guidance from someone of Hubbard’s reputation is a tough sale.

    But, to each his own. If it works for you, that’s all that matters…… as long as no one else is getting hurt in the process. That’s why DM must fall.

  253. martyrathbun09

    Your statement here, comparing Hubbard to the Stones and Zeppelin indicates you are a hypocrite: “from someone of Hubbard’s reputation”. Open your mind, or find a hate forum.

  254. martyrathbun09

    The people who answer “no” to this question will have ZERO role in any reformation that might result out of the gargantuan efforts of thousands of causative, non-naive folk: “Is it naive to think the Church can be saved?”

  255. Policy is a guiding thing.
    And don’t A=A that policy for a given time or situation applies to all times or situations…..that is “crippled think” and indicative of roboticism.
    David Miscavige is the most “uncool” being I have ever met. Denying the rights of others at every turn. Altering tech. Killing people with out-tech and degrade.
    Why are you blind to this?

  256. Yes FishFlyToo,

    One should never forget that most people who joined staff or the SO did so because they had a dominant will to help and they wanted to change and improve conditions. These fellas are in the majority VERY good people. Some of them will react in the way they’ve been told and maybe it is useless effort to try to change them at this point, but they are still good fellas at the core and should they come to their senses they should be welcomed.

    It is also my experience that a large majority of those you contact will at least start thinking. Some will not acknowledge it openly, but their existing doubt still grows. Some refuse to look, and some just acknowledge you that they can see that something is wrong but they are not willing to do anything that disrupts their current life, i.e. they agree with you but are not willing to involve themselves or their families in any sort of trouble.

    Then a few are brave enough to come out of the shadows and the numbers that have in the last month or two are actually quite high.

    We just need more spreading of the truth and more in-reality communications on all lines and more and more people will start to wake up and the majority of people on this blog are doing a fantastic job at doing such, especially Marty, Debbie, Mike, Mosey and anyone else who are directly ensuring the truth is broadly communicated and the crimes exposed.

  257. Excellent history, thankyou Lana!!!

  258. Love it! Bring it on.

  259. Hi Valkov,

    Everything you said sounds wonderful, it really does. But I read what you just wrote and then try to reconcile it with the many stories of abuse, imprisonment, disconnection, financial rape, forced abortions, overboarding, etc…. and the two don’t come together real well for an outside observer.

  260. A preponderence of witnesses — willing to testify under oath and risking jail time if they lie — is far greater than a “he-said, she-said” Jaguar.

    I’d love to see if Guillaume Leserve, Norman Starkey and the former-wife crew — all willing to lie on national tv and to Anderson Cooper — would be willing to do the same under oath. Time will tell.

  261. All monopolies, like RCS, are always in the end corrupting and corruptible.

    Free markets force and encourage the best to the top. Let the free markets concerning LRH technologies determine who and what will ultimately prevail.

    History and common sense can guarantee it will be the real stuff.

    Most folks won’t buy shit that kills them.

  262. Thanks!

  263. Allow me to add, humbly, that the Radical Corporate Scientology monopoly began with the take-down of the LRH instituted mission network.

    Wasn’t Shorty right there orchestrating this crime?

  264. No hate here, Marty….. on the contrary much admiration. Just trying to make the point that I believe many people expect their spiritual leaders to be above reproach. I really don’t think my statement was hypocritical as I’d sure as hell never sign up for a religion shepherded by Keith Richards, although that would be good for some laughs.

  265. Too embarassing to mention? Or, no real interest in making auditors…how passe, we have more important things to do.

  266. Awesome dude!

    I am personally nominating you for the honorary Medal of Integrity because you have the innate ability to say it like it is – without getting all hateful about it. I love that about you!


  267. Floating Needle

    I don’t think calling Michelle a Singerbot is helping. I’m not even sure that applies since the reports I have was that David Miscavige had been physically roughed up Dr. David Singer in the New York org for not paying royalties.
    And it wasn’t that he was not paying royalties, it was a matter of how the royalties were being paid that was in question.

    I don’t know Scott as well as Michelle, but being Angie’s brother must have it’s price. Either way, even Ronnie Miscavige eventually saw the writing on the wall. So before we partake to name calling, let us remember that we all drank from that same pitcher of KoolAid ourselves, and to some of us, “it tastes real good.”

    I say this because I know outside of corporate Scientology Michelle and Scoot would still be friends of mine.

    As far as I know, Scott or Michelle have done nothing wrong. While Angie has certainly done things she will eventually regret, that doesn’t mean Scott is of the same cloth because he has the same last name.

    Let’s vent this disappointment on those who truly deserve it, the Kathy True’s and David LeBlow’s that are part and parcel of corporate Scientology and who further the destruction of the tech, of lives, families and sanity.

    That’s my 2 cents.

    P.S. Nice to see you on here Rob.

  268. Thank Mike!

    A clearer picture can’t be painted. I also have very personal reality on your point #2 and finally have a sense of a 3rd dynamic again!

  269. Bill Yaude SUCKS.

    “Debbie Cook, after running a multi-million dolllar entity $150 million a year for 17 years, a global entity, with the title of Commanding Office or Captain, is driven to the point where she originates that she will slit her wrists . A 30 year veteran driven to suicide by the predator David Miscavige.”

    The valuable final product of David Miscavige – caved in beings. It’s the MO that starts at the top and works its way down the lines. The higher trained and successful you are, the harder they want you to fall. Wickedness.

  270. TroubleShooter

    Well said. Thank you for being here.

  271. OMG Lana, that is just sickening. Sickening. Twisted. WTH? Ridiculous BS.

  272. Love it Mike. 😎

  273. Thank you Marty for the summary above. Also thanks to you, Mike and all others who contributed to this win.

  274. Reblogged this on My LRH.

  275. Tom, I appreciate your input but in this case you are assuming some things being identical when they are not. The “Church” in Marty’s questions isn’t equal to a “monopolies isn’t equal to RCS. I believe the “Church” he asks the question about is the group with a shared vision and postulate as a group for the sane and standard application of LRH tech to help the people’s of this planet. Your statement seems to preclude that any 3rd dynamic can be honest and ethical.

    You would agree I believe that “free markets” and “common sense” are only able to function under some set of rules or guidelines. It might be that those rules and guidelines are agreed upon by this “church”.

    The real key point is that any future group is exactly that – a group. It is not just a collection of warm blooded people ruled by a single person or small group at the head. It is not a dictatorship. It is not something with a “ruler.” I believe it should be a group acting as that 3rd dynamic which is part of and inseparable from the members. It would not be senior to the members. Remember, we all have all dynamics at play in our lives and we cannot remove one. What we remove is barriers, false data, fixed ideas and suppression. We keep our theta, our dreams and our ability to act as free beings. We are basically good and any future group or “church” will have to reflect that.

  276. Thank you for your interest and support. It is appreciated. Just so you know, Scientology grows only one way and it is not through public relations or advertising and that way is explained in a policy letter written by LRH called, “Word of Mouth”. LRH explains that auditors deliver auditing to to a person receiving the auditing (called a pre-clear). The pre-clear becomes happy and vibrant and full of life. His friends see the obvious changes in him and ask him what happened to him. He tells them he got auditing and they want some to. LRH doesn’t word it like that, but it’s the basic concept. It’s called word of mouth. LRH books can get them interested, but if they never get auditing, Scientology will never grow. David Miscavige is altering the tech to make it unworkable and destroying anyone’s ability to become an auditor. This is how he is killing us. This is our current plight. David Miscavige has got to go. Thank you for your support. We wish to show the world that we are indeed people of good will and not the deliberately cruel or violent monster that David Miscavige has created by stealing our Church in a covert and hostile coup as he did. He is criminal of magnitude.

  277. Yay!!!!
    Thanks for letting me help y’all help them! I love it when that happens!
    (Excellent post too)

  278. Monopolies, most importantly, harbor and and then promote sociopaths and thereby institutionalize their inclinations. As an example, look at our current U.S. socio-political-economic scene. Butt ugly.

  279. Dear SS, if you ever have the experience of discharging an Engram in auditing, you will say to yourself, Hubbard is beyond reproach. I hope you can experience it for yourself one day. Marty is working hard to make it safe for you do to so.

  280. Random Stranger

    47) Coin collection.

    48) Bullet-proof vest.

    49) Ankle knife.

    50) Tom Cruise stuffed toy.

  281. I got your point.
    I don’t want to convince you of the good things in Ron.
    I only can asure you, if you never used Scientology, you will never come close to know him.

  282. With the exception of overboarding, which Hubbard discontinued, your talking about David Miscavige. Hubbard did the overboarding in the 50 and sixties, it was different mind set. Kids were also being paddled in School, homosexuals couldn’t come out, there was hazing in the military. There is not one single perfect human being. Scientology tech isn’t perfect, but it is workable. We don’t worship LRH by the way. We just use the tech. That’s what LRH wanted.

  283. I was retarded before I learned Study Tech and flunking out of School.

  284. You should pick up your old copy of Dianetics and clear some words in there. You’ve got a basic confusion on the subject and your trial to escape from that led you to absorb wrong interpretations.

    And please see this video where Marty talks about the differentiation between Scientology and Miscavology.

  285. Why is it that when witnesses lie it’s purgery, when lawyers lie it’s something else.

  286. SS: If it is laughs you want, Scientology is the right place for you. Try doing some TR-0 Bullbait. You will laugh like you never laughed in your life, giving or receiving. Many places in LRH’s lectures will have you stopping the CD player to bust a gut. Try getting to the bottom of some long standing issue of yours in an auditing session; tears will roll from your eyes as the issue goes glimmering. Scientology has its serious side but it is more about making things disappear, which is mostly accompanied by the most laughter imaginable. So, yeah, come for the controversy, stay for the laughs.

  287. Jaguar doesn’t seem to know that testimony by others is part of the evidence too.

  288. Lana, Wow, I never knew about this, which shows how compartmented things were at the base. I was in the next building and never heard a word about this. Thanks for providing actual data for my assertion.

  289. Les,
    Just think. You made more auditors than TWO “Ideal” orgs and TWO “SH Size” Orgs last year! Probably more Releases as well?

  290. My love to all of you who made this possible and have achieved this!
    The main point that is being achieved is this: David Miscavige uses uses Scientology as a cover for his crimes and its perversions of the technology of L. Ron Hubbard. This confuses people and makes them attack that thing that is being used for cover. The more David Miscavige is being separated and differentiated from that cover, the more this differentiation is made – in the heads of Scientologists, inside or outside of orgs, in the public, press, courts and all – the more this differentiation is made known, the better are the chances for everybody concerned.
    And for anyone who still dreams of “handling” (the word used is “handling”, but the meaning here is “hiding”) it internally, please read HCO B “Mutual Out-Rudiments” UNTIL THE END.

  291. He can’t go to Rio anymore. Brazil is holding the Olympics after London, so the country has made a lot of international concessions. Paraguy maybe?

  292. Thanks Mike. That is what happened to my first account which had a similar address, but I have been accessing the current address regularly , so I’m not sure exactly what the story is. I’ll find out tomorrow and will also see about the possibility of consolidating both accounts so that any emails appear in just one mailbox. Thanks for the help flow.
    PS: You use your real name. Can’t wait until I am signing my REAL name. Covert actions don’t sit well with me. But it is a game I am playing for a little while longer. Meanwhile, thank you for the comm. 🙂 “Espiritu”

  293. Li'll bit of stuff

    SS, I have read and understood what you have said
    in your sequential comments and replies. It appears
    that you feel that you already “understand” so there’s
    no point in any “study tech” recommended to you.

    It may therefore surprise you to find that each reply
    given to you was, in actuality, a very well considered
    response, which happened to include massive and
    succinct references to the working laws of the mind
    and life, which govern the thinking of “thee & me”
    in the broadest possible sense.

    As Valkov tried to point out, you are looking at the
    wrong DIRECTION of flow, ie you can’t help some one
    understand, if they are are unwilling to “have” that
    flow of help.

    That L. Ron Hubbard has been much maligned, by
    many, there is little doubt! He certainly lived a life of
    controversy! No defence of him, is necessary, order to evaluate the effectiveness of the “tech” which he developed to change minds and therefore, lives,for the better.

    LRH, when asked, in an early interview, why he backed his discovery, said simply, ….”because it
    works….. not to say other systems and methods
    don’t work….but the results tend to be…impositive!”

    Another point, worth bearing in mind, SS, as you
    travel your self assured road ahead, is that called

    Closing words from the Scientology founder, LRH:

    “Judge men from what they think of help….The
    good can help.The bad will not. Or if they do,they
    “help” only to betray.”- “Help,” Change Magazine.

