NBC Today show – Christie King Collbran

Tune into NBC Today show this morning (7 or 7:30) your time to watch the Mat Lauer interview with Chrsitie King Collbran. http://today.msnbc.msn.com/id/26184891/vp/35775749#35775749

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  1. You were perfect. 🙂

  2. Just watched it. Great interview, Christie!

  3. Christie did a great job! She was poised and was very exact in her responses. I think she was perfect! Jan

  4. crashingupwards

    Christie did a great job. Believable, credible, sincere. Too bad it wasnt for a whole hour. Christie’s belief in sciewntology and here ethics presence is doing more to establish the bona fides and credibility of scientology as a spiritual path than the church itself is doing. And they want to distance themselves from her. It shows how far south the church has gone.

  5. Very well done Christie. Matt Lauer seemed so kind too.

    Can I just say that, oddly, Tommy Davis is starting to look like he has an Anon mask on. It’s weird.

    Anyway. You did great and who wouldn’t want to listen to you! 🙂

  6. Watchful Eyes

    Christie did very well; calm and composed.

    Regarding Tommy Davis’ rebuttal of Christie (and others who have left) I’d like to see someone point out that he’s saying the only thing he CAN say. What’s he going to do, admit to forced abortions? Admit to an abusive, psychotic leader? Admit to keeping people locked up? Someone should point this out to the press; it’s all you’ll hear from Tommy Davis……..until he leaves.

  7. The gift that just keeps on giving! Good job Christie VWD! Turnabout is truly fair play! Wow, for all those who have been continually harassed . Is the Oprah show next?Love Carol

  8. martyrathbun09

    You are exactly right, “doing more to establish the bona fides and credibility of scientology as a spiritual path than the church itself is doing.” You are exactly right.

  9. Christie,

    You did a great job of staying on message and saying what you know. That can be hard to do in the spotlight’s glare.

    I loved the secretive reference to Marty. Ah, more to be revealed!

    The reporter’s reference to “ornate” headquarters was also satisfying.

    Matt is back! He’s going to enjoy almost this almost as much as we will.

  10. Christie, you just glow! You said so much in so little time it was art. Like you, I also have a son and I do what I do here, in part, so that Scientology can be there for him as an option in the future. You remind me what a friend from South Africa once said to me: I’ll take on a lion any day, but a lioness with cubs? You’re must certainly a lioness.


  11. Fantastic!! Very poised, very open and very wonderful. Well done.

    Tommy is probably going to say that Today Show – Matt Laurer – did this as a vendetta against Tom Cruise and how he attempted to make Matt look like the fool.

    Come on Tommy — I DARE you!!


  12. Virgil Samms

    Nice, nice. It came accross sane for the most part until you hear Tommy’s disclaimers of “No, never, didn’t, haven’t” and so forth.

    I was uplines at Int in ’84 when John Travolta did his first visit there. He got done touring the base and then talked to all of us who were mustered there. The first workds out of his mouth were: “You have a very nice basr, very pretty, but where are the children? It is not okay to leave the children out of this, the 2nd dynamic is way to important to neglect.” And he went on a bit further about the 2D. So even JT saw the 2D aberration then. He can back up Cristie for the most part.

  13. Great interview. Christie has been through so much, and is staying strong and “front and center.” Not easy, but very well done on her part.

    One question I wish Matt and other press would ask is, Where are the previous voices of Scientology? Heber, Rinder, Mithoff, where are these guys and why does the “voice” of Scientology seem to change so often? Anyone with a little bit of Data Series training would see the out-points and would be screaming them left and right.

    I digress. Well done, Christie! Stay strong.

  14. Eleanor Gehrig

    Christie, what a beautiful job you did on this! I can’t begin to imagine all the crap you’ve been through in the past few years, but, girl, I feel for you and wish you nothing but the best. Seeing Shane’s beaming face every day must be such a comfort and a joy. Godspeed.

  15. jason beghe

    Excellent Christie!
    Perfectly done—beautiful! So simple and certain-no HE & R or defensiveness at all.
    You just helped a WHOLE lot of peaple (which is, after all, your originally stated purpose). You should feel GREAT!
    I sure do….
    PS-What a cute kid!

  16. David from England

    Very good interview – straightforward, uncomplicated, and tellingly honest.

