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David Miscavige is Basically Obsessed

See the latest video on the St Petersburg Times website, part of the ongoing Money Machine series:  Luis Garcia and Synthia Fagen speak out in Basically Obsessed.


Miscavige’s OT IX Release

For those naive enough to continue chasing David Miscavige’s elusive, imaginary and expensive carrots I’ve got news direct from the mouth of your “Pope.”

At the 2005 Maiden Voyage aboard the Freewinds Miscavige already released his version of OT IX – Orders of Magnitude (the “name of state” for the postulated level OT IX on the current Grade Chart). Apparently, few noticed and they have been paying through the nose for it since.

David Miscavige Maiden Voyage Opening Speech June 2005:

It’s great to be back with you– aboard the Freewinds– for what will most definitely be a landmark cruise from which nothing will ever be the same again.

And yes, of that I am certain.

And since you are here, then you most certainly can “feel it.”

That torque of our engine — with a horsepower of millions.

Yes — the power has been building and it’s screaming for take-off.

So, as the first word– let’s honestly confront what we now launch with our OT Summit.

Because, since we gather to celebrate Truth Revealed — that truth is now reverberating across the planet with a Golden Age of Knowledge that will take us to eternity.

Then again — what that truth reveals is “orders of magnitude” — and it’s spelled Ideal Orgs creating effects we’ve only dreamed of.

Miscavige failed to reveal the end phenomena of his version of OT IX. The End Phenomena is bankruptcy, bad health, depression, loss of family and friends, and an unmistakable sense of betrayal.  

It doesn’t have to end that way.  All one need do is wake up (a feat attainable at any level of the Scientology grade chart).

OT VIII – Truth Revealed

So anyway, Scientology is well named.  It is the road to truth.  It is a study of the truth. And total truth is total power. And when the guy hasn’t got any lies left in him he’s OT.  And all the mechanics of OT work out too. So, the subject is very, very well named.   – L. Ron Hubbard, Class VIII Course

Having worked closely with about a dozen OT VIIIs over the past year, it has been demonstrated for me several times that LRH’s definition of OT above holds true to this day, because it is truth.   Reversing the damage Miscavige has visited upon those who have traversed to that level of the Bridge is relatively easy; once they arrive with us. 

The difficult part for them is travelling through the valley of the shadows of death before their arrival.   It is during that lengthy sojourn where they attempt to exercise their attained awareness level at truth revealed, despite all peer pressure, case evaluation, twisted ethics, and propaganda to remain in a clueless state.    It requires strength and courage.  It requires getting into valence after having been through years of OT Levels that ought to do that, but as practiced in the church create and instill the most arrogant, ignorant valences imaginable. 

There are a number of alleged  OT VIII’s who are very much in the favor of Radical Corporate Scientology leader David Miscavige at the moment.  They are the buffoons who are willing to make asses of themselves in the streets, a very small minority. And then the “very best” Scientologists with the highest IAS statuses who act like arrogant snobs – the type of folk who held L Ron Hubbard in comtempt and whom LRH described many a time as those who were selling the planet down the river. 

Two sides of the Miscavige valence coin.  Assinine, vulgar bully valence on the one side.  Synthetic ARC, very incompetently masking the underlying sneering, whining, contemptuous, lying master-race type valence on the other.

Whichever side of the coin these bypassed case “OTs” choose, they have one thing in common: they are Out Of Valence.  Overwhelmed to the point of adopting the “winning” valence of an SP.

They are solidified in those SP valences by loads upon loads of FALSE DATA, read FALSITY, read the absence of TRUTH.

And so, let’s again look at how LRH defined OT:

So anyway, Scientology is well named.  It is the road to truth.  It is a study of the truth. And total truth is total power. And when the guy hasn’t got any lies left in him he’s OT.  And all the mechanics of OT work out too. So, the subject is very, very well named.   – L. Ron Hubbard, Class VIII Course

Thus we have Reverse OT VIII in the hands of Miscavige.  Out of Valence, False Data prone and filled with LIES.

The sad thing is that the Miscavige valence they have adopted does not permit  self inspection or evaluation of any type (right out of HCO PL The Anti Social Personality); except from the SP whose valence they have adopted.   And that SP takes careful measures to prohibit the splitting of the controlling valences. 

