David Miscavige Espionage Operative Exposed

I mentioned in the Village Voice that one of the most important results of our visit to Germany was helping to get Independents, and future Independents, out from the shadows and into communication. I am going to share with you one of several significant results we’ve already seen from this.

Reference:  https://markrathbun.wordpress.com/2011/09/09/miscavige-perpetuates-memory-of-gestapo-stasi/

For those who haven’t seen the videos within that post, please take a close look at the face of the OSA spy that Mosey so alertly spotted at the Berlin wall.

Well, the new invigorated Independence movement has positively identified him. Here is the report.

The Osa 007 that followed you in Berlin and that you caught so nicely with your camrecorder is Manfred Utzinger, Osa Staff from Zurich Org (Switzerland). He loves to play James Bond games and organizes spies that he sends undercover to Freezone events. He loves to spy on Facebook. Here the available data about him on the Internet.
Cellphone: 004176 584 84 27
Schneebelistr. 7
8048 Zürich
Facebook name: Utzi Butzi
E-Mail: info@utzi.ch

Take a look at Utzi Butzi’s own photos on the sites provided and you will see there is no doubt that Utzi Butzi is indeed the STASI like fellow who photographed us in Berlin, coordinating with several other operatives.

Now that you all know how to contact Utzi feel free to give him a warm invitation from out of the shadows of spookdom and into the sunlight of independence.

And Utzi, have a lawyer tell you what you might be facing under this factual scenario:

You ran a den of operatives with terroristic threat intentions only a few yards away from Chancellor Merkle and perhaps the largest array of police and security personnel since 9/11/01 the day after the announcement of the discovery of a terrorist cell operating in the neighborhood.

Then Utzi, consider stepping over to the Indie side for a little shelter from the storm.

52 responses to “David Miscavige Espionage Operative Exposed

  1. Great catch.

  2. John in Austin

    From Utzinger’s own business site, here are some businesses that are putting their own good name and reputation on the line to “recommend” this goon…they might be interested in discovering what this man who’s been trading on their good name is up to during his free time!

    Big Love,

    John in Austin

  3. I sent him a mail.

  4. Manfred Utzinger is one stupid fuck.

  5. And those were the skillz of a guy who fancies himself to be an international spy? Gee, Manny, I hope they don’t take your James Bond decorder ring back.

  6. Thoughtful ,,,, one usually does dumb things when one is brainwashed. That’s the goal of brainwashing and the CO$ & DM. Promote blind faith which equals dumbness at the end of the day. After all blind is blind, not looking for oneself.

    Takes a lot if courage & confront to REALLY see, act on it and step out of blind dumbness.

    Hey churchies if you are reading, I left 27 years ago. When there was no Indie field and no fellow Indies for support. Took guts then, takes guts now. But getting suppression off your lines ,,,, feels liberating!

    I invite you to liberate yourself. Guaranteed FN.

  7. Wow — with those “flourishing and prospering” “Ideal Orgs” in Berlin and Hamburg, they couldn’t find a German to volunteer for the role of Inspector Clouseau? They had to import a “player” from Switzerland to sneak around and take video footage? Interesting commentary on the state of the Idle Orgs.

  8. The articles in the Village Voice, followed by Marty’s tributes to some of those individuals got me thinking about leadership. What is leadership all about? I see Mike and Jason deflecting some of that praise back to the posters, and couldn’t help but think how smart they were.

    Leaders serve as a substitute knowingness, a substitute doingness, a substitute viewpoint. For this, they garner out gratitude. But, the gratitude is an inflow to the leader, whose space begins to condense if he isn’t careful. He gets all this inflow, inflow, inflow. All this admiration begins to condense, form a density, a solidity.
    The leader or star is serving as this substitute identity, this “role model” by which the rest of us live vicariously. Our hero. He or she is living this life that we would postulate for ourselves, but which for some reason or other, we fail to cause.

    Because we are not cause, we consider ourselves to that degree the effect of the star or leader. We depend on them to that degree. We become dependent on them for the causation we wish to accomplish ourselves. Dependent.
    Oddly, in a twist, the leader, no matter how powerful, is completely dependent on those who follow to create wide reaching effects. Jesus would have been nothing in history unless others decided to follow his message, unless they agree to the message and added their causation to the goal. It applies to leaders who carry us higher or propel us into darkness. Malevolent leaders, benevolent leaders. All depend on the causation of their followers.

