Counterfeit Dreams by Jefferson Hawkins


Jeff Hawkin’s Counterfeit Dreams is now completed in hardback and available at

Anyone who has been effected or affected by the disclosures on this blog,, the St Petersburg Times’ Truth Rundown Series, Anderson Cooper’s History of Violence series, or ABC Nightlines two-part October ’09 piece on Scientology, should order and read Counterfeit Dreams.

Jeff’s book adds context, credibility, and light to all of the above references. While I had a bird’s eye view of much of the insanity he recounts, reading Counterfeit gave me a far better understanding of it. Jeff contributes a remarkably detailed account of many events I had some part in but did not know the full effects of. Having familiarity with many of the larger events of which Jeff shares his perspective, his book rings resoundingly true to me.

I want to share a couple of notes I made during the read that you may want to know. First, Jeff does not hold a kind view of Scientology and L. Ron Hubbard. But, this book is his perspective, and for the most part he keeps to the facts; actually does an admirable job of it, given Counterfeit is a personal narrative covering forty years of the man’s life. By the same token, Jeff’s credibility is highlighted by his willingness to give positive and negative. In the case of LRH, Jeff notes it was LRH that sensed what Jeff was doing with Marketing was correct and provided him the air cover to get it done, despite a lot of attempts by the bureaucracy to throw Jeff off. I note all this because I believe it would be a shame for people who are “pro-Scientology” or “pro-LRH” to not read this book because Jeff’s views don’t align with their own. There is too much important information to be learned from it.

Similarly, I think some people may be painted in a more negative light than they should be, purely incidentally because of Jeff’s reporting from his own point of view. For example Ronnie Miscavige and Bill Dendiu appear to come out of the blue to systematically unmock the incredible marketing machine Jeff had created in the eighties. From Jeff’s perspective that is absolute truth. From my own, having occupied a different point to view during that time, I know Ronnie and Bill were simply doing what they were instructed to do under duress by David Miscavige. Jeff recounts a major blow being delivered to Marketing by moving it up the Int Base in the early nineties. I happen to know that Ronnie and Bill executed that crime against their own better judgments – both were interrogated, disciplined and denigrated for years for holding “counter intention” to that move. I know, I was ordered by David Miscavige to deal with that “counter intention” personally.

But, that all comes from perspectives and facts Jeff was in a position to witness. Again, I think Jeff demonstrates a conscientiousness toward truth throughout.

If I seem to be focusing on marketing, there is a reason. What Jeff accomplished by getting Dianetics onto bestseller lists in the eighties is in my opinion the central reason there was any expansion of Scientology for the four short years after Hubbard’s death. As has been well reported in the past year, after the down turn of 1990, International Scientology statistics have been down ever since. One of the last things Hubbard issued on the subject of marketing was the Policy Letter Planetary Dissemination (which emphasizes the live or die principle that the bulk of marketing efforts go to the general public and the bottom of the Bridge, and re-emphasizes that is done most effectively by getting books into the hands of people). Jeff was the last person to do so. And he was unmocked in the late eighties; almost exactly date coincident with LRH passing away. He doesn’t clearly state it in the book, because clearly he did not know it, but that unmock and cross order came directly and emphatically from Miscavige. In 1987 he hijacked marketing, directed it off of broad distribution of books, and turned it increasingly onto Public Relations. And then, as Miscavige descended further and further toward madness, the emphasis became marketing as Public Relations to his own captive public about himself (an integral part of his creation of a cult). Finally, Miscavige destroyed Marketing altogether – the details of which Jeff very competently covers in his book.

If anyone doubts the church of Scientology is dead, perhaps even believes it innately but doesn’t have the facts to really know it, Counterfeit provides the information – again, so important, in context – for you to make up your mind. I believe that is a critical bridge to cross in order to move on and evolve.

Whether you agree or disagree with Jeff’s ultimate views about the worth of Scientology and its founder, there is too much vital factual information about the disintigration of the church in his book not to read it.  Finally, I do not think anyone can credibly argue that on the whole Jeff’s work is not all about helping people evolve to a better place.

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  1. Superbly written review, Marty.

  2. I would just like to add that Jeff is one hell of a writer. Even someone with no connection or particular interest in Scientology would find this book hard to put down, it’s such a fascinating and well-told story.

  3. This is a very important subject.

    Jeff´s book was for me a life changing point.

    It truly was.

    It blows a lot of charge on me because in a much minor scale I live duress in my mariage and executive intervention in my personal and family life while I was on staff.
    “If sometime you need to choose between my sister and being on staff; choose staff: it´s much more important”; once told me the brother of my then wife.

    The part of the book that descibe how CofDM separate Jeff from his wife is heartbreaking in extreme.

    I admire Jeff and I do not care if he does not consider himself a Scientologist. It could not care lees for me if he is a Scientologist or not. He IS a hero and Im not overstating it.

    I have never had the fortune of meeting Jeff personally but someday I will do it and Im going to express to him how valuable was his book to me.

    It was while reading Jeff´s book that I was writing my independence declaration and it has a strong influence on it.

    How can a human being devote half of his life to help fellow man?
    Read Counterfeit Dreams and you will know it.

    In a larger view; I consider that putting together Marty´s book (to be published), Jeff´s book, Amy´s, and many other that precede them; all this with the context of Anderson Cooper investigations, the St. Pete Truth Rd and the testimonials of Jason, Morehead, Pfauf and also the testimonials of public scientologists like Mary Jo, Tiziano, Geir and others could bring about what would be considered as “The true story of the rise and fall of church of Scientology collection” (TM).

    I don´t know.
    Maybe even we can hire to Dan Sherman to toast it with rare and hidden words to exaggerate it.

    Thanks Jeff for changing my life and breaking the final cord that was keeping me in touch with CofM.

    With Love

    Roberto Sánchez Núñez.

    (Sorry for the typos.)

  4. Very nice review Marty.

    I’m just so glad people like Jeff, Amy, Marc Headley, Nancy Many have pushed all the way through and done books.

    Books are valuable long range to getting Scientology history understood by others who don’t have the thousands of hours to read all the raw data on the chat sites.

    I’d love to see MORE books.


