Miscavige’s Cult of Abuse and Torture

See the stories from down under:

Scientology Head Under Fire, A Current Affair Australia

Cult of Abuse and Torture, Today and Tonight Australia

From Official Corporate Scientology response: Both Ms. Cook and her husband are expelled from the Church, are prohibited from calling themselves Scientologists …

Good luck with that one Dave.



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  1. I’ve got to love those Aussies. I forgive them for inflicting the Bee Gees on us.

  2. Ha ha at, ‘being prohibited from calling herself a Scientologist…’

    I am the 99%

  3. It’s obvious to me that this affair is leading up to POB personally being called to sit in the witness stand. Crescendo time for the psycho dwarf?

  4. Yeah, “prohibited from calling themsevles Scientologists.”
    They might as well say,”we picked up our toys and went home. Meanies!”

    Next, DM will be using the “I know you are, but what am I?” defense.

    In the immortal words of Jackie Chan’s “immortal” character in Forbidden Kingom:”HE HAS NO KUNG FU!”


  5. I think we are only looking at the warm up. Now that this whole fiasco orquestrated by DM against Debbie has accurred and that many prominent newspapers have picked up the story, there`s an expectancy on what is next and no doubbt we will see more and more major media picking up the story. I think DM really has to re-think his “strategy” of harrassment against Debbie. But that`s expecting too much intelligence from a group and an individual whom no longer think but just reacts like a wild wounded animal.

    It is hard to stop ideas. I hope someone helps me here with an LRH quote where he says something to effect that ideas are the only thing that go through 6 inch armor. Given that it wont be hard for even more people to wake up annd smell the coffe (rather than the kool-aid) and do the right thing: leave or stop their support of such a psycotic, reactive, no-longer-self-determined, individual. “The source” of all Scientology`s ills: DM

  6. George M. White

    A little boy who tried to grow up in Philadelphia, the city of brotherly love, becomes a demonic cult leader. A compassionate, refined, southern lady growing up in North Carolina becomes
    his nemesis. Good and evil play the eternal game and Miscavige will meet his end.


  7. You really have to wonder about the “PR” responses they keep sending out.

    Miscavige tries to make it seem that Debbie was ALREADY an “embittered apostate” and “squirrel” and “expelled” from his church when they sued her.

    But then in court, they try to say she was the perfect Scientologist who had followed all the rules and thereby had “ratified” her contract.

    While Miscavige thinks he outsmarts everyone with his tricky-dicky positions, they are all ultimately going to come home to roost.

    “Every organization is a distinct and separate entity that has nothing to do with one another” while “all churches are covered by one agreement no matter who signed it and who wrote the check.”

    “Judge, you have no jurisdiction, this is entirely an issue of religious law and we therefore want you to use your legal powers to enforce our abhorrent religious practices.”

    Or the most oft repeated bleat: “The REAL story is the massive international expansion as proven by the “opening” of new ‘Ideal Orgs” — just wait until someone does an investigative piece on the REAL story of his shrinking, empty Ideal Orgs.

    You have to admire the Australian media. While its more tabloid than one Is used to elsewhere, they are absolutely unintimidated by the threats that spew forth from Miscavigedom. There are a lot of media in the US and around the world that could take a cue from their lead. The church of Miscavige yaps and yaps, but he don’t bite because he knows what will happen to his sorry ass if he does. All his grotesque abuse will be splashed all over the courtroom and the media.

    It sucks to be Miscavige.

  8. Hey, hey, hey now! I love me some good Bee Gees!

  9. As a marketing manager for Dianetics in the 80s I learnt a thing or two about marketing, and positioning was a major factor. By saying Debbie can no longer call herself a Scientologist, Miscavige is positioning – trying to – “Scientologists” with the dangerous cult that is the “Church”. He is effectively saying that if you want to consider yourself a Scientologist you better agree with:

    I am the Supreme ruler and what I say goes
    Never mind if we lie, you have to believe it’s true to be a Scientologist
    You WILL max out your credit cards on demand
    Our right to imprison you, beat you or do whatever is senior to your human rights
    The end ALWAYS justifies the means

    Hm. Wonder why the flow of new public has all but dried up.

  10. “bitter, defrocked apostates ……………..and your father smells of elderberries!”

    Bryan Seymour also doesn’t reflexively post the whole CoS written response. He leaves out all the gumpf about how many orgs they have etc, etc, because it’s both repetitive and untrue!!

  11. PS. Looking good today, Debbie.

  12. I’m not sure I fully agree with the tabloid nature of the Oz media. It has to be quite bullet-pointy to get the message across, and I have yet to hear them report anything that’s untrue about the cult in recent times.

    Compare their coverage to the mind-numbing, deceitful and hypnotic nonsense at major events, with its booming undercurrent of Sherman-babble.

  13. Ronny Miscavige…. I think it may be time for you to put down whatever you are busy doing and get out to the Int. Base. It seems you little brother David has picked another fight that he can’t win and somebody is going to have to step in and clean up his mess.

    If you and the family love David then you better get busy talking him down from the ledge because this fall is going to be bad.

  14. So true. The criminal misdeeds underlying is the major legal and PR weak point. There is no “safe point” from which to operate and thus per Sun Tzu no engagement should occur as it cannot be won. Once the last vestige of PR is over-run – that of opening ideal orgs, bitter defrocked apostates, etc it is end of story. The truth – there has been ONE church opened newly. The rest were old shrunken shells of their former self organizations that were moved into glitzy overpriced abominations of a church building per the LRH references. There is NO new “Ideal Org” opening just moving to a new location. If the lie of opening NEW orgs wishes to be claimed as evidence of expansion then please, pray-tell, name the person who committed the truly suppressive act of “closing” an organization. If there is only the “new” one then the “old, original organization (church)” has been closed which IS a suppressive act per the LRH policy (yea guys, the “scriptures” who so blatantly parade around to justify your criminality coverup.)

  15. MR, Yes that “massive international expansion” is just like using steroids in body building. Sooner or later it catches up with your body. It is totally ARTIFICIAL “expansion” as the demand for Scientology is no loger there because DM has turned it into something evil and degrading and degraded.

    He likes to say that he is causing “explosive expansion” I think that`s true but the problem is that it is “explosive” leaving the subject “beyond recognition”

    Many words in Scientology have been redifined by DM. Examples:

    “Policy” has been redifined by DM as “anything I say”
    “Expansion” has been redifined as “the growth of my bank account”
    “Tech” as “what makes me look smart”
    “Executives” as “my most loyal kool-aid drinkers”
    “Service” as “umm, hold on that thought I have to think of something here”

    All joking aside it is disgusting what he does and the result of ANY actions he takes. The evidence is right before our eyes and overwhelming.
    (OSA what flavor of kool-aid are you on?)

  16. Sometimes I feel sorry for him. A pitiable creature victimized by his position of power and stupidity. Unfortunately he perpetrates pain on others to fuel his distorted self image.
    Next life for Mr.Cabbage: punished slave with no power. Then, during the throws of agony and pain will come the realization: people shouldn’t hurt people, it hurts. Some mentalities need a sharp stick in the eye to stop poking people in the eye. Cosmic math kicks ass for the sake of learning. Dave, relax, don’t be so afraid. Come clean, let go of the burden of being Dave the Impaler. It must keep you up at nights. Like that scene in Richard the 3rd where he is alone, in the dark, and finally comes to grip with the horrific deeds darkness he himself must now be victimized by. Its only a matter of time now. Here’s a hug Dave. It must be hard being you. Its certainly hard for others.

  17. “just wait until someone does an investigative piece on the REAL story of his shrinking, empty Ideal Orgs.”
    Mike, I love it every time you and Marty throw the next bucket of blood over the side of the boat!

    Miscavige, Speaking of throwin’…throw in the towel. You are out-gunned, out-thought and outta touch.
    Take the money and run. It never was the wealth of Scientology anyway.

  18. The news video was very well done. It actually reminded me strongly of those Anti-Psych videos that CCHR used to do. Very effective.

    I really think that under DM, the church has “valence shifted.” I think one could make the case that this is text-book “You become what you resist”

    Does anyone have any LRH refs on this phenomena? I suspect its mostly contained in the “Goals Problem Mass” data covered on the Briefing Course. Ideas?

  19. It appears from these statements of “will never set foot in a Church again…” that Miscavige has the Church issuing eternal SP Declares now, with no recourse. Maybe that’s not the case, but if it is that is just one more bit of Squirreling by the Squirrel King…since LRH says the door is always open a crack, and even reiterated this back in 1982 when the issue of expulsions forever was raised at that time.

  20. That’s just jive talkin’!!

  21. ‘All disturbance and chaos folds up in the teeth of truth. It’s the only thing that can go through 16-inch armor plate.’
    “Scientology Zero” 10 Dec 1963

    I think there is a similar quote on other tapes as well. I seem to remember something similar on the PDC

  22. These things get followed up in the morning with programs (not always, but sometimes) called “sunrise” and Virginia Stewart chimes in, I really hope they ask her about her disconnection from her dad. Its practically dead agent material that she disonnected for 20 years and pretended it was because of his girlfriend, unless emotional manipulation is popular. But I think she would have been pulled off already just in case

  23. The smoke and mirrors of miscavigism will soon have no where to hide. Trying to put out a fire with gasoline would be easier than miscavige trying to honor the truth. He’s a lie machine with a faulty off switch.
    Geeze I hope the little sob gets dragged into the witness box real soon, it’ll be the cross examination opportunity of a lifetime.
    There is a very good reason why he does not give interviews, the true statistics of Scientology are not measured in fancy buildings but in people helped and happy with their service. He’s nothing more than a school yard bully in an expensive suit with lawyers making him breakfast.

  24. His Chi aint got no mojo.

  25. My two cents. I believe that Debbie Cook wanted to leave the Sea Org for a valid medical reason. And that is a VALID reason for anyone to do anything if the kind of help they need is not available within their church. David Miscavige hearing of this panicked because of all the information he had entrusted Debbie Cook with that she might communicate it to someone and tarnish his image. Tarnish his image? David Miscavige needs to realize that all this time and money that he has to burn and throw away in front of people as if they were garbage should be saved for his future legal expenses. Because if the church has to pay people the kind of money that they do to represent them in court when the church is “innocent” [sic], just imagine what his legal fees will be. Go Debbie. The first time I saw you I even told my mother “You know, that is a nice lady and I really like her. She is genuinely friendly.” Just like the rest of the people I liked when they were in the church Marty Rathbun, Mike Rinder, Karen De La Carriere, they all leave. The truth is on its way to the public. Long awaited. 🙂

  26. ” are prohibited from calling themselves Scientologists ”
    I’m a Scientologist !


  27. Hi Bruce, Yes that`s the one thanks.

  28. Marty, you are going too fast, so i am re-posting what I posted in the previous subject, plus some additions that come from my Mexican heart! I hope that’s OK.

    The Indie movement reminds me of “The Untouchables”

    Yet another paralell

    The end is nigh for you, David Miscagey. Because you are dealing with PURE TRUTH and you are a liar, a cheat and a criminal. The group of True Scientologist you are attempting to squash, are UNTOUCHABLE. We are your fucking NEMESIS (look up the word because I’m sure it’s alien to your
    very limited vocabulary).

