The Beginner’s Guide to L. Ron Hubbard

For those who have not already watched it, I recommend The Beginner’s Guide to L. Ron Hubbard. It is a low-budget but highly entertaining and poignant documentary on the subject of Scientology, and more particularly Scientology outside the C of M.  I have included here the first 7 minute segment. Check it out and see whether it doesn’t lead you to watch the other five parts, all viewable on You Tube. I tip my hat to all the Scientologists who participated in this as well as to the fellow who narrated his own journey.

Here is the You Tube link to part 1 of the 6 part series.  The other five parts can be found by following this link.

55 responses to “The Beginner’s Guide to L. Ron Hubbard

  1. Yep, I’ve been sending this to friends for years!
    The church hasn’t put anything out that comes close to the reality of what scn. is.

    It’s all been happening in the FZ for a long time now.

  2. Yes, my friend Roland is in this. He helped me through my church exit upset. The freezone helped with this as the church refused to do it.

    Then they tried to stop the show from being made.

    The story of it being made is on line somewhere.

  3. There are subtitle files in several different languages for this film at


  4. L Ron Hubbard Introduction to Dianetics Lecture

    This is a lecture given by L Ron Hubbard on the Sept 23rd 1950 titled Introduction to Dianetics, posting part one here.

    Part 2 to 5 can be watched on this Youtube account.

  5. Looks like some pretty deadly stuff to me, that Scientology.

  6. Watching this documentary is like eating potato chips. You can’t stop until the whole bag is gone! This is great. I didn’t know of its existence. Thanks Marty!

  7. Redneck Thetan

    I particularly love this doc because I’m in the position of wanting Sci services with very little previous experience inside the church and no desire to go that route. This is a good intro to know what I’m in for and give me some hope that the FZ will help me down the road.

    And it says something that people will travel across Europe and brave government and OSA roadblocks to learn about the tech. If it didn’t work on some level, no one would be willing to do that.

  8. The full version can be found at if anyone’s interested.

  9. Virgil Samms

    Absolutely incredible. It was a perfect example of a persons journey into Scientology. He did a great job of being aloof, but when they showed the LF on his brother and you could see that he actually blew charge, I had tears in my eyes.

    Incredible video.

    Dominick – my hat is off to you. Good job mate.


  10. My goodness…I cried when I heard Hardeep talk about what he learned. That’s what the church should be showing, but, no….

    Everything has to be SO controlled, SO perfect (whatever that is) that they do NOTHING. They have forgotten about the common man, about the “real world”, about humanity.

    The Scientologists (true Scientologists) that helped with this were very real. I suppose the church was right in turning this guy down as what we would have seen as a documentary, had he done it with the church, would have been quite different.

    I can see it now….I can see Hardeep looking into the camera saying, “Okay, now, this is the 5th form I’ve had to sign stating that I am not insane and won’t sue these guys. Why are they so paranoid?” “Now they’re taking me down the hall to get meter checked. I’m so afraid I will be brainwashed and do I want to look and act like these people? If I become a Scientologist, will I have to sell these books too?”

    yada, yada, yada….

  11. craig houchin

    Wonderful film. I had not seen it before. It definitely captures those early days of reach and withdraw on the subject that I, and I think others, experienced when first encountering the Scientology Philosophy.

    Too bad the Church got in the way.

  12. I have viewed this video before…

    The one datum it reminded me of that I had forgotten about was “if it isn’t fun, it isn’t Scientology”. How true!

    I stopped having fun in Mestsavage’s church long ago. And from the looks on the faces of most students after class in the orgs I was in, they have as well.

    And to think, Hardeep didn’t do GAT, and he had a very nice win in his session and even admitted that Scn helps people.

    That’s what I call Scientology.

    Centurion (I had fun posting this)

  13. I found this online right after I found your site. I thought it was great and really showed the introductory aspect well.

    I was most surprised when I first watched it because in the church we had been so heavily indoctrinated not to mix with reporters.