  5. “When the Tao is lost there is goodness.
    When goodness is lost, there is morality.
    When morality is lost, there is ritual.
    Ritual is the husk of true faith,
    the beginning of chaos.”

    Tao Te Ching
    Lao Tzu

  6. Thanks Marty.

    Before “accidentally” stumbling upon DMSMH in 1987, I´d seen those black and white, A5 size promo´s where the subject was positioned with Einstein. That image had stayed good in my mind until I was reading it with BD´s and had wanted to pass on my thanks to him for sparking my interest. But Jeff is the real deal and it is of course his choice to take or leave Hubbard´s works today. From me to Jeff – Thank You, man. Next to Einstein I´ve got you now.

    Just placed my order.

  7. What Jefferson accomplished with SBMU is nothing short of “OT” in a very big way. Being in Div 6 at the time, those More Information Cards that would come in from the DMSMH sales were pure gold…..when contacted, the ones that read and understood the book reached heavily and were wide open to the subject. That LRH recognized his importance, and gave him Ethics Protection was a huge deal….LRH could enjoy the fruits of his observations, unlike other, later administrators. After finishing “Counterfeit Dreams”, I sent Jeff a private EMail, thanking him not only for the book, but for his incredible work. It made my life easier, and touched a great many people. So I will say it publically as well; thank you Jefferson, for all that you did.

    More proof that “The theta has left the building.”

  8. Yesterday morning, around 10AM I picked up my copy of Counterfeit Dreams from my post office.

    Yesterday evening around midnight, I finished the book.

    Except for a mere handful of people, I knew everyone Jeff mentioned. And many of them, well enough to know — wow — exactly true.

    The rest of my night was restless, having stirred up so many memories, my own dashed dreams and those of my friends.

    In the clear light of a new day, I had this realization:

    A person, who has been stopped, blocked, degraded and belittled WILL start to question his own basic goodness (buddhanature, christ consciousness, theta) and cease to know WHAT to accept and what to reject.

    Some will completely buckle and go mad. Others will just crawl deeper into a shell, becoming the walking dead. While others, like Jeff, Marty, Steve, Jim etc will formulate an escape plan and do it – possibly on their last leg.

    And it takes, IMHO, years of separation from the suppressor to start yet again to feel sane, human and good.

    Jeff has done a remarkable job at presenting his story. He has emerged from 40 years – in my mind – wiser, stronger and more able to help mankind than
    had he never experienced any of it.

    There is indeed a great deal to be said about hitting the wall and coming back.

    Marty’s view gives a terrific broad view of the scene. The destruction of dissemination through marketing is key. Thanks.


  9. Going to the Counterfeit Dreams blog, before I was totally, totally out was one of the main pieces of undeniable authenticity that clinched the deal for me. I wept and cursed the C of S while reading “Going Home”. His writing cuts to the very core of your being.

    Jeff’s writings reveal the brilliance of the man’s mind. His story shows a man of such integrity, love and loyality. I am proud to know this man.

    Jeff’s book and blogs will continue to be an integral piece of the “leaving the official church of Scientology process” no matter which way the person turns in the end, Independent or otherwise.

    In addition, Jeff helps to bridge the gap between those who call themselves Independent and those who are no longer calling themselves Scientologists and has created a playing field where we can all be together. After all, we all have gone through and continue to go through this same experience. We should all continue to love each other no matter what and creating this affinity versus a polarity is Jeff’s forte and I salute him for this as well as saluting Marty for giving this review. Beautiful. This is how truth prevails.

  10. I highly recommend Jeff’s book, even if you’ve read the leaner, on-line version, as I did about a year ago. That version was instrumental to opening my eyes to the truth of my own c of m experience. I know a lot of other people have said that same thing. How many authors can do that, show you the truth about your own life without even knowing you? Jeff did. And in reading the expanded, book version, I have come to an even deeper understanding of the situation as it was then and as it is now.

    For quite a while now, I have not for the life of me been able to understand how the last remaining Int staff could continue to hold on, to do dm’s bidding when it was clearly (to me) so evil, so counter to the principles of scientology. But what I realized from Jeff’s story was that I had really failed to view the scene with enough compassion and humility. I had underestimated the profound sense of purpose of many sea org members, and how powerful that purpose remained even after it was corrupted and twisted by years of abuse and violence, of constant threat of loss, of hate and nullification from the top and those around them. Such a force as a truly beautiful and pro-survival purpose, once perverted, can be used to do horrible things. Is it that simple? No, and not being there myself I may never understand it the way a survivor of that environment does. But I do understand it.

    Jeff’s own personal sense of purpose, of accomplishing his self-appointed goal to help people have better lives by getting the Truth in the form of LRH’s materials into their hands, is evident in every chapter of his book.
    And he came to his own conclusions about his experience, as we all must. I know I’m coming to mine after many months, several books and countless blogs and conversations with friends and other ex-members. Being able to do that, to glean what is of value for oneself, is what gives the whole experience of 30+ years in the c of m any value at all once one leaves.

    I hope Jeff’s book has tremendous success, and that he succeeds in once again helping people to improve their lives by getting the truth into their hands. I hope you read this book.

  11. My 2 cents: I read the short version online and have already ordered my hard back copy. I couldn’t tear myself away from it. Jeff’s writing is lucid, witty and incisive. This, IMHO, is an absolute MUST read . It certainly gave me a deeper understanding of how the CofS became a cult than almost anything else. Also, having worked loosely under the umbrella of the PDO set up in the 80s we knew the Hawkin’s by their products, and Jeff and Nancy were talked about in hushed tones in marketing circles because of the tremendous work they did to do what LRH actually wanted; get books into the hands of new public. No real surprise in the light of information now freely available that it was competely unmocked.

    Jeff’s desription of meeting Steve Hall for the first time is hilarious as it is warm and real: With your permission Jeff: “Even in the roughest of times, he could get us laughing. He had this pair of funny sunglasses with candy-striped rims that he kept in his drawer, and every time someone was getting roasted by an exec, he’d slide those out of the drawer and put them on “to ward off negative radiation.”

    Thanks Jeff for an outstanding work – it deserves to be an International bestseller.

  12. Jeff writes so well and is just generally a great guy. He puts things into words that others may experience but can’t articulate as well. He was brilliant at the LA press conference back in February.