    But, the followers, in creating this new universe, often go into a not-is and an alter-is about this. A universe begins with the postulate of “I don’t know” followed by placing something out there that could be known, then wondering what that thing is. We get born into life and we’re sitting on this big “I don’t know” and we’re postulating something out there but aren’t sure what, wondering what that thing is, and along comes someone with the ANSWER.
    So, that ANSWER becomes the stable datum of our lives. Of course, leaders will postulate their own answers rather than depend on another. But, for most of us, we assign cause to someone who has postulated an goal or ANSWER that seems to conform to our own aspirations. It answers our “what is this thing?” so we adopt it.
    The goal and message of a goal creator dies with him unless others pick up the mantel and carry it forward, unless others act as points of causation. Even within the lifetime of a goal creator, he is dependent on others for resources to carry forward the idea or goal or project. If no one buys into the created goal, no matter how spectacular and true, it will flounder and perish.
    Leaders utterly depend on those who follow. In fact, by definition, a leader cannot even be a “leader” without someone to lead.
    LRH lived his life continuously trying to get others to become cause points rather than merely agents. A being in his own valence, aware of himself as a spiritual being, aware of the laws of the universe could better forward the advance of…guess what, more beings like that. A being stuck in the valence of LRH was not acting as a cause point but merely a dimension point, an agent, a robot. For Scientology to succeed, LRH needed cause points rather than extensions of himself.
    Too much inflow brings about solidification. LRH did a pretty good job of outflowing and creating space so the inflowing admiration and attacks didn’t hamper him.
    One of the biggest misunderstandings about power is the idea of flowing power TO the source of your power. The misunderstanding is that a source of power which is inflowing continuously will become stronger. He will not. He will become more solid, or more inefficient as the confusion of particles accumulates. Flowing power to the source of power is not flowing TO but flowing outward. You make it so the source of power has a greater capacity to effect change. You take the goal and you add your power to accomplishing that goal. That is flowing power to the power source. You are adding to the effect, contributing to the motion, bringing about the desired change.
    Any source of power who believes that sucking the energy, resources and power out of his followers will provide him with more power is very short-sighted. The stronger one’s followers, the stronger a leader will be in the LONG RUN. A temporary boost in power which undermines long term capacity is self defeating.
    Long term goals depend utterly on creating a series of powerful terminals along the time line, terminals capable of carrying forward the goal. And the more powerful terminals capable of carrying forward the goal, the greater the survivability of that goal. Thus having lots of powerful terminals across time is of the utmost benefit to the goal maker.
    You can see how David Miscaviage further fails Scientology because he is not placing powerful terminals into the future. If someone becomes powerful, what does he do? Another power terminal is merely a threat and must be destroyed.
    His agents don’t act as cause points, but merely relay points, dimension points to pass on his postulates, which as we see are mostly postulates to protect himself, benefit himself with Church resources, and destroy Scientology. All in good fun.
    Talk about the ultimate joker and degrader. Not all jokes bring about laughter. Some jokes are merely maliciously for the amusement of the joker. And DM has played a continuous prank on Scientologists everywhere.

    Oh, well, just a few thoughts for your consideration. I should probably edit all this down to make it comprehensible, but, I’m lazy, like always.


  9. Just Me,

    A James Bond decoder ring? Really? A real one? Just for being a spy for the church?

    Criminals like to say that every person has their price. I didn’t know mine until just now: a James Bond Decoder ring!!!!!!!!!!! Where do I sign up to get one?

    Jesus, I’m all trembling with excitement. I wonder if Utzinger gives himself a reward for every successful haunt, a happy ending.

  10. What struck me in the video of Manfred was that he seemed a little surprised that he was spotted. In fact, he looked a little scared. Mosey is the spotter of all spotters. In addition, we have all been educated on this game, some more than others. Overall, Manfred doesn’t really know what and who he is dealing with, seriously. And most of us, as nice as we are, are not willing to take too much crap! 🙂

  11. George M. White

    Utilizing “psych ops”, a monk named Devadatta made an unsucessful attempt in circa 500 BCE to actually steal the Buddha’s teachings from him.
    Here is what the Buddha had to say after Devadatta’s plot was discovered and handled:

    “Conquered by material gain, his mind overcome, Devadatta is headed for a state of deprivation, headed for hell, there to stay for an eon, incurable.
    conquered by lack of material gain,
    conquered by status,
    conquered by lack of status,
    conquered by offerings,
    conquered by lack of offerings,
    conquered by evil ambition,
    conquered by evil friendship, his mind overcome, Devadatta is headed for a state of deprivation, headed for hell, there to stay for an eon, incurable.”