    In addition to comparing you to Al Capone, here is a story for you:

    Back at the Flag Land Base, in 1979-80, under your direct order, while I was the LRH appointed Flag Land Base Programmes Officer, instructed to report directly to LRH, you ordered one of your minions, namely Vicky Aznaran, to get rid of me by assigning me to the RPF without a Comm Ev, without confronting me with any kind of facts that would justify the sudden punishment. At the time when you ordered Aznaran to get rid of me, I was in charge of all programmes being run at the FLB, including the FSO, (having previously been a Flag Evaluator/Continental/Org Manager for years) all my stats were in Affluence, including FSO GI (gross income), which was at the time making well over a million dollars a week! From the RPF, having complied with the rules, I attempted to use every LRH Ethics and Justice policy I knew by heart (I was fully trained on Data Series, FEBC, Ethics and Justice, and all LRH FOs, etc, etc). Again, under your orders, your CMO slaves squashed my attempts by using LRH Policies to clear my name and you even overrode the power of what was then Final Authority (LRH Pers Comm) and I know you personally received the package clearly showing that my RPF assignement was an injustice and you ignored it (you were not about be bested by a Mexican) and put it in a drawer in your desk (I know this for a fact). Still believing LRH Policy was law, one night I blew the RPF, went to a Motel in Clearwater carrying all my evidence and ethics and Justice policies and called the IJC (some poor sod called Hamish Hamilton) and asked him to meet me, all in an on-policy attempt to clear my name and obtain Justice. The poor guy showed up the next day, saw my evidence and heard my case and concluded my case was an injustice. He promised me he would clear my name as long as I went back to the RPF, which I did. The next thing I knew, again under your orders, the poor guy was busted from post and I never heard from him again. Some time after that, I decided there was something very wrong, I heard LRH was off the lines and I left. That was in 1981. 3 years later, when you had made good inroads by false reporting to LRH by being a “good and trusted friend of Pat Broeker”, while I was in Santa Barbara CA, close to the David Mayo scene but not involved in it, (my wife was helping David mayo, I was running a small business), you ordered Vicky Aznaran to destroy David mayo and anyone connected to him. I was a soft target and you did manage to destroy my livelyhood (but only temporarily). It was not nice, David Miscavige, to have government agents showing up at my auto repair shop, putting a gun to my head and arresting me on the charge of being a “dangerous, armed criminal escaped from justice”. Me, I was nor armed (they searched my shop and all they could find was a lot of auto repair tools and equipment-the most dangerous “weapons” being screwdrivers), and clearly not an escaped criminal. Still, these people arrested me and took me straight to LA and dumped me into a holding cell.
    An hour later the agents came back, took me out of my cell, guided me to a quiet corner and said (verbatum):” We know exactly how much the Church of Scientology paid to get you here. Here is a LA Times reporter business card. Call him and tell him your story. We are sorry but we had to follow up on their report about you. We have checked and you are not a wanted criminal”. (Anyone interested can read about that Op in Nancy Many’s book “My Billion Year Contract”)
    After that, David Mayo posted bail for me and I went back to Santa Barbara, hired a lawyer and continued to run my business, but you had already achieved what you wanted. Being alone against your ill gained power I could not sustain the legal fees, so I capitulated and eventually left the US and moved to a different location where, thanks to my clear understanding of LRH Tech and Admin, started again and created a happy, successful life, something YOU CAN NEVER HOPE FOR THIS LIFETIME OR PERHAPS MANY OTHERS. You thought you had destroyed me, David Miscavige, but you didn’t and I am here to haunt you, confront you with your CRIMINAL ACTIONS and to let you know that this time I am not alone. Your betrayal of LRH and Scientology and your crimes against good, innocent, well meaning people is today very much a verifiable fact and you are now dealing with a group of TRUE SCIENTOLOGISTS that will see you right up against a wall of TRUTH and will not allow you to get away with all the crimes you have committed against people who just want to see that this world of ours become free of CRIME, INSANITY AND WAR.
    I have no desire to hate you, David miscavige, because that is not part of my agenda. Maybe, and I say maybe, you are a good person, way, way down there in the depths of your tortured soul, a place you can’t see now when you are being a Suppressive Person, but as of now I very much want to see you
    get the fuck out of this planet, so Scientology can succeed in it’s efforts to help people.

    To all my friends here and for new people looking at this blog I say: David Miscavige’s crimes are not recent. They started way back in the late 70’s. He has had many years to practise his evil intents. Be aware!


  29. Their answers are so bad pr. Every child can see that they are talking nonsense. And this should be a religion ?
    The spiral turns and turns at faster rate every new day.
    I can’t believe thy are so foolish, just doesn’t make any sense at all !
    They could handle their problems with communication. A wise man told its an universal solvent, we should send them the words of that wise guy !!!

    Retread for all on arc and trs ! 🙂

  30. you’ve got to love the Australian media. They do not back down. While on the other hand you have the “fair and balanced” news here in the United States that won’t touch it unless it suits their interests. The fact that POB with all of his crimes against humanity is allowed to walk free is beyond me.

  31. “Take the money and run.?” That would be an smart action but you are talking about Miscavige. The two don`t go together!

  32. Mike,

    I’m not sure if some of these PR stories/lies are coordinated in the RCS attempt at flooding the news with the opening of a new morgue last Sat to lessen the entheta.

    One of the stories has the latest Idle Org attendance at 1,000. In another story the Idle Org was supposed to service 10,000 parishioners in it’s area. So that if you read the two “good news for Miscavige” stories – you get that only 10% showed up for this supposedly momentous occasion! These jokers can’t keep their lies straight!

    Echoing the line: It sucks to be Miscavige!

  33. Thanks for that. You are a great thetan, Alex, and you are not alone, indeed.

  34. ABC just announced that Debbie will be on tomorrow on Good morning America and then again at night in an exclusive interview. Looks like the American media found their balls as well.

  35. Wow Alex that`s a very compelling story. Thanks for sharing and good on you for what you`ve done.

    The stories of injustice are not news to me being that I experienced them first hand and have known of many others.

    You give a very concise description of Miscavige`s fate when you said:

    “[I]…created a happy, successful life, something YOU CAN NEVER HOPE FOR THIS LIFETIME OR PERHAPS MANY OTHERS”

  36. “Both Ms. Cook and her husband are expelled from the Church, are prohibited from calling themselves Scientologists …”

    Fair enough, I’ll do it for them: Ms. Cook and her husband are Scientologists.

  37. George M. White

    In my view, the French have far greater experience with the correct classification of organizations as compared to the United States.
    The democratic traditions in France protect citizens from dangers.
    This court ruling in France proves to me that they can see through to the
    core capitalistic roots of Scientology. Most foreign countries seem to be able to pierce the deception. In the United States, Scientology parades around like a religion but it really is rooted in capitalism. CEO Miscavige is as guilty as Bernie Madoff.


  38. 🙂 Problem is Kevin, you’re not allowed to call yourself a Scientologist either. So, here you go, I am paying it forward. Kevin Tighe and his wife are Scientologists.

  39. By the way, DAVID MISCAVIGE, I am but one of the thousands of “products” your unbelievable criminality has produced. Many more will come back to haunt you. I hope you remember how, one way or the other, you got rid of all of the people who were selfishly dedicating their lives to the expansion of LRH’s Scientology. Remember Kerry Gleeson? Remember Bill Franks? Remember Alen Buchanan (RIP), remember all the LRH trained Class XIIs? Remember Janis Jentz? Remember Dede Reisdorf? Remember the hundreds of other who are on the list of “enemies of scientology? here is the list, in case you can’t remember, since you have so many enemies:


    You made all these people, mostly dedicated Scientologists loyal to LRH into your enemies. THESE ARE YOUR PRODUCTS since you took the position of Leader of Scientology. Enjoy your wins!


  40. Why not ask for a com ev on David Miscavige? Just a very standard one. By the book, with all his misdeeds and SP acts listed. To send it very officially to the church (IJC, HCO?). And to publish it on this blog and elswhere. Then standard ethics procedure would be applied and it should be made known to all parishioners. Nobody will ignore the crimes for which COB will be removed from his post.

    From “Diagnosis and repair of groups” January 1951 :
    “Group repair is actually a study of the tone scale and mental equipment of the leader of group.
    A group is no more ethical than its system of ethics. Ethics are a direct measure of a position on the tone scale.”

    DM is 1,5 or below, and here goes the church. But his removal and applying group engram tech as described on “An essay on authoritarianism” from January 1951, could revive Scientology.

  41. I’d take the Bee Gees any day over Violet Crumble and Vegemite. (No offense, MR! Love ya but that shit sucks.)

  42. Kevin,

    Did I know you at SFOD in the late 1980s??

  43. Mike Rinder is a Scientologist 🙂

  44. On 4th of July everybody should wear a T-Shirt with ” I’m a Scientologist” on it”

  45. Debbie Cook is a Scientologist. Debbie Cook is a Scientologist. Debbie Cook is a Scientologist. She can call herself one too and she does every time she gets a chance. Marty Rathbun is a Scientologist. Mike Rinder is a Scientologist. Christie Collbran is a Scientologist. Monique Rathbun is a Scientologist (and she’s never stepped foot in a Miscavige org) and she’s also an auditor too! Steve Hall is a Scientologist. Hayden & Lucy James are Scientologists. Jim Logan is a full-time Scientologist.

    David Miscavige is a rat, and he has our full permission to call himself a rat any time he likes. He can also call himself a tyrant, a meanie, and a short rude pathetic loser. Those are acceptable terms we give him permission to call himself.

    Oh and by the way, did I mention that Debbie Cook is a Scientologist.


  46. And Mike Rinder and Christie are Scientologists…

  47. Excellent, excellent Current Affair program! Debbie gave a good interview. I look forward to her spreading more sunshine all over Miscavige’s and the cult’s secrets and crimes.

    I also will relish seeing her on American network TV news programs, if the reports about her appearing on ABC are true.


  48. Hi all;

    I was curious as to why David Miscavage would persue this headlong rush into the fire storm he’d surely suffer if he went to court on this case. It is a question of balance, maybe he’d gain more than he’d lose. The case may not be so much as an attack on Debbie, but a premptive strike on others considering following Debbie’s path. DM may win or lose the case, but the fallout from the negative PR would swamp him and the CofS, frankly never to recover, and he must know that. So, given that he may win, hopefully not, and given that he’d lose big time in the PR arena, why would he continue? I can only surmise that this court case is being used as a warning to others, that no matter the consequences, DM will insanely attack for the sole purpose to destroy. After all, it’s not his money, not his spiritual beliefs, not his future that is being undone. He is shielded, so no consequences on him or his life style, so why should he not go ahead? He personally has nothing to lose, and everything to gain, namely, dominance..

  49. My thoughts exactly. Only saw this after I posted a similar comment. 😀 Just to reiterate, Debbie Cook and her husband are both Scientologists. Yes, it’s true.

  50. HannibalTheFirst

    The “A current Affair” report is right on target. Precisely on the spot. Even a church Scientologist who has left minimal powers of obesrvations can view this without getting to many buttons pushed. Davie is the anchor that keeps this suppressive system in place. Cut that chain and release him over 10,000 feet deep water and the ship will start moving.
    Davie is not a Scientologist, he is an ordinary street thug. Funny he wants to forbid other true Scientologist to call themselves Scientologists. What a sorry creep.

  51. Geez Alex, that’s some story. So glad to hear you survived that madman. But not only did you survive but became successful. That’s the ultimate revenge.

  52. Thank you Olivier. I may not be a great thetan, but I still have my balls on, no thanks to David Miscavige and his band of hipnotized creeps.


  53. Alex,

    You possess a spirit that inspires and enlightens sort of like a modern Thomas Paine.

