The Strange Case of Biggi Reichert

I am investigating the circumstances and cover up of the 2006  untimely and unfortunate death of a senior  German Scientologist.

Biggi Reichert

Biggie was an OT VIII.  She was also an IAS Patron.

Biggi married an apparently wealthy Scientologist real estate speculator Juergen Reichert.   Biggi learned after the wedding that Juergen  was in fact deep in debt.

In 2000 Biggi was Mission Holder of the Augsburg Mission.

In 2006 Biggi Reichert was the Public Exec Sec at the Hamburg Scientology organization.

In 2006 Biggi wrote a note to the Flag Solo NOTs Director of Processing that she had allegedly attained the pinnacle of the Bridge, yet the two ruins she got into Scientology to handle were still her ruins: the Second Dynamic (sex, marriage and the rearing of children) and money.  At the time she and her husband were in debt to the tune of approximately ten million Euros (or 16 million US dollars). Biggi had begun a liaison of some sort with a Scientologist banker named Axel Rudel.

Biggi went to Flag for a handling. Her return ticket indicated she intended to stay for two weeks.  After four days at Flag, she was escorted to the airport by two Scientologists.   One of those escorts was reportedly OT VIII Rainer Bierman. Biggi flew back to Hamburg.  She took off in her car.

She spent three days at the horse ranch of her Scientologist friend Gloria Schluter.                     .

On the final day of her visit Biggi was found dead in the garage in her car.  Sleeping pills were spread about the front seat.  The car was fitted with a hose directing the exhaust into the seating compartment.  Autopsy determined she died of carbon monoxide poisoning; and that though she had consumed sleeping pills the dosage was not enough to have caused her death.  A will of sorts was left behind in Biggi’s hand distributing what few possessions she still owned.

Biggi’s scalp contained more than a dozen small third degree burns.  While each burn was about the size of a cigarette ember, they were determined forensically to not be cigarette burns.  Her hair did not appear to be burned; leading to the conclusion the burns were carefully administered.  The burns were determined to most likely have occurred while Biggi was in Florida.

Juergen Reichert disappeared and is not cooperating with police.  Gloria Schluter did not provide any substantive information.  The “church” has been mum, as per usual, as if it was a matter that its staff knew nothing about. And of course they provided none of the tomes of documents such matters by policy would require they write and file.  The United States government is reluctant to provide assistance to the German government in getting to the bottom of this, having been effectively bought off by David Miscavige’s agents.

Scientologists in good standing who inquired of the church about the disappearance of Biggi were lied to.  They were told that Biggi suddenly suffered a heart attack and died, period.

If anyone has any information leading to the resolution of the mystery surrounding the death of Biggi Reichert, please share them.  If you require anonymity, contact me at my secure address,

Please, if  you have any possibly relevant facts, pass them along for the benefit of Biggi.

Minimally, Biggi was abandoned by her “church” and her “friends”.

We apparently are the only friends she’s got left.

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  1. Chilling… and so tragic. There’s been too many of suicides and mysterious deaths over the decades, here’s hoping the truth about Biggi sees the light of day someday.

  2. top of the vale

    And sooner than later!

  3. Was her husband Juergen Reichert a Scientologist because the 3rd degree cigarette like burns on her scalp are what puzzle me? What type of coercement could have been used and then concealed to bring about the death of a full OT VIII? I think it would be best to leave the forensics to the authorities in this case.

  4. Meaning was Juergen Reichert a TRUE member of the church or was he just viewed as “Biggi’s husband” at the church that “has a lot of money”?

  5. What I find most disturbing about this is that Biggi had a dozen small 3rd degree burns to her scalp and without her hair having been burnt. Seems to me these were electrical in nature and source.

    Electrical burns are caused by either an electric shock or an uncontrolled short circuit. (source Wikipedia)


    Was she subjected to some type of PDH procedure while at Flag?

    If so this is some of the blackest reverse POB tech imaginable.

    This stinks to high heaven. I hope we get to the bottom of it, Marty. This screams for justice.

  6. It is chilling. Because earlier this year a very good friend of mine OT VII Frank Davis committed suicide in Florida. Even though I was very good friends with Frank, I wish I could say the same for his ex-wife Susan who used to be the Treasurer of the Church of Scientology of New York FDN. She was not an honest person at all and that he stayed married to her for that long is amazing. I knew she was a criminal when I was 18 years old, whether she was OT III or not. And now with Biggi, I am sure, her death boils down to money from her and Juergen being “secretly” funneled to the church somewhere that contributed to the $16 million dollars in debt they were in at the time of her death. That is just my opinon.

  7. Impartial English Girl

    Oh no. This is dreadful. Poor, poor Biggi. And she didn’t even leave a “suicide note”? Nothing for her husband or Herr Rudel? I hope that the truth of this sordid business can be uncovered one way or another so that the poor soul can at least be granted some modicum of justice.

    This post is chilling enough, but the accompanying picture really spooked me, as Biggi (as far as I can see from the photograph) bears a passing but distinct resemblance to me. But if anyone can help unravel the threads around the truth it is Mr. Rathbun – I really hope that someone is brave and decent enough to come forward to assist him with details (however trivial they think they might be) that can help to unearth the truth behind this tragedy.

    Anything I can do, etc….

    Rest in peace, Biggi.

    IEG xxx

  8. Oh, Dear Lord, there is bound to be a Sherman Tank at the end of this string – something worse than Lisa McPherson, perhaps.

    Michael A. Hobson
    Independent Scientologist

  9. Well. Here’s Bierman’s website if anyone wants to try to reach him:

  10. Mother of God, another victim of this soul-less cult. So young, so sad.

    Enough people have left since 2006 that I just bet someone will have some info on this case.

    Hey dwarf, another horrible withhold sees the light of day. How many more are we yet to find out about?

  11. George M. White

    Wild guess:
    There have been several hundred incidents in the US of burns of this type caused by defective MRI equipment. I was in the industry more than 20 years ago so my information is not current. If the burns are on her head and not on the rest of her body, there are only four possibilities:
    1. The resonance imaging was directed to the head.
    2. An unknown type of MRI was used.
    3. It was not from an MRI at all but some other device.
    )There are now some very advanced machines for brain scanning
    and imaging in common use)
    4. Totally unknown source.

    Much loving-kindness,

  12. martyrathbun09


  13. George: I have found some links to online publications about this sort of thing –

    Maybe were looking at an EEG (Electro EncephaloGram) skullcap with metal contacts having been left in place during an MRI of the brain (pure speculation without more evidence). Is there any way to find out if the burn patterns are consistent with an EEG skullcap?

    Michael A. Hobson
    Independent Scientologist

  14. In speaking with a an X-ray technician friend of mine, his first thought was that the burns were introduced by some sort of Magnetic Resonance device (MR) most likely because of an improperly set up brain scan.

    He gave the reference to me which is a general safety guide for MR operations that has is supposed to be followed in the US.

    I asked about electroshock and he said it would be unlikely as any electroshock equipment he is familiar with would have big enough electrodes that the hair in the surrounding areas should have been affected as well, if the current was so strong as to create topical burns, i.e. not very likely.

  15. Thanks Sam
    I asked him if has data tru the mail posted on his site. Let’s see

  16. With the volumes of paperwork (KRs sessions, etc) – all stuff to be used against you in DM, Inc. There is certainly a paper trail on this. Once again they abandon a parishoner who’s given everything, Biggi in her time of greatest need.

    This makes me sick.

  17. I am quite sure this is the same Frank Davis that used to work for David Pomerantz, who used to own Golden State Best Insurance, across from CC Int, LA, yes? If so, I remember Frank very well. He had quite a sense of humor yet was a no-nonsense exec. I remember Susan as well, but never dealt with her enough to detect any chronic dishonesty. I am very sorry to hear about Frank. He never struck me as a suicide potential. This is so sad.

    I never new Biggi, but my guess is that she was the effect of several things, one of them, being given an altered version of OT VIII with the additional mess of trying to seek help from ineffective staff. I remember in my last days of church interaction, trying to get assistance on matters of profound case induced confusions, only to be routed to some kid with pimples who had never learned how to balance a checkbook. That almost drove me to end it there myself. I can only imagine what having an almost full, altered Bridge under your skin would do to compound the matter.

  18. I know of two other suicides. An Austrian girl shot herself in the head in the course of a handling in St. Hill (about 1991). And a staff member of Berlin Org threw himself under a subway (about 1997).
    (details on request.)

  19. I know Axel Ruedel very well from the time I lived in Dusseldorf Germany. He used to be the Treasury Sec. of CC Dus. A few months ago when I sent him my Cof$ resignation letter he became upset with me and told me to never again contact him…I am sure he has some information being that he was Biggi’s second dynamic. I also know Rainer Bierman. He is one of the most pleasant people I have ever known – at least in the outside; however, he is a big supporter of the Cof$ which makes him of course a dangerous cool aid drinker…He also used to be the PES in the 80s and 90s when the Hamburg Org fell out of grace due to severe false stats…

  20. My first thought about the burn marks are that they are from a Taser used to subdue her.

  21. Oh and Rainer Bierman and Gloria Schlueter are married…at least they were a few years ago when I met them…

  22. Has anyone a list of Scientologists who have committed suicide or were mysteriously found dead? It may be interesting to publish the list online or sent it to current Cof$ members to wake them up…Another list with the names of Scientologists that filed bankruptcy…I am sure this will help with: Increasing the confront for evil…

  23. Would there be some forensic indication that this was the case — evenly spaced burns of a uniform size, for example?

    And, absent any report of her having been hospitalized in Florida, one would have to assume that Scientology administered the MRI scan. Does anyone know if they own such equipment? For what purpose would they administer such a test? PURE SPECULATION: Given the gadgetry involved, could it have been some kind of Super Power pilot gone wrong?

  24. Marty, can you fill in one detail, if you have it: what month/date did she fly to Flag?

    Also, did she leave a suicide note and/or do we know when the handwritten “will” was written?

  25. George M. White

    This is difficult to write about because it involves the death in 1992 of a very dear OTVIII friend. She was from Italy and got into Scientology from Milan. She was an extremely talented artist and designer. A few years after OTVIII, she died from advanced cancer. She and her husband were instrumental in getting me to go on the Freewinds in 1988 to complete OTVIII. It was the second actual voyage of the ship where I attained the state amid spectacular gains from proper solo auditing (pre DM, of course)
    She wrote letters to me from Flag and from the Freewinds. The main problem was that as the cancer advanced, she was put through all types of “handlings’ both physical and auditing. This delayed the actual medical treatment which she needed. As a result, she reached the stage where medical treatment was useless.
    Many of her letters to me contained requests to get back to Flag. In 1988, after OTVIII on the Freewinds where I briefly met Mr. Miscavige, I avoided Scientology. There are many reasons but the foremost was the fact that the former Registrar from the Freewinds called me in Miami and reported the “bloodbath” on the ship after Mr. Miscavige’s visit. She escaped with friends who owned a boat and ended up on the dock in Ft. Lauderdale. Having been unimpressed to say the least with Mr. Miscavige on the Freewinds and after the seriously violent details of the Reg’s experience on the Freewinds, I decided to cool it for a while. This is what I had done on two other prior instances when near insanity was all around me. These were: the Mayo days when I had met a temporary Flag Captain and witnessed first hand violence directed at me in the form of Karate moves which I avoided. The second time was during an Int management mission in Miami when a staff member tried to physically restrain me from leaving the org. Since I was a high school wrestling champion(fifty years ago ha ha), I easily broke his hold.
    At any rate, I think that Mr. Miscavige’s main flaw, in my opinion, is that he is a zealot in Scientology without really understanding it. He overestimates what he can deliver with his limited knowledge. This is the root cause of these deaths which are now too numerous to count. After all, he is just a “Philadelphia street fighter” with the typical “bulldog” mode of operation. He must have found Scientology to be his heaven. The little guy who can beat up bigger people and they can’t fight back because of silly religious ideas. On the street, he would have had his face re-arranged in short order.
    The same pattern I discovered in his Bulletin of 1996 when he tore auditing to pieces. He had a shallow understanding of the level and what it actually delivered. I thought “If he has no clue about the gains I received, how can he possibly direct the future and alter the tech to his own model?”
    I ran into several people like Biggi during my years in Scientology and I spoke with them from the heart. These people try the tech and just can’t seem to handle some inner state. I never met Lisa McPherson, but from what I read about the case, it follows the classical Mr. Miscavige pattern. He overestimates his own grasp of the tech, and gets everyone else in trouble.
    My OTVIII friend is a beautiful being and I write this as a tribute in her memory.
    Much loving-kindness,

  26. Hans Jurgen was/is and OT VIII and patron glorious something or other. He was a “real Scientologist” They met at Flag.