  13. I arrived at the base in 1990 to work in Central Marketing Unit and worked in pretty much every area from the Assembly Line to being a Product Manager and then of course being the MAA for PDO. Jeff Hawkins was the CO CMU when I arrived and was one of the best executives I ever had the chance to work with.

    Unlike many other execs (not a generality), Jeff actually cared about his staff and their well being.

    CMU arrived to a base of considered “downstats” as the most “upstat” team in all of Scientology. CMU was given the red carpet upon arrival to the base, but that was soon to change because David Miscavige obviously can’t stand to see other people thrive, or do a better job than he can. None of the successful actions CMU had done in the past had anything to do with DM or his ideas. Scientology’s most successful period of dissemination and expansion are majorly due to the ideas of a true advertising and marketing man – Jeff Hawkins.

    The biggest mistake ever made was when CMU/PDO was put into Golden Era as a division and restricted to being at a remote location, away from the lines of the world. The power of advertising and marketing was taken away by having it’s managers and artists confined and oblivious to what was actually happening in the real world. Due to paranoia, security and secrecy, we became the most ineffective Marketing team on the planet. Our only view of the outside world was through surveys being done at LAX or through other means. We weren’t even allowed to watch TV or the news – ridiculous!

    Dismantling Marketing, along with the abuse and slavery of it’s staff is probably the main Why for the Church being Dead and will never become what we though it would be or what we thought it was about.

    Honestly, with all I witnessed and learned over those years, I don’t think Scientology ever was what I thought it was about. One of the independent thoughts I finally had that started to open my eyes was, “How could something that’s supposed to have all the answers, and the power to restore freedom to the entire universe, be so BAD? And especially at the top, and as “close to Source” as you could possibly get?” And then I traveled down that rabbit hole…

    I never had the chance to work with LRH, MSH, or Mayo, but I sure as hell got as close as you can get and worked with and knew a LOT of other people who did, and none of those guys have the answers to life either. If they did, this blog probably wouldn’t exist and Miscavige most likely would have been spotted very early on the chain and removed. But that’s just my opinion.

    Anyway, I will always consider Jeff to be a dear friend and look forward to reading his book.

    Thanks Jeff for telling it like it is! Your blog is fantastic btw and a must read.

  14. martyrathbun09

    Thanks. I agree with your observations about Marketing. I don’t agree with your conclusions, but you know that. Thanks for this all the same.

  15. martyrathbun09

    So true about Jeff’s bridge.

  16. Your willingness to recommend this book says great things about the direction of the independent movement. And yes, Jeff is a superb writer.

  17. Stats aren’t just “down” – they are HELD down.

  18. Very Very Well Done Marty. Let’s take that MEST church down brick by brick because it has lost its purpose. Marty Rathbun is doing it right in this dangerous Game of Chess. It is a life or death Genration. “The Highest Trees Catch the Most Wind” meaning That if you stick your neck out it’s in danger to be chopped of.

    Thank you for sticking your neck out anyway Marty.

  19. Yes, brendon. And it says a whole lot about the being that Marty is.

    Thank you, Marty. The title of this blog is exactly right.

  20. Syn, +1. You’ve said so eloguently what is in my heart for Jeff, his book, his work, his spirit, that adding more would take away.

  21. I am reading Jeff’s book and I admire him for writing it. It fills in holes I saw (having Marketing experience myself and having worked for several of the companies that were mentioned as well as their competitors ). Jeff has produced an excellent read.

    Thanks Jeff for writing it.

  22. Wayne Froemke (AKA "Safe")

    Very, very helpful review, Marty. Would you please post it on Amazon?

  23. Marty:

    As I was reading your post today. I thought of something that may help to connect the dots or a style of writing for the blog or for that matter future books. As you say everyone has their own viewpoint with which they see things happen. In some cases they don’t have the facts or the data so they may have the wrong why, or they simply form a conclusion with lack of data. Some of the bigger situations that I hear recounted by many different people (for example massacre at INCOMM) take a whole different light when you read everyone’s data and analyze for yourself. It actually helps to connect the dots and to give others a chance to fully look at a situation, not just from one person’s viewpoint. Since we are all allowed to have freedom of thought and freedom to observe anything we want on your blog, it would be an interesting thing to take a few of the more major stories and anyone who was involved write up their version or add their facts that may not be known. Even a book written by several authors, sharing their viewpoints about the same experiences, just gives depth, clarity and understanding to all of us reading, and to those who lived through the experiences. It probably will clear up a lot of ARC breaks for those that never really understood what the heck was going on or who were the real players behind certain decisions and actions.


  24. Wayne Froemke (AKA "Safe")


    Would you post your review on Amazon? I believe it will help a lot of people. As it stands now, he only has one review so far.

    (Also, thanks for posting your review on this blog, too.)

  25. Hi Marty, and really, Hi Jeffa,

    I finished your book 10 minutes ago after reading it over the weekend. Got to bed yesterday night and an hour later I was up again, continuing reading until 2AM. Now I have finished it.

    An excellent account. To me many little pieces of the overall puzzles (as to what the hell did happen when it got so crazy) were added. Some of Jeff’s opinions I do not share – and others I found very thought provoking.

    Some express “suprise” about Marty posting this reeview. I would have been surprised if he had NOT posted it. It’s not about somebody liking Scientology or LRH – I happen to like both. It’s about the abuses, the fraud, the human rights violations that are going on. It’s everybody against CRIMES – with different opinions on other things.

    And even though I knew from the start (by reading Jeff’s website) that he does not think well of LRH, the “tech” or “admin tech” or “ethics” (he puts it in quotes throughout his book) he does it in such a CIVILIZED fashion that if the C of M would talk about it critics in a similar way we wouldn’t have a “war” but would be in COMMUNICATION.

    Great book. Well written. Lots of facts (quite a number of events I can attest to even though I have never been at the Int Base).

    There’s more I want to tell you that would be to long for a comment and this blog wouldn’t be the right place for posting. I’ll send you a separate email.

    Thanks Jeff.