    “It matters not where you live, or what rank of life you hold, the evil or the blessing will reach you all. The far and the near, the home counties and the back, the rich and the poor, will suffer or rejoice alike. The heart that feels not now is dead; the blood of his children will curse his cowardice, who shrinks back at a time when a little might have saved the whole, and made them happy. I love the man that can smile in trouble, that can gather strength from distress, and grow brave by reflection. ‘Tis the business of little minds to shrink; but he whose heart is firm, and whose conscience approves his conduct, will pursue his principles unto death. My own line of reasoning is to myself as straight and clear as a ray of light. Not all the treasures of the world, so far as I believe, could have induced me to support an offensive war, for I think it murder; but if a thief breaks into my house, burns and destroys my property, and kills or threatens to kill me, or those that are in it, and to “bind me in all cases whatsoever” to his absolute will, am I to suffer it? What signifies it to me, whether he who does it is a king or a common man; my countryman or not my countryman; whether it be done by an individual villain, or an army of them? If we reason to the root of things we shall find no difference; neither can any just cause be assigned why we should punish in the one case and pardon in the other. Let them call me rebel and welcome, I feel no concern from it; but I should suffer the misery of devils, were I to make a whore of my soul by swearing allegiance to one whose character is that of a sottish, stupid, stubborn, worthless, brutish man.” December 23, 1776

  54. martyrathbun09


  55. Olivier,

    Mike Rinder sure as hell is a true blue Scientologist. I have known him since
    1976 and he sure is someone I could absofuckinglutely trust with my life.


  56. Hey that would be an epic scenario to witness:
    DM on the stand at the court.
    Defendants Lawyer: Do you beat people up?
    DM: No! Not at all. It´s not in my nature! MY spokesperson Tommy Davis has clarified that over and over on national TV.
    Defendant´s lawyer: What of the allegations Mr. Miscavige?
    DM: They are ALL LIES! I have 750 kilograms of affidavits that CLEARLY show that this is a conspiracy against me by a handfull of defectors who are all DEFROCK APOSTATES.
    Defendants Lawyer: It is not a handfull of people making these allegations Mr. Miscavige. We are talking about hundreds if not thousands of people who are making these alegations.
    DM: DEFROCK APOSTATES!!!! (sniff, sniff)

  57. Debbie Cook Baumgarten and Wayne Baumgarten are Scientologists.

    David Miscavige is not a Scientologist and is the Dict. (Dictator on a box)

  58. A movie actor should be hired to reinact the scene of being forced to lick a dirty floor for 30 minutes by David Miscaviage as punishment as it is almost too unbelievable to be believed. The public in general and Scn’s will just reject that outpoint, this is why visuals are so important as it will make it more real. Also a reinactment of the 12 hours of torture Debbie Cook underwent, standing in a tub with cold water being poured over her head and being screamed at being called a Lesbian/gay, etc. 100 or so Senior Executives of Int’l Mgmt being made to sleep in sleeping bags on the floor with Aunts crawling on them, made to eat slop food, sweating it out in those double wide trailers at 106 degrees, all of this should be made into a movie.

  59. Tom Gallagher,
    Your quote of Thomas Paine brings joy to my heart and tears to my old eyes. So true. Once upon a time when I was very young, the concept of understanding and integrity was a vague concept to me. But when the time came for me to find the wisdom I needed, provided by the Old Man, I became a better man.
    Thank you.

  60. Pat,
    There is not revenge in my old heart, only the true justice that every decent human being deserves. The perpetuators of crimes against other human beings cannot win on this planet. They are just a minority that need to be dealt with for the benefit of all Dinamics.

  61. Yes, that was some interesting reading

    There was something that was very obvious because of its absence in their response. Again they have tried to blame all the ills of Scientology on “______” (fill in whatever name you wish here… Debbie Cook, Marty, Mike, Amy, etc). But by their silence on the abuses that have been brought to light, they are as good as admitting that they occurred and continue to occur.

    The accusations of “wanting more money” from the Church, is also exactly what they are wanting from Debbie. They are likely well aware that they have little chance of winning their case at this point, so they are doing everything to bankrupt Debbie totally.

    The ruse that they pulled the other day about “demanding” access to the names of all the contributor’s to Debbie’s defense, is simply to scare contributors off. I would be totally stunned if they have the faintest claim to such information. They are simply trying to isolate Debbie so that they can take their time and litigate her into bankruptcy.

    Then there is the scare tactic of threatening Debbie that every new thing that she reveals, directly or indirectly, will increase their “damages” claim. Catch is though, if I am correct, they have already filed a claim for a particular amount, to get more money they would presumably have to file new claims.

    Now just imagine how this is going to go for the Church if they lose that first case, and a precedent is set. They will be dragged into court by their own
    avarice and lose each new case, one after the other, or much more unacceptable to David Miscavige, they will have to withdraw their suits.

    Even if they do not lose that first case, by some stretch of the imagination, the original case, and every new case will bring more of David Miscavige’s sordid little empire into the light.

    And David Miscavige has a massive “all hands” of his entire legal team and all of his Scientology assets, flat out digging their graves deeper.

    It is going to be a busy time for the undertakers.

    Eric S

  62. By the way, has anyone else noticed the irony that the Church responds to Debbie’s claims of them emphasizing buildings over people by emphasizing buildings over people?

  63. Well spoken Alex. I attest wholeheatedly to you not just being a better man, but a very good man.

  64. Alex, wow what a hell of a story. Thank you for sharing this. I am happy you are here. If those still in cannot read this and look then all I can say is perhaps the next time around!

  65. +1000000000000

  66. Cindy Pinsonnault

    David Miscavige cannot hurt me by saying I am not a scientologist. I really don’t care about the name — it’s just that, a name. Call me a Hubbardian or a Hubbardist, an Indie, a Freezoner. Those are names, too.

    I study AND APPLY the philosophy of L. Ron Hubbard. That is what I do, that is who I am — no matter what you call it.

    But Miscavige is solid MEST and names (symbols) are very important to him.

    He can’t hurt me by telling me I cannot enter an org again. I know that I have the ability to study and apply LRH’s philosophy without ever going near an org — I actually prefer not to enter one.

    But Miscavige is solid MEST and those temples are very important to him, too.

  67. Mike Rinder,

    You’re da man I knew before you got caught in the web and you’re da man I met in London last year and you’re da man I know now. Keep the show on the road amigo.

  68. The best way to put this guy out of his misery is an Osama Bin Laden style raid on The Hole, preferably when intelligence indicates that he is present and conducting a game of musical chairs. Then, a relatively short flight to Corcoran, California, to join his soulmate, Charles Manson, another desert cultist. Anyone have the contact info for the FBI district covering Riverside County, to flood them with complaints?
    Some day up the line, Source will probably tell the story of how the early emergence of his discoveries and body of knowledge was obstructed by a Midget.

  69. George,I’d say that sums it up nicely!

  70. Hola compadre,

    I trully meant what I said. This poor sob doesn’t know what is coming to him. Sad, isn’t it. He is oblivious of reality, lost in the mist of his own delusions. do you think there is a way to help him? Not a 1.1 question.


  71. I forgot to mention that my name is on the list of enemies, going way back to the early 80’s. Name: Castillo Alex

  72. Squirrel Dave….
    “We of the church believe:
    … That all man have inalienable rights to their own religious practices and their performance…”
    The Creed of The Church of Scientology
    By the way – I am a Scientologist and you can’t un-mock my beingness any more than you can Debbie’s (that’s an SP trait incidentally).

  73. Is there any possibility that people were calling themselves Scientologists before it the word was swooped up into the copyrights? That would make it public domain, wouldn’t it?

  74. “I know you are, but what am I?” defense.–I’m lovin’ it!

  75. SapAud–your remark about it being a suppressive act to close a church made me realize that’s why the mission that closed in Los Angeles moved into the Sherman Oaks Mission–so that they could say it didn’t close, it just changed locations. Two missions becoming one mission is proof enough of shrinkage.

  76. Little Kim Jong-il North Korean Syndrome.

  77. DM is the crack.


    Dear Marty and Mosey,

    I have followed your blog since you created it and I just want to acknowledge the fact that if it wasn’t for your courageous, truthful and exemplary efforts, we would not be here. You have created a wonderful pool of truth, integrity and real communication we real Scientologists can dive into without fear. You are a real example of what a true scientologist should be. You have been selfless sticking your neck out regardless of the heavy pressure that has been applied to you and your partner, speaking the truth no matter what. You really deserve a big ACK and a hug.



  79. Hey compadre you pose a very difficult question for me to answer. On the one hand “man is basically good” but then we have to ask “Is he a man or a creature right from the depths of hell? Perhaps the F&%$( devil himself?” So it is hard to answer your question.

    One thing is for sure though. He aint getting away with this and he is already getting his ass kicked by a woman!

    Let`s celebrate. Lets celebrate life, friendship, and the joy of being free to express yourself as you will.

  80. “A movie actor should be hired to reinact the scene of being forced to lick a dirty floor for 30 minutes by David Miscaviage as punishment as it is almost too unbelievable to be believed.”

    Paging TC!!

  81. Alex — Marty would likely not post this as he doesnt much go for recognition. BUt I happen to wholeheartedly agree with you, so I am posting this without his permission. Mike

  82. In the wake of these developments, and although I have not been a scientologists for many, many years, I am inclined to call myself a scientologist.

  83. You did! How ya doing buddy? You can find me on Facebook as well.

  84. 🙂 Almost back to normal. Yak at ya soon.


    Right on! Let’s celebrate our wonderful ability to communicate without fear or repression, thus making this world a better one.


  86. I noticed in a recent PR publication that Miscavage has also changed the Aims of Scientology. Where it says, “A world without criminality, etc.” he has added the word “Immorality.” Wow! That’s an eye-opener. Guess who’s gonna be the judge of “immorality”? It’s already being perpetrated in the Sec Checks. Sounds a bit like Calvinism among the Dutch in the 1600’s, when they weren’t even allowed to close their window curtains–the neighbors had to be able to see in to make sure they weren’t committing any sins!

  87. Ya know… that little line says sooo much about Miscavige.

    I well remember Miscavige’s verbal character assassination of someone who had recently blown the base. At that time I lapped up everything he said… except for the closing line of his performance, delivered to us as being the ultimate punishment… “you know she will never be allowed back to the base”

    Even then, koolaided up to the max as I was, I remember thinking “Huh? She blew the base… why would she want to come back?

    The answer of course is that Miscavige thought that everyone wants to be in his gang and the worst possible thing he could do to them was not let them.

    Like every other delusion he nurtures this view has spread further and further from Hemet, to the orgs, the public and now the courts.

    Question for you Dave… when your friends didn’t want to play with you anymore did you beat them up? Did your brother pick up the pieces? Did you get mummy and daddy’s attention?

    I’d say grow up Dave but that ship has sailed hasn’t it.

    What a mess Dave, what a mess.

  88. Bob–to answer the why? question:
    A long time ago I learned that when someone tells you their motives are all good, etc. but things keep going wrong, you can tell their motive by what their results are. The guy who says, “I LOVE cats!” but keeps running over them, has an intention to remove cats from his vicinity or such. So look at what DM is doing. He is bringing the church into ill repute. From this we see that he has an intention to do this or worse. ‘Nuff said.

  89. LOL. Good catch!

  90. David Miscavige has always wanted to be famous! It sure looks like his name is in “lights” for sure. It sucks to be him now. 🙂

  91. My hubby is not inclined these days to call himself a Scientologist, but after the statement by the church that apostates are not allowed to call themselves Scientologists, he might just rebel and do it again! Life is funny!

  92. Notice that Debbie said, “I have a lot of information,” about where the money is, “but it’s not something I can discuss…” Does this clue DM in that he better settle before she gets up on that witness stand again? WHOOEY!