  27. George,

    My understanding is that there were many more than a dozen burns, a number up to a cm in diameter and some going down to the scull bone. MRI or other scan is a fascinating concept I had not thought of.

  28. ” … The United States government is reluctant to provide assistance to the German government in getting to the bottom of this, having been effectively bought off by David Miscavige’s agents. …”

    What actual evidence, if any, in support of this statement exists? The physical evidence as reported clearly supports an intentionally self-inflicted death through asphyxiation; carbon monoxide as the suffocating agent, pills to facilitate a rapid state of unconsciousness, documentation suggesting intent, extreme financial & personal difficulties, etc..

    Since the cause of immediate death is clearly suicide, there is no reasonable cause for further involvement by the u.s. government regardless of the nationality of the individual. The reported burn marks, although peculiar, per the report have no direct bearing on cause of death. Speculation about their character is pointless without more detailed information, as such they hardly warrant a suitable basis for an extended investigation into a death the cause of which is not in dispute.

    However much the friends of Biggi might wish to better understand the circumstances which led up to her taking her own life, with regard to this case the actual role served by the various involved agencies of government within the u.s. has been completed. Scientologists don’t warrant ‘special treatment’.

    So, what undisclosed & definitive information gives support to the interjected expression of opinion that the government was ‘bought off’? Or, was that just an unwarranted attempt to ‘spin’ public interpretation of what was at heart a tragic set of personal circumstances?

  29. Yes. One moment we were friends on Facebook and then all of a sudden he killed himself. It was one of the most surprising things for me to recall on record recently. Even in my early days in Scientology {he was already OT VII} he would sit and talk and honestly joke and we had a good time. He is missed. As many people no doubt also miss Biggi. As many people no doubt also miss a lot of other people that went Clear or OT and then disappeared from society! After Frank’s death, it seemed a wise thing for me to close my Facebook account. That is no way to be friends with people in my opinion.

  30. I really like this idea!

  31. Marty – this is so tragic.

    Here’s what makes sense to me from personal experience:

    After OT VIII as she said – she still had areas unhandled. This was communicated and a CS given which exacerbated her mental state and probably caused a psychotic break.

    She was then escorted to one of the centers advertising “modern” MRIs — they are all over the area. The church would not have wanted to take her to Morton Plant, thus the possibility of a wrongly administered MRI.

    Nothing was found.

    Therefore she is crazy and must be sent off the base and escorted to the airport. Calls are made behind the scenes to send her to the country in Germany for a type III type destim and Gloria Shuler is either chosen or volunteers.

    Biggie goes to Gloria bringing sleeping pills which were prescribed for her in Clearwater as “sophorifics” seemingly in compliance with LRH advices on Type III handling (mild sophorifics) HOWEVER nowadays there are NO mild sophorifics that I’m aware and what was probably prescribed was extremely strong.

    Sleeping pills administered to someone in a full psychotic break or approaching a break can cause someone to go deeply into a psychotic break and commit suicide.

    Read the warning labels on sleeping pills. Suicide is often a “side affect”

    Absolutely I hold the existing church culpable for this tragedy. As an OT VIII which we aren’t perfectly cause over life … we should have enough free theta to work our way through anything NEVER coming to suicide.

    This is so sad.


  32. IEG,

    This photo was taken in my home in Dallas in 1994. She and I were quite in love and talked of Marriage. Unfortunately, biggi in her independent and self motivated persona wanted to get married “now”. I was only recently out of the Sea Org, not properly able to support myself and my children, so told her I needed to get stable before I would formally ask her to marry me, unfortunately my recovery and stabilization took another 10 years.

    Biggi was a veterinarian, very much loved and respected as a professional in her home state of Bavaria. She and I spent many weeks together driving around the beautiful southern Germany countryside, visiting farms and farmers to tend there animals while she had a small animal clinic in Augsburg. She had a small station-wagon outfitted with medicines and equipment, kind of like what is depicted in the new hit series “Royal Pains”. I was always delighted to watch the rough, gruff, elemental Bavarian farmers, infamous for never smiling, melt like putty when she pulled up and jump into whatever problem they had, with compassion, complete competence, charming humour, and complete dedication. Having never seen an interchange of money, I asked her how she was paid. She said that she either sent them a bill or they just sent her a check, they always paid because they always wanted her back. Left to her own devises, she would have built a spectacular business and culture.

    She would work hard, often 60-80 hours a week, treating farm animals during day, and small animals at night, I was with her doing surgeries at 9 or ten a night often. She was building a business the honorable and organic way, This and financing her Scientology “habit”, I couldn’t add myself as a burden.

    About 3 months after our last fight concerning “lets get married now, I can support and help you” and my “I need to do it myself and be stable because that is what you need and deserve in a husband” she called me to tell me she married Hans Jurgen. About 3 months later she called me in tears saying “what have I done!” She arrived back in Germany with Hans Jurgen to find the mother of his children expecting to marry Hans Jurgen herself. His financial “affluence” was a house of cards. Where he spoke of having children with her in their whirlwind courtship, once married he laid down the law that he would never have more children.

    The last time Biggi and I spoke was in 2005, We spoke of many personal concerns, She had tremendous financial distress and marital problems. We bounced some ideas around. She told me Hans Jurgen was not allowing her to speak with me, and she was going to give the marriage one last try.

    I only found out of her death earlier this year through ESMB, Making clear why my further attempts to get in touch failed over the past 5 years.

    Her first name was Walburga, a name she didn’t like much so went by Biggi. Maiden name was Knacken.

    IEG, if you carry even a passing resemblance to Biggi, you must be as beautiful a woman from without as your writings have demonstrated you are from within.

  33. George M. White

    Thanks for the links.
    I’ve been out of the industry too long to research the skullcap issue.
    Even 20 years ago, there were old outdated machines with poorly trained tech’s.
    If she used a legal clinic, there will be a paper trail but we will have a hard time obtaining it due to HIPA, which is the privacy act.
    If she consented to the treatment, she was “at the end of the rope” because most of this imaging is so limited.

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    It may be a little dated, but:

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    Bed Man Out,

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    errr uhhhh…….

    just kidding ya all.

    Love this blog.

    check mine out—i haven’t mentioned the Corporate Co$, yet on it

    Marty….your beer is getting warm

  35. Thank you for sharing Mr. White. Your story can only help others to realize the devastating effects that can occur with altered/out tech.


  36. Hopefully she wasn’t the subject of any of Miscaviges twist on Super Power. I mean, I am sure it could have been released years ago as LRH had intended without all the hoopla and “pinch me” material.

  37. Former Employee

    Frank was a great guy. Susan had her own tone level, but her own ethics allowed her to mishandle the Yellow Pages renewal. When they were too late to get in the next year’s edition, their promotion and then their business effectively died. She had talked about that industry being out exchange for years.

  38. One of the things that struck me as a big outpoint:

    “In 2006 Biggi wrote a note to the Flag Solo NOTs Director of Processing that she had allegedly attained the pinnacle of the Bridge, yet the two ruins she got into Scientology to handle were still her ruins: the Second Dynamic (sex, marriage and the rearing of children) and money”

    I have always had a problem with the church selling services “to handle ruins” You’ve already lost because the PC is attached to the outcome. And when someone is attached to the outcome- it is so damn hard to achieve it.

    The joy, in anything, is the journey itself.

    Auditing is solely designed, IMHO, to increase the spiritual awareness of a person.

    If ruins get handles along the way, hey great.

    How many have gone up the Bridge all the way and never had their “ruin” handled. I can only imagine.

    On another note- this is very sad. Truly. The saddest part is how the church takes 0 responsibility and then of course lies when people inquire about her.

    But, with God’s good graces, we have the Squirrel Busters to save us now {Sigh}

  39. top of the vale

    A possibility: Chemical burns on scalp after bleaching. Should one be concerned?
    Thursday night I had a friend over and he bleached my hair. We used some bleach powder packets, a 40vol developer, then a toner with the 40vol developer, and finally a brass corrector with the 40vol developer. My natural hair color is black, and it had been dyed and hilighted previously, so it ended up being a nice orange color.

    Woke up Friday morning and noticed that parts of my hair were crunchy and seemed to be melted together. The distress of the color of my hair really got to me, so Friday afternoon, I went into a salon to have it professionally corrected. After looking at my scalp, she noticed several small chemical burns all over it.

    So, I did a little bit of research and discovered that sometimes the burns take 1-3 weeks to appear. If they happened immediately, despite the fact that they are small and not too bad (only painful if touched), should I be worried that they will get worse, or more will appear, etc.?

  40. Theta Burst Stimulation can cause scalp burns from the electrodes placed on the scalp. You can Google “Theta Burst Stimulation scalp burns” and read some of the literature. It seems unlikely that Biggie would have had this type of psychiatric procedure. However, there is an experimental device called the “God Helmet”

    I always wondered if the Super Power Rundown at Flag was going to use a device such as the God Helmet to induce visions and experiences that Flag would represent as OT Phenomena. I wonder if Biggie went on some sort of Super Power pilot that used a “God Helmet” type of device that caused some type of serious reaction including scalp burns?

    Here is a link to a video of the God Helmet (you have to sit through a commercial):

    From the Wiki citation on the God Helmet:

    “The apparatus, placed on the head of an experimental subject, generates weak fluctuating (i.e. “complex”) magnetic fields. These fields are approximately as strong as those generated by a land line telephone handset or an ordinary hair dryer, but far weaker than that of an ordinary fridge magnet. It is used extensively by Michael Persinger, a neuroscientist at Laurentian University in Sudbury, Ontario, Canada. Persinger has published extensively about the effects on the human brain of the “complex” magnetic fields generated by the God helmet and other similar devices.[3] Many subjects have reported “mystical experiences and altered states”[4] while wearing the God Helmet. Although demonstrated to journalists[5] and documentarists,[6] these effects await the publication of independent replications in formal peer-reviewed scientific journals. The only attempt at replication published in the scientific literature reported a failure to replicate Persinger’s effects.[7] Persinger claims the replication was flawed.[8][9] The Swedish group disagrees.[10]

    “Persinger reports that at least 80 percent of his participants experience a presence beside them in the room, which ranges from a simple ‘sensed presence’ to visions of God.[11] About one percent experienced God, while many more had less evocative, but still significant experiences of “another consciousness or sentient being”.[12] The God Helmet has received attention from the media and theologians because of the challenge it appears to present to traditional beliefs in God. Although only a small number (on the order of 1%) of the experimental subjects saw God in the laboratory,[13][self-published source?] their experiences can be interpreted as meaning that God is the subjective experience of an unusual kind of brain function. In contrast, most of the subjects had the experience of ‘sensing’ a ‘presence’.[11]”

    IMO, one of the Cult’s central problems is that it can use the Tech to liberate Consciousness. However, the Cult then immediately converts and locks liberated Consciousness (Free Theta) to the “radicalized zealot identity” that is characteristic of those who belong to the Church of Scientology.

    A “God Helmet” type of device would offer an ultimate quickie grade wherein an apparently incredible spiritual experience occurred. Immediately following such a manipulation of Consciousness, the Cult would of course have people attest and then reg them for more.

    The Church of Scientology is a paranoid Pyscho-Cult that already uses an E-Meter to control its members. If another device such as a God Helmet allowed the Cult to control people even more, then that would be an optimal device.


  41. Good Claudio. You never know when a person has reached the point he wants to unburden himself.

  42. I think Davey’s main flaw is working intentionally and diligently to reverse the Bridge to total freedom into a Bridge to total effect; that is penniless, no family, no friends, huge debts, no job, no future, no hope, no ability, death, the VFP of any SP, especially one assigned to take out OT’s and prevent them from coming into existence.

  43. It was Michael Pomerantz who owned Golden State Best Insurance, which he started after working at Survival, I believe. Frank and Susan both worked there in the late 80’s.

  44. Raul, thanks. From my research electro shock was not an option either, too many small intense burns in the wrong place for electro shock.

  45. yes, there are partial if not full lists on ESMB and WWP.

  46. WH,

    I have carried similar lines of reasoning, though specifics on the burns and unannounced specifics on her death don’t make it fit completely.

    There is another possibility. She told me she wanted to join the SO after having kids. We discussed this at least 20 times in the 14 years I knew her. It is possible she tried to join the SO as a “blow” from her life in Germany, and had some type of accident. This is conjecture, I have no facts, but something that may be possible.

  47. Good thought process, but does not appear to be the case here. Some of the burns were 1 cm in diameter and down to the bone. onset of infection indicates they occurred in the time window she was documented to be in Florida.