    Once again, though, Tommy Davis did the Church no favors with his rejoinder. I don’t think he realises how jarring it is to hear the spokesperson of any religious organisation (or any organisation in general, for that matter) dismiss critics as ‘bitter’ and ‘liars’.

    Rightly or wrongly, the general public has a default expectation that religious bodies should be humble and forgiving. But Tommy always comes across as bombastic, graceless and threatening. The big question is, will the Church ever come to realise this?

  17. Very well done, Christie!

    But how could it be that Tommy Davis says, that Christie is not a Scientologist? Sounds stupid.

    The Creed of the Church says :

    We of the Church believe:

    That all men have inalienable rights to their own religious practices and their performance;

    That all men have inalienable rights to conceive, choose, assist or support their own organizations, churches and governments;

    And that no agency less than God has the power to suspend or set aside these rights, overtly or covertly.

    Or does that mean that the Church is God?

  18. Thought provoking

    Beautifully done, Christie! So many people listen to ths show and seeing you personally will have quite an impact!

    Thank you for being you!

  19. Thought provoking

    Glad to hear your comments about JT. I always thought he was a decent guy. I can’t help but wonder what his perceptions are on this Scientology awakening and how long he will continue to back the church.

  20. AlexMetheny

    Wow Christie!!

    I am soooo impressed by you. Your calm demeanor and theta presence was very soothing to the soul. You are more of a Scientologist than Tommy boy ever will be. He came across as a bully and entheta in his statements.

    Matt Lauer knows all too well the kind of fanatic behavior DM’s robots are capable of.

    Thank you very much!!!


  21. I’m almost speachlees, and I am glad you weren’t Christie. I saw a great demo of clean ARC, KRC and integrity, well done.
    Oprah? doubtful, she would want her good buddies JT amd TC there too and they would have to decline publicly. looks like DM and Tommy are going to have to brush up on TRs and stage presence to discredit the truth I just saw.

  22. Well done!

    You were what the face of Scientology should be. Kind, interested in really helping people, a true believer of the powers of the faith. And then there’s Tommy.

  23. Christie,

    You ARE a Scientologist. I am still working at being as good a one as you.

    What unmitigated arrogance of Tommy Davis to say you are not! How in the world does he think he can say what others are or aren’t! I cannot believe he actually put that in writing to have it show on national TV.

    Yes, Jason, a very cute kid indeed, and one who will go far in the IF. LRH would be proud of her for applying the Code of Integrity and not abandoning her philisophy and dedication to KSW.

    I will also say to you, Jason, that it was your video that started me on the path to the independent field. I dont agree with everything you said in your video, but I respect you very much for telling the truth about your experience and feelings. I am sorry you were given such squirrel tech when you were in. I often wonder if you have had some corrections to handle the huge BPC you carried. I do hope so as we all want you winning.

    I remember doing courses with you briefly at CC. You looked disatisfied even then, 95′ or so . To tell you the truth, deep inside, I was too.

    Well done Christie.

    Centurion (plain variety)

  24. It was great, not defensive at all, exactly what was needed. In fact matt lauer seemed to be grinning from ear to ear. He finally gets his revenge on tom Cruise. I was thinking that Tom Cruise should get the razzie award for worst interview for a celeb last decade. One of the worst PR moments for the church that still has ripple effects today.

  25. Mark Fisher

    Great job Christie!!! You looked so poised and sure of yourself and you stated your points clearly.

    Funny how Tommy Davis tried to attack you as “never having been a member of Church Management” so therefore your claims were not credible, as if a “common” Sea Org member has no rights to make a complaint!

    Also I noticed that the story on the Today Show this morning did not question Scientology religious beliefs or it’s policies. (ie: no attack on OT Levels).

    Looks like the Media is coming around and carrying these stories. First it was the SP Times, now the New York Times (considered the most authoritative paper in the country).

    On TV it was first small stories in local markets, Palm Springs and then ABC Nightline, Australia Today Show, ABC Australia, the BBC in England and now NBC News Today Show in the US.

    Tommy and DM are like the Dutch boy trying to stop the leaking dikes with their fingers. More and more the leaks are turning into a full force flood and they won’t be able to stop it.

  26. Mark Fisher

    I meant “only it’s polcies were questioned.”

