Doomsday Dave – KoS pt 2

What follows occurred eight years after the 1996 Golden Age of Tech implant, where Miscavige guaranteed public Scientologists that he had forever, absolutely solved TRs and Metering and all other barriers to rapid, standard training of auditors. With that, though not stated and apparently unnoticed by the many, Miscavige was also saying “Ron was wrong, his idea about the TRs and Metering films helping supervisors solve the making of auditors was plain silly.”  You may recall that in 1996 Miscavige proudly announced that based on his own “breakthroughs” that all orgs, including all Class V orgs, would be making “perfect” auditors with alacrity and in abundance. 

Eight years later Miscavige – ignoring his eight year old definitive and absolute claims – let his OT Ambassador friends in on a little secret.  In his 2004, Maiden Voyage Anniversary private OT Summit briefing, he acknowledged to the Ambassadors that students were taking literally “years” to get through his Golden Age of Tech metering course.  How he got away with blaming it on others is a marvel – given that from May 1996 forward he claimed consistently that he was Scientology’s tech God.  But you can see for yourself that his event implant technology apparently was the ONLY thing he kept working like a charm. 

And without mentioning that his 1996 hi-tech marvels (Quantum meter, reads simulator, and the doomsday machine super slow down playback reads critique player), in 2004 he promised to introduced yet another electronic via gadget to the line-up.  Recognize too, that here we are, another seven years later, and he hasn’t delivered on that new doomsday machine.  He said the doomsday machine would result in – oops didn’t he say that in 96? –  perfect auditors being made in abundance in every org in the world.  But, he said, it would be unviable to install immediately because it would cost perhaps 20,000 per org to replicate and install.  In the interim, he has collected hundreds of millions to build pretty MEST orgs across the world.  But, no new doomsday machines in any of them. And so, fifteen years have passed since David Miscavige “solved” metering by forever assuring metering is a lost science inside his “church.”  

After reading this, I encourage people to read HCO PL Complexity and Confronting in a new unit of time.  What follows comes from the official COB Office staff transcribed transcript of Miscavige’s secret 2004 briefing to OT Ambassadors on the Freewinds.  Without further ado, I give you the King of the Squirrels:


25 June 2004




OK, complexities.  Man that meter is apparently complex because people can take a long time on that metering course, okay? 


There’s two things you can bug.  People can get into this endless TRs, you need a TR supe on metering.  This is really a frontier on the Golden Age of Tech because of course the whole – if you take a look at what that was, it’s just drill in the right way to do something and you get it.  But a metering guy without somebody really knowing his stuff standing over him, the guy can really go off the rails and be at it forever and he’s positive he can’t make it.  And I run into it practically every time I go somewhere.  Even last month at Saint Hill there’s a guy there having been on it ninety months or whatever, and I’ve been at it and it’s just miscalling reads, you have to just slap him around pretty hard actually but boy, he gets it and you’re talking five minutes.


This is only the beginning, but I can’t refrain from a few comments:

a)  “People can get into this endless TRs”.  How, when you solved everything, by bypassing everyone through your Rep NW – which incidentally wiped out the tech hierarchy of the church of Scientology in the process – fifteen, count them, fifteen years ago.

b)   “And I run into it practically every time I go somewhere.”  Really?  I thought you solved this when you came up with a new doomsday meter, doomsday reads simulator, doomsday Golden Age of Tech drills for supervisors, etc, etc – fifteen, count them, fifteen years ago.

c)  “you have to just slap him around pretty hard actually but boy, he gets it and you’re talking five minutes.”  Easy then, just open an ultimate fighting prison camp for Spartan Sea Org members at Int.  Oh, forgot you did try that.  No wonder you call me a squirrel – I guess the Truth Rundown in the SP Times cut right across your STANDARD TECH handlings.  Whew – ladies and gentleman, I am not making this stuff up, it is transcribed from the actual briefing by Miscavige’s own staff.

And now, back to the rest of the KoS’s presentation:


So we’ve been working on a couple things here.   Here we go.  I’m going to show you one thing that now we got a – believe it or not – simplicity, but it does work.  Here’s a little pilot. 


Okay.  And this hopefully – look, this is – you’re seeing prototype stuff here now.  OK let’s start on this little display here.  Okay.  And this isn’t coming out tomorrow.  No really, this is between us now, this not coming out tomorrow.  This is just get – no, it is not, but I’m going to show it to you.  Deal?


What happens – anybody’s here been on a pro metering course (yeses), what, you see people and they walk over to the TV, they’re measuring the read.  Okay (laughs) we get all these things (laughs).  How long have you been on it?  Seven months.  Really, what have you been doing?  The last 6 and a half I’ve been on my final assessment.  (Exclaims) It shouldn’t be like that.  Okay.


Again, I cannot hold back another comment till the end, this guy just spits outpoints and lies faster than you can say “spit”.  If you haven’t already please read the last post on this blog, The King of the Squirrels.  Miscavige started the practice of walking over to TV screens and measuring reads.  Miscavige created and enforced the arbitraries that made “final assessment” impossible.  Nine years BEFORE this briefing. And look, he’s getting laughs as a response by the OT Ambassadors.

Ok, back to Miscavige:


Here’s a little device and here’s a training aid that really is going to speed this up.  This is a reads recorder.  And it’s right there for the guy in doing the assessment.  So here you go, student would be there, it’s got a microphone, a headset, coach would have it as well.  Right?  I’m going to play it for you over the speakers because obviously you’re not going to all be able to hear this you know.


And what this does is a guy doing an assessment or any reads it records it onto a hard drive, it’ll record hundreds of hours, you can record many assessments on it, and then play them back immediately and it plays back on the meter.  And here we go. 


I’ll give you – now you got the camera on there?  (Yes sir.) 


Okay here we go, this is just a little setup here, you can see, it looks a bit odd.  Okay.  Right here.  Various buttons and whatever, different files, meaning which assessment did they do, you know, it just goes up, I can move it up, okay I’m just going to play one now.  Imagine somebody just did an assessment.  You’re going to have to get it on the meter.  I played back their assessment that second… 


(Assessment) And there it all is right there, instantaneously.


Okay we go to the next assessment and that one they’re checking….


(Assessment)  Okay.  So we put this in a course room, and we did do it cause I thought, well I don’t know, I mean, is it really going – it’s instant, that’s the point, and the coach and the student are there.  We haven’t had a student on the pro metering that’s been doing it yet.  I mean it literally has reduced it down to checksheet time because it’s right there, we’re not to a video, we’re not to a screen, we’re not to anything else, it’s instant, anybody can go back and play it, even if the sup wasn’t watching them there it is.  (Exclaims)  So that’s step one and it’s end of metering bugs.  (Cheers, applause)


So, what he has done is put a digital recorder system into the meter itself or a plug in.  You see that is much different than having a different piece of MEST recording the drilling, because the MEST is in or on the meter instead of outside the meter.  Get it?  Oh, by the way, “we haven’t had a student on the pro metering that’s been doing it yet. I mean it literally has reduced it down to checksheet time.”  Do you realize this ass just admitted that as of nine years after his having taken over metering, that HE has not got a single person through the course in checksheet  time. Now, realize his introduction of MEST recording on the line in no small part permanently knocked off hats and responsibility from everyone from whoever his second in command is now, right on down through every hat on the org board to the supervisors in every org by introducing his electronic vias. And as of 2004 he says he’s gonna introduce more and in effect PEOPLE cannot supervise.

Sorry, back to the smartest guy in the room:

Now that’s something we’ve been developing and I just have to get all the interface ready so people can hook it up to their meters in the room and that’s probably the furthest in the distance from these quite frankly.  And there are several of these things we just developed and – okay, in any event, now here’s another one, here’s what we’re really getting.  This I’ve been able to take from Flag and I’m going to be able to take it right down to org level. 


Because one thing you know if you’ve been to the Flag AO down there you notice that they can record their sessions.  Every single one on a hard drive high security – no video tapes floating around, you can look right at the session – if you knew the cost of that baby, who, that wasn’t going to be too viable to put in the orgs. 


So we’ve been working on this for a couple of years, and we have a system here that for — fifteen, maybe twenty thousand dollars maybe we can put it into an org with two HGCs networked throughout the entire place, into the Qual cramming, into their C/S office, into everywhere, now, let’s take a – and look what you can do now.

At best what Miscavige describes is a gizmo that will eliminate the need to measure the length of read on a tv monitor; and nothing else.  But in practice it is yet another means to have his pre-selected, physically attractive, unapproachable, non-tech trained minions second guess, bypass and knock the hats off of supervisors. He’s going to have students with headsets plugging themselves into the meter in order to do e-meter drills.

Now hear this, this will further make metering impossible. The more one focuses on the MEST of it, the less they will be able to master perceiving the one and only LRH definition of INSTANT READ:


…Additionally, when looking for reads while clearing commands or when the preclear is originating items, the auditor must note only those reads which occur at the exact moment the pc ends his statement of the item or command.

–         LRH – HCOB 5 August 1978, INSTANT READS

Really folks, metering is simplicity itself.  But recognize, L Ron Hubbard did not have people sitting in course rooms for months, let alone years interiorizing further and further into the meter in order to understand what this means – at the expense, of course, of the actual magic that allows as-isness to occur, the auditor-pc comm cycle. LRH had them do drills till they were comfortable enough and confident enough to take a person in session, then they’d go in session, and they would audit, audit, audit and they would learn to the point where they would not even contemplate arguing about what is and isn’t an instant read.  The auditor would know.  And many auditors do know.  But, they ain’t anywhere near the doomsday machines, the church or Scientology, and most importantly they aren’t anywhere near – or any place they can be even indirectly influenced by –  David Miscavige.

187 responses to “Doomsday Dave – KoS pt 2

  1. Pascal Dorion

    A friend of mine while on the meter course got the win that he no longer required a meter. He could read the PC! Of course a meter is more stable than perceptions and is needed for auditor admin and the whole HGC line and folder. But I thought his win was great and makes sense that the meter is a tool to help the auditor confront the PC, not a crutch to use like a robot.

  2. Marty, you ought to wrap up your blogging on this guy with this “he is a jackass.”. Call it good. End of cycle.

  3. Former Flag Customer

    This post is an eye-opener for me. I can’t believe how incompetent David Miscavige really is. He knows nothing of any kind of technology and is basically day-dreaming.
    He is hopeless and clueless. He is basically wasting everyone’s time and is totally unaware of it. I am so glad I escaped in 1996. There seems to be common pattern:
    1. He has deluded himself into thinking that he has all of the answers.
    2. He automatically trashes the real talent that is available to him.
    If he acts this way in other situations where he has responsibility, he is on a path to destruction. Wake up, Dave, or someone else will do it for you.

  4. “the meter is a tool to help the auditor confront the PC”. Wow. There are no other words needed.

  5. That is the speech of an auditor killer. Can’t see the reads for the needle. Can’t see the tech for the self-importance control-freak significance oriented circuitry that is all about how great he is, and how incompetent others are. It’s painful. Is this an actual transcript!?

