OSA’s war against independence

To those who may have doubted my posts about what DM’s
intelligence network is attempting to do about us, perhaps the
following will be helpful. I post below an internal OSA NW plan to
deal with the Freezone in the year 2007.
   I hope this serves to help the targets of this plan better
differentiate friend from foe and proof themselves up against these
ongoing operations. I also hope that independents of all stripes
will raise their confront of evil and fine tune their natter/3P
detectors, and act accordingly.
   Please note how the plan is careful to repeat that OSA is only
to ‘threaten’ legal consequences, as opposed to researching or
bringing such action. DM and his lawyers are well aware they
haven’t got a legal leg to stand on in attempting to squash
independent delivery of the Scientology religion.
   The document is authentic. For those trolls who will no doubt
question how I obtained this,save your finger strain. Here is my
pat answer in advance: ‘Wouldn’t DM love to know?’

17 February 2007




References Section:

HCO PL 11 May 1971, Issue II, PR Series 7, Black PR

HCO PL 21 Nov 1972, PR Series 18, How to Handle Black Propaganda

HCO PL 16 Feb 69, re-iss. 24 Sep 1984, Battle Tactics

HCOB 26 Dec 1968, The Third Party Law

ED 149 INT, 2 Dec 1966, Project Squirrel

HCO Exec Letter, 27 Sep 1965, re-iss. 24 Sep 1983, Amprinistics

HCO PL 7 Mar 65, Suppressive Acts, Suppression of Scn & Scientologists

HCO PL 1 Dec 1979, Flourish and Prosper


During the second half of 2006, 5 Freezone (FZ) delivery activities closed down in Russia. Still, these handlings are moving too slow. There are another 15 groups that are part of the CIS Freezone network. There are also four groups in the Ukraine and one each in Moldova and Belarus. The squirrels violate our marks and copyrights and they must be handled NOW.

There are connections between CIS squirrel activities and the Western EU groups in Bern, Frankfurt and Munich. The Swiss squirrels operate as OLs for the Russian ones. The Swiss ringleader has organized “training camps” in Russia. It was also learned that the key FZ members in Switzerland and Germany have “solved” their shortage of delivery materials by concentrating the lower level training materials on a Russia-based server which they access through a secret password they share.


By analysis, the following actions have proven successful to deal with squirrels in CIS over the last couple of years:

  • Using resources to gain insight and prediction
  • Using the insight to discover out legal ruds and getting authorities to act
  • Generating threats of copyright infringement action
  • Spreading defeatism and disaffection on the squirrel news sites
  • Creating 3P between Russian group leaders and the Swiss ringleader.
  • Labeling the FZ an OPC intell operation
  • Locating crimes of the squirrels’ top strata (e.g. tax evasion) and causing complaints to be filed and official action to be taken.





1. To permanently break the connection between the Swiss and Russian Freezone and

get the CIS groups engaging in internecine feuds that shatter the network to its core.

2. Establish effective control over the squirrel newsgroups for CIS and make the sites a

hotbed of messages about disaffection and defeatism.

3. To expose the Freezone leadership to their membership as criminal fraud and get them under official investigation so they lose the support of their clientele and can no longer afford to operate and must fold.


  1. Assume full responsibility for achieving the Major Targets and the Purpose of the Program.



  1. Read and W/C this program and the policies in the reference section of this program.



  1. Receive a program check from your senior so you can attest that you understand this program fully.



  1. Keep this program and its program folder in a secure space.



  1. Report with specifics on the targets done and progress made on a weekly basis, with cc’s to Invest seniors at EU level.




  1. Maintain complete security of the comm lines between resources and your own




  1. Keep the identities of your resources secure. Never brief your resources about

anyone else being used on these projects.



  1. Keep even the intra office communications about these targets limited to your

seniors and only those juniors who need to know the data for their post.



  1. Do not operate at risk but plan every action thoroughly until you are sure that it will

work as you have worked it out.



  1. Never do anything outside the letter of the law. Get legal clearance on your planned actions.



  1. Realize preparation of the resources is a key to success—thus, prepare, brief and

drill them thoroughly until they have no doubt what the needed product is and how

they will get it.



  1. When meeting with a resource for debriefing purposes, always observe the person’s indicators so as to pick up any BI’s. If such are present, handle right away by finding out and remedying the cause for the BI.



  1. Don’t allow the execution of this program to come to a halt but get any slow or halted targets debugged immediately so they get done with the intended effect.




  1. Don’t stop any investigation after you find a violation but keep digging for more

crimes so you can be sure that the FZ group or group leader will not withstand the




  1. Monitor the squirrel newsgroups daily to observe developments and spot opportunities for reinforcing your actions towards the Major Targets and Purpose of

this program.



  1. Predict the venues of any future squirrel events and suitably enlightening the

proprietors of these establishments to get them to refuse to house the squirrels’

events because it is just too much hassle (including, possibly, causing authorities to

look too closely in their direction).




  1. Locate suitable professional resources to become members of the key FZ groups.




  1. Before briefing the first candidate on any details or the target area, look over his/her history and activities and clear him/her for this work, including getting checked on the meter on questions that establish trustworthiness, ability to maintain security and that he/she is not pursuing any personal opportunities but is intent on getting the job done for the benefit of our group.




  1. Once passed by you on security, brief the person on what work is required and

why (including DA’ing the nutty, SP lies being spread that the person is likely to be running into). Get their agreement to do the job.



  1. Brief him/her on the group you want to have insight into and what prediction is

required. This briefing is based on ED 149 INT, Project Squirrel: “… 3. It will be found uniformly (despite first view there is no evidence of it) that anti-Scientologists have in their background this life crimes for which they could be arrested. 4. When one finds such a crime one must get documents or witnesses and evidences sufficient for prosecution. …”



  1. Work out the identity and cover story for the person and get this understood as

well as the mode of first contact with the group and how to get accepted by them.



  1. Work out what the legal ruds are for an operation like the squirrel group, including incorporation in the proper category, city operating licenses, minimum space requirements, staff registration, work papers, staff insurance and withholding taxes,

invoicing and accounting requirements, etc. Get the resources hatted on these details so they can recognize anything not being done correctly.



  1. Set up the mode of completely secure communication with the resource and when and how data reports will flow back from the resource.




  1. Qualify at least 4 resources in this manner, two for each of the two main groups, and get each of resources cleared and prepared as per OTs 2-7.




  1. Pick the target group for the resource, initiate the planned contact with the group and get the resource accepted as a student.



  1. Get the resources in the Kaydakov group report on what “services” are being delivered and what material is being used for their courses , noting especially any copies being used of materials published by the Church or New Era.




  1. Get the data to the attorney and get instructions on what other details need to be collected to have evidence of violations.



  1. Work out how to get useable evidence without endangering the identity and position of the resource in the group.



  1. Have the resources in the Kaydakov group locate specific out legal ruds and report on these in detail.



  1. Have the attorney tell you what type of evidence is needed for a complaint that will get the authorities to take action against the Kaydakov group.




  1. Work out how to obtain this evidence so that it is useable and does not create suspicion against the resource in any way.



  1. Procure the evidence of these illegal acts.



  1. Draw up a complaint from the right source. Work this out with the attorney, including how the evidence was obtained so that the resources won’t be compromised in any way by the official investigation.




  1. File the complaint with the correct agency and apply 8C to get it acted upon.




  1. Carry out the above targets 9 to 18 the Zadeev group.




  1. Conditional: If the status of the resources as mere members does not put them into position to obtain leads of illegalities and evidence thereof, have them volunteer in whatever “ethics” area the squirrels have or have them work on “research projects”—both of these allow them to ask questions and find out data.




  1. Mock up a folder for each of the complaints. In it place a list of steps of how each complaint is to be 8C’d through the correct procedure based on the concerned agency’s regulations.



  1. Get a qualified investigator retained under an attorney and get him briefed on the data available on Kaydakov and Zadeev and their top lieutenants; in particular on what leads exist that point at criminal activities (other than those being looked for by the resources already in the group).



  1. Get this investigator to follow up and investigate the leads and locate evidence of the crimes committed by the leading squirrels.



  1. Coordinate with the attorney about what was found and get him to tell you what useable evidence is needed to be able to cause an official investigation and action against the offender(s).



  1. Get the investigator to work out how to get this evidence and obtain it.




  1. Concurrently, set up resources (as you did in OTs 2 to 7) to enter the smaller Freezone groups.



  1. Get these resources to identify violations of the codes and regulations apparent from the groups’ operations (possible are: zoning violations, lack of invoicing and suspected accounting omissions, false or omitted business registration, copyright violations, and various other out legal ruds).



  1. Brief the attorney on what is found and get him to tell you what further strings to pull and what evidence to obtain to support a complaint to trigger official investigations and prohibitive actions against the groups.




  1. Conditional: If there is evidence of copyright violations, have the Church’s attorney contact the squirrel and demand immediate cessation of the violations and threaten legal action, a damage claim. Forcefully relay on and quote the pertinent statutes to leave the squirrels no room to Q&A or justify their actions.




  1. Obtain useable evidence of illegalities (but without endangering the resources).




  1. Draw up a complaint from the right source. Work this out with the attorney, including how the evidence was obtained so that the resources won’t be compromised in any way by the official investigation.



  1. File the complaint with the correct agency.



  1. Mock up a folder for each of the complaints. In it place a list of steps of how each complaint is to be 8C’d through the correct procedure based on the concerned agency’s regulations.



  1. Find out what caused the Izhevsk group to break with Max Hauri.




  1. Work out how to apply the same or similar disaffection to the two Moscow groups by using your resources or having suitable posters bring up these topics (they should by now be in a position of being able to spread the disaffection to others in the group). (E.g.: Why pay this much money to the Swiss or Germans when the same could and should be done by the Russians themselves and the money should go to the staff?)



