DM’s Reverse Scientology – Money, Buildings, MEST

In my view, the fixation with buildings, and money and MEST in the C of M is a Third Dynamic Reverse Scientology process DM is running. A good friend of mine is  listening to LRH lectures on the way to work and back  each day. She’s has now completed all the Congresses and a number of other series. Seldom does a day go by that she doesn’t cue up a passage for me where LRH describes precisely what DM is running on Scientologists day in and day out. That is because throughout the 50’s LRH talked extensively about the mechanics of Black Dianetics, 1950’s psychiatry, and the underlying trick of implants: hypnotism. LRH did this in order to impart understanding on his own techniques for REVERSING THAT DOWNWARD SPIRAL PROCESS THAT WE’VE BEEN RUNNING ON ONE ANOTHER SINCE TIME IMMEMORIAL. 

I just came across another lecture in my own studies (PDC) that describes the DM operation in spades. I recommend the entire lecture so that one may hear this in context and the tone and emphases LRH makes. One might get the idea on reading this passage that LRH is recommending Dianeticists practice some corner of this. Let me assure you – and you can verify it yourself by listening to the lecture – the comments he makes that might look like that are made in a tone and context that communicate the opposite.  In any event, compare the following to what you are observing about DM’s third dynamic nightmare:

(re psychiatrists) They deepen one’s agreement with the MEST universe. You just tell these people to face reality now. “I’ll tell you what’s wrong with you, you just have not faced reality. Now you must face the reality of your problem. The day you face the reality of this problem you will then be able – then you will be able at last to be better off. And this fellow goes into apathy and he goes further and further and further.”  And of course, he goes more and more under control and I am sure that the fee has nothing to do with it whatsoever.

You can get a much better fee – I tell you as auditors quite frankly – it …it’s much easier to get a great deal of money out of somebody who is on a down spiral into becoming MEST than it is to get money out of somebody who is going on an up spiral toward becoming theta.

Just give you that word of warning. They…they’ve been working themselves out…they’ve been working themselves out of preclears in various parts of the world too rapidly. They…they clean up a practice. Fellow takes a couple of weeks and all of a sudden he looks around and he doesn’t have any patients any more and of course the truth of the matter is…he then starts getting a flood of patients sooner or later.

But he’s cleaning up the rate of one normal psychoanalytical practice every fortnight, and this is a rate of speed which has exceeded, of course, execeeded the desirable feed-in of cannon fodder. So go very cautious about this, I mean, slow down, hold motion, and you will be able to get a lot of MEST.

Philadelphia Doctorate Course Lecture 15 – The Logics, Infinity-Valued Logic

In my opinion, DM has grooved in this pattern  hard.  The closer a person approaches “OT” in his organization the more pressure is applied that they become aggressive IAS reges and that they mindlessly promote Miscavige and his money thirst at every turn and ruthlessly treat anyone who does not toe that white line. Of course, the pre-OT is in life being driven precisely the opposite direction of OT. This begins to explain how you can have OT VIIs and OT VIIIs returning from attestestation and acting like crooked used car sales persons and televangelists.  “…it’s much easier to get a great deal of money out of somebody who is on a down spiral into becoming MEST than it is to get money out of somebody who is going on an up spiral toward becoming theta.”  Don’t take my word for it, look for yourself.


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  1. Very interesting – ka-ching!

    Thanx for enlightenment! ML Fidelio

  2. Marty — what is most startling and interesting in ALL of this is that in the past, I NEVER understood really truly IN MY GUT how an SP works.

    Sure, I would find SP terminals in my life but they were usually just people who had been mean to me and in the rare case abusive but NEVER EVER were these people REALLY a 2%er.

    We might read about Hitler, we might read about Kadafi, we might read about Haiti’s Baby Doc et al but those were far from my life, far from MY reality.

    dm on the other hand. OMG — how deeply he’s affected my life and thankfully by sheer “luck” I left in 1993.

    I still grieve for my former friends, still trapped at INT – deeply out of valence, deeply dug in by their now own overts against LRH, their families and others.

    I still worry about what could happen to my friends who are NOT on staff but still lock stepping when they wake up.

    dm is absolutely the best living demo close to us all who proves how utterly insane, yet cognizant pure evil can be. It’s a great demo in the confront of evil for sure.

    Again, I’ve said it — I’ll continue to say it — thank you for this blog. Thank you to those who contribute.