    It’s not even complete thoughts or sentences, but a jigjagged spouting peppered with implant soundbytes…such as —> —> “But a metering guy without somebody really knowing his stuff standing over him, the guy can really go off the rails and be at it forever and he’s positive he can’t make it.” Say what? I don’t think so. This is the exact inverse opposite of the innovator L. Ron Hubbard who researched, developed and created Scientology. Internships used to be effective, with proper;y gradient and winning auditors getting rave results.

    This is really a disturbing muck up prime example of parasitic theft and alteration. That s the speech of a theta sucking tick, undermining and introverting people’s self confidence while gloating on the remnants of another man’s life work.

  6. On the “90 month” guy at St Hill: That sort of pissed me off. I mean, he is uncertain about his reads because of a Miscavige enforced arbitrary. So Miscavige is going to “slap him around pretty hard” until he “gets it”??

    Too bad the guy didn’t know he should be doing the slapping, not Miscavige.

    The MEST vias and arbitrary MEST complexities are rediculous. Show me the stats Miscavige. Show me these things make auditors.

    How come nobody in the church asks to see the stats?

    He’s hypnotized everybody. Bizarre.

  7. I laughed when you called him an ass

  8. Robots don’t need crutches. Thats one of the benefits of being a robot. If somethings wrong with my leg I can just go get a new one put on down at the shop, or sometimes it just needs a little oil. One time I broke my cotter pin and my leg fell right off, but I just put it back on. It was a little embarassing, but still better than being human.

  9. I have noticed before on transcripts of DM that he hardly ever finishes a thought–just keeps rambling on to other places. Could this be one of those characteristics of an SP, ya think? Ist das Incomplete cycles of action? Yah, Yah, Yah!

  10. Ok. So you float a current through a pc, see that he is ready to recieve a question, ask the question, note the needle response. Based on that response, you either ask another question, or run a process to ep. Pretty simple. Note that the pre-reqs of Auditors code, etc are IN.

    Now, in TRAINING people to do that, LRH struggled with the “slow” students. Read the Bulletins from the 60’s. Some people could do it in it’s simplest form, some introduced “additives”, couldn’t keep the code, etc. Concurrent with the “scaling up” of Scn Tech delivery, LRH intoduced “fast flow”, student attest line, Qual cramming actions and an ethics system whose primary purpose was supposed to be “get and keep tech in”. In a number of places, when implemented, we saw volume training of auditors, with the materials LRH provided.
    Now, with that experience in hindsight, could it be done better? Sure. BUT NOT BY CHANGING THAT WHICH MADE IT WORKABLE IN THE FIRST PLACE. And that can be summarized by increasing a person’s ability to duplicate across all of the dynamics. And that is my beef with DM.

    From a “governance” viewpoint, having a “black box” capability built in to auditing sessions I can see as a good idea. Coupled with a published “privacy policy” it could even reduce auditor admin and help prevent “disclosure” of session data, If halfway through a session the blackbox shows the meter “flatlining”, then it could alert the DoP (or Qual) to do a “What did the auditor do?” interview afterwards. And it could eliminate the need for videos, etc. So from a governance perspective, there is some merit. As for the price tag, it is difficult to estimate not knowing how the Idle Morgues are configured from a networking viewpoint.

    But it has nothing to do with TECH BASICS. As an exec DM insists on remaining in cope (overwhelm), compulsively by-passes, creates emergencies that only he can “solve”, enforces wrong-whys, HITS instead of HATS, cultivates a culture of endless Dev-T, creates overt products, and actively impedes others from “getting the show on the road”. Just about everything I learned as an exec NOT to do. What a pathetic excuse for a “leader”.

    But the bigger “crime” would be to allow his faggotry (to borrow a word from Anon lingo) to totally submerge a philosophy with great potential to help others. And that is why I (we?) are here.

  11. Marty,

    You may have mentioned this before somewhere but did miscavige ever receive any auditing (must of done in the early days right?)
    Also, what is the general perception of people at int (when you were there obviously) about miscavige and his auditing (and training?) Was this even dared to be thought about?
    I once asked one staff member at my local org what level miscavige was at and he considered at least OT10 (seriously)…
    Also in the nightline interview miscavige mentioned curing his asthma with scientology (or dianetics). Do you know anything about this?

  12. 20 grand?! I have the same thing right this moment and it cost 1/40th of that. That’s right, 500 bucks. Records the sessions and all needle reactions. F/Ns, by the way, look like sine waves, which is what you would expect once you see one traced on a graph. Turns any laptop into a fully workable meter. Works great. The entire thing is digital, not analog and digital like current church meters.

    LRH’s entire state of what an Academy auditor was supposed to be was a mechanic who could do certain technical actions well. In other words, what someone who did his 1978 checksheets could produce.

    The Pro Metering Course of 1996 was DM’s typical over-the-top-perfection-at-the-cost-of-everything-in-order-to-stop production. Not to distance myself from this overt of magnitude as the compiler of the course but I would not have had EM Drills 22 or 25 on it. An Academy student has zero need for those drills. The final assessment aspect of the course was well demonstrated in the Assessment TRs tech film. Same for TRs, LRH demonstrated workable TRs in the tech film on TRs 0-4. If students only used those standards, they would not need supervisors, Snr C/Ses or, heaven help us, RTC Reps and King Squirrel himself to confuse matters beyond all comprehension.
    JB tells me the TRs film has been reshot using non-Scn actors. Why didn’t DM just digitally replace my head with his and be done with it? Then he could have “preserved” the one remaining LRH tech film. As it is, they are all gone now. All gone. Maybe someone knows if the new one is in orgs now.

  13. Flunk on proofreading, Dan. I meant, “LRH’s entire statment of . . .”

  14. The outpoints here are big enough to drive an 18 wheeler through.

    What happened to auditing the PC in front of you? This whole description by DM, as you point out, omits the most important part of auditing – the auditing comm cycle.

    As I recall it is “Auditor plus PC is greater than Bank” right? He seems to be saying the Meter is greater than Auditor plus PC.

    How does DM think LRH made all those Clears and OT’s back in the 60s, 70s and 80s without DM’s Super Duper Meters and equipment? By accident?

  15. “you have to just slap him around pretty hard” is the new Dear Leader High Tech.

    Talking about complexity and confronting, I seem to recall that before the reads simulator came out & right before the GAT release, Luigi the RAV (LRH Audio Visual) had put together a reads recorder which was hooked up to the Examiner at Int Qual. This was to record F/Ns as apparently no ideal F/N read appearance for the simulator were totally approved. Perhaps the three swings were being looked for. This went on for weeks.

    However, the recorder was put together at the time, so it’s not really “new” tech as far as Mest was concerned!

    FOR recently posted “stats” for CC Int from their quarterly mag and it just doesn’t show a lot of Auditors made from this DM discovery in 2004!

  16. *Omitted word – should read “reads recorder which was hooked up to the Quantum meter at the Examiner at Int Qual.”

  17. The technical outpoints are beyond horrendous, but another thing that this also provides is more evidence of something you’ve discussed on this blog, and something that just seriously gets to me! Dave’s treatment of the OT Ambassadors and making them feel soooooo special and important because they are being clued on on his top secret “hidden data line” pilots, so they can now go off and with a fully recharged status-oriented fat-head and feel all warm and fuzzy about themselves being best buds with Dave. Meanwhile the rest of the Int base and Sea Org members were being treated like slaves. And Dave soaks up the applause and admiration because his brainwashed followers can’t see or think anymore and they just blindly ooooooh and aaaaaah over his every single breath. Blech!!!

  18. Mother of Grendel

    No wonder there are so few trained OTs… the OTAs who heard this speech have avoided the academies in droves!

  19. Cheese,

    I agree with you 100%.

  20. @Sinar:
    I was the Course Admin for the SHSBC ASHO Foundation (and also the Tech Films I/C) when a crew came down from Gold (mid-1994 ?) and installed the Supervisor Metering System in the Practical Courseroom.

    This consisted of a highly specialized meter than could display replicated data digitally transmitted from Mark 7 Quantum e-meters (via a serial port cable) and a control panel to select which of the 16 (?) student meters was to be observed. The darned thing had a servo-controlled TA knob that would instantly jump to the TA position on whatever student meter was currently connected to and it replicated on it’s e-meter dial whatever was being displayed on the student’s meter.

    It doesn’t strike me as a significant technical advance to implement a meter data recorder given that the supervisor’s meter already had much of the circuitry that would be necessary for that.

    Michael A. Hobson

  21. Scott Campbell

    “Those who attempt to suppress our tech do not themselves have the faintest clue of how to better anyone. This they cannot do. And this is your ace in the hole.

    You see, truth must exist before lies and truth blows the lie away as it is later on the chain. And any suppressive person or group seeking to dissuade you or invalidate you deals only in lies. These lies are quite easily spotted if you know the Data Series.

    Most people get so confused by all the lies around, they come to believe anything they’re told and that’s the reason the suppressive lies. But with the Data Series, one can spot bad data so easily it is itself a sort of relief to know it.

    And as you burrow your way down through the layers of lies, you come to truth. And truth blows the lies away.

    So we come to this legacy of tech. It is the route, which if purely used, uncorrupted and unperverted, will bring you at last to the vast free vistas of freedom and truth and the glory of being really you.” — LRH, RJ 37

    …and another wave of “on lines, in good standing” Scientologists becomes Independent.

  22. Cindy Pinsonnault

    I see why DM needs a teleprompter for events. On his own, he can’t seem to string even a few words together into coherent sentences.

  23. Cindy Pinsonnault

    These guys are being trained to audit meters and lists. Very efficient. The PC in the chair is just a formality, a sentimental holdover from LRH’s day. Nowadays, it’s just plain old-fashioned to care about that bothersome old PC. And expecting an auditor to actually confront a PC, have a comm cycle with him; sheesh, well, that’s just asking a little much, don’t you think?

  24. Joe,

    I was fortunate to see the original tech films when they first released as I did the bulk of my training in the late 70’s to early 80’s and they were all required on the Briefing Course back then.

    Personally I thought it was sacrilege when the bulk of them were redone for that abomination known as “The Golden Fleece of Tech”.

    However I was happy to see the gremlins of tech at least hadn’t redone the Pro TRs Film which the Ol’man had personally worked so had on producing.

    Now I am saddened to read that that film has been shoved down the memory hole along with the actual concept of what good TRs are in what calls itself the “Church of Scientology”.

    That said Dan.

    Either we’re are going to have to pirate a copy of the original or you’re going to have to reprise your role as Joe Howard for all the burgeoning Indies who are walking away from the Church of Squirrelotology.

    Because the fact is that if TRs are out any discussion of metering is purely academic.

  25. “F/Ns, by the way, look like sine waves, which is what you would expect once you see one traced on a graph.”

    Wow! That’s intriguing, and of course that’s what they would appear! Thanks for the visual.

  26. Mark,
    Don’t you remember DM uncleared everyone so that they could be recleared with his new devices.

  27. Superb post Marty, as per usual. One comment: You mentioned the Tech Films being LRH’s solution. But King of Squirrels also sabotaged those films (which have ALL now been remade, completely paving over what LRH created) with films which only use mechanically-made reads — not real e-meter reads.

