Miscavige Perpetuates Memory of Gestapo & STASI

Mosey and I decided to take a train ride up to Berlin today.  Having learned quite a bit about Germany and its history recently, we wanted to see some historical sites of significance.

We were told by our hosts that they could not provide protection since we were leaving Hamburg, a terrorist had just been caught in Berlin, and the Chancellor of Germany was scheduled to speak at Checkpoint Charlie in Berlin this afternoon – so all law enforcement was focused on those matters.  No matter, it is not like we cannot handle harassment and we’d be damned if we’d let Miscavige’s terrorist tactics get in the way of a chance of a lifetime.

Just as we arrived at the epicenter of what became the icons for remembrance of the importance of tolerance and freedom from tyranny and oppression, guess who came to remind us: never lose vigilance against suppression?

David Miscavige’s storm troopers performed the creepiest of Cold War type intelligence ops amidst thousands of people who had travelled from all parts of the world to visit shrines to the evils of such mentality.

I present to you the live record of Miscavige’s response to our words over the past two days attempting to heal the wounds his organization has inflicted on the people of Germany.  I don’t know that it can get any darker than this. By the way, please hold any sympathetic words.  His timing couldn’t have punctuated the point of our visit better nor made it more real and meaningful.  We got Nazi Germany circa 1933-1945 and Berlin circa 1945-1989, in spades.

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  1. Wow guys awesome video and what history in the making. As for DM someone needs to put him out of his misery!

  2. Aaah, so pathetic, they are.

    Looks like you’ve had some incredible experiences.

  3. Tory Christman

    How ironic to be at the Berlin Wall, showing the horrors, torture and abuses that went on there, and here is C of $…right there, continuing
    their own abuses with you all. Granted, there is no comparison and hopefully there never will be—but ALL abuses are to be faced up to, exposed, and stopped.

    Amazing that they’d be SO stupid as to put your photographs on the ground: history DOES repeat itself, and Davey boy and his floor mats are the only ones who do NOT know this. Much love….TLC

  4. Tory Christman

    PS: Thank you for showing this monument. I’ve never seen it.
    How totally fitting. Great job on your trip—and may even more connections
    continue to bring healing and exposure, both. TT …TT…..

  5. So ridiculous. You’ve already told the entire country on national TV that Corporate Scientology is stalking and harassing you, and what do they do?

    I hope that you two are getting in some great site-seeing while you are there and enjoying yourselves.

  6. Sneaky blue-backpack man…..NOT!

  7. Well, those blindly following along some supposed “authority” have landed the whole planet where it is now.

    Still looks like a very long road ahead.

  8. ExIntStaffMember

    Me thinks that Ms. Caberta will not be pleased with the local Church of Rock Slams. And it is probably not a good thing for her to be displeased with one….

  9. M&M,

    Great that you guys are able to check out Germany. Perhaps law enforcement there could investigate the PoB secret service with your evidence.

    There has been nothing forthcoming from PoB on the recent very public revelations of his dark side on the other side of the pond. It is the truth. Or perhaps Freedumb will come up with something, with a Glutz PR expensive production six months from now, similar to the ad hom, mud slinging campaign against the New Yorker and Lawrence Wright which simply backfired.

    David Miscavige just won’t confront the fact that as COB PR Officer, he simply sucks! Running blatant Psy Ops just is not good PR and that’s what he’s been doing for the past 140+ days, now exported to Europe! I forgot – he loves the Psy part as it is the reason for great success in bilking his parishioners of big bucks in his slush fund, and so is using Psy Ops as he does not and cannot apply LRH Policy as in the PR Series in the Management volumes.

    Stay safe in your travels, hope you can do more sightseeing and get more enjoyment – you certainly have earned it!

  10. The dwarf sociopath doesn’t know when to give it up. But then again, what do you expect from someone thoroughly glued to a pinprick in time.

    Anyway, glad to see you guys are enjoying your holiday. Mosey, you look great!

  11. So typical of POB.

    He cannot restrain himself from trying to demonstrate that he is “cause.” He will continue to act out the most insane dramatizations to try to “prove” that he is not effect of anything that is happening. And in doing so, he demonstrates to the world that without doubt he is absolutely OWNED by Marty.

    Oh Dave, those little signs leaning up against lamposts are such a fail. Obviously they are not intended for anyone other than Marty and Mosey as nobody else would pay attention or even know what they were about. So, you want to prove that “no matter where you go, I will have flying monkeys there to try to intimidate you”? And every time, you are exposed for the sniveling coward you are, wasting parishioner’s money on your silly games that are further destroying the reputation of Scientology and LRH. But you dont care about that, because you want to show everyone “Who’s Boss”! Guess what, the only people that think you are the boss are the dwindling few who still buy your bs. The ratio is probably 25 million who have heard of you and think you are a weird, reclusive, evil cult leader to each one who idolize you right down to the soles of your hand-made John Lobb shoes and emulate your coffee enemas as the “winning valence.”

  12. Very Well Done Marty and Mosey!

    Those videos speak volumes about the true intentions of the radical church. How totally bizarre that they would be tailing and harassing you in front of the Nazi Museum. How any member of the Church can support that is beyond me!

  13. I’m at a loss as to what to say when I see that kind of child’s play…how about enjoy the nice cool weather there!
    Marty–Mosey is a lot cuter than you!

  14. Theo Sismanides

    So out PR! Is this their PR tech? Is this LRH PR Tech? To put your photos on the ground and liter a cleanest station? How OUT PR.

    Marty you did PR there… just being an auditor, you audit Germany now. Over to you!

  15. Tony DePhillips

    The boy is sick.

  16. mrinder totally agree with you! At some point in time a person has got to step back and say to themselves, This is not Scientology. This is not what LRH would do. This is criminal.

  17. John In Austin

    Seriously, how can the “official” Church of Scientology have ANY sane members left?!

    I mean, when you join the Cult these days, do they take away your computers and Internet access so people won’t discover the ongoing, daily, criminal harassment they’re funding AGAINST the Independent Scientology movement?!

    Or do they leave your computers, etc. alone and simply confiscate any semblance of love, kindness and goodwill towards others, and decency–as well as their entire neo-cortex–from new Cult-oids?!


    Big Love,

    John in Austin

  18. John Lobb shoes…hmmmm.
    Quite frankly I was humored a bit when I read Hadley’s book about all that goofy cowboy mockup DM had people dress in or was proposing so. Something about big buckles,cowboy boots and weird shirts–one of his party nights at the base.
    Well, you little f*cker. I paid for my boots–I didn’t defraud anyone to have them. And I have a drawer with some of those big buckles I’ve won and if I ever run into your sorry little ass I’m gonna stick one of them up it.
    Now go back into the fetal position. You waste of food.

  19. Carol,

    You are right. But… its never going to happen with Diamond Dave.

    In his mind he IS Scientology and anything he does IS what LRH would do.

    So it wont change.

    And the more his insanity is exposed, the more he will dramatize. It’s all a challenge to his “manhood” — his thought process goes something like this. “Being exposed as a criminal lunatic in the German media, I gotta do something that will prove I dont care about what they say, so I will just send some of my robots out to show those germans I dont care what they say about me.” And then he will turn to those few who still hang on every word and announce to them that “he knows how to handle SPs, never back down, always attack.”

    What a maroon…

  20. The dwarf is decompensating. That is a totally fitting psych term.
    def: Psychology. 1. The deterioration of cognitive or emotional functionality in a person who is distressed or who suffers from a psychological disorder.

    For the dwarf to send in spy agents knowing what Marty just accomplished in Germany, the only thing you can say is that he’s decompensating. It’s out of his control, he can’t stop it and frankly, he’s in need of a psych ward.

  21. I was in Berlin in 1966 when the wall was very much there, very big, very solid. It seemed it would always be there, and I’m sure the Stasi, sitting in their well-guarded offices, thought they would be able to continue oppressing and controlling their citizens forever. I am sure that the thought that their empire would fall seemed ludicrous at the time. Yet it’s gone. There’s an object lesson there for Miscavige and his OSA agents. I am sure they think that their little empire can never fall. But that tipping point is coming, just as surely as it came to the Wall. Nice to look at pictures of Berlin and see it gone!

  22. Very nice videos of the tour and you guys are doing great! Mosey looks like shes having a great time. Nice that you could visit and just have covert followers , POB is just lame to not have his golf cart and SBs there driving around I’m really disappointed with him over that. Great job on cleaning up his misinformation re the Germany gov and people not to mention those who’s poured uncounted $ into helping to handle “the dangerous envionment ” Radical CofS has created and promoted within the church both there and world wide.. Keep up the good work and enjoy your visit.

  23. I think she meant other people at some point have to step back and look, not DM.

  24. What do they do? Litter the streets and train station. No respect whatsoever.

  25. Michael Fairman

    The “posters” and the idiot OSA agent are a sickening, disgusting display of Miscavige’s futile behavior, the memory of which will soon be deeply buried in history’s garbage dump.

  26. Mike,

    This is a “Corporate Scientology Cold War” occurring. Davey and his evil empire (RTC/OSA/ISA) running black-ops to just prove that if you attack enough you will win. NOT! “What a maroon!”.

    Can you imagine the amount of mental stress davey is going through? The long sleepless nights… The ever-tight bunching of his golden thong… No matter what he does, it doesn’t work. No Products. No Joy. Just the insanity of doing the same action over and over again, expecting it to work but without the expected results. (insert BWAHAHAHAHA here) 🙂

    Gary (your villager with torches-a-fire for the wee one)

  27. I’m pretty sure that the posters and stalking constitute a Hate Crime in Germany. Surveillance footage at the Bahnhof would show the person/persons placing the posters. How sad that it’s reduced to this.

  28. Given the whole terror arrests on Thursday business, any sane person would, you know, stop suspiciously sneaking around Berlin surveiling and staking out areas placing these posters or cellophaned packages in strategic locations. With German cops running around like blue arsed flies trying to prevent bomb-plots I can’t think of any worse thing to do to endanger the public than this.

    There could be genuinely dangerous people looking to commit atrocities but the police phone is probably off the hook with worried citizens calling in these numpties with backpacks dropping off things around train stations and public areas.

    Good job COS!

  29. Great to see your key steps in Europe.
    Weird on the magazine. Putting them on the ground looks like it is for some “compliance reports”. The general public on the street doesn’t seem interested in the mag, or they think it is just a trash and poison. Waste money actually. Could this be considered a public defamation(or insult, or whatever legal term it is) in Germany? I wonder.

  30. Those funny little plastic wrapped signs are amusing indeed. If a curious passerby is curious enough, they will hit de google “Marty Rathbun” and where will they land?

    Lulz. Fail OSA is full of fail.

  31. Marty,
    I am sure your interviews in Germany and on their National TV has impacted many Scientologists in Germany and Europe that once you are back, we will see some major new posts (ex-members going public) on your blog!
    I know of one celeb from DK is already out!!

  32. Scott Campbell

    Miscavige’s mockup:

    “We are as the vines that creep on the tree…

  33. I think you have to understand that the Church of Scientology HAS to do what they’re doing. What I mean is their game is WHAT their game is. The conditions of being a completely authoritarian organization have always existed (comply….comply…comply…OR ELSE – think what we tell you to think……OR ELSE) and this has only grown geometrically during “the Miscavige years” (sounds so innocent when you put it that way). So Davey&Co are doing their “usual” to try to hold on to their market share of donations for as long as possible. And no doubt, that will continue to be their strategy, fight, fight, fight as ruthlessly as possible and milk the cows for as much money as possible for as long as you can. But the Independant Movement is a “new Scientology.” It is keeping the great parts of Scientology (LRH’s philosophical materials, standard auditing techniques) and ditching all the oppressive and loathsome parts (RPF, mass declares and comm evs, demands that one goes into massive debt and/or gives up all one’s money, demands that one only thinks ONE way about all the dynamics, vicious stat push’s, abuse of one’s right to consider as an individual, abuse of children, etc etc et) Viva la independance!!!!!!!

  34. Marty & Mosey;
    I’m blown away with your actions in Germany. Because of your OT actions the world of the POB is coming to an end. This SOB is a complete train wreak.

    I’m so honored to be your friend. I can tell Mosey is having the time of her life. She is so keyed out….game on!!!

    Love you two very much.

  35. Kind of funny thinking about people who may pick up the magazines. First of all, TOTALLY out comm cycle. Leaving particles for anyone, communicating to people who would not know anyway. But if someone did pick one up and read it, that would be their first introduction to Scientology right? Entheta.
    I mean WHO thinks these things up?

  36. I hate litterbugs.

  37. David Miscavige, the only thing you got going for you now is ignorance. That’s the ignorance of your ‘flock’ to the facts being exposed daily of YOU and your Suppressive Group.

    For those that choose to remain ignorant, well, how does THAT sit with the definition of Scientology itself?

    Knowing. Yes it does tend to have the cherished, fixed falsities slough off, but then, the other side is so much nicer.

  38. Yes, your ratio is likely correct on this. A friend of mine in Montana mentioned she’d gotten into a cult way back and they said, “Not Scientology! OMG, etc.” Even in Montana they know DM for what he is. How much wonderful PR do you think it’s going to take to correct such a scene worldwide?

  39. Mr. Rinder,

    You are exactly right.

    I would like to take this time to introduce a new acronym for the Church of Scientology and apologize if someone may have done this previously and I missed it…

    But this is a perfect example of COST (Church of Scientology Tactics) .

    Unfortunately, it really COSTS unwitting Scientologists (formerly myself) who donate to the Church. Their donations pay for this abuse.

    In the end, it COSTS us all.

    Well done to Marty & Mosey for taking this abroad!


