Push Button McScientology – Incinerate the People


Mike Rinder has mentioned a shocking fact on this blog on a number of occasions.  Mike related that Miscavige made it clear to all Int Management personnel over several years that he wanted to replace all Div 6 and Div 2 personnel with machines.  Audio/Visual (A/V).  He wanted to bypass all living, breathing disseminators (public and staff) with movies.  Lots of them.  Miscavige spoke of this even as he was torturing Int Management into apathetic oblivion, replacing them with his own movies (his single-participant events). That began circa 2000/2001, and I saw him going in that direction myself, and speaking words to that effect.  First, carefully couched and implied, and then becoming more overt as he created the infamous HOLE where all Int Management Staff were imprisoned in late 03/early 04. (for description of the HOLE, see, http://www.tampabay.com/specials/2009/reports/project/rathbun.shtml, segments entitled “Miscavige’s Escalating Violence”, and “A Game called Musical Chairs”)


Well, thanks to the Resistance still lurking within we now can share Miscavige’s own words proving Mike’s testimony.  By the year 2006 Miscavige had the OTAs sufficiently mesmerized that they accepted and embraced his neutron bomb strategy (wipe out all people, and preserve the MEST) with adoring laughs and cheers.  Here it is, in Miscavige’s own (verified by his own staff against audio recording) words (bold face supplied for emphasis).  





From recording of live event


That means that all we have to do is get every single person in the world into Scientology.  But at least its one cycle.  Okay, all right, (laughs). Now its one cycle that’s all you need to do. Okay so lets put aside the SPs, the job there is – the real problem we have and why we are so heavily onto AV. And you could say—what is the strat and you could almost you could almost sum it up into A-V.

And the reason is to bypass the need for brilliant disseminators everywhere in the world. So ah, If you take a look at a lot of the tech that was lost , PE – they didn’t have the tech but maybe the guy was just a bad lecturer. So we do a film on each one of these. Anatomy of the Human Mind, maybe he couldn’t really explain the time track, we are doing a film on it.  Dianetics Book One, maybe people are illiterate – we do films on every single part of it.  Our Div 6 displays I am going to tell you about in a minute. We do films on all of that, now ideally we would have every film for everything –and in such a format that anybody could have them and play them anywhere in the world…

… . Ok. Right. Ok. This here you’re going to find, upstairs.   Remember I said we reduced this down to push button and play. How big of an org do we want? – to put as many displays as possible in there. Now upstairs on the sundeck, they have built a mini exhibit, like you’ve been seeing in these fly-throughs…

… . Everyone has a basic introductory film that says what it is, and then behind that are what we call “back up films” – successes, different events that have, uh – different types of films on that subject, and ultimately we have 80 more of these back up films being produced, although they should be done in the next few months. So you’ll basically have your basic display. It’s got your basic film, and behind that, many other films that a guy could watch.  Get it on these displays, they’re not for somebody to walk around. When you see this routine going on – “Come here. Come here. Here.” He’s touring and I’m standing here explaining, “yak, yak, yak, yak, yak, yak, yak.” You as an executive go up to the guy, and say, “yak, yak, yak, yak, yak” and choke him and take him away. (laughter)

Because what we want here – this has everything to do with open door, walk into the org, there you go. Now, we have somebody running that area, but it is walk over, let the guy do it. The last thing they want when they come in is this. “Do you like that? Have you cognited?” (Laughter)

… You’ll even see there’s a display up there that always has the latest event on it. So what do we want in an org, how many displays?   As many as possible. We want all of this to go AV, to take out the need to brief so many people internationally on what they are. We just take the one area and everybody gets is, meaning Gold AV, event goes out, everybody has a system, and we’ve now reduced it to baby simplicity, which is what it should be. ..

…. .  We’re actually getting every bit of Scientology back into use.  And also moving it into the field, which is why we’re doing things like this so we actually bring everybody on our org board and inject it out there.   We can do things we never – we never could do before.  I mean actually moving everything into an A/V level, an extremely professional level, without requiring any training at that level other than press a button, okay…


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  1. Freedom Fighter

    Geeze, before you know it, you’ll be able to insert your credit card into a machine and get audited by robo-auditor — wait a minute . . .

  2. I bet DM would create a droid army of staff with himself as the only meatbody on staff, if he could. What a dream that would be for him.

    But for the poor public, it could sometimes lead to, “Thank you, your needle is floating (CLICK)…..is floating…..(CLICK)….is floating……..(CLICK)…….”

  3. Not only does the runty SP hate LRH, Scientology, Dianetics, auditors, the tech, PCs, MSH, thetans, etc., he also hates human beings. All of us. That means you, too. Case closed.


  4. I have read some disturbing things about all of this, but this is by far the creepiest one of all.
    Who ARE these people who are still participating in such insanity, and could they find out…please?

  5. Where’s the book store officer in all this? BOOKS BOOM ORGS! Oh, wait, we don’t need no stinking book store officer…

  6. Back in the mid 70’s there was a special secret project called:

    Operation Z.

    It was a super-duper confidential project spoken about in hushed voices and was intended to drive business down on the orgs. It was a despatch to Diana – CS 6 from LRH.

    He said — find out what EST is doing and duplicate it. Paraphrased here.

    Not the TECH of EST but HOW were they getting so many people to attend their lectures. They were growing like crazy.

    What EST was doing was something new back then. They had seminars and workshops. NOW everyone has seminars and workshops but back in the early 70’s that was new. And those seminars and workshops were not expensive. Did not require a life long commitment or a ton of money but got you interested.

    So – OP Z was born. The idea was to get “canned” intro lectures written and also get OP Z teams for every org that would be ATTACHED to the Orgs but OUTSIDE the command channels of Div 6s.

    OP Z – eventually died under the enormous complexity of Tom Morgan — wonderful sweet man from New Zealand (or Australia 🙂 — the runway was just too long. One by one the OP Z, secret confidential super-duper team was dismantled for this, that or the other thing.

    And OP Z died.

    You just cannot make CANNED lectures that will excite people. You need living breathing dynamic lecturers!

    dm took the concept of OP Z many stages further. He decided to make a MACHINE take the place of a canned lecture. And another machine and another machine.

    Doesn’t work. I took a little tour through the New York Org a few months ago. As a newbie (hee hee) and was just dumbfounded how uncomfortable the young gal was with some of my more penetrating questions. And no — I wouldn’t buy a book, no matter how cheap it was. Afterall, everyone can afford $100.00 book one package — unless you’re from Kansas and need to hurry back to see Toto.

    Or so I said.


  7. Mother of Grendel

    The first time I saw the Div 6 “information panels” I remarked that DM had managed to remove people from dissemination… no comm cycles, no dissem formula – no public in the Ideal Morgues. Then I heard about the new PE course – no books, no co-audit, just sit in a room and be shown a series of pictures. Gee – DMs Div 6 is looking more and more like an implant station all the time!

  8. Watching Eyes

    The dwarf is stuck in the middle of an incident and so he dramatizes it 24/7. Period.

  9. Former Flag Customer

    So, in the end, DM wants big buildings with movies. He’ll probably sell a lot of popcorn while he is day dreaming.
    But it is very risky and dangerous to invest so much time and money into an “idea in his head”.

  10. He probably believes utterly in his own brilliance. Robot people looking at robot registrars, robotically handing over their thetans as well as their credit cards.
    Fortunately the folks on planet earth are not as stupid as Miscavige believes them to be. Also, fortunately, he can’t evaluate anything.

    Several of us started a book store/ Dianetics auditing center in an indoor mall in Tampa. We got all the Flag displays with all the super-duper, professionally acted out and scripted by utterly perfect video-bots.
    In all the time I was there, I never once witnessed any individual watching the entire video.

    What I did see was people spending the MOST time standing in front of and reading two very large posters with “The Creed of the Church of Scientology” on one of them and “The Aims of Scientology” on the other.

    My own assumption, based on this simple observation is that people who want freedom actually want to talk to people…not machines.

  11. Of course Miscavige had to have blocked the OEC prior to this step of sabotage, which he had done, he had it “on hold” and no longer delievered, under the pretext that the issues in LRH’s course were in the wrong sequence, so it had to be re-done before it could be delivered, if you can believe that. Thoroughly invalidating LRH’s admin tech was necessary for the sabotage of org’s dissemination lines because what he says in this statement to his shock troops throws the OEC right out the window. Anyone who knows the OEC would or should laugh Miscavige right off the stage.

    He’d made it impossible to train auditors and for PC’s to be in sesssion. Then he endlessly delayed plans for the set up of the new International Training Org to train org execs (the LRH system) and stopped the OEC (LRH’s course) both of which I witnessed in UK and at Church management in 2005. By 2006 his master plan to sabotage dissemination lines as laid out in this post is launched.

    Auditing tech, admin tech and marketing/dissemination tech, he has been and continues to be a one man wrecking crew.

    Lots of luck radical Scientology, you’re going to need it because you’re screwed, from within.

  12. Hey, give poor little DM a break. If you didn’t like people and had a billion dollars at your personal disposal, you’d probably do the same thing. LRH once wrote and shot a film called The Problems of Life. It was one of the first films shot and I think DM misunderstood the film totally. Pam and George are a young couple looking for solutions to their problems. They try different existing solutions until they discover Norman Starkey doing an Scn intro lecture and are sold. DM must not have been on the set that day because he only employs the earlier failed solutions (bulldoze it, get rid of it, stab it with a knife, etc.). He doesn’t like people and people don’t like him. Add power and money and you have a recipe for disaster, ruined lives and all the rest. Bottom line, his stats are down long-term and by that alone there needs to be a change at the top of Scientology. A/V or no A/V.

  13. Windhorse, I remember around 1976/1977, the local Mission where I was onlines in the northeast had setup a “weekend seminar” at a nearby hotel. The lecturer was John Raffanelo, and he was dynamic and hilarious! And the place was packed, and just a blast.

    I never saw anything like that again in Scientology, but always thought that it was one of the more successful dissemination activities I had ever seen. I wonder if that “seminar” was setup as a result of OP Z. I had never heard of OP Z before. How fascinating!

  14. Marty, Mike

    He really doesn’t have a clue does he? I have no doubts, at this point, that he thinks you could audit people with interactive video. That would be the ONLY way to get 100%, totally perfect “auditing.” The only similarity it would have to real, LRH standard auditing, would be some of the words. You know he is going there. He feels that PEOPLE are the arbitrary and must be eliminated from the loop. When he has eliminated any chance for real beings actually communicating, he will have “perfected” auditing, in his demented misduplication of practically the entirety of the technology and philosophy that IS Scientology.

    He is likely cringing right this moment because he wanted to have this all in place before he “released” it at a future event.

    I can just hear him announcing.

    “I have removed ALL arbitraries. This is so “standard” as to totally redefine the meaning and the use of the word. It transcends the very concept of “standard” as defined by even LRH himself. We have succeeded where the old “standard tech” could not possibly have done so. (thunderous applause)
    We have eliminated “Human Error”. (thunderous applause)
    We have eliminated failures in training.” (more , even more thunderous applause)
    We have eliminated vast amounts of time and expense, and now, for really the first time ever, we can systematically audit the peoples of earth unhindered.” (ten full minutes of electronically enhanced, totally insane thunderous applause)….

    And the sole person watching the tailored video is sleeping blissfully in his chair, in an empty room, in an empty building.


  15. Yakity Yak, don’t talk back.

    An OCA eval and a dissem drill ain’t that hard to do but yes, it takes a thetan.

    Well, we have no worries that new public will be hoodwinked with that A/V crap…no thetan…no worries.

  16. Hey, John is still giving seminars that are a blast!

  17. One way communication. The Demented Man strategy is to pervert the bridge and reduce to whole operation to div 6 courses as the main dish.

  18. I am authorised to now officially inform DM that the network of underground OTAs has reached 100.

  19. Remember back when you were supposed to find out what was real to the person that he wanted help with, and then show him that Sci could assist him with that?
    A/V displays:
    a. Evaluate by saying, “This is what you are interested in, this is what’s wrong with your life, that we can handle.”
    b. Lose the one point that the person would want handled by putting it into a grouping with all the other items being presented so that his interest is gone before he can see that there’s something there for him.

  20. Wow.

    When I was on staff a good friend of mine was the Div 6 reg and then later the PES. I’m pretty sure the majority of people who showed up at the org he signed them up on a course. He got in comm with them, OCA testing, Dissem Drill, he had all his basics down and it worked. Good two way comm and really cared about the person. He was always an available terminal for new people if they had any questions or comm.

    On the “A/V”: I have never seen a single person come in and watch the videos as intended. People don’t want to come into an org and sit infront of video screens and watch this crap. I’ve seen some people press start and watch a minute or two and then walk away, but I have never seen a single public person sit there and watch even one whole video.

    My bet after spending some time in two ideal orgs is that one could go to any ideal org at any time of the day or night and these public A/V display rooms would be empty.

    They don’t work. They don’t do anything. No new person is enlightened from these video screens. It’s out tech. It’s not LRH. It doesn’t work.
    It’s ENMEST and people pick up on that even if they arent sure what that doubt in their gut is. They pick up on it.

  21. “..at this point, that he thinks you could audit people with interactive video.”

    Did you hear about the “Can We Ever be Friends” cd that came out @ 2000?
    It was supposed to audit the recipient. They simply put it in and hit play and it “puts them in session”.

    I thought it was weird and squirrely at the time.

  22. I ran into one on Youtube a few months ago.

  23. I believe in a bad dream I saw Miscavige, he was tied to one of these machines, trying to stop it from falling off a cliff into a deep crevice. He failed and they sadly fell. The last thing I saw was his toes trying to hold onto the edge but the machine was too heavy for his little toes to hold. He was shouting something on the way down, but I couldn’t hear what it was. It was all very sad.