    In other words, when the Cine people tried to film genuine e-meter reads on films like the “E-Meter Reads” film, the same DM brand insanity took place whereby every read was “not good enough.” So, the King of Squirrels squirreled what LRH said to do by outlawing the use of real e-meter reads in the films! Instead, every one of those films now uses fake, unreal meter reads and FNs which were produced by computer program ala the patented Doomsday Miscavige brand Reads Simulator. And essentially what everyone wound up with was slope-head Miscavige’s opinion of what each read should look like.

  28. Your humble servant

    What continues to impress me about our Lunatic Revealed is that he always seems to talk in a rat-a-tat-tat stream of incomprehensible, non-sequitur gibberish!

  29. All I have to say is that if I hadn’t been off lines since 1992, 1993 period, I would have been independent a hell of a lot sooner – years sooner. I had meant to do a GAT course to see what it was about, but never got around to it.

    This is crazy.

  30. Wow….

    This guy is sitting in front of a room full of OT Ambassadors, talking about out tech and off policy training, and they are LAUGHING with him.

    “King of Skunks” is a more fitting term.

    COB of RTC – Ignoring OT by Creating BPC as easy as 123, ASAP. I just gotta be me. – Dave

  31. There are so many outpoints in KofS’s thinking, I can’t even begin to count them in this post. So, no, Marty, DM’s not the King of Squirrels, he’s the Royal Imperial Emperor of Squirrels. Be more specific next time, would ya? LOL!

  32. DM never makes sense. Whenever I read his comm I just think..what did he just say? He doesn’t think in a straight line so he can’t speak with one either.
    I’m waiting for him to develop a little “learning device” to place on that machine so when the auditor makes a mistake on a read, he/she will get a little zap! Just wait, I know it’s coming.

  33. Auditor: a person trained and qualified in applying Dianetics and/or Scientology processes and procedures to individuals for their betterment; called an auditor because auditor means one who listens.

    Auditor’s Code: a collection of rules (do’s and don’ts) that an auditor follows while auditing someone, which ensures that the preclear will get the greatest possible gain out of the processing that he is having. It was evolved from years of observing processing.

  34. mark mckinstry

    I am finally getting a concept of the ideal scene for DM.. It is something akin to the Wizard of Oz and Fahrenheit 451 combined.

    Destroy pure Scientology and any record of it and gradually replace it with an altered version, His version. Repackage the altered tech at every step in glossy new containers so that the cannibalized public continue to repurchase it. Destroy real Scientology in the name of saving/improving it, as only he knows how. Use the goodwill that LRH created for decades to artfully cover what you are doing to people.

    Use the consequent expanding unworkability to sell more misguided solutions and blame/discredit those who got products in the past as the “why” for the current “unworkability”

    As for auditing and training, it all gets reduced to MEST. Eliminate the comm cycle and anything resembling Theta. Eliminate course supervision. Every session worldwide is pumped into his control module at the Int Base. Kind of a ‘Big Brother” look in system, whereby he can monitor every session in the world.

    Gradually replace the grade chart with confessional auditing. DM and his network can monitor and record every session. J. Edgar Hoover’s earlier success with blackmail fits hand in glove here. Blackmail material fully documented should anyone speak out against him. The perfect safeguard against revolt when people get tired of no results.

    As for management? Who needs them. He can have video cameras watching every org. And the best part… hold this over the head of anyone trying to audit or produce a product. And instead of that tricky Theta concept, everyone will be looking over their shoulder, knowing in their heart that what they are trying to do with Scientology is unworthy, squirrel, and out-tech compared to the infinite wisdom of DM, who is monitoring their every move.

    Nobody needs to sit down and have a comm cycle with raw public to find a ruin.. Instead they can be implanted with the Div 6 videos, directed by you know who.

    It doesn’t matter if a staff member got a product.. more importantly, did it look good on video? Replace any meaningful stat with “Profitable Image video footage”. Eventually all staff get replaced by actors. We can’t have flawed people on the lines.. not good for image. The fact that Tom Cruise, after one year of production on dissem lines is crowned the most dedicated Scn in the world now makes total sense. Eventually all events will be filled with shills, actors on a sound stage applauding like some bad informercial.

    As this is occurring, get everyone to buy the latest electronic gizmo that is the new solution to out tech and no results. (Maybe DM has been watching Apple stock go up and up and is following suit)… I am just waiting for the copper wire grounding system to be announced at an event. (No tricky reads to sort out.. just more electronics.)

    All of this leads to DM’s ultimate goal: TO BE THE ONLY ONE.

    Again, a kind of combination of Farenheit 451 and the Wizard of Oz.

    And, like in the book/movie Fahrenheit 451, the Independents collect and memorize the original works of LRH, outside of the suppression and alteration of the current scene, so that we have workable tech to impart to those who come after us.

    Meanwhile, Marty, Mike and other Independents have come along and are seriously tugging at the Wizard of Oz’s curtain.. “Never mind that man behind the curtain, the Great and Powerful OZ knows all!”.

    It’s all about to come down..

  35. Phoenix Rising

    I am sorry for being out of touch for so long.

    I have been watching from afar as some dust settles locally.

    I decided however that I must comment on this thread. It is an important subject.

    When a person starts training in Scn, learns to pick up a meter and helps another — they realise the power of LRH’s technology.

    When they sit opposite another, and help that pc to look at and resolve what is troubling them — when they help that pc to confront and pick apart things that are holding them back — the pc comes to cause.

    A long long time ago, when I was at Int, I did Life Orientation Course with everyone else, and I worked out my “hat in life”. I decided that my hat was to “bring people to a point of cause, so that they can help themselves and help others”. This “hat” is probably not a hat at all — it is my purpose — it is my inner drive and desire to help other people.

    When I did get a chance to actually train on a meter at a later time, and then audit others, the wins were wonderful for myself and my preclears. I wished then, that I had not spent so many years learning admin technology and had instead had an opportunity to train and audit others.

    As DM makes TRs and Metering an impossible route, he closes the door for Scientology. In his efforts to control every session and every auditor and every preclear and pre-OT, he creates confusion with his arbitraties and his lies. He tries to drive the students into apathy — and in doing so, prevents the making of an auditor and prevents the freeing of beings.

    DM has not been on the meter for years.

    His last session was possibly in the late 80’s — as he certainly did not go in session in the 90’s, or since. He would not pick up the cans in a million years. By undermining TRs and Metering, and setting himself up as God on the subject — no one would dare take him in session — so…. pretty good strategy really for a little lunatic.

    But…. Mr Miscavige…. you can run but you can’t hide. The Data Series show you to be the rat you are. Regardless of whether you ever pick up the cans, all you have to do is ….. “Follow the money!” and you will find the SP. Follow the outpoints and the huge big glaring outpoint sits there in his fortress, praying to his own demons and gods that we will all go away.

    I must also say — I know the definition of an Instant Read. I still smile when I remember a Solo Drill when I had to assess and find my favourite tree and on assessing the item, I got an Instant Read (a Long Fall Blow Down) and then a large sweeping F/N as I realised that I really did know what an Instant Read was, and is was not about the Meter, it was about my thought in answer to the question.

    Simple really. Bloody simple.

    Still get an F/N just remembering it…. 🙂

  36. Mark,
    You said “How does DM think LRH made all those Clears and OT’s back in the 60s, 70s and 80s without DM’s Super Duper Meters and equipment? By accident?”
    I believe the answer is yes, he probably does believe it was by accident. If you follow his GAT logic that no one could read a meter or even knew what an FN was, how could anyone have made it? This is evidenced by OT’s, some OT 8’s now on objectives, purifs, OT4, etc. all C/Sed in a one size fits all, we are all the same, A=A method. I wish he would just get it over with and announce that everyone gets to start over because he has discovered he is smarter than LRH and knows better how things should be done.

  37. The syntax of this Dave briefing is what it’s like to be in the SP’s universe. It’s a dispersed mess, with half thoughts, wrong targets, denigration, an ‘it’s all out there’ with no recognition of the source of the issues that are perpetual problems. Reading this, I wonder if Shemanspeak is an attempt to give it some sort of coherence. Shemanspeak is what DM’s head sounds like when it is filtered. Imagine that. It’s an improvement.

    veritas hit it best, this parasite has no capacity of its own and lives off the life’s work of L. Ron Hubbard. If it were just that, it would be one thing, but it isn’t. It’s an obsessive alter-is. It has to be, else truth might enter and that the SP personality MUST avoid or what he’s done will become apparent and that is the end of them – so they fear. In fact, it is the ONLY route back to sanity.

    Technological developments are one thing. Sabotaging the workable fundamentals, and preventing auditing by introducing MEST stops are another. DM’s ideal universe has no other living beings in it. It is the fallacy of desperate ‘only one’ and the fight against that ‘other’ that is stuck there attacking him moment by moment. His solution – destroy at every hand.

    God, what a revelation of the mind of the SP these transcripts are. Oook.

  38. 10 years from now: Wrap around VR goggles for auditors. The PERFECT reads will be fed to the goggles and that way the “PC” F/Ns no matter what the auditor does. All grades/NED, Power & Power Plus in 12 1/2 or you don’t pay.

  39. I remember that Sinar.

    Here’s the really scary part though.

    Luigi was put onto this “quest for the perfect F/N” so that it could be recorded and used in the new “E-meter Reads Film” and “E-Meter Reads Drill Film”.

    But, alas, even weeks and weeks of hundreds and hundreds of VGIs after session PCs were unable to produce that F/N that DM mandated to be the only one that counts.

    I know. I asked Luigi specifically about this when the films were finally done. He told me he ended up producing the F/N that is in the film entirely synthetically and electronically as no proper F/N was ever recorded off an actual PC.

    So, auditors around the world have been drilling and learning DM’s perfect 3-swing F/N ever since.

  40. Is that an admission by DM that he slaps people around?

  41. martyrathbun09

    JB, Thank you. Incredibly relevant and important datum.

  42. martyrathbun09

    Well put, Jimbo.

  43. Joe and Minerva compare LRH to Cesar. Wasn’t Cesar a SP?

  44. martyrathbun09


  45. martyrathbun09

    Well, nice to hear from you again – and very well stated to boot. You gonna let them keep your “dead agent” material on us up on their propaganda sites?

  46. martyrathbun09

    Fantastic duplication of DM’s Admin Scale. You must be OEC trained, or at minimum DSEC, no?

  47. martyrathbun09

    Unchecked? Absolutely.

  48. martyrathbun09

    Sorry, my bad.

  49. martyrathbun09

    Thanks for mentioning this. I wrote many months ago (don’t know if comment or post) that Miscavige personally countermanded Ray’s and my edit of the e-meter reads film and emeter reads drill film in such a way to confuse students further. Those films alone have been sabotaged to utterly confuse the subject – none of DM’s reads in those films are instant.