  1. Implement this handling through suitable identities who can post on the news groups. Apply HCO Exec Letter 27 Sep 1965, Amprinistics, “Internal dissention is what tears these splinter groups apart. Formed by people whose overt acts against Scientology prevent case gain, they rapidly rip one another to pieces.”




  1. Have this started as a minor rumor that can be legitimately picked up by someone else on the chat group and turned into a hot topic of discussion. Add other points of known natter and buttons.



  1. Get the resources to bring it up to others in the group they are in—both to the clientele as well as the staff. Get it being talked about and introduce the conclusion that the Swiss and/or Germans may not be needed any longer.




  1. Get the booklet printed cheaply that contains the unsavory history of the Freezone including how the squirrels are money motivated and how in PT the Hauris have been making a mint by collecting from the Russians. Also include the data (being provided by OSA Int) that shows the OPC connections of the Swiss and German squirrels (positioning the OPC as the secret police akin to the KGB and the former East German Stasi).



  1. Get the booklet into circulation among the squirrels, using your resources to make sure it is placed in the squirrel centers and passed around among the squirrels. Back off anyone trying to stop circulation by accusing them of trying to stop the free flow of information.



  1. By bright and legitimate means gather the identities and addresses of the members of the Freezone groups.



  1. Do a mailing to the Freezone members from a source “interested in the continued free flow of information as a basic, defining characteristic of Russia’s Freezone.”




  1. Develop the rumor into a frenzy of disaffection and natter on the Swiss until there is a general agreement that the Hauris, indeed any Westerners, are no longer needed and wanted in the Russian Freezone groups.



  1. Export the disaffection to the other Freezone groups in the other CIS areas (Ukraine, Moldova, Belarus).



  1. Get the upset of the Russians in the Freezone communicated on Internet news groups so the word gets to the squirrels in Switzerland and Germany.




  1. Have your prediction lines pick up any attempts by the Western squirrels to do damage control and work out how to intercept and prevent their efforts from succeeding.



  1. Conditional: If you are not able to obtain all the names of Freezone members, set it up that you have a couple of person intercept the Freezone clients when they leave the squirrel premises after “course,” either outside the squirrel premises or, if this is not possible, get it to them farther away from the location, e.g., in the subway or when they get on the bus. Hand them the booklet with the message that this is “data I am giving you because the free flow of information and your spiritual future is important to me.”



  1. Develop what, from the viewpoint of the small Freezone group operators (those delivering out of their apartments), is wrong with the Kaydakov and Zadeev groups. Find the “hate buttons” that will get the small groups turning against the larger operators.



  1. Use the atmosphere of natter (against the Western squirrels) to introduce disaffection with Kaydakov and Zadeev.



  1. Have a couple of resources disaffect from the Kaydakov and Zadeev groups, claiming that they are disenchanted due to “bad service and bad mental effects.” (Use the resources who have completed their mission of finding illegalities but leave one of the resources in place in each group so you continue to get feedback and can continue to predict reactions and counter measures.)




  1. Turn these disaffecteds into crusaders against these groups. Have the credibility of one disaffected “student” backed up the “experiences” of other.




  1. Get the discussion onto the newsgroups of the squirrels. Don’t “shotgun” what was found wrong, but start with one or two of the “outnesses observed” that motivated the person to become disaffected and build this into a long-running thread.




  1. Add to this campaign by getting another resource to disaffect from one of the small groups and amplify the disaffection due to “bad results” and “squirreling.”




  1. Have other “squirrels” pile on with messages that preach defeatism by picking up on other incidents suitable to preaching apathy and “it’s over,” and “it’s no good.” —that the internecine conflicts show there is no future in their movement (not pushing for the Freezone to stop, but as spectator commentary and to TR3 the defeatism).




  1. Put defeatist messages up on squirrel sites outside Russia and have these “found” and repeated on the Russian sites or those visited by the Russians.




  1. Create and run this campaign on the news groups until there is general upset and agreement that Kaydakov and Zadeev are comparable to the Swiss and German squirrels.



  1. Once you have the small groups disaffected with the large operators, select a couple of unfaltering OSA staff and hat and drill them to do face-to-face confrontations with and impinge on the small-time squirrel operators. Have the staff shove good news down the squirrels’ throats about Church expansion in CIS and the rest of the world. (“Flourish and Prosper” per RJ 31) Tell them to STOP their squirreling and suppressive acts and let them know that you operate on these datums: ”(a) People who attack Scientology are criminals. (b) That if one attacks Scientology he gets investigated for crimes. c) If one does not attack Scientology, despite not being with it, one is safe.” (Taken from ED 149 INT, but don’t tell them it is directly from an LRH issue.)



  1. Let them know that the Church won’t stand by and tolerate them ruining other people’s spiritual future and taking down people with them but if they stop their SP activities, the Church sees no reason to keep investigating them.




  1. Debrief each meeting in writing and based on how these squirrels reacted work out work out further handling actions so the pressure is maintained.




  1. Conditional: Do the same with the Kiev and other Ukraine groups if they are delivering any courses.



  1. Conditional: Repeat this action with the Moldova group if they are delivering any courses.



  1. Conditional: Do the same with the Belarus group if they are delivering any courses.





Program Purpose and Major Target accomplished in 6 months from receipt of this program.


137 responses to “OSA’s war against independence

  1. Wow,

    Despite all that, the Independent Field continues to grow.

    After all, in the face of supression we are supposed to flourish and prosper, right?


  2. Reporter: Do you have any comments on the Secret OSA CIS Freezone Handling Program that was just made public?

    Tommy Davis (surprised, looking away): I’ve never seen this program. I’ve never heard of this program and I can tell you this did NOT come from the church. The church would never stoop to this. We don’t need to. Scientology’s expansion in Russia is pinch me material. This program was posted on Marty Rathbun’s blog so it is obvious that Marty wrote this himself.

    Reporter (scribbling in notebook): Tommy’s mouth moving, Tommy lying.

  3. Wow! I’m glad you got it, Marty, however you did.

    The good news is that it didn’t work, and that the independent field is much larger and stronger now than it was in 2007, especially with your leadership in the past year. The more that’s exposed of the C of M’s vile activities, the less power they will have, and the more power will reside out here, in the land of freedom. Ultimately, the light of truth will dissolve the suppression and the suppressives.

  4. Thank you for the belly-laugh, Marty.

    I’ve seen this sort of OSA caper in several Anon groups and on many a message board, so it’s refreshing to see it straight from OSA for a change instead of having to figure out the strat they are currently using.

    Would love to see Beloved Leader’s face when He views this post of yours.

    The only “straight up and vertical” stat He has at the moment is “unmitigated disasters.”

  5. The way this strikes me is that the C of M is terrified that the “squirrels” and splinter groups are succeeding.

    If they put half this amount of effort into improving their own shoddy substitutes then I think things could get better for them.

    This reminds me of a Nazi Germany or J. Edgar Hoover type operations. If it is legal for the freezoners to operate and if they don’t violate the laws of the land, I don’t see how they can be bothered.

    I have always felt though that if the copyrights are being violated then the C of S could persue it in the courts.

    I do believe that the C of M has caused gross out tech and off policy actions that have hurt a lot of people and they are unwilling to make up the damage other than lip service, because they are “good” and the others are “bad”.

    This idea that anyone who attacks the CofS has crimes this life that they can be arrested for is BS to me. I don’t care if LRH wrote it or not, I do not believe that. It is another way of introverting and brainwashing people IMHO.

    If it is not illegal to audit and train people outside of the “official” C of S then this needs to be broadly disseminated and legal comments given to dead agent the idea that these are illegal activities. If they are in fact illegal then they should not be done until legal victories are accomplished. People could band together to accomplish that if it is needed and wanted enough.


  6. Marty…..always wanted to know if you think the idea there are ALWAYS arrestable crimes in the backgrounds of “anti-Scientologists” (as per the statement below taken from this program, which I assume is what LRH wrote) was one of those ideas that came from the imperfect and “attack-mode”, darker side of LRH’s thinking? I think it’s well acknowledged he had some bits of bad along with so much of the good stuff and this idea perhaps was one of them.

    Was this really the accepted operating basis when you (or anyone else formerly at a similar level of staff position) worked in this area of overseeing legal investigative procedures?

    I ask it honestly because the thrust of implementation in finding these assumed crimes leads to such disruption, crazy PI actions and usually made up or false conclusions which are put out on websites or in church mags (Freedom comes to mind) as truths, thus merely smearing and demonizing the “target” of the alleged crimes, never really addressing the data offered by the person, but rather redirecting the reader’s focus to the now “discovered” criminality.

    Quote from above:
    “It will be found uniformly (despite first view there is no evidence of it) that anti-Scientologists have in their background this life crimes for which they could be arrested…”

  7. Dan Koon,

    I love your comment! Tommy will definitely lie about this too.

    Marty, Thank you for posting this. You are definitely making DM’s life a nightmare by having your own sources to give you all the inside (C of M) plans! I love it!!! 🙂

    We’ll continue to flourish and prosper!

  8. Theo Sismanides

    Hey Marty, haven’t read the full program yet! But just wanted to comment on our lines.

    First the PR actions by Christie, now the Intelligence actions by you.

    Let DM wonder how you got it. Please get more!!!

    By the way the OL in Switzerland and “squirrel” who is helping out Russia like no other is Max Hauri.

    Max has been very active for many many years. He even came to Greece and audited us 7 years ago.

    The Independents and the Freezoners are brothers and the various colors should not make us any different. We all have one Scientology.

    I will read this program but I am sure already how stupid it can be.