  294. The news of the win leaves me breathless and jumping for joy. Team Debbie Rocks! I think we have some real Freedom Metal winners. Brilliant strategy Marty. And brilliantly executed.
    BTW, I donated on Debbie’s site and got a “thank you” from her. She was very gracious. I can not help but believe she is very grateful for all the support she has gotten. Might take a few days for the magnitude of what the Indies have done for her to sink in. It really was a stunning victory made possible by the support from the Indies. It was a brilliant team effort.
    Congratulations to one and all.

  295. Doesn’t one nowadays have to do the Basics first, before one can train as an Auditor?

    So, how many Basics completions do they report producing, and in what unit of time?

  296. “or track them down hiding in a remote sewer line.”

    Tick, tock, David Miscavige.

  297. They don’t come together real well for an inside observer. They are Contrary Facts (a technical terms as described in the Data Series of materials written by L. Ron Hubbard). They are illogical to a rational person.

    These contradictions as observed by so many is pretty fundamental to the entire independent Scientology movement. We object to them vociferously and as you can see, are doing effective things to deal with this utter bullshit.

  298. Hip hip hooray from Canada!

  299. Dance like a butterfly, sting like a bee
    Those Indies throw a punch like Mohammad Ali
    Rolling thunder aint no match for this
    So we ushered ourselves out, without so much as a kiss
    It’s their fire that burns, causing so much smoke
    And my stupidity that let’s em rope a dope.

  300. George M. White

    Thanks Lana M,
    GREAT reading on this blog!
    I never met Greg but he was pointed out to me once.
    Greg was very talented as I recall.

  301. David Miscavige,
    An epitaph of sorts for you.

  302. Mr Laws, great post, I sense sanity reigns in you. Thank you.

  303. “A Scientology Inc outright surrender is unprecedented in circumstances such as these”

    I can’t help if wonder if DM is finally working out “Chinese Finger Traps”, LRH had a quote about the ‘fool’being the smartest in the pack because he walks down the street with alligators biting etc… and does not react.
    DM has never learnt this lesson (as most of the key LRH Tech has also avoided him!).

    DM may well ask himself why I posted the Chinese Finger trap comment a full day before Debbie announced it in court?
    wqas it a conspiracy, do I have direct access ? NO!

    We are all more connected than DM appreciates, he has so many fingers in so many finger traps/Dykes let5s see what he does next (No direct referencxe to Jan Eastgate!)
    Thank you Indies and LRH for your intervention into DM’s naive schemes!!!

  304. Have not posted for a while, was busy helping an old friend and partner leave this place behind for another new round of adventure, but kept an eye on everything.
    I was glad to help, even if it was only a little…..and I recently handed in my IAS card permanently by mail. I encourage others to do the same to enhance the expansion of their shrinking membership.

  305. mimsey borogrove

    While I applaud all of the help that Marty, Mike and many others have put up for Debbie’s defense, I am rather saddened to read her E-mail to the head of OSA that was revealed in the trial. For her to ask for quid pro quo from POB for her role in the cover-up is to bring herself down to his level. is a statement not on par with her post trial statement about wanting financial transparency for the Church.
    I think at this point, Debbie needs to get with her lawyer, and follow her civic and legal duty, and report to the FBI, with or without immunity, the crimes she alludes to. Call it a pre-emptive strike if you wish – or a “blow to the enemy” but she needs to get her ethics in.

  306. Your humble servant

    Yes, he was. Was that possibly his first big coup? So bold, so decisive, so widespread, and so forcefully destructive that when no one effectively said “NO” it essentially guaranteed Miscavige’s eventual dictatorship of the organization.

    (Now, for all you non-Scientologists that think that the term “suppressive” is just a made-up slur is besmirch people, the term is actually pretty equivalent to “anti-social,” “sociopathic,” or “dedicated to evil.” Characters like Cambodia’s Pol Pot and Russia’s Stalin were “suppressive persons.” The use of the term by LRH was an effort to identify and handle such people and get them off-lines so that they would not wreck good people and good projects. It was never meant to be used as a tool of political terrorism and thought control).

    From what I have read (and knew nothing of at the time) the 1982 Mission catatrophe was a key point, if not THE key point, in Miscavige’s takeover. Corralling Mission holders and bullying them: Off-policy and highly suppressive. Declaring people suppressive “on the spot”: Unprecedented, off-policy, and high suppressive. Stealing the Missions’ and Mission holders’ money: Off-policy, illegal and highly suppressive. Unmocking the mission network: Off-policy and highly suppressive. Creating a new “faux” Mission Network based upon huge cash start-up payments and bolstered by false stats: Off-policy and highly suppressive.

    I have only a read a little about this, but this seems to be the time when suppressive reverse-Scientology took root and when the Little Monster took charge and began eliminating all who might oppose him. As for the Mission catastrophe, I have read that Norman Starkey and others were right there in the thick of it, which rather seems to color them as suppressive persons too.

  307. fly on the wall

    To do anything less will diminish her power, reach and ability to see. She is on the record as well stating she is part of a coverup of crimes. Her conscience and Atty Jeffrey needs to lead her to safety

  308. George M. White

    SS said:

    “I do not have a high opinion of Hubbard’s morality and I’ve read far too many accounts of suicides and psychotic breaks…”

    I think that this public perception of Mr. Hubbard is wrong. It is an issue which I have dealt with and I have found peace. As you point out, Miscavige has distorted reality. In 1973, when I first looked into scientology, Mr. Hubbard was concerned with problems of the mind and
    was positioned as a ‘researcher’. His early techniques have real value.
    When I decided to follow a different path, some negative emotions
    arose. However, I decided to only look at the wholesome aspects
    of his work. I concluded that, in the end, we all must deal with our
    own Kamma and the consequences of intentions. I like the independent
    movement because it is a purification of some key techniques which have value.
    To me, Mr. Hubbard is now an historical figure.


  309. And how many of the Life Improvement courses were done by new public as opposed to members of the OT comittee?

  310. SS,
    I completely understand what you are saying. I was a member for over 30 years and reached their highest levels. Throughout that time I experienced that there were some really great things about the tech and some EQUALLY really bad things about the tech. And I am directly referring to the actual technology and policy as written by Hubbard in his bulletins and policy letters. The members are forced to accept the good with the bad because that is how it is ordered- that whatever Hubbard says is their law. If you disagree or criticize, and don’t change your mind after going through ethics conditions, you become an outcast. Nobody is allowed to criticize without the finger being turned around and pointed at themselves as the wrongdoer. This is based on actual red on white bulletins written by Hubbard. I think that the Independants just ignore the negative parts of it, or don’t apply the parts of it that they disagree with. That’s the only way i can understand their strong devotion. Please don’t get me wrong, I experienced good spiritual gains but I still am unsure if it was all worth it, considering the very negative effects and experiences.

  311. Mike,

    Point number TWo is exactly how I have felt. thanks for putting it into words. I have felt like part of me is empty after leaving the sea org (blowing.) The 3D that is the sea org is a very strong one ( in it’s right form.) I have missed this in my life as I tried to rebuild after leaving and having to deal with the disconnection.

    This is the kind of group that reminds me of all the good that was the sea org and that is something I would allways flow power to. It is nice to see that something that I had thought I lost forever. now might just be possible again.

    I offer this as a simple non-e and also a notice that I’m here to help.


  312. If Angie Blankenship was the “Hole Torture I/C” she may have more to worry about than her conscience.

    If these abuses ever go to trial Miscavige will no doubt look for a scape-goat…. I can hear it now – “Blankenship did it unbeknownst to the benevolent “bird lover”.

    Angie may want to consider getting ahead of the curve before the greatest good for the greatest number of “Dave-Namics” kicks in potentially offering her up as the sacrificial lamb.

    If conscience is not reason enough, she should consider what status is more appealing, whistle-blower or accessory.

  313. I am as excited as the next person about the outcome of Debbie and Wayne’s legal battle so far, but I expect the the other shoe to drop when CoS takes the next step in attempting to enforce the NDA. I am confused on a point, however. If the cult maintains that the argument is about religious matters over which the courts have no jurisdiction, aren’t they saying in effect that the NDA isn’t a legal document? How do they expect to enforce the NDA without the law to back them up? I don’t think anyone is going to say : “Oops, my bad. Here’s some money ’cause I spoke out.”

  314. Shoot, I answered my own question. The CoS “religious” argument isn’t about the NDA. It’s how they expect to skate on the abusive practices. They are covering their asses, big time. Who agrees with me that the cult’s San Antonio attorneys didn’t draft the statement that was read in court?

  315. martyrathbun09

    I don’t ignore anything. I simply study and apply it as originally prescribed: I use what works.

  316. As far as I can see it, the letter was to OSA not to DM.
    She was willing to cover things up.
    She didn’t want the bad PR for the church to arise.
    But she wanted the situation and DM handled from within.
    That’s what I get from her message.

  317. Marty,

    Not sure if I understand your response, but it sounds like you’re saying anyone who believes the Church of Scientology can be salvaged can’t participate in saving the Subject of Scientology. Correct?

    I have come to agree with you that the Church is dead and beyond resurrection, but I think a sincere hope to save it is a step most people will go through on their way out of the cult. Many of those thousands of causative, non-naive folks probably went through that step at some point themselves.

  318. If you disagree or criticize, and don’t change your mind after going through ethics conditions, you become an outcast. Nobody is allowed to criticize without the finger being turned around and pointed at themselves as the wrongdoer. This is based on actual red on white bulletins written by Hubbard.
    It makes me sad when I read from victims of misinterpretation and misapplication of LRH within the Church of Miscavology.

    I read many things from Hubbard and there is much space to interpretation in the books.
    Sometimes things are described very harsh and when you have a person below 2.0 they will take Rons humor (sometimes sarcasm) literally.
    This is true.
    That’s why tech is useless in the hands of robots, They can’t get the concept and this opens the door to misapplication.

    Read “Mission Earth”. This will be quite a rundown for you.
    : – P

  319. Elwood — Right on both counts. It’s got nothing to do with intellectual properties or prospective business advantage, it is ONLY trying to cover up the abuses and crimes of David Miscavige. And as for the statement read in court — telltale signs of POB throughout in my opinion. Nobody else in the RCS has the authority to order them to abandon an assault on someone critical of POB, I assure you. If ANYONE else took that sort of action they would be in the Hole in seconds, with loud accusations; “Look at that guy, he wants me to be destroyed, I take an action to defend my good name because nobody else will lift a finger to protect me, and this m*******ucker decides he knows better than COB and he withdraws the only hope we had of crushing that bitch like a bug….”

  320. Don — Absolutely spot on. You have seen the game being played. She is an easy one as she is already out of the SO. Toss her to the wolves and he will yawn, roll over and resume his beauty rest.

  321. Dylan,

    Thanks very much. Good job with Tony O by the way.

    It was nice to see you again and great to have you participating here.


  322. Minus OT Committee members, staff and their families, children from the Delphi school, staff from local missions and local homeless people that they got donations from their “humanitarians” for, the grand total was 17.5 (the half being a 7 year old that completed the Marriage Life Improvement Course but didnt FN at exams but she did read all the materials and do all the drills)….

  323. Just wanted to put out an observation here. Now that Debbie & Wayne & Team have done San Antonio and out done Miscavige, I notice a resurgence of ad hominem style of attacks on LRH. Could it be this is additional groundwork for Miscavige to attempt one final and fatal throw of LRH under the bus?

    It certainly operates as a distraction from the theme at hand, Miscavige is a quintessential sociopath, albeit with a large pocketbook for now, who has been called out in a court of law for what he is and he retreated like the victim he pretends to be.

  324. Hey SS, there’s a cool book out there titled “What Would Keith Richards Do” – chock full of great advice. Not sure how “spiritual” it is, but you might want to check it out.

  325. LOL! That sounds about right!

  326. This is very good news. Miscavige is nothing more than a spiritual gangster.
    His demise will be cause for much celebration – then the real work begins, you can’t keep a good thetan down.

  327. I know DM is still in his sadistic power chair, with billions and as many lawyers or bought influence he can gather – But, in this Major Battle of the Alamo, he lost big time.

    We need to push ahead to grab the territory he has now left uncovered.

    As we are talking money to buy silence about crimes — aren’t we talking RICO here??


  328. Eric S- A lark is as good a reason as any. I have also done L-12 and I found it to be an amazing personal experience.

