East Grinstead, Sussex, England Independent

My name is Martin Padfield and this is a declaration of Independence as a scientologist.

I first did some Div 6 actions in London in 1981, and had huge and momentous gains from them, including Self-Analysis done turnabout, and some HAS co-audit. DMSMH was a revelation too and I thought “this is it!”. I joined the Sea Org from ’82 – ’87, and left my mutual consent. My SO career had its ups and downs including a year on the RPF at Int, but largely was a positive, if exhausting, experience. The highlight was probably running up the SHF tech area to levels not seen since since LRH was running the show.

After being off lines for a few years I decided to pay off my freeloader and try and get up the Bridge as public. After getting myself through some lower Bridge it seemed to be a lot of effort and hugely expensive so I thought I  must be doing it wrong. I went to the Ship in 1993 to try and get de-bugged, but it still didn’t seem to happen somehow. In 2001 right after getting married I went to Flag with my new wife and paid for 50 hours case cracking on the advice of my FSM. To my surprise the first session began with the words “I’m not auditing you”. And despite queries and not a little protest the next started the same way, and so on till all the hours were used up. I left Flag deflated and demoralised. I kind of rationalised it as I must have “pulled it in” somehow.

My wife did some lower Bridge and in 2003 I went to the ship again to try and get debugged. Still, it was just a struggle afterwards. I was spending money hand over fist on IAS projects, the Superpower building, new releases, various campaigns and so on, but I was concluding that it just wasn’t going to happen for me for whatever reason. My wife observed that it was uncomfortable going onto study because of the intense pressure to donate money, put in more hours than she could (what with a new baby and all), and that got me wondering where had the fun gone, and why didn’t I disseminate any more? And the only answer I could come up with was that I did not want anybody that I liked to have similar experiences to mine, or my wife’s. If I couldn’t get standard tech, with all my background and all, what chance would new selectees have? Somewhere between zero and none I think.

However being a loyal Scientologist I continued to contribute where I could and started on the Basics. I did a few courses and then ran into DMSMH again. Well, first of all, I got it the first time. Secondly, after 28 years I still wasn’t Clear, and didn’t want to go round the whole circle for another 28 years. I thought again about the 2001 Flag experience and couldn’t get answers from anyone at the Org – though I tried – or my FSM, so I started looking online for answers. Where was the ED Int, where was Heber, who I had a huge affinity for from Portland days; in fact where was the Exec Strata LRH clearly demanded; where was the Universe Corps getting staff up the Bridge…and where were all my donations going? The answers I found were shocking and yet a massive relief at the same time. I knew instinctively that something terrible had happened to my Church, and now I saw it laid out in perfect clarity. There were tears, there was anger, but overwhelmingly there came a sense that I had to do something about it. (After all, something CAN be done about it!)

The final tipping point was the Tampa Bay Truth Rundown videos of Marty, “Jackson” who I also knew from my uplines days, Steve and the others. I know my Tone Scale and I know when some one is lying and when they are not. These testimonies told me all I needed to know; there is a terrible cancer at the very top of the Org Board. There has been suppression of scientology and senior Scientologists in the most sinister way imaginable. Actually beyond imagination – I felt physically sick when I saw how the suppression played itself out on Int staff. The additional data on the scientology-cult site was priceless and I just want to say publicly, Steve and the contributors, you have done an unbelievable job there, because when you get the whole story it just blows charge left, right and centre. You guys are role models for free thinkers everywhere.

I don’t know how this is all going to play out, but this much I know for sure: my fellow Scientologists  here in the UK MUST know the truth. What they do with it is up to them, but they have to get the data first. I went to see a UK OSA terminal and his answer was “read this Freedom magazine”. I’m sorry, but that just doesn’t do it. 80 pages of PR and Tommy Davis saying (paraphrasing) “Yes, there were dozens of violent acts at Int but DM is Snow White and a Peacemaker”. It is insulting, frankly, to be asked to swallow such nauseating lies and propoganda, the sort of stuff you would more usually associate with Stalinist Russia in the darkest days of the cold war. I asked for stats – none were forthcoming. The stated purpose of the Sea Org is to get ethics in on the planet. The bizarre inversion that  has taken place now means top RTC/SO execs need to have their ethics put in from outside!

Everywhere you look in the David Miscavige brand of Scientology there seems to be conflict: the OSA PR machine is in conflict with the independent media and whole sections of the Internet; DM is in constant conflict with top execs, and probably everybody else around him apart from wealthy celebrities; OSA is in conflict with the Independent field; org staff, under pressure, are in conflict with unwilling public demanding ever more “donations”; and now public are being asked to be in conflict with other public – by means of disconnection etc – who have had the temerity to express disquiet at the current scene! (Tempting to think let’s all colloquially sit down over a nice cup of tea…but not before justice is seen to be done)

I recognise that there is every likelihood contents of my ethics or PC folders will be used to nullify and denigrate me now, and I will take that risk. I haven’t always been a shining example of what a Scientologist should be, let me be the first to admit that. But anybody in the UK reading this, don’t forget – DISCONNECTION IS CANCELLED. Tommy said so himself on national TV. So do get in touch if you wish, whatever my “official” status will be from now on. I want to help put things right. Continuing to operate on wrong data is not going to make that possible.