  24. plainoldthetan

    The elimination of LIFE from the dissemination cycle is obviously one of the games that Miscavige is engaged in.

    Remember one of the Marketing mottos from a few years ago?

    “Press play. Cognite.”

    Why, it’s positively BRILLIANT!

    I came home today, stuck a DVD of the AC 360 interviews into my DVD player. I pressed play. And cognited.


    The elimination of human beans from the equation solves so many problems.

    Human beans require housing. And food. And training. And correction. And paychecks. And time off.

    All this requires time. And money.

    We could get rid of that resource-robbing human factor if we could eliminate HUMANS.

    Why, it’s positively BRILLIANT!

    That’s why the marvelous new can’t-live-without-it disrupt-all-existing-delivery routes onto the Bridge has a Personal Efficiency Course that it only takes a robot to deliver. The kind of robot that can be asked questions and not answer them.

    All the robot has to do is press “PLAY” on the remote control and the next chapter plays.

    If that doesn’t answer the question, press “PLAY” again.

    If you get to the end of the Personal Efficiency course and the guy hasn’t signed up for his whole Bridge to clear, there’s no one trained to actually HELP the guy.

    It’s magic.

    This is a real conversation I had with a Div 6 staffer from an Idyllic Org:

    “It’s all been piloted.”

    “Yeah. How many people signed up for a Div 6 Service last week after completing the PE?”

    “Uh. We got 30% more people disseminated to about Scientology last week using that line.”

    “Yeah. How many people signed up for a Div 6 Service last week after completing the PE?”

    “We got more people into the org last week than the previous week on the PE line.”

    “Yeah. How many people signed up for a Div 6 Service last week after completing the PE?”

    “I don’t think we got any.”

    “Yeah. How many people were on the PE last week?”

    “I don’t think there were any.”

    “So, it sounds like PE was piloted right into the ground.”

    (comm lag) (uncomfortable squirming) (comm lag) “That’s entheta!”

    “It’s entheta to ask questions about the org’s production?”

    (comm lag) (uncomfortable squirming) (comm lag) “It is when the answers are all zero!”

    “Maybe you should look at the definition of ‘entheta’ in the Tech Dictionary.”

    (comm lag) (uncomfortable squirming) (comm lag) “That’s inval and eval!”

    “Fine…Oh, by the way, I don’t want to sign up for staff. It seems as if all the needed posts are filled and you don’t need my skill set in this organization. ”

    “But we do, you’re a Class VI C/S!”

    “I meant: I can communicate, I can inspect, I can audit, I can apply tech and policy, I can read an OCA, I can do an OCA evaluation, I can answer questions intelligently about Scientology. You don’t need my skill set.”

    “That’s entheta!”

    “The list of characteristics describing entheta in the Tech Dictionary doesn’t include the word ‘truth’.”

    (sputter)(squirm)(comm lag)



    By eliminating all the humans in the process, there’ll be no one to label things as “entheta” when they aren’t.

    “Neutron” Dave is making sure the buildings are all there but there are no people in them.

  25. Hey Margaret:

    I remember late 70s/early 80 a few fabulously successful paid seminars in the Northeast at local hotels.

    One was a Book One Seminar – two days, learn it and audit.
    The other was based on the book Have You Lived Before This Life?

    Both attracted HUNDREDS of attendees. These were not Scientologists. Zero call-in was done. Flyers posted around town. People brought friends back in those days because they knew their friends wouldn’t get harassed or creeped out by people glomming onto them to sell them something.

  26. When Dm talks, doesn’t ANYBODY listen? How could you sit there an be a bobblehead, grinning and aplauding unless you didn’t hear a single distorted, suppressive, anti-everything-LRH dribble coming out of DMs mouth?

    Not for one moment would I have stuck around in an unmanned cold, heartless building as a raw public. If the idea is to eliminate new public, I think DM has a winner here. Looks like it from the lack of Div 6 public in our local Morgue.

  27. Your humble servant


    This whole thrust is just nuts from an absolutely nutty and truly suppressive person. Times I have been in our org and seen the electronic displays and movies I was not impressed and did not feel that they effectively disseminated what I thought Scientology was really about. In fact, they seemed to me to be a kind of corny turn-off. I could not rationalize this because I felt sure someone higher up must know what they were doing.

    Also, the same goes with the decision to tell staff members that they had to dress formally, like wearing uniforms. Everything by a pat formula. I just did not get it. But, now I do get it! Scientology churches have had a nut-job increasingly take total charge of everybody and everything in “Scientology” organizations since around 1982. No wonder the public hates what they think of as Scientology! One of the most powerful theta (life force) influences on the planet has now become entheta (perverted and destructive anti-life force).

    The first little blurb above of saying “all we have to do is get every single person in the world into Scientology” rather says it all. That is just insane drivel. We are listening to a boorish, dishonest boob talking. Ron would never have said any such thing. The point was never to get “every single person in the world into” anything, but was to make the world a safer, saner, much better place by applying and disseminating Ron’s marvelous and profound discoveries about life, the mind, communication and the physical universe. This guy has just been a marvel about perverting everything good and making it into something horrible.

    Again, no wonder the public hates what they think of as Scientology. The official organizations are now strictly “dark side.” DM is just awful, and the people who unthinkingly support him and everything he does are behaving awfully too.

  28. Well I always thought that Skippy’s definition of “Ideal Org” was kinda squirrelly if ya catch my drift.

    Now I know that his concept of “Ideal Org” is actually an *Implant Station*.

    Maybe the RO crowd was right when they said he was a Macab or somewhere around Heletrobus ’cause the lil’ squirrel ain’t from this planet.

    Hey Dave!

    Why don’t you do us all a favor and catch the next saucer back to Acturus and take that crowd of useless OTAs wid ya.

  29. WH, And don’t forget, LRH said that the VM program was to be run totally OFF org lines. No connections with orgs AT ALL. Otherwise, he said, it would fail. Sure enough. It has been reduced down to a few photo ops at disaster sites instead of a presence in every community ministering to the everyday problems of everyday people. No photo ops there. LRH said there needed to be as many VMs as there are police, which I once determined to be about 3 for every 1000 citizens worldwide on a rough average.
    Interestingly, est founder Jack Rosenbaum (Werner Erhard–he chose that name because it sounded better than Jack Rosenbaum) was on the HSDC at San Francisco Org in the late 60s, where he picked up a lot of what became est. I wonder if LRH ever knew that. As I recall from one of the Op Z advices he did mention something about est utilizing early 1950s tech.

  30. plainoldthetan

    Didn’t you hear? We don’t need bookstore officers anymore. The brilliant almighty Neutron Dave has planned to replace all bookstore officer with dispensing machines (like RedBoxes) that dispense your desired book when you insert a credit card.

  31. I had totally forgotten about Op Z! Damn that brings back memories. I think Yvonne Jentzch was also involved, was she not? It was a big deal for a while. I had no idea it was in response to est. est (love those lower-case letters!) was crazy, but popular for a while.

  32. I was talking to a friend from LA on Friday who said that now that the LA Ideal Org is open ITO finally moved to PAC. I asked, “but are there FEBC students now?” She said, “Hmmmm, I’m not sure about that…”

  33. This is actually GREAT NEWS!

    When DM has trouble hiring/training new people, he automates it. Machines don’t have families, can’t talk to reporters, and don’t need to be paid. (But they CAN be disconnected! LOL!)

    The more films that are made, the more people that need to be hired. The more hired people that LEAVE the CoS, the more money that CoS has to spend re-shooting these films.

    You’ll know the war is almost over when there are no more actual people shown in these films.

  34. Well, judging by the YouTube videos of Tommy Davis and “OT VIII’s” like John Allender, I can see why Mr. David Miscavige would want to take the products of his tech out of the loop.

  35. I doubt that.

    He still needs people nearby to hit or to blame for his ideas failing.

  36. Cindy Pinsonnault

    WW –

    I can just imagine. But what if he doesn’t have his teleprompter? It might sound a little more like this:

    “I have removed, you know there these, but so standard. ALL arbitraries. This is so to totally redefine, it transcends the meaning. Use of the word. The very concept of, as defined by even LRH himself. We have, could not possibly have done where the old “standard tech” so. But succeeded, this thing, no failures in training. It’s really going, and we’ve, but vast amounts of time and expense, and now, for really, I mean now for really, in actuality the first time ever, we can the peoples of earth unhindered.” …

  37. Yep, I can confirm that is exactly how Miscavige talks and exactly the way he thinks. He despises people. He considers them fools at best and SPs at worst. “Have a staff member give a lecture? You must be joking! Of course they will fuck it up.” That’s how he thinks about everything and everyone. I had people at the Base tell me, in all seriousness “no Scientologist can give an intro lecture.” That statement would leave me speechless. I remember, back in the day, when any auditor, and most Scientologists, could give an impromptu intro lecture on the spot. If you couldn’t do that, then you were kind of looked down on. And many were stellar at it. That was what made Scientology exciting. If I had just been shown a film, I probably would have walked right back out again.

    But the fact is, if you were to drop David Miscavige into a room of non-Scientologists, with no preparation, no teleprompter, no Danny Sherman script, no A/V, and told him to deliver an off-the-cuff impromptu intro lecture, he couldn’t do it. He’d be terrified. Therefore “no one can do it.” Hell, even I could still do a decent intro lecture right now with no notice and no preparation, and I’m not even a Scientologist any more!

  38. davemessenger

    Wow. Lil’ dave is really quite interesting. He has not even grasped the basic concept of 2-way flows.

    Why is there never a Scientologist at one of these events who stands up and says “What a load of crap ! and here’s why . . . etc etc”

    Has anyone here who has worked with the little fool ever challenged him face to face, or witnessed someone do so?

  39. When you visited the NY Org, how did it look as fas as bodies in the shop? The official word is (also from several months ago) that more new people were coming in than ever.
    We also recently heard that there are 70 to 80 new people starting services at the LA Org each week. We’re wondering if this is true, and if so, are they staff from other orgs who are being sent there for their Ideal Org training or actual new public coming in.

  40. Yay! Hip Hip. On to target 200!

  41. Joe Pendleton

    I’ll tell you the result of this type of thinking. Last time I left an org was in 2007, and after the ravings of the MAAs and the bad used car salesmanship of the “Captain”, I suddenly had the thought……I’m being handled in a Church of Scientology by people who don’t REALLY understand anything about Scientology. Quite a shock, and yet kind of amusing too as it indicated some charge. And since then, having read numerous accounts of this stupdidity about standard tech even at Flag, you see the result of the completely nutso decision to disseminate Scientology, as Chairman Dave says, “without any training at that level EXCEPT PUSH A BUTTON.”

    EXACTLY! See, that’s what you get when you “dis-invite” really TRAINED Scientologists (experts at auditing) to leave the building. You don’t got no one to meet and greet the public who really digs the science, ya’ know? So, you now get to hire people whose qualifications to represent the philosophy of Scientology is…….”can push a button.” Fast flow hiring I guess. Now, I have actually been invited back, by the way, as I have decades of experience in explaining various aspects of Scientology to all sorts of people around the world. But after being “asked” to leave, well…….I found other things to do. Well, Dave, keep coming up with your VERY interesting……uh…..unusual solutions? Have you ever considered word clearing the very first thing you ever read in Scientology?

  42. When Las Vegas was setting up and Linda and I were pitching in we were told that this Div 6 set of panels cost the org 1.2 million dollars. This is what we were told. I believe that Gold would charge orgs this much money for those POS displays.

    I was in Pasadena org when my daughters 2D was going through them and he had all kinds of questions and there was no one there to answer him. We got the ED, who was an OT VIII and she “patiently” listened to his questions and then referred him back to the panels. He got really pissed and at the end the BSO tried to sell him an OEC Vol Zero because he said he was interested in Management. This really fried his ass. I would say it took a year to get him back in mind of getting his questions answered again.

    LRH said in a Level II HCOB that people think you are a genius if you find out about them. But they think you are a fraud if you fail to find out about them. This was the forte of Div VI “ruining people.” As long as you could do a proper OCA and get into the heads of raw public and “find out about them” you will win and fill up your org. But failing to do that willl result in failure. The panels will not accomplish getting into the publics heads. Not a prayer in doing that.

    ML Tom

  43. Joe Pendleton

    An addition to my comment please. Here’s a practical example of “doing it the right way” that I think y’all will appreciate. In the fall of 1970 I brought a friend of mine into the local org. Ingrid Smith was there to handle my friend’s disagreement (and I shlould mention this friend WAS actually handled and became a Cl VIII Auditor). Now you have to understand that Ingrid was the org receptionist. She was not yet trained as an auditor. BUT…….she not only took responsibility to help me with my friend, she already knew a lot about the subject of Scientology. She found my friend’s reality, she communicated well and of course Ingrid used a very high level of affinity. THAT is how to do it, folks. Ingrid didn’t need no stinking buttons to push.

  44. From what I know est expanded into use by the Government and corporations.

    It was very group bank orientated something like these endless “events”.

    I had to do a crash course on the sec check and RL at Flag when it was a confidential pilot back in ’89 after est was supposedly “disbanded” and they were allowing former est public onto the Bridge.

    (Actually Werner changed the name to “Landmark” which was basically est)

    I wouldn’t doubt if the Ol’man knew that est was a squirrel adaption of Scientology tech similar to the old Congresses. Only somewhat more aggressive.

    (any one who wants a good idea what est was like should watch the movie North Dallas 40 Starring Burt Reynolds.

