A lot of the repeated comments on this blog trying  to justify DM’s atrocities with LRH policies from the sixties would be purely academic if they weren’t so accusative and invalidative.

I recently audited a person on the Happiness Rundown, one of the last undisputably LRH directed and approved Rundowns of his lifetime.  It was his last major signature technical contribution before the DM purges began and all communications to and from LRH became filtered through DM’s murky lens.

The Rundown is designed to assist a person to comfortably and naturally apply what LRH considered humankind’s most valuable virtues. They are enumerated in Precept Twenty of The Way to Happiness.  LRH called them the “positive version of the Golden Rule.”

The end product of the Happiness Rundown is to garner a person’s understanding that he or she should treat others with:



Good Sportsmanship


















While I watched another person come to an understanding of how the practice of those virtues would make that person happy and those in his vicinity happy and would make the world a better place in which to live, it occured to me that virtually all abusive practices of the church and its members that we have discussed on this board are in direct opposition to a number of these virtues.

I suggest that if those practicing Scientology attempted to exemplify these virtues, heretofore unseen gains from the subject would be routinely attainable, and lastingly maintainable.  I also believe that if independent Scientologists gave importance to these virtues in their lives, the subject would never again fall into the hands of a monopoly that would use it in a reverse manner to subjugate and denigrate others.

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  1. Independent Scientologists do give importance to those points above. WE became independent because of that reason itself, we saw the subject betray itself at the hands of DM and his goons.

    There are Independent networks popping up in the UK, Australia, the US and in every other major Scientology hub. BUT this is NOT like before, we are the real deal now.

  2. Thank you for this post.

    Contemplating an environment such as this would be creates a feeling of exhileration!

  3. Hear hear! We may have lost the Orgs as “Islands of Sanity”, but we can just go ahead and create those islands where we are. People of good will recognize and value these characteristics.

    Marty, I wonder if you could comment on the change in the definition of resposibility that occured on the TR’s with Clay Table auditing course? How did all of this Not-Is-Ness get tangled up with a very simple concept?

    “New” definition of responsibility:
    “The nonrecognition and denial of the right of intervention between oneself and any being, idea, matter, energy, space, time or form, and the assumption of full right of determination over it.”

    Seems more like the definition of a self-installed service facsimile to me.

  4. This has obviously not been run on DM….lol.
    It’s pretty funny talking to Scientologists still “in”. They really think all the viciousness is from individuals other than DM. What they don’t realise is it’s all started FROM DM.
    A win is a win, I’m just glad to see fewer and fewer people supporting DM’s version of Scientology.

  5. ” But the fruit of the spirit is love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control. Against such things there is no law. ”

    Galatians 5:22

    Sometimes great men do think alike.

  6. You are absolutely spot on Marty. If these virtues were practiced Scientology could not fail, in any way, at any time. And it would be impossible for a dictator to come to or maintain power.

    In very much the same way that if all Scientologists lived by the Auditor’s Code and the Code of a Scientologist (the very definition of a Scientologist) a similar result would occur.

    This is all a matter of practice — what we do in our lives on a daily basis — something we can help each other with, as you indeed helped me on this very point recently, for which I thank you.

  7. Tom, I remember when LRH wrote this definition. It was for the TRs Clay Table Processing he developed in 1979 which debugged TRs students. I can vouch for its authenticity as LRH. I can also vouch for his Personal Integrity essay. If it’s not true according to your own observation, then it’s not true.

  8. Disgruntled Scientologist

    Hi Marty,

    I’ve been visiting this site daily to check for news. Actually since I’ve been visiting your site, I resumed listening and reading LRH. This article made my day. Thank you!

  9. Thanks for that Joe. If it is offered in the same spirit as the Code of Honor (ie: assumed of ones own free will and unenforceable otherwise) then I have no issue with it per se. Unfortunately, I did see some “ethics terminals” take it into the enforce band, and use it to the detriment of others. If there is something to learn here, it is that context matters. And that context is lacking within the current orthodoxy.

    Thanks again.

  10. I agree that following the precepts of the WTH would result in increased and stable gains from the study and application of Scientology.

    I found great wins auditing and being audited on the Happiness Rundown.

