Scientology Inc Busted by Village Voice

Editor in Chief of the Village Voice Tony Ortega has published a pretty definitive piece on the source of virtually all black propaganda on the net about Indies.

Scientology Inc Busted by Village Voice

Tony did a great job of investigating and exposing David Miscavige’s Church of Scientology International Office of Special Affairs (dirty tricks and propaganda arm of Scientology Inc) as the the central coordinating point for dozens of sites filled with false and defamatory material on Indies.

Not surprisingly, given the length and complexity of the piece, Tony got one thing wrong that I would like to correct.

Tony wrote that Monique Rathbun (Mosey) took action against the church of Scientology sites when they began to target her.  Wrong.  Monique went after Scientology Inc’s OSA only after they started targeting our peeps (folks who had come to visit us and supported us in other ways).  Those who know Mosey personally can understand that.



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  1. In the article, a written statement by Karin Pouw admits that the Church produced videos trashing your (Marty’s) reputation. That has the potential to be a major flap since they’ve long denied any connection with the Squirrel Busters. It could even affect the Debbie Cook litigation by serving as evidence of other instances of slanderous behavior in her counter-suit.

    Miscavige has nobody to blame but himself for this one. He “pulled it in” by constantly overriding Karin Pouw’s attempts to do actual PR work, as inept as she seems to be. His style of always reacting to the flap du jour as an emergency that he, personally, has to handle, rather than having a competent staff take care of things routinely, is the reason that the damning admission got out into the world.

    Real companies have PR departments and external PR firms, a lot of people whose job it is to make sure everything they say is a) consistent, and b) not incriminating. Every word of every external communication is scrubbed by multiple people before it is released. And the people who sign off are worried about consistency — if you say one thing one week to the press, they will certainly notice if you say the opposite next week. So the failure to check for consistency meant that the Church is exposed in their own words as lying when they said earlier that the Squirrel Busters were an independent group of concerned “parishioners.” Of course, nobody here believed it for a second, and you guys soon developed credible proof to the contrary when you revealed the hand of Dave Lubow in the matter, but it is the final nail in the coffin of RCS’s credibility on the matter to have them admit it in their own words.

    Miscavige made this admission in a letter to a UK reporter to counter a potential hostile news story. On the basis of the Q&A document linked in Tony’s story, it seemed to be a relatively routine news story in the UK, where the Church of Scientology’s name is already far more besmirched than it is in the US. To accidentally admit something far more damaging over the long term in order to diminish a relatively minor news article is preventable incompetence of the highest order. And it’s utterly predictable given Miscavige’s penchant for overreaction and for the drama of the present versus consistency with the past.

    This suggests that the best way to accelerate the demise of the organization is to keep Miscavige off balance with an ever-increasing round of external flaps. It will melt a few copper rods in the process, but will hasten what is already all but inevitable.

  2. Q. How do you know you’ve hit the BIG time?

    A. When you have your very own Scientology Inc sponsored hate and attack website.

    My career to date doesn’t warrant such an honour – I’ll just have to live with my relatively peaceful obscurity!

  3. Poor Dave, he thought he was burning the house down, but instead he ended up only watering the carpet.

  4. You have made Celeb Status when David Miscaviges
    minions show up at your door step with cameras strapped to
    there Heads.The Three Stooges could not have dreamed that up.
    All this tech to raise Affinity,Reality, and Communication
    gone to waste. The Big Green Books and Big Red Books
    D.M. uses for doorstops.

  5. Marty, your namesakes video “Marty Rathbun: A Violent Psychopath” is just too professional – graphics & voiceover – the works. A product of Gold/OSA? As for the sting of the Libel, well quite frankly, I’m amazed Mike and you have managed to stay relatively calm under that harrasment! That amount of harrasment and pressure would have pushed me over the edge long before now…

  6. Oops, looks like Karen Poo got careless:

    “I further wish to point out that the Church has put out videos which show Rathbun lying in his own words, based on his own statements. To that end I further invite you to watch the video at this link showing Rathbun’s nature:

    Wow, Karen, did you really write that? Did you really officially admit that the church had commissioned the whole nasty squirrel busters caper? DM must be foaming at the mouth.

    Your next stop: The Hole.

    Where you’ll join Tommy Davis who seems to have disappeared into thin air.

    Nah, I don’t think little Tommy is in the Hole. That would really upset Mommy. It might cause her to go publicly independent. Now THAT would a blast, wouldn’t it?


  7. Sayonara, Karin Pouw. We hardly knew ye! Who will be next on the chopping block? Linda Hamel? Aaron Mason? Byron “Leroy” Turner? At least with Leroy you would have a sincere, down home guy who would be a really refreshing change of pace. Think about it, DM.

  8. A nice piece by Tony. Certainly adds credibility to concerns over severe harassment and attempts to ruin ones life when someone leaves and speaks out about the church. A nice support piece for Debbie as are many here.

  9. Jethro Bodine

    Total footbullet. It looks like Karin will be joining her husband Anthony Pouw on the RPF. Anthony is an RPF “lifer”.

    No doubt the “church” will try to backtrack and claim to only have “knowledge” of the anti-Marty sites. And having knowledge is not an admission of guilt. Yeah right. Sorry Miscavige, the cat’s out of the bag. Way out.

  10. Helmuth, speaking for Boskone

    A further contribution to busting of Scientology Inc:

    The slander site religiousfreedomwatch.ORG is behind the expensive distributed proxy service that they use for their main sites.

    With the lack of staff and/or sleep, the religiousfreedomwatch.NET domain currently points directly to the server behind that proxy service at IP address, which is registered to Church of Scientology International.


  11. martyrathbun09

    Actually, I think it marks the end of this type of treatment. That was a major accomplishment of 2011 in my book. We are so poised and able to burn them so instantaneously that we’ve taken overt harassment out of their playbook. And the latest marks the beginning of the end of their anonymous propaganda, smear campaigns.

  12. Yeah but if this faux pas causes the shit to hit the fan I expect David Miscavige will forget he instructed Karin what to say and she’ll go the way of Tommy Davis, where ever that is.

  13. I wonder what is really happening with Tommy Davis and what mommy really thinks of it all. Surely he’s not “holed up”?

  14. Ann,
    That support piece is wery intewesting. Hmmm, seems the Karin “Poo” has hit de provewbiaw fan.

    Dave, it’s over dude. “Parley” right some quick and you may be able to salvage something, some face, some relief from that quickly escalating spiral you find yourself spinning down.

  15. In the prior post “When David Miscavige is Dead and Gone”
    Guitar Solo is pretty dared good.
    I made it my Ring tone now


  16. “Anthony is an RPF Lifer”. Er….does that mean one lifetime, or the whole billion-year contract?

    And yes, I imagine Karin will disappear now just as Tommy Davis did, and just as the next person will after trying to fill those “shoes full of bull…..”