  27. Virgil Samms


    Just so it is clear to you and to DM: These attacks will cease once DM hands over the keys of the Church to someone sane. All attacks will cease from our sector, guarenteed.

    DMs joyride with the Church is over. We want him gone.

    The reason people are leaving the Church in droves is because they wanted Scientology, not David Mestology. You people are making it real easy for us to recruit for indies. People come out of the Church spinning and when they read this blog they go: “OMG, it is so correct.” So we are growing on a daily basis.

    But we just want DM gone. If the house has to be burned down to fumigate the man, so be it. He either leaves on his own volition or he gets taken out by law suits, which should be stacking up by now.

    You are dealing with dedicated Scientologists here, not SPs like you would like to believe. And these Scientologists are very formidable, I guarentee you.

    So review where you are going and make the decision to get rid 0f DM. I am sure you know how to do it. Get rid of him and we will all go back to the business of building orgs and delivering 100% standard tech.

  28. QuietDisobedience

    Tommy Davis is a sad, sad little puppet. The day will come when dm no longer has any use for him and he will be discarded like yesterday’s trash.

    Bravo, Christie! You did a wonderful job.

  29. Redneck Thetan

    Very nicely done, Christie. It’s so hard to be calm and polished on TV – it’s actually a real gift. You have a very nice presentation. You would make a great reporter.

  30. Christie,

    If Tommy Davis had one fifth your poise, class and credibility, we’d be in trouble!

    Fortunately, dm has demonstrated that he can neither tolerate people of your caliber around him, nor see tommy or himself as the lying, arrogant fools the rest of the world sees.

    Thanks your speaking up, Christie. You’ve taken what was undoubtedly a significant personal loss and turned it into an effective blow against dm’s suppressive tyranny.

  31. Thanks very much, Christie! It’s tough enough spending twenty years as a mere public at a Class V Org. I cannot even imagine being in the SO and going through what some of you have. If Tommy Davis had anything even close to your TR’s and composure, and hadn’t snapped into DM’s valence, he might actually be a formidable opponent. Fortunately, Tommy is quickly becoming the Independent’s greatest asset! You’ve got to think that some reporters can see what a boob he is by now. Again, thanks for putting ethics in on the church. 🙂

  32. VWD, just wish more specifics could eventually be given on the human rights abuses by DM. OSA will lie in defense but such abuses can only be covered up for so long. I know of no other prominent religion where its members are speaking out about the abuses of their Church leadership. Maybe the worst are some isolated cases of homo activity by Catholic priests but nothing about the Pope beating up his Bishops and making them suffer the long list of inhumanties that DM has. Imagine the Pope excommunicating its members for speaking out against inhumanties in these modern times (as the CofM does). Back in the middle ages the Catholic Church beheaded heretics. Now in modern times, DM is reducing the Church back to this middle age mentality, short of killing people the horrific suppression such as Debbie Cook suffered standing in a garbage can for 12 hours with water being poured on her with people screaming at her to confess her crimes whilst not having anything of real value to deserve such punishment. Or all of Int Mgmt being made to scoop up dried poop with their bare hands as punishment. Almost too strange to be believed but shockingly so – it is.

  33. JT IS a very decent being but remember leaving the church will be extremely difficult now that he has lost Jett.

    He would have to admit/acknowledge that perhaps their dealing with Jett could have helped cause his death. Of course there is really no way of REALLY knowing this.

    But that type of guilt would be almost unbearable to live with.

    JT has become even more invested in maintaining his die-hard belief in scientology and for now — that means the existing church.

    Stepping outside of that will take more time.

    The best we can all do is wish him some peace of mind.

    Perhaps that will enable him to step back.


  34. Blaise Pascal:

    “We know the truth, not only by the reason, but also by the heart.”

    Christie you are a Canon firing into the broadside of Church and it is sinking a little faster due to you. Wow it seems you are a natural spokesperson. I am not a Scientologist but I support your right of Freedom of Belief. You Canonballs of truth are obliterating the Lies and makes Evil shudder.



    “All disturbance and chaos folds up in the teeth of truth.
    Don’t ever try to stop truth. It’s the only thing that can go through 16-inch armor plate.”

    L. Ron Hubbard

    “Freedom is for honest people. No man who is not himself honest can be free – he is his own trap.”

