International Auditor of the Year Speaks Out

Introduction by Haydn James

My wife Lucy and I turned over the running of Birmingham Org and returned to Scientology management in Los Angeles in 2005. But not a year had passed when we were shocked to hear that, back in Birmingham, Peter White had been declared an SP. Feelings of “are you kidding me?” and outrage accompanied our horror.

You see, in addition to being a dear friend, Peter had been a very valuable staff member in Birmingham, a top class Grad V auditor, very smooth with natural TRs and great beingness. Having graduated from Birmingham University as an extremely gifted musician, Peter mastered auditing with the same ease with which he played a variety of instruments and it spoke volumes that he put his promising music career on hold to help us all at the org.

And it was only recently (2004) that Peter had been dubbed the “James Bond of Scientology UK” because of his classy British appearance, including black tie & tuxedo, and eloquent acceptance speech, all beamed around the globe as part of the International Auditor’s Day event, at which he was presented with the Class V Org International Auditor of the Year award. And boy had he earned it, auditing well in excess of 2000 well done auditing hours in the previous 12 months. More than forty hours in the chair, week in week out.

After he was declared Peter seemed to disappear, until recently, when in the spirit of reconnecting with friends and relatives I managed to track him down and reached him while he was in Paris where he was conducting the musical Les Miserables.

His account makes fascinating and chilling reading on how Miscavige’s squirrel tech has messed with Scientology’s orgs and auditors.


                                                 Shaken But Not Stirred

Hello Independents,

Having been out of Scientology for nearly as long as I was in it, a short but mostly sweet 5 years, it had felt like a disappointingly closed chapter to me for quite a while. I would occasionally look on the internet to try and find out how things were going, but generally just came across anti-Scientology material, which I had little interest in reading so stopped looking.

So what a relief it was to hear from Haydn out of the blue and be introduced to the world of the independents, where the true tech can be celebrated AND the failings of the current management of the church can be critiqued in the same breath. How refreshing!

I was on staff for most of my time in Scientology, training as or posted as an auditor. There is much I would like to write about but what perhaps is most pertinent and hopefully useful to others is to comment on my own experience of how DM’s squirrel definition of an FN messed things up for auditors and pcs and how, as a result of this, less than a year after being awarded International Class V Auditor of the Year, I found myself a declared SP.

And let me just say right from the start that Dan Koon’s article about DM’s illegal alteration of the definition of an FN was such a relief for me to read because I had lost count of the number of times I was made to word clear that squirrel definition, all methods over and over until my brain creaked!

We had some Qual terminals back in Birmingham that pushed that squirrel definition but then our Class VI Snr C/S came back from training at Flag and there was a real ‘crackdown on FNs” which took the enforcement of the squirrel definition to a whole new level.

From that point on auditing became so un-enjoyable and difficult for both auditor and PCs. Having to watch for and count the illegal number of swings, I found myself overrunning PCs more often than not. And then I’d have to waste the PCs auditing time by engaging in countless rehabs of bypassed FNs and EPs which produced a clumsy kind of stop-start session that seemed to bypass almost as much charge as it handled.

And taking the PC to the examiner at the end of the session became a nerve-wracking experience because I knew that the illegal definition of an FN was being policed there too so if that needle didn’t swing the proscribed number of times, or the PC didn’t FN because they were too concerned about how the examiner stared at the meter, both auditor and PC would be plunged into frightening rounds of unnecessary correction and repair.

At the same time I noticed more overrun happening in my own auditing too, which had never grinded before.

When push finally came to shove I found myself in an untenable position, the same position the squirrel definition of an FN puts every auditor. You can only do one of two things. EITHER: sit there staring at the meter, waiting for it to ‘fully F/N’, comm.-lagging, thus breaking the auditing comm. cycle and thereby throwing the pc out of session (and of course also potentially overrunning the process). OR: call the F/N you know exists by every indication other than the squirrel definition but risk suffering the resultant heavy ethics.

Caught between a rock and a hard place, I decided to act on behalf on my PCs. I went ahead and resolved the unsolvable problem by calling FNs according to common sense. What we now know to be the true LRH definition. But back then, as the weeks passed, instinctively using the real definition of an FN, the pressure on me became intolerable.

Unable to resolve this problem in the long term I decided to leave staff. Auditing others now seemed like hard work, getting audited seemed like hard work, expanding the org now seemed to be very hard work (which is another story); and that just didn’t match with the ‘huge expansion’ that we were being told about by DM in the briefings and events. Of course I felt it must be me, I just wasn’t up to it and that I was better off going and being the musician I’d always wanted to be. But now I know differently.

I didn’t want to leave Scientology at all, but of course my wanting to leave staff was met with ferocity because the hierarchy saw it simply as ‘counter intention to the Golden Age of Tech’ and a ‘manifestation of my overts’. Under extreme pressure I dutifully wrote tons of O/Ws, many about falsely calling FNs, which of course ACTUALLY WERE FNs.

I find it fascinating that if I had changed my mind about leaving staff I would have been dealt with “leniently” and welcomed back into the fold with open arms, but because I insisted on leaving my O/Ws were used as evidence of ‘gross out-tech’ and that I had made ‘no ethics change over a long period’ and so I was declared a suppressive person. And I also find it fascinating that the chairman of my committee of evidence wasn’t even trained per Miscavige’s own dictates – he wasn’t “Golden Age of Tech” — but they didn’t let that stop them using me as an example to anyone else that didn’t play ball with DM and anyone else that wanted to leave staff.

And I have had no contact with the org or my friends there since, not until Haydn found me, recently.

I am now flourishing as a conductor, musician and composer, but it does not compare to my achievements as an auditor and it saddens me that DM has corrupted not only the administrative lines of Scientology but auditing tech itself, which makes him directly responsible for the fact I am not auditing and that other auditors and pcs are getting messed up, the world over.

Peter White (007)

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  1. Well, Peter, you got out and now you know better. Very well done. Of course, now you can also start auditing again – completely at your choice and on-tech.
    I hope you do. But leave time for music too. It is important as well, as important as auditing in my book.

  2. Mareka James


    It’s so great to see you here on Marty’s blog! It’s been wonderful re-connecting again and getting back in touch. I enjoyed many wonderful times with you in Birmingham, on the Purif, driving to work and all our discussions about the new up and coming Indie bands hitting the music scene. I remember when I found out that you were declared. I was like WTF??? Although I was never personally audited by you I know you to be a good auditor by how your PCs felt about you. They loved you. After you were declared the D of P called up your PCs and asked if they would like their hours refunded. They declined!!!!

  3. I used to love my Church

    What has happened to my church!!!????

  4. Hi Peter,

    great that you remained true to your integrity and left an organisation that has turned help into betrayal.

    Being the young, gifted and successful guy that you are you will find no limits to your spiritual progress if you decide to do strive for that.

    All the best !

    Han Solo

  5. Hallo Peter,
    very well done to stick to your integrity.

    I wonder how any auditor can continue audit PCs.

  6. Marty, I can remember when we met over year ago and you told me ‘Sarge, its all about Metering and TRs’. I really didn’t understand
    then. Then you said it again, and last week I really got it! Its a beautiful thing when you
    apply what LRH piloted and found true years and years ago. It works! I understand why
    the ‘old man’ wanted those tech films so badly.
    Peter, Hang in there bud! I admire your personal integrity and your days of auditing
    are not over. The best is yet to come. Love

  7. Hi Peter and welcome on the bright side of life! Feel free to contact me if you need any technical assistance.

  8. your humble servant

    Beautiful post, guys, thank you!

  9. Peter is a wonderful auditor and was loved by his PC’s and admired by the staff. He is a very talented musician and a professional in the true sense of the word.

    Peter’s cycle is an example of the off-policy “Justice Machine” created by David Miscaviage. If anyone thinks that there is currently standard justice in the Church of Scientology you are wrong. An RTC Rep, run by DM, sits dictating to the International Justice Chief who is browbeat and cowed.

  10. Tory Christman

    My congratulations to you for sticking to what you know to be true. I also lived through the horrors of “F/N” being changed–what a disaster!
    It seems there are many people in the Independent movement who are not only having gains auditing others, they’re having terrific gains as they are not having to live by the rules enforced by those “in” C of $ who don’t really care.
    Also, fantastic about your career as a conductor, musician, composer! Never forget what you are doing with that can help more people wake UP than almost any other tool, as music can get under walls and into people’s hearts.
    Enjoy your new life! My best to you,

  11. Peter,

    What a smart fellow you are, and what a lovely letter you’ve written to tell your story.

    Haydn, how cool that you looked and found Peter. What great power there is in communication, connection and common sense.

    Just Me

  12. Fellow Traveller


    Bond, James Bond aka Peter — This was agonizing to read. To read of the waste of your skills, to read of the travesty foisted upon you by “your team mates”. Agonizing.

    To read of your welcome of Hayden and the new scientology brings incredible joy. I am glad you found a true group, because that what this loosely associated bunch of ne’er do well sps is.

    That group LRH refers to in RJ 67 — they are here. About the only thing not tolerated well by this group is kowtowing. Seriousness or lack of insouciance may come in a close second.

    On a personal note, I am so glad to see you doing well. And in one of those odd ways, so glad you did not become the poster boy (man) for GAT. You were it when I saw you on stage. Well, I know know what I really saw and that is a very competent and skilled auditor who knew his LRH.

    I’d like to extend my apologizes on behalf of all former sheeple, that may be presumptuous, so please accept mine for not doing more sooner in your defense.

    Flourish and prosper.

    Bruce Pratt

  13. Excellent move Haydn!

    Amazing write up. Obviously you are a skilled auditor and hopefully, you will audit again! Reading your write up was very enlightening and brought even more understanding to me in relationship to the auditing I had before I left the church.

    Congratulation on your integrity and welcome to the Independents!

  14. Fellow Traveller

    Hayden —
    Very well done, my man. Absolutely wonderful what you have done. Amazing.

    Thank you!

    Bruce Pratt

  15. Theo Sismanides

    Hi Peter, I am moved to hear your story and especially that you feel that what you have achieved as an auditor is even greater than pursuing a career as a gifted musician that you are.

    I am more than glad Haydn found you so we can re-connect. All the people who have fought for Standard Tech. We are getting stronger and stronger everyday. Another auditor of your caliber as your stats prove, is just so awesome. We now have to utilize that power for Mankind. I have lost count on how many auditors we have now on our side.

    Welcome and may this re-connection mean something big for the future of this planet.

  16. Peter

    welcome to the independents!!!!! and thanks to tell your story, You have integrity, you were trying to KSW, my respects to you.