OSA – if you try and bring any pressure on my family or friends or start black-PRing me I will take a VERY dim view of that. Any/all instances of such will be made available for all to see.

Until such time as The Church becomes what LRH intended I am henceforth an Independent Scientologist.

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  1. Excellent post. Thank you for taking a stand.

  2. Martin, First of all, thanks for sharing your story. Reading between the lines there must have been a lot of disappointment along the way and I have to say that you’ve done the British tradition of “stiff upper lip” proud today. I look forward to future postings from you so that others can get a glimpse of the large measure of good humor that I’ve been fortunate to see. It’s great to consider you a friend. Again, welcome.

  3. Mr. Padfield,

    Wow!! Sorry you had to do this but I respect you for it. I just read your comm and again, WOW!! The following was prepared earlier so sorry if it doesn’t tie in exactly to yours.

    Dear Mr. Rathbun,

    I see Headley’s ‘Blown For Good’ book is now on Barnes & Noble. Not yet on Amazon. While this book, per your Forward, looks interesting, I want to say that I do not like the sub-title “Behind the Iron Curtain of Scientology” as it is an attack on Scientology and thusly reinforces these anti-Scn nut jobs e.g. Anonymous, etc. I do not want my religion destroyed; I want it totally on the rails and expanding.

    Your writing to expose DM (while still maintaining your belief in Scientology and LRH) have encouraged me to consider the need to support, or at least agree with, a movement to reinstate sanity at the top ranks of our church’s management (assuming what you and others write is true – it does feel that way).

    I agree that the negative actions attributed to DM are a violation of some Human Rights which is totally contrary to what LRH stood for. It needs to be rectified. However, I also recognize that we are not looking at Genghis Kahn here, or Hitler, or Jim Jones. People are not being permanently maimed or killed. One can get over minor duress (we’re not talking POWs here or the Holocaust).

    Scientology cannot, and I am fairly sure will not, be destroyed (unless of course DM has already sold out and/or is being run by some unknown people). What LRH provided for us is way too valuable. So, somehow, this madness has to get resolved for the benefit of mankind. It is nice that you, Pierre et al provide services. It seems to help, so that is good. But it does not seem organized and does not promote the movement to get the religion of Scientology more widely accepted. Obviously we need and must have a sane, effective organization run by sane, effective, OT, brilliant and well-trained executives who know how to lead others (without physical duress) who grow LRH’s philosophy.

    I am one (of many, I’m sure) who are following this drama from the sidelines. I am not ready, nor am I inclined, to stand up and protest. Not that I care that much for myself, but I really want to be around to help, however I can, my religion do good things to help people. I have too many friends who are still involved and I really like their company. Some are not even aware that this drama is unfolding on the internet. And I am quite sure that very few S.O. members have any clue (which is another topic altogether as these S.O. members, when regging their public, do not realize what they’re up against).

    Somehow things have to get resolved such that the trademarks, owned by RTC, are under the ownership and control of REAL Scientologists who are headed up by a sane executive who is a Social Personality, who is bright, energetic and wisely manages our church so that our religion expands, gets accepted universally, and continues to help and do good for others. And of course, we want a leader who can get and RETAIN talented executives who lead and help expand our religion by providing bright, intelligent and effective evals/programs (which, apparently, currently are non-existent – I smell SP!). I don’t see this resolution occurring by bunches of Scientologists quitting but I really don’t know what it will take.

    I’ve had the privilege of meeting Tom DeVocht and seeing him in action – he is a great guy. But few people outside of the S.O. even know who he is. Mike Rinder, on the other hand, is better known. I have seen him in action and he also appears to be a great guy. One can’t help noticing that neither of them (even though they are both already declared) has made any public comments – written or video.

    I have never met you Mr. Rathbun but I have definitely heard of you, I did see you one time in dress blues (you looked very impressive) and I was aware that you were IG Ethics at one time. But most outside the S.O. never heard of you until you came out with your blog. And other than that, I am only minimally aware of some of these others who have come out in opposition to DM.
    So one could wonder why so many S.O. staff have remained in the S.O. e.g. ED Int Guillaume LeServe, Senior C/S Int & Class XII Ray Mithoff, RTC Exec & Class XII Greg Wilhere, co-founder of Sterling Management Greg Hughes, former CO CMO CW Angie Blankenship, CO CMOI – the former Jenny DeVocht, former WDC FSO Mark Ingber, former CO CMOI Marc Yager, Trustee Norman Starkey, former DM Assistant & wife Shelly Miscavige, CO FLB Debbie Cook, IAS Executive Janet Lighthouse, President CSI Heber Jentsch, President ABLE Rena Wineburg, LRH’s daughter Diana Hubbard, former Senior C/S Int & Class XII John Eastment, etc etc. I don’t think any of them are in handcuffs or locked up in a prison. It’s really hard to believe that any of these good, tough people could be crushed mentally by a 5’ 5” runt.