    Much loving-kindness,

  12. I was just about to make the same comment, but you beat me to it.

    They also demoted Sabine Weber, who was the public face for Scientology in Germany for a long time and replaced her with Jürg Stettler, who used to be the spokesperson for Scientology Swiss, only.
    I have seen a lot of Scientologists from all over Germany in the course of my activities. Seeing what kinds of people are on staff and running DSA, I imagine they’re running out of people that are of the calibre to fill in challenging positions.

  13. Oooh ouch! Messin ’round with the former Inspector General that ain’t cool! Get Real Manfred!

  14. Like.

  15. Busted by Mosey.

  16. Tru fax. Blackness is no longer a virtue, and it’s ok to have a form.

    …….I’ll give ya, shelter from the storm.

  17. Yeah I know this guy and he is often used for spying under OSA, ,Its not far to get from Switerland to Berlin from Zurich, being Central location to France. Italy , and into Germany from there.

  18. martyrathbun09

    I think this kind of sums up the scene:
    Well the deputy walks on hard nails and the preacher rides a mount
    But nothing really matters much it’s doom alone that counts
    And the one-eyed undertaker he blows a futile horn
    “Come in” she said
    “I’ll give you shelter from the storm”.
    I’ve heard newborn babies wailing like a mourning dove
    And old men with broken teeth stranded without love
    Do I understand your question man is it hopeless and forlorn
    “Come in” she said
    “I’ll give you shelter from the storm”.

  19. That’s too bad — he’s so bad at it.

  20. One thing that becomes obvious when watching the activities of Miscavige, OSA and its small den of flying monkeys:

    So much effort and expense for so little result. That could be the under statement of the year.

  21. George M. White

    Manfred Utzinger:
    Clarification for you. The period in time in the lower realm for the utilization of “psych ops” is a low of:
    1,000,000,000 years
    and a maximum of about
    1,000,000,000,000,000,000 years (10 to the 18th power)
    It depends on the extent of the operation.
    I’ll send you an e-mail.
    Much loving-kindness,

  22. Thank you Marty for posting Manfred’s data because I could get hold of him on his cell phone today and had a good 2 way comm. He was willing to listen to what I had to say without attacking him.
    Now he know my truth, what David Miscavige did to us. I also asked him as a Scientologist he should follow LRH not DM’s criminal orders.

  23. about Utzi Butzi: on his myspace page he as ONE friend. Amazing.
    His mood: Stimmung: gut gut 19. Juli 2011 very good.
    That will not last long I reckon.

  24. Will this sloppy “spy” get reamed indirectly by POB?

  25. You can see Utzi coming a mile away.

    It’s amateur night.

  26. martyrathbun09

    You, TRUTH, are irrepressible. And I love it.

  27. Laura, I think he should be a little scared. If his activities were deemed to be a hate crime and he has crossed international borders to perform that illegal deed he would be an international criminal. And, what would he have done this for. To listen to and perform an insane order to harass Marty, who is simply stating his personal beliefs, what he personally witnessed and his personal opinions.

    Utzi should contemplate what LRH would have done. He would not have been slinking along the wall peeking back to see if he was still being watched. Utzi didn’t have the cajones to just confront that his cover was blown and walk away standing tall and proud – nah, he wasn’t proud and thus was slinking away with his tail between his legs. That is proof enough that he knew he was in the wrong and what he was doing was not ethical.

    Utzi, the way out is use the confront and just walk – keep your integrity and your eternity and leave the group with criminal intent and behavior. You can still remain a Scientologist if that is what you find to be true for you. The world out there is not fully of SP’s and people out to get you.

  28. It’s a very quick jump from one side of the fence to the other. JUMP!
    On this side you find instant friends who truly want you to survive well and happy.

  29. Felicitas Foster

    Yeah, he was not very smart in casting a glance directly into your camrecorder. It’s already translated on the German blog. 🙂

    Oh, and I liked this link: http://www.utzi.ch/referenzen.html

    He doesn’t seem to have a lot of references to post. 🙂

  30. Busted!
    Ha ha. Next game. This is fun 😀

  31. martyrathbun09

    Thanks Felicitas. You are special.

  32. He doesn’t seem to have that one friend anymore, when I clicked his myspace link:

    Invalid Friend ID …
    This user has either cancelled their membership, or their account has been deleted.

  33. Hey maybe that decoder ring can decode Shermanspeak ™.

  34. Laura Ann, that’s exactly how I perceived him too. Scared and deliberately walking slowly to keep himself from running! Deer in the headlights kind of look.

