Mike Rinder: The truth David Miscavige wants to kill

Trailers for tomorrow’s show. Stay tuned:

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  1. Cooool! And I defenitely stay tuned!

    David F

  2. Now this one from Mike I have been waiting for!!!

  3. Go for it, guys. And dolls.

  4. Watching Eyes

    Can’t wait. The funny thing about all this is if the dwarf had even a hint of an idea of what Scientology is all about he’d know you can’t hide the truth. Evidently all he knows is street thuggery; use force, threats and intimidation to hide the truth.

    note to dwarf: Dude, go away. Gig’s up. Tipping point reached. There’s no turning back. Everything you want hidden……….will be told. Your past grip on the media is coming to an end. Don’t you see it yet…….they’re not afraid of you any longer. Neither are we!!

  5. Aussies aren’t afraid of anything. Way to go guys!

  6. Yes, yes, yes!!
    Knew you guys were in
    Australia for more than just a good time. You were there for all of us and we’re enjoying it right along side you.

  7. Excellent news.

    Mike, where does the BBC show stand? Wasn’t it the case that they had you exclusively till their show aired? Does this mean the BBC show is suspended?

    • martyrathbun09

      It means a fucking war has been waged against the truth. But, the truth, though often fought, always in the end prevails. Doesn’t mean it is easy.

      • Understood

      • I did a song parody sometime back, that, considering where we are in this fight, is apropos. Also, for Mike and Marty, you should both get a kick out of my lyrics, hope you enjoy. First, a link to the original, which was written during the days of anti VietNam war protests:

        And here is my version:

        I Ain’t PR’in’ Anymore
        parody of I Ain’t Marching Anymore
        (by Pete from Missouri, apologies to Phil Ochs)

        Oh I handled the flap from Paulette’s freakout,
        When the FBI kicked down our front door.
        The money was still flowing,
        Our evil church was growing,
        But I ain’t PR’in anymore.

        For I’ve dead agented the critics,
        In a thousand PR flaps,
        Was at Flag for the McPherson case,
        The Osuh bots were spyin’, while DM was a lyin’
        But I ain’t PR’in anymore

        (chorus follows)


        It’s always RTC that shoots the footbullet,
        It’s always someone else takes the fall.
        Now look at all we’ve won with Mike Rinder and Rathbun,
        Tell me is it worth it all?


        For I stole documents from the IRS building,
        Fought in the franchise holder’s war,
        Yes I disconnected brothers,
        And so many others,
        But I ain’t PR’in anymore.

        I fought the PR battles ‘gainst the Germans and the French,
        For C of S on European shores,
        We musta spent a zillion then,
        But now our trouble’s back again,
        But I ain’t PR’in’ anymore.

        (repeat chorus)

        Yeah, I did my final mission outside the Hemet base,
        Listened to the protesters roar.
        With Anon raids returning, I knew that I was learning,
        That I ain’t PR’in’ anymore.

        With Magoo and Bunker screamin’,
        When they do their you tube rants,
        ‘Cause C of S is rotten to the core,
        Call it “Peace” or call it “Treason,”
        Call it “Love” or call it “Reason,”
        But I ain’t PR’in’ any more,
        No I ain’t PR’in’ any more.


      • Ne Obliviscaris


        What is this show? Where can we find it?

        Please let us know.


      • Another Layer


        Very nice!

      • theo sismanides

        Marty I have been saying about a bigger conspiracy than DM. maybe the BBC has been alerted by some big wigs. We should get more data on what happened and why the BBC show won’t air.

      • Pete~LoVe THaT!!

    • OK Local MP, you may understand but I don’t…and this was exactly the question I was going to ask. Marty, are you saying the BBC story is dead? That the COS got it quashed?

      • Concerning the BBC.

        It was always my commitment to them that I would not do other TV interviews until their program aired. It was not a binding contract, just my own sense of what was right as they were the last program I did as Church spokesman and I blatantly lied about Miscavige to John Sweeney. I had not done that before and I felt it was appropriate that I therefore go to them first.