  40. Clearwater Lawyer

    Good job, and I hope all continues to go well in.
    The COS placing those flyers around is absurd! Do they really think they are frightening or imitating you? Its just making the cos look even more foolish. I’m not sure what the text in the flyers say, but it is probably along the same lines as Freedom Mag headlines and equally as bizarre. I agree with Dahlia, even if someone does pay attention to the flyer, theyll just be led to find out more negative facts about the cos.
    Enjoy your visit to Germany and thanks for keeping us up to date

  41. I’ll remember.

  42. Mike, you are so perfect in your eloquence. BAM! LOL!

  43. Get the exterminators-Berlin has a heavy infestation of cockroaches.

  44. Right!

    And fingerprints leave a good impression on plastic. It wouldn’t be too hard to trace and then just keep pulling on the string,

    Criminals leaving clues so they eventually get caught.

  45. Mosey and Marty,
    You are heroes. Simple and true. I admire your integrity, your courage, your patience and your sense of humor!!! Rock on my sister and brother. You are surely taking DM’s wall of shame and suppression DOWN brick by heinous brick. Godspeed. ❤

  46. MIKE ~~

    The confounding issue in all of this lunatic stalking and bizarre conduct is that Miscavige takes it as win !
    He apparently revels in his conduct while his toadies praise his brilliance !

    After the Wild Witches of the West snapped at Anderson Cooper on a History of Violence and displayed their venom, the world mocked the performance BUT the exit of DM’s inner circle from the RTC building was jubilant !
    JB reported everyone giving each other High Fives !

    While others shudder aghast at these dramatizations, DM sees this is a win !

    What wall ? What universe do they live in ? !

    PS Mosey you looked so great !

  47. Little Dave,

    Do you feel your world shrinking?
    That’s because it is.
    Keep on this track and become more of a nothing that you are.
    Man up and take responsibility and your world will grow.

    Your choice.

    You don’t have to be a coward.

    Your choice.

  48. Tony DePhillips


  49. Free Will, Scientologist.

    “Hi Dave!”

  50. Damn, Mike!!!

    Tell it like it is! I always love reading your posts. I feel every word course through my veins with the exactitude of how I feel but can’t always put in to words.

    Marty and Mosey, looks like you are having fun in spite of the insanity. In trying to Dead Agent you they just keep making you bigger than life and more and more vital. They are trapped as they have no other way to handle you without conceding that you won while all the while, everything they do says that loud and clear anyway!

  51. Brett,

    Good acronym.

    And the church is using donations that they now REFUSE to return to fund this sort of insanity.

    I will probably do a posting about this as the RCS has now staked out a new position with regard to repayments in spite of the representations to the IRS.

  52. “cowed and ill associates”

  53. David Lingenfelter

    When a insane general has the idea that if you attack enough you’ll win, he ends up standing in the field surrounded by the bodies of his soldiers. Unless of course there is a coup prior to that end point. I feel that he now must worry about the coup and he personaly knows how effective that can be. He did it to LRH. Yep, they are all around you little guy.


  54. David Lingenfelter

    But Mike – how could he pay for his personal lawyers if you make him refund donations that were meant for someone’s bridge. How mean.

  55. Litter? Think of it this way: You watch a news clip about some injustice in the world, and, for the duration of that piece you’re actually moved to caring. You care about the people its happening to and you wish something could be done about it and wonder how you could help. Then the story is over and you quickly go on with your daily life. Its too far removed from you, it doesn’t apply to you directly so it takes a back seat to your every day life. Now think of the thousands of commuters that felt like this while Marty was on TV last night talking about being stalked and harassed for practicing Scientology outside the Church. They forgot about it when they woke this morning, then saw these things right in their normal lives. CoS may pray only Marty and Mosey noticed these them.

  56. Need I say that even the Gestapo and the East German Stasi had more cooth than the Office of Special Affairs currently prides itself on.

  57. great post K#1.
    They live in their own, created, “superior” universe where everything they do is “right” and “better”…and unfortunately for them it is not a part of real life. And when I say real life, I mean to include all of the the spiritual and physical aspects together that comprise LIFE. I guarantee they think that littering the streets with those flyers is a “we got ’em back” win in their eyes. Pathetic on their part, really. I appreciate the truth I find here.

  58. At least those people honestly believed that they were stopping a true enemy of the state as opposed to the Church of Scientology that manufactures its own false enemies to attack so they can get invited to White House dinners.

  59. I’m sure Reges such as Howard Becker are madly doing the bilking-Howard preys on fear and stokes it with all his might. I’ll never forget several of his visits, when he painted the horrors of what was going on in Germany or France and that we were in imminent danger. What a creep.

  60. Haha! Clues indeed. Karen, the most amusing thing is that the fingerprints of truth are now all over the internet! If one googles Marty or even you (lulz), they will end up on this blog way before they encounter a lame cult website.

  61. Where are the Gestapo and the STASI today?

    And through the use of the truth and the application of the truth contained in Scientology, his organization will go the way of the Gestapo and the STASI.

  62. Mike-Too bad Charlie Chaplin isn’t here to remake “The Great Dictator” and this time instead of parodying Hitler-it’s DM

  63. Tony DePhillips

    “the memory of which will soon be deeply buried in history’s garbage dump.”

    LOL to this.^^^^^^

  64. Expose, expose, expose. Great job, Marty, these vids are terrific but most especially your discussions in Hamburg – impressive. Talk about hanging out some good bits of dirty laundry! Hopefully at least the tabloids will pick up the juicy bits, if not our mainstream media.

  65. I think that what you are doing and expressing ..so truthfully, is really an amazing thing to watch . Blessings and light to you both . I genuinely admire your strength . Respect ~

  66. David Lingenfelter

    I’ve been reading, listening, viewing and feeling the effects you and others have created in the last couple of days and there has been a large shift in the Theta universe. It feels good! It feels safer for all. It will survive!
    The little dog still yaps but that is all it is. Life has moved on past the little dog. I see more people hanging out their shingle and auditing again! You have been a major catalysis. You have helped many and you have helped us personally. Don’t know how to thank you except to start studying.


  67. Marty and Mosey,

    NO FAIR!!! I was in Berlin with my sister when the Wall fell, still have a chunk of it in my library. No significant intrigue in any of my visits. Next time we vacation in germany together, you guys get all the fun.

    When we Berlin, we could easily cross from east to west, but the contrasts were stark. West was clean and neat, buildings and vehicles in good repair, people fashionably dressed. East was full of decay, few buildings had been painted or maintained in the 3 generations of isolation. Police cars were little “trebbies” which looked so rediculous that I remember pointing and laughing. My german hosts warned me about ridiculing the east german police equipment, even though the wall was down, the Stazi was still real and dangerous. Winter 1989. Berlin today is one of the most remarkable in Europe, freedoms in germany impressive by global standards, what a contrast your video clips show.

  68. GOOD one Margaret!

  69. Crippy indeed, no suprises there.
    Wonder what briefing TC & JT would be getting on all this? Image the dribble and lies are flowing thick and fast – bet they’re seeing the lawyers first thing in the morning.
    Interesting future hey?

  70. A very reliable source from inside TC’s circle told me today that Tom Cruise has recently been hiring police officers from his Beverly Hills police department to escort him and his wife Katie Holmes around.
    Wow! You must be living your life in fear, Tom!

  71. Awsome! I mean the work you are doing over there. Would love to be a fly on the brain matter of DM….but only for a second because the thought of it makes me want to shower, yuck! Obviously what you are doing is significant or why all the attention? If I were still in I would be outraged to find out what all my overpriced “donations” were paying for. Keep it up! You two are so brave and on the right side of things.

  72. Cof$ Lame, Mosey and Marty rock! That said could someone please clear my MU? DM = POB, I know this is a play on COB and that I am going to feel stupid when I get the answer, but what is the answer? POB?

  73. You mean out of our misery! He deserves his own!

  74. I could not help but be reminded of those who were once trapped by the walls in Berlin, and those that still are, in Hemet.

    Think of them while you watch this video and I dare you not to get a corkscrew sensation up your spine as you do so.

    Think of all the German independents that will be created from all this. And they will breath free air and be embraced by their fellow Germans as free people in all respects.

  75. Pope on a Box. He likes to call himself the Pope of Scientology. He stands on an applebox at the podium so he can see over the top (an applebox is a term used in moviemaking for a wooden box that looks like an applecrate that is used to raise actors in a scene).

  76. Ingrid — true, though the original will serve well enough as a parody of POB.

  77. Your observation of people in little trebbies in East Germany worth laughing at is very reminiscent of people currently patrolling Ingleside in golf carts and umbrellas.

  78. Putting anonymous packages in train stations close to Sept 11, IS HE INSANE?

    Forget the litter, this is a security issue….

  79. It means that Little David Miscavige is not tall enough to stand behind a standard 4 foot podium and speak into a microphone normally because he isn’t tall enough. So he stands atop a box, similar to an apple crate concealed behind the podium so he looks big enough to give a speech in his abnormal voice that doesn’t match his body. He refers to himself as the Pope of the church which he obviously is not because aside from the assanine nature of that comment LRH never even made provisions for such a post. Hence Pope On A Box = POB.

  80. martyrathbun09

    Not tabloids, mainstream press here. Did not make it into google news updates on subject of “scientology” or “rathbun”. Wonder why? Here’s a listing:
    Dropouts awakens the wrath of the Scientologists
    New Germany – 09/08/2011
    The focus of the SO-leadership is Germany , because the organization is observed here by the constitutional protection. Therefore be the central strategy, Rathbun , to exploit the Nazi history of persecution and discrimination propaganda …

    Mark Rathbun : A cult-outs from America
    Hamburger Abendblatt – 07/09/2011
    While Caberta is dubbed out on posters as “inquisitor”, she is inside one of the most prominent Scientologist ago: Mark Rathbun served as chief financial officer, according to Interior Ministry, the “number two international management” of the …
    Scientology’s connection to Bill Clinton
    Nordbayern.de – 09/08/2011
    HAMBURG – Mark Rathbun is still an avowed Scientologist. But by the Scientology Organization (SO), the former number two of their international management in the USA is currently trading as a hate enemy number one. …

    High-ranking Scientology dropouts to a guest in Hamburg
    Baltic Rundschau – 06/09/2011
    Mark (Marty) Rathbun , “inspector general” was number two of the international management of the Scientology organization in the United States. Since he left Scientology in 2004 and in U.S. media about organizational leader David Miscavige …
    High-ranking Scientologist in the U.S. does Hamburg
    hamburg.de (press release) – 07.09.2011
    Mark Rathbun , formerly the number two in the international management of the Scientology organization in the USA, on 7 September 2011 in Hamburg on the person David Miscavige and the power center of Scientology International has reported. …
    Dropouts: Scientology influence into the White House
    RTL Online – 09/07/2011
    In return, the government should Clinton then used for the recognition of Scientology and the Federal Republic of Germany have been criticized for its critical stance over again. They wanted to demoralize him, said Mark Rathbun . …

  81. And, Karen, even when it all goes down, they will still have an LRH reference they can drown their sorrows in. I think it is LRH’s lecture, “The Free Being,” where he talks about how lesser beings by virtue of numbers alone eventually take down an OT. DM and others can twist that lecture around and use it as a salve on the day they lose and are proven once and for all wrong.
    Marty’s videos are a real life depiction of the movie “The Lives of Others,” except that in the movie, the Stasi agent realizes that what he has been doing is wrong and finds redemption and his reward. A very appropriate film at this particular moment.

  82. What it must feel like to be caught out with the crime of the magnitude of intentionally influencing the way the people of a country are negatively thought about at such a high level of the US Government? Sheese…
    I was nieve earlier, thinking why doesn’t someone like TC or JT just get informed, they have PR people and lawyers etc. Surely they put LRH, the tech and application first??
    Nope – guilty as sin… The price of being famous took them down a very dark path indeed – KRC is one big mu with them and has generated all kinds of crimes.
    Don’t they understand life is the long haul – look again, eternity is ahead of you – not behind.

  83. Mike is correct Carol. Only a sane person (like yourself) would think that way. But not DM. Don’t expect any change from him. Bottom line is that being an SP, there is no case gain. But underneath it all, deep deep deep down inside, the being instincitvely knows he is doing wrong and will do himself in. Per The Criminal Mind HCOB, “THE CRIMINAL, NO MATTER WHAT HARM HE IS DOING TO OTHERS, IS ALSO

  84. Great acronym Brett! Precisely 🙂

  85. Exactly Karen 🙂 What wall?

  86. IN uk when open this email and to connect to the link to Watch unable too, Any clue to that ? However-We already have a security issue warning in the USA for tonight and am Sunday , What’s this nutter trying to do . Bloody idiot. I hope some one has made this clear to authorties

  87. That’s of intrest , Is this Dm’s idea to have Tom Cruise covered in some way that makes Dm feel its like a smoove blanket and all is secure, and His friend will allways be there -We will see .
    It makes it even more obvious . Perhaps the pressure is getting to him, and by having guards, he thinks this lessons some pressure mentally for him .
    Who the hell knows. But he clearly seems to have an issue for this to have to be put in place.Sounds thow he might be getting scared as shit and knows the net is closing in.

  88. Recall all this and was around there same time , Great Place Berlin. Loved it .

  89. Is the text available , Can be transulated if need.

  90. He is just making it more and more obvious.

  91. A coup is unlikely and not needed. Davey could be fired in a heartbeat by non Scientologist attorneys like Sherman, Spurlock and Meade as they gave him his licence. But they won’t fire him as long as he slaughters OT’s and produces big $$$$$ in one fell swoop.

    Even if they let him go, they will have the next IQ 80, Starkey, who personally gave them the copyrights, lined up to keep the flog paying their life savings to the implant station.

    Why do you think they’re on Marty’s case so badly if not for fear of Marty making the flog see that their $$$$ goes to tax attorneys. Especially when word gets out that their copyrights aren’t worth the paper they’re written on as they’ve already entered the public domain.

    As soon as the big rollers see this, the 18 year CST ponzi scheme collapses. The ludicrous SQB, black ops and other foot bullets are not only a character assassination of Marty; their goal is diverting attention as the flog must stay oblivious to the money trail.

  92. This was not written or approved by Allen Stanfield, Independent Person. The name “Alanzo” is trademarked and copyrighted, and legal goonsquads from the Alanzo Technology Center will descend upon anyone using it in vain.