    And what is this “you forfeit your eternity” stuff. What staff do you know, WHILE on staff, ever made it up to OT VIII? I recall one. Do you remember when it was considered miraculous when Mat Pesch attested to OT VII (he’d joined staff as raw public). Very few staff ever get there – not even close. Some of the points that need to be rectified are: ALL staff get up the Bridge; EVERY S.O. member gets (read LRH’s S.O. contract) a 3-week vacation EVERY year (it’s been many, many years since that happened), and EVERY S.O. member gets a full (not partial or no) day off from post to enjoy Sea Org Day EVERY year – not when DB (sorry, that was a typo but I decided to leave it – I meant DM) deems it suitable.

    I do now wonder if all of the horrid details I have read were true regarding: ex-Senior C/S & Class XII David Mayo, ex-RTC Head Vickie Aznaran, ex-ED Ints Kerry Gleason and Bill Franks, et al. Your comments about Pat Broeker were fascinating, amazing and enlightening.

    And I do wonder why LRH was not explicit (in writing) about his successor? Or was he, and it got buried? While it was interesting to hear about this “Royal Officer”, it was totally unreal to me as I’d never heard of that post title (which is also the case for the title “COB”). So to have just announced it, with no organizing done before hand, is totally, utterly and incredibly unreal to me. And how the hell could LRH, this super being, not notice, or detect, or be informed, if DM was lying to him! Most odd as LRH could have simply and easily had DM Sec Checked. Why? One wonders what really happened.

    I’ve heard a suggestion that Government intervention could resolve this scene. That not only terrifies me, but I’m sure it is NOT constitutional. Your blog, along with all the attachments, is creating a lot (as in monumental) of heat and may actually cause such a resolution.

    I assume there are some who are hoping for a valid law suit, or some other legal action, that would surface and force DM into court to face his accusers. Else, do you think it is realistic that some qualified body of S.O. veterans could be organized to elect or choose a new head of the Scientology Church? Since the church is made up of several legal entities, are there not multiple, legally required, bodies of officers (Trustees, etc.), who, in their area, are required signatories, who could act?

    Lastly, could you verify/clarify/comment on:
    1. Is it true that local orgs (after successfully raising funds for their Ideal Org building and additionally for a Test Center) do not OWN said buildings themselves? Who will own them?
    2. Does DM have any auditor training beyond Class IV?
    3. What admin training did DM complete?
    4. What is DM’s processing level (Clear, OT III, OT V, OT VIII, higher)?
    5. Is it true that for 15-20 years, DM has not received ANY auditing (including Sec Checks)?
    6. Where is DM’s son (reportedly thrown out of the former Int ranch, many years ago)?
    7. What did DM accept that caused the splashy Eli Lilly suit (1993?) to just be dropped?

  4. Well done Martin! I wish you and your family the best.

  5. martyrathbun09

    Wow, fancy meeting you here. Thanks for speaking up Mat. Do you know Martin? He is a quality person.

  6. Hey Martin,
    I applaud your integrity. I suggest you check out what happened with Bonnie Woods, or maybe even get in touch with her. Seems like you have the same kind of pluck. See:

    Have you considered demanding a refund? A big one with interest? Just asking, because money is the language DM understands best.

  7. Well done! I’ve got started on my biography book. More news on the printing line up to come soon.

  8. Hi there Martin!! Welcome and thank you for your story and for having the courage to stand up and speak your mind. Now you will know what true freedom feels like. I hope the best for you and your family. Your daughter is most precious!

  9. Martin !!!

    Wow. . . the guts and integrity to know what you know and stand up for it. I salute you.

    Rock on, dude!

    Love, Cathy

  10. I’m sure it will quite the story too.

  11. WhatDoesLRHsay


    And yes, document all OSA abuses and smear/whisper campaigns as best as you can. There are others that could brief you on their tactics much better than I, but needless to say: there is nothing that is too low for OSA. They will go after whatever they can: friends, family, your business, income, etc. They don’t care, all they care about is destroying you and destroying anybody who dares to speak out about their crimes.

    Thankfully, there isn’t much they can really do…they’re running out of bullets, and they’re running out of people to shoot those bullets.

    To quote FDR, “The Only Thing We Have to Fear Is Fear Itself”.

  12. Wonderful post Martin. Feels good on this end mate. Nice to have you on the team.

  13. Every person who stands up and speaks out against injustice encourages others to do so. Thank for doing so.
    As I am sure you and the Church know, there are plenty of disaffected members in the UK but almost none that will speak to the Media. I was for example contacted by a TV journalist this year asking for something simple, an ex-member who could guide a film crew around East Grinstead and ‘show them the sights’. I couldn’t help.

  14. Dear Martin,
    Thank you so much for joining us, taking a stand! And thanks for sharing your very personal story and for having fought a good fight.
    And every day from now on you will experience relief and joy from living with the truth — your truth.
    Here is a big hug,
    Mary Jo

  15. Martin thank you for having the courage to do this!!! I am currently moving in the same direction and becoming an active Independent Scientologist. Everyone I have met out here so far, EVERYONE who stands by his/her integrity and has chosen Scientology over “safety”- All have been wonderful people. Thank you again.