        Their program is delayed for whatever reasons. They don’t make a habit of explaining their internal workings to me (or anyone else). Whether it be artistic or legal concerns or ratings (summer time is lowest ratings for any TV shows), they have not yet gone to air. I gave them a date certain by when I would not hold off on speaking to other media. Had they wanted to air in order to have the “exclusive” they could have as they knew well enough in advance.

        Hats off to Bryan Seymour and Channel 7. They are afraid of nobody and put a show in the can and get it on air in a matter of days. It may not be as in depth as some of the more high-brow programs, but what they may lack in intellectual presentation they more than make up for with big brass balls.

        This program airing — no matter how “tabloid” it may be — will make it easier for everyone else to do further reporting. From the BBC to CNN to 60 Minutes and many others.

        The BBC show is not spiked. It is still in the process of being finalized and scheduled. More than that, I don’t know.

        I hope this clarifies for anyone that has had questions.


      • Fellow Traveller

        Very clarifying. Thank you.

        Bruce Pratt

      • Tony DePhillips

        Thanks for the explanantion Mike. I do think that all these shows help to get the truth out.

        Thanks for doing this Mike you are a very courageous man.

        Hi Bruce Pratt how are you?


      • Belated thanks, Mike, for the info! (I was away for a few days and wasn’t able to read this blog.)

  8. Marty, WOW, WOW, WOW!!!!

  9. Mike, WOW, WOW, WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  11. Can’t wait!

  12. WOW times 10!!! Looks like the COBS is going to have a very bad day. Damn, I say! We have all had more than enough of his BS!

  13. Impartial English Girl

    Blimey-O’Reilly. Is that the distant echo of sh1t hitting fan that I hear…? Top stuff!

    But what DID happen with John Sweeney’s new programme? I couldn’t find anything on the BBC website last time I checked.

    Well done for your bravery, folks. Much kudos coming to you from my corner of the globe. x

    • IEG, I’m guessing it had something to do with UK’s peculiar libel law.

      • Remorseful Contributor

        Also, Mike, as an Aussie, knows Aussies don’t respond very well to being told what not to do, and Brian Seymour has proven himself to be exceptionally Australian.

    • Remorseful Contributor


      Read between the lines, major church assault with attorneys and probably celebs trying to block it, perhaps not dead, but Sweeny/BBC are most certainly trying to ensure they are not a repeat of the Time Magazine where the church lost legally but nearly killed Time with legal fees.

      Try not to let your sweet innocent english girl mind envisioning the COB thong chaffing as he jumps up and down, beat red, yelling, screaming, spitting and slapping anything to hand.

      • Impartial English Girl

        Ah! Thank you for your replies 😉

        I can’t imagine that the BBC could be silenced by the mini-maggot – but I’m guessing that this will be a high-profile show which the Beeb will want to save for their Autumn schedules.

        INCIDENTALLY – and I am not saying that this could be related or anything – but the ever-winsome Tom Cruise is lurking around the BBC here in London at present; literally, as I type. He is going to be the guest star on a motoring show called Top Gear. Normally, this is the kind of show that is WAY beneath anyone of Cruise’s cachet – generally it’s the territory of fading reality show stars, UK TV Chefs, B or C list celebs, etc. Not sure if he’s currently promoting a film or whatever, but it’s certainly most odd for someone of his celebrity calibre to pop up on a relatively low-rent TV show…

        • martyrathbun09

          Impartial Englih Girl, Very good observation. The BBC will run ultimately, or Tom and Dave are in for an expose that they’ll never recover from.

      • Impartial English Girl

        Uh-oh Remorseful… I just had a drink and accidentally thought about the CoB Thong… :-0

        I am going to go and scrub out my mind now with 100% solution of sodium hypochlorite and a lavatory brush. Dirty! Dirty!! DIRTY!!!

    • impartial english dirty girl

      DM in thong OMG !!!!no thanks I will scrub my mind as well. he is not sexy at all!!!!!.

      ha haha I have a gay friend who is in love to DM, he wants to meet him.