    It’s a real clown circus in the CofS these days.

  17. In addition to her making known the obvious of the Church being behind these harassments, Karin also admits as to how the Church comes up with memberships numbers in the millions…”Our membership numbers reflect what is on our mailing lists and other lists maintained in Church files…”
    The mailings lists are made up of “service buyers” and “Bookbuyers”, meaning ANYONE who has ever bought a Dianetics or Scientology book, whether they read it or not. Even if someone bought the book direct from Bridge Publications and not a Church, the name is routed to the nearest Org to followup on them and put them on the mailing list. The service buyers list would have names of people who did a course or other actual paid service…but even these people are not ALL still members. Many do one course and leave.
    The figure we really want to know is how many currently active members exist? I guarantee it is not in the millions!

  18. As a non-scientologist, those websites do not help the church..I think it makes them look oh so much worse, I can’t believe how childish they are! I think they are only meant for those inside? I wish they could see them for what they are! Total BS!

  19. Well I hope he gets screwed for the slanderous statements and attempting to making nothing of truth being revealed by Marthy and Team
    All that he has tried to do is make people aware,
    It will hit back in the end
    Regardless who ever Daid Miscaviage thinks he is or can be above the law or is currently protected by. He lives on Planet earth he is know different to any one else regardless of a name of his head as he is . he is a corrupted walking person and has made the image of the scientology church
    a sad state of affairs .
    He presence a false image to public/ and staff hourly and uses others to do his dirty work , then prays on them having fucked up for his mistakes that he authorises and contiunes on / others to blame, Yr responsibility is Zero man. . You don’t have any status
    The sooner public get this understanding and follow guides of truth revealed that tell the truth the better, and hopefully sooner rather than late, DMs game becomes a no game .

  20. Moving Forward

    I don’t see how the CoS could ever have claimed that the “Squirrel Busters” were not connected to the church when the DSA for Los Gatos is right there in the video, wearing that stupid shirt and taping the whole thing.

  21. # of Scientologists by the # in Church mailing lists???!!!??? I can not believe she admitted such insanity. The out-points are too glaring:

    1) Anyone who has ever purchased a $1 book is on the mailing list, forever. These are not Scientologists…they are book buyers if that.

    2) Central files of missions are added to org CF. Knowing the CofS, they probably double and triple count these #’s just to look good.

    3) We get calls and letters from orgs we have never been to. Last count was ten different orgs. I believe they exchange their CF (mailing lists) just ot have someone to call. This could also multiply the #’s ten-fold.

    4) I get it now…the bible has been purchased 800 billion times over the years, which by CoS logic, means there are 800 billion Christians. Hmmm, but the world population is 7 billion. That would be the CoS think…complete illogic, and she even admits it.

    Startling indeed.

  22. 🙂

  23. Agreed that Karin could easily become a casualty from this one. But the problem with a punishment-oriented culture is that the screw-up still happened.

    A culture based on forgiveness and positive development of individual ability tends to make fewer mistakes over time than a culture based on punishment, particularly when the person is removed from post for a mistake. Fear and intimidation simply don’t work over the long haul. This is one of the key reasons for the success of General Electric — its culture of positive training for excellence rather than punishment of people who make mistakes is one of the reasons for its 125+ years of extraordinary success, including the fact that many of its executives are sought-after by competitors and go on to be CEOs of very successful companies after they have been passed over for promotions and left GE.

    And of course, if DM blames others for his own screwed-up instructions, what you get is exactly what’s happening at Int Base right now: the organization becomes hollowed out and nobody wants to work there. Certainly not anybody with any competence or initiative. Witness the recent trip of Jim Logan and Sinar Parman to Int Base — only a small percentage of its designed staff capacity can be found on the property, all doing menial work. It’s a ghost town. It’s just a matter of time until Danny Dunagin, legendary uber-friendly gate guard, is in charge of Finance, film editing at Cine Castle, the entire OSA and all sorts of other stuff in addition to putting in his overnight shift in the guard shack.

  24. The letter attached to the article redefined “Scientologist”. That is not LRH’s definition.
    Karin Pouw is a squirrel.

  25. John — it is impossible to a) be consistent and b) not incriminate yourself when you don’t tell the truth. Miscavige still hasnt learned that lesson. Karin is no PR Queen, but she does know not to lie in public statements. That’s a big step up from POB.

  26. And now there’s more; someone over at WWP discovered the Church owns the IP address used by Religious Freedom Watch! Hey COS, your slip is showing!!

  27. I think you’re right Marty about the end of this overt harassment. Your ordeal was a substantial and continuous foot bullet for the CoS. Although they were very slow to learn. The immediate public exposure is a powerful tool. Even the lame Facebook police actions are being regularly exposed. I don’t believe they will stop however. I do believe they will attempt to be more clever by half in future attempts. I forecast more pitiful and painful P/R blunders in ever increasing frantic attempts by DM to make himself right and others wrong.

    Jim- What you’re describing sounds much like the final sounds of a flush. Patiently waiting for the final gurgle.

  28. “And now, Karin Pouw has doubled the dumb.”

    Tony Ortega has such a way with words.

  29. The same old LDW

    Looking at this and the previous two posts, some things become even clearer than ever.
    The “church” is not in any way a truth-seeking liberator of spirt. Nor is it engaged in the original Aims of Scientology.
    Instead, it is the organizational manifestation of david miscavige’s Goals Problem Mass.
    Having become co-terminal with the illicit behaviors of the FBI, not the spiritual goals of the founder, it fits right in with the more debased, hate mongering religions of the planet. No longer attempting to align with the true heros of the past: Martin Luther King; Ghandi; Buddha; Jesus etc. miscavige’s group is emulating Big Brother of 1984 fame more than any other villian.
    What we, as scientologists are supposed to be doing is rising above an avid craving for agreement with the various GPMs that dominate the societies, governments and corporations of earth and auditing out the fourth dynamic engrams, thereby liberating theta. We’ll see no success by engaging in any of the “we’re right-they’re wrong” service facsimiles. We’ll win by remaining three feet behind societies head and by using ARC, accurate observation of what’s truely needed and wanted, intelligent programs designed with the pure intention of erasing engrams, spotting truth, as-sing lies and raising tone.

    The utter revisionist lies being spewed by Pouw are right out of the 1984 handbook. Of course that letter has david miscavige written all over it. Is this “church” a religion? Is it a force for good? Is it seeking and speaking truth? Only a few thousand people on this planet actually believe this anymore.

    Could the religious, scientific, humanitarian aspects of this subject be used for good? Could it really raise the tone of enough individuals and eventually the society so as to create a better world to live in?

    I’ve dedicated my life to that proposition and will continue to do so, not to be “right” but because I have observed that in the right hands and for the right motives, it actually works.