    I have found that it provides stable datums for handling life. Those who have not grasped this material seem to spend a lot of effort trying to control their interaction with others.

    One can quickly handle difficulties by seeing which precepts are out and working out how to get them in.

    Rereading the WTH material occasionally may reveal departures from the Ideal Scene and prompt one to take appropriate action.

  11. Great points Marty.

    If DM cannot apply the WTH himself what hope does the group have of surviving?


  12. Love you dearly for this post.

  13. Yo, Marty, on a scale of 1 to 10, how happy are ya?

  14. I truly believe that in a successful life you value good virtues (as above) and disregard the very human, flawed people who authored the concepts (including L. Ron Hubbard).

    I believe that in Christianity, Judaism , Hinduism and Scientology (with LRH at his best – ignoring all the crap that he was also spilled out) you address a deity that embodies the virtues as above whereas in e. g. Islam and DM -Scientology you address a fascistic – dogmatic ideology – in other words you do what you’re told to do – no questions asked!

  15. Tom,
    Is your concern the fact the definition does not contain a defined purpose of said right of determination?
    From that viewpoint I see that it would be missing the fundamental ethics judgement point of “Based on the greatest good for the greatest number of dynamics”. Or one of the principles, which I do not have to hand, of an auditor intending to help the preclear.
    I am a little confused on that point. Illogic: ommitted data.

  16. Unless of course it includes self-determinism being senior to responsibility, but that too would be an illogic: added inapplicable datun.

  17. Marty,
    The more I understand the more I realize how one creates one’s life, in all of it’s aspects and just how powerful that ability to create is.

    At the Int Base there was a ‘culture’, a ‘group agreed’ creation, by contagion I suppose, of something violent, hateful, suspicious, withheld, defensive, afraid, mixed with the postulates of well-intentioned beings for a positive world of truth, happiness and success in a civilization without war, criminals and insanity.

    That painful dichotomy of hope springing eternal dashed by conflicting ‘reality’. Reality is only agreement and what I think is happening is the agreement on the twisted reality of that place, spread far and wide, is losing contributions. It’s losing agreement and what’s replacing it is the agreement of beings aspiring to the ideals you’ve enumerated. Those are the ideals that spring eternal in men’s breasts. Those are the life in those hearts.

    When I used to go to church on Sunday, those were the ideals I vowed to live closer to in daily life. They were what I see when I read the words of the wisest of men. They are what I find in Scientology.

    They are still there as alive as ever, and today with new breath.

    Thank you for breathing your life in to them and for all who do so. I will do my best to add to that creation.

  18. I agree with what you have brought up Marty.
    I have also found going through data on help, failed help, overts, leaving etc (Listed out in pr-havingness scale) is a valuable tool too.
    My biggest charge came from times when I realised help just wasn’t possible in the org, or when betrayal occured. Intending to harm or just not really caring while stating it was all in the name of help or the greatest good cut me to the bone.
    Its really good to 2 way comm any of those experiences, thanks for opening up the comm lines Marty.

  19. Another Surfer

    From this “Wog’s” viewpoint, the “end product” of the “Happiness Rundown” as written here, by you, Mark (Marty?), seems to be self-evident.

    At least, in my experience of life, these cognitions that are listed here are things I have known since as early as I can remember. And that tracks back to when I was 18 months old. I cannot believe I am the only person who knew these things at that age.

    I did not have to study the writings of Hubbard to discover this reality.

    While I celebrate other folks coming to this “cognition,” I submit to you that so very many of us came to it on our own.

    Or — this gives me pause — am I deluded? Are most humans, who are being, not cognizant of these realities? It seems like common sense to me.

    I thank you for this blog, for speaking your mind, for taking a stand.

    Seriously, and with respect,

    Another Surfer

  20. Dear Sir, The Natural forces of rightesnous and Justice seem to be forming and getting Critical mass now. You sir seem to be one of the ankers to whom Scientoligists look for in these enturbulated times. That gives you a great responsibilty. My God, I am very exited to see that the Non OT ! Cameraman is now being ridiculed by “public” scientoligists. Finaly the group is going towards putting the Ethics into DM.