    I am grateful everyday for how much I learn about the mechanics of evil, of real communication, of HOW to build real honest community.


  3. Rory Medford

    A natural process is occurring for DM and Scn : Since they wont put their own ethics IN on themselves and the organization, LIFE and others will. Have you ever noticed they (meaning DM and the church) is NEVER wrong its always someone else causing the problem or problems they are facing??? History repeats itself, most organizations fell by the wayside when they started to buy and build palaces and MEST with no one to fill them. What does empty and slow equate to?

  4. Great lecture. It says it all.
    Thanks for posting it.

  5. Virgil Samms

    Back in the 70’s we used to practice disagreeing, one of the most powerful activities one could undertake. We disagreed with the MEST universe like LRH said to do and we were all of a sudden OT – per the definition – operating thetans.

    We audited, man. We hardly ever sent people to the doctor, save broken bones. We audited out somatics. We healed final stage MS patients so they could live again or cancer patients so they could live again. You name it we audited it out.

    But the further I went up the org board the closet to MEST I found myself – from worrying about MEST to the point of being depraved of sleep and jammed into the body hard and becoming MEST myself. No longer free were we to be opetating as thetans.

    DM does not know Scientology like we experienced early on. He has never been free. He came from the streets of D.C. as a child under divorced parents and went into the Sea Org and worked on Cine. Then he learned the ropes of “management”. He never worked with other thetans, using the tech. So how could he know?

    The motto of the RPF is: “The true test of an RPFer is can he or she make another person better, not get better himself.” This is the SP detector and weeder.

    DM has never made another better with Scientology. Had he been RPF’d he would have ended up being FB’d out because he wouldn’t be able to make another better. So, his stable datum is MEST. This is what he propogates.

    No one made this boy use the tech early on. Had they, they would have found out he was a fake from the start. Flunk to us all.

  6. The message of the PDCs is 8-8008. Symbolically, you achieve infinity, the 8, (the infinity sign stood upright) by reducing the infinity of MEST to zero, taking the zero of the guy’s own universe and expanding it to infinity.

    In DM’s ideal, you take the infinity achieved by Scientology and smack it forcefully, of course, back down to MEST. Better yet, make sure that the Bridge, the route to that personal infinity, is corrupted so that any who manage to sneak through are pounded back, that is, have their newly created dimension/anchor points, driven back in, make the space they create smaller, and with a smaller space for their creation mechanically bring about ‘matter’, located in the space of his buildings (he owns them after all), placed as a piece of MEST by the ‘only oneness’ of Der COB.

    SPs succeed by driving in one’s anchor/dimension points (those little dots you put out to view that when you view them, give you space) to the point where one can’t be in the space they create as the SP is there. Space in experience is beingness. With no space to be oneself since the SP valence is now occupying the space one had one ‘becomes’ the SP and no longer oneself as oneself doesn’t ‘exist’ having no space.

    DM dramatizes this mechanical operation by telling OTs they can’t go out and create and live and extend points to view. They have to come back and go in HIS buildings, compress their space down and become MEST again.

    Now, if that isn’t Reverse 8-8008, I sure don’t know what is.

    I seem to recall ‘thetans without banks have different responses’. Vive le difference. Vive creation. Vive infinite beings creating new space and extending new points to view.

  7. Very good post, Marty. I’ve seen an OT Vlll auction off a tie, a jar of jam and a bag of potato chips at an “event” for the purpose of buying MEST. Crooked used car salesmen and televangelists (and auctioneers) is exactly what IS happening with upper OT’s. Getting money more easily out of people on a downward spiral toward MEST is exactly what IS occuring. These aren’t just words on a page (or a monitor screen). They are a description of current Is-ness.

  8. Excellent reference, Marty.

  9. I agree, WH – look at how DM is making enemies and I never read anywhere that he apologized to anyone or make some rehabilitation of a commline. He keeps treating those around him like dirt and he is cutting lines between parents and their kids, man and woman – this is upsetting stuff, indeed. He is creating an increasing hate towards himself, it seems. It is endless, almost. So his intentions seems clear enough: Suppress as many Scientologists as possible, pervert the philosophy and when there is a complete stop: cave yourself in as a final make-wrong of everyone.

  10. Great post Marty.

    As WH said above this situation is the best practical drill a person could ever have wanting to get a first hand look at a true SP.

