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Push Button McScientology – Incinerate the People


Mike Rinder has mentioned a shocking fact on this blog on a number of occasions.  Mike related that Miscavige made it clear to all Int Management personnel over several years that he wanted to replace all Div 6 and Div 2 personnel with machines.  Audio/Visual (A/V).  He wanted to bypass all living, breathing disseminators (public and staff) with movies.  Lots of them.  Miscavige spoke of this even as he was torturing Int Management into apathetic oblivion, replacing them with his own movies (his single-participant events). That began circa 2000/2001, and I saw him going in that direction myself, and speaking words to that effect.  First, carefully couched and implied, and then becoming more overt as he created the infamous HOLE where all Int Management Staff were imprisoned in late 03/early 04. (for description of the HOLE, see,, segments entitled “Miscavige’s Escalating Violence”, and “A Game called Musical Chairs”)


Well, thanks to the Resistance still lurking within we now can share Miscavige’s own words proving Mike’s testimony.  By the year 2006 Miscavige had the OTAs sufficiently mesmerized that they accepted and embraced his neutron bomb strategy (wipe out all people, and preserve the MEST) with adoring laughs and cheers.  Here it is, in Miscavige’s own (verified by his own staff against audio recording) words (bold face supplied for emphasis).  





From recording of live event


That means that all we have to do is get every single person in the world into Scientology.  But at least its one cycle.  Okay, all right, (laughs). Now its one cycle that’s all you need to do. Okay so lets put aside the SPs, the job there is – the real problem we have and why we are so heavily onto AV. And you could say—what is the strat and you could almost you could almost sum it up into A-V.

And the reason is to bypass the need for brilliant disseminators everywhere in the world. So ah, If you take a look at a lot of the tech that was lost , PE – they didn’t have the tech but maybe the guy was just a bad lecturer. So we do a film on each one of these. Anatomy of the Human Mind, maybe he couldn’t really explain the time track, we are doing a film on it.  Dianetics Book One, maybe people are illiterate – we do films on every single part of it.  Our Div 6 displays I am going to tell you about in a minute. We do films on all of that, now ideally we would have every film for everything –and in such a format that anybody could have them and play them anywhere in the world…

… . Ok. Right. Ok. This here you’re going to find, upstairs.   Remember I said we reduced this down to push button and play. How big of an org do we want? – to put as many displays as possible in there. Now upstairs on the sundeck, they have built a mini exhibit, like you’ve been seeing in these fly-throughs…

… . Everyone has a basic introductory film that says what it is, and then behind that are what we call “back up films” – successes, different events that have, uh – different types of films on that subject, and ultimately we have 80 more of these back up films being produced, although they should be done in the next few months. So you’ll basically have your basic display. It’s got your basic film, and behind that, many other films that a guy could watch.  Get it on these displays, they’re not for somebody to walk around. When you see this routine going on – “Come here. Come here. Here.” He’s touring and I’m standing here explaining, “yak, yak, yak, yak, yak, yak, yak.” You as an executive go up to the guy, and say, “yak, yak, yak, yak, yak” and choke him and take him away. (laughter)

Because what we want here – this has everything to do with open door, walk into the org, there you go. Now, we have somebody running that area, but it is walk over, let the guy do it. The last thing they want when they come in is this. “Do you like that? Have you cognited?” (Laughter)

… You’ll even see there’s a display up there that always has the latest event on it. So what do we want in an org, how many displays?   As many as possible. We want all of this to go AV, to take out the need to brief so many people internationally on what they are. We just take the one area and everybody gets is, meaning Gold AV, event goes out, everybody has a system, and we’ve now reduced it to baby simplicity, which is what it should be. ..

…. .  We’re actually getting every bit of Scientology back into use.  And also moving it into the field, which is why we’re doing things like this so we actually bring everybody on our org board and inject it out there.   We can do things we never – we never could do before.  I mean actually moving everything into an A/V level, an extremely professional level, without requiring any training at that level other than press a button, okay…


Doomsday Dave – KoS pt 2

What follows occurred eight years after the 1996 Golden Age of Tech implant, where Miscavige guaranteed public Scientologists that he had forever, absolutely solved TRs and Metering and all other barriers to rapid, standard training of auditors. With that, though not stated and apparently unnoticed by the many, Miscavige was also saying “Ron was wrong, his idea about the TRs and Metering films helping supervisors solve the making of auditors was plain silly.”  You may recall that in 1996 Miscavige proudly announced that based on his own “breakthroughs” that all orgs, including all Class V orgs, would be making “perfect” auditors with alacrity and in abundance. 

Eight years later Miscavige – ignoring his eight year old definitive and absolute claims – let his OT Ambassador friends in on a little secret.  In his 2004, Maiden Voyage Anniversary private OT Summit briefing, he acknowledged to the Ambassadors that students were taking literally “years” to get through his Golden Age of Tech metering course.  How he got away with blaming it on others is a marvel – given that from May 1996 forward he claimed consistently that he was Scientology’s tech God.  But you can see for yourself that his event implant technology apparently was the ONLY thing he kept working like a charm. 

And without mentioning that his 1996 hi-tech marvels (Quantum meter, reads simulator, and the doomsday machine super slow down playback reads critique player), in 2004 he promised to introduced yet another electronic via gadget to the line-up.  Recognize too, that here we are, another seven years later, and he hasn’t delivered on that new doomsday machine.  He said the doomsday machine would result in – oops didn’t he say that in 96? –  perfect auditors being made in abundance in every org in the world.  But, he said, it would be unviable to install immediately because it would cost perhaps 20,000 per org to replicate and install.  In the interim, he has collected hundreds of millions to build pretty MEST orgs across the world.  But, no new doomsday machines in any of them. And so, fifteen years have passed since David Miscavige “solved” metering by forever assuring metering is a lost science inside his “church.”  

After reading this, I encourage people to read HCO PL Complexity and Confronting in a new unit of time.  What follows comes from the official COB Office staff transcribed transcript of Miscavige’s secret 2004 briefing to OT Ambassadors on the Freewinds.  Without further ado, I give you the King of the Squirrels:


25 June 2004




OK, complexities.  Man that meter is apparently complex because people can take a long time on that metering course, okay? 


There’s two things you can bug.  People can get into this endless TRs, you need a TR supe on metering.  This is really a frontier on the Golden Age of Tech because of course the whole – if you take a look at what that was, it’s just drill in the right way to do something and you get it.  But a metering guy without somebody really knowing his stuff standing over him, the guy can really go off the rails and be at it forever and he’s positive he can’t make it.  And I run into it practically every time I go somewhere.  Even last month at Saint Hill there’s a guy there having been on it ninety months or whatever, and I’ve been at it and it’s just miscalling reads, you have to just slap him around pretty hard actually but boy, he gets it and you’re talking five minutes.