  17. Independent Scientologist

    Peter, bravo to you for sticking with your personal integrity. And for the sacrifices you had to make to get trained and then audit as a staff member!

    I don’t think there’s any point in looking for the logic of how a person could be “Auditor of the Year” and then in a short time be declared a “Suppressive Person.” How do Scientologists who are still in the fold wrap their wits around that?

    I hope you can find a way to become active again as an auditor in the Free Zone. It would surely be a waste if you didn’t!

  18. Independent Scientologist

    Peter, bravo to you for sticking with your personal integrity. And for the sacrifices you had to make to get trained and then audit as a staff member!

    I don’t think there’s any point in looking for the logic of how a person could be “Auditor of the Year” and then in a short time be declared a “Suppressive Person.” How do Scientologists who are still in the fold wrap their wits around that?

    I hope you can find a way to become active again as an auditor in the Free Zone. It would surely be a waste if you didn’t

  19. Thank God you found out the truth.
    Welcome Back to the Independents Scientology group.

  20. The “NEW” 12 Characteristics of an SP

    1. You don’t toe the line and do exactly what DM wants you to do.

    2. You don’t upgrade to your next status

    3. You have a tendency to go on the internet and read sites that shares the REAL experiences of people in the SO, on staff or blah blah blah

    4. You ask very pointed questions about the technology and why has it changed from the original writings of LRH

    5. You write a KR about the truth and you continue to do so until you get declared

    6. You fail to donate to SUPER POWER, IDEAL ORGS, CCHR, APPLIED SCHOLASTICS, etc etc etc do I have to say more about the crush regging

    7. You fail to apply for a second, third and fourth mortgage

    8. You mentioned to the MAA you want to read other self help books other then LRH

    9. You decide not to attend anymore IAS events

    10. You are theta, uptone and you have fun in life

    11. You become a critic of the out tech and alteration of Scn

    12. You decide to fight back and expose the truth about the corrupt management

    any other traits you guys want to share?

  21. Peter,
    I was trained at Flag, in the mid/late 70s and Interned by persons trained under of by L. Ron Hubbard.

    I passed TRs and Metering under those persons. I promise you and any other, David Miscavige’s bullshit, suppressive, bonkers, nutsoid, suppressive perversion of the meaning, definition, appearance and significance of a Floating Needle is just that.

    For f’s sake, this is absolutely catastrophic, this insane nonsense on the meter. I am disgusted beyond expression at these spineless invertebrate idiots pushing this suppressive bullshit.

  22. Wow! Is this for real? I got the feeling I was reading something from a novel by Stephen King!

    What a fantastic example of the total stupidity that reigns in David Miscavige`s CofMest. A true horror story!

    So, thank you Peter, for sharing, Your story is going to play a major part in the process of making all uninformed, misled and decieved scientologists in my area understand what`s going on in the “church”. And congratulations on your successes on the Musical arena!!!

    And finally to David Miscavige: Speak out and resign! Your days are over.

  23. I think it stopped being your church.

    Of course, that’s only for you to say.

    Just Me

  24. Hmmm, Needful things?

  25. Impartial English Girl

    Poor Mr. White. The comprehensive crushing of his spirit by an insane regime is heart-breaking to read about. I do hope that he is one day able to realise that the world at large will benefit far more from his musical gifts than from anything the Church of Squirrel Nutkin was forcing him to do.

    How can anyone accomplish ANYTHING within the organisation when the definitive criteria for operating are constantly shifting? Mad, just mad.

  26. Thought Provoking


    I am so glad that Haydn found you!

    Not being a tech terminal myself, I did not know that the definition of an FN had changed but I do recall the experience as a PC and really noticed it with the examiner. It just didn’t make sense that I was experiencing mind blowing sessions but the examiners seemed to be watching the meter for eons before calling the FN. I learned not to introvert and too just be there, willing to wait until the FN was called.

    I’m glad that you kept your integrity in on calling the FNs with your PCs. I can easily see how troubling this could be for newer PCs and the constant repair screams the tech doesn’t work or at least something is out with the auditor.

    Your account brought me some understanding of my own experience but at the same time it enrages me that this is destroying the auditor, the one person who single handedly can do the most to help allieviate the sufferings of man. I have had the good fortune in receiving excellent auditing from almost every auditor I’ve had and I love each and every one of them dearly. If they ever needed help, I’d be there in an instant.

    It seems our only hope is for the independents to start taking Scientology to the streets. I am very happy that you have found success outside the church but do hope that reconnecting with Haydn and gradually getting to know the so many others out here that really want to apply LRH’s Scientology, that your purpose to audit gets rekindled. You are a valuable being who has helped many who have crossed your path.

    Welcome back!

  27. Jim, Go my man, stay ‘sudden’. You’re good!

  28. Thanks for telling your story Peter and making the truth known. I was never at Birmingham org, but I think I was at one of the graduations at St Hill where you gave a very uptone and inspiring (and amusing) speech.

    What you said about the corruption of the definition of an F/N really fills in some missing pieces for me. Like you, I found my auditing to be much more ‘grinding’ after GAT – the majority of my time in session was spent in ‘correction’ actions, trying to fix overruns.

    When I think of the dozens of times I sat in front of the examiner waiting for an eternity for them to indicate an F/N, I almost feel sick.

    I think that some of the (more experienced) auditors at St Hill took a pragmatic approach, as you did with regard to F/Ns. Often, they would say “your needle briefly floated”, which rather confused me at the time, but makes sense now.

    I’m so glad that you have been able to put the bad experiences behind you now and create a new career for yourself.


  29. Dear Peter,

    Well it certainly is a pleasure to meet a real live 007. Your story sure hits the nail on the head regarding what I consider to be Crimes Against Humanity committed by the usurper, DM. Since finding Marty’s site I’ve often wondered just how many trained auditors no longer audit as a result of DM’s very overt suppression. For example, a Class VIII I know told me he couldn’t audit because he wasn’t GAT trained. Such a shame and such a loss.

    Take care and thanks for the smile.

    Sincerely yours,

    Tom Gallagher

    p.s. Congratulations on your successes. You’re a heck of a being- It shows.

    p.s.s. Haydn VVWD!

    p.s.s.s. Sarge- It’s great to see you back in the saddle.

  30. Welcome back, Peter. And congratulations on retaining your integrity in the face of an outright effort to shut down and unmock all of Scientology.

  31. Sarge I know what you mean. When Logan goes off I just about jump out of my chair yelling “YEEAAHHH!”

  32. Hey Peter!

    Gee, you got kind of screwed there on that whole F/N thing huh? Not nearly as much as your PC’s did though. Thankfully, the Examiner was dully using the incorrect definition or you might still be there… grinding away.

    It was crystal clear to me the first time I laid eyes on this “New Miscavige” that his entire entourage had no clue as to why a needle floats or a PC smiles. I had the misfortune of being at the SFO Mission Holder meeting in ’82 and if you’ve read the transcript you know DM demanded an O/W write-up until F/N at one of the team of … ahem… trained Examiners he set up at the back of the room.

    I took one look at those guys, a grim and surly-looking lot, and figured this would be easy. My wife and a friend who was a new Mission Holder were terrified about what to do so I told them – soto voce – to just write up a bunch of things that dove-tailed with DM’s rant and the threats of Leserve, Starkey and the other RTC people then go sit down at the examiner and smile. Smile like you mean it. Smile like you’re getting paid to smile.

    They both passed the Exam with flying colors. My wife (a non-auditor) whispered that they were pretty easy to fool. To which I replied, “No shit.”

    Having audited a few thousand hours myself I pretty much always understood that GI’s and an awareness of each individual’s demeanor, meter reaction and overall behavior are a collective indicator of whether they are winning or not.

    People pay for results, not F/N’s.

    I liked your contribution. Thanks!

  33. Peter and Jim,

    I fully agree with you what’s the point of applying any tech with a meter when there’s no EP to be achieved?

    DM has destroyed most of the valuable processes by ensuring there’s no End Phenomena – F/N, VGI’s and realization to be had by the application of LRH tech.

    This must be by far the most diabolical action he’s come up with, with global effects.

    Making the application of LRH standard tech such as calling a proper F/N a suppressive act sure takes the cake!

  34. Peter, Well done on continuing to create in spite of the suppressive actions taken against you and for maintaining your integrity on a most important technical point. This point is literally the difference between freeing people or further enslaving them.
    AND I daresay, you of all people would have a conceptual understanding of a”rhythmic sweep of the dial”.
    Thanks for your communication and Haydn for taking responsibility and searching for you.

  35. Jean-François

    Peter White, Esquire is hereby declared
    a State-of-the-art Person ! (SP) 🙂

    Θ Welcome to the club! Pleased to meet you.

    Thank you for upholding your integrity despite strong opposition.
    Please rekindle your purpose, if not already done, and continue to audit.

    ♫ I played songs from Les Misérables with a drum & bugle corps in 1988, and I love the song “At the End of the Day”
    ♫ Best wishes in your musical career.

    Thank you Haydn for re-connecting with this GEM,
    and introducing Peter to us.

    Cheers 🙂

  36. Watching Eyes

    Great story Peter. Looks like another bad day for the dwarf.

    Good for you for leaving rather than squirrel the tech. Take that declare and wear it as a badge on honor and integrity.

    Regarding the new definition of an FN, I recall a person at Flag telling me the examiner actually put in buttons.

  37. Tom, Been bit and kicked but never left the saddle.

  38. Peter,

    Thank you so much for having integrity.

    When I came across this alteration of the tech I had major problems with it. I was on the final practical of the metering course at Flag when I started getting “You missed an FN”, or “You missed an instant read..”

    I knew these were not FN’s and that the reads were priors. I was stopped for years by this until I came across the truth written by Dan, John Nunez and others on this blog.

    The LRH bulletins didnt match the verbal tech interpretation we were force fed.

    If you dont know it, EM9/9A are messed up too.

    You may have lost friends, but soon you will have them back and you have gained more, myself included.

    Hopefully we will meet, maybe at the next big get-together of independents and I can shake your hand and again say, thank you.

  39. Jean-François

    « I understand why the ‘old man’ wanted those tech films so badly. »

    I totally agree.
    While in CMO Canada, I took on some LRH Communicator functions and made all 4 of us watch EACH LRH Tech film available in 1991.

    It fully changed us for the better. We became much more productive on post, and even better in our interactions with the other staff and publics.