    Only its called IT in the movie for Intensive Training.)

    Though this is purely speculation

    Probably the reason why he wanted it piloted off Org lines and set up a separate unit to pilot it.

    Anyway I had a good friend who was former GO WW who ran one of the Op Z units who had nothing but foxy babes working for him.

    The guy had a knack for picking up chicks or collecting groupies since he was in a relatively successful Rock band called Marilee Rush and the Turnabouts back in the late ’60’s.

    Just hanging out with the guy increased my 2D opportunities immensely…..


    Er …but I digress….

    Anyway the way he explained it to me was that it was based somewhat on the HCOB ‘Scientology Zone Plan’ though I don’t remember any mention of est (though there could have been ….but…er….I might have been somewhat distracted…by some of the other members of the Op Z unit which was almost like a fricken Harem) and something about broad public outreach.

    Having never seen the directives regarding the program I wouldn’t know if there was any est connection or not

    All I know is Op Z sorta faded out at some point.

    Anyway that is my 2D worms view of Op Z and est.

    Yeah I knew you’d catch the double entendre 😉

  45. Oh yeah that makes sense.

    Deliver the *Flag* Executive Briefing Course at a Class V org!

    Maybe there isn’t anyone at the HGB to deliver it any more.


    Looks like the good ship COS is sinking fast and now their just rearranging the deck chairs.

  46. @Crusader : I used to know a person using that moniker in L.A., but somehow I don’t think you are he, since that fellow disconnected from me on command after years of friendship when told to by a teenage Sea Org MAA.
    Michael A. Hobson

  47. Wow … hilarious comm cycle with that Idyllic Org staff member. It had me laughing but at the same time, shaking my head.

    Anything that counters their programmed universe is discounted as entheta.

    Not a clue on how to do a simple eval (commonly known as opening your eyes & having a look-see) like ‘No People = Not Good’.

    Instead, these guys have been painted a picture of beautiful buildings playing videos and throngs of public lining up. They look at this picture and actually believe it is happening.

    Unfortunately, thousands of stellar Div 6 personnel have been wasted and substituted; the crowds have realized the depth of Miscavige’s twisted nature and gone home; and the only thing left is to bring in the elephants & pull down the tent.

    It is one big camouflaged hole.

    What a waste.

  48. Felicitas Foster

    Yes, already in 2009 AV systems were implemented in Div 6 with films on how to audit Book 1 – it was called a “seminar” and people should come for a weekend see the films and start auditing each other. Creepy …

  49. “Hey Dave!

    Why don’t you do us all a favor and catch the next saucer back to Acturus and take that crowd of useless OTAs wid ya.”

    Man … busted a gut on that one hahaah

    Thanks for the chuckles 🙂

  50. Wow! Quite the desecration of LRH’s standard dissem formula. Makes me wonder if DM is stuck in an implant or on drugs! Too insane for words.

  51. “He doesn’t like people and people don’t like him”.

    That’s so NOT TRUE Dan. He’s got a friend. OK, so this friend has “an unusually unnatural” relationship with him, but hey, give the guy a break. Somebody likes him.

  52. If true, this is a stunning Easter present for all.

  53. Div 6 people are actually auditing. Every time they contact a person from the street or one that simply entered the org or mission they audit that person. Thus they audit their environment. Without that the org or mission is at the same level of their environment.

  54. dm is not spiritual, he is MEST oriented.
    And that is dramatized big time.

  55. Impartial English Girl

    Oh dear.

    I guess the REAL ‘bots (as opposed to the DM-‘bots) can be reliably programmed not to blow…

    The sad thing is, I can actually visualise l’il Dave surrounded by his mechanical friends… Oh, hang on – isn’t that exactly how the Cybermen started out in Doctor Who…?

    BTW – what’s Tommy D up to these days…?

  56. gern gaschoen

    >dm:> different events that have, uh – different types of films on that subject

    oops .. he gave it away, there. This is all about replacing LRH tech with “Electronic Events”.

    The hidden data line (LRH “advices”) that has been used to rule the Church into the ground must be abandoned, at all will.

    Green on White, HCOB’s, PL’s, LRH books, LRH course packs .. these things are the ONLY “A/V” **this** Thetan needs!

  57. gern gaschoen

    Your Future, Church-members!!

  58. Jethro Is In The Zone

    Relevant to this blog posting, here again are the YouTube videos of “Anon Orange” and “the Angry Gay Pope” raiding the Pasadena Idle Org. They get the “A/V Tech” thrown in their face, which means the staff don’t really answer their questions but instead simply tell them to watch the video, or just let them wander around the org aimlessly. And the videos themselves are partly about watching the videos. One can get’s recursively pulled into Miscavige’s labyrinth (or should I say nightmare?) of watching videos.

    Didn’t the Dissemination Drill involve two people communicating to each other instead of a machine disseminating to a person? “Let me show you the video…”, “Please watch the video…”, “The videos answer every question…”, etc. What’s wrong with this picture? Isn’t it a bit lit like having a machine trying to audit people? Even if one took the smartest computer that may exist 100 years from now, one is still missing Theta from the equation, or to put it another way, it’s missing the “human touch”. Didn’t we originally get into Scientology because it seemed like someone else cared about us? No one cares about anyone anymore in the Church of Miscavige. A person is only as valuable as his or her bank account. I have to end of this posting right now, my doorbell is ringing and it might be a bunch of douche bags with cameras on their heads.

    Part 1:

    Part 2:

  59. Did someone call?

    The counter-intuitive thing is that for many people a robo-auditor can work, even though it is theoretically impossible. Try it and see! http://www.paulsrobot.com/node/1963 . No charge, and no registration needed for this Rudiments/L1C module.

    It’s never likely to be as good as Marty or any properly-trained auditor, but it works far better than I thought it would when I first started out. And it sure is convenient.


  60. Thanks, Tom. I was not around to see any of these machines, but that Pasadena incident was vivid enough for me to get the picture.

  61. It’s just a restim of Marcab and their psych control police government. Many have been there but only a rare PT PDH’d astma survivor dramatizes all those control implants.

  62. Yeah, Davey used to write anonymously on this blog but his unique high-school-drop-out-style gave him away and now he hasn’t tried for months.

    I’m flabbergasted as well as to how many OTA’s are still around him. No decent well functioning man could tolerate a few of his sentences without sincere doubts regarding the mental functioning of such a moron, let alone his authority.

  63. Thanks for the posting What’s the purpose of posting this

  64. The “div 6 courseroom” was on a lower lobby, but clearly visible as it was designed with glass.

    It had about 2 people on it — this was in the morning around 10AM.

    I returned in the evening around 6:45, just before course start at 7PM and there were about 20 people streaming into the org – (even saw someone I knew from back well, who looked about 105 – sad actually) and they disappeared up the elevator. I was NOT allowed to follow. NO WAY.

    And the Div 6 course room was — about 4 people.

    I tried to get up to the academy but was told “you would have no interest in that – you are at this level — the MACHINE level”



  65. Eyes Wide Open

    I wholeheartedly concur.
    I went into the new idle London Org a few months ago.
    They did not know me from a bar of soap. I told them I was waiting for a cousin and could I sit out of the rain? Sure they said. I sat in reception, looking around. I asked what Scn was and was then invited to watch a video.
    I was walked up a flight of stairs to their Div 6 — a room full of AV equipment. The man sat me in front of a screen and I watched for a few minutes. I then wandered around the room, touching buttons and watching some of the videos. The room was huge, ornate, filled with video screens and books — but no one else was there. Only me. The guy had routed me there and then left. I walked around this empty, cold and impersonal Div 6 — thinking about how this does not represent Scn to me at all — as there is no people, no communication and no ARC. This glossy, over-the-top building filled with this top of the line A/V equipment and a video on every subject under the sun — all scripts approved by DM, all video edits approved by DM, all spouting DM PR. None of it communicated anything. None of it enlightened. It is all just hype and glutzy PR.
    It was a Wednesday — 2pm. The place was empty. I hovered around for 30 minutes and no one came or went. I left and there was still no one there, and no one had even come back to check on me.
    Weird — certainly aint Scn.
    I agree with your comments.
    No new person is enlightened by video screens. It’s out tech. It’s not LRH. It doesn’t work. Its ENMEST and people pick up on it.

  66. martyrathbun09

    More proof that David Miscavige truly is the King of Squirrels.

  67. martyrathbun09

    “it’s gonna work.” The proof it doesn’t and didn’t.

  68. Eyes Wide Open

    You are right Jeff.
    But here is the crazy thing about this situation….
    You are not a Scientologist any more — but you have enough ARC and KRC with the tech to be able to sit down with a completely green person, and give them an inkling of what LRH tech can do.
    DM on the other hand, considers himself King Scientologist and has absolutely no ability to have a real communication with any one. All of his communications are simply an effort to dominate or nullify. He travels the world, having more opportunity to connect with “raw” public than most staff members. But when it comes down to it — he could not body-route or do a basic Div 6 evaluation of a test score. He could not (and will not) actually talk to a non-Scnst about The Bridge, about basic tools of life such as ARC, KRC, Third Party Law, Confusion and the Stable Datum, Dianetics. Heck — can you imagine DM sitting down in an airport and auditing someone on Book One while he waits 2 hours for his flight???? No, no, no — he is in the Lounge, drinking whisky and living the high life…, (while at the same time issuing destructive, confusing and undoable cross-orders to every part of the Scn org board).
    Would love to have him walk along the street and be asked by some unknowing disseminating VM to pick up the cans to “See a Thought”.
    He would run the other way screaming!

  69. Op Z unit by 1980 was gone; however, the concept of Seminars/Workshops was transported to Orgs. Miami Org ran several Have you Lived Before this Life seminar/weekends that were PACKED.

    Several other orgs did very successful weekend seminars. This happened in placed that had someone who was dynamic and entertaining AS a lecturer.

    And yes — it was all done OFF org lines with ads and posters plastered all over town.


  70. martyrathbun09

    A great disseminator.

  71. martyrathbun09

    Great post Tom.

  72. Perhaps a staffer needs to be there to make sure that there are enough peanuts, pretzels, chips, dips, and soda to keep someone seated and watching.


  73. martyrathbun09

    Tried to – see my video interviews at tampabay.com – but he wouldn’t show up for the promised face to face.

  74. martyrathbun09

    You are right on the money Jeff, on all counts.

  75. martyrathbun09

    perfect duplication.

  76. I feel for the guy who tries so hard. The “WISE” representative

  77. The A-V is not working for Las Vegas. 5 or 6 students on a good day in the course room and those may be staff members. This “Idle Org” is located in an older Jewish community.

  78. Yes we have no disseminators.

    Miscavige is a self fulfilling grim prophecy, if you abuse and drive out the real Scientologists while robotizing what’s left with reverse Scientology you are going to need lots and lots of push button panels to make it look like something is happening because you have no disseminators left.

  79. DM jokes about “choke the guy”.
    Anyone else catch that? Since when is choking someone something to be joked about? Laughed about?

    Another “tell” that people just don’t see. As if “omitted tech” was not bad enough.

    Soon he’ll eliminate Div 7, which… Wait. He already is via RTC bypass!

  80. PS. He spent years ruining it to the point where no one really wants to bring anyone into radical Scientology so they don’t, I mean who would ? Which is the real situation. So now he solves the problem he created with another loony toon solution.

  81. No, no, no. Everyone is a BSO! Didn’t you go to the GAT event on basic books? Staff are still running that program!

  82. I read this post and every comment. Then I went back one post to Michael Fairman’s and saw a huge difference — the warmth of human contact and caring. Try it if you like … H

  83. I remember being given a ticket to a free lecture about Dianetics/Scientology in NYC back in 1970 and thinking, “Why not?” Went to this seedy hotel with cheap folding chairs set up around a cheap TV and watched a presentation about Scientology featuring Stephen Boyd, one of my favorites out of “Ben Hur.” After the “lecture” I certainly would have walked out and never looked back, but there was a lecturer who was entertaining, and then I got to meet a reg who was pretty cute. And, as they say, the rest is history.

    Point is: A/V would have been a walk for me.
    Human contact and communication was what got my interest.

    But hey, maybe I’m just not bright enough to get it.

  84. So well told – I could see every nuance of every image that this brought to mind as I read your dreamscape. So sad.


  85. Wait….I think I know what the next series of Cecille B d. Miscavige’s “tech films” will be: how to wear your pc hat. An instructional guide that will hat pcs on what’s expected of them:-if you can’t cognite within an hour, or get through a Grade is 5 hours, if you don’t have huge cognitions, if you keep failing to FN, if you complain to your auditor, D of P, you think disagree with a case “handling”, then YOU have OUT-ETHICS and you will be handled accordingly; because tech can’t be gotten in over out-ethics. It’s already happening – just describing the Super Power as “macho” stuff is defining expectations of cases. But a few films can really bring it all home!

  86. T Paine,
    You are right about loony toon solutions. The obvious solution would be to hat staff. If the staff were doing their full hats, being hat checked regularly, drilling and chinese schooling key points like the VSD’s of the org there would be no need to bypass them. If they knew their stats reflected a product and what that product was; the stat is not the product. Also, if staff actually went to study or recieved auditing, they might know what they are selling but, there seems to be no time for staff inhancement, too busy clearing the planet. And when the staff do receive inhancement it is through an inforced blanket order and not based on what the individual needs.
    Along with blanket arbitraries being the norm, we have bypass. If the church is in a downtrending danger condition; It has been put there by the greatest BYPASSER of all time!

