Egoist Maximus?

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  1. Yes, and the Romans used slaves to build their empire………. Nice fit with the Romanesque design of the “icons”.

  2. Jeez this is rich! I want them all. By the way Marty can anybody alert Ted Horner, his mail has been hijacked and someone is writing from his address asking for money. The usual fake story.

  3. Good God, who comes up with this crap!?

    These cultural references to the Roman Empire (now dead these last 1700 years — and not particularly friendly to individual freedoms when it did exist!), not to mention the cheesy images, demonstrate yet again that idiots are in charge of branding and marketing the church’s products and services.

    This makes me feel embarrassed even to be an ex-member of the church. No wonder those who are still church members are so pissed off!

    Just Me

  4. Who thunk this up…Gonadius Maximus?

  5. David from England

    Why am I reminded of the character in ‘The Life of Brian’, Biggus Dickus?

  6. HCOPL “Group Sanity” by LRH
    6. Promotion
    “True value is seldom promoted. What one is actually achieving gets small mention while other things are heavily promoted. Reality and PR are strangers. A THIRD DYNAMIC PSYCHOSIS IS UNREAL OR NONFACTUAL PROMOTION.”

    No mentioning of “Clearing the planet anymore!” Or Clearing the planet by Clearing and Training people.!
    Money, money, money!!

  7. How far does David Miscavige think money is going to get him anyway?

  8. martyrathbun09

    I got one too. It is ted’s user name, wrong ISP. OSA has gone certifiably JD (juvenile Delinquent).

  9. Not to mention the outright fraud of this campaign.

    Libraries DO NOT accept unsolicited books, let alone a whole library of books. They will be sold for pennies at the next library sale or donated to good will.

    Regardless of the ego involved – there is just plain deception of this campaign.

    PLUS who pays for the postage? Is that another campaign? Postage maximus?


  10. Rory Medford

    How do you become CERTIFIABLY NUTS? Follow the leader and he will show you the way to NUTDOM! Wow the show just gets funnier and funnier every day, very soon they might being doing a DM skit on SNL, it has become that ridiculous.

  11. Hey, look on the bright side…. if any of those “status trophies” are made of actual gold, they’ll be worth more than the U.S. dollar pretty soon! Of course, when that happens, DM will want them back. 🙂

  12. Kathy Braceland

    Spears? Swords? Shields? Helmets? Chariots and Lions? Jeez…talk about being out of PT. Miscavige really is fighting enemies of the past and dramatizing it now. This is one of the stupidest things I’ve ever seen. I’m sorry, this is hilarious. I hope toga’s will be the new uniform, they would look pretty cool.

  13. AlexMetheny

    I can’t believe that I used to get sucked into such corny games like that.

    Kind of apprpriate though, fake status from fake leaders.


  14. NOTSaware, Ted and I are good friends. It sure
    ain’t the Ted I know. Too many outpoints in
    this e-mail. Bevis and Butthead had to put their
    heads together to come up with that one. Sure
    fooled me NOT!

  15. In the lair of the dwarf I am sure that “status” means everything. From my years of working with him I found him at best to be a highly immature, spoiled and abusive status seeker.

    I’ve also found the types of things I’ve heard Marty, Mike and others say about his abusive and his need for a fasle “status” to be correct and in keeping with what I witnessed as well.

    Thus it is no surprise to me that he sees that promotion constantly pushes others to get more “status” or increase their “status” level whether it be in a library campaign like this, the IAS or any other such thing.

    Status? How superficial and shallow can one get? It’s an insult to anyone who ever had a star high goal as part of trying to work within organized scientology whether they believe in scientology now or not.

    FWIW, here is a link to a posting of mine about the real reason behind the IAS. That posting contains another link to an even earlier posting. It had nothing to do with “status”:

    Miscavige’s “power” utterly depends on lies and a false status, including a false record of production. He holds it all together through fear and deception.

