State of Texas vs. Mark “Marty” Rathbun part II

Look what South Texas’ version of Carl Bernstein dug up in his first day back on the job after the weekend.

After 155 days of lying to the people of Ingleside on the Bay, the San Patricio County Attorney and Sheriff, the San Antonio Express and Mark Collette of the Corpus Christi Caller Times about there being no affiliation between SQBs and the “church” of Scientology, the “church” of Scientology International’s Director of Legal Affairs winds up with his bloody fingerprints on the pistol.

And, whoever heard of a “victim” on the run from the long arm of the law?  There may be good reasons.

The affidavit of Norman James Moore is sworn on the 7th day after the event (perjured to read the 6th day) which happens to also be the night (early afternoon for POB) I appeared on Germany’s biggest talk show getting agreement from the government of Germany that Scientology and the “church” of Scientology are two different kettles of fish, and that the latter stinks to high heaven.

Why do you think POB had Norman put the date of the incident as the 2nd (rather than the true date of the 1st)?  Maybe because I’ve got plenty of video of Norman and the SQBs on the 1st trying to prevent me from going to Germany.  In any event, Norman – by perjuring himself – has committed yet another Texas crime on behalf of his dear leader.

It’ll be interesting to find out why the warrant was issued on the 8th and sat eight days unserved till 5:40 on Friday the 16th (just after the JoP left work so that no bail could be issued till at least until Saturday and perhaps Monday); and why the SQBs showed up at the end of the street moments before the serving D/Sheriff arrived with not only golf cart, but their blacked out SUV which followed us for the nearly one hour drive to jail; and why the D/Sheriff who got on duty only ten minutes earlier (5:30) received an urgent instruction from the desk Sgt to serve the warrant immediately – particularly when San Pat County can be like the wild, wild west on a Friday night.

Ralph Gomez, Bart Parr, Joanne Wheaton, John Allender, Allan Cartwright, David Miscavige – you can run but you cannot hide for long.

Stay tuned – I have a feeling it’ll get curiouser and curiouser and then it’ll die an ignominous death just like that being dramatized by the architect of this sickness.  Regardless, the unanswered questions will be answered.

64 responses to “State of Texas vs. Mark “Marty” Rathbun part II

  1. It’s one thing if they’re going to be evil. But My God, it never ceases to amaze me just how *stupid* and *incompetent* they are.

    What a bunch of amateurs. They are not only taking the rope you’re giving them to hang themselves with, they sent someone out to Home Depot to buy more rope, just in case.

    How does it feel, Davey Boy, to know that a lush carpet of evidence is piling up around you?

  2. Did the hospital release the photos of the life-threatening scratch Norman received as a result of the assault and battery suffered at your hands? Or has this evidence been withheld on account of the fact that it may be too upsetting?
    I’m worried Marty. You may have to pay damages and the cost of a band aid can run pretty high these days.
    I’m donating 50c to help cover your costs. Hope this helps.

  3. George M. White

    The intention is the important issue in this situation because David Miscavige is using black intention to try to trap Marty Rathbun, and to cause harmful reaction. Miscavige is using the legal system as a vehicle of the enforcement of his “religious” beliefs. He is attempting to punish Rathbun for ideological reasons. This is nothing more than the Spanish Inquistion used as a weapon against Marty Rathbun modernized by the Church of Scientology for its own use. It is also important that Mr. Rathbun travels to Germany, a very sensitive area to human rights, and finds a attentive audience that strongly applauds his revelations. The people of Germany see the issues quite clearly. When will the US press see the violations to Mr. Rathbun’s inherent right to religious freedom in this country?
    If any of us had a group of people in our front yard for 154+ days, I’ll bet there would be a variety of reactions some not so pleasant. In view of the circumstances, I find Mr. Rathbun to be quite restrained.
    It is very clear that the Church of Scientology is using the legal system to try to enforce the tenets of its core religious beliefs. If this succeeds with Mr. Rathbun, we are all in danger of having our rights eroded by an organization with a money war chest far larger than any of us can fight alone.

    Much loving-kindness,

  4. Is Norman James Moore the same squirrel buster that was posting pornographic and violent comments on message boards describing what he was going to do to Mosey next time you were out of town?
    Just curious.