This is only the beginning, but I can’t refrain from a few comments:

a)  “People can get into this endless TRs”.  How, when you solved everything, by bypassing everyone through your Rep NW – which incidentally wiped out the tech hierarchy of the church of Scientology in the process – fifteen, count them, fifteen years ago.

b)   “And I run into it practically every time I go somewhere.”  Really?  I thought you solved this when you came up with a new doomsday meter, doomsday reads simulator, doomsday Golden Age of Tech drills for supervisors, etc, etc – fifteen, count them, fifteen years ago.

c)  “you have to just slap him around pretty hard actually but boy, he gets it and you’re talking five minutes.”  Easy then, just open an ultimate fighting prison camp for Spartan Sea Org members at Int.  Oh, forgot you did try that.  No wonder you call me a squirrel – I guess the Truth Rundown in the SP Times cut right across your STANDARD TECH handlings.  Whew – ladies and gentleman, I am not making this stuff up, it is transcribed from the actual briefing by Miscavige’s own staff.

And now, back to the rest of the KoS’s presentation:


So we’ve been working on a couple things here.   Here we go.  I’m going to show you one thing that now we got a – believe it or not – simplicity, but it does work.  Here’s a little pilot. 


Okay.  And this hopefully – look, this is – you’re seeing prototype stuff here now.  OK let’s start on this little display here.  Okay.  And this isn’t coming out tomorrow.  No really, this is between us now, this not coming out tomorrow.  This is just get – no, it is not, but I’m going to show it to you.  Deal?


What happens – anybody’s here been on a pro metering course (yeses), what, you see people and they walk over to the TV, they’re measuring the read.  Okay (laughs) we get all these things (laughs).  How long have you been on it?  Seven months.  Really, what have you been doing?  The last 6 and a half I’ve been on my final assessment.  (Exclaims) It shouldn’t be like that.  Okay.


Again, I cannot hold back another comment till the end, this guy just spits outpoints and lies faster than you can say “spit”.  If you haven’t already please read the last post on this blog, The King of the Squirrels.  Miscavige started the practice of walking over to TV screens and measuring reads.  Miscavige created and enforced the arbitraries that made “final assessment” impossible.  Nine years BEFORE this briefing. And look, he’s getting laughs as a response by the OT Ambassadors.

Ok, back to Miscavige:


Here’s a little device and here’s a training aid that really is going to speed this up.  This is a reads recorder.  And it’s right there for the guy in doing the assessment.  So here you go, student would be there, it’s got a microphone, a headset, coach would have it as well.  Right?  I’m going to play it for you over the speakers because obviously you’re not going to all be able to hear this you know.


And what this does is a guy doing an assessment or any reads it records it onto a hard drive, it’ll record hundreds of hours, you can record many assessments on it, and then play them back immediately and it plays back on the meter.  And here we go. 


I’ll give you – now you got the camera on there?  (Yes sir.) 


Okay here we go, this is just a little setup here, you can see, it looks a bit odd.  Okay.  Right here.  Various buttons and whatever, different files, meaning which assessment did they do, you know, it just goes up, I can move it up, okay I’m just going to play one now.  Imagine somebody just did an assessment.  You’re going to have to get it on the meter.  I played back their assessment that second… 


(Assessment) And there it all is right there, instantaneously.


Okay we go to the next assessment and that one they’re checking….


(Assessment)  Okay.  So we put this in a course room, and we did do it cause I thought, well I don’t know, I mean, is it really going – it’s instant, that’s the point, and the coach and the student are there.  We haven’t had a student on the pro metering that’s been doing it yet.  I mean it literally has reduced it down to checksheet time because it’s right there, we’re not to a video, we’re not to a screen, we’re not to anything else, it’s instant, anybody can go back and play it, even if the sup wasn’t watching them there it is.  (Exclaims)  So that’s step one and it’s end of metering bugs.  (Cheers, applause)


So, what he has done is put a digital recorder system into the meter itself or a plug in.  You see that is much different than having a different piece of MEST recording the drilling, because the MEST is in or on the meter instead of outside the meter.  Get it?  Oh, by the way, “we haven’t had a student on the pro metering that’s been doing it yet. I mean it literally has reduced it down to checksheet time.”  Do you realize this ass just admitted that as of nine years after his having taken over metering, that HE has not got a single person through the course in checksheet  time. Now, realize his introduction of MEST recording on the line in no small part permanently knocked off hats and responsibility from everyone from whoever his second in command is now, right on down through every hat on the org board to the supervisors in every org by introducing his electronic vias. And as of 2004 he says he’s gonna introduce more and in effect PEOPLE cannot supervise.

Sorry, back to the smartest guy in the room:

Now that’s something we’ve been developing and I just have to get all the interface ready so people can hook it up to their meters in the room and that’s probably the furthest in the distance from these quite frankly.  And there are several of these things we just developed and – okay, in any event, now here’s another one, here’s what we’re really getting.  This I’ve been able to take from Flag and I’m going to be able to take it right down to org level. 


Because one thing you know if you’ve been to the Flag AO down there you notice that they can record their sessions.  Every single one on a hard drive high security – no video tapes floating around, you can look right at the session – if you knew the cost of that baby, who, that wasn’t going to be too viable to put in the orgs. 


So we’ve been working on this for a couple of years, and we have a system here that for — fifteen, maybe twenty thousand dollars maybe we can put it into an org with two HGCs networked throughout the entire place, into the Qual cramming, into their C/S office, into everywhere, now, let’s take a – and look what you can do now.

At best what Miscavige describes is a gizmo that will eliminate the need to measure the length of read on a tv monitor; and nothing else.  But in practice it is yet another means to have his pre-selected, physically attractive, unapproachable, non-tech trained minions second guess, bypass and knock the hats off of supervisors. He’s going to have students with headsets plugging themselves into the meter in order to do e-meter drills.

Now hear this, this will further make metering impossible. The more one focuses on the MEST of it, the less they will be able to master perceiving the one and only LRH definition of INSTANT READ:


…Additionally, when looking for reads while clearing commands or when the preclear is originating items, the auditor must note only those reads which occur at the exact moment the pc ends his statement of the item or command.

–         LRH – HCOB 5 August 1978, INSTANT READS

Really folks, metering is simplicity itself.  But recognize, L Ron Hubbard did not have people sitting in course rooms for months, let alone years interiorizing further and further into the meter in order to understand what this means – at the expense, of course, of the actual magic that allows as-isness to occur, the auditor-pc comm cycle. LRH had them do drills till they were comfortable enough and confident enough to take a person in session, then they’d go in session, and they would audit, audit, audit and they would learn to the point where they would not even contemplate arguing about what is and isn’t an instant read.  The auditor would know.  And many auditors do know.  But, they ain’t anywhere near the doomsday machines, the church or Scientology, and most importantly they aren’t anywhere near – or any place they can be even indirectly influenced by –  David Miscavige.

Miscavige’s New Shock Squads


One major reason why we are having such huge and lasting effect on Scientology Inc is that we have refused to underestimate the calculating cunning of David Miscavige.   While I have noted that he is a virtual idiot when it comes to understanding such building blocks of mankind as ARC and compassion for one’s fellows, I never said he was anything but a genius at Macheavellian maneuverings to take out potential threats to his power and greed. 