    But I do not believe this will last all that much longer. Not with so many now telling the truth and the interest being generated in the truth be it in the courts or elsewhere.

    I do believe a reckoning is coming and Miscavige’s “status” will not stop it from happening.

    As a dear friend often says to DM: tic toc, tic toc 🙂

  16. This is a joke? I can’t quite tell. I mean, when I saw it I thought it was a joke. Now I wonder.

    And yeah, the Roman Empire collapsed too … nice way to position yourself.

  17. To quote the collective: “And we laugh “

  18. The Church of Mestology = A ridiculous popularity contest

  19. David,
    Yes, and if they Wewease Woger, it would be apropos.

    Funny, a few years back I became a Half-Centurion myself. All I got was a cake with a whole bunch of candles to mark the occassion. I want a sword too! And a pony.

  20. Mike Hobson

    Probably not OSA for this one.

    There are thousands of “script kiddies” on the Internet with programs that send emails with emails out with false user names robotically culled from newsgroup postings and anyplace else they can find them on the Internet.

    These emails send people to sites that try to steal personal information or try to install malicious software on the email reader’s computer or other such nastiness.

    Michael A. Hobson

  21. I almosted puked.

    Is this for real?

    This is sure testing my confront!

    Please tell me it’s a joke.

  22. almost not almosted please correct previous post.

  23. Marty, I called the post office and you have no idea how much they charge to send 900 pounds
    to the UK.

  24. From Science of Survival: “From 1.3 down to 0.6 we have the general area of the subversive, who promises a people freedom and equality and gives them a slaughter of their best minds and cultural institutions, to the end of a totalitarian dominance.”

  25. Just Me,
    Strangely cooincident, the Nazis used the same Roman Legion symbology. The marches and so on, with the staffs and banners. Hmmmmm.

  26. Alright,

    Now he has gone too far.

    Of all the screen names, I had to chose one that is now indicitive of an off-beat off-policy money making scheme by MestSavage.

    Oh, the humanity!

    Centurion (the plain variety)

    P.S. Also, it seems a lot of key IF members are getting their computers hacked. If anyone needs a consult on computer security, I can assist. Marty should have my phone and e-mail. Entirely up to you.

  27. AlexMetheny

    Hi Marty,
    Just for your info the print on this post is very small and hard to read on my end.


  28. Virgil Samms

    This is just a pain in the Glutius Maximus!

  29. Virgil Samms

    This is just a pain in the Glutius Maximus!

    The next level is Slave to Caeser Davius.

    I choose to be in the Legion of Independius.

  30. I saw this promo. So pathetic. I remember when the IAS was being formed there was a lot of research done on how to set up one of these donation machines, and these false “statuses” were a big part of it. Now with this “Library” Campaign it’s degenerated into terminal cheesiness. They didn’t even bother to do proper illustrations – just ripped off the worst clip-art they could find on the internet. Of course DM offloaded any real illustrators.

  31. WomanSetFree

    “For the love of money is a root of all kinds of evil, for which some have strayed from the faith in their greediness, and pierced themselves through with many sorrows.”
    1 Timothy 6:10

    I love the imagery of ‘pierced themselves through’, combined with the Roman non sense.
    “Momma always said, Stupid is as stupid does”

  32. I am Lion hear me ROAR!
    Oops another creditor at my door.

  33. Huckleberry

    MARCUS: Tell me again Maximus, why are we here?

    MAXIMUS: For the glory of the empire, Sire

    MARCUS: Ah yes, ah yes. I remember. You see that map, Maximus? That is the world which I created. For 25 years, I have conquered, spilt blood, expanded the empire. Since I became Caesar I have known 4 years without war – 4 years of peace in 20. And for what? I brought the sword, nothing more.

    MAXIMUS: 5,000 of my men are out there in the freezing mud. 3,000 of them are bloodied and cleaved. 2,000 will never leave this place. I will not believe they fought and died for nothing.

    MARCUS: And what would you believe?

    MAXIMUS: They fought for YOU and for Rome.