    It’s an interesting reference becasue it made me think how many times I have had auditing and felt like “that’s all I need” I am really keyed out now, but then get smashed about by the group or pushed for more when I truly didn’t want more at that time.

    I recall LRH saying in some reference about auditing some guy and then telling him “come back when you want more auditing”. The flow was that auditing is for you, it isn’t to get you contributing to buy palaces, or Org’s or whatever. LRH developed the auditing to help people have a better life.

    Thanks LRH and thanks Marty for being a good guy!


  11. ” …it’s much easier to get a great deal of money out of somebody who is on a down spiral into becoming MEST than it is to get money out of somebody who is going on an up spiral toward becoming theta”

    How true !!!!

    It became really weird.
    If an org got after 5-6 years of begging their publics for money for the ideal org, the staffs talk about then of how OT they were to get the money for the building. To collect 5-6 Millions Dollars in about 5-6 years is an OT action ?
    In the same Time-frame the Salvation Army or any other religious group collects billions. We don’t call them OT.
    This church has a new definition for OT:
    “A being that asks others for money and gives nothing in return, but promises that one day something will flow back”.
    brrrr… that’s really weird. Now a new word that has been formed to explain their “successes”:
    galactical postulates.
    This an OT8 told me:
    We need now galactical postulates to create the ideal Org.

    Have a nice day


  12. This is a very interesting description of what he’s doing, Jim.

    Given Janela Webster’s story, recently published here, I would add that an important element of the denial of anchor points is squashing a being’s ability to create a future through the second dynamic.

    So the attempted suppression extends through time as well as space.

  13. Separate subject: There’s lots of email promo nowadays from LA, Boston, Vegas, and I think one other one on joining the TTC. What’s missing is that LRH evals concentrated on what would create interest in public to get auditor training, and it would take out those stops eg. lack of word clearing tech, long runways.

    You can’t force through sufficient auditors via the TTC to get anything real done. There’s a difference between someone who always wanted to be an auditor, also under contract, and transfering to the TTC from reception or CF because the HES is feeling the heat from management vs. a flood of public coming in and get training because the lack of interest was handled.

    The ideal scene is missing. People refuse to remember, or knew about, hundreds of public being in auditor training in a single org. Look at and other places and you’ll see somewhat of a timetrack of LRH debugging INTEREST in auditor training over the years from PUBLIC. Making an abundance of auditors via the TTC has never worked. I’ve been on these 6 month push evolutions before myself. It builds up and peters out, and you can’t force thousands of people into training when the only viable way to do this is get hundreds of thousand interested in auditor training again.

    Anyways, it’s good they’re back to the auditor training push but there’s no substitute for a standard tech training lineup and DM in that light can be seen as a roadblock that has to be removed, it can’t be compromised with if Scientology is ever going to get big. You can’t “hat people in life”, and still get there.

    There’s a lot of public waiting for some good news or a turnaround but they need to cognite that LRH lays out what to do in KSW. You apply points 1-10 and look at the stat situation after, knowing the stats won’t go up unless points 1-10 are in. Nevermind the fact that the stats ARE down. So that’s why joining the Independents or the Indie 500 or doing various associated actions is a winning proposition – It’s simply a push for standard tech. Bit and piece good news here or there can ALWAYS be found. Much better to get in 7, 8, 9, and 10 from KSW, and make that the focus point alone, singularly, by itself, knowing there will only be a turnaround with standard tech gotten in.
    So just look at what LRH says to do in this situation through KSW.

  14. I agree too, WH. This is plenty a down buckling mass added to the significances of PTS/SP knowledge LRH teaches us. And I would have never ever dreamed I would get it demoed while in the Church of Scientology. It is amnesty international stuff, psychiatric abuse stuff, North Korean/Gulag/Ausschwitz/Gitmo stuff but in my Church? NEVER! And yet, that is exactly the gruesome truth.

    And yes I am grateful everyday too, that Marty and friends provide the space for that truth to be revealed.