  14. “There is nothing concealed that will not be disclosed, or hidden that will not be made known. What you have said in the dark will be heard in the daylight. What you have whispered to someone behind closed doors will be shouted from the rooftops.” Luke 12:2-3

    • Amen to that 😉

    • Another Layer

      Yes! What WSF said.

    • Inexorably true!

      • There’s a Source for you…..

      • Sorry Pax, didn’t get that. What did you mean? Fidelio

      • Sorry for confusion, Fidelio. I am a computer idiot and was remarking on the Biblical quote above. It was Jesus who spoke the words about secret deeds being known in the end. It’s a good motivation for those who follow Him to try to keep the slate clean, and of course, He is a very reliable Source for many. My life has been much improved when after a number of years chasing rainbows in Scientology, I returned to the Christian faith which I had received as patrimony from my family. My best to all, and no offense intended to those who believe otherwise. Pax

      • Thank you Pax tibi,

        now I understand. I am pleased to hear that your life improved so beautifully.

        I like your pen name – this is what we are all about here – to get into balance again with our own life, and to come to peace with oneself and others after much turmoil. Each certainly draws his personal lesson and wins. Yes: Pax!

        My very best, Fidelio

    • Beautiful.

    • Amen

    • War and Peace

      In other words ~~


  15. Thanks for stepping up and speaking out Mike Rinder!!! You have my unconditional respect for choosing this path.


  16. Well done guys can’t wait to see this. I can only imagine what all of you have gone through to accomplish this. DM your game is soooooo over.

  17. I used to love my Church

    You are my hero.

  18. This is EXCELLENT news! I am looking forward to it.

  19. Fellow Traveller

    Mike ( & comrades & associates) —

    No words, mate. A whole lotta sensations.

    One question:
    Can I do anything to help?

    Bruce Pratt

  20. Strapped in with a sandwich and a beer. Ready for the action.

    ML Tom

  21. It’s very good to see Mike beginning to really speak now.

    A lot of people will be hanging on every word he says, and are hoping that he tells ALL. Only then will we see real reform of the fraud and abuse from the Church of Scientology.

    I hope that Mike is in touch with Senator Nick Xenophon in Australia, as well, contributing to the clean-up of Scientology abuse there, too.

    • In the video clips, Mike Rinder can be seen meeting and talking with Senator Xenophon. That good enough for you ?

  22. Thought Provoking

    WOW! I just got a straight shot into exhilaration! Woo hoo!!!

    Mike, you are the MAN!!!!

  23. Mike.
    It was you and Marty who threw out a life line to me while Flag robots were busy at work stripping away the last vestiges of my strength, happiness, faith, dignity and sanity.
    You will probably never fully appreciate how much I needed it but I don’t know how long I would have been able to continue to flounder, wondering if it was all really ‘just me’.
    Marty brought truth and as incredible as it was to believe at the time, YOU (Mike) gave it credibility.
    It was a lethal combination and I thank you both from the bottom of my heart for helping me to find LRH again.
    The loss was great. But the rediscovery and recognition of hope was greater.
    My heart goes out to John Sweeney if this was a game that he just couldn’t win and I hope he can find a way to ‘make it go right’.
    Deepest respect and love always.

    • Mike and Marty,
      For making it possible for us to experience the beauty, strength, insight, and life force of Samantha, thank you.

      I personally am so much richer for this experience.

    • Tony DePhillips

      Beautifully said Sam!!

      I hear you…

    • Sam :
      Beautifully spoken. Hey, I thought no one appreciated and loved Marty and Mike like me !
      Then I read your post……you spoke beautifully..

      I also want to thank Marty and Mike for some triumphant wins on other lines in the last 48 hours.
      God, you guys are really something !
      Big Smile.

    • Oh Lordy.
      If one more person throws pure unadulterated theta at me today either on the blog or by email I’m going to explode.
      Usually I take a walk to destimulate. Today I’m going to have to take one to see if I can locate my body somehow.
      JEEEZ! WOW! Love you all sooooooo much!!!