  14. This film was done with Ronsorg Europe and Russia. Actually Max Hauri is the head of the Rons Org Europe and he did set up the whole Rons Org Russia in only 10 years. Now they are about 25 individual Ron Org groups in Russia.

    Rons Org was also the target of the secret OSA plan, see also Marthy`s commend on:

    OSA’s war against independence
    March 18, 2010 •

    I am proud to be part of the most successful FZ Group. Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeah!!

    here their website:

  15. Wow this is an incredibly real message to anyone on what scientology is all about. There is no fake PR bullshit to it at all.

  16. OMG!!!!!! Marty it was so cool to see you in front of the FH at 3:00 today!!!!!!!!!! Wow that was for sure the most Theta around that place in a long time. You don’t recall me I am sure but the smile along with the theta ack was awesome.

  17. Very nice. It did lead me to watching the other 5 parts. Was great seeing Dominic again. I had no idea what had become of him. He still has this very contagious laugh. Brought back good memories and if he reads this thread I’d be very happy to be contacted. Naomi

  18. Thanks. GREAT piece.
    Nope, couldn’t watch just one!
    I just watched them all.
    Is the guy still involved?

  19. Marty, I just love this. This is my kind of PR.
    Real, honest and no phoney buloney. I am so
    proud of the Scientologists in Germany and Russia who have to endure not just the rath of the church but also their governments. And they still seek truth and freedom. WOW!

  20. martyrathbun09

    Sarge, yeah the German woman impinged on me.

  21. martyrathbun09

    NS, Yeah, it would be a gas to do some TRs with Dominic.

  22. Marty,

    The Beginner’s Guide is a very cool vid!

    I watched it several years ago.

    We should thank Terril (basic basic)Park and the many people from the FZ and RO who participated in it.

    Ironic that the so called “squirrels” were able to get better media than the “Government Approved” (Miscavige’s words not mine) Church of Scientology.

    The novel concept of showcasing the Ron’s legacy instead of a bunch of props like “Ideal Orgs” was brilliant.

    They did good.

    Anyone who hasn’t seen it should.

  23. This was fabulous! This is what it really was all about! I called my friend to make sure she saw this. I was actually surprised and impressed that this man, this comedian, was earnestly trying to understand, and indeed did the work necessary to honestly get some gains out of his short relationship with scientology. It moved me to tears to see him realize those things about his relationship with his brother. And it warmed my heart to see the auditor call the F/N CORRECTLY. What a win for all concerned!

    This rehab’s some of the great, inspiring and exciting times that come after one has found something that really works, the way it was before it became other-determined and dirtied by the greed, the arbitraries and the manipulation.

    Ironic, isn’t it, that if the church had NOT refused this man access, he probably would never have discovered the value of real scientology. I can’t for the life of me see any of what transpired in this film actually taking place
    in the church these days. For one thing, with only 10 days to “find God through scientology,” he’d still be on his routing form, stuck at the bookstore, unable or unwilling to come up with the cost of his basics library.

  24. martyrathbun09

    Freebeing11, as you probably know, I don’t know your name; but I got your comm. You are wonderful. Now, if we can get it together technically – I have trouble even dialing a cell phone – we can fill everybody else in soon.

  25. For the full uncut DOWNLOADABLE film google videos : The Beginner’s Guide to L. Ron Hubbard.

    L Ron Hubbard Introduction to Dianetics Lecture

    For the full uncut audio download of my earlier posted by lil ol me go to:

    CD your unexpected disseminator

  26. Just beautiful.

  27. I link to this in every Freezone promotional post I make, in other words nearly daily.

    There is a program made to add subtitles, which has been done in Danish and German.
    Best I know it has not been translated into spanish or italian. This below should enable this to be done easily if anyone’s interested.

    [20:53:10] Paul Adams: http://

    This above works with the google video which shows it in one part, if you go to google video
    and search ” Beginners guide to L.Ron Hubbard
    it gets you there.