    The most absurd aspect of this entire adventure is that the the most vicious opposition I’ve personally had in using the tech to help others is from individuals within the church of scientology…not those in my community.

  30. Bela — good eye. Yeah, this “millions” number is plucked out of POB’s butt. I know because when the figure was 6 million he asked Heber how long he had been using 6 million and told him to start saying 7 million as it had to go up. The increases since that time have been entirely on the basis of “we cannot keep saying X million, we have to raise it now.”

    If you watched the Orange County “Ideal Org” videos you will see they claim to have a CF of “120,000”. Thus, Orange County “church members” are 120,000. If you asked how many people in Orange County are IAS members (the REAL number of members of the “Church of Scientology”) it would be 1,000 MAYBE. Even when you add up the CFs of every org in the world and then add CF’s of all Missions, and lists of bookbuyers from the Pubs Orgs and then puff that up some, you get to the original 6 million figure.

    Just as a comparison, the Mormons claim 14 million members. They control an entire state, have a Presidential candidate, US Senators, Congressmen, nationally recognized colleges, business interests in the tens of billions in annual income etc etc. The church of Scientology isnt even a blip and yet keeps making claims about having 2/3rds the membership of the Mormons.

    Anyone with two brain cells to rub together knows that these figures are bogus “butt numbers” that emerged from where the sun don’t shine.

  31. Sue — the only real audience for those sites and those videos is Dear Leader hisself. Non-Scientologists are disgusted by them. Ex-Scientologists are disgusted by them. No current Scientologist would ever be directed to them for fear of the “Freedom Factor” — they send people off to find out the real truth about Marty Rathbun by looking elsewhere on the internet. The initial Freedom magazine got a LOT of people looking and leaving.

    This is vanity publishing in its most extreme form.

  32. “Butt numbers”…
    You always have such a way with words MRinder! 🙂

  33. That is their disconnect with reality. They claim that he is merely “an individual Scientologist” acting on his own in accordance with his deeply held religious beliefs…. That IS what they said.

  34. Mike,
    Even the IAS membership numbers are wrong. How many “lifetime members” still consider themselves part of the Church. Like me for example.

  35. Amen brother (sister?)

  36. Max — of course you are right. But the IAS number has never exceeded 40,000. So even if it were 100% accurate, its still not “straight up and vertical, planetary clearing, busting all records” stuff to crow about from the gilt podium top.

  37. It just occurred to me how absolutely unbearably painful it is to David Miscavige that he CANNOT CONTROL MARTY! David Miscavige has been able to keep his devotees under his spell and his kool-aid drinking and/or fear-driven staff under his command. He has been able to get any number of ex-SO staff to uphold their gag-orders. He has been able to intimidate many into silence. But he just can’t stop Marty! All his attempts have been to no avail and most result in major foot-bullets. This has to be driving poor old Davey completely crazy. Good thing he has his copper rods and all those billions of dollars to keep his bar fully stocked.

    Awesome Marty!

  38. DM: “…it is the Church that determines who is, or who is not a member of the religion.”

    LRH: SCIENTOLOGIST, 1. one who betters the conditions of himself and the conditions of others by using Scn technology. (Aud 73 UK) Dianetics & Scientology Technical Dictionary

    DM: “[Rathbun] has even stated, on the record, that he ‘disagrees with Hubbard’ which is about as far from a Scientologist as one can be.”

    LRH: “Nothing in Dianetics and Scientology is true for you unless you have observed it. And it is true according to your observation.” — Personal Integrity.

    LRH: “Those things I tell you are true are not true because I tell you they are true. And if anything I tell you, or have ever told you, is discovered to differ from the individual observation (be it a good observation), then it isn’t true! It doesn’t matter whether I said it was true or not. Do you understand?” — Scientology and Effective Knowledge, 15 July 1957

  39. No more overt harassment? I wonder what the church of scientology will do next. Nothing would surprise me except maybe David Miscavige resigning and going on the RPF.

    Last time I though the church of scientology couldn’t surprise me any more they did, so… Come on David you know it will be good for you. 🙂

  40. Kris — oh, how right you are…

  41. He cant because he is trying to spread truth and Sps don’t like people that do that .

  42. An OT8 friend who is under the radar told me yesterday that she’d been getting dozens of calls from Freewinds staff during the past few weeks. When she finally answered, the caller wanted only to find out if she’d read the Debbie Cook email and what she thought about it. This OT8 replied that she’d read it, wasn’t really thinking about it and didn’t have any concerns. After all, it’s been three and a half months.

    The staff member continued to question her and tell anecdotes about how many OTs had read the email and needed “handling” and how many Freewinds missionnaires are dedicated to contacting those in the field who’ve been “exposed to Debbie’s entheta”. After about an hour (!) of this, my friend suggested that perhaps she should read the email again to review the points and see what all the fuss was about, as perhaps she missed something——-and the staff member assured her that would not be necessary.

    My OT8 friend’s response was “Well now I’m really thinking about it again. I guess that’s what you wanted me to do.” Sadly, the irony seemed totally lost on the Freewinds staff member.

    Footnuke, Davey?

  43. Good catch Bela. I like Mike’s Butt Numbers explaintion as being closer to the truth but it’s likely Karen doesn’t know this and she is just feeding the explaination fed to her.

    Given I’ve met 2 people who tell me they did a stress test, personality test back in the ’80’s or 90’s and still receive mail at their parents’ house on a very regular basis (pretty sure they said weekly but I’m not certain) there could well be a few million on the mailing lists.

    I believe the orgs have some kind of phone contact list they use to let people know about events which is likely a more accurate reflection of active membership.

  44. Tom Gallagher

    Here’s to the intoxicated wannabe anti-Christ. (Yeah you Dave.)

  45. Moving Forward

    I understand (as much as it is possible to understand such nonsense) that the inside viewpoint is to deny everything, even if you know it to be true, in order to protect the PR of the church. Sad to say that I have been there. But this is pure delusion.

    Here is this guy who has the title ‘President of the Church of Scientology Los Gatos’ and they really think people are going to believe he was just an individual acting on his own? Seemed a bit like a smoking gun in and of itself, but then none of the news accounts I saw ever mentioned that Warlick works for the church, especially not in this capacity.

  46. Random Stranger

    For Tony Ortega


    1) It makes David Miscavige’s pee-pee shrivel up.

    2) Tom Cruise cries and punches the wall when he reads Tony’s blog.

    3) Word has it that L. Ron Hubbard gives it a thumbs up.

    4) The general Scientology public have found reading it to be a good drill for creating a Super-Pie Face for when they attend the Int events.

    5) He’s able to elicit such excellent lame written responses from the church of Scientology.

    6) These are good documents that can be presented at Miscavige’s eventual Comm Ev.