    L. Ron Hubbard

  35. WomanSetFree

    Looove this one!
    “Freedom is for honest people. No man who is not himself honest can be free – he is his own trap.”

    L. Ron Hubbard

    Christie you done good girl!!

  36. Dear Christie,

    Your Tr’s were impeccable. Pass on that. Tommy could learn a lot from you. You’ll become the Pr of the Indies.


  37. Another round won Christie. It’s as if you briefed the news outlets beforehand to ask questions which differentiate between Miscavige and LRH versions of Scientology. Either way you definitely steered things in this direction.

    Cat Daddy there’s no belief needed. You either feel much better after self processing from “Self Analysis ” or you don’t. The first list from that book run on me made me feel like I was in a cartoon. Green was cartoonishly green etc and I was in Disney land walking down Commonwealth Blvd. in Boston. Try it and see if you get a result all out of proportion to what you expected.

  38. I can only imagine what Heber would say watching the Tommy declarations on paper and/or his TV statements. Heber was one of the best, I met him several times, always gracious and he granted so much beingness to everyone he met.

    Would love to see him out and free.

    I know it is your wish as well Marty.

  39. Fellow Traveller

    Christie — Namaste.

    Renaissance Man —
    Do we have you to thank at least in part for all this? I do recall you mentioning the OSA score card and you have been uncanny in your predictions….

  40. Great job Christie. You held your ground, and as usual the C of S looked like the bullies that they are.

    You looked fabulous!

  41. Well done, Christie. You came across as honest, sincere and believable. And Tommy Davis came across as arrogant and callous.

    Well done also to those who spoke out on Australia’s ABC Four Corners program, http://www.abc.net.au/4corners/content/2010/s2837513.htm

  42. There’s not much else to be said than this post.

    Also one thing is that Christie showed who the Liar was & who’s not following their own policies.

  43. Freetothink

    You hit it out of the ballpark once again! You look so nice & mild mannered. Your son looks great! You’re right it’s inhumane to assert than we can’t be Scientologists. It’s not only inhumane, it’s completly insane & totally violates the creed of a Scientologist as you mentioned.
    From the Creed of the Church of Scientology 1954
    “We of the Church believe…
    That all men have inalienable rights to their own religious practices and their performance.

    And that no agency less than God has the power to suspend or set aside these rights, overtly or covertly.”

    Thank you Christie! You’re on a roll. When are we doing our peaceful demonstration to show just how many of us are decent honest people that won’t stand for the way the Church is handling their affairs? The Church seem to be using the line that we’re just a small hand full of people. With all the media showing the different faces & names that line is beginning to sound very false. How can we take advantage of the momentum?

  44. That’s what I thought, too!

    VVVVWD, Christie – you did it another time!
    Tommy Davis a spokesperson? for what? denigration! invalidation! incompetent defense! and nothing, NOTHING in favor of Scientology?

    Tommy’s outlets are a helpless and wretched disgrace and certainly HE is NOT a SCIENTOLOGIST!

    As Helmut Flasch would put it: Tommy, you are toast, you are fired.

  45. What a great interview. Well done and thank you Christie!

  46. Deborah Turner

    Christie – you are a beautiful young woman. You spoke with clarity and truth. I knew Eddie and Liz very well and was with you for several days after your birth. It is thrilling to see you in the world. May your journey continue to shine light on a very dark subject.

  47. Excellent suggestion, Boyd. Self Analysis is capable of transforming anyone’s life. Utterly simple to do and can be done solo.

    There’s a new field of psychology called Positive Psychology. Self Analysis definitely falls into that field yet it predates is by at least 50 years.

    The largest class at Harvard these days is about the subject of happiness and how to become happier. Harvard. The brightest of the bright want to know how to be happier. They need Self Analysis.

    And we need to get DM off post so we can get on with the real business of Scientology which is helping people become happier by increasing their ability to change conditions.

  48. Christie..you shine, woman! I’ve got nothing but admiration for you and those guts of yours.

    It’s incredulous the amount of arrogance and just simple lack of humanity put out by Tommy boy. He digs himself farther in with every word that exits his mouth. I have no doubt that the day will come when he will watch his interviews and shake his head in disbelief.

  49. Theo Sismanides

    Christie, you have it girl. You are the spokesman of the Independents!!!

    In so little time you said so much. And assured everybody that WE are Scientologists! thank you so much!