    MARCUS: And what is Rome, Maximus?

    MAXIMUS: I have seen much of the rest of the world. It is brutal and cruel and dark. Rome is the light.

    MARCUS: Yet you have never been there.

  34. This is an actual promo piece!!!!!!

    At first I thought you were just being flippant Marty.

    Then I read the blog again!

    How out of touch with reality can they be?

    I guess the ARC Triangle like the original OT levels is “old”, “not used”, “background” etc….

  35. martyrathbun09

    If you click on it, you should be able to enlarge it a size.

  36. AlexMetheny

    Thanks Marty that works.

    By the way I REALLY want to earn my “helmut” so he can’t dump on me anymore!


  37. It’s that odd parallel that is occurring with the COS and the American Empire. They’re both falling.

    Ah, the intangibility of esprit de corps. Give them a symbol! That’ll keep ‘em going for a little while longer.

    I don’t remember Ron saying the basis of morale was a plaque, but you know this is the Golden Age of bullshit, haha.

  38. A new status should be added:

    Caveat Emptor

  39. Dear Marty,
    Sorry for the long post. I think you will understand. Pls feel free to correct any faults, as my English is not the best.

    Per the statistics of Alexa I found out following:
    15.7 % of visitors of are from Switzerland
    41.4% of visitors of are from Switzerland
    7.7% of visitors of Marty’s blog are from Switzerland.
    It seems that many Swiss Scientologists are aware of what is going on.
    So dear SWiSS Let’s come together and fight for this just reason.
    In history we never have been cowards. We are the only country in the world that has a real free democracy. Last year we won over the German Cavalery, we are winning the war with Ghadaffi, we have no crisis, our economy is uptrending, were don’t have to pay as many taxes as the rest of the world does. Our country made 3 billions Swiss Francs surplus in 2009. We are helping 100 000ds of those poor suppressed Germans that comes to live with us to get back on their feet. Why is that so ?
    That Switzerland doesn’t have the problems the rest of the world has ?
    Lrh tells why:
    “[People] learn to keep their mouths shut, and it’s the wrong lesson. When in doubt, talk. When in doubt, communicate… you’ll be very successful all the way along the line if you just remember that.”
    The Phoenix Lectures 1954

    “What would happen if all men were free enough to speak? Then and only then would you have freedom.”
    HCO P/L 8 February 1960
    Honest People Have Rights, Too
    (OEC Vol. 0, p. 461)

    “A man is as dead as he can’t communicate. He is as alive as he can communicate.”
    Dianetics ‘55 1955

    “Perhaps the most fundamental right of any being is the right to communicate. Without this freedom, other rights deteriorate.”

    Those rights are since 100ds of years in action in our country. And we should use it. Don’t believe what Osa chaos merchants are trying to tell you about all the sps etc.. in Switzerland. It’s just not true or that Switzerland is 1.1. Lies. As Scientologists we never had any troubles with our government, only in times where the C.O.S itself was out-ethics and the law had to put ethics in on just causes (sorry for that but I read all court records and the trial was just).
    Here is what Lrh says about the USA:
    “In the US currently only 4 percent recognized the First Amendment to the Constitution which guarantees freedom of speech, the press and religion. Ignorance of the law, compounded by a willful neglect of the Constitution by government officials, is the basic reason for the riots, civil commotion and the disintegration of the US.”
    HCO P/L 4 October 1969
    Organizational Enturbulence
    (OEC Vol. 0, p. 68)