Try as we do to prevent people from listing out of session, this listing question seems to have taken on epidemic proportions: How does Miscavige get away with his smoke and mirrors gig to this day?  

I haven’t been listing on this question for some time. The answer lies in the first paragraph above.

Tonight, we’ve got some documentary evidence to support that idea.

OT VIIIs Sherry Katz and Geir Issene left clues some time ago on this blog. Both exposed how Miscavige handles OT VIIIs to make them think they are the cat’s ass provided only that they kiss the COB’s ass.

Geir related how Miscavige marched into a restaurant on the ship and “tone 40” announced to Geir that he would be the new ED of the Oslo org. He didn’t care about any lack of OEC training, Org experience or anything else. Geir was an OT VIII – and that is all that mattered, you are automatically trusted by the COB to take over a country.

Sherry later exposed a pattern along that line – OT VIIIs (OT Ambassadors) being appointed as org ED’s willy nilly by Miscavige. Sherry also hit the nail right upon the head as to why. Miscavige considered OT VIIIs as his “Ambassadors” will listen to him rather than read policy to direct an org. Obviously not the case with Geir, because he told COB what to do with that offered job).

There is another reason Miscavige thinks OT VIIIs will willingly do his bidding, irrespective of what L Ron Hubbard has to say on the matter. He’s got them hoodwinked (and desperately hoping) that Miscavige really does have more OT Levels for them. He’s been dangling that carrot for twenty-five years. While enturbulating VIIs and VIIIs no end with his endless “arbitraries cancelled” arbitraries, he holds out the promise of the next levels that will handle the enturbulation he carefully manufactured on his little own lonesome.

But, how does the public keep falling for his unceasing parade of alterations of L Ron Hubbard Scientology, foisted off as Miscavige’s latest “breakthrough”? First and foremost by brainwashing the most gullible and conditioned of all Scientologists, those OT VIIIs who eschew the ability gained at that level (to see, live with, and tolerate nothing but the TRUTH) to act as Miscavige’s personal agents, OT Ambassadors, to shill and pimp his lie laden agenda. They, being opinion leaders within the Scientology Inc public community, are the first to defend Miscavige, and the first to forward his OFF POLICY, OUT TECH PROGRAMS.

Miscavige has conditioned his OT Ambassadors to not question a single word Miscavige says. In fact, they cheer him when he makes utterances Miscavige would be forcibly removed from the stage if he uttered in a broader public event, say at the Shrine for example. Miscavige treats the Ambassadors to their own little, private briefing aboard the Freewinds during Maiden Voyage week each year. This is the only “public” venue in which he has not got a pre-written speech hard wired to his head through teleprompters.

He artfully mis-uses HCO PL Responsibility of Leaders, to create a “tight conspiracy” with OT Ambassadors. He takes them into his confidence and shares “secrets” with them, not intended or shared with the general public.

What follows is the first in a series of disclosures on the verbatim words that David Miscavige has spoken to the ears of only the OT Ambassadors. Theses were uttered during the Maiden Voyage 2004. Please note the parenthetical notations of crowd reactions to certain parts of his talk. Those were noted by official transcriptionists of Miscavige himself. This is taken from a transcript of the talk recording that was prepared by his own staff.  


Now, other things on Tech. Something I mentioned last year and I’ve been working on quite a bit. But one thing you will see coming up by the end of the year is the LOC course in 15 languages. (Cheers & applause.) There’s actually going to be some fascinating new things in there. I hate to tell some of the people who did it. And no offense, we’ll work out how you get it, okay. It’s not like that. But generally, we’ve briefed you before, but as time goes by and you finally get through all of the Archives. Which by the way, we keep talking about Archives, I wish you could get a reality on it. It’s like you take a look at LRH materials. You see the published ones. You can not believe—I cannot to this day imagine how it happened—but there is a tunnel that is oh, twice as long as this room and about 25 feet deep with high density shelving and it’s all originals stacked end-to-end. [Wow.] Now, of course, that includes a lot more than just the materials of Dianetics and Scientology. His writings, his letters, etc. But still—well, one day we’ll figure that out. We just keep going. (Laughter.)

And just keep going” he has done to this day. If this is not TECHNICAL DEGRADES – the Policy Letter (and all of the KSW series for that matter) is meaningless. If the slavish response to such degrades is not HIGH TREASON, then LRH’s legacy truly has been burned and buried.

David Miscavige has apparently convinced OT Ambassadors, as of June 2004 that he has an unending source of justifications for continuing to revise tech forever. Interesting it should start with LOC (Life Orientation Course) a course he makes mandatory at all levels and which establishes a person’s hat (and thus purpose in life). And his products of the entire bridge are applauding, cheering, and…laughing to the inside skinny that Miscavige will “just keep going” with issuing his brave new version of the tech.

For the most part Int Execs, and the rest of management for that matter, are not even players any more. They are not applauding, cheering and laughing. They are prisoners.

Miscavige put a whole new set of shock squads in their place date coincident with imprisoning management (early 2004). After all, it was the OT Ambassador 2009 Annual Program that helped destroy Class V orgs by having OT Ambassador’s divert grades and NED pcs from the orgs to Miscaviges cash cow, Flag Service Organization. The most fraudulent place on earth where you can conservatively estimate they blew off the bulk of the new arrivals with medieval reg tactics. What other chaos and destruction are they cheerfully carrying out for the mad man?

But, look at the brighter side. He can’t keep his new shock squads hidden behind razor wire topped prison fences. They are public. They are accessible and they can be communicated with by caring, creative people.

Care and create to your heart’s content. Or just chew it over and recognize you are doing the right thing already.

The Palmers – Dignified Departure and Arrival


Adjective: Having or showing a composed or serious manner that is worthy of respect.  (
That is the first word that came to mind when I read the following story of Richard and Vicki Palmer.

Richard and Vicki Palmer



My whole history in Scientology will have to wait. While it may be interesting to some, amusing to others, helpful to others still and cathartic for me – it’s too long to post here.

Having started in 1988 I’ve had the unique experience of being in Scientology after LRH departed but with the organization still having the “feel” of the earlier era (or at least what I imagine it felt like). I was fortunate enough to get training and auditing both pre and post Golden Age of Tech. And I’ve also held positions that gave me a unique view of the church.

I trained and interned as a course supervisor & Pro Word Clearer on the TTC (Technical Training Corps) and held a supervisor position for a number of years before going into the TTC again and training as an auditor & C/S. My last post held in an org was that of Snr C/S and I held it for 5 years.

I’ve done training, auditing and staff activities in Los Angeles, Flag & the Freewinds. And due to my staff status I’ve met people and been witness to things I wouldn’t have as a public. This led me to have many un-reconciled dichotomies about the subject – and left me with great conflict over the years. Some examples:

  • Reading about ARC being the universal solvent and then witnessing the LRH Comm of ASHO “rip the face off” the Commanding Officer.
  • Studying at great length the comm formula and the power of it only to then listen to David Miscavige (and RTC/Int Management staff) denigrate my peers with gross disdain at the Snr C/S Conference.
  • As an extra in a tech film seeing mistreatment of many SO staff, while one or two were treated like kings.
  • Training as a minister and coming to understand the benevolence of the subject, but then working with & around RPF members and seeing how they were treated.