  50. You impressed us! Commendation! Hats off! Much Love! yYou have indeed wonderfull abitilities to wear a PR hat for the Indies!

  51. The message was perfect; the delivery faultless. Screechy Davis – look and learn.

  52. Wow, I just read all of these comments and wanted to stay thank you to all of you for your kindness, encouragement and support. I’m so happy that the interview turned out well!

    To be quite honest, I was nervous going into this last interview because it was LIVE. So, to come back here to the blog and get nothing but rave reviews, and have everybody rooting for the team is so nice. It is comforting to know that when you are speaking out – you are not alone, and you represent a group of amazing men and woman who have your back, and who can share in our triumphs together. This is what Scientology community is all about. I just wanted to let you all know how much I appreciate and LOVE this group of people and that I am so very happy and privileged to have all of you as my friends. I will be cheering you on as much as you have cheered me on! xoxo

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  54. Christie, Great job on the interview!! You came across sincere and honest. Though I have not had the pleasure of meeting you I am sure you are all of that.

    I just wish I could be in the room when dave watched this interview!! You just gave him a very public slap in the face that he long deserved.

    My last conversation with him he got a very needed slap in the face and apparently could not stop talking about it for weeks.

    Again you were terrific!!


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  56. Ohhh Carol great idea, Oprah!

  57. YOu go GIRL!! I thought you dod awesomely and were right on. Too bad they didn’t have more time to talk to you live on the air. I could tell Matt Lauer was impressed.

  58. Dear Christie,

    Kudos, kudos, kudos!!!

    Very nicely done. You separated the issues incredibly well.


  59. War and Peace

    High fives and Salutations Christie.
    Very well done.
    Flawless TRs.

  60. War and Peace


    Do you really think that with DM gone everything will be fine ?

    There are no checks and balances in place.

    The battered imprisoned execs on INT BASE could have gone into the “winning” valence.

    Do you really think someone like Marc Yager or
    Greg Wilhere will right all the wrongs?
    They have had nothing but DM’s example for the last 3 decades.


  61. Christie,
    I was watching this Today interview and later on it occurred to me that over 18 years ago I came to the edge of a cliff. I remember talking to my wife at that time and telling her. The cliff was DM’s strangle hold on Scientology as manifested at the Int Base. I didn’t know what was over that edge then, but I knew I had to step with the strength that LRH returned to me with the Bridge. It was tough to go over and I hit the bottom. Despite the battering and breaks, I made it and lived to see Today, you, speaking for all of us and telling the world, WE are Scientologists, DM isn’t. Thank you. I couldn’t think of a more appropriate voice.

    We Come Back.

  62. Christie: Fantastic g’fren!

    Tommy: two words…SHIT STORM!!!

  63. Concerned Citizen

    Very, very heartfelt and sincere. I could not say the same of Davis.

    Has anyone thought that the “awful blunders” he makes may not be blunders at all? As in is this DM’s way to continue to suppress the tech and ensure it is forgotten forever

    He already dismantled all Div 6s and allowed only off policy Broad public dissemination campaigns and only after the indies pointed this out.

    (That was one of the biggest out points I had run into, where is all this dissemination? I asked, and I was told that when the adds ran in Buffalo or NY, they had to be pulled off the air the next day because the orgs were unable to handle the huge influx. That was idiotic, but it is something a lot of public are swallowing)

    Anyway, just a thought. TD may just be doing his job to complete satifaction of comrad Stalin, er sorry, Miscavige.

  64. Concerned Citizen

    “Pointed this out”

    By that I meant that despite the millions donated for Global scale dissemination, no one seem to see these campaigns longer than the few weeks it took to film them for an event.

  65. Thank you for your consideration. As for belief I am indeed not a fan of organized religion or following “a way of live” I have some Issues with the behavior of the man you hold in high regards wich I am not going into here on Marty’s blog. It keeps the peace.

    I did a quick search and I saw that Freud is the father of Psycho-Analysis wich I believe in the original Dianetics book Hubbard did acknowledge as a reference. It dissapeared later on.

    First the goal of getting the C of $ to its knees has my full attention (besides work and such). after that there can be room for a new goal. I am currently figuring out how I can get to the right people to get that freaking Freewinds from poluting the ABC-Islands

  66. I totally agree!

    You nailed it right there crashingupwards.