  50. “…you have to just slap him around pretty hard actually but boy, he gets it and you’re talking five minutes.”
    I don’t know who the 90 month guy was on metering. However, I can assure readers that Dave’s not talking figuratively here.
    In the lead up to the IAS event 2004, Dave was in the Saint Hill internship. Some guy was trying to get through his Class V and was watching back one of his sessions on video. I couldn’t see the video screen from where I was, but Dave was standing over the intern’s shoulder loudly berating him loudly in his calling of F/N’s.
    Then Dave said to the intern, “We’re going to do a little Golden Age of Tech drill, right now.” He pulled up two chairs facing each other and got some of his lackeys to pull a huge stack of tech volumes off the shelves. He said to the intern, “This is what happens when you do that – has a withhold been missed? [Bang – huge pile of books get dumped in the intern’s lap] Has a withhold been missed? [Bang – another huge pile of books.] Has a withhold been missed? [Bang – another huge pile of books].” He then seemed to produce a bottle of water out of thin air and threw it in the guy’s face, shouting, “Your needle is floating!”
    By this point, the Qual Sec had arrived on the scene to see what all the kerfuffle was about. Dave said to the intern, “Right, now you’re going to do the same drill on the Qual Sec,” and so he had the intern chuck books and water at the Qual Sec while Dave and his lackeys looked on.

  51. martyrathbun09

    perfect duplication of that which has become: “The PC in the chair is just a formality, a sentimental holdover from LRH’s day.”

  52. martyrathbun09

    Thanks Scott. Perhaps the final uncorrupted words of LRH.

  53. martyrathbun09

    Whatever happened to LRH’s injunction that a Course Supervisor ought to be out on the floor, on his feet, with this sleaves rolled up to crack the back of bad studenting?

  54. martyrathbun09

    Important observation Christie. When they go out all fat headed, secretly in the know, they look down at the poor, slogging supervisors in the org (and by extension without even realizing it, LRH) with contempt.

  55. martyrathbun09

    Mark, thanks. In one line you pointed out a fundamental whole body of technology that has been lost and buried by DM: “What happened to auditing the PC in front of you?”. Gonna post about that in the future.

  56. martyrathbun09

    Reshoothing of the TRs film is the final sacrelige in my opinion. I disagree on 22 and 25. 22 and 25 are hard because the KoS made them hard. Wasn’t even an issue pre KoS.

  57. martyrathbun09

    They don’t think about it because they don’t get auditing or training either.

  58. martyrathbun09

    +1. Yes, genuine transcript, straight from the office of the COB.

  59. martyrathbun09

    Right, ’nuff said.

  60. martyrathbun09

    Didn’t see it myself, but it is completely consistent with what I saw him do to tech terminals on the ship, circa 95. He used sand bags there instead of books.

  61. Joe Pendleton

    I don’t mean this at all as a joke – you’d think these guys could develop a meter that would just detect an FN (as they define it) and just flash a light when it happened when that motion was detected. How hard could that be? I guess it would be tougher to coordinate a mechanism which would detect a read and also measure it against the exact end of the item or question voiced by the auditor (have to have a built in mic synchronized with the needle, etc).

    Sheesh! Yeah, VERY complex! Could just have an auditor BE there and perceive. We could even come up with drills that would help an auditor develop those skills…….we could call them TRAINING ROUTINES.

    When I started the Briefing Course, the young SO members I talked to were AMAZED that I actually learned how to audit people successfully in the 1970s (how was it before the Golden Age of Tech? they would ask – you know, sorta like “how did you travel during the Civil War when there were no airplanes or freeways?”) Forget that L. Ron Hubbard was making auditors at this time. Actually I was quite successful as an auditor back in the stone age. Then I get on the BC and took in some pcs and I had to wear an earphone with some guy watching my session on a monitor and continually telling me what to do (hey baby, this is MY session – I’m the boss when I say “this is the session.”). The supe/CS did allow me to CS my folders in deference to my years of experience I guess and I had no trouble with any of my pcs (all totally new to auditing). But man, I don’t know if I could audit at an org today (or supervise courses). Cause, where’s the joy in it? I’m not having someone watch all my sessions, measure all my reads, etc and wait for the inevitable “other shoe to drop.” Because as the auditor, I KNOW what I’m doing and my main purpose is NOT to have attention on myself of course, but to be AUDITING THE PC. It’s a great game that an auditor CAN win at (and great pc gains and cogs are the best exchange). But all these “outpoints” all the time – all of the things that auditors and trainees are “always doing wrong.” Talk about taking all the fun out of the game of saving the universe! (anything wrong with third and fourth dynamic fun?)

  62. Marty – you remember LRH said that all missions should include “What is a Course Inspections” in the Mission Orders? I worked out of Action CMOI for several months and this was forbidden because “It’s not Ints job”. Then it was forbidden to put in at Flag Bureaux level. That’s one reason good supervising was knocked out: No care from Management.

    ML Tom

  63. martyrathbun09

    Interesting. Makes me think of that PL, Booming an Org Through Training, I quoted from not too long ago.

  64. “… I got an Instant Read (a Long Fall Blow Down) and then a large sweeping F/N …. Simple really. Bloody simple.”

    Yes, it is.

    In fact, everything that “doesn’t work” just needs to be simplified.


  65. Polymath and Marty,
    These two incidents witnessed by the two of you are so disgusting. LRH understood the innate goodness in man and the internal willingness to learn and to help others. Dave seems to only see brute force and no theta. Maybe he needs a reminder of what the being is capable of. It doesn’t take machines and gimmicks to train someone. It takes a subject to be taught that is knowable and a willingness to allow that person to learn and duplicate that subject.

    The following video shows exactly what abilities we are capable of learning without machines. The future of mankind depends on the handling of dramatizations and the expression of the basic being. LRH fully understood that.

  66. Ya, in the early 70’s LRH posted Class 6’s and 8’s as EDs in Class IV orgs across the US and Canada. June Lake in St Louis. Fred Fairchild in Detroit. Then HCO PL Booming an Org Through Training came out and LRH ordered management to push training. Thus the boom of the 70’s. We ate, drank, slept and lived training and the result was lots of trained auditors and then lots of auditing. A perfect example of Function Monitoring Structure.

    ML Tom

    ML Tom

  67. Mark,


    One other step. Replace people in Div 6 with videos. Do not allow any personal contact with new public, just keep pointing to the video and standing mute at the ready to push the next “start” button.

    In development is the new infra-red system that will turn on the incredible new “Reception video” as the new public walks in the door, directing them to the first video screen, thus eliminating the need for staff altogether.

    There are some other “administrastive” breakthroughs on the horizon too that accompany the brilliant technical advances you have outlined (each aimed at eliminating the need for staff altogether, so Dear Leader truly is the ONLY ONE).

    The stand-alone ATM and Reg Service Center. A video of Dear Leader demanding you turn over everything you have and a touch screen that allows you to instantly transfer funds in any form directly into his swiss accounts. Tracks your payment history, has instant access to your credit score, bank account balances, credit cards, age and health of your parents (for prediction on possible inheritances), latest property assessments to see if you qualify for another mortgage. Every service under one roof. Non-payment results in being routed to the Ethics IMAX in 3D (where you have to sit for as many hours as it takes being screamed at by surround sound images of Miscavige at increasing decibel levels through a state-of-the-art sound system. Nobody has survived more than 3 hours without coming up with some hidden assets).

    The Tech Services Kiosk — fully automated computerized scheduling of students, pcs and pre-OTS for the next blanket order from Dear Leader that everyone MUST do.

    The Bookstore Red Box — put in your credit card (or debit from your account) for this month’s edition of the newest editions of books and lectures along with ALL the greats, DVDs of every speech ever given by Dear Leader (available on platinum coated DVDs to ensure they are preserved forever).

    The Qual-O-Matic fully automated Qual Div in a box (see the Tech Services Carousel above — hard wired to spit out the same blanket auditing and training orders that are the solution to everything until the next order is issued).

    Just a sampling of the incredible breakthroughs that are in the works — to be presented at the special OT Asses briefing coming up at this year’s scuba diving extravaganza on board the Ship of Fools.

  68. Jeeowza! C/S Series 22 in full blown dramatization.

    Mind if I reuse an oldy but goodie? The blithering one has (or is) Theta Aversion Disorder — He’s a TAD Mad.

    LRH says the only way out is to know how to audit. So what has this Mad Hatter been doing? Undermining, then destroying, the fundamentals of auditing — TRs and Metering. The cleverness is almost worthy of admiration. (He’s taken out TRs on just about all flows by the way based on the reaction of the seals in his audience.)

    It don’t git mo reverse (and peverse) that this.

    Bruce Pratt

  69. As someone who left so early I missed all these bizarre gadgets, this last post is literally the first time I’ve ever heard of an auditor having to wear an earphone during an “auditing session.” This means a third person is participating in this experience and altering the comm between the auditor and pc. Therefore, I cannot understand how this experience is actually an auditing session.

    A non-solo auditing session involves only two people — the pc/pre-OT and the auditor — and whatever it is they are addressing together. It’s not supposed to be listened in on or looked in on or eavesdropped on or stage-directed or art-directed or anything else.

    The scene described above is something altogether different from an auditing session.

    I guess I really have not yet heard it all.


  70. Running problems of comparable magnitude made me think of something. LRH once gave an analogy (most of you remember well) of a dog yapping at a fire engine. Now there is a huge dog the size of a fire engine with a mini fire engine going after the dog. Nothing stays the same.

  71. 25 on purpose Class 8’s in a small shack with no E-meters.


    An Ideal Org, maybe 5 auditors if your lucky, and 5 Super-Duper Galactic Double Quantum Mach 15 E-meters with of course RTC reps and a CO personally managed by Int.

    If you had to choose one or the other?

    No comm lag for me.

    Have a great day guys.


  72. Jonathon Barbera

    Joe Howard wrote: “F/Ns, by the way, look like sine waves, which is what you would expect once you see one traced on a graph.”

    Theta bops look like square waves.

  73. I like turtles.

  74. Jonathon Barbera

    Mike Hobson wrote: “I was the Course Admin for the SHSBC ASHO Foundation (and also the Tech Films I/C) when a crew came down from Gold (mid-1994 ?) and installed the Supervisor Metering System in the Practical Courseroom.”

    The system was already installed before the end of 1993 when I was audited by student on the SHSBC.

    At the time I assumed the course supervisor was watching the meter while the auditor asked the questions or read off the list. Now I suspect the F/Ns were sent from the supervisor meter to the student meter, thus over-riding or fabricating reads on the student’s meter!

    My evidence for this is my final two C/S 53s on this setup resulted in the indicator of “gone past Dianetic Clear”. This is near the end of the assessment and the C/S 53 instructions state to indicate the first reading indicator on the assessment. To get “gone past Dianetic Clear,” none of the items up to this indicator could have been reading. (Unlikely.)

    I was under pressure to already be Clear so I could qualify for DM’s pet project at that moment. Someone might have gotten the idea of “making it go right” by simply forcing a label of Clear onto me (and maybe others).