  48. I hope you got to pay your respects Mike (posted esmb).
    Like said above any info can keep it private if you wish or share general info here names etc. to check.


  49. Ziba Myself know them both well

  50. WH,
    I could easily see this type of “logic” being employed.

  51. George M. White

    Wow, I have had no contact with him in over 20 years.
    He sure tried to stop me.
    Much loving-kindness,

  52. Not ever one reads ESMB

  53. Mike, Thanks for the personal story. It helps us understand Biggi that much more.

  54. It seems noone has heard from Hans since 2008 so maybe RPF.

    Anyone know the whereabouts of his sister?

  55. George M. White

    This story makes sense to me because I remember trying to get onto OTV and I got a C/S a mile long which would have taken years to complete.
    This can be a massive blow to one who is aspiring.

    Her story is total proof to me that Miscavige destroyed OTVII and OTVIII with his 38 pages of nonsense written in 1996. Here we have an OTVIII in 2006 with serious outpoints.

    There is NO WAY, I would have taken any drugs after OTVIII. It is also shocking to me that her 2D went unhandled on OTVIII. When I did OTVIII, that was one area that I concentrated on, it got handled by my solo auditing.
    She could not audit or the procedure was RADICALLY changed! Miscavige really screwed it up!

    This is more serious than the Lisa McPherson story. The lawyers will get into this one. Why? She was under the care of the Church. The lines are very clear and documented. She was almost a prisoner of the D of P. Even though she signed a huge disclaimer, I can honestly say that she did not receive anything close to any form of help. In fact, she probably got the direct opposite of what I received.

    Much loving-kindness,

  56. You should look for Rgina Kullar from Dusseldorf they were best frind and she knows .

  57. Tony Dephillips

    I don’t see that the burns were cigarette like. This kind of exaggeration is not helpful in my humble opinion.

  58. Mike,

    For what it’s worth, on my read through, I immediately perceived that the burns were received over a period of time or ‘session’. Not all at once. I pictured two electrical needle-like insulated metallic probes being used to deliver electrical shocks .

    One centimeter is almost a third of an inch. IMHO that’s pretty big and since some burns were to the scull bone they must have caused a LOT of pain.

    For the life of me, I still can’t shake a PDH-type version of events from my thought process. This is very disturbing.

  59. Mike,
    That’s the saddest thing I’ve read in quite some time. I can only imagine how you felt when you found out she was gone, 5 years after the fact.
    I never knew Biggi but obviously she was done wrong by her husband and “church”; very wrong.
    I’m glad you posted your story of her. It adds a very personal dimension.

  60. Marty the Sherlock Holmes,
    I am sure Biggi is turning in her grave when you said, you are the only friend she’s got.

    Hey Colomobo, trust me this story has no juice, and will fizzle out soon.

    Ferris Khan

  61. We just read the bankruptcy filing of OT VIII Richie Acunto.
    Back to back is another OT VIII, 16 million dollars in debt, dead at 31 years of undetermined causes, having done all of Bridge to OT VIII.

    Lord only knows how much of that $16 million debt went to the IAS and other scams within the “CHURCH.”

    What is stated above is that having paid and done the entire bridge, she had all the 2d and money problems she came into the Church to handle in the first place. She had to have been exploited for mega “donations” to get to OT VIII.

    But the entire blame for her early death will be pointed right back at her ~~
    “She did achieve OT VIII but she went PTS”
    “She was one of those OT VIIIs that did not apply the Tech
    “She falsely attested OT VIII therefore she had a hidden out ethics situation….”
    “She was simply out ethics or went out Ethics after attesting OT VIII”

    etc etc etc.

    Huge sums are sucked out of people with promises of higher level spiritual attainment. When Miscavology tech does not work, and people get cancer, die, or have mental breakdowns…it is never the fault of the “Church”.

    It is the Parishioner’s out ethics/Ptsness/Crimes/Witholds/External Influences/boarderline SP traits.

    The “Church” is off the hook !

  62. Well thanks, I guess I’m nobody now, Hadley – and neither is Mr. Laws or Karen de la Carriere (who posts over there, too) ?

    Michael A. Hobson
    Independent Scientologist

  63. George M. White

    Thanks for posting the information about Biggi. She was such a compassionate person.
    I have great affinity for her as a result of your post.
    May all beings be well and happy!


  64. martyrathbun09

    Except, why the two week later return ticket?

  65. martyrathbun09

    Possibly. There were clear, very symmetrical rows of the burns from close to scalp line of forehead to back of skull at top of neck. Does that add up?

  66. martyrathbun09

    Thanks. A lot of truth in that post.

  67. Hadly, I don’t like to re-post other sites work so that they don’t get hits and credit. I refer to sites so that the people that put the work into don’t get the hits.

    Google is your friend. Google Scientology suicides and you will have plenty of data and zone in on the areas that have them.

  68. Hey Colomobo, trust me this story has no juice, and will fizzle out soon.
    In your dreams bud.
    ps. You reversed your name at the top of your comment. It used to be Ferris Kahn. But then you forgot and signed it as “leter” instead of “later” and back to Ferris Kahn. Scotch will do that to you.
    You can change your name around all day long and guess what……’re still FK’ed up.

  69. Actually I believe it was a 4 week return ticket, 28 days. Another question without clear answers. Perhaps she just came for a visit, I believe she came on a standard visitor visa. I have no evidence to say she joined other than her stated desire, and a comment from a mutual friend who thought she may have been trying to escape her life by joining the SO. Bringing it up only as possibility as there are many ex FSO staff out now. I believe it is not uncommon for SO recruits to enter the US under visitor visas, start working, and then have the COS get them a religious worker visa.

    You can not get a visitor visa into the US without a return ticket. Also, on international flights, it is often cheeper to purchase a round trip than one way.

    From my research, it is more likely she had some sort of break down as public, because initially she was either in their CW condo or a Flag Hotel, but it is enough of a possibility, it would be worth asking if any ex FSO from that time have any data either way.

  70. Karry Campbell


    Thank you so much for looking into this. I think in your search you’ll end up getting more information on other such situations. I’m sure that there are many more out there that have died under “mysterious circumstances”.

    To be in that much pain… It breaks my heart to hear things like this.

    If anyone still in the Church of Scientology is reading this, please open your eyes and see that your church is creating this kind of product all the time by delivering to you and others only the 1st Condition of Exchange – Criminal!

    If you do not believe this assertion, an excerpt from the reference “HCO PL 10 Sep 82 – Exchange, Org Income and Staff Pay” is given below. After reading it, ask yourself, what condition of exchange does the church deliver in servicing the public?

    HCO PL 10 Sep 82 – Exchange, Org Income and Staff Pay

    “We could isolate four conditions of exchange.

    1. First consider a group which takes in money but does not deliver anything in exchange. This is called rip-off. It is the “exchange” condition of robbers, tax men, governments and other criminal elements.

    2. Second is the condition of partial exchange. The group takes in orders or money for goods and then delivers part of it or a corrupted version of what was ordered. This is called short-changing or “running into debt” in that more and more is owed, in service or goods, by the group.

    3. The third condition is the exchange known, legally and in business practice, as “fair exchange.” One takes in orders and money and delivers exactly what has been ordered. Most successful businesses and activities work on the basis of “fair exchange.”

    4. The fourth condition of exchange is not common but could be called exchange in abundance. Here one does not give two for one or free service but gives something more valuable than money was received for. Example: The group has diamonds for sale; an average diamond is ordered; the group delivers a blue-white diamond above average. Also it delivers it promptly and with courtesy.” –LRH

    Thanks for reading this.

    Karry Campbell

  71. martyrathbun09


  72. The two week return ticket may have been a show for immigration: As a foreigner one has to have a return ticket and two weeks is a reasonable time for a tourist within the United States…She might have had the idea to join and never go back to Germany and let the ticket expire – does that make sense…

  73. Brian, a great deal of these so called “ruins should be handled with the lower Bridge on the Grades and NED, especially NED Disability RD. Ruins can be also misconceptions one has adopted or attached to one which is subject on NOTs and SOLO NOTs. It is odd that she still had those “Ruins”. Obviously OUT TECH…And as you said, “But, with God’s good graces, we have the Squirrel Busters to save us now {Sigh}” 🙂

  74. martyrathbun09

    Leave it to Miscavige to blow all his agents with tell-tale RCS signs on their foreheads; to wit, don’t even acknowledge the tragedy, add hit on the guy trying to get something done, and data mine. I want to find out how a woman was killed, he wants to know how I know the US government is paid off. Nice try Dave.

  75. Watchful Navigator

    Cattle-prod-type devices will cause these type of burns, according to what I learned researching mind control ops. These devices would indeed be useful in implanting a suicide-program PDH.

  76. Perfect observation Karen!!!!!

    I love when you and Sarge “go sudden”. Truth prevails.

    I also love when others go sudden, too.

  77. It’s not hard to imagine this is the EP (end phenomenon) of the current level of DMtech! ™.

  78. Watchful Navigator

    According to accounts from MKULTRA victims, cattle-prod-type hand electroshock devices were the method of choice for outside-the-lab field administration of “forgetter” implants to “erase” an operation just completed. No doubt tasers came from this dark technology. A non-suicidal person commits “suicide” means one of two things – 1) not actually a suicide; or 2) successfully implanted command to take one’s own life (a suicide PDH)

  79. There’s no powder burns………..

  80. Another possibility is that she mentioned something about suicide, was told she would be an illegal pc now and escorted out, which cut any hope for help.

  81. Scott Campbell

    I’m busy right now and don’t have time to fully elaborate on this but suffice to say that while I was in the Sea Org and even after I insisted on, and ultimately did successfully rout out – I was subjected to a 14 month period of incarceration that included the intentional application of Black Dianetics, drugging with Chloral Hydrate (a deep narcosyntesis drug) and Valium (which causes retrograde amnesia in high doses) was induced and coerced to commit suicide twice, was beaten and subjected to painful submission holds numerous times, was suffocated unconscious twice and was finally bound with a 3/8″ line with my knees, wrists and neck all drawn together, my mouth gagged with duct tape and thrown on my side into a hallway with a piece of plywood nailed up over the doorway. I couldn’t relax for a second or the cord looped around my neck would start to strangle me. It took me about half an hour to heave myself into a sitting position against the wall so that I could push against the floor with my feet and relieve the choking pressure on my neck. I almost passed out several times doing this. And that would have been it for me…

    After I got into a sitting position against the wall it took me about another two hours to work the duct tape down off of my mouth and undo the knots at my wrists with my teeth.

    Karry implored Griffee Blythe to do something about this situation and told her that the two guys “guarding” me (Kevin Popovich and Ben Stringer) were “going to kill Scotty”. At that point, Griffee got the reality of the situation and got those guys out of there and replaced with my actual friends.

    Kevin Popovich went on to become Daqvid Miscavige’s personal bodyguard immediately afterward.

    Before this, when I was still being held on the Freewinds, there was a time when Owen Starkey came to see me. I was heavily drugged and my only recollection of the incident is that of Owen standing there talking to me and it is like a silent movie. His lips are moving but I have no conscious recollection of what was being said. Afterwards, I found myself regurgitating over and over again all of the addresses that I ever lived at from earliest childhood, phone numbers, schools attended, teachers, relatives, Social Security number, Drivers License number, Passport number, etc. There are other periods during my incarceration on the ship that I am still completely blank on.

    My time incarcerated in the old medical waste incinerator room in the bowels of the Lebanon Hall building at the PAC base is another nighmare entirely. It was there that I was induced and coerced to commit suicide, albeit unsuccsessfully – twice.

    But I won’t bore you with that part of the story right now.

    There are witnesses to and participants in all of this. Most of which are still alive. In my humble opinion, there is nothing that Miscavige won’t order or behavior that he won’t condone to achieve his ends or to take out a perceived enemy.

    Do any of you still wonder why Marty is so brazen in his openly public airing of Miscavige’s depredations anymore?

    He knows – just as I do, that if you keep your mouth shut, it just might stay shut.

  82. Possible scenario for the burn injuries:

    She was given a brain MRI whilst wearing an EEG electrode skullcap.

    Some Medical Literature about MRI burn hazards

    (Electrodes can cause burn injuries during MRI)

    (any metallic implants or pierces can cause burn injuries during MRI)

    EEG Skull Cap examples:

    Michael A. Hobson
    Independent Scientologist

    Possible scenario for the burn injuries:

    She was given an MRI whilst wearing an EEG skullcap.

  83. Scott Campbell

    Correction to typo above. 4th paragraph should have read, “Kevin Popovich went on to become David Miscavige’s personal bodyguard immediately afterward.”

    Scott Campbell

  84. he woves DMtech! ™.