  5. „Germany, a very sensitive area to human rights“
    Looks like propaganda is having an effect up to this date.
    By the way, here in old Europe/Germany the squirrel busters would be arrested for doing what they do in Corpus Christi.

  6. John in Austin

    @Fancy & Sam: double lulz!

    Marty is being persecuted because of his religious beliefs, plain and simple. If he were a Christian or a Jew or even a Muslim, this entire hate campaign by the Kult would have been shut down right quick by the Powers That Be, just as the Rodney King riots were shut down literally within hours once they came within three blocks of the Beverly Center.

    The unvarnished truth is that the government and Big Media (with just a couple of exceptions) are secretly probably quite delighted to see Scientology being hoist from its own petard, as the saying goes…in the same way the Powers That Be seemed quite delighted to let the inner city burn during the Rodney King riots until they started to encroach on the “fancy” people.

    Big Love,

    John in Austin

  7. The worse punishment Dave Jong-il will receive is waking up each day and still being David Miscavage. A sad, pathetic lonely man whose best friend is a bottle of scotch, singing to himself in an empty room paid for by the work of others.

  8. Marty, it is hilarious how they still say you were “demoted for incompetence”. They still can’t figure out who is being cause and who is being effect?

  9. markthehungarian

    I really really want to see this go to court. Is there a lawyer in Ingleside who would take this case pro bono? Surely it’s a slam dunk for Marty.

    I would love to see the accuser have to testify about the “injuries” he received from having his sunglasses removed.

    What bollocks.

  10. martyrathbun09

    Probably. But there is a non-lawyer is fully prepared to go in propria persona.

  11. Martin Padfield

    The comments after the article are a fascinating snapshot of the public mood. The consensus is that 1. You have been remarkably restrained 2. the SQBs deserve everything coming their way 3. Nobody is fooled for a millisecond that this isn’t a cult run and funded operation. As many have remarked, the sheer stupidity behind this is mind boggling.

  12. martyrathbun09

    Listen to the SQBs and read their anti-me sites: DM is promoting to his own people day in and day out that I am the cause of virtually everything.

  13. I am simply amazed at your restraint, Marty. A commendable.

    Having dug themselves into a very deep hole full of lies, deceit, crimes, and evil use of LRH tech, fearless leader shouts obsenities at the hapless squirrel busters. Fearless leader orders the back up crew to home depot to purchase more shovels and dig faster and deeper, oblivious to the fact that he is at the bottom of the pit.

    Ironic, sad, yet somehow beautiful in its absurdity. Poetic justice at work.


  14. martyrathbun09

    They had an anonymous poster post it; but Norman has been their guy to show up each and every time I am out of town to lay his perverted, psychotic smirk on her. This boy is a world of trouble, as are his masters, from Joanne right on up to David Miscavige. Believe me.

  15. And the legions of Hell amassed against you shall fall, the black seas of evil shall part before you, and you shall walk on the clean pathway of your love to God’s Kingdom in Heaven. Love is the door upon which to knock. Ask, and you shall be granted admittance.

    P.S. War is an art. Anyone who’s tried art knows it is impossible without love. The more I mature as an individual, the foggier the distinction between love and truth.

    Well written article by Mark Collette.

  16. At first I thought I had one word for this. But actually I have several:

    Nauseating, odious, sleazy, revolting, yecchy, yucky, cloy on!

  17. George M. White

    You caught the “double irony” – great.
    Yes, I agree the squirrel busters would have been arrested in old Europe/Germany. What hits me now is that Miscavige has never paid one red cent of taxes in the US or in Texas. He uses the legal system for his own personal bodyguards and we pay for it!


  18. Norman James Moore sure reminds me of Lurch from the Addams Family:

    Then again PoB and cousin Itt are about the same height. It gets curiouser and curiouser…………

  19. +1


  20. Is Allan Cartwright related in any way to Nancy Cartwright?

    And, if so, does that mean Nancy could be aware of the Squirrel Buster’s lunacy and antics?

  21. Find out their crimes. That drives these people nuts.

  22. “I’m donating 50c to help cover your costs. Hope this helps.”

  23. Recently one of the executives of Shambhala International said:

    “Dissent is an issue of love. Tremendous human atrocities have come as a failure to be allowed to dissent.”