  93. Allen Stanfield

    To the moderator at Marty’s blog:

    I think there is a counterfeit comment op going on here. The comment by “Alonzo” was not mine and the one from “Sindy Fagen” seems off, too.

    You would think Dave would have something better to do.

    Allen Stanfield

  94. What Marty has done and is doing is an example of what you’re seeing in this piece:

  95. A perfect video reference! Thank you.

    Marty and Mosey (and all involved) — keep up the great work. You bring out the very best in us. Rachel

  96. Sara,
    I take it that is a rhetorical question on Dave’s case state.

    I’m sure the list of oddities with these ‘psycho-ops’ of Dave could extend for quite some time, and in that vein it occurred to me, this tactic of David Miscavige in this particular case is just about as dumbfuck as the tacky/ic of the Squirrel Busters back in the U.S.A.

    Here, in the heart of the land of BEER and formerly the Gestapo, the Stasi, and all manner of intrusive police organizations, is Dave figuring that anybody is going to get that the social sport of drinking that beer and letting it all hang out from the either the frau serving or the lederhosen suckin’ it back is anything but what it is – NOTHING.

    Dave is impotent. Shooting blanks. Has nothin’ so here he goes around Germany putting up these absurd little thingies that mean just that, nothing.

    Yes, yes Dave we know, Marty is a ghastly criminal – the proof – the ‘sex, blood’ crimes are so horrid, and there in the heart of Hops and Barley you’ve made that so clear – here’s a man that can live life without a license given by you and he must be STOPPED.

    Dave, do you know what PROSIT means? It derives from prodesse – to be good and basic on it is pro – forward and esse – to be.

    To your health Dave. You need it and I might suggest you switch out the coffee in the enema bag and jam her full of a nice lager.

  97. George M. White

    “He cannot restrain himself from trying to demonstrate that he is “cause.” He will continue to act out the most insane dramatizations to try to “prove” that he is not effect of anything that is happening.”

    So this is what is buried in Dave’s psyche.
    With this on board, he can bypass LRH with impunity.
    Dave has a very ignorant and deluded viewpoint.
    I can’t help but wonder about Cruise now.

    Much loving-kindness,

  98. It’s INCREDIBLE for me to watch the stupidity of the blue backpack spy…He gave himself away 4 or 5 times, after Marty and Mosey spotted him for being so unprofessional? Doesn’t the “COST” use the Mission Impossible movies to train their people? Maybe they should try 007 movies instead! Hilarious!
    Kudos for the Ambassadors of the Independents, Mosey and Marty Rathbun!

  99. Mayhaps, we have failed to understand the extent of POB’s “cause.” As in “to be cause.”

    We all wish to “be cause.” Because to be cause is…well, satisfying in so many ways.

    And, because Prime Cause is Prime Effect, to be cause is to be effect, so in his wisdom, Prime-Mover-Dave has shortened (no pun intended) the process of being cause to simply “because.”

    In Prime-Mover-Dave’s universe everything happens “because.” The stats are down “because” nobody has a brain but him. He isn’t doing well “because” he is surrounded by SPs. Marty is undermining him “because” the international bankers have enlisted the Stasis, Gestapo, KGB, Skinheads, Markhabs, and all such groups to financially support the world’s biggest SP (Marty) and his minions.

    They are also supporting his onions.

    All suppressive groups have had to join together to fight Prime-Mover-Dave BECAUSE he is the only super hero left. The only one. BECAUSE he is the only one with the strength and will and intelligence and onions to get the job done.

    All of which happens BECAUSE.

    Prime-Mover-Dave’s BE-CAUSE acts very much like radar. A signal goes out and bounces off an object or person and zingo! Because! Zing! Zing! Zing! And he has the WHY!

    And the why is always a WHO, which proves Dave superior to Horton, because Dave has better hearing. Not only does Dave hear Who’s, he also hears God, which is easy BECAUSE HE IS GOD!

    (Sorry for the shouting. Shhh! It’s just that..well, it would be like trying to capture the essence of a POB lecture without using swear words. OR SHOUTING!!!!!)

    When you have Prime-Mover-Dave’s laser-like-radar ability to target just who the hell is BECAUSE, SPs don’t have a chance–

    –unless his onions fail to raise enough money to fill his war chest (which war chest has apparently sprung a leak lately as the level keeps sinking without explanation.)

    Except! Because! Laser, laser, laser! His inner sanctum has been infiltrated! Because! He’s the most powerful being on the planet and all lesser beings are ganging up against him because they’re just friggin’ jealous. And…and…and, they’re afraid to surrender to the majesty of his supreme beneviolence.

    Which is almost as rewarding as supreme maleviolence! Except that fucking Marty keeps making up shit about beating people because…

    So, Prime-Mover-Dave has had to spend more time with his copper wires destimulating BECAUSE its the only reliable tech on the planet and BECAUSE so many beings are out to get him that he’s getting frustrated because all of this publicity has made beating up staff a less reliable means of releasing all his pent up frustrations because that FRIGGIN’ MARTY keeps making up shit about him and scripting others to do the same because they’re all getting paid by the international bankers because…because…because.

    No circuits looping through Prime-Mover-Dave’s brain! No circuits looping through Prime-Mover-Dave’s brain. No….


    Or do we really need that “u?” Isn’t that “u” extraneous? Wouldn’t it shorten (no pun intended) the whole thing to remove that “u?”

    BE CASE.

    Ah, better.

    Now, back to editing the crap out of that crap put out by that old man because he (spit) really didn’t understand the tech which got Prime-Mover-Dave into all this trouble in the first place, because….because now Dave has to straighten out all this shit!

    Now, now, calm down. Be case. Be case. Thumb in mouth. Primal screams. Suck, suck. Better. Lovely thumb. Better. Wah! Need my diaper. Basic-basic.

    “Lou! Where the hell are my Scotch-flavored Excuses? Jesus-Fucking-Christ, do I have to do everything around here?!!!!!!!!!!”

  100. Marty,
    I feel a deep sense of pride for what you accomplished in Germany. Your answers were obviously heartfelt and that came through strong and clear. Thank you for all you have done to take this very touchy subject to which so many protested, and make it an acceptable application for the sane. When used by the insane it is life threatening. You have broken down your own wall to help others accept Scientology and see it as a spiritual application for so many. It is not meant to be the mind controlling, life threatening, horrific subject we all thought of for so long. You all have taken out the negative and brought out the positive, with the help of this blog. I feel I know so many of those who share here, and what a wonderful group you all are. I have learned a few lessons myself by reading your posts. Keep on truckin’ Marty, the end is obviously near. The midget is an asshole and won’t be able to continue without sleep much longer. How do YOU like it Dave? The sleepless nights, the constant worry? The numerous mistakes, the horrible decisions. Is your mind playing tricks on you again? How does it feel to be a loser? Remember, Marty has you right where he wants you. Yea, that’s right….
    Tick Tock Davey Boy……time to say goodnight!
    and…..Mosey, you are the epitome of a strong, intelligent and caring woman. “The Dynamic Duo” you guys are the best!!

  101. Jeff,

    I would imagine the tipping point has been reached–it’s just all this counter-effort by the RCS to attempt to stay upright creates the illusion that they are not suspended in the act of falling.

    For example, in practicing balance poses in Yoga, you’ll find yourself tipping out of balance. You make adjustments. Successful or not. Sometimes, you can regain that balance. Sometimes, you can’t. Sometimes, you get hung up in this desperate attempt to not fall out of the pose: all of your muscles are straining to not fall, and you can maintain that illusion of being in balance for a few seconds more.

    And then you fall.

    Captain Hook is flailing his arms, balanced on one foot atop the gunwale, listening to the tick-tock coming from Mr. Crock’s belly, knowing that to fall means to be eaten. Unlike in the cartoon, the villain won’t swim free. Mr. Crock is surrounded by a whole bunch of crocks, all wanting revenge on Captain Hook.

    Smack. Smack. Yum. Yum. Dinner is about to be served.

  102. Marty,

    I just love that poster of you they’re displaying. That dopey, drunken grin. Just feckin’ love it! Would love to have a T-shirt printed with that picture on it. Just so in your face who-gives-a-shit-about-you-idiots-because-I’m-having-fun.

    Give me your best shot, punk!

    It’s like when someone takes delight in trying to embarrass you and you turn the tables. Like that poster who talked about using young girls from CMO to pull the masturbation withholds on middle-aged men, but what happens when the guy takes the spirit of play approach and takes charge of the game?

    I’d love a tee shirt with it. Hilarious. Just use a decent grade of cotton, the soft stuff that clings like silk. $40 instead of $15.

    Make it into a jammy shirt, also: Everybody’s sleeping with Marty tonight.


  103. dankoon,

    I need to listen to that lecture. I’ve made the observation that beings natively differ in size and power and intelligence and aesthetics, ethics, etc., but keep getting this feedback that “life is basically a static” and a static has no position in space or time, so couldn’t possibly have anything to do with size, so couldn’t possibly have anything to do with power, because “a thetan is capable of considerations, postulates, and opinions” which means that we all are the same, blah, blah, blah.

    As for the movie, “The Lives of Others,” it just strikes at how pedestrian evil can be. Any being with a developed sense of aesthetics and ethics knows how shaded evil can become, how right and common evil can become in suppressing the best theta has to offer.

    As an artist, you probably have noticed your aesthetic “wavelength” and how often others try to disrupt that wavelength “to make you more real or acceptable.”

    Evil can just be so mundane, so commonplace that we lose the capacity to identify and differentiate it.

  104. Hey Dave,
    Now that I’m looking at it something else comes to mind. You know that line De Niro had, as Scarface Al Capone in the Untouchables? It went like this: “You’re nuttin’ but a lotta talk and a badge”.

    OK, Let’s consider your statue at St. Hill, the IAS Grotesque. Sam has pointed out that it’s ‘got no willy’. Jumping from there and with a li’ o’ Gaelic phonetics:

    You’re nottin but a lotta squab and a mhag*.

    *prnunciation key Damhnait, which see.

  105. Littering cult of Miscavige is littering.

    Stupid church trying to create a witchhunt likein medeval times.

  106. DM is probably telling Cruise that there is a gang of independents who are vicious and dangerous and are out to get him. Create a dangerous environment at all costs, that’s DMs motto.

    All any of us want Cruise to do is LOOK and SEE for himself. Geeze, how dastardly.

  107. Confounding…the perfect word.

  108. Count,

    I don’t buy that quote. Empirically, someone has to care deep down to try to destroy himself. I don’t think real SPs care. Too much empirical evidence exists of SPs amassing fortunes and power and destroyed lives throughout their lives without ever faltering in their quest. Not a shred of attempt to destroy self.

    A datum is only as valuable as it’s useful. I think it’s the PTS that ends up doing themselves in through the guilt or whatever, not the true SPs. Dave would never try to destroy himself. The destruction we witness is merely blowback, like dropping poison gas on the population and having the wind blow it back in your face. For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction kind of thing.

    I realize that a social being is just going to want to accept this datum that evil beings all try to destroy themselves, that serial killers all secretly want to get caught. But, it just isn’t a hundred percent true.

    Why kill yourself if your postulate/consideration makes you right, makes you dominate, makes you survive? You would have to get that postulate flipped. And, yes, operating out of a GPM, postulates and goals flip, but a being can go through an entire series of lifetimes before the flip occurs if there isn’t sufficient opposition to reverse his flow.

    Just empirically.

    And, before a being who is already inclined to not caring and inclined to harming others in order to dominate/win/be-right even starts to formulate GPMs he is what makes him so inclined. All of this crap started somewhere, from some particular being or group of beings who were already inclined to be that way.

    “Native State” is not the same for all of us. We are all different. As individuals. What might exist before we were individuals, I’m not about to say, because I just don’t have a clue. I don’t have a clue about what I was before I was.

    But, way-way back, before many, many universes that preceded this one, you could identify beings and groups of beings who just simply did not care about the well being of any other thetan. Their approach to affinity, reality and communication and understanding was just different.

    Where all of us tend to form ser facs, these beings were nearly a hundred percent inclined to do such. It was as if that quality in theta that precipitates ser facs were distilled into a theta essence that was purely inclined to ser facs. To be right. To dominate. To survive. And their counterparts of unwilling to be wrong, unwilling to be dominated, unwilling to have survival reduced.

    I know that absolutes are unattainable. And that datum of LRH’s will apply to at least 97.5 % of beings, so has validity most of the time. It may apply 99.99% of the time. But, even then, there will be thousands of beings left that are just plain dominated by the inclination to be right, to dominate, to survive on the backs of others and treat others without care or concern.

    So, how close does a datum have to be to a hundred per cent to be correct? I’d say the datum comes awfully close, but….

  109. Jim,

    You’re far too harsh. What about his biceps? And bicycles? And bi… well, you get the picture.

    And besides, if ignorance is bliss, I just can’t see that cute little devil being ignorant because he certainly isn’t blissful at the moment. I would think he’s anything but. So, by pure logic, if he’s not blissful, he’s not ignorant, so he has to be … well, not ignorant, which is the same as…well, I guess, intelligent and knowing and (considering those bulges) magnificent.

    I wonder, considering his past, when he throws that hunk Tom Cruise off to the side, if, well, some terribly cute fellow might, well, become his new BFF. I’ve been working on my biceps. I’ve burnished my riding leathers. I’ve got my ETHICS IN! By God! I’m ready.

    I’m just feeling so…so…blissful.

  110. Really?

    And I thought it meant Pussy of the Board.

    My mistake 🙂

  111. Michael,
    Me toughts exactly. Possibly a ‘leotard’, without the ‘leo’. You know, a ‘tard’. Whole new marketing ploy. David Miscavige ‘tards’ for sleep, casual-wear, and to the office.