  24. This is what I have been waiting for! Thank you, Mike Rinder, for coming forward! We salute you, bless you, and hold you in our prayers!


  25. OTater/GaryLerner

    Mike, Thank you so very much for your courage and truth.

    ———->DerMiscavagestein ——————–

    The “Villagers” are pounding on your Villa’s door! We’re armed with flaming Truth torches and we’re gonna stick them in your face!!!

    GAME ON!!


  26. If the BBC show has been indefinitely squelched (depressing to think that might be the case), I’m sure the CoS has done a fine job of making Anderson Cooper more interested than ever in doing a Mike Rinder interview. If he is in a position to talk publicly. it’d be great to bring John Sweeney on board for that, too. If CNN is successfully intimidated, Nathan Baca in Las Vegas is probably up for it. One way or the other, I hope we’ll start hearing a lot from Mike R.

    Any plans for a book, Mike?

    • Bravo! What is also making things work against the SP is the many now *independent* Scientologists who have the courage to stand up…and the evidence (pics, reports, papers, etc….and numerous witneses) to lend all the credibility they need to go forward and NOT be intimidated…there IS tangible evidence…everywhere! Lots of it!
      A note to BT above me…when I read the comment *If CNN is successfully itimidated…I highly doubt it. Perhaps DM and his minions like to believe they have that kind of power to intimidate just about everybody…including a billionaire media conglomerate…nope, don’t think so. I imagine Anderson Cooper and CNN either laugh or ignore the dwarf and his CofM…or probably both…DM is probably the biggest subject of their jokes around CNN…especially after the ridiculous and trashy gossipy “Freedom” write-up about Cooper/CNN in what has now become a low class rag…I think everyone around the planet is getting pretty tired and bored with the CofM’s shenanigans. Because of DM, ~Scientology is no longer very well thought of just about everywhere you go, though those at ‘the top’ like to pretend it is…it really isn’t, which is sad,…it has become embarrasing to even tell people you *are* a Scientologist …Hopefully all this will change after more and more exposure of the crimes of the CofM and removal of the little tan dwarf who is steering the ship a’ground!

      Intimidating? No, just embarassing, *shocking*, criminal, greedy and sad…

  27. Wow, Wow, Wow!!

    And I will even throw in a Moo Goo Gai Pan, to boot!



  29. Ready to adjust your opinion about this Australian reporter for those who went of on himregarding in his coverage of the non existent headquarters of the church in adalaide ?

    Wich indeed had news in it. Parc where offices should be and the adress of Corseci being somebodies private home. The person oblivious of that fact mind you.

    And being the head office for the UK, Europe and Canada

    • Aussie reporter had me with non-exist in Adelaide.

      Any communication is better than no communication. Moar communication is even better. 🙂

      It takes a village, and these villagers have taken up the torches and we’re gonna keep on comin’.

      Miscaviage, Here Comes Everybody.

  30. Hopefully BBC will still air.

    Channel 7’s Today/Tonight would not back down and I applaud them for that.

    My book is also getting broad distribution: SCIENTOLOGY – ABUSE AT THE TOP, which provides numerous specifics on what goes on behind Scientology’s fancy renovations and glittery events (available at http://www.scobeepublishing.com or Amazon).

    The truth is being exposed! There are many people contributing to this and they are all very appreciated.

    • Amy I just bought your book kindle edition


      Highly recommended book ! I couldn’t put it down~~ a wonderful read after viewing Mike Rinder tomorrow on Channel 7 in Australia….

      The chapter called “ASSAULT AND BATTERY” is quite electrifying and will keep inspiring you to keep doing what you are doing !

      Cheers AMY !

  31. TC and DM = BFF

    I can come up with something else for that acronym.

  32. Wow! World here comes Mike!!!! Don’t mess around with the Independents, DM.

    Thank you so much Mike and all for exposing the truth.