    Looking at your list of virtues I must say I do not see anything that is different from what my parents thought me,. It all seems common sense to me. But hey I live in the Netherlands. I do not have to deal with the cold reality of everyday American Socïety.

  21. Amen Marty!

    Gimme some of dat ol’ time religion!!!!

    Before the Church of CIAology 🙂

  22. What a brilliant point Marty. Thank you for this post! It’s so true.

  23. Good stuff, as usual Marty. Does anybody else know about the L10 delivery requirements? The auditor needs to receive L10 before he can deliver it to others, to do otherwise is classified as High Crime. Perhaps DM can pretend not to know this, but at the FSO this High Crime is being committed every day in the Ls HGC. If you don’t believe it, find out for yourself. Ask how many of the CL XII auditors still alive and auditing, have completed their L10?

  24. Are you Martin Gibson from Germany, specifically Stuttgart (if my memory’s correct)?

  25. “The real function of a spiritual friend is to insult you.”

    – Chogyam Trungpa Rinpoche – Bringer of Tibetan Buddhism to the US, heavy drinker and known adulterer

    Thanks for letting me post here. I wish you well. Goodbye.

  26. Theo Sismanides

    8008 is now what we are after. The 8 of this physical universe including the CIAology Church of Miscavige is gone and it’s down to 0 for us all. And then we are starting form the 0 of our own universe moving on up a little Higher to our Own Universe.

    Marty thank you for bringing the subject of Scientology back to us. Keep your foot on that path, man.

  27. Theo Sismanides

    CIAology, LOL, yes RJ, thank you, I was looking for an appropriate name for them!

  28. No, but I may have put that down as an address for a joke when I had to fill in yet another name/address/case level/phone number/training level/anything else you would like the c/s to know etc etc

  29. I was fortunate enough to get the Happiness Rundown in the early 80’s. It’s an amazing action. I remember having one of those cogs (about the 8th dynamic) that just leaves you speechless. Highly recommended.

  30. Himey,
    What I noticed at the base was a valence that did not exist and never could exist but was held up as an ideal SO member and towards which everyone was expected to progress and eventually become with a TM of NOW! It was a valence made up primarily of the harshest LRH FOs on ethics and was someone who could work 24/7, never take a day off (or take a dump either for that matter), was dead serious all the time and lived only for getting in ethics and producing on post. The valence was what base staff thought that the ideal SO member would be and was created by one and all and then put there as the measuring stick by which everyone would be found wanting. Of course we all know the one who tried hardest to emulate it and now that it’s disappearing–oy vay!

  31. HRD and ARC S/W were two actions that give me a lot of wins, increased awareness and abilities.

    In the other side, as an HRD auditor, I personally see a lot of changes in a lot of people going through this RD.
    It gives a lot of pro survival common sense and kindness to the person.
    One tool of the HRD for example would be very usefull to disintegrate the “learned tech” by contagion rather than the one learned by reading a writing of LRH.
    Is the false Data Stripping Tech.
    Imagine the ammount of “tech” accumulated by SO members and scientologists learned because “they see other doing that so it must be OK”.

    Just pointing it out…

    This handling would help one or two scientologist to reach happiness.

    Roberto Sánchez Núñez

  32. Thanks for the reminder, Marty.

    I received the Rundown at the Pilot stage in the early 80’s and it was one of the best actions I ever had which completed any set ups needed for my Solo levels.

  33. @bunkai — and to any who might have been confused by his post.

    It’s dangerous to the extreme, as Marty has pointed out, to post out of context pithy quotes or not provide enough information. For example if the definition of a spiritual friend has been provided, then the statement by Trungpa could have some pertinence and meaning.

    This post left me wondering IF the author wanted us to view DM as a spiritual friend? or what was his/her point.

    To which I might say — DM is NOT a spiritual friend by any definition of the term I am aware of but rather is more the type of person the buddha would say one should stay away from – and walk the path ALONE rather than with someone like him.

    In any case, a vital point in communication is making oneself clear, doing ones best not to be misunderstood and basically just having the other person in mind when communicating.

    On the whole, this blog provides the opportunity to do this — is intelligently moderated (thanks Marty) and most all posters strive to be clear, uplifting and kind.

