Warning: Grab your vomit bags before viewing

This is pure, unadulterated David Miscavige.   He wants to make “ass kickers.”  Problem is real ass kickers, don’t go around bragging how they can kick ass.  Real ass kickers don’t physically and literally kick ass because they figuratively kick ass by virtue of their abilities to get the job done in a way that raises the tone of those in their environment. Every real ass kicker in Scientology has long since left the church of Miscavology. 

 As far as “winning is everything” – in my opinion, that implanted lesson may have served as the justification for more mass murder in this planet’s history than any other.   Another exhibit for the proposition that the church is dead.

188 responses to “Warning: Grab your vomit bags before viewing

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  2. Watching Eyes

    My first thought was that it totally fits. Join staff and disobey the dwarf and you’ll get……….socked!

    Even the guy’s appearance fits. Join staff and before long, from long stressful hours and low pay, you too will look disheveled.

    The motto “winning is everything”; sounds like the dwarf’s motto. Not spiritual freedom, not spiritual enlightenment but winning.

    I can’t even imagine who this would appeal to.

  3. rory Medford

    more like ass-kissers

  4. Tory Christman


    Is the link to this posted? All I see is a photo,
    when clicking on it. Is that the view?
    Winning is Everything—told by a Chicken shit
    who hasn’t ever “won” anything, ever. Davey boy, if I’m wrong, spit it out. Oh that’s right—you can’t post here, can you?

    Tick tock, Tick tock, time is on *our* side.
    (and “our” just means people free from that organization or any traps they’ve tried to create).
    Happy Saturday, one and ALL 🙂
    PS: I hold reservation on this:
    “Every real ass kicker in Scientology has long since left the church of Miscavology. ”
    I agree with you, but then I still remember the years I stayed in, long after many friends left, still thinking what I was doing was kick ass. Was it? Hell no—but I still believe there are those who may leave and return to their native state—free from DM and illiterate hoodlums.

  5. Jean-François

    I fully agree with you Marty!

  6. Impartial English Girl

    In the name of…! Why? WHY???

    I didn’t know whether to laugh or shake my head. I think I settled for both. The guy is quite cute – hope he’s a model and not a DM’er…

    My grandad could easily whip ol’ Chris’s pert little butt – and my grandad has been dead and buried for five years…

  7. Hahahahaha!

    I got the same promo the other day and had a feeling it was going to wind up here.

    I dont mind the martial arts, but when it comes to promoting for a spiritual practice, perhaps a less belicose pose from the person in the photograph may be appropriate.

    But then again, DM is running things. So, no surprise there.

    Perhaps a new film should be released by DM:

    Enter the Drag-On-Overrun-The-PC.

    We can have karate kid there in HCO to beat up the PC when he complains that he thinks he is being overrun in session.

    Centurion (where is my Ha’i Karate aftershave?)

  8. Dude! I so wanna be LIKE this guy! Where can I sign up!!! Yes!!!

  9. bad real bad!

  10. If I has a junior come to post with several days of beard growth and his hair over his eyes, I’m smack him upside his bitch-ass head! Then I’d say, “COB taught me how to smack like that!!”

  11. Bob Peterson

    That guy looks a bit wimpy to do any ass-kicking. In fact he looks more like another one of DM’s ass-kissers. LOL, thanks, this was worth seeing. Bob Peterson, FL

  12. Independent Scientologist

    Is it just me, or for an alleged martial artist doesn’t this guy look a bit backed off? They could at least have him breaking a stack of boards.

  13. “The use of force is a last resort. One aspect of violence is that it is unpredictable. Although your initial intention may be to use limited force, once you have engaged in violence the consequences are unpredictable. Violence always brings about unexpected results and almost always provokes retaliation.” HH The Dalai Lama

    I love the last sentence — “violence always brings about unexpected results and almost always provokes retaliation”

    How true — there are now fewer people in RTC than when the reign of violence/terror began and look at the retaliation.

    Jesse and Marty reconnected. Sarge beaming and getting auditing. (and lookin’ great, btw)

    This blog and others — all exposing Miscavige and yet never promoting hatred, violence or revenge.

    We retaliate in a way that is not violent and not aggressive.

    Miscavige continues to react aggressively and just looks stranger and stranger and stranger.


  14. Two barf bags, a hack-spit, and wash the mouth with Listerine!

    Keep it comin’ Co$. The nails are all in the coffin, now you’re working on the shovels of dirt. Jeezus!

  15. From the area code he’s in Clark Co. NV, so I guess the recruiting ad is for the LV Idle Org, with it’s “insouciant” staff previously advertised.

    Now, the more solid and forceful types are being looked for!

    The term freedom fighter is an oxymoron as he’s fully in a controlled and unfree surroundings as in Mestology.

    Can you please pass me the barf bag?

  16. Winning is everything especially when you’re LOSING.

    (Chris, it looks like you’ve been crying…..dude, it’s okay …..)

  17. What do you expect from an artificial “leader” of this caliber? Miscavige talks the talk and walks the walk, as you can see from the video below. This rare footage of “dear leader” in full on “HyperDrivel ™” form shows how he has taken Adolph Shicklegrubers “Big Lie” tech to the next level. (Tiz, I am hearing an octave doubler and autotune with reverb on his voice…what is your take?)

    Doesn’t it just make you want to do your A to E? (NOT!)

  18. TEG & MBG & PAG


    This is from Paul Gallagher up here visiting the 48 states. WTF? It’s a hidden agenda. This image is threatening. His fist is in my face. He’s ready to cold cock my ass and my automatic defenses go up.

    This triggers my flight or fight mechanism.

    In the quest for spirituality does this make sense to you?

  19. becomingAware

    Koolaid drinker enforcer except he doesn’t have the hate that is in DM’s eyes.

  20. Tory Christman

    I **love** thinking of these idiots working the Net trying to stop, or “out create” ALL that goes on, exposing their nonsense.

    Care for a Cream Soda? Lemonade? 🙂


  21. Miscavige has to be doing this solely for our entertainment.

    I mean, it’s a joke, right?

  22. The uniform has become a very helpful symbol in Scientology. We can take this as a stable datum: never accept auditing or training from anyone in a uniform. Squirrels in uniform are still squirrels.

  23. Looks like he is bracing for a good ol’ slapping administered by the pope David Miscavige.

  24. becomingAware

    Did he say anything?? Literally he was making noise but I’m not sure of the intelligence on that carrier wave.

    The tonal quality is due to the microphone placement.

  25. Peter McMahon

    What a joke. You know, when I watch DM speak (as in the Seattle Idle Org video) I swear he reminds me so much of a little ventriloquist dummy I had when I was a child. He just doesn’t look or talk like a real person. He’s kind of freaky.

  26. Hahahahahaha 🙂

  27. Girl! Lemonade, thank you 🙂

  28. Sage wisdom here, Bryon. Uniformed auditors = head the other way, dude!

  29. Jean-François

    Dear Sam, Marty and True Friends, ←
    May I share some wins please?

    Yesterday evening I was chatting online with a long-time, non-Scientologist, friend of mine who lives in another country. At some point in our conversation, my friend had indicators of “needing to confess something”. With my TRs in place as much as I could, granting full beingness, I gently probed with 2-way communication and ARC in “layman’s terms”.

    Out came the confessions! One after the other. I acknowledged her. I was sitting in front of my monitor with my hands on the keyboard. I had no e-meter, I don’t own one. I don’t have any auditor training per se since I spent my “career” on administrative lines as Class 5 staff and in the Sea Org.

    I started to perceive my friend’s needle movements and reactions. My first thought was “what is going on with me? This is odd.” Instantly, I vividly recalled my desk and the walls in my auditing room at St-Hill in my previous lifetime as I was auditing a PC.

    The message light flashed on my screen and I realized my hands were no longer on the keyboard. They were in metering position. One hand on the Tone Arm, the other in writing position. I could see my friend’s face and indicators though we are in 2 different countries. I had gone exterior and continued the session with her!!!