    Too bad on that declare date, 2100/ 2012. I could see having some fun with that had it actually been dated to the future. :>)

  329. SKM,
    Please don’t assume that my experiences have anything to do with Miscavology. I joined the group in very early 1970s when there was no DM effects.
    How many people do you know who critized something in an HCOB or HCOPL who didn’t have to go to ethics and “change their mind”? On the contrary, often people confided their disagreements to their friends in secret, if at all.
    I have a very good sense of humor and have had many good laughs at the witty/hillarious things Hubbard has said in his writings and lectures. I’ve also read the entire Mission Earth volumes. I fail to see how this relates to my view as stated earlier. If you don’t see any negative aspect or unworkablility in the tech, than we just disagree. That’s all. It doesn’t mean that anybody is victim, a robot, below 2.0, or misapplying anything.

  330. Please correct me if I’m wrong:
    Unless the CoS proceeds with their suit or Debbie counter-sues, the issue of the validity of the NDA remains unresolved. Debbie is only un-gagged with respect to her discussing her legal defense. The NDA has not been invalidated and she has not been released from it. Also, has CoS sued both Debbie and Wayne or just Debbie?

    I’m kinda’ on a roll today, guys. Just trying to get some stuff off my chest.

  331. martyrathbun09

    I guess it means read some history on the Reformation – which I
    have commented upon profusely over the past three years;
    Christianity was reformed by people who left the “church”, took the
    scripture outside the church for the first time, and began a
    movement that has kept the subject alive for four centuries. The
    “church” played no part in the Reformation; aside from being forced to jettison
    some practices like torture and burning people at the stake.

  332. Mike,

    While Miscavige is the “who” that should be held singularly accountable for this, I think his enforcers could potentially be in serious trouble as well and I wonder if they are even aware of that fact.

    Sea Org members live in insular world where they believe Scientology is a type of Sovereign Nation subject and accountable ONLY to their own laws. These “enforcers” could get a rude introduction to the US Penal Code if matters of torture, battery and illegal detainment are proven.

    While Miscavige would get the brunt of these penalties if proven; I think others would go down (to a lesser degree) with him. Turning palms up in the air saying “Dave told me to do it” is thin legal ice isn’t it?

    If those complicit can not have their conscience appealed to, maybe their sense of self preservation can be. I think the case could be made that you wouldn’t want to be on the wrong side of this when the shit hits the fan.

  333. martyrathbun09

    Is there one or more words you did not understand in the post you are commenting upon?

  334. The first few through the turnstile receive the door prize – ammunity – do not trample each other on the way out.

  335. Elwood,

    The “church’s” laywer withdrew the NDA in the courtroom, on camera. In doing so, DM Dead-Agented himself and basically announced to the world that his NDA is without merit.

    Thus all the talk about DM surrendering, waving the white flag, etc.

    The net result of attempting to gag Debbie was the greatest public exposure of DM’s crimes against humanity to date.

    Not that I like to give DM credit, but, he most likely won’t make the same mistake twice.

    Getting Debbie into a courtroom again is the deadliest thing DM could possibly do to himself. I’d guess he knows that fully after last Thursday afternoon.

    She can communicate freely.

  336. What’s also funny, is, how Miscavology has permeated even Independents:

    « Miscavige treated everyone with respect, like a true leader, we loved him and he treated us right… »

    « Leader « isn’t a post on the org. board and I certainly cringe at the idea of someone taking himself as such.

  337. SS: “But spiritual guidance from someone of Hubbard’s reputation is a tough sale.”

    If you were to chose a living spiritual guide and chose that guide on his own purported high moral standards rather than the teachings he might be able to impart to you — chances are ultimately you would feel very betrayed.

    Few are the living spiritual guides who are not human. Wait? They are ALL human and therefore subject to human emotions, human frailities, human mistakes.

    But that doesn’t mean they are incapable of teaching something higher than what we might be aware of.

    I’m pretty sure if you held to your spiritual guide the same moral standard that you hold to yourself — you might find someone of high standard.

    I think you might check your own moral compass.


  338. Chuck: Before Greg and Debbie Hughes are elevated to the level of Jesus and Mary – Greg joining the SO with close to half a million sale of Sterling wasn’t exactly joining on equal terms as most SO members.

    Moreover, his handling and care of Randy Emory – who developed a brain tumor shortly after the sale – was appalling.

    Randy was maligned and cut off by Sterling, when it was Randy who was THE top reg at Sterling (and 1//2 owner when Greg left) —

    Randy’s widow was forced to play a bit of hard ball in order to get the BAREST of compensation for Randy in the 2 years prior to his death and then she got NOTHING from his “key man” policy — all of it went to Sterling to get them out of debt

    AND continue to pay Greg Hughes.

    Let’s not err in thinking Greg was some saint. He, like most of us, has his own ego, agenda and desires. Being top dog was one of his — with plenty of money.

    As for Diana’s comment — completely true. I was put on full time training as one of the FEW Flag staff who answered a questionnaire by Ronnie Miscavige asking if I would consider being part of the Int. Strata forming up.

    I answered it IMMEDIATELY — yes. As Diana had been busted, Nancy ran the area and not because of Nancy but because of the scene it was BEYOND crazy. I would have signed up to be part of Int Strata filing if I could get the hell out of the crazy Flag Bureau.

    I was put on full time training — slated to go to Int — thank goodness a missionare yanked me out of there or who knows. I could be buried somewhere at Hemet.


  339. Good for you having humor.

    I didn’t mean you with “robot”.
    There are plenty of them in the church and anywhere else.
    Misunderstoods and study under duress (stat-push) makes people robotic, too.
    That’s how an environment becomes out-tech and off-policy in the first place (no matter if DM is around).

    Ethics wasn’t always fun, true. In some cases the handlings are squirreled and absolutley out of context. I agree with you.

    Tech issues?
    There may be some percentage. The system isn’t perfect – but it works.
    Look for people with the right attitude and knowledge.

    All best to you.

  340. Longago2, you got that funky, A=A=A thing, goin’ on right there!

  341. Study the works AND the man !

    Then try to find a more fascinating man, a more fascinating life !

  342. Random Stranger

    COB, RTC

    Personal Notepad


    1) Call her and remind her that her eternity is at stake.

    2) Take her out for a lobster dinner.

    3) Give her a free set of Basics.

    4) Remind her that I gave her a reprieve from having to lick the bathroom floor at Flag.

    5) Kidnap her lawyer and RPF him.

    6) Have everyone in the church show up at her house at once in buses.

    7) Put a Jedhi Mind Control Griplock on the judge.

    8) File another lawsuit claiming SHE hit ME.

    9) Give her a big duffel bag full of cash in small unmarked bills.

    10) Have Tom or Kirstie or JT talk to her.

    David Miscavige
    COB, RTC

    cc: Tom

  343. I wonder if Shelly’s name shows up in Miscavige’s tax returns?

  344. I am very curious about the Hughes as I got to know them really well-I wouldn’t hold my breath of them emerging when there is real danger still, but I think they will when all is clear and well.

  345. Reports of abuses go back decades. Some of the earliest ones are from the early 80’s. There’s no conspiracy. It’s a long standing sit.
    I suppose there must be Knowledge reports, PC Folder worksheets and documentation from Comm Ev’s or such that mention Miscavige’s violence.
    However, the number of first person accounts would convince any jury about where the truth lies.

  346. martyrathbun09

    Real danger? That is what this post is all about, PEOPLE THERE IS NO DANGER, REAL OR OTHERWISE.

  347. Yeah, but if they got beat up by and/or saw Mr David Miscaviage order this stuff, why didn’t they write it up and send the report up lines to the proper terminal, you know, to Mr. David Miscavige? Huh? Answer that! Right, Jaguar?
    I never could figure out why “I” got in trouble till someone pointed out about all the “reports” about GAT training went to him. Then yeah, I guess I was on the radar, big time, with a big old target on my back.

  348. WH-I saw a Greg that you are describing. I fail to see that no reaction to DMs abuse was so great-I don’t believe it was from a real TR0 view, but from some weird out of valence view.

  349. 11) Change the location of her OT files to a bunker and threat her about them that i will destroying them

    12) Having her family to sign up 2 billion years contract

    13) Plant her name inside Anonymous

    14) Sing Kumba-Yá until the threat goes away

    15) Tell Tom to use his OT powers in order to blew her away from… . because I am very very scared now….

    16) Dear Tom: – Please make a movie called: MIDebbie where she is the enemy and you are ME so everybody believes me again

    17) Dear Tom: do you remember that time you offer me a sexy weekending alone? PLS TAKE ME NOW….. I AM SUFFERING…

    Mental Note: – Pay more to Lily’s about making PROZAC more powerful as I can not longer feel reliefed by the Debbies preasure on my mind

  350. Ingrid, I have known Greg Hughes before the SO and quite frankly he struck me as another Grant Cardone. Granted people change , however, when I heard he was on the Gross Income lines it totally surprised me!!!

  351. Marty-I completely gree with you -I was only thinking of how he sees it from his VP.

  352. Hey Yvonne,

    You were quoted by Courthouse News!

    “”After the hearing, former Scientology member Yvonne Schick,… of Austin, told the Express-News she was not surprised by church’s decision.
    “They miscalculated by letting things get to the point where Debbie Cook got on the stand and testified, although I don’t know that it could have gotten any worse than it was yesterday,” she told the newspaper. “Because of how well-known and respected she was by people inside the church, this will be bad for morale and cause more people to exit.””

    Thanks for all of your support and efforts!

  353. You can’t make this stuff up! A program to floss teeth, with forced revisions?

  354. elwood,

    You are correct. What was dismissed in the courtroom was the Temporary Restraining Order, not the NDA. The attorney was still threatening to pursue the NDA with a Summary Judgement. Ain’t gonna happen, but that’s what he was saying. It’s obvious the NDA was signed under duress and would get thrown out in a heartbeat, which would set a precedent for every other NDA ever signed by a departing staff member. Even Miscavige can read the handwriting on that wall.

  355. Awesome, Mike. Great post.

    At the end of the day, this is about freedom. Which is what Scientology is really about.

    Reminds me of the (way) old jingle back before there were polished PR people doing ads:

    “You can be free!/Totally free!/With Scientolo-gee!”

    Despite the corn, that’s it. Well, that and love.

  356. “Future SP declares” – that’s a new category of SP declares and will have to be added to that list of different SP declares that someone put out a while back!

  357. Thanks Mike,
    It is truly awesome when one is able to enlist the help of such capable lawyers, who, when seeing what’s at stake, give it their all to make it go right and actually do it.

  358. I don’t know Jaguar or if he/she is a regular poster, but pushing the “he says, she says” was the same enemy line that Javier Xarquine was pushing — a confirmed OSA operative. IMO, the line is intended either to 1) turn up any evidence that we have in response or 2) create a sense of defeatism. In the case of 1) they are hoping anyone with evidence will show their hand so they can then be handled and the evidence destroyed or suppressed.

  359. one of those who see

    Thank you and well done to Marty, Mike, Debbie, Wayne, and the many others in supporting roles. You are true defenders of human rights, specifically the freedom to practice one’s religion and the freedom of speech. I posted this song once before, a long time ago. I think it is appropriate today too.

  360. Well Marty, as I said above, I agree with you. It’s just a bit of a process, getting from there to here. I’m fairly sure Debbie Cook will go through that process and come to the same conclusion, if she hasn’t already.

    In the meantime, I’m glad she was willing to accept your help. and even more glad you were there to provide it. If I’m ever in that precarious a spot, I’d want you in my corner.