    I honestly appreciate this so much.

    Thank you.


  34. Courage
    “Courage could be summed up in: one, being willing to cause something and two, going ahead to achieve the effect one has postulated against any and all odds. There doesn’t happen to be any such thing as failure. There just doesn’t happen to be any such thing.

    “But of course, you all want to agree there’s such a thing as failure so that you can have a reason to fail so you won’t have to be cause. That’s another thing. But there isn’t any reason to fail. There’s no excuse for any failure that ever occurred any place in history, except this–except this: There was just not quite enough carry-through and push-through.

    “You can mark the high tide of any empire or of any army in any period in the history of Homo sapiens and you’ll find out somebody, someplace on that track was deficient in guts. And when he was, he lost the whole track. There isn’t even such a thing as ‘carrying on too long in one direction toward the postulated effect.’ There isn’t even that. There isn’t even such a thing as ‘there are too many odds.’ That doesn’t exist. Nor there isn’t such a thing as saying, ‘Well, what I postulated was unreasonable and therefore I have to abandon that goal now because it was unreasonable,’ and so forth.”

    13 Dec 1952 – Standard Operating Procedure

  35. Harold L. Ikes

    I decided to visit this site tonight and lurk as I tend to do. ( I like the site and everything I’ve read hereon, it’s just that I have the obvious trepidations — like jumping into the 12′ end of the pool when your own height is but four.)

    This made my day.

    I’m not terribly familiar with the HRD — have not studied it and never delivered it. More, never received it.

    But that list of virtues was just wonderful to read — over and over and over.

    I didn’t even get upset at the troll posts.

    Thanks very much.

  36. I suggest adding Humor as a category — and ignoring the Jokers & Degraders policy as something LRH dashed off on a bad day. 😉

  37. Sorry for the confusion WH. The purpose of my quote relates to the first paragraph of Marty’s post.

    People just want to make sure the abuses stop. Many people believe that the issues DM brings to the front started with LRH policy. DM just went stronger, faster and harder in these views.

    The harsh commentary after the teacher’s name is to simply point out that spiritual teachers even of such high caliber can have issues in life.

    Marty seems to be saying that DM’s issues are not a result of LRH policy. The party line I hear him forming is “LRH wasn’t perfect but what he did worked.”

    In other words “Scientology was just fine as it was in the 70s.”

    And now that I know that is the established party line, there is no point in trying to reframe it any other way.

    ARC everybody. Take care.

  38. @ Anonymous :Thats the reference I was looking for. I just loved it when I read this the first time. Thank you for putting it here.
    Re HRD – this was my first auditing I got in 87 and it brought so many things in order in my life.
    And I´m very happy to have this forum – also Geir´s and Scientology Cult to bring more order in my life especially on 3rdDy

  39. I did the Happiness Rundown. I saw qnd still see that, like the Code of Honor, one cannot use the points unconditionally in Scientology. That’s the prblem for many . We have these things but their use is oppressed. Perhaps those Scientology policies DM uses to harm others would have changed, had LRH done the HRD himself.
    You are missing the point of many of these post by people you feel are attacking what you. They are posts written from a POV based on their recovered freedom to seek and know truth and stand up to what is seem as propaganda and reasonableness by some of the post comments on your blog.
    I recently corresponded with someone and I want to share with you, Marty, my explanation of the evolution of a former member of scientology and why some see things differently than another. You might get something out of this.

    “I liken the reconciling of ones past in scientology to the peeling of layers off of an onion. Just when you’ve removed one layer, another more tedious one appears. Despite all the best of intentions, many of us became embedded by our loss of integrity and poor choices as we went along. The consequences, beyond our own universes, may have never dissolved, although they might appear to because we aren’t looking to them. We may be able to pick and choose who we want to reconcile with, because we have that freedom, but that does not make the unseen go away.