  15. Spot on. I wonder what the net result is of jamming OT’s attention into MEST continually. I bumped into an OT VIII at a DIY store locally a few days ago. Rather bizarrely she was flogging double-glazing in the store. More specifically, she was trying to generate leads for a company that does. I know this drill and it doesn’t pay well – if at all – if you don’t get the required number of leads. She cut a rather forlorn lonely figure. I told her why she hadn’t seen me in the Org recently to which she replied that she thought things were going tickety boo! (In fact the local Org is making about 10% of the number of Clears that were being made in the same Org over 40 years ago. Fact). Well, if that is her obnosis, that is her way of making a living and that is her demeanour I’ll take a rain check on OT VIII for the forseeable future. As I said in a post the other day (but due to my schedule and the time difference probably nobody read it!):

    “I see the same sort of inversion on money flows that has happened on ethics and tech lines; a complete reversal of the what was intended. Didn’t LRH say that he wished services were free? Economic reality makes that impossible, but the the money was never never never an end in itself. LRH would never have stood for that. I don’t know where worship of money is on the tone scale but I’m guessing it’s below 2.0.

    I often argued with IAS regges about the constant demands for money from existing public. It made it look like the biggest donors were the “upstats” and those who couldn’t donate much were of lesser importance. It can also create an anxiety and fixation on money itself – the constant pressure to get more to satisfy the demand. I wonder how many scientologists got into severe financial stress by maxing out credit cards. I know I did while I was still caught up in the Truman Show.”

  16. Thanks Marty,

    Yes I remember that part of the PDC lectures quite well. In fact when I first heard it I wrote it down verbatim and with emphasis!

    Because this *is* the current operation that is being run.

  17. You know, Marty,

    It is interesting that you posted this today. Last week I received the new IAS mag (even though I am not a member) and it had the lastest pics of the Super Power buildings and the renditions of what the interior will look like. I have to admit, it was very seductive. It tugged on my thetan strings – it made me feel I should be there.

    And then, I felt myself going downtone. Very downtone.

    I think I was experiencing what LRH was saying in that lecture. I was being attracted to MEST, and all of a sudden I became aware that I was going down tone.

    I cannot tell you how much your post resonates with what I experienced when I saw those pics. It was not that the nice mest was keying me in, it was the machinations that I know are behind its extablishment – the failed cases, the declining stats, the OT’s that are NOT being made- that made me ill.

    I can appreciate mest, and admire it. But, when drawn to it for reasons of something other than just admiring it or using it, I get a most negative reaction.

    And now I have some perfect reality on what LRH said in his lecture above. And now I know why he was against placing emphasis on posh quarters.

    What that man left us was beyond a miracle. What MestSavage is doing to his legacy is beyond comprehension.


  18. I have a simple request from those who insert abbrevations like TTC in the above Boyd H. post. Please follow your 1st abbrevation with all the words.

    I did not spend one day on staff and did not hang around orgs since 1968. I was at work making money and raising a family and loving life.

    I love all of your posts but when the abbrevations are used my back teeth start to grind because I do not know what TTC means and neither does Google or my dictionary.

    Can you help an “Old Timer” out and use, at least once the actual words following your abbrivations.

    I thank you in advance.

  19. Its supposed to be about minds, spirits and beings not money, buildings and MEST.

  20. In short David Miscavige is envious of people with the imagination to create for he can’t create himself. He tries but everything crumbles in his hands and he can’t figure out why. this makes him angry at himself and he lashes out against the world in deep frustration.

    This is about the nicest thing I can say about him.

  21. Wow, Virgil, this is a very telling comment — both about the true power of the tech, and about DM’s true nature. Thanks.

  22. Marty,

    Thanks for continuing to expose both the essence and the mechanics of the church’s decline via DM’s suppressive grip. Confront, understanding, and as-isness are the first and essential steps in handling any situation. Now we have to spread the light of truth to those still blinded within the C of M.

  23. Interesting viewpoint,

    Years ago public were just left to be,

    We would audit someone a few hours and they would be gone to conquer the world and you may see them a year later for a boost to get then parst some barrier and off again.

    Today I see all too often people half broken after a few intensives an Org, hoping things will be better with the next intersive.

    I had a relative come out of a four month coma in two days with a touch assists I instructed an uncle to do over the phone as suggested by our C/S.

    My Int rundown was delivered by my Survival RD twin on a “read it, drill it, do it” basis drilled by the Course Sup. God bless them.

    Maybe drive out to someones home to do a correction list that reverted a bad indicator of some kind, done because of the Orgs affinity for its public.

    We did things because we had the tech and enjoyed it’s application. It was our dessemination.