  33. Well done! Looks like an ass whuppin is right around the corner.

    • Cowboy Poet.
      My email address is;
      80Victoria08@ hushmail. com

      Please drop me a line. I don’t know how to contact you.

  34. Sad that the BBC piece isn’t running.

    I don’t know if it is because of pressures from CoS or if the BBC believes the shock value of the story has run its course for the general public.


    Good on you Mike. I’ve set aside a Dublin Dr. Pepper for the occasion.

  35. Mike & Marty,

    Thank you both so very much for persisting until you made it go right for this to happen.

    Michael A. Hobson

  36. This will prove interesting. BTW, I just finished reading Amy’s book. That woman has a lot of both heart and soul. It is hard for me to imagine being in the RPF for even a single day much less for years. Over the years I have read many similar stories and gotten to know former SO members, some that were former executives, who suffered a similar fate. They lost time, youth, ability and sacrificed their human dignity on behalf of a man who knows neither honesty or honor. What a waste. Cheers to all of you, – Bob Peterson

  37. I am new to this blog. I love it. Can’t wait to see the latest media exposure of David Miscavige’s reign of terror.

    I am a Sci public and have had years of conflict with tech vs. delivery. I also had problems with seemingly off policy things like: Ideal Org and associated fund raisers; buying and reading books I have read many times without MUs, being taken off Academy Training Level 2 to read said books, attempted SO and staff regging of my nanny and children, unexpected and uninvited prem visits from Flag reps, the list goes on….

    Keep up the good work.


    PS-Read both Marc’s book and Amy’s. Horrifying experiences!!!

    • ΘTater/GaryLerner

      Welcome HDog!

      May this visit and all of the others coming bring you awareness and truth and what the heck some laughs. 🙂


  38. Thanks Mike! We’ve been waiting for quite a while to hear you speak. You must scare the crap out of DM.

    And a great time will be had by all!

  39. As a perspective – in earlier times the RPF was ok. In 1978 at Flag the food was the same as everyone else got, schedules were enforced so that people were sessionable and you had 5 hours a day for co-audits.
    That was how LRH intended it. The RPF took me 6 months to complete and was a worthwhile experience.

    • one of those who see

      Thanks for that, Ralph. Good to know.

    • “in earlier times the RPF was ok. ”

      For you it was. But not all was rosey.

      “6. Larry D. Wollersheim’s affidavit, 4-2-1980

      RPF onboard “Excalibur” 1974?


      … Finally the cult assigned me to the RPF, which meant I was evil and that I had to rehabilitate myself. That experience was the most degrading experience of my life. The RPF on onboard the “Excalibur” was moored at San Pedro, California. We were imprisoned except when we had to clean the ship decks which was a small area. The food was so bad that a person called Bill Yaude was hospitalized because of malnutrition. I spent my days wondering why I was so evil and rebel to the cult orders and to cult policies. They were “saving mankind” and I was then against the only organization working to save the planet! I was audited and corrected on past auditing again and again, until I could no longer take it. Then I secretly planned to jump overboard. When I tried to do it, I was caught and maintained onboard until the Ethics officer came and told me what would happen to me if I left; I would be declared an SP and in treason. I bought the threat and went back to the RPF. Long weeks afterwards, I was freed from the RPF and told I was put there on a mistake”.”


      • Hmmm — not sure about this as I don’t think the RPF was exported to the Excaliber at that time; nonetheless sorry to hear of Larry’s experience.

        Let me add though that Larry – as “recruiter” for CCLA had gone to Phoenix, brought back with him a bunch of homeless people, promised them berthing and food in exchange for signing SO contracts. Needless to say – none of the “recruits” stayed. He then furnished CCLA with discarded furniture and also had a serious altercation with his then wife – the cook – wherein a boiling pot of water was spilled all over her requiring hospitalization.

        Larry was a go getter – but how he got where he was going was sometimes – well — over the top.

        I’ve been delighted to learn that recently his own personal growth and development appears genuine and helpful for himself and others.