  87. Tom Morgan was my roommate. Yes, it became more of an academic study than a LIVE activity. I believe Werner’s name was Rosenburg not Rosenbaum. One of his huge assets and acolytes was John Denver who also helped him with the international Hunger Project which was more about creating slave staff that it was about fixing hunger. They used all sorts of hot marketing buttons like “chronic persistent hunger” to appeal to people’s empathy and garnish support. To me, it was a misuse and exploitation of people using polished marketing that was influenced if not copied from Scn principles. I visited the Hunger Project once and they had every major corporate board in the world. Denver was born in Roswell and was an Air Force brat who had connections to the Montauk Project. He was gifted in music but was a “False Four” who died in a plane crash supposedly under the influence of alcohol and depressed because he wasn’t in the top 40 anymore.
    Werner was tied to the Esalen Institute (at Big Sur – pronounced Big Thur if you have a lisp) and this is sort of another division of the same creatures tied to the Stanford Research Institute. I suspect Dr. Gerbode and/or Phil Spickler would know some more here. Werner had done up to Class IV at SFO I heard and turned his knowledge into glorfied and electrifying P.E. Lectures and used a lot of control. He started with a built in audience as the VP of a Encyclopedia Sales Company. He was accused of sexual abuse by his own daughter in the Nineties.
    Op Z had no spirit but was academic. Operation 4-D picked up the trail of Op Z but added REAL LIFE to the equation and that started packing people in at the missions. That was where Scn had a chance to be a major player on the world stage instead of what it became: an infiltrated movement that was efficiently derailed.
    I think South Park should do a show on “The Hole”. They were, however, far more interested in portraying Scn as something that is totally nuts. By the way Travolta was on NY radio waxing awe over his meeting with John Gotti Jr. and expressing what a treasure it was to meet him . Travolta will be playing John Gotti Jr. in an upcoming movie. I’m not joking either!

  88. martyrathbun09

    Sorta like meeting DM I suppose.

  89. Last time I saw Werner was a video clip on TV being broadcast from Moscow where he said to the interviewer he had to flee to and hide because “the Church of Scientology was after him”.

  90. Wow, DM has managed to take squirrelling to a whole new level.
    However it’s easy to know when he’s is squirrelling – his lips are moving.

  91. LDW and T Paine below;

    This action is factually squirrel. An alteration of the HCOB on Dissemination. Live communication is the key. Real ARC with understanding is the key. This is taught in the OEC so must be kept hidden to push the Techno Dissem idea.

    This isn’t what LRH would do. He would use films to increase understanding but not to replace the live comm. Reach the original from Ron.

    From HCOB 15 Sept 1959 Dissemination Tips:
    “Personal Contact: This by far is the very best method of dissemination. It is better done on individual basis rather than talking to groups since there is the factor in groups of being able to escape by saying “they aren’t talking to me”. Personal contact then means just that. No matter whether it is done to friends and then to other people or secondarily to total strangers there is nothing better than personal contact.

    General comment: What you are up against in disseminating Scientology is the generality of what we do. When you cover all of life and all living things you don’t have enough point of concentration for people in general to follow you. They get such hazy ideas of it all and life to them is wrapped in such covert obscurities that they don’t track with you, they just go into their engrams and know that whatever it is you’re talking about must be beyond them. To disseminate successfully you have to have an APPARENT goal that is understandable to the audience or person at his tone level and with which he will agree. Show him then something about himself and the battle is pretty well won. We try too often for a total effect on people and try to tell them everything there is in a single moment. The motto here is: don’t try to overwhelm, just penetrate. If we attack with our eyes open we will guide this penetration just as well guide a session. We don’t try to sell Scientology then. We give an apparent and understandable goal of what we’re doing and then put the person or persons to whome we’re talking into a state of being interested in their own cases. The use of the Dianetic idea of the Reactive Mind is almost infallible.

    Don’t explain. Penetrate. Don’t overwhelm. Penetrate.”


    All these AV displays do is overwhelm. No consideration into the reality of the viewer therefore no cognitions and no new public.

  92. Miscavige’s lousy English and his functional illiteracy prove his lack of a real Scientology education. I argue that if you truly study LRH, use Study Tech, and truly clear the words, it is impossible to be illiterate after Class IV (Student Hat, really), let alone Class VI. And yet DM managed to do it.

    I will say that some Scientologists, even trained ones, betray themselves by improper use of certain words – “Datums” being the most common. The plural of “Datum” is “Data.” You never heard or read LRH using “Datums.” Imagine: “The Datums Series.” Doesn’t work, does it? 🙂

  93. Tommy Davis: “We, uh, believe, uh…”

    Excellent communication skills.

  94. Firebreathing Frog

    I would like to know the number of underground scnist, not OT nor OTA.
    Count me in DM, we are standing by.
    You better hire more fake public like you did at the last IAS event, and drill them well for the time thousand scientologists will raise and ask you to get the fuck outa here.
    Or may be hire some guns.
    David Miscavige: your time is up.

  95. The John Rafanello seminar was distinctly different than any other seminar I ever went to or heard about (it was definitely not a Book One seminar). It was a mixture of really interesting and entertaining lectures, combined with practicals of TRs, group auditing, objectives, etc. The guy talked about everything under the sun, from exteriorization, to Dianetics, to ARC and the tone scale, to thetans, to his college years, to LRH, to past lives, OT, Clear, to his past lives, just on and on … and had us rolling in the aisles with this humor and funny expressions. It definitely had a “Have You Lived Before This Life?” component, but didn’t solely concentrate on that.

    There were tables in the back with all the basic LRH books. And the audience was composed of everyone from college students, to kids of some of the public, to onlines public, to older adults, friends, family, people off the street, etc. John was able to entertain the entire crowd, and the hall was packed. It was really something.

  96. DM started out his career in the SO in AV, and he has been stuck there ever since. Obviously it is a fixed condition with him – he can’t get around it! His only product is video.

  97. Did you see Minority Report? Remember the scene where TC was walking in a store or something and the ads would start up and start talking to him and knew his name? I’m thinking something like that could replace staff.

  98. Firebreathing Frog

    Hi Jeff,
    I came in Scientology with a lecture of Owen Starkey.
    So fantastic, you were laughing all the time.
    I saw Owen some time ago, for 3 days he was rehearsing a lecture he was supposed to give to the public. He was really not used to learn this.
    Then he started his lecture and trow the paper after 2 minutes.
    He will then start the lecture, with his own heart and soul.
    You right, David Miscavige could never give such lecture.
    May be because he has no soul or heart?
    I wonder.

  99. Or this one:
    If this technology was available Miscavige would use it.

  100. Hmmm … former SSO (Staff Section Officer), Laura Ann? I am and I concur! H

  101. That would be the definition of “scientology” itself, I would say.

  102. Very revealing video, except the ending was just childish. But that is exactly what my daughters 2D went through. No dissem drill, no sitting the person down, finding their ruin. You can see that the one gal just was elated that she could start a panel up and then WALK AWAY. Oh my head hurts. Right there, you can see the panels cause Q & A with handling the public.

    Can you imagine going to purchase a car. You see a salesman and he says “Looking for a car?” and you say yes. Then he sends you to a panel and you stand there as this person lights up a video about Ford Trucks. But he walks away. When the video is over you look around and no one is there to answer your questions. Are you going to purchase an F-150 from these people?

    Imagine going to a psychiatrist to get handled and instead of him sitting in front of you listening somewhat interested doodling on his note pad, you are shown panels that “answer your questions”. Even psyches aren’t that stupid.

    When we were VMing during Katrina. Can you imagine if we would have shown those people video panels instead of letting them itsa on how they just lost eveything? These people needed succor in a major sort of way I would have gotten shot by them good ol boys if I would have shown them panels. But most people in this life need succor and need a TERMINAL. Div 6 people are terminals for raw public. That’s what dickhead doesn’t understand about Scientology – we auditors are terminals for people who need and want help. Panels aren’t frigging terminals.

    Oh, my head hurts.

    ML Tom

  103. Yeah, thats a good point.

    Actually the last Ideal Org I went to had that.

  104. Maybe I need to enhance myself and learn how to spell enhancement. It sure looked right when I typed it. laf


  106. There actually is a film like that – how to be a preclear. I forget the name of it, maybe someone remembers. It was to be shown to anyone beginning auditing.

  107. There is something simple and effective in having “Personal Integrity”, “What is Greatness”, “Aims of Scientology”, “Code of the Church”, etc. printed in easy to read wall displays for new people to learn about Scientology.

    I remember, around 1976, the local Mission used to have “What is Greatness” or “Personal Integrity” printed on the back of every invoice … and it allowed one to read these things in the privacy of their own home, or have it laying around for others to read.

    With all that said, I think ultimately the Internet changed all that. Public don’t learn about Scientology from a Div 6 anymore — they learn about it long before they ever enter a CoS. And the biggest failure of the Church of Scientology, imo, is not the A/V and poor handling of Div 6 public in the CoS … it is the poor handling of the negativity generated by the Internet.

    And the biggest problem behind that is that today, too much of that negativity is actually true. You can’t “dead agent” the truth. You can recognize it and accept responsiblity for it, but denying it and/or pretending that it doesn’t exist, never did anybody any good. (And of course, “accepting responsibility” implies that one change things, as needed, so that they don’t happen again).

  108. Yep. And re the F-150s (great truck, BTW – we have one. Marty seems to have one, too. Official truck of the Independent movement, perhaps? 🙂 )

    A company that would try to sell F-150s by using AV panels could not build F-150s.

  109. Yeah DFB. Perfect.

    In an ealier post I dubbed this system “Fully Automated Robot Television ™ Div 6” or FART for short.

  110. Good observation!

  111. Well that’s the point. LRH said on the tape Org Board and Livingness that Auto maker dealerships are the auto makers Division 6. You were supposed to be able to go in and see the sales people, get enlightened, take a test drive and then get the deal of your lifetime on a new vehicle. But the main point of the dealerships is the publics access to a hands on, touchy-feely of the vehicle itself experience. If you notice most car salesmen are friendly and can communicate well. Ford would NEVER use panles to enlighten.

    ML Tom

  112. Haydn,

    So right.

    And if you don’t give anyone real GAINS from standard tech, you dont have anyone who can disseminate, especially if you no longer train auditors.

    The best disseminators are those who honestly answer the question “Would you like someone else to have the same gains?” with a resounding “YES.” And when you don’t have those people, you gotta have the machines. (It’s an even worse disaster when the machines don’t work. Push the button, screen remains blank. Push it again, no result. Keep pushing. Embarrassed silence. Scurry around trying to find someone to press the button better. Lots of fingers on the button, no video. And NO talking to the person as they know they are not allowed to talk! Can you imagine how stupid it looks to someone who comes in to find out about Scientology and nobody can talk to them and they can’t get the video started either… This exact scenario happened last week in an IDLE ORG, documented on video. Very sad).

  113. Erhard did some courses at San Francisco before starting Est. Eventually some of the ops (SF Chronicle stories, 60 Minutes, etc) that took him down were run out of the SF OSA office. Lots of stuff on Google about that.

  114. (sent to me by Deep Fax…don’t know where he found it.)

    Auto-Office of Auto-COB

    Auto-Directive 13 March 2014


    Due to the advancement of computerized video technology, the contamination of our staff from overall dwindling intelligence and sub-standard work ethic of the general populace, widespread proliferation of pharmaceuticals in the drinking water across the planet and the successful completion of our fully-automated policy and tech implementation pilot program, all staff and management in all Scientology organizations are hereby declared redundant and are removed from post.

    The following system is now ready to be assembled in all orgs:

    AUTO-SUPERVISION: Standard Tech Supervision Helmets consisting of two-way A/V head-cams, worn by all students will instantly and continually feed real-time student activity to the new Video Computer Analysis Standard Tech Implementation System, allowing all students to receive consistent 100% supervision and correction, eliminating the need for arbitrary and often incorrect supervisor errors.

    AUTO-MANAGEMENT: A complete series of Standard Administrative Inspection and Correction videos will now take the place of current management actions. Since there are no people to manage, this system simply monitors and runs all other machines throughout the new Scientology Self-Perpetuaing Conglomerate, making all decisions based on Formulas, Stats, Expansion and Command Intention.

    AUTO-ETHICS: based on stats, all parishioners who have been meta-tagged as ethics particles will ride the conveyor belt to the Survival Enhancement Chamber where they will be subject to the appropriate gradient of Standard Ethics actions:

    a) Auto-Demand for Increased Donor Status
    b) Auto-Threats
    c) Auto-Gang-Bang Demand for O/Ws
    d) Auto-Assignment of Amends
    e) Auto-Demand for Disconnection
    f) Auto-Humiliation
    g) Auto-Expulsion

    ATM machines will be prominently displayed in all Survival Enhancement Chambers, which also regulate the Chamber Door Release and Ejection Seat System.

    AUTO-AUDITING: since we are now training students in how to start off being 100% perfect auditors, there is no longer a need for HGCs. Students will now be charged the same HGC rates for auto-co-auditing among themselves.

    AUTO-C/S: all CSing is now conducted in real-time instant feedback to the auditor, eliminating cumbersome folder write-ups, unnecessary folder pages and wait times for folders to reappear.

    AUTO-BOOK VENDING: computerized selection and vending machine delivery of books and materials provide a non-interfering methodology for providing all parishioners with mandatory materials.

    AUTO-REDUNDANT-QUAL: since we are training perfect auditors, have all of our management systems automated and supervised by computer, all correction is now done continually, eliminating any cumulated need for correction of any kind since it is perfect to start with and continues to remain so. Therefore, all Qual functions, actions, personnel, spaces, etc. are hereby declared redundant.