Even more sad is that those the Miscavige cult “OTs”  attack with such self-righteous vehemence could straighten them out in no time flat.

The first remedy for Radical Corporate Scientology’s version of OT VIII is fully contained in the PTS/SP Detection, Routing and handling pack.

The second remedy is fully contained in the tech of assisting an individual to strip valences in order that he or she may find out who he or she really is.

The Joker/Degrader Camera Boy

As Sinar Parman has several times noted, Danny Sherman (who is supposed to be writing the L Ron Hubbard biography, but instead has acted as DM’s personal public relations hack full time for twenty years) has carefully omitted from David Miscavige’s puff biographies an interesting bit of history. 

L Ron Hubbard personally busted Miscavige from his Camera Boy post for making Joker and Degrader videos with Golden Era Production equipment.  Well, as Miscavige likes to say about others, Miscavige has gone back to native state.

First, one of the only two Maiden Voyage 2011 events that Miscavige spoke at this year on the Freewinds was largely consumed by Miscavige Joking and Degrading about the Joker and Degrader events local orgs are carrying out across the world. Those events of course are designed to push public out of valence and overwhelmed to the point they tap out their 401ks or 2nd mortgage their homes for a Idle Org status.  We’ve posted about some of them – talent contests, out of valence hysteria whippings up in pirate garb, Top Gun garb, etc.   One might have thought Miscavige would rein in such activity with the exposure it has gotten here. No, it turns out he was the author of it in the first place, and spends the better part of an entire event aboard the Freewinds joking and degrading about it…and giggling (a giggle horrifyingly similar to that of Jim Jones just prior to the Jonestown massacre).

Similarly, after being exposed on the front pages of the Corpus Christi Caller Times, the San Antonio Express News, and the Houston Chronicle for making absolute fools of themselves in masking their overt harassment of Mosey and me as a “documentary” production activity, Miscavige’s answer was to publish his work for the Squirrel Buster Productions.  Here it is, promoting their assininity for the world to see (of course the world wouldn’t see it unless someone like me – who has a substantial readership linked it). 

Please note that the star of the video with the white hair and black jacket dancing on the sailboat is an “OT VIII” – the highest level of spiritual attainment in Corporate Scientology.  One Ed Bryan, who stalked me in Los Angeles, and is now in my hometown stalking me up to 23 times in one day.


(in the event they replace the lead video, the video I refer to is titled “on a boat” 1:43)

I guarantee you – and I guarantee Mike Rinder will confirm it – that David Miscavige personally edited this video.  Just like he did the Tom Cruise travesty that went viral on the internet and probably more than any other factor ruined his career.   What Corporate Scientologist’s fees buy:  twenty thousand per day to track Marty and make fools of themselves and enemies of the public,  millions upon millions of dollars for state of the art video editing equipment so that the j and d camera boy can continue to do what L Ron Hubbard busted him so that he could not continue to do.

Again, I refer to Sinar Parman and his corroborated observations:  David Miscavige was visibly happy (and happened to be joking and degrading too) the day when L Ron Hubbard died.  Here (and in C/S Series 100 JOKERS AND DEGRADERS) you can see why such joy spread over  the face of the camera boy on that day that was so sad for the rest of us.

UPDATE 6:33 July 13:  New York Village Voice coverage:

Mike Wilson

Hi! My name is Mike Wilson.

I’m from West Texas and I’ve been in Scientology since 1976.

I’ve done all the original OT levels, OEC, FEBC and the New OT levels. I had great wins with all of it with the exception of OT8.

In fact, it wasn’t until I went to the ship in 2006 that I realized the out tech being run on a personal level.

I had suspicions that Miscavige was squirreling LRH’s tech with all the changes, GAT and the new books. It was when I read Mr. Luis Garcia’s letter (the most beautiful doubt formula I have ever seen) that it became truly real to me how bad things are.

In March 2011, my wife visited Marty and Mosey’s home and was declared within days. I was subsequently declared without being contacted or told by the church. I found out later from friends I knew from Flag that, I had been declared. I still don’t know why exactly, but I’m guessing it’s my connection to my trouble making, but cute, wife.

I recently met and visited Marty and Mosey and found out Scientology is still Alive and Well! The wins I had during the visit were unlike any I have ever had before! It just goes to show that Real LRH works! I got my life back and I’m operating on a whole new order of magnitude!