    They can have various inane, innocuous themes blown up into ‘blood, sex’ lurid crimes. There’s the ‘Marty eating at a restaurant’ crime. ‘Marty goes on train’ crime. My personal fav for the evil acts of Marty, ‘Marty fishing with bait’ crime (except that IS a crime. Flyfishing is the sport, not this ‘bait-chuckin’ 🙂

  112. Sherb, I’m sure it’s all spun to fit in with their worldview.

  113. Marty, you DEFINITELY know how to create T.A., even on RS’ers!

    Two thumbs up.

  114. Are there German translations/versions of this blog?

  115. martyrathbun09

    I think I read Lives of Others more like Dan, which makes sense having spent nearly thirty years in the same environs. I saw the evolution of conscience, awakening and decision to change one’s ways.

  116. Just answered my own question — saw the “German Independents” link above (http://dertreffpunkt.wordpress.com).


  117. martyrathbun09

    Perfect duplication.

  118. Moderator: the above can easily be construed as a death threat. Might be planted, too.

    Michael A. Hobson
    Independent Scientologist

  119. A hardly reliable rumor from an unknown pseudonamous commenter citing an unknown source.

    We don’t need to engage in rumor-mongering here.

    Michael A. Hobson
    Independent Scientologist

  120. martyrathbun09

    I vouch for the reliability of TRUTH.

  121. martyrathbun09

    I vouch for TRUTH’s credibility

  122. Me too.

  123. martyrathbun09

    Not planted. I didn’t interpret it that way, particularly knowing who it came from.

  124. OK. I was more concerned about how the midget and his minions like to spin things.

    By the way, you were just awesome in the meeting and T.V. interview.

    Michael A. Hobson
    Independent Scientologists

  125. May I should start today over, since I seem to be miscalling everything this morning.

    Michael A. Hobson
    Independent Scientologist

  126. Tory, if I was in Berlin and a piece of the Berlin Wall fell on me and OSA was there putting DA pictures in front of the wall I would sue the pants off the church for making the wall fall on me! 🙂

  127. Great video but about 1/3rd into it, it stopped and my laptop had a siren going off, SCREAMING, like I’ve never heard before.
    I hope there is no virus involved here……

  128. The Scientology Berlin Wall Injury Law Suit sponsored by the State of Hamburg.

  129. Right on!
    In fact DM’s game and by extension the church’s game is really a GAMES CONDITION:
    1) “when you say games condition you mean that somebody’s power of choice has been subjugated against his will into a fixated activity from which he must not take his attention. (SH Spec 32, 6107C20). 2. the word games condition is a derogatory actually. When you say games condition you mean a package. and the package has to do with this: It means a FIXATED attention, an inability to escape coupled with an inability to attack, to the EXCLUSION of other games. There is nothing wrong with having games. There is a lot wrong with being in a games condition because it is unknown, it is an aberrated activity, it is reactive, and one is performing it way outside of his power of choice and without his consent of will. (SH Spec 32, 6107C20) 3) have for self and can’t have for others: now that is a true games condition. (SH Spec 32, 6107C20) Abbr. G.C.

  130. Marty ~~

    A follow -up comment on the Lunatic AntiChrist of Hemet.
    If you Google “Mark Rathbun” the first hit is a paid AD.
    And guess what it is ?
    It is a promotion of their latest Freedum Mag scathingly attacking
    Paul Haggis and the New Yorker.
    The absurdity of their over the top crackpot attack is PROMOTED and journalism using Marty’s name in keyword search.
    In other words, they need Marty’s name to get people to read their spin.
    The Public doesn’t care to hear Miscavology CULT’s nonsense and lies
    so the Cult has to waste Parishioner money (my analysis of their Google Ads is $5000 a day ~ some are banner Ads). $5000 a day 365 days a year to promote their hate campaigns.
    This is a lavishly funded hate campaign.
    I estimate their GOOGLE bill alone to be $1.8 million annually.

    That is just GOOGLE bills. How about Lawyers and Dirty PIs ?
    Monique Yingling ? Gerald Feffer ?
    Marty and Mike will have a better estimate of what is spent on Lawyers and PIs as part of their HATE campaign.

    Does this somewhat explain why the PUBLIC are RAPED of their finances?

  131. It’s not all that hard to think with some logic about this now. For so many years the PR machine of these guys like DM, TC & JT had so many hoodwinked. I for one and those close to me were always confident they’d see the light and make it all better, they have the “power to do that” (ha, another misguided dream).
    Now the puzzle is straightening out, DM and his influence has created a “band of buddies,” they literally can’t do without each other, held together by gross mutual out ruds. Once you’ve influenced the power of the comm lines they have used and infIltrated – it’s a one way street. Such is the deliciousness but very dangerous act of playing on such comm lines as close to something like the US Presidency. They can kick back awfully hard and are monitored to the ninth degree. The power holding it all secret and tightly in place is akin to searching for a keg of gunpowder with a match, there is a most unpleasant way to find it. The example of this not turning up on Google search is just an indicator of the behinds the scenes power directed at this matter.
    Interestingly enough there is one thing these goons can’t be, and that is independant, ie to have their own counsel. They need to hug tight. “What is true for you,” is a luxury they cannot afford, they are so deep in a game way over their heads I doubt nothing less than extreme circumstances will budge their grip on the lies holding them together.
    The antitheses of auditing hey? Freedom – What’s that?

  132. Cowboy,

    And air. waste of air.

  133. Marty,

    I only saw the movie. A couple of years ago when my daughter was taking German classes. I didn’t mean to imply disagreement with Dan. It just struck me how Evil can seep into any situation and become so commonplace that one begins to just “accept” it.

    I’ve been to a lot of foreign countries, some very poor, and initially the stench can just shock your senses. But, after a few days, you don’t notice the smell so much. It just becomes what it is, sort of “natural.”

    You go away a few days, come back and the stench hits you again. The acclimation is gone.

    Members of the RCS are just so used to the stench that it takes a few moments of backing away to notice. Like when you played musical chairs and looked out the window. Like when you grabbed Mike and realized it was so unlike you to act that way. The distance was necessary to smell the stench.

    In the same vein, just being human seems so natural. But, if you spend a few days being a thetan without a body, the acclimation goes away and you realize how “unnatural” this game is. The human game is just so disruptive to what being theta is all about. The “wavelengths” are just wrong.

    Not that one can’t live in harmony with disharmony. No sense letting the game dictate the response.


  134. I too must admit I have always liked that picture of Marty. Yes, Marty, it is a bit goofy. But a better photo after a fun night on the town you could not have taken! Your sweeetness is shining through. 🙂


  135. mrinder,

    Would you happen to know if POB wears ready-to-wear John Lobbs or made-to-measure? It would certainly help knowing.

    I hate to tell you, because I don’t want to seem shallow, but should it be ready-to-wear my esteem for him would suffer, but should it be made-to-measure I would certainly be willing to lick the path upon which such a great man intends to walk.

    Ah, the measure of a man.

  136. Sherb,

    I would think that understanding KRC is a gradient scale just like understanding ARC is a gradient scale.

  137. Marty’s actions this week are going to be producing results long into the future.

    We are witnessing history in the making.

    You never know…….new and more substantial, responsible Governmental policies could be written regarding cults and freedom of religion due to the scenarios being played out in present time.

    I hope Germany publicly announces that it is okay to practice the tech, and differentiates POB right out of the picture.

  138. Karen, I watched that video from the Freedom Mag about the New Yorker Magazine. Even the one about CNN’s Anderson Cooper was sponsored by the Freedom Mag on Google. Every time they have one of those videos the narrator is always the same person or the same voice or possiblly digitally enhanced. But I did notice that each of these videos about someone here is the same sounding voice from either the same person or the same machine. Strange though. Who do they think they are telling this to that is going to even listen? Poor Scientology. They hurt too many people one too many times.

  139. atcause,

    Not to be sexist–okay, to be sexist, your definition is a good thing where I come from. But, I’m not very refined.

  140. Jim,

    You politically incorrect bastard! Have you no shame? The audacity!

    In my son’s school, the word “retard” and all derivatives are banned. To merely say, “I think this might retard my progress” would be grounds for dismissal. To actually say “tard” would destroy your chance of being accepted at any reputable university.

    And if you continue to publish crimes from Marty’s folder, I shall report you to a Higher Authority. Fishing with bait? Bait!!! I knew Marty had a baser side, but, bait? Jesus Christ! How can I trust anything he says or does from now on? This is worse than LRH’s affirmations.

    I’m blushing with shame.

    It’s so horrible that I think I’m going to have to get two corpses out of the freezer and fondle them until I relax. Brrrrrrrrrrr!!!!!

  141. David Miscavige this is my question to you.

  142. I vouch for Truth 1000% as well. Some people have pseudonyms for ligitimate reasons- to deliver a future blow that will knock DM to the mat. Truth is one of those warriors.

  143. Thanks for the word clearing. Pope….wow. More like Dope on box. If it weren’t such a sad and ongoing tale of gross abuse of power and suppression it would be hilarious. Even given the real life horror behind the acronym it’s pretty funny. Dave, you are such a twisted f__k!

  144. Thank you! Looks like there is a real SP in the house of The Church of Scientology, unlike the hundreds…thousands imagined by a certain POB.

  145. Fathomless Logic

    Mike, could you explain, why he would have text in GERMAN? Do you think he expects Marty to pull out a dictionary and look up the words? Maybe he does want Marty to learn German, now?
    Yeah, that must be it. But why?
    And should we expect his next message in greek?

  146. I dont believe John Lobb (shoe and bootmaker to the royal family located in St James Place London) are purveyors of anything other than hand made, made to measure footwear. To buy shoes there they first measure your foot about 100 different ways and then carve a wooden model of your feet (a “last”) which is used to shape the soles and leather around.

    So, on your hands and knees with tongue at the ready peasant.

  147. Fathomless Logic

    Marty, did you take one as souvenir?
    Is there a small print saying who is responsible according to press law?
    Who own the copyright?

  148. FL: A wise man once said (paraphrased) — Don’t try to make sense of insanity, its just insane,

    I think Sanskrit might be next….

  149. Thank you, Marty, Mike and Joy for your full support& trust.

    Mike Hobson, one thing you should know about me, is that I won’t BS my group (Independents) and won’t spread lies or rumors.

  150. When I was in Scientology I thought I was hallucinating when I listened to some of the “services” available. 🙂 I don’t think that even a real SP would think of such a thing whether the SP knew how to confuse people or not! 🙂 Sometimes I still wonder if I was ever in my right mind for seeking the C of S’s help in the first place! 🙂

  151. mrinder,

    Gulp. Not so fast me lord. John Lobb was purchased by some larger company, which put their line out as “ready to wear” in such stores as Neiman, Bergdorf and such. For a paltry $1,500 or so, we commoners can live like kings. Sort of.

    But, gulp, I’ve got my gloves and knee pads out, knowing a man of such distinction would never stoop to off-the-rack crap. Any sacrifice is okay by me just to make a great man’s life easier.

    They carve a model of your feet in wood? Wow!

    Wonder where he gets his underwear. And whether they have a model of his…uh…wood, carved in wood. You can get actual models of such for various porn stars. Considering the fecking he’s giving Scientologists everywhere, he could just get a mold made and sell models to all his fans to use when he’s not around.

    Of course, the marketed model would be much like his proclaimed statistics.

    I hear he’s ghost writing a book titled, “How to market your gross inadequacies through exaggeration.”

  152. Hi Ingrid,

    Now the Church of Miscavige is in imminent danger while “we” are Flourishing and Prospering. Now a large number of the adherents to the C of M are out of valence – while “we” are not.

    Well done to you for maintaining your integrity, staying at cause and continuing to deliver standard Scn!

    L, Scott

  153. Thanks Gary. Glad someone got that ref!

  154. I’ve referred to our favorite bottom-feeder, Shorty, in some derogatory terms.

    I meant every word of it .

  155. What is remarkable about Marty’s visit is the exposure of the true third party between the United States and Great Britain, and the German governments. LRH has written about the goal of Scientology being the elimination of war, crime and insanity. He has also written about how a hidden third party can create war in his great text on this subject. So, here we have David Miscavige CREATING conflicts between three of the world’s most powerful countries,(USA and Great Britain vs. Germany), using some of the world’s most powerful celebrities! This is a disgrace to our philosophy and our religion. I am guessing this is not the only place in the world where this activity has occurred.

    Also, it is a big relief to find out that all those IAS briefings that the public was relentlessly subjected to about Germany, has now been exposed for what it was: a created conflict! Having been born in Austria and having lived in Germany and with many relatives in both countries, it was very unreal to me that these things would be occurring in the way and for the reasons stated. Now we find out that it was the human rights abuses of the Church that brought on the investigations, and then fanned into a flame of conflict by trying to characterize this as religious persecution.

    Thank you Marty for clearing this up and restoring sane communication on these subjects.

    Catherine von Ach
    Austin, Texas

  156. I am aware that the opinion I about to share may be unpopular or even open to argument, but I feel the need to express it. The behavior of David Miscavige is the classic manifestation of a dangerous paranoid schizophrenic bordering on psychotic sociopath. It seems that he is so preoccupied with making his delusional surreality a reality at the expense of his “church” which has become nothing more than expensive cult. It is my opinion that his breaking point is coming, as his orders and the actions of those he employs are becoming more and more paranoid, psychotic, and desperate. It also my opinion that he is going to have an episode very soon of terrible proportions and possibly retaliate against you and Mosey on foreign soil where it would be advantageous for him, possibly because he may be under the misinterpretation that your reaction would not be to press charges and extend your stay in Germany. He is flailing about more desperately than ever before, his symptoms manifesting through the Freedom Rag’s immature and irrational shredding of the New Yorker and its well-respected fact finding team, as well as Paul Haggis. I worry about you and Mosey. Please be very careful and do not hesitate to get the law involved should something happen.



  157. “even on RS’ers” – Classic! 🙂

    And I agree, wholeheartedly!