  9. Geez Marty, how does DM stand a chance when you out-maneuver him like this? Once again you prove that our crusade is in very capable hands!

  10. The more the church resists the freezoen the bigger the freezone will get.

    When I began the IFA I received a heap of harrisment from OSA including legal as well as illegal harrisment.

    My rersponse was to increase the number of freezone websites I put up after each harrisment. The IFA now has around 10 websites plus we host some others that were taken down or there were problems.

    The answer is always to promote promote promote.

  11. I would be interested to know :

    Did this program even get implemented?

    If so, did this program ever get completed?

    Did anybody get RPF’d off this operation?

    Is there still a functioning independent field/freezone in Russia and related areas?

    Are the Swiss still OL’s for the Russian Independents?

    Is the c of s still unaware that everybody can clearly see that the church continues to accuse others of the their own crimes?

  12. Marty,

    That’s what they call in the trade an “intelligence coup”!

    OSA you are so blown !!!!!


  13. martyrathbun09

    I don’t think the statement was necessarily inaccurate when he uttered it; decades before the GO and then DM made a business of CREATING anti-Scientologists. That was written back in the day when there were virtually none of the abuses committed by Scn orgs that we have discussed over the past year. I think it is disgusting the way OSA frames it in the program, to make LRH right by essentially creating the demise of freezoners. That they robotically cling to such a line to justify what they do I think is a sad testament to the level of responsibility the organization has sunk to.

  14. Vít Profant

    Marty, did you notify the terminals concerned, i.e. EU and CIS RO terminals?
    I’m sure Co$ didn’t mean anybody else because it’s above their differentiation abilities to realize that RO is only a part of the FZ and even not liked in some other parts of FZ 🙂

  15. By my opinion a similar pgm had been run on the church itself by OSA. Just replcae freezone with orgs, mssns.
    Can someone dig out those old pgms and post them?

  16. Marty, thank you for putting that LRH statement in historical perspective. That answers Mickey’s question I had too satisfactorily to me.

    Its application within the current frame of the crim church is actually just another manifestation of Reversed Dianetics / Scientology.
    Tip my hat to you! VML Fidelio

  17. “Keep this program and its program folder in a secure space.”

    You know right this second that someone in OSA is getting assigned a Treason condition.

  18. You have to look at the fact that the LRHED 149 INT ‘Project Squirrel’ was regarding squirrels (many who were controlled by Government sources) who directly attacked the organization itself. Not squirrels in general.

    Also what they are doing is a complete perversion and reversal of the PR series and the Third Party Law and will create more ill will by muddying up an already very muddy field.

    This is so typical of the current organization to not only willfully misapply policy and tech but also to reverse its intent by creating ARCXs and thus cave people in.

    On another point.

    I beg to differ Marty.

    Not even the GO was this crass.

    In fact what they are doing now under the color of legality makes the GO look like Girl Guides and Boy Scouts.

    In short.

    OSA is a bunch of sick puppies.

  19. Nasty, nasty stuff!!! It is amazing how beings can justify ANYTHING and make themselves right as well over the most mean, hurtful things. Whatever happened to HELP your fellow man and ARC and the tone scale to operate with a spirit of play, not be SOLID etc, etc. Freedom has always been the known objective, not being controlled and duressed. By framing it like anyone outside the C of S is the perverter of the tech is clever to get agreement that no one should do anything to cause another being to lose their FREEDOM by out tech. It is very, very clever but very evil. All this can really take up a persons time and attention units I must say and I empathize with the guts of the decent beings here who are really just trying to help others have a better time at life and livingness. Great work again Marty. Fuck these bastards! They have to live with themselves in this evil state. I am glad that you are braking the wizard of ills (DM’s) fake illusion. All the best to the brave and couragous. Jefretheta.

  20. Very interesting program, Marty. Thanks.

    FZers and indies delivering Scn services should note the form of attack based on any legal out-ruds observed being reported to the appropriate authorities. The solution of course is to get one’s legal ruds in.

    There is no proposed line of attack there based on OSA fabricating crimes to authorities, although there is fiction in the proposed third-partying between the FZ groups.


  21. This program shows OSA per what it has become (and perhaps what it has always been): a 1.1 operation.

    What about meeting with the “freezone” OL’s and trying to sort out things and find common agreement for the benefit of the customers?

    There is no room for it in scientology. We “the squirrels, disaffected and sp declared” have only one right per the present church of scientology: the right to be exterminated.

    I know these kind of programs more often than not do fail, but nevertheless this is scary. It’s funny to know that after many years of support, after you leave the church, you have someone looking after you so you can be nailed/harassed/ arrested/third partied…

    THE SCIENTOLOGY EXPERIENCE: Dedicate your life to scientology, volunteer for the church, put up with a lot of crazy stuff, donate a lot of money and when you no longer desire to support, experience the thrill of having private investigators come after you…

    But the funny thing is what will happen to the a/invest aide osa cis in a few years: he will eventually disaffect, blow, be declared and from chaser he will become the prey… We all went through the same pattern.


  22. Another thought I had was this: If people who attack Scientology have arrestable crimes (which may be true if they have the goal of attacking a true help flow) then it could be argued that DM is the one with crimes as HE is the one who is attacking Scientology from within.

    I think you have to differentiate between people that are trying to save the subject (true help flow) and the ones that through their actions internally, are destroying Scientology by mis-representing it , creating enemies through injustice, gross out-tech, greed, etc..

  23. The OSA operation seems contradictory and should ask themselves;

    Why would OSA worry about “squirrels”, is the CoS really being attached by them?

    Why would OSA worry about these groups if they are “squirrel’s” as their “altered” tech delivery would cause their own failure?

    Why would OSA not just promote the LRH “original” tech in that area and out deliver with superior tech delivery that causes a win-win of expansion and highest standards?

    Why doesn’t OSA investigate why after so my OPs things don’t improve for them?

    Why can’t OSA maintain secret their own secrets?


  24. Please correct my post: “my” should be “many”

  25. crashingupwards

    Reading that program, and having read Nancy Many’s account of infiltrating the David Mayo Group for OSA, makes it very clear why Scientology is shrinking. Scientology is its own worst enemy, and has been for 40 years. Whoever wants to practice any form of therapy or healing should be allowed to do so. The marketplace through good or bad results will dictate which survive and which contract. If your goal is to see an improved planet, then allowing any form of betterment seems to be the preferred course of action. If your delivery is the best, there is no concern for your own survival as people will want to go to you. Otherwise, its about economic control. Money. You can apply KSW to your own opertations, but have no right to interfere with others. Some here may have to spend some time with that thought so see the rightness of it. Worry about your own squirreling, not someone elses. Even squirrel tech is better than no tech. And whose to say that another groups tabulation of results will not result in some improvements. Slaughtering the Mission holders back in the early 80’s is another example of the economic control. Scientology is and has been its own worst enemy. If I was in charge, I would soley guard copyright and trademarks from profane uses and otherwise lead the scientology world by example in the best results delivered at the most affordable cost. It IS about clearing the planet, isn’t it?

  26. Good questions Lunamoth

  27. Thanks Marty. Still I wonder if this was your mindset or anyone’s extant at the time…that no matter what, crimes did exist somewhere in the person’s past.

    Below is a YouTube that if viewed incorrectly might ruffle some feathers.. It is harsh in spots. Watch it through to the end without judgment before coming to a conclusion as to it’s message. I think what this video portrays and verifies is exactly what you said, that “what they do I think is a sad testament to the level of responsibility the organization has sunk to.”

    PS. Don’t you get the feeling the Indie community is being symbolized by the patterns of birds which are gloriously and freely showing how cohesive a group of free-thinking (flying) individuals (birds) can be? Watching them is an auditing process in itself!

    PPS. Although this piece is a comment about Anonymous’ activities, substitute the word Independents in the beginning statements made by the narrator. Sort of rings true about what we see happening in this new direction and movement away from CofM that you have started of independence…. Independent Scientologists or more accurately perhaps, Independent Thinkers!

  28. I just re-read PR Series 18, How to Handle Black Propaganda, in light of the above OSA program.
    The subject of ‘attack’ is part of this issue. It says:” The basic characteristic of extreme madness is perpetual attack, attacks on anything, attacks on persons or things which contain no menace.”

    It also says that those who will perpetually attack, not evaluating different circumstances and in an A=A, are described thusly: “Such people are often SANCTIMONIOUS hypocrites. They are usually arrogant and will not parley (have
    conferences with a foe). They appear so terribly sure they are RIGHT that it fairly shakes one’s confidence that they could ever do anything wrong.”

    Recently, as part of the above OSA program, I had email correspondence with someone who claimed they were ‘not OSA’ but had communication lines to effect what I had requested of this person, a ‘parley’ with those in behind the various websites and postings on this blog that have come up. (The obvious ones to carry out the above program).

    I was told a parley was in the works, would take about a month and it appeared that some sort of reconciliation was possible. Along with this, I was plied with the steps of the above program. Seeds of dissent between me and Marty were attempted to be planted.

    My handling was per PR Series 18. I supplied exact LRH references to Dead Agent the lies. This continued for about 1 1/2 weeks or so.

    During this discussion, it was requested I exchange emails with ‘Minerva’. I declined as I told the person I didn’t much care for the Tone Level of her website.

    Next, I was told the ‘rationale’ for supporting DM in various controversial areas, such as putting people back to the beginning of the Bridge from the upper OT levels for one.

    On this one, I made a similar study to the one I made on ‘disconnection’ and the 3D engram related to it (see Scn Cult under Jim Logan), but this time on the theory of the Grade Chart, the Grades of Release, and case programming by the Case Supervisor.

    I requested of the guy working me that he study several key issues by LRH on the subject which contradicted what DM is doing. He stopped his correspondence.