  361. When I realized the staff at Int actually looked away / contributed to, some guy being forced to lick a bathroom floor because he complained of abuse, it hit me how bad it really was. Miscavige is clearly socked in to purposes to harm others and has restimulated the people around him into the same implants. The only way this could be fixed from where I am viewing, is if the entire base was shut down, immediately! The staff were separated so they could destimulate. And all of them patched up case wise and gotten through their L’s with nothing but rest and vitamins in between. Taking them off other people’s lines would only be a mercy to themselves and to the rest of us. Every point of 3rd dynamic psychosis from the “Group Sanity” has been dramatized by the group up there and Marty seems to be the only one capable of rising above it and sorting it out. Look at their web sites, seething with hate and purposed to harm others. It has become a bacteria feeding off it’s own host. For the past 25+ years we have seen program after program being run NONE of which have been backed in anything in writing by L.R.H.. The ship, the I.A.S., The Super Power building, the special edition prints and properties. The millions upon millions sunk into underground vaults while the planet we live on goes uncleared. 100+ managers to every one person actually delivering some tech. He pushed it all underground and then started buying up buildings above the ground at a rapid rate! Wait! If the World is coming to an end why are we buying up buildings above the ground? The world would not be coming to an end if Scientology had been expanding and the mere act of him hiding the tech in the dirt is a blatant indication he has NO plans of handling Earth and it’s people! These are not Hubbard’s dreams. These are all David Miscavige nightmares , wants, needs, and dramatizations. I suggest everyone here reading get themselves up the bridge as soon as possible, and do as Marty has done in making YOUR HOME a safe space in which Scientology can occur. Get yourselves, friends and family up the bridge and realize if anyone is going to carry the torch, it is going to be done out here on the streets. Word of mouth, friend by friend, neighbor by neighbor. Just like the beginning plan that caused the magic to take root in the beginning.
    Int staff licking bathroom floors and breaking fingers and slapping people on command, is lower than a common a workplace in a prison institution. I mean, this stuff doesn’t go on at Folsom. This stuff is not allowed in high schools or military groups. These are criminal offenses . It is NOT WRONG for people to find out about it, and reject it as madness. That is reason.
    HCO PL 27 April 1969 DEATH WISH Vol 1 some excerpts: “Anyone who doesn’t wear his hat in a group and doesn’t do his job is obviously dramatizing a death wish for the group.” “What would you think of a bus driver who with 32 passengers under his care. drove with his feet up, hands off the wheel and not watching the road. It is obvious that he would be dramatizing a Death Wish for the group.” “The point is that a person has his nerve pretending to be a part of a group, accepting a post and then running a Death Wish by not doing his job.Such a person is covertly murdering his fellows.Only this phenomenon prevents a group from becoming a true group.” L.R.H.
    The amount of people dramatizing “death wish re: Scientology” expands daily as the virus flows and people get kicked in to succumb postulates.
    We are the SURVIVORS. That means, it is up to us out create it, if this is to be out created. Everyone under my roof is on the bridge. Moving up the bridge. That is my start. The way out, is still being traveled by people every day. As long as there are people walking on that road, it will not become overgrown and hidden by forest.

  362. retired, extremely dangerous

    Enter the movie ‘Face in the Crowd’, An Arkansas hobo, Larry ‘Lonesome’ Rhodes becomes an overnight media sensation. But as he becomes drunk with fame and power, will he ever be exposed as the fraud he has become? Starring Andy Griffith. An apt parallel to DM’s growth to power with the same lust for drink. ‘Lonesome’ made the mistake of his listeners hearing what he thought of them ‘offset’ much in the same way that ‘Moving On Up a Little Higher’ and have exposed DM as well as DM’s rantings via OSA carrying out his orders creating the most “wonderful PR” for him and the Co$.

    This whole scene has become Biblical what with Marty, Mike, Debbie & Wayne and others being thrown out of Eden for tasting of the tree of knowledge.

    One can only admire what Marty & Mike and all the others have done to accomplish this win.

    One remembers when a hurricane threatens and one prepares thoroughly by taping and boarding the windows and bagging the doors that the danger passes without so much as a whisper….

  363. Yeap, we got to tug on that rope and pick up the slack, or fill the vacuum fast!

  364. I wasn’t.

    I was a certified California Mentally Gifted Minor.

    Michael A. Hobson
    Independent Scientologist.

  365. Mat / Wonder if Diana has had one placed on her.yet? same as rest she was last seen I understood in the UK 2002.

  366. ME,
    I supervised hundreds, if not thousands of students, did thousands of cramming cycles and NOT ONCE did I EVER send a student or crammee to “ethics” for criticizing a bulletin, tape, or policy letter. NOT ONCE.

    The STANDARD routing of ANY student is VIA QUAL, for any thing and that includes jumping up and down yelling in the courseroom, or a guy sitting there going “LRH is a shithead, he can’t write, he isn’t a nuclear physicist, he’s a homophobe, he’s got this WRONG!!!!!” or any other issue that calls to be dealt with.

    I’ve been around since the mid 70s. Still here too. And I will NEVER send a student or crammee to “ethics” with no via Qual.

    There is a very workable Supervisor’s Code I’ve applied from the day I read it, getting better and better at it to this day.

  367. #51 Little rubber ducky for his baths

  368. Wow Mike-Incredible data-it also gives great insight on how to get him-expose HIM.

  369. The Oracle:

    Well said. It has been amazing to me to see how Miscavige’s insanity has contaminated staff all the way down the org board. At best, they are frightened into not objecting to all the craziness. At worst, they take part in it.

    Not long ago, I was accused of being “CI” by a bot on OT VII who was hot under the collar because I questioned something. “Huh?”, I thought. Well, at least now i know where that was coming from.

    It is certainly our plan to get trained and go up the Bridge and train and audit others. Meantime, we contribute to the cause when we can and are very thankful to Marty and Mike and all the others on the front lines.

    By the way, Marty and Mike, loved the big grins on your faces in the intro to Debbies interview. Priceless!

  370. This is like a nice valentine-Lots of LOVE

  371. Humble,
    The Mission NW was under GO WW for the most part, and loosely at that, which is probably why it did so well in hindsight.

    With the emergencies connected with the GO in the mid to late 70s, especially after the “raids” and what was moving around with all that, the Missions were put under the newly appointed ED Int, Bill Franks as the first one assigned the previous LRH hat.

    As part of his hat with the Missions, ED Int was sorting out issues presented to him by Mission Holders. He called a meeting of Mission Holders at Flag.

    This first meeting was followed by a second held at Flag. The second is when David Miscavige came down and initiated the “new Sea Org”. That is, the meetings were viewed as a mutiny. The fact that CMO Int was in fact over ED Int and asserting this authority became evident to all, including the removal of ED Int shortly afterwards on the pretext he’d been PDHed by some sort of government plant among the Mission Holders, or an equally absurd concoction by, yes, David Miscavige, in “committee” with various others “up lines”.

    The early 80s saw a need to re-organize the entire structure of Scientology organizationally, with the facts that it had grown out of the CSC/SO/GO model and was factually under seige from various places, including the IRS/Justice Dept and the game between US and THEM was going alot better in many ways for THEM (the GO missteps).

    In these emergency conditions, David Miscavige initiated Urgent Directive type steps. These are by definition arbitrary orders put out to deal with the emergencies and are all of them supposed to reviewed and openly discussed as 3D engrams, following the emergency.

    They have been held in place ever since. David Miscavige is holding them there.

    That there is so much speculation and omitted data and resolution to this day is proof, the 3D engrams are in place, and the 3D is still “what’s (it)” going on here? And is completely unable to say “itsa” this or that, since to do so winds one up declared suppressive and forced to disconnect by DM.

    He purposefully keeps the group in a state of emergency and holds arbitraries in place and cuts any communication line that by nature will flow to resolve these blocks on the time track.

    This blog is one such flow of open communication. It is getting stronger daily and the results are showing – the blocks are coming to view and are indeed blowing.

  372. I left Int because of DM. Because I saw, from where I was posted, that he was the nexus of a great deal of enturbulation, and that it was contagious. I realized I couldn’t trust anyone at Int, so I took the fastest route out available to me.

    If there were some way to go back to Int, without DM, but *with* a guarantee of course-rooms and auditing rooms being run on standard tech, I’d put my SO hat back on in a heartbeat. But I will not support the usurper with my efforts.

  373. SS, give LRH a break. Its what all humans must do for each other in order to become enlightened.

  374. OMG RS and cf33-too funny!!!!!

  375. The danger is that there are OT’s not being made, Marty. You cannot have a chance to repair the damage done to the tech from outside the Church. Only those with access to R/COMPS and so on are going to be able to pick up the tech mess after DM is headpike’d.

    You sure as hell can’t tell me the Tech in the Independent field is going to make OT8s. The fact is, if we are going to get through this at all, together, the Church membership needs to put together one hell of a Comm-Ev.

  376. I am in awe of what has just happened-Sun Tzu has been applied so well by Marty and Mike,particularly-know thy enemy and boy do they. I know when I read what M&M have to say about dm I READ it.

  377. I found your posting warm and encouraging and reminding me of
    some special moments in my life. I was very lucky to have had my experiences finding out about Scientology arriving raw on staff at
    St Hill,and having the chance to meet LRH ,and Susie his wife.
    I found him a remarkable person,and I will never forget what he did
    to help me.I did almost 30 years in the church.

  378. The sudden rash of ** off-topic *** PR Attacks against Ron Hubbard on this thread is just the 100% Standard OSA troll tactic for derailing any discussion group from talking about Darth Midget:

    (a) if the group is pro-Tech, you attack Ron Hubbard and the thread instantly degenerates into a totally pointless defense of the man.

    (b) if the group is anti-Tech, you attack Ron Hubbard as the “true source of all the evil”, and the thread instantly degenerates into a Hubbard bashing fest.

    When are you folks going to learn to ignore these OSA sockpuppets ?

    Michael A. Hobson
    Independent Scientologist

  379. Ingrid: PRECISELY — weird out of valence view. He was on the Solo Nots course at the same time I was — or he was there at some point when I was and he couldn’t clear a word, seriously, to save his life.

    He was WAY over his head.

    Anyway — I’m not meaning to trash Hughes but seriously — he wasn’t some wunderkind


  380. Thanks for tech support, Jim Logan.

  381. This pattern of Christian reformation continues to this day.

    There is a non-denominational Christian based Church up the street from me. This Church operate independent of others. No up-line, no internal hierarchy. It is a small group of people (all volunteers) that set-up and maintain a facility for those wanting to study the bible and that is it.

    My son has been expressing interest in learning about the Bible so I checked this place out. I told that person upfront that I was AT BEST AGNOSTIC but wanted my son to have the ability to inquiry for himself . They had no problem with that. The first time I took him there I was shocked by how packed with people it was.

    It showed that people can practice there Religious beliefs, and grow, independent of corporate structure.

  382. I think one of the best things to come from an historical Reformation was the cracking of the back of a dictatorial beaureacracy over spiritual philosophy.

    The fact that following the initial “split” various 3D groups have emerged, the panoply of Christian churches, large and small, shows to me that like minded individuals will come together and form groups.

    In the case of the technology of Dianetics and Scientology, there is a workable set of disciplines which when duplicated and applied are part and parcel of the quality of result obtained with that technology.

    Getting it applied according to and using the disciplines that were researched and developed and refined is what it’s all about.

    An “org board” is a tool to get it applied. If it gets in the way of application, it’s a barrier. It either has alignment to the purpose of application to gain results and if not can be aligned or if it prevents application then yo -heave it goes.

    Still, in any application that gets the results, traffic will demand better lines and terminals, more hats worn and an eye to the potential for a beaureacracy in the place of live beings.

  383. Jim,
    Thanks for your response. As an HPCSC grad, I agree with you that if a student in a courseroom has a disagreement while studying they are first wordcleared and if no resolve, sent to qual. Then, depending on how that goes, possibly wind up in ethics.
    I was thinking of the different scenario of disagreeing outside of the courseroom-when you were not a student on any course. Like perhaps as a staff member.
    For example if you got a cold and were told you had to go to ethics because you were PTS. If you truly didn’t believe you were, it was forced on you anyway. Based on the materials you were PTS type 1,2 or 3. No other options per PTS tech. You had to go through the motions/handlings even if you knew it was not true for you. I still disagree with that to this day.
    Or you didn’t like the stat push that goes on constantly by all staff members. The “unreasonableness” of it all.
    These two examples are based on policy and tech that you just couldn’t disagree with even if you saw it being applied in totally insane ways. Otherwise you’d be labeled as having counter-intention to source.
    I’m not trying to insist on any rightness here, I simply was trying to explain to the original poster that I understood how somebody could see both good and bad effects connected to the actual policies and bulletins.

  384. one of those who see

    For some reason, video didn’t post. Will try again.
    You’re the voice by John Farnham

  385. There’s an interesting petition to the DOJ started at this site as a result of the battle of San Antonio:

  386. Debbie,
    I knew you could do it.
    good job, brave girl!

  387. Tara, I really miss you! your post is spot on girl.

  388. Don,

  389. OMG, you covered them all. That is exactly what the majority of the Div comps are!

  390. elwood,
    The fallacy of these NDAs is in the area of DM trying to get the Court to enforce what is essentially a “religious” contract claiming it is “secular”.

    DM cannot use the Court as his “agent” to enforce a curtailment of the right to PRACTICE Scientology, which is what Debbie did with her email.