    Switzerland has the highest ratio of OT’s and Clears and Patrons of IAS in the world. In the nineties Switzerland took over Flag by pouring 100ds of Millions of francs towards it. When you went to Flag at those times, you nearly saw only Swiss people there.
    So let’s make a game out of it. The first country that gets Scientology back on it’s feet. We live in a free country, we are protected by the law to express freely our thoughts. We could even start an initiative to make a law that says that Scientology is a religion and nobody can harass Scientologist to freely apply it.
    I think we can beat the Greeks (sorry Theo) they are philosophers and dreamers. To beat the Americans its no problem too, they never stop to talk and want to resolve all their problems in endless trials and they all have their own attorney to be sure they don’t make anything wrong. But we have to beware of the Wikings. In cold Norway they are heavy recruiting and training their soldiers. They have the same freedoms as we do have. But they never had a Wilhem Tell in history. We do ! And in our south there is a Flag trained auditor that would love to work in Switzerland. Italians always like to work in Switzerland.
    So lets get into action. I’ve some ideas about some projects I would like to do and would like to discuss your ideas too. Just to let the Truth being known. No need to going public. But I need some help on it. Last quote from Lrh:

    “Don’t you dare lose your nerve.
    …It doesn’t matter how many planets you blow up, or how many galaxies you collapse. It doesn’t matter a damn! Just don’t lose your self-respect.
    …Permit yourself to be killed, permit yourself to be dragged in the streets with wild horses, permit yourself to be put on a rack, burned alive, anything. There is nothing more painful than losing your self-respect.
    …And that’s what you’re playing with when you say, ‘I haven’t got enough nerve’. The only really vital possession which you have is
    your self-respect.”
    Tape: Illusion Processing
    November 1952
    (Research and Discovery Vol. 12, p. 16-17)

    For anybody wanting to join ask Marty for the E-Mail.

    Much love to all


  40. Last but not least. to beat the british empire isn’t a problem. They always leave the fight when it’s tea-time or the pubs open.

  41. Toga party anyone?

    It’s a bit cold in the EUS for that right now.

  42. Also, if you’re running Windows Ctrl + will enlarge the text…

  43. David from England

    Howsabout ‘Fwee Gwillawme Lesevwre!”

  44. I was written up by Karen Wesling, the HAS of the Twin Cities Fnd org because I went to libraries to see if the Basics were in fact there. Of course they were not.

    She also told other public and staff that I did so, and what an outpoint it was that I would go and look for myself. I found out that in Hennepin County libraries do not accept unsolicited books. Local Scientologist donated tens of thousands of dollars for NOTHING. Someone sure made a lot of money on the scam.

    Karen is the same individual who also wrote me up for daring to show LRH references to my daughter. References that were contrary to what was being done with her at Flag.

    Apparently I’ve had these crazy ideas that I should look for myself and not just listen. You should also know these were “misc. reports” and not reports I ever got a copy of. I’ve hear a lot about them though from terminals she and others have shared them with.

    I’ve just been getting on with my fabulous life while watching out of the corner of my eye, the insanity and paranoia of the C of M.

    Hide your children, Natalie Hagemo is coming and she might show your kids an LRH reference!

  45. Freedom Figher

    LOL! I was thinking the same thing! Next thing you know, events will be held in the Coliseum!

  46. Sam,
    No it’s not just you. I noticed the Nazi symbols too and they took them from the Roman symbols. Ahh, symbols, such a place to be on the scale, way,way down there. Oh, well he is kind a short now isn’t he.

  47. Marty, I thought about it and I am going to send
    Ted 900 pounds of books. Got my eye on the
    golden sword. Is that wrong? Maybe I should hold out for a shiney badge?

  48. They give a number to call at the end: 727-417-5444.

    I suggest each one of us calls there and tells them you are ready to make a BIG donation, but first they have to give us the EXACT LRH PL this campaign is based on.

    Make note of what they tell you and then post it here for all to see.

  49. Woman set free, God Bless!

  50. Perhaps this whole status stuff is something Travolta wouldn’t like either [url=][img][/img][/url]

    ‘Travolta stopped taking Scientology courses for about a year and a half after reaching the Operating Thetan stage. He expressed dissatisfaction with the church’s management, which was then undergoing purges and an onslaught of negative publicity for harassing its enemies.’