  75. (transcript of confidential COB briefing to Int Tech staff…)

    15 July 2004

    Mandatory Study for Sr. C/S Int

    Confidential COB Briefing to Int Base Tech Hierarchy


    OK, so…everybody here? Good. By now, all of you have had time to learn how the new Read Recorder works and ah…by the way, where’s Ray? (muffled answer) What? Still scraping the sewer pipes? Christ, I gave him that assignment…like…a WEEK ago…and he’s still at it? Jesus, somebody go right now and tell him to get his sorry ass up here immediately…I don’t care if he IS covered in shit…GET HIM! (sound of scrambling, door opening and shutting)

    OK, where was I? Huh? Oh yeah, Read Recorder. Now, we’ve been piloting this for…what…two or three months? I thought the pilot was over when I stepped in and straightened out that ninety-month guy and RPFed all the shitheads that were slowing him down. Thought that was the EP. I showed all you SPs how it’s done. Who’s holding up the finance on this project?

    (door opens, shuffling, chains rattling)

    But, ah…what the fuck? Good god, Ray…you stink like the inside of a toilet drain pipe for chrissakes! Fuck me in the head with a hammer…get his ass outa here and hose him off before I projectile vomit! Gawd…(chains rattle, people coughing, shuffling, door opens and closes)

    Alright…ah…Recorder…you saw how I handled that ninety-month meter student…ninety months he’d been on the Pro Meter Course…since the introduction of GAT, for shitsakes. Sorry bastard couldn’t spot an instant read…even after being on the pilot of this amazing device for…what…almost three months? Where’s Ray? Where the fuck is Ray?

    (door opens and closes, chains rattle, dripping sound)

    Good. Now…the ninety-month guy…couldn’t pass. Had his head up his ass. He was drilled and drilled and drilled and drilled and sec checked and wrung inside out and did a quick four month stint in the RPF until I realized he was the closest thing we had to a completion so I pardoned him and uh…

    Ray…Jesus Christ you still stink! Get him out of here NOW! Go take a fucking shower…you can read the transcript later. Better yet, method 9 this fucker and wall drill it to make sure you got it. (shuffling, chains, door)

    OK, gawd. (cough, cough) Where am I? (muffled) Oh…tech briefing…so…ninety-month guy…drilled…sec checked…audited. RPFed…drilled…eyes checked for blindness…medical doctor for brain lesions…drilled…I couldn’t believe it…Read Recorder…look at the read…assess. Look…assess…read…drill…PCs are all going nuts but we’re obviously getting TA…rising TA, but TA nonetheless.

    Finally, I step in…after ninety months…by the way I had to interrupt my vacation, one of the few I get to take, because I heard this guy was still on the Recorder drill…I was so fucking pissed…anyway…I take one look at this guy, ninety-month boy…and he’s looking at the meter and he assesses something, the meter reads, he calls the read! I almost shit myself on the spot! I almost shit on HIM! I was so pissed! He couldn’t see. I could see. He could not. The sup couldn’t see. Two sups couldn’t see. No one could fucking see. I step in, I could see. THE READ WAS LATENT! By at least…at LEAST five millionths of a second! AT LEAST!

    I could see it…no one else could. Evidently LRH could see it. He wrote it all up. No one gets it. Ah…(muffled) What? TC’s here? Invite him in! Invite him in! Don’t make him wait! Are you just salivating for a beating? If he has to wait one second I’ll guarantee heads are gonna roll. (muffled, door opens)

    Hey! TC! Come join the party! Have a seat. Norman, give Tom your fuckin’ seat for chrissakes, don’t be a seat pig! Hey Tom! Great to see you, you didn’t miss much yet, I’m just gettin’ into it.

    OK, let’s see…oh yeah…we’re talking about the ninety-month guy on the metering course, T. How I solved it. You remember, in fact you and I worked it out together, almost telepathically, on our last bike ride. (muffled)

    Alright…ninety-month guy…wasting all our times…drooling like an idiot over the meter, sweating, practically shitting himself, failing…for months. I step in. He’s got the Read Recorder. He’s using it for two months or more. He assesses, it reads, he looks, he always called it wrong. No wonder no one’s getting any case gain. I’m surprised we haven’t had to refund every fucking PC that comes to Flag. If it wasn’t for those stupid fucking statuses I give out for IAS donations so they feel good about themselves…that’s probably the ONLY reason they haven’t refunded. (Yessir!)

    Thank you, Tom. Good ack. Thanks everyone else for the no acks. See how Tom does it? Why can’t you guys be like that? I’m working my balls off to fix your screw-ups, the least you can do is ack me. (multiple acks heard) Too late, if I have to ask, too late. Fuck you. Anyway…back to the point. What’s the point, Tom? (“Ninety-months on the meter course, Sir!”) Oh yeah!

    OK, so he’s blind. Still blind. Still blind after all these years. Almost like a Paul Simon song, huh Tom? Heh, heh, heh. (muffled heh heh hehs)

    So he can’t see the recorded read and match it up to the recorded sound and went total goo-goo eyed on the recorded video. I was puzzled for maybe half a second. Then…it came to me. Correct estimation of effort. Everyone missed it. Except for Tom and I. You saw the video, Tom. You saw how long it took for me to handle that, right? (muffled) Yeah, like five minutes max. What’d I do? Grabbed him by the hair and gave him a few slaps in the head. Had him look at the recorded read. Slapped him a couple more times…had him listen…slap! slap!…look and listen…I see his eyes start to focus…slap! slap! His eyes clear up. Another slap and he starts magically calling reads correctly! Accurate to the hundred-millionth of a microsecond!!!

    So…hey, it’s fuckin’ hot in here, turn the friggin A/C up, can’t you see I’m generating some heat energy here? Who’s in charge of the A/C today? Who? (muffled) Bratislav? What the hell kind of name is that? RPF that worthless Serbian piece of shit right now! And get me my rod, I gotta dissipate this energy before I destroy someone. Sorry, Tom. (muffled)

    Alright, put the video on the screen. Watch this…OK, see? See the bungling? Watch…see the slap? Watch his eyes….see them focus? Watch this…he starts calling the reads! Suddenly. Magically. To my standards!! Cured!

    Everybody Got that? Slap, slap, cured. Simple. Powerful. OT. Results. Can read now. Sees a read. Calls a read. Correctly. Every time. Recorder proves it. Took ethics. Discipline. LRH. Correct estimation. Necessity level. Slap. Cured.

    OK…so, let’s get the finances rolling on this thing and I want this successful Read Recorder Perception Rectifier Procedure written up and drilled and implemented. I want this entire package operating in every org on this stupid planet within the next two weeks. In fact…if you don’t BEAT that deadline…rest assured…I’ll be applying my own personal Advanced Compliance Enhancement Procedure to everyone in this room…except for Tom, of course…he’s the most dedicated, compliant, forward-thinking, hardest working Scientologist I know. In fact, Tom drilled this upside down twenty-thousand feet in the air strapped into the cockpit of his fighter jet and passed with flying colors!


    (muffled) What? Oh…yeah. Ray. This is his project now. I’ve got orgs to open up. The least he can do is to follow through on this. I’ve made it as simple for him as Tiddley-Winks for chrissakes. Whew! Take note…don’t let Ray into any more of these meetings, the smell is disgusting.


    (end of transcript)

  76. Absolutely hilarious as usual. And positively scary how realistic this is.

  77. martyrathbun09

    You have this guy so nailed it is scary.

  78. martyrathbun09

    You must be Fred Harris or Jon Horwich posing as a public OT VIII.

  79. Agreed!

  80. 22 and 25 were tough, but totally doable before GOAT! Totally doable if the pre-reqs were in.

  81. That’s exactly what I thought. Duplicating him is impossible with his zig-zaggy confusion of words. Ugh.

  82. Joe and Jonathon,
    This development of tech which can see an F/N as a sine wave and a theta bop as a square wave is pure sacrilege. Everyone knows that the tech was perfected and complete by the time LRH was done and there is no further need on the org board for anyone in the post of R&D.

    Try to fit that statement with LRH’s statement that there is no such thing in this universe as [an unchanging normal], that you are either going up or going down.

    It means that if there is no further R&D, the org is at an “unchanging normal” and therefore it is going DOWN.

    Now, of course, DM could say he’s been doing the further research. That’s DOWN with a Rocket Ride!

    No, there’s a post on the org board that has been left vacant since LRH died and DM is just a camouflaged hole.

  83. Old School~I was imagining something like a tanning bed sort of contraption where the PC climbs in and no auditor is needed at all…what with all the electronic devices encompassed and all…

  84. In other words, when they’re looking for an F/N, they’re not looking for YOUR F/N. They are looking for someone else’s F/N, and that F/N belongs to a computer, as generated by Luigi, to satisfy Dave.

    How roaring funny is that? BlowdownROFL

  85. OMFG 😦

  86. Joe,
    Well said. This is why I gave up on training. Judging by what I saw, I watched people on metering for 1 or 2 years and decided that wouldn’t be me. That combined with (oh, I’m going to use a psyche term) what seemed to be an OCD, obsessive compulsive demand for perfection which was unattainable, why even try? I knew I wouldn’t measure up and get oblitterated somewhere along the line. In fact I found it impossible to measure up to demands as to what I was supposed to be doing in general. It feels good to think for myself again.

  87. Ouch, oh ouch!

  88. Dear Marty,
    In 1996, I was on the Ship as OT Hatting Course Supe, when the Golden Age of Tech was released. Apart from the basic training as a Supe, I had had no real tech training as an auditor and I found it really hard at times to reconcile what I was Suping others on (OT Hatting material is the backbone of LRH’s auditing, after all) with what was auditing all about.
    It was not till I hit the RPF that I really started training as an auditor.
    Strangely enough, as a complete neophyte, the Golden Age of Tech was at first a stable datum in a sea of confusions and it did help me get started.
    However, as I grew more capable, and began to understand LRH auditing tech, the various outpoints that you and others have listed here began to raise their ugly heads.
    The whole Metering thing was an utter nightmare. I mean, it was all up to the opinion of the higher ranking RPF’er, and if still not good enough, to the higher ranking FLB tech terminal. This included Instant Reads, FN’s and Final Assessments (the RPF Final Assessment is the most vicious piece of work anyone has ever dreamed of — they really rub in the implant with those!)
    But leaving aside the obvious (Metering and TR’s), the RPF was also ground for “behavioral experimentation” using the successfully squirreled tech of FPRD. At one point of time we received “pilot issues” of FPRD Series 1RB where obligatorily you had to volunteer and accept “slash and maim” purps and had to reach the farthest reaches of the back track to end your O/W chain — per force!

    The behavioral experimentation included endless TM questions on areas that were perceived as “your area of aberration”, in order to FLATTEN TA!! Of course, with each new list of questions you were given to audit, TA would go back up (mostly because of severe protest in doing the action in the first place and overrun).

    To top it all off, in the RPF you were labeled (albeit secretly) with you area of aberration. Those that were sent for adultery or other 2D-related matter were “OUT 2D’s” and they were watched like hawks. List 1 R/S’ers (even those with doubtful R/S’es) were always watched and they could not touch anything to do with machines for fear they would break (in case they started “dramatizing” them out of the blue).