  16. Loved your story Martin!

  17. Martin Padfield

    Hi Joe,
    Thanks to you and all others for your warm wishes. Diappointments, yes of course, but this doesn’t feel like the time to be looking back at those. With so many wonderful and intelligent people in this community the future is actually looking bright again. My gratitude and appreciation is to you, Marty, Steve , Sherry, Geir and all others who have, frankly, had more courage and stood up taller and earlier than I.

  18. Andrew Robertson

    A thoughtful and insightful post, Martin. It demonstrates that people can still believe in the principals of Scientology, but insist on retaining their integrity and dignity when the organization betrays them.

    Best regards

    Andrew Robertson

    Wellington, New Zealand

  19. Good job Martin.

  20. It’s great to read your story and to have you officially and publicly on board! I know you are doing a lot to spread the word and that takes guts. Thanks for your contributions, Martin and glad to have you as a friend.

  21. Well actually WDLS the bullets they do fire wind up directly in their feet!

    Speaking of foot bullets 🙂

    Personally, Martin I don’t OSA will go after you, but then again it seems I’ve underestimated their stupidity at times!

    So allow me to recommend some reading, that may help.

    First of all one of OSA’s bibles is James McCarger’s (also published under the pseudonym Christopher Felix) ‘A Short Course in the Secret War’.

    Also I suggest reading the PR Series particularly PR Series 7 ‘Black PR’, PR series 12 ‘Propaganda by Redefinition of Words’ and PR Series 18 ‘How to Handle Black Propaganda’.

    Another good book I also recommend is Paul Linebarger’s Psychological Warfare, which is out of print and hard to find but I wouldn’t doubt that Slappy Dave has it on his book shelf.

    Any way welcome to the Indy Field, Martin!

  22. Hi Martin,
    I’m in London, a near neighbour.
    Been promoting tech outside COS for a decade.

    Maybe we can meet.

    You, or anyone really, are welcome to phone me on 0208-864-4940

    Can call back for free.

    best wishes
    terril [ aka bb]

  23. Good for you, Martin. I hope you begin to enjoy MUCH more success and peace.

  24. Hi Martin.

    Going fully public has a tremendous effect on really reform the church.

    Nothing more threatening that a public, powerful stable terminal in the light.

    Can´t be unmocked.

    There are a lot of us “considering” and “waiting the right moment” to go public. People like you helps us to understand that one of the worst things that can happen to anybody is lack of integrity.

    The Scientologists that are fine with all this beating-disconection-harrassment-superregg-hidestat- way of conducting a church need to read again what a Scientologist is.

    Times MUST change.

    You my friend; are one of the few that are changing them.

    Roberto Sánchez Núñez from León; México.

  25. Hi Martin!!

    It is great to see you have made a stand and are flying your colours at full mast!! Your write up is one of the best I have read.

    We know each other and when the time is right I will hook up with you. For now circumstances require that my flag remain tightly furled … I am sure you understand.

    I look forward to seeing more of your clear thinking and British wit on this site. And I look forward to sharing war stories and cognitions with you in the not too distant future.

  26. Underground For Now

    Love your story Martin. Very well done. Welcome to this group of “Big Boots” One size fits all the Independents.

    We wear these “Big Boots” to help LRH in this hour of great need.

    Best to your and your family. Your daughter is too cute.

    Best, Jack Airey

  27. Hi Martin,

    I don’t know if you will remember me. I was AOSHUK staff from before 1982 up till Jan 1986. Good for you on what you are doing.

  28. Great job Martin!
    You are an inspiration.

  29. Congratulations, Martin! Thank you So much
    for also speaking out. As I said today to someone
    else: “IF everyone who truly was against the abuses of Scientology, including the “tech” being altered, fraud, Fair Game, Families being broken up and they trying to stop free speech—that abuse would be O V E R. Thanks for helping.
    My best wishes to you, and your lovely daughter.
    Tory Christman
    Burbank, CA
    PS: I doubt you’ll have to worry about they posting your PC info: They have *huge* problems all over the world, now.

  30. Hello Martin,

    Thank you for sharing your story! It sounds so much like my spouse and I. We left the SO together late in ’79, connected back up 30 years later looking forward to the Bridge and the fun of being part of the purposeful group again as public, but have been struggling with the CoS culture since then. Your story spoke to both of us quite personally.

  31. Welcome Martin!!! A true heart of oak!

    You know, something you said made me realize I made an error in judgment. All this time I thought the problem was Miscavige and his bunch were total strangers to ARC. Now I realize I was mistaken. They DO have ARC. They just definite it differently. Whereas we assumed ARC = “Affinity, Reality and Communication.” Miscavige defines it “Arrogance, Racketeering and Conflict” which in turn equate to “U”… Unwanted.

    Thanks for helping to clear up this mystery.

  32. Congratulations Martin and welcome to the international network of Independents! Thank you for sharing your story and for standing up for what you believe. Welcome.