    7) It’s cool to see justice metered out over time.

    8) The real pope in Italy is a fan.

    9) When the FBI reads it they say, “DAMN!! Look at that shit!”

    10) When David Miscavige’s parents read Tony’s blog they say to each other, “Goddamn it! I knew we should have gotten that rotten little brat under control when he was a friggin’ kid!”

  47. Your comment points the way to something that has been nagging at me since reading Tony Ortega’s Village Voice post yesterday about the Orange County org trying to get people in to work on the files last weekend. It is 2012. Computers are cheaper than ever. Disk storage space is approximately free. There’s seemingly no excuse for failing to computerize these records today. Handwritten forms are easy to handle any more. The algorithms these days for recognizing handwriting are pretty good (something like 99% of handwritten letters are correctly sorted in the US Postal Service without human intervention these days), and the Church of Scientology pays their people so little that they could easily have them type everything in, were they to wish that done. So clearly they don’t want their Central Files to be computerized.

    I think this is because there are obscene numbers of duplicate folders, which would completely blow out some stat or other and get a bunch of people in major ethics trouble. Let’s pretend for a second that OC really did have 160,000 people’s info. Ignore for a moment the virtual certainty that 98%-plus of the records over 20 years old are useless because the people are dead or have moved multiple times since. I’d bet an enormous number of those records are duplicates. If you keep the files in paper form and they’re a hideous mess, then nobody finds out that your 160,000 records are bogus and really only represent 40,000 different people.

    If you computerize the records using any modern name and address software, you’d be busted immediately. Data mining software these days is really good at figuring out duplicate identities, even with errors in spelling or data entry, and then consolidating them. People would be sweating bullets wondering what they are going to tell DM when they enter the data into the computer, press the button to de-duplicate the database, and “discover” that there aren’t really 38 people in Orange County sharing the name “Sybelline Throckmorton-Martinez,” but that they are really all the same person. Why would anybody want to win a free trip to the RPF for letting the OC Org member database go from 160,000 to 34,335 people overnight based on inflated stats that their predecessors have been claiming for years?

    End result: the membership numbers, even if they’re reported accurately, are going to be a complete joke as long as the records are maintained in paper. I particularly liked the idea that orgs share address info on people out of their area to pad the stats even more… Orgs that did that (and it sounds like there are a lot) would be super-busted if the files were computerized.

    Those of you with a lot of years “in,” especially working on Central Files or on the files at the Orgs could certainly help provide additional perspective on the degree of Central Files craziness.

  48. Thanks for letting us know.
    Debbie Cook’s email is still viral.
    Even the freewinds helps to disseminate her message.

  49. Bitter Defrocked Apostate

    I love how it’s OK for the the Cof$ to COMMIT HATE CRIMES by harassing and stalking Marty and his wife “in the name of religion” because Marty is practicing a slightly different flavor of his religion.

  50. No kidding, Mike, their disconnect is getting so pronounced its becoming downright creepy.

  51. Going on four months later and they’re still flapping. My goodness. Love your friends’ response. Class.

  52. I see at the end of the letter Karin says she’s set the UK lawyer’s on to the Independent. Having failed miserably to silence Marty they try to silence those who carry Marty’s message.

  53. Martin Ottmann

    In 1992, the FSO Central Files had a size of 125,000 files, including some duplicates. From these files, 10,000 – 15,000 were considered as “hot” (active, ready to buy services). The Adresso System, i.e. the mailing list of the FSO, consisted of about 200,000 names and addresses.

    Additionally, a few thousand CF folders from the Apollo were stored at the so-called book warehouse in the vicinity of the railway station.

  54. NO, Marty is not practising a religion because he’s a squirrel.

    Squirrels are rats with bushy tails that steal pea nuts put out for the birds and bury it in the garden. They cannot practise religions. That’s just silly.

    The squirrel busters were a bunch of ornithological who were acting independently to counter Marty’s peanut stealing and burying antics. They were in no way connected with the church of scientology even though we welcome bird lovers.

    Karen Pouw, sorry never heard of her. You must be mistaken we have no Pouws here except the ka-pows of our awesome expansion which is the real story in the church of scientology.

    Since I started writing this letter another 100 people have mentioned the church of scientology. It’s true we get mentioned a lot.

    Even our Dear Leader David Miscavige The Great gets mentioned a lot. People are talking about the church of scientology like never before. The church of scientology is straight up and vertical. Even world leaders listen to David Miscavige.

    Head of Ecclesiastical Correspondence

    Allergy warning: yeah I’m being silly again.

  55. And they failed miserably at that too… All they accomplished was getting some of their more ridiculous quotes included in the article.

  56. The only way I was finally able to get off their mailing lists was via email. They ignored my polite requests to stop sending any comm. They continued to send 3 – 6 pieces/daily through the US mail in addition to an equal amount of emails.

    It was never ending until one day I replied to all their emails that I’d saved; every org, mission, OT group that I had. In the body of the return email I copied & pasted a post from this blog. It was fun!! Instantly I was deleted from ALL of their lists. If you do this, don’t copy the comments; it makes the email too large in size. Just stick with the main post. In a flash, you too will be free of their daily junk mail.

  57. Oh come on people, give it a rest. It is a small planet after all and it’s just impossible to get away with anything anymore. This place is on lock down, no space travel available either. One way in, no way out. Google Earth making it possible to look in anyone’s back yard. Drone planes with cameras. Staff that didn’t drill the lie drill well enough. Multiple universes to escape in and out of make for unstable cohorts.
    President Nixon couldn’t get away with the Watergate program in 1972
    yet here we are making issue of David Miscavige’s failed attempts at domestic terrorism in 2012. At least he is making the attempt! And I like his personal motto!

  58. Jethro Bodine

    “Lifer” means one lifetime.

  59. Hilarious, my thanks to the Squirrel Busters for providing the opportunity for such delightful slap stick comedy. Not normally my thing but for some reason this tickled me greatly.

  60. PS I done told ma lawyers about you coz you said something that someone else told you that upset our Dear Leader David Miscavige, just when he was enjoying his very favourite Scotch too.

    Head of Ecclesiastical Corrispondance

    Allergy Warning: still being silly.

  61. Mike, if the IAS number maxed out at 40K, it’s a generous estimate that the faithful CoM bleating public now number no more than 10K.

  62. There’s a joke about disconnection and disconnect here somewhere but I can’t see it.

  63. one of those who see

    Well done to Tony! Great to see the truth come out. And I have to say i really enjoyed reading the communications from LRH!
    “The ship will run to whatever perfection its people create.
    False reports are an aberrated environment.
    One has a Sea Org to the degree he or she contributes to its perfection by showing initiative and handling what comes up. Individual Initiative not orders make a true group.”


    “Our standard tactic of killing rumors with truth documented (called the “dead agent routine” because when they find the rumor monger is lying they kill him) worked very well at the time.