    There were plenty of students and PCs. Staff member were admired and could almost always be counted on for corrrect guidence.

    The most undesireable thing was having to write 25 letters a week and Thursday night white glove (not such a big deal).

    People were allowed to reach. People were allowed to withdraw. People were allowed to be. They were allowed to not be. They can have or not have if they chose.

    There we where with the keys to a more theta universe.

    Hardly any enforcement of mest or fear of not obeying some other determined goals.

    The balance was always tipped torward theta.

    Until the begining of the Scn. dark age for Orgs, starting with the appearance of the Int finance Police (just the name alone).

    Martys and others efforts may insigate the begining of the Scn Reniassance that reverses the downward intent currently being imposed by Int Mgt.

    I sure hope so.

  24. Boyd,

    I agree with you.

    It is all a matter of KSW and the more that gets pushed the theta force it builds will swipe away any and all roadblocks, including dm.

    I do believe there is too little focus on pushing the KSW points and too much focus on dm as the person and the WHO. He is just a WHO. The more the focus is put on him the more power he is granted.

    Behind a WHO there is a WHY.

    The WHY for the current scene is lack of LRH, lack of KSW.

    The HANDLING: A concerted push on insisting on LRH, always asking for the exact LRH reference, never doing ANYTHING nor following ANY orders that are not 100% aligned to LRH writings.

    That is what I resolved to do in 97. That is what immediately revitalized my own independent viewpoint. That is why I then walked away from the SO after decades of service all over the world . In retrospect it really was not that tough. Just a matter of being self-determined.

    And BTW — 97 was years before the “SP Hall” was created. Had all who walked into that SP Hall walked out of Gold’s gate instead right away (rather than years later), then little dm would have a lot less power now.

    dm is a WHO, just a little who. Removing him gets rid of the WHO but does not handle the WHY.

    That’s just basic Data Series Tech as we all know.

    We need to handle the WHY — the real WHY that opens the door to a handling.

    Lack of LRH and lack of KSW, that is the WHY.

    KSW is what will get us there. The power of it fully restored will remove the WHO in and of itself.


    Lots of bright people post here.
    Lets get some Bright Ideas on how to effectively handle the hell out of the WHY.


  26. Hi Jack
    I find doing a google search for “scientology terms – followed by the abbreviation, gets me the result.

    TTC = Tech Training Corps

  27. Personally I think the inside of the Super Power building looks like an implant station. And I liked the old Flag before renos, kind of rundown, kind of casual, warm and friendly. Or maybe it was the atmosphere, or maybe both. I used to take naps in the old FCCI lounge with people playing cards and talking and laughing, an LRH Tape playing, and cats around the place, sleeping on me. All the new MEST is so BIG, so COLD, so EXPENSIVE, soooo PINCH ME. yuk.

  28. Jack TTC is Technical training corps and it’s when staff members are in full time tech training and later they go onto tech posts like auditors and course sups while still under contract to the org. I don’t have an admin dictionary here so that’ll have to do for now. But that’s a good point and I’ll do that, ask anytime.

  29. CD,
    Umm, errr, well it’s not really that kind of psychoanalysis. Too much on the apparency, not the actuality.

    No hope mate, you actually may have to study the subject of Scientology. Only thing is, what if it works?! No more on the sidelines I’m afraid.

  30. Martin,
    I read it. Good post then, and now. Thanks!

  31. Technical Training Corp. Basically full time training for a staff member to be an auditor, supervisor or other technical post.

  32. LRH Legacy I basically agree with you but insisting on policy at this time for major things is impossible. Like if you’re an ED and you don’t want a new big building against policy, or you don’t want the basics in the way or the increased out exchange regging as you go further up the bridge that this article covers. It’s the big things that really matter most that can’t be changed without exposing the sole guy making the changes.

    As far as other actions you’re thinking about, I think we need to start a mission soon. Start small and build on a gradient.

    DM will see the awesome ramifications at the first signs of this, he’s a smart guy. He’ll start getting his ethics in, or cave in, a whole lot faster when an org or mission is started in the LA area, right out in the open and reaching out to people. It doesn’t even need to take church public necessarily, we could run a good div 6.