    I immediately thought of the current situation in scientology, wherein no one involved is allowed ONE sentence of dissent, nor even a thought.

    Yet, Marty’s blog COMES from a place of love of LRH and his success will be achieved because his dissent is from this place of love.

    Even those critiques who we might not agree with or admire, their dissent comes from their place of love. Love of freedom of speech and the right to assembly.

    dm hasn’t one clue about community. Not one clue about being a leader. He lives with the paradigm that to exclude and be an elitist is workable.

    Somehow he forgot to open his eyes and see the world. Instead he lives entirely inside his own mind, filled with demons. A mind that is getting tighter and darker and more claustrophobic.

    To repeat George M. White’s mantra:

    “(miscavige) Sue for peace.”


  24. I find that remark of intrest regarding Dm promoting , Of course in his eyes you are his problem. Anmd he has to use public advertisment to gain support through vicious means . You got guts to expose and make it known, Seems he hopes sooner or later you perish in a corner and sucome and basically SHUT UP., He does not realise thats not going to happen,Getting the big shots lawyers of the country is not going to change the out come and campaign on going .Seems DM ate got that through his brain yet.

  25. Excellent, clear-as-day, accurate reporting by the Caller reporter.

    The truth WILL out.

  26. It’s as if some one is reading John Grisham as hatting material.

  27. DM will someday realize that the reason he smells and sees crap no matter where he goes is because he has his head up his ass.

    Apparently, he is not alone in there.


  28. Collette did a good job. Any reasonable person can see that you have been hounded far beyond the limits of any ordinary man. DM will soon throw Jim Moore under the bus.

    Marty, you have a lot of good people ready to back you up in anyway we can. Just say the word. Coordinated effort and all that.

  29. An ex-staff member in Africa was told by a Sea Org missionaire that the trouble in Africa was all caused by Marty & Mike. Apparently they were running a “heavy ethics campaign” even up into 2006. This ex-staff member had to hold himself together not to laugh, because he knew that Marty wasn’t even in the Sea Org in 2006, and Mike was in lock-down in the hole at Int. Marty and Mike are all-mighty beings. 🙂

  30. I can give “Norman-imal” a touch assist! Or I could cauterize his “wound” with a torch for davey… “Now just hold still Normanimal…” 😉

  31. Why thank you Christie. That is how I feel when the seas of Scientologists part in the health food store or at the movies…. I seem to have magical powers over the OT’s such that they run and hide behind the lettuce in the grocery store when they see me coming. ANd they all duck inside the Fort Harrison and are too scared to come out if I walk down the street… No wonder I was able to be the cause of EVERYTHING wrong that has ever happened in POB’s shrinking kingdom….

    All joking aside, one thing that is of interest is that apparently POB is now acknowledging there was “heavy ethics” just like he finally had to acknowledge “there was violence.” Of course, it had nothing to do with him, and it was all done by Marty and me, but they have moved off the unworkable denial “nothing like that EVER happened, its all lies.”

    I guess in the world of POB, that is significan case gain — from denial to shifting the blame.

  32. No, he is not. He is Australian.

  33. Allan Cartwright? Say it isn’t so. If he’s from Malta, about 5’7, 5’8ish, thin, would be around 50-55 – then he used to be married to my sister, Gunhild. He was a nice guy back then, 20-25 years ago.

    Allan, let’s assume that the premise you’re working off (that Marty is the devil incarnated and he is “fair game”) is right. How does it work for you that in the process of destroying him, you’re destroying the reputation of the Church of Scientology. You’re not respected, you’re despised. You’re not revered as a spiritual movement, you’re laughed at. Are you proud of yourself? Do you think your mom, your family in Malta would be proud of what you’re doing? You know how to get a hold of me. We have a spare bedroom and you can come to us any time if you decide to stop what you’re doing.

    Your ex-sister-in-law, Bodil

  34. George, not to detract from today’s ass-kicking, but speaking of Germany, I just posted video of Marty’s entire press conference in Germany (it’s awesome) along with photos and a debrief on

    Note: If you were at the meeting and don’t see your photo, it’s because I didn’t want to publish anyone’s photo without permission. Contact me if it’s okay to publish your photo at the Germany meeting.

  35. Tony DePhillips

    I like that the Corpus Lawyer cc’d the churches legal dept… Duh!!