Thank You, Mosey, Marty, Chiquita and Cat!

Love, Mike

p.s. Mosey, I’m still dreaming about your blueberry pancakes!

Keeping Scientology Working

Miscavige’s Public Relations Program

What we are seeing in real time on this blog is David Miscavige’s Public Relations program played out from coast to coast.   Yesterday his six mayonaise sandwich eating OSA volunteers made utter asses of themselves to a number of people never before exposed to the subject of Scientology (including seven local law enforcement officials).  Miscavige’s proclivity for playing such hijinks is the very reason I began doing something about the problem of Radical Corporate Scientology.   After three years of observing the monster from an exterior viewpoint I came to the conclusion that David Miscavige left unchecked would deny the subject of Scientology to future generations by so thoroughly sullying it in the public eye that no one of sane mind would go anywhere near it.   So, Miscavige’s solution to my solution is to speed up the process and bar no holds in rushing headlong into it.  This video captures the scenes they are creating every day now in cities across the country.

(Technical Difficulties)

In the meantime, we identified Neo Norman Bates.  He also goes by the name of Jim Moore.   Consult your OSA Volunteers list under “Austin” and you will find his name.  A Jerry Boswell trained CCHR guy.  In the past year, on three occasions when I was half way across the country Moore lurked in the weeds waiting for my wife Mosey to return from a long day’s work and commute.  He came to her door – with another OSA Volunteer, since Corporate Scientologists do not even go to the bathroom alone – asking accusative questions about me, refusing to identify himself, and leering at her like some repeat sex offender.  Three times the punk stalked and attempted to intimidate my wife while I was 1,800 miles away.  Now, he is on the streets of Ingleside continuing to leer at my wife and my home, and assaulting my visiting friends.

Jim is an alleged Purif completion.  He is married to an older woman named Salila Travers who calls herself an OT VIII.  It is well known that Travers has had to sell her soul (and sell a lot of other people out) for the privilege to get onto OT Levels.  And apparently she even sold out her sorry excuse for a husband to stalk well-meaning and well-doing women at the behest of her God David Miscavige.  If you don’t think Travers gets status, props, and privileges for pimping out her mindless, unemployed, gigolo wannabe then you do not understand the culture of David Miscavige’s Radical Corporate Church of Scientology.

Oh, yeah, how did Travers make the small fortune she handed over to IAS to fund this kind of harassment?  She owns a Pest control company. Woman, you are supposed to eliminate pests, not loose them across the land.

While Dave was sweetening Scientology’s image in Texas, Mike Rinder got even worse treatment on the streets of Pinellas County Florida.   Right down to, Christie being ambushed alone by four OSA thugs.  Nine more law enforcement agents from  three different agencies in Pinellas County received their David Miscavige’s Introduction to Scientology.

At this rate of meltdown Miscavige’s IAS intro rolling thunder is likely to go something like this:

“Some of you old timers might recall when it took OSA months to enrage a single public official on the subject of Scientology.  Since the Golden Age of Thuggery all of that has changed.   The proof is in the statistics.  This June in a single 24-hour period, Office of Special Affairs OT Ambassador OSA Volunteers pulled off what was once considered an impossibility. Sixteen officers and executives representing five different law enforcement agencies, in two states – a full, veritable ocean apart, as it were – were introduced to COB brand Golden Age of Thuggery Scientology.  Now that’s effective destruction of any possibility anyone will ever have the notion Scientology might be of use to anyone.”

I’ve read some heartfelt pleas to treat current OSA agents with compassion and understanding, since “gee, weren ‘t we all once like that?”  If you were really like the vermin I have described and video taped over the past few weeks then I feel for you.   I wasn’t.  I’ve got no mutual out rudiments with them.  And neither do a number of other incredible people on my team. And that is why we are putting their ethics in so effectively.