While I can cite example upon example of dichotomies like the above (as a public, as an auditor, as a C/S, as an OT) I still continued with the subject. I was of the frame of mind that there was considerably more good happening and had thoroughly bought the PR that upper management was an idyllic heaven of standardness – it was just us idiots down lower on the org board, goofing things up. I was, for many years, the ideal “bot” for the church. I forwarded the PR line of management and was as much an example of what was expected of me as possible. If there was a program – I would forward its objective.

I had unique comm lines that most staff didn’t have. I was the Snr C/S so I had a Network post – this put me on the lines of management directly. I also had a direct line to RTC, complete with weekly reports. And as the Birthday Game I/C I had other unique comm lines. Being close friends to the DSA of the org also put me on unique comm lines.

As the only OT in both Day & Foundation orgs I’d had more hours of confessional auditing than the entire staff of both orgs combined. Yet I continually found myself in ethics trouble. Despite having been the only staff member I knew of in over a decade to complete a program (and gain signification of it from management) I still was a failure. And despite recruiting over 30 people for staff, C/Sing for both orgs and doing HGC & Review auditing I was still a downstat.

I watched year by year things change. The things that I noticed first were “statistics” at events that didn’t add up. They were things that didn’t really have any bearing on anything – or didn’t directly correlate to the business of orgs. Hearing about “column inches” of press didn’t mean much to me after I’d been involved with the DSA to get something posted in the newspaper for her stat. And things like “Number of books sold” became meaningless when I saw thousands upon thousands of dollars being spent on them by fellow Scientologists – and when the “25 books equals a Scientologist” quote would get tossed into the mix, it really stung.

Being trained pre-GAT and having true ARC in a session was very remarkable. Even if I goofed or didn’t know what to do next it hardly mattered. I was there with the PC and we were both doing our best. The C/S was caring and gentle with both of us – and why wouldn’t he be? And while internships were difficult, at the end of the day I was a PC’s friend. The GAT changed all of that. Personality, ARC, charisma, care – all of it went out the window. I had a realization shortly after finishing my GAT training (which at the time I thought was a good one – in hindsight it wasn’t), that with the advent of the GAT we no longer had “good” or “bad” auditors, we simply had auditors.

As Snr C/S I watched as the subject was systematically ruined – doing our best to churn out rote, robotic “auditors” as fast as possible. And I was running dozens of programs to ensure this happened. The irony is the GAT is such a pile of crap, there’s no way those programs will ever be completed. It’d be like having a series of programs that “extinguish the sun” by using acetone – just not going to happen, no matter how much effort you put into it.

But as a Scientologist, I was still trying to do it all. I was moving through OT levels, was trained and on post in a Class V org, had my wife moving up the Bridge, my son was in an Applied Scholastics school and we were even donating thousands to the IAS. But therein lied the rub – this was just too expensive for a “regular” family to do. I could see the writing on the wall, albeit too late. I was already in the hole for well over $100,000 and hadn’t even started OT VII yet. I’d been working days, nights & weekends for over a decade and was tired. There were very little days off, no vacations and no normalcy for my wife and son.

In 2002, I finished my staff contract, but as many of you know, there’s no “Congratulations/Thank You” for completing a contract and leaving. Oh no. And while there’s no golden watch, there can be goldenrod. 🙂

A Comm Ev was begun a couple months prior to me completing my contract and was issued a month after I left (but was still C/Sing for both orgs out of my home). The Findings & Recommendations were pretty gross. After all the years of work/exchange I’d given, all of my auditing & C/S certificates were suspended pending re-train (among a long list of other things). I was left with a sickening feeling of being “lucky” I hadn’t been declared. Still I soldiered on.

Interesting to note, my wife pointed out to me that most people after leaving staff (or being Comm Ev’d) simply disappear. At some point in the future there will be an attempt to get them “recovered” and at that time it will be disclosed how valuable they’ve always been and what a great contributor they were. But I decided to buck the trend. I was no enemy of Scientology. I wanted everyone to win!

So I got involved with the OT Committee and eventually took the position of D/Chairman. The Chairman & I sat down with some others and came up with a great idea – we’d get a public-level project going to buy the org a building! We started working on it and after a while had a building located, inspected and the initial checklist of actions done for management approval. It was affordable and was constructed & zoned for more stories on top of it for future expansion!

But as you can guess, that building was disapproved (without anyone looking at it) and the OTC was “in trouble” for acting without authorization. It was about this time I got a knowledge report written on me for “being too uptone” in the face of my unfinished F&Rs. Clearly I should have been more hangdog and stayed quietly off-lines. Well, as there was a Sea Org ethics mission in the org, this single KR got me hauled in – and I was told in no uncertain terms that if I didn’t pay for and route onto the Ethics Specialist course immediately, I’d be declared…

I got on course and worked on it diligently. I did my best to be a model student and help the supervisor out (whom I recruited and is still on staff to this day as far as I know) , gave wins, etc.. And yes, I completed it in checksheet time.

I then stopped working with the OTC and went flat out for months to get through my F&Rs. Why did I go through all of this? Well, because I wanted my wife and I to go to the Freewinds and do the OT Debug service, of course! The idea was simple. They promoted 98% of people doing this service are onto their next major service within 2 weeks of returning from the ship. I was thinking I liked those odds – because there was no way I’d be seeing a major service (simply from a financial aspect) for decades at the rate things were going. I was all-in, in the dark (poker parlance).

It was an expensive action but also a defining moment. Doing that service cost well over $25,000 (that we didn’t have) but helped open our eyes like no other. Doing the debug resulted in us having one of the most miserable times of our lives, being invalidated as to our intentions & abilities and left with no route of help.

After the debug we spent the next few years recovering financially. There was no option of doing more Bridge activity. I went to events and helped out however I could, but as far as services/donations go, I was no longer in the game. I was a broken piece…

And that’s why the OT Debug was also the most valuable thing I’d done in a long time. My wife and I both agreed that the church could no longer “help” us and we would have to rely on ourselves. It allowed me to take a step back and do what I knew to be the right things – work, pay off existing debt, never go into this kind of debt again, etc. It had the unexpected effect of allowing me to see how far astray the church had gone from my earliest days with it.

Over the next few years of just going to events (but not doing services or giving money) I was seeing a gross pattern – and recalling earlier instances of the same, substantiated things in my mind. My only thought was that sometime in the future things would be different. I had nothing left in the tank to give, so wasn’t really able to “pitch in to fix things”.

In July of 2009, Vicki and I found out about the St. Petersburg Times article & videos. I of course, was pretty knowledgeable about Marty, his post and relationship within RTC. Similarly with the others giving video testimony. Clearly I didn’t know them as well as those working/living with them all, but as far as “non-SO” went, I had much more knowledge than most.