    My wife and I were talking and it is getting more and more obvious to those still stuck in the coccoon of ignorance that dm’s hands are bloody.
    Even if dm wasn’t guilty of assault and the rest of this stuff, any sane leader with this kind of exodus from the group would be in communication and trying to handle the scene. You don’t hear a word from muddcabbage. Wouldn’t a caring, sane leader try to get in communication or do something???
    He just hides like a big wuss. One day we will see you muddcabbage being carted off in a police car and I for one will be laughing my ass off!

  36. Marty,

    Once again, POB stepped in shit and is walking it all over his expensive white shag rug.

    Allen Cartwright joins the list of toasteds, probably now in the Hole. Of course, he has probably been up for weeks with 2 or 3 hours sleep a night trying to comply with POB’s insane orders to get you in jail immediately and get the video of it. Allen forgot to mention to the lawyer he found, briefed and paid not to let anyone know that the “Church” was involved and the lawyer messed up and cc’d him (like any lawyer would do with a normal client). So much (once again) for their denials that they had “nothing to do” with the SQBs (“they’re just Scientology parishioners doing their own thing…”)

    And being desperate, they resorted to unusual methods to try to get you arrested. And brilliant move — they pulled it off! They were heros for a few hours. BUT. Just like POB, they are blind to consequences. They are incapable of seeing what would happen when this ended up with the usual people that had to deal with their crap. It’s going right out the window. And they will end up with more than egg on their face — especially now the REAL source of the insanity has been put into the court record.

    POB — that smell isnt just your enema bag. Check the bottom of your bespoke shoes. You are in a minefield of shit, and its getting deeper every time you issue more insane orders to do insane things, and every time you have people lie to try and cover your tracks. The hounds are closing in on you….

  37. Marty,
    I wonder when DM’s BIP* Cartel will suddenly wake up and go “POOF!” “We’re outta here!”?

    P.S. Hi Dave! How are your “Bippies” hangin’?

    *(BIP = Bodies In Pawn)(or BPC =Bodies in Pawn Cartel)

  38. Marty, people around the world are following this unfolding farce….
    what is really perplexing and shocking to most, is how easily the Legal System in the United States is manipulated, misdirected and lied to, in order to arrest, incarcerate and extort monetary fines and/or prison time … on clearly fraudulent grounds from individuals or groups that are to a reasoning, thinking mind innocent and indeed themselves the targets and actions of the Criminal Minds. Both you and Mike R. heavily exploited this weakness in our nation… while working FOR the COS… now it is open for all to see… above it all… i sense you are still dealing the cards and letting the ‘Little Man’ play out his Last Dance…. for all to see.

  39. The Squirrel Busters stats are going through the roof! Woot! Woot!

    Since April, Joanne Wheaton and John Allendar have done more for the Independent cause than you and Mike.

    Sorry if this invalidates the work you and Mike have done, but it’s the truth and you have to let the light of praise shine on those that are helping the ‘Independent Cause’, even if from ‘Dependents’ in the Church. I have a strong suspicion–okay, several people told me–that Joanne and John crave being liked and admired.

    Next time you see Joanne and John be sure to tell them how awesome we all think they are for showing us how mentally ill the church is and for getting us to run not walk away.

    I don’t want to negate the praise that should also be bestowed on Ed Bryan. I mean his On a Boat video did almost as much to disgust OTs as John Allendar with his head cam on your door, but not quite. Ed’s arrest in Florida had pure entertainment value, all compliments of the SBs.

    Since many of us are trying to pay off the credit card debt we amassed from the dono reg cycles for buildings and IAS we’ve had to cut frivolous expenses such as cable TV . I strongly believe that it’s Joanne’s, John’s and Ed’s mission to supply us with entertainment since we can’t watch Dexter without cable. So many on-lines OTs have been enlightened with the SB show ‘Live from Ingleside by the Bay’ that they’re glued to their computers–okay, truthfully, they use Google alerts so they can work to pay off the amassed debt–just waiting for the next Reality TV segment or press coverage (Yay, Tony!) from ‘Live from Ingleside by the Bay’ all compliments of Squirrel Busters.

    Which brings me to your arrest on Friday. Oh dear… I believe that backfired too… Bummer… Let me explain this a little more.