  67. Rory Medford

    Very well done!! Truth revealed!

  68. Actually, I’d vote Christie as our spokesperson.

    Christie, you handled lil’ Tommy’s tirade flawlessly and exposed him for the amateur flack he really is.

    If there is anyone who isn’t a Scientologist it is Tommy and his yawning shills.

  69. Freedom Fighter


  70. Julia Hargrove appears in this piece over 40 years in Scientology

  71. “I love it when a plan comes together”

  72. Christie;

    VWD…very proud of you. TD came off like the school yard bully he is.

    You have helped the Scientology philosophy and the legacy of LRH in so many ways, by saying you are a Scientologist even when the school yard bully ( the so called spokesman for the COS) tells the Today Show and its millions of viewers you are not welcome and not considered a Scientologist.

    What I find so repulsive is the Chairman of the Board hides behind the skirts of this girley boy Tommy Davis. Real men lead. They do not hide behind the likes of this mouth piece.

    Matt Laurer was impressed with your point of view and I belive the viewers got your communication and at the end of the day you stand tall, very tall.

    You have made us all very proud to be your friend.

    Much love and theta to you and your beautiful son Shane.

  73. The segment also aired on the Ed Show on MSNBC:

  74. Christie, You were really fantastic. If you were nervous, it didn’t show at all. You looked calm, poised and ready for anything. I too wish you could have gone on for another hour. Maybe 20/20 or 60 Minutes will do another more in-depth one … and Mike and Marty can also be interviewed. That’d be great!

    Keep up the great work!

  75. Christie –

    “The most valuable asset we have, actually, is our ability to understand, to do the right thing, to be kind, to be decent.” LRH (Attitude and Conduct of Scientology” 4th London ACC, 3rd Nov 1955)

    You’ve got it in spades. Kick ass!

    I look forward to meeting you, too.

  76. Kathy Braceland

    Wow…an explosive double whammy. This just gets better and better.

  77. Christie, you are graceful, honest, powerful and made us all proud. Thank you for all you are doing to expose DM’s crimes to the whole world.

    My love and appreciation to Marty for starting this Independents group and setting up this blog for all to communicate freely.
    Lets look at all the great things has been happening since the very first day of 2010 with people leaving the C of M, exposing DM’s crimes in media around the world, a great Independent Scientologists group formed and getting bigger every day and more people are receiving auditing by Independents standard auditors & moving up the bridge. This is a true definition of EXPANSION!!!! 🙂

    And there are so much love and respect among Scientologists and none Scientologist outside the church, people are free to chose their faith and still stay in contact with one another. This is a definition of FREEDOM! Not what people inside the church of Mestology are experiencing.

    Thanks to Marty, Mike, Christie and all the great people who speak out the truth.

    Love you all!

  78. Fantastic job Christie. Great TRs!
    Love, Shannon

  79. Miss my family

    Very nicely done!! Would love to see a follow up on 2 specific points: (1) how TD attacks anyone who leaves Scn and claims they were kicked out, (2) TD’s blatant lie on Nightline that there is no disconnection policy – he even contradicted that statement in the Today piece.

    I’ve never been a Scientologist, but grew up in a household – my mom and stepfather are – and they disconnected from me 7 years ago. I never had a problem with their beliefs even though I didn’t share them as my religion. That’s what “freedom of religion” is all about – tolerance. And currently, the Church has NO tolerance fir anyone else’s beliefs. Hypocrates!

    Everyone keep up the good work!!!

  80. Marty,

    This isn’t the right place to put this but it just blew my mind to get it today. Tells you all about what the priorities are in Mestology. I’m reminded of the character from Glengarry Glenn Ross … ABC … Always Be Closing!

    “ATTN: Sales Reps, Recruiters, Negotiators, Contractors, Business Owners…

    Anyone interested in CLOSING

    your ability to close people and resources necessary to achieve abundance and prosperity to get up The Bridge!


    Attend the

    Thursday, March 11th at AOLA

    Dinner begins at 6:30pm – Seminar at 7:00pm!

    Learn the LRH tech of Sales and Closing!





    BE ONE.”

  81. With poise, certainty, and a hardened resolve that is palpable, Christine expresses the situation in a way that makes the Independent movement REAL to Scientologists and non-Scientologists alike. The movement is now a household WORD. Critical mass is now upon us.