    AUTO-REGGING BOOTH: a series of high-implact persuasive shock videos showing the conditions of starving Darfurians, DBs, dying people, lunatics, corruption, pain, and a thousand other computer-specific life circumstance scenarios, along with impinging subliminal soundtrack commands have proven to get the same or better results than actual reges. Specially designed ATM machines that process cash, checks, credit/debit cards, stock conversion, asset diversion, coin rollers, kidney-auctioning, gold-tooth extraction and hair selling, with seats the parishioner is strapped into are being installed in every delivery org on the planet.

    AUTO-PR PROTOCOL: computer-selected response videos will be aired automatically according to the necessary denial or defense or attack needed.

    AUTO-INSTA-IDEAL ORG ASSEMBLY MACHINE: on a cookie-cutter replication basis, we have constructed a highly sophisticated turn-key construction machine that essentially rolls into any given area, towing all needed materials, and self-erects a Model Ideal Org in one day.

    SELF-MAINTAINING COMPUTERIZED REPAIR SYSTEM: all computers and electronic systems are now self-repairing and auto-maintained.

    That completes our Auto-Total Freedom Attainment Apparatus for achieving our objectives on this planet. Thank you to all the out-moded staff who served, but there is no longer any need for human interface nor any tolerance for interference in our perfected system.

    Here’s to an Auto-Cleared planet and an eventual Auto-OT universe!

    David Miscavige
    Auto-Church of Scientology International
    Auto-Apparatus I/C


  115. THAT is just bizarre!

  116. I’ll give you another example of Miscavige blocking the Bridge. At one time there were over 120 staff at Flag auditing on OT 7. Miscavige ordered them off the level until they did the new Golden Age of Bullshit courses. He then ordered that the staff could not get back on OT 7 until they redid the eligibility sec checks. He then ordered that no Class 9 auditors were allowed to audit staff. By the time I left in 2005 the 120 plus staff had been stalled on OT 7 for over 7 years. The exceptions were three big dollar reges (Sonya, Charmaine and Laurie).

  117. Talk about crashing MU’s on the concept of an Org Board as a binary computer and WHY the Hot 50 Pjt.

  118. Theo Sismanides

    First of all congratulations and well done to the Lurking inside. I am also struck by the fact that DM only briefs the OTAs on “Tech”. He never, never, never for the 9 years that I was in the Sea Org gave a briefing on anything to the staff. Never.

    Obviously DM is running Scientology as Soltan Gris run the Apparatus. He is just the King of Squirrels and just uses tricks and mischief to attain his goals. No policy, no tech, no ethics there.

    He is a lousy Administrator (his programs were so simplified and off policy) but the knows how to Control people. Now he wants to replace people with machines. No surprise!!!

    He keeps making Scientology look like a very cold place to be in. I was never for that wavelength he emanates. Nothing to do with the Theta emanation of the Indies now. We are the Theta for Scientology again. We can have ARC back again and introduce someone to Scientology as per proper dissemination. On a human to human basis. This is a big responsibility now. We are keeping this group together and the only machines here are used for communication between us.

    We have a cyber Org now. Many of them actually. This is not like it used to be in the past with no communication between us. Now we have our hub again. And it’s here driving DM crazy. We are unmockable indeed as we are so many now in communication once again.

    the excerpt below is from HCO BULLETIN OF 21 NOVEMBER 1971
    Issue I


    (start of excerpt)

    It will be found in all countries where Dianetics and Scientology and orgs have been successful that a key part of the success was keeping the subject “on source”.

    The public at once distrusts persons or groups who alter the materials or “use some of them” or attribute them to others. This is quite factual and the public is right.

    All great and lasting successes have been made by orgs that were on source and whose materials were straight and correct and used that way.

    (end of excerpt)

    DM is NOT ON SOURCE. He is playing it “Source” and this is why we are here now. To give an end to that and get Scientology back ON SOURCE.

  119. I actually liked Ruth Minshull’s book “What Every PC Should Know”. It was handy … it could be read and used (and referred back to) when needed. It was simple, and seemed to do the job.

    Creating a video seems like overkill, but even if it was created, one would hope that an accompanying “What Every PC Should Know” (or suitable substitute) would be provided as well, if only for later reference.

  120. That’s an interesting observation GH … seems like it might fit as the reason for his later obsession.

  121. DFB

    Yup. I believe I even have at least one copy. But, you know, somehow the thing never made it into the tape player. Probably still in the original cellophane.
    You see, I could never even get past the title. It was really an “off button” rather than an “on button” for me.


  122. It’s all very implant station like. I’m getting why some are saying that.

    If he could figure out a way to have people be sucked in by a tractor beam as they walk down the street and then bombard them with a bunch of rapid fire images and videos sort of like the way the events are, he would love that I guess. I wonder if he’s dramatizing that or doing it on purpose?

  123. DM’s brilliant handling for this Div 6 intro line is very sound. He knows that 1. if staff talk to anyone, they are giving verbal tech.
    2. if staff talk to anyone, they will invariably give them misunderstoods
    3. the staff themselves, don’t understand Scn, so cannot relay it
    4. it is a visual age
    5. the literacy level of society is so bad that no one can understand much of anything unless you show it to them in pictures.
    Over the years everyone of the above points have been said by DM at MV closed briefings to the OTAs.
    Linda McCarthy

  124. This interests me. Is this something that will work with my positronic brain? I had trouble with another program. It messed up my core programming and made me walk funny! Luckily after my language processor was rebooted I was fine.

  125. I was there. It was a very weird and enforced environment.
    I still have my little blue umbrella.
    Most everybody there was flown in and/or came from elsewhere. Staffs from other orgs etc.
    I have some good pics. I actually took one of COB right in front of me in the crowd and I didn’t notice until I looked at it a few times because he is so short.

  126. plainoldthetan

    LRH dropped some powerful bits insight into HCO PL 23 October 1963, titled, oddly enough, REFUND POLICY.

    The world of Scientology is based on ARC and held together with ARC. Bad technical and tough attitudes concerning the the remedy of poor service break down this world.

    The more thetan you have present, the less policy you need and the better things run. Only a thetan can handle a post or a pc. All he needs is the know-how of minds as contained in Scientology. That was all he ever lacked. So, given that, sheer policy is poor stuff as it seeks to make a datum stand where a being should be. That’s the whole story of the GPMs. So why not have live orgs?

    Miscavige’s A/V-based Idyllic Orgs don’t operate on ARC; their underlying principle and mechanism is FORCE.

    Want to make a 2-year old run away from you? FORCE him to sit still by holding him down.

    Want to make a dog bare his teeth and growl at you? FORCE yourself into his space.

    And the stable datum that continues the FORCE? If our FORCE didn’t get you to sign up for the duration, we just didn’t use enough FORCE!

  127. plainoldthetan

    Auuugh. messed up my HTML. the bold was supposed to end after “live orgs?”

  128. martyrathbun09

    Right Mat, he took virtually every SO member off the Bridge, and made sure they stayed there.

  129. In a recent self guided tour of LA Day and ASHO, the lack of results of DM’s programs is clearly evidenced.

    I arrived mid day on a Friday and had no trouble parking in the LA Day parking lot. There many open spaces. An out point in of itself. In the past it has bee virtually impossible to find parking in this lot.

    LA Day has these A/V units set up in in a large area of the first floor. The environment is very pretty and very clean but sterile. In my recent visit on a Friday during the day the place was empty. There were a few staff and one couple that was milling around looking at the AV panels. They were obviously uncomfortable in this environment and NO ONE was with them or assisting them. Very Sterile. I guess if you can’t cognite on you own watching some video you are out of luck.

    I meandered over to ASHO to meet some friends. It was very quiet. I was the only public in the area. The receptionist was pretty but exuded suppressed resentment. Creepy.

    I gave myself a tour and wandered to the BC course room. There were 10 pr so people on course and the entire floor was very quiet.

    Back in the 80’s that course room was overflowing out into the halls and there was a audible buzz of students doing checkouts, drills etc.

    I wandered to the HGC where my friend was waiting for session. His 4th session in 5 days of full time auditing. There were 4 people including my friend in the HGC. One got up and left in a huff at not getting in session after waiting all morning. My friend got into session after a bit. The auditor had just come in and was not auditing anyone else prior.

    I can only conclude that there were not any auditors avaialble for these p/cs on what was obviously a very slow HGC day, or maybe a typical day.

    I headed back to LA Day, it was early afternoon now.

    There were fewer people in it than when I arrived, if that’s possible. I saw only a few staff huddled in rooms here and there, no public.

    LA Day is a recent Ideal Org.

    As I left I drove down L Ron Hubbard Way, passing the street fronts of LA Day, ASHO ans AOLA.

    In the past this street was buzzing with people, public and staff busily going back and forth going about their business. People would sit around outside, waiting for sessions or taking a walk. There were always people outside the canteen eating and talking. Staff were always going back and forth between the various building in the complex. It was always a very lively seen.

    The street was devoid of public. There was security and a few staff, less than 6 to be seen.

    Conclusion: It’s not working. Ideal Morgue is an apt moinker.

  130. The idea of A/V machines showing me a video of something a real person should be talking to me about falls into the same category as the robot answering machine trees that many businesses subscribe to today.

    About the 3rd push of some button and I am ready to kill somebody. Then when I do get a real person on the phone – they are so Suzy Sunshine that it makes you want to puke. They certainly are just ‘next in the queue’ as your personal service representative and what are you all “upset” about.

    That is what a machine creates . It jacks one’s TA before you even get to a real person and OMG, if you get disconnected or have to get transferred.

    These business owners are trying to cut overhead because their management skills suck, so they have to do something and the thing they consider is “it” is the reception function–the front door to their business.

    Suicide, full-blown suicide. Insult the customer right at the start by having fricking robots/machines try to direct you.

    That is the same thing as replacing Div 6/Div 2 with A/V. It is the front line to Scn. Not only does it communicate loud & clear, we do not care enough to have people – so let’s plant you in front of a machine and see if that does it – saves overhead. Virtual world.

    Dumb shit to the max.

    But the DM schemes are working – the orgs are shrinking – there aren’t any “people” to help you when you arrive, and such the case – no people are arriving. Interesting, eh?

    When we came to Austin in October 2005, you’d think we’d be effusively greeted when we arrived. I am no slouch to Scn – I have been a Div 6 PCS in Dallas (I can body route, I can do an OCA eval, I know what it takes to get into the head of a new public and ‘ruin them’ and they do cognite – because folks want help and improve the conditions in their life), have been on OTC in Dallas and Sacramento – have worked for Bennetta Slaugher – which meant that we were her ‘slaves’ for the purposes of the org, which was Flag after we all picked up from Dallas & moved to CW in 1994. So folks know me.

    But I remember asking Yvonne Schick one time: “Why it that the Austin Org staff members never come up to you at events and introduce themselves. They should realize that I am the “new” person”. Get out of non-e with me, start to be interested in me and see how they might offer help to me. But the friendly, personable, approachable factor has long since gone too.

    Couple that with the introduction of A/V machines — just tick-tock…. only time until it all goes up in flames.

    Well done DM for having such brilliance. All that does is show us real LRH lovers that you are coward, dim-wit, arrogant evil bastard that can’t pour piss out of a boot with directions.

    I have not disseminated or brought in new public in many years and neither have my close friends. We all used to bring in new people – it was fun. But that died some 20 years ago. About the time the gradients were all skipped and heavy regging came into play…. Presto, the new public blew off the line.
    And we just stopped because there was not reason to commit overts like that regarding Scn.

    So the # of FSM’s have to be in a very sharp downtrend too…. So tick… tock … We’re loving it. Bring it on DM in greater magnitude, PLEASE. Your brilliance is amazing us!

    L, K

  131. Baaaaawahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahaha!!!!!!

    Deep Fax strikes again!!!!

    Another one from the Department of Redundancy Redundancy Department.

  132. G.
    Mike Rinder said (a few weeks ago?) that the dim one was actually fairly articulate in his writing. That stuck with me because of earlier comments on how his conference orations were of the “blather” form that Cindy wrote above. It’s enough to make one think that he is actually holding Deep Fax in the tunnel to provide these “articulate” renderings. But, it would follow then, that even Deep Fax isn’t privy to the ultra-secure, OT8-ears-only Maiden Voyage message, and certainly is not the writer, since every Maiden Voyage briefing we’ve seen has smacked of the pronunciamentos of an out-of-PT moron. Alright – imperfect logic. Let’s give him the benefit of the doubt and say he’s smart enough to write articulately. The same logic test does, however, show him to be too stupid to know that he needs to read from a prepared speech to be intelligible. Really. Stupid. Given, the guy is an arrogant narcissist. But, an intelligent arrogant-narcissist would realize his stumping* shortcomings(!) and compensate for them with a written speech instead of just heel-lifts and short bodyguards.

    *stumping – from stump: 6. A place or an occasion used for political or campaign oratory: candidates out on the stump. (The Free Dictionary)

  133. I noted that too.

    In the 1970ies someone manifesting “cruelty” would get programmed for Expanded Dianetics.

  134. H,
    No, I was Dir Comm back in the day. Letters out, individual letters written to individuals, was my stat.
    ” Given letters out and letters answered, then gross income above that exactly follows the Qual gross divisional statistic.
    Therefore, communication and the Quality of service are what make an org stable and affluent.” HCOPL 24 Feb 1966 “Mail Statistic Dir Comm’s Function”
    It still really irks me that all I recieve is promo and form letters and no actual letters from the orgs. IMO, major violation. ml, Laura

  135. Victoria,
    my take on this is that nobody HAS to confront.

    Dou you remember the TRs movie ? There was an old-fashioned priest, and a robbery took place right in front of his eyes. When asked about the incident, he mumbled something like “nothing happened”.