  93. Accepting money with no intention of returning it or delivering services other than a facade = Ponzi-scheme fraud. Income/Delivery is the biggest International outpoint. Opens the door to a real Why, and slams it on the real Who.

  94. FORWARD all links to the press on the Rise and Fall of David’s Reign of Terror to the FBI with a request for ACTION to be taken ASAP.

  95. I want to mention some people here on the hopes that when they google their names, or their friends do, they can find this information, pause for a moment, know it is Marty`s blog, be curious enough, grab a hold of their balls and click the link to open their eyes and get informed:

    Tom Cruise in Hollywwod (Mission Impossible)
    Kirstie Alley dancing with the stars
    Grant Cardone sales superstar
    Nancy Cartwright the simpsons
    Chick Corea jazz musician
    Doug Dohring court reporter experts
    Bodhi Elfman, Jenna Elfman`s husband
    Doug E. Fresh rapping the nation
    Katie Holmes success in broadway
    Mark Isham grammy award winner
    Sofia Milos TV series icon
    Priscilla Presley the King`s wife
    Billy Sheehan best base player
    Anne Archer patriot games
    Kate Ceberano beutiful voice in australia

    A more complete list is here (its good to have relevant links to similar topics):


    I hope I am not considered like I am spamming. I just took a day off work today and it helps me to participate more. And, and I REALLY want these people to know the TRUTH ABOUT DAVID MISCAVIGE

  96. The term “Scientology” appears in print and is defined in the book The Primary Synopsis of Universology and Alwato by Stephen Pearl Andrews first published in 1871.


    You can get it for free on Google Books:


  97. Ahhh. What’s good for the goose is good for the gander…
    It goes equally for you and Christie.
    The four of you have had to bear the brunt of Miscavige’s viciousness and you have done it with dignity and poise:
    You are the four horsemen of Miscavige’s personal Apocalypse.
    Fitting it should be so.


  99. “Pllllllltttttttt!!!!!!!”
    Yeah – thanks – I was looking for the spelling on that:
    Miscavige and your phony ‘church’ – Pllllllltttttttt!!!!!!!
    😀 Ooh that was fun!

  100. Probably working to relocate his stash before he attempts to take his criminality to the next level by pulling a Roman Polanski.

  101. At the end of one of the Aussie programs it says that next week there is a court hearing set to determine a trial date. When is the date?

  102. Davey boy better be careful, if anon gets hold of this idea that one can`t call themselves a Scientologist without his permission, they may very well decide to declare themselves as Scientologists, wearing t-shirts that say I am a Scientologist, and parade about the orgs with their vendetta masks taking videos.

    I wonder when DM will learn that the Internet is a SMALL SMALL world where secrets and crazy behavior are exposed, released and discussed every second of the day. Even the courts are ineffective on stopping information on the Internet. I guess he has forgotten that Russia couldn`t care less about US courts.

  103. Tony DePhillips

    Way to go Alex!!
    Thanks for being there and communicating! 🙂

  104. Your humble servant


    Thanks for this great and heartfelt story. It is astonishing how far back extreme injustices under DM go. Thanks for posting this, and thank you for your dedication to LRH and his theta goals!

  105. You’ll find data on this phenomenon in the lecture “Miracles” [0902C55]
    It’s shipped within “The Golden Dawn” lecture series.
    It was also sold separatley as a “classic lecture” but is withdrawn from the bookstores now.


  106. Stan,

    If TC plays the part of DM, you’re referring to ‘type casting’.

  107. Alex,
    this is a really a great, appropriate and more then deserved ack for Marty and Mosey.

    Of course for many other freedom fighters too.

    And by the way, you remind me of something:
    (Dave take notes of this, will you? :-O )

    +++ Marty Rathbun is a Scientologist. +++
    xxx Mosey Rathbun is a Scientologist. xxx
    >>> Mike Rinder is a Scientologist. <<<
    – – – Christie Collbran is a Scientologist. – – –
    +++ Karen de la Carrier is a Scientologist. +++
    +++ Debbie Cook is a Scientologist. +++
    xxx Steve Hall is a Scientologist. xxx
    +++ Jim Logan is a Scientologist. +++
    – – – Lana Mitchell is a Scientologist. – – –
    xxx Alex Castillo is a Scientologist. xxx
    +++ David Stokes is a Scientologist. +++

    +++ David Miscavidge is NOT a Scientologist. +++

    +++ David Miscavidge is NOT a Scientologist. +++

    +++ David Miscavidge is NOT a Scientologist. +++

    +++ David Miscavidge is NOT a Scientologist. +++

    +++ David Miscavidge is NOT a Scientologist. +++

    By the way Dave* boy:
    Where is HEBER Jentzsch – President of the CoS?
    Where is DIANA Hubbard – lovely daughter from LRH?
    Where is SHELLY Miscavige – your dear wife?

    *Dave = POB = Pope on a Box (applebox)

  108. In fact, he dramatizes a whole array of Catholic ideas. And that is also expressed in his vocabulary: Apostates, heretics, cathedrals, dungeons, the need of a Pope, must-have faith, man is evil….
    He failed to understand his former religion and thus he fails in using Scientology.

  109. Li'll bit of stuff

    Hey Lo, great idea indeed! I would be inclined to add one
    modifier……” I’m a REAL Scientologist”

  110. All of the players have been voted off of the island. Time for a Stuck Pig party.

  111. Wow, very cool. I remember you and a number of other people from that time. I sometimes wonder what has become of them. You might know. Would love to chat and catch up.

  112. Hey ! Hey ! Hey !
    USA competing with the Aussies.
    Tomorrow night on the show NightLine ABC Network TV, National (nationwide) across the USA immediately after the 11pm news, Debbie Cook, Debbie Cook and more Debbie Cook.
    ABC Network TV announced it today on National show “Good Morning America”
    It airs Wednesday February 29th.
    For those that miss it live, it will be put up on their ABC internet site shortly thereafter.

  113. There’s vegemite and then there’s vegemite. There’s an order to these things. The aussie goop is barely edible at the best of times, lying right at the bottom of the heap. The kiwis’ ‘mite is a definite goodie, and then there’s the glorious Marmite from Blighty (the champagne of vegemites). To not like this stuff is heresy. You are an apostate, and must be defrocked (ooerr!). Sales of vegemite have skyrocked, date coincident with your decision to not like the yeasty treat. You and your posse of haters are forbidden from experiencing the true delights of vegemite ever again. Ever! So there. 🙂

  114. Here is an interesting alteration of LRH – Code of a Scientologist

    As a Scientologist, I pledge myself to the Code of Scientology for the good of all.
    1. To hear or speak no word of disparagement to the press, public or preclear’s concerning any of my fellow Scientologists, our professional organization or those whose names are closely connected to this science. (Total rewrite)

    2. To use the best I know of Scientology to the best of my ability to help my family, friends, groups and the world. (No Change)

    3. To refuse to accept for processing and to refuse to accept money from any preclear or group I feel I cannot honestly help. (No Change)

    4. To deter to the fullest extent of my power anyone misusing or degrading Scientology to harmful ends. (Total rewrite)

    5. To prevent the use of Scientology in advertisements of other products. (Total rewrite)

    6. To discourage the abuse of Scientology in the Press. (Total rewrite)

    7. To employ Scientology to the greatest good of the greatest number of dynamics (Total rewrite)

    8. To render good processing, sound training and good discipline to those students or peoples entrusted to my care. (Total rewrite)

    9. To refuse to impart the personal secrets of my preclear’s. (Total rewrite)

    10. To engage in no unseemly disputes with the uninformed on the subject of my profession. (Total rewrite)

    11. (Gone)

    12. (Gone)

    13. (Gone)

    14. (Gone)

    15. (Gone).

    16. (Gone)

    17. (Gone)

    18. (Gone)

    19. (Gone)

    20. (Gone)

    THE CODE OF A SCIENTOLOGIST – Original LRH version
    The Code of a Scientologist was first issued in 1954. In this code, L. Ron Hubbard provides a Scientologist with guidelines for fighting for human rights and justice through social reform. It is a vital code for any Scientologist active in the community. The code was revised in 1969 and again in 1973 and is given here in its final version.

    As a Scientologist, I pledge myself to the Code of Scientology for the good of all.

    1. To keep Scientologists, the public and the press accurately informed concerning Scientology, the world of mental health and society.

    2. To use the best I know of Scientology to the best of my ability to help my family, friends, groups and the world.

    3. To refuse to accept for processing and to refuse to accept money from any preclear or group I feel I cannot honestly help.

    4. To decry and do all I can to abolish any and all abuses against life and Mankind.

    5. To expose and help abolish any and all physically damaging practices in the field of mental health.

    6. To help clean up and keep clean the field of mental health.

    7. To bring about an atmosphere of safety and security in the field of mental health by eradicating its abuses and brutality.

    8. To support true humanitarian endeavors in the fields of human rights.

    9. To embrace the policy of equal justice for all.

    10. To work for freedom of speech in the world.

    11. To actively decry the suppression of knowledge, wisdom, philosophy or data which would help Mankind.

    12. To support the freedom of religion.

    13. To help Scientology orgs and groups ally themselves with public groups.

    14. To teach Scientology at a level it can be understood and used by the recipients.

    15. To stress the freedom to use Scientology as a philosophy in all its applications and variations in the humanities.

    16. To insist upon standard and unvaried Scientology as an applied activity in ethics, processing and administration in Scientology organizations.

    17. To take my share of responsibility for the impact of Scientology upon the world.

    18. To increase the numbers and strength of Scientology over the world.

    19. To set an example of the effectiveness and wisdom of Scientology.

    20. To make this world a saner, better place.

    I guess LRH’s original code of a scientologist” didn’t fit DM’s new 21st century corporate scientology model anymore. Why would it. The “Old Man” just talks too much about human rights, responsibility, standard tech in ethics, processing and admin, suppression of knowledge as well as general abuses in the mental health field, which we happen to be a part of.

  115. WindWalker,

    I see their statements about Debbie “wanting more money” as “reverse psychology”, attempts to suppress the possibility that she will accept any money from them, should it come to that. I think Miscavige is well aware that in the end it is he that could be liable for a lot of damages, to Debbie as well as others.

    So now even if there are judgements delivered against him, he can at least claim that “See? We told you they were just after the money!”

  116. Wow. I am shocked how long DM is playing this game already.
    And now his ass is kicked by a Lady.
    Shame on you POB.

  117. Debbie Cook Baumgarten and Wayne Baumgarten are Scientologists by definition.

    David Miscavige is not.
    He uses Scientology Organizations in order to protect himself.
    A real Scientologist uses Scientology and its Organizations in order to help others and flourish along all dynamics.

  118. Nah, he’s too tall!

  119. martyrathbun09

    It’ll be here, apu, too

  120. Randy,

    Are you pulling a ‘Random Stranger’ here? OR ARE YOU SERIOUS ABOUT THIS REWRITE? OMFG!

  121. From Friends of LRH.com:

    “So we can assume that people who are a bit inclined to malign, knock apart and shoot the human race, and have that as their only goal, can get into Scientology and can remove things from the technical line, or pervert or alter things in the technical line, which then makes Scientology unworkable.”

    “And the higher on a command line the power is drawn from, the wider area the alter-is covers.”


    Class VIII TAPE 1
    “An Introduction To Standard Tech”
    24 September 1968

    “There are people who suppress. They are few. They often rise up to being in charge and then all things decay. They are essentially psychopathic personalities. Such want position in order to kill.

    …They arrived when they arrived, in charge of things, because nobody when they were on their way up said ‘No’. They are monuments to the cowards, the reasonable people who didn’t put period to them while they were still only small bullies and still vulnerable.”