    A-E-I-O-U 🙂

  40. Keep resisting the drawf and you’ll pull him right in. As-is him and then duplicate Scientology like LRH would want you to do. Don’t obey LRH; obey Scientology. Obey what LRH discovered. Obey 8-8008. JB

  41. Peter,

    I hope you will consider opening up a field practice under the auspices of the Independent Field of pro LRH auditors and C/Ss that now outnumber the current Sea Org staff.

    I think Trey Lotz is going to win the Birthday Game this year.

    Welcome back to Scientology…..we missed you. VWD on you standing up for LRH re: F/N definition.


  42. Welcome Peter!

    I struggled as you, as with all auditors while in and doing my job.

    I called the correct F/Ns too for my PCs and suffered through needless Sec Checking and O/W writeups.

    Better that and have my PCs win and my integrity in-check on that one 🙂

    You are among friends who ack you for the hard work that you did do during that period of time.

    Perhaps you would think about breaking out your e-meter once again for the benefit of all those future PCs waiting for those stellar sessions they will get from you.


  43. rory Medford

    one by one the group builds

    think about this for a second:

    how good did it feel when you decided to leave the corrupt crush regging group who made you feel bad about NOT following exact orders?

    awesome go to the head of the class

    we all felt great and it was quite liberating

    as people unite and RECONNECT that feeling once again comes into your space

    if u look at current staff and members especially the SO that are ROCK SOLID

  44. Peter,

    You look like an old, old friend. And I mean from long ago. Many lifetimes.



  45. Ne Obliviscaris


    Peter is a textbook case as the victim of DM’s squirrel brand of Scientology. What choice did he have other than to leave?

    Any sensible being would be wise to follow his lead. Don’t worry guys. You can get the whole bridge as an Independent, no hassles, no worries, just good clean fun and fantastic gains!

    I look forward to my reconnection outside of this blog. You all are my brothers and sisters and I love you.

    What a group! What a game! Wow. Who knew?

    “Man walks outside, stubs his toe, adventure…” — LRH

    VWD on reconnecting, Peter!


  46. Don’t know if you’ll ever read this, Peter, but I’m going to say it anyway.

    You’ve extracted yourself from under a suppressive rule and now you’re experiencing growth, expansion, flourishing and prospering as one would when not under the influence of an SP. I’m happy you found your music again. I left mine long ago when I joined staff in the 70s. I left in the late 90s and didn’t find my way back to msic until recently. Now I’m having fun just being, creating aesthetics from my fingers.

    But I also audit and C/S. Recently we’ve had oh, I don’t know, a Class IV intern completion, a new Class IV C/S being trained, a rash of Grade and TRs comps (including CTP), and a host of TRs and Objectives twins comping each other and opening doors to bright new horizons.

    My pcs routinely leave exterior or blown away, with cognitions reverberating across the days and weeks following their sessions. This, of course, comes from applying LRH tech, not DM tech. This includes LRH’s advices on FNs.

    DM thinks he knows better than Ron. He is sorely mistaken. DM thinks he can do more than Ron. He is also sorely mistaken, unless you count destruction as “doing something”. But in no way does DM “form a communication line” and “do something for the pc”. Only a real auditor can do that. DM never made that grade. As a Class VIII C/S I know this for a fact.

    So, when you are not conducting or composing or creating, you can counsel. (My 4 “C’s” – lol). I know what you mean when you said some things do not compare to achievements as an auditor. Very little does, really. And anyone who has audited or C/Sed knows this. So when someone has a problem or an upset, let them itsa and then maybe, put them on the cans and do that voodoo we do so well.

    There is NOTHING like seeing some being reborn anew, newly understanding the immensity of his/her vast power and vast horizons to explore, when you really bring them back to who they really are. That is a singularly unique gift. It really has nothing that can compare to it.

    So my message, after all this verbiage, is to not give up on your dreams as an auditor either. Being a musician and leading arts into acceptance go hand in hand with giving new hope and new life. Something magical occurs when you utter those four innocent words, “This is the session.”

    If you ever need me, I’m here.

    Chris Black

  47. VWD to Peter White!

    I accumulated more BPC, M/W/Hs, confusions and losses from the tech while in DM’s church than wins. When I left the church, I could have easily become one of the many who leave and blame the tech or LRH. I almost became an anti-Scientologist.

    Then I rediscovered Scientology in a new unit of time outside of the church. Nothing but wins ever since by applying the tech per LRH’s instructions and not second guessing him.

  48. DFB aka Dfb99

    Damn! I just realized something.
    I had huge wins in Scientology before the GAT.

    Yet, after GAT I kept getting stuck in this weird problem at exam. I had “doubts”. I couldnt figure out where the fuck these doubts came from.

    I havent felt good about any course or auditing action for years. I would go into lengthy explanations to the examiner (Usually my orgs C/S) that I had some sort of doubt, but we couldnt figure it out. It wouldnt as-is. I thought I was out-ethics or NCG or something even though I was having wins on the courses and some wins in auditing.

    I even had my Fast Flow Student status cancelled when I wrote up an OW stating I had these mysterious doubts.

    I think it was because I went to the examiner with an FN and he stared at the meter for two and a half minutes while looking up at me nervously every ten seconds wiping the sweat from his brow and biting his fingernails. Then as I introvert and start “having doubts”, my needle moves back and forth three times and he
    says “………..YOUR NEEDLE FLOATED!”

    There is something sinister about this FN alteration.

  49. DFB aka Dfb99

    ensifer, does the name George Teffeau sound familiar to you?

  50. Peter, Thank you for giving me all of this from an auditor’s perspective. I’ve experienced being on the receiving end of what you describe.
    I’m so happy Haydn reconnected you.
    New definition for SP (for the squirrel church):

  51. UnluckyPatron

    I think we’re making good progress. It’s beyond sad to hear that what is so workable, true and valuable, has been corrupted into the ultimate cash making machine for one egotistical midget. Pity.

  52. wow, where does it end with all this alter is of the LRh data? this is just crazy. I can see how anyone that is in the CO$ is making any case gain.

    When I got my golden rod I was devistated and the disconnection that followed was horrific. IMO David Miscavige has been perverting all of LRH’s tech for a long time. The FN pervision is the worst I have seen to date.

    I’m happy to hear that you fell back on your
    other love Peter. best wishes.


  53. Wayne Froemke (AKA "Safe")

    If a church scientologist cognites that the FN tech in the church is squirreled tech, then it shouldn’t be too much of stretch for those same church scientologists to confront that the “by L. Ron Hubbard” versions of his works have been altered and deleted since the post green hardbound book versions and reel-to-reel tapes.

    About 10 years ago, I spent approximately a year documenting this and exposing the exact and specific alterations and deletions of LRH’s text.

    If you’re a current church member reading this blog, don’t you find this squirreling allowed by RTC (DM and his staff) absolutely intolerable and unacceptable per KSW?

    Independent scientologists do.

    So now that you’ve been alerted to this “new” information, what will you do?

  54. Jim going sudden.
    Bolts of lightening stuff. What a show!

  55. That’s a good cowboy response Sarge!!!

  56. Peter, Welcome. You’ve got integrity! you will continue to flourish I know it. What DM has done to the tech is beyond criminal. Those who continue to carry out his orders and mess with pc’s and auditors will regret the day they said yes.

    Peter you have a wonderful and beautiful talent.

    Haydn what a nice surprise! thank you

  57. Peter thanks so much for this valuable write-up. It succinctly lays out what you went thru and why you left.

    I have been thinking recently about the ‘intention’ of Scientology and the Church. It seems to me, despite whatever human faults LRH had, I always got the sense his intention was that the PC win, and win big. And that is what he worked towards, his intention was to find the complete and quickest route to increasing the PC’s abilities.

    I honestly cannot say what the current ‘intention’ of the Church of Scn is. It certainly no longer appears to be for the PC winning big. Maybe it is now about money, or status, or protecting DM, or whatever. But once the Church lost that intention of the PC really winning big, it lost whatever game it was attempting to play.

  58. At the Flag examiners I would usually get my ‘F/N’ indicated at the exact point I was thinking “Why isn’t my needle floating?”
    If that’s what I’m thinking at the time, then how the hell can it be anything other than an ARCX needle wrongly called?
    And the recent addition both at the examiner and during session of the statement “Your needle floated” is gross and a horrible indication. It introverts you into worrying about why the F/N stopped!

  59. Ensifer,

    “People pay for results, not F/N’s.” Great statement. In a perfect world, exactly!
    In the current Church of Scientology, people are only paying for hope and betrayal.

  60. Peter,

    Yours is no disgrace! Looking forward to hearing your wins (and your pc’s wins) as you start moving and auditing again.

    Rock on –


  61. Chris,
    That was a completely beautiful expression of what this whole thing is about. Wow.

  62. ensifer,
    Your blog has some good perspectives.

  63. Virgil Samms

    Well Christo Peter – you ad all of the ingredients to be targeted by DM and his good squad: You are an accomplhd musician and an accomplished auditor. This means you are extremely upstat and therefore makes you prime for DMs targeting board.

    Welcome to the Indies!

    Flourish and prosper!

    ML Tom

  64. Df,
    Sinar above has said it clearly: this single issue, the verbal alter-is, clouding and confusion ENTERED in to the simplicity of an FN is probably THE thing that will block the Bridge.


    The rest is PR, cover, obfuscation and subterfuge.

    That any other is pushing him, supporting him, and denying the reality has crossed any line from stupid to treason. That’s betrayal after trust.

    The real reason LRH brought in ethics codes was to protect some of these ‘reasonable’, squirrelly, repugnant pukes from the rational response of any self-respecting thetan – their heads on as many goddamn pikes as I can find.

    I WILL see this Suppressive fuck taken off that bullshit post he made up. I WILL and that is something that nothing can keep from happening.

  65. one of those who see

    My goodness Chris. Almost in tears. That was beautiful. OMG, I am wondering how many wonderful “SPs”-LOL – like Peter are sitting out here! My God, the overt committed by Declaring this wonderful being, this Auditor – Suppressive…I have no words.

    So, I will say Hi! So glad Haydn cared enough to take the time to reconnect with you. Thank you Haydn. And he’s a musician too! Wow. Well, welcome. I wish you continued success with your music. And, if you wish, that you will once again audit some very lucky people.

  66. Watching Eyes

    GREAT cog. There’s nothing wrong with you. Nothing at all. 🙂

  67. For the record on the subject of Miscavige altering LRH’s definition of an FN, I first ran into this in the spring of 1996.