    You see as a Solo Nots auditor when you go to Flag and there is a (stupid) KR about you and you don’t see how it has any validity they have you read HCOPL, Viewpoint. After reading said PL, you are to realize that the action you’re accused of in this (stupid) report about you not having attended a fundraiser or an IntMisManagement event is your own causation because you failed to see how your action or inaction would effect another’s Viewpoint. Reading this PL is supposed to help you see this. The more OT you are the better you’re supposed to be able to use this PL. But that’s just my opinion.

    A bunch of us that have been told to read the PL by the Flag MAAs don’t think they’ve had Joanne, Ed or John read that one. Maybe we shouldn’t tell them. I mean they’re not bothering with being vessels of LRH tech. Why improve on them now? I mean, they are the ‘Dependents’ of the church awaiting being told what to think and how to do so.

    I guess when I see someone being arrested–on video, no less–for a misdemeanor offense after months of documented press and video of the provocation by the SBs then I come to the ‘Viewpoint’ and cement my conclusions of the insanity that is the Office of Special Affairs, which I’m starting to suspect is running the church.

    I have much more to say but my Google alerts just texted me…

  40. It’ll be interesting to find out why the warrant was issued on the 8th and sat eight days unserved till 5:40 on Friday the 16th (just after the JoP left work so that no bail could be issued till at least until Saturday and perhaps Monday

    Interesting, both times there were Warrants out on me (both CoS inspired), I was picked up on a Friday pm as well, even though the warrants were months old and the Police knew where to find me.
    The result was being held over the weekend in police cells, rather than transfer to court. Or police bail.

    Police cells in the UK have FAR fewer rights than normal prison cells, ie no right to exercise, washing or smoking (bad if you are a smoker!), and bright lights on 24 hours a day!!

    Obviously an ‘International’ tactic!!

  41. Most prosecutors understand that in many cases the only difference between a defendant and victim in a criminal case is the element of time. David Akers appears to understand this concept as is evidenced by his failure to pursue charges early on in this saga. His reasoning at the time was based on his belief that a conviction of Rathbun could not be obtained under the circumstances. The “likelihood of conviction” is not a standard that is sanctioned by either the ABA Prosecution Standards or the Rules of Professional Conduct but rather rests on the common sense of experienced litigators who, like Akers, understand that the limited resources of government should not be wasted on frivolous matters where there is little likelihood of success.

    My guess is that he will follow the same course here. This was a complaint initiated by a citizen. A magistrate can issue an arrest warrant based on the standard of probable cause; i.e., probable cause to believe a crime was committed and that the accused committed the offense. The ABA standards impose upon the prosecutor the obligation to investigate the circumstances of all arrests, including any potential defenses that could be asserted-something that admittedly was not done in this case. Akers now has evidence from Leahy that this whole Squirrel Buster saga is nothing more than an elaborate attempt to harass the Rathbuns-a fact that is easily corroborated by a cursory examination of the videos themselves. That John Allender, with his goofy head cam and production uniform, calls Leahy a liar is beyond ludicrous.

    I would hope that Mr. Akers, consistent with ABA Prosecution Standards, Sec. 3-32(b), advise Mr. Moore, the complaining witness, of the fact that he is entitled to counsel and has a right to remain silent. After all, the only difference between him as a victim, and Mark Rathbun as a defendant, is a matter of time.

  42. And davey reminds me of “Thing”. He’s always got his “hand” up his puppets’ asses!

  43. Once again, DM “rears” his ugly head.

    P.S. Pull your head out of your ass Dave, so that I can say “Hi!”

  44. Nice Mike; almost a eulogy because of the shit mines going off every time he moves. I love it when they leave these foot bullets. But like the old man said, crimminals like to be caught. All you gotta do is look for the clues…

    ML Tom

  45. markthehungarian

    That would be fantastic. You will own them,

  46. markthehungarian

    This whole saga is so much better than any movie I’ve seen (well, maybe except Battlefield Earth), DM and his goons are going to have to bath in the cesspool of shit they’ve created, and soon. And then a little later, someone is going to make a movie about this.

    I need to get a popcorn maker now.

