Crossed graph – what does it mean?


According to website stat tracking graphed by Alexa: the web information company, we just surpassed in reach.  Now, considering the fact DM has spent untold millions to have links to ads put everywhere on the web Scientology is mentioned over the past several months – and we have done zero optimization –  you reckon these stats have any significance?

26 responses to “Crossed graph – what does it mean?

  1. Cathy & Christie

    OMFG !!!!! This rocks ! You rock.

  2. Underground For Now

    An old timer, who attested to OT8 on the maiden voyage by the name of Herb Sutphin who I thought was a friend of mine, until I announced I was no longer a member of the COS used to say to me, “What got the stats up, will keep the stats up”.

    I can’t help but wonder if one can use this quote n reverse. What got the stats to go down, will keep the stats down”?

    Something light and airy to ponder.

  3. Since LRH in the Data Series stresses you always always always evaluate with stats, I’d say Marty is doing something right (pluspoints) and find those and strengthen them, and Scn is doing something quite wrong (outpoints) and they better find those quick!

  4. High Five !!!!!

    Marty you de man !!!!!!

    (I’d sure hate to be in Tommy’s sneakers right now)

  5. The Alexa graphs are very misleading — I don’t think the graphs have crossed over.

    These are the stats that are meaningful on Alexa:

    Percent of global Internet Users.
    (bigger percentages are better.)

    Period Marty C of S

    7 day avg 0.0019% 0.0032%
    1 month avg 0.00176% 0.0084%
    3 month avg 0.00091% 0.0121%
    3 month change 9400% -10%

    Alexa Rank in the U.S.:
    Marty: 23,790
    C of S: 20,932

    Truly Marty, you’ve had a meteoric rise in rankings in the U.S. although its not quite higher than C of S yet. (0n this comparison the lower figure is better)

    But that is one awesome rising graph for this blog and a really spectacular dive for the C of S.

    It could be deceptive though because the CofS switched over to a flash interface, which may be blocking Alexa’s tracking systems.

  6. Embarrassing.

    Maybe they should do another squirrel move for the pile accumulated and put triple hatted SO members:
    His Post.
    IAS Regges and…
    Visit daily at least 10 times
    That would “handle” the flap.

    Roberto Sánchez.

  7. Terrific!

  8. The ironic thing is that for a site to spike the way that the way that it did in the early graph, the Alexa Toolbar was probably installed on church computers and possibly encouraged to public too. Unless you have a naturally organic site, high Alexa numbers often come from an organization putting that toolbar onto their computers to pump up the tracking.

    If it’s true that the CoS puts NetNanny-like software on computers to keep members away from objectionable sites, adding the toolbar wouldn’t be a tough extra step, and it could even be turned around where people within the church could gain access to members’ computers to add the toolbar and then add other stuff in the process.

    However, the Alexa stat crash could possibly mean that the church decided they didn’t want a third-party tracking their usage and discontinued it. Or it could mean that members are actually getting some IT skillz and are taking the toolbar off (it’s horribly buggy in my experience.) Or I could be wrong and it was all organic in the first place and people are getting sick of the endless videos. I know I prefer reading this any day to the videos.

    Maybe funny related story: A few days after the site was launched and was all the talk of even the techie blogs, I loaded the site up late one night. Maybe it was the music or the repetitiveness with some self-hypnosis built in, but I ended up falling asleep with it on. A couple of hours later, a big booming voice interrupted the sleepy music and shocked me awake. Really awake, as in “not sleeping that night and not going back again” awake.

    In some ways, that one silly night is an analogy for people who have been in for years and were suddenly shocked awake.

  9. It is great news that the propaganda machine is failing!!

    Marty I had an idea that the CofS could be scrutinized on and that would be their stance against the Freedom of Speech.

    The USA was founded on that principle and if we could add that to the list of abuses I think it could get some traction.

    If you try to say something that doesn’t flow with the game plan you are SHUT DOWN by the CofS. They don’t believe in free speech! Isn’t that what tyranny is all about?

  10. martyrathbun09

    I’d say so.