    HCO P/L 7 December 1969
    Ethics, The Design of
    (OEC Vol. 1, p. 483)

  122. +2 (inches)

  123. My God… so its like all Catholics who no longer are attending mass cannot call themselves Catholics.. This is a new level of insanity!!!!
    the term Scientology as I understand it pre=dates LRH. I am going to support Debbie she is opening eyes to this dangerous cult and that is a very good thing!!

  124. Wow! Karen thanks for heads up!

  125. A friend of mine just recently visited AOLA and LA Org during course time. She said the parking lot was nearly empty and inside the orgs was likewise virtually empty.

    Speaking “virtually”, David Miscavige, you need to incorporate hologram technology within your churches. Then you can create whatever virtual reality you like. (Like you do in your videos.) Shame on you, David. Your Ideal Orgs should never appear to be empty! Aren’t you afraid your devotees are going to start catching on?

  126. This is true.
    He reissued the old version from “Creation of Human Ability” in a slightly different version of it.
    BUT, the HCO PL 5 FEBR 1969R (revised 15 May 1973) writes:

    The Code of a Scientologist as per The Creation of Human Ability is withdrawn. It is reissued as follows:”

    He violates KSW #1
    He is not playing in LRHs team.

    We see you David Miscavige.
    We are Scientologists.


  128. Oh you go Christie! You are by far one of the most awesome people I have EVER met. That goes for Mike too!

  129. Just for you Sam2 .

  130. Vox Clamantis in Deserto

    Thanks,Alex, very much for telling us all of that story. I always read your posts with high interest as I knew you know a lot more than you say.

  131. and here is a photo for mass

  132. Lynne while I am no attorney I have enough experience in business to say you are probably bringing out a huge point

  133. Randy, OMG, this little prick has the gall to change the code of a Scientologist and I just wonder how in the hell he justified that? Also how in the hell are those still inside buying this crap? This is so far from LRH that one would think this kind of alteration would qualify the tax exempt status to be taken away. Wow anyone reading this would have to agree that this is not the code I agreed to!

  134. Well, David Miscavige more likely is taking a win that he has violated the Church Creed in this way. After all he is the all time Champion King of the Squirrels. David Miscavige is a Squirrel. David Miscavige is a Squirrel.David Miscavige is a Squirrel. David Miscavige is a Squirrel.David Miscavige is a Squirrel. David Miscavige is a Squirrel.David Miscavige is a Squirrel. David Miscavige is a Squirrel.David Miscavige is a Squirrel. David Miscavige is a Squirrel.David Miscavige is a Squirrel. David Miscavige is a Squirrel.David Miscavige is a Squirrel. David Miscavige is a Squirrel.David Miscavige is a Squirrel. David Miscavige is a Squirrel.David Miscavige is a Squirrel. David Miscavige is a Squirrel.David Miscavige is a Squirrel. David Miscavige is a Squirrel.David Miscavige is a Squirrel. David Miscavige is a Squirrel.

  135. IRQ32,
    This is fundamental material, expounded and elaborated beginning in the early 50s. You can start with the lectures around the time of the publication of 8-80 and go up through. It’s covered extensively in the PDCs in the discussion of terminals and the base. It’s the material of Dianetics 55. And yes, it is the “ground” so to speak of the GPM data. It’s part and parcel of pretty much the entirety of existence in this agreed upon universe.

  136. Finally … 🙂

  137. Dave is surrounded by all sorts of things, including R6. He’s missed the actual spiritual philosophy of various religions, say Augustine, Aquinas in Catholicism, to say nothing of Scientology. The man is severely challenged and learning is one of those challenges.

    Dave, try the Emerald Tablet. It’s got all sorts of stuff you won’t get, but can “almost”.

  138. Alex,
    I well recall those days when the Eval Corps was in factual operation. You and the other Evaluators were THE vital function of management. That’s why DM had to get rid of you.

    He didn’t. You’re still here. Still alive and well and boy is that a happy fact!!!

  139. And we do grant him permission to call himself a squirrel, too!

  140. Thanks … very cute! Much better than eating the stuff.

  141. Dude! Talk about paranoia!!! That list easily represents 3000 people No counting the fact that some are entire organizations. If each just knows 6 people they are connected to that makes 100,000 people who (according to Miscavige “thinking”) are ALL SPs and out to get him.

  142. chris,
    Well you see, the fact is Dave is now more than a Pope on a Box (an applebox), he is the Maker of Games. He IS MOG!!!

    He is NOT a Scientologist though.

  143. Lynne,
    And therein you have revealed Debbie’s clever ploy, get Dave to sue her so she can settle for muchos money. See, there it is. Ms. Poo is right, Debbie got DM to sue her so she could settle and that’s how she is “out for money”, which she will need since Dave took her frock.

    Diaaaaaaaaabolical Debbie. (Who is a Scientologist).

  144. And on that note I present to you SOB COB:

  145. Today I realized that all those businesses run by Scientologists that have Scientologist customer bases must be hurting with all the forced disconnections. And then I wondered if the little prick has as one of his main stats “number of martians declared”?

  146. Hey Dave,
    I’m a Scientologist. Sue me (that’ll be fun). Then I can get you to settle and make all that money!! I’ll take the money Dave. Seriously.

    The only trouble here is this thing called “laches”. Now what does THAT mean? Like “estoppel” it’s one of those tricky legal thingies. Your lawyers will know what it means. It has to do with the fact that the single purpose of RTC was to guarantee the quality of the trademarks. To protect them. But they have to do that in a timely manner. They can’t have unclean hands about certain other thingies. It’s all this legal stuff that you’ve been fixated on and bungling now for decades.

    But nevermind all that. Sue me, g’head. Give ‘er. It’ll be fun. You and I. I’ll even give you a full apple so’s were kind a close to each other, eye to eye, vis a vis.

  147. Yes, we are Scientologists. David Miscavige is a squirrel – the Squirrel King.

  148. Alex,
    Muchas Gracias!

  149. Two words…screw you Davey… okay that’s three.
    Miscavige the “decider” what a joke.

  150. Agustin | February 28, 2012 at 3:35 pm | Reply

    MR, Yes that “massive international expansion” is just like using steroids in body building. Sooner or later it catches up with your body. It is totally ARTIFICIAL “expansion”……

    And as most doctors know, when you take steroids for artificial growth all grows except the testicles….they shrink!!!

  151. Maria don`t get your hopes up. He is too busy micromanaging his empire, giving the most minuscule and detailed orders to his big hunchos (the 2 or 3 he`s got left) and making people as much miserable as he can. There aint anough time in the day to accomplish everything he wishes to accomplish let alone learn about the real world.

  152. Hi Victoria,

    That is an interesting comparison. He is like a mini-Bush.

    Can`t talk without a telepromter
    Destroys everything he touches
    Says he cares about people but couldnt give a damm
    Lies to the media right in their face only SOB COB does it on a via
    Has people totally dupped into thinking “this is the right course”

    What a shame Miscavige.

  153. The WHY on all of this out P.R. is CHINESE SCHOOL dropped out!

    Staff musters at INT should include group sing along at the summation of roll call for everyone to be on the same page:

  154. Lynne posted above “I noticed in a recent PR publication that Miscavage has also changed the Aims of Scientology. Where it says, “A world without criminality, etc.” he has added the word “Immorality.” Wow! ” and I was surprised but what you just posted here is truly shocking.

    Thank you for including the LRH in this posting.

    My thoughts are that the koolaide must be tasting very bitter these days to see this type of blatant alteration of LRH and still remain a church member. Could someone in this state really be able to call themselves a Scientologist? They certainly are not applying the codes as written by LRH.

    I’m a Scientologist! I included my name on Steve’s Indie 500 list and I helped fund Debbie’s defense. If LRH were here today, I would feel completely comfortable with my actions supporting Debbie and the Indies.

  155. Jerry, I did not know that. But now it makes sense why SOB COB is such a coward.

  156. Also TIVO or DVR Good Morning America tomorrow as Debbie is on the air on that as well…..
    I am sure Marty will post GMA on this blog as well.
    Remember Martin Bashir on Nightline in 2009 when Tommy Davis stalked off, slinging the microphone down ?
    Nowadays there is no spokesman, not even a pissed off Tommy Davis.
    What joy I feel to see the torture and abuse being exposed nationally.
    Nothing can be more important that the exposure of David Miscavige sadism and cruelty as it is on-going on real time as we speak and it has to stop.

  157. retired, extremely dangerous

    When DM accuses the rest of us as not being Scientologists, “THE OVERT DOTH SPEAK LOUDLY IN ACCUSATION” – LRH(SCIENTOLOGY FOUNDER)
    How can a non-Scientologist like the midget make that accusation anyway?

  158. Alex, Horrific story, spectacular write up. Thank you. Consider writing up your whole narrative and publishing it here or on Scientology-cult. Your story is important because it leave no room for ignorant questions, “Was David Miscavige always like this?” Some uninformed people wonder if maybe Miscavige was corrupted by all the power he acquired, or “became an SP” at some point,” (yeah, maybe on the distant time track) etc. This raving lunatic was born insane and at war with everyone around him.

    But it goes even deeper than that. If you consider how many Scientologists have gone PTS to his suppression, and if you consider all serious PTS situations go back to a “known before this lifetime” situation per LRH, you really have to stop and pause, and ask the question, who really IS David Miscavige?

    We have in our lifetimes an almost total force for good, being attacked and nearly destroyed by an almost total force for hell. Have we as a group known David Miscavige before?

    My answer to anyone asking that question is “raise your confront of evil” and take a look at what you already know.

    “Earlier discovery and development of the PTS theory is extensively covered.

    “The recent wrap-up came about through my OT research in November 1971.

    “The principal breakthrough was realizing one should NOT invalidate having known certain people before.

    “This is similar to the past life discovery in 1950. Some people thinking this was ‘unpopular’ frowned on it. Some others were only famous characters so flagrantly that past lives were easily invalidated. But people who don’t go past track in Dianetics don’t recover. Even running them as ‘imaginary’ as in Science of Survival advices suddenly breaks through for a stalled Dianetic Case.

    In this same way with young men and girls using ‘I knew you when you were’ for 2D [romantic] advantage tended to invalidate having known certain individuals before this life.

    “But now it turns out that the ONLY PTS situation that is serious and lasting and can cause a rollercoaster comes from having known the person before this life.” – L. RON HUBBARD, HCO Bulletin of 9 December 1971, PTS RUNDOWN

    Credit to Archer for spotting DM in this wise and for having the audacity to point out the situation to others. http://www.scientology-cult.com/most-important-words-i-ever-wrote.html

  159. Your humble servant

    That is precisely correct. Thank you for mentioning this important point. Just one more example of Super Squirrel’s contempt for LRH tech and policy.

  160. Agustin ! Wow you have some connections to be posting the advance trailer of the upcoming movie of Debbies trial . Tom Cruise playing Ray Jeffrey and Jack Nicolson playing David Miscavige. Awesome. “Mr Miscavige did you order all these Executives into the hole as well as initiate the beatings described by witnesses in this court? ” Your damn right I did.” I’;m so happy that Tom came to his senses and agreed to play Ray Jeffrey.

  161. Had to laugh when I read your comment. The dwarf’s code really does seem like a Random Stranger goof. However, the nasty little dwarf wrote one point that will be his undoing. That is: “4. To deter to the fullest extent of my power anyone misusing or degrading Scientology to harmful ends.”
    Hey dwarf, it’s already happening.

  162. Your humble servant

    So, the 20 point version above is the most final, authorized by LRH, correct version? This lunatic DM is getting more and more overt in his scandalous alterations of LRH’s tech and policy. The idiot thinks that he can do it as much as he wants now because nobody that matters cares or is even paying attention! He is, as we say in Spanish, “sinverguenza!” (Shameless!).