  47. On the Caller appered this comment reguarding the situation Marty is confronting now:
    “Scientologist don’t play nice with others….they have hounded threated and harassed hundreds of ex-members and critics, some for decades….even an Elephant forgets before a Scientologist does….
    its not a turn the other cheek organization…”

    May I say that the only other organizzation in the all world that behave like that is Sicily Mafia of the old times. Period.

  48. Tick tock, tick tock. Is all I can say.

  49. martyrathbun09

    wise analysis.

  50. Marty,
    Your diversion, distraction and creating a doubt out of straight fact will possibly work temporarily.

    According to you it is all right, I can grab glasses off Mosy, Rinders or yourself , smash to the ground, and it the process scratch the flesh. Right? Can you promise, you wont fight back or press charges? I know what I will do, I will break the attackers arm, kick his face in. You only got arrested for few hours, consider yourself lucky, you could of scratched the mans eye out leaving him blind.

    You have history of violence, you have been stripped of your powers, you are a common criminal, 2 arrests in 1 year.

    You run around shirtless, showing your pot belly in the French Quarter, you get arrested by the cops on the horses, thrown in Jail. Gosh what is wrong with you? And you want to be a leader. Can you lead by setting good example?

    NOTE TO SELF: head on over to and Village voice to post, and since this will be deleted or edited by Marty.

    P.S. Marty take me off, the permanent block from your blog, in the name of “freedom of speech” LOL –
    Now press the delete comment button. Good Boy.

  51. There appear to be some very interesting connections between the CoS, their attorneys etc and someone capable of pulling the strings of the Sheriff Dept. Obviously the timings tell the story. Finding the Who in public service will be interesting. If they read this blog they are squirming.

    CYA time whoever you are.

  52. Hey Marty,

    How did they know:
    The Squirrel Busters say they are not affiliated with the organized church, though documents show they have exchanged correspondence with the church’s legal director.

    How did they prove this?

    ANd it wasn’t Mismanage himself directly was it? Surely that chicken shit cult leader, had someone else act as a buffer.

    So who was the contact person they speak of that connected them to the Cult of Corporate Scientology.?

    Cheers and Beers,

    Bed Man in OKC

  53. Great job by Mark Collette, as usual. Tony Ortega of Village Voice has updated his story to include the new article:

    This song seems to be appropriate for Jim Moore:

  54. Ferris Khan, your threats of physical violence against Mosey, Marty and Mike are now on the record. Brilliant, dude!

  55. Bwhahahahaha

  56. +1 LOL. Nice piece of writing!

  57. Windhorse, that is so true. Thanks.

  58. If it wasn’t so sick it would almost be amusing.
    I too think Marty should seek a restraining order.
    First they almost kill the dog, who knows when one of these crazies will just snap and something tragic happens?

  59. Thanks for the clarification, Mike.

  60. Mr. Khan (and those who approve your comments),

    Couldn’t you at least provide someone who can spell simple English in your counter attack? The least you could do is to ensure your message is clear. No doubt Mr. Khan has some pretty impressive biceps, but wouldn’t you think such an expensive resource, $65,000 car and all, could also provide a typo-free communication?

    Oh, I forgot, DM now has to edit and/or write every single page of every single thing that is ever written within CofS, unless Danny boy chips in. Well maybe the whiskey consumption is making it a bit hard to get those key strokes right. I understand.

    Well, next time, try to get the majority right and we’ll be here to hear what you have to say.

  61. I’m sure that judge that they went so far out their way to scam, because she wasn’t given full data, is fuming. Just another a new enemy for the Church now.

  62. ig·no·min·i·ous/ˌignəˈminēəs/
    Adjective: Deserving or causing public disgrace or shame: “ignominious defeat”

    Word clearing cleared this up for me….

    Keep holding your ground Marty, you are making the SQBs look like the fools they really are. Me thinks one, or more, will be at your door making a confession soon.

  63. Another strikeout for the machiavellian midget. The malevolent munchkin is running out of pinch hitters. The diabolical dwarf is down to his last few innings. David Miscavige is running out of time and tricks.

  64. Marty, This “Gary L e a r n e r” is not me (Gary L e r n e r). Not certain whether he’s some other Gary or trying to impersonate me. You’ve got my email address already. If Gary LeArner is using it then he’s a troll. But if he is genuine then I apologize. 🙂


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