    My friend poured her heart out and confessed about her relationship with her spouse, things with her family, etc. I could perceive her mental images before she typed her replies. I helped & coached her through it with 2-way comm. Then there was a long delay (comm lag) in our chatting. I felt really at peace and could perceive her charge coming off.

    I didn’t know what else to type to her. Then the first thought that came to mind was to type “How do you feel right now?” She immediately replied that she felt so good and at peace with herself. I could perceive the Floating Needle. I acknowledged her. She could NOT believe she told me ALL THAT. “It just poured out and flew out” she said.
    I didn’t know how to INDICATE: “Your needle is floating!” to a non-Scientologist, over an internet chat. I did my best.

    I rapidly scrambled to go onto Marty’s Blog and find Sam ‘s comment in the Post on the Confession (July 16). I found it, copy-pasted it into Notepad. Then I changed the wording just like the WISE and ABLE materials are transcribed, written in layman’s terms, and “translated the Scientologeese into plain English.

    I took a big risk, “crossed my fingers” and sent her this:
    “By the power invested in me, any transgressions and secrets you have fully and truthfully told me are forgiven.”

    She replied back thanking me and said she felt “SO RELIEVED !!” (Long Fall Blow Down + F/N) It worked!!! 🙂

    I fully felt her burden come off, her relief, and was able to correctly perceive her indicators.
    I thanked her for TRUSTING ME and confessing to me. I was up all night chatting with her on this.
    Then I gently eased her into a good roads/good weather conversation and gently ended the chat session.

    It was only after we ended the chat that I really felt the body tiredness hit me hard. I got a headache, my neck and knees were stiff and painful. I finally went to sleep around 6am this morning.

    It was a great experience! But the “phenomena” did not end there.

    I rent half the basement of a house. My modest little 1-bedroom shack.
    My landlady has the rest of the house. She has grandchildren whom she rarely sees because of a big ARC-break with her oldest son (their father).

    I was awaken from my sleep by her knocking on my kitchen window. She was cheerfully ecstatic!. Her two grandchildren had just showed up to visit! Out of the blue. She hasn’t seen them for over a year yet they live in town. She asked me to come outside with them to play a game of Bocce (little ball game) and I went.

    Later on my landlady went inside with her granddaughter to cook lunch and I stayed to play alone with her grandson. Out came the confessions again!. On my landlady’s 60th birthday, she organized a big party with all her family and friends. Her eldest son and this grandson decided to NOT attend her birthday party because the NFL Playoffs were on. They had bet money on one team and wanted to watch. That incident broke my landlady’s heart.

    I thanked him for telling me and trusting me, and told him he was FORGIVEN. He got VGIs and cheerful. He went inside and hugged his grandmother. ♥

    When I checked my e-mails, I had messages from 3 friends with whom I haven’t been in contact since 1987. Why do they contact me today out of the blue?

    I’m not sure what is going on and caused this to happen but I sure love this LRH “Magic”.

    Those are my wins. Θ
    Thank you Sam and Marty for your help!
    Thank you for the informative posts and thoughtful comments. They ARE useful!

    Thank you for allowing me to unload.
    Θ JF

  30. ^_^ !!! lol!!! What’s his post? let me guess. Reg?

  31. Harry Potter

    This is actually my really good friend Chris Baron. He was kind of a punk kid who joined staff and kind of turned his life around. He is the recruiter at Las Vegas org. This ad isn’t his fault. http://www.facebook.com/home.php?#!/Phoenix0rion?ref=sgm

  32. becomingAware

    Marty – I thank you so much for this blog. It brings us all together and shares information that we otherwise would not have. It provides a ‘leveling’ of information among those in the know and those that were just there at Int and suffering through and feeling it was not right but had no reference point to compare against and no history (me).

    And now and then it gets lighter and funny and appalling all at the same time like today.

    The mission I was staff at would have posters for auditors. Guess Las Vegas is concerned about defense from the public, not bringing up their integrity level. Hmmm . . Why would they be under attack from the public. . . ?

    Thank you for providing this forum.

  33. Harry Potter

    You can sort of see it in his hair, but Chris has red high lights all over front. He actually dresses really nice and either body routes or recruits. I know a lot of young SCN’ists who were recruited to join staff and shipped off to various locations.

  34. your humble servant

    This is more promotion which doesn’t really promote. Mr. Miscavige has such a twisted view of things that he believes, or pretends he believes, that this presentation will motivate people to become staff members. I think it’s just weird, so it may drive off interested prospects rather than encourage them.

    Of course, a lot of what he orchestrates is weird, such as the off-putting formality, faux classical columns and thunderous special effects as international events. (This is aside from the fact that these events are apparently off-policy to begin with).

    And, what do you think of org graduations that have become strictly formalized with bouquets of flowers, everybody holding up their framed certificates and raising them in unison, and prepped graduation speeches? Personally, I much preferred the old days when the names of completions were just announced and students and preclears would spontaneously give their wins if they wanted to.

  35. Chris the ass kicker looks like he needs to beef up before he tries anything. He looks jaded and tired, actually. As for the motto, what other religion would want to be summed up with words like those?

  36. non-scientologist

    Does anyone know what sort of martial arts this guy does? There are a lot of people out there doing no, or light contact karate or TKD, who wouldn’t stand a chance in a fight with a decent boxer.

    Freedom fighter, pleeze, breaking up an anon demonstration does not qualify you for such a title.

  37. Gee, I don’t recall reading the statement “Winning is everything” in any LRH books or policies. How about you guys? In fact I recall reading a great HCOB entitled The Anatomy of Failure and how a being can be stuck one one side of winning or failing, that not being a very healthy thing. Within that HCOB LRH gives a great view on how to deal with winning and failing. Marty you showed it to me again recently, remember that!?

    David Miscavige is creating a new technology in his shiny church where “winning is everything”. Kind of has a materialistic ring to it doesn’t it?

  38. What is this supposed to be? Edgy? Spirited?

    The photograph puts the viewer into the role of being the person fighting this “freedom fighter, martial artist.”

    Is there any church entity left such as Issue Authority, that used to side check stuff going out to the mailing list?

  39. No mention of Scientology. Looks to be a covert ploy to lure in young people, then “surprise” them when they get behind the closed recruitment doors… Scam. Can’t say it’s Scientology because their reputation sucks so bad due to their crimes being exposed.

  40. Interesting marketing.
    Positioning. Notice the positioning…
    A regular ‘joe’, a younger guy as a
    “Freedom FIGHTER” “MARTIAL artist” part of a combative team to win at any cost.
    This marketing goes along with a trend in the current American meme.
    Next time you are in the movie theatre, watch all the Army and Marine ads geared towards a younger crowd.

    To win at any cost!?

    What about a purpose towards a saner, safe world without war and conflict.

  41. Before I got into Scientology, I had earned a red belt in a martial art. In a way, I was at punishing bodies” on the tone scale. When I finally got to a higher belt, I found I had to register my hands with the police as deadly weapons. As I’m also a musician, I found it ironic that my hands, which could create beautiful music, also had to be licensed with the police as lethal. I decided to drop my martial art, as I had not gotten into a fight in years. I was also tired of hurting others and getting hurt. It wasn’t a win anymore to hurt another. Essentially, I was tired of being a meat body.

    Now, my once beloved church believes that going into DM’s valence is a good idea. The idea of trying to attract new staff members with the prospect of helping others and also perhaps to help improve their own communication (which resolves all problems) is too tame or passe. The valence of “meat-body-beater-upper-because-SPs-are-all-over-the-place,” the LV Org believes, is the winning one.

    Yet another look into the dwindling spiral that is the Church of MESTcavige.

  42. To me, not having seen him speak in over 5 yrs, he comes across as more solid and more artificial than ever. His smiles seem so forced.

    I sense the “missed withhold” phenomena oozing from his pores.

  43. UnluckyPatron

    Oh….my…..god. This may have just ruined “Kung Fu Chris” and his future love life.