  26. The fact that Jeff stayed on target for so many years, even though the Chairman of the Board of the Religious Technology Center seemed to have the obvious intention of turning him into a crippled robot, demonstrates Jeff’s strength of will and integrity. When animal-Miscavige failed at doing Jeff in by pounding on his help button, he resorted to beating his body.

    I’ve heard it said that it was FEAR of the outside and the unknown that kept a lot of Sea Org members from leaving in order to escape the abuse. I don’t know if this was the case with Jeff or not, but if it was, then he has definitely faced and overcome that fear with honors by leaving, speaking out and finally…the Coup de grace of the truth with this excellent book.

    Very, very well done, Mr. Hawkins!

  27. Thanks Marty. I just ordered Jeff’s book. In the last few months, in addition to your site here, I read AmyScobee’s book, as well as Marc Headley’s book. Right now I am reading Nancy Many’s book, she was one of my seniors at CCLA back in the day. When I left the SO in 1986, I left with my reality of what I had experienced for 11 years or so, working round the clock to get people on the Bridge. That being said, I was never at Int, always on the ground so to speak, dealing with “raw public”. It is obvious that my experiences really just scratched the surface of how wrong and off-source things got, particularly after LRH moved on. Everything I have read so far has been enlightening and incredibly helpful. I am one of those ex-SO that has certainty in the tech, in that all the LRH that I applied correctly in my life worked for me. It certainly helped me to survive at age 36 after leaving. The fact that Jeff or Marc may not feel the same about LRH in no way diminishes the value and importance of the story they tell.

  28. Thanks for this Marty and I agree that Jeff’s value as a whisleblower on what goes on in the Church through his blog and book is comensurate and really has nothing to do with whether or not he still wants to abide by LRH Tech personnally. If that is his reality, then that’s just what it is, and there’s not much more to say about it.
    I also want to add the personal observation that those who have kept the tech in their hearts, like for instance yourself, like Dan, like JB, etc. were all at some point able to avail themselves of the Tech without DM interference and squirrelling, either before DM’s time like Dan, or far from the Base like you, or on the RPF while segregated, etc. In other words, we saw and experienced what we saw and he saw and experienced what he did. This movement is not a preaching movement but rather has a lot to do with regaining the use of ones “eyeballs” and one’s integrity.
    Reading Jeff’s blog was a turning point for me too.

  29. martyrathbun09

    Great Gary.

  30. Yesterday evening I attended a dinner party given in honor of Jeff’s publication of the book. I am sure pictures will be posted on the Internet in due course…3 photographers !
    People were coming and going at quite a pace and I know that only some got into the group photo. It was a fabulous evening. Warmth, Friendship, Great stories, ~ it was similar to the July 4th at Mike Rinder’s home when Marty and Mosey got married. A memorable evening of sheer triumph.
    We all made it through !
    (Sinar it was GREAT to meet you ~~ Marc Headley ~~funny as ever, wow on meeting so many I only knew as “Internet IDs”. Good to meet in person !)
    Jeff’s book has been an inspiration to me because of the repeated ABUSE which I am driven to expose.
    His beatings/punchings ~~ assault and battery by David Miscavige once again on record in a published book.
    Jeff is able to paint images in your mind, the way he tells it.
    His pen creates the mental image pictures in the mind.
    The finale of what he does to the Atlantic Ocean to sever his 35 year history is more than symbolic. You will feel the emotion.
    I consider Jeff a dear and personal friend.

  31. Karen

    It was an honor to meet you. Since your first appearance on this blog you have impressed me as a “Wonder Woman.” When I finally got to meet you last night, I was not disappointed.


  32. Independent Scientologist

    I’ve read Nancy Many’s book, I’m more than halfway through Marc Headley’s book and Jeff Hawkins’ book is in the mail.

    Although I am most emphatically no longer a member of the Cof$, I am still very much a Scientologist, having witnesesed firsthand absolute miracles with the tech.

    The hardest thing I have had to do since becoming an independent is forcing myself to listen to all kinds of peoples, some with viewpoints much different than my own – such as former Sea Org members who state that they are no longer Scientologists.

    What I have found is that I learn a LOT from these people. So I plan to continue to keep my comm lines wide open.

    To me, the heart and soul of Scientology is communication.

  33. This thread is a great book review!

  34. When I was working my way out of the Church, my mind was spinning off in a dozen different directions with conclusions being made and unmade, changed and reformed constantly. Everything I had once believed was being severely refuted on an hourly basis. I had no stable ground on which to stand. And then I read Jeff’s book on-line. Instantly, my mind calmed. The ground became firm, and I was able to begin moving forward again. It was a pivotal moment in my life.

    In case you couldn’t tell. I strongly recommend Jeff’s book.

  35. About 11 moths ago I heard about a supressive article that was in the SP Times regarding the “Church”. I waited until midnight when my family was asleep and proceeded to google the SP Times. I looked at myself from an exterior view and I realized that I was in my office, in a small town in the USA with my shades drawn, sweating like a pig, double checking the blinds, because I was going to “Look” at the internet. Not to look at something disgusting like porn, etc but check out the “Church’. At that point I knew that something was really wrong. I have been a Scientologist fro 23 years and on OT VII and I was afraid to google the Church of Scientology, SP Times.

    I read the SP Times atricle. The next night (after midnight again), I reread the Times and then I found and read Jeff Hawkins’ “Conterfeit Dreams”. I stayed up almost all night reading it. That was it for me, I was out. Jeff is an incredible writer and very honest. His on line book sealed the deal for me, I was never going to drink the kool aid again!

    Thank you Jeff, you helped guide me to truth! My life has changed so much as the truth set myself and my family free. We realized that we were in a Cult, the very thing that we had tried for so many years to handle with our family and friends. We stopped donating and participating in the Church. We have connected up with soooo many people that also don’t drink the kool aid and every week, we have someone new wanting to talk to us about the Church and join our group.

    Just as I will never forget the 1st time that I read Dianetics, I will never forget reading Jeff’s book. Jeff, thank you for your shining light that lead me to the Truth about my “Church”.

  36. plainoldthetan

    I find it enlightening and heartening to hear that Jeff orchestrated the late-80’s Dianetic book campaign. It was truly a success, in my view, and drove people through the doors in droves that then resulted in delivery and case gain and Bridge progress. And it had REAL honest-to-god advertising. Like on TV and radio and in print media.