  33. Hartley, I would have been very happy to show the TV crew around EG. Still am in fact, so if they still want someone, let me know…

    I am also very willing to speak to the media, but I know what you mean – there seem to be very few UK Scientologists willing to speak out publicly.

  34. Hi Martin,

    Thanks for taking a stand. With each person that does it becomes that much more confrontable for those that are still undercover.

  35. Hello Martin,

    Well done and thank you for having the courage to face up to reality and do something about it.

    As you know, I also had a very tough time progressing up the Bridge and thought that there must be something wrong with me. Well, there probably was, but there was also something very wrong with my church. And when I spoke to other ‘exes’, I found that many of them had felt the same way. It was such a relief to know that I was not alone.

    I hope that your story and declaration will prompt others in the UK to take a good hard look at their situation and whether they want to remain a part of such a suppressive organisation. There are a lot of disaffected public, we need to get them asking the right questions.

    You know you have my support. Good luck.


  36. Martin Padfield

    Who said she was my daughter?!!! Yes, she is just amazing, and busy filling in the blanks in my own education.

  37. Martin Padfield

    That means a lot coming from you, and also Cathy above – thank you. You gals are an inspiration!

  38. Martin Padfield

    GB, I think we have many mutual friends. I have spoken to some, and there is anxiety and seriousness etched on their faces; this is not what being a scientologist should be all about! It will be fun again. During the war…….

  39. Really well done!!!
    But now I need to state my full name as I want to make sure you get all the kudos owing to you. So my name is Martin Gibson, and in future I will be using that.
    Whats in a name, well martin actually is derived from “god of war”, so I think your pan-determined approach is just fitting.

    On behalf of all Martins, Keep up the awesome!!!!

  40. Hi Marti, Terril and GB
    Same message from GB applies to approx 7 more of us waiting quietly in the wings for the most effective hard fast strike we can muster. Thank you for being the standard bearer Martin and a point by which to rally in the UK. I know you too. We’ll talk later. Meanwhile you don’t know who we are and you don’t know what we’re doing. Hope you’re reading OSA – we’re not alone and vulnerable any more.

  41. It’s so nice to see Scientologists grabbing the reins and taking responsibility for cleaning the c of s up.

    I wasn’t sure that I’d ever see that day, but here it is happening right before my eyes.

    Thanks to all for your courage. I was in Scn for 27 years and I know what you’re going through.

    Keep up the good work.

  42. Hi, Martin, ‘Elizabeth’, I had a small discussion on this English blog a while back, regarding the current problems in the church.


    I had to leave it at some point, because I wasn’t getting through, but if you recognize him, could you let him know I am still hoping for his response one day?

    He calls himselve Dave, which I think is his real name. There’s some pictures on his blog, which I suppose are his. I hope you’ll be able to identify him and send him a note…


  43. Martin Padfield

    Hi Elizabeth, you’re right, I don’t know who you are but I can’t wait to talk. I hope the “gang of 7” come forward soon – it’s too lonely here! My direct e mail for anyone wishing to get in touch is martymart47@googlemail.com Discretion assured!

  44. Very intriguing Elizabeth. I’m very glad to hear that there are more Scientologists in the UK who have realised what is going on and want to do something about it.

    In March this year, I went to a gathering of ‘exes’ in Australia, including several OT7s and OT8s, previous EDs of Orgs, top FSMs, chairpersons of OT committees and even some ex-senior Int management terminals. Some had only left the CoS a few months prior to this and were still trying to make sense of everything that had happened to them. In all, several hundred of the ‘top’ Australian and New Zealand public have left, leaving the orgs virtually empty.

    Many were disaffected for quite some time but were often unwilling to speak about their disagreements widely and so never knew just how many others felt the same way. It was only when a couple of Scns began to really look at the facts and honestly investigate what was happening in the CoS and then get others to look as well, that people started leaving en masse.

    So we can see from this that: 1.– There are almost certainly very many Scientologists right here who know that something is very wrong, and 2.– Just a few courageous and persistent OTs can make a huge difference.

    I look forward to big changes happening in the UK very soon.

  45. Patty,
    In my eyes, you are a heroine. You have been unswerving in your determination to take down that nasty, narcissistic dwarf who stole Scientology from the people who built it.

    Whether the official Cof$ can be cleaned up remains to be seen. At this point, I think the most important thing is to salvage and rehabilitate the poor, brainwashed drones in the Sea Org. Poor kids. Did you see this news article?

  46. Hi all,

    I am not a scientologist, nor have I ever been. For the past few years, I’ve been reading about scientology out of curiosity. From what I’ve read, it is obvious to me that those of you who have left after years of dedicated service are to be commended. I can think of few acts braver than leaving all you know for the freedom of the unknown. Our nations forefathers possesed the same spirit and strength of will to create a new world for us all to enjoy. My feeling is if you are stong enough to walk away from scientology staff or the so, you already have what it takes to help others who may be having a hard time with their life. Others may judge, but from me, you will only get RESPECT!!