  85. True Tony. 🙂 I honestly would not know and should therefore not even speculate what may have caused scalp burns on her just before her death. Your point is appreciated. Really. And, so that would be really bad if she went to Flag and to get money out of her SO members put cigarettes out on her head or flicked their ashes on her scalp to burn her? In this regard Tony, I don’t mean to exaggerate here, I would not trust a member of the church to use a radio or put it past one what might come out of it. 🙂 I am curios about what happened to her like many people.

  86. Shorty, your day’s a coming.

  87. Anybody know if she did a full Dianetics?

  88. Makes sense. No need for personnel. Once strapped in there aren’t any witnesses. Just close the door and push the button. A

  89. Raul & Mike, let’s ask this question: “What did the authorities who investigated her death determine was the cause of the burns?” That would be a good start. A deceased woman’s body turns up at a coroner and “nobody knows how it happened”? Things like this alwasy smell of the Church of Scientology in the background! 🙂

  90. I meant she

  91. The fact that she prematurely left Flag after only a few days seem to indicate one of two things.

    1) She expressed verbally, in writing or in session that she had self-destructive or suicidal ideas. If this did occur she would have been gotten off the Flag premises within 24 hours. No rule since the Lisa M. case.

    2) If it was discovered after she arrived that she had some sort of physical situation which had any threat of anything happening while at Flag, she would also have been deemed unqualified and shipped back out.

    Also, as some suggested above, it is VERY unlikely that any sort of tests, SUPER POWER or otherwise would have been administered. These things are not tested on public, and not at Flag. There is no weird electrical contraption built or used for any such purpose to my knowledge.

    Is it possible that the source of the burns could have occurred just before she went to Flag, as she was there only for a few days, and maybe the presence of the burns had something to do with the reason she was offloaded from Flag?

    Sorry for being so anti-conspiratorial but no matter the suppression of the current Church, it is not likely some sort of experiment took place.

  92. Raul,

    So you’re suggesting that she’s a black ops sleeper sent by some sinister unnamed entity ?

    More likely just some more of the same old, same old: DM’s trickle down dramatizations. IMHO

  93. Sounds like she had a breakdown at flag (went PTS type 3) and instead of dealing with it at Flag, and risking more blood on their hands ala McPherson, they very quickly bundled her up and got her back to Germany asap. (Also I bet she didn’t have an abundance of funds readily available.) Once back in Germany a fellow Scientologist was already waiting and assigned to baby watch Biggi. Obviously she didnt do a very good job.

    This reads like a textbook case of someone going PT type 3 at Flag, and either due to the severity breakdown and/or possible fallout from the flap, they immediate hustle them out of there. (Can’t have a psychotic OTVIIIs running around flag) The home org is put on alert and a baby watch, with good standing scientologists, is arranged at a private residence.

    I can think of numerous cases where this exact situation played itself out at Flag and then continued as private residence baby watches in various countries – Australia, UK, US, etc…

  94. top of the vale

    This carbon monoxide through the hose trick seems to be popular with OSA hit squads….

  95. Sorry, I know Mark Baker. He ain’t “Dave” or OSA.

  96. I have been escorted off the base for something way less than a psychotic break. After Lisa McPhearson my guess is they are super paranoid about any kind of trouble and are too willing to get rid of people at the drop of a hat. I was actually made to leave right in the middle of being case restim and thrown out without a handling. I was freaking out for at least two weeks. Flag don’t finish handlings these days. Its better to spin you in and let you go…

  97. Centurion, I’m not now, nor ever been “in the church”.. but I am so curious about the OT III data and what Scientologists that leave the church are WILLING to discuss. Please for those of us that are not Scientologists could you please tell us whether or not the “South-Park” version of OT III is at all or even some-what accurate?
    Thanks, and I look forward to you reply!!

    And thankyou Marty for not tossing my question!!!

  98. Some have good reason to fear an OT.
    There will be no escaping the reckoning, time is not on their side.

  99. He didn’t say you’re a nobody; he said that not every one reads ESMB. I would expect that most of the very pro-LRH people who hang out here don’t read ESMB as it has a very strong anti-LRH odor to it. Marty’s site is intended for the Independent Scientologist, while the Ex-Scientologist Message Board is more intended for people who no longer believe in or practice Scientology.

  100. That is exactly what that was, Marty.

  101. “a tragic set of personal circumstances”?????
    There IS such a thing as causation.Things DON’T “just happen”. And your comment appears like a confused attempt to hide that.
    If Flag sends out promo by the ton, saying that they would help, that there is hope, that it would be the “friendliest place in the world”, if they even take money in no small amount for what the call “help”, if that all is the case, than Biggy LOSING any hope is very definitely not a “tragic personal circumstance”. It is a product. The described circumstances are all connected the the “Church” and Flag does have a responsibility. Each single staff member who has shook her hand or has talked to her has not cared enough to find out to find out about her desperation or to do something effective about it.
    And they know it, any human being would know and feel that, but Flag does know it so definitely that they even developed all these piles of waivers and notes one has to sign. That evidences that they know about their responsibility and are trying to avoid it.
    In short: IN FLAG, BIGGY HAS NOT BEEN HELPED. The same applies to earlier places.
    And obviously, in her mind, not ONE of the people within her reach, had been considered a true friend or possible source of help for her. Just one would have been needed, with a tiny bit of ARC to care.
    I have been in contact with very desperate persons, high on the Bridge and there was so much relief just when they realized that they COULD TALK. No words can express that relief. It is a highly fabricated situation that – being high on the Bridge – you feel that you are not permitted to talk beyond the social facade. That is part of the picture.
    And it is not important, if some twisted lawyer can hide that responsibility. It is there. It sits deep in the heart of everyone. And it says:


  102. Yes. I agree, the most likely is that she was for some reason deemed unqualified and shipped back out. The burn might have provide from any kind of scanner before she went to Flag.
    Imagine this case : got a medical exam and was diagnose to an heavy illness. Fly to Flag for help, and is to some degree labeled an illegal PC, and sent home. She does a sort of PAB 6 handling to heal from the upset (actually heavy wrong indics : a medical dignosis, followed by an illegal pc declare). Then the BPC is out list and deeply ARC broken. Then she doesn’t see a futur in this body… she must have felt so bad… She is probably still carrying the BPC as a being. Anyone on solo not’s to help?

  103. Does anyone know of a site that records the names of OT VII/OT VIII’s who have committed suicide; died mysteriously; gone insane; shot someone; been convicted of some crime; are under investigation for some crime or declared bankruptcy?
    This would be a public service. These stats should be made public. This is really an outrage.

  104. blipblapblippity blue blapitty blap wha wha.

    From my experience advocating for thousands of people with severe mental and physical issues, I can say that I have seen cigarette sized holes on the scalp before, from electrodes for electronically monitoring or stimulating the brain.

    That’s all I’ll say about that.

  105. “Hey dwarf, another horrible withhold sees the light of day. How many more are we yet to find out about?” say’s Pat.
    Dwarf, it’s an exodus. Look what you’ve done. You should be very proud! You are killing people, bankrupting people, they are escaping in droves.
    So sad what you have done. So sad for Biggi.
    There will be a judgement day.

  106. Tony DePhillips

    Why is it that all the Super Bots have trouble spelling?

  107. Huh…that leaves a lot to be considered. A lady friend of mine who is OT VIII said once in passing that being on staff made her feel that maybe she should kill herself. She said of course she would never do that but just wanted to give an idea of the way things were going at her org that prompted her to leave. Staff of churches as you know have histories of making up anything that sells, regardless of who it harms unjustly as long as it raises their stats. Who knows if Biggi may have commented like my lady friend did and only instead the staff “handled it”? I should be a detective. 🙂

  108. Looks like Davey was already on the job 20 years ago.
    I was wondering, how can a Buddist create his own universe if he doesn’t practice illusion….or is an own universe and/or cause in this one no goal?
    How is he to act on dynamics 4, 5 and 6 when he sees that mankind is acting pretty destructive…. is it ok to interfere actively with damaging and contra survival practices?

  109. Because physical evidence supports suicide is no reason to rule out murder. To the contrary; suffocation and pills can easily be enforced and 13 burns have to be inflicted somehow. But circumstantial evidence goes even further: she died premature like many OT VIII’s in huge debts and that establishes the patter of a serial killer. Somebody seems pretty active in ending lives of those that have become useless for additional rip off. And, following the $$$, they all had the same con artist leeching them; how is that for a patter?

  110. Impartial English Girl

    Oh, my dear Mike, Thank you for your lovely words to me and also for sharing your story with you and Biggi. I cannot imagine how wretched you must feel about what happened to her. I wish I could write something that might help you to feel better – but I know that words are empty, hollow and trite when it comes to soothing pain of the deepest, most personal kind.

    I do hope, however, that you know that YOU are NOT to blame for what happened to her. You did the right thing. So often I, myself, have decided that a chap was “definitely the one for me”, only to thank my lucky stars that I hadn’t committed myself too far not long afterwards when I realised what a complete tit the man actually was. Thus far, Jazz-dog is the only male in my life who has proved himself 100% reliable (and HIS bottom-breath could wilt a forest of cacti at 500 paces – so I guess it’s true that NO-ONE is perfect… :/ ).

    What a great loss to the world in general – and world of veterinary medicine in particular – is the passing of such a vibrant and gifted young woman.

    I won’t befoul this blog with remarks about what I would do to Hans Jurgen and other guilty parties if I should ever find myself in company with them.

    You must have been a much-treasured anchor of stability and affection in Biggi’s whirlwind life – the fact that she felt able to talk with you about her problems and intentions shows that.

    In using his brave and vitally-important blog, Mr. Rathbun is granting Biggi an audience, a level of support, and (even if the truth behind her ultimate fate is never fully uncovered) a justice and a dignity in death that her wretched husband and “Scientology” “friends” denied her in life.

    Mike – I wish you every conceivable happiness in your future; I hope that you go on to do lots of lovely things in a life that is all the richer for having known and loved Biggi.

    With love,
    IEG xxx

  111. Anita Mally , German actress and script writer (for the german CSI)
    OT 8 committed suicide. I think it was 11 years ago.
    Karin Tubbessing (OT 8) wife of Horst Tubbesing (founder of ARC Music Int.) died in April 2011, after suffering about 5 years of cancer.
    And by the way, for all Sea Org veterans who remember Joachim Zajonz,
    he also died of cancer in March 2004 in the age of (approx.55Y). I assume he was Clear.
    May god rest her souls.

  112. Karin was Ot 8.

  113. I concur. This is the most logical explanation. I had several EEGs myself and the electrode setup would explain the symmetrical markings.

    Also, my friend did his diploma thesis about conductors in MRIs and confirmed to me that conductors can heat up considerably due to the magnetix flux change and the induced currents that heat up the material. No magnets/ferro-magnetic materials need to be involved.

  114. A horrible story, the efforts of the ‘Indies’ to assist justice in this case is truly wonderful to see though!!!

  115. I don’t think the Church would openly state that she practiced out tech, had W/H’s, was PTS or attested falsely as that’s failure to deliver service for which they have accepted $$$. In that case it’s the responsibility of the C/S and Sup and they can be held accountable. If attested to OT VIII it was false and thus out tech was committed by the Church. She was connected to Davey and was thus per definition PTS. Knowing who suppressed her and not being allowed her item is another case of out tech as well as unintentional W/H. Going into debt that would never be paid back was the major crime the Church made her guilty of. All 5 reasons can be directly traced back to Mr. IQ 80 himself.

  116. I know all of the terminals mentioned in this cycle, but not very well.
    I met Jürgen several times regarding business matters. (not estates)
    He always gave me the impression to be “hounded”. He is a guy who left his roots, because of “making money” in estates. About 30 years ago he was running very successful a big bikers garage and service. He was a well known OL in that field in Northern Germany. He skipped the business almost from today to tomorrow. (and he probably violated the power formula,by doing so)
    Middle to end of the 90ties bankers started to withdraw loan for financing estates projects. (Church internal called: Discrimination of SCNist).

    Jürgen left his earlier wife (Uschi Schäfer, Ot 8 ) because of Biggi. This cycle created a little bit shock in the field because they had two kids together. This was probably what Biggi meant with “ruin on the 2nd dynamic”. She ripped Juergen off his marriage.
    I assume the persons which can solve the case are actually Rainer Biermann, and Gloria Schlüter. I propose police should sec-check both.
    Everything elso will lead to too much speculation.
    ML Fatfreddy

  117. It was a standard procedure for any foreign recruit to have a return ticket. And then it was asked for a refund for the return ticket at a travel agency near Flag. Ther was an agengy there specialised on those refund request from Flag,

  118. Just general commentary: The source of the burns issue is a restimulative distraction. Leave that out and the picture is more easily understood. Btw, you can self-tend a second degree burn (beyond the epidermal layer down to the dermal layer) IF it is smaller than three inches, but a third degree burn is a wound requiring timely medical treatment.