  136. Cindy

    Yup… I think you pretty much nailed it.
    It is a real problem doing a parody of the guy. The problem is, that when you try to say anything in DM Speech, it is totally useless in conveying any sort of understanding.
    DM Speech and understanding are diametrically opposed.


  137. Wow – 5 or 6 students! If you have visited East Grinstead recently you would realize that Las Vegas has reached the new St. Hill size!!!! I have to agree with Tom Cruise – Miscavige is the greatest leader in the world!

  138. Lynne~Cookie-cutter evaluation and invalidation. That’s exactly what it is. And that’s exactly why it isn’t working.

  139. Tom,

    Grab onto one of the new Miscavige grounding rods. You should start feeling some relief. Ahhhh, that’s better. Would you like to write a success story, thanking Dave and RTC?

  140. POT~Wow. The absolute and complete waste of confusion…

  141. Cindy~ 😆 LMAO that was good!

  142. Hi metaqual,

    What is a “False Four”?

    We came into Scientology at the end of 2004, wide-eyed and niave. The entire experience, including leaving, is an education! A big thanks to you, WH and to all the others for the background information you are providing.


  143. I chuckle about your typo and those of others. It’s kinda funny how unimportant these are as we’re reading the sense into a comment, not necessarily looking at how the words are spelled. Good on you for being Dir Comm … great post! L, H

  144. I know we never paid much attention to est in the actual squirrel busters program but I heard that in the late 80’s they really went after them.

    Personally I don’t know why.

    Unlike AAC it wasn’t a squirrel or splinter group but a suppressive group per the HCOPL ‘Enrollment in Suppressive’.

    Yet for some reason they wanted their public and they even wrote a special repair list to handle them when est was allegedly “disbanded”.

    (Actually Werner just changed the name to ‘Landmark’ and carried on so the group in effect was never disbanded per the policy)

    I mean if you read the above policy you can see why now having est public on lines wasn’t such a great thing.

    But this didn’t seem to matter to the greedy gutz up in management.

    Anyway it has become pretty obvious to me just from knowing what is on the RL for est that the est “philosophy” has pretty much infected the Organization like a virus.

    Again on this point like the GO the *not-is* factor again involved.

  145. Could the person that stated that there was indeed contact between (Indie) after my earlier posting Scientologists and the University of Wisconsin do me a solid and state it again.

    This blog has reached immense proportions to search

  146. Hrm, does that have anything to do with his love of TC?

  147. Another very scary scene…eek!

  148. Ruth Minshull wrote very well with a lot of focus.

    Her “Miracles for Breakfast” was a marvelous, personal little book about having and raising children, which was also a fabulous dissemination piece. And you betcha, Ruth had no back-off on talking with people on the subject.

  149. markthehungarian

    So DM’s strategy is to attempt to duplicate the sales LRH achieved with his books by taking ALL the books and then producing films. These films could then be played to a paying public.

    Is it only me that sees how transparent a power grab this really is?

    First, LRH books. But then… … the DM produced films (of LRH)!!

    I can just hear the audience’s rapturous applause. He is a thief. If you would attempt something like is in any college or University, you would be kicked out and lose any chance you have to gain a degree. I think they call it plagiarism.

    From a sales point-of-view, films are very subjective. And nothing beats a conversation between two people as a method of communication.

    DM is not only a thief and a plagiarist. He is also a fool.

    He’s about to be found out and he knows it.

  150. As we speak, DM has his lab staff assembling an integral part of his new system, shown in this leaked video:

  151. There’s another overt “Mr. Cruise” will have to live with.

    The not so subtle and obvious power push for Dave after being awarded that Freedom valor medal or whatever giving those lunatic ravings about Miscavige being the “greatest leader”.

    Oh please!!!!!

    Hand me an air sickness bag.

  152. Tory Christman

    Is this the long awaited “Column Tech” We’ve heard of for some years? LOL~

    “Because what we want here – this has everything to do with open door, walk into the org, there you go.”

    THE KEY WORDS ABOVE…..THAT PROVES THIS TO BE UTTERLY “FAIL” IS “Walk into the org”. They cannot get *that* product, and haven’t been able to–for some time now. Certainly not in the masses that they need.

    Kay: “So the # of FSM’s have to be in a very sharp downtrend too…. So tick… tock … We’re loving it. Bring it on DM in greater magnitude, PLEASE. Your brilliance is amazing us!” Yes, Kay—their “FSM” network was crashed back in the 90’s, with the exception of a few, select “OT’s” who were mainly re-cycling “OTs”. I used to try to point that out: “NONE of them are bring new people “in”” No one cared. Tick Tock, Tick Tock: Time is on *our* Side, day after day, week after week. 🙂 TLC

  153. The reason his written speeches are articulate is because he doesn’t write them. He drills his speeches GAT style but even then he needs prompters.

  154. He was stumbling and fumbling too much and had to turn his hat of providing lies and other horrible Church PR to Allender.

  155. OnceUponATime

    Or maybe they just need really cute A/Vs.



  156. Yeah I got it three.

    But what can you say.

    The guy’s a raving SP who’s been given an opportunity by his “friends” in high places to dramatize his ev purps and ser facs on a whole Organization.

    Sure Ex Dn would handle Skippy.

    So would Power.

    FPRD, L 10 and 12 plus maybe a valence shifter if you could get the Lil’ rabid squirrel in session.

    The guy is a perfect manifestation of the HCOB on J&D by what he’s saying no one is competent enough to actually handle the public and this is why he’s gotta force feed ’em canned and regurgitated “A/V”.

    Probably knowing full well that people in general are sick and tired of voice mail and electronic menus.

    He *knows* this yet he’s either been instructed to or has decided to do it because he also *knows* it *is* *destructive* and therefore aligns with the lil’ rock slammers purpose of destroying the Organization.

    These so called OTAs don’t see this because they are *overt products* and also because they have “a big button on self importance”.

    My cat is probably more OT than these people are.

    Yet because they have the money and the bling they are allowed to what they *think* is the inner sanctum and *believe* they are on the cutting edge.

    Also I’m sure if you asked one of these elitist retards a probing question or two you’d probably find out that they don’t want new public on lines and that they’d rather have Scientology for themselves.

    To them like Cruise Skippy the SP Squirrel is their paragon of a “leader”.

    One who will keep those annoying “masses” away from Scientology’s door.

    I guess you could call it a symbiotic relationship.

  157. This “automated Div 2 / Div 6” thing is not an outpoint, it is definitely a pluspoint. I’m really happy about that.

    It will shrink Co$ faster than any tech meddling or staff mistreatment.

    That’s why I say : go, Davey, go !

    Destroy your routes to fresh income, bankrupt your i-deal orgs, discourage your staff, disappoint your publics, starve your OSA coffers … that all works FOR the Indie movement and not against it.

  158. Ann,

    In 1985 (before Miscavige came to full power) I was on mission into LA Org. It was very close to the size of old St Hill, the courserooms were packed (both Div 6 and academy), auditors were being made and lots of auditing was taking place. Lots of books were being sold. Its biggest problem was enough space to house everyone.

  159. plainoldthetan

    Remember that LA Org is not just an Ideal Morgue. It’s a MODEL Ideal Morgue. Remembering, of course that one definition of MODEL is a “miniature non-functioning representation of a larger thing”.

  160. Laura Ann,

    These form letters a gross violation of policies relating to *Letters* out and actually qualify as a BMO stat of Bulk Mail Out.

    However it wouldn’t surprise me if these pro forma missives are used to pad the LO stat to give the illusion that they are “communicating” to the CF when they actually aren’t.

    Another false stat like their phony BSTRP (Book Sales to Raw Public) stat.

    Or their AH (I noticed that they dropped out the *Well Done* because auditing in the Org these days is anything but done well.

    I think their F/N at exam % is in the toilet thanks to the three swing “F/N” arbitrary etc.) “stat” which includes talking to an selectee or doing a nerve assist.

    Anyway the only actual stats that are real are thousands of square feet of emptiness known as “Ideal Orgs”.

    You know the one Skippy keeps bragging about at every fricking event these days.


  161. Metaqual: Not sure if Tom Morgan was your roommate WHILE he was I/C of Op Z or not. But in the beginning it was definitely NOT an academic activity and quite alive.

    After all Pat Gualtieri – one of the best disseminators around was the recruiter for the various OP Z units around the world. He’s the man who went to Rhodesia/Zimbabwe under Diana’s orders and within 3 weeks put on a group processing event for 12,000 natives.

    OP Z was Diana’s baby and hope for booming the orgs.

    When you talk about Operation 4-D picking up the trail of OP Z and packing the missions — I’m scratching my head.

    Huh? Op Z was dead more or less by 1980 — the missions were destroyed with the Mission Holder meeting with dm around 1982/83.

    Which Missions were packed?

    Scientology, per LRH was infiltrated from the beginning. There is a tape wherein he says he asked someone he knew in the FBI, WHO was a plant/spy from the government in DC and the agent said — you really should ask — who isn’t?

    Scientology never became a major player on the world stage in my opinion because it failed to grow with the times and remained RIGID. dm has taken this rigidity and made it into a whole new form of CEMENT.

    Squeezed whatever life was there, whatever fun was there and whatever free thinkers were there and flattened them.

    The workable tech from LRH will survive and it will help others.

    How that will look?

    Beats me.


  162. I think he does grasp the concept of two-way flows. That’s exactly why he wants the videos. He is much happier with people who are on a one-way stuck inflow complusion. They are the only ones left who will sit and listen to his inane drivel.

  163. To Joe Pendleton- Thanks for the memories. Joe provided a lot of humor in those good ol’ SFO days-have you ever seen a machine tell a good joke?

  164. The reason “they” went after him in the 80’s was because David Singer of Singer Consultants fame had been a TRAINER in EST.

    He was denied his upper levels due to his EST background. By this time he was a big shot in SCN, getting people onto the bridge etc and he want about closing down EST. Which per policy then gave him the right to do the upper levels.

    Where he is today — Patron Big Deal etc etc

    Brian Swann might have been involved with the EST thing too as his wife was very involved with EST!!


  165. Very good definition of modern Scn Churches/operating basis. Only a couple of Thetans using good old two way comm can give that warm and fuzzy feeling that life is worth playing and adventuring in – the rest is MEST/FORCE, ie postualtes and live communication not be MEST and senior to it & all…
    DM is obviously insane. With the trouble Org stats are in the remedy of all messes is to go back to basics, get the fundamentals working again. The double triangle of real Scn is obviously lost tech, replaced by force/robotism.

  166. There are live, perceptive, in comm, intelligent-no, brilliant ,caring, compassionate, insouciant, exterior, de-ptsed beings who see you, DM, as a big destructive joke.

  167. Ain’t that the truth! That really happened & Colwell didn’t make it up. That, however is how Dear Leader views and repeatedly has stated: the entire Int Base staff – they’re all SPs (and I guess he’s PTS to them as his handling)! Never mind and totally disregard the qualifications to get to the place as Steve mentioned on his post. This fact is one of those things I and many who were there, could not think with for years.

  168. Thanks WH,

    For the back story.

    Now it makes perfect sense.

    Big “Patron with their head up their anus” with Big bucks wants *special* treatment so they violate policy to accommodate.

    My that’s so special and so typical of the “age of furry management” and low scale money *motivation*.

    Yeah there were so many examples of this in the LA area that I’d lost count.

    Many of their so called patrons are such *criminals* yet they got and probably continue to get a free pass from ethics because they are loaded.

    Used to be a continual source of By passed charge when I was still connected to that suppressive squirrel group that has the audacity to call itself the “Church of Scientology” which became more suppressive after they allowed those mind f_cked morons from est in the front door.

    I figures that Swann and Singer were totally into it.

    Especially Singer who used to inundate Flag with his self important “it’s all about me” “selectees” who were nothing but a bunch of *lunatics* per the Scientology definition.

    You know the ones who eschewed any actual *training* in the subject and only wanted to do the OT Levels so they could handle their *BYPASSED* case.

    Swann the other fine “upstat” patron was the guy that helped NSA develop a optical splitter so they could read all our emails and tap our phones.

    Just two Sterling (pun intended) examples of the public at the Church of Squirrelotology these days.

    ‘Nuff said.

    Again thanks for the back ground WH.

  169. Windhorse wrote: “Scientology, per LRH was infiltrated from the beginning. There is a tape wherein he says he asked someone he knew in the FBI, WHO was a plant/spy from the government in DC and the agent said — you really should ask — who isn’t?”

    WH, do you have the name/date of the tape? Or at least the timeframe? Thanks.

  170. “The list of characteristics describing entheta in the Tech Dictionary doesn’t include the word ‘truth’.”

  171. You can’t think with it. It’s insanity.

  172. OTDT,

    LRH it seems, had an inkling of the future in the mid to early 80’s or so and wrote a number of very confidential advices to Incomm called Chug where through a series of computer programs which was to be developed at the time, such things as Dear Leader could be detected and removed as told by a friend who read the advices. Only a select number of people had access to this data and obviously the LRH strategy for management through computers was not carried out. DM and Pat would surely have total counter intention to this not being carried out and done.

    Not sure if M& M have read this series and are familiar with it.

  173. Only David Miscavige and his followers would try to disseminate a spiritual subject with MEST objects.

  174. That news clip is genuinely “good PR”. And it’s remarkable that they had the mayor speaking at the opening.

    Could you imagine if the PR had any truth to it, though? “Fastest growing religion” (with nearly empty course rooms) … “2,000 Scientologists in LV paid for the building and renovations” (crush reg’ed into bankruptcy is more like it).