  82. Deborah,
    Wow – you knew my parents and were there after I was born! I think I know who you are from photos. So very nice to hear from you! Thank you for contacting me here! All my love – xoxo

  83. Christie, I am so in awe of your courage for doing that interview. Your TR’s were so soft, warm and present. Not anything like DM’s and Tom Cruise’s intense, bordering on desperate, stares that are no doubt ment to impress and intimidate. They would never get a PC to feel safe enough to be audited.
    I went to the Today Show website and they were taking a poll to see which of several, including Christie’s interview, videos one favored. Christie’s was way far ahead in the poll. I’m hoping that the powers that be see that and plan to run many more interviews with and about Scientology.

  84. Thanks Jason. 🙂 You got it, that’s exactly why I did it – to HELP.

    And thanks for the comment about my boy, he is definitely the light of my life.


  85. Freetothink – there is more to come soon.

  86. Christie did a fine job.

    She told it like it was, and when the truth is on your side, that is all one needs to do.

    I feel that the best way to handle Tommy Davis, David Miscavige and the church of Miscavige is to use LRH’s polices against them.

    David Miscavige and Tommy Davis and the church of scientology is supposed to be following and adhering to LRH’s polices. If you point out to them where they are not, they have no defence to it.

  87. I wonder when the last time Tommy Davis had a real sec check or if he ever had one??


  88. Well done Chris. Perfect comm cycle. My reply to poor Tommy, your approval for us being scientologists is laughable. Are you going to unclear my pcs after I audit them to the real EP? Get a life MORON!

  89. VWD Christie!
    You were perfect – I have no words to express my admiration for you.
    What came over in this interview for me is that Tommy, backed into a corner basically admitted to the practice of using SP declares and disconnection as blackmail. All it took was your unrelenting theta to force his hand. And the cherry on the top was Tommy telling the world that the Church is now violating your human rights by forbidding you to practice your own religion. The picture of a corporate monopoly of Scientology is now complete.
    Message to OSA – You call yourselves Sea Org Members? Flunk on failing to get ethics in on your own organization, let alone the rest of the planet. Help us take back our religion before the abuses become so great that some government agency is forced to bypass all of us. It is time to stop being mindless robots and take some goddam responsibility. We are bypassing YOU because you are failing to protect LRH’s legacy! Wake the f%#*k up!

  90. Tommy Davis – you need to report to cramming!
    Suggested Cram:
    1. Cramming Ruds
    2. Liberal and extensive FDSing on… well… everything
    3. M9 and *rate entire PR Series

  91. I watched the Today show with Matt Lauer interviewing Christie Colbran and found it very moving.

    First, Christie’s courage and simple beauty to get in front of the world and tell it like it is. Her earnestness, heart and transparency was a public example and tribute to what I’ve considered and believed a true Scientologist to be…a unique individual sharing the goals of genuine communication, understanding and trust.

    By comparison, in harsh contrast to Christie’s poise and heart was the “official” response issued by Tommy Davis that amounted to petty name-calling, like schoolyard taunts though more malicious and destructive in intent. That was all he could do or say? A spastic name-calling tantrum.

    There is quote I like and often note:
    “Language most shows a man, speak that I may see thee. ” It isn’t about eloquence or vocabulary … it’s about everything, tone, content, what excites the person.

    Christie spoke and the world saw how lovely she is, and also saw a true side of what the subject of Scientology is about.

    Tommy Davis spoke, and it was cruel, nasty and inane. Yes, inane …almost worse than insane.

    Also want to say that Christie’s son is an amazingly beautiful child! Wow, those sparkling starry bright eyes!

    Thank you for gracing the world, and for gracing real Scientology Christie King Colbran and Matt Lauer.

  92. I heard an objective party describe Tommy Davis as “a weasel.” I hadn’t heard that word in a while but, darn, it was so right on. A weasel.

    Very sad indeed for a “Church” spokesperson. Or maybe he indeed is representing what is going on there these days.

    “Speak that I may see thee.” He hath spoken. Amen.

  93. And, someone should point out that Tommy says the same thing about everyone who has left the church and who speaks out: They’re all liars, and they were all expelled.

    Gee, we should have a stat for all the Scientologists who are liars and have been expelled!