  35. There isn’t a referenzen from the POB? Perhaps POB threw him under the bus?

  36. Utzi Butzi Scilon was acting like a lout
    Down came Entheta and freaked the Scilon out…..

  37. justdroppingbytosayhello

    As Utzi deleted lots of stuff on his webpage, the webarchive still has lots of old versions of the site. His former clients should be warned!

  38. My email:

    Dear Utzi:

    I am an American Independent Scientologist, enjoying the free air without the free winds of the Church of Scientology, which aren’t that free if observed properly. You have, and continue to have, an affection for hunting the ill-perceived enemies of the fraudulent Church of Scientology. Have you ever cognitively assessed the behavior of a “Church” to harass, brutally slander, immaturely consign literature to oppose and demean those they improperly designate as “enemies”? Do you, when coherently viewing your position with the Church of Scientology, feel that the actions you take are appropriate? Do you enjoy the “toy” status you maintain with Mr. Miscavige? Do you have adequate, healthy, long-term successful goals and places that you could rather be employed gainfully through honest business acumen, or are you pleased with your status as puppet? You can untie your strings, and join us in independent thought, something Mr. Miscavige seeks to destroy because then he won’t have control of his main source of income. You are not important to him. He uses you. Does it feel good to be used, Utzi? Does it feel good knowing that you are prostituting yourself for the egotistical, maniacal, psychotic who abuses staff beneath him in order to rule in a manner supported by fear? How often do you hope for something more in your life, something that is meaningful, something that has purpose? Don’t you want to be somewhere that appreciates you for who you are rather than employing you for nefarious purposes, where you find yourself uneasy, watching your back, slinking around in shadows to produce negativity? Don’t you idealize yourself in a better place, where happiness is not the sheep-like devotion to ridiculous tenets that are meaningless and structured to sap the funds from it’s followers? Don’t you wish you could be free, to do what you wish, to have no debt, to be a slave for no one, to realize one’s ability is self made and not manufactured from twisted tech? You can be free, you can be. Just leave them behind. They have no loyalty to you, you are duping yourself if you have that thought. Walk away. There are many like you on the outside, all of them enjoying real wins and real lives of happiness. All you have to do to find that freedom is to step away. Walk away. No one can legally keep you captive. No one can make you do that which you do not want to do. Come into the sunlight. We are waiting for you with open arms.

  39. WE are Independents, Scientologists, NOT members of the Church of Scientology.

    I doubt anybody here would go out of their way to sabotage the man’s business just because the Church is asking him to do that to Marty and he is complying. We are protesting about destructive actions as his

  40. And, did you come into Scientology to spy on people and work to destroy their life? That is evil. Did you come in to get evil or did you come in to go free? Was a bait and switch run you? Drawn in with carrot, handed the sword? We are back to basics here. Please find a seat for yourself. This isn’t going away.

  41. Manfred is absolutely PTS to the system (David Miscavige).
    “Surrounding such a personality we find cowed or ill associates or friends who, when not driven actually insane, are yet behaving in a crippled manner in life, failing, not succeeding.” -LRH

  42. Nah, we’ll wecome him here.

  43. I know this guy from the zurich org

  44. That’s a really shitty thing to suggest on someone else’s site, JDBTSH, and even as someone in the cheapseats watching this out of curiousity, I think its bad form to let these kind of comments get published.

    Anyone that wants to can get this information themselves and do whatever they feel best. It reflects badly on the site however when people are directly using it as an attack launch pad, no matter how valid a target the person is. These kind of Anon-ish “lets get ’em everyone” comments will end up making the whole thing looking like its tit-for-tat instead of systematic harassment. /2cents

  45. In hindsight, I wish I added that. Well said.

  46. Marty, this is great. Now all we need is for Utzi to lead us to Goldfinger and Operation Grand Slam! Good going! 🙂

  47. Excellent doxing is excellent Mr. Rathbun. Carry on 😉

  48. Helmuth, speaking for Boskone

    Manfred Utzinger: International Man of Misery.

  49. Utzi is a great guy otherwise, a nice person, I know him since a decade or so, he used to be one of my closest friends at a point. Really pity that he is doing the job he is doing!!!

    When I left CoS, he was one of the very few staff members who LISTENED to me and didn’t try to “rescue” me, blame me, attack me, push the churchie BS on me, but indeed it was a good two-way comm, granting me beingness.

    So I think that if you guys here talk/write to him, it’s best to address the BEING and not the OSA agent, something like in this letter of yours, meishayuri.

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