    To enforce these contracts, the Court cannot become excessively entangled in religious questions. If others do what Debbie did, i.e., practice their religious beliefs and by that experience get the suit for damages from DM then they’ll be in the same position as Debbie is in now; Debbie as a Scientologist, persecuted by DM and his attempt to make the Court his agent for that persecution under the guise of enforcing a contract.

    The whole “unclean hands” affirmative defense on this is a big fat bonus, and able to be carried forward, among other items of oh so applicable malfeasance, if she Counter Claims. That Counter Claim is an excellent opportunity to finish David Miscavige’s reign of suppressive terror.

  391. P.S. Debbie Cook needs to carry forward with what she began with her email. Dave is begging for his “execution”, and there is Ms. Cook, poised for the coup de grace.

    Finish this fucker. For all of us. It’s time.

  392. loved it then and love it now!!

  393. martyrathbun09

    Thanks for that observation Don.

  394. martyrathbun09

    You’ve not been reading. OTs are being made and will continue to be in greater numbers – to the extent people stop kidding themselves, like the antithesis of OT, into needing a structure for comfort.

  395. Marty, Mike and the rest of the Independent Scientologists you do LRH PROUD!
    Thank You!

    Love and ARC,

    P.S. Thank you Debbie and Wayne for being the tough thetans you are!

  396. I just wanted to congratulate all of you that have helped in exposing DAVID MISCAVIGE’s crimes against his fellow Scientologist.


  397. And yet every single one of those crew members has read the “Jokers and Degraders” issue.

  398. Tony DePhillips

    Tis is one of the options for dm Jag….

  399. Random Stranger

    Ok, I like #14 and 17 in particular. Now we’re talking:

    18) Find that one sentence from LRH that gets her every time she reads it and then she’ll do anything I say that seems to align with that.

    19) Poison the courthouse drinking fountain with LSD .

    20) Break into her house and screw all the furniture to the ceiling and then call her and tell her it’s the Devil and if she doesn’t back off he’s coming after her.

    21) Initiate Pizza Delivery Attacks until she gives up.

    22) Use that Aborigine Blow Gun Tom gave me to paralyze her and then somehow frighten her.

    23) Bribe the dry cleaner to lose her clothes and maybe she’ll cave in.

    24) Have an actress call her saying she’s Meryl Streep and if Debbie would just give up this foolishness she’ll become a Scientologist.

    25) Have Gold make a fake LRH recording directed at Debbie, saying he’s speaking from Target 2 and needs her help inside the church immediately as President, C of S, Int and she can have her own stationery.

  400. Random Stranger

    52) Custom-made e-meter in the shape of Tom’s ass so it’s more fun spinning the TA knob around.

  401. Random Stranger

    LOC is cool, but what about free ice cream and coffee for all Sea Org members, no Freeloader debts for long term members and no DB connotations for ever leaving and cancel that RPF crap. (May have to adapt some LRH on a couple of those)

  402. Wow, Jim. So true:

    In these emergency conditions, David Miscavige initiated Urgent Directive type steps. These are by definition arbitrary orders put out to deal with the emergencies and are all of them supposed to reviewed and openly discussed as 3D engrams, following the emergency.

    They have been held in place ever since. David Miscavige is holding them there.

    That there is so much speculation and omitted data and resolution to this day is proof, the 3D engrams are in place, and the 3D is still “what’s (it)” going on here? And is completely unable to say “itsa” this or that, since to do so winds one up declared suppressive and forced to disconnect by DM.

    He purposefully keeps the group in a state of emergency and holds arbitraries in place and cuts any communication line that by nature will flow to resolve these blocks on the time track.

    All this needs to be handled as Group Dianetics and this blog is doing this day by day.
    This must be expanded to those people on church lines ASAP.

    There is more data down the track to ’65 (and even ’50) which needs a review after this (above) engram is blown.
    Scientologists need to know the full history of Scientology, know why Ron took some steps, the circumstences why he was where he was when he was there and how it aligns with policies released at specific times.
    Without understanding and knowing of time/place/form/event stupidity will remain within the Church and this is the reason why (in my opinion) the Tech works better in the independent field – for the Independents know much more about the history of Scientology than anyone within the church. So David Miscavige has no chance at all.
    It’s all about communication.
    It is very true, that there is no real Scientology anymore in the Church.
    There is no back to the roots in means of organization. Times and cultures change. Organizational structures and (mest) technology changes. Communication is faster, the world is “smaller” the universe “bigger”.
    But the basics of Scientology and its basic purpose and the concepts of policy remains the same if one understands.
    That’s why it is worth to continue with this 3D Session (and establish a comm-line into the church, soon).


  403. Me too – always loved this song!

  404. Jim I couldn’t agree with you more, Debbie is great but she needs to find her inner warrior princess and put him down with a kill shot. No mercy!

    I understand she wants to ” work things out ” if possible but Miscavage has no such plan. He would take her out if he could and make it as painful as possible.

    Debbie drop him where he stands! He has no more right to leadership than you do. You are more than his equal and you just need to believe it.

  405. Beautifully put Mike — and for those who don’t know, Mike Laws was the original Tech Reports Off RTC — correct, Mike? Unsung hero, humanity, compassion, leadership, courage — Mike Laws has it ALL. Mike Laws is definitely a player in the Battle for Scientology.

  406. Random Stranger

    Former Dictator


    Worked as Angry Viscious Dictator of a cult for a long time.

    Specialized in pulling the wool over parishioners eyes.

    Highly skilled at punching, slapping, kicking, choking, throwing to the ground and spitting on subordinates.

    I can lay my arm on a podium in a very grandiose, practiced fashion to make it appear I’m a regal and benevolent leader of leaders.

    I can threaten and coerce others really well.

    Personal References: Tom Cruise

    David Miscavige
    Former Dictator

  407. Steve,

    I concur. More standard Fishin’ Tactics.

    Folks, we’re in a war. Don’t let these guys troll you into revealing OpSec (Operational Security) data. Watch out for new “friends” on Facebook or other social networks trying to pump you for OpSec data.

    Michael A. Hobson
    Independent Scientologist

  408. Signed – thanks for pointing this out.


  409. Scientology Forced Labor Claims Hit the 9th Circuit

    “Two former Scientology ministers want the 9th Circuit to let them sue the church for forced labor rejecting application of the First Amendment’s ministerial exception.”

  410. Truth always wins and comes to light. Finally, the seemingly “unbelievable” heinous pretense by corporate Scientology is being pinpointed and targeted:

    “The simple fact is that where a religious organization does not have a religious justification for the conduct at issue it cannot avail itself of the protection of the First Amendment,” the Headleys’ counsel, Kathryn Saldana of Kendall Brill Klieger, told the panel.

    “Saldana said the Scientology church had been “subversive of good order” and had violated fundamental constitutional rights.”

  411. “Specialized in pulling the wool over parishioners eyes.”

    All your HCO congressional sessions are being video taped. Sorry, I have not told you this. Reason, so you can come clean and lead a better life. Actual reason, so we can silent you if you cause trouble= blackmail= silence=NDA = we got yah= disconnection a pain in the arse for you= keep the rats in the cage.

    Sorry state of affairs.

  412. Hey Dan, this is one of your best posts ever. You convey the truth of what Scientology is really all about in so few words.

    I’m saving this one in my folder of all time favorites.

  413. Standing ovation for this comment, Mike!

  414. Beautiful Mike. You know I try not to be too sarcastic or go off topic when it comes to David Miscavige but that’s not an easy thing to do and sometimes I fail. For example, I was thinking of a new service DM could offer to help get his stats up. I don’t know what made me think of this bright idea: put DM on a train shackled behind a glass window and taken around to every small town so people can hurl insults, tomatoes and rotten meat at him. Every projectile gets 1 point. Perhaps it won’t be the first time DM got his stats up this way. But then we are going to need some kind of gibbering trained monkey to clean the garbage off the window… I think Lou would be perfect candidate. Are these suggestions off topic?

  415. Ruth,
    Please remember, these staff were/are still captured with NO ACSESS to phones! The ones now talking, are after mananging to escape, and get their ‘minds’ back. But yes, you are correct in that it should be reported. I’m just now getting back to ‘myself’ after my 20 years on SO staff and the last 2 years of finding out the truth.

  416. Yes, Karen,

    you have listed the exact line plot pushed onto people by the implanter David Miscavige.

  417. And Jaguar is COMPLETELY oblivious to the fact that the lying & dead-agenting & truth-twisting strategies of the cult have been going on for decades AND HAVE LEFT A MAJOR EVIDENCE TRAIL. This can be used quite easily to dead-agent the cult liars right in front of the court jury.

    tick, tock, ….

  418. POB* , get out!

    ( * pathological obnosis betrayer )

  419. That sounds about right Tony. That sounds about right. And knowing what I know how to know I was MOVED and SADDENED by Debbie Cook’s emotional response to the situation at hand. Truly not the response of ANY kind of guilty party.

  420. Jim, are you actually an accredited lawyer ?

    If not, it is usually to put “I am not a lawyer” somewhere prominent in ones posts to warn people one’s legal comments are not expert.

    Michael A. Hobson
    Independent Scientologist

  421. SS,

    I understand your arguments 100%. Having no personal experience with Scientology and looking at all the various witness accounts available online certainly doesn’t make one want to reach for it.

    I can’t tell you why but it is my own reality that certain practices, such as schools using study tech, have gone to extremes instead of just using study tech to facilitate the speed and quality of learning. From my own evaluation it isn’t the study tech that made the kids become far behind, but instead the curriculum those schools were teaching. If those schools simply taught study tech and then ensured the students applied study tech to a normal curriculum I am positive those students would be ahead of the national norm. I have seen it done in Denmark where this was applied.

    Where many go amiss is to realize that Scientology isn’t a replacement for life, but simply a very broad philosophy that helps you with life. It isn’t supposed to teach you about all the aspects of life, but rather help you understand life better and so help you cope and deal with life as it comes in a better fashion. Auditing is of course a very specialized therapy, but other aspects such as study tech, The Way To Happiness, etc are just common sense codes and empirically worked out observations which make your everyday actions become more efficient and aid in getting better results.

    This aspect is often lost sight of, especially in media, etc, as the bad or misunderstood or extreme “applications” of Scientology are equaled to the philosophy itself, which quite frankly is usually 180 degrees reverse of what the original philosophy actually stated.

    With that said, I invite you to look up some basic study tech online, and then take a book or article about a subject which you are not at all familiar with. Try to apply the study tech you learned to that book and article and then judge for yourself. Would love to hear your feedback!

  422. I wish that were true. When I went into the S.O. all of the pts sp course data had been removed from the basic Sea Org training line up long before I arrived or so I was told. I had already done it, but was told by someone at one point it had been part of the basic training and had been pulled out. I don’t know if this is true. The entire time I was at the base I did not meet one Sea Org Member that had done the pts / sp detection course. Of course I did not interview everyone. I would think the people working in the MAA offices would have done it. But none of the staff I ever asked had done it. It was not any requirment to be in the Sea Org then. Most had only done some elementary basic courses and Product Zero, the basic staff hat for a Sea Org Member. Sort of a staff status zero for Sea Org Members. I think they relied wholly on golden rod and staff member executions at staff meetings for “sp detection”. Perhaps it was different up at the Int base?

  423. Good news! So glad to know there are more on the road!

  424. I keep thinking about the “Break her finger” portion of Debbie’s testimony. It reminds me of something you would hear about a thug loan shark trying to collect on a debt. It clearly shows an even more disturbing picture of DM’s mental status. I had read dozens of accounts of really bad behavior and punching and other evil shit but somehow finger breaking just seems to be a different echelon, like what’s next? Having people “whacked?” When he’s gone, It would truly be amazing to get consensus of people inside and outside the Church and run this guy out like the 3rd Dynamic Engram he is. The raw amount of charge that he’s created is staggering.

  425. Lana ~
    Thank you for making David Miscavige’s insanities more real to all of us.
    Ahhhhh the DM lust for power to control bodies, to punish bodies as a tone level.
    Every year his mental state has deteriorated but his atrocities, sadism, and abuse have actually increased.
    I have been told that Greg’s stay in the Hole was pretty brutal.
    I look forward to Greg Hughes revealing a lot in Court of law where his gag order will be meaningless.
    It is time for the chickens to come home to roost.