    By peeling the layers off one by one in an effort to come to peace with the past, we have no choice but to eventually face those consequences because they are real and have impacted the lives of others. That’s just the nature of the beast. Some have more layers to peel than others. Some had more responsibility upon their shoulders than others because they had more power or their actions effected more people. My hope is that Marty and Mike Rinder both humbles themselves to the more uncomfortable but necessary past effects that are sure to pop up as they speak up. Reconciliation and peace can be had as each layer is seen and then peeled off. The basic nature of good people is to see justice. To forgive and be forgiven takes a willingness to accept the consequences of ones actions and those of others. It’s not an easy task but it’s a necessary one if one wants to make a change.”

    The reply was
    Wow! I get it. How true that is! Maybe in a wierd way it like the auditing concept of “handling only that which you can confront”. As time goes on you can face up to more and more of the “now unseen casualties” as you put it, only then to discover you have more of the same (or worse) to face up to.

    No doubt, for some that will be a longer “road to hoe” than others. But it does need to be done for all concerned to move forward in positive way. The emotional damage that has been done by or on behalf of Scientology is sickening. What has been done is a good start but there is a long way to go.”

  40. martyrathbun09


  41. The danger of this enterprise of yours, Marty, is that you’ll pull in all kinds of disaffected terminals whose goals and purproses don’t align, leading to ARCxs.

    It’s A=A in the extreme to say, DM has corrupted Scientology, therefore LRH is at fault for creating Scientology because Scientology allowed DM to do what he has.

    It reminds me of the banks – if you’ll forgive my play on words – which were criminally irresponsible in mortgage lending (and knew it), then when the whole facade came tumbling down decided that lending was the cause and so stopped lending.

    One more thing: all this claptrap about the evils of Scientology is just that.

    If LRH had come up with only Flying Ruds – just this one small action – the world would be as sane as it’s ever been.

    This is powerful stuff, and it’s good stuff.

  42. Well said Mary

  43. Huckleberry, you may be perceiving the comments by others to be this way:

    “It’s A=A in the extreme to say, DM has corrupted Scientology, therefore LRH is at fault for creating Scientology because Scientology allowed DM to do what he has.”

    but that is just not true. FYI, it’s also A=A , and a generality by the way, to place all the blame for everything wrong with scientology on DM.

    The reality is that there are other points of view and to deny they exists is narrow minded and likened to be surfac’y.

    We all agree that DM is a tyrant. Instead of arguing with others about the points of disagreement and different points of view about Scientology, the emphasis should be on acknowledging the disagreements and then working together on points of agreement and how we can get the tyrant out of his place of control in the church.

    For example, Members of the Catholic church are joining in to speak up about the Sea Org practice of enforced abortion. That is a good thing. To disagree with and then name call members of the Catholic church because they voice disagreement with the church tenets while sharing a common ground about this important issue of abortion is counter productive.

    Calling ex members whose anti scientology beliefs he disagrees with “haters” or ‘workers of DM’ is ignorant and counter productive.
    When the disagreements pop up, they should be acknowledged and addressed as needed and then back to the points of agreement. There are by far more agreements than disagreements because there are many shared realities ex members have. To ignore the experiences, the opinions and the beliefs of others is to ignore many of the the Way To Happiness precepts, resulting in an unhappy and contentious situation. A good leader accepts responsibility for the good and the bad thqat happens in a group and takes action to bring the group together. There were terrible group engrams and injustices done to many by many – not just DM – and ignoring them or invalidating them is not going to gain support or help change matters in the church.

  44. Joey,
    I know the valence you’re talking about. I looked in vain for it in any F.O. at one point as I was wondering to myself, ‘what sort of hidden standard is this?’.

    In Gold, we had at least 3 musters a day, usually 4-5, and we’d get ‘uniform inspections’. Pat Gualteri was over my department and he’d come back to check me out. I’d have a growth of beard on my face because I’d not had time to shave that morning. He’s look at it, and I’d say ‘growing a beard’. He’d smile and move on. Next day I’d be shaven, he’d look and I’d smile and say ‘didn’t like the beard’. This went on in alternation for months. I’d always smile and he did too.

    Since I played drums I would have ‘special dispensation’ to wear shoes that were appropriate to work with. These were tennis shoes usually as the clunky uniform shoes didn’t work for me. I’d show up for muster in either blues or whites, impeccable, until you got to my sneakers. Hah!