    As it is clear as a bell in PR Series 18, ‘perpetual’ attack with no attempt at reconciliation or a ‘parley’ with a foe, is the sign of a ‘madman’.

    My attempt at parley with OSA, through their operative operating on their program, went off the rails when I referred them to LRH tech and policy.

    Again, per the materials of PR Series 18 (the subject of ‘vacuums’ which is also covered technically by the PDC Supplemental Lecture of 12 January 53, Anchor Points-Driving Them In and Out), one will pull in to the vacuum left behind, that is on a Newtonian Mechanics basis of action-reaction, that which is put out. The current OSA op of engendering internecine squabbles and distrust, now clearly exposed, is exactly what is occurring back ‘whence it came’.

    No parley, no LRH data, no intention to do anything other than madly ‘attack’, in complete contradiction to the circumstances -THAT is DM, NOT Scientology policy or tech.

  29. Thanks Marty. This is great — mainly IMHO to show OSA/dm that you just might have an active mole or 10 inside.

    I personally think this program is small potatoes next to the one they must have to take out Marty and this particular movement. Independents.

    Tons of energy and resources were spent to close down Mayo. Even Ray Mithoff’s brother was sent in as a disaffected ex SO member – only to later learn he was a mole, reporting all to int.

    The beauty of this movement is it doesn’t have a brick and mortar place.

    Where IS this movement?


    How can they close it down? Well — I guess get the internet to stop. Not likely tomorrow at least 🙂

    While I’m sure it must be extremely unpleasant for Marty and others, with PIs around the corner etc., basically dm is helpless and just wondering WHOSE next?

    Did you ever think the Berlin Wall would come down? And once it did — by way FIRST of people sneaking over to Hungary by the thousands because Hungary didn’t stop them and turn them back — it fell overnight.

    But first — East Germans escaped by the thousands and then OVER NIGHT success — the wall fell.

    It’s happening.

    Overnight success — hmmm — sometime in the summer?

    Perhaps 4 July?


  30. Trust binds theta and becomes the natural target of suppression.

    Third party activity lies behind the dwindling spiral of mistrust and betrayal. The “betrayals” are most often lies created by the third party.

    OSA has become an agent of suppression rather than spiritual freedom.

    Time to wake up, guys and apply the correct formula. OSA operatives are in enemy or treason to Scientology. Hopefully, each staff member in the C of M (including OSA) can rise up to doubt. Going into doubt is actually an improvement, guys–a step or two up from your current condition.

  31. The problem for OSA is all these points have been dealt with successfully on this website before we even got confirmation through this program. There’s nothing left for OSA to do except confront whether or not they’re covering up for an SP at a time when a real change is possible. Again, DM’s crimes are YOUR crimes now. You will deal with it in your future which you can’t run away from. It’s your downstats now too. Sure I did it for a while and justified the stats too but I changed and that’s a world of difference.

    Natter amongst yourselves to minimize the high crime OSA, you’re going to need that group support.

  32. Marty,
    Forgive me if I’m wrong, I don’t have the HCO PL’s at hand, but it is my recall that Dead Agenting and such tactics were more of a DEFENSIVE tactic to handle SP’s?
    Looking all of that over, “OSA” is going totally on the OFFENSIVE here. If my original premise is correct, then what they are doing is truly anti-LRH and off-policy… which I guess is redundent, isn’t it?

    Anyhow, just clearing up the Offesnive / Defensive distinction. Thanks.

    Keep up the good work! Gives me the willies to think of what the hell they are up to now. Sheesh!

  33. martyrathbun09

    Bozz, you make a good observation. I think there is a lot of truth to that if you read the context in which LRH wrote most of what they used to justify their tactics.

  34. ” The attemp to combine wisdom and power has only rarely been successful and then only for a short while” -Albert Einstein-
    The codified wisdom which is the Philosophy of Scientology has fallen under the control of a very flawed man lacking honor, ethical discipline and moral restraint. The power he usurped when LRH departed has driven him mad and he is capable of any measure of human depravity in his quest to cosolidate and maintain this power. We must all stay vigilant and continue to do what we do best, which is to be there and communicate. Each response of the OSA stooges is nothing more than the bank response to the auditing command. If we as independants maintain the auditors code and stay uptone we will prevail. It is tempting to go into anger and strike back because of the gross injustice but then the bank is running the session.
    Thank you Marty for your conviction and your courage in providing a venue to communicate truth.

  35. Total violation of Creed!

    Well this program pretty much failed. We had discussions on attacks on the FZ a month or two ago and Max Hauri commented he had had none for a few years. Hopefully He’ll comment here, or if he does on FZ forums I’ll forward his comments.

    The Russian Freezone has at least twice as many groups as the OSA report above mentions. They have regular events in Moscow which have, last one I took a record of, 350 attendees and the total regging effort is one e-mail! I can
    post some pictures If its possible in these responses.

    I am aware of some of the OSA attacks from their website ” Freezone Survivors” which is the equivalent of Religious Freedom Watch for
    Freezoners. If anything its more dumb!

    For example this quote on destroying human rights by not giving receipts for books!:-

    “There was selling of books, materials, courses without any documents or receipts – the money was just put in the pockets. This also means that there no taxes were paid on this money. Just imagine the condition of the person who bit by bit collects money from his “student salary” and, as a result, he has no confirmation at all that he gave the money and nobody is responsible for this. In other words, because of this money these people destroyed his human rights. ”

    Then this target is done Keystone Kops style:-

    “Also include the data (being provided by OSA Int) that shows the OPC connections of the Swiss and German squirrels (positioning the OPC as the secret police akin to the KGB and the former East German Stasi).”

    I wonder at the desparation of those in OSA
    who made this video. It shows Max Hauri being visited by a be -turbanned brit comedian Hardeep Choli Singh, as an alledged OPC op.

    This clip is taken from the only pro tech
    TV program ever, ” The Beginners Guide to L Ron Hubbard” filmed in the Freezone and shown on Brit Channel 4 TV.

    This is supposed to prove that Max is in league
    with german secret police!

  36. Marty, I like your answer to Mickey’s question. It makes sense.

    dave and his minions do the same thing with the LRH reference on beating up bullies. This policy was used as an excuse to punch and hit staff members.

    I remember thinking wait of course if one person continues to beat others and will not stop he should be knocked on his ass. But of course this was turned into anyone (which in dave’s mind was everyone) who non complied should be smacked.


  37. Or LRH’s 100. Birthday latest? 🙂

  38. Freedom Fighter

    The problem, IMO, also lies in terminology and the inability to distinquish between attacking “Scientology” and attacking elements within the “Church of” Scientology who are off-policy and out-tech.

    Not everyone has been as eloquent as Christie in communicating the fact that they’re not attacking Scientology; they’re speaking out against the abuses that are occuring in the Church.

    The Church terminals reading some of the statments written by its parishoners aren’t able to make the distinction between the two — partially because of the way some of the statements are worded and mostly because the staff are laden with false data, MUs, PTSness, and downright carelessness. They can’t, therefore, recognize an effort to help the Church.

    Jefretheta, your comment about being off-purpose (“whatever happened to HELP your fellow man and ARC . . .”) plays into this as well.

  39. Alex, this is well written and you make great points.

    I agree with you. One thing we have to keep remembering is that LRH said “critics of Scientology” and that would imply people being critical of that which helps others and that, of course, would not be sane. He did not mean “critics of the Church of Scientology” if said Church is squirrel and cannot then be considered synonymous with the subject of Scientology.

  40. Great points of logic Mr. or Miss because.

    I agree if that if these groups are so out tech, then why worry??

    And as far as them worrying about our spiritual freedom…. well, that one is VERY hard to swallow.

    Loss of revenue worry?? Yes I can see that.


  41. This posting is so much damned fun!
    Such unmitigated insouciance!
    The current sit is often compared to the emperor not having any clothes. Well, this post takes that notion one step further and clearly puts DM’s panties down around his ankles.
    Nice work, Marty!

  42. Well, Russians are a bit different then other nations, and if DM was aware of that, he would know that those, who are opposing a government or being after by the government forces are the normally good guys in the eyes of Russians. Since government in Russia is famous for it’s corruption and supression, it has no trust of it’s people. By positioning the Church of $ (or C of M if you like) on the government side against the Freezone, DM lost the battle right there, as the public affinity went right to the Free guys.
    Also Russia has a history of governor (Stallin, Beria, Ezhov etc..) declaring thousands of people as “nation enemies” and sending them to the GULAG (Concentration Camps), for later to be found out how wrong it all was and rehabilitation of the names of unjustly labeled or killed people to take place.
    The same trick of labeling the people “SPs” is not going to be successful, not in Russia!
    I gues, he (DM) has no idea of the Russians confront level, he is just poring the oil over the fire in attempt to bring it down!

    Mark, thank you for the article, I re-post it on my website, if you don’t mind. I’ll see if I can find a version of it in Russian.

    Tatiana Baklanova,
    Class V

  43. Yup, that sure is authentic. One of many such “programs”. The ones on Anonymous were amusing too. Nice move, Marty.

  44. Marty,
    Would you please provide a glossary of terminology used in that thing?

    What the hell is ‘OPC’ ?

    Michael A. Hobson

  45. Nice job getting ahold of this.

    I was struck in reading this how much of the end results of this campaign resembles some of the dissension I’ve seen over at WWP.

    Anons are being naive if they don’t believe that OSA and the COS are actively trying to infiltrate them and cause them to lose focus, instead directing them towards petty infighting.

    While they’ve been somewhat effective, no doubt some of the rancor and negativity has driven some people off.

    Forewarned is forarmed, however, and being aware of these efforts hopefully will help Independents guard against them.