    We all know Miscavige made his big fanfare announcement to the Scientology world about his so called Golden Age of Tech at Flag in the spring of 1996. What is not generally known is that he then cornered the Senior C/Ses from every org on the planet who had been gathered in the ballroom of the Fort Harrison. He started off with “That event briefing was for the public (implying by his tone that it had been sugar coated). This is the real story.”

    He then went on to tell the assembled Senior C/Ses that they and all their auditors, literally EVERYONE in the world of Scientology, was guilty of falsifying FNs and thereby guilty of falsifying worksheets in session – a suppressive act.

    Not content with his false accusation and squirrel tech, Miscavige decided to implant it by forcing everyone there to write up “all overts of falsifying worksheets/FNs”, stating that if this was done he would be so very kind as to forgive everyone’s suppressive acts., but only if they wrote ALL the overts.

    Of course, to avoid dire consequences everyone there furiously and immediately wrote a ream of O/Ws stating that just about every FN they had ever called had been false.

    Man, being made to confess to false overts really makes things stick. Suddenly, the Senior C/Ses of all orgs were hooked on the squirrel line. But that was just the beginning.

  68. Affidavit of Vaughn Young

    The “CHURCH” has a Fair Game Doctrine where any “enemy” can be “destroyed.” This doctrine is practiced against apostates, critics, the press and has even been used against courts.
    ( I am compiling some of these stories which are quite incredible to read.)

    Whereas DM’s Church can lie, cheat, manufacture evidence, indulge in every kind of criminality ~~ it DECLARES an auditor SUPPRESSIVE for not calling squirrel 3 swings of the needle ?????

    New readers please read~~

    Welcome Peter White !

  69. Thank you Peter for telling your story and welcome!!!

    To: “What Happened To My Church”
    Sadly, it went squirrel across the boards, as orchestrated by DM.

  70. Brings back memories – I had my first auditing in Birmingham when it was still a mission – GBP108 for 25 hours back in 1971.

  71. Virgil,
    Hear, hear.

  72. one of those who see

    Hey Tom,

    And awesome Yes song too!

  73. Tony DePhillips

    VWD Hadyn for reconnecting withPeter.

    And VWD Peter for being found and being able to see the truth.

    When I was on Solo Nots I had this same type of dilema with f/n’s. They were demanded to be three swings or more. Sometimes in session I would feel great and feel I hit the EP and the needle looked to be floating but I would fixate on the “three swings” and the f/n would freeze. So I got into the habit of saying on my worksheet that it F/N’d and then I would put a percentage sign next to the f/n. Example: f/n 90% or f/n 75%. This way I could not be nailed for falsely calling an f/n on my sec check that occured every 6 months. It was fuckin gruesome. Anyways that is in the past and now we are free and putting in ethics all over the place.

    I wish you all the best and hope that you rehab yourself as an auditor as they are sorely needed don’t you think?


  74. It has been highjack by a madman in a superman suit 🙂

  75. Safe,

    We are doing what we have been doing for years.

    We are fighting it.

    Is it possible to read what you found out with your research on the alterations of LRH?

  76. A warm welcome to another beautiful being. Keep reading Peter & don’t hesitate to be there (here :-)) & communicate.

    This strenghtens my resolve to spread the word.

    BTW, Hayden I haven’t had a chance to tell you that it was a pleasure to meet you, Lucy & your 2 beautiful daughters. You have a wonderful family. Thank you for being who you are.


  77. IMO, DM arbitrarily redefined the F/N as a way to internally divide and conquer CoS in order to retain his power. DM has always used divide and conquer:

    GO vs SO: Compare with LRH policy:

    Mission Holders vs Orgs

    GAT vs LRH era auditing

    Ideal Orgs vs Services

    Etc. Ad Nauseum

    Eternity itself was at stake for Scientologists in the definition of a F/N. When you live by the needle, you die by the needle. Thus, whoever controls the F/N controls life and death inside of CoS.

    This is why DM redefined the F/N: To divide and conquer and control.

    People who disagreed with his redefinition of LRH’s F/N had their eternity placed at risk. They had to comply, blow, or be declared. That left DM with full compliance: If you wanted auditing in CoS, you had to accept DM’s redefinition of a F/N.

    In accepting DM’s redefinition of a F/N, you tacitly agreed that he was senior to LRH as a Tech terminal.

    If you were an auditor who wanted to remain true to LRH, you had to lie to be effective with your pc’s: You called F/N’s that did not fit DM’s redefinition.

    This was a crime that you would either confess to or it would be caught in a sec check. Either way, DM had you trapped. You were eventually caught and brought into compliance in one of DM’s reeducation camp or expelled quietly and without sorrow. GAT was a fait accompli and a triumph for DM. Ray Mithoff certainly complied.

    When Scientologists agreed to a redefined F/N, they gave DM carte blanche for all of his future actions. Accordingly, when he released the Basics, DM ordered all vintage LRH books collected and then he pulped them — just as he had pulped LRH’s definition of a F/N.

    The Ideal Orgs are DM’s F/N are his IAS. It is all truly A=A=A for Dave.

    CoS books have not been authored by LRH for a long time. They have been authored by CST dba the LRH library:

    Paul Haggis selected this hauntingly beautiful song from The Stereophonics for a key scene in his movie Crash. This song is for everyone in CoS who is still on the fence:


  78. Messing with an FN … that says it all. Messing with an FN.

    It. does. not. get. more. vile. than. that.

  79. Peter,

    I have heard nothing but wonderful things about you from the James Gang! Thank you so much for sharing this view, and for being who you are. The Auditor of the Year label sounds like the right one. I go with the first item on the list! ;D

  80. Hayden, thanks for contacting yet another! Peter, ♫♪ welcome! ♫♪ and congratulations on getting through the illusion and chaos of one of the most disguised suppressive operations in history: the sham agenda that hijacked Scientology and usurped the goodwill of staff and public that believed it was serving and receiving the noble life’s research, discovery and development of L. Ron Hubbard.

    Hubbard knew how to inspire real friends — and here we are. LRH treated people as up to the job of being all the wonder and goodness and ability we are. He was a great man.

    David Miscavige is his flea.

    Our imperfections and sins are like the cocoon is to a butterfly, and human imperfection does not diminish evolution, contributions and worth. On the contrary, the ugliness and limit of a cocoon only makes the wings more stellar, laudable and amazing.

    The gains I’ve had from NOTS are exponential. Every day my life improves across the dynamics in such a peaceful sweeping way… it’s only the natural way of Life, like a flower once boulders are removed from the soil. I wasn’t even expecting it to be so ongoing.

    So, to my auditor, and to LRH, and to those of us living our dreams, you have my ∞ gratitude admiration and respect .

    Nothing will stop or minimize that, and I am first in line to be by your side if you ever need me.

    “You have enemies? Why, it is the story of every man who has done a great deed or created a new idea. It is the cloud which thunders around everything that shines. Fame must have enemies, as light must have gnats. Do not bother yourself about it. Keep you mind serene as you keep you life clear.” – Abel-François Villemain

  81. Richard Reed

    Intergrity is paramount. You done good, welcome to the world of Independents.

  82. Thank you for telling the story, Peter. I received auditing in Copenhagen 2004 and I know my auditor did a fantastic job and then things changed at the exam. The auditor used the same solution which you did correctly indicating FNs. Thank you to you and all auditors who applied the tech in secret.

  83. WoW Peter! Nice to meet ya!
    I know EXACTLY what you went through over those flippin new F/Ns. I left in ’99 over it, although I wasn’t totally sure amongst all the confusion, that it had started there.
    What a shitty shitty cold-hearted thing to declare you. But then again, I realized through all the good people here, that was exactly the point – to blow off good auditors, get rid of anyone who understands and applies LRH tech. Doing it right means you wear a bulls eye target on your back. And bang, just like that, they shoot you down.
    I hope you’ve found solace in your music. I know the loss you must have felt. I felt it. I found solace in my children.
    I will audit again and knowing that brings life back for me.
    It is sooooo awesome to have you here! 🙂

  84. 🙂 Haydn~~~~~You Rock Too! 🙂

  85. Nicely put I would say , Very intresting write up
    Thanks for sharing it

  86. How dare they do that?!
    You know, those phone calls probably planted the seeds for his PCs to doubt the CofM. Winning PCs don’t just flip, hence they declined.
    When I left, they told my PCs I had to take care of my sick mother. Yeah right. They knew my PCs were winning and loved auditing and if they told them I’d blown, the PCs might wonder what was wrong with the mission, NOT ME!

  87. Peter is a textbook case as the victim of DM’s squirrel brand of Scientology. What choice did he have other than to leave?
    Exactly! Already I couldn’t falsify worksheets. Then I get sent off even closer to the squirrel shit and when you start fucking with my case…I’m sorry…got to go! You do not get to fuck with me. LRH’s real/true tech got me sorted out, now the second time around and I wasn’t about to let some bullshit cave me in or mess me up! I value myself too damned much to let that happen. (That’s where my smile wide with a big ole ARC break F/N came from so you can get the hell out and save yourself the out-tech ruination of your case!)
    To keep auditing PCs wrongly WILL cave you AND that PC in. Just say NO!

  88. You are sooo right! There is no way a new auditor, coming in at GAT or later can audit correctly. None.
    And THAT is the purpose. As evil as it seems, it’s TRUE.

  89. Tory Christman


    I believe you just put into words what many, many people experienced. I, too, was trained under those people in the 70’s. However, I stayed, and in the 90’s was when this “new F/N” crap arrived.
    Yes, we all (certainly the auditors) reacted just
    about as intensely as you just did, if not more-in person. You can imagine, and thank you for saying it so well!

    However, being “in” such a group—-well, let’s just say I do believe it was a cracking point for many, and I doubt that breaking point will ever be repaired for C of $. Meantime, *tons* have left, and realized how delightful it is to take back our own lives, freedoms, and hopes and dreams.
    My best to all,

  90. another one :

    insisting that the Declaration of Human Rights be applied to Scientologists ( publics and staff alike ).

    ( Wouldn’t that fit the fuzz Co$ is making about getting Human Rights known and applied ? )

  91. Hi Wayne,

    I was following your writings at the time (I had left 2 years earlier). You were one of the pioneers in documenting DM’s squirreling. It took a lot of courage to do what you did and the subsequent harassment from OSA proved it. My hat is off to you.