  119. The two week return ticket may have been a show for immigration: As a foreigner one has to have a return ticket and two weeks is a reasonable time for a tourist within the United States…She might have had the idea to join and never go back to Germany and let the ticket expire – does that make sense…

    Yes. That’s how to get a Work Permit in most foreign Countries.

  120. This is spot on . Thank you. The more information you get and understand , the better decision you can make.

  121. Another possibility is that she mentioned something about suicide, was told she would be an illegal pc now and escorted out, which cut any hope for help.

    Yup … and since she was escorted to the airport she might have had a breakdown of such magnitude that they 8-C’d her out of the country to prevent another McPherson incident.

    There is also the possibility that the Church found out she had been doing crazy things such as injuring herself with a low-heat soldering iron to make her distress go away, and promptly sent her back. People have been doing all sorts of insane things to themselves to prevent a cave-in.

  122. Biggi was a girl full of life. I saw her a couple of times in Munich and when I heart that she died it added to the many questionmarks I had. When I routed out a little bit later, I was asking a friend of mine, how he explains her death. His answer was, that if you become 0T8 you have so much power that it takes some time to control your body and probably she underestimated the Mest-Universe.
    By the way till today I thought she died in a car accident.

    Biggi is a powerhouse and after some time of calming down, she will be for sure come back.

    Greetings, David

  123. You can throw out the question, but I can’t imagine an answer that I’ll let through moderation. We don’t discuss content of upper levels here out of respect for the many on-line Corporate Scientologists who are reading this blog as an awakening process.

  124. Dear Mike, I’ve had the privilege of doing Biggi’s OT4 at Flag, she was a lovely person and pre-OT. I’m very sorry to find out she is no longer with us.

  125. Exactly, they’ve got the confront and technical know-how of earth worms.

  126. Fat Freddy,

    There is a saying: “There are three sides to every story, your side, my side and the truth.” Hans jurgen was never married to Uschi, but they had two children. Uschi apparently expected to marry Hans Jurgen on his return from Flag. Hans Jurgen married Biggi, from memory, within weeks of meeting and courting her at Flag. Biggi called me and told me she was shocked to realize the situation with Uschi on her return to Germany and visit to Hamburg. Biggi lived near Munich, 500 miles away, she had few contacts in Hamburg and did not know the local scene.

    You obviously know Hans Jurgen. Explain please how some lady 20 years younger, half his size could have forced Hans Jurgen to not marry the woman he had already had two children with and been with 15-20 years. Hans Jurgen did have a reputation of doing what Hans Jurgen wanted and what was good for Hans Jurgen, am I not correct?

    I do agree though,that Hans Jurgen should have stayed doing motor cycles which he both loved and was good at rather than his not so good work as a real estate investor.

  127. Shawn Lonsdale reference?
    “Clearwater police discovered Lonsdale’s body after they were alerted by neighbors and found a garden hose connecting the exhaust pipe of Lonsdale’s car with one of the windows of his home.Clearwater police spokeswoman Elizabeth Daly-Watts stated that there were no signs of foul play involved, and that police found what they believed to be a suicide note.Daly-Watts said that “It does appear to be a suicide.” Police officially ruled Lonsdale’s death as suicide on May 2, 2008″

  128. Sorry. Juergens earlier wife´s name is Gaby, not Uschi

  129. This is a very sad story. Biggi, may you rest in peace.

    To those still in and lurking, the tech of LRH is for YOU. It is or has been ever meant to be used to control you. If it is, then step back look and find your MU.

  130. Felicitas Foster

    It is translated and published on the German blog. I hope we will get some information not yet known to get more light into this matter.

  131. Mother of Grendel

    After weeks, months, years of frustration you have nailed it exactly!
    Know-how of earth worms – I’ll BD off that all day!

  132. thetan-x,

    That question seems to have such a morbid fascination with those who don’t really understand the basic philosophy of Scientology or how Hubbard approached his study of life–and why he approached it that way and what he found. If you don’t understand those basic things, then the answer is merely sensational nonsense.

    I’m not trying to be flip or catty by suggesting you study some of the basic ideas of Scientology. You don’t have to be a Scientologist to benefit from those understandings. Hell, I’m not a Scientologist.

    It’s only after you have a fair understanding of the basic tenets of the subject that more esoteric aspect make much sense at all. And believe me, there are concepts that Scientologists who have studied the subject for a dozen years don’t really get.

    Assuming you are sincere.

  133. This has been an amazing post about Biggi Reichert. I have not commented earlier about the suspicious points of her death as my main source of information is from watching Crime Scene Investigation. I do, however, find the comments of those more knowledgeable than myself fascinating.

    I would like to comment, however, on the tremendous amount of ARC generated through the comments for this now departed person. Biggi has been granted a great deal of beingness by all who have commented (with a couple of noted exceptions – ho hum) and has definitely been considered innocent from the outset. We actually have quite a high reality on her and know to a degree of her communications.

    I just can’t help but think, actually more like spiritually feel, that this is of tremendous help to her and greatly appreciated. Let’s carry on! Rachel

  134. Marty,

    Obviously we have been carrying on parallel investigations on this, mine started nearly months ago when I was shocked to first learn of this. Data I have collected has three forms; Docs and first hand accounts; credible second hand “off the record” accounts such as investigators who felt the truth was not uncovered and rumors”.

    Part of the reason I brought up the Sea Org idea was because part of her time at Flag was apparently spent at the Hacienda, Sea Org berthing. This could have been because she joined the SO, but it could have also been because she had a psychotic break.

    My sources told me it would have been impossible for her to inflict the wound patterns on her self both medically and physically, the pain would have been excruciating.

    My sources also confirm your statement that the US government did not cooperate in the investigation, specifically because onset of infection at time of death place Biggi in Florida at the time the burns must have occurred. Wounds were highly infected.

    The following involves some conjecture, speculation and unverified rumor. As I am sure you know, the “Lisa McPherson” clause has grown to something in excess of 100 pages that must be signed by every OT VII or VIII on every 6 month check and visit for services. It is an incredibly intimidating document, to be signed and witnessed in (I was told) 30 places. It has continually grown over the years. Current version includes signing away personal rights in case of a psychotic break while at Flag, letting them do whatever they want to you, waivers holding them harmless no matter what happens, and bonds offering to pay $100,000 for each and every break of security … which includes telling anyone anything that the COS doesn’t want told. Two friends on VII recently told me the document was so daunting, had grown so much over the years, they stopped reading it because it was so upsetting, they had to have auditing/counselling at the rate of nearly $1,000 an hour to get over it. Doesn’t matter if it is legally enforceable, Scientologists believe it is and if they violate or don’t sign they loose their spiritual immortality. This means if you have doubts, or seek other help, and want to talk to someone, you owe the COS $100,000 for each violation. I am sure Biggi took these documents very seriously.

    There seem to have been an increasing number of public at Flag having psychotic breaks. Though the documents signed give consent for the COS to hold anyone, this seems mostly to be enforced on US soil with US citizens. I have heard a couple stories of foreign nationals having psychotic breaks at Flag being shipped back to their countries with trusted escorts on the plane, as apparently the risk to the COS of holding foreign nationals against their wills is too great.

    I have heard a rumour that one person told me that I have been unable to confirm, I didn’t bring it up until others on this blog brought up points that may provide additional credibility to the rumour. Supposedly there is some practitioner, don’t know if they are medical, holistic, chiropractic, or anything else, that has developed a “treatment” for psychotic break. My source didn’t know if they were Scientologists or not, if it was COS affiliated or not, but heard that several people had been sent there for “successful treatment”. It was very secret, and my contact wouldn’t even tell me who they heard it from.

    If anyone has any real information on this, please contact Marty or myself.

    I also have credible reports that at least one COS staff member in Germany is trying to intimidate people into silence and inaction in Germany. Anyone having more information on such please contact me as well.

    Thank you for doing this Marty, I have been spinning my wheels with data that doesn’t fit together. You were correct in your statement that minimally her friends and church abandoned her. I just want the truth, I don’t care what the truth is, to come out on this case.

  135. Hans Jurgen did not Marry Gabby either, I too mis wrote, she was the mother of his children. I did not know Hans Jurgen well, we just had a couple of awkward meetings because of my and Biggi’s history.

  136. Marty,

    See my other response. The burns and paterns don’t add up, it is as of right now somewhat of a mystery.

  137. Illiteracy is prerequisite to being part of the flog (pun intended). Nobody, and I mean NOBODY, is to out spell the Chairman Of Betrayal, even if it reveals trolling activities at first try. Intellect and logic are not allowed under any circumstance, period. Something I figured out even before completing my uncertainty courses 12 years ago.

  138. My Lord, Scott. When I read this, I have to wonder why did this happen? What could possibly be the reason for wanting you to commit suicide?

  139. Mike, the data I wrote are data from Gaby. I used to work with her a few months in 1998 and during that time she origninated about that cycle. Obviosly she was pissed off and the data may include upset,blame, altered or omitted data. I don´t know.
    Sure I know that they have not been married. But its unrelevant information. They had a family like 2D relationship.
    Furthermore it was not my intention to blame Biggi. I have never spoken to her.
    ML Fat freddy

  140. I know that there are several lists at different sites. I think it would be great to create a website which has the combined information available in it. Something that people could add to, with information such as case level, age, etc. I would call it the Casualties of the Church and I would include those people who maybe hadn’t died but lost their beingness as a result. People like Guillame and Mark Yeager. And yes, the financially ruined casualties, too.

    Then right before the church has another IAS mega event, plaster the area with the list of casualties from that area. If the list was organized, alphabetized and set up by area such as FLAG public, Hamburg area or LA area …a simple cut and paste would make it easy to create a flyer.

    It would be nice to allow people to click on the name so that memorial comments could be posted. Such a website could be used as a wake-up call and an opportunity to thank those who have worked so hard in the service of Scientology. So many times these casualties occur without anyone knowing as they are covered up with lies to protect the image of the church…it’s time to expose them.

  141. She probably just got reamed out to the size of a
    Skippy jar to “*&$%#@%^….DO SOMETHING!!! AAARRrrrgghhhhh….gurggle…splubb”

    Mistakes are caused by suppression.

  142. This is a tragedy, no other word for it. She looks so bright – so bad that this happened.

    The only thing I can say about this is that the Church surely has lost it when you have OT’s dying prematurely and committing suicide. Tech is not being delivered, period.

    And, if your ruin is money, the church sure as hell will not fix that, only make it worse. I have NEVER heard of a case where a reg advised someone to keep their reserve, eschew dept, and earn the cash to pay for the next level. ALWAYS borrow $ from some place, or take it from tax reserves, or emergency reserves, savings, 401K. If there is a dollar in an account or in a credit line ANYWHERE, the REG will target and extract it. TOTAL violation of any sane money-management principles. Postulate checks have been around since the early ’70s, late ’60s, replaced by postulate Amex-charges. I myself got into a hole because I borrowed my friend’s Amex card with the idea I could repay in a month. It took a bit longer. Of course, the justification from the reg is “well, this level will make you more capable, and so you will make more $ to pay this back, and go up the bridge faster!”

    When you point out LRH policy on finance, of course “policy is only for orgs, not people!” And they show some obscure quote by LRH on how doing the next level increases your income.

    I have also been called at god-awful hours by “friends” I have not heard from in years who were at the Flag reg’s office… not saying “hello, gee it’s been a long time” but “So, listen, I NEED to get on the next level, and all I need is X Gs…” And I felt guilty for not being able to help them out!

    When you sign on to the church, you are signing on to a lifetime of cussed-up finances. Period. With the advent of ever more nauseating money-extraction schemes (IAS, “Ideal Orgs”, gold-plated e-meters, library campaigns), you can’t even get a break when you are at the top of the bridge. You have $? They EXPECT it, and will call you OUT ETHICS for keeping it. “Look, if you are not going to join the SO, the LEAST you can do is flow power to the church. After all, the church is guaranteeing YOUR eternity.

    This is and was unsustainable. The only mystery to me is how the church has lasted so long.

    My condolences to all who knew and loved Biggi.

  143. Scott,
    This is one of the most horrific Miscavige-era stories I’ve heard to date. Very glad you survived it and look forward to hearing the rest of it.

  144. I’m not hinting on anything, just saying it is unlikely the burns are caused by some crude SUPER POWER or PDH machinery implemented by the Church.