  47. Thank you, Martin, for coming out and taking a stand.

    For the writer “Tyler” – good for your searching – you are well on the way to getting many things to make sense. You have a lot of good questions and you can find a lot of the answers on the Internet. Keeping on top of sites like Marty’s and other sites he’s given links to will help.

    Thanks to all those strong enough to speak out. I am still afraid to lose my family. I am not young anymore.

  48. Hello OT (well choosen name… 🙂 )

    your letter exactly expresses, what I do think and feel.

    And your questions also those I would have asked.

    I totally agree with you, that we need a strong organization to keep Scientology working. An organzation wich is led on policy with an appropriate checks and balances.

    I am also eager to get the answers on the questions you asked.


  49. ObserverTyler,
    Sounds like you’re thinking with a lot of stuff. Don’t forget the main points, stats, auditor training vs basics and gat, ideal orgs and unusual financial solutions, stats and stats. “The wrong thing to do is nothing.”

    Not every Scientologist needs to speak out, but a few hundred is enough bargaining chips on the table to make the difference and send the stats up and make auditors and make DM step down. If he doesn’t step down then that fate is already decided right now….in that case you have another 30 years of DM or we do something about it. So might as well damn the torpedos. Are you suggesting something else? My only problem with your post is you seem to be OK with DM the stat crasher and squirrel staying on board. Do you really think we could “destroy” scientology? No matter what we did that wouldn’t happen, and that goes for 3d tech too.

  50. Anonymous is putting the Ethics in untill David Miscavige is gone. Not all anonymous agrrees. Because Anonymous is the Internet. The interner GOT mad after the church sencoroting the Tom cruise movie.

  51. Elizabeth // November 10, 2009 at 11:44 am | Reply

    Hi Marti, Terril and GB
    Same message from GB applies to approx 7 more of us waiting quietly in the wings for the most effective hard fast strike we can muster. Thank you for being the standard bearer Martin and a point by which to rally in the UK. I know you too. We’ll talk later. Meanwhile you don’t know who we are and you don’t know what we’re doing. Hope you’re reading OSA – we’re not alone and vulnerable any more.

    Hi Liz,
    Been doing this gig for years. You and friends are welcome to phone or mail. 🙂

  52. Hi Martin,

    excellent on going independent. It is quite a step and needs some courage. Actually there is something nice written from LRH about Courage. Just can´t remember where … Somebody can help?

  53. Thanks Eldon and thanks for the link to that article.

    For some reason there was no “reply” link next to your name, so I’m posting further down the thread.

    I think Marty is providing a “safe place” for Scios (note: Scios is not a term of derision, it’s the abbreviated version of “Scientologist” and is commonly used in Boston).

    It’s a safe place to stop and get your bearings as you start to wake up from the lies.

    The fact that Marty tolerates and allows you and I to post here is a real plus point, imo.

  54. Hi Martin,

    Well done for speaking out.

  55. Clive Whittaker

    Hello Martin, I just saw your write-up. Great. I live in EG area. If you do too then you might email me and we could meet sometime. I was declared in 2000.

  56. “The fact that Marty tolerates and allows you and I to post here is a real plus point, imo.”

    You’re damn right. I also think Marty has done a pretty good job of drawing a line (or gray stripe) between the subject and the official organization.

    One important thing I believe Scios need to get over is this idea that they’re delicate, having experienced “gains” that are are tenuous and needful of periodic rehab or reassurance. I say toughen them up a bit, which won’t be accomplished by Slappy Miscavige’s beatings, but by challenging them with difficult questions.

  57. Martin Padfield

    Hi Elizabeth, could you drop me a line please martymart47@googlemail.com – thanks.

  58. Patrick,
    Dave Stone is also on Twitter.

  59. Dear Starsawait,

    Interesting twist – if what we read herein is true, then of course DM must be handled – either he has to get a Huge cognition or he has to get replaced. It sure looks like what we read herein is true.

    Scientology as a subject, of course, will survive. No question. However, what would be the greatest good for the greatest number is that it survives with a strong supporting organization (aka Sea Org) whose highest echelon (RTC) is sane and ethical. And thus OWNS all the Trademarks.

    The trail could be quite torturous should an independent movement attempt to expand without these Trademarks. Do you have any clue what would happen otherwise: No Advanced Levels, no Freewinds, no Bridge Pubs or NEPI with rights to print [and their printing presses – any idea how big the Bandini (BPI’s) warehouse is?], no CCHR, no Narconon, no Criminon, no TWTH printing rights, no SMI, no ABLE, no WISE, no organized training & cramming & C/Sing, no AOs, no thousands of coordinated, dedicated S.O. staff, no GOLD and their Film/DVD/CD making rights & capabilities, no E-Meter maintenance, etc.

    No, Starsawait, I don’t think a stat crasher and squirrel should stay onboard. I do think that this blog can contribute to bringing enormous pressure that cascades upon our church to correct itself from within such that ownership of those Trademarks is retained.