    That’s the way to catch the most flak from OSA in my opinion, so therefore it’s probably the most over the target. Now I just need some people that’ll damn the torpedo’s with me. I know Jimmy Rebel’s into it…

    Eventually what could happen is we’ll have re-established the check and balance on power that the franchise missions had in the early 80’s, which DM made sure was history. I don’t see any other alternatives right now, so the only way out is our own orgs, plus these blogs continuing as a flank.

  33. Kathy Braceland

    Hi Jack. TTC stands for Technical Training Corps. These are staff members that are posted as auditors, course supervisors, C/Ses but are not yet trained to the requirements of their posting. They go to the TTC to train full time (and intern) for the hat they will be wearing.

  34. Kathy Braceland

    “Let us look at the definition of OT — cause over thought, life, form, matter, energy, space and time.

    “As one falls away from that one becomes a SPECTATOR. Then one becomes an effect. Then one is gone.

    “One causes things by action. Not by thinking dim thoughts.

    “One can be doing an IN-basket as simply a spectator.

    “In the society today spectatorism is very common. Magazine writers, reporters, write weird pieces that look at how odd things are. The writer doesn’t understand them at all. He just watches them.

    “Spectatorism is not so low as total effect.

    “The total effect — no cause — person has mainly a case. He doesn’t even look.

    “Thus there is a gradient scale of OT. It’s not an absolute. One is as OT as he can CAUSE things.”

    L. Ron Hubbard (from HCOPL 14 January 1969 OT ORGS)

  35. Kathy Braceland


    “50% of the gains are from training, 50% of the gains are from auditing and 50% of the gains are from doing. Thus, training is 100%.”

    So, get trained.

  36. TTC = Technical Training Corps (it’s the technical staff from Orgs around the planet that have been sent away for training, usually to Flag, ASHO, etc.; in Class V Orgs, these staff are required to be on 5 yr contracts.)

  37. Hi Jack – Hopefully your request was duplicated, and if ever it’s my post I’ll try to include the full definition. Just in case you still didn’t get the answer, TTC stands for Technical Training Corps (which is basically the full time students training up to be auditors on staff.) 🙂
    Love, Christie

  38. What is going on in Scn. today reminds me of Pink Floyd’s “Another Brick in the Wall” ~

  39. I’ve heard that same observation about the SP building looking like an implant station from several people.

    I’m sure it STRONGLY appeals to dm.

  40. I have an idea.

    First a comment: DM is afraid to take responsibility for his overts. And lies about them and discredits those who have been hurt.

    Also the CofM is holding onto destructive policies and then lying about them to make them seem sensible.

    A case in point: If someone resigns from the church, the CofM tells it’s followers that they cannot be in communication with that person (shun) because they committed a suppressive act. They do not have to be declared a “Suppressive Person” now to cut communication. If the Cof M decides they committed a “suppressive” act they can tell people to cut comm. (shun the person)

    Pretty destructive right?

    I think most people would think that just because you wanted to leave a church , that for the church to then tell your friends and loved ones to “shun” you is pretty bad. Well, it is a fact that the C of M does this.

    There is lots of EVIDENCE of this.

    Right OSA?? ( Office of Special Affairs, the Church of Scientology’s secret police branch)
    ( for those who don’t know this)

    Ok, here is my idea. If we started telling the truth to the buisness’s and street traffic near the Idle Orgs about their policy of “shunning” if you leave the church, you know if THEY decided to be part of this group and later said they resigned then the CofM would tell their family members and friends to shun them!!

    Then people will know how crazy the group is and they will “shun” the C of M.

    It is only telling the factual truth right?

    If the C of M is so proud of this policy all we have to do is to help them promote this policy to all the people we can contact.

    The public will be SO impressed with this policy that they will FLOOD into the Idle Orgs right??

    This cannot even be considered a suppressive act by the CofM. You could just say ” all I’m doing is telling people about existing church policy. Is it wrong for people to know about church policy??” “What reference does that violate?? ” duh…

    Let’s help them out and help get the word out on their awesome policy of shunning.


  41. Yes, it’s like a big demo. And did you notice that it is becoming silly AND educational? I was telling some friends about the incident with the musical chairs and suddenly I was laughing out loud – the absurdity of it all hit me and also the realization of the exactness of the tech. My friends wondered why I was laughing about such a serious matter. I had to explain myself.