    Now here’s a rumor monger scared spotless and damning his former employers.

    The moral is, the enemy is few. If we’re alert, on the ball and use our PR tech right, he hasn’t got a prayer.”


    NOTICE that Ron said : ” killing rumors with TRUTH documented “

  64. jonsty

    When we complained to several orgs regarding misuse of our address and e-mail, (off policy uses) we were told that they got it from an “international data base”. It seems that every org on the planet has access to all of the combined “CF” (central files) and “addresso” (address files) of every Org.

    This seems to have been initiated at around the time of the “Basics” release. Seems that many Orgs were bypassing other orgs in their attempts to meet their “Basics” quotas. And then Flag, AOLA, ASHO, and Bridge were bypassing everybody.

    That this activity creates a “danger condition” became hugely obvious in the number of upsets with public over it, and contributed significantly to the disaffection of many Scientologists.

    Eric S

  65. I think Karin is in “Aw, cuss it!” mode. She still dumps the same crap, only some of the facts she includes is incriminating, like she is getting tired of all this lying.

    1. Admitting that the church put out these Anti-Marty videos.
    2. Basically admitting that the Anti-Marty sites are theirs by approving them and using them as the reference for the Anti-Marty video (as opposed to pointing to an obvious church site).
    3. Being direct about how they count Scientologists and inflate the numbers. She took a lot of inches to explain that, and in the end it is anyone whose name they have somewhere.
    4. The line “We believe that our system of donations is the best system of donations of any religion” is ridiculous. Just asinine.
    5. She admits supporting the so-called “Squirrel Busters” directly.

    And the last hypothetical question in the doc is a blatant lie:

    “Does every real Scientologist on Earth know that what is being accomplished in the Church today is exactly as its Founder, L. Ron Hubbard, called for in accomplishing the aims of a civilization without insanity, without criminals and without war, where the able can prosper and honest beings can have rights, and where Man is free to rise to greater heights?

    “The answer is, yes.”

    Wow – that is insane. When Debbie Cook just asks questions supported by LRH policy (which is we KNOW is what Ron “called for”), she is shot from guns. When the Squirrel Busters show up – a criminal, insane, stupid activity – she supports it – and she admits involvement by supplying them with legal advice.

    Well, I don’t blame her for getting burnt out. It not only sucks to be Miscavige, it sucks to have to report to him!

  66. And actually, I just thought of this: She is saying that Scientology is what the CHURCH says it is, not what Ron says it is. That is pretty huge right there.

  67. Martin, thanks for that data point. The size of the active FSO list is bigger than I would have guessed, given FSO’s position at the top of the heap for delivering services to public (the “Mecca of Technical Perfection”). If there are 2 million unique individuals who have ever been persuaded to put an address into the files at orgs, for book sales, intro courses, etc. (just a guess), then a conversion rate of 6% to create 125,000 FSO files is actually not too shabby. That says to me that, at least until the early 1990s, Scientology may have been better at keeping people around than I would have expected.

    Or is it far easier to get into the FSO system than I am assuming here? In other words, would they put you in the FSO database to be regged far earlier on your “Bridge” progress than I am assuming? As a compulsive numbers wonk, I’m just trying to look at how the numbers “fit” together where I can, particularly to try to get a sense of where Scientology was somewhere near its peak back in the day, so I can try to understand in more detail where the Church of Scientology is in the slide towards oblivion.

    Thanks again for your help.

  68. You’re a good’n.

  69. Hee 🙂

  70. Great reading. Super topic. Marty, that Car Wash was new to me and the funniest ever, best laugh of the day!

  71. Besides, haven’t any of you read the hat pack for world leaders of up and coming cultures? There is a practical section on the checksheet where you drill domestic terrorism.

  72. John — Anyone who is in CF (bought a service) at a local org goes onto the FSO mailing list.

  73. JM: I would estimate the current sheeple count to be around 25,000 including all staff and SO. They certainly don’t muster more than that to their biggest events (counting attendance all over the world — and those attendance figures reported by the orgs are inflated AND they include any children present). That’s more than your 10,000 but way closer than its is to the church’s 10 MILLION!

  74. Leroy doesn’t qualify, Dan. He is not a ‘lar! Never seen him in a suit, either.

  75. GH:

    An absolute dead giveaway that this letter was dictated by POB is his penchant for asking himself questions that nobody asked, and then knowingly answering his own question. He is absolutely certain that Guy SHOULD HAVE ASKED these questions if he really knew what he was doing (like Miscavige does).

    Anyone who has been around Miscavige knows this is a peculiar trait he has.

    Believe me, Karin Pouw does not have the authority to answer a question from the media about Marty Rathbun. Everything about Marty must be personally handled by POB as he KNOWS (and has informed everyone of this FACT) that everyone else will mess it up, and that he is the only one that can deal with an SP of the magnitude of Marty. And of course, as his all-knowing pronouncements land like turds in the punchbowl, his brown-nose brigade nod in agreement as he blames them for what he did.

  76. Wait until May 7th. Should be a good warm up for Davie’s May 9 event!

  77. “Anyone with two brain cells to rub together knows that these figures are bogus “butt numbers” that emerged from where the sun don’t shine.”

    That’s not to say it isn’t tanned. I have seen photos of DM’s tanning bed and I expect that butt is tanned “where the sun don’t shine”.

  78. Thanks, Mike. I noticed the Shermanspeake(tm) peppered throughout the response.

    I imagine working with Miscavige must have been like ladling out punch while trying to avoid the turds. It must have been quite an endurance test to put up with his BS day after day.

    I also imagine that there are few if any people who have ever reported to him and/or worked with him daily who think he is a swell guy. A thetan never gives up – I wonder if guys like Heber and Marc are just enduring this crazy bastard and biding their time?

  79. Random Stranger

    If you ever shook Mike’s hand, you realize that he is a powerful man who could break a guy like Lebow into eleventeen pieces in about 3 seconds. Mike of course would never do this. But there’s no doubt he could swing both Miscavige and Lebow around and around over his head and fling them across a meadow any time he wanted to.

    If a guy like Lebow just happens to be snapped up by wild aliens and anally probed and zapped with strange beams altering his outlook on life forever, it’ll be karma delivering the goods as usual.

    Miscavige’s karma will be something like him permanently being assigned as game show host, where he’s also the three contestants, the entire audience and the production crew, all vying for attention and they’re all angry. Over and over again, forever.

  80. I’ve heard about the copper rod in his office hidden under his desk. I spoke with someone who was familiar with its construction at length. Not due to my interest in grounding my “cosmic energies” and balancing myself with the Earth but because my education was in metallurgy and I was curious about the whole thing.

    Now I have something to tell all of you here. No, I’m not going to go into how it may help DM discharge his Dramatizing GPM case into the ground.