  158. Lubow
    You do realize that by having these posters made anyone in Germany who is curios about who ‘Marty Rathbun’ is, is going to google his name and guess where the most recent headlines will lead? Thanks so much for the free promo for Marty’s recent work in Germany. And for leading new people to the blogs.
    With enemies like you, who needs friends???
    So incredibly stupid!!!
    Had fun chasing the PIs with you yesterday Mosinator! 😀

  159. Wow! This is a beautiful post.
    Thank you so much.

  160. Michael, that is so funny. Of course we use the term POB but what if there are others like “Jerk On A Box” or “Idiot On A Box” or “Moron On A Box” or “Stupid Dude On A Box”! 🙂 There can be so many variations all true of course!

  161. Allen,
    Just check to see if the gravitars match. If you stick your photo on your gravitar it will be easier for people to verify any fake identities on the blog.

  162. Oops – that would be ‘Gravatar’

  163. That is such a beautiful video!
    Thank you so much to the person who also emailed this video to me today. I LOVE it!
    Here’s a direct link:

  164. By the way I’m not endorsing any group out there. I just love the video and it’s message but my ‘way’ is the Scientology way 🙂

  165. Yes indeed you are right, but I reckon in their case playing around with and amoungst the powerful comm lines they have, life isn’t so kind to afford for easy gradients. The effect they create is of some consequence – the dwindling spiral is there because of the lack of tech and gross overts are the result of ethics not known or applied.
    It’s not a technical matter with them, it’s an ethics/justice concern all the way to the bank. Power Violation is as real as a hit in the head, (too many secret comm lines not written up) – it too occurs on a gradient, depending on how you view what a gradient is, jail is on a gradient as well. I wouldn’t be in their shoes for all their money combined and 5X. I much prefer a semblence of truth with honesty and a road out.

  166. Quit worrying about the Midget and what he and his cronies might say. No-one of any import or intelligence cares about his lies of the shivering, cowardly psycho. Seriously. How much cause do you want to assign to him? He’s a bully – that’s all.
    The rapidly diminishing loyal cult ‘parishioners’ are the only ones left listening to his demented ramblings.
    No surprise there. The cult sheeple are the only people DM can confront communicating with anyway, and he’s only bothering to communicate with his undeserving loyal subjects as long as they keep their checkbooks open and credit cards maxed (or slave labor and sacrifice of life, liberty and family if the former are no-longer attainable due to spiritual and financial bankruptcy).

  167. Mosey can spot ’em a mile away.

  168. I very much doubt Howard Becker even knew what he was talking about. It was his ‘talent’ to spin any situation into a crisis that needed your immediate attention (and credit card or loan). It’s all about the commissions for Mr. Becker. I sincerely hope that when all the church is finally brought to justice for it’s crimes that Howard Becker is personally sued for all the commissions he has made by fleecing Scientologists for Miscavige’s personal slush fund.

  169. What if ‘Alonzo’ is this person’s real name?

  170. martyrathbun09

    Yeah, that too.

  171. Good idea
    Have some coffee and start over 🙂

  172. Tom.
    No need for reticence – say it how it is 😉

  173. Very nice!

  174. There are quite a few news articles in German when you search Google news under countries, “Deutschland” they all pop up in German.

  175. And don’t sweat it. I’m sure your intentions were good. Just remember it’s a long distance comm line so things can get confused.

  176. @Truth: Whomever you are, I’ll take M&M’s vouch for now. They’ve been at this game a long time.

    But, when it’s safe for you, I’d really like to know whom you are.

    Michael A. Hobson
    Independent Scientologist

  177. Ditto on what Sam said.

  178. Sam, I love you!!!!

  179. Scott Campbell

    For sure. Good data. How do I do it?

    I know I grin every time I see your smilin’ mug, Sammy.

  180. Miscabbage has so much on these guys they don’t dare deviate from the party line. Hell would break out for them if they did.

  181. You will soon know, Mike.

  182. Bwahahahaha!!!

    Death to the Rebel Onion!!!

  183. I completely duplicate you and agree with you on the message. 🙂

  184. Scott Campbell

    Immediately forwarded to many in my circle. Thx.

  185. Scott Campbell

    Hey Jimmy,

    Even “chuckers are not beyond redemption. A little tolerance for those who have not participated in the sublime sport.

    And by the way, I most enjoy “dry-fly” fishing for native trout. So how do you like that, you piscine elitist snob!

  186. Scott Campbell

    Excellent, gut wrenching question, CD.

  187. Scott Campbell

    + 1 Baby!

  188. Fathomless Logic

    Yeah. That makes sense.
    I also noticed that no one seemed to pay any attention to this artwork of a mastermind. A friend just told me that they have currently elections in Berlin with thousands of posters hanging. Berlins will probably just think it is the program from one of the new freak parties they have not heard about, yet.
    However, I also noticed the amazingly low positioning, clearly addressing those who look with their toes. (For normal publics it would be quite unfriendly to the eye and back, – just imagine the procedures a short sighted reader would need to get through, if one wanted to see if there is any small print at the bottom …
    Some will miss the “Marty Rathbun Party” on their ballot and I think with the name of the party they could have done better. I would have suggested: “Office of Special Antertainment.” That communicates much clearer..
    Truly fathomless.

  189. Scott Campbell

    I concur, Firewitch.

    Hey Leblow, I got a ‘nother question for ya’.

    With friends like you, who needs enemas? …waiting …waiting …waiting, “There… There… What’s that…? What did you think of right there…? That, that, yeah. What’s that?”


    Thaaats right… Miscavige.

  190. Scott Campbell

    Great article, Truth.

  191. Once Upon A Time, I don’t buy YOUR “interpretation” of what LRH said. Crawl back into your squirrel hole.

  192. I am not using a gravatar, but I doubt you are right. When I right-click on your photo I am perfectly able to save it to my computer. So I guess I might as well use it myself (which of course I won’t do).

  193. + 1000

  194. The Church is trying to wash us away. The anti anti anti people are trying to wash us away. But we are flippant about life and identity. And we aren’t going away. It’s an unattainable goal. Some people got lost in the flood, some people got away alright.

  195. Running blatant Psy Ops just is not good PR and that’s what he’s been doing for the past 140+ days, now exported to Europe!

    Unfortunately it’s not as simple an operation as that, and bad PR not relevant for the time being until their long-term plan has followed through.

    The idea is to keep the pressure on to keep the bank restimulated constantly, so the individual caves in ASAP. When that occurs, the next influential individual in line gets targeted; and then the rest, not wanting to have that happen to them, disperse. These are the means to dispose of groups of critics. It’ll go on as long as cheques can be written. This type of absolution is believed to restore their PR in due Time.

    This is not much different when influential Scientology members in the ‘White Light’ of publicity use their connections in the U.S. White House to do the Church’s Black PR Biddings against Germany’s constitutional protecterate in an effort to pressure them to give the Church Carte Blanche in their extremely financially-secretive and anti-social organizational practices.

    As the Church is free to stalk & harass ex-members or lock the doors on parishioners to force every last nickel out of their pocket, the US is simply indifferent to such abuses, the church screaming “religious discrimination” to high heaven should anyone object. One pretty well has to call the police in order to be let out of a locked-door IAS event, which would be followed by an SP declare and ‘Fair Gaming’ should one engage the authorities any further. And should German Law prohit such anti-social acts, well … the White House can always be covertly utlized to issue an SP declare on their behalf via their well-greased Black PR machinery.

    I suspect ‘Scientology Watergate’ is only the tip of the iceberg.

  196. Carol,
    I second that!

  197. Joy,

    I certainly hope that when TRUTH reveals, we will be dazzled by heroic images: arms akimbo, mane flowing majestically, costume strategically torn, muscles rippling, chin defiant. Bombs exploding. Search lights searching. Planes soaring. Nothing like some inspirational images to get the troops excited.

    Maybe something with TRUTH standing halfway up a scorched battlefield with a triumphant foot atop the runty villain’s enraged head.

  198. Sherb,

    Since it’s early, I’ll settle for a decent bagel. With coffee.

    And some melon–to keep me regular.

  199. Just Me,

    Since you know just about everybody and everything that’s important, got any leads on T shirt makers or how to get images transferred? Certainly, that picture isn’t copyrighted.

    Also, was sitting here sipping my coffee, watching the birds and animals feed, when a humming bird swoops down from her feeder and hovers about six inches over a chipmunk. For nearly a minute, the hummingbird darted and hovered over that chipmunk, just curious as could be, while the chipmunk scampered about its business. Wish I had had the video out. Imagine a chipmunk and hummingbird playing together. Who’d a thunk? Hilarious. It would have gone viral.

    For some reason it made me think of you, and then your name popped up on the emails from the blog. Tell the big guy hello.


  200. Could be, most definitely.

    Perhaps they would like to comment here and say so themselves so we can make the full distinction.

    Allen Stanfield
    Independent Person

  201. Marty you no doubt know what happened to Keith Henson whose ‘Tom Cruise Missile’ joke fell on unamused ears. I don’t know what the relevant laws are but unless you do (and are confident they don’t apply) I’d be careful about letting through comments indicating a desire (however nonserious) to inflict violence on DM or anyone else. [For comparison, one of the rules on OCMB is: “There is a zero tolernance policy on threats or promotion of violence, against people on the board or outside. Even if it was intended as a joke.”]

  202. Marty and Mosey should carry little stickers that read …

    Brought to you by
    of the

    For more information, see: markrathbun.wordpress.com

    … and stick them on to any OSA posters that they find.

  203. Formost,
    That’s a damn clever evaluation.

  204. Count,
    Now, now Michael is merely excersing his ability to extrapolate, to talk freely, to discuss his reality. He’s not advocating ‘processes’ or ‘technique’ here. He’s merely laying out a line of association of datum to datum and drawing HIS conclusion.

    “Squirrel”? Hardly.

    Not your reality? I dare say.

  205. You are such a good writer. Crack me up.

    Only thing though, I heard on the rumor line that TRUTH is an 80 year old lady.

  206. Michael,
    I heartily suggest a listen to the 5th ACC tape, 6 May 54, ANATOMY OF UNIVERSES, for a thorough discussion of the basic data on purpose/goal and the fundamentals of a GPM.

    Dave as an SP is ‘out-of-valence’ and has no viewpoint of his own with which to extend points to view. He sees what the valence, the winning valence he’s become, sees. It’s purposes/goals are paramount. Other-determined purposes have taken precedence over what the being’s own purposes, self-determined, may or may not be.

    The ability to create or destroy those purposes is curtailed, as ‘survive’, the middle of the create, survive, destroy curve is the aim. Persistence. Timelessness. The SP is not in present time, changing, he’s in a persistence of a moment of time, ‘surviving’.

    Heady stuff these ACC’s.

  207. Scotty,
    I AM elitist on the fly. Yes, there it is. Though, as an ease into it, and for the right gradient, ‘chucking’ is a key step.

    I stopped chucking when I dug every single worm out of the backyard. Nothing would bring them up, not soap, not rain, nothing. So, I figured I’d try the fly. The Dry Fly was the first. And when I caught the biggest trout I’d EVER hooked in the tiniest riffle, just off that overhanging twig, one day well there it was – bliss. Soon to be followed by frustration as the fly ended up in the bush, tree, person or by-passing crow as I flailed away on my casts.

    Then the discovery – Roll Casting!!! It’s been a journey ever since.

    And it all started with ‘chucking’ a gob-o-worms.

  208. Just because someone disagrees with something LRH says does not make him a squirrel.

  209. martyrathbun09

    The poster is a 65 year old woman. She meant: David Miscavige needs to be taken off post. Nuff said.

  210. Karen,

    I think one of the key “basics” on this for Miscavige (as in the “basic overt” in a chain of overts), was the 1991 Time article. My guess is that Miscavige and his sycophants see their 1991 response to Time as a “success” and thus are trying to copy the “successful action” many years later, via Freedumb magazine.

    The truth is, while Richard Behar — the author of the Time article — made sure that he only found negative things to say about Scientology in 1991 (reportedly because, a few years earlier, the CoS had taken “positive statements” out-of-context from a largely negative “LA Times” series about Scientology and plastered those positive statements all over the billboards and bus benches around Los Angeles, and Behar didn’t want that to happen to him), we now know that the CoS had never genuinely reformed from it’s GO years.

    Miscavige, as the self-styled leader of the group, had never actually ensured that the group had taken responsibility for its unethical and criminal actions. And he had never led an honest and genuine reform. He was still “justifying” all of it.

    And so is Time‘s label “cult of greed and power” really that far off? Probably a more accurate statement would have been (and still is): “cult of greed, criminality and power”.

    In fact, the 1991 OSA was probably being even more unethical and criminal compared to the GO of the 70s. When I look at what was done to David Mayo — and even you — while you were both inside and outside the CoS in the 1980s and later, is there any doubt that OSA (and its ultimate mastermind, Miscavige) are criminal?

    While it wasn’t my view just two years ago, my view today is that the Church’s response to the 1991 Time article (i.e. the paid attacks on Time in “USA Today”), was just as much a cover-up — and a failing to take ownership and responsibility — as what is going on today. Miscavige then — just as Miscavige now — has failed to take responsibility for his unethical behavior and crimes, starting way back in the 80s (and probably much earlier for him, if we’re being honest). And so this behavior and these crimes continue.

    Miscavige was ultimately beaten by Time. And so he has apparently “taken on the personality traits of the enemy” — capable of only saying negative things about his opponents, and (being out of valence) incapable of taking any personal responsibility for the overall situation, ultimately as-ising it.

    To Miscavige, “covering up” ones crimes is the “successful action”. And I’ll bet that that is the “think” at the bottom of every one of these recent Freedumb magazines and OSA Ops.

  211. Joy,
    Yes, they are heroes. The world needs more heroes in the face of suppression. It affects all of us. No intent to derail but on this date there have been other heroes in the past and I expect more in the future. As long as an insane person is able to dramatize their will be innocent people affected. I, for one, do not with to forget what can occur when the confront of evil is necessary.