To say I was in shock would be an understatement. The “problem” I was having was how everything was all of a sudden making sense to me. The church would like people to believe that the testimony given in those videos is what causes a negative effect in the wayward Scientologist. But that is a slap in the face in and of itself. I’d been observing things for YEARS with only partial data, unable to ascertain the truth of them because of incomplete data. No explanation given by the church EVER reconciled them for me. But these videos absolutely did.

I started thinking about how well little Dianetics book clubs & impromptu groups did. And how well Missions seemed to work, compared to Class V orgs. And how increasingly more difficult it got to get the job done as you moved up the org board. I was getting memories flashing of things I observed in Class V orgs, ASHO/AO, how much more poorly people were treated at Flag, the Freewinds, what it was like at the CLO/FOLO and what it was like at FB. The higher you went on the org board THE WORSE IT WAS! But I only ever saw up to FB so never personally witnessed the abuses at Int. But it now made sense – the idea of things “coming down the org board” was really true.

It now made sense why the RTC Reps in SO orgs were the rudest, most unfriendly, out-of-ARC people I’d ever met. It made sense why the MAAs in upper orgs were so concerned with petty overts. It explained why every Class V org EO eventually acted like a douche bag, pretending to be a big shot with a “badge”. It explained why the OSA network had the seediest, most no-gain-case personnel all over their lines. Why so much money went to “defense” of orgs. Why the church needed so many attorneys. Why the church’s PR was so horrible world-wide. And why the subject was being used the way it was on parishioners.

From the moment I had these realizations, I was out…

There is no way I can advocate, condone or support an organization betraying the very foundation of its existence. The Church of Scientology has become a fraudulent, human rights violating, cult of greed.

Step three of the Doubt formula states, “Decide on the basis of ‘the greatest good for the greatest number of dynamics’ whether or not it should be attacked, harmed or suppressed or helped.

I firmly believe the church is no longer deserving of ‘help’…

Richard Palmer


Richard’s email:

Vicki’s email:



More Truth Revealed

Follow up to last post, Truth Revealed about OT VIII.

Lest there be any future mistaking as to who personally laid in the implant, please review the words below. They were penned by David Miscavige for his closing speech on “Org Night” during the year 2000 Maiden Voyage aboard the Freewinds.

Because, I have recently been reviewing many of your folders, particularly those who enrolled on New OT VII, or New OT VII Expanded, soon after the release of the Golden Age of Tech for OT’s.

And what was evident is that many are nearing full completion of that level.

In fact, I would use the word “imminent.”

So, we have also brought to the Freewinds the Golden Age of Tech materials for New OT VIII.

As part of that, I have also recently done a review of a great many folders for those who did New OT VIII, before New OT VII Expanded.

For the good news, there is no long training course awaiting you!

Your skills, as currently being demonstrated on Solo NOTs, will definitely take you through this level, AND EVERY SINGLE SUBSEQUENT OT LEVEL.

In fact, it’s all good news.

C/Ses at Flag have the precise instructions on what step to C/S as you complete New OT VII.

In some instances, it is best to do L’s at that point. Ultimately, every pre-OT should do the L’s but, LRH gave specific instructions on “case phenomena”, or I should say, lack of specific “case phenomena”, where the pre-OT should do the L’s immediately after VII and before VIII.

But again, that’s an individual matter based on specific case assessment.

Otherwise it is right onto and through New OT VIII and then up to IX and X.

For those who previously audited the level, you will of course do an expanded OT VIII.

And in that instance, the service is free of donation.

What you will find when you arrive is an issue describing any false data some of you may have been given.

As a whole, with some distance and perspective, it is pure squirrel cage. 

This particular passage should be passed around to those who have had troubles in the past fifteen years on the Solo NOTs and OT VIII levels:

I have recently been reviewing many of your folders, particularly those who enrolled on New OT VII, or New OT VII Expanded, soon after the release of the Golden Age of Tech for OT’s…As part of that, I have also recently done a review of a great many folders for those who did New OT VIII, before New OT VII Expanded.

The last folders I am aware of David Miscavige personally reviewing and C/Sing were those of Lisa McPherson shortly before her spin, psychotic break and untimely death.

This particular passage should be passed around to those OT VIIIs who completed OT VIII prior to June 2000:

For those who previously audited the level, you will of course do an expanded OT VIII. And in that instance, the service is free of donation. What you will find when you arrive is an issue describing any false data some of you may have been given.

Steer clear of “Expanded OT VIII” lest you want to be a genie (wounded or not)  stuffed back into a bottle.

And the last sentence of that passage ought to be passed around to anybody wishing to achieve any level within Scientology Inc anytime in the future:

What you will find when you arrive is an issue describing any false data some of you may have been given.

Be wary, very wary, of David Miscavige issues replacing L Ron Hubbard issues under his trademark squirrel guise of “describing false data.”   Including, but not limited to the above, the sixteen page OT VII expanded, an entire stage full of “golden age of tech”, “golden age of knowledge”, etc…

Please also see the write up  below of a frequent contributor to this blog, OTDT, and his perspective from having experienced attempts to entrap him in Miscavige’s squirrel cage:

Having done VIII in ’89 and the original VIII Expanded in ’90 and all the L’s, I would like to state the following:

1. There was no false data given out on OT VIII in ’89 unless it was the entire bulletin itself, which I doubt because it aligned with data in LRH books. I experienced their campaign of recalling VIIIs back to the ship to handle ‘false data’ and do an ‘expanded’ VIII in ’90.  Their ‘false data fix’ did not consist of revealing that the bulletin contained any false data whatsoever. In fact, there was no false data revealed or found. The only false data was that there was false data. Maybe it was a ruse, used to condition people to the real false data that lay ahead in the future with the introduction of the ‘Golden Age of Tech’.

2. ‘Redoing’ OT VIII as an ‘expanded’ level after auditing more on OT VII is completely and foolishly squirrel and harmful and the only purpose would seem to be to confuse one and drive them down the tone scale into more solidity. I cannot see in any way that doing more VII would produce anything that would cause one to have to do more VIII.

3. DM’s ‘advice’ to do the L’s after VII and before VIII is suppressive.  OT VIII completely changes forever the way one would look at and audit one’s case in any auditing in the future. OT VIII reveals that one has been following a trick pathway inside the labyrinth. 

Why send someone back into the extremely complex labyrinth of the L’s, particularly L-10, without this vital awareness, and especially after so much work on VII and when they are so close to possessing a vital piece of the treasure map that will help guide them through?

4. I’d like to know what kind of bullshit magic DM thinks he possesses that would give him the skill or awareness to be able to tell from looking at someone’s folder that they were imminently ready to complete the level. Haitian Voo-Doo or does he do a Turkish Whirling Dirvish dance that puts him in a semi-godlike trance of omnipotence? And why does he say, “I-I-I”? “I looked at the folders”, “I determined” this and that and the other thing? I, I, I. Why is he not allowing his senior technically qualified people to make the adjudications and indications?