    What I have to say involves the copper itself. Copper is known a as a fairly stable metal, chemically, and is or was found in its native state in the ground, in mines and on the surface. Copper mines frequently have ore samples with native copper ribbons running though the ore. Indigenous peoples of the past used it ornamentally in jewelry as they did gold simply because it was found in its native state and lends itself to being made into ornaments, is easily formed because it is soft and polishes up nicely.

    In today’s world copper tends to tarnish more quickly than in the past. Roofs and building ornaments were often made of copper and would last decades maintaining their coppery color. Certain elemental exposures will cause the metal to change color, called patina, which is actually corrosion. Copper typically begins to patina within a very short time where these exposure factors are present. Contact with moisture naturally accelerates this as the moisture is an ionizing agent (remembering your chemistry). It causes material in the soil, now dissolved in the water, to become chemically active.

    Copper in the ground in contact with moisture does two things. 1) the moisture improves electrical conductivity so the rods grounding action is improved by the presence of moisture. 2) the moisture ionizes minerals in the ground including those in contact with the copper rod.

    What this means is that over time, measured in years, the copper will corrode and as we all know, or will after you read this, corrosion is an insulating layer. Meaning it reduces electrical conductivity, the heavier the corrosion, the greater the resistance to current flow. If any of you have had the bad experience of a car battery going flat, leaving you stranded and later being told by the mechanic that not only do you need a new battery but that the battery terminals were corroded. Now you know why your battery went flat. The corrosion inhibited the current flow (called resistance, same as in an emeter) and prevented the battery from being recharged by the cars charging system.

    What does this have to do with this post?

    Dave! Your copper rod is probably so corroded that it is no longer grounding you as it originally did. Have you notice that it isn’t working as well as it used to? This is a “WHY” on things being so screwed up all around you. Better pull your rod out and polish it up! It will only get worse.

  81. Random Stranger

    I checked this out myself and you are totally correct, it’s a Church of Scientology owned server. They even have the search results peppered with links to adverts and SCN info sites. Must cost ’em a bundle to buy related linking search positions.

  82. one of those who see

    read karin’s letter. Since when is a renovation of a building or a move, a new Church. It’s a lie.
    “the religion is experiencing a renaissance” Gag! The only renaissance that would be of interest to LRH is a boom in Trained Auditors, Winning PC’s and people making it up the bridge to OT.
    And to Karin admitting that the Church put out the Videos on the “Whoismartyrathbun” site. Thank you for telling us that.

  83. Random Stranger

    “And of course, as his all-knowing pronouncements land like turds in the punchbowl, his brown-nose brigade nod in agreement as he blames them for what he did.”

    Oooh, that is such a good visual sentence.

  84. Marty,

    Thankyou for appreciating all the good media details Tony Ortega does.

    Tony goes for quality factually supported details, and he’s truly my all time pick of ANY media, in Scientology’s young 60 years (I personally think like we are all dead, and like someone 50-100 years is reading your blog Marty, and I urge people here to fricking start thinking REALLY long range too), and Tony’s unprecedented in connecting dots.

    Tony Ortega is my dream come true. Since I read his story of the dear OSA lady chasing Tory Christman through LAX pleading that Tory not go to Clearwater and join the Lisa McPherson “SP” group, Tony Ortega in my mind has since that moment been my favorite journalist who captured the idiocies we all were caught up in!

    Can’t thankyou Marty, Mosey, Mike RInder, and all who brilliantly comment here, this is all dream come true for me!

    So glad that so MANY people can talk freely, honestly, publicly.

    Big thanks to you all!

  85. Tom Gallagher

    Let’s not forget this technological revelation and breakthrough: The Golden Age of Copper, courtesy of Miss-Scab-age:

  86. secretly we ALL loved Car Wash. Truly one of the all time most satisfying moments I’ve ever privately laughed uncontrollably over! Uncontrollable laughter is guaranteed for some of us,that video!

  87. Bela, also remember that some/most of us were on mailing lists for twenty or more Orgs, some we had never heard of or been to: Author’s Services; LA Day; LA Fdn; AOLA; IAS; Superpower; Seattle Day; Seattle Fdn: Seattle Mission; Freewinds; Flag; FSSO; Mission of nowhere; LV Day; St Hill; CCHR; Narconon; Criminon; and many I have forgotten.

  88. So, if I am on twenty lists, I am counted twenty times!

  89. Marc Headley in his must read history story “Blownforgood” (has a map of the Int Base, a must look for “experts”) Marc told that the number of the unreleased “new” Emeters over in the warehouse in Japan, was less than 50,000 made.

    So, for serious Scientologists, which us who know would know that having a meter to give auditing, or receive it, is a must.

    Meter production, actual meter production, and then the meter re-certification that is done by Golden Era Productions, there ARE several KEY events that physically occur over a 5 year time period (the time that meters must be “re-certified” which cut through ALL the hype PR).

    Which is why is is somewhat sad, some of the best details, are sort of buried in books, in the recent group of must-read (my opinion) ex member books, and also in the Janet Reitman and Hugh Urban book, and then even though Tony on Village Voice’s online blog/subject of Scientology is clearly thinking the world might be better off without the practice of Scientology, Tony’s articles are unbelievably well linked to MORE credible and accurate info on Scientology history.

    I love books, and I love book length discussions, but blogs and Village Voice sharing their links and compartmented stories, I don’t think there’s ever been such a time where people with internet access have had such a wealth of Scientology history available to go looking into.

    The Scientologist participants SHOULD include people doing auditing outside Scientology too, and of course, we know that is NOT even remotely in scholars’ minds yet!

    Oh well, how this all turns out, I think inevitably it will be for the good, and I’m an ex Scientologist, just because I know, from my years in the Sea Org, that almost ALL people in the Sea Org and on staff in Class 5 orgs, and all public were good people. I think people’s innate goodness will prevail.

  90. Not wanting the busters on your entrance door is ok but going after websites of others is uncool. Violation of free speech rights.

  91. Richard Royce

    Jim, the Karin “Poo” has hit de provewbiaw fan. VERY FUNNY 🙂

  92. right, so it’s totally duplicative. It’s numbers on the same numbers on the same members. it ain’t expansion. It’s recycling the same names and nobody knows anything about memberships.

  93. Great news, great news. I will be laughing myself to sleep tonight.

  94. Globetrotter

    The number of freemasons is estimated to be 6 million and they have dozens of past and current presidents of countries. Scientology, Inc claims to have MORE members AND the ONLY workable technology of administration, including the public relations tech to gain acceptance.

    One of those things can not be true. Data Series anyone…?