  46. What’s Amprinistics mean?

    It would behoove Independents, especially the higher-ranking ones to review whatever materials on Security (and PR) they can find that LRH wrote. In addition, there are many references which he cited that are worthy as well (mainly dealing in intelligence and security).
    Counter-Insurgency Campaigning
    A Short Course in the Secret War
    Total Espionage
    Art of War
    Clausewitz, On War

    In addition, thoroughly understand this definition.

    1. “security is not letting others in on your plans, whereabouts and actions. It also includes not giving away data so it can be used to
    interrupt actions.” (Flag Order 1882)

    It’s my hope that ALL Independents have a good understanding of “enemy actions” … 3Ping one side to break apart a group. I’ve seen it in orgs between divisions and networks, I’ve seen it between different echelons of Management, and yes, let’s keep this movement on the UP about such stuff.

  47. Floating Needle

    brilliant move to post this!

    1) Let’s not follow the misdefinetions of this OSA paper. If anyone is uncertain what a Scientologist is, read the article from T. Paine „What is a Scientologist?“ on http://www.scientology-cult.com. So what is an „anti-Scientologist“? Would be someone who is trying to worsen conditions, or someone who is not living by the Code of a Scientologist and the Auditors Code, possessed with the intention to harm people. For example, the activity to halt the training of auditors in orgs, or to misuse Church money, that would be activities of an anti-Scientologist.

    So the quoted reference, does NOT apply to those who are trying to better conditions, who train auditors or audit people to better their condition. To them it would be a false label, a false indication, a mis-appication of terminology.

    Read it again. ED 149 INT, Project Squirrel: “… 3. It will be found uniformly (despite first view there is no evidence of it) that anti-Scientologists have in their background this life crimes for which they could be arrested. 4. When one finds such a crime one must get documents or witnesses and evidences sufficient for prosecution. …”
    Without any surprise, we do find crimes in David Miscavige. The old man was right.

    2) Very interesting is the concentration on those groups who deliver courses. Apparently that’s what the author of this document fears, that training is being done, that auditors are being made. It is even consistent as an out-point. After sabotaging the making of auditors inside the Church, they now target to sabotage the production of auditors outside.
    (Both is directly in opposition to HCOPL 31 Jan 70, Booming an Org through Training, and classifies an an anti-Scientology activity quite well.)

    3) Please remember HCOB 3 Dec 64R, Withholds, Other Peoples, and read this para then again:
    “Work out what the legal ruds are for an operation like the squirrel group, including incorporation in the proper category, city operating licenses, MINIMUM SPACE REQUIREMENTS, staff registration, WORK PAPERS, STAFF INSURANCE and WITHHOLDING TAXES, INVOICING AND ACCOUNTING REQUIREMENTS, etc.“
    (Now stop laughing. And read on.)

    4) Some points contradict directly:
    „Locate suitable professional resources to become members of the key FZ groups.“
     contradicts with the very next point:
    „Before briefing the first candidate on any details or the target area, look over his/her history and activities and clear him/her for this work, including getting checked on the meter on questions that establish trustworthiness, ability to maintain securityAND THAT HE/SHE IS NOT PURSUING ANY PERSONAL OPPURTUNITIES BUT IS INTENT ON GETTING THE JOB DONE FOR THE BENEFIT OF OUR GROUP.“
     What does the author think a professional spy or agent is working for? For IAS pins?

    What is the mental state or intelligence of someone who did not notice that the first and the very next sentence don’t go together?
    And who would approve such a program?

    5) Another point is the employment of non-existing resources:
    „Have the staff shove good news down the squirrels’ throats about Church expansion in CIS and the rest of the world.“
    The good news about the Church expansion in CIS and the rest of the world.“ is a non-existant resurce. This is plainly visible for those who look.
    (And, Dear OSA-staff, who read this, the questions are „How many auditors made?, How many Clears made?, How many Releases? How many New Scientologists?“ Find this out and decide yourself.)

    6) By the reversed intention, to create less ARC, to degrade ARC, to prevent service or training, this piece is truely anti-Scientology. So let’s continue to find and expose the crimes.

    Floating Needle

  48. Thought provoking

    A perfect example of black dianetics. Makes one wonder how those in OSA can call themselves Scientologists. They are the antithesis of everything LRH.

  49. Vit,

    Intelligence requires an ability to differentiate, something obviously OSA is incapable of, because they are total morons like their fearless leader.

    Personally, I believe that dumb fuck Miscavige is either a witting or unwitting tool similar to former President George Bush of vested interests whose long range objective is the destruction of Scientology.

    As far as I’m concerned Miscavige epitomizes the term “useful idiot”.

    I also find it interesting that OSA is trying to create a mini- Cold War by making members of RO and FZ distrustful of those from the West. As if the program were devised by the Russian FSB.

    They also mentioned some fancied connection that FZ and RO have to the German OPC which is ludicrous since both organizations operate clandestinely in Europe, using excellent cover and a system of cut outs that would impress any intelligence agency, while the Church operates openly and is therefore an easy target for infiltration since they no longer have any real counterintelligence capability.

    In fact I wouldn’t be surprised if the program was written by a mole working for the Office for the Protection of the Constitution.

  50. Oh Please! when you are 3 feet behind all this BS it is funny. Dan I love your comment and so true. These guys have and always will be fighting imagined enemies. Yawn, yawn.


  51. martyrathbun09

    Office for the Protection of the Constitution – a German Federal Agency.

  52. To the point 🙂
    Thanks to Jim and marty

  53. martyrathbun09

    McGwire, in a pefect world Miscavige would have been removed and declared SP for his response to the June 21 09 SP Times series. He directed Tommy and his other minions to blame everything on LRH. His attempt to throw LRH under the bus was the ugliest chapter in that book, IMHO.

  54. martyrathbun09

    Brad H, I agree with your sage advice.

  55. Marty,
    What does Amprinistics mean?
    Couldn’t find anything to define it.

  56. “I prefer going HALF a tone to a FULL tone above THEM!!!”
    1.5 Anger vs. OSA’s 1.1 Covert Hostility.

    “*yawn* And well… if they start to come up tone… *yawn*

    “Then we can have a civilized conversation with them.”

    I just love the tone scale. Cracks me up how well it works when you really work it. 😉

  57. The recent blogs – all found on Marty’s blog roll are a huge huge threat to dm.

    Mayo isn’t a threat any longer. BUT — Marty is being positioned WITH Mayo. A squirrel.

    BOTH were top of their field in the SO. BOTH have left.

    It’s been over 20 years since Mayo left and started his group. dm and the existing church still stand.

    Many multi-millions have gone to dm and his church.

    Many have left BUT more are still IN. In 20 years will there be a NEW independent movement and yet dm still RULING his church?

    Let’s hope not. But don’t be fooled. ALL resources will be put into place to close down this website, silence Marty, Mike, Jim, Steve, Christie — and lots and lots of 3P will be going around. Lots.

    Just the other day I was told by someone who knows the Int mindset; having been there — that it is NOT having read the SP times and having told his father BUT because he mentioned Marty that caused them to pull the dad off the level (OT VII).

    MARTY is more feared than the SP Times. Wow — that sayin’ something.

    To all of us, watch your back. Keep your head up and IF someone contacts you “out of the blue” – let your dogs loose.



  58. martyrathbun09

    WH, Yes. But, read the Brag Hagemo comment too. To the degree we get too serious and enter DM’s GPM we lose. To the degree we rise above it, we as-is it. IMHO.

  59. martyrathbun09

    Ceileen, it was an offshoot of Scientology started in the early 60’s I believe.

  60. Actually — more exactly — it wasn’t the mention that dm was physically abusive to his staff but that he mentioned Marty that got the dad taken off the level.

    It’s Marty that freaks dm out.

    So — it’s kinda a two step (Texas style) – Christie et al dance with the media. (write books, do media) New people stop coming into dm’s churchs, those who CAN watch TV, do and start thinking — wow — maybe I should leave.

    Marty et al continue with their masterful intel causing dm to become ever more paranoid with more ridiculous events, shakedowns, stakeouts where those still IN — start to think — wow — may I should leave.

    And at some point — a guard or two at INT is goin’ forget to lock those gates.


  61. martyrathbun09

    Tatiana, by all means re-post it. Thank you for your insight into the people of that sector of the globe. Godspeed.

  62. Hi Elizabeth,

    I agree with you. We have ARC. Nice.

    A friend is a person with whom I may be sincere. Before him, I may think aloud.
    ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson


  63. Thankyou Jim!!!!! Good work!!!!

    I truly believe, even though I am no longer a Scienotlogist, that you persons who ARE Scientologists, and in my opinion so very clearly BETTER Scientologists than these OSA people strapped to their limiting options, that YOU, will be the ones to actually change the scene for the better.

    All the best to you Jim, and Marty, and this is just a truly historic thread here!

    I wish you all well!

    My dreams of ex members confronting the OSA lineup and intracacies, I am so grateful Marty and you Jim, and Steve Walker and my favorite Sea Org superior of all time, Dan Koon, thankyou all for being normal human beings and speaking your opinions in this public forum.

    This is truly groundbreaking history you guys are all making!

    Thankyou all!

    ex Admin nerd, chuck beatty, 1975-2003.
    ex Scientologist, and not really a friend of LRH, but I love all you people who are at least Grade O and speaking your minds!

  64. Absolutely agree — always best to have a tremendous sense of humor and love of life.

    Seriousness and knowing how to dance are mutually exclusive 🙂

    “And now I’m glad I didn’t know
    The way it all would end the way it all would go
    Our lives are better left to chance I could have missed the pain
    But I’d of had to miss the dance

    Yes my life is better left to chance
    I could have missed the pain but I’d of had to miss the dance” Garth Brooks Last Dance


  65. Thanks Tatiana,

    That is good data to have!