    It’s tragic how far reality is from the occasional good PR that the CoM manages to manufacture.

  175. A couple of things about est. The people who worked for est were paid, at the least, minimun wages and had health insurance. Est was purchased from Erhard and is now the employee-owned company Landmark Education.

    I’ve been having problems posting. Anyone else?

  176. RJ: Actually it isn’t a violation of policy. It says – paraphrased here – the person is denied upper levels UNTIL the SP group is disbanded.

    They disbanded EST.

    That Erhard then went and morphed into the Forum wasn’t Singers concern.

    I’ve known a few est graduates and they are odd I have to say … never knew any IN the church though.

    I think the key to remember is that those of us out of that luny bin — should be grateful to ALL our experiences — regardless.

    Makes us more capable to relate to the man on the street. He’s definitely overwhelmed, scared, crazy, robotic etc etc …

    The world is our public. And OUT OF THE IVORY tower, we have a better chance of helping.

    IMHO 🙂



  177. No. Sorry.

    But it was a reel to reel and therefore sometime in the ’50s


  178. Marty,

    Great post for today. There is also another aspect which hasn’t been covered as regards Dear Leader. A/V is his hobby horse. From the point of his getting married to Shelly in 80 or so, he’s always had a fancy and probably the fanciest personal AV gear in their space. With exception of Jon Horwich, who was instrumental in procuring the very best for him.

    All of his offices now in the world sport the fanciest of AV gear in some kind of a listening room and maintained by RAV and CMOs, after all he’s the ultimate authority on AV worth at least in the 6 figure$.

    Dear Leader has also educated his BFF on Clearsound systems for TC’s own films, as well as used unpaid for service to TC- SO labor in the hundreds of hours for TC’s personal AV systems.

    I’m betting that DM has never gotten any “raw meat” in to become dedicated auditors or OTs, personally.

  179. Omitted to mention the fancy AV gear in his vehicles & armored van!

  180. Eyes Wide Open

    I remember sitting in MCI and trying to figure out what he was trying to do.
    A few others that were bizarre was assembling long lists of policies that were were to read, then M3/M4 in a specific order. The policies were on organisation, on finance, on ethics, etc. We did the word clearer night after night.
    I remember — Sinar, you and I sitting up and reading, then M3 and M4 wordclearing KSW1 and then having to do it in clay to a pass by RTC staff. The whole base had to do it. No one was allowed to go to bed till it was done. We were doing wordclearing at 11pm at night (as was everyone else) and you were exhausted after your long day. Here we were — being forced to wordclear KSW 1 in an out-tech manner. There were a huge line of people that could not get an FN at the examiner. That – to me – exemplified the insanity of it all.

  181. “We don’t try to sell Scientology then. We give an apparent and understandable goal of what we’re doing and then put the person or persons to whome we’re talking into a state of being interested in their own cases”.
    Perhaps if more of the Div 6 staff were trained on the Academy Levels as opposed to ‘Big League Sales Closing Techniques’ this could be accomplished…. If there are any real humans left in Div 6 to be trained.

  182. RJ,
    The second EST was ‘disbanded’ David Singer left a cartoon dust cloud behind his ass as he ran for the OT levels. Funny thing is, his staff and those who knew him well still thought of him as a whacky squirrel-type because he would get things backwards quite often.

    He could be pretty hilarious though.

  183. Shortly after joining the Sea Org (and antagonizing my mother in the process) I was instructed to give a copy of that tape to my mother to handle my “PTSness” to her.
    After I listened to that bizarre fake ascention from the bottom to the top of the tone scale while attempting to illicit agreement from the targeted recipient, I realized that my ‘wog’ mother would laugh me off the face of the planet and become antagonized for real!
    Gave me a nasty ‘withhold’ that I thought something created on-source and according to LRH instructions was a piece of crap.

  184. Elicit not illicit 😀 late!

  185. RJ,
    Wouldn’t surprise me either about letters out. I didn’t know about the Well Done being left out. I’m shocked!
    Your post just made me realize in a new unit of time that policy is of little consequence. OMG!
    It’s just make it up as you go along, whatever suits the circumstance and desired outcome. Not good!

  186. Yep. He just wants to produce great movies. Like Battlefield Earth.

  187. That thing was one of the squirrelliest pieces of crap I’ve ever seen. It was creepy. If I was the receiver I would feel like it was an attempt to brainwash or hypnotize me.

  188. I found my pics from this event!

    Here’s my “Where’s Waldo” pic:

  189. Marg,

    I remember Ron saying something similar to that on one of the Briefing Course tapes.

    Early 60’s.

    Say late 62 early 63.

    Anyway I can attest personally to a lot of Government interest in Scientology.

    We had Pre OTs who were FIOs (Former Intelligence Officers) on our lines lots of ex mil former police etc and I do remember auditing a congressional staffer who just flew in from DC to get a session though I’m not sure for what Congressman or Woman.

    Anyway you give these people good auditing and they’re are not any more trouble than anyone else.

    For the most part.

    Just like Ron says in KSW about the big bad ogre that’ll eat us up.

    Dave’s game seems to be to turn Scientology into a side of pork tossed into an Amazonian river full of piranha.

    Don’t know if this part of any game plan but it seems to be.

  190. After touring the flash gallery where they bombard you with pictures of eternity, angels and all sorts of R6EW items (Miscavige smiling ear to ear) you then stumble into one of those little booths with the shabby curtains like where you used to get those silly pictures of yourself taken.

    You realize you are about to get your first real auditing session!!!

    The steel door slides shut behind you with the r-factor that everything you say is going to be held in strictest confidence. You rap your knuckles on the door with your ear pressed against the cold steel and feel comfortable with that.

    The hard wooden chair behind you slides out to crease you right behind the knee caps so you fall backwards into it. A credit card swiper then extends to you from the wall beside the high definition auditor screen and a Tone 40 voice requests all your credit card and debit cards to be inserted for safekeeping.
    As soon as you do, the screen comes on and that same stock photo of DM smiling comes on the screen. (It comforts you somewhat by this time–a familiar face)
    You are then asked if you’d like to be audited by the boyishly handsome, young and ambitious Miscavige circa 1986.
    The next option is the triumphant Miscavige, circa 1993/IRS ruling, who is pole dancing to Missippi Queen in his g-string.
    The last choice is the Whacka-Mole Miscavige who is banging staff down rabbit holes with a rubber mallet.
    Any green meat PCs are encouraged to use the Whacka-Mole Miscavige to make sure that the hundreds of hours on objectives are flattened–you see there’s a reason for everything.
    You live dangerously–you select the Whacka-Mole Miscavige as your auditor.

    Now just as you are about to hear those precious words “This is the session,” the voice comes on to tell you that there appears to be a problem…
    “We regret to inform you that mandatory donations have pressed the credit limits of all your credit cards and all available funds have been extracted from your debit card. You have no money left. You will be expected to make things go right and procure a loan from a family member.”

    Ad naseum, folks–the absurdity never stops!

  191. Hey I agree,

    Unfortunately I’ve met est grads while I was on the Tech *un*Certainty courses for the BC.

    One who “graduated” (musta bribed the supervisor) that I wouldn’t let near a PC with a ten foot pole.

    Also audited a few of them.

    Real Twilight Zone stuff.

    Too bad who was ever working in RTRC didn’t think of including a Remedy A & B as part of the handling.

    Any hoo seems Skippy has embraced one of the worst aspects of est what they call “Seances” which is pretty much right outa Werner’s Seminars.

    I believe they call it “deconstructing” the individual and “rebuilding” him or her.

    Me I call it vicious and malicious group invalidation and evaluation.

    That’s neither or there.

    The fact is we have a lot of “broken straws” out in the field now thanks to Werner , Dave and Co.

    And I guess we should learn to be more tolerant.

    Something I’ve been trying to work on in my spare time 🙂

  192. OTDT,

    Yeah I know one est grad who “completed” her OT III and was completely overwhelmed by it….

    At least that’s what she told me 😉

    I met David a couple a times and your description of him is very apt.

  193. Didn’s Sonya {the big dollar regge’s} husband Harvey become the new Captain of the Flag Service Organization, replacing Debbie Cook. I seem to remember her name was Sonya Cacavelli. I later learned she got married to Harvey Jacques and he became Captain at Flag.

  194. Yes he has Buster …

    (who has DM traits, he killed all of the beautiful peacocks on the base)

  195. This A/V assault on the dissemination of Scientology is nuts, obv., and is a fitting postscript to a decades long preamble.
    An earlier period of nuttiness was in the 90’s when you had Davy McDouche going on Nightline after a lead-in cartoon depiction of the “sacred scriptures”.
    And every SO member I talked to about it raving that it was a huge coup and brilliant bit of dissem? wtf.
    (His no-ARC, cold and automaton-ish demeanor along with poor answers to the questions was off-putting to a professional FSM…to say the least. I was stunned and embarrassed FOR my group)
    There was also gradual and continual management (I should say mis-management) actions to nullify the efforts of FSM’s and staff trying to work in the area.
    One example is in approx. ’98, someone (don’t remember who) wrote a “directive” that basically said ALL FSM’s were criminals if they ever got someone on-lines as a result of getting the name from an org terminal. As-if a reg asking me to work with so-and-so public because they weren’t moving on the bridge, was a capitol crime and justice actions were imminent.
    There’s a too-long list of creeping destruction in the 90’s.
    I think it’s been well established that DM hates dissemination, and people, so I won’t belabor.
    But the Glutz PR and horrendous obstacles to disseminating reach back into the 80″s and 70’s as well.
    For example, if you wanted to bring a friend into the org, it was a good idea NOT to do so if there were any SO around. Otherwise you’d have to somehow chill the friend out about how those creepy looking people in fake navy uniforms were just a small, offbeat bunch that really didn’t have anything to do with Scientology. And hope that worked.
    Or you had to be vigilant that your friend didn’t get hijacked by a newbie off the comm course, all bug-eyed and over-acking so as to make that butler from ‘Young Frankenstein’ seem reasonable.
    That’s a bit unkind and I apologize, was reaching for some humor.
    What is basically an easy thing to talk about, has been made increasingly more and more difficult over the years by a seemingly less and lees self-aware organization.
    If I had a way-back machine, I’d spin it all back to the 70’s or 80’s in spite of the above.
    Except I’d keep the Internet, and cel phones, and…the Golf Channel.

  196. Watching Eyes

    That’s why I say : go, Davey, go !

    Hans, I’m with you. The dwarf is doing a fine job dismantling things all by himself. Every time he nukes another division, he brings it’s demise that much closer.

    With all his machinery and sci-fi dissem, maybe his next move will be to get rid of all staff.

  197. Former Flag Customer

    You bet it does.

  198. ΘTater/GaryLerner

    Marty and Mike,

    Great post! Like I’ve said numerous times before… David Miscavige IS a WHOLE TRACK SP!

    Who but someone like him would actively create machines to deliver black tech to people to turn them into bipedal ATM bodies in pawn?!

    Dear Kool-Aid drinkers,

    HELLO! 🙂

    (you can go now).


  199. martyrathbun09

    His obsession with out audiophiling all audiophiles extended to him having Marlowe, Luigi, Jon and others (combined) probably working the equivalent of a FULL TIME specialist on his gear alone for three decades.

  200. I had a similar experience on the comm course. I did OK on TR-0 (although when done with the 1 hour confront or whatever the requirement was, part of my FN VGIS was thinking “thank God I’ll never have to do that again!” – how wrong can you get!).

    But then I bogged hopelessly on bullbaiting. Just could not get it (how to bullbait my twin), go figure! For some reason, I became totally tongue tied.

    I was sitting there vvvbi’s, waiting for the evening to end so I could get the hell out of there and never come back, when the supervisor spotted my bad indicators, dropped everything else, came over and worked with me, one on one, patiently, with total ARC and determination to get me through it.

    It took a while, but eventually I got it and kept on going.

    But for that one staff member, who really cared about her students, I would have left, never to come back.

    Leaving would have changed my life forever (at least for a very long time), and definitely NOT for the better!

    Dave, I don’t care how friggin’ great your F’ing “A/V” stuff is, it’s no substitute for a live being who cares, who knows how to communicate and deliver effective help to another being.

  201. WW,

    I have to admit, I would stick around for some Victoria Secrets A/V. Can’t get enough. Or maybe it’s just that my wife fast forwards through the commercials and it would be awkward/inappropriate to say, “Hon, could you back up so I could watch those hot babes?”

    Considering the amount of interest the internet generates in the skin trade, I would suggest to DM that he combine the intro lectures with some porn. That way he would have the potential of getting paid from TWO areas.

    Woody Allen once joked about becoming bisexual because it automatically doubled your chances of getting a date on Friday night.

    Maybe, if COB combined Scientology with SEX, DRUGS and ROCK & ROLL, he would have a quadruple threat. Lot of interest in all three.

    And interest equals money in this culture.

    I don’t think changing the meaning of “Drug Rundown” would be any worse than what he’s doing now. You know, like an opium den: take these drugs and see what you are like as a spiritual being.

    Then he could alter-is the Purification Rundown so it wouldn’t be a make-wrong of the Drug Rundown. You know: become pure effect of COB who is actually God. By embracing the Oneness of COB, you can enter into the purity of Godhood. After all, only God exists and being self is merely illusion.

    But, back to the A/V: Oh, yeah, play some Victoria Secrets models prancing across the screen and I’d drop everything just for the chance to do my A through E’s and get back in good standings.

  202. Don’t give Miscavige ideas. That probably sounds pretty good to him.

  203. That’s scary CB!

    Reminds me of one of my “Truth Rundown” sessions!!!!