  212. Marty and Mosey, you guys look great, and are continuing to do great things.

    The church has blown a gasket. I regularly (multiple times per day) get emails from various orgs, like CC, LA Org, AO and ASHO, Mad Hatter Studios(!!!), WISE, the Freewinds, Flag, IAS, Philly, Buffalo, HAPI Scotland, AOSHUK, Bridge Pubs, Nashville, and Twin Cities. Note that I have only been on lines at ASHO, AO, and Flag.

    And, there is a complete not-is on what is happening. Complete. I get promo asking me to buy their special “Dissemination Editions,” where DMSMH is supposedly translated into Urdu, Swahili, and Vietnamese, and other languages (by rushed and under-educated interpreters). They are asking me to buy this stuff I cannot read to “fund the broad dissemination of Dianetics into new lands, as well as subsequent marketing campaigns to firmly establish Dianetics in each region and so bring true spiritual freedom to all peoples of Earth.”

    In the meantime, the Church is confirming that it is dead by actually committing harassment, creating 1.1 and 1.5 “Freedom” mag articles and hydra-headed anti-Marty blogs, and continuing its actual policy of enforced disconnection. The promo I receive is in an alternate universe from reality.

    The most effective marketing that the Church of Scientology is doing is the marketing campaign they are currently running against Marty, Mosey, Mike, Steve Hall, the Hedleys (by the way, Marc – you went to school with my brother 😉 ), Karen, and all independents.

    This is very effective – at showing how morally and intellectually bankrupt the “church” really is, and in exposing its TRUE core. It is effective at inflicting collateral damage to Scientologists, who have to try to explain this insanity (and who finally go Independent when they realize how systemic and insane it is), and especially to German, French, Spanish, Russian, and Australian Scientologists, whose governments have taken action against the Church and sometimes the tech itself.

    But the most effective pro-Scientology and pro-LRH and pro-Tech marketing campaign there is is this one. It is what Marty and Mosey are doing.

    I think we can all agree with this fact: There are a lot of people who are helping forward the religion and philosophy of Scientology, who are helping to cleave the philosophy from the corrupt church, and who are helping to reform the church and recover from its (and specifically, Mr. David Miscavige’s) butchering of L. Ron Hubbard’s legacy and our technology and practice. BUT:

    Marty truly has done more to resurrect the repute of Scientology as a philosophy and subject than anyone living.

  213. Here, Here! Well said!

  214. This is why I post while logged into my WordPress account. Anyone can say they are anyone, but when you see my posts (at least the ones not posted from my iPhone) you know it is me. Allen, you should do something similar. You can post from a WordPress, Twitter, or Facebook account, then you will at least be IDed as you.

    And, there are people named “Alonzo” in the world. You cannot copyright a name.

  215. Sam

    Actually, one of the little projects I am working on is “gravatar” database.


    I can confirm…
    It is true… You are not the one posting as Alonzo, it is a unique poster, and has used this name posting here for some time.
    Sindy Fagen, posting above is also consistent with earlier posts.

    Eric S

  216. You guessed it right. Gestapo is now in America. After the war the CIA took them in to learn their tactics but they were not the only ones that learned from them.

  217. TC won’t even look when sued for profiteering off 501c exempt labour. But we might have a chance if he’s sued for misleading Clinton and Blair about the true character of his Church. That chance might increase when the media pick it up or with a conviction.

  218. Tony Dephillips

    plus 1.

  219. The Daily Mail article which ended with this:

    “One police report sent to Scottish Office Ministers noted: ‘The organisation is mafia-like in its hold on adherents and rarely, if ever, does one relinquish voluntarily his membership.’

    The Church of Scientology sent The Mail on Sunday a seven-page response denying the alleged abuses and providing 45 pages of additional information.

    Spokesman Graeme Wilson said the archive papers were a ‘snapshot’ of ‘government harassment’, adding: ‘The Government of the United Kingdom owes the Church of Scientology an apology for this atrocious treatment.’

    Since publishing this article we have received the following letter from the Church of Scientology:

    Your article last Sunday revealed the extraordinary secret campaign waged by the British Government in the 1970s against the Church of Scientology. Those newly released files also reveal how officials, at the same time, were forced to admit there was not a shred of evidence of any wrong-doing by the Church. None other than the Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher wrote in a memo that the immigration ban on Church members should be stopped without such evidence. This ban was lifted by the Government in 1980.”

    There is a HUGE difference between “then” and “now.”

    Miscavige is operating from the viewpoint of 1980. The heros who handled the real situation prior to that were able to use “False Report Correction” packs to enlighten government and police officials on actual lies that were being circulated by actual bigots who were actually out to destroy the subject of scientology for nefarious purposes. I know this is true because I helped with that particular program by getting corrections filed with the Royal Canadian Mounted Police captain in 1974 in Calgary Alberta. This guy was the main feeder line from Interpol to the RCMP.

    That was THEN.

    What do we have now?????

    Can we produce a false report correction pack that verifies that the Co$ under david miscavige:

    -Does not engage in physically beating their staff
    -Does not extort money out of people with the callous disregard for the persons ability to then support his family
    -Does not extort money from people with callous disregard for the financial viability of their own company
    -Does not use the extortion tactic of familial disconnection to keep a person doing slave labor for many years in the RPF
    -Does not crush reg people for fraudulent projects
    -Does not extravagantly waste money on off-policy edifices which have nothing to do with a charitable organization
    -Does not demand disconnection from friends and families for the simple crime of overtly stating disagreements with david miscavige’s orders, even when those orders are demonstrably contrary to church policy or tech
    -Does not harass and villify and order disconnection from people for simply deciding to change their religious affiliation
    -Does not use sleep deprivation on their staff
    -Does not use food deprivation on thier staff
    -Does not order their staff and public to stay away from the internet or any information that might lead them to discover david miscavige’s crimes
    -Does not physically restrain people in a sub-human environment
    -Does not utterly violate the articles of incorporation which was part and parcel of the acceptance of the church as a charitable and religious institution
    -Is not guilty of enurement

    I’m sure this list could go on and on.

    How would one go about writing a “False Report Correction” pack on the above abuses without lying through one’s teeth?????

    And how easy is it now for any government official to see the outright lies?

    david miscavige and all you fools who are covering for him, YOU are right on the verge of destroying your church.

    The enemy is not Marty or Monique or Mike or Steve or Jeff or me or Caberta or Xenophone…the enemy is YOU.

    Les Warren

  220. Just one more thing:
    The good that does come out of some of the WTH groups, narconon, CCHR, applied scholastics etc. are so overshadowed by the criminality of david miscavige’s cultish tactics that they have become nullified in their potential PR value.

  221. Sarge!!!! Where ya bin? I missed you!!! xxx

  222. Aww 🙂
    Love you all too. Hugs.

  223. I can’t resist a little plug for a terrific “East” German film, “Goodbye Lenin”. It’s wonderful – funny and moving. Marty and Mosey, perhaps you can track it down when you get home. It’s a gem.

  224. Yes. That would most certainly clear things up wouldn’t it?

  225. You want a really technical description on how to do it?;
    Double click on your Gravatar thingy and sign up and add a password.
    Never bothered to do anything else with it as I haven’t studied up on how it all works. I just did it to add my photo 😀

  226. Thanks! Love being duplicated 🙂

  227. Great idea!!!!

  228. Oh noooo! First Australia, then Germany… and now the UK???
    Thar she blows!!!
    UK media is waking up… realizing they’re missing the boat… one… two.. three… scramble for the scoop!
    Davey are you totally sure you want to come to the UK? Hope so. We’re waiting for you 🙂

  229. +1 Formost

  230. You would be a striking figure in your burnished leather and hand-made shoes, ready to extend your ever faithful tongue to do what an ORGan must do to take your rightful place as the new BFF to The Golden Thonged One.

    Imagine yourself standing beside TTO, both of you flexing and bonding in front of your leaping thongs, …err throngs, throwing their wallets and credit cards and first borns at your matching hand-crafted tongue-licked shoes.

    Your groveling shoe-lickers,
    SQBs and PIs

  231. Scott Campbell

    I’ll have to get with ya’ on the more advanced levels of Fly Fishing. Yeah, it can be frustrating to Dry-Fly on those mountain streams surrounded by brush and trees.

    I was just fucking with ya’ anyway brudduh. Nobody can hold a candle to the “Fishin’ Musician”!

  232. “The ever-tight bunching of his golden thong”… one of funniest lines ever Gary! Then came the mental picture of POB and Tom in matching thongs and I really lost it! LOL

  233. Scott Campbell

    Right on, Sam. I’ll try it.

  234. Jim,

    Always, love your suggestions. Will give it a listen in the next few days.

    Thanks for the defense. Very nice piece of differentiation. The Count doesn’t know me, so he’s doing his best to defend the technology.

    For me, being labeled a squirrel is like being labeled an SP, it causes me much amusement. I even love it when someone calls me an asshole.

    Lord forgive them for they know not what they do.

    For the record, for others (than Jim, who knows me better than anyone else here other than Just Me) reading this, the tech and processes of Scientology should NEVER be altered while one is walking the Scientology Bridge. NEVER. SCIENTOLOGY IS A VERY WORKABLE SYSTEM WHEN UNDERSTOOD AND APPLIED AS INTENDED AND DEVELOPED. I’m a KSW non-Scientologist.

    But, I also feel that all of us have the right to make our own choices and pursue wisdom as we see fit. This universe is big enough for each of us to have our own considerations, postulates and opinions; our own KRC and ARC.

  235. +1 Karen
    COB is blind as a bat,
    (unwilling to recognize problems or bad things)… which is why he sees things so distorted!

  236. Scott Campbell


    Noting happens when I double click on my “Gravatar thingy”.

  237. This is from the PDC tape 21:

    “You will look at this just aghast and uh.. you will say, “Look, uh..
    no, no intelligent civilization could witness such a thing as this going on.”
    Don’t kid yourselves. It’s not an intelligent civilization. We’re trying to
    make one out of it. And you got a long way to go.”


  238. I agree, someone needs to remove him from his office and set him up to tend gardens for a while!

  239. It would be best if he just took early retirement.

  240. Count,

    None of my squirrels live in holes. They live in trees. They’re cute and nimble. They live life as they choose. They fly from tree to tree with such grace and power that I’m left in awe. To watch them scamper up a tree fills me with amazement.

    As for interpreting data, I do believe LRH had much to say about the value of such. Never accept a datum just because he said it was pretty much his approach. Once you give up your integrity of understanding, you’ve given up all that will make Scientology work.

    Accepting data just because someone with great altitude says/writes it is tantamount to being audited out of valence. You can’t get case gain out of valence. Nor can you gain understanding of a subject by merely accepting its data without examination, analysis, application.

    If you can’t add as much understanding as is given you then you have failed to understand the datum or subject. You have to be able to take a datum and extrapolate out further applications.

    The RCS exemplifies accepting data without question.

    By the definitions given in the Scientology dictionary, I’m one huge squirrel. But, I’m cute and nimble in ways others aren’t. I can get away with jumping from tree to tree where most would fall. I can think with the data and apply it in novel ways which gets me out of horrifying situations. And I’m willing to take the personal risks involved.

    However, the tech and processes and bridge as laid out by LRH have a sacredness to me. I applaud your efforts to defend that bridge and tech.

    But, that is civilization. I’m operating in the wilderness. Where I choose to live, there are no sewers or restaurants or roads. I’ve chosen adventure over safety.

    And though I reserve the right to regale my friends with exciting stories of tigers encountered, I do not advocate letting tigers run loose in the streets of their towns. Children should be educated rather than eaten.

  241. Gary,

    You’re turning me on.

  242. LDW,

    Whoever said an 80 year old lady couldn’t be sexy? Hell, look at how old superman is.

    Heros don’t live by the rules which encumber the rest of us. That’s what makes them heroes.

    Besides, theta sensuality isn’t dependent on bodies.

  243. Gardening is very destimulating.

  244. Thanks Les, well documented.

  245. Especially if its a rock garden!

  246. Sherb,
    Well analyzed and put. What a ball of wax that would take many, many intensives to pull apart!

  247. mmm, sounds good.
    I’m into fruit, nuts and yoghurt in the mornings now. Gets a bit windy but makes me ravenous for lunch.
    Gave up caffine 3 months ago, jury is still out if that was a sane idea or not!

  248. True, Grasshopper.

    But you can try.

  249. WOW! So powerful. Thanks so much for sharing this.

  250. I heard you are an 80 year old lady…

  251. Sam, loved it also, my way is also Scientology!

  252. You know, OUAT, there have been several times when I have laughed out loud at your quick witted comments, I enjoy your sense of humor – most of the time.
    However, respectfully, please check your sarcastic and mocking imagery as some people have truly experienced horror at the hands of the “church” and are awaiting precisely the correct moment to deliver the most effective blow possible.
    Your comment is insensitive in light of what I know of Truth’s personal situation and in light of the fact that your comment covertly diminishes my communication.
    Additionally, you diminish the majesty of this blog when you allow your quick wit and “sense of humor” to get away from you and degrade any of us in this way.
    I hope that was not your intention – in any case, it is not appreciated.

  253. Margaret
    Great idea!
    Two days ago when I googled ‘Marty Rathbun’ in connection with ‘Hamburg’, I got 1 1/2 Google pages of these fake ‘Marty websites’, where nobody ever posts anything -just generalities and lies, same bs over and over- before getting to Marty’s real website as you stated.
    In addition, at the true and correct websites there was an additional line in purple stating “block all one click _______ ” (name of website).

    This blatant effort to mislead new public will obviously create a lot of confusion for curious newcomers since whoever made up all of these fake websites (for Marty and Mike) ALSO stole the graphic design of ‘MOVING ON UP A LITTLE HIGHER’. This in itself must be actionable per copy right law on the Internet.
    They are also doing something weird to be so far ahead of Marty’s real website in Google’s listings with their multiple dead copy cat bs that doesn’t draw ANY responses.
    So yea, it is important to give out Marty’s true and correct website at any possible opportunity.

