Grade IV Completion

The abilities I have gained throughout this grade have been absolutely life changing. I have never been so at peace in all my life. The realization that it is ok to be wrong has been amazing. It was like this huge cloud lifted. Everything is so effortless! Everything!

– Mosey

45 responses to “Grade IV Completion

  1. Hi Beautiful Mosey!

    Congrats on completing Grade IV and all the wins you had. You are an extremely beautiful thetan. You have the best standard auditor in the world.

    Thank you for being there and flowing power to Marty and our Independent Group of Scientologists.

    We love you! 🙂

  2. Wow Mosey – What a cause for celebration!

  3. Wonderful Mosey. You look radiant!! Congratulations.


  4. Hi Mosey,

    Congratulations on completing Grade IV!
    Thanks for sharing that ability gained.
    You look wonderful!

  5. Really great! Congrats Mosey!!!

  6. *Congratulations, Mosey!* You exude pure, beautiful JOY … and it’s contagious! 🙂 Awesome presence!

  7. Dear Mosey,

    I am so delighted for you! Congratulations on your gains.


  8. Thought provoking

    That’s fantastic! Thank you for sharing your wins with us…you look fabulous!

    This is just the kind of theta news this blog needed.

  9. I want that cognition.
    I tend to wrestle and justify it in some way. I can, just, see how it could be to have that reality and how so much more “together” it would be to have that viewpoint.
    Thats a gift I would also be willing to give, and allow another to have definately.
    I think my needle floated on that. Thankyou for sharing it.

  10. Hello Mosey,

    Great news! Christmas came early for you and you certainly made my day.


  11. To read this made me SOOOO happy!! You are amazing and such a fantastic being!!
    love you!

  12. Mosey,

    Thank you for sharing your win. The universe just moved on up a little higher. And thanks to your auditor, and of course LRH for the tech.

    I look forward to hearing more.

  13. Thank you for your kind words. You are right about my auditor, but whenever I tell him that he always says ” it’s not me, it’s the tech.” And I love the both of you too!

  14. Thank you Linda. It has been absolutely mind blowing!!

  15. WH,
    Thank you! I have never felt better. Words just can not describe!

  16. Hi Sinar,
    Thank you! You guys are such a great group! I am honored to be a part of it!

  17. Hey Lady,
    Thank you for all your support and encouragement. Your friendship means so much to me! Thank you for being you!

  18. Thought Provoking,
    You are absolutely right, THIS IS WHAT IT IS ALL ABOUT!
    Thank you.

  19. Martin,
    I hear you! Like I said above, my life has been completely changed from that one cog alone! I can not wait for what is to come.

  20. Tom,
    Yes… thanks to my auditor…. and the incredible tech! There is no way I could have gotten to this place without either! I am truly thankful!

  21. VWD! These accomplishments are spread through the whole of life. Thanks to you both.

  22. Wow Mosey! I am so, so, so, so happy for you! Being the incredibly strong woman that you are – you truly deserve this so very much.

  23. Mosey,

    Marty is a very humble man! He is right about the tech but he also applies it standardly so his PCs can have the gains as LRH intended.

    Unfortunately, there are many of us who didn’t have standard tech applied to us in the Miscavology’s church.

    I can not wait to have Marty to audit me too.

    Keep winning my beautiful Mosey. You deserve the best! 🙂

  24. Congratulations!!! Thanks for sharing your win, I’m delighted to hear it!

    My next step is the grades. I was told that more than 15 years ago and I just wasn’t interested. In fact I didn’t want any other auditing. It was only when I started reading Marty’s blog that I started wanting grade IV more than any other auditing. I’d love to coaudit the grades.

  25. You look in a very good condition.

    It´s always a pleasure to see someone doing good.

    As you have told me some days ago…”if you live right; you will do right.”

    Looking forward to recieve even more good news from you.

    Roberto Sánchez Núñez.

  26. Hey Mosey, I am so pleased to hear this very theta news of you and be able to share it! It is true, you are a beautiful being. And Marty is right when he states that it is the power of LRH’s tech. But it does take one to be there, assimilate it, and apply it to another that is a greatness in itself.
    I realized recently that this has been the happiest holiday season ever and you’ve just made it even more spectacular.
    Peace & Love Forever, Shannon

  27. Your smile says it all. Congratulations.

  28. Congrats Mosey!

    Love your success story 🙂

  29. Concerned Citizen

    WOW! Such a fantastic WIN!. I’m very glad to hear you are doing so well. I am also enthralled by your very clean space, beautiful smile and amazingly serene eyes.