  44. So Cris is a martial artist and knows how to kick ass. Great.

    First … he did not learn that in Scientology.
    Second … while being in that promotional photo, he is probably being told by his seniors that he can forget about practicing martial arts anymore, that would be “off purpose” and “other fish to fry” and “who needs that when you can have oatee abilities”.
    Third … as a skilled martial artist, he will never get to work at the int base. DM knows that he might just hit back.


  45. Dead eyes… Moronic propaganda. Typical DM crap… Disgusting… Low tone mockery. Things can only get better, and that’s fun.

  46. Stupid ad by stupid people.

  47. Thought you might want to know the Idle Stevens Creek Org is continuing to reg their public for renovations for their renovated org, the scam continues. Apparentlythey need a larger div 6 area for all people that are not coming in.

  48. Freedom Fighter

    Freedom Fighter?! Yeah, right. More like Theta Trapper if you ask me. Instead of fighting FOR freedom, these guys are fighting AGAINST freedom.

    Don’t see it? Well, the next time you’re in an Org just try openly noticing some outpoint — like the violation of LRH policy when being asked to give a donation for something other than a Bridge service. Once the Org terminals are done with you, come back here and tell me just how free you feel after that cycle. Go ahead. Try it. I dare you. Chances are the terminals you’ll deal with won’t be fighting for your freedom.

    BTW Chris, I couldn’t help but notice that your entire mid-section is wide open there, buddy. Even the lowest belt rank martial arts student knows that you protect your mid-section . . .

  49. Freedom Fighter

    windhorse writes:

    “The use of force is a last resort. One aspect of violence is that it is unpredictable. Although your initial intention may be to use limited force, once you have engaged in violence the consequences are unpredictable. Violence always brings about unexpected results and almost always provokes retaliation.” HH The Dalai Lama

    Wow! That is one of the most insightful things I’ve ever read. Thanks for posting this!

  50. theystolemychurch

    Awwwwhhheee… geez!!!

    So, this is the new pre-req BEFORE we can start on our “hundreds of hours of objectives”! LMFAO

    What can he possibly think of next? LOL LOL LOL

    and any one of my kids could kick that kids ass……

  51. WH,

    Quite right!

    Martial arts is not a game where everyone wins, so positioning Mestology with that is quite appropriate.

    Been there looking for the mental and spiritual side and moved on long ago as the “martial” aspects was not where it’s at.

  52. martyrathbun09

    Christie, Yeah. And I recommend it for everyone.

  53. Uh, you dudes on staff, you’re supposed to be RUNNING service facs, NOT implanting them.


    FIGHTING is the solution.

  54. Davets expensive PI firm turned him on to some of their cousins down at the Calvin Klein modeling agency.

    Davey couldn’t believe his good fortune, it was the exact image he was going for.

  55. martyrathbun09

    JF, Wow! You really must be living right.

  56. Well, it’s pretty apropos. They don’t know how to use a meter anymore, don’t know how to get a comm cycle in with the pc, don’t know and don’t understand standard tech…so they’re just going to beat the wins outta ya.
    Sounds like a winner to me.

  57. PlainOldThetan

    And, is one of the most insightful restatements of the overt-motivator sequences I’ve seen.

  58. The common denominator between all loosers is incorrect estimation of force. I read something to that effect by Ron. So here we are agin David. Impossible David. Ten little fingers curled. Against the backdrop of what? A fully loaded automatic anyone can buy on the sidewalk in Las Vegas? And don’t bore me with statistics!

  59. Or perhaps his message of staff being able to “hard sell” his altered stuff?

  60. VWD DM on another one of your marketing schemes to scare us away. The sun is shining elsewhere.

  61. PlainOldThetan

    Don’t forget that martial arts is an “alternate practice”.

  62. JF,

    Really great! Very nice wins!

  63. P.S. And stop pimping Chris!

  64. Nightmares Getting Less

    Further info on this for what it’s worth to you Bay area lurkers, etc. Stevens Creek Org is now officially ad a name change according to recent promo recieved listing the Organizations around the planet, it is now called San Jose Org. Probably long overdue.


  65. theystolemychurch

    We used to announce completions in reception! The registrar would yell “Now Hear this!” and everyone would come running, except those on course!

    The Reg would announce the completion, people would clap and the PC/Student would say his win, if he wanted to. That was it.

    Graduation was about new Tech releases (straight from LRH) and students would tell everyone their wins from the week. And back then student and pc’s WERE WINNING.

    No one had to write their “speech” and it was never sent for “approval”. But, those were the days when true Scientolgy existed and the tech was ALIVE in the church… no more… Maybe only at the Shack and some other places….

  66. “Dude!
    I’m like, the singer from Fall Out Boy…and I am seriously kicking ASS in the Church of Scientology!

    Check it out! Like…..I practice kicking ASS mother *&^%$$ ers!

    Of course, now that, like, I’m on staff an’ sheeit…

    I actually don’t have much time to, like…work out an’ sheeit.


    make money an’ sheeit.


    like, do what it is I really want to do with my life, now that I think about it…

    An’ sheeit. I guess. Don’t I???


  67. theystolemychurch

    Amy, just finished your book. A great read. Thank you for your work in writing it!

  68. DFB aka Dfb99

    I get a lot of promo like this from ideal orgs. They are probably 99% young people, probably kids of the people who donated for the ideal org.

    They are promoting to the kids to join staff. Trying to make it cool and edgy.

    Maybe they should make it seem like something your parents wouldnt want you to do.

    A tattooed and nose ring wearing teenage biker gets off his harley, lights up a smoke, looks at the camera over his sunglasses and says “yeah, I joined staff, what about it?”

  69. Ne obliviscaris

    Yup, DM’s in the “Winning Valence” alright.

    No doubt about it.


  70. He does kinda look like a ventriloquist’s dummy. Son of Chucky the little evil doll that comes alive and does all manner of horrific things.

  71. “Join Staff and We’ll Punch You In The Face!”

    Finally! Truth in advertising!

  72. Maybe they found him here!
    He is cute. If they used this photo without him knowing the full repercussions, then shame on them, really.

    Remember that torrent yesterday that contained the personal information off of 100 million scraped Facebook profiles?
    Here are the major companies that are downloading the torrent.

    Church of Scientology
    Cisco Systems
    Cox Enterprises
    Davis Polk & Wardwell
    Deutsche Telekom….
    List continues at link;


    I think of the Chruch as more of a Multi-National CORPORATION, but company is close enough.

  73. They’ve definitely added some reverb to his voice compared to the other speakers.

    I cannot believe people take DM seriously when he is in speech mode. His long winded sentences, terrible phrasing and awkward manner make him one of the worst public speakers I’ve ever seen. He literally has no credibility. Billy Mays (RIP) could do a better job of promoting Scientology.


  75. Give me a break! Gold Base and Flag both go into major lock down when a few peaceful protesters show up. Yet, CoS is now trying to promote an image that its members are tough? Going into lock down when Anonymous shows up or when Indies have coffee at Starbucks is defeatist. Lock down is an admission of defeat.

    It gets worse: DM lives behind heavily guarded walls, has a personal security team, rides around in an armored SUV, has never once dared to show his face at any Anonymous protest, and yet he is trying to promote an image that he is tough and his staff are tough?


    There is a misunderstood: DM is not tough; he is violent. There is a difference and he does not understand this difference at all.

    Somebody fetch COB and dictionary so he can word clear.

    The Independents correctly classified David Miscavige as a violent, physically abusive dictator. This was done by use of eyewitness testimony from his victims.

    The Independents correctly classified the Sea Org as a culture of physical abuse. This was done by use of eyewitness testimony from former members who were abused and/or abused others. This is part of putting all of the facts on the table and on the record. Marc Headley took the lead on this in a big way when he was posting as BFG.

    By way of reaction to the Indies and other former SO, DM published his recent Freedom Rag in in a failed attempt to run Network Order 15. This latest “martial arts ad” appears to be part of the same failed attempt to run NWO 15:

    “Seek to avoid opportunities for the enemy to classify us.