    Shhh. Don’t tell DM. He’ll try to cause an affluence and take all the credit himself.

  37. Kevin Bloody Mackey

    @”I S”, I totally agree with you from the other side of the coin, while I was never in the SO, I did spend 15 years on DM’s OTVII and two on staff.

    I am no longer a Scientologist even though I have seen workability in the tech, but I too have expanded from hearing independent Scientologists evaluate and critique the tech free of the constraints of the CofS. I’m pleasantly surprised to hear you say the same about those that have left.

    Jeff”s book is on it’s way to my outback home and I can barely wait, I read his blog version as he wrote it, I think the man is one of the wisest I’ve ever had the privilege of knowing.

  38. Jeff is TOTALY RIGHT when says that Scientology cannot give you freedom and nor can they take it away!
    Ron even says that: “if you think you can help someone you are delusional”
    Or he says:” I cannot teach you anything which you do not already know – so doesn’t worry that you cant remember when you kick the bucket – you know”
    (nothing above is verbatim as I never was a fan of verbatim and think it is for those who want to be robots – even in the course room while on auditor training or OEC or anything else I said what came to my mind despite most the supervisors heavily protest. (there was actually quite a few who did not protest and used me as the unofficial “Helmut can you help this student he is bugged since last week”
    And it does not mean I never should HCOB’s – just not so compulsively as it keeps things flowing more rapid – and as after all speed of particle flow is determining power and as after all any stop no matter how little IS insanity.
    I love to disagree – and Ron says that this is healthier more up tone than agree .
    So, back to Jeff subject of scientology not being able to give freedom or take it away.
    How the hell can someone take something away from you which does NOT exist?
    Being mortal as a spirit does not exist –thus it can’t be taken away nor can immortality be given.
    Scientology does a tremendous good job of showing ways on how to become MORE AWARE of this phenomena – a fantastic job if I might personally attest.

    But – to all the non-scientologist and maybe even more so to all the scientologist out there – do not ever make scientology or any other teachings cause over “your freedom which you do already posses”
    Here is another thing Ron says : nobody can train another to improve that persons ability – one can at best coax the person into displaying more willingness to do what he wants to do .
    So, do whatever works for you to get your willingness to display your powers and you will see them growing. (reading LRH is as good as any start you can try)
    Sorry – wrong statement you won’t see your powers growing as you already posses them. You see the effects of your display of your ALREADY available power.
    And since all live is a game anyhow – don’t be so discouraged if you lose here and there (for long time maybe) trying to display your powers.
    It would not be a game and be boring if it would not be so .
    Just don’t start stupid games such as hating the phsycs or Mr. David Mismanage and forget about the real game you wanted to play. That would be a shame, but even that could be corrected a few thousand years later if you are willing.
    Scientology is the simplest body of knowledge I have ever encountered – there are extremely few principals which are important in scientology. Those principles are stated in many ways and from many angels but there are few – even the actual auditing is as simple as 1,2,3 and any other complication of it is a stop.
    The fact that it is all very simple and has been available before Ron does not make me any less grateful that I have encountered scientology when I did. I just always ONLY looked at it a tool knowing well that and this it turned out to be one set of tool I will cherish and use and pass on.
    Thanks Jeff

  39. as it should be.

  40. I haven’t read Jeff’s book yet, but his blog is suffused with warmth and intelligence, yet he doesn’t let any doctrinaire bullshit pass uncalled.

    I am looking forward to reading Counterfeit Dreams.

  41. Concerned Citizen

    I do not believe fear of “the-unknown-outside-world” or “failure” for that matter is the major reason; I believe it is a combination of purpose and fear of being wrong in our observations, thought process or conclusions. It is the resultant uncertainty that plagues such a suppressive environment.

    I find it fascinating to hear how Marty, who for 2 decades was virtually the second in command yet was also not privy to more than “need to know” information. It is precisely this lack of access to information, the lack of varied viewpoints that cancels out one’s ability to evaluate. It becomes the illusion -The whole of Scientology see it the same way, only you don’t – What is it that is wrong with me?

    Someone may say, “I would never fall for that” but if you consider that you know most of these fellow Scientologist are the kindest, most honorable and selfless individuals you ever met, and some of the smartest minds you’ll ever find. – (If you need a mountain moved, call on real Sea Org Members and your mountain will be moved)

    So the equation becomes something like this:

    “- I experienced amazing gains with the use of this technology.- I want others to experience them too, a better world would inevitably exist.
    – The Sea Org is the group doing just that-(so think most people in due to events etc)
    -And I knew it’d be though gig going in, it is though.
    – I’m disagreeing with something these people, all kindred spirits, all on purpose, all dedicated and honest, and most importantly, very able and smart, all but me agree with it”

    This all equals to and is resolved time and time again by a conclusion like this one:

    “It has got to be me that is mistaken, I can not put myself and my comfort ahead of the rest of the group or the world, I guess I just don’t have enough data, but I trust my command so I’ll have follow them blindly because surely they have the data, the smarts, and the honesty (so most SO members, who undergo weekly meter checks and can not get away with the slightest sideways sneeze, think)

    So if I can see things the same way they do, then I’ll look into my deepest thoughts, clear all my misconceptions, find all my counter intentions, divulge all my transgressions and purify myself till I can confidently be like they are”

    Only it rarely happens, only degradation or madness, some convince themselves they agree, but deep down know they can’t. Some of us did manage to escape, many who did escape, fought doubts and disagreements and still tried to become like the group, I and others reached the conclusion that some SP is working close to the TOP, (after being able to think clearly with enough sleep for some years) but due to PR, we never imagined the real who and how, until the necessary information provided by so many people’s data and perspectives, enabled us to breath a sigh of relief and know where north and south really are.

  42. Concerned Citizen

    I cannot imagine anyone who truly is a Scientologist being upset by Marty’s endorsement, the fact that Jeff reaches a different conclusion than we did through our experience does not change the fact that his perspective is invaluable. ( How can any one blame the man for his views after all that happened?)