  204. Gary

    “Like I’ve said numerous times before… David Miscavige IS a WHOLE TRACK SP!”

    I was just doing a little exercise in spotting similar persons in history. I was thinking that what we are looking for is a jaded, megalomaniacal (sp) “producer”, who used A/V to suppress/control, and guess who came to mind?…

    Joseph Goebbels: Propaganda Minister to the Third Reich From 1933 until his death.
    “As Reichsminister for Propaganda and National Enlightenment, Goebbels was given complete control over radio, press, cinema, and theater; later he also regimented all German culture. …. Utterly cynical, he seems to have believed only in the self-justification of power. ”
    Died May 1st, 1945, ..suicide.

    Prior to that, I would guess we are looking for a psychotic, tyrant, wannabe film producer, somewhere in the “space Opera” area.

    Just thinkin’


  205. Barney Rubble

    Is Marlowe STILL there? Wow, sounds like his fall from grace in the 80’s put him in DM’s slave list for decades.

  206. Ah gotcha. Yes, I’ve heard references from the 50s and 60s. I just thought it might have been something during or after the GO/FBI stuff of the mid and late 70s.

  207. Scott Campbell

    Feline Fatha’,

    Whas’ happening bruh? Clarify and I’ll provide it. Want to know the latest on neuroscience and meditation techniques? Or do you want to know what really works?

    L, Scott

  208. Good Post Jeff.
    There are also REASONS why DM through C of $ is phasing into Robots and automated machines.

    ++++++Machines never need a day off. Never ask for Annual Leave, never need Sunday morning off for Hygiene.

    ++++++Machines do not have SP relatives that read the Internet.

    ++++++Machines once built, are not on payroll like Sea Org members absorbing sums of money that could theoretically be used for *Other* reasons.

    ++++++Machines cannot blow and leak stories of DM atrocities, beatings, lock downs and 12 year RPF cycles.

    +++++Machines cannot flee and join Marty and Mike, therefore can be trusted even by DM who can be assured of at least loyalty if only from machines.

  209. This guy is so busted.

  210. Scott Campbell

    Probably trying to see if he can hear a clue.

  211. ΘTater/GaryLerner

    PerTaters, PoToters…. 🙂 — just posit-ing.

    DM’s image of himself consists of his self-gloried concept: “I am become death, the destroyer of worlds.” Any doubt about his capabilities should be reviewed with his very products. Every thing he has done has created entheta. No Auditing. No Personal Beingness. No Self-Awareness. No Ability to As-Is Case. Creation of Low-Tone Beingness as Pro-Survival. Professing his Babbling Verbiage as Supreme Intelligence. Total Antithesis of LRH’s Technology.

    Every minute of every day David Miscavige has forwarded his Whole Track Suppressive Postulate: “Every Thetan is to be Subjugated!” “No One is More At Cause than Me!”

    If you have doubts (not you WW), then do a doubt formula with Cof$ and it’s corporate minions and products.


  212. No, he’s been out for a while now and is in Arizona.

  213. barneyrubble

    Thanks Sinar as always.

    I knew Marlowe in the 70’s and his dad who is pictured in a infamous photo on a book one photo in the early 50’s.

  214. Sam,
    I think all of the real humans and all of the trainable guys are here in the Indie world. Reality and living beings left the tombs to the long gone and dead. We are the future, we are the light, we are the life – and I am glad to be here with the living. We speak the truth and therefore we really do penetrate. Only the bots, the enablers and the degraded thetans with their machines attempting to overwhelm for the short term .

    I always remember the idea that TV makes one dumber as it is just pictures in boxes with significance. Now we have millions of dollars of fancy pictures in boxes with significance to distort the truth and implant something – not exactly sure what.

    If one believes our society is going down the toilet with drugs, stupidity, bad education, out 2d etc then how does throwing pictures into their banks disseminate the way out. If, the person coming in is in bad shape and needs to understand they have a bank with pictures, which they are confused about, running their life and we want the being to wake up. Then only live communication will get to that being. More sounds and pictures just run together into the bank and away the person goes – back to the rest of the mob.

    Glad I am here with the Indies and people like you, Sam.

  215. Well, if A/V is his major thing, I wonder if he’s got some home-made porn stashed somewhere….

  216. Actually Michael, the Purif would be the perfect answer to your proposed “New DRD”, like binging and purging, or sinning then going to church to be absolved. Why not get high on weed, shrooms, heroin, or crack, when you can then flush all the bad residue out the next day? This would be residual income for DM – get High on Saturday, Purify on Sunday, at a price of course. The best of both worlds!

    Take it away OTDT, I bet you can run with this one.

  217. Did someone say, “When in doubt, communicate”? Har har har har har

  218. Any agreement it elicited would have been illicit indeed.

    I listened to the cassette once, and it was creepy from the Dracula’s castle organ music beginning all the way to end, which I don’t even recall now.

  219. Thank you for replying.

    I just wanted to know if you are still in contact. On WWP they are haunting me for “dox”of course. I need something “fleshy” (photocopied material)

    I can’t of course ask you to release private things.

  220. As always, S.A., well-stated and cogent. Excellent references. I don’t have much time to comment these days, but I hope your and others’ penetrating reflections and on-source citations will get others to dare to think, look, and know as well.

  221. Creepy!

  222. “False Four” is, I believe, in the Tech Dictionary. Refers to a false “Tone 4.0” or somone who feigns enthusiasm but is really lower on the scale.

  223. What you say is interesting about infiltration. Sort of inherent with living in the MEST universe – at least for the present. Pat G. was also my roomate – in that respect I was in the middle of Op Z but not a participant. Yes, Pat made it ALIVE. Tom was the academic. Diana did the Op-4D Eval and I would say rehabbed the Op Z stuff you were talking about which had been derailed. Op Z became a dirty word in management because the orgs couldn’t harness the energy. The new incarnation became Op 4D and that filled missions like Kinsley Wimbush but not just him but that evolved into problems too which I believe Marty is posting on the latest post which I haven’t read yet. I think you know the rest.

  224. Mother of Grendel

    These last few posts have me thinking exactly that, theatre style implanting! And he’s doing it on such a subtle level that the rest of the bunch don’t see the trickery, the big smile, the presentation – very hitler-ish. All sounds good and it will all save the day…until…GOTCHA!

  225. Valkov,

    I think you’re right. The objective is to maximize income. To do that you have to maximize opportunities to buy. Make Scientology the ultimate be-able-to-experience-anything religion. The ultimate Ying/Yang.

    This drug/purif approach has precedence. Several cultures have combined using drugs and sauna-like environments to enhance the experience and bring purity of consciousness.

    You could also have orgies of every variety with emphasis on committing overts against one another and all of one’s moral codes, followed by intensive overt/withhold sessions to run out the experience and all attendant track incidents. Man, I bet that would be a hit.

    You could run it as a week long retreat out in the desert. Hell, you’ve already got the facility for it. And you’ve already proven you can commit any crime you want on that compound and not be bothered by authorities. You could even drag in some illegal aliens for some snuff work for those with sufficient money. Maybe do a little white slavery. Big money makers for the Eastern European and Russian Mobs.

    You could run a tiered system: Economy Overts, First Class Overts, Elite overts, Crimes Ggainst Humanity Overts.

    And if anyone protests, just paint them as religious bigots who are against your right to practice your religion as guaranteed by the Constitution. Then there’s the Liar’s brush. And the Apostate brush: disaffected trouble maker.

    So many possibilities.

  226. Publius,

    Yeah, when my experiences with Scientology were most meaningful and real were those moments when I was interacting with another being who cared. There’s just something about contributing to another and being contributed to that makes living so much more rewarding.

    One of the things that COB seems to be missing: who would worship him in a world of machines? Who would admire him?

    If admiration is the most valued particle of all, what good is accumulating all the wealth and power of a universe if no one is left to admire it?

  227. martyrathbun09


  228. @Windwalker:
    I don’t like this.
    Who somebody was in previous lifetimes is completely irrelevant to their present life and deeds from an Ethical standpoint. Everybody gets a chance to change and be a better person in their new life.
    Furthermore, the only reliable indication of someone’s past lives is contained in their PC Folder and that’s strictly Confidential (yes, even for McSavage).
    I am not part of any “we” that is looking for who David McSavage or any other Sea Org, OSA or other asshole was on the track.
    Michael A. Hobson

  229. Mike Hobson

    Yes Mike, I get where you are coming from, but I really don’t see where it applies to this situation really.

    Please bear with me for a bit here, because I want to clarify where I am coming from. There are some points I feel the need to mention.

    For instance, you do realize that I am not revealing any folder or ethics data here, right?
    You may not realize that, as an ethics officer, I always, and only, handled the person in front of me. I ruthlessly hold the trust that anything revealed to me, as an ethics officer, as an auditor, or simply as a confidential or “sensitive” communication, confidential.
    In this case I have not revealed anything about anyone’s case here, unless it happens to be true, but unless the person in question reveals such a thing publicly, we are not likely to ever know.

    You do realize that I have the right to have an opinion and to communicate, right?
    This “identity” was simply presented as a possibility, and obviously MY OPINION, and I would totally be happy to be wrong on this one.
    Also,this “information” is offered because I understand ( perhaps erroneously, though I think not) that this forum, to some degree is taking the form of Third Dynamic De_aberration, or 3D auditing, on this terminal (DM). When this particular ” identity” came to mind, I felt my universe lighten somewhat. Of course that does not make it true for anyone else, but it did do something for me. In actual fact, when I was considering posting it, (and yes, I do consider the effect my communications may have on others,) I felt that, should it actually be “true” and should it be seen by the person in question, there might be an off chance that it might “blow” something for him too, and it might actually reverse, or perhaps slow his personal downward spiral.

    You perhaps missed the fact, that in the past I have, on more than one occasion, in one form or another, (as recently as a day or so ago) stated that I felt David Miscavige is basically good, (as are all beings) and that everyone is part of my dynamics, and to make my dynamics optimum, EVERYONE would need to be operating optimally.

    You said: “Who somebody was in previous lifetimes is completely irrelevant to their present life and deeds from an Ethical standpoint. Everybody gets a chance to change and be a better person in their new life.”
    Well, there is a policy regarding taking a being at face value, and not being interested in his past, but that is a “Justice” POLICY, and as an “ethics” (read “justice”) officer, I would not challenge a person on past life identities or actions. How would I even know?
    From a solely “ethics” standpoint, (as in; “ethics is a personal thing”,) it may well be hugely relevant to the being’s progress towards greater responsibility and self determinism, but of course that is not for me, or anyone else to evaluate.
    From a justice viewpoint again, the justice gradients contain these two points:
    5.Talking to somebody about another derogatorily.
    6. Talking to the person derogatorily.
    There are 36 ethics gradients listed in the “Introduction to Scientology” book.
    I feel I am still taking it pretty easy on the guy considering what heinous crimes he has committed on me (indirectly)
    and on others.

    I know that it may not be nice, and it may not be pretty, and it may be quite unconfrontable, and it may not even get the product we seek, but I stand behind my actions.

    So, hopefully I have demonstrated that your and my viewpoints may not be so far apart. And I do genuinely thank you for holding the lines that you are holding. “The price of freedom is constant vigilence…”


  230. Greetings Paul playfull old chap.

  231. I guess my sarcasm wasn’t sharp enough – I meant that in the absence of technical results, they will increase their effort to further introvert the pc by orienting him to the fact that if he ain’t winning, its not because its their fault, its because the pc himself is just too out-ethics to get any gains.

  232. Thought this was a good quote that fits all of this perfectly.
    “Just because you know a lot of these things puts a responsibility on you, but just because you know Scientology is no reason or license to stop living. You should be able to live much more fully. But you feel very free to use or not use exactly what you know, to use it as you think it ought to be used, to create the effect you want to create or just to create a random effect. That’s a wide license, isn’t it? The material is yours. Go ahead and take it.”

    — L. Ron Hubbard

  233. Scott Campbell

    Yes, I’m still in contact. The gal that was involved in that I’ve known since I was in 3rd grade. She’s my best friend from grade school’s mom. She lives close to us.

    Let me know what kind of data you want an update on and I’ll ask her.

    L, Scott

  234. Scott Campbell

    Also, What’s WWP?

  235. Scott,

    That’s Why We Protest.

    The Anon Board.

  236. It will make you sad looking at WWP. Nevertheless I am on a mission (impossible) to appeal to peoples philosophical side.

    Let’s see. Maybe a written paper or proof that Scientology is discussed at some level in some way or another in relationship with neuroplasticityor another disipline at Wisconson University.

    Or a posting by her at a blog, does she have a blog herself ?

  237. Scott Campbell

    Thanks RJ.

  238. Scott Campbell


    I just got a response that she is still involved with those guys. I don’t think it has anything to do with Scn. however.

    She told me that she had read some LRH while in college and thought that he was “brilliant”. When i asked her where she would place him historically, she said: “well he would certainly be one of the prophets and great philosophers of all time.” And added “But by the same token, look at what the followers of other great religious movements did with the teachings and tenets originally laid out by the founders of those movements. They corrupted and perverted them to unwholesome ends.”

    Send me an email or phone # if you want to have further comm about this or anything else. My husmail address is neobliviscaris@hushmail.com if you’d rather.

    L, Scott

  239. DM is looking more and more like a Psych. With new INVENTIONS continuously coming down the pike. Psychiatrists INVENT new “disorders” every year at their APA conventions. Sound familiar?

  240. And people tell me technological unemployment does not exist. Wait till most of the jobs are done by machines which is not that far off. RBE economy here we come. LOL

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