    Long live Mother Russia!!


  66. Amprinistics is a splinter group founded by Harry Thompson.. It’s a combination of the words “amplify” and “principle.”

  67. Amprinistics was started some time in the mid-’60’s by Jack Horner about the time R6 was released. In fact Ron makes an obscure reference to it in the HCOPL ‘Security of Levels’.

    In fact it all but faded out in the late ’60’s when ‘The Process’ ‘Eckankar’ and later ‘EST’ became more popular.

    It had a brief resurgence back in the early to mid ’80’s when new management took over or seized control of the Church (depending on your view point) and the first mass exodus began.

    Actually, back then in those heady days when Amnesty policy was still being applied we received a few cases at the AO who were former Aprinistics cases who were pretty much cleaned up and put back on the Grade Chart.

  68. Marty, a few weeks ago I asked you if you don’t have any insider knowledge of the strategies the church has. Thanks, that is what I was looking for.

    I could now write down almost endless stories of what we have experienced on the other side. We had twice the FSB (KGB) in the camp, once before this program and once probably as part of this program. There was almost endless harassment, in all kind of forms. Once Dom was checked on the border – our training camp in Switzerland is just a stone-cast away from the French border – for drugs, with dogs and everything. It was certainly a OSA operation.

    I had endless mails of “prospects”, inventing all kind of stories. Sometimes coming to us putting a mobile phone in front of the table and thinking I am stupid enough not see what that means.

    Did it hurt us or stop us? No. I have to admit in the beginning, that means 10-15 years ago we had enormous respect of the church, that is true. We were very cautious, well actually PTS. But we went our way finding out that we were factually trapped by shadows like the fishes in the Tanganyika lake. In the years all those attacks diminished to mosquito’s bites.

    The way of dePTSing was long. It helped very much when I started to fight back, to take them to the court. The first one was just a mistake of them against the Data Privacy Act and the second was when I fought against the slander when the issued and SP declare against us. In both instances I didn’t really win, but also not lost, at least no money, but mentally I won. It showed me I can fight against them, and it was so fun, so satisfactory to see their desperation in their eyes. Fun, to listen all this illogic, biggest out point was that none of the churchies –and there were quite some high execs there – didn’t know who is the International Justice Chief. The SP declare “was just one morning on the table”, god knows who was the cause. Ridiculous. And it disposed who were those e-mail “friends”.

    Miscavige is just an SP, being 1.5 – unfortunately he is clever. I better don’t use the attributes he deserves on a public blog.

    I am afraid some of the donators will have to confront quite something. Because I wonder to whom the ide(a)l orgs belong to? I mean the real estate? When we were making some very simple, short investigation we found out it belongs to an accommodation address in Copenhagen. But in the case the church goes bankrupt – who will then be “heir” of all that quite valuable MEST? Does anyone know? It would be very valuable knowledge for us.

    Max Hauri
    ROC Chairman


  69. From the Program above:
    Have other “squirrels” pile on with messages that preach defeatism by picking up on other incidents suitable to preaching apathy and “it’s over,” and “it’s no good.” —that the internecine conflicts show there is no future in their movement (not pushing for the Freezone to stop, but as spectator commentary and to TR3 the defeatism).

  70. Marty, Can you explain what you mean here?

  71. Ceileen, Google is your friend – Found one reference to Amprimistics:

    A major challenge to Hubbard’s leadership reared its head in 1964 in the shape of “Amprinistics.” The founder of this new movement was Harry Thompson. He said Hubbard had refused his offer of a new and highly workable procedure in 1963, so he had spent two years researching it, and having proven its validity beyond doubt, wished to give it to the world.

    From “Piece of Blue Sky” – http://www.clambake.org/archive/books/apobs/bs3-7.htm

  72. This is an excellent example of taking LRH out of context, using his words/writings as “scripture/gospel”, and swallowing those words along with present time orders “based on” them like Jim Jones’ Kool-Aid. Policies (definitely including FOs), procedures, programs, projects, and orders are NOT spiritual technology. They are not holy grail. Hey, OSA, let’s get some perspective and make sure we keep the perspective. They’re just business practices and need to be evaluated each time newly in a new unit of time, in today’s context, with the present circumstances and the current individuals and situations.

    But, that would be too ‘complex’, not black or white enough. It’s much easier to just take orders. And, of course, bots can’t think with the material… so nevermind.

  73. Max,

    Great post. Thank you for chiming in here. You sound pretty de-PTS’ed to me! I love your Lake Tanganyika reference — quite apt.

    I have also wondered about how the idle orgs real estate transactions / ownership are being handled.

    The very best to you and your friends.

    P.S. Marty, GREAT work!

  74. Sinar,

    That’s why the book is appropriately called ‘A Piece of B.S.’.

    Amprinistics was developed by Jack Horner, J Edgar Watson and Harry Thompson who started the Amprinistics Society. However Watson and Thompson were both minor actors compared to Horner. This is covered in HCO Exec Letter, 27 Sep 1965, re-iss. 24 Sep 1983, Amprinistics as sited in the above OSA Op which was part of our ‘Squirrel Busters Pack’.

    Ron’s mood towards Horner in particular isn’t all that benevolent and most copies posted on the ‘net only cite the Ol’man’s rancor and not the general point which is not to mention them in any Scientology publications or give them too much power.

    Anyway, I have no doubt that aspect of this HCO Exec Letter is being “applied”.

  75. I can attest to a good part of this program still being in effect today from my own experiences that are unfolding this week. Basically, the 3rd party law in reverse used to discredit, character assassinate, etc. Thus impingement is occurring for Independents! 🙂

  76. Martin Gibson

    The 1.1 always denies being 1.1. When I hear “but I didnt mean it like that” or “No I didnt do that/was not my intention” constantly streaming from a particular source I must ask myself “Hmmm are the other traits present?”. If I slip into 1.1 I get called on it sometimes, usually I admit to some degree it was true/my fault (at least partly) and the ARC break handles. This DM lie machine makes me sick, just from the constant lies. How can tech go in when the entire dynamic is engaged knowingly or unknowingly in promoting out-ethics?There is only one way I know to handle truth, and thats living with the truth, not hiding/evading/blackmailing/lying/denying/invalidating/evaluating.
    Thanks for keeping the light shining Marty.

  77. Well, at least Kirstie Alley is admitting that thousands of people are leaving the CoS… I’m sure the Church is loving this:

    Larry King: “I’m assuming you saw the NY Times article, they say they don’t let people out of Scienotlogy”

    Kirstie Alley: “… [laughs] well, I’ve seen thousands of people not be Scientologists any more so I’m assuming they can leave if they want”.

    Hillarious! Thanks to Kirstie for admitting the truth!

  78. Max,

    Good to see you posting here and thanks for the update.

    I think it would be a good idea to follow the money on these Idle Orgs. I myself have my own dark suspicions of where the money is going.

    Follow the link:


    If you happen to know any forensic accountants it would be an interesting research project to see if the money is going any of the banks mentioned in the article or any related entities such as Resorts International.

    Any way I’m glad to see your handling OSA like the gnats they really are being under the control of the Lord of the Gnats.

  79. Tom Klemesrud

    When Ron, or Bill Yaude would write these things up, they would be a lot shorter, easier for the covert agents to understand and execute.

  80. War and Peace

    Quoting the Program Purpose



    TO DESTROY these independents for practicing Scientology outside of Church $$$$REG cycles and Donation cycles.

  81. I’d like to know how the building ownership worked before and how it works now. This hasn’t been talked about heavily but there’s got to be policy on it, and a wild guess is DM disregards it.

  82. Thanks RJ, hadn’t seen that reference at all or heard of the history.

  83. Vít Profant

    I understand. However, it is not true that RO and FZ in Europe works in secret. At least for a considerable part of them. They don’t promote heavily, right. They don’t need to. But you can find many of their websites, many of postal adressess of their orgs.

  84. @Mickey

    That was an awesome video.

    Speaking of war..

    le·gion (ljn)
    1. The major unit of the Roman army consisting of 3,000 to 6,000 infantry troops and 100 to 200 cavalry troops.
    2. A large military unit trained for combat; an army.
    3. A large number; a multitude.
    4. often Legion A national organization of former members of the armed forces.

    They do us proud and bring or got; the main battles gone thus we are where we are.

    What’s next? I feel like a bird, in pattern. Free. Yet still stuck with the one to my left and the one to my right. SuperduperLove. But by the years end, I predict a “migration” to “the promised land” for the lack of better words.

    The flow is seamless. And oh so beautiful.

    Thanks Mickey.


    “I think it is disgusting the way OSA frames it in the program, to make LRH right by essentially creating the demise of freezoners.”

    Absolutely spot on! LRH not once, not once did he aim his “guns”, toward anyone simply trying to get “the show on the road”. (For the lack of more words).

    SQUIRRELLING, 1. it means altering Scn and offbeat practices. It is not a good thing. (HCO Pl 14 Feb 65) (offbeat!; what a great word.) 2. squirrelling is not really different processes–it is careless, incomplete, messed up auditing procedure. (HCOB 15 Jan 70 II) End of Tech book def. That’s it. (Really folks that’s it.)

    Now DM squirreled the concept of squirrel and squirrelling into a mammoth all-consuming -overt to alll living humanity. Oh please…

    What kind of bird goes for that?
    But a dead bird that doesn’t fly straight.

    It is disgusting.

  85. You know, I think the real reason DM took out the GO was of course not for their crimes, but because they were not inherently loyal to him. So he dismantled them and replaced them with a new secret police who would #1 answer to DM. He threatened to dismantle Gold and Int so many times — for the same reason. I remember him telling me many times when I was following LRH policy, “You aren’t doing what I want.” At the time, I thought “What an odd thing to say.”
    I literally couldn’t think with his comm because to me, whatever he wanted was irrelevant. Anyway, obviously DM never had any problem with a Scientology CIA. He just wanted a Scientology CIA that would follow his orders exclusively.