    If one is sure of one’s data and the validity of one’s convictions, why resent or be troubled by exposure to a divergent view? Venom is not in Jeff’s vocabulary.
    I find it ironic that anyone truly calling themselves Scientologist would fail to understand Jeff and his perspective let alone respect it. He is not in fact a bitter attacker who hurls entheta at us, he is a patient debater able to reason and offer thought provoking insights. His views I find are invaluable, though in some things I disagree.

    If we hope for tolerance we must first extend it to others, including and specially those who feel we are mistaken, but are civil and offer us the same tolerance.

  43. What about 8-8008?

  44. Terrific review, Marty. Thanks.

    Counterfeit will always hold a special place in my heart, and I’m sure that’s even more true for those who lived it with Jeff. I do remember bawling my eyes out when Jeff described what it was like finally being out in the world on his own – “I was 58 years old, and at that moment, homeless” – the panic at needing to find somewhere to live and a job, as well as all the things he had to learn, like how much things cost, how to shop, how long $500 might last and how to spend 2 free days!

    Reading that chapter helped me feel some understanding of how frightening it could be for a SO staff member leaving after a lifetime of service in the SO.

    My copy is on its way. Can’t wait.

  45. Thought Provoking

    Many of the comments have touched on my thoughts already regarding the riveting, emotional accountings of Jeff’s experiences in the SO and with DM. My own emotions soared and fell as I read, going from sheer admiration to despair and rage at what was going on at the top og the org board.

    Jeff’s work in CMU was phenomenal. As a Div 6er, I personally saw the results of his product in the field. Dianetics was the rage! In Jeff’s writings, I saw the perfect application on the Marketing Series, I saw LRH’s vision in his products. I saw a cleared planet. That was the soaring part of the book for me.

    Then I saw the systematic destruction of CMU and everyone in it. Lives of beautiful wonderful people completely destroyed, LRH’s goals being completely unmocked confirmed for me the true intentions of DM as the destruction of Scientology. The stories about DM being the evil SP are true are real.

    Jeff’s current viewpoint on Scientology has very little importance for me. The ability that I regained after reading his book and blog is that I can now honestly know and assert my own viewpoint. I can apply Personal Integrity, what’s true for you… including actually looking for myself and not limiting myself to “only certain ideas” but being able to extrapolate from others and establish my own reality. I can confront opposing ideas without wanting to recoil and strike and because of this, I can experience more knowledge and understanding of Scientology. Some of Jeff’s articles are completely brilliant and some are radically different thoughts from mine. Both have been valuable to me.

    As an interesting experiment, watch both Jeff’s and the wives sections of CNN’s Anderson Cooper story after reading the book and think of the chart of human evaluation. To me, that says it all.

  46. Wow. I love that.

  47. Ditto!
    Marty, thank you for posting this review. Without it I may not have gotten past my own discomfort in deciding to buy and read Jeff’s book. I am grateful to have any area of non-confront exposed and brought into view so I can do the opposite. I will also admit I am still blowing through some indoctrinated ideas of right and wrong wrought by being exposed to years of squirrel ethics evaluations. Here’s to open hearts and minds, free thinking and the ability to fully grant beingness to others.

  48. Scott Campbell


    I couldn’t help but laugh when I read the last line of your post.

    “The theta has left the building”

    Funny on so many levels. Brilliant.


  49. I agree Sam. It’s quite a relief to see one’s own prejudice exposed by reading viewpoints different to ones own and willingly exploring them.

    Doesn’t mean you have to shift sides, but rather – “why am I so adamantly opposed to the person with a different view” – it’s a great question to ask.

    ESPECIALLY, as I’ve seen Nancy and Jeff and a few others express nothing but genuine kindness and care for their fellows who might be suffering under dm.

    I realized that I had scads of pre-programmed party-line still rumbling around in my head.

    Takes a long time, I’m finding to truly de-program oneself from the matrix; whichever one one was plugged into.


  50. That communication was not addressed in any way to my viewpoint as regards to you Martin. That hasn’t changed.

  51. Jeff is an amazing writer. My mother in law couldn’t put it down till the very end.

    She is definetely not a Scientology but she said “was so well written and clear!!”
    thank you Jeff.

  52. Sam

    This comment made my morning. My admiration for you continues to grow.


  53. Here you go: Scientology 8-8008 (2007).pdf

  54. I don’t know who is posting from Tao, but its much appreciated. Wisdom
    is a cherished thing as Love IS. Thank you! Love


    What is needed and wanted, besides inside accounts of what transpired to create the current nightmare, are accounts in book form from those who had personal experience with LRH. We have his work. We have lots of detractors. We have plenty of stories that exaggerate the “bad” LRH. We have church propaganda. But, other than brief accounts scattered around the web, we don’t have books that we can put on our shelves that portray a man who cared so much for his fellow man that he dedicated his life to finding easier and easier methods for us to gain spiritual freedom.

    LRH was a man full of life with so many interesting stories.

    I realize that most people do not feel confident in their writing. I realize that many out here don’t feel they have enough to flesh out an entire manuscript. But each small contribution helps.

    And, we do have writers. We do have the means to compile these stories. And we could combine or resources, not for profit, but out of a sense of duty to a man who did so much for so many of us.

    I’m not saying you have to love LRH. Some of his policies royally ticked me off. I’m not saying he wasn’t a rascal and full of mischief. I’m not saying he wasn’t prone to exaggeration and embellishment. But, we’ve already heard all that crap.

    And, what thetan in good shape isn’t prone to full-blown bouts of creativity–and why should we let this universe dictate what we create?

    What I am saying is that the man deserves to have his history balanced with a positive lasting record that isn’t submerged and hidden in the internet wasteland.

    If you have contributions along these lines we can form a cadre of editors and compilers and get a few books out. No matter what jumble of thoughts you might have to contribute, either I or several others could easily polish it up for publication. And often, personal stories read best if a little messy rather than polished and academic.

    We’re not trying to earn a Pulitzer. We’re just trying to show a side not often enough represented.


  56. I think that those who had the most gain from the tech tend to be the most loyal to Scientology principles.

    Those who followed a dream and were betrayed without those gains tend to be the most anti-Scientology. Those of us who have seen how much benefit can accrue to an individual when Scientology is actually applied just have to be impressed by LRH regardless of whatever down-side we might have experienced.