    For being gay, I was labeled: “aberrated 2D”. I could not have male friends, really, or get too close to having a friend who was a guy because it automatically meant I was trying to get in bed with him — as if!!

    To return to a more technical discussion, DM, the wonderful KoS, has really done it — he has completely and utterly departed into wildest squirreling of all time. By way of example: it is said that an OT should never be run on the same process twice (this is true of all people, but more so on an OT — I do not remember here the exact ref to quote, but I think you know what I am talking about). I know what it means for an OT, now.
    At the time I arrived on the RPF, all members were ordered to redo their auditing program because the Golden Age of Tech drills were being issued to the RPF, along with a new set of RPF FO’s (none of which were written by LRH) and everyone had to redo FPRD on all 8 dynamics with new questions and new forms — can any, please, scream? Because I got no more voice!

    The incredible thing is that at one point I actually bent and sucked it all up and “graduated” the RPF (after 7 years) and one year later, still being gay, I routed out never to return again. It amazes me how I haven’t lost all faith in LRH’s tech. Possibly, it is you, Marty, and Mark Rinder who have somehow indicated the right SP and blown a helluva lot of charge in my universe.

    Thank you.

  89. With all that has gone on in the past couple of years and all that’s been said on the blogs, I am struck with how sad and funny and weird it is that I knew so many people who left the church in the early 80’s saying that Mgmt had taken over. There was even “dead-agenting” going on at the time with that very phrase, “squirrels claiming management has taken over the church.” Like a faithful Christian going to the lions, I remained on board and completely shunned these dissenters. And here I am, twenty-five years later, awake and one of them.
    Whether those people were heroes, SPs, saints or sinners and whether or not I was the “retarded kid on the block” doesn’t matter any more, but it still gives me pause for thought.

  90. I am interested to find out, how long it tooks, to make an interned Class 5 C/S
    in earlier days, like end of the 70ies? I am asking because I know of a GAT trained class 5 C/S who spent alsmost seven years in Flag fulltime to get it done, including CCRD, and FPRD c/sing.

  91. maybe half day study only, and half day work, not sure but it still seems
    quite long.

  92. I did a lot of work with Luigi at that time. I can corroborate what JB says, that the F/Ns were synthetically created. That should tell anyone all they need to know about the value of the “3 swing F/N” datum.

  93. Der Leader is the Supreme High In-charge of Tech Supervision
    (an exercise for the reader to make the acronym).


  94. JB,
    Thanks – that’s really scary! I wonder about the part of the Instant read, as that seems to be a crucial point which students really need to get and seem to have problems understanding.

  95. This also fits with the characteristic of an SP where “your products are nothing.” DM has set it up so no one can win, their F/N is never good enough compared to this synthetic F/N which is “perfect.”

    I would say it is better to be a “competent” auditor than a “perfect” auditor, since this idea of perfection can be used to denigrate anything that is good but not “perfect.” I should say, CAN AND WILL BE USED being as we are on a humanoid planet. LOL

  96. WOW! on the “enforced clear” thing, Jonathon.

  97. Cindy,
    Good point. However, I don’t think any one can understand that “Shermanspeak” rolling thunder that emanates out of his mouth, using the teleprompters on that last Mar 13 event video which Mike posted either!

  98. Good point, Cindy!

  99. You mean like ‘pain and sex’, DM’s FN’s are artificial wavelengths?

    Who would a thunk? Now my COBotomy is complete.

    Thanks Dave!

  100. mark mckinstry

    Thanks Marty. DSEC and most of the OEC. With inspiration from OTDT..

  101. So, the upshot is that after hundreds of ACTUAL FNs on people, none of which were OK with DM, a machine was used to create an FN, that replicates NO actual person. All training is done to achieve an FN that a machine produced and which is a representation of NO ACTUAL FN FROM AN ACTUAL PERSON.

    The FN that is taught as ‘THE FN’ is NOT an FN from any live being. Well, then it makes sense that nobody sees one of these things in sessions, at the examiners or anywhere else an actual person is holding the cans – THEY DON’T EXIST!!!!!!


    NO WONDER!!!!

  102. Flavio,
    Incredible story and experience. I met you before that time and you were just a young man working on your post just like the other SO staff. You did survive the experience. LRH’s tech – all of it – is for the benefit of man. It has been twisted to be both the hammer and the anvil but when used correctly, like a feather, enlightenment occurs. You survived because you still kept a semblance of the basic you which was not stomped into the dark abyss.

    LRH wanted all to win. He did not create this tech to be altered and forced into being a punishment.

    So very glad you have blown charge. Hope you continue on the journey in the independent field. Hope to hear more of you on the blog. I don’t think you have posted for a while. Flavio, your life is before you, enjoy it. In the meantime enjoy this:

  103. Yes! Ideal scene in an Ideal Org as envisioned by Dear Leader & Der Fuehrer!

  104. You’re not the only one!

    From a writer’s perspective, what has been happening to the Church of Scientology in the last 30 years or so, could be likened to a plot of Ludlum novel — full of intrigue and dangerous — except for the fact of the horrible truth of it.

    Talk about hidden agendas and conspiracy theories!

  105. martyrathbun09

    That’s what you expected, ain’t it? From SOS: “And when these valence walls are so well defined that a whole new personality emerges with the shift, we have a person, of course, below the 2.0 band. Such people ordinarily run in Dianetics quite noisily and are called “screamers.”…”Or he may be in a synthetic valence (the valence of no actual person),…
    Synthetic reads brought to you by a synthetic valence.

  106. Wow AUDSAP, that was some video. Those kids are really cute too! Someone remarked that they wondered if those were midgets, but one of them was putting on an enforced smile and you could see she was just getting her two front adult teeth so she was around six years old.
    I do not believe that those children learned so thoroughly without some duress, so I don’t think this is an example of learning with just high ARC. I could be wrong. Out of the many millions of Chinese, there may have been 5 children with their own personal driving purpose to play guitar in a group setting….

  107. Shsssh Tara,
    You’re giving him new ideas! One requirement is to bring your own tan through thong!

  108. Joe, good point about the auditor is supposed to have his attention on the pc, not on himself. All this confusion and monitoring and listening in on the session adds up to out-TRO on the pc.

  109. Hi FT–That’s a good point. I had thought DM was only destroying pc’s. But yes, by destroying the training bridge he is being far more effective.

  110. Deep,
    You had me at “Rising TA, but TA nonetheless.” ROFLMAO

    For those who don’t know the terminology, TA action means you are getting that TA (Tone Arm) to come down again as charge comes off. The TA number ONLY measures the downward motion, not up.

  111. It’s definitely someone who spent years around DM.

  112. If the synthetic F/N is a sine wave then its totally false.
    I’ve recorded and played back actual F/Ns and sine waves – the sine wave has a longer delay at the end of the swing than actual F/Ns.

  113. Phoenix Rising

    Hi Marty,
    No. I will not.
    The person that called in the dogs and has been blackmailing me into silence is no longer here. The show down occurred and they have retreated into a far corner, leaving me and a union of many, many years. They are still licking wounds, however they have agreed that this is not something that can be resolved as our realities are polar opposites on the subject.
    I think the best way to get that DA material down is for me to tell the story of counter-espionage and blackmail on your blog (if you are willing) and then it should encourage those that posted it to remove it.
    I apologise for the lack of communication and also on the DA material. At the time I had a virtual gun at my head.
    You posted about service fascimiles recently and I must report mine is as healthy and strong as ever. Nothing like being told you cannot think or say what you feel must be said to really have it kick in hard.
    Anyway — apologies again. I will write you directly.
    I have sorely missed my conversations with you, Mike, Dan, JB, Sinar and many others.

  114. Mark Fisher

    “How does DM think LRH made all those Clears and OT’s back in the 60s, 70s and 80s without DM’s Super Duper Meters and equipment?”

    He doesn’t!
    He has as good as said that he, (Miscavige) is now personally having to fix every PC ever audited, and every auditor ever trained, by starting them all over again, from the bottom, because neither L Ron Hubbard, nor anyone since, had any idea what they were doing.

    I sincerely hope that anyone who follows DM down that path somehow wakes up while they still have enough unenturbulated theta to seek a competent auditor.

    It is an “overt of magnitude” on David Miscaviges part, and on those who are assisting him. It is truly suppressive.


  115. Hey there! Nice to hear from you again and see you with your head back above water!

  116. Dearest Flavio, You are an example of DM’s motto: “Everyone has something they are willing to agree is a big enough overt to get them sent to the RPF.” If it weren’t true, if someone said, “Wait a minute, this is not an overt!” they would have to recognize that the person telling them it’s an overt was really the SP.

    This of course is wisdom gained from hindsight. I would probably have fallen for it and said, “Okay, I’m guilty–send me to the RPF” on any number of things like a missed F/N or, god forbid, eating a piece of pie. LOL

  117. Hey, Flavio, I’m a writer too!

  118. mark mckinstry

    Plus, this creates the Danger condition that wipes out any post between DM and the public. There have been earlier posts here where he appoints some OT as Org ED, in a bypass of all concerned.

    And with Tech and Policy now out the window, the connection is not to LRH, it is to him. So, the public pays money or does his bidding so that they can be part of this hidden data line.

    Being an SO member working on some project that it TOP PRIORITY, only to have it countermanded by some comment or insight given on the ship to some OT 8.

    But.. it works for him. Makes him the ONLY ONE. And keeps the money rolling in and the field, with the OT8 OL’s under control.

  119. Precisely.

  120. Sidewinder, don’t forget that a guy will get sent for training and then his org will fail to come up with money for his room and meals; so he gets put on “work-study” which takes up at least half his day so his runway is doubled right there!
    I challenge any class V org to prove they didn’t betray the people they sent off for training by doing what I have described above.

  121. OTDT
    To bad it so close to the truth. Definitely keeps you looking forward to the next line. Maybe this will be the next RTC internal staff training video to help polish the attitude and arrogance demanded of such a post as to represent he who shouldn’t be named, hell, he shouldn’t even be around.

  122. I have to say, i dont particularly like computer meters. not as asethetic as a normal one.

  123. “DM’s typical over-the-top-perfection-at-the-cost-of-everything-
    in-order-to-stop production.”

    Boy Dan, your statement abovesure hit the nail on the head
    regarding DM.

    We all know of numerous examples of DM being “unreasonable” with
    perfection to the point of wasting hundreds of thousands of dollars and stopping production.

    Cassette copy line is not up to his “Perfect” hearing. Stop production
    wasting hundreds of thousands of dollars.

    Construction work is not up to his standards, after he already approved the planning so it gets torn down and done again.

    This meter reads deal is the same thing over and over again.

    It’s like the old joke of putting someone in a round
    room and tell them to find the penny in the corner.
    It is impossible.

    This, in essence, is part of DM’s insanity. His quest for perfection that is never achieveable in his mind. The rest of the insanity is his sadistic behaviour towards staff.