    I’m very glad to make your acquaintance, though we have never really spoken or directly communicated, I got to know you a bit from Marty’s posts.

    You know, behind every great man there is a great woman! Congratulations and may you reach all you aspire to.

  30. Congratulations and very well done to your auditor. I wish I could do your NED, which is one of my favourite actions to audit on pcs. Good luck!

  31. Hi Mossey,

    That’s very inspiring, and you look keyed out, theta, and beautiful. Even though I’ve never met you, I wanted to give you an ack. After all, this is kind of like a muster for this new group. 🙂

  32. Congratulations, Mosey! The peace you are feeling is shining through your smile.
    Helping pcs attain their wins is great fun and tremendously rewarding. And you are getting your auditing from the best, lucky you! Enjoy…

  33. Mosey;

    Your glow is warmer than the flames in front of you. Very well done. I sort of get the feeling you love your auditor.

  34. First let me just say thank you to everyone! Your responses have been so heart warming!
    I don’t have personal knowledge of what the orgs were like in the “good old days” but I would guess it was a lot like this. People genuinely interested in others making gains and attaining true wins.
    I know, from your stories on this blog, that this would have been a very different cycle had I done it within the current church. That I have the access to the tech without all the arbitraries, I am truly thankful!
    You have each inspired me in different ways through your stories of hardship and triumph. Each one of you are doing your part to pave the road for others in similar situations. Your personal integrity and uncompromising search for the truth is awe inspiring!
    I often wonder what my life would have been like had I been exposed to this earlier, and imagine all the losses, upsets and pain that could have been avoided.
    Then I remember one of my favorite quotes from LRH, “Never regret yesterday, life is in you today, and you create your own tomorrow.”
    I believe that sums it all up for me.
    Thank you to everyone for all your support, love and encouragement!
    Love Mosey

  35. Wow, imagine a world where people seek right action without serv facs.

    This must have freed up an incredible amount of energy for you. Congrats!

    (I love your dog, haha.)

  36. You look fantastic! Thanks for sharing your wisdom with us!

  37. Amen to that! Tomorrow is being created in a very big way! Imagine a field where all auditors were as caring, intelligent and diligent as Marty. But what I’d like to know is how he finds the time to fit everything in! Anyway, well done on Grade IV, and I wish you much more adventure on the Bridge!

  38. Kathy Braceland

    Your posts and photo say it all Mosey. Wonderful…absolutely wonderful….

  39. I would say NEXT to every great man is a great woman! 🙂

  40. Very Well Done Mosey!!!

    You have arrived at a fantastic place! You say that your favourite quote is the point from the code of honour “Never regret … you make your own tomorrow”. While is is always true that you make your own tomorrow, with what you have now achieved that will be a heck of a lot easier to do, and a whole lot more fun as you will be able to make it into what you really want it to be.

    I envy you the smooth ride you have had up the Bridge to this point. You are lucky to have had one of the best.

    You guys make a real power team.

  41. Damn, that is beautiful, Mosey. You and your husband set a better example of what Scientology is really all about than anyone I know of. That is a beautiful, beautiful thing. And you are a beautiful, beautiful, BEAUTIFUL person!!!!!


  42. Congratulations, Mosey. I’m pleased for you that you’ve attained your Grade IV completion and all that it means to you.

    I really identify with your realisation that “it’s okay to be wrong”. Now, there’s freedom from a stack of self-induced pain.

  43. You could probably sum up Scientology as a movement dedicated to increasing ARC and KRC. Winning this battle against the suppression within the church will require increasing ARC all around. Letting current church members know that they can get standard auditing outside the oppressive environment in which they find themselves will provide incentive to leave. Congratulations on the win. What we need is increased announcements that show people are winning and making case gain and going up the bridge outside the Church.

  44. Eleanor Roosevelt

    Congratulations, Mosey, and thank you very much for sharing your beautiful win and realization. I must say, reading yours above was so compelling it rehabbed mine for me, so thanks for that, too.

  45. Hi Mosey !!

    You shine! Beautiful wins!

    Thank you for being here, and for all you do that most never even see. 🙂

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