  86. I love your typing fingers, RJ.

    But hang-nail. That Constitution. Is going to get us the ultimate win. Noted: Protection of; But DM only thinks he know the Laws. I’m going to get this fucker.

    I wish I could type.

  87. martyrathbun09

    Thoughtful, you are right in my estimation.

  88. Chuck,
    Remember that datum from the Target Series, the one about rehabbing a purpose?

    There’s lots of fellas and gallas that have kept the mountain in sight. It’s there. We’re just clearing the clouds away. Life is rejoicing, lifting voices in the purest song.

    Thanks for the harmony!

  89. No kidding Ron, that is a MESS of a directive.

  90. maria spencer

    viewes remarks good
    This has been happening already when Rons Org formed By Capt Bill Roberston mid 80’s towards the end, He speaks of this in his lectures and gave prediction of this to occur, and being a witness and speaking from being his right hand for years .
    David Miscavigae was already declared a Spressive person by the Free zone years ago.
    The network for Free Zone is not stopped but
    have to say Russia is a target .
    But how can we support an investigation into the real owership of the rapid buying of buildingsIf any one is actually in this investigation please leak up

  91. Well, something is up, that’s for sure. Since I left the church I have met (quite by accident) TWO seperate guys who worked with the church in money laundering positions.

    I just find this odd because I didn’t meet either of them through any affiliation with Scientology at all. One of them was an Aussie that worked at a little tech company in a small town in the mid-west. He’d never done any church services, he was hired from the outside.

    Ha! Doesn’t the SL scandal seem so insignificant compared to the more recent lootings?

  92. crashingupwards

    Clearing the Planet VERSUS Controlling the Planet.

    Reading the posts here and thinking about what went wrong since Scientology sprung forth and evolved over the decades, the clear versus control theme struck me. Can you do both? NO. Has and does the church try to? YES. And they simply are not compatible goals. LET GO of the need to control all aspects of the subject and its adherants. Focus on simply applying the subject to better conditions. I am being simplistic but it is the basic reason that we are NOT where we should be and underlies nearly every major conflict and controversy.

  93. Exploitation – can take many forms but always involves the using of others without regards for their feelings or interests. Often the other is in a subservient position where resistance would be difficult or even impossible. Sometimes the subservience is not so much real as assumed.

    Bad Boundaries – narcissists do not recognize that they have boundaries and that others are separate and are not extensions of themselves. Others either exist to meet their needs or may as well not exist at all. Those who provide narcissistic supply to the narcissist will be treated as if they are part of the narcissist and be expected to live up to those expectations. In the mind of a narcissist, there is no boundary between self and other.

  94. Now this is treuly a world game.

  95. Victoria one word: compartimentalization

  96. Well done Jim on holding your position!

    There is something aesthetic about you, the supposed squirrel or whatever, stopping an attack by the church by referring their terminal to source material.

    I like the way you work!

  97. google:

    HCO Executive Letter 27 September 1965 Amprinistics


  98. That pretty much sums it up Thoughtful Steve.

    However, you have to consider the other factor that the GO was autonomous to the SO as well and were not just a Scientology “CIA” but were also a policy enforcement office according to HCOPL 1 March 1966:

    (begin fair use)

    The purpose of the Guardian is:

    (caps in the original)


    The Guardian has five actions:




    Long Range Promotion


    (end fair use)

    When Jane Kember took over as G she concentrated on the latter “Information” as in AGI functions probably because she was trained in intelligence (her father was involved in South African Intelligence and there a indications that she also had the same connections) and counterintelligence as per HCOPL 1 September 1969 Counter-Espionage.

    She obviously didn’t concentrate on the latter enough though since she allowed Miesner to alter the course and direction of ‘Snow White’ from a purely legal action of acquiring the information contained in the files of various US Government agencies by implementation of FOIA to an illegal espionage program using unskilled and untested GAS (Guardian Assisting Scientologists) members, instead of FIOs, like it says to do in the Directives.

    Those who seized control of the Church through the SO couldn’t have allowed the GO to continue autonomously as it would of put the brakes on their activities eventually. So they had to contrive a perfect justification for its elimination which came with the subsequent raid, arrest and conviction of the most senior executives of the Guardian’s Office.

    After this with the GO weakened and disgraced with the senior executives labeled as “co-conspirators” in a “criminal conspiracy”, they are able to seize control without having to worry about having any checks and balances on their ultimate power by eliminating the GO and placing all its powers under their control.

    As I’ve written before Miscavige is only the fixed very aberated stable datum that stuck after the prior confusion that occurred with the GO.

    And as far as I’m concerned people can continue blame Miscavige for what has happened till hell freezes over. However if what happened before his rise to power is never inspected. He will just continue in his condition of power until the whole organization goes to hell in a bucket.

  99. Marty,

    May I ask you, have you deleted any names from the file? Because I don’t see any name who wrote it. Or a who is who in the program.

    Well, it wouldn’t surprise me when there are no names in it at all, on my SP declare there was also no name, much less a signature.


  100. Nice of them to make a list of who your friends are.

  101. RJ maybe this may intrest yoiu and maybe Theo too but I almost suspect you found it allready.


    “Scientology documents
    in Acrobat .pdf and Word .doc format”

    “Here you will find documents (mainly seized from Scientology’s KEFE centre when it was raided in 1995) related to the cult’s function and activities. In other files, I will be using the documents to analyze what happened in Greece from the beginning of the ’90s and after the raids.”


  102. martyrathbun09

    Max, It is from a DM order that they are not to mention the people who create the most havoc in their universes for fear of “flowing power” to those terminals.

  103. Kathy Braceland

    As disgusting as this, I’m very glad to learn about OSA’s specific actions. I’ve not been privy to a lot of this stuff on church lines, not even while I was on staff. That was okay with me, I was busy auditing my pc’s.

    But it’s really great to know the truth. More truth and more communication is always better.

    The best part of this post was learning how much real auditing and training is going on in the world despite all the noise. That’s fabulous! I think LRH would be smiling proudly at all we Independents. We understand the tech and are using it as he intended. Wow…what a dynamic group!

  104. I happened to catch a few minutes of that interview, just when that exchange occurred. Kirsty is still a die-hard member of the C of M, and was trying very hard to protect and defend the church. Her laughing was obviously a form of ridicule, it was not an uptone, light-hearted laugh. She was ridiculing anyone who would dare to criticize the C of M

  105. That’s hysterical!!!!

    I’m sure Kirstie will be spending a considerable amount of time and money on any future “eligibility” cycles.

  106. Good find CD!

    It was obvious to me that the COS was working on behalf of the CIA on that specific op against Greek Intel.

    However, I wasn’t aware of how they were able to bypass the FSU’s FSB FKA KGB.

    Obviously, another op on behalf of their friends at Langley!

    This is why I sometimes call them the Church of CIA-ology.

    Interesting that OSA has this current operation directed against the FSU. One of CIA’s key targets next to the Middle East.

    It wouldn’t surprise me if a few of CIA’s NOC’s (that’s Non Official Cover for those not up on spy speak) were part of OSA.

    You know what CIA really means:

    Caught In the Act 🙂

    Which should be the new name for OSA as well.

  107. Barney Rubble

    Bill Yaude,

    Wow, a dear old comrade indeed.

    I hope he can contact me, Meanwhile these OSA MO’s or whatever you may call them are purely just psychotic. Make no sence, And I did about 75 missions in my day,/

  108. OSA: Obvious Selfsoiling Afliction

  109. Mickey, thanks for that vid. Those birds were amazing! Perhaps this is what a holographic power structure, organizational structure looks like.

    Later in the vid as I watched the three scios confronting the “attacker”, I couldn’t help but think that not all that long ago I would have probably done just as they did and without equivocation and felt that I was totally right in doing so. Indeed, I would have considered it my duty to do so and I would be an upstat for doing so. Damn, that’s scarry to look at!

    “Education is a progressive discovery of our own ignorance.” – Will Durant

    I am being educated!

    Mickey, I was pondering this idea of there always being an arrestable crime that has been commited by any attacker. You know, I bet that as insane as our laws are and especially, in these days with the Patriot Act, there isn’t a single person, regardless of how clean and genuinely good they may be, that one couldn’t couple to an arrestable crime. Indeed, with the surveillance tech we have at our disposal today, we could record and excerpt out of context, routine communications made by someone throughout their normal day and easily make them appear to be a Saint or the Devil himself as well as anything in between. Now that too is pretty scarry.

  110. Freedom Fighter, your comment brought this to mind….

    Excerpt from the post, The Bully Pulpit on the Leaving Scientology blog:

    (begin quote) “Attack the attacker” is the maxim we all learned. But what constitutes an “attack”?

    Unfortunately, the Church considers anything that questions the authority of the Church to be an “attack.” And anything which might damage the reputation of the Church – even if factual and documented – is an “attack.”

    If a whistleblower reports on abuse within Scientology, that’s an “attack.”

    If anyone reports on the factual conditions within the Sea Org – pay, hours, restrictions – that’s an “attack.”

    If anyone mentions an incident embarrassing to Scientology – say, the suicide of an OT – that’s an “attack.”

    If a reporter dares to even ask about Scientology’s upper level materials – that’s an “attack.”

    If anyone criticizes David Miscavige, that’s an “attack” on Scientology itself.

    If anyone challenges the efficacy of Scientology or disputes their claims – it’s an “attack.”

    And what do you do with attackers? Why, of course, you attack them.