  254. Refresh the page and try again. They’re a bit tricky. If that doesn’t work you’ll need a geek to figure it out 🙂

  255. Micheal there’s lots of online companies that do it now. Google it 🙂

  256. Good idea Eric 🙂

  257. Ah, Michael — cool dance between the chipmunk and hummingbird — wish I could have seen it. Yeah, I could hook you up with tee-shirt people, although I think the SquiBs have made that image famous enough. Big guy says, “Hey!” back atcha. He’s actually up in your neck of the woods this weekend, visiting relatives. I’m home keeping the fires banked.


    “Any time you have to throw an arbitrary into a situation to make it work, you’re going to have to have other arbitraries introduced in order to keep it resolved, and it’ll just go more and more and more complex.

    If there’s something you don’t understand about a case and you decide to use force on that point, you’re just going to have to introduce new force factors. […]

    As soon as you start to introduce arbitraries into a problem, you just keep going into further and further complexities, gets tougher and tougher and tougher and there’s less and less alignment of data.

    And the first thing you know, you’ve got a completely out-of-vector problem that doesn’t align anyplace and nobody understands it and you’re a psychiatrist.” LRH


  259. One of the aspects of an SP is that they are unable to look at themselves in a critical fashion.

    The thing that makes an SP and SP is the same thing that keeps them from seeing their condition.

  260. Me knows Scotty. No offense, and one day we’ll be side-casting a little 3 weight with a tiny little gnat on the end under that bank and brush and Wham!! That trout is going to snag it.


  261. The crazy thing is, they’ve probably have made themselves into illegal PCs with the connections to clandestine Govt agencies being that close to the top.
    It’s ethics all way for them if they ever truly wanted to avail themselves of truth. As KSW1 indicates, ‘it’s not some minor game you’re playing in & with Scientology…”
    I had to pull myself up this morning and look at the whole affair and “unserious” myself from their tone level. I found it’s a bit too easy to evaluate myself along with the antics of these clowns. They have made themselves the enemy of truth – I haven’t.
    Time to get a bit of flourishing and propersing time in…

  262. “The idea is to keep the pressure on to keep the bank restimulated constantly, so the individual caves in ASAP. When that occurs, the next influential individual in line gets targeted; and then the rest, not wanting to have that happen to them, disperse. These are the means to dispose of groups of critics. It’ll go on as long as cheques can be written. This type of absolution is believed to restore their PR in due Time.”

    Well, they can believe that all they want; but I think anyone with an 8th grade education would figure out it isn’t going to work. (Well, maybe there’s still one teeny 8th grade graduate out there that is still stumped on this one.)

    If you look at the amount of negative PR that has been generated since 1980, you will note that it is *increasing*, not decreasing.

    This has resulted in a drop in the number of parishioners over that same period of time.

    To add gasoline to the bonfire that is Miscavige’s treatment of Scientology, there *is* a multinational effort to expose his crimes and abuses that he can neither extinguish, intimidate, ignore or corrupt. In the past, it was possible to shut down communication between critics and the public. Anonymous has turned the public *into* critics.

    So, each and every crime and abuse is documented, published and publicized within hours around the world. Scientology cannot suppress critics without hurting itself.

    And only the insane would not recognize the new state of affairs.

  263. Joygraysen,

    I humbly accept your upbraiding in the spirit it was given and take no offense. My unbridled passion and enthusiasm for life sometimes leaves a trail of those wishing to strangle me.

    Humor depends on being able to comfortably reject the concepts presented. In the opening credits of Colbert, he’s leaping through space holding an American flag and planting it with this determined look of unmitigated patriotism. All in good fun. But, some of my ultra-right associates are highly offended. They can’t comfortably reject what he parodies.

    As for my intention, I almost never intend to degrade or diminish anyone. Mostly, I want others to grow and learn. Even DM. I have no real ill will against anyone. When I joke or challenge, it is with a great respect. It is with the belief that the person can take it and rise to the occasion.

    Through my 63 years in this body, I have been crushed, humiliated, degraded, and even left for dead. Lying bloodied and beaten, I’ve always felt a part of me that smiled, saw the humor in the situation, and vowed to rise up, heal and come back stronger.

    I refuse to let the world dictate my feelings. I refuse to stay down. I refuse to be beaten.

    When I kid someone, it is with the understanding that they have the strength to get back up, smile and come back stronger. Without the will to face what has happened, without the perseverance to carry on despite anything, we have already allowed ourselves to be beaten. And stay beaten.

    Yes, there are those who feel I am insensitive to their situation, but I have felt tremendous pain, humiliation and suffering and never let it become a burden. I see the suffering in others and understand what they have gone through more than they can know, but I also see their tremendous power and capacity to rise up and understand and heal.

    And yes, there are those with whom I do not joke because their perceived difficulties are greater than their perceived capacity to rise beyond at that moment. It’s oddly parallel to auditing: you restimulate what the pc can handle. Restimulate too little and the pc doesn’t improve; restimulate too much and the pc doesn’t improve.

    Correct estimation of effort.

    So, when I kid TRUTH it is with utmost TRUST and RESPECT of that individual’s ability to comfortably reject what I say, find the humor in the situation and move beyond the nonsense to greater understanding.

    We shall not be beaten.


    I recognize that I am a greatly flawed being. And I’m comfortable with the contradictions in myself and others. Getting blasted by others for my flaws merely provides an opportunity to examine the condition and improve it. So blast away. I’m not fragile. Have fun with it.

    But, I’m also not repentant. There are enough people who want to beat me up to add my efforts to the process.

    And TRUTH, personally, I’m thrilled that you are there. Thrilled.

  264. ps: let me add one exception. Jim Logan. Grrrrrrrrr! I can’t stand that guy!!!!!!! If only…… Grrrrrrrrr!

  265. TRUTH,

    It is good to have such good friends as joygrayson to defend you. Very good. Speaks highly of you.

  266. Mr. F,

    Problem is that POB operates on different standards than the rest of the world. What measures success or failure for him is very different than than any sane individual.

    His assessment of life is based on whether he managed to intimidated some people in his immediate vicinity, whether his shirts are properly pressed, and how many times he is called “Sir” in a day. The PR of Scientology and LRH doesnt enter into the equation. Not even remotely.

  267. hadley

    Or perhaps DM is just pulling the old, “You gotta protect yourself from the entheta”. What he is likely really doing is isolating Tom from the world so that Tom won’t look at what is really happening. You know… DM, as Tom’s best friend, will protect him, and let him know when it is safe for him to show himself. After all, he is only looking out for “Tom’s best interests” you know. DM has probably offered (or insisted) that he (DM) handle all his (Tom’s) comm lines personally in order to “keep any entheta off his lines”. We all pretty much know where that road leads.

    Eric S

  268. Scott Campbell

    That will be a happy day, indeed.

  269. Oooops, secrets out:)

  270. Scott Campbell

    Didn’t work. Need geek. Any volunteers?

  271. Toooo funny! LOL!

  272. +1 Very nice. Very clear perspective.

  273. Thanks for your response,
    Not knowing you personally, your response seemed oddly out of context, knowing what I know of Truth’s particular story. I have no problem laughing at myself or any other situation when I feel the joking takes into account the perameters of that which it is poking fun at.
    Thank you for your honesty and insouciance.

  274. Oh this blog just gets better & better!
    Fly fishing, my other passion.
    Problem is since I’ve moved to the coast, one fly = one fish or take. The critters in the brinery are toothy things and eat the feathers clean off the hook, even the little fish. Aw well, such is the fickle nature between 3 & 5 wts in wonderful fresh and often pristine conditions which have to transform into the blunderblus of 8 -10 wts and waist deep in the surf too.
    Gurgle gurgle…

  275. My favorite acronym of COB is (C)himp (O)r (B)aboon.

    It/s fitting, Especially in the rutting season.

  276. Punctuation check; last sentence:

    It’s fitting. Especially in the rutting season.

  277. Joy, I guess you know me too well. Thank you for being a true friend and I love you! 🙂

    OnceUponaTime, Thank you for being there and communicating. We all had our Invals & Evals in life and we survived through it. The purpose of this blog is not to restimulate or degrade each other. BPCs should be handled in session not on this blog.
    I am no one special. I am just doing my part to put an end to all the abuses, human right violations, disconnections and crimes that David Miscavige has been committing for the past 3 decades. Hope you are doing the same. Wish you all the best my friend. 🙂

  278. Laughter!

  279. Tryin somethin’…

  280. Nice fish Scott. Jim will be proud of you!

  281. Scott Campbell

    Jimmy loves me and is proud of me. We’re brothers.

  282. You behave just like DM when you call someone a dick. I thought you were better than that.

  283. Great speech and so true.

  284. Great post. Miscavige’s Watergate!

  285. That is his name, not a pejorative.

  286. Great idea! A variant handling would be the text:
    markrathbun.wordpress.com and
    www. scientology-cult.com.”
    On small cards stick it to the cars of members on events. Make it visible in the vicinity of Orgs, Have it on a poster or Tee-shirt, etc. So each time they film Marty or anyone wearing it, they would distribute these addresses at the same time.
    Indies or anyone who likes can go to a copy shop and can make such a Tee-shirt and wear it when appropriate.
    Maybe it even sells.
    Marty, in interviews, refer specifically to “markrathbun.wordpress.com and www. scientology-cult.com” not just to “read my blog”. Make them print the actual addresses. This way people can not fall for the misrepresentations.

  287. IMO some clarification of context is wanted here, that the definition or intent or “intelligent civilization” is a higher standard desired by all people of good will.

  288. Zephyr, today I Googled for “rathbun+hamburg” and some similar terms and in most cases the top 3 results were for the real thing – news,video,or related posts on WWP, ESMB and others, including Marty’s real blog. These were followed by many of the OSA scam blogs.

    I think OSA is using SEO (Search Engine Optimization) tricks (such as creating backlinks to those sites and cross-linking their own sites, stuff like that) to boost their sites in the search engines.

    We could do something similar simply by each person creating one or more free blogs on WordPress or Blogger (or both) and making some posts with backlinks to Marty’s real blog. You can make a separate back link for each post(page)of this blog of Marty’s and that will help keep his blog near the top of the search engines.

    You can also put links in your blog posts to relevant news articles or youtube videos etc.It’s pretty simple to start a Blogger blog and it’s free.

  289. Margaret

  290. Sam, the good news is that LA local police department has been false data stripped on Independent and they are fully aware of all DM’s crimes, harassments on ex-members and Tom cruise being an accessory to DM’s crimes. They watched all the evidence (videos/photos and list of names of PIs, Andrew Morton’s article as well as Marty’s recent TV interview in Germany).
    Little Davey has no place to hide any more. 🙂

  291. You did it! Nice photo 🙂

  292. Tony DePhillips

    Hi Sarge.

  293. Tony DePhillips

    It’s cool Mike you’re amongst friends.

  294. Tony DePhillips

    LOL!!! Good one Michael.

  295. Tony DePhillips

    I didn’t take your comments as any kind of inval. It just struck me as funny. Not knowing who TRUTH is or anything about his/her story leaves it difficult to make judgments about what is or isn’t appropriate IMHO.

  296. Tony DePhillips


  297. Well, they can believe that all they want; but I think anyone with an 8th grade education would figure out it isn’t going to work.

    There is really nothing to figure out until you have walked in those shoes and get the stark reality on what effect it actually has on you, and straight out of the KGB playbook too. It’s designed to heavily restimulate the Bank, not to consult your insightful understanding.

  298. Exquisite – I can picture him behaving exactly as described…

  299. UK Police Raid to Free Slaves Leighton Buzzard UK
    “Slaves held for 15 years in kennels and horse boxes
    Four men and a woman were being questioned by detectives today after 24 slaves were discovered living in dog kennels, sheds and horse boxes in one of the worst cases of modern day slavery ever discovered.”

    Today Leighton Buxxard tomorrow East Grinstead?, A precident has been set!!!


  300. Further report on UK Slavery Raid from the Independant
    “” We believe that some of them had been living and working there in a state of virtual slavery, some for just a few weeks and others for up to 15 years.”
    The chief inspector added: “Some people did leave and told us what was going on and when we looked back since 2008 we were aware of 28 people who had made similar accusations.


    You have to ask the question how 28 people made such allegations and police were so slow to react!!

  301. And another article, preying on vulnerable people and then enslaving them , sounds familiar!!


  302. Jim, maybe squirrel is the incorrect word (as you pointed out he is not advocating processes or technique). However, the bottom line is that the LRH quote aligns with the datum that ALL BEINGS ARE BASICALLY GOOD, and when they are doing wrong, they cave themselves in (even SP’s). LRH gave many examples of it (including Hitler). That is the basic point I was trying to make.

  303. Greta,
    You are right – there is something really wrong with the search results, that only HUGE amounts of money can achieve. I ran some tests just now, – search for “rathbun germany” without the quotes, and Marty’s blog is SECOND hit, a spoof is first. pretty embarrassing for Google of you think about it. There are only two possibilities:
    1. Google algorithm doing its thing, or:
    2. Google being paid slabs of money to put spoof above Marty’s blog.
    So which is it Google ? Are you a whore ? Or is your algorithm STUPID ?
    ‘Cos it’s one of the two.
    Sorry, but I truly cannot think of a third option – help me out if you can…

  304. Thanks – that is a very useful and timely reference for me at this time.

  305. Sam,
    Then keep smiling! I loved the video. I think he even described you in there (LOL). Thank you so much for sharing. Take care my friend.

  306. TRUTH…this is very good news.

  307. Sherb,
    You might want to check into “spey casting” on a two handed fly rod. Should handle your surf just fine. Even Jim would have to admit a certain rhythmic beauty to the spey cast you see in no others.

    And as to this blog. It is about moving on up, confronting the insanity and getting on with living life from a point of cause. Start at gentle cause over the suppression and move toward full cause as we move on up a little higher. I agree, this blog just gets better and better!

  308. George M. White

    “Marty truly has done more to resurrect the repute of Scientology as a philosophy and subject than anyone living.”