  163. Your humble servant

    Also, Alex, thanks for the clips from the Al Capone movie. Tends to show that Capone had some capability to turn on charm and a sense of humor, which DMopath clearly has none of. One good Scientological characterization for DM is “whole track SP,” meaning someone who has been that way for a VERY long time.

  164. sunshine disinfects

    Haaaa haaaaa haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!

    Love it Lise! And always love your sense of humour!! But…….. he DOES look like that! Big hugs

  165. Grazie, Karen. 🙂

  166. Wow Alex! I have always appreciated your posts here as they have all been wise and insightfull. This post gives me whole new level of appreciation of you. Thank you for being here.

  167. Carol,

    I am stunned by the sociopathic runt’s brazen, in your face, alteration of such a profound underpinning documentation of LRH’s intent.

    POB truly wants his head on a pike. Methinks it’s being handed to him.

  168. HereNow is a Scientologist.

  169. sunshine disinfects

    Jim Logan…….you are so funny! Putting the truth out with such insouciance! With family still in, I appreciate the laughs taking off the edge.

  170. Thinking further about this (there’s little else to do while doing 5 mph on the M25) I wonder how accidental this is. It’s almost as if Miscavige is quite intentionally and deliberately trying to trash the very word Scientology to such an extent that no one would ever want to be associated with it ever again.

  171. Oh shit Jim,


    Within moments I sense Dave will have his sycophant team of lawyers beating, kicking, slapping, choking and spitting on each other.

    But what the hell. The money’s good………..

  172. K1 — Excellent observation as usual. The RCS no longer speak to the media. Tommy Two Tone’s last stand was Martin Bashir, a couple of cameos after that and now he’s gone.

    Dear Leader has adopted the North Korean media handling “strategy” — threats and written statements announcing the astonishing accomplishments of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, with staged photos/videos of perfectly lined up people all applauding like trained seals, showcasing the splendor of their wonderful palaces and huge, empty hotels that only foreigners are allowed in. Meanwhile, the people are starving while the Glorious Leader eats imported sushi, caviar and cognac. Nobody in the entire country is allowed to think a thought that doesnt match with the proscribed “acceptable” think. Journalists are kept out unless they are being conducted on a carefully stage-managed tour, but even these are exceedingly rare.

    Yes, David Miscavige is emulating the North Koreans — even his diminutive stature follows the mold.

    I guess he figures if he can’t emulate L. Ron Hubbard, he can at least get Kim Jong Il (now Un) down. And I must say, if imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, Kim Jong is being love-bombed by Dave.

  173. Bravo! Great quotes and wholly appropriate!

  174. “Both Ms. Cook and her husband are expelled from the Church, are prohibited from calling themselves Scientologists …”

    This is very bad P.R.. Evidence that the Church assumes it has the right to outlaw beingness and religion on others. Will other people be prohibited from calling themselves Catholics or Mormons or whatever? This statement from the Church evidences the Church Spoke people themselves
    have hallucinatory rights to oppress ordinary citizens in what method they may regard themselves. It just does not get worse than this. M. Rinder must cringe!

  175. Its called the REVERSE MIDAS TOUCH
    All of the Gold D.M. touches turns to Cardboard

  176. Dave, remember what this is all built on for you. It’s all based on that fateful day when you decieved Broeker regarding that raid and you usurped the power.

    There is no getting good PR in society anymore. We all know what you did. Millions around the world now know who you are. One day there will be a movie about this. Believe me, there are some already chomping at the bit. It’ll be a blockbuster.

    It’s over Dave, the deception has come back to haunt you. You can’t contain this anymore. The world will always know you as a tyrant, a fake, a usurper of power, a cruel narcissist, a lonely little boy who just wants attention.

    It’s over Dave, everyone is catching on and you can truly never trust anyone around you because you have bred and spread deception. Its become your habit and bad habits have a way of corroding. In time, soon, all deceivers fall and become victims of themselves.

    You have hynotized youself into believing in all this, by being in that insulated guilded cage that you stole all those years ago.

    Dave, it’s over.

    May you find it in yourself to remember love, remember kindness, remember human respect. Remember the beauty that resides in that little boy whose playground is crumbling.

  177. Great point, Steve. I watched a Nazi era documentary a few years ago with much footage of Josef Goebbels and I almost jumped up from my seat. Uncanny. One of his specialties was filmmaking. Sound familiar?

  178. Thanks Steve for this link to this essay.

    It absolutely indicates and the writer succinctly presents the case.

  179. PS: I should mention that we do no advocate DM´s violence but it is HIS fault. He is pulling it in!

  180. At last ! I now understand why Debbie is being sued. Since she has been away from her post for a few years she couldn’t posibly know what’s going on now. She is clearly operating on the “old, no longer used”, LRH written tech and policy.
    Nice job on your application of Tech Degrades David Miscarriage — oups did I mispell that? Must have been a Miscavigian slip.

  181. one of those who see

    Hi Alex,
    I am so happy that you are part of the conversation here. As someone who got into Scientology soon after you left the Church, clarity of those years is really helpful. What a horror story – armed government agents. This is the kind of thing David Mayo had to deal with too. By telling your story, you are backing up his. Another under the radar friend of mine just read his letter from the early 80’s. So he is still communicating all these years later to those people lifting their heads out of the sand.

    David Miscavige: Time to stop yourself from committing these continuing overts. You already have a hell of an amends project to do. You already will have to Suffer on up through the conditions. Stop. Walk away, or better yet ask for help.

  182. Shall we all cry enmass with fake tears when DM gets nailed?

  183. Debbie Cook, the Iron Lady of SCIENTOLOGY.

  184. Perfect Lise! Ha ha ha

  185. one of those who see

    Sorry in advance for the crudeness: F–You! Chairman of the Buildings. You can not tell anyone what religion they consider themselves a part of. But, feel free to continue to label people “defrocked apostates.” Only makes you look like an idiot.

  186. one of those who see

    Bingo. Ron told us, he did. My confront needs to come up a long way to be at his level.

  187. OneFlyingUnderThe CuckoosNest

    “…They arrived when they arrived, in charge of things, because nobody when they were on their way up said ‘No’. They are monuments to the cowards, the reasonable people who didn’t put period to them while they were still only small bullies and still vulnerable.”


    The missing data on this quote is simple. How can anybody say NO. Reason the change is gradual, little bit at a time and nobody notices. Like another poster note about putting a frog in cold water in a pot and slowing warming it up to boiling.

    Are we there yet?

  188. Wow, Mr. Hall.

    No matter who he is, he is now about to go. Truth prevails in 2012.

    You’re exposed – we see you Miscavige.

    Debbie Cook’s TV shows is a great preparation for LRHs birthday gift -> Miscavige free Scientology!

    BTW, Mr. Hall, thank you for your great blog! And the other sites. You’re using your skills for the betterment of the civilization.
    I have lots of admiration for you guys still being on post, still working for a better world.

  189. Due to DM being the crack-in-your-face of Scn, most dictionaries have opted out.

  190. HannibalTheFirst

    The Village Voice had the headline wrong. This is not “Scientology vs Debbie Cook”. This is “Scientologists vs The David Miscavage Cult.” or “Scientologists vs David Miscavage”. That is the true story that unfolds as we move along in time.

  191. “explosive” At this point, he has pretty much shot his wad.

  192. OneFlyingThruThe CuckoosNest

    Did anybody here get the end of the first link above, the interview.

    The interviewer says to Debbie your email says the Church was more focused on fund raising than teaching, now Where has all the money gone?

    Debbie replies I have a lot of information regarding that. It’s not wise for me to discuss at the moment.

    Curious minds what to know.

  193. TG,
    Yes the money. The lucre. That’s what I’m after and cleverly leading DM along the line here in order to get. His stash. If he’d just sue me, I could get at it. I’m a bit embarrassed though, being defrocked myself. I liked that frock too. It covered my aprostrate so nicely. Now the heretically sealed aprostrate is frockless. Dang!

  194. OneFlyingThruThe CuckoosNest

    I love this song. I dedicate it to those that can look and see. Instead of young people, it is us older people.

  195. As they say, Debbie “knows where the bodies are buried.” So do a lot of other former execs, and it’s making little Davie crazy. I’ll just bet that he’s meeting a lot of Martians right about now.

  196. Sun,
    Serious is when interest becomes important because of penalty. I ain’t. As far as Dave goes, here’s some Tower of Power for him – g’head Dave, knock yourself out.

  197. OneFlyingThruThe CuckoosNest

    I do pick that up as well.

  198. Looks like you’ve finally screwed with too many people’s lives, Davey Boy and your little team of wannabe planet savers. You should all decide, very quickly, to jump ship now, because if you thought the pain inflicted thus far was bad, just wait until you have the realization of what you’ve done while sitting in a jail cell. The clank of the closing door is the sound of society putting ethics in on you because in your delusion you have completely failed to do so on your own. You have followed along with this lunatic Miscavige to become the complete antithesis of what Scientology is supposed to be.

    There really is so much more that I’d like to say, but this will suffice for now.

  199. Back by popular demand, Daffy Duck impersonating the Daffy Pope!

  200. Random Stranger


    (Not for Distribution)

    1) I promise to receive punches with a Pie Face.

    2) I promise not to beat COB to a pulp when he hits me.

    3) I promise to keep myself uniformed as to the inner workings of Int Management.

    4) I promise to do all I can to prevent whatever it is I’m told to prevent.

    5) I promise to always keep my shunning stats up.

    6) I promise to use violence to save the planet.

    7) I promise to shun those who refuse to shun.

    8) I promise to promise everything I’m expected to promise.

    9) I promise to ignore any and all outpoints and accept what I’m told.

    10) I promise to wear Pie Face around COB and not enturbulate him with my real face.

    11) I promise to help keep DM in his luxurious lifestyle while the rest of the staff live like indentured slaves in confinement and the public bear the burden of the debt.

    12) I promise to lie and protect COB with my life.

    13) I promise to never ever think anything bad about COB.

    14) I promise to shun with ferocity those who speak badly about COB.

    15) When I’m kicked out I promise to keep my mouth shut.

    16) I promise to burn all my old LRH books.

    17) I promise to listen only to lectures that have been censored and personally edited by COB.

    18) I promise to ogle COB’s face on the cover of the glossy promotional materials.

    19) I promise to never ask for a refund no matter how much money I have on account.

    20) I promise to punch, kick, choke, throw to the floor, spit on and humiliate my own mother if she ever pulls anything against the church.

  201. Saw and worked close enough with 10 of the 15 named to know who the good people are; no doubt in my mind.

  202. OneFlyingThruThe CuckoosNest

    Thank You Thoughtful. My biggest hugs.

    I encourage everybody to read the link provided by thoughtful.

    Thank You Archer. As I am itsa’s ing. And laughing with joy as I write this reply to thoughtful.

  203. DM has managed to imbue and permeate all of his curches and hostages with his toxic personality.

  204. Thanks for the reference, Howard R.

  205. OneFlyingThruThe CuckoosNest

    Here’s the data, just got the Advance Mag AOLA, issue 210.

    New OTV comps – 8 people.
    Solo Aud Crse part one – 5 people
    OT preps – 3 people
    solo auditor part 2 – 12 people
    Ot elig – 8 people
    grade vi r6ew – 3 people
    sunshine rndw – 4 people
    new OT1 – 5 people
    ot11 – 4 people
    ot111 – 5 people
    otiv- 5 people
    class viii crse – 2 people
    and then 59 people finishing courses – basics

    Yes sure, we are gonna clear the planet. What a Joke.