If anyone is offended by this type of talk, it is a free country and you are free to sound off in disagreement or walk on or quietly continue to walk your own path while staying tuned in for information.   I have a handful of close friends and associates, who for the reason of those distinctions are being hammered on many fronts.   And the harder we get pounded the stronger our resolve becomes.   We recognize that we traveling through the Third Wall of Fire.  Miscavige has reversed Scientology so that the higher one goes on the grade chart the more they are abused, ripped off, controlled and made into pliable sheep.   The ONLY credible evidence of someone actually making it through this sausage grinder implant factory to something resembling the purpose and awareness characteristic of OT VIII – Truth Revealed – is very PUBLIC disassociation and exposure of Miscavige’s cult as being the 180 degree dichotomy of TRUTH. The rebels who do see this and care enough to say so and do something about it are then treated to what we’ve been treated to over the past two years – escalating with every minute we persevere.   We recognize we are enduring David Miscavige’s version of OT IX and X.  The EP is that we survive saner, stronger, more aware, and more able to help others.  Realization of CHARACTER and recognition of ORDERS OF MAGNITUDE.

For many years Mike Rinder and I served as shock absorbers for David Miscavige’s evil intentions toward those who defy him.  When we left there was no more buffer between his escalating madness and Scientologists and the world at large.  We compared notes when we met again on the outside a couple years ago.  We shared our necessarily till then unspoken thoughts while serving as shock absorbers.  We both did all we could internally to prevent or check Miscavige’s habitual and continuous compulsion: to make enemies for Scientology.

Miscavige’s design is clear to us: he seeks to do to us what he did to so many others over the decades – hurt them so badly that they cave and generalize and they come to despise and attack “Scientology” instead of focusing on the source of suppression, David Miscavige himself.

Through all this I have not for one second mistaken the philosophy and technology of Scientology for the Radical Corporate “church” of Scientology.   And therefore, every penny of the close to one hundred million dollars worth of Radical Corporate Funds expended to turn us into enemies of L Ron Hubbard and the philosophy of Scientology has been utterly wasted.

The little demon cannot get it through his bypassed case, ncg head that he could electro shock me with twin hydrogen bombs as electrodes, and the result would be the same.  I will never forfeit my ability to perceive differences, similarities and identities and therefore know the difference between his CULT  and the subject of Scientology.

In closing, I leave you with words that Thomas Paine wrote in the Crisis Papers, the essays that rallied near mutinous troops at Valley Forge to victory over the world’s most mighty empire.

THESE ARE THE TIMES that try men’s souls.  The summer soldier and the sunshine patriot will, in this crisis, shrink from the service of their country; but he that stands it now, deserves the love and thanks of man and woman. Tyranny, like hell, is not easily conquered; yet we have this consolation with us, that the harder the conflict, the more glorious the triumph. What we obtain too cheap, we esteem too lightly: it is dearness only that gives every thing its value. Heaven knows how to put a proper price upon its goods; and it would be strange indeed if so celestial an article as FREEDOM should not be highly rated. 

Bridge Collapse Catastrophe or Instant Karma?

Radical Corporate Scientology is now as much as admitting in its promo that the arduous, one to three decade bridge Miscavige has constructed – like a modern day Rube Goldberg – was nothing but smoke and mirrors all along.  We have bait and badgered this admission out of Miscavige by persistently publishing the truth, while going on applying Scientology in a sensible fashion as the Old Man prescribed.

“Men mimic selectively when they are unaberrated, unselectively when they are aberrated. In the case of the insane person who echoes vocally and muscularly any person before him, the mimic mechanisms of the analytical mind have been
impinged on so heavily by engrams that unselectivity is the rule in the extreme.”

–         LRH, The Analytical Mind Oct. 1950

Miscavige just seems to be able to do little more than mimic these days. First, dozens of websites using my name  in the urls and the titles and utilizing my
exact format and imagery.  Then, his websites began publishing articles in my name and in Mike Rinder’s name – that is lurid pieces out of Miscavige’s Dictaphone  bylined  as if written by Mike and I.  The church’s mimicry of Independent characteristics has become habitual, albeit pathetic.  Upon extensive disclosure of Miscavige squirrel arbitraries, the church suddenly implements something to remove the arbitrary.  First it was oppressive Freeloader debt cancellations. Then there was the practice of putting people in purgatory for committing the “sin” of becoming pregnant as a coercion to abort, now pregnant SO members are immediately offloaded.  Then there was promoting the delivery of the OT Drug Rundown NOTS style. It  has become a regular, cause-effect occurrence (except of course, always a lower harmonic mimicry done for ulterior motives as opposed to a genuine reform).