    It was made as part of a series for Brit channel 4. Was intended to follow the titling of the other two. ” How to find God through Hinduism/Islam.” Peaches Geldof is a riot on finding fashion in Islam. 🙂 COS sent many legal threats to channel 4 and thus they did what the old chinese proverb says about I think bamboo,
    bend with the wind, and just changed the title.

    The Mentor in this film was visited up to 5 times a day for a month by OSA giving severe legal threats if he didn’t help stop the program being aired. He was offered lesser legal threats if he did do this. Go figure? These included OSA
    from LA.

    The production company initially tried to do the program at St. Hill. They were not out to
    attack COS or scn at all. Part of Channel 4’s brief
    from the government is to do so many hours of religious programming a year. St Hill told them they had to go to LA to get clearance for the program, and to do it there, and it took a total of 6 months, or an additional 6 months of being
    delayed when OSA told them it was an insult to
    do a program with a comedian who didn’t believe in organised religion.

    I see that as one of the program’s strengths. 🙂

    The producer then looked to doing the program in the Freezone. His deadlines were shot to hell! Roland, seen near the beginning, met with the producer and gave good reports and Max Hauri of Ron’s Orgs was persuaded, with some initial reluctance, to host the production team.

    Low budget? I’d prefer the term ” cinema verite” 🙂

    In fact the team used twice as much film as they
    usually would on such a venture, and became very friendly with the Freezoners. The film was in fact a very honest picture, the Mentor, was really put off by Hardeep initially and when he said he didn’t feel he could profitably audit him
    he really meant it. Towards the end, Max Hauri
    felt that Hardeep was in fact ready to try some actual auditing, and the Mentor agreed. The session filmed was a real session, real tears, and
    all. Auditor and Hardeep had final cut on this, have no idea if any was made. But what was shown was part at least of a real session.

    This program resulted in about 40 new people joining Freezone forums or asking about auditing. It was shown only in the UK very late at night.

    Maybe nice if it could be shown in the US, if any one has any influence. 🙂 It is I believe the only TV program to show the tech in a good light, as presented by someone who at best would be kicked out as a ” Joker and
    Degrader” in the COS, and in fact was.” 🙂

    I’d like here to make a point about Ron’s Orgs.
    Whatever one might think of ” Excal V NOTs”
    they train auditors. The film shows a part of that effort. The Russian Rons Orgs grew after they asked the western european FZers to bring them scientology, which they did with the old but good HQS course.

    Got some more humorous data on
    this which I’ll post later.

  28. Hello,
    Here below is a link that plays the whole TV video “Beginner’s Guide to Ron Hubbard” – in one 48 minute chunk:

    And I like this site too – lots of info and well set out!!

    ml Clive N.

  29. Remember that Ron’s Org still have the deceased insane Bill Robertson as “Founder”.

    BR has led many away from standard tech among other things by introducing his so-called “OT levels”.

    The goal is to get Ron’s Org students and pc´s up to these “OT levels” and away from a standard LRH Bridge.

  30. OSA had actually made some false reports about drugs at the training center to the FSB, which they dutifully investigated and found nothing. RO members did a short investigation and found and handled the plant. Fortunately, all this happened a couple days after filming had finished in Russia.

  31. I wasn’t involved in this production, but am friends of those who were.

    There is an equivalent of ” Religious Freedom Watch” to black PR Freezoners. If anything its even sillier. This below is their ” proof” that Max
    Hauri is in league with the German secret service in attacking COS. [ He’s Swiss}

    Note that the alledged german secret service agents are very similar to the protagonists in
    ” The Beginners Guide to L Ron Hubbard.”

    One is a brit comedian wearing a turban…..?

    Then there is this below including this devastating statement….

    “There was selling of books, materials, courses without any documents or receipts – the money was just put in the pockets. This also means that there no taxes were paid on this money. Just imagine the condition of the person who bit by bit collects money from his “student salary” and, as a result, he has no confirmation at all that he gave the money and nobody is responsible for this. In other words, because of this money these people destroyed his human rights.”