  206. Yes, Mike.

    Miscavige has once again fallen into the trap of “believing his own bullshit”. He is shut of from the fruits of observation because his bullshit obscures the truth. He cannot get others to observe for him either as they cannot “be” his viewpoint.

    It definitely sucks to be Miscavige.

    What is true for you is what is true, right Dave?

  207. Well Done, Debbie!

    Stay in there and keep swingin’.

  208. OneFlyingThruThe CuckoosNest

    oh, may I also add my local org mag does NOT list any completions. The mag is a 2 sheet fold out with a story and lots of ads.

    Straight up and vertical.

    Oh my, current members do not know. They are not enemy. They just do not know. And staff think they are not applying the tech or something. Poor souls. Makes my heart bleed as I have been there done that. Oh my.

  209. Ask Barry Bonds, his turned into little BBs for his BB gun.

  210. The very last thing in the whole world Darth Midget will attempt is to enforce any “collective membership mark” on “Scientologist” in a court of law — only to watch his Trademark get trumped by 1st Amendment Establishment clause.

    Michael A. Hobson
    Independent Scientologist(no tm)

  211. There should also be an exposition of who is this character Sherman (whatever the rest of his name is) I googled “L Ron Hubbard biographer” and not even one picture of him shows up.
    Who is he?
    Why does does he support DM?
    What`s in it for him?
    Looks to me he is just in it for the money. Is he even a Scientologist?
    He is just there very confortably racking up the dollars for NO PRODUCT. If he is the LRH Biographer there he should produce one (Not that it would be any good anyways being under the influence of Miscavige)

    Although in the eyes of Miscavige he is very valuable as was pointed out by Mike Rinder in a previous post that he prepares Miscavige´s speeches to make him look like a Rockstar at the events with grandiose vocabulary and “descriptions uttered with vivid imagination”

    I say he also needs a little bit of light of truth shined on him.

  212. DM: masked deception, incarnate.

  213. OneFlyingThruThe CuckoosNest


    Who isn’t a Scientologists? All are seekers of truth. All want to be in communication, all want to have affinity, all want to have reality. All just want to know what is really going on.

    What blocks this?

    It is only the leaders that block this. Wars are not created by me selling to some dude in another country and having an argument whether it was shipped or not. Or he got what I advertised. Or he got a defective product.

    All want to have a fair game. All do not want to be trapped. All are just seeking to survive.

  214. Mercury,

    Very nicely stated. And I wish I could share the ending sentiment, really.

    My preference for Mr Miscavige is that he retire to a remote mountain in an isolated uninhabited arid area, inside a small hollow within that mountain for his perminent residence. One with an eternal power supply providing not lights and heat but an energized grid surrounding the hollow preventing his leaving. Naturally the mouth of the hollow would be sealed and the location kept secret for eternity.

    Some folks just don’t deserve better.

    Yes Mr. Miscavige, It’s true. All but a few know what you have done. Untimately there is no amount of hiding, denial and influence buying that will protect you. Your game is coming to an end and it won’t, under any curcumstances, be a good ending for you. Your political connections will evaporate, your bullying influence will diminish. Those near to you will tell you how powerful you still are. Tom will never see the end coming and as it draws near, even he will be deserving of your distain. Those close to you cannot be trusted. They are sicophants sucking up in the hope of some morsel of favor. Such are beneath your contempt. You see them for what they are and it will disgust you to have them near.

    Sucks to be you; but then you made your bed.

    LRH gave us to understand that beings are naturally good and I suspect that deep down, buried beneath the thick vomitis morass that is your soul, there may reside one tiny infinitesimally small spark of goodness that was ursurped long ago before time itself was born. LRH also reminds us that there are no absolutes, this would include, that all beings are naturally good, so I suspect you are the exception.

    I don’t see a good ending for you bud. I do see, darkness, loneliness, screaming, rage, crying, swearing, sobbing, grief, and eventual succuming to nothingness. This all sounds rather abhorent to me so I’m offering to pay to have a mosquito sound installed in your eternally dark sealed mountain cave. Just for some randomity.

    Do you prefer a contnuous or interminant mosquito sound?

    Sorry to any here that I offended. I claim suddenness.

  215. Even the Mayan Calendar ends in 2012.

  216. He is like a mini-Bush.

    More like a mini-Obama, if you ask me. Two peas in a pod, those two.

  217. LOL!!!

  218. Very interesting post Thoughtful. Have we known him before this lifetime? And Archer start to list at the end of his article. And this is the session! Please, go on you tube and look at the doc where Joseph Goebbels speaks about “Total war”.
    On you tube : “Redesammlung von Goebbels 1933-45”
    “Joseph Goebbels the total war 1943”

  219. Toooooooooo honest

  220. Random Stranger


    1) He had to wait a full 10 minutes for Tom to finish getting dressed the other day.

    2) He’s continually having to put up with scraping his knuckles on people’s bone heads.

    3) His thong chronically rides up his crotch.

    4) LRH barked at him once and he’s never recovered.

    5) He’s lost the feeling in his cheeks.

    6) His bonus check is always late.

    7) Just the other day someone comm-lagged before bowing to him.

    8) One of the prawns on his plate was smaller than the others.

    9) His cell phone had static on it.

    10) Gold never gets the color of his eyes correct.

    11) He cannot stop those damn YouTube parodies of him.

    12) He cannot get his foot out of his mouth.

    13) He cannot unstick his head from his ass.

    14) There was a piece of dust on the floor of the new Ideal Org building on opening day.

    15) Heber refuses to lick the floor any more.

    16) Guillaume Lesevre’s accent will not improve no matter how hard he hits him.

    17) It’s getting harder and harder to find a hairdresser who can mold his hair into shape with that thick goo stuff.

    18) His safe is too small for all his stash.

    19) Damned media won’t shut the hell up about him.

    20) It just totally sucks being the only one who is not suppressive.

  221. Ann, I couldn’t have said it better!that was so well written I could hear that mosquito!

  222. Muammar Gaddafi Syndrome strikes again.

  223. Mike, even Kim Jong Il is a decent human compared to DM! 🙂

  224. Firebreathing Frog

    I don’t get it.
    If Scientology is being recognized as a religion;
    if, per LRH codes and philosophy, the church support the freedom of religion;
    HOW can YOU, The Great David Miscavige, prohibit anyone from calling herself a Scientologist ?

    And now…
    Your main enemies, as per the last issues of Freedom Magazine, are only Ex high ranking Sea Org Executives: Marty, Mike, Steve, Jeff, etc. etc.
    And now Mrs Cook, 27 years in the SO, 17 years CO FSO.
    Don’t you see anything wrong with this picture?
    Yes, now you can say that all these people are nuts: but why did you let a criminal like Mrs Cook at the head of the Meca for 17 years if she was a nutter in the first place?

  225. I can see the comparison there. But you have to emphasize the “mini” part there to make it real.

  226. OneFlyingThruThe CuckoosNest


  227. It is tape 5502C09, which is, of course, a copy of the lecture given at February 9th, 1955. It is a lecture given to broad (new) public, very low gradient and very illustrative.

    Jim Logan has it right, there are many other lectures covering this phenomenon.
    In this lecture, LRH literally says (paraphrased, as I have only a german copy: “That which you resist, you will become… if you lose.”

  228. Karen,
    Thanks for posting this info. I’m in awe of your data resources (not to mention your prior contributions and dedication).

  229. Now that I think about it, I think the shame is on Bush!

  230. Hey Spencer. Be sure to add these media to the aiding and abetting. Dave be sure to let the ABC guys that they will never be able to set foot in a Church ever again.

  231. More regarding the “new” Code of a Scientologist: clever, clever, clever, David Miscavige. The code OK’d for inclusion on the “new” HQS Course IS actually the “original” Code of a Scientologist as given in the Creation of Human Ability. The only problem with including it in an “official” course is that on 15 May1973 LRH wrote an HCOPL entitled THE CODE OF A SCIENTOLOGIST (pg 160 Vol. 0). The very first sentence in that HCOPL says,
    “The Code of a Scientologist as per The Creation of Human Ability is withdrawn. It is reissued as follows: ”
    What follows is the code as given by Randy Cook and which also happens to be hanging on my wall.
    Nice going, Miscavige. I guess that it is true that you can fool some of the people all of the time, you can fool all of the people some of the time, but that you can’t fool all of the people all of the time. Of course you can always fool yourself all of the time, mister brainwasher.

    Oh and by the way, FYI, the first definition of a Scientologist in the Tech Dictionary is: “One who betters the conditions of himself and the conditions of others using Scn Technology”. That includes Debbie Cook, me, and my friends.

  232. Mike-excellent analogy.Pretty soon some wannabe power hungry SP will be emulating DM

  233. Well, Jim, I think this gradient is faaaar too steedy for his woody head to grasp.

    For the beginning I would be pleased when he gets the sense of the following LRH quote:

    “To understand a squirrel, consider the reaction of somebody who could not run the fifth leg of help “How could another person help another person”. The thought of this drives some people spinny. That’s a squirrel. ” – LRH, HCOB 1. May 1958

  234. I’d like to see Joe Peschi (sp?) play DM.

  235. If Scientology is being recognized as a religion;
    if, per LRH codes and philosophy, the church support the freedom of religion;
    HOW can YOU, The Great David Miscavige, prohibit anyone from calling herself a Scientologist ?

    Indeed. The question bears repeating. It points out the extreme hubris and arrogance exhibited by David Miscavige, and his utter disregard for the very concept of religious freedom.

    It’s an example of the type of personality that would work for decades to unmock and subvert a half century of dedicated work and workable technology.

  236. This comercial reminds me of Miscavige´s products.

    I think he deserves his very own “Real Men Of Genius” commercial

  237. 4) LRH barked at him once and he’s never recovered.
    Huh!? I thought it was Christian Bale in the cine studios raving about him?

  238. May be this is more appropiate:

  239. Stunning observation, Mike. The parallels you cite are amazing. David Miscavige really is the Kim Jong Il of Corporate Corrupted Scientology.

  240. Hello Randy,
    it’s not a total rewrite, its a reinstallation of the “Code of a Scientologist” as per “Creation of Human Ability”.
    (As he reinstalled the disconnection policy in the 80’s althoug LRH has canceled it for GOOD reasons!)
    In the “new” HQS course he also reinstalled the old TRs (from the late 50’s/60’s) against LRHs HCO B from the 70’s.
    He is doing it for a long while now and I wonder if he hopes that the new generation of Scientologists get trapped by his attempts to put us into a total oblivion.
    He truly underestimates the power of understanding.

  241. The original Version of the Code of a Scientologist as per COHA goes like this:

    The Code of a Scientologist was evolved to safeguard Scientologists in general, and is subscribed to by leading Scientologists. The Committee of Examination and Services of the HASI has accepted it as an enforceable code.
    As a Scientologist, I pledge myself to the Code of Scientology for the good of all.
    1) To hear or speak no word of disparagement to the press, public or preclears concerning any of my fellow Scientologists, our professional organization or those whose names are closely connected to this science
    2) To use the best I know of Scientology to the best of my ability to better my preclears, groups and the world
    3) To refuse to accept for processing and to refuse to accept money from any preclear or group I feel I cannot honestly help
    4) To deter to the fullest extent of my power anyone misusing or degrading Scientology to harmful ends
    5) To prevent the use of Scientology in advertisements of other products
    6) To discourage the abuse of Scientology in the press
    7) To employ Scientology to the greatest good of the greatest number of dynamics
    8 ) To render good processing, sound training and good discipline to those students or peoples entrusted to my care
    9) To refuse to impart the personal secrets of my preclears
    10) To engage in no unseemly disputes with the uninformed on the subject of my profession
    11) To completely refrain from discussing the case of another auditor’s preclear with that preclear, or within his hearing

    (The 11th paragraph is omitted in the “New” HQS)

    I don’t understand where his MU may be in this sentence from LRH:
    “The Code of a Scientologist as per The Creation of Human Ability is withdrawn.” – LRH

    He is not following policy. He bypasses LRH. And he want tell us, that Debbie Cook Baumgarten and her beloved husband are not Scientologists?