  426. ME,
    The worst of robotic application would be as you say. That is for example, epitomized in GAT – robotic application. There is NO substitute for understanding and say they case you refer to of a person gets a cold. Well I can think of several variations on handling off hand – lists, overrun (involving protest and A Briefing to Review Auditors type problem) or even the GE disposition to respond to temperature and air pressure with mucus. Who the hell knows until you actually find the exact thing and you know that because it gets better.

    I hear you on this. Believe me, I HEAR YOU!

  427. SKM,
    You’re right, understanding the context of various policies is very important. LRH understood that certain policies were expedient, but NEVER to be held in place robotically or ever after if they were found to be a barrier. The Structure of Organization: What is Policy? is a clear statement of how these things are to be viewed and worked, ALWAYS to accomplish purpose, NEVER for their own sake.

  428. Dylan,
    Good to have you with a shoulder to this wheel. I am a Sea Org member wherever I find myself. I listened to those Welcome tapes and took them to heart, aware that the True Group was composed of some really high-class bastards that could do and DID some high class work.

    So, go fuck yourself, you bastard 🙂

  429. Dang!
    Rope a dope, Dave, that’s what’s going here, you the dope.

    Soon the dance, an Boom Boom Ali.

  430. If you evaluate Jimis life, you will find the following: For him life was a jam session and without doubt he was OT in playing guitar.
    He was interested in making music, not scandals and for sure he was not
    a guy who was promoting out-ethics. (like artists do today in order to increase their “popularity”.
    He actually was a shy guy and down to earth. Maybe a little bit too much
    pot and LSD, maybe a few groupies, but you won´t find any scandals, except ONE, when he crushed a hotel room in Sweden in 1969. His manager-Michael Jeffreys-was an ex army soldier and ex intelligence agent, a psychotic, if not a true SP. He was a gangster and he stole almost all of the GI Jimi made. After Jimi performed four years musical fireworks around the planet, 18000 Dollars were left on his account. This was a bad joke. Jimi became aware of it and he wanted to be managed by Albert Grossman.
    14 days after he canceled the contract with Jeffreys, he died. The FBI files on this case are still closed. No access.
    Jimis destiny is a perfect example of LRH´s observation that great artists are target of SP´s.

  431. I was hoping an Indie might fill and and validate the LRH quote mentioned!! Any takers?

  432. Thanks for good historical review. I started in Scn in 1977 in EU. The orgs and missions were big. Then in 1980 I saw Bill Franks as ED Int and I understood he was something really big. Then it was very strange he was SP cleared little bit later. Then I heard about the Msn holder conference in LA and SP declears. The missions were disappearing. Very strange! Then it came finance police and their Sec checking. It was quite horrible. Then it was EPF were Class IV Org staff were writing their OWs. No own experience, fortunately. Some people caved totally in. And CL IV Orgs disappeared. Then it was strange that Mary Sue just disppeared. Now I understand these things better. I have also been missing the Int Execs in the events. It was more lively when they all told their own story. I have been really missing Heber, Mike Rinder, Marty, ED Int etc. BUT I would not have believed it was so horrible. Thank you for keeping LRH tech alive.

  433. Random Stranger

    The Mental Note is excellent.

  434. I saw a much different Greg Hughes than Windhorse describes here. I guess beauty is in the eye of the beholder to some extent. Per Greg’s own public statements that he made 25 years ago, he dropped dentistry and started Sterling when he realized he needed to take more responsibility for helping others. Greg own words at that time were that once he cognited just how important Scn was he was unable to continue drilling teeth as a Dentist as his occupation. What I observed with Greg was a sincere purpose to learn the tech quickly, which he did. And I also observed that he could learn a little bit of tech and use it immediately with huge amount of purpose and doingness to achieve results that were far reaching. When Greg ran his company he and Debbie gave away millions of dollars to the Church. That is not a picture of a man obsessed with “being top dog with plenty of money” as Windhorse states. Greg and Debbie attempted to give their entire company (Sterling) away to WISE for WISE ownership when they activated their SO contracts. The Church refused to take ownership and gave them orders to get it under non-Church ownership which they did. The Church couldn’t own a profit entity. Goofy idea, but not a description of a man who was money motivated. He might say something goofy sometimes and I’d usually just laugh, but 99% of the time he’d hit a homerun and another 100 new doctors would land on the Bridge for the first time. That doesn’t seem too “out of valence”. Greg enjoyed regging people and I assume he was mis-lead by Miscavige and Miscavige used him to help create the Vulture Culture.

    Windhorse says Greg was over his head at Int. I think everyone was over their head at Int with a bonkers senior. (Miscavige) Look at HCOPL Dev-T Graphed… unstable senior terminal.
    I’d think Greg had his shoulder to the wheel he thought was the right wheel. And I’m guessing he may still think that. Wife Debbie Hughes is comparable to Greg.

  435. Thanks for posting this Marty. I just knew the whole thing was going to go well as soon as I saw you and Mike with your message from the Alamo. It’s nice to see all the things that came together for the win.

  436. Random Stranger

    COB, RTC


    1) Noticing something non-optimum and punching the person in the stomach.

    2) Noticing something that’s optimum but punching the person in the stomach anyway, just as a reminder to not produce something non-optimum.

    3) Seeing a person without a pie-face and smashing them suddenly in the side of the head.

    4) Seeing someone with a head and hitting it.

    5) Reduce someone’s pay and take the money for myself as a bonus.

    6) Licking the bathroom floor.

    7) Licking the bathroom ceiling.

    8) Cleaning the toilets with their hair and a microscope.

    9) Licking the floor at the bus station.

    10) Licking the tires and seats of my motorcycles.

    11) Licking TC’s motorcycle tires, seats and muffler.

    12) Grabbing, choking, kicking, punching, throwing to the floor and spitting on someone and then making them lick my shoes.

    13) Making someone lick an entire Ideal Org.

    14) Being buried inside one of my stage pillars for a year.

    15) Holding someone upside down and using their hair to mop the floor of the RTC building.

    16) Being made to stand inside a trash can holding a sign that says “I am a mop” while others pour Mr. Clean and floor polish on their head for 12 hours.

    17) Being glared at by Tom Cruise with a threat to beat the shit out of them.

    18) Being made to stand and watch me play the fake saxophone.

    19) Being made to lick the bottom of the lake without breathing equipment while the rest of the entire staff shoot spear-gun arrows around you and throw rocks at you whenever you come to the surface.

    20) Deprived of sleep while being made to eat gruel while you sleep on the floor of a trailer in 106 degree temperature while everyone screams at you until you are made to falsely confess to crimes you didn’t commit while you are made to read the Basics books over and over while chanting the definition of an F/N while my event videos play in the background and my dog barks commands at you and if you don’t understand the dog you will be hoisted up the flag pole and Tom Cruise will buzz you with his airplane while we destroy your family behind the scenes and prepare your expulsion order and cull your confessional folders and prepare a black PR campaign against you while we prepare our denials.

    David Miscavige
    COB, RTC

    cc: Tom

  437. I knew Greg Hughes before the SO also, and I don’t see how Greg putting 1,ooo’s of doctors on the Bridge and enlightening 10’s of thousands on LRH relates at all to some igorant thug like Grant Cardone. What suprizes me is how you could even confuse the two.

  438. Dan, I knew Greg Hughes well for quite a while before he went into the SO and for a while after he was in. My memory of times with Greg is extremely similar to how you view him. I’m glad to know Greg had you around as a sane friend, as I’ve wondered for 20 years how he and Debbie have been doing. I sure am glad as hell that they are out now at least.

  439. Its not a structure you need for comfort, its structure you need for Qual.

    Div 5. Where’s that when things go awry in the Independent field, as they inevitably do?

    An org isn’t “needed for comfort” .. its needed for delivery. No C/S, no case gain. Ethics there when you need it. And so on.

  440. TroubleShooter

    Wow Lana,

    It would be helpful to me personally to know what year this was. I was down the command channel albeit shoulder to the wheel pushing up against the solidity that this created in it’s trickle down effect.

    The TA for me moves when I am able to position this kind of crap on my own time track as it helps the puzzle pieces fall in to place.

  441. Process for handling a cold: “What haven’t you lost lately?”

    It’s in the Assists handbook.

    Robots can’t handle thetans except as assistants in implanting activities.

  442. Yeah, I am remembering doing TR 104 night after night on the HSDC many years ago. Never laughed so hard in my life.

  443. Omitted Data is the hardest of all to spot … because there is nothing TO spot

  444. Dog, Randy Emery was a good friend, His wife and my wife at the time were best friends growing up. You must have known Randy. What a character. Incredible guy. Very talented magician.

  445. Yes, I remember the quote from the PDCs, right?
    However, I don’t want translate LRH from german back to english.
    : – P

  446. If there had been any removal of anything to do with SP/PTS Tech data on checksheets You would wonder that NoTech person wouldn’t have queried it. As tech staff would want to know where / why .surely. Any clarification who would know this for sure.? If its true it explains a lot.
    The state of affairs the church got in and is in at this time.

  447. It’s in PDCs, tape 1, “Opening: What is to be done in the Course”.
    Don’t have original copy.
    Maybe someone else can give the full quote.

  448. Thanks Sinar, signed the petition!

  449. no confusion here!

  450. This is good news.
    I’ve always assumed at some point it would be made clear in the courts that miscavige’s misbehavior is in no way justified by the actual policies, philosophy or counseling technology which the Boards of Directors are mandated to follow in their constitution.

    I am dying to see miscavige and his minions, on the witness stand, try to fool a jury into believing that the torture and restraint being conducted by miscavige is “authorized by their religious scripture.”

    Miscavige’s minions can lie all they want in the press, but I believe many of
    them will break down and tell the truth under deposition. The real miscavige loyalists will probably plead the fifth, but enough of them will speak up under pressure to shine the light of truth on miscavige’s chamber of horrors.

    Don’t worry dave, you’ll look good in orange.

  451. Yes, that “Break her finger” stuck with me as well. I heard of a broken thumb on a senior exec and wondered about it when I heard this.

  452. 21. Prepare a set of all my public speeches and make them mandatory to be watched and M9ed before any LRH-materials study is started.

  453. Random Stranger

    21A) Optional choice to my public speeches: suicide.

  454. 22) Make a connection between my personal secretary and “Alex Spatz” in order to save my precious ass from being on Jail (As I manned to blame Alex Spatz by human trafic saving all my precious OSA staff at Mexico city). And then advise Mexican and USA Goverment… NO NO BETTER! THE United Nations!!! to blame them for conspirancy against the World.

  455. FLASH NEWS: Now on every single Cinema, Cinemark around the world New Pinocchio movie! with: Starring: Tom Cruise as David Miscavige.

  456. +1 Perfect message!

  457. I don’t disagree with you about the need for a Qual division – LRH is totally clear about that in the lecture “A Talk On A Basic Qual”. It may just be me, but I don’t remember ever running into an auditor who didn’t need some kind of occasional correction let alone properly done high crime checkouts, etc. I certainly don’t think a Qual/cramming section is just something nice to have or should be considered a luxury.

    However, I also think it is entirely possible to offer cramming and other Qual/ethics services in the Independent field – I spent most of my staff career in Qual and from what I’ve observed it is my belief that the majority of the best Qual terminals on the planet are already out here. I’ve looked at this a bit and think it would be feasible to set up a series of independent “Qual Centers”, which could not only offer offer standard in-person cramming and correction for auditors in their immediate area, but could also offer “Help Desk” services both on-line and via telephone, etc. for auditors in need. It doesn’t have to be complicated – only standard. For all I know, such services may already be offered.

    Fully manned, Saint Hill sized orgs may come into existence following the inevitable downfall of Miscavage, but I think that virtually all future auditing will be delivered by independent field auditors. For better or worse, it will be up to the individual auditor whether they will be standard or not, use a C/S on a regular basis, get correction if needed, etc. The free market will quickly sort out the wheat from the chaff IMO. I even imagine that an “Angie’s List” or similar rating systems will spring into existence where the most highly rated auditors will get the most business and charlatans will be quickly exposed. Businesses WILL spring up in support of the independent field auditor and quality will slowly improve.

    For now, the future of Scientology lies with the independent auditor and their conviction to deliver standardly. They will no longer be shackled by GAT or other arbitraries. I have no references to hand right now and it’s been many years since I was last on tech lines, but what I DO know is that the way forward at this stage of the game is VOLUME auditing by independent practitioners. The sequence is as follows (someone please provide the exact reference):

    1. Get auditing volume up
    2. Get auditing quality up
    3. Get C/Sing volume up
    4. Get C/Sing quality up

  458. Signed. Thanks for posting.

  459. Appropos to Marty’s post and the many thoughtful comments here, Thoughtful himself has just written and exceedingly perspicacious new article over at that thoroughly addresses the question about whether or not the church is dead and the exact situation Scientology is in today and for the future. It is too long for a comment here but well worth anyone’s time. Especially online parishioners and those still lurking under the radar.