    2) Contest or expose any previous classification as false (dead agentry, etc.)

    3) Engage in a series of campaigns which confuse past classification,

    4) Achieve for ourselves a dominance in classifying ourselves and others.

    Out of this strategic planning can come operating policies and campaigns.”
    — ref: http://www.xs4all.nl/~johanw/CoS/black-propaganda.txt

    A martial artist is trained and disciplined in the skilled use of force only for self-defense or in exhibition with an artist of equal skill. DM violently lashing out at others with no control over his impulses is not toughness; it is rather his inability to control his own rage.

    David Miscavige could very easily start a blog just like Marty has done. DM could simply set a few ground rules and then be in communication with people on hos blog.

    If David Miscavige were tough, he would start a blog, let people post, and tell his side of the story.

    Dave? Where is your blog?

    This ad shows DM’s schizophrenia. For several years now he has spent millions of parishioner dollars promoting and advertising “Operation Planetary Calm.” Now he lurches in the other direction and apparently wants “Operation Hit People in the Face.”


  76. Jean-Francois
    Loved reading your Θ power and wins! That’s the stuff!
    C’est merveilleux

  77. The personal freedom challenged church of Miscavige does need REAL freedom fighters. If I had to go back, I’d want to be a black belt to defend myself from the beatings too – it is like the criminal that actually wants to be caught…

    But to call this kid a “freedom fighter…” Really?

    Nelson Mandela was a freedom fighter, Martin Luther King was a freedom fighter what has this kid done to earn himself that title??

    I never had much respect for ass kickers – real leaders used ARC to earn respect.

  78. I agree the message is bad in this promo. But, I think some people here are being a tad to hard on poor ol’ Chris in the picture. He is a staff member, and is probably doing his best to help others through Scientology, and is most likely a very sincere guy. If I were him, and I went to this site and read some of the comments about him by people who probably don’t even know him, I probably wouldn’t have a high opinion of Independent Scientologists.

  79. Tony DePhillips

    Are they really trying to make people ill??
    This sissy couldn’t whip my sister and she is over 50.


  80. Looks to me like Amy above is on the right track. They’re looking for young maleable recruits that want to be “ass kickers”. They’ll follow instructions and be “on purpose”, carrying out “command intention” with vigor and be completely “unreasonable” with no “back off” on handling the world.

    And if they can look like an Abercrombie model while doing so, even cooler! 🙂

    But yeah, my guess is it’s a paid model and invented copy. But they’re definitely going for the younger crowd. I’m guessing the older people are all broke from funding their new Idle Morgue…

  81. Its a mock of what the church is all about. Its more and more Miscaviage World and not anything else. Dishonest Its insane . All I can say to those who have contact to any one inside please encourage to go.

    Does any one know Peter Vogeding last seen at Flag Land base need a way to get in touch father of my daugther.

    Who ever may read this please get in touch thankyou

  82. Yawn, just one more example of OUT KSW! no survey tech used. Look at the negative responses it got! David Misgavige; wouldn’t it be easier to just do what Ron said? Poor guy , you just make yourself look bad each time you don’t follow policy!

  83. Naw, they’re all in the hole!

  84. No, no, he is a freedom fighter, in the same way benzoyl peroxide is an acne fighter or exercise is a fat fighter! He fights freedom.

  85. I hear you, Harry. He’s not to blame.

  86. Pathetic!

  87. …and embarrassing!!

  88. LOL 🙂

  89. You guys really need to lighten up and try to look at that recruitment promo and that DM speach unbiased by all the viewpoints that has been fed to you. If you are a trained scientologist you will recognize the effect of suppression – it can create a dangerous environment, a cloud, a dark filter, over your perceptions. Recognize what has been done to you and reconquer your own universe.
    I don´t need to deny or disprove any allegations of misconduct reported. They are in the past and they are very small fraction of the whole picture as to what Scn is creating worldwide. Are the allegations true? And if so, do they represent violation of Scn that has been uncorrected and is continuing? Has the broad dissemination internally inside the Church of all the early lectures and books of LRH (Basics, Congresses, ACCs) had no effect on the Church? Is that really likely? I say that would be a very dark view on the capability of people, no matter if DM has done what has been claimed.
    Ok Marty, you have probably allready decided not to approve of this comment, as not adhering to the official party line, as I´m used to when I try to slide in a viewpoint, but I make a try.

  90. Jean-Francois,

    this is a wonderful wave you are riding!!!

    Please, give credit to YOU (LRH might have given you the tools, but) it is YOUR ability to exude so unconditional love which gives you the power to create such wonderful results.

    You are a beautiful soul.

    My very best, Fidelio

  91. …yeah,Harry, it’s called human trafficking whether disguised or not.

    They’ve done that for Berlin Idle Org, too – kids from Switzerland, (look on the map to get the distance!) dying from homesickness after a few months of mistreatment – the full program.

    Shall it be over, soon!


  92. It is probably the result of a survey, using a tone level 1 to 1 and a half points above the found tone level.

  93. LOL maybe staff members have taken up martial arts so they can defend themselves! i.e. don’t mess with me or I’ll “take you out!” I guess its a freedom from abuse? LOL.

  94. Jean-Francois,

    Your wonderful story of miracles describes how able we could be if we would just “relax” and not resist the abilities that are ours.

    Wrap all that into one big package and — you ARE. Our friends ARE. Our enemies ARE.

    Joy. Peace. Acceptance. Pan-determinism.

    Not “winning is everything.”

    Thank you for helping to create those miracles and for sharing them here. They are beautiful. And so are you.

    Just Me

  95. Winning is Everything —

    This shows how seriously out of touch Miscavige is with the world as it exists today.

    While that might have been the mantra of football coaches et al in the 50’s and 60’s — WINNING above all else has definitely fallen OUT of favor.

    BG with its spectacular failure in the Gulf, Wall Street, Corporate America — and more all had this mantra and look at them now. Many are despised by the “common man”

    Now is the day of the common man. Not meant in a derogatory way at all but in the sense of THE man who recognizes that he is BASICALLY good and is working to live his life embracing virtue rather than stomping on others.

    Anything which lives by a creed of “Winning is Everything” WILL fail — because it is contrary to basic human decency.


  96. “Winning Is Everything”
    If one wanted an all inclusive justification, this dog hunts.

  97. Harry,
    Good to hear of Chris turning around with Scientology. Thanks for letting us know.

    I’m sure if he sticks to it, he’ll look back on these days as adventures. I hope so. You gotta live to live.

    Cheers Harry.

  98. Wow, just started on today’s study (1st ACC lectures, moving along on my BC chrono study) and what do ya know, something on ‘winning’.

    “If you’ve got a guy who feels big enough and
    tough enough and strong enough and patronizing enough so that he can sit across a chess table and let somebody else win game after game, you’ve got a guy that can audit like mad. But if you have a fellow who would be real upset if he got beaten at chess, this guy sooner or later will make a
    mistake in auditing. He won’t let the other fellow win.” 20 Oct 53, CERTAINTY OF ANCHOR POINTS PROCESSING.

  99. Kris,
    You are right. I agree completely.
    The guy (Chris) in the picture is the wrong target.

    It is also important that we do not “strain to find fault” when we notice outnesses.

  100. Jim — I just LOVE when that happens … something is discussed and voila, just the right quote pops up.

    It’s magic. Pure and simple.


  101. True Amy,

    Anyone recall the 5 points required in an Ad as in the PL?

  102. your humble servant

    Wow, there you have it Jim!
    That is an elegant and incisive statement by Ron. Winning is NOT everything. I have heard Ron say he loves a fight, but I’m sure he would never say “winning is everything.”

    Victoria, you are right this is a service facsimile, a computation, the kind of thing to make self right and others wrong.

    Yes, Cowboy Poet, this is one heck of a justifier.

    DFB, I agree your advertising approach would be MUCH more effective.

