A Scientologist Speaks Out On Church Abuse

An interview with Christie King Collbran was broadcast on numerous NPR stations across America this afternoon. Having listened to it in full, all I could think of were the words of the immortal Daryl “Chocolate Thunder” Dawkins, “when all has been said and done, there’s nothing else to say or do.”  Check out at this link (fourth story down on menu) http://www.hereandnow.org/2010/03/rundown-316-2/

47 responses to “A Scientologist Speaks Out On Church Abuse

  1. Wow, what a great interview! Go Christie!

    You did a much better job in disseminating and PR of Scn the religion, than Tommy!

    You are elected as the PR for Independents!

  2. Woo Hoo! Nice job Christie!

    With backup now from NPR and the NY Times, we can only hope it will be enough to push the SP Times articles into Pulitzer Prize land.
    The Pulitzer’s will be announced April 12th at 3:00 pm Eastern time, so stay tuned here: http://www.pulitzer.org/node/8501

  3. She’s good, isn’t she? The independents’ own PR person, differentiating Scn from the CofS. That distinction hasn’t been getting pointed out so much, and with sincerity too. Go Christie. 🙂


  4. Beautifully done, Christie!

  5. From a Freezone/Independent Youtube channel:

    There is alsoo a part two at:


  6. Sorry Marty wrong place for this comment

  7. What Florida project with 54 office buildings is being referred to here, anyone know? SuperPower?

  8. Kathy Braceland

    Once again Christie, my hat goes off to you. Awesome interview!

  9. Marty, Christie obviously has track on the planet Lovetron.

  10. Theo Sismanides

    Go Christie!! So simple but so tone 40. Effortless dissemination.

    Amazing! The media just like her so much and respect her and the fact that she says she is a Scientologist.

    It’s amazing how much ONE man can be liked and loved and how much ANOTHER man can be ignored and neglected and a whole religion go to pieces because of him.

    Christie you rock! What’s next?

  11. Young Lady – you do not fail to impress. I have come to love to listen to your interviews because you handle the reporters so well and you carry yourself full of honesty with a large dash of dignity and you just tell it like it is.

    I fully agree on you being our spokesperson. I think that if Tommy went head to head with you in an interview, he would; a) Look like he slept in his suit all night (for 3 hours) and didn’t shave before the interview and b) he would lie so much that it would actually embarrass Marty and c) he would stumble and stammer in your presence and finally blow interview just like when he was confronted with OT III.

  12. Christie;

    You do the “INDEPENDENT” proud.

    Thanks for staying the course.

  13. “Christie Collbran has been a Scientologist since the day she was born. Now, at the age of 33 and after the lengthy and costly process of leaving the organization, she says the leaders of the Church of Scientology are greedy and abusive tyrants who have perverted the original teachings of Scientology founder L. Ron Hubbard. Completely cut off from her family and starting anew, Christie tells her story.”

    This blurb pretty much sums it up.

    Christie girl, you rock!

    Guess we know who has the hat of Invisible Church President 😉

  14. Wasn’t able to hear it on that link.

    • There is a problem with their website right now. I alerted the producer of the show, and she said it should be fixed by tomorrow morning.

      • Thanks Christie. Good to know.

        I am eager to see your brilliant performance.


      • It’s up and running now!

      • I just listened to it and it was great!

        Christie is so smooth at handling originations and is so full of ARC and patience, she is a natural.

        Great examples of DM’s wasteful spending too!

        Thanks for doing that Christie, and by the way, I think it is your ex-husbands loss for sure!!


  15. Amazing what happens when you are honest and truthful. It all seems to come out well in the end.

    And wishing the best to you Christie.

  16. This is definitely entering order into the downward spiral apathy death zone in which all things are impossible and in which Scientology now lives and Miscavige is the mayor.

    The number of people who believe Scientology will expand under Miscavige is near zero, so we must continue with the campaign to make Scientologists aware enough of this information to decide to fight back. The devoted Miscavigites know all too well something’s wrong. And we’ll turn it around if enough of them get the correct information. Keep contacting people, it doesn’t matter what they do with it or how they respond. If enough know it’ll work out.

    “If we are facing in the right direction, all we have to do is keep on walking” – buddha

    “I’ll tell you the clue to all this. Every time you try to enter order or enter order (better stated) into a confusion you blow off some confusion.

    “Now, you think it’s—people object because you’re trying to make them more orderly.

    That’s not true; you’re just seeing the confusion come off. So if you just remember this as a rule, a lot of things get explained very rapidly.

    “You try to make things more orderly and everybody objects to what you’re doing. They don’t object to what you’re doing at all. That’s just some of the confusion coming off.

    “You try to enter order and some confusion will blow off. All you have to do is ignore the
    confusion and enter more order. And that’s the secret back of control, the reason you have
    to control a pc.”

    — L. Ron Hubbard

    Excerpted from the lecture Preliminary to Engram Running, 3 January 1959.

  17. This is a fun thread. Marty and Mike and all the other “independent” Scientologist should take a look at…


    Gotta love Org Charts.