    Agreed. ….. In my view, he has a greater range of acceptance and compassion.
    I still get tons of literature in the mail and an occasional visitor at my front door. The marketing has not changed in over 20 years and some of the brochures are really outdated and do them more harm than good.

    Much loving-kindness,

  309. 😀 ! Oh dear! LOL

  310. Dave wears the custom-made kind. 10 years ago, around the time he started wearing them, they cost $5K per pair, but probably a lot more now.

  311. Tony,

    Thanks, no inval intended. I sent out a copy of the exchange to a couple dozen of my most trusted friends for feedback as I’m left scratching my head. Hope it doesn’t make me go bald. But, if it does, I won’t be alone.

    Yes, it’s hard to make judgements about what isn’t known.

    The “a” is sllent, as in OUT. OUAT rhymes with squat and other unsavory words. However, if you’ll be my bodyguard, you can call me Al.


  312. Last night I finished reading Marc Headley’s Blown for Good. I had nightmares about being back on staff all night long. Being a slave, being owned, threatened, abused. You think these things aren’t happening today, but they are. I hope I can sleep tonight.

  313. Dear Marty,
    it is absolutely not ok what the church is doing with you. There is no doubt about it, it is horrible.
    But in my eyes it was a big mistake to meet Ursula Caberta. She is a totally SP, she wants to destroy the whole knowledge of LRH, she does not want that anybody studies LRH data. Everyone here in Germany knows that she is totally evil.
    I don’t have all the data as you have, I only know max. 1%, but why do you communicate with such a “person”?

  314. martyrathbun09

    Because my Grade 0 is in.

  315. TRUTH,

    I do what I can. I’m not a Scientologist, but I support Marty’s efforts to handle this egregiousness. Though I make small donations, just spending time posting here has cost me thousands in opportunity costs. That’s okay. It’s worth it.

    And I’ll tell you why. I disagree about BPC being handled only in session rather than on this blog. If you read back through all the postings, you will discover tremendous amounts of BPC being released to F/N over the course of the years. So many successes from people trapped in confusion about Scientology. Ex SO. Ex staff. Ex public.

    This blog is a third dynamic session in continuous progress where questions are asked, answers are given, cognitions are had, and TA begins to float. So many individuals have gone exterior reading this blog. so many past wins have been indicated and rehabilitated.

    So, in a sense, you are right about session, but it should be understood that the purpose of this blog revolves around the 3D case of Scientology, with correct items being indicated, LFBDs occurring, and wins being had through increased understanding.

    Not all case exists on the first dynamic. Not all “auditing” exists over a table.

    Some may find me offensive or inappropriate or coarse or crude or an unmitigated squirrel. However, the feedback I’ve gotten from so many individuals both here and in private is highly supportive.

    Just as Marty’s message gave me the opportunity to reevaluate my Scientology experience and rediscover what is positive in LRH’s work, I have tried to return the favor to others. Through my efforts, quite a few individuals who had come to hate Scientology and despise Hubbard have taken the time to once again find what made the subject valuable.

    That isn’t to say that all of us have returned to the fold. Each of us has our own path. And the right to choose that path. But, we have become friends, and become allies.

    If I thought my efforts were merely to entertain, I would walk away gladly. Too many projects beckon. Too many tasks beg doing.

    But, what I do here helps. What I write has meaning to others. My efforts, amongst the many, help Marty’s efforts to handle a very large, a very messy, a very unpleasant task.

    At one time, I lived by the principle “I do not suffer fools. Period.” But my arrogance has waned and I see how foolish all of us are at times. Making mistakes and embarrassing oneself is just part of growing up for all of us. Growing up, not just as bodies, but as thetans.

    And, one more point of disagreement. I do consider you special. I look on you as I look on all life with this awe that fills me with pleasure. To allow you an opportunity to smile was merely an effort to add to that wonder. To be alive is so magical.

    I don’t allow others to diminish either me nor my friends. I will consider you a friend and slap your hand. You are special. Even if you were homeless and without prospects, you are alive and you are worthy of all the admiration and gladness you can garner.

    It is my grace to you and everyone here that I communicate. It the grace of your communications from which I benefit and fulfilled.

    I have never claimed to be other than a thug. To expect social charm from me is misplaced. But, thug though I am, I am worthy to walk the roads of any heaven with pride intact and shame unpacked.

    Just so we understand one another better. in the end, that’s what this is all about.

  316. nice response!

  317. Ok Marty, thanks, now I understand you much better. I just checked what it means “Grade 0”, very interesting! All the best, Jan Germany.

  318. Marty,

    I just got a desperate email from the clan of “Squirrel Busters” asking what “Grade O” was. The definition they provided didn’t gibe with your actions, so they’re confused.

    According to the new Tech Dictionary: Grade 0: 1. completely flat on flow two communications, able to receive and comply with any order without question from the true source of Scientology, David Miscaviage. 2. there is no other definition you fucking pieces of shit. go back to definition one and get word cleared! Now!

    Man, now I’m confused.

  319. NSY,

    My tongue is starting to hurt already.

    Isn’t this another flagrant example of ordurement? Enquiring minds want to know. But does the IRS? Does the Department of Justice? Does Greta?

    Can the evil be stopped before I have to honor my vow?

    My tongue hurts.

  320. I have an 11wt Spey I used to catch salmon in the Pacific Nth West, Nth Umpqua River Or. Brillant experience. IMHO they are too cumbersome to use while in the surf etc, lose control of the line, it wraps around you too easily. However, nothing beats a spey for roll casting.
    Yes this blog is becoming the vanguard for the tech and research tool for application of things like the Data Series and other 3rd Dyn activities. Marty, Mike & others give great examples of live application.

  321. Perfectly stated. 🙂

  322. Marty I am glad you went to Germany and saw Ursula and others there.

    Much of what you covered in Germany helps show what many of us who have worked with Ursula for years have preached. And that is that Ursula and the Hamburg government have been trying for years to stop the abuses that constantly came from organized scientology.

    Heck no more than a few hours after I first was with Ursula in her office back in 2007 the first abused person came in with her little baby, both crying as they had been thrown out by the baby’s father who was an exec in the Hamburg org and “disconnected”. They had nowhere to go and no one at the great “church” there would help them. It was heartbreaking and Ursula immediately cancelled appointments she had to go help these two, get them shelter, food and the help they needed. And it just went on and on from there. Ursula then told me that she would help any scientologist or ex scientologist needing help.

    That is the kind of abuse that those in the German, French, Belgium, UK, Australian and other government bodies (at least ones with whom I have worked to one degree or another) have fought and/or are fighting.

    And the lies, abuses, fraud and other crimes committed in the name of scientology by people part of organized scientology are what so many of us Exes, Anons and other concerned citizens want to see, and have fought to see, ended. This includes so many of us never wanting to see another devastating loss such as Lisa, Kyle Brennan and the so many more who lost their lives and/or their sanity because of completely unqualified people causing so much damage to them.

    Lastly, I am very happy about your helping to make public again the kind of things done in the name of organized scientology to get the US government involved in organized scientology’s cover ups and fair-gaming of people abroad like Ursula who fight against their abuses. There are many of us trying in one way or another to point this out and your considerable help in this is most welcomed (certainly by me).

    The first time I was with Ursula in Germany she took me to Berlin for a couple of days after I spent a couple of days with her in Hamburg. The “Berlin Wall” remnants you showed tore my heart out back then. Looking at them sadly makes me think of the kind of world that IMO would have been ahead of us should organized scientology ever run it (which it never will).

  323. martyrathbun09

    Thanks Larry. Wow.

  324. Hello “OnceUponaTime”,
    I am not a member of the church or a “squirrel buster”, I only asked Marty a question which he answered, that is all.
    For the OT level you think you are, your 1.1 response was a totally joke!

  325. Axiom,

    I just Googled marty rathbun germany. The top result was the Freedum mag.

    2 through 7 were actual results about Marty’s trip to Germany, from his blog here, ESMB, Xenu TV, the Village Voice etc.

    The came the OSA garbage sites. As I posted above, it is commonly done, to boost a site’s ranking in Google and other search engines by the use of what are called “SEO techniques”.

    There are dozens of forums dedicated to SEO, and how to boost a site’s rankings to the first page. Experts can be hired to do this for any site, and there are many software for sale for the do-it-yourselfers to help them do this.

    It has nothing to do with buying off Google, it has to do with “gaming” Google and by passing or subverting their algorithms.

    Freedum mag, having been in existence for many years, no doubt has tons of backlinks and frequently publishes unique content which Google likes. Google also likes “news” sites.

    Lately marketers have been using Facebook, Twitter, and those kind of sites for SEO. For example, every Indie should get a Facebook account and put links back to sites like Marty’s blog, Scientology-cult, etc to boost their SE rankings.

    Also, here is a software you can download for free called SEOSpyglass that will scan any site and list out it’s backlinks and the keywords it is ranking for, which shows you exactly how a site has gotten it’s high ranking.

    It might be interesting to run it on the Freedum site and OSA’s network of garbage blogs about Marty.

  326. People often ask what they can do. Someone can get onto Google and straighten them out with a yank.

  327. If he doesn’t watch it, David Miscavige may go from POB to SOR.

    Pope on a Box to ———-> Soap on a Rope.

  328. OUT, I recall listening to LRH talk about the situation of beings whose orientation and considerations are the reverse of ours in some ways, who might consider that a “good” action by our standards would be an overt act for them.

    A hypothetical example might be: for a member in good standing of a Thieves Guild, it might be an overt act to fail to steal something given a good opportunity to do so. Overt of omission.

    But perhaps closer to real life, in some cultures of the middle east, it is perfectly OK, in fact required by “honor”, to gang-rape a woman of your own village because the cultural rules say she has brought “shame” to her family and group by some misbehavior. Or even to kill her. Or both.

    Here’s a representative study: http://nabataea.net/h%26s.html

    There are many studies of cultural values that have identified two types of cultural mores – “guilt cultures” and “shame cultures”. The considerations and behavior of people from one of the two cultures can seem entirely wrong to members of the other.

  329. Ehhhhh, let me point out that the post in question was made by Al-O-nzo with an “O” not by Al-A-nzo with an “A”……

  330. And anyway, the other poster is Alonzo with an “O”, not Alanzo with an “A”.

    It’s not always all about you, Al! 🙂

  331. Jan,

    Didn’t direct the comment to you. It was merely poking fun at the obvious inability of those attacking Marty to communicate. Why would this be so in a group whose basic principles depend so utterly on communication? What kind of absurd definition/concept of communication are they using?

    As for the comment about me thinking of myself as some kind of OT, I’m really not. I am what I am without the merits of certificates. I am certifiably OT zilch.

    Reminds me of when I used to do a lot of martial arts. People would come in and automatically assume that I was a black belt. I could have given a crap about belts, and was too poor to spend the money on testing. What good is a belt in a fight anyway? One school finally just gave me a yellow belt because the sensei was uneasy about having people watch his black and brown belts having trouble with a white belt.

    The recent spat of flashback against me also reminds me of martial arts training. We used to hang from a bar and have fighters pound away at our ribs and body and face. Kicks and punches. Bam, bam, bam! People would come in and ask, “Are you guys nuts?” Our response? “No we’re preparing for battle. If you can’t understand that, you’re in the wrong gym.” Going into a fight without the ability to take a punch is just foolish.

    I wonder about those who can’t “take a punch” when I haven’t even thrown one at them, when I haven’t even intended to hit them. Goodness, toughen up guys. I’m really just shadow boxing with you here.


  332. Valkov,

    I’m feeling lazy and not in the mood to scan through all the posts and find your comment about suppressives.


    But, you made some good points. I always enjoy your ability to reason.

    I don’t think LRH covered all there was to cover on suppressives. Why bother? There were more important concerns. If we look at what he covered, there’s really relatively little.

    As for coming up with a means to convert a suppressive to a social personality, I am curious about actual successes. I’m sure there are some PTSes who were out of valence, were audited back into valence and managed to thrive. But an actual dyed in the wool suppressive?

    Did the OT 3 type material work? The L’s? Ser fac running? Overts and withholds? How do you get a leopard to change its spots?

    I think LRH was willing to see the goodness in others and based his work on discovering that goodness, in enhancing that goodness.

    But how do you measure improvement? The meter certainly. Otherwise, anti-social personalities are real slippery. They can be chameleons, feigning/mimicking all the good qualities that we want to see while planning our demise. I’m sure a number of suppressives went right on up the bridge and faked all sorts of gains. Just because someone has a “cognition” and “VGI’s” doesn’t mean they aren’t faking. Cognitions are easy enough to pretend once you get the pattern.

    And a person who is perpetually “ARC broken” with existence can certainly get “F/N’s”. Anti-socials don’t react to lie detector tests. Most show no fear. It’s not like they’re burdened with lots of apparent mass. Some are very, very, very charming and outgoing and apparently cheerful.

    Can a suppressive really be anything other than perpetually ARC broken with others? Otherwise, why the continuous attempt to do others in and cause harm?

    I know LRH said confronting evil was difficult. We tend to want to believe others are good. All others, not just a few. Without that belief, what hope would we have? How could we really find out the ersatz social personality from the actual ones? It’s like living with a bomb that could be disguised as anything. What could you touch without fear of an explosion?

    Anyway, enough for tonight. I don’t want to raise the ire of those who have all the answers. (God, that was truly 1.1. I must be coming up tone.)

  333. The sense of insanity is identification.

    He is mis-identifying people in present time with those from the past that have him down. It’s about wrong targeting and assigning wrong identities to things and people.

    That’s what insanity is.

  334. Ooooops! LOL

  335. Good to hear from you SA.
    Glad you liked the video.
    My exchange is in now for the one you sent me 😉

  336. Pingback: David Miscavige Espionage Operative Exposed | Moving On Up a Little Higher

  337. Marty, you are really getting famous!!
    OSA is flowing so much power to you… and more and they are telling more and more people you are around…
    so more and more people can find out about your blog and the INdies…

    The PR people of the Church of $ are working against themselves!! It makes me laugh!!

    Silvia Kusada

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