    Finally, Kris, I agree let’s not be hard on Chris. Most staff members are wonderful, dedicated people. Agreeing with the Aims of Scientology and actually deciding to help achieve them is a noble, immeasurably commendable thing.

  103. “Good judgment comes from experience, and most of that comes from bad judgment” -Will Rogers

    Our bashing isn’t about the person in this ad, Harry. Chris has been used to communicate a certain message and positioning. Those are the objects of our venting and sarcastic banter. Most all of us have drunk from the koolaid challis and had our hands dirty, to varying degrees, with this mess of Miscavige’s.

  104. Jim, Great quote. This post just shows DMs
    inability to see a real win. All his wins have to do
    with force. Real wins are always shared and not forced.

  105. That must be it. This fellow is in “Reg Mode.”

    Now it makes sense.

  106. Every time we see him, he’s wearing more make-up, too, so that impression only gets
    stronger. He speeches are denser and more
    convoluted and more hyperbolic. He is more
    secretive and his hostility toward and terror
    of the rest of the human race gets harder to

    He’s becoming a caricature.

  107. Hallelujah and Amen! Say it like it is and then some!

  108. martyrathbun09

    To OSA’s boy: comment approved. I couldn’t better communicate the tactics OSA is attempting to use to drive wedges than your comment unfiltered presents. Thank you.

  109. Dear JF, thanks for sharing your beautiful Theta wins!!!

  110. RIS: The early lectures have been available for YEARS!! Just not in CD form.

    AND I don’t have the time nor inclination to listen to a reel to reel ALONGSIDE of the “new” CD. To find whatever deletions/additions might be there.

    To say that there are none would be quite a stretch — there ARE deletions in the “Basics” — to think there wouldn’t be in the “new” released early lectures would be utterly surprising.

    Frankly — I just wouldn’t touch a thing that has come out since dms reign. Nothing.

    He operates from the band of blackmail (buy this OR you won’t get your next level) — and anyone from that band, isn’t my friend.

    It’s telling AND sad, that you’ve chosen him to be your friend. Try this — step OUT of line — voice some doubt (even if you are making it up) – lose your $$ or position —
    pretend to have a break down — and see how long he REMAINS your friend.

    He’ll put so much distance between you and him that your head will spin.

    PS — of course, you’ll never do this because without status IN the church – you have no friends.

    Although you can always come here — we don’t live and breath on status.

  111. Now that’s kickin’! The pure theta way – flows, instead of ridges and effort. Oh the tech the Church has lost.

    Thanks for the amazing win. I feel rehabbed!

  112. Your comment is full of thought-stopping questions. I suggest you answer them first for yourself and than come back.

    You are utterly delussional.

    Thank you for playing the Gamne you just made it more intresting.

  113. Supposing we are all morons as you’d like to promote, I take a chance to promote the last movie of DM best friend “BFF” Knight and Day is not less than one of the worst movies I’ve seen. Mind you, I used to be a fan of Tom Cruise, but this is really too much. Two thumb down!

  114. WH

    I agree. And I will state the obvious here.

    Winning is not everything. In fact, granting beingness, helping others, living by a code, being effective and a source of strength to your group and to mankind, having wisdom, compassion, strength of character, persistence and a sense of humor are usually MUCH more important than winning.

    “Winning” used in the “ass-kicking” sense also means someone else is losing, that you’re inflicting pain and punishment, and seeking to control other beings, physically through violence and mentally by making them very wrong at your expense.

    Maybe this is the most honest ad campaign ever run. Which paragraph describes the current c of m?

  115. WH, I have been trying hard not to feed your
    ego but I think you can handle it. I have so much admiration for your wisdom and Love that you share with us. I can see the Buddha
    within shine through in your timely quotes
    and beautiful comments. I often start to add
    a comment and realize I have nothing to add.
    (stop Sarge, you said it)

  116. martyrathbun09

    Tune in this afternoon for what is probably the most poignant and instructive reconnection story of this entire year. https://markrathbun.wordpress.com/

  117. Here’s a quote from DMSMH, p. 81 on the Winning Valence:

    “in the case of the woman beaten by her husband, the engram contains just two valences. Who won? The husband. Therefore it is the husband who will be dramatized. She didn’t win, she got hurt. When restimulators are present, the thing to do is be the winner, the husband, to talk like him, to say what he did. Hence, when the woman is restimulated into this engram by some action she dramatizes the winning valence.”

    This promo piece sure looks like a dramatization of dm to me.


  118. I suppose this is DM’s answer to conquering the MEST universe, force vs. force. Good one guys.
    Looks like DM finally announced publicly his true intentions and activities.

  119. JF
    Thank you so much for sharing this.
    Your story is beautiful and I am enchanted beyond words.
    The Miracles of LRH continue to astound me daily.
    Very well done for adding your own brand of magic to that which LRH left for us and bringing such joy into the lives of others.
    Now THAT’S Scientology and YOU are an auditor.

  120. Bob,

    Appearances can be deceptive. Especially when it comes to who’s a fierce trained fighter and who isn’t. I’ve known some guys who looked like complete nerds who would destroy most pro football players in a fight. And I’ve know guys with bulging muscles and intimidating faces who couldn’t fight for beans. Look at Kenny Florian in the MMA. Looks like a dork. I watched a third-degree black belt with perfect form gets his ass handed to him by a yellow belt in the ring. One of the girls in a dojo in California looked like little Miss Cheerleader and she broke a couple fingers and ribs of a football player who thought he could grab her inappropriately.

    Only way to prove how tough a person is is in an actual fight. appearances, size, belts are all meaningless at that point.


  121. WH,

    Still, look where the Dalai is living? The Chinese army took over his home. And killed a lot of monks.

    Theory can be soaringly beautiful, but a thetan has to be able to confront and handle energy in all manifestations on all levels. This includes violence.

    Chuck Norris talked about a common phenomenon: the tougher he got, the less he needed to fight. He was able to confront violence and the need for violence went away.

    Bullies will use whatever they can to control others. If you’re tougher than the bully, he will not use violence against you. If you have a friend or group that is tougher than the bully, he will not use violence against you. If you are weaker than the bully and have no back up, a bully will use whatever violence against you he can get away with. A bully will violate your dignity and rights as much as he can because that’s what he’s all about.


  122. JF – Just beautiful and very amazing! So very well done with far, far reaching results.

    I used to run Purifs and I would think, when people really did a good job on their Purif, what future bad things will NOT come to pass because of this action, like body troubles, non-survival valences and views, etc.

    And with your story, what things will NOT come to pass for these people who had the fortune to connect with you and confess and drop a load of injurious entheta. They have changed permanently and forever with your help – what a gift!


  123. What’s the problem?
    I think karate experts make for ideal auditors (that’s what most staff are being recruited for for right?)

    In fact I think all prospective staff members should be vetted fully to ensure that they are proficient in martial arts before they are even considered for post.

    I mean, imagine if a PC tries to blow session!

    As always DM is absolutely on track and fully able to differentiate and evaluate importances.

  124. LogicHammer,

    The police might be amused if someone came in to register their hands and feet as deadly weapons. Known a lot of black belts. Never knew a single person who ever did this. Think it’s a Hollywood myth.


  125. J. Swift,

    Maybe Dear Leader is sending a not so subtle message. Advertisement is communication. Maybe the runt is telling us he can kick our ass. But, he can’t do anything without alter-is. So, he alter-ises the communication and disguises it as an ad.

    It’s a pattern he’s used from the beginning: disguise his real intent and alter-is everything he touches.

    Who knows. Irrational behavior isn’t rational.


  126. You can’t take a fairly minor point made and make it seem like this represents the whole argument. Read everything on all the websites or you’re in treason because that’s the law of life, not because I say so.
    In present time DM is committing the highest crimes in whole track history. Not past time, present.