    I have no doubt in my mind that her death is 100% relative to her relationship with the CofS and actions ensued as a result. But how that is the case is currently just rumor and speculation, and as we get outraged over the very exaggerated statements on the anti-Marty websites, I’m simply putting forth some info for use in further solving this mystery rather than getting into hypothetical conspiracy theory.

  145. All I will say on this is two things:

    1. South Park is not a reliable source for information on ANYTHING.

    2. The OT III materials I have seen outside the AO (i.e. on the internets) are uniformly chopped up, warped, and edited. The POINT is ALWAYS missed, at least in the versions I have seen.

  146. Scott, that is an absolutely horrific account. It is testimony to your intention to survive that you are here.

    I am looking forward to the coming day when you, and many others with similar stories to yours, are able to give the full recounting in legal deposition, and witnesses are subpoenaed and deposed under threat of perjury to corroborate your experiences.

  147. Although physical conditions will inhibit your ability to stay at FLAG, they don’t necessarily prevent you from attending conferences. My father could not stay on base because he had a pacemaker but he was allowed to attend the conference which was on base.

    The fact that she was escourted to the airport is more indicative of a type 3 situation that was handled incorrectly.

  148. Scott, why haven’t you reported this to the legal authorities? What was done to you boggles the mind, but you giving those responsible a pass boggles my mind even more.


  149. Gier, I know, respect and trust you. As you know Mark Baker, would you kindly ask him what he is doing or trying to do? I had independently, from two sources in Germany been told that the US government was reluctant to help on the investigation. Marty’s was a third.

    On ESMB Mark tried to discredit me as merely forwarding Marty’s rumours. When it was clarified that I was not only personally involved with Biggi but went to Germany he went silent, no “thanks for the additional data” or “let me know if I can help” or “sorry for my assumption”. He then launches into the above, not only on ESMB, but on Marty’s blog.

    On ESMB he comments that biggi used her self determinism to kill herself and this is an OT Ability:

    “Unwarranted assumptions based on your own predilections.

    What she did was to make a causative choice for herself and follow through with its implementation. THAT is OT. There is no requirement that her choice receive the approval of others.

    In many human cultures a willful choice of suicide has historically been strongly admired within society. It has only been as a result of the domination of the west by a dogmatic hierarchical christian orthodoxy which places the arbiter of individual moral & ethical choice in the religious & social authority of its priesthood that the practice has fallen into disrepute in western cultures.

    Ave atque vale.

    Mark A. Baker”

    This is the link to the page:…-with-burn-marks-on-the-scalp&p=617155#post617155

    Suicide is not culturally acceptable in the US, Germany or any other western countries I know of.

  150. I was telling the senior execs on the ship that the orgs were a snakes nest of lies, deceit and corruption and that I was going to expose it.

    After Owen ran the Black Dianetics session on me, I went to CO CMO Ship Jenny Alpers and complained about it. Her response, “I know. That was wrong. He shouldn’t have done that. He’s been up lines and been corrected on that.”

    What does that tell you?

  151. GH,

    See below. There are other factors involved too but I don’t want to detail them in writing just yet until some of the media interviews I’ve done come out.

  152. Marty,
    With all the more criminal ‘mafia’ and ‘terrorist’ style connections of RCS, coming to light by the day, this post to connections with Finkelstien etc. , is your long awaited Book going to include anything about DM’s support and connections with Adnan Khashoggi?

  153. George M. White

    Many questions bundled together and some are difficult to answer.
    Let me start with a background or a frame of reference.
    In Theravada Buddhism which is the flavor that I practice, one of the primary concepts which the Buddha explained is the difference between the mundane or worldly viewpoint and the supra-mundane of higher viewpoint. This might by similar to bank/OT type of viewpoints.
    At the mundane level, the being is overcome by the “flood of defilements”
    which are basically greed, ill-will, delusion and ignorance. The being is effect. The surpa-mundane level can only be reached through virtue and mental purification. As one approaches, the highest supra-mundane level, the illusions of the physical world are pierced. This is a great over-simplification because the actual path involves factors which must be practiced in harmony. A Theravada Buddhist doesn’t create his own universe. The ultimate goal is a cessation or nibbana. The universe from a Buddhist perspective is void.
    Interesting point about 4,5, and 6. Towards the end of the Buddha’s life, he lived to be 80, the social structure and prosperity in the Ganges valley was breaking down at a rapid rate. Wars and killing were being caused because the expanding population needed food, water and trade routes.
    The Buddha was pressed for an answer to explain what he could do to resolve the situation. The Buddha basically said that the best method involved the purification of individuals one by one and the spread of this social network. There were more tha 500 monks at this time with supra-mundane powers, and, perhaps, another 10,000 monks and devotees.
    One of the aggressive Kings decided to wage war against Buddha’s home city. The Buddha posted himself under a tree blocking the invading army. The invading King retreated in respect of the Buddha.
    A few months later, the King tried a second time and the Buddha posted himself under the tree. A second time the King withdrew in repect of the Buddha. The third time the King advanced and the Buddha was not under the tree. The King advanced and destroyed a city of 30,000.
    There are numerous stories where the Buddha prevented smaller wars but this last one towards the end of his life had more bad Kamma than even a Buddha could stop.
    A few centuries later Asoka, the great warrior King, was converted to Buddhism and the entire Indian sub-continent and into SE were at peace
    under the Buddha’s teaching for almost 8 centuries.

    Much loving-kindness,

  154. Sheesh, people! The only thing that is known is that she had small burns on her scalp and that they were not caused by cigarettes. Everything else is speculation, including possibility that they were created by long range proton pulses from the marcabian scout ships in orbit.

  155. Mark A

    You have stated: “Since the cause of immediate death is clearly suicide…”

    If that is your “final answer” based on your evaluation of the data presented, and you do not even have the slightest concept that it could be anything else, then I certainly hope you are never in a position to investigate the cause of any crimes.
    The evidence so far revealed, may well “point to suicide”, but the entire thing could just as easily have been staged for some reason. It would be a very shallow and sloppy (or perhaps even “criminal”) investigation that did not address this possibility.

    Eric S

  156. Remember Mohamed Att (911 ‘Pilot’) a and his Sea Org Girlfriend Amanda Keller
    “On another front, more is being learned about Mohamed Atta’s American girlfriend. Amanda Keller and Mohamed Atta, you will recall, lived together in her Venice apartment during March and early April of 2000, fully four months before the FBI says Atta first entered the U.S.

    Now the MadCowMorningNews has learned that Atta’s former girlfriend is a member of the inner circle of the secretive Church of Scientology, the so-called Sea Organization, or Sea-Org, the controversial church’s elite priesthood”

  157. Very well stated.

  158. Aaron Poulin. Maybe 25 yrs old. CMO IXU staff member fallen from grace and posted at AOLA. Wife was still in CMO IXU. Blew post one day and went and hung himself in his berthing building; the H.I. On Hollywood blvd around 2005. 100% covered up.

  159. Grasshopper, well I’d say that about sums it up! well stated.

  160. Scott, My God,…words cannot describe how I feel about this.

  161. martyrathbun09

    If nothing else came of this – which happens not to be the case, because people with valuable information have come forth – then it would have been worthwhile for that purpose alone.

  162. martyrathbun09

    I saw Miscavige micromanage into existence that McPherson waiver. As in may things entirely psychotic he kept me off the routing. I remember having read a late, near final draft and thinking “this is the beginning of the end of the church of Scientology; Miscavige is literally implanting the idea that auditing can, and most probably regularly does,drive one psychotic.” I cannot imagine but that the implementation of that document has trigger many a dark, hopeless excursion into the recesses of the bank. On Biggi, you know we’ll get to the bottom of this – one day.

  163. martyrathbun09

    Thanks FF!

  164. Could you compare nibbana to a Clear, exteriorising from MEST but not able yet to perceive and create own universe? Does Buddha omit direct action on dynamics 4, 5 and 6 and substitute it by action on 3 and 7 ?

  165. Let us know when that happens and have fun with all the SB’s you’ll get to play with in the process; make some nice vids for us!

  166. Did she ever get her hair dyed? It could explain the burn marks if done badly.

  167. It wasn’t too fun. That’s for sure.

  168. Love and condolences Mike.

  169. Scott, this is absolutely sickening what happened to you. I am so very SORRY you had to go through such extreme cruelty!!

  170. I have reported it to the FBI. The agent responded that it was terrible but that they were looking for more recent abuses. I told her that it might be difficult to find those because it is like the victims of sexual or other types of abuse.

    The victim is extremely reluctant to talk about their ordeal because of embarrassment and the stigma attached to having been duped and falling prey to others. In the Church of Scientology, there is also an additional factor of the victim having supported the organization publicly and to their family and friends and embracing the technology of Dianetics and Scientology. In this case, the victim does not want to cast the subject of Dianetics or Scientology in a critical light.

    The breakthrough occurs when the victim discovers that the tech is still available outside of the church. At that point one can decide that it is better to speak out about church abuses with the security of knowledge that the tech that he loves so much will still be there for him regardless of what happens to the C of S.

    Do you still think I’m giving anyone involved in this a pass?

  171. Sorry Mike – I’m not “Gier” or Geir Isene!! Just a California guy who KNEW (to be more accurate) Mark casually a couple of years back. I didn’t say I agree with him – I find his views generally provocative — and seldom in a good way! And no, I don’t have proof he’s not OSA — who knows, maybe they contact certain “cranky” Ex Scn folk and pay them off to be ‘agent provocateurs’. With some of the horrors discussed here recently I guess that wouldn’t be much of a surprise.

  172. George M. White

    You cannot compare nibanna to a Clear, exteriorizing from MEST. There are numerous LRH references in which he compares a CLEAR to an enlightened being. This is from the Mahayana tradition which was an extension of original Buddhism which developed about 600 years after the Buddha’s death. In the Theravada tradition, after Nibbana, the desire to create a universe is extinguished. There is no need for it. The Pali Canon was not properly translated in the 50’s 60’s. The Buddha does not omit direct action on 4,5.6 and use action on 3 and 7. The seventh dynamic in Buddhism is an immaterial realm populated by beings but the high state is very, very long but impermanent. Most cosmology was superimposed after the death of the Buddha and thus is not source. However, the Buddha did clearly specify that dynamic 7 was low and high. Thus you can get beings at the low end who are burning off bad kamma – like Mr. Miscavige will need to do. You also get beings at the high end who are in bliss.
    The Buddha was silent on the issue of whether the spirit exists after death.
    It is a great paradox and difficult to understand. This silence was intended as a motivation to get one on the path and “come and see”. In the Buddhist world, no time is wasted on questions like Is there a God? etc. The Buddha was silent on ALL of these issues. He challenges you to apply his teaching and “find out for yourself.”. Please be advised that the Thervada tradition is the oldest and thus the most literal and conservative.
    Other traditions have slightly different interpretations. It is VERY difficult to understand the original teaching without false data stripping the words.
    In the end, the Buddha was a very practical teacher always directing his students to practice. Over and over he says things to get students away from theoretical questions and into the practical world. Even in the time of Buddha no one really got his teaching without what is called ‘right view’.
    Students come to my Vihara from numerous colleges and write thousands of pages of papers on Buddhism. 1 in 5000 ever practice and we are still waiting for the first one. People who practice are rare.
    Much loving-kindness,

  173. This thread is testimony to the fact that Biggi was loved and will not be forgotten.

    RIP Biggi

  174. George M. White

    I need to make a clarification. The actual school of thought that would compare an enlightened being to a Clear is called the Pudgala-vadins not Mahayana. I spoke in error. Pudgala-vadins believed in a soul. They raged in controversy for centuries after the Buddha’s death. This is the school that LRH refers to. This idea was very poorly translated in the 50’s 60’s

  175. top of the vale

    While we are at it on mysterious deaths of ranking Scientologists, How does LRH 1 day before his death in 1986 compose a new will when according to Dr. Denk he was on anti-psychotics – Dr. Denk had prescribed and administered a number of drugs to Mr. Hubbard, including the psychiatric drug Hydroxyzine (Vistaril) which is usually administered in combination with other hypnotic, psychotic and sedating narcotics and restricted drugs. Indeed, the Coroner’s report indicates that there were “ten recent needle marks” in “the right gluteal area” of the dead body.

    (a) My entire right, title, and interest in and to my name, voice, signature, photograph, and likeness, together with any trademark and service marks composed of and/or utilizing same and all registrations and applications for registration of such trademarks and service marks.

    Only a drugged patient will agree to the above abomination.

    As well It appears to be contrary facts that, after all we have read above about Biggi that she would ‘conveniently’ commit suicide. Co$ then being off the hook. Too many recorded Scientologist suicides are building up!