And now,  perhaps the ultimate in low toned mockery and disingenuous reform.  The eighteen-month, THREE-six-month check OT VII.   After getting thoroughly exposed on this blog for using OT VII – and its endless six month check line – as a never-ending control and cash cow line, Miscavige has ordered Flag to get OT VII’s off the line in as little as eighteen months.  No joke.  They are actually promoting it. See the latest from Source mag:

Now, this leaves a number intriguing questions unanswered:

  1. What to do about the majority whom Miscavige sucked dry of savings, pensions, mortgages, and children for eighteen years
    of OT VII?  Do they get a refund for the hundreds of thousands they invested for the pleasure of being subjected to decades of Miscavige arbitraries? Are they so brain numb that it won’t even register to them that they were had?
  2. Does this signify the end of endless control  and shake downs with carrots and Miscavige arbitraries?  Hardly. On the very same center spread of Source that the above OT VII blurb ran in, two other seemingly unrelated  but utterly inseparable announcements were made: a) Flag has had highest ever Purif RD completions, b) Flag has had highest ever Objectives completions.  You wanna guess what case level the bulk ofthose completions were?  You got it, OTs, and you can bet your bottom dollar that is right where his “eighteen month OT VII” is headed.  It is all about hundreds of hours of objectives being required – all the sudden – for OT levels.  Stay tuned for more on that score soon.
  3. Can meaningful reforms be genuinely implemented through mimicry? My guess is not.  Scientology is knowing how to know in the fullest sense.  If these clowns just Chinese school us they still don’t understand.  How would they then be capable of delivering what they don’t themselves understand?
  4. Finally, check out the latest piece of Flag email promo.  Has Miscavige now utterly annihilated the eighteen month record from Clear to OT VII (before the ink was even dry on the first promo of it), by routinely having the ENTIRE bridge done in one year as currently promoted?

What is next, the blue pill?  As in Morpheus to Neo: “You take the blue pill – the story ends, you wake up in your bed and believe whatever you want to believe.”

Or, Instant Karma:

Rolling Radical Scientology Rats

This is a study in the anatomy of Radical Scientology’s dog-eat-dog, Gestapo-like cultural computation (read serv fac) of ‘to preserve my own neck, I’ve got to serve up a half dozen friends’ necks to the chopping block.”

If one were to do a deep-reaching survey that really found out people’s genuine considerations, it is my bet that this cultural computation is probably the most
frightening aspect of the subject of Scientology (to date largely actually mistaken for Radical Corporate Scientology).

Enslaved peoples and freed peoples for millennia have understood that horizontal bonds are more important, more valuable, and more durable than vertical ones.  They understand innately that vertical loyalties, while in the short-run sometimes remunerative, are cancerous when they are used to impose oppression and treachery onto horizontal lines.

Because the Resistance (Indies not yet identified publicly) is growing as rapidly as publicly declared Indies, we have come across a growing body of documented evidence of the suppression that is Radical Corporate Scientology.

The documentation below gives great insight into the dark, insidious nature of the current Radical Corporate Scientology tyranny, and more particularly into how that plays out in the lives of individual public Scientologists.

We are going to pick up where we left off earlier in the week with the strange case of Susie Lewis,  the South San Francisco Bay Area Scientologist who was squashed and made amenable to rolling over upon others.  For background, see:
The earlier beginning for Susie Lewis being exposed and flipped against her
Scientologist friends in the bay area was Scientology Inc leveraging personal
tragedy into betrayal. Standard Operating Miscavige Procedure (STOMP).

Barbara Nisbet completed OT VIII in 2007. She was a well-respected and loved
veteran Scientologist in the Chicago field. Her daughter is Jennifer Latch (San
Francisco Org Tech CS and wife of Snr CS SFO Stephen Latch) and Barbara’s husband was a long-time Chicago area Scientologist Class VIII field auditor Rich Nisbet.  After Barbara underwent treatment for cancer in 2009, Barbara and Rich moved to the Bay Area in order to be closer to Jennifer and her two  daughters. Ultimately, in September 2010 Barbara lost her struggle with cancer and passed away.

Rich Nisbet was thought to be echoing the sentiments of Barbara when he told a number of Scientologists that it was the continuously administered sec  checks through OT VII and OT VIII and the “EP” of this squirrel, oppressive regimen that caused the death of Barbara.  By the very nature of his sentiments Rich went further underground and furtive on the outskirts of the Radical Corporate Scientology community.