  95. “LRH: “Those things I tell you are true are not true because I tell you they are true. And if anything I tell you, or have ever told you, is discovered to differ from the individual observation (be it a good observation), then it isn’t true! It doesn’t matter whether I said it was true or not. Do you understand?” — Scientology and Effective Knowledge, 15 July 1957”

    Right. Just like in Mike Rinders last video posted here in this blog, Mike states to Marty – Marty, I ain’t playing this game anymore. And Marty stopped beating on Mike. This is 3 min 48 seconds into this video:

    From this blog on Marty:

    And look, they are not playing the CO$ game anymore, Truth revealed in this blog by Marty, go to day one. But they are playing the scientology game. And why, well the end scene or so of the recent movie “The Hunger Games”, they changed the rules at the end of the game, and the two won, and then they changed the rules again when they won. This is the same as DM changing the rules as he sees fit to protect himself. And the rules are alter-is of the tech, black dianetics and black scientology.

  96. Mike, it’s Friday the 13th {Shhhhhh} I better not say anything bad about Scientology or something bad might happen to me! Oh well, it’s almost midnight so I guess it’s safe! I will never forget the time you and I agreed here on this blog that “everybody in the world is a liar, a bigot, a terrorist, a hate monger and an anti-religious extremist EXCEPT, *of course* the Church of Scientology!’ That is a gut buster! I am glad the people like Tony keep abreast of what the Church of Scientology is up to these days in spite of the matter! Best wishes.

  97. ” He has been able to intimidate many into silence.”

    but that is changing, as the numbers are reversing from CO$ (mind control, thought stopping) to actual scientology.

  98. one of those who see

    Truthfully, the Church has pushed the Exodus stats way up with the labeling of EVERYONE as “bitter defrocked apostates.” I can’t even say the phase without laughing. Perfect “under the radar name” BDA! I would like to see a SNL skit entitled “Bitter Defrocked Apostate!”

  99. Why, is DM trained at all or were is he on the grade chart? What qualifications, status does he have?

    Why are we so blind to asking these questions? And why are they not known to the general public? Who gives him power?

  100. oh so right, Lynne. And let’s not forget…someone like me, who has their name frequently misspelled …I am on each list 2 or 3 times under a different spelling!

  101. I guess that’s the silver lining to the cloud of SP declare and disconnection, LOL. 🙂

  102. Oh wait I do. It’s pretty obvious David Miscavige has declared reality a suppressive person. Hence forth all “upstanding scientologists” (straight up and vertical?) Must disconnect from reality.

  103. one of those who see

    thanks for posting. I had missed that video. Love seein’ the guys hangin’. Regarding the copper thing – i guess miscavige does have tech, no one else has. Not even LRH…

  104. Ooops, Church of Scientology IP address … looks like it’s Friday the 13th (today) for the RCS. Thanks so much Helmuth, speaking for Boskone,

  105. I hope you’re right Marty, but I dono. Stupidly overt end perhaps, but seems to me they could just bury themselves further. And there will come a point any further, covertly or overtly is finally no longer possible as the light of truth shines directly in their faces and they simple cannot hide. Justice will eventually prevail. Still, I hope you’re right, if not now, it will happen, the liars will meet the light, that much is predictable and inevitable. Me, I can’t know for sure these overt/cover operations are quite at their end. Hell I’m not even sure if they know the difference at this point. Fact is they could (very well may) regroup, under the Midget Master of Mannequins and go even further covert (or overt, wouldn’t that be a laugh). He is a brilliant SP after all, but his minions will still predictably make mistakes. WE however can at least be prepared for that probability too.

  106. Great and interesting post! May I humbly add to it that copper is NOT a hypoallergenic material. Hope you enjoy that rash, Davey! =D

  107. I brought three people to an event. They naively filled out their correct addresses and phone numbers and have been receiving the usual mountains of promotional mail and incessant phone calls ever since. No doubt they are in central files somewhere and counted as members even though one event was enough to turn them off for life. Sea Org members barring the exit doors was the final indignity.

  108. Dizzy Mizz Lizzy

    If I´m in a bad mood, I just need to turn on Marty´s “Car Wash” video and immediately I´m laughing hysterically and able get on with a better day. Thanks Marty. You are a very talented man!

  109. So far I haven’t been able to find what the hell Shermanspeake(tm) actually means, but I must have a clue, it still cracks me up. If Rinder keeps coming up with crack these one liners though, I’m not sure I can stand it. Seriously! LOL I’m thinking we need a midget [no offense to little people] .gif cartoon rolling around on the floor dodging a stomping by a normal sized person in dress blues.

  110. Like it. +1

  111. annhowe, that is very good advice for Dave.
    —But that makes me wonder if the cable to those rods is exposed directly outside his office, because if that is the case and if his copper rods are polished up and conducting good, he might just be grabbing onto his rods one day in a thunderstorm and a lightening bolt striking right by his office might come right through those rods to his hands if his feet are flat on the floor. His body would be part of the ground for several hundred million volts. Even if he was only a fraction of the full ground, a fraction of several million volts still hurts.
    Sincerely, I wouldn’t wish that on Dave or anyone because 4 years ago I took a charges from 2 nearby lightning strikes through my body and it wasn’t much fun. Luckily it wasn’t a direct hit for me and there were some conductivity issues that brought the voltage way down but it was still painful. Plus I have good Karma. But Dave, seriously, your Karma may not so good. Get rid of those copper rods! Put them in the Miscavige Life Museum on Hollywood Blvd so they can be properly displayed.

  112. Tony Dephillips

    It’s nice getting good news in Rome while on vacation. Ciao!

  113. Yes, and it is our job to keep it that way!
    Handed it out to an OT VII just yesterday over lunch.
    And listen to this, an OT VIII friend who recently sent
    his doubt formula to 90 people got some 60 positive
    Things are changing…

  114. Mike, “…… turds in the punchbowl”. That’s good positioning for DM’s pronouncements. I give a hearty laugh.

  115. “Like sands through the hourglass, so are the days of our lives.”

    “Like turds in the punchbowl, such are the pronouncements of Dave.”

  116. I used to receive 4 (FOUR !) copies of Flag’s publications. Yes, they had my name 4 times (slight variations in spelling).

    I wrote them to remove 3 of those 4 adresses. But they never got it done.

    It was only my SP declare that stopped the continuing stream of 4 Flag publications.