    ‘ “I don’t believe in the way the organization is being run,” the actor told Rolling Stone in 1983. But he called Hubbard’s teachings “pretty brilliant. . . . I try to separate the material and the organization.”‘

    This quote is from a November 28, 1999 article in the Washington Post:


  51. Never doubted it. Thanks.

  52. Whoever came up with these “honor statuses” is really out of PT. Frankly, I think perhaps they should have gone back to Greek or Egyptian civilization; at least it would have been a little less cheesy and wouldn’t have been based on a degraded Roman Empire. All I can think of when I see this promo piece is where in a tape LRH refers to Julius Caesar as an “epileptic homosexual”. Be that as it may, I sent in a check for $100 and told them that I don’t want any status, just dinner with Caligula followed by a Roman orgy. Time to go put on my toga.

  53. War and Peace


    We discussed this a few blogs back. I am going to repost with a little editing my previous comments on the LIBRARY SCAM.

    (Marty has new visitors daily)


    I have given a lot of thought as to whether the Church would get honest and straight with DM gone.

    Senior Execs of the Church, OSA that reads this blog diligently, Office of “COB” that reads this blog feverishly and all know that the LIBRARY donation program is a SCAM.

    But it continues….

    If the Church wanted LRH truly disseminated, they would donate the books themselves ~~ come on, Bridge Publications mass produces them.
    The SCAM is to reg Parishoners to pay for “Library Donations”

    “Give me your Visa/Master card and we will put the books into all Libraries.”

    In Library after Library, it has been reported, where the Basics that have been donated ~~ The Chief Librarian throws these into a “Discontinued” Section.
    These are stacks of books, the library considers of no use to the Library and if not dumped would be taking up shelf space. Unsolicited donations do not automatically make it to the library shelves but are selectively ditched as adjudicated.

    When the scammed Scientologists purchase these at top dollar for the libraries, they are not told (Although the Church knows this well)
    that numerous Libraries will immediately dump them on the ‘for sale’ racks. For Sale racks are practically books for recycling for pulp. This means recycling paper plants would pay you the equivalent in paper weight. You can pick up any Scientology Book from 10 cents to a dollar.
    This is very easy to check~~ check library content on line, catalogues are available. You will find that, for an overwhelming majority of libraries, those donated books never made it to the Library shelves.

    Please click this link~~

    for a more 360 degree view.

  54. Natalie is the person your mother warned you about, LOL. That’s hilarious…

    I am surprised many people didn’t go to the library to admire all those fine donated books simply out of pride and accomplishment. How was this allowed to go on for so long?

  55. He appears to think money is everything. The question is, for how long are members of the C of M going to be hypnotized sheep, obeying his every command?

  56. Amazing. You were written up for obnosing. For reporting the truth. For referring others to LRH. For “look don’t listen.”

    The C of M has become a criminal organization whose only use for LRH is to help them collect more money with their scams.

  57. It would be fitting, as events these days are all about theater. Theater and fiction.

  58. Don’t worry, we all got sucked in. I can’t believe it either. I mean, you have to agree to turn off your mind completely to buy any of this stuff!

  59. I’m no anglophile but in fairness, didn’t Horatio Nelson lose most of his body parts in battles or something? I won’t defend America, it’s a corporate run oligarchy, but yes the Swiss have a lot to be proud of. It’s illegal to not own and gun and if the swiss are attacked they have underground cities everyone is to run too.

    I’d move to there or Norway but the US is the only country that taxes it’s citizens for years after they leave.

  60. Just don’t get pushed off your position in space by those jokers. You’re the original Centurion. 🙂

  61. Nero would be a fitting Anology to measureMiscavige with.

  62. Virgil Samms

    War and Peace;

    Re: Libraries;

    I just checked our county libraries – there are 15 of them. Scientogy and Dianetic books are in an average of three libraries. There are ligraries that do not have any at all, some have 1 book, a couple have 6 or 7 books. This is a major US city with more than 1 million people and an “ideal org”. So your data is correct my friend.