  92. Though this is slightly off-topic, these two videos show how idle are the idle orgs of 2010. Two anonymous protestors (Angry Gay Pope and AnonOrange) inflitrate the Pasadena org and pretend to be people who are curious about Scientology. Although I don’t approve of their methods (Moxon has a restraining order against AGP), it does how Miscavige hopes to get new people into Scientology. This org has a very sterile feel to it, almost like a musuem or something. At the end, these two are kicked out of the idle org, but not without shouting out loud about how David Miscavige is a squirrel:

    video #1:

    video #2:

  93. That single point alone about the brutally and violently enforced perversion of what an F/N looks like is the downfall of everything what’s worth in SCN application. No church on earth will survive that even if dm is gone.
    I cannot see how the rest of its staff will remedy that unless they are re-educated but by whom?? By the prolificly inflated numbers of “SPs”?
    The Church IS dead!


  95. “Smile like you’re getting paid to smile.”

    I like THAT one! LOL
    What a three swing F/N generator!! Wonderful.

  96. I found it virtually impossible to get an F/N at exams after O/W’s. I wonder why?

  97. YEAH!
    Another powerful and talented being amongst the IND!!
    Well done!

  98. Watching Eyes


    I remember reading your posts, I think it was on ARS. Then you kind of disappeared. So glad to see you back!

  99. martyrathbun09

    Major: Those videos tell the tale. Empty Idle Orgs. Notice how the visitors are referred to a video to answer their questions. Watch the video they are directed to. That video tells them there are videos that will answer their questions. It is a freaking never ending referral. It all winds up in an uncertainty. The Science of Certainty has been destroyed in the church of Scientology. The church is dead.

  100. Peter;

    Thanks so much for your detailed explanation about correct FN’s.

    In 2007, I visited the examinar at FLAG. The last time I had been to the examinar was around 1989.

    I was on the Basics course and was attesting to my gains reading DMSMH and 13 more books and lectures. Each time I noticed & thought the examiner was having a difficult time reading their meter. He/she had a strange look on their face and when the ACK would come they seemed more uptone than me. I figured FLAG was using students for Div 6 as examiners.

    I used to sit there and on a theta level tell the examiner….hey my needle is floating. After about 3 to 4 exams, I was starting to get doubts, but I know when my needle is floating so I hung in there with what I thought was a student examinar.

    Now I know the rest of the story.

    Welcome to the group who understands how to keep their, “CODE OF HONOR” in 24/7

    Hayden, VWD bringing Peter to the party.

  101. Haydn, that fits in with my experiences at Flag at the time (late ’96, early ’97). I was getting overruns in just about every session I had – from 3 different auditors.

  102. David from England

    Reading this, it finally clicked for me what will bring the Church down. As a reader who was never a Scientologist, but who has to acknowledge that auditing does appear to work, it strikes me that this changed definition of a floating needle is condemning hundreds of preclears and others to auditing as a waste of time . All the millions in donations and the fancy buildings may give the impresssion that the Chruch is booming, but if it can’t deliver the basic service to its members then it is doomed, and it doesn’t take long for even the most comfortably well-off church to fall in on itself – ask the Christian Scientists – they’ve got lots of fine buildings but no one in them.

    Marty is absolutely right to keep on at this F/N business. The corruption stories are all well and good and need to keep coming, but one should nevere underestimate a membership’s ability to turn a blind eye to this. But fau;lty auditing is imposssible to turn a blind eye to.

  103. It’d be nice if my pcs would get refunded from the auditing they received while I was on staff. It’d sum up to about 50 million dollars!!! I higly doubt Miscavige would want that to occur!!!

  104. Peter, Well done on your stellar production as an auditor and as a musician. I was mid-auditor training last March when I found the truth, and I was also being forced into the squirrel methods as are all auditor’s now. It was such dev-T to constantly handle the PC’s ARCX over ‘waiting for the F/N’. May you flourish and prosper in all of your endeavors.

  105. Wayne Froemke (AKA "Safe")


    Sure! Thankfully, a good non-scientologist archived some of my work, though not all of it. But you can see some of the alterations of the squirrel group here …

    I truly wishe you success using knowledge and “things that shouldn’t be” reports to expose the squirreling and wrongdoings within the CofS squirrel group. Most people who try, end up in up in ethics cycles, and if you persist, you’ll likely eventually get declared an SP.

    More power to you if you can succeed from within though! I tried, and it nearly drove me insane.

  106. Wayne Froemke (AKA "Safe")

    Thank you Maurice. It’s good to see some of my old friends, like yourself, posting here.

    Hopefully I helped a bit from a “ripple effect” I caused 10 years ago. I can’t believe its been 10 years!

  107. Wayne Froemke (AKA "Safe")

    Thank you, Watching Eyes.

    I’m glad to be back among truly aware scientologists. It’s beginning to feel like home again. 🙂

  108. Good grief, NOTSaware, I had no idea you were an auditor operating at that production level. Wow!

    Just Me

  109. Peter, thank you so much for sharing your story. My eyes swelled up with tears at the thought of one less productive, on-source auditor in the world. Oh, what a mess what have going on. What a travesty.

    Auditors are the most valuable beings on the planet. And you are an awesome being.

    Thank you for believing in LRH’s tech enough to become an auditor in the first place;
    Thank you for all those beings that you helped go free;
    Thank you for having the personal integrity to keep in the Auditors Code. LRH would be so proud of you;
    Thank you for telling your story. It’s one more nail in the coffin of Miscavige’s squirrel “church.”

    There are MANY of us out here. Many more are reading these blogs and not posting. I know that for a fact. We know what’s going on. We respect you and admire you.

    Welcome to the team.

  110. Your humble servant


    Thank you. I agree that this is an extremely important topic. From other information that has been voiced it seems probable that alterations and deletions are approved by David Miscavige.

  111. Hello, Peter!
    I admire you for being truthful to yourself. Leaving the Church does not have to be leaving Scientology, quite the opposite by now. I invite you to watch these video-interviews with Independent Scientologists on the 2010’s 4th of July Party:
    Welcome to the Independent Scientology World!
    Tatiana B.

  112. Welcome Peter and thank you Haydn.
    DM loves to get rid of the most able and creative ones.
    About the F/Ns, in 96 I was in the co-audit on the PAC RPF and there was an inspection from Greg Wilhere and another person. Not sure anymore if it was Marty or Ray or? Anyway as these “gods” (that’s what they were to me at the time) stood behind me, my twin eped an overt chain, and what I had was an F/N but not per the squirrel definition. I remember thinking “fuck it, I’m calling it”. I was sure I’d be killed right after the session, but nothing happened. That became a stable datum for me. There was no reason to mess with what LRH said for fear of whatever. Anyway that would be pretty downtone as a mecanism. Later I sent videos to Griffee, to Ray Mithoff, to Antonella Tisi and to Inge Marie in AOSH. Also I was looked in on (on Solo) by Toni Sarkany. I never went for the squirrel definition and none of these terminals ever said anything. So I think DM has quite some white mutiny on his hands. Anyone who’s really gotten “down and dirty” auditing pcs, knows his BS just doesn’t work.
    Either that or I was lucky. 🙂

  113. DFB aka Dfb99

    I was just reading your writeup on patter drills.
    Thats the truth man. I think thats called “The Full Barrieres to Study patter drill”, or something like that.

    What a waste of time.
    Theres a couple other long ones I’ve done. Not that length makes them more wrong, but the Student Hat one above was the first one I really got upset about. Sitting there talking to a wall for hours, with the sup yelling “get your TR’s in!”. I dont recall any “Wall TR Drills”. I could repeat it until graduation and then if faded away.

    By the way, I used it on the test because one of the questions was “list the full barriers to study”. I spat them back on the paper and passed the test. I got the Student Hat from the study tapes and the actual duplication (not verbatim) of the LRH references. The patter drill added nothing to my understanding.

    Most people probably know theres something not right about patter drills, but it’s on the checksheet so it must be LRH they think.

  114. Safe,

    Thanks for the link. I’ll check it out.

    I totally understand what you are saying and if that’s the way it goes, so be it.

    I’ve been quite vocal to Flag that I won’t go back in session until they learn how to call an F/N. I then hand them a copy of my write-up and go about my business.

    I’ve also been quite vocal that I will not do GAT training so will not be going onto OT6 until, again, “Y’all learn how to call an F/N and restore training to the way LRH did it” I then hand them the write-up and carry on.

    Yeah, do wish me luck! I may need it! LOL

  115. Bravo! Encore!

    What a delight to see more trained auditors being salvaged and recovered into the realization that the LRH Tech can be practiced standardly, and independently.

  116. theystolemychurch

    Yep, and the staff can not even disseminate OR explain anything to the public….. I mean one of the staff was actually referring them to a brochure – “this can explain it to you better than I ever could”.

    Remember the Policy that said ALWAYS answer the public’s questions?

  117. Jesus attacked the phony religious leaders of his day and their beautiful buildings:

    “Woe to you, teachers of the law and Pharisees, you hypocrites! You are like whitewashed tombs, which look beautiful on the outside but on the inside are full of dead men’s bones and everything unclean. In the same way, on the outside you appear to people as righteous but on the inside you are full of hypocrisy and wickedness.” Matthew 23:27-28

  118. Yes Marty, these videos do tell the tale indeed. They were filmed on a day that Pasadena Org had an Open House when the place should be bustling. Notice how empty the place is. They aren’t even greeted when they walk into the org; the receptionist has his head down at his desk and doesn’t even say “Hi”. I guess he’s too busy doing admin to do any dissemination; maybe he’s doing Call In for the next IA$ event. Notice who one of the guys goes near a bunch of staff members talking about their schedules or something, again no one introduces themselves.

    There’s also no offer to do any intro/demo auditing like a Book One session or a touch assist. I have to think that is by Miscavige’s design, i.e. “the videos will answer all questions so staff should do a minimal amount of talking” or some such. Things have certainly changed from when I got into Scientology, i.e. you handle the public individual. The personal touch is completely missing.

  119. john boice,
    Better question – what are YOU doing about what you see here? Hmmmmm…

  120. Naomi S,
    I think you are right – a ‘white mutiny’ is at play. That is the reason pc’s/pre-OTs are still getting gains and not being overrun where this ‘mutiny’ is occurring. Bless the auditors who do so. They are the only thing holding the CofS together as they get results and know when they do.

  121. Wayne Froemke (AKA "Safe")

    I very much admire you for your bravery. We definitely need more “warriors” like you inside the current squirrel orgs to best and debug, and de-squirrel them. 🙂

    I also appreciate that you recognize what’s going on inside the orgs, and are trying to be effective doing something about. Thank you!

  122. Peter:

    I see that DM is once again cutting off his biggest assets. Welcome to the ranks of Independent Scientologists. I am happy that you have joined us, but unhappy at the way you were treated by the CoM. I am glad that DM’s squirrel tech didn’t taint you towards Independent Scientology.