  127. Really,
    Oh reaaaaally…
    (Just kidding 🙂 )

    OK, let’s say that hacking this promo piece to death is maybe a li’l ‘picayune’. OK. I think it’s been gotten across that perhaps the ‘positioning’ of the piece isn’t really flying with THIS particular audience. I’m not going to venture to say it hasn’t flown with some other audience. Maybe even the one it should be directed towards and hopefully has been surveyed against.

    So, we’ll leave that whole issue at a draw let’s say. You on board with that?

    Next issue, well that’s the excellent point you’ve made about the materials being now available, as you say ‘internally’ within the church and the positive effect this is going to ‘have to’ make on that group of beings. Personally, I, me, Jim Logan, couldn’t agree with you more. In fact, it certainly better have an effect or Study Tech is out the window.

    I have been preaching for some time now that the other half of the Bridge is training. It is the hatting, the inside-out of aberration, foibles, what the heck is going on and how does it all work out that is vital to let a person know what the hell just happened (over the last umpty, ump eons) and hopefully they’ll be now aware of the whole works.

    However, let’s give credit where credit is due on that one. LRH made it perfectly clear, decades ago, that these materials needed to be salvaged (the old tapes) and made available. In fact, they have been just that, that is ‘available’ for decades in the vast majority of cases. I have them, and I certainly didn’t get them from DM. But, the point is LRH wanted this data freely distributed from the get go.

    We’ll set aside DM and his manner of releasing them for now. The fact is, they are available broadly and soon enough, if studied and applied, attention would hopefully be directed accurately by more beings to ‘what ails’ the church, the culture, the planet. (It is the same thing that ‘ails’.)

    So, one would expect that as more became aware, things would be rightly targetted and the major departures from the Ideal Scene would be isolated as Situations and correct Whys will be found and they will begin to gradiently approach an Ideal.

    What, pray, please tell me, do you think this blog is all about if not precisely that? (And, I sincerely hope, more and more participants, such as yourself, and even more public, LOOKING, and not accepting PR, other-determined ‘viewpoints'(evaluation) and raising up to deal with what sits in the room, elephant-wise.)

    Which slides me, ever so smoothly, in to the final issue – David Miscavige.

    The release of the materials, an LRH ORDER, from decades ago, IS NOT a PR cover story to brush under the carpet and not-is the facts of DM’s gross, egregious, flagrant and SUPPRESSIVE perversion of those exact materials. That’t not including the utter, complete and categorical perversion of the definition of a Floating Needle, in PRACTICE, and the taking up of non-reading, uncharged items in Sec Checks that are INTEFERING in the NON -INTERFERENCE ZONE.

    This data available, (mis-termed ‘The Basics’ as they are not but comprise some of the most esoteric and advanced concepts in the entire subject of Scientology), is without question positive. They belong on the Briefing Course, in proper sequence. That’s Class VI, NOT Div 6.

    It’s not a prerequisite to the Academy Levels either as that violates exact LRH data, hard won data, on Instruction and Examination, Raising the Standard Of, and the entire purpose of getting auditors in the chair with the mechanics and auditing at the Academy Levels level.

    Consider this as a datum of comparable magnitude: a guy comes in, does an OCA and you put him on the PDCs. Huh!?

    A guy is progressing, doing well on Acad Level O, is learning how to listen and is about to take another person into session to release them from the barriers they have on communication and he’s going to make actual case gain, and he’s torn off the course and put onto the 1st ADVANCED Clinical Course! WHAT THE FUCK!!!!

    You, my fellow Scientologist, had better buck up and confront the large elephant in the room – the Suppressive Person that is the cancer upon the entire Church of Scientology IS DAVID MISCAVIGE.


    Then we’ll see what this whole thing is REALLY all about. Not that pathetic dribble that needs endless bombast and bullshit to promote.

    Now, I’m going back to study, in sequence, my Briefing Course which has added to the checksheet, the 1st ACC, right where it belongs, and makes a whole lot more sense now that I’m up past OT III and on NOTs.

  128. Wow! Thanks for posting that article.
    The Church of Scientology and Haliburton and Goldman Sachs and ….

    The comments in the article say a lot about how people feel.

  129. Awww shucks Sarge … I’m definitely a work in progress.

    You should see me when JUST the right button is pushed … I still have a long way to go!! But I work on it everyday.

    Now that I know more or less where you live — next time I’m around those parts, we’ll have to meet up for coffee or tea.

    AND as I’ve said often enough on this blog – I feel that it is BECAUSE of all my years of auditing and SO staff, that I am able to grasp the teachings of the Buddha to the degree I might be doing so.

    (BTW — we are human beings. And as such, we appreciate being recognized. So thank you. (it’s the clinging to the recognition and NEED for more that gets us in trouble 🙂

  130. That is some fine psychology right there.

  131. Wow Jean-Francois, this is a very touching win!

    This is a great example of using the Tech as it make sense to you & doing it for the person in front of you.

    As oppose to being all uptight & doing it for the Sup or the C/S. DM has introverted us into his GAT drills to a point where auditors fall in the trap of doing the procedures as laid out on paper instead of taking in consideration the context & what is really going on with the PC.

    Anyways I could say a lot more on this but the point is you had the guts to handle what was in front of you & the guts to do what you thought was right.

    Merci, je t’embrasse


  132. Tony DePhillips

    Dear JF,

    Awesome wins!! That to me shows the power of de-PTSing.

  133. WH,
    Me too, I love it when that ‘happens’ 🙂

    A personal win, after finishing OT II; I find that I can intend something, a light-level, no effort, no energy/mass, something, and there isn’t any ‘reverse vector’ to it. Nothing coming around back and counter to it.

    I can be, and have an idea for doing, and I’ll be darned if it doesn’t come to having it and there is no consideration or worry or looking over my thetan shoulder for the opposite polarity and counter intention or postulate.

    That’s magic too. Just like the magic that seems to put the right piece of data in my hands when I’m looking for it and not efforting in that looking but just ‘hey I wonder if..’ and there it is. Even the MEST universe comm-lag is getting shorter on ‘there it is’. Cool as hell, and I loves dis stuff.

  134. sarge,
    One last post before I get back to study. Yes, as sad and pathetic and nasty as it is, DM really can’t have another winning. He can’t be the person in that quote.

    We can though 🙂

  135. Just saw this promo – I was off the computer yesterday. “Winning is everything” is a sports slogan. Personally, I’ve always found sports to be a poor metaphor for life. It’s a zero-sum game – somebody wins and somebody loses. I know DM thinks that way – if anyone else wins then he loses. But life isn’t like that. And, when I was in Scientology, I seem to remember reading something about “a game everyone wins…”?

  136. martyrathbun09

    Spot on.

  137. martyrathbun09

    Not to mention the 25 years of added time.

  138. God Jimbo, I love it when you get ‘sudden’.
    You my friend are spot on.Scientology, REAL Scientology sells itself. It WORKS! Once dm
    and the suppression is gone it will boom. With
    or without a ‘Church’.

  139. Thought Provoking


    What beautiful wins you have had. Thank you for sharing them with us!

    You certainly have an auditor beingness, not only did your friends blow charge but you did too!

    You said it exactly, it surely is magic. Wonderful wins, just beautiful!

  140. Martial Art quotes regarding winning from
    accomplished martial artists:

    “Victorious warriors win first and then go to war, while defeated warriors go to war first and then seek to win.” – Sun Tzu

    “I know not how to defeat others; I only know how to win over myself.” – Yagyu Munenori

    “Thus, true ‘bu’ is not for winning and losing. True bu is always invincible. That is to say, invincibility means never fighting with anyone. Winning is to defeat the ‘fighting mind’ inside oneself and accomplishing one’s assigned mission.” – Ueshiba Morihei

    “Forget about winning and losing; forget about pride and pain.” – Bruce Lee

  141. Thought Provoking

    The official church website uses my org for their “view inside an org” and I had to laugh when I noticed that almost all of the OLD people were missing but there were lots of beautiful young things all over the place.

    Typical of the church alter-is, many of the people in the video hadn’t done a service in the five years that I was on staff. Many were not even from our org and some not recognizable at all.