  42. Beebercat
    feel the same way about the ‘new’ Fort Harrison.
    It is a cold, unfriendly, unwelcoming place.
    My kids used to hang out at the FH after school and meet up with all of their friends.
    We made one visit to the new place. First and last. I hated it! It is not the friendliest place in the world anymore, it is a showcase of the church of MESTology. We felt like we weren’t good enough to disgrace the building with our unworthy presence. Horrible!

  43. Marty, thanks for your post reminding us how easy things should be.

    Jim, thanks for the reminder of how simple the 8-8008 concept is.

    And Kathy, thanks for the LRH reminder to get up and do something!

    Finally, thanks to everyone who posts and comments here — your personal takes on these topics from your own positions creates so much safe space. One of the things I like so much about this blog is that everyone is coming from a different spot.


  44. LOL No shortage of wordclearers here!!!

  45. Stefan, could it be that you ran this 3Dy engram to EP for yourself? Isn’t laughter some sort of an EP in DN?
    I for my part sometimes realize to hit boredom – so I DO know, I’m not yet done..
    Just a thought.

  46. I believe so, Fidelio – have been feeling stably terrific for some time now. Ha!

  47. “SPs succeed by driving in one’s anchor/dimension points (those little dots you put out to view that when you view them, give you space) to the point where one can’t be in the space they create as the SP is there. Space in experience is beingness. With no space to be oneself since the SP valence is now occupying the space one had one ‘becomes’ the SP and no longer oneself as oneself doesn’t ‘exist’ having no space.”

    The Bully in the sandbox that destroys the pretty sandcasstles that other children have created.

  48. Something that is actual can alsoo be apparent and vice versa but not always I grant you that Jim I was not even going there. I was using laymans terms or at least I thought so. And LRH did acknowledge Freud as a source well at least in his early dianetics book along with several greel philosophers

    Is David Miscavige envious of the succes and or creations ? On this blog it has been established that he is.
    Does he try to create? Well this might be my own opinion but I think he tries but he keeps coppieng Casino’s. He ships succesful people to dying Orgs and when they flourish he gets angry and destroys what has been built shipping those people of once more. Does David Miscavige lash out at the world? Well at least at his direct enviroment wich is or has become his world and sadley for many others.

    psy·cho·a·nal·y·sis (sk–nl-ss)
    n. pl. psy·cho·a·nal·y·ses (-sz)
    a. The method of psychological therapy originated by Sigmund Freud in which free association, dream interpretation, and analysis of resistance and transference are used to explore repressed or unconscious impulses, anxieties, and internal conflicts, in order to free psychic energy for mature love and work.
    b. The theory of personality developed by Freud that focuses on repression and unconscious forces and includes the concepts of infantile sexuality, resistance, transference, and division of the psyche into the id, ego, and superego.
    2. Psychotherapy incorporating this method and theory.

    Noun 1. apparency – the property of being apparent
    noticeability, noticeableness, obviousness, patency – the property of being easy to see and understand

    actuality [ˌæktʃʊˈælɪtɪ]
    n pl -ties
    1. true existence; reality
    2. (sometimes plural) a fact or condition that is real

    philosophy [fɪˈlɒsəfɪ]
    n pl -phies
    1. (Philosophy) the academic discipline concerned with making explicit the nature and significance of ordinary and scientific beliefs and investigating the intelligibility of concepts by means of rational argument concerning their presuppositions, implications, and interrelationships; in particular, the rational investigation of the nature and structure of reality (metaphysics), the resources and limits of knowledge (epistemology), the principles and import of moral judgment (ethics), and the relationship between language and reality (semantics)
    2. (Philosophy) the particular doctrines relating to these issues of some specific individual or school the philosophy of Descartes
    3. (Philosophy) the critical study of the basic principles and concepts of a discipline the philosophy of law
    4. (Literary & Literary Critical Terms) Archaic or literary the investigation of natural phenomena, esp alchemy, astrology, and astronomy
    5. any system of belief, values, or tenets
    6. a personal outlook or viewpoint
    7. serenity of temper

  49. If what Marty says is true and the focus of the church of scientology in present time is on money and buildings, it reminds me of the story of the goose that laid the golden eggs.

    What’s more important, the golden eggs or the goose that lays them? Well, they are both important but shouldn’t the one that creates the other be more important?

    Do mock-ups create thetans or do thetans create mock-ups? Based on the answer to that question, what is more important, mock-ups or thetans?

    Do you think David Miscavige and the church of scientology understand this?

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