    We need a powerful, ethical organization headed by a leader who is a sane executive, is a Social Personality, is bright, energetic and wisely manages our church so that our religion expands and becomes universally accepted, and continues to help, and do good, for others; a leader who can get and RETAIN other ethical, talented executives who lead and contribute to expanding our religion by providing bright, intelligent and effective evals and/or programs to the field. Said leader and his/her senior execs should all be OT VIII, a Class XII auditors & C/Ses and OEC/FEBC trained.

    Said organization (Sea Org) then maintains ownership of the Trademarks which thusly gives them the right to continue LRHs’ legacy to do good. If that means DM gets replaced, so be it. Based on what we read herein, as supported by the sheer number of posts herein, it definitely appears to be true which means one way or another DM must be handled, or he must go back to being Broekers’ roommate.

    As I recall, LRH mentions somewhere that someone who is as evil, as DM is depicted to be on this blog, WILL fail — as basically he knows deep inside that he is and he will destroy himself and/or remove himself from doing more harm. Either that, or some force from inside the organization will cause him to either be corrected or be removed from post.

    When that happens, I predict there will be a general internal cleanup, and a mass apology along with a general amnesty will be issued to those that were wrongly declared. And ownership of the Trademarks is maintained by those who can and will best use them for good.

  60. Hi Marty,
    I should have done this earlier.

    I am the main conduit to the Independant/FZ field. Don’t know how to send my picture.
    Computer dummy.

    You may not like the other FZ URLs here, you’ve not seemed keen on them in the past,
    and are welcome to delete them. However, I’m
    the best person around to connect people up to techies.


    I’ve been promoting TECH outside COS for near on a decade. In the face of much opposition. We have several private Yahoo FZ forums. Safe places, but they, and all the promotion I’ve done on scientology related forums have not reached all the people here and on Geir’s forum. And I know most of the high trained people who still do tech outside COS.

    This idea of public pro tech forums is new. And seems to be very successfull. Its rather sad that they have to be continually moderated, but that is a cross as independant FZ scientologists we must bear and deal with.

    In theory I can connect anyone globally with tech terminals. Lol! You live in LA no problemo.

    In Alabama? Difficult. However Ken Urquhart is willing to travel so its not completely hopeless.

    Below I quote a post I made broadly about a
    personal integrity program created by one who did class VIII under LRH. Mary Freeman, or some may know her by a former name Mary Maren.

    You want to be connected to a tech terminal and are not near Marty or one of his friends, you can ask me and I’ll try to help.

    best wishes
    Terril Park [ aka bb]

    London UK phone 0208-864-4940

  61. martyrathbun09

    Are you sure you don’t want to end that with “it is written” to emphasize how certain you are all will come right all by itself?

  62. Observertyler, Does the following address your thoughts on going public? If you disagree just be honest like you have been and maybe I could persuade you with more writing:

    When I say Scientology can’t be destroyed by us, this includes the Sea org and orgs etc. The only way scientology will be destroyed is by us not acting right now.

    An SP can do an incredible amount of damage before caving himself in. DM will destroy Scientology by not expanding it since 90′ and continuing that trend into the future and a great depression. We are on the verge like never before of a worldwide financial meltdown. Up to this point scientology has enjoyed the most prosperous era in world history and it’s going to be awfully hard to clear the planet in that environment with a huge squirrel at the top. Whether it’s ten years from now or next year, a money crash could force everyone’s attention on food and shelter full time, scientology will be crippled or killed permanently. Sitting back and hoping DM is handled from within is not an option. That WILL NOT happen. The change is going to have to come from us fast. It might seem unrealistic to have ousting DM as a goal but it isn’t to me. What other options do we have? Do you know how easy it is to expand scientology even in this internet climate?

    That’s the missing piece for so many Scientologists I think – suppressive reasonableness and “the why is god”. They think it’s so hard to make auditors because they’ve been trained into this by DM. PC’s don’t disseminate. DM stopped the line into orgs from the 80’s book 1 boom. He’s not making auditors, putting two huge arbitraries into training, and then if you want to hang a shingle, good luck, because when you’re active in the field you’ll get called into ethics. DM CREATES small missions and downstats. I don’t know how to make this clearer to people but it’s crystal clear to me. When I was in charge of the EUS comm lines, a couple simple LRH policies put into place boomed the EUS till I was taken off post for it. Management is at TOTAL effect from this guy. He’ll indicate the correct thing, or at least in the ballpark, then make sure it doesn’t happen. IAS, all the different donos, lowering bridge prices per policy, any one of these things listed would raise the stats. The combined effect of everything getting put back “in” at once, and reviewing the enormous disaffected field case by case for bad justice actions, would boom scientology like never before, it’s so easy I’m lost for further words.

    I know personally how easy it is, and I see so clearly exactly how DM is suppressing that it’s really maddening reading anyone posting with the following:

    – DM is operating the same way as LRH used to (enemy line which only helps OSA)

    – DM isn’t the only problem (Yes he IS! Getting rid of DM would get the stats up. Scientologists will follow any command intention too loyally – see what’s happening now – and this works to our advantage under a sane leadership. )

    – Don’t worry about it, DM will cave himself in in enough time for us to salvage the scene (not true, DM is manifestly walking us into an inflationary/police state end-days scenario and that crisis will be used to further solidify unquestioning obedience to his “cope” squirrel demands- we must act NOW!)