    The ONLY time there were that many people in the building was for a GOLD shoot, (lots of pressure applied to ensure it looked busy at the org) and the enforced attendance at events that literally takes staff off their posts to fill. But it looks good on film, right?

  142. Tory Christman

    Well said, Cowboy Poet!

  143. It looks like they plagiarized part of this quote:

    “Winning is everything, to win is all there is. Only those poor souls buried beneath the battlefield understand this.” SEAL Team Saving

    It’s a bit weird and off-source that they’d use a non-LRH quote on their magazine, but as we’ve all observed the church is slowly but surely drifting away from LRH anyways. Can you say “Idle Orgs” anyone? Besides, isn’t Scientology the game “where everyone wins”, or has Miscavige subverted that as well?

    I think what this magazine cover is implying is that this “church” is only for that small segment of society known as “winners” (people already winning in life), and that “losers” (people who really need help) can go find another religion, and if you don’t like it, we’ll kick your ass.

    A real religion helps people no matter who they are or how much money they already have.

  144. Tory Christman

    Having grown up the daughter of a Professional Football player, who was huge in many sports, I tend to disagree with you on sports being a poor metaphor for life. Yes, trite comments used are just that, just as any trite comment is useless.

    However, I learned a great deal about life from the very wisdom my Father and sports friends taught me, re life in general. I guess, as in everything, it depends on who is saying it, and how, also.

    The “Winning is everything” as an example was the opposite of what my Dad said. He always taught me: It is not who wins or loses, the true lesson is in how you play the game.

    Some may disagree with that—or consider that trite, but it sure has helped me over the years.
    My best, Tory/Magoo

    (And “Magoo” was the Nick I called him, (due to his tiny eyes and great humor)—before he passed away when I was 22. I felt his courage helped me Look and See the abuses in C of $ for what they were, and leave, and live through the endless Fair Game crap I have.

  145. Very good point, WH.

    Someone who is fixated on winning has truly left the pan-determinism band.

  146. Richard Reed

    “Chris” is that your real name?
    What is your last name?
    I’m glad you took martial arts man,
    you look like you needed it.
    But don’t show off with it
    or you probably will get beat up again.

  147. Winning is everything! Just another way of saying the end justifies the means, which of course is Miscavige’s big justifier for his insane policies.

    But the even bigger joker in DM’s pack of lies is the fact that the end he promises never materializes either.


  148. Winning isn’t everything, it’s how you play the game. Martial arts isn’t about winning, it’s so much more than that. To some of you, like other religions, Scientology probably isn’t about winning all the time either. Is it just me or does DM reduce or belittle everything he touches?

  149. Is winning everything? Coach Vince Lombardi and Philosophy


  150. “winning is everything.” a Las Vegas computation

  151. WH,

    Actually, didn’t miss the point. Just seen both sides of the issue in multiple dimensions and applications. Been exposed to the “love will handle all” and “violence will solve nothing.” And, at a higher harmonic than humans operate, this has truth.

    It’s also a harsh truth that very few actually operate at that high level. Those who do can usually walk into a room filled with people and the people will suddenly feel better–just by the presence of this person.

    And such beings tend to be very social rather than recluses because of the help factor.

    Not everyone is the same and one should not generalize, but my experience through the sixties to now, through Hippies, Love-Is-All, Buddhists, Christians, Moonies, pacifists, and the like is humans tend to adopt a lower harmonic mimicry of positions they would like to hold. Because of a non-confront, reaching that higher state is not easily attained. But the lower harmonic is.

    But, sitting between their adopted state and that higher harmonic are layers of hate, anger, misemotions, negative energy, non-confront, frustrations and the like.

    Empirically, if I question or contradict the ideas held by such individuals that I’ve known the result will be flashback, upset, frustration, dismissal, disconnection, patronization, etc.

    That higher harmonic of love and acceptance just understands others–foibles and all.

    That Chuck Norris is an annoying, self-righteous individual who has allied himself with the Republican Party does not gainsay the phenomenon of which I wrote. A phenomenon in this case is merely a manifesting result which occurs with many individuals under the same circumstances. That Çhuck Norris is a Republican does not immediately mean that nothing he says, does, observes or thinks is wrong.

    You can make your own conclusions about that approach to thinking about others.

    Violence is irrelevant. The sun is violent. I love playing in the sun light. This universe is violent. I kind of find it fascinating.

    I’ve met my share of warriors who are earnest and honorable. Intelligent and caring. Scholarly. Very high level of confront. And very willing to accept opposing views without rancor.

    I don’t exclude people by their political leanings. Nor by their religion. Or by where they shove bananas. I have far too many flaws myself.

    I don’t even exclude people by their ideas.

    Ideas are easy to change.

    The basic being remains the same.

    Deserving of respect. And deserving of help. And deserving of the right to his affinity, reality and communication.

    Just my humble view.


  152. Tory Christman

    PS: My Dad played, as a Quarterback, for the Chicago Cardinals (yes, *way* back in the day—) and one season with the Green Bay Packers. Then he broadcast with Curt Gowdy as a Color Man in the 60’s with NBC. Thanks Cat Daddy! Good link.

  153. “Winning is everything! Just another way of saying the end justifies the means ….”

    Good observation, Haydn.

    Just Me

  154. J Swift,

    Very good posting. You always bring something to the table in your posts.

    The Church of David Miscavige tried a dirty Ops on me, real dirty. But they paid for it dearly. The Ops did NOTHING to harm me, the case was closed in 15 mins, the co-ordination of law enforcement behind the scenes was swift and incredible.

    But , being the good and intelligent whistleblower that I am, I sent all the OSA Network Orders to Law enforcement for them to understand the mind set and mentality and the endemic culture of what OSA and Office of COB and RTC operate on. I merely sent them the link.


    (Takes a while to download)

    OSA Network Orders are pages 112-114 through to 148

    Probably the GO raid in 1977 confiscated the earlier Guardian order versions ~ but that was in 1977 and these are newer generation law enforcement and they needed to read them.

    It would never have even occurred to me to do this until they tried the latest Dirty Ops.
    I had actually warned them to not raise the ante on me.
    Because of the extreme ammunition in my back pocket due to the deluge of Emails to karendelac@gmail.com, they have absolutely no idea what levels I can take this to. Per Sun Tsu “the Art of War”, I pick my battles, I don’t just blab indiscriminately.

    Now the atrocities of what they did to former vets who left and spoke out is quite something.
    I have studied previous Dirty Ops in depth from David Mayo, Stacey and Vaughn Young, Jesse Prince, Tory Christman and so on and so on.

    The “Church” got away with their Dirty Ops for many decades and think that that modus operandi is workable.

    But the world changed. Digital communication goes viral in 5 minutes…..

    “Never interrupt your enemy when he is making a mistake.” Napoleon Bonaparte

  155. ΘTater/GaryLerner


    There is no truth sweeter than the one from a beloved parent.


    Gary 😉

  156. Fellow Traveller

    Did anyone else notice the similarity in the fellow in this “ad” and Tommy Davis’ public appearance? They both seem to me anyhow to attempt to purvey the same “ain’t I cool” via MEST image.

    Bruce Pratt

  157. Scary ….. I do not want to be public in his org , he is scaring me, he can punch me, but I can take my concealed gun with me just in case he wants to hit me.

  158. JF,

    Thanks for sharing. I love stories of personal experience with this stuff. Makes it so real.


  159. Poor Chris from award winner fighter to a soon beaten down humiliated staff member….
    And in the org is not even allowed to use his skills… 😀

  160. OnceUponATime – I asked Marty to remove my comment to you — which you have now responded to. Sorry, it now looks as if you are responding to air.

    In any case, sorry to have hit a nerve. My position remains the same — hippies, Moonies, Buddhists – nonwithstanding.

    Violence is an energy, as you mentioned and how you respond to that energy is what makes traveling the road interesting indeed.

    I prefer to not resort to violence. Just like I prefer not to look directly INTO the sun and thereby burn my retina.