    I enjoy Jeff’s work. I enjoyed his book.

    I just wish he had been given the opportunity to see the tech work. It’s not an intellectual exercise and a hope, it’s a practical result that can be experienced. And I’m not even saying that all of it worked for me. Mostly it was misapplied.

    We can choose what is relevant to us and what is not.

    So, from someone who left the church and left the tech behind, I can bear witness that you can pick up the subject again and find what you thought you’d find the first time.


  57. What about you, Mardy? Will you publish a book too?

  58. Jack (another one)

    I am not the other Jack who posts here.

  59. When buddhists put their hands in anjali (looks like hands praying) – the left hand symbolizes the feminine principle which is wisdom and the right hand, the masculine principle of skillful means and therefore compassion.

    In other words — wisdom and compassion (love) together.


  60. “If we hope for tolerance we must first extend it to others …”

    Actually I’m finding that I must first extend tolerance and patience to myself — I’m finding that to be the biggest challenge.

    But, I get your point and fully concur. 🙂


  61. WH, Beautiful!

  62. Jeff Hawkins is in it most of the time 😉

  63. Tony DePhillips


  64. jack (actually, lunamoth)

    Neither am I.

  65. Sam,

    INDOCTRINATED is the correct word. The fact that one cannot have friends, even close friends that do not share one’s beliefs is CULT INDOCTRINATION. DM’s cult take this to an extreme where Sea Org may not marry /stay married to a Sea Org member of a lower Org.
    Indeed ~~~taking it to mad extremes where an RTC member cannot be married to a CMOI or GOLD exec. (even when he busted that person downward.)

    Although the word is that because they have been SHAMED on sites like this, they are now “tweaking” those enforced divorces.

    Heaven help you as an OT 7 or OT 8 if you want to get into a relationship with someone who does not want to do the Bridge of DM’s cult.

    What happened to the CREED of the CHURCH by LRH ?

    We of the Church believe..

    That all men have inalienable rights to think freely, to talk freely, to write freely their own opinions and to counter or write upon the opinion of others.

  66. Heather ~~

    Yes, that was a poignant paragraph. 35 years of service, zero benefits, no health insurance, no 401 K, for many weeks of sleep deprivation, 100 hour weeks, phenomenal contribution ~ 35 year record ~~~ and then …a FREELOADER BILL !!!!!!! (While the Church sits with $1billion or more in reserves). Note in the book how that was THE decisive point ~~ the turning point when Jeff finally decided OUT.

    I am guessing we have to thank Jeff and ex-SO speaking out like him for the FREELOADER Bill changes. They are a thing of the past ! DM’s cult has been SHAMED into tweeking that illegal gouging of an exiting staff member. Possibly in fear of just how incredibly obnoxious and vile they have been for decades on those exiting, the newer policy is TLC to route outs. Route-outs are treated with high ARC.

    You see, heavy hussar treatment and Freeloader bills will have Ex-SO flock to the Internet FASTER…….

  67. Michael, please get in touch via FB or through

  68. Lunamoth ~
    Thank you. I am fascinated at the bond and close friendships and level of communication that occurs once you are OUT. This was a completely unexpected thing for me. I had no idea of what occurred when was OUT.

    Marty Rathbun and Mike Rinder were Opinion Leaders for me for decades.
    So was David Mayo. I knew first hand what he did on the Apollo and how his sheer brilliance and dedication contributed to the tech scene.

    When I read some of the hate sites on them I was DONE. It was the hate sites that did it for me. The sheer LIES, the MALEVOLENCE, the attempt to DISPARAGE and “UTTERLY RUIN” stellar long serving Ex SO members was the final straw for me. I reached out to them.
    I used to post on the web under the name “War and Peace”.
    I was pretty innocuous, no one knew my true identity and people do not confide in an anonymous ID with no Email address.

    Thanks to OSA, Linda Hamel working feverishly to protect disclosures on Miscavige, they built a hate WEB SITE on me re WAR and PEACE and guess what ? That propelled me to come right out on Marty’s site the next day and my efficiency, comm lines and sheer drive and work in this movement increased 1000%. Take a bow Linda Hamel.

    But back to Jeff. I would need to walk in his shoes for 35 years, with his time track, his level of ABUSE to see why he would come to the conclusions he did.

  69. I’ll add to the accolades of Jeff’s clear and riveting writing style. I read Jeff’s online story about a year ago, after I first discovered the St. Pete Times story. There’s no question that Jeff’s story had a huge impact on me, and combined with so many other firsthand accounts of physical violence by Miscavige, there was simply no way that I could support this organization. And I left.

    Oh and what a sweet departure it has been. The wins that I’ve gotten since leaving the CoS, from auditing and studying Scn, are breathtaking.

    Personally though, I’ve always tried keeping the subject of Scientology, separate in my mind from the church, policy and LRH’s personality and opinions. It was nearly impossible to do while in the CoS, but now that I’ve left, I’ve restored that original recognition and approach.

    And there is just no way I will ever leave the subject of Scientology. To me, it’s sort of like saying “I’m leaving the subject of chemistry” — it just doesn’t make any sense.

    At least to me.

  70. martyrathbun09

    Good for you, Margaret.

  71. OnceUponATime wrote: “What is needed and wanted, besides inside accounts of what transpired to create the current nightmare, are accounts in book form from those who had personal experience with LRH.”

    I’m with you on this Michael. I do know that one person who is a well-known Independent auditor, and who spent many years very close to LRH, is writing a book about his time with Ron. He’s already given many of his views online and in other places — but I’m sure that his book will be a fascinating read.

  72. Haha, CD. Unfortunately, commenting was closed on that CNN article. Otherwise, I would have responded to those two lame responses with a mouthful.

  73. Wayne Froemke (AKA "Safe")

    Karen#1 wrote …

    What happened to the CREED of the CHURCH by LRH ?

    We of the Church believe..

    That all men have inalienable rights to think freely, to talk freely, to write freely their own opinions and to counter or write upon the opinion of others.”

    Of course, this doesn’t explicitly state these are intrisic Rights. There is a word in there which creates a loophole which follows.