However, not possessing the courage of his own convictions, apparently not wanting to lose connection to Barbara’s daughter and grandchildren, and
having a 1.1 streak (never addressed because it is becoming a requirement in
Radical Corporate Scientology) instead of doing the honorable thing and standing up, Rich did what is now quite more acceptable conduct in the Radical Corporate Scientology community.

Within a month of Babara’s death Rich was busy stealing the wife of another Scientologist and good friend Dan Maas, another Miscavige authorized field auditor Lynette Maas. By December 2010 Dan Maas caught onto what was up with Nisbet and his wife. In January, 2011 Maas not only put a nasty physical beat down upon Nisbet, but through a well-chronicled, widely distributed email he informed public and staff far and wide about his investigation and his execution of street justice upon Nisbet:


Sadly, apparently by January 2011 street justice was all Maas could obtain
because Nisbet’s crimes had entered Flag Service Organization’s (FSO) STOMP
processing mill. That is, Flag found out not only about the out 2D, but also
caught out Nisbet on associating with potential Indies, Scientologists taking a
look at truth and chatting with one another about it – and STOMP policy is IMMUNITY FOR RATS.  That is, regardless of the crime, it is more or less forgiven if you participate in the worst kind of violation of several provisions of the ONLY ethics code in Scientology, the CODE OR HONOR.  At the Flag Service Org Rich Nisbet  was rewarded for stealing the wife of another Scientologist by way of the simple expedient of fingering his “friends” for a good long twisting in the wind dangling from the gallows. Flag, in its now inimitable style, turned Rich Nisbet from something resembling a man into something resembling a mouse (rat).

Please see the attached email cycle between Nisbet and an FSO MAA.  It reads from bottom (earliest) to top (latest). Slavka is a Flag MAA. Apparently, as of December Nisbet thought he was gonna slide out of FSO by giving the FSO MAA a little bit of ratting. But, Nisbet was disabused of that by the MAA, who informed him that under STOMP, you gotta give up everybody in order to walk. YIKES indeed Mr. Nisbet:


Black Dianetics rarely is applied without its implants. And implants were dutifully applied to Nisbet’s by then compliant, passive, receptive and injured mind.   Nisbet was coercively disabused of  his (and perhaps Barbara’s) initial, uninfluenced views that perhaps Barbara’s condition had something to do with the hundreds of thousands of dollars that were sucked out of her like blood from a vampire’s host, the years of invalidative control and Black Dianetics palmed off as the “upper levels”.  In its place was firmly planted the  following invention,  180 degrees diametrically opposed to truth. He was implanted to  forsake his dead wife’s views and adopt those of David Miscavige.  To wit, Barbara died because Rich and she discussed the possibility Flag and FSSO under the suppressive Black Dianetics of David Miscavige might have had some effect on Barbara’s health.  In other words, a brush with the truth is potentially lethal. Folks, it does not get any darker than that.  Miscavige is not just death, he is insidious megadeath.

I have never engaged in public discussions about the possibility of Upper Level Black Dianetics being a factor in the frighteningly high numbers of Flag and FSSO public OT VIIs and OT VIIIs dying of cancer. I haven’t done so in order not to contribute to the misconception that the tech of OT VII and OT VIII could in any fashion lead to illness of any kind.  I have in fact curbed such discussions from the commentary on this blog. But, having investigated this entire matter and learned of the broken, twisted lives and deaths of the characters involved (and compared it with so many similars), I am getting the idea perhaps we do have a duty or common decency obligation to do something about Miscavige and Radical Corporate Scientology driving people at the Upper Levels toward Miscavige’s cinder-hearted graveyards. It is not the technology in play. It is the Miscavige STOMP – taking people’s life fortunes, splitting their families asunder, invalidating and implanting them in the name of “upper OT levels”, forcing them through economic and familial coercion to commit serial violations of their own personal integrity and THE CODE OF HONOR.  Then, not simply leaving them to die in peace, but punishing them, further splitting their families for the afterlife by squeezing the last bit of remaining integrity out of the survivors. Relatively innocent out tech of relative short duration on the Upper Levels ain’t gonna hurt anyone to amount to anything.  Systematically abandoning the CODE OF HONOR, one’s personal integrity, and one’s sense of the rightness of things – AT ANY LEVEL – is quite capable of KILLING anyone.  That is Megadeath’s STOMP.