  242. Yes we are – but DM is the frog in the pot now.
    “Thank the Cook”
    :- P

  243. Mike ~~
    Very good analogy of Kim John and Miscavige.
    Lana Mitchell, former RTC revealed $1000 a week spent on the finest gourmet and organic foods for David Miscavige.
    This is while the Sea Org crew ate Oliver Twist slop and beans and rice month in and month out.
    The starvation diet and sleep deprivation needs more broadcasting.
    It is easier to enslave someone when the body is malnourished and the mental faculties are down.
    Good post Mike Rinder.

  244. Alex-All people are beneath DM- Mexicans,Indies,Scientologists, staff, Zimbabweans et al….In his universe they must all be eliminated. obviously, he couldn’t achieve that with you. You are one tough customer.

  245. Well, according to Nazi researcher Abel Basti Hitler died in Argentina in early 1960…

  246. Reminds me somehow of a famous article by Mark Twain from 1901.
    Honi Soit Qui Maly Pense.

  247. DM: “Note to myself: Don’t forget to trademark the word “human” that will help in future defense.”

  248. some mass to the Mayan Calendar..

  249. I lived in OZ for a short while and I observed that the Ozzy government seemed to be more Social than Antisocial. They are not going to put up with this shit from DM for much longer. Their police seemed to have some ARC for their people and their government seemed to be concerned with the safety of their citizens. It was a very safe place to live. I never saw crime. I know there was some, but it was not obvious and it felt safe. I also did not see drug use, even pot, and I went to a lot of parties. There are no “hoods” (bad neighborhoods) there. The police would stand outside of nightclubs and prevent drunks from getting in their cars, instead of letting them drive and pulling them over later. I just think they’re going to shut down DM’s orgs there very soon. I can totally see this happening. They are not going to let an American cult harm their citizens. We will see this happen there before it happens in the USA.

  250. Maybe DM, once unemployed, can get a bit part in the movie “The Master” (2012) which some say is loosely based on Scientology (see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Master_(2012_film)for example).

    I’ve seen “The Profit” — not great quality or acting, but the story is worth listening too. I believe CoS somehow got “The Profit” suppressed in some countries, including USA (so much for First Amendment). However, if one wants to find it online, one can.

  251. The hyperlink to info on “The Master” goofed up. This should work:


  252. So, David Miscavige is threatening people in the Court of Law that they cannot lay claim to being a “Scientologist” under the threat of a lawsuit. Yet the “COB” (Chairman of the Buildings?) claims a Federal Tax Exemption under the guise of being a bona fide “Religion”? Sorry, it’s a two way street Davey, you want to be designated a “Protected Class” yet you discriminate against those you deem unworthy or “unqualified”?!?

    This serves as grounds for a discrimination lawsuit.

    If the plaintiff prevails it would threaten David’s Tax Exempt status…

    Dig a little deeper in the sandbox Davey, you are gong to bury yourself by digging your own hole too deep.

    ‘Stupid kid.

  253. Just read on the German Indie Blog a degrade justification someone heard from the C of S: “A new religion undergoes many changes.”
    Just try to figure the tone level of that one.

  254. Lynne , thanks for this. “I noticed in a recent PR publication that Miscavage has also changed the Aims of Scientology. Where it says, “A world without criminality, etc.” he has added the word “Immorality.””
    This is absolutely too much.

  255. …and take that one from me.

  256. Christie, I just received correspondence from the World Society of Rodents. They object to David Miscavige referring to himself as a rat, a hamster or any other rodent. They suggest he be referred to the Amalgamated Cockroaches and other Pests Union to see if they’ll have him.

  257. Maria, Anonorange beat Anonymous to it:

  258. No not really, Kim Jong Il let millions of people starve to death due to his ego and hundreds of thousands have been tortured and killed in his prison camps for what amounts to thought crimes. (literally making a small joke about Kim Jong Il could earn you a slow death in prison.)

    Miscavige is evil but even he doesn’t literally have the blood of millions of innocents on his hands. It helps to keep things in perspective. Luckily DM doesn’t have any where near the power of a dictator like Jong Il. DM is plankton, next to Jong Il’s great white shark.

    Unfortunately is men like DM when they manage to get ahold of power that end up creating the dreadful fasicist, totalitarian societies we fear and which results in so much pain and suffering for millions of people.

  259. I agree.

    It was David Miscavige, not L. Ron Hubbard, who came up with the following terms:

    WOG (Worthy Oriental Gentlman)
    Degraded Being
    Suppressive Person
    Potential Trouble Source
    Ethics Bait
    Hill 10 Maker
    Ethics Particle
    Stat Crasher
    RPF particle
    RPF’s RPF particle
    Children’s RPF particle
    PTS A-J
    Open Minded
    Dev-T Artist
    List 1 R/Ser
    Fair Game
    Bird Dog
    Amends Project
    Coffee Grinder Incident
    Fifth Invader Force
    Finance Dictator
    Joker & Degrader
    Kha Khan
    Marcab Confederacy
    Merchant of Chaos
    Operation Snow White
    Piltdown Man
    PTS Type ONE
    PTS Type TWO
    PTS Type THREE
    PTS Type A
    PTS Type B
    PTS Type C
    PTS Type D
    PTS Type E
    PTS Type F
    PTS Type G
    PTS Type H
    PTS Type I
    PTS Type J
    Raw Meat
    Hot Prospect

  260. For David Miscavige:


  261. I hate to tell you but the Bee Gees moved to Australia as kids and were in fact English. And I would gladly give them back.

  262. George M. White

    Dave, read City of God by St Augustine. It will take some of the dust out of your eyes.

  263. Mike – This is the question I have. If the Co$ goes into receivership to distribute owed money and damages, how can the trademark and religious status, both of which have very obvious value, be preserved for real Scientologists who operate independently of a central organization, and how can these be freely licensed. Maybe that’s asking too far ahead, and maybe some of the more practical guys have a picture, but it’s something to worth considering. E.g. Can there be a distribution of trademark and religious status to the many children before the parent is buried forever? Or, under what conditions can the Co$ be legally considered to have so abused the trademark as to void it, thus making it freely available to real auditors using standard tech who are in fact keeping the trademark alive in their own idependent practices? – Carcha.

  264. George M. White

    Time for some review by the IRS.

  265. George M. White

    One hell of a story. Thank you for sharing. The story shows me how much fear and terror Miscavige lives under. Miscavige is insane.

  266. There are so many obvious inconsistencies and outright contradictions in David Miscaviges claims and accusations that I cannot imagine how he could survive a single trial in front of a court. I mean any kind of court, civil court, criminal court, employment tribunal, you name it.

    The only thing that needs to be done is to get him there. I mean David Miscavige personally, not his minions, not the church, not LRH. I can see absolutely no reason why not everybody who witnessed his crimes sues the hell out of this guy and gets him to court. No lawyer in the world could defend him, no matter how much he gets paid for.

    Mike, I’m glad you lay bare these obvious contradictions and bring them to plain view so people can see how easy it would be to win a case against this stupid bully.

  267. Martin – I understand what you’re saying, but it’s important to not confuse rational people who are curious about Scn, with those who will in fact attack almost anything that upsets their goldfish bowl. Some in the Co$ are attacking Scientology, for example – they are that ‘dedicated’ to destruction. In a world of TV and mass advertising word of mouth and point of sale still reign, IMO. Nothing speaks louder than quality of example – ask Rolls Royce, or that raw fish stuff.

  268. I kind of mis-worded that – I think you get what I mean.

  269. Randy,
    Thanks for posting this. I had no idea.
    I would think “The Code of a Scientologist” would be one of the most important scriptures of the religion. In changing such key scriptures, it makes sense it would change the entire religion into something else. I wonder how that works with the non-profit religious status if the religion becomes something other than what was presented at the time the exemption was awarded. I can see how policy changes could be somehow justified(not that I agree) but, changing such basic scriptures is something I have trouble thinking with.

  270. Hello Jimbo… I daren’t argue with you but I’m not entirely sure if I would put “maker” of anything when describing Dave… well not maker of anything of value… But yes a game maybe… Just not one worth being played… Ah Jimbo… You are almost too good at being right you know…;-)


    P.s. nice being ourselves again isn’t it!

  271. Just occurred to me that maybe the end of the Mayan calendar is not the end of the world, but the end of the old world, the end of the agreements they knew, or the end of what they were capable of perceiving, and the new world begins, beyond anyone’s expectations. Just a thought.

  272. It would fit Nostradamus’ predictions.

  273. Thoughtful,
    I have followed your suggestion and sent you a write up, which I post here as well if it is OK with Marty.

    Alex :))

  274. martyrathbun09

    Pass on the identification passed off as association with no ability to differentiate drill.


    Question all of what?

  276. It was David Miscavige, not L. Ron Hubbard, who came up with the following terms:

    I think you’ve got that wrong way to. Miscavige didn’t originate those terms.

  277. I agree. 🙂 I was just trying to make MIke laugh. I didn’t mean to offend your factual understanding of Kim Jong Il. I was just laughing about it, that’s all! 🙂

  278. I didn’t mean to offend my factual understanding of Kim Jong Il either. I was just trying to make Mike laugh for a second. 🙂

  279. It’s “You become what you resist – If you lose.”

    Why on Earth can’t anyone seem to get quote right ?

    It’s the Rule of the Winning Valence.

    Michael A. Hobson
    Independent Scientologist

  280. OMG LMAO – that would be awesome!

  281. Michael Dunn (“Miguelito Quixote Loveless” from “The Wild, Wild, West”), perhaps could play him.

    Michael A. Hobson
    Independent Scientologist(no tm)

  282. Lawerance – you got it right. And it’s about time. At least I get s/thing for all those 20 years (while losing a husband, a dad, a brother, a son, another husband, a ‘permantly posted’ post I LOVED!, I’m pulling myself out of this mess but not because of the current COS. Only because of what I learned over the years. Thank you Ron.
    You go for it DM. But you will not fool me or us.

  283. I AM a Scientologist. And I work for Ron and the greatest good. How ’bout you DM? Sorry about your MUs. If you post a complete
    A – J, perhaps we will approve you to get fixed for real ~ spiritual real Davie – it IS possible.

  284. Smells like a trap.

  285. Hey, those are products attained by people at street level. Those staff at A.O.L.A. are hard working people. Let’s not attack them because of David. There are a LOT of innocent bystanders in this theater. We need not turn them into our enemies. That is flowing power to David.

  286. SunnyV, and on another note, I agree with you. DM has placed auditing and training out of the reach of 85% of the society financially. People here of the prices of these things and walk away and find alternative ways to better themselves. As a proof of this, a few years ago, I spoke to someone on the phone *over 10 years ago* and she said “The Flag Service letter came. You should get a load of these prices!”. She was right then, and right now. If I told somebody, “Hey you can go Clear for a mere $150,000.00” they would think I was crazy. And about Kim Jong Il & DM – “Lawyers I suppose were children once”- Harper Lee © 1960

  287. Pingback: Debbie Cook Tells the Hole Truth | Moving On Up a Little Higher

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