  63. Have they never published a list of the library locations of all these books? Wouldn’t that be a top priority, if say someone online were looking for more info, or if a VM wanted to point someone in a good direction, a public that may not be willing to show up at an org as a first step. Or as is happening now, VM’s who are fairly reluctant to send someone to an org to be told to blow their brains out or jump off a bridge. Ahh, the irony of that one.

    If they really wanted to promote scientology wouldn’t they just do a little mailing to “resident” in all the towns where they have these books in the library and annouce that they are there freely available courtesy of the CofS?

    How on earth has the public been so duped? I just don’t get it.

  64. [IMG][/IMG]

  65. Virgil writes: “…I choose to be in the Legion of Independius”

    Would their symbol be the middle finger?

    Or another way to communicate this thought.

    Lions of the Legion


  66. AlexMetheny

    Hi Natalie,

    I have a friend who lives in Seattle and they told me they checked the libraries there and found out the books were not there either.

    Another friend told me that they picked up an LRH lecture series at a library for $1.00.

    Yes, attack people for investigating the out-points, that sounds like a brilliant idea, and then write them up for “spreading” LRH around…LOL , how devious!


  67. AlexMetheny

    Hi Larry,

    I was wondering if you still beleive in the Scientoloogy philosophy? I have seen some of your good work in trying to expose the truth about DM and you seem like a very heavy hitter. Are you able to colaberate with Marty on any of the legal issues that plague the independants? Just curious..

    Also did DM try to pay you off?


  68. AlexMetheny

    Thanks Sinar,
    Ctrl + or – that is a nice trick to have in my tool box.

  69. AlexMetheny

    I can just see the Int events at the Coliseum and instead of gladiators and lions you would have some PTS OT’s fighting off 3 IAS Regges at the same time. Bloody!! and then the IAS regges would call for back up on thier walkie talkies to see how much the poor sap has in his retirement account… a true massacre.. But the people want games don’t they??

    Hail Caesar!!


  70. When I began researching Scientology, I did an online search of libraries in my former state for books containing the words Dianetics and Scientology. I found one library with one copy of DTMSMH and another with STFOT. Did another search today and found the same. There were four copies of the LRH: Intro to Scientology DVD at one library though.

    Granted, where I used to live is far from an org, but isn’t that supposed to be the point of having books available in libraries? Leading a horse to water and such?

    The funny thing is that when someone is interested in something and they can’t go to an org or check out a book nowadays, they go to Google and start reading everything and searching and researching. That’s how I found the indie movement. Silver linings.

  71. bulletproof

    Thanks for your concern. Alas, I am not yet destitute and my expanding waist line certainly won’t tolerate another 900 pounds.


  72. David,
    Of course, fwee Gwillawme Lesevwre, obwiouswy! Now, what about dat attack wabbit. The viowent haiwah. (Hare).

  73. Vicky,
    Apparently the public, in the vast majority, may not be as dupable as DM thinks. You are helping them undecieve to what extent they have been.

  74. Can anybody answer these questions?

    Who audited David Miscavige?

    Who was his C/S?

    Does he believe in past lives?

    Did DM ever mentioned who or what he was in past lives?

    Where do you think his PC files are?

    If he would step back, who would replace him as COB?

  75. I like it you scoundrel! Count me in.

  76. Rory Medford

    DM is the KING of smoke and mirrors!!!

  77. War and Peace


    Welcome to this Blog.

    SWISS said ~~

    “Switzerland has the highest ratio of OT’s and Clears and Patrons of IAS in the world. In the nineties Switzerland took over Flag by pouring 100ds of Millions of francs towards it. When you went to Flag at those times, you nearly saw only Swiss people there.”

    Wow. That’s where some of the $1.75 Billion was regged from during Debbie Cook’s tenure.

    Keep us info’d on the Swiss news and updates !

  78. Not only is it not the answer to everything, money can get in the road.

    From my experience, the most damaging thing money does is convince you that it is the source of happiness.

    The damage it does is that money can take your attention off of where it should be and onto it.