5. OT VIII Expanded was and is not free of donation. You will unknowingly donate your previous gains, you sense of self, your space, your knowingness, your confidence and your self-determinism. The only way you should ever do VIII again is if you completely did not understand it at all when you studied it and really did not audit it at all and got no EP on the process at any time and didn’t even attest to it. Really, what’s the likelihood of that? Maybe one in a gazillion-trillion-brillian-frillion? Those are some odds.

6. I read DM’s illegal and out-tech written interpretations of OTVII which was mandatory for all VIIs and VIIIs in ’95 or ’96. They were filled with eval, inval and blatant interpretations of HCOBs.  Isn’t that nice. What part of Qual training did I fall asleep on where it talked about the way to fix a product is to write up a bunch of interpretive authoritative documents filled with opinions to shotgun everyone with?

7. I can essentially agree with Marty’s technical stance that if one is trained right and does the levels of the bridge thoroughly and has one’s Act One in then they very well might not need OT VIII, but I would add one corollary to that, that one must be armed with the knowledge contained in History of Man along the way and at some point have achieved the benefit of the philosophical practices contained therein. And I’m not talking about those goofy clam incidents or jack-in-the-box stuff, but very down to earth spiritual truths and nuances thereof.

8. DM himself can only be handled from inside, and handled the same way he gained power, first by beating the living hell out of him, threatening him with blackmail and then using lies to do him in. A time comes when one must turn and punch Satan in the head and use his blackness against him to do good and besides, it would be so much fun.

The successful formula for this would seem to lie in the mere corporate legalities of the matter, used with the right amount of courage.


One final note,

“Give us the teachings of his majesty, A we don’t want no devil philosophy.”

– Bob Marley

Here it is live.  Don’t – like the devil has taught you to do – take it too literally:

Truth Revealed about OT VIII


Let me tell you why David Miscavige’s personal staff are currently jet setting all around the world desperately trying to drive OT VIIIs and OT VIIs back into the implant pen. Disappointed, confused, invalidated and in some cases simply broken OT VIIs and OT VIIIs have been coming to Casablanca in increasing numbers . While getting repaired and rehabbed we have been able to pretty much fully map the David Miscavige Black Dianetics version of “OT levels.”

We have discovered that David Miscavige has altered the Bridge in such a perverse and diabolical fashion that the “new” End Phenomenon of OT VIII lays in a dastardly implant. This explains why some OT VIIIs have dutifully agreed to start the Bridge over again like so many squirrels in a cage. And it explains why those who have not been successfully implanted have been left in a state of confusion (they had enough theta – and understanding of Scientology – left to resist being thrust from the prior confusion into the implant).

Sometime between 1988 when OT VIII was first released and early in the new millennium (if not earlier) Miscavige ALTERED the End Phenomena of OT VIII so as to reverse its effect. This truth has been revealed by the combined testimonies of more than a dozen OT VIIIs who completed the level as early as 1988 and as late as 2010.

Combined with the experience of a couple dozen folks who have spent decades on OT VII we have discovered how the NOTs band has been twisted to gradually create a confusion that serves as the prior confusion for the laying in of an implant on OT VIII. The operation is so dark and suppressive as to be difficult to confront. It explains why the NOTS band has been made more arduous the longer one is on it – the precise opposite effect of any auditing (including once NOTS and SOLO NOTS while L Ron Hubbard was around).

Let me draw some analogies for those not yet at NOTS or above. For those who are Clear but not OT, imagine your NED case becoming more solid and more arduous to address the further through NED you went. For those who have received Grades auditing, imagine each Grade becoming more difficult to confront and feeling massier and more suppressed as you move “up” the Bridge. Imagine in both scenarios that while the above is going on you are feeling progressively less self and pan determined and more other determined. Imagine that you are becoming more compliant and less free thinking and less and less able to differentiate and disagree.

Those who have entered the NOTS band and spent much time on it within Scientology Inc need no analogy. You have lived (or are living) it.

And we know the half dozen curve balls that have been entered into the NOTS band line-up by David Miscavige to create that effect.

The implant conditions an “OT VIII” to believe that he or she needs to start at the bottom of the Bridge over again, Purification Rundown, Objectives, etc, and an unhealthy dose of FPRD to boot. Miscavige’s bridge to nowhere is in fact not a bridge at all, but instead a squirrel cage. When you are done, you start all over again. He has “OT VIIIs” attest to something that carries with it awareness characteristics resembling those of someone newly entering Scientology at the very entrance to the Bridge. My post about OT VIIIs being routinely put onto Objectives was one of the most visited and commented upon posts in the 18 month history of this blog. See,

Now we know why it resonated with OT’s. Miscavige has convinced those who sit still for the implant that they need to gear up to slam their attention deep down the track and they need to up their confront for the task. The implication is they need this to apparently alleviate amnesia to get the answer to a question OTV III has always promised to answer. After OT VIII. And that is why so many OT VIIIs have felt such a deep-seated sense of betrayal and confusion upon completion of the level.

Now, wait a second! Didn’t L Ron Hubbard state that OT VIII Truth Revealed addresses and handles the reason for amnesia on the Whole Track? As a matter of fact here is what the currently published Grade Chart states under the “ability gained” column for OT VIII: Handles the primary reason for amnesia on the whole track.

We have experienced many tipping points over the past two years on our quest to salvage the subject of Scientology from the jaws of death. This point is different. This is the make-break point. The implant is known. Its remedy is simple. Beings can be and are being set free of this nefarious operation. They will continue to be forever. How do I know? Too many OT VIIIs already know the score. And believe me, they won’t forget. Because they now do know the reason for amnesia on the Whole Track – they have experienced it and survived it in real time – and they aren’t about to ever let it happen again.

I suggest none of us ever lose sight of what LRH said on the Class VIII course aboard the Apollo in 1968:

So anyway, Scientology is well named.  It is the road to truth.  It is a study of the truth. And total truth is total power. And when the guy hasn’t got any lies left in him he’s OT.  And all the mechanics of OT work out too. So, the subject is very, very well named.

The Golden Age of Fraud

Many have noted here that since shortly after the death of L Ron Hubbard in 1986, usurper David Miscavige promised Scientologists that New OT IX and X would be released upon the attainment of the target of ALL orgs reaching the size of Old St Hill.  Nearly twenty years of very expensive events and promotion ensued depicting what looked like a Miscavige management working day and night to achieve LRH’s objective.  Well, for the past two years people who were willing to look got a bird’s eye view of what Miscavige was doing instead.  But even without that insight,  anyone who has not lost all of his or her power of observation could not miss a couple of clear facts:

a)  No Class V orgs on planet earth are anywhere near St Hill size.  Those declared as such in the past are mere shadows of themselves during more productive periods.

b) Miscavige has simply ignored two decades of promotion of LRH’s intention – the making of St Hill size orgs, and promoted instead a real estate scam under the guise of “Golden Age of Organizations”.