  94. Well, DM and Tommy certainly think that the church is god.

  95. You made a very good point, Mark. The new round of stories is picking up on the real outpoints and exposing them — the suppressive antics of the regime running the church. They’re not attacking the philosophy or the technology. What a breath of fresh air!

  96. I have no doubt that DM would be beheading “heretics” if it were possible in the 21st century western world!

  97. Cat Daddy,

    The thing is, it doesn’t really matter what issues there ever were with LRH’s behavoir. Nobody is perfect, so who cares that he wasn’t? The real issue is whether his technology improves conditions, improves lives, and helps people to move on up a little (or a lot) higher. That’s all that matters. (Of couurse, we think it does.)

  98. Christie,

    How did you stay so calm, with such beautiful TR’s? That was a marvel!

    And how did this, and the NYT, interviews come about, anyway?

  99. Woohoooooo! You guys are so amazing!

    One of my OT “friend” was telling me to not expose myself to entheta & keep the enthteta off of her lines & other peoples lines. I asked her what am I supposed to say when people ask me “Where have you been? Why haven’t we seen you around?” She said just say “I’ve been busy”.

    How are we suppose to handle entheta if we can’t even confront it? How can we be cause over life if we can’t look, hear & talk about anything evil that is going on around us? I can tell Christie you have a high confront of evil. You came across to calm & collected. You set a great example for all of us. Thanks again!

  100. A reality check is better. Tommy Davis is spokesman by grace of his mommy.

  101. 4. M9 3 times The Creed of the Church of Scientology
    5. Do a large clay demo of “all men have inalienable rights to their own religious practices and their performance”

  102. tone 41, Boyd H and Joe Howard

    Thank you for your care for my well being and willingness to share.

    Keep what helps you and get rid off what holds you back in life.


  103. I want to see Panorama reporter John Sweeney take Tommy on again. Probably wont be long now until he’s ready for round two.

  104. Maxim Zbitnoff

    Strangely, last nite I was lying awake thinking about the King family. Strangely, because I had so very little to do with them. I knew Eddie King as cramming officer at the old ASHO in the 70’s. No doubt when he got involved in this “controversial practice” he was going boldly forth stepping out of the norm. I kept imagining the emotional dynamics. Parents who had ensconced themselves in the story of scientology and the church as the ultimate deliverer of freedom then having to deal with a daughter who claimed her right to choose what part of the story she agreed with and which part she didn’t. Perhaps not even being able to hear what she had to say. That must have been a tough one for all. And then to have Tommy Davis in essence act as spokesman not only for the church but the parents saying she is not welcome. Wow. At this point it looks like Eddie and Liz could use some support. Well done Christie on being yourself. All I can add is that my own son Sasha as well as my ex-wife Robin helped me find my way out of a prison of belief by being beacons of love and support.


  105. Christie, congratulations on doing the right thing!

  106. Yes, Ma’am, that’s the right call!
    Well put, Sam : “… before the abuses become so great that some government agency is FORCED to bypass all of us.” Lord almighty!

  107. Fellow Traveller

    I think old TD may just might need to drop by the MAA on his way to cramming. Some “minor” ethics points could just possibly, maybe need to be addressed.

    Then we can add 6) Study videos of Christie, Marty and Mike and whomever else would be appropriate.

  108. Christie, just out of curiosity, how much was Matt Lauer briefed before doing this interview? It seemed to me that by the questions he was asking, that he knew the answers to those and many others.
    If that is the case, I wondered why he didn’t ask more telling or in depth questions about DM and other glaring outnesses in the chuch. Could it be that he and the network are afraid of a lawsuit?

  109. Damn, she (Julia Hargrove) actually comes across as credible. I wish a reporter would confront her with the fact that there are 20+ eye-witnesses and recipients of physical abuse by Miscavige, and point out the exact policies (the SP Crimes PL) where Miscavige has re-introduced “forced disconnection”.

  110. Marcy,

    A producer would have briefed Lauer and given him the questions to ask. The talent doesn’t do research. But he probably knows enough himself after the whole “glib” spat with TC.

  111. Unfortunately, I think Tommy the weasel is the least of the animal kingdom that is in the zoo over there!

  112. Deborah. Please email me at epgmbh@gmail.com – regarding Becky. Thanks.


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