    I am hypothetically sure that if a building was on fire and DM’s
    fire sprinkler system was not working perfectly to his standards,
    he would order the crew NOT to use garden hoses to put out the flames
    and would let the building burn down and instead work on perfecting the sprinkler system.

    He would then blame the building burning down on inaction by the crew members.

  124. Looks like you’re a thetan.

    definition of a thetan: Someone who can’t be killed but deserves to be.
    — Dan Koon Christmas ’98 present to Paul Schobel (rip)

    Bruce Pratt

  125. nice pull DFB

  126. Oh boy, it took some doing but I finally dulpicated what this DM thingo was saying in conjuction with MEST – Metering. I felt like I was being forced to drink a cup of wet cement.
    Sure glad I’m on the outside…

  127. Ditto, OMFG.

    No wonder there is such BPC on training.

  128. @Jonathon: I was there when that system was installed, in fact, I assisted with some of the cable runs.
    The supervisor meter at that time was nothing but a remote display, period.
    IIRC, there have been technical analysis done on Mark VII Quantum e-meters that show the serial port for e-meter data was transmit only.
    Michael A. Hobson

  129. Deep Fax- You have a strange and twisted but beautiful mind. Paul Haggis accused Scientologists of having no sense of humor. Scientologists do, Miscabologists don’t-(what is there to laugh about?)

  130. This brings up the topic of the “Flag Trained”……..(fill in the blank)
    What a colossal waste and scam that has been.
    Org’s having to send people off and wait months and years, at great expense, for them to come back when they could have trained the people up locally and expanded their area. The drain on the staff and financial resources is incalculable.
    And as noted in these last two posts, the end result is a “Flag Trained” squirrel.
    Such a waste.

  131. Either we’re are going to have to pirate a copy of the original or you’re going to have to reprise your role as Joe Howard for all the burgeoning Indies who are walking away from the Church of Squirrelotology.

    Their security is nowadays so tight that getting out a copy is nearly impossible. A remake with the input of several high-tech terminals I would be the way to go.

  132. (don’t know why this one wasn’t locked up tighter…)

    Technical Office of COB

    Int Base RPF
    To be run on all RPFers


    1. Have you ever wanted to slash COB with a butter knife?
    2. Have you ever wanted to punch COB in the head repetitively?
    3. Have you ever wanted to maim COB’s hair?
    4. Have you ever wanted to have anonymous pizzas sent to COB?
    5. Did you ever stick pins in a COB voodoo doll?
    6. Have you ever wanted to give COB a wedgie?
    7. At any time on your wholetrack did you ever meet a weazly little punky guy with a big attitude and too much power who you wanted to kick in the groin who now reminds you of COB?
    8. Have you ever had the thought that COB secretly has sex with his dog?
    9. Have you ever wanted to stuff COB into a trash can?
    10. Have you ever wanted to declare COB Suppressive in front of all Int Base staff while he cried and peed himself?
    11. Have you ever wanted to laugh at COB while you made him clean sewer pipes in his underwear?
    12. Did you ever have the thought that you’d like to see COB’s pants fall down while he was speaking at an Ideal Org opening?
    13. Have you ever tried to use Photoshop to make COB’s face look goofy?
    14. Have you ever wanted to kick COB’s dog when it barked at you?
    15. Did you ever look at COB’s wife’s ass?
    16. Did you ever look at COB’s ass?
    17. Have you ever secretly wanted to laugh when COB grabbed his rod?
    18. Have you ever wanted to ram COB’s briefing transcriptions up his rear end?
    19. Have you ever wanted to call Tom Cruise up pretending you were COB and break a date with him?
    20. Have you ever wanted to poke COB in the eyes with a two-finger Three Stooges poke?
    21. Have you ever wanted to secretly switch out a stage podium to one that was too high for COB?
    22. Have you ever called an Instant Read perfectly just to make COB wrong?
    23. Have you ever secretly enjoyed COB punching you?
    24. Has COB failed to miss a withhold on you?
    25. Is there some other withhold you should have from COB but don’t?


  133. Now there’s a thought … both Fred and Jon have hilarious senses of humor … knew you both at Flag

    If it’s either — I’m waving!!!

    And if its not — still waving.

    LY, OTDT/Deep Fax


  134. Reshoothing of the TRs film is the final sacrelige in my opinion.

    Agreed. If and when the originals become available, I think the Freezone is better served to have remake with several high-tech terminals involved. It could be posted here for everyone’s critique, and I’m sure that is a notch above any RTC standards.

    I disagree on 22 and 25. 22 and 25 are hard because the KoS made them hard. Wasn’t even an issue pre KoS.

    Yup, that was EZ as pie previously.

  135. Jim

    I almost hate to introduce it here, but the next logical step for Miscavige is to have a system developed that isolates those “perfect” reads, FNs etc., during the session, and then sends a notice onto the digital display on the auditor’s meter, that tells him such a “read” has occurred. The auditor will be declared if he ignores the meter’s evaluation, and calls something else.

    I can already hear Miscavige’s speech….”Finally… Now there can be no possiblity of any errors because of inept auditors. It will be infallible. We are now heralding in the ‘Golden Age of Metering’. Now those bastard PCs won’t get away with anything!”

    God I hope I’m wrong.


  136. In the late 70’s this PL was still heavily pushed and students encouraged to co-audit the grades in the then Class IV Orgs, before NED came out.

    Along with “Books make Booms” PL for the public areas of the org, encouraging getting Book 1 in the hands of new public as contrasted to “Basics” which are sold to the existing public and staff and don’t get new public in.

    The KoS idle org strategy using machines and “Videos makes Booms” simply doesn’t work, nor does those unreal hundreds of “I am a Scientologist” videos as they don’t address Reality and necessity of change due to finding personal ruins which are real to a person and instead just show good looking people and mest.

    Perhaps the next KoS invention is a Miscavige HAL 5000 with total AI, costing 2M each, to find items in their lives which they really feel a need a change on get them signed up and can get a PC through Clear so they can then solo?

    Heck, these machines don’t need to be paid, fed, slept, slapped or clothed – well worth the Swiss bank account $$ put in! They’re programmed to reg for buildings and status in between sessions!

  137. plainoldthetan

    WW: besides unclearing and unOTing people who were cleared and OT’d in the 50s, 60s, 70s and 80s, Miscavige is creating a new public of people audited and trained since 1994 who will have to be recleared and reOT’d and retrained.

    This time, though, most of them will be smart enough not to give Miscabbage a THIRD ration of cash to accomplish it. They’ll do it themselves or pay 1/10 of the sum to Independents.

  138. Marty,
    Do you mean that Fred Harris has escaped from the looney bin? I sure hope so!

  139. plainoldthetan

    It explains why there were so many failed post-session exams and unnecessary correction lists run after 1994. You didn’t have a “model F/N”.

  140. Lynne,
    I am sure there was some duress. My point was it didn’t require years or special drills/equipment. We, as a being, have the ability to learn if one will just let us. We all have the ability to audit another and to help, if that is our intention. Supervision in a courseroom is to see that study tech is applied and we win on a gradient. This idea of perfection in TR’s and Metering before evening starting the first of any auditor training courses is a lose lose proposition.

    The student doesn’t really have application and is expected to have a standard the same as a Class VIII or Class XII instead of a standard for beginning auditor training. Now mix in the drilling into use of vias, arbitraries, squirrel reads, etc and you end up with an “auditor trainee” that has no certainty on anything.

    Then in session, with no certainty, and with attention now stuck on what they are doing the auditor isn’t in session for the pc. This leads to auditor plus bank is greater than the pc and this drives the pc further into the black depths instead of up and toward the sunshine.

    Lynne, you and I can see this, the person trying to be an auditor and getting nowhere ends up doubting their own ability; their beingness; and I am sure just stops training and makes the wrong postulate that something must be wrong with them – they can never audit – or some type invalidation. What a mess!

  141. Damn, you bring back memories and some charge.
    My org screwed over a number of OOTs. Maybe all of them.
    Also, promising to make payments like car payments, credit cards and not making them. Of course you can’t “blame” the org when you come back. That would be suppressive.

  142. Lynne ~~

    I will tell you EXACTLY why his thoughts and communication are dis-jointed and non-sequitur.

    Miscavige is a COMPOSITE being. You are familiar with the bulletin “Nature of the being?”

    He is not a single entity with the ability to speak coherently in terms of a Start-change-stop comm cycle.

    Each valence pops up and yaps with a random thought.

    You can connect the dots.

  143. Marty-You are bringing some great minds together. A lot is getting as-ised, as we’re given time, place ,form and event. There are wins !
    Axiom 58 says it all:
    Intelligence and judgement are measured by the ability to evaluate relative importances.
    Corollary: The ability to evaluate importances and unimportances is the highest faculty of logic.
    Corollary:Identification is a monotone assignment of importances.
    Corollary: Identification is the inability to evaluate differences in time,location,form,composition or importance

  144. WAIT!!!

    I know Jon has been out for years but is Fred out as well? And Frannie?


  145. Lynne,

    I don’t understand your first sentence, perhaps more proofreading?

    An f/n IS a sine wave, nothing else will make the needle do what an f/n does. A theta bop IS a square wave.

  146. With all this evidence against DM how is it there has not been a class action suit against the “C of KoS” for the fraud of supposedly offering “LRH Standard Training” that actually reverses SCN driving pcs and auditors out the bottom? Seems discovery would ferret out all this out-tech that he has propagated out of his mad mind. Is there not a big law firm that would like to take this project on? Seems there would be millions of reasons some firm would want this. Dare I utter this? Am I nuts to suggest it? How is it this could not be done? Fraud is Fraud. How can the church stand behind all those little forms that we had to sign and initial? Can they really be that binding? Can anyone offer some valuable wisdom on this?

  147. John Fennessey

    All this talk about needles has me confused. My familiarity with the tech is limited but what I do know goes back to the mid-70’s when things seemed to be going along just fine with auditing and thus expansion. If its not broke, don’t fix it, as the saying goes.
    I have no reality on upper levels so forgive me if I dont afford them enough importance. But if all we ever did was the bottom half of the grade chart and did it well as in the 70’s, the church and the world would have been better off, in my opinion. The planet is a mess because people cannot communicate or find the cause of their own abberations. Most of that can be addressed at a basic level. I dont know how many “OT”s are out there, but I dont see that it has made enough difference on the larger stage of life to warrant the attention it has commanded. To me its more of a first dynamic endeavor than anything else. Nothing wrong with that, but there seems to be at times too much focus on it.
    Had I gone up those levels, I may see it differently. But I didnt and I dont.

  148. Every Org trainee we (myself and everyone else in our org) sent as an Outer Org Trainee did work-study. We tried, really we did, to pay for their board but never managed for more than a week at a time.

    I sponged off my mother, the ED sold books and other staff came up with other “solutions” to survive. Why did we seldom pay board for our trainees? Because every cent the org made went for utility, phone and rent bills.

  149. martyrathbun09

    Fred is, but not Frannie.