    There was that cute blonde that was WDC Gold MAA, a Swiss girl, maybe German or Austrian and one day I was out side the spa having a coffee and a Camel, before post. She came up to me in a huff and asked ‘What are you doing!?’

    I responded by showing her the smoke and the coffee, without saying anything. She blurted out ‘that’s not professional!’

    I thought about it, looked her in the eye and with a smile said ‘of course it is, I’m a professional and I’m doing it’.

    LRH wrote an ED for Cine that commented that it was not right to try and ‘regiment an artist’. I am an artist, even in life as an art, and I had a tremendous amount of fun with that idea. Of course, I was found guilty of an SP act for doing such, to wit, wearing jeans and sneakers to load gear on a truck for a gig. There was a ‘messenger’ that didn’t care for that, and he was one of those who foisted off that hidden standard valence you spotted.

    The valence is like LRH says in the Clearing Congress films about an ‘evil being’, ‘doesn’t exist’ in any real way. Guys trying to be this non-existent valence are having a hell of time in life.

    Me, well, I’m having a blast being anything I want to be. Or not.

  45. Are haters the new SPs?

    I ask because I know when I was in Scn I used to label people. He’s 1.1, she’s PTS, he’s a db, she’s
    an OT.

    I’m tired of all these labels.

    People have different points of view and for that I’m quite thankful.

  46. Theo Sismanides

    Mary, thank you for the comment. I agree with you and though I am in Greece I feel I can take action on ethics and PR. I did 6 TV shows on Greek TV about Scientology and got raving comments, and just said I am not on either side, neither the church nor the government. People like that I was just pushing a philosophy for people.

    That the members of the Catholic Church are joining in to speak up about enforced abortions is a great thing. At least there is someone who is about to speak up. IF we are a team, if we have some idea of how people feel about being thrown out of the SO and SCN then we should do something. We, not just the Catholic Church. Or we can do it VIA a church which is at least recognized, we aren’t a church as independents and we did not intend to be, anyway.

    This is what I meant by making an Org Board to oust DM. Collecting info and taking some action.

    Do you have an link on that info about the catholic church?

    I really liked your perspective and I am happy that you are around. Keep it up. Thanks a lot.

  47. Theo, Hello! (γειά σου! )

    There is a current effort within the Catholic community to bring attention to the forced abortion issue. This is why there are planned radio discussions on the topic of Catholics decrying scientology’s forced abortion.

    Here are some recent media and Catholic outlets bringing attention to the matter. Some are in french because they are Canadian, so I provide the English articles that discuss the original, which have the original. Hope this helps.

    Scientology Religious ‘Order’ called ‘Sea Orgs’ Forced Abortions on Members

    FOR GREAT JUSTICE: Cardinal Ouellet’s rumored move to the Vatican and Catholic Church – Scientology relations

    FOR GREAT JUSTICE: Cardinal speaks on Scientology a second time; defends Anonymous’ right to free speech

    A Catholic Call to Arms: Coerced Abortions in Scientology

    Marian Catholic Family Forum – Forced Abortion and The Church Of Scientology

    Catholics discover that Scientologists are forced by Scientology to have abortions.

    “1st Amended COMPLAINT – Laura A”
    Former Scientologist Plaintiff was ordered to terminate these pregnancies by forced abortions

    Lastly, there is Larry Brennan’s new appeal here to all women who were on staff in organized scientology who had coerced abortions.
    “Forced abortions in organized scientology – what to do”

    Thank you so much for you kind comments and for your efforts. ( Σας ευχαριστώ πολύ για τις παρατηρήσεις σας για το είδος και τις προσπάθειές σας. )

  48. @theo sismanides

    here is a link to catholic church

  49. I believe that most people agree with these virtues. They seem so right to me. Times when a person does not display these are times when they are below the line. These virtues are virtues of decency.

  50. “you address a deity that embodies the virtues as above whereas in e. g. Islam and DM -Scientology you address a fascistic – dogmatic ideology”
    It’s not very nice to compare the worlds fastest growing religion with Miscaviges cult.

    The Way To Happiness
    18. Respect The Religious Beliefs of Others

  51. This was a very nice post.

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