  176. One can find almost anything if one searches on the internet, that doesn’t mean it has one ounce of credibility. Amanda Keller was a local stripper and was certainly not in the Sea Org. Sounds really conspiratorial and juicy however. She can be easily found on Google and there are YouTube videos of her. Hardly think an SO Officer would appear in a tabloid news interview, do you?

    There is some really factual juice about the Corporate CofS, much of which has been well documented throughout these Marty’s blog.

    Why don’t we stick to the subject matter at hand and leave conspiracy theories for intriguing reading on your spare time?

  177. tov — a number of comments on this post have gone off into speculation and innuendo because of the speculation. To straighten out a couple of points — Vistaril is also commonly prescribed for pancreatitis and other acute pain situations. LRH had pancreatitis — and I can assure you, knowing Gene Denk, he would NOT prescribe a drug to LRH for the purpose of handling psychosis. Second, you make it sound like that will was something entirely new. It wasnt. It was some modifications of an existing will. You should go an read Save Scientology site as there are a lot of details abotu LRH’s Estate Planning on that site… It will explain to you what LRH’s intent was with regard to his image and TMs.

    You of course have a right to whatever opinion you may have, but when I see something that repeats false information that I know has been spread widely, when I can I try to straighten it out.

  178. top of the vale

    Well said. I acknowledge that of all persons who would know the specifics surrounding LRH’s death, it would be you, if nothing else to safeguard your sanity. It is true that there is a lot of false data out there and I have read all the data on and copied and pasted into ‘word’ all the docs and articles. It’s just that there are too many inconsistencies surrounding LRH’s death and DM’s involvement and his comment, “It would be better for all of us if the Old Man Died.”

  179. +1
    Rest in Peace Biggi.

  180. ERWIN,
    I was on tech lines for a very long time. I also have been “connected” inwardly on appropriate lines. Your assumptions are 100% wrong.
    When an OT VIII hits the skids, goes Type III, behaves completely unnaturally, the above excuses are ALWAYS used to explain the anomaly of High OT dramatizing tragic

    “By passed case” is another one.
    “NCG = No case Gain” is a famous one, while they roll in the $$$$$ over the top of the “NCG”
    It is incomprehensible to many both Sea Org and Public how $500,000 can be spent on spiritual advancement only to see a horrific disaster, therefore the explanations are the Parishioner is at fault in some way.

    In Miscavology the accusation tends to be hidden CRIMES.

    In that dire example where OT VII Rex Fowler shot his employee dead in Denver (His company too was raped by IAS regges on a continuing basis)
    the uncovered lurking Evil Intention “to destroy” or to “to KILL” or whatever it was that prompted the killing of another human being, was not taken apart in FPRD. That was a technical error. But the Church NEVER NEVER admits to out tech.

    The out tech on the catastrophe of Lisa Mcpherson was monumental.
    But You would NEVER EVER EVER get an admission of that or what they failed to do. If I had been the Class XII CS on Lisa Mcpherson’s case, she would be alive today.

  181. Just demonstrates how easy black propoganda is 🙂

  182. Shakespeare, in his wisdom, always included fools and clowns for comic relief. So much can be revealed through idiots casting forth nonsense.

    Thanks Marty, for letting some of this stuff through. Some. You must be hit with tons of foolishness.

  183. tov — Very good. And glad you have educated yourself on SaveScn. I havent heard of this comment by POB before?

  184. I tend to go toward the “Forgive them for they know not what they do” attitude toward it. Nevertheless, these types of abuses must be brought to light and stopped.

    If the only way that we can try the C of S is in the public media, so be it. Of course an official investigation and criminal prosecution would be preferred, but David Miscavige and the C of S should be brought to justice – once and for all.

  185. Another tragic case, as Anonymous would say: this is why! The burn marks are bizarre though its possible she had a psychotic break and they are self aadministered; as a means of torture it’s unusual as the scalp isn’t that sensitive; dare say it was painful though. They might have done black dianetics on her or she had the realisation that dispite all the money she was still screwed and you know how the church of scientology likes to help people in massive debt… Free ticket out of their hair sounds about right.

  186. Top of the Vale:

    Your claim of “inconsistencies” is a big fat generality.

    Please provide a link(s) documenting that alleged quote, also your claim that DM was somehow involved in Ron Hubbard’s death.

    Steve “Sarge” Pfauth can confirm that David Miscavige was never even at the Creston Ranch until after Ron Hubbard died. He and Sinar Parman can confirm that DM was never allowed or invited to the Winter HQ facility in La Quinta, either.

    Michael A. Hobson
    Independent Scientologist

    Michael A. Hobson
    Independent Scientologist

  187. Tony DePhillips

    Yay Karen!!! 🙂

  188. I did wonder if she’d been used as a guinea pig for some new church of scientology gizmo but they don’t believe in ect. Mind you such things have never stopped Miscavige before. That large gage copper earthing rod he had installed in his office was a hoot. Someone should have told him he’d get better results inserting it in his anus so it trailed behind him as a mobile earthing device.(Yes david miscavige I think you’re a fruitloop, just a short one though.)

  189. Miscavige was not at Creston when LRH was there, but he was at LaQuinta. That was where he was busted as cameraman. He was then a Messenger and Action Chief when I was there.

  190. OK, thanks for the correction, Mr. Rinder.

    Michael A. Hobson
    Independent Scientologist.

  191. You’re welcome Mike. 🙂

  192. George M. White

    “Tech is not being delivered, period.”
    In my opinion, OT VII and OT VIII have been RADICALLY changed. In the old system, there was a built it fail-safe to get you looking at these issues.
    Miscavige screwed it up. Biggi had to suffer for it.

    May all beings be well and happy! written for Biggi.

  193. George M. White

    Never heard one this extreme.
    You have courage.
    Sorry you had to go through it.
    Much loving-kindness,

  194. “Since the cause of immediate death is clearly suicide, there is no reasonable cause for further involvement by the u.s. government regardless of the nationality of the individual.”

    That’s actually not completely true. People have been convicted of homicide after committing violent crimes against others, when the others then reacted by committing suicide. Google Madge Oberholtzer for an example.

  195. Nice criminal profiling there, Erwin. Extremely unfortunate but there are enough to be an entire TV series–“Criminal Minds: $cientology Management Murder.”

  196. She’ll be right Gehr, sorry for my mistaken assumption on identity. It is not that I even know or suspect baker is OSA payroll, but he might have friends near him guiding him in ways. We used to do that 25 years ago, and I have heard they have gotten a lot better at it since.

  197. Dear Marty and Mike,
    Over the last few months, reading your blog I have learned about an unusual number of suicides commited by members of the “church” of Scientology and I have thought a lot about without voicing my thoughts. With this latest one I decided to say what I think about it. I may be way behind you, however here it is:
    As you may know, I was an evaluator at Flag for almost 10 years, so I incorporated LRH’s Data Series into my way of thinkg. Even though I left the SO and all matters related to it 39 years ago, the DS Tech has always been part of my thought process.

    Back to the unusual number of suicides and the also unusual number of paying public going broke and /or destitute while paying for “church” services, during my time at Flag I don’t recall any such incidents happening
    (apart from QH’s suicide in the mid 70’s). So I am thinking in terms of a Date Coincidence. You and Mike Rinder, having been involved in higher up the command lines (I was always at Flag evaluating Orgs and FOLOs and may have been kept ignorant of such cases which would have been hushed up by the GO) would know more than me. But I really think that me and other people who worked in the same area would have at least gotten wind of what would have a “flap” at that time.

    So the questions in my mind are:

    WHEN did the suicides start?
    Did they start soon after Miscavige began altering the Tech i.e his own version of an F/N, which led to public having to pay thousands and even millions to get “repaired” and still not getting anywhere because they could not genuinely F/N because the new “F/N” could never show that the person had reached the EP for the process?

    Were all the processes altered thus rendering ineffective and dangerous and therefore truly turning the sale of the “service” a con job done on innocent, ignorant and well meaning people?

    Were many or all the people who commited suicide in financial trouble after paying fortunes to go OT Whatever?

    If a link can be established between the suicides and the condition of their finances before they commited suicide, then one can only conclude that a) a therapy/counselling/auditing that is being sold to the public at outrageous prices as a service that is supposed to benefit the person’s life, is bogus and actually dangerous to the person’s mental and physical health. If that is the case, and it can be proved, then perhaps the appropriate authorities may take a more interested position concerning this maniac David Miscavige and his so-called church.
    I know for a fact that up to 1981, the year I left Flag, LRH’s tech was still intact and the processes I personally received were absolutely genuine.

    This are my thoughts, I hope they are of some help.

    The idea of more “OTs” committing sucide is pretty scary. Whatever the cause is, we must not allow it to continue. Postulates alone are not good enough. And I trully hope the kool-aid drinkers wake up, get wiser and get out before it is too late.


  198. Marty,

    Over the last 3-6 months I have talked to enough people on that level to share your concern for the consequences of the McPherson waver. I don’t know who takes it worse, the people who have seen it grow to over 100 pages every 6 months over the last decade and a half, or those newly trying to get on the level wondering if they want to subject themselves to the potential consequences of it, much less their family, friends or business.

    Yes, I too believe the truth shall prevail.

  199. Carol, your comment is a VERY wise one and if it was up to me I’d keep it at the top of this blog (and others too) every single day so that people don’t forget it.

  200. I know Fat Freddy. None of this is easy. From what I have heard Gabby is a wonderful woman, though I have never met her. My bias will always be on the side of Biggi,who was my friend.I think that personal bias is one of the greatest human virtues and one of its greatest weaknesses. It provides relationships with strength, understanding and forgiveness, it allows us to become better and stronger than we are. It also allows us to be lied to, manipulated and deceived, opening a line for hurt directly into our being.

    Also, knowing Biggi, who loved to walk on the beach at night, were God to give us the chance to do so again, she would know exactly how she contributed to the circumstances she was in either by action or inaction.

  201. Cool, I hope our paths cross some time so that we might chat in person.

  202. correction to my post: I left 29 year ago, not 39! sorry about the typo. It would have made anice outpoint for anyone reading my ranting:)

  203. IEG,

    Thanks for your passionate response. My involvement here really has nothing to to do with me. I want the truth on what happened here to see the light of day, I am not convinced that it was suicide. Perhaps my personal need, as another poster mentioned a spiritual phenomenon on this thread, is burning off bad Karma from my time in the Cult.

    It is unlikely that anything lasting would have evolved between us as I drifted away from the COS, but Biggi was one of the good people, one of the very good people that make lasting changes in things she touched that makes the world that little bit better. I believe people like this are worth supporting and fighting for.

    I have a good life, perhaps one better than I deserve. Phenomenal family and friends, interesting, stimulating and worthwhile work, stability, and a “life time dog”.

    Sorry for your unsuccessful exploits in the romantic arena, a friend once told me it is better to be alone than wish you were alone, something real to me. You must be a hand full though with your English dignity and charm, bundled up with enough fire and passion to energize a small city.

  204. Scott, what you were put through was horrific, to the extreme. There is no end to what should be done to bring those persons to account.

    Frankly, in truth, I’m in no position to be critical, so regardless of what I say, I don’t think less of you in any way. I would like to think that if I had suffered in those circumstances, I’d still be going after them.

    I hope someday you get your day in court, and these monsters are put up against a wall.



  205. Thetan-x. I am curious as to why you directed this question at me? In no circumstances will I discuss OT material of any form in public. That being said, I also have a hard time believing Mary was a virgin when she gave birth, but I dont go to Catholic sites and pose such silly questions.

  206. Yes, Michael Pomerantz. Correct.My error.

  207. In 2002, my friend Greg Bashaw committed suicide after the CoS drove him into debt, caused him to lose his job (by keeping him at Flag too long and not allowing him to return to work) and then kicked him off New OT VII. Sick.

  208. Did you just say: “:Eave it to Miscavige to blow all his agents”?

    Better him, than me.

    Sick bastard.

    But, at least he is leaving that beagle of his, alone.

  209. Good Lord!!

    Steve, somehow I doubt his was an isolated case. 😦

    Michael A. Hobson
    Independent Scientologist

  210. I misread Hadley’s comment. But as for ESMB, I was invited the first week it opened 2007, even though it was known by “Emma” (the owner/operator) I’m still a Scientologist despite being ex-Co$ and ex-Sea Org.

    According to the posted Rules and FAQ published by Emma, anyone who no longer let the Co$ dictate where and with whom they may communicate is considered an “Ex-Scientologist”. Some of the more radical “critics” and, of course, the OSA contingent, do their best to make Independent and Freezone Scientologists feel unwelcome there, but that is not in accordance with the stated intentions of the creator of ESMB.