    Consider yourself hugged.



  123. Does anybody know that 36 year Scientologist ? He is there all the Time he says. Makes me feel sad. Don’t worry I can cointain many emotions and still be me generally happy self. I noticed people saying “don’t beat your self up” regarding the fact that I do indeed use any oppurtunity to highlight abuses. I do not see that as beating myself up unless I “stay in that emotion” (semi-psychology term that may have similarity to beating myself up about something).

    AGP are certainly colourful individuals without whom the world would be a little greyer. I do not always condone their methods and they are long banned from WWP but lately they seem to have reinvented themselves. They remind me of my own imperfections wich makes me smile alot. Many people wish them to go away or worse for rocking the boat but maybe this boat needs a little rocking.

    AnonOrange KKS says hello 😉

  124. Here’s a little song from Les Miserables to 007 and the independents-

  125. Hey Sarge,

    Long ago I asked an old time Class VIII what the Class VIII course was all about. This auditor got her certs in the late 60s so I figured if anyone knew, it would be her.

    The answer floored me and to this day I’ve never forgotten it:

    “It’s about asking the pc a question, waiting for an answer and acknowledging the answer. It’s not about anything else.”

    Over the next several years I realized that the steps of the Bridge were there so that the pc got the maximum gain for time spent, operated at high confront without getting overwhelmed, and that TRs and Metering are the guarantee those three things above actually happen.

    But you got the idea long ago, didn’t you? Auditing is easy, you just gotten keep it simple 🙂

  126. Sam,

    I think it’s easy to wonder what the blazes the examiners think they are doing. I also think they are browbeaten to an inch of their life ans wouldn’t recognize a smile on a silver plate.

    Here’s what I think current examiners do:

    Needle is on the right then it goes to the left. After a bit it goes back to the right. It does all of that twice more.

    Aha! It swung three times! Stop biting fingernails, stop picking nose, look at PC, say “Your needle is floating!”

  127. Marty, you’re right. The guy asks the staff member a question, the staff member says to watch the video and it will answer his question, the video says there are videos to answer people’s questions. So questions never get answered. Not only that, but the video shows a busy org where dozens of people are watching videos, and the narration talks about how many people are coming in to watch the videos, but the ACTUAL org is empty. It’s like, “don’t look at the reality, look at the video,” and the video says “look at the video.” Videos within videos within videos.

  128. Polymath, don’t self list. Just get them off.

  129. (just get them off) … with a person who knows and applies real Scientology

  130. Quote from Science of Survival, chapter 27, METHODS USED BY SUBJECT TO HANDLE OTHERS :

    “At 2.0 we begin to enter the domination band, which exists downwards to about 1.2 . …

    Theta force is reason; and MEST force is simply that – force. Here we have efforts to hammer and pound and dominate by physical strength, threats, anger and promises of vengeance. Here compliance is commanded, and lack of compliance is stated to mean death.

    Here we have emergencies being more important than constructive planning.”

    And from chapter 19, COMMAND OVER ENVIRONMENT :

    “Subverion receives its main support from such individuals as lie in the vicinity of 1.1. And the reason it gains so many volunteer agents in lands it wishes to overrun lies in the desire of the 1.1 to have good cause and reason to flout flagrantly and place himself ‘above’ existing morals and the laws of the land in which he operates. He gains through his warped philosophy a very fine excuse to believe himself above such things as law and decency.”

    The whole book is a treasure for evaluating this “church”.

  131. martyrathbun09

    Some kind of weird hypnosis.

  132. martyrathbun09

    Major, Yes, he’s said it Times at Int that the videos would be used to bypass staff members.

  133. Splog, You got it. I am a simple man and easy
    is good. LRH has said this over and over again. Get the charge off the case! Without
    good TRs and Metering its a whole lot harder
    to do. Keep it simple, its like baking a cake. Follow the instructions and everyone wins.

  134. TEG, very appropriate

  135. Marty,
    The staff not approaching these two guys, in fact either sitting in an office, walking by or just jabbing with each other drove my TA up watching this video.

    The building, the MEST, looks great. The staff themselves looked fine, nice clothes (uniforms) and pretty good indicators all around.

    But, and this is the most telling on the departure from what Scientology actually is, they didn’t really handle the beings in front of them. It just went from ignoring them completely and putting them on the ‘bottle’ i.e. the ‘tube’ (TV, videos, the ‘electronic pacifier’) and then some attempt at answering questions, (which violates ‘don’t talk, PENETRATE, but at least was a step towards ‘answer people’s questions’, though they actually DIDN’T) to an escalation of these two fellas screaming at them. Huh?!

    Patently, DM’s vision of a Scientology org, the automated, automatonic, electronic, MEST stuff will ‘handle’ the public, does not handle the public. There aren’t any public first, and second what ones are there aren’t handled.

    Nice goddamn building though. Imagine, if Scientology was to be applied in these places the difference. Wow. That’s a good image.

  136. Those videos are tragically saddening.
    Good people working their butts off to try to do some good in this declining civilization being viciously betrayed by their leader and pathetic victims of his sick, twisted corruption.

    This post is mostly about the squirreling of the tech and F/N’s but those panels are an abomination too. Much to say about that some other time.

    Videos like this are VERY revealing and informative.

    AGP has some serious stones to walk in there and do that. wow!

  137. Wayne Froemke (AKA "Safe")

    Those low confront and poorly hatted staff members are wrongfully taught by squirrel management to use video’s which is a via for the “handle” step.

    If they honestly used the handle step, they would have to “resort” to telling the real truth … which they are not aware enough yet to do so.

    I found the realization about the true dissemination drill steps very informative here …

  138. Can you make that postulate happen please ?

  139. This man happened. Did he say impotence instead of importance in the first sentence? freaudian slip perhaps ?

  140. Haydn,
    In 1966, as covered in a bulletin of 10 Feb of that year, Issue II, TECH RECOVERY, LRH found the several causes of a plummeting tech statistic in 1965. The second error:

    “Invalidation of the appearance of a free needle and invalidating any auditor who “thought he saw one”. This wiped out all release attainments and made for total overrun of all pcs of all grades. This error existed for 15 years so it is not surprising that it got back in again.”

    Further in the issue he points out:

    “Regarding (2)—Invalidation of what a free needle is—and thus running past all
    free needles, let it be noted that this is an Auditor’s Code Break—continuing a process
    that has ceased to produce change—and is therefore a crime. This was wrong too long
    to be allowed to go wrong again.” HCOB 10 Feb 66R.

    THIS IS EXACTLY WHAT DAVID MISCAVIGE DID IN 1996 as you relate above.

    He invalidated every single auditor’s calling of floating needles. That is a suppressive generality.

  141. Ralph,
    Sorry, but WTF is ‘GBP108’?

    I’m not omniscient. Just an ordinary MOQ.

  142. one of those who see

    TEG, Thank you for that! Perfect! I’ll now think of Peter-Auditor, Musician, free being conducting this number representing the Independents!

    As LRH said: “A song can racket down through the ages. It doesn’t corrode. It doesn’t have to be polished, maintained, oiled, shelved or put in a vault. A song is far more powerful than any blaster ever invented.”

    L. Ron Hubbard

  143. Thought Provoking

    How apropos!

  144. (I’m typing this comment as I listen to the videos.)

    The videos are wonderfully bizarre. Admittedly, the visitors are scamming, but the staff aren’t answering their questions. Instead of telling the truth to the questions asked, they’re trying to recite a shore story, to recite from a script.

    But the shore story doesn’t make any sense to them — and they don’t believe it. They come across as liars, because they are lying. That one guy says he’s a Lutheran — but that’s silly. He’s no Lutheran.

    It would be so much easier if the staff members would just say what they believed. However — and here’s the strange part — it’s like they don’t believe in anything. It’s like they don’t know what they’re talking about. It’s like they don’t understand the subject of Scientology.

    Very telling also is the fact that I don’t see staff asking the visitors any questions during the visit. Nobody enjoys being “sold to” vs. “being helped.” And you can’t help someone if you don’t know what their needs / desires / wants challenges are. Staff didn’t even try to find out (hypothetically, at least) what issues or questions the visitors had.

    Yes, I know the visitors were scamming them. Still … there was no “product” visible in the cycle. It was like they were paid to stand around and be voice chips (not very good ones, but still — just voice chips). They didn’t show any real interest in the visitors.

    That’s not comm. That’s not ARC. Hell, I’ve pretended to be more interested in some of the worst blind dates of my life!

    Be interested. Don’t be interesting. How hard is that?

    Wait, I just realized something. The staff aren’t interested in public at all. They’re consumed by other issues.

    This isn’t Scientology — it’s Confusology. Nobody in the Church knows what it’s about anymore.

    Just Me

  145. Jim the uniforms are part of the enslavement. The building is a golden cage. It is sterililty made into an art-form. even the books are shrink-wrapped.

    I must say if I was a Scientologist I would stipulate DM is dramatizing the Markab uniform.

  146. Joe Pendleton

    “My life and FNs” would be too long a story for this venue. Unfortunately I do not have my tech materials with me right now. But I recall in 1972, the def was something like “the idle uninfluenced…..”

    I didn’t really see very many FNs in those days per the definition. I audited to very good cogs and my pcs had excellent wins. I audited one guy in the HGC who was almost 90 and his needle hardly ever moved, so when it did….

    Somewhere in the 70s, there was a mention in an HCOB of a “fleeting FN” that you didn’t want to miss and “that FN’d” as an indication.

    I indicated many FNs that I didn’t actually see and kept my pcs winning. I found out a few years ago that my meter “didn’t FN.”

    A few years ago, I did the Pro Metering Course at ASHO and did a couple of pinksheets where I had to spot 20 FNs (three swings minimum) and I didn’t have a big problem doing that or getting an RTC pass on my video (but that dating drill – GEEZ!!!).

    As I recall. the current defintion of an FN is presented on an HCOB by LRH (“rythmic sweep…”) so it is still shown as an LRH def. Frankly, I forget the rationale for the “third swing.” Was it to verify that the “FN” was not getting smaller per the def? I did not protest any of this as I had always had trouble seeing FNs and was on course to learn. And I graduated the course.

    I have never done metered auditing under the new conditions, but yes, going to the examiner and sitting there for a while is a whole new ballgame.

    All this leads me to asking:

    Can someone who has the tech materials type out the three or four LRH definitions of an FN as they “changed” over the past 40 years so we know exactly what we are referring to?