  18. You did a marvelous job Cristie. Stupendous.

    Somehow, (with your son on set) I see you on Larry King Live. With a surprise guest.

    Your Mom.

    (I’m making the call to CNN tomorrow)

    • Still on this…Producers; Quinn Brown / Larry King Live (no call back) (wrong terminal I think).
      Paul Haggis asked to telecast. (No reply) Jason Beghe (Conditional Target/Not contacted, pending.) Appears with; Son removed from Delphi.
      Subject; Scientology Disconnection/Abuse/ Human Rights

      Larry King Quote; from 5/28/91 transcript. Unfortunately, CNN Transcripts only goes back ten years, read more here;

      “KING: We will do a lot more on this, I guarantee, and I thank you all. Heber Jentzsch, Lisa Halverson, Jerry Whitfield, Donald Sills.”


  19. Christie,
    They fixed the player so I got to listen this morning. Absolutely wonderful. Calm, succinct, easy. That’s a Scientologist speaking!

  20. Christie, I am in awe how clearly and simply you manage to distinguish between what Scientology is truly about and how off the rails the institution of the CoS under dm’s reign has become.

    You manage to actually correct the devastated PR of Scientology with the power of simplicity and you are a role model for doing so. TR3ing of what you say, the simple aims of our philosophy, might turn our PR to where it has deserved to be given all the wins and gains we got or could have gotten if applied at all or just right.

    Chapeau! ML Fidelio

  21. Not much you can add to that interview. Just so honest and truthful with no HE&R. Actually nice to have an interviewer who is working with you and not against you. There was no confrontation – just a real desire to learn more about the plyth of many Scientologists.

    The church always says “they are lying”. What a brave defence. Three incorrect words.

  22. Unfortunately I was unable to get the link. But having seen Christie on the Today show – I’m sure it was fabulous.

    I watched this little youtube video about Arnel Pineda — plucked from the streets of Manila to become the Journey’s lead singer.

    We are on a journey here indeed. We have several voices AND our timing is so key. Seems like our story TOO!!


    • martyrathbun09

      Ok, the link works again.

      • Wonderful interview indeed (link does now work) —

        Christie is so calm, it makes the listener feel calm. The beauty in this is the enormous difference one feels in hearing a current dm spokesperson – be it tommy or an existing church member.

        Hearing others still in – actually makes a listener rather ill. Not just a former member.

        Christie is a calming yet very steadfast voice.


  23. Christie you are a natural at interviews. So smooth and honest. I admire your integrity. Thank you for speaking out. You and your Son will win, win, win in life!

    Love Carol

  24. Thought provoking


    Fantastic interview! I am so glad that you were given the opportunity to elaborate on the abuses. It was nice to see the media shift from sensasionalism to realizing that there are members who are genuinely concerned about the direction the church has taken and are willing to stand up against it. Its emphasis going on Scientology philosophy as being separate from the church and Miscavaige.

    Thank you for being willing to take this fully into the open.

  25. Christie, Again, VWD, MMMLV!
    PS, I’d say more but would be in danger of
    picking up another nickname – that ‘WOW’ guy.

  26. Yeah the link works! I rate this interview 10 Stars! VWD Christie. You did a superb job.
    Note that the only thing the Church can push is about MEST buildings. ‘But look at all the MEST we are buying…’ which to them shows “expansion” — yeah with the money that your parishioners have taken their 2nd or 3rd mortgage out for and/or have their credit cards rolling over and over and are under constant financial stress…etc.

  27. Now this show seems to have dissapeared from the site. What’s happening here…?

    • I just checked it and it’s still there. When you click on the link look to the right where it lists the stories for the 16th of March and it’s under that heading. They update the front page each day with the new stories.

  28. Maxim Zbitnoff

    A love story in progress. You can’t hurry love and you can’t slow it down when it arrives. I have no difficulty imagining the joyful reunion of Liz and
    Eddie King with their loving daughter.

  29. Another great job Christie. Y0u’re a natural.

  30. wow! Just listened…it’s great! Christie you kick ass, in an incredibly sane, uptone way.
    I noticed at the very end the interviewer states that the Cof S is looking foward to going on their program…that would be interesting if it ever happens.

  31. Marty,

    Can you change the direct link to http://www.hereandnow.org/2010/03/rundown-316-2/

    That will take them straight to yesterday’s page.


  32. Another beautiful and honest interview by Christie. Thank you girl!!
    Shane did a great job by choosing you as his mom. I have no doubt that your parents will soon join you and see the truth.

    We are your family and will always love you!!! 🙂

  33. Christie,

    Terrific interview, you so nailed it. Definitely hit it out of the park. Gave the CoS a big ZAP-POW of reason! Congrats.

  34. How many people did this reach, does anyone know??

  35. Christie you have my admiration. You were amazing once again. You have my best postulates for a loving family reunion in the very, very near future. You exude “What is greatness”. I can already see you & your Mom hugging & your son playing with his grand parents. I might be wrong but I get the idea that there’s more in store for us coming from you. Sending you a big hug.

  36. Thanks everyone for all of the sweet acknowledgements. You guys are the greatest!

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