    Nor would I kill someone who threatened my life. Why?
    As I’ve stated before — my death is inevitable, sooner or later. The murderer only hastens the inevitable.

    But, for me to murder — that isn’t inevitable. Therefore, I chose not to own a gun.

    Most don’t agree with me. That is fine.

    My point was simply — I revere those who have chosen a non-violent path.

    Again, sorry if you felt that I was not respecting you or withdrawing help or not thinking you deserve ARC.

    Everyone does deserve all of the above. Even Chuck Norris 🙂


  161. Jean-François

    Θ Thank you VERY MUCH fellows for all the kind words, your Theta, and acknowledgements.
    I really appreciate it.
    🙂 JF

  162. Pingback: Top Posts — WordPress.com

  163. WH,

    Didn’t feel disrespected. What’s a little disagreement among friends. Helps us understand. Makes us think.

    Ah, if I could only magically retract all the things I wish I hadn’t said. But, saying and thinking about issues from both sides is part of what makes life so interesting. I put my foot in my mouth quite a bit. Often purposefully. Just to see the response.

    I love the stuff you write. Love your viewpoint. Differs from mine. Which I like.

    Have you read anything by Dr Michael White–which would probably add credence to your position from Western viewpoints?

    You are an admirable being.

    So there.

    Let your warts show. We all feel a sense of relief seeing them so we know we aren’t alone.


  164. “If you are a trained scientologist you will recognize the effect of suppression – it can create a dangerous environment, a cloud, a dark filter, over your perceptions. Recognize what has been done to you and reconquer your own universe.”

    We are, we do, we know, we have and the rest is a given.

  165. one of those who see

    I am applauding!!

  166. Harry, Scientology does change lives. That is why what DM is doing is totally unacceptable. He’s destroying Scientology! He’s destroying the exact thing that helped Chris.

    I’m sure Chris is better off now that he has turned his life around. He’ll be even better off knowing & applying the Tech without the suppression of the Church.

  167. Freedom Fighter?
    Freedom from WHAT?

  168. Exactly! Perfectly put.

  169. Being on staff, especially in “middle management” everything is so damned convoluted.
    Chris was probably honored to be featured on the promo. He doesn’t know all the sordid details from 3 feet back that we can find here. He’s been tricked like many people have…gotten enough wins with true LRH tech to know it’s true and to stick him to the only place he thinks he can get it.
    Chris, you can get it out here in the free world with those of us honestly fighting for freedom.

  170. And the days when you really had great wins that you wanted to share and thank LRH and your auditor or supe for! And you weren’t panicked over getting crush sales run on you immediately following.

  171. Tory Christman

    Thank you, Gary, for getting that!
    You are most correct 🙂



  172. As a man who shares the name of the figure in the promo I am duly offended
    We Chrises should be smarter than this:)

  173. This piece of promo totally communicates the condition of enemy.


    In behavioral re-enactment of the trauma, the self may play the role of either victim or victimizer.”

    “People who have been exposed to highly stressful stimuli develop long-term potentiation of memory tracts that are reactivated at times of subsequent arousal. This activation explains how current stress is experienced as a return of the trauma; it causes a return to earlier behavior patterns. Ordinarily, people will choose the most pleasant of two alternatives. High arousal causes people to engage in familiar behavior, regardless of the rewards. As novel stimuli are anxiety provoking, under stress, previously traumatized people tend return to familiar patterns, even if they cause pain.”

    Just read Re-enactment as dramatization and trauma as Engramm and re-activated as restimulated. It is not a one on one but it might make you understand what I posted better


  175. I have been a practicing M/A since I was 11. I won’t say how long but decades. A girl does have to keep some secrets. And a practicing Scientologist for decades.

    This is an offensive piece on both fronts.

    Is this really a promo piece that Miscavige finds appealing?

    Wow! Talk about low toned and the wrong message.

  176. ΘTater/GaryLerner

    He is a ROCK with a bad doo!

  177. Fellow Traveller

    It’s not just you.

    He only touches when it’s PR. Mostly he smashes, beats, hits, pulverizes and generally destroys.


  178. ΘTater/GaryLerner


    And don’t piss off a True OT!!!

    That’s why I love ya!


  179. ΘTater/GaryLerner


    The term “freedom fighter” that DerMisChucky is referring to is LITERAL. Just like “the blind leading the blind” statement of his.

    It means he’s fighting freedom!

    It means he’s blind and is blindly leading.

    An insane person thinks in LITERALS. Um… A=A!


    DM is a stone-cold Psycho. There is NOTHING about him or his actions that promotes freedom or sanity. Nothing!

    Actions ARE louder than words.
    Meaning: DOINGNESS is more profound than SIGNIFICANCE.

    A true Suppressive Person (like David Mischucky) will do everything to destroy ANY Theta given the opportunity. AND no sense of LOGICAL significance will guide him.

    (a “villager” thinking logically whether to use a pike or a torch)

  180. ΘTater/GaryLerner

    Nothing says DUMB and STUPID like relaying ANYTHING from Davey CornCob Miscavey.


    Do you not know how to think for yourself? Can you even read what the real LRH wrote (not the one that David is professing to be.)?

    IF you had wordcleared KSW and fully understood what it meant (as written BY LRH), then you would be here WITH us who DID understand it.

    Consider the TREASON you are committing on LRH and the public and staff by doing ANYTHING for DM. And I am NOT KIDDING!

    DM’s little mind is hard at work on destroying YOU and I and EVERYONE else on this planet.

    If you help DM then you are destroying yourself, too. Remember, he’s altering LRH Tech so that NO ONE GETS CASE GAIN!

    ΘTater/Gary (a villager that knows what a raving lunatic DM really is – do you?)

  181. theta networker

    Science of Survival tells us where “ass-kickers” would be on the Tone Scale. My opinion: True warriors are not stuck or fixated on “kicking ass.”

    The “promo” comes across as a low-toned dramatization of: “Constant alertness, constant willingness to fight back” … a Type IIIish kind of “fighting back” against those who have not attacked you.


  182. I didn’t read every comment so my apologies if this was covered but this individual is an actual Las Vegas staff member, not a model.
    We have recon photos of this poor sap. The guys all of 5 foot 6 inches so he towers of the kung fu dwarf.

  183. I meant to say “towers over” ..:)

  184. Larissa & Yakov

    Oh my goodness!

    My grandfather, born in 1915, was trained by the famous Estonian strongman George Hackenschmidt. Both my grandpappy and George were born in Estonia, at the time part of the Russian Empire. My grandfather was the European Powerlifting champ in the early 30s.

    At 85, George Hackenschmidt , my grandfather’s trainer could jump up onto a chair from a standing position. My granddad passed away last year at the age of 95! I can count with fingers the number of times he saw a physician, only in his later years.

    My grandfather was a MIGHTY, Loving, wonderful Thetan. A true “Ass kicker”, who never lifted his hand in physical harm towards anyone or anything. He was a jolly, mighty Thetan and I miss him greatly.

    LRH would be turning in his grave if he saw what was going on with Scientology.

    “Winning is Everything” – What else can one expect from a megalomaniac, narcissist head-case.

  185. Here is a topic I know a little about.

    Please get the thought out of your head that DM is Martial Arts trained in any way. Or that he is about to release a flood of Ninja Fair Gamers onto the world.

    David Miscavige {on a Martial Arts training scale} is somwhere around one of those courses that a housewife does to defend herself from a robber that would try to grab her pocketbook in the parking lot of a supermarket} – kind of like a “kick em’ in the groin type person”.

    I say this as not boast but my best friend has been a Black Belt in Tae Kwon Do for 18 years. He teaches it 4 days a week. Of course he does not go around advertising that he can beat people up. None of his students do. I have met 5 of his students that are Black Belts too and one of them is 19 and is going to work for Secret Service.

    So, for goodness sake DM, pull your head out of your rear end before you walk up to a REAL Martial Arts person one day and do something you may regret.

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