    Michael A. Hobson
    Independent Scientologist

  211. Biggi was a beautiful girl, full of life.
    I’ve known and meat her many times in Munich, Augsburg, UK, Flag.
    ALWAYS, as I remember, she was smiling and shining like the morning sun.
    She was pure theta, calm and very welcomed by everybody.

    I’ve meat her last maybe couple of month before the happening.
    She was, as usual, of good mood.

    Than one day a friend of mine told me about the tragedy.

    I couldn’t believe it.

    NO, this could`t be true, NOT the Biggi I knew for decades.
    But,…………. it was true.

    The information I’ve got, was, that she have found out of having cancer in a very advanced stage.
    And she just took her live.
    Somehow I thought this is not or not the whole true.

    BIGGI, you may rest in peace.

    I miss your gentle smile a lot.

    Sorry for your loos Mike.

  212. Thanks George, that makes me understand it a little better.

  213. True that R/S won’t admit to their out tech and blames the pc. But I don’t think that the excuses they use for staff and public is their legal view as in all cases it was the Church that delivered the services and thus can be held accountable. Any relation to their services has to be ruled out and even though hidden crimes is a strong legal stance it’s still better to deny any relation. I think that if they’d openly admitted to missing a WH, auditing a PTS, etc, they’d lost every case against them.

  214. Grasshopper, you make some good points. However, you do get a bit too general. IE: “OT’s dying prematurely and committing suicide”. How MANY committed suicide, besides Biggi? I do know of many who died from cancer, which is a very big outpoint. Also, you talk about regges like they are all the plague. LRH put regges on post for a reason. Without them, hardly ANYBODY would ever pay for their bridges. I know, I was a reg for many years. LRH also recommended that regges help people get loans (that they could afford) in Reg Program #2. With that said, I do know that some regges didn’t care if they put someone in debt to their eyeballs. But overall, at least up until LRH left, the public that I know of were not filing bankruptcy. From my observation, many filed bankruptcy AFTER the IAS was formed and Flag set up what I called “reg row”. The cabanas were turned into offices for ASI, WISE, Super Power, SMI, etc. that were all on the routing form out where public got regged by every one of them. All of THAT is what put public into bankruptcy. Especially the IAS with its crush regging. Another point you made is about postulate checks. LRH frowned upon that heavily. And it stopped a LONG time ago. In fact in the 80’s, Flag would not accept them. Period. So again, please don’t make it look like people are going bankrupt just because of having to pay for their bridges. There might be a few, yes. But not the majority. It’s all the other added crap like the IAS et al that puts the burden on them. NONE of which was ever intended by LRH. And just as an added note… the more bridge I did, the more money I made. (Look at the definition of WINS in the tech dictionary). Many people DID get more able by doing their next level when the tech was in, prior to Miscabbage tech. By the way Grasshopper, how far did you make it up the bridge? Just curious.

  215. Excellent observations Alex.

  216. What is your evidence that Shawn Lawnsdale died by any hand other than his own, please ?

    Whilst he may well have been driven to suicide by OSA’s actions against him, you seem to be claiming he was murdered. Back up that claim.

    Michael A. Hobson
    Independent Scientologist

  217. The regular patterns of the burns indicate they were made by something hot attached to the head by a helmet,as a EEG skullcap.
    It could be from an intentional PDH,or an uninentional experience with Super Power,or an MRI with metallic pegs attached to a skullcap:the MRI activates the particles and this produce sufficient heat to burn.
    Usual indication for a brain MRI is suspicion of a brain tumor or vascular defect (ruptured blood vessel for her age range) or suspicion of hematoma inside the skull:If she had a psychotic break after a session and was baby watched but escaped the watch and fell from a window on her head,it would be a regular procedure to do an MRI to be certain there is no bleeding inside the skull…I was witness of an incident like this in St Hill in 1991 and the girl had been shipped back on the continent after a very superficial check for brain injury.For a transatlantic flight they would take more precautions.
    A regular practionner would never do an MRI with a metallic skullcap, so she could have been “smuggled” after hours and the machine could have been handled by a not authorized person.
    Third degree burns are painful but in the beginning the skin is just “cooked” and as long as you don’t remove this skin,it is not very apparent and doest not need dressing.(Think of the burn with an iron or an oven).So you could take a plane without having big bandages all over the head.
    A few days later the infection sets in.
    I hope you find out what happened so that Biggi can be honored and remembered as she deserves.


  218. Count, it is not a bloodbath – there are a few OTs who haven’t committed suicide, and some others that may have avoided bankruptcy, and there are a few who do not have cancer. And, of course, the number of people who commit suicide after seeing shrinks and taking their drugs is astronomical, so all things are relative. So we are holding ourselves to a higher standard, and we should.

    For any OT to commit suicide is completely the opposite of what they should have achieved at their level. Even one is an incredibly bad statistic, and there have been more than one.

    Some reges have been helpful, but they are not the reason I am OT IV and Class VI. I paid for what I did almost without reg involvement – I walked into ASHO and paid for my BC in cash, and I paid cash for my OT levels up through III. OT IV was where I borrowed money, and it was a mistake.

    The reason this worked for me is because I can tell reges and recruiters to CUSS OFF. But it was NEVER fun, and it was not a partnership, it was a war. Some of the worst experiences in my life were in the offices of IAS reges and Sea Org recruiters. In order to extricate ourself from one of these, you have to completely invalidate the position of the other person – to tell them that to join the SO is crazy (and thus, they are crazy) and to go into insane debt to make a Thursday at 2pm stat deadline is CRAZY (and so, the reg is, again, crazy and destructive). The end result is NEVER a hand-shake, it is a grim night or two of incredibly ill feelings.

    Bridge progress can mean increased income – it really means increased ability, but that does not necessarily translate into increased income. There are an awful lot of broke actors and musicians in the world, and the purpose of auditing is not to make an artist into a commercial success – in fact, focussing on the commercial can ruin some people’s art, or purpose. If your purpose is to be the best school teacher in the world, you will make a school teacher’s wage, but be incredibly happy, and gain the real pay, which is the success and gratitude of your pupils.

    I never had a problem paying a fair amount for a bridge level. The bridge sells itself. Force-feeding it leads to all sorts of ills.

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  220. Hi, If you want to help, contact me. I am investigating this case since months and I am trying to get as much contacts to people that knew biggi.
    If you need reference, ask Marty.

  221. What exactly has Biermann to do with this ??

  222. HI Ziba. Would you please contact me on this matter. I am investigating this and would very much nee to talk to you. If you need refernece, aks Marty about me. I am interested to learn more.
    Reg Markus

  223. Hey David,
    would you please contact me ? I am looking for people who knew Biggi to try to bring light in what happened.
    It would be great if you write to me.


  224. I spoke at least to one Person who drove her to the airport. He told me, that with BIggi there was
    – one young men
    – one other young woman
    So they flew back to Germany together.
    I was trying to find out who went to Falg in MARCH 2006 and lived at the HAZIENDA. Also who was that “young woman” that traveled with her ?
    Are there no “independent`s” that might know something that went on at FLAG ?

    I know for shure that this guy in duesseldorf will never speak.
    I prooved this already.

    Reg. Markus

  225. Hi, would you contact me on this matter ?
    Reg Markus

  226. Hello ZIba, would you please contact me on this matter. Ask Marty who I am if you want, thanks !

  227. Hey, can you please contact me on this mater,
    thanks – it might help .
    I have talked to a couple of “players” in this story and it would be great to get the truth out here…

  228. Hello all:
    I have been investing this case since months. Instead of finding out what the “bunrs” on her scalp where, it would be far more interesting to learn more about Biggi`s last days, her personal contacts and the complaints I have seen that she wrote to the church. (Hamburg, Flag).

    As I know Biggi must have been a nice human beeing, many people had told me this during my research. On the other hand she and her husband went bankrupt, mad and one day she was found death.
    All this is a result of a life that should have gone the other way.
    Biggi had a good Job and a skill .

    As I contacted this Scientologist A.R. from DD who supose to be her Lover for a couple of time, I found out, that he is not telling the truth at all. Instead of this, he called her family to tell them to don`t talk to me any more ( thanks to OSA)

    He also told me that H_J Reichert had “handled his 1o million debts “very good”.

    I found out that this was a lie too. Reicherts House has been sold, he is hiding and not even the police can tell where he is.

    While we where investigating this case, a OSA PI attacked us in Hamburg.
    He was so upset that he started fighting with us which is new here.
    It was only later I found out that he was on the list of the last 10 persons who have spoken to Biggi before she died.

    So Folks, instead of speculating it would be very very helpfull to come foreward and contact me on this matter to gain the real truth.

    Reg Markus

  229. DEAR NOT Saware…..please contact me on behalf of this:

  230. I am wondering if the burns on her scalp were manifistations of “what the OT levels handle” but I won’t mention them due to the nature of the confidentiality. Only other OT’s that did OTIII and up would know what I am talking about. The OT levels seem to be very dangerous.

    Anyone from Flag that can enlighten us on why people are escorted off the base – this seems so incredibly cruel and inhumane!

    I have read a few stories now about this being done and the people commit suicide. Flag is the most dangerous place on the planet – they trap you by getting you to put huge sums of money on account and then they have you captive so they can fleece you out of your money – you cannot leave. It is a very unpleasant experience and most people that go there – never go back. In fact, in several years – I noticed no one coming back from Flag looked happy, said anything positive about their experience, died of cancer within a year, committed suicide or simply went away and never came back. I always thought something was up but did not understand it. Flag is loaded with SP’s – Sea Org staff members that are forced to commit crimes in the best interest of David Miscavige and supporting the huge buildings that cost money to keep heated, cooled and insured.

    The poor Sea Org members at Flag – it is really sad! I hope they get out and get free. I don’t think many public go there anymore – it seems that it is all people in “training” from the Class 5 Orgs. Flag makes money from them being there getting trained and then Flag uses these people to deliver services to the Public at $800-$1,000 per hour. What a scam!

  231. markus thoess

    After one year of research , last week my film about the death case of Biggi Reichert was broadcasted in Germany. It gained a very good quote and there will be a longer directors cut later.

    I want to thank Marty and Mike for the Infos they gave to me while most important where the background Infos I`ve got from Scientologists such like Gloria Schlueter oder Axel ( former Boyfriend).

    While doing this film I have learned that in Clearwater it is impossible to find out the truth. I have been at the police, the sheriff and the medical examiners office and even at the Fbi. While everybody is sick of complaining Scientology Officials, they are no help at all.

    Regarding the Biggi case I do know that she went to FLAG and I have Documents that proove she hat written to

    Magret Suppak, Yossi Charney, Bob Anderson and a Samantha that she is is desperate need for help.

    None of them helped her.

    Further more I do know that she used to live in a flat at FRANK LEIBOLDS Home, a Scientologist who used to be friend with ZIBA FEULNER.
    I do know that Biggi stayed in his flat I even have the correspondence , invitations and other stuff.

    But: How is the church responding. The TV editors got a call by local OSA Guy Frank Bush, telling them, well, there are a lot of suicides why do you make a film about her – just because she where in Scientology ?

    No . I have met honest people like Mike Laws and strange people like Michael F. I have met Ursula Caberta and Juerg Stettler, I have met nearly everyone in this Game.

    Only the Scientology people that do know exactly what happened in FLAG in 2006 maybe Frank Leibold, maybe OT 8 Bill Rhodes ( who drove her to the airport), maybe Gloria Schlueter or her former husband Hans Juergen do know what happened.

    But what is already prooved and for shure. In the church of Scientology Biggi became a OT 8, spend all her life in Scientology, spend her money her feelings an was willing to give up her normal life.

    She worked more then 40 hours getting between 40 and 290 € Staff payment….

    After all it is a sad story of a person that was a victim of greed and pressure.

    For her family I hope that one day the people who know more will talk !

  232. Mrs. Libnish

    THIS video is what brought me to this post on Marty’s blog. I’ve read all the current blogs the last few months but haven’t gone too far back. It’s a year later. SOMEONE needs to come forward with info. So many more people are “out”. Please speak up. RIP Biggi.

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  234. I have now collected a lot of more expert opinions, talked to many new people. ‘Flytrike’ is worn. There was no CANCER. Whoever spared this was sending false data. I have the full autopsie report. She was a healthy woman, no illness at all. The church however told everybody after my films that she had a skin problem. There is no evidence either. Even her lover axel R, a scientologist wrote to me that he NEVER saw something like this.
    neither there is a doctor report.

    Who knows who is Regina Kullar ???

    More at the summer of this year.

  235. I know about Aaron Poulin, if you’d like you can contact me.

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