In the event you are dealing with Kool Aid drinkers who insist on not-ising this out and out fraud, why don’t you show them Miscavige’s own words.  First, here is what Miscavige said to the “top OTs on the planet”, the OT Ambassadors at the Maiden Voyage,  June 2000 – nearly eleven years ago:

So, with the first three prerequisites well in hand, this last target is obviously of vital importance.


Not just to our group, but to you personally.


It’s what will make your ascent possible.


When LRH first suggested it, the reason was made clear — To create a real era of full OT, we cannot fall prey to the pitfalls of yesteryear.


All orgs to the size of old St. Hill is a quantitative target, representing Scientology beyond the “make-break point” on a planetary basis, accomplishing its aims at the correct order of magnitude.


Factually, the actions required to achieve this target are no different than what you yourselves have experienced with the Golden Age of Tech.


Put it this way — We know that if Scientology is applied standardly, it gets results every time.


The key to that is that there is a standard way to do things.


Well, that same datum applies with third dynamic technology — the entire panoply of admin technology upon which orgs and Management operate.


So when looking at org expansion, one cannot merely look at “statistics.”


What it means to achieve St. Hill size is the standard performance of all functions in management and our organizations, which are detailed in HCO Policy Letters.


And the number of functions to be performed in our organizations are voluminous.


When one spans out across the globe, and takes into consideration everything management provides, one is easily talking about tens-of-thousands of products that are required to achieve real expansion.


And yet, producing each of those products is vital, if we are to Clear the planet.


Well, the good news is this — We are making greater progress than ever in our history.


Look at it this way — For Tech to work, Ethics must first go in.


Correlate that datum with removing 4th dynamic suppression and you see why the first prerequisite to the release of New OT IX was so important.


But there is another datum — To get in Standard Admin, one must first get in Standard Tech.


And that was the Golden Age of Tech and Golden Age of Tech for OT’s.


And it not only saw to dramatically accelerated case gain across the planet, but spearheaded a new era of administration like we’ve never seen.


So to brief you on some of the many actions ongoing by International Management to accomplish that last target, and their progress in helping all orgs expand to the size of old St. Hill, please welcome Captain Guillaume Lesevre, the Executive Director International.

Now, compare that to four years later – Miscavige’s words at the 2004 Maiden Voyage, introduction to  the “Org Night” briefing.  Here he uses PROPAGANDA BY REDEFINITION of LRH’s words.  He effectively cancels LRH’s LRH ED339R Int by redefining purpose from creating “big booming orgs” to creating a  “new civilization”, which he proposes to do through construction of over-the-top gaudy, expensive, soulless, audio visual centers.  As anyone can see by walking into any one of these multi million dollar mausoleums Miscavige’s propaganda by redefinition has fleeced the public of hundreds of millions and left the orgs bereft of Scientology delivery, staff and beings.  The neutron bomb strategy perfected.

Miscavige, June 2004:

And that’s the whole point of doing it all.


For the purpose of our orgs is NOT to “be” “A BIG BOOMING ORG.”


No, that’s what’s needed to accomplish the purpose of “creating a new civilization.”


And so — each one of these new breed of “Central Organizations,” incorporates every application of LRH Tech, for their geographic zone.


That’s how — with every org itself generating new groups, missions and every type of Social Betterment and Field activity — we increase our impact 150 times like “that.”


As for where it goes from there — the answer is obvious.


— Each org moving “up-the-org-board,” so to speak, as the central training center for it all,


— New AOs in each zone to cater to the flow moving to the top of the Bridge,




Which brings us to this evening’s event.


Because what you are about to hear is the “overview” of what’s now happening, in the wake of March 13th.


And while that only represents three months of “activity”, it brings us to the final point of “speed.”


For as we’ve gone over — it will be “exponential.”


And once again — just to pound it IN — the reason for that “exponential expansion” is PURPOSE.


When you crunch the numbers on those “lending a hand”, and “forwarding the crusade”, it takes on a whole new dimension when you consider everyone who is really “ON OUR ORG BOARD.”


When you “make our purpose their purpose,” the answer is EVERYBODY.


So with all of that in mind, tonight’s OVERVIEW encompasses two things:


— Where the creation of IDEAL ORGS is newly happening,


— And, what has happened in the wake of the “dones” so far.


Because that last one is not only the ultimate “EP.”


But, rather, the inevitable “result” from those just now beginning.

OT VIII Claudio Lugli to Captain David Miscavige


Dear Dave,

It has been a while since we last talked and saw each other, so I decided I’d write you a few lines.

I really appreciate how you’ve been thinking about me lately. As soon as my son Flavio reported that I was reading the Blogs on the Internet, you sent directly from the US the dearest Marion Pow and Mike Sutter. Could you please say HI to them at your earliest convenience, because I really miss them. 

Despite the jet lag, having flown cross-world from Los Angeles to Brescia ITALY, I have to say, they have completed a remarkable job in clearing every doubt I might have had in relationship to your strategies on Idle Orgs, the IAS and the new Statuses (btw, these were genius) all the way to the Basics and the imminent release of Super Power. On top of all that they told me all about what you were doing so that Scientology would achieve its goals.

By the way, I was really sorry to hear from Marion that you have to wear reading glasses since you had to personally verify every point on the New Basics! Wow, but what can I say, work is work, right?

Anyway, I saw that they were strictly following a very exact program and they have completely handled ANY doubt I might have had!

On another note, I’d like to bring to your attention their complete lack of obnosis. You might have noticed that by now, since me and Renata publicly declared our Independency soon after their departure.

Oh, now that I brought her up, Renata sends a huge hug to Shelly! And by the way, Marion was so kind to let us know, even though we didn’t mention her name, that she is doing well and that she’s in a special program (must be such a deep and exciting program, because we haven’t seen her or talked to her since 2004), and please give her a big hug from me as well.

Going back to our discussion on obnosis, I think next time it would be a little cheaper for you to remove the recorded microchips installed in Marion’s and Mike’s pituitary glands. You could just send them over to me in Brescia as I have the last generation – state of the art – implant reader where I can read any kind of robotic programming. But I guess you shall decide what do to with those two your own way, maybe the physical impact is more real to you.

Besides all this, I am writing to you because there is something that Marion and Mike were not able to clarify to my satisfaction. Do you remember in 2006, it was in April at Author Services in LA when we last met? Thanks to your once assistant Emily Jones – a good looking girl, maybe too good looking to be your assistant…and by the way, whatever happened to her? I noticed Lou giving her the stink eye back then…anyway, she had been able to steal about an hour from your busy schedule so that I could finally get some good measurements for your clothes. It is with great pleasure that I recall that meeting. We were all waiting for your arrival, and Georgiana Sommerville (your steward) with Emily yelling, “he’s coming, he’s coming”, what a great experience, everyone standing at attention, really dedicated, maybe a little scared, but what do you want, it is all part of ethics presence.