    Does any of what I’ve written here change your mind or make you want to go public?

    Reading this whole blog and all of “leaving scientology” and “scientology-cult” is really essential.

    All we need is a couple hundred people coming out and we’ll turn this around. We wouldn’t be only on the internet at that point but handing out flyers at events etc. A large group will embolden itself.

    You don’t have to worry about destroying the organizations because DM will or won’t do that when pressed – now. See that? You can’t ever be causative over that because it’s ALREADY written in stone. He’s a madman or has some sanity. There’s no “tact” that can be taken by us towards DM, there’s too many variables to consider regarding his mental state, and “going public” is the best mechanism to move us up to a point where a better stable datum for this group can be foreseen. You don’t have to worry about the trademarks, Scientology is a dead duck right now on this current trajectory unless we act.

    There’s too many sane people in our group. All these people have no intention of destroying, and so it won’t happen. If you’re worried about online scientologists viewing then using this information as an excuse to blow or attack , this would only happen if we aren’t a strong big viable movement offering a solution – Get rid of DM and come get up the bridge with us in the meantime.

    Plus, there’s so many good scientologists that only want to clear the planet who haven’t seen this info yet. This is our best asset and why our plan will work – we all simply won’t allow failure, and what is scientology except the tech and the people involved. Rebuilding without trademarks and buildings is such a molehill it shouldn’t be thought about – the silent chaos of downstats since 90′ is a much bigger concern.

    I’ve told many people about this in hour long (on average) phone conversations. I’ve impinged big time on all of them. Yet they stay on staff and in the SO. This is still a VFP because they’re not so robotic anymore and only pay for their bridge etc.., not all of us will be taking this big leap. So that’s an example of how we’re going to pull this off. I think you and anyone else actually on the site itself should step out because you know firsthand, but I can’t force you obviously. Contact everyone you know then go public. I’ve been posting my name for a month and I’m not declared or anything, hell I’m talking with SO staff from lower int management still, I’m in comm all over the place. It’s not that huge a risk.

    -Boyd Hutchins

  63. Martin, I don’t know you from Adam but VWD on sharing your declaration of Independence. I appreciate having the opportunity to read it – yet another piece of this complex puzzle comes together.

    Until about three weeks ago I didn’t know there was ever such a thing as an independent scientologists or a freezone or that CoS had actually been usurped by a sociopath SP who I had, at one time, a very high regard and respect for (I am without a doubt the easiest person for me to fool). In any case, an honest look at the stats as laid out on the friends of L. Ron Hubbard site ( http://www.friendsoflrh.org/ ) , a quick tour around the internet and after having consumed several thousand words generated by LRH haters, Scn antipathetics, ex- SO, Msn and Org staff, I , as a result, have an entirely new perspective on my religion. My integrity (all four flows) is the only thing of late that has managed to stay put on the table and actually become more defined.

    Next: I really do like Marty’s blog. It comes fully equiped with purpose, a channel, walls and all but the walls are quite flexible and there is an observable freedom that allows for both diversity as well as safe and open comm. Unfortunately, that’s something new for most scientologists.

    Finally: The following excerpt from LRH’s Essay on Mangement, has been prompted by the exchange between StarsAwait and Observertyler.

    “The true group could be defined as one which has (a) a Theta goal, (b) an active and skilled management working only in the service of the group to accomplish the Theta goal and (c) participant members who fully contribute to the group and its goals and who are contributed to by the group; and which has high ARC between goal and management, management and group, group and goal.

    A true group falls away from being a true group in the gradient that ARC breaks exist between goals and management, management and group, and group and goals. In the case of a high theta goal finder and a group in agreement with those goals, a bond between group and goal finder is so copper bound, cast iron strong, whether the goal finder is alive or dead as a person, that a management out of ARC with either the goal finder or the group will perish and be replaced swiftly. But in the interim while that management still exists, the group is not a true group and is not attaining its objectives as it should. This would be the first grade down from a true group toward a psuedo-group. The condition might obtain for some time if management were not quite a true management and not flagrantly out of ARC. The duration that such a management would last would be inversely proportional to the completeness of the ARC break. A severe perversion or break of ARC would bring about immediate management demise. A continuing slight one might find the management tolerated for a longer time. The break with the group, while the goal finder lives, can be of greater severtiy than with the goal finder without causing management to collapse or be shifted. Break of ARC with a goal finder finds management under the immediate bombardment of a group catalyzed, as a small sub-goal, into the overthrow of management. For this reason most managements prefer a good, safely dead goal finder whose ideals and rationale are solidly held by the group, and most groups prefer live goal finders because so long as the goal finder lives (in the case of a true group), the group has a solid champion, for a Theta goal finder is mainly interested in the group and its individuals and his goals and has very little thought of managemnet beyond its efficiency in accomplishing goals with minimal turmoil and maximal speed.” – LRH

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  66. Of course – you can publish it any which where you want! Thanks for the feedback.

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