  11. It’s simple as this: Nobody dares click their site for fear the FBI will arrest them as a participant in a Denial of Service attack.

  12. I would say that isn’t all that great for this site but much more importantly, the “church” is hurting. I guess they haven’t been paying companies to falsely click their links over the last couple months like they were some months ago.
    Looks like they might still have a few SO members doing it full time though.
    That’s the only way it was so high a few months ago.

  13. Thank you Marty!

    LRH is so proud of you for exposing DM’s lies with some real evidence.

    Can’t wait for your next post.

  14. I think it means that they are running in Hill 1o mode and are running out of resources. They had to pull a lot of people to get the DC Idle Org in some semblance of shape for the opening, and now they have to go into New Years Event mode. On top of that they have experienced the most concentrated and intense blast of “bad pr” in the history of the movement with no apparent relief in sight. And if someone is actually looking at the stats, the number of “beans in” does not justify in any way the “beans out” they spent on their google campaign.

    They will shortly hit a much bigger wall.
    BFG’s book exposes DM’s hypocrisy to the Nth degree, making others wrong for ‘external influences’ while he personally is completely star struck and ‘externally influenced” by Cruise.
    (Of note is the fact that DM is not the only short guy who’s empire has gone “adverse effect” from being hooked up with TC. Dan Snyder, owner of the Washington Redskins, started an LLC with Cruise several years ago, even trotted him and Katie out during one of the games at half-time. Later that year they lost their pro-bowl safety in a tragic death, and this year Snyder is facing a complete fan revolt and a losing season.)
    I expect any remaining long term Sea Org types to become rabidly antago in the near future, wrong targeting anything they can to deflect their pain. BFG’s book will dominate the media circuit, and position DM as another bad management hat, and act as a further brake on recruitment and $. There is no magic bullet or ghost dance that will stop this decline.

    “For truth is truth, and if they then decide to live with lies; thats their concern, not mine my friend, they are free to fantasize.” – “LRH”

  15. Black PR vs Enthusiastic word of mouth

  16. Tom,
    Hilarious !
    How true !

  17. Tom, that’s funny! In fact, I and others have encouraged people on critical discussion boards to click on Scientology’s banners, since it costs them money every time — and someone naively asked if making such “false clicks” might be illegal! LOL! Come and get me, coppers!

    Assuming the $cn graph is accurate, the decline might have to do with their TV schedule being decreased, and with the number of mentions of Scientology in a negative light. The algorithms that place web advertising are totally robotic that way.

    In any event, Slappy M. is wasting a whole lot of money trying to counter what basically amount to attacks on his personal malice and mismanagement. Oh, and did you notice that the extensive archives at
    …have been eliminated? Nothing there except Davey’s 80-page puff piece about himself.

  18. Well, that’s the first actual Scientology graph I’ve seen since I dropped out of management. Since then I have only heard the claims of “unprecedented expansion” with no actual graphs provided to prove it. Great to see DM’s twisted little world shrinking.

  19. I wonder what happens when the Anons find out they can click their way into a way cooler internet coup than what they did earlier?

    A month of “stable data” would certainly be interesting.

  20. Who is BFG?

  21. users come from these countries:

    * 71.4% United States
    * 11.1% Germany
    * 8.2% Australia
    * 3.7% Switzerland
    * 2.0% United Kingdom users come from these countries:

    * 24.6% India
    * 20.7% United States
    * 8.8% Pakistan
    * 2.8% Japan
    * 2.5% Italy

  22. BFG stands for Blown for Good, aka Marc Headley.

  23. Hey OSA, I think it’s time for another stat push. Time to hire some Indians to show everyone how: “The Church is not just expanding, it is exploding!”
    -Tommy Davis

  24. Thank you to Marc.
    The Church’s little word is shrinking.

  25. Two points of curiosity:

    1. It’s surprising that the UK percentage isn’t higher in the first batch. The Germans and Swiss speak other languages, though many people can read English.
    2. Where the hell did India, Pakistan and Japan come from in the second batch? Maybe they’re targeting those countries with extra ads? Maybe so.

  26. Or hiring “click monkeys” where labour’s cheap.

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