  460. I guess that’s the underlying focus of this whole thing. DM’s ability to commit huge overt acts and then use signed contracts to attempt to keep the public from finding out about him. His level of desire to cover up and hide these acts is probably in direct proportion to the magnitude of the Overts. We may eventually be privy to a detailed account of things more shocking that attempted broken appendages. It’s like a jigsaw puzzle where loyalists still close to him have some pieces, those who have left and spoken out have other pieces and those who have left but have been compelled to not speak out hold other pieces. A full accounting for his overts is what is really needed.

  461. FCDC Class of 74

    Marty thanks for all you do, for having the forethought and planning skills to overcome the COS’s warchest. Support for the cause allways invigorates and makes one willing to go into the fray one more time but take some well deserved rest and know we got your back when you need us. Quentin your postulate brought a heartfelt tear to my eye. I look back on the seventies and it was a wonderful time even before I received the bulk of my auditng and training I felt my postulates stick. It will happen again I have planted the seed as my Buddists friend advised. I miss the academy and the fun, the seed will grow and kudos to y’all . The group will prevail.

  462. “One of the things that survives from the Tarot is the Fool. The Fool, of course, is the wisest of all. The Fool who goes down the road with the alligators barking at his heels, and the dogs yapping at him, blindfolded, on his way, he knows all there is to know and does nothing about
    it. And that is the Egyptian variation of the word fool.

    “Well that’s an interesting character. He could actually be describing somebody at about 45 on the tone scale. All the alligators in the world could bark at somebody who was 45 on the tone scale. And all the village dogs could tear him to pieces any time they wanted to try. He could be
    completely blindfolded to anything that was going on. There’s nothing could touch him; just nothing could touch him. The village dog jumping on him would jump through him and be avery amazed dog. Probably its hackles would stand up and it would be upset. Because he had passed out of agreement by knowing all agreement.”OPENING LECTURE: WHAT IS TO BE DONE IN COURSE, 1 December 1952.

  463. Mike,
    Really? Wow, I’d better get in line with this one. Somebody’s going to file a report on me, and there you go, 651 known accounts of insubordination.

    Yeah, I’ll get on this. Thanks. Don’t wanna be out of agreement with the Net police, and have some person go to trial and say “well, Jim Logan said”. Yeah, that’s a worry.

    How’s that Mikey?

  464. Journey Continued

    SS; I was at a fork in the road. One branch led to a local bar/brothel/drug joint and the other to a great job. Just before heading off a young fellow came along and asked “which road should I take – the one to the bar or the one to a great job?” So before heading off to the bar I suggested that the best road to take would be to the job.

    Now in this fictional account, if I were to apply your logic, the young man could not believe me as obviously I did not do as I preached, therefore the young man should take the road to the bar/brothel/drug house.

    Good advice does not have anything to do with the life or reputation of the person giving it – it just happens to be good advice.

  465. Yea…We’d rather have you dead than disobedient.

  466. I wish that were true too, ” You would wonder that NoTech person wouldn’t have queried it.” When the new policy came down from uplines outlawing children and over riding Hubbard’s issues on family time , children, and all of the base Flag Orders regarding that activity, Minty Alexander, a class Xll, queried it. She was sent to the MAA, who was her teen aged daughter at the time, and was removed from post and assigned a lower condition by her own child. That was the last orders query I noticed at the base.

    Yet, there is was. The “Group Sanity” policy letter by L.R.H. indicating that “exclusion of others” is a third dynamic psychosis. It could not have been more clear. A teen aged MAA had more power than the green on white. So, it is no wonder an Int Exec can dismiss Church “scripture” against a temper tantrum.

  467. Mike,
    P.S. If I mention DMSMH would that be practicing medicine without a license?

  468. Mr. Logan,

    You don’t see me all disrespectful and unmannerly with the regulars around here, no matter how much I disagree with *any* of them. And if you took the post you are responding to you as some kind of insult, I sure don’t know why.

    Only my closest personal friends are allowed to call me “Mikey”, which you appear to be using as a deliberate insult.

    Please take whatever beef you have with me to private e-mail. My permanent address is:

    Michael A. Hobson
    Independent Scientologist

  469. Great! – signed!

  470. Your humble servant


    Thank you for the great analysis and valuable historical review. So, CMO was senior to ED Int? How’d that happen? Or did Miscaving just say so and make it stick? How’d he get to be head of CMO in the first place?

    Yes, it is ironic that back in the late 70’s when Scientology was relatively open and doing much good and little harm it was viciously attacked repeatedly by the US government. Today, when the official organization is doing much harm and little good, the US government’s policy appears to be strictly hands off. This tells us (1) the US government is corrupt and suppressive and (2) Miscavige is very possibly in cahoots with them.

    I can see what you are saying about a 3d Dynamic (groups) engram being laid in under emergency conditions, but it should have been run out. Miscavige wants to keep it there. Scared people donate more money.

  471. When a ‘bully’ does not get handled when he is a ‘small bully’ he unfortunately becomes a ‘big bully’ with an automatic escalation in size of overts.

  472. Lana, David Miscavige is but a grain of sand on the beach of eternity. 🙂 The more I hear about him the less I believe that he can still be “trusted” in life with anything but money to do something dastardly with. Did you see the Church of Scientlogy’s INFOMERCIAL that appeared during the Grammy Awards ceremony on TV last weekend? DM must have approved this BECAUSE it is unlawful for religions to promote themselves through broad public mediums such as TV. Can’t they get in trouble for that with the FCC?

  473. Random Stranger

    22) Forced tattooing of “OBEY OR DIE!” on forehead in gothic lettering over a skull and crossed lightning bolts AND twelve inches in length removed from both legs AND right hand surgically sewn to front side of head in a permanent salute before being allowed to commit suicide.

  474. You really got that right. DM is on the level of a mafia crime boss or a Scarface drug boss ala Tony Montana.

  475. Oh yes, Karen…..I am so sick and tired of a “religion” (corporate $cn) claiming they have some sort of rights under the Consititution, when that is all they want–rights to do whatever they (as puppets of Miscavige) want. There is NO religion anymore under the corporate $cn leadership or whatever you want to call it. It is only money money money. The true technology has been intentionally lost and undermined. (PLenty of proof for those who want to sift through it.)

    ANY religion throughout the years, including the philosophies of LRH, has made a distinct differentiation between greed and the posession of physical objects compared to spiritual enlightenment and advancement. I know–I lived there while we built massive new “churches,” made state-of-the-art videos about them, told all our parishioners that these are the coolest things ever, and awarded people who gave away millions of dollars for facades and glass, steel and marble building reconstruction.

    Truly a religious experience…..not!

    This corporate “church” forgets that it lives on and is based on the very same land that uses the Constitution as its basic doctrine of rights for all citizens. They (led by Miscavige) have gone too far and can no longer use the Constitution as a protection for their criminal and NON-Constitutional actions under the guise of “religion,” which has been going on for many many years.

  476. Thanks – this one requires only a thousand signatures and we got the earlier one through at 5,000. TR3 to the DOJ!

  477. Humble,
    Dave wasn’t the CO CMO Int then, or ever for that matter. The “senority” of CMO Int flowed from the fact the Commodore was still alive and still the Commodore.

    This was the time period of corporate re-org and the attempts at aligning the “command channels” and hierarchy of management entites.

    ED Int is supposed to be the hat LRH wore at WW. At the time, the early 80s, even the GO was now under ED Int, including the Msns, which were under Franchise Officer WW, a GO post.

    The final corporate arrangement and placing of checks and balances is described on, however this was 80-81 and that arrangement hadn’t been finalized or formalized in Charters and Bylaws and such.

    Dave was in CMO Int, he was positioning himself as close as he could to power. His “decisive” actions to “save Scn” at that time, including quelling this mutiny, stamping out the GO, saving this that and the other, all done in the emergencies of the time, and with copious false reporting and obfuscation of lines, and all leading to him being the single line from Pat/Annie and supposedly through them from LRH, to the remainder of the structures of Scientology were in the making.

    An able ED Int, wearing LRH’s hat as ED WW/Int, and with the authority actually granted that post, is something anathema to the designs of a fascistic dictator, such as David Miscavige.

    As to the irony of the documented attempts at destruction of Scientology and relentless persecution of its Founder over the years, and the now complete withdrawal of those same government agencies while DM is free to destroy the destroy the Church from within and be paid handsomely to do it, yes, that is a curious turn.

    Murder will out.

  478. Dan,

    It is well written, and in a word, thoughtfully.

    Thanks for pointing this essay out. A must read.

  479. 53) Pack a ray gun for when the martians come

  480. Whoa–Jag, Mr. Helpful….! Right in there, makin’ it go wrong. I’d hate to see what your idea of postulates, spiritual power and intention is. Grrrrrr….r.r.r.r….

  481. Random Stranger


    I was thinking that this whole thing must be a blast for the Tampa Times reporters and the Village Voice guy (too lazy to research his name) and whatever other journalists who are following this time stream of incidents along.

    It must look so strange to someone who was never a Scientologist, much less having been a staff member somewhere, to say nothing of having been in the Sea Org or an Int Base Brainwashed Captive. Wow. Surreal all this stuff. Must be baffling to an outsider – the personal mental machination that drives an individual Church of Scientology member to adhere so tenaciously to the group. A good trait, unfortunately wasted these days, but a good trait nonetheless.

    It seems to align with that puzzling old saying, “No good deed goes unpunished.” That has baffled the hell out of me for years, but it’s starting to make sense now, in my own life and even more so with regard to how the Church rewards its 29 year honored veteran executives with a lawsuit punishing them for communicating. A church that is supposed to be built upon the idea that communication is senior to all other things. I guess it is a crime to communicate. Must be an ancient piece of wisdom related to the negative/positive, ying/yang, reverse vector, weird voodoo of how it is in this here Whacky Old Fizz Yoon.

    It’s like George Carlin said about religion and God. HE can do cool stuff but has just one flaw: can’t handle money, ALWAYS NEEDS MONEY! That sounds just like the C of S in their demand for more money from it’s retired executive to whom they paid a pittance to shuttup. Hey, maybe Miscavige is just being God-like. I’ve never thought of that before. Needs money. Religion. Hmm…sounds like it fits the bill.

    The exact formula seems to be: 600% more money. Yeah, it must be a piece of the super-secret hidden god-tech notes securely tucked away inside a golden jeweled box, that Miscavige scribbled out during one of his brief encounters with L. Ron Hubbard one day (or so he says) when they were having a spiritual money discussion (so he says) and which he now keeps in his personal safe (or so he says) with the rest of the really valuable stuff that only he is responsible enough to lay his hands on. That’s kinda God-like in itself too, secret cryptic stuff. Dave’s note probably says, “Money. Punish. 600%. Lawyers. Get More.”

    Hey, with all these God-like traits that DM manifests, maybe I’ve been too harsh and premature in judging him and satirizing him. Maybe he really does have a list of good traits. I should back off and start writing only good things he’s done. Well, his stage pillars are really sparkly gold, that’s kind of a good thing and the entire stage is ornate, ok, he achieved that. I’ll bet there’s some cool video screens in the Ideal Orgs that staff and select public can watch cool movies on after hours, that’s a perk. Hey, this is turning into a list. Ouch, my mind almost snapped in half.

    This whole thing is so bizarre the only thing about it that makes any sense to me are these crazy damn lists I come up with.


    1) He personally never hits anyone more than eleven times per day.

    2) He no longer makes his staff lick the toilet in the bathroom.

    3) That arm position on the podium is an excellent impersonation of a mannequin.

    4) He no longer stubs his cigarettes out in people’s eyes.

    5) He sometimes benevolently backs off a little bit after he’s wreaked wrath on someone in his disfavor.

    6) He gave Heber a cookie on Christmas day.

    7) He no longer hounds his dog for sex all the time.

    8) He lets Sea Org members keep their socks when they route out.

    9) He keeps his personal food budget under $10,000 per month.

    10) He has not personally punched a PC in years.

    There you go, Dave, you can no longer say that your struggle towards greatness has gone unnoticed, unacknowledged or undocumented.