        (more later – just needed to weigh in on this one CatDaddy — especially in the early days — the RPF was reserved for people who created some serious problems for the group)

        (btw — prior to the infusion of Larry’s “recruits” – CCLA berthing never locked our doors — after several people had many things stolen – that changed. He brought a seriously scary lot of people up from Phoenix – about 20)

    • crashingupwards

      Hi Ralph.

      I think you captured the very high point in time for the RPF and you were fortunate. In 1978 it could be considered a workable program. It was hard work, humbling, but not cruel or degrading by design.

      I would just add one point to your statement that they ate the same food everyone else did. That is IF there was any left. They had to scrape and forage for scraps. Not by design, but they were just at the bottom of the food chain, literally.

      But that was Flag at CW. The RPF I witnessed in PAC was struck me as less humane.

      • Hi crashing. No, that wasn’t the situation with food. During the time I was on the RPF there wasn’t a single meal where insufficient food was provided. Food at Flag was not purchased daily – the freezers were kept well stocked. If what had been prepared ran out then something else was prepared for the RPF which was comparable, not scraps and no foraging ever.

    • Here is Dick Coanda’s story. He was in the RPF for a year and a half in the good old days.

      RPF bit starts about the 5:45 mark.

      Nice old guy. Seems to have a nice view of things.

    • One should Google Ken Urquardt and the RPF for some facts as to its origination and original intent.

      My experience of it was much as Ralph’s suggests; it took some 8 months and I made damn sure I got as much out of it as I put into it, even if I was mis-assigned to it. I figured it this way, I’d been ‘sentenced’ to 5 hours a day of auditing and condemned to produce products of actual exchange value. Horrible it was.

      What it morphed into under David Miscavige’s evil purposes, well, that’s another story in’it.

      Unfortunately, the whole program has suffered under its abuse to ‘satisfy’ some person or other’s epurps. Again, reverse Scientology at play.

    • Oh how unseeing you still are today

  40. Freedom Fighter

    Yeehaw! Can’t wait for tomorrow!

  41. Thank you Mike, for speaking out.

  42. Wow, I cannot wait for this! Go Mike and Marty!

  43. Barney Rubble


    I ack and absoulutley approve your actions.

    I heard news there was a change of strategy after the BBC C/Lag, and I am glad you are continuing your TR3 action in getting this TRUTH the F out.

    Good for you, moving onward and upward the BP (battleplan) Strategy.

  44. Hee Haw!! Some real cowboy stuff goin’ on around these here parts!

    Arrrr, me hearties! The King Bilge Rat has been cursed with a black spot and headed towards Davey Jones locker after his keelhaul. Scurvy dog!! ;}

  45. Ralph, what did you do to get six full months of RPF??

    • Yoni – 6 months was about the minimum time anyone finished the RPF in. It was an extensive auditing program. You had to be a fast student and an easy running PC to make it in that time.

  46. You are one great guy, Mike – freeing yourself, others and the world from Co$ influence 🙂

  47. Great News! Can’t wait to see the next post.

  48. You’re just an AMAZING being! Thank you, Mr. Rinder!

  49. OK Mr Ass jim. Did you see with your insouciance
    to whom or what ASGARD says he is angry. Or do you presume ?

    • Hey AS,
      I commented on my mis-u and the Cycle of an Overt. That’s it. I mistook the symbol.

      But, now that you mention it, what’s up with this ASGARD identity?

  50. Things have come full circle. It was after hearing Mike and Elliot Abelson talk about the death of Lisa McPherson that I decided to get serious about working against Scientology. Now I am cheering Mike on as he denounces his old boss. I never thought something like this would never come to pass. And as far as the RPF goes I know several people who were in it and they had nothing good to say about it. Jessie Prince and Stacy Brooks Young. It was abuse plain and simple. If there is a hell in the hearafter I hope DM goes there and ends up running around a pole for an eternity or two.

    • Bob,
      To this day I enjoy the gains I made on the Running Program as I hike, bike and go up the Highlands to go flyfishing. And, that’s even with it interjected into my auditing program as an ‘executive Case Supervision’, that is, from someone who had no business interjecting into my auditing program.