    And of course, I should add, that auditing is for the pc and is to give the pc cognitions, higher awareness and improved abilities in life and so we want to acknowledge these cognitions in session with an FN indication and not bypass them.

  147. Joe Pendleton

    I was also told at ASHO a few years ago by an SO member that it was discovered that “nobody in an outer org” could tell what an instant read was. “Nobody.”

    As we see above, the greatest invalidation of Scientology wins and abilities comes from people IN the church, from other Scientologists.

    See? ALL the training in the world using LRH Study Tech “failed” as “everyone” has been miscalling FNs.

    We are all sinners. Only one of us is without sin. Our saviour. The man who builds the buildings. And saves us from ourselves. Who is this man? The Chairman himself of course. (sarcasm duly noted)

  148. Jim,

    I think he’s saying it cost him only 108 British pounds.

  149. Speaking of getting paid to smile!

    Looks like tittle Lindsey Lohan will be getting paid to smile pretty soon.
    She’s got out of jail before serving her time and is going to an “undisclosed” rehad facility.

    Oh, and she’s joining Scientology!
    Hopefully she can turn her life around here and realize her enlightenment with Scientology.”

    Oh….MY…God. Hey, it looks like DM comments on this news!

    David Miscavige says:
    August 2, 2010 at 7:38 pm
    Yep, Lindsay’s got a lot of money and that’s what matters to us most at Scientology. If she feels she needs to take some aggressions out on someone, I can let her beat the people I usually punch.
    Anyway, don’t want to hijack the thread. Man Peter…dude you are such a KEEPER, that was incredibly stupid for you to be treated like that!
    Welcome to the Indies, their loss is our gain.

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  151. Jim-

    It is my perception that this (a white mutiny) nails it. Otherwise it (COM) would have crashed and burned quite awhile ago.

    A few brave, yet, timid (blind?) souls continue the farce.


    Peter!!!!! VVWD!!!! that’s what you get for your story and your courage.. I know how you feel I had to enforce also that FN on others against my willing and now how it was messing all up….
    You are more than welcome to our group where you can have and enjoy freedom…..
    I see you are flourishing and prospering and doing something you love too…music is ART!!! and you know how LRH though of them!!!.

  153. Major,

    The staff have been instructed to NOT talk to the people that come in and let them look around. It’s part of the “retro-fit” program where it is mocked-up to be like a Barnes and Noble. You know, come in, look around and if you have any questions, someone will help you.

    I was recently briefed on this. Staff were actually held back (physically) from approaching the public.

    From what I was told, it creates a safe enviornment for the public person to just cruise around and look.

    I am curious to see if it is successful or not. Part of it makes sense to me but I would have to see it for myself to be sure.

  154. Freedom Fighter

    I received an e-mail recently promoting the ACCs. One of the datums promoted was the following:

    “Did you know:
    In the ACCs, LRH tells you exactly what incident on the track is restimulated by watching television?”

    Given this, it looks like DM and company are purposefully trying to restimulate this incident in all new public. More Black Scientology in action folks.

  155. That’s right, Jim.
    Also HCOB 2 Aug 65, Release Goofs:

    “The first goof relating to Releases is the one done for 15 years—running past a free, floating needle on any type of process. THIS is the goof that held back all Scientology. And if it continues to be done, known as well as it is now that you mustn’t, one can only consider it suppressive—not just ignorant—as who now doesn’t know you wreck a Release by running past the floating needle?”

    I would guess that most of us are long since past the point of recognizing that DM is not just ignorant.
    My question is this: How many of the folks who are still rallying around him are also not “just ignorant”?

  156. Dear Joe,

    I pulled out my trusty old Dianetics and Scientology Technical Dictionary from a sixth printing in 1982. There is only one definition of a floating needle and I quote:

    FLOATING NEEDLE, a floating needle is a rhythmic sweep of the dial at a slow, even pace of the needle. That’s what an F/N is. No other definition is correct. (HCOB 21 July 78) Abbr. F/N.

    I guess the demented midget (aka DM) had a better idea than Ron.

    Hence, good folks suffer.

  157. ~Confusiontology~
    No OCA, no dissem drill, no nuttin! Confusiontology

  158. But mostly, don’t bother writing them if it’s based on someone else’s idea of what an O/W is at all!

  159. Fellow Traveller

    Damn! I love this! Sudden or what?

    It’s the Collective of Stupor now, not the Church of Scientology.


  160. Awesome!

  161. Joe~I just had to chuckle over you finding that your meter didn’t FN. LoL 😉
    I’ve audited lots of Book One, with no meter, to VGIs and probably an FN. Doing lots of that first, really made my meter secondary to all other indicators after I did get trained on the Levels and NED.

  162. Merci Maurice.

  163. Great synopsis Just Me.

  164. Cat Daddy,
    You don’t know what a ‘Marcab’ is. This isn’t an observation on your part, it’s ‘catch phrases’.

  165. Joe,
    The several descriptives, ‘idle unifluenced’ ‘fleeting FN’ and ‘that FNed’ are ALL LRH references. I’m in-progress on digging up as much as I can to accomplish what you mention; a succinct summary of the valid, NOT cancelled, pieces of the pie on this subject. I’ll have it in the next several days.

  166. rory Medford

    all roads leads to the original tech

    all roads will lead to a more fun and standard road

    auditors who disagree with the church’s alteration of the tech will one by one join the independent ranks of the duke elite

    peter white has just started the flow

    a juggernaut to follow

  167. Marty,

    Not to be to graphic but this is like some kind of high-tech circle jerk.

  168. Great reference Jim. Tie that into “Talk on A Basic Qual” re the suppressive aspect of overrunning PC’s, and no more needs to be said. As Sinar stated above, it is now a suppressive act to call F/N’s correctly in the c of s. What a maelstrom!

  169. Tony DePhillips

    I just realized why they are using videos instead of people doing the dissem drill.

    This is all part of keeping things secret from the staff about DM beating the Sea Org and the other attrocities. If real people did the dissem drill they would hear from the public what they see on the internet and that cannot happen.
    So..just replace staff with machines so nobody will ever know…The reactive mind does some real weird shit to keep things hidden and all the PTS bots are falling for it. Blah…

    We are making inroads though, so everyone keep up the good work and get the word out!!


  170. Ron gave us the “music” to not be slaves again!

  171. martyrathbun09

    You know – let’s not get too complex. Try reading the original LRH Emeter books, and E Meter drills, and DO THEM. Once you see an F/N, you’ll never have an uncertainty again – unless of course you subject yourself to Miscavige’s implant factory.

  172. The church indeed has gone so far off the rails that now, a new person walking into an idle org is getting bombarded with subjects like: WISE, ABLE, IHELP, Missions, Narconon, Criminion, Applied Scholastics, IASA, Youth for Human Rights, etc. This is cracy. No wonder the org is empty. Anyone walking into an org is confused and the displays are freaky like out of the matrix.

    The first time I walked into a church of Scientology, there were only 3 or 4 displays. The first one said something like: “You came to the right place.” The second one said something like: “You are not a body” The third one said something like: “You are a spirit”.

    Simple. It worked. End of displays.

  173. Tony~Prexactly~stuck a handle…

  174. DFB aka Dfb99

    I dont have the bulletin in front of me and cant recall the exact title, but I believe this RTC/CM alteration of an FN is based on the phrase “back and forth, back and forth,…” that LRH (I assume) wrote.

    It’s a completely literal and insane interpretation. Imagine your needle at set. Ok, now it goes “back”, but this is not an even distance so it doesnt count except to set you up for the three swings. Now, from the left it goes “and forth”. This makes one swing. “back” (two swings), “and forth” (three swings).

    I think thats how it is, but I never really understood because it was just stupid. I dont do good with having stupid, arbitrary BS forced on me so I may have an “MU” on the whole “three times” thing.

    Someone will know the bulletin.

  175. DFB aka Dfb99

    I wonder if the videos count as an intro service?

    I used to work in Div 6. When people came in I would get them on an intro service and an OCA, or atleast an OCA. That OCA test really opens up the door to getting in comm with them.
    Thats the key, you have to get them in comm, get their ruin, you know- that old ORH stuff people used to do in the olden days.

    Are the videos replacing that? You silently start someone on one end of the video maze and they come out the other end and donate all their money to the IAS?

  176. DFB aka Dfb99

    Oops, I meant “that old LRH stuff people used to do in the olden days.”

  177. DFB aka Dfb99

    I believe thats a quote from the State of Man congress. LRH talking about a guy who was complaining and complaining about how bad everything was back at St Hill. LRH says something like that to the guy.

    We are doing something about it.

    Pretty soon john boice will have to decide if he’s going to do anything about it.

  178. one of those who see

    Well said, Christie.

  179. Your humble servant


    Used to say something like an idle, uninfluenced movement of the needle with no patterns or reaction in it. It moves the same speed to the left as it moves to the right. I might still have the actual quotation for you somewhere if you need it.

    As you would expect, Ron’s 1982 definition didn’t “change” what an f/n is. It just expresses it a little differently. You can be darn sure Ron would never have stated an arbitrary like “the auditor must see three swings of the needle before calling an f/n.”

    By the way, does anyone have DM’s order on that in writing?

  180. Wonderful tale about you, Peter.
    A bit tragic as we all know but you put some magic on it.

  181. Joe Pendleton

    Thanks all re: def’s of FN. I look forward to Jim’s summary on this subject with the chronilogical def’s. There WAS an added def of FN on the Pro Metering Course and it was issued under LRH’s name.

  182. Jean-François

    David Miscavidge has perfectly re-created his dramatizations of Implant Stations:

    Video→Video = Video→Video = Video→Video

    Might as well change the name from Idle Org
    to Implant Org. (Staight ↓DOWN↓ and vertical)

  183. TheEmperorIsNaked

    I think that is right. GBP is the symbol used in the commodities markets for the British Pound.

  184. TheEmperorIsNaked

    An SP will seek to prevent Clears and OTs from being made.

  185. TheEmperorIsNaked

    Per KSW1, the ogre that will destroy us is within.

  186. The website I just found called is really cool. The section called Cob versus LRH has a category on “floating needles” It spells out major defanitions of fn’s over the years. I think this will answer the last few bloggers questions. If you have the time, read the whole section on COB versus Lrh. I personally found it mind boggling.

  187. Independent Scientologist

    I can’t think of a better web site to have an “on the fence” Scientologist look at than FriendsofLRH.

    In a very calm and theta way, it presents verifiable statistics and LRH quotations (reams of them).

    You get to look at the data and make up your own mind about the current situation in Scientology.