  482. Uh—yeah. Why can’t you be someone who had run into troubles, looked back at it and figured out a way to make it better? Worked out some things that everyone can use to help their own lives? Figured out a way to discover huge ablilities within yourself and rise above the typical humanoid problems of this planet? And…OMG….even use them to help others make their own lives more livable, happy and successful??

    I wouldn’t even expect him to be Perfect from Day One. But man, he worked out some seriously incredible technology that to me excuses and forgives anything he supposedly did–his contributions FAR OUTWEIGH any of it. I am so thankful I was able to experience it (and still can) while others try to silence it and degrade it beyond recognition. That’s not gonna work!

  483. Now that’s some really production-oriented activities.You GO, little pieca s___ DM guy! You go get those international stats up! You go terrorize your last remaining parishioners and steal more money from them! You go secure you spiritual freedom either in Hell or as a sickly little cockroach on a gulf near Texas. Busy busy!! Digging that grave faster than ever. I hope all your puppets and dupes crawl out into the sunshine before you destroy any more of their physical bodies. There is still some hope for them.

  484. Yes Dan, Randy was great and a hell of a producer. That’s cool that your wife and Randy’s wife grew up together.

  485. Thank you, Debbie.
    And thank you, Marty, Mike and everyone who helped pull off this big win.

    The church attempted to use the secular court to judge an ecclesiastical matter while also telling that court it has no jurisdiction over ecclesiastical matters, is just plain stupid, and proves that miscavige doesn’t know what he’s doing.

    I still can’t get over how I was hoodwinked by this pathetic moron. But there it is. It’s done with and over now. It’s been a Reach and Withdraw cycle, and we’re a bit wiser now. And many of us can count up a few winnings, too. But the game is still in place with everything still to play for! How fantastic is that!

    Love, Rich

  486. Random Stranger

    22b I mean)

  487. Mr. Hobson,
    As we have never met, and you have not granted me the “Mikey”, I will desist.

    My only beef, today, is the anal, IANAL, rebuke. You rebuked me, and me in order to balance my overt-motivator ledger for correspondence with you, poked fun at you for the (IMO) inanity of the disclaimer IANAL.

    This has now gone on to necessitate my consulting and informing you though I am not a lawyer, they apparently are, and even still won’t say so. My point is none. This is silly.

    I am not a lawyer though and maybe it isn’t silly.

  488. Point taken, Journey Continued. I appreciate yours and all the other above responses – I’ve read each of them a few times.

    I didn’t mean to touch off a Hubbard debate under a post about a great victory against Miscavige. Congrats on the win and I hope to see many more in the coming weeks.

  489. Jim,

    I most certainly did not *rebuke* you. You are poor man indeed, if you are as cursed to be as touchy as myself.

    That comm was supposed to be simply a bit of hatting from someone who has been involved with telecommunications since before Internet became generally available.

    Peace be upon you and your house!

    Michael A. Hobson
    Independent Scientologist.

  490. Yes, policy is derived from things which DO work and is junior to purpose, always.

  491. Thanks for everything you and Mike do, and congratulations on the latest win.

  492. And if the Int management (DM) wants to bring into focus, “SCRIPTURE” , in a court of law, Good God……….talk about hanging one’s self…..

  493. Thank you JL !!
    Really appreciate your mind and library!!

    Is my interpretation right, that DM has not learnt how to ignore the alligators & dogs , causing him to get stuck in ‘finger traps’ ?

  494. TroubleShooter

    I was SHOCKED to hear from someone who had been sent to the RPF that he’d never received any PTS handlings let alone done the PTS/SP course before or after being sent to the RPF. It’s the FIRST piece of tech one would use to address such a roller coaster as a being wanting to join the SO to a being who crashed their dynamics enough to land in the RPF (allegedly did something to earn an RPF assignment,). That is a deliberate and gut wrenching evil act and Qual is completely responsible for that, if Qual were doing their jobs and if it was – WE WOULDN’T BE HERE!!!

  495. Random Stranger

    54) Favorite Marcabian fedora hat.

  496. Yes, I completely duplicate your experience!

  497. DM can’t. He is not in present time.

  498. Excellent write up, Epic win is Epic. Doesn’t Miscavige remind us of a Willy E. Coyote 😉

  499. To care onley about oneself makes one very introvert indeed.

  500. Yes he reminds me a bit of that Italian Cruise-ship captain “Schetino”

  501. Good show sir, Carry on

  502. Tim S

    Yes that would have created some chatter for sure.

    Eric S

  503. Random Stranger

    The whole idea of the ‘RPF’ is ridiculous and stupid. The RPF is bullshit and totally unneccesary. If a person needs or want MEST-work then send them out to do some in their own home or environment or someplace of their choice that brings them joy and have them do it for as long or short as they wish.

    I don’t care who came up with the stupid idea. It could have been L. Ron Hubbard or Bing Crosby or Alister Crowley or God or Jesus or the Devil or an alien or a monkey or Einstein or whomever. I’ve been in a lot of group situations, a lot of non-Scientological companies and environments that ran perfectly well and prosperous without an RPF, without eighteen million zillion trillion babababoooomsion tons of Admin Tech. Things ran on a natural flow and that was that. Operational was the keyword and that’s all that matters in the real world. Besides, there’s lots of Admin Tech out there and the best ones I’ve found are experience and common sense.

    I never saw it necessary to ‘RPF’ someone. If their purpose is in tact, they’re treated well, they have fun, they’re prospering, the environment is conducive towards production, then the dickwads and assholes either get ostracized and ignored so they can’t harm the group or they get simply FIRED!

    Was it because Hubbard recruited greenhorns and wanted to impinge heavily that he created this RPF thing? I know it originally was supposed to be short and sweet, but ah…there were extremes and you know how fanatics take LRH thoughts, ideas, writings, recordings, words, symbols, insinuations, inflections, volume, alignment of the stars, cryptic hidden data lines and the like to EXPAND on some of these concepts and policies and philosophies and REALLY REALLY REALLY APPLY them full tilt because they want to be 100%! 110% MORE! 120% AHHHHH! NOT ENOUGH!!!!!!!! ONE HUNDRED AND NINETY PERCENT!!!!!!!!!! MORE! MORE! MORE! MORE! AAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!! THE WORLD IS ENDING! WE HAVE TO SAVE IT! IT DEPENDS ON US!!!!! HEY WATCH OUT!!!! ENEMIES!!!!!! WE HAVE TO KILL THEM!!!!!!! OBLITERATE THEM!!!!!!! THEY ARE AGAINST US AND WILL STOP US FROM SPEARHEADING THE MOVEMENT THAT IS GOING TO CLEAR PLANET EARTH!!!! WE HAVE TO TAKE OVER ALL THE GOVERNMENTS!!! THEY’RE ALL SPs!!!!!!!!!!!!!! RON SAID SO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    RPF….bullshit. Someone needs training? Train ’em. They’ll get it and do it if they want to. Can’t train? Learn how to learn. Then train. Then apply. If you can’t reasonably perform…so long, good luck, best of success elsewhere.

    Severe Reality Adjustment? Suppressive. Plain and simple. I’ve tried it. I’ve observed it’s results and observed others using it. No workie.

    Lower Condition? Pretty much bullshit. Look, how do you distinguish between someone applying Treason (betrayal) for something like trying and just not succeeding. Or losing a confidential piece of paper? Come on, let’s get real. Treason? That’s something like purposely abandoning an important and meaningful agreement and in so doing caused destruction, loss and harm from an enemy. That’s treason. Betrayal after trust. What, you trust someone to pick up a newspaper and they don’t so they betrayed you and therefore they are now in Treason? Jesus Christ how insane is that?

    No, treason is powerful. Treason is highly recognizable. Treason is very very bad. However, for years and years the Church of Scientology even prior to Big Poopy Cheese Diddly Davey Miscavige, threw those damned Lower Conditions around for people to do for the stupidest stuff. I mean, is a staff member who shows up late 40 times in a row and gets assigned Treason finally because of it, is he in the same Treason category as an actual slimy treasonous betrayer of faith that now deserves to be branded with TREASON???! That’s insane, that’s an inability to sort out differences, similarities and identities, isn’t it? The church has been insane on this for years. No distinction.

    So, as has been said and insinuated before, getting rid of Miscavige is not going to put an end to this stuff. It’ll help, because he’s such an EXPANDER and an AMPLIFIER and I CAN PROVE I’M MACHO AND SUPER AND I LIKE POWER kind of guy. He saw an opportunity and he exploited the hell out of it. I’m sure a lot of us wouldn’t find Miscavige so revolting if he were just a big fat rich real estate investment adviser who had made us rich and he wasn’t too repulsive in his interaction with us.

    It’s in the damn policies. It’s in the lectures. It’s in the bulletins. It’s in the other advices and notes and cataloged nuances that are microscopically referred to within the parameters of their designated contexts, but…they are written by Hubbard. The Treason. The Sea Org directives that relate to harshness and punishment and the tirades and the idea of the horribleness of being suppressive and how to brandish it to keep people in line and how to be mean and all of. Miscavige only took it, applied to the hilt and then shoved it in more up to his elbow and then drove a battalion of tanks through the wound. Duh, he used the very writings of L. Ron Hubbard to do what he wanted. He exploited the policies and used the agreement of purpose being senior to policy to ultimate achieve his dictatorial grandiose role as STRONGEST INTENTION AND CHIEF APPLIER TO THE HILT OF ALL THINGS HUBBARD EXACTLY AND PRECISELY WITH BETTER RESULTS AND STATS THAN ANYONE IN THE WORLD!

    I’ll bet a beer and a hot dog to any former-top Int exec who’s been close to Miscavige that he can INSTANTLY whip out the policy that he’s operating on as he carries out his B-Movie One Stooge Ghengis Khan Vietnamese Prison Camp Special Forces Punishment Camp Save the Universe or I’ll Kill You Antics. Bet he can whip it right out.

    Betrayal: “TREASON POLICY!”
    No coffee: “TREASON POLICY!”
    Not done: “TREASON POLICY!”
    No pie face: “TREASON POLICY!”
    Speak up: “TREASON POLICY!”
    Complaint about the prices: “TREASON POLICY!”
    Pillars crooked: “TREASON POLICY!”
    TC’s fiberglass roof sinking in: “TREASON POLICY!”

    Ok, maybe one last RPF. Miscavige. Make him do one on general principle. Just to see what it’s like. At least a couple of years. Go in, beat the shit out of him once in a while. Hey, if you feel bad about it, stop. Maybe you’ll change you mind later on and would like to resume beating him some more. I don’t like to hit people, but I’d hit him a couple of times just on general principle. No one else. Just him. Just a couple of times at least so I can see how tough he really is supposed to be. He’s in pretty good shape from the looks of him so I’d have to defeat him right away, like one blow with my brass knuckles or a well-placed kick to the groin or finger poke in the eye. Seems right. Seems fair. Seems like fun. Hey, give and take, huh?

    I’ll betcha that Miscavige could

  504. Random Stranger

    Good god, I don’t know what happened to my train of thought on this one, I guess it just…faded away…

  505. Anonymous for Now

    I was SO at Wise Int when Greg Hughes was WDC Wise. I remember we held 2 Conferences a year that all the Wise Members would attend. One on the Ship and the other one in Calif. Greg Hughes was a great speaker and was definitely an OL and very well respected among the SO at Wise Int as well as the Wise Members.

    When he was WDC Wise, Wise Int ran smooth, we had great stats and were focused in our goals. I remember there were plenty of 339R programs being run. ( I read the story about the 339r Dental Floss, sounds like the dwarf was pretty threatened by Greg) I thought we got pretty good products.. Keeping disputes and External Influences off the org lines and helping to support the consulting groups and wise college, Things were expanding and Greg was very involved. I remember him being very approachable. Later on things got messy at Wise Int and I do not believe Greg Hughes was on the lines during this time. Steve Wills was busted as the CO. Katie Pakette was made the CO, there were so many cross orders on her lines.. she was almost frantic at all time. There were all these meetings at ASI and then one day there was some “BACK BILL” that WISE INT all of a sudden owed Thousands to ASI . The staff were cross ordered all over the place, org board was being re written, it became a real mess… my guess is DM must have taken over.

    I hope Greg and Debbie do speak out, he was a stable terminal for many SO and Wise members and from my understanding got thousands of people on the bridge. I am glad to hear Greg and Debbie are not in the Hole anymore. I always wondered what happened to Katie Pakette, Steve Wills, and Browen & Quentin Strube. I hope they are all safe and out of the SO.

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  509. Hi there, just wanted to say, I liked this blog post.
    It was funny. Keep on posting!

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