  150. Mike – Wow. This is right on. All this bullshit so he can be the only one. That’s exactly what it is.

    You know, I was, until just now, in some sort of awe of the cleverness of DM – you know, his whole operation and how good he is on gleening money from his followers. I thought he was just crazy smart at doing this. I thought to myself “Could I be that smart?” And then I thought “Why would I want to be smart at running a sham like this? For what purpose. To what end?” Then I saw the desire. The absolute manic desire of DM. I took a good look at what it takes to do what he is doing. It takes – not cleverness – but a strong desire – a drive. Yes, a drive can make you clever. A real drive to be loved and adored. That is what it takes. He is addicted to admiration and more imnportantly is addicted to adoration. It doesn’t matter to him if it is fake. What matters to him is the applause he gets when he stands on that stage. This is the exact moment he lives for. This is his pay for living. He sets up this whole scam, protects it with his…, well, others lives and then he gets his payback by the applause.

    Right from the first event he spoke at when he was introduced at the event when LRH dropped his body. He got addicted then and he is addicted now.

    In short – he is simply an addict. This is what drives him.

    ML Tom

  151. HCO policyletter of 24 february 1964

    all Orgs

    Urgent Programming

  152. Miscavige personally countermanded Ray’s and my edit of the e-meter reads film and emeter reads drill film

    I’m still befuddled why the highest Tech Terminals are under the technical authority of an untrained Person. It makes a mockery of highly LRH trained personnel.

    Makes me wonder exactly who the background Players are that prevents them from giving DM a shot in the head, thrown out the front door and told to never come back here again.

  153. I did 1 GAT non-auditor Course and I liked it. But I can’t speak for the other Courses obviously.

  154. That is intresting, can that flaw be remedied ?

  155. Jonathon Barbera

    Mike Hobson wrote: “IIRC, there have been technical analysis done on Mark VII Quantum e-meters that show the serial port for e-meter data was transmit only.”

    Chuck Beatty previously reported a more recent story of two RPFers using an E-Meter drilling machine to falsify F/Ns in their co-auditing sessions.

    I don’t know the difference between the 1993 Mark VII and the newer meters capable of receiving and displaying meter data from the drilling machine. Is it the same port as the remote TA uses? (If so, the earliest Mark VII meters were capable of receiving and displaying meter data from another device.)

  156. Not sure why you replied to my comment, Infinity. I am referring to the mathematical description/phenomenon here, not appearance of or even the advisability of usage of this meter in auditing. Interesting to know you can describe FN phenomenon in mathematical terms.

  157. CD,

    What’s there to remedy? An F/N is what it is, it has it’s own nature.

    A sine wave is a close mathematical approximation to an F/N. Close, but not exact.

  158. Hi Flavio!!

    Thank you for telling your story.
    This is so disgusting and evil, I am nearly speechless. It´s like a story from a horror movie. But I am very glad that you survived this tremendous suppression. I remember you as a very intelligent, friendly and fun to have around person (remember when you were learnig Galic?- what an idea). I have only good memories of you.
    Good to have you here with us. You are certainly an asset.
    Wish you all the best and hope to meet you somewhen again in the future.


  159. If you are in contact with him, please give him my hushmail address.

    And my last name when I was in the SO.

    WOW —

    So happy for him.


  160. martyrathbun09

    I’ll do what I can do.

  161. Foremost,

    That’s what they said about the OT Levels as well.

  162. Wow!


    That’s almost word for word what the tailored of my TRD was like.

    How’ ya know?????

  163. I thought they were talking about the F/N that shows up on the meter as a swing back and forth, shows up on the computer as a sine wave, and so forth for the theta bop. I don’t think I am incorrect in this. I think you are assuming the computer display without thinking first of how it shows on the e-meter.
    However, all that aside, I was being sarcastic as hell. I LOVE the fact that and F/N can be displayed on a meter. I do NOT think it is sacrilege. I DO think that the R&D post needs to be filled to keep the organization alive. We are probably on the same wave length on this all along.

  164. Wow Fred is out.

    This is very cool Marty.

  165. Lynn, those are North Korean kids. “DPRK” is the “Democratic People’s Republic(of) Korea”. It’s totalitarian system in which kids are groomed and dedicated from an early age to represent the State well in the eyes of the world. These kids are probably fed well(in a country where many starve) and treated pretty well, as long as they produce. This is what these kids do, period.

    This documentary, the only one ever allowed by the DPRK government, conveys the flavor of it very well. The parallels to the CoS are spooky. If DM could control an entire country, this is what it would be like:

  166. That was the electronics tech in me speaking 🙂

    Yeah, we pretty much are on the same wavelength

  167. Scott Campbell

    ‘Ciao Flavio,

    Hey man, that was a hell of a story. I’m glad you survived intact.

    I’m also glad that you are out and Independent! Yes, I can say with certainty that Scientology does work and it is the only workable system with long-term validity that I have ever encountered. Likewise, I’m thankful to Marty and Mike for all they have done for thetankind on this world.

    If you don’t mind my asking, what of Brunella and Tomasso? If you want to email me in private, shoot me a note at:

    L, Scott

  168. yes should of been in reply to joe howard.

  169. Scott Campbell


    I ran into some of those cats back on the track who were actually using a between lives implant station to siphon off and add parts of others to themselves intentionally!

    Some real nasties they were.

  170. Scott Campbell

    Me too Lynne,

    Albeit part-time when I get home from work and off of this blog! (doesn’t leave much time for novels)

  171. Smuggled out of DM’s SuperPowerNeuroLab, these are digital notes of DM “brainstorming”(liberally lubricated by his favorite brand of
    Scotch) his projected “Ultimate solutions” to the problem of auditors failing to identify reads correctly, as well as the general problem of anyone being CI to his CI.

    He aptly named it:

    “My Ultimate Danger Bypass Final Solution”:

    “I’m finally going to show those degarded C*&^S$%^ers who’s got the real solutions around here!

    “In your ear with a bottle of beer, b*llsh*t! This is gonna be “in your brain with a threat of pain” you turkeys!

    We’re hic taking ‘implant tech’ to a new level, just as the Ole Man wanted me to do. This new shit make it possible to directly connect
    e-meters into the brains of would-be auditors, solo auditors, and pcs also. Whoda guessed we had to ‘play the Ole Man’s tapes backwards’
    to identify his real tech?

    Implanting electrodes directly into the brain – hoo! hoo! hoo! is the ultimate solution because it bypasses the basic source of all the
    trouble in the first place – the thetan! It’s the ultimate correct application of GAT Clearing technology!

    Eliminating the f*cking thetan from auditing will bring about World Clearing for real!

    Good God I was brilliant to finally decypher the line plot the f*cking Ole Man hid right out in the open in a work of fiction, for shit’s
    sake! F*cking Psychlotech, the devious M-F*cker, hiding it in that endless novel of his….!

    But I got the cognition – a Thetan is just a via between the solo auditor and his meter, as well as between any auditor and his meter and the pc too.
    Plugging the meter read-out cable directly into the ports installed in auditor’s and pc’s skulls terminatedly solves this problem!

    Who else coulda guessed Johnny Goodboy Tyler was actually the villian of the piece, one of those f*cking’thetans’ with all those nauseating delusions of ‘independence’ and ‘self-determinism’. Makes me wanna barf, where’s my Scotch I need to settle my shtomach.

    The Old Man will be very pleazhed that I wazh able to create for the firsht time, true MEShT Clears who are totally tuned in to their meters
    and have no trace of ‘thetan interference’ ruining their conduct of their sessionz! Because they can’t f*cking help but be that way,once my new tech is implemented!

    The rat b*sht*rd! Writing all that Scientology ‘shtandard tech’ crap, and putting the real ‘tech’ in his f*cking fiction!

    Wonsch we have the complementary GAT shoftware completely developed for both auditors and preclears, we’ll make plug-in modules for the new SuperPower Neurofeedback SRA Mark 0000 E-meters we will be releashing for world wide deployment. Gotta start selling those shpit-shpot!

    And these meters will have the capability for real “two-way communication” – right into the pleasure and pain centers of the brain heee heee heee they’ll be getting some real “F/Ns” and “rockshlams” when dem babies are activated!

    Gotta get those slugs in the Shuperpower, Ideal Org, and IASh campaigns cracking to fundraise for these ultimate breakthroughs! I’m gonna need some of the besht government neuroscientists money can buy, the besht programmers, and lots of expensive equipment. Those limp d*cks are gonna get cut off pronto if they don’t get the dough rolling in pronto, lazy DB m-f*ckers!

    Can’t wait to lay this on those OT Ambassedor horses ass*oles and see how they lick my ash then. Maybe I will require them to be the first
    to ‘pilot’ the new Psychlotech heeee heeee heeee heeee heeeee!

  172. And I hope you are right, as I would love to get my Hands on these Films.

  173. Actually I read about a similar thing being done with bags of flour or cement or something like that in that stream of unconsciousness lunatic raving that he had the audacity to call an “Eval” that started the pyrite bastardization of the tech.

    At the time I thought he was writing metaphorically.

    I guess I underestimated how truly suppressive the lil’ bastard was back then that he’d actually do something like that as a live demonstration.

  174. Marty,

    I watched the film several times and realized that all the reads are *prior reads*.

  175. martyrathbun09


  176. Flavio,

    A beautiful comment written from the heart. We, a virtual choir, share not only your experience but your cognition and continued faith in LRH’s tech. L, H

  177. @Johnathon:

    The E-Meter Reads Drill Simulator device uses the same exact plug as the PC Electrode (“cans”) leads and is electrically equivalent to a PC holding the cans as far as the E-Meter is concerned.

    It uses a microcomputer to control a highly specialized device called a voltage controlled resistor to directly simulate the varying resistance of a PC’s body. I got this information directly from the Patent application by Bruce Ploetz.

  178. Jonathon Barbera

    DM’s new meters can’t detect a sine wave unless the auditor waits for three swings of the needle!


    here’s tony o from the village voice giving his take. church’s response vid now included….

  180. “…permanently knocked off hats and responsibility from everyone from whoever his second in command is now, right on down through every hat on the org board…”

    here’s wishing “whoever” had a name… or even a short list of speculated names that would most likely be 2nd charge or close to it.

    not that i expect answers… but i couldnt help point out, inquiring minds who would very much like to exploit that shi- would <3<3<3 to know likely names of lil hitler's 2nd in charge 🙂

  181. I understand your originations. Any answer on my question available?

  182. Sidewinder,

    It’s hard to do an ETA on C/S training back then compared to now because in the ol’ days we only sent our best auditors for C/S training.

    Now they usually send some schmuck whose never had any previous training of any kind which adds time to the whole exercise.

    When I was in Qual at a Class IV org the average time was just under a year to train what would be considered a Grad V C/S.

    Now before my time they did up to Class VIII and it would take around 2 years because they had to do the BC.

  183. davemessenger

    I am interested why any ex-COS members here did not leave after the initial 1996 Golden Age of Tech was announced. I personally wrote up a K.R. about it being out-tech at the time, and publically left the group. I am no longer involved in Scientology at all, but am always interested in what becomes the “tipping point” for each person who finally leaves the official C.o.S.

  184. ok thanks.

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