    Personally. Viciously. (end quote)


  111. EnoughIsEnough


    Order Stupid Assignments
    Originate Slanderous Allegations
    Obfuscate Sensible Arguments
    Offend Someone Always

  112. Gotta create enemies so you can save Scientology from them.

  113. Look, don’t listen: she’s been PTS for a long time.

    It’s worth repeating this as often as I do: Scientologists who are still in the CoS are not our enemies. As Marty says, don’t get sucked into the Miscavige GPM.

  114. Very good observation, Steve. When Hitler couldn’t control Rohm and the brownshirts anymore – which had grown to a force of 3 million men – he fabricated evidence that France had paid Rohm 12 million francs to launch a coup. The SA leaders were all shot for treason and the blackshirts of the SS – which Hitler controlled – too over.

  115. Can anybody explain to me the difference between the Freezone and the Independents? I don’t get it.

  116. Concerned Citizen

    I got to second Huckleberry with all my heart.
    Can none of us honestly understand her views and position? Understanding and agreeing are not synonymous, but if we are going to breach the wall of intolerance, prejudice, deceit and hate it is only going to buckle to tolerance, honest understanding, truth and love.
    Condemning someone for not sharing our views is doing, well, what they are doing. We are better than that, aren’t we?

  117. Concerned Citizen

    As I understand, the free zone is a loosely organized group, or number of groups. The independents are not even loosely organized, we simply are a number of individuals who use the tech, continue to pursue it’s goals and speak up on the abusive off policy practices we have witnessed. We communicate freely to each other, but that is it. Many independents are affiliated with the free zone, many more are not.

  118. Marty, RJ, Sharon, Sinar
    Thank you for the clarifications on amprinistic.

  119. Perhaps some comment on Rons Orgs may be usefull here.

    I’m in theory a member of ROs. My prime reason is that they train more auditors than the rest of the COS, independants and the FZ.

    I have made no decision re Excal [ the RO
    equivalent of NOTs] or nots,

    and am not much of a techie.

    The Rons Org are the most successfull flowering of tech delivery outside COS.
    Perhaps 60 groups in Russia especially and europe.

    One of my friends was a flag course sup and
    he found the courseroom in RO’s Bern quite
    satisfactory. Max and Erica Hauri’s gig.

    They train you to class V and audit you to OT 3.
    That is the time to query the CBR bridge.

    Or you can follow the secret OSA programme above. 🙂

  120. I’m currently reading Peter Green’s debrief of 23 June 1982 which is yet another wild and crazy account of life in the CoS. One thing certainly becomes clear in reading accounts from this time period is that what is going on now in the church is nothing new. Anyway, about halfway down in Peter’s debrief I came across this…

    “I went through an apprenticeship in Los Angeles and Jimmy Mulligan said, ‘What we have to do is get the goods on this guy, he’s an enemy of Scientology. He’s PTS and he’s gonna attack the Church, so I want you to go through his folder and find out what you can.’

    “So I did, wearing my tech hat, and I looked at it. Well, the fellow’s in ethics trouble, so prior to that there must be some out-tech and so forth and sure enough I found it. There was the messed-up ethics cycle and prior to that there was a list that was wrong and I was very elated and I went to Jimmy and I said, ‘Hey I’ve got it, look what happened, the guy’s threatening to sue the Church and prior to that there was this mishandled ethics which was gross and prior to this was a fuck-up in his auditing and here is the wrong C/S and how we correct it.’

    “And Jimmy said, ‘Wait a minute, hold it everybody, hold it guys. Hey, we got a ‘techie’ in our midst.’ I wondered what he was talking about. ‘Yeah, we got a techie,’ and he said, ‘look son, that’s not what we want.’ And for the next couple of hours I was degraded for being a ‘techie’ and I was told, ‘What you do is you go through the folder and I don’t give a damn about the tech, I want the dirt, the witholds. I want the crimes we can use against him.’ ”


  121. I second that. But what are we down the road??
    Where will we be in fifty years?

    If you’re OT; infinite in state and stable. How can you not see?

    We are suppressed. Granted. And that is short term. Right from “Official Source”.
    But. What about EVERYBODY!?
    Is the future postulated to be squirreled?? By who? What an up-hill imposable task that is.
    No One in the majority wants to squirrel anything.

    In blood soaked trenches, the Tech will be as Standard as possible. Always Forever.
    But I’m not talking about World War Two.
    Such old Black & White history.

    The dif. from the Freezone and the Independence
    is about 500 yards. In trench speak. That’s 500 years over the Political Deck.

    In 506 years it will still be STANDARD TECH.

    Forever. I’m not your friend.

  122. Duck your Head CC.

  123. RJ read this to understand where I am coming from with my HOW and WHY on Miscavige.


  124. That is funny Terril follow the OSA guide to RonsOrgs

  125. It has been stated many times that DM and his crew do not have the ability to differentiate. I have to wonder if their inability to do that means that they don’t realize just who they are trying to take on here. There has never been, in the history of the COS such a large group of OT’s and trained scientologists, most of whom are ex-staff or ex-SO who actually CAN differentiate, own and hold their space,truth, TR’s,tech and confront whatever he might come up with to take us down.I am blown away at the level of intelligence that is displayed on these blogs. He has never dealt with so many courageous Scientologists ever. It is my firm belief that he has no idea what and who he is dealing with. There isn’t anything now or ever that he can truly threaten us with. Having said all that, I am not making light of what he may resort to doing as he becomes more and more desperate.

  126. Mickey,
    That Anonymous vid is entheta and has no corrolation to what we are about, not even close.

  127. Ceileen, I suggest that you be more sensitive to using the word “we” in stating YOUR point of view. For instance, in your comment re the vid Mickey linked to…who exactly is the “we” you are referring to?

  128. Ceileen….just to clarify….I never said it was what “we” are about, assuming you mean the Indie Scn movement. It was only in the beginning statements where I suggested substituting the word “Independents” for Anonymous as regards to how that movement began with the use of the internet and being decentralized and free-thinking individuals. That’s all.

    While the vid is, as I warned, rough in spots, I think one must realize the statements against Scientology the subject are the directed at the DM/CofM version, ie. what the body of ideas and mismanagement of the organization has been allowed to become. This is a very common error when the general word use of Scientology isn’t used as a “then and now” comparison.

    So please, know that was what I saw myself when viewing this (making the distinction). Besides I thought the production value of the vid and use of the flying bird-patterns was an overarching symbol of the Indie “think for yourself” direction that we all are observing is happening here.

    When viewed with insouciance and a lighter touch, the vid might be experienced and seen in a different way.

  129. Monte
    I stand corrected. It is MY view that the vid is basically entheta. I go by my own perceptions to weed out what is meant to help and what is meant to harm. That vid intends to incite fear and mistrust, it does not intend to merely shine light on wrongdoings, it speaks to lower toned harmonics. My use of “we” was a loose aligning with those who can tell the difference. MY opinion.
    You have yours and I do respect it.

  130. martyrathbun09

    Ceileen, Haven’t seen the whole video – turned it off when it began with the ominous, intimidation message. Might as well be depicting what DM and his C of M have become.

  131. I read that article many years ago when I first started surfin’ Scientology.

    However, there was a confusion that occurred just prior to the take over by Broeker and Miscavige et al.

    I think the best book that covers this period is PLAYING DIRTY The Secret War Against Beliefs
    by Omar V. Garrison:


    In my opinion many avoid looking at this period because of the complexity involved. Just like any PC avoids looking directly at the prior confusion.

    Miscavige is the one who sums it up with the fixed idea that the GO were nothing but a bunch of criminals which has pretty much been the “conventional wisdom” accepted by many Scientologists and critics alike without further inspection because it is a safe solution.

    This is also where the introduction of the arbitrary known as RTC began that seized control of the functions which were normally delegated to HCO according to the original policies and foreshadowed the beginning of the end of the up to this point had been an independent Franchise and Field Auditor network.

  132. Max Hauri and the Russian Free Zone belong to RONS-ORG. The church is very much afraid about the RONS-ORG because this group is growing, prospering, has good statistics and has pull over many publics from the COS into Rons-Org. But I can tell you OSA has not been able to do any damage to the RONS-Org other than causing a little trouble. So you can see, COS is not effective at all and they are just a punch of looser.

    The reason that Rons Org is so successful is because they apply standard tech. I can acknowledge this because I have been many years in the COS and now for 7 year I am in Rons Org. In the COS I did little progress on the bridge, I did not even reach grade 0. In Rons Org I made it up to OTIII in just 7 years, and it was affordable.

    OSA, can you see the different???

  133. Virginia McClaughry

    That makes sense.

    If I understand you correctly though, what you are talking about only covers the names of who the targets are.

    Do you know specifically who wrote the order/program itself?

  134. Virginia McClaughry

    Marty wrote:
    ” Please note how the plan is careful to repeat that OSA is only to ‘threaten’ legal consequences, as opposed to researching or bringing such action.”

    You are so right.

    This brought back fond memories.

    Do you remember our websites Marty?

    They were up when you were still in the church.

    Helena Kobrin used to email Mike every so often. She would quote long legal precedents and threaten “legal action” if he did not cease using the word “scientology” in his domain name. He just ignored her, and one day…she broke form and sent an email that simply said “Don’t you ever answer your email?” I thought that was hilarious. He ignored that one too.

    Then there was the “lawyer” who worked out of his garage or something in New Jersey who sent letters U.S. mail, threatening Mike about that he had up something Captain Bill wrote. Some declare order Captain Bill had done on someone. Mike ignored him too. The guy started sending registered mail, which Mike never picked up or signed for. The guy gave up eventually.

    There were others, even more ridiculous, but the point is nothing ever came of any of it.

  135. Pingback: Friends | Moving On Up a Little Higher

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