    Such are the ” crimes “of the FZ!

    Note that also the successors of the KGB raided the Moscow FZ camp for drug dealing! It was believed that this was an attempt to disrupt the
    filming of the Channel 4 programme, failed.

    Note that Max Hauri has not had OSA attacks for around 2 years.

    OSA isdying.

  32. Jim Logan,
    This video reminds me of the beginning of my days in Scn back in London, Ontario and Toronto. It has the same feel; fun, challenging, and the reality of case gain and a better life.

    This is the best dissemination piece I`ve seen in decades.

  33. That was wonderful! It was real, it was natural and it communicated. Excellent intro into scn…doesn’t answer all of my questions, greatly reduces the mystery, the people seem very friendly and open and it leaves me thinking that there just might be something in this scn stuff that could maybe benefit me. Umm…I wonder.

    Also, I really enjoyed that it reminded me of my early days in scn. What fun I had back then!

    I’ve always been of the mind that if the world’s population did nothing but get through a standard comm course (hard TRs with upper indocs) from start to finish…life on this planet would be better for everyone.

  34. Mike Lemeron

    This is a fabulous piece of video documentary. Hardeep is so genuine, so human and so truly sincere in his quest for the truth. After 21 years at the Gold base, I long ago had lost the truth of the statement: “If it’s not fun, it isn’t Scientology”. How long has “The Church” ceased to be fun? Certainly at int. management level, the fun factor ended long ago. These new people learning Scn outside the CofS are truly brave and genuine. After hearing Hardeep state how CofS rejected him and the German lady speak of the suppression of Scn in Germany, I truly feel that the current “Church” is a far larger suppressor to people actually achieving spiritual freedom through the works of LRH.

  35. What a great video… really shows the simplicity of the tech once it’s understood! Although, I couldn’t come out to play this evening with all of you, I’m sure we’ll meet up someday soon. Thanks for sharing the video. 🙂

  36. You’re funny!

  37. I love this film. The church should replace Orientation with this one. It would generate more interest for sure.

  38. Studied and applied with sincerity, Scientology is “perfect enough.” Dominic and Hardeep demonstrate this in what must surely be the best public relations piece ever done on Scientology.

  39. Now you touched my feelings, bb! What about subtitles that were done first, in the language of a certain small central-European nation?

  40. one of those who see

    Loved this Video. The people are real, there is real ARC. God I miss that! No glitz is needed, no fancy furniture. Just real communication. Just truth being applied. So wonderful. My last cycles in the church, I felt like no one was talking to ME. And I just had a thought. They had other fish to fry. They were doing something else-selling basics etc..- something else besides Scientology. The people in this video. They were just doing Scientology. And… that’s all we need to do and we will win. Thank you for this.

  41. Great video. Very well done. Simple and straightforward. By contrast it shows how the C of $ under DM all these years is so evil and destructive. “If it’s not fun it’s not scientology”. I’ve always felt that way. In contrast look how many serious and anal “scientologists” there are today in the Sea Org and at the org level. How much fun are they having in life these days? Just ass backwards. To all the good people on this blog: Just keep flourishing and prospering, having a blast all along the way and fuck the imposters!!! They are soooooo blind at this point and unknowingly oppressed.
    All The Best to You, Jefretheta.

  42. What a wonderful dissem tool. Thank you for sharing it.

    Thank you Marty!

  44. Well, well, well. Gosh I am pleased to read all these reviews. Please use this as much as you can. It was quite a job to put that video together and it was not always as easy as it seems from the video – to keep it light and entertaining while having a camera in your face. I would like to say that this was a complete team effort. Max Hauri from the Ron’s Org Bern (Switzerland) was elementary for making this a success. Simon Eagon, who was the director of this and man behind the camera, who became a dear friend during this journey was incredible. He is a beautiful being who had the courage to report what he saw. As far as journalism goes I think he created a real masterpiece. Hardeep who frankly had no idea of what he is letting himself into. Darn, I am pleased to see all these reviews!!! Love to you all. Dominic (The ‘guide’ from the film). P.S. I am available for auditing people. If anyone needs his Bridge contact me.