But you know me, I’m kind of an easy going guy, and our discussions have always been pretty open and down to business. I always told you what I wanted to say, as I’m doing right now, and I always admired your being available. Anyhow, if you remember, I told you that we had just been at Flag and that thanks to a couple of amazing sessions I had with Cristina, I achieved an incredible stability of my Case, to the point where I felt that it was about time to go OT.

Not like I hadn’t done it all along…please! You know I finished OT8 in May of 1989, and thank God, you found out that some things weren’t just right, and as you know, I had redone the “new” NOTs rundowns. I had amazing wins with the original ones – sure, it was pretty easy when you’re audited by Class XII Malin Gelfin, and maybe because she didn’t call the right F/Ns and wasn’t waiting for the three sweeps of the needle, I really didn’t notice she was doing it wrong…I think I’m losing track over here, anyway, after having redone the NOTs Rd, thank God you saw that the blind was leading the blind!!! Imagine if he was deaf too…

And so you really saved us with your Golden Age of Tech. Those seven years of Solo NOTs, done after OT8, were incredible!!! In every way…especially those FPRDs, ten intensives at a time during my six months check, I’ll never forget them!

Lets get back on track here and back to our meeting where I told you that I left it all behind, and I was able to find myself as an OT again, and I was ready! I reminded you that I got into Scientology in 1974 with the sole purpose of going OT. I didn’t have any problems I had to resolve in my life…mine was a spiritual research that had been going on for several lifetimes, and I am as aware of it now as I was aware of it back then.

I told you that I understood LRH’s necessity of lowering the gradient, and that I had been asking my self for a long time…and I was now asking you: “Where are these OT Levels ???”

I did OT8 in 1989. Tiziano was only 11…he married twice since then and has a 12 year old daughter that goes to middle school; Flavio was just a kid as well, he was 12. He joined the Sea Org 13 years ago, and recently you sent him as an OSA spy against his own parents! My wife explained it to you in details with her post called “Flavio, a stolen son”!

Gee, I never lose this bad habit of continually changing the subject! What I meant to tell you is that 22 years had passed!!! You remember when I asked you directly “Where are these OT Levels ???” and thank God you had an answer for me!

And I still remember it now as if it was yesterday, with your penetrating look…your light blue eyes, your solid voice, firmly stating “Claudio, let me tell you, I discovered what had been stopping Scientology for the last 50 years!!!” I was already contemplating…but then you went ahead and told me:

Claudio, do you know SUPERMAN???? That’s it, that is what we’ll become!!!!“.

Oh my God…COB himself told me we will become like SUPERMAN, I couldn’t contain myself, I said goodbye to you and left with Renata. Maybe I even forgot to get your measurements, but who needs them now that we’re all gonna be like SUPERMAN?

I flew back to Brescia and told everyone the amazing story. Flavio was put on a special project right after…a pilot program, he was telling us about incredible wins, but he couldn’t say anything! It was SUPER SECRET and EXTRA CONFIDENTIAL. And then and there I thought, “here we are!!!”

And soon after the HUGE EVENT arrives, June 2007 and you announce to the whole world:

The real reason that had been stopping Scientology for the last 50 years is:


Dave, I gotta tell you. Got a little disappointed right there.

But I’m still dying for OTIX and OTX, and I’m not giving up. I bought 2 great copper poles, and every morning I hook them up and try to discharge, still not having any benefits, but I look up, way up high in the sky, beyond the clouds where I’ll soon be with my big S on my chest.

Claudio Lugli

The Hijacking of International Association of Scientologists

Freedom from Overwhelm


We have come to discover the crux of Miscavige’s Black Dianetics implant technique. My own awakening experience has been shared in greater or lesser degree by the many O.T.s who have made their ways to the Shack (the original and Casablanca). In my view, here is how Miscavige reverses Scientology to create the product of unquestioningly loyal sheep at the upper reaches of the Bridge.

First, as most of you know the ability gained from OT III is Freedom from Overwhelm.

How, then, are so many OT 3s, OT 4s, OT 5s, OT 7s, and OT 8s (not to mention Clears and Releases) finding themselves in the unmistakable condition of overwhelm?

If you look at what staff and public get a steady diet of from the very top in Radical Scientology the one overriding common denominator is overwhelm.

Overwhelming, implant-like stage setting events – six times a year.

Overwhelming diet of entheta about the state of the planet, and its populations’ insistence on destroying man’s only road to total freedom.

Overwhelming invalidation and evaluation as to individual behavior.

Overwhelming interiorization by way of unrelenting sec checking and evil purpose pulling.

Overwhelming demands for money.

Overwhelming demands for thinking in a prescribed way, and overwhelming punishments for thinking rational (redefined as ‘critical) thoughts.

Overwhelming auditing sessions by auditors taught an overwhelming beingness, and operating on the equation auditor plus meter can and should overwhelm pc or pre-OT.

Overwhelming family, peer and business associate pressure to toe the white line.

Overwhelming harassment for those who stand up and refuse to be overwhelmed.

If there is anything to be learned from the public disclosures of myself, Mike, Steve, Dan, Amy, Jeff, Marc, Claire, Jackson, Sarge, Karen, et al (ad infinitum) about the day to day conduct of David Miscavige, the common denominator of it all could be summed up in this description: “continuous intent to overwhelm.”

I think we can accurately state his overwhelmingly primary goal as “to overwhelm.”

Multiple reports have now been received and cross verified that Radical Scientology is routinely programming OT VIIs and OT VIIIs for objectives and even the Purif. A more suppressive, and reverse, general tech mis-programming is hard to conceive of.

LRH says this about the effect of incorrect programming in HCOB 13 June 70 I, C/S Series 3: Session Priorities, Repair Programs and Their Priority:

When incorrect programming occurs, then any auditing on it can add up to more overwhelm, which adds up to more errors.

There is that word again, overwhelm.

On top of all this is the overwhelming effort from staff and even public Scientologists to make the only acceptable beingness of a Scientologist to be overwhelming.

That this is the end result is not surprising given the following from LRH from HCOB 28 January 1966, Search And Discovery Data: How a Suppressive Becomes One

Search and Discovery is being made, and auditors are finding on one person and another, “myself.” Well, just among us girls, of course, you are going to find it. One of the best reasons you are going to find it is that it is part of the R6 bank. The other reason you are going to find it is that after a person is totally overwhelmed by a suppressive he assumes the valence of the suppressive. And a person you would find that on has actually been pretty suppressive…

That is the mechanism of suppression – overwhelming a person. Oddly enough you will only find it on persons who are suppressive and of course you’ve walked into the real mechanism of how does a suppressive become a suppressive. He becomes a suppressive by taking over the valence of a suppressive.

Is there any wonder why the overwhelming public impression created by Radical Scientology in the market place of public opinion is “Scientologists are overwhelming”?

Freedom from overwhelm is attainable and rehabilitatable.

The first step, as in remedying any disability, is recognizing that the condition exists.

It is quite amazing to watch how rapidly people blossom once this Black Dianetics process is remedied.