What has all this got to do with the simple tale of Susie Lewis?  Nisbet went on to rat out a number of “under the radar” truth seekers including, but by no means limited to, Susie Lewis.

Ironically, or perhaps not since we are doing nothing more really than
trafficking in truth, the exposure of all this is creating a bit of an Independence
exodus – particularly in the Bay Area.

Stay tuned.

Be connected.


Have your integrity.


Idle Org Fraud – The Proof


In the summer of 2006, right about the time Idle Org regging went over the top to stay, and it had spread around the world, David Miscavige had to address some burning questions the public was asking.  In order to handle the “noise” from the “riff raff” public, he went straight to his A team – the OT Ambassadors.  He knew as his ambassadors they’d spread back into org fields and set the riff raff straight, “tone 40” style.   Now, buckle your seat belts before you read Miscavige’s words below.  When he doesn’t have a Sherman-speak speech on teleprompter side checked by his $1,000 an hour attorneys, the damnedest stuff issues from his mouth.  Note well, incidentally, how he outright dismisses L Ron Hubbard in front of this crowd.  What is remarkable is that inspite of the non-sequitor, non-sensical, and plain idiotic Miscavige answers, these OTA’s apparently were satisfied, clicked their heels and went right to work damping out the public resistance. Anybody still want to argue against the proposition that the higher one moves on Miscavige’s Bridge the more compliant and tractable he or she becomes?  





From recording of live event


OK?  All right.  Ok. Now. So here’s some questions that came up on orgs. Now that I’ve given you all that data, let me tell you this, because I know you’re going get together people on that. People ask, “Why in the city? Why in the country? Why a test center? And why does it have to be so big?” Ok.


Taking all this data, there are very basic factors. LRH gives data on where an org can be prominently located. In major cities you often want them right there, prominently located in the middle of the city. Some cities, everybody leaves after work and they’re not in city. Ok? So that’s one factor.  Why the country? Because you can build it bigger, bigger, bigger, bigger, bigger, bigger. And economic wise for people to get, to live around that area, etc….



… So how big do you want it? How big… people say “Why 45-60,000?” Because we’ve generally calculated out that’s about the size that you can fit in these different services. But take a look what you want. You want your public division displays. You want people to walk through. You want several film rooms. People can walk in and just see a film. Ok. You want to be able to deliver a seminar. You can have a weekend seminar where new people are coming, but then they’re going to keep going on co-audit. Next weekend they’re going to be back. But the new people are going to be there for the weekend seminar. Well, that means you need a second seminar room for co-auditing. So you need two of them. You want a co-audit going of group processing, you need another room. So why this size? Ok, what size do I want you to have? Ok, 200,000 square feet. Do you see what I mean? You can’t really pick the size. What size? The bigger the better. I’ll give you another clue. The bigger, the easier. That’s all. So we want as big as possible. But the real issue are knowing what these services are, you know you want a bunch of public rooms. You know, we don’t have it down at Flag you can walk into the Auditorium, but think about the org you went to, here’s how it would go:


I’d walk in, “Hi, I want to know what Scientology is.”  “Ok, the Reg is over here.” (LAUGHTER).


And “I’d like to go into a seminar.”  “Ok, please, welcome to our broom closet.” Ok.






We’re trying to get these big areas because these are many group services.  So that’s – for some of those of questions that’s the general answer.   Knowing what these services are, you get a better idea as to what sort of org you’re looking for.  And obviously all the ones we’ve had, they have an element that makes it – okay, good, yeah – this is gonna work. 


Is Tom Cruise the Johnny Fontane of David Miscavige?

When the New Yorker announced David Miscavige is the primary target of a massive Federal probe into his decades long human trafficking and serial, institutionalized aggravated assaults, DM suffered a serious set back in his quest to rule Hollywood. I mean, how could he hob nob at Tom’s and John’s premiere parties with all the stars looking at him suspiciously as if they were sneaking a peak at Al Capone?

So, the audacious one figured he’d show them.  If he couldn’t be accepted, he’d just keep buying his way in. Starting with KCET studios in Hollywood:

Watch closely for his Hollywood cult friends frequenting his new digs, particularly Tom Cruise.

All but a very few people in this world, those very few being members of the vanishing cult, know that Miscavige has destroyed Tom Cruise’s career.