  117. E.J. Croughs

    Lisa Marie Presley:
    Lay down the law, don’t make a sound
    Just critical, just going down
    I don’t belong, I’ve lost the plot
    Not gullible, can’t be what I’m not

    You can think that I’m evil and I’m off the rails
    You ain’t seen nothin’ yet

    If I don’t get with your system then I’m sure to fail
    Well you ain’t seen nothin’ yet

    Lay down the truth, don’t make a sound
    Just a piece of fruit who’s hit the ground
    I don’t respond, I’ve lost the plot
    Unethical, not what I thought

    You can think that I’m evil and I’m off the rails
    You ain’t seen nothin’ yet

    I’m a bit transgressive and suppressive as well
    Well you ain’t seen nothin’ yet

    Am I a disruption to your corruption?
    You ain’t seen nothin’ yet

    You can think that I’m evil and I’m off the rails
    You ain’t seen nothin’ yet

    If I don’t get with your system then I’m sure to fail
    You ain’t seen nothin’ yet

    No longer elated, now you’re frustrated
    You ain’t seen nothin’ yet

    You can think that I’m evil and I’m off the rails
    You ain’t seen nothin’ yet

    If I don’t get with your system then I’m sure to fail
    Well you ain’t seen nothin’ yet

    You can think that I’m evil and I’m off the rails
    You ain’t seen nothin’ yet

    I’m a bit transgressive and suppressive as well
    You ain’t seen nothin’ yet

    Wonderful song, welcome!

  118. martyrathbun09


  119. Nobody in the world knows what shermanspeak(r) actually means…

    But the definition of the term is; [n] over-the-top, run-on sentences littered with inappropriate, hype modifiers written by Dan Sherman, the sad little man with a mullet who has the title of “LRH Biographer” and job of “Miscavige’s personal script/copy/speechwriter”.

  120. I used to type new names to CF for the SO. The 6a Sec had found a nice list from ASHO and thus my stat was typing names that could have been easily put into the computor by disc. It was a bullshit stat that never reflected the real stat of new people onto the bridge. Onto the Bridge means people starting the Purification Rundown or Student Hat. All the orgs counted book buyers which is a mission stat not Class V. See the PL New Names to CF in Vol 6 for the real stats on people on the bridge. They have been false reporting this stat for years. In actuality the real stat of Student Completions has been on a decline since 1986.

  121. Hello Hello is anybody there?
    The Copper Ground Rods work for House wiring,, shot circuts in Garbage
    Disposals, public utilities connected to buildings.
    LRH discovered this with foot plates
    Because they Audit something, not the BANK.

    D.M. is a squirrel and dangerous one at that.
    For Christs sakes, OMFG
    This is Psychopathy, Ground connections in auditing room and office
    Whats next, Beanies with propellors to audit OT 9

  122. No, beanies are “old hat” 🙂

  123. The public believes he is on or completed with OT 9 or 10 and likely higher, which is why he has been able to apply “orders of magnitude” under the banner of the GAT, GAK and Ideal orgs, and the straight up vertical expansion of SCN in general. It’s also how they fill the vacuum on how he has been able to position himself to be so far and above all the other Int Execs (don’t forget believing he is a super power completion as well of course). They also believe that he is at least a Class 9, but probably a Class 12 because otherwise, how would he know all those awesome technical things that he discusses with the OT Ambassadors behind closed door ls that apparently even Snr C/S Int wasn’t even capable of figuring out or knowing. In reality, he is a stalled 7, and has not formally completed any auditor training above Class IV.

    They basically believe he has done every bit of enhancement there has ever existed in SCN, which is part of the reason it is almost impossible for a serious Kool-Aid drinker to change their mind about COB. He embodies everything they believe the are trying to attain through their involvement with SCN, all those years, all those dollars. If he is what the SP media says he is, their whole beingness and knowingness would be shot.

    I know that when I still in the fold, still in the SO, even for a couple years after I left the S.O. (never having met or worked with COB), NOTHING IN THE WORLD could have changed the power I had always flown to COB. I could have been confronted with every single piece of evidence I’ve now seen, and my response would have been “So? He’s COB.” And that response would have been firmly founded in an “the ends justifies the means” computation”. That’s why, in my opinion, the C of S is absolutely a cult. It wasn’t until I was a couple years out of the S.O. and working for a non-SCN company that I saw Jason Beghe’s videos and then Marty’s that I was able to change my viewpoint.

  124. Anyone who wants to be smarter than David Miscavige.
    TIP: Turn on the the Cartoon Channel and
    watch Scooby Doo

  125. I wonder if at the end of a bad day David Miscavige’s hands are stained with copper patiena bluish green…

  126. With all this talk of thick copper rods and butt numbers coming from where the sun don’t shine it occurred to me as a suggestion to David Miscavige, perhaps he should combine the copper rod with where the sun don’t shine. It might improve his butt numbers and give his turds a coppery hew

  127. Ah… thanks Mike !

  128. “Everything about Marty must be personally handled by POB”
    Including doing the voiceovers for those videos. Simple voice analysis software could sort that out in five minutes.

  129. Wow! That’s awesome stuff.

  130. Martin Ottmann

    Names were automatically added to the FSO CF when people either bought services, books or attended a “Flag World Tour Event” and filled out a questionnaire.

    If a person, who attended a Flag event at his/her local org and then expressed an interest on the questionnaire in buying services at the FSO, she was immediately contacted either by the local Flag Service Consultant, the ASR or as a double-team effort by the FSC consultant, Dept. 5 or Dept 6 registrar. It didn’t matter where this person would be “on the Bridge”. If an interest, however mild, was expressed she/he would be “regged”.

    In theory the names added to the Central Files would be entered in the address system beforehand.

    Nevertheless, there was a discrepancy due to the fact that Department 5 had been a personnel dumping gound for many years. I was told that during some time in the 1980s, children from the Cadet org were posted as addo clerks and C/F clerks. You might imagine what kind of havoc in the address system they had created. It took years to sort it out, and invoices, letters and questionnaires kept coming in. There were times when I had to manage the CF alone.

  131. Martin Ottmann

    If that happened during the 1980s, chances were that they was either noone permanently posted in the Adresso system or there were children from the Cadet Org handling your letters. I don’t know what happened after 1992.

  132. Martin Ottmann

    There was a evolution starting in 1991, when the Addresso Officer of the FSO started to order his counterparts at the Class-V orgs to submit their address lists to the FSO so they could be integrated into the mailing list of the FSO. Of course, any national or local data protection laws were completely neglected. If any local Addresso Officer wouldn’t submit the org’s mailing list on schedule, he/she would receive harsh-sounding reminders from either CMO CW or the FLB that the list would rather be sent to Flag “pronto”.

  133. Tory Christman

    Excellent point! Amazing that IF Davey boy just put in that *one* simple thing of telling the truth—can you imagine the ripple effects that would have? Oh! If only…..:)

  134. Tory Christman

    Sounds a bit like when my (now X) Husband and I got stuck in “It’s a Small World” at Disneyland. It was a nightmare. Although your concept for Miscavige’s Karma is bad—-he’d be lucky to end up with just that. I am quite sure with ALL the people he has harmed, his Karma will end up being quite a bit darker, uglier, and without light or joy of any kind. Probably add ….well….I’ll leave it to your imaginations. It won’t be good.

  135. They are so busted!

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