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  80. UpgradedBeing

    Marty, I need to email you something. There is a scam artist in your midst that you should be aware of. I don’t see your email address anywhere though so perhaps you can email me.

  81. The Colosseum is named after a Colossus that once stood there, a giant statue of David Mis….. oh sorry the Roman Emperor Nero.

  82. Another example of the absurd! How long will this charade be ALLOWED to continue is the 1 billion dollar question I have to ask? So good to be free from this evil. Enjoy the day free beings!!! Carpe Diem!!!

  83. Just as a side note, I’ve come off my non ex with OSA which is covertly attempting to scare my contacts into disconnection. They don’t know yet that my production has gone into affluence meanwhile!

  84. Oh oh Switzerland you do NOT want to go there!
    This coming from a country that stayed neutral during WWII while the Brits were being blitzed half to death for fighting back?
    If it weren’t for the Brits and the Yanks you’d all be speaking German now.
    Another correction – we leave the fighting until the pubs are closed, not open. Drinking time is too valuable to lose 😉

  85. Bwahahahahahaha! Nice one.

  86. I almost spit up my coffee when I saw the Legion of Lion one for $225,000 (500 sets). Makes my Starbucks coffee look affordable!

  87. Huckleberry

    They would all be speaking real German now, Sam, instead of that pretend German they’re speaking now. And, as well, they were beaten 3-1 by Uruguay yesterday while En-ger-land took on the might of the land of the pharaohs – such that it is – and won 3-1. Plus, the Swiss don’t have bangers and mash and they’re far too organized and wealthy.

  88. Hey, I acheived that status last year.

  89. Uh, Sam, the Swiss are speaking German.

    OK, you’re point is perfectly correct, and your priorities are absolutely unassailable.

  90. AlexMetheny


    I like your spirit!!

  91. AlexMetheny

    That’s great NOTSaware!!

  92. Yep, poor bloke A killing poor bloke B because the military industrial complex has got the best of both their countries, and the citizenry are not just meant to pay for it, they are expected to die for it too.

    Perhaps the Swiss saw through this, not to mention they provide handy banking services to these nefarious arms dealers.

    It’s important to know history but perhaps even more vital to be aware of who wrote it.

  93. Cover story on the latest Advance magazine from asho uk is Mithraism, page 12 depicts Nero being crowned by his mother. With the quote “A God possessing such influence over the cosmos was clearly worthy of worship across the Roman empire…”

    Toward the end of the article there’s a statement those reading would do well to take heed of… “Mithraism failed because it contained no workable technology.”

    Maybe the guy who put this issue together just had a bunch of Roman clip art left over he wanted to use, thus the Roman theme in the library project recently.


    Fig. 36.
    Found at Sarmizegetusa. (T. et M., p. 231.)
    Also, in this issue this image appears in “Universes” by Ron on page four.
    It was taken from the above website I am guessing.

    I just don’t get where a votive to Mithra fits in an article written by Ron. I’m back to wondering if they are evil or just stupid.

  95. It’s actually Legion(s) of Lion(s). After you donate for 500 sets, and are bankrupt, you achieve this status when you are thrown to them…

  96. Tim H,

    Indeed. Money is not a goal, it’s the exchange one gets for delivering a valuable product or service. DM has forsaken the product or service and made money a target in and for itself. Money should be what one gets in exchange for delivering something others need and want. DM demands money in exchange for nothing. His condition of exchange is criminal.

  97. Huckleberry

    This is such an indicator of how aberrated the church has become. The correct reaction to you, Ignazio, would’ve been to deliver to the public the services which are needed and wanted, not try to scare those ARCxen by the existing set up.

    This is why they’re on a dwindling spiral: they’re reacting, trying to stop flows and ultimately the boat will have too many leaks to plug and it will sink.

  98. If he is not looking in the latter and creating the former with a cigaret.

  99. Victoria,
    I have noticed that also… both COS and the American Empire are being exposed and failing.

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