  45. NS,
    Not sure how to get in touch with you. But I am happy to. I don’t know that many Naomi’s but I am not clear which one you are. email me on dominicnobrien at, Dominic

  46. “Now you touched my feelings, bb! What about subtitles that were done first, in the language of a certain small central-European nation?”

    Oops! Available in Czechoslovakian also. 🙂

  47. I like this video, and love the guy. This reminds of days orgs were on Source and *theta*.

  48. What made you so bitter ?

  49. The irony here is so thick and tragic that you can cut it with a knife. Mike is now on the business end of the Dead Agenting he formerly conducted. This is Karma and Mike is undoubtedly learning a very hard lesson. As a father, I completely empathize with Mike’s pain in not being able to see his son. This is heartbreaking, for all we really have in this life is our family and friends. All of our MEST can be lost in the blink of an eye by a natural disaster. All of our money can be wiped out. Only Family, Tribe, and Spirit abide.

    CoS and DM play a sick game of emotional blackmail called Disconnection. Yet, the truth is that LRH started Disconnection. That is a fact, and, I am not your enemy for saying it.

    I clearly see a “New Scientology” emerging from the Independent movement. I see former
    CoS members coming to terms with their humanity in ways that are not allowed in CoS. There is healing and an openness to challenging realities.

    What people out here have been saying all along is that CoS needs to be dismantled in its present form. Humanitarian reforms need to be enacted in CoS. All of the human rights abuses in CoS must end. The Independents are now saying many of the same things the critics have said for years: CoS harms people and families.

    Independents must show the courage to reform Scientology in places where they know LRH was clearly wrong. What happened to Mike Rinder was not just DM. The fact is that LRH created the doctrine of Disconnection.

    I ask the Independents to please stop sugar-coating LRH and instead focus on the reinvention of a humane Scientology. There is nothing wrong with fond memories from people who were in Ron’s inner circle, but much of what is wrong with Scientology is traceable to LRH.

    Mike, I truly hope that you and your son are reunited one day. I am glad to hear that you are talking to the BBC. I wish you all the best in your continuing efforts to expose David Miscavige. BTW, if you run into “Radio Silence” please ask him to contact me.


  50. “I ask the Independents to please stop sugar-coating LRH and instead focus on the reinvention of a humane Scientology. There is nothing wrong with fond memories from people who were in Ron’s inner circle, but much of what is wrong with Scientology is traceable to LRH.”

    I could not agree with this more. There is something salvagable in Scientology but it certainly is not the entire lot. The subject and it’s practice need a complete overhaul. Every policy, process, and dare I say, LRH’s character must be looked at to determine what brings freedom and what enslaves. That which enslaves and creates mind controlled robots must be run through the shredder never to rear its ugly head again.

    I’m not exactly sure how that is done and the mind control is so insideous and in the very woof and warp of the nomenclature that figuring that out is a tall order indeed.

    The truth, as I see it, is that the totality of Scientology (its books, lectures, policies, etc.) is the contents of LRH’s mind and no one else’s. Universal truths need no “command intention”, that just are and though there is the lip service that these are proferred freely to mankind to do as he wishes, in practice this does not bear out.

    From Steve Hall’s writing on the site:

    “Some people try to invalidate Scientology by attacking its creator. Why? To me, the only thing that makes a subject valid is DOES IT WORK? If it does, I don’t care about what the inventor did, or if he lied about being a nuclear physicist, of if there are questions about his military record. The point of Scientology is not to worship its inventor. He was just a man, with a temper and faults just like the rest of us.”