First Tom was unceremoniously kicked off the Paramount Studios lot.  Then he went to United Artists, and while desperately denying his who and his why and continuing to embrace him and it, he’s brought UA nothing but bad luck.  From Wikipedia on United Artists:

The Tom Cruise era

On November 2, 2006, MGM announced that actor Tom Cruise and his long-time production partner Paula Wagner were resurrecting UA[7][8] (this announcement came after the duo were released from a fourteen-year production relationship at Viacom-owned Paramount Pictures earlier that year). Cruise, Wagner and MGM Studios created United Artists Entertainment LLC and, today, the producer/actor and his partner own a small stake in the studio, with the approval by MGM’s consortium of owners.

The deal gave them control over production and development of films. Wagner was named CEO of United Artists, which was allotted an annual slate of four films with different budget ranges, while Cruise serves as a producer for the revamped studio as well as serving as the occasional star…

…On August 14, 2008, MGM announced Paula Wagner will leave United Artists to produce films independently.[1] Her output as head of UA was two films, both starring Cruise, Lions for Lambs[10] and Valkyrie, which despite mixed reviews was successful at the box office.[11] Wagner’s departure led to speculation that an overhaul at United Artists was imminent.[1]

Since then, United Artists has merely served as a co-producer with MGM for two releases: the 2009 remake of Fame and Hot Tub Time Machine. Throughout the past year, continued debt and credit issues forMGM Holdings, Inc., United Artists’ parent company has left UA’s future, as well as MGM itself, in doubt.

Could it be that Dave figures he’ll do for Tom what he did for jazz great Chick Corea?   Now, please do not confuse these two: Cruise and Correa.  Chick is an artist for the ages and a decent human being .

However, around the turn of of the millenium Chick’s disdain for the business end of things wound him up very close to bankruptcy.   Dave decided to be his savior and get his foot into the recording industry to boot.

Miscavige bought Chick’s old, dilapidated Mat Hatter Studio for about a million dollars more than its appraised value – nicely lining Chick’s pockets and subsidizing a good opinion leader to stay loyal to him.  Part of the deal was DM would gut the studio, upgrade it to beyond-the-beyond, state of the art standards, use it for the “religious” purpose of doing Golden Era Productions stuff, while giving Chick cart blanche to use the new joint as if it were his own; complete with wall to wall, slave labor wage Sea Org staff to cater to his every domestic and technical wish.

If you think I’m joking about Mad Hatter, let me give you Miscavige’s words to corroborate at least some of it.  They were spoken aboard the Freewinds in June 2003 to, you guessed it, his OT Ambassadors:

Alright, now let’s add to that.  We want to get dissemination items out for these people, too.  So to flank this we have a – Golden Era Productions has a huge movie-shooting studio, tons of recording areas where they do translated lectures, for the films, the mixing area – it’s pretty elaborate and it’s really big, and it’s also about a 24-hour operation.  

They’ve proven that at two hours sleep a night you actually can survive… 

…It’s five minutes from LRH Way.  And it’s all in addition to any other Gold areas.  Okay, and again for radio shows, news releases, radio ads, book-on-tape.  Okay.  There’s the first of the two studios at Mad Hatter, where we record those dissemination products.  Some of the things you’ve heard here actually were done there.  

And they’re fully compatible with Gold’s studios so they can do anything.  Of course it’s all based on Alice In Wonderland.  We can even do a TRs course in there.  Studio set up for any type of audio recording.  

Including CC’s there: new up-and-coming artists – another thing we can do to disseminate Scientology there.  A little serious about getting on the A/V lines of the world and keeping it expanding…  

…So that’s for— that’s sort of PR type dissemination, as opposed to just disseminating the Tech, the flanking PR. 

One has to ask himself on the KCET studio purchase, why, when Miscavige has spent upwards of one hundred million dollars on his studios at Golden Era Productions near Hemet,California?  And another many millions on Mad Hatter Studio?   The question becomes more significant when one considers that Miscavige has spent the last ten years effectively welding shut the doors to all local churches of Scientology prohibiting the delivery of the L Ron Hubbard Bridge to Total Freedom.  He has a need to promote what to whom?  Him to Hollywood?  Or is this Mad Hatter redux?

Has Tom Cruise become the Johnny Fontane of David Miscavige?