      Like any action, it can be used positively or negatively. I chose to use it positively despite the negative intent behind putting me on it.

      I know Jessie Prince too. Personally.

  51. Here comes “The Domino Effect” Scn has become ALL ABOUT THE MONEY & STATUSES- Plain and Simple

    The house will come crumbling down

    The abuses, violence and crush regging is finally being exposed BIG TIME

    Redemption at its best!!!!

  52. Seems when these type of stories re DM a precisely this type never seen so much TA action

    Stayng tubed

  53. David Miscavage needs a face lift, after the face lift he will go to national TV for an interview, he looks to old he has to many wrinkles, look at his face!!!

  54. I friend just told me that in the last OTC meeting the IAS told them to start regging for the IAS as they need $30,000,000.00 by the end of august.
    IAS told this also to the latin commitee last meeting

  55. Great interview Mike!

    Truth – very simple and very powerful.

  56. Jim Logan // July 22, 2010 at 3:47 pm | Reply

    To this day I enjoy the gains I made on the Running Program as I hike, bike and go up the Highlands to go flyfishing. And, that’s even with it interjected into my auditing program as an ‘executive Case Supervision’, that is, from someone who had no business interjecting into my auditing program.

    Like any action, it can be used positively or negatively. I chose to use it positively despite the negative intent behind putting me on it.

    I know Jessie Prince too. Personally.

    There was one purpose and one purpose only in putting Stacy Brooks Young into the RPF and that was to break her. DM sent his thugs in the middle of the night to fetch her away from her husband and haul her off much like the members of the SS used to do in Nazi Germany. I forget how long she was there, but the horror did not end until she fell and broke a bone in her spine. And I am of the opinion that she never recovered mentally from this abuse. I think deep down she never lost her fear of DM. But of course this was the whole purpose of sending her to the RPF, to take people like Stacy who showed an independent streak, break them down and make them conform.
    I don’t see any positive spin on this whatsoever. People who enter the RPF and have their mail opened, their phone calls monitored, who live in a fenced in compound, have all given up a big chunk of their freedom and personal dignity. Can there be a real “gain” from allowing others to control you like this? Not from where I sit.
    If there is any lesson to be learned from this it is that tyrants must be opposed.
    I don’t care what Scientologists believe. And that includes the ones that have broken away from DM and set up shop on their own. It is the loss of human freedom that is my real concern.
    Bob Peterson, FL

  57. Yes I care, if I didn’t I would not be here. And yes, I listen. But there was a statement that I thought minimized the experience of those who went through the RPF. Sure, you can get good out of almost any situation but the example I cited had no flip side of good or anything positive that could be produced.

    If you don’t care for my opinions just say so and I will go away. But to ask if I “care” is not to the point. I cared enough to picket FLB alone, something that most others were afraid to do.

    Bob Peterson, FL

    • Bob,
      I went through the RPF and the Running Pgm. My experience and relating it was not to minimize anything. Indeed, I DID gain from both.

      Anything used in the manner you relate, as an oppressive means of control is of course not what I’m referring to at all.

      I was on the RPF that Vaughn and Stacy were assigned to at Int. I was there. You weren’t.

  58. Bob,
    I went through the RPF and the Running Pgm. My experience and relating it was not to minimize anything. Indeed, I DID gain from both.

    Anything used in the manner you relate, as an oppressive means of control is of course not what I’m referring to at all.

    I was on the RPF that Vaughn and Stacy were assigned to at Int. I was there. You weren’t.

    Jim, I think there is a basic, fundamental difference in our thinking and with our individual experiences so it would be pointless for me to follow this up any further. I did not post here to “win” conversations with anyone. Human rights, and there lack thereof, have always been the motivating force behind my involvement in this whole issue of Scientology and David Miscavige. I must confess that I simply do not understand where you are coming from so I am throwing in the towel on this one.
    -Bob Peterson, FL

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