    I can see this to a certain degree AS LONG as everything is fully viewed, confronted, and taken into account. What I don’t agree with is this statement, from the same page:

    “I drive a car. I don’t care about the theory of why it works. Who in history has ever returned their car to the dealership because, “Well, I don’t buy into this theory of internal combustion; you see it conflicts with modern…” or, “I heard the designer claimed he had a degree, but it wasn’t a real degree so I want my money back. Here’s the car keys.”

    When we are talking about a car, a computer, a machine, okay. I really don’t care if the person who invented the machine was of sound character if the machine works. I do not feel this same way when we are talking about the very reason we exist, why we’re here, what makes man tick etc. and especially when I am expected to be of the utmost in moral character myself. THIS is the exact point where the subject gets abused. We are talking about handing over our souls. Come on! How can you say the character of the individual who founded the organization is irrelevant?

    Anyhow, I personally have zero interest in continuing with the subject until all of this is confronted. Right now, until I personally figure out exactly how I got trapped, I am not even interested inn listening to the lectures.

    There are other roads out there and the data from Scientology fits in there somewhere but it fits in with alot of other good, wise and brilliant people including all of us. LRH was one person and I neither deify nor condemn and that includes DM who is following in LRH’s footsteps with a little less ability in applying the charm.

  51. Oh….and…I do communicate the above with the absolute, utmost respect for Steve Hall who I personally think is one of the most brilliant and articulate writers in the whole bunch.

  52. I dare say Elizabeth, that what you propose is censorship under the guise of protecting others from some “insidious form of mind control”.

    “Every policy, process, and dare I say, LRH’s character must be looked at to determine what brings freedom and what enslaves. That which enslaves and creates mind controlled robots must be run through the shredder never to rear its ugly head again.”

    Who determines what goes in the shredder and what doesn’t ?

    What you suggest is exactly what Miscavige and his “friends” are doing with the subject to a greater or lesser degree.

    Personally, I’d rather study any subject in its raw unaltered form and draw my own conclusions about it without having the ominous ubiquitous censorship of someone “shredding” the “good” and “bad” from their won limited perspective of “mind control”.

    If you are interested in the subject of mind control I suggest you research the following:

    I’d also recommend the following book:

  53. Mike Lemeron

    Hi Elizabeth. I don’t know where you, personally are coming from but thank you for expressing your beliefs. Your end comment is very inaccurate. DM is not following in LRH’s footsteps. That is one of the largest topics on this blog, if not its root topic. It really has little to do with a plus or minus in the charm department. It is very very hard for people these days who have had some contact with Scn plus all the volumes of inaccurate noise mixed in with the accurate noise (lol) about it. So, unless a person has much first-hand experience with what has been being discussed, it’s nigh impossible to easily reach an accurate conclusion. To bash you for having the opinion you have would be wrong. You have your opinions for your own reasons. I don’t see in your statements a eal malicious intent to upset people. But, let me say this; I was around LRH and saw him almost every day for over a year. I have had auditing from very genuine auditors. I lived in the SO around some very amazing people for over 21 years. I have 100% certainty tha the tech that LRH provided us works and produces literally mind-blowing results. I do not see any sugar-coating of LRH in this blog at all. Experiences with LRH are theirs to have; they are their memories from their lives. I will take my memories with me to my end. As your life progresses, you, as all of us, make choices and these choices take us down the road of our individual lives. Knowledge is truth. I choose knowledge over opinion. It is a real skill to be able to gleen the truth from all the opinion presented to us.

  54. i found your website through TMZ which noted the Tom Cruise being blabbed about story.
    I gotta say that to someone who is not in Scientology, everything you write sounds like science fiction. I’ve read things from scientologists/ex-scientologists before and it is the same problem. Don’t know if y’all realize this but it all sounds extremely science fictiony and cultish. I think when you get so involved in something that it becomes impossible to see how you sound to the rest of the world. It’s nice that you are doing a sliding scale model of Scientology but really, it’s stil kind of a bizarre thing this Scientology. just my two cents.

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