  188. I see the sarcasm was lost here. I’ll spell it out:
    1. Staff O/W write-up session is ordered.
    2. Examiner looks for a squirrel Miscavige F/N, which doesn’t happen.
    3. Staff member sent back to write up more O/W’s.
    4. Repeat steps 1-3 above.

  189. I had a great deal of trouble at the examiner the last time I did a big block of auditing (a few years ago). I vividly remember one particular instance when I was fully exterior, VVVVVVGIs, smiling so much my face was starting to hurt!! No F/N was called at the examiner.

    Why? It turned out that it was not an F/N, it was a floating TA that wouldn’t quit. Lucky for me, they had a video camera in that examiner’s office and the Qual Sec replayed the exam when I refused to accept that I was not F/Ning. I told them that I do know when I am F/Ning, even if the auditor or examiner doesn’t! In any case, I think that Qual Sec was probably participating in that white mutiny. That floating TA continued for a long time, and it was not possible to continue my sessions — I was sent home on a win.

    I was solo auditing at the time.

  190. Splog
    I think auditors and examiners are so paranoid about the video cameras that they’re not even there for the PC anymore. They’re more concerned about being slammed with heavy ethics for ‘out tech’ if they get it wrong. TR0 went out a long time ago.
    The sad thing is that both auditor/examiner and PC are probably thinking the same thing “PLEASE FLOAT”!

  191. martyrathbun09

    Stay tuned for a formal evaluation on DM’s F/Ns and Golden Age of Tech, later this week.

  192. Hey Chris!

    Wow – very nicely expressed.

    I agree wholeheartedly and once I’m done with the main thing tying up my time these days I would love to get my training de-DMatized and fully LRH enabled once again!

    I need to be back in that chair, and honestly the steps I am taking are leading me back to the chair anyway.

    Its good to know like minded Tech terminals have been rehabbed and offering rehab services.

    Sign me up!


  193. Wayne Froemke (AKA "Safe")

    You’re welcome, yhs. What convinced me to get out from under the suppressive church leadership and disconnect was my findings of altered and deleted LRH works.

    When I wrote up knowledge reports about this, and other things that shouldn’t be, I got sent to ethics for being “critical”.

    I became convinced it was impossible to put ethics in on the top leadership (DM) from within the extremely PTS church group.

    IMO, David Miscavige knew about all the altered new versions of LRH’s works, and approved them. It is too obvious to ignore, especially by an org, RTC, who’s specific task is to protect LRH’s works.

    That’s when I realized that the church was under suppressive leadership, David Miscavige.

    This cognition was a result of me comparing the new squirrelled works to the older “by L. Ron Hubbard” versions.

  194. DFB99,

    I’m not sure how they will count the stat.

    From what I’ve heard, it creates a very relaxed atmosphere for the public.

    If the public person has questions or comments, the staff get in comm with them and do the usual.

    I’m not sure what I think about the videos. They are really well done and I know I used them once when someone wanted to know more about the Narcanon program. It was useful to have them watch the video and that opened up a really nice comm cycle between us.

    Plus I didn’t know much about the Narcanon program, so while they watched the video, I watched it with them.

    It worked quite well.

  195. It’s supposed to say: I was NOT solo auditing at the time.

  196. DFB,

    I will get the 2 references from Vol 5 about High Crime checkouts on new data.

    I was around when LRH was on the line and he wrote 2 policies about the handling of new data, via Qual, for tech terminals.

    When a new HCOB was issued, us auditors and supes went to Qual for our star-rate checkouts and M4’s. Qual kept a log of all the new issues and we could not take a PC in until we had gotten an OK from Qual.

    The outpoint on the “revised” HCOB is that it states LRH made this change in the definition of an F/N and just amended the data in the Book of E-meter drills!

    So, bascially, what it is saying is that LRH just made this huge change, told no one, not even Qual, and just stuck it in a book?

    I don’t think soooo……

  197. You duplicated my comm exactly! A BTDT moment.
    (Been There Done That) 🙂

  198. A little snippet from a lecture

    “….you make one coma wrong and it’s death forever.”

    L Ron hubbard

    Want more ?

  199. Looking forward to that very much, Marty.

    I also cannot wait to hear the comments to your post from some of the higher trained auditors. You know, the ones like Karen D, Dan K, and all the other fine LRH trained auditors that were miscalling F/N’s all those years and got no results on their PCs…. (wink)

    I remember the first exam I got after my first GAT session. I red tagged for the first time in 10 years as a PRE-GAT PC. I was watching the examiner wait for the meter to play dixie. That did it – extreme invalidation.

    Don’t take too long Marty….I am brewing up some tea and preparing myself for a great read.


  200. This will never make any sense.
    Only live communication paired with the dissem drill works.
    The old equation auditor+ pc> bank or disseminator and prospect > bank.
    Those videos are not theta, they are mest and mest can’t be theta (just an appearance of ).
    In those videos also Cruise takls a lot of his crazy nonsense and propably will chase away quite some people.

  201. for sure they count as intro service and propably one person coming in is counted as five or more intro services and it gives straight up and vertical stats.

  202. Ohhh now I got it! Thanks for clarifying.

    Yeah. Waiting for the eMeter to play Dixie. :-\ oogling the meter to figure out if it F/Nd ◕ ◐ F/N poopers.

    Part of the flea’s master plan to keep people introverted and beneath him.

  203. Jack, I realized from your post that quite a few of my old friends loved having Examiner posts in Qual. They dealt with keyed out and very uptone people all day and was perhaps the most Theta post in a good Standard Tech org. I guess this is ancient history.

    These days it seems that the Examiner post is pretty stressful, just hoping that the next person will have the requisite three swings, in a David Miscavige signature Org!

  204. Snicks,

    Thanks, you just explained it to me!

    DM considers it to be a Barnes and Noble, a money making books. based on LRH cranking machine.

    B&N (NYSE: BKS) has to be transparent in their public company stat reporting due to Sarbanes Oxley (Corporate and Auditing Accountability and Responsibility Act) , but DM doesn’t.

    Their CEO gets about 3M per annum and so it’s what DM strives for!

  205. First thing on FNs.


    I’m up to the mid 70s, checking through my Tech Vols and tapes and there isn’t a single statement anywhere that says ‘this many swings’ is an FN.

    It isn’t in the 78 definition. It isn’t in the E-Meter Essentials Errata issued in 79 either. It isn’t in the original EMeter books. It isn’t anywhere that I have found.

    If someone can tell me an LRH reference that says an FN has to have a minimum or maximum number of ‘swings’, well, speak the f up – even you Dave. Hmmmmm…

  206. Oh I forgot: David Miscavige more of us are in your events filming you. This footage was shot by another person than the previous posted clip.

    OSA you suck at security.

  207. Can you imagine having an F/N as an instant read? Would you have to wait for 3 swings?

  208. Jim, DFB above has it correct on the “back and forth, back and forth” being the rationale along with “rhythmic”. This is based on my pulling strings on GAT meter trained people. So they are fed leading questions to get them to have the “cog”. And it is very easy to create questions about the correctness of it, with unleading questions. The ref on “Tech Recovery” you cited above says it all.

  209. “and the displays are freaky like out of the matrix.”

    I thought Miscavige bought up some old “Star Trek “consoles

  210. Implant Stations is a populair name for them amongst Anons besides Idle Orgs or Ideal Morgues.

  211. Hearing this info on 3 swings from a relatively recently trained auditor takes out the glibness for me. I was aware of it, there’s been too many reports to ignore. But to actually confront that DM has changed the thing which everything else hinges on was causing some unknowing non-confront or non-recognition of the full reality.

    If LRH wanted to get across that an F/N was called only after three swings, keeping in mind he’s a genius with a lucid mind and easily communicates complex ideas through straight line thinking, he would have said EXACTLY THAT, without question, full stop.

    DM has been setting up his own demise without question, there’s no chance even he thought he’d get away with this. A subtler attack could have been proclaiming his own new-found axioms and Q’s at an event. In other words we’ve got him.

  212. Plus if you have a dial wide F/N you could wait 15 seconds or something for the meter to play dixie. You must wait that long or it’s ethics time because this is exactly what LRH says. This is not waiting for the meter to play dixie, 15 seconds of silence over line charging and crying and whole new worlds opening up. Too bad, repeat the question.

  213. The Closet M0nk

    …remember it well and I guess everyone was forced to tow the line too…you…the qual sec…the tech sec…the auditors…the examiners…snr c/s…et al…1996 eh? wow that would be GAT would it not…
    me personally……depends how a person see’s back and forth…at the end of the day taking the literal words and counting how many times LRH says it…that has got to be ridiculous…surely it is him emphasising the words, that is all…like if I said describing polishing a piano “do it real smooth, real smooth”…if you are an auditor and are in communication with a PC and you see …”a rhythmic sweep of the dial at a slow, even pace of the needle, back and forth…” then you see the PC indicators that you are trained to see is that not it?…because if RTC are telling me you need the take another “back and forth” and another and another…then surely you need to then take the next bit of the definition… “without change in the width of the swing except perhaps to widen as the pc gets off the last small bits of charge”…rubbish they are sitting there getting that each time…rubbish…I do not believe anyone that every single time a rud is flown…because the pc can move out of joy…yes you can run a correction list to find gone past an F/N but running correction lists all the time will can put a PC out of session…I dont really care what anyone says to this comment but at the end of the day the SIMULATOR is the thing to blame here …someone was so glib and robotic they set up the simulator wrong and GAT training films mirrored this…I left before Pete for this very reason said…Pete was a good chap and still is I am sure…he was a great auditor, I know…I remember on my Internship…my passing video was 1 hour 50 mins and all the F/Ns had to be this stupid 3 to 4 sweeps of the dial…Sure I did it as was asked but Internships became tough and the auditing lost it’s appeal to deliver and be audited as it became almost un-natural and very robotic…examiners TR’s would go out…they would try and smile REAL hard to the PC to F/N…everything forced and stressful…to wake up and ly in bed with a huge sigh and relief I no longer have to apply something so un-natural is of much more appeal…If that definition is on the other hand as RTC claim then they are all SP’s…and hell anyway does the auditor’s code say you should not invalidate a PC?…from my memory that is a definate no-no…what happens if you invalidate a PC do you get declared too?…sure you need the indicator’s and you do need an F/N but it all comes down to the definition….Dan Koon’s comments on has rekindled my love for the word F/N as I was F/Ning and actually made me win back all my training gains on that comment alone…yep up to that point i never knew whay I did it…ciao

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