    The Church had a crashing MU on the word “inalienable” vs “unalienable”. Or it was put this way intentionally. Jefferson and Adams argued over this. Thank goodness Adams was right and won. So the word “unalienable” was used in our Declaration of Independence.

    (The word “Inalienable” would have given the wiggle room for “except for slaves.” Of course, Jefferson had slaves.)

    Inalienable rights can be severed. They are lienable. Unalienable Rights can’t be severed and are not lienable by anybody, not even self.

    (By the way, another Right which should have been explicit in the Church Creed is the unalienable Right to marry whom you please. “Funny” how that was missed.)

    Clearly, exact and specific words really do matter and effect outcomes.

  74. Wayne Froemke (AKA "Safe")

    Marty, I believe I accidently didn’t close the italics tag properly by putting instead of . Sorry. Can you fix this please?

    Apparently this mistake effected the rest of the text in the blogs which follow after it. I’d do it myself but I find no way to edit my posts.

    Again, I apologize.

  75. I’ll buy the book to lend my support to Jefferson Hawkins, as I did Amy Scobee.

  76. Concerned Citizen

    I of course fully agree with you as well.

  77. Karen#1~Now I know where W&P went! 🙂

  78. Kevin, I’m really glad to see you post here. Both yours & your wife’s stories were also very helpful for me. I hope you two are considering writing a book also. As a matter of fact several of the Aussies’ stories are very eye opening & inspirational. Any books in the making from the Aussies?


  79. I can totally relate Craig. It did that for me too!


  80. Michael,
    You are eloquent and intelligent and I agree with you most of the time. I also consider you kind, caring and usually you demonstrate many levels and subtleties of understanding. That said, I think you are possibly mistaken in your evaluation here while also sounding condescending (which I know you do not intend).

    How do you know Jeff never had the opportunity to see the tech work? Did he tell you that? Most likely a man who devoted that much of his life to Scientology was a person who saw the tech work. You seem to be making the judgment that if someone chooses to no longer be involved with Scientology that he or she had few wins or experience with the workability of the tech.

    I had the biggest wins of my life with Scientology. I experienced so many different amazing things in Scientology it would take weeks for me to describe it all to someone. I have been permanently changed but I am on a different journey now. I could get into all of that here but it would take too long to really get the point across.

    I am truly happy for you that you are picking up the tech again after leaving it behind because that is your desire and your choice but just because it is not Jeff’s choice does not mean he is less spiritually aware or deprived in anyway.

    I hope this makes sense and I absolutely know that you were only speaking from a loving place (as that is how you always are) and if Jeff comes out and says he never really experienced the workability of the tech than I will stand corrected but only regarding Jeff. Your hypothesis in general just isn’t true for me 🙂

  81. OMG!! 500 recruits in order to open up the Super Power…
    Funny, when I started reading I thought…
    so wierd they actually delivering?
    Than i read further and said “HAAAAAA!!”
    They have to have in order to do….. this is more like FLAG!!
    If the Superpower wakes up the ‘being’, they are going to find any excuse to not deliver it… or they are going to alter the processes/ rundowns so you do not get the full EP…
    After all. in a system of crimes and lies… who wants people to wake up?

    love and cheers to all the independents!!

  82. Thought Provoking

    Karen, did Tara connect the dots right? I love W&P!!! It makes sense to me, too!

  83. Synthia,


    A theory is only as useful as it works, and when the first shot knocks it out of the water, I just have to let it sink. I’m not married to any idea and am not bothered when one of my thoughts comes out nutty.

    One of the beauties of these blogs is the chance to question, get answers, change your view. I try on ideas to see if they work and toss what doesn’t. I’m constantly changing my opinion.

    One question that fascinates me is: “Who sticks with Scientology and why?” And that question branches into myriad sub-questions. Each of us has our personal questions. And answers.

    Margaret said it quite well about leaving the subject of chemistry. The subject that Scientology treats is life itself. Though I probably will never be a Scientologist, I will always be interested in the subject. Where did it succeed and why and how? How does one go about making life comprehensible and better? The entire research line is remarkable.

    So, I’m curious about why individuals respond to the subject as they do. I know that LRH had pat answers. I don’t care for pat answers. I need to know for myself. And knowing for myself involves a lot of stumbling around, being wrong, making corrections, and sometimes just falling my face and looking foolish.

    I don’t care to be right; I just want to know.

    And you’re too kind. I’m a bit of an arrogant thug. Associates might raise an eyebrow at the suggestion I’m a loving individual. Maybe even bust out laughing. But, I do care about the well being of others. I want others to have lives filled with success and joy.

    So, thank you for the feedback. I retract my lunkhead hypothesis. But the underlying question remains.

    And, by the way, I’m still very fond of you.


  84. Thanks Marty, Even though we may not see eye to eye on some things, there’s a lot that we can agree on. One of those being to expose and stop the abuse and human rights violations being perpetrated by David Miscavige and gang.

    Nobody can take away your right to study and apply the subject of Scientology, just like nobody can take away my beliefs and viewpoints. If someone wants to believe in flying werewolves, I have no problem with that either.

    It’s good to see more and more communication happening amongst people who may have different views about things. I believe we can all get along. Some of my best friends and I have disagreements and varying points of view, but that doesn’t change the fact that we’re great friends, and that won’t change. Life is like that. i.e. Being a huge Steeler fan isn’t going to change the fact that I love and get along with my uncle who likes the Cowboys! Booooo! >:P

    While we were in the Co$, we were forced to all believe alike and follow that straight and narrow path. It’s people like Jeff Hawkins who make it possible for all of us to be able to accept other people’s viewpoints regardless of how different they may be to one’s own, and still get along without having to change.

    Regardless of what some may think about Scientology and LRH or DM or the “Tech,” those of us who got involved in Scientology or joined the SO in the first place all had a common purpose to help other people and help make the world a better place to live in. I’m sure a lot of us still do. That says a lot about the character of most of us who joined. Good peeps!

  85. Michael,

    The fondness is very much mutual. Yes, the underlying question still remains and I think a lot more communication is necessary for all of us to know. There can be little censoring and no sacred cows.


  86. Dear ThoughtProvoking,
    I formerly posted as “War and Peace”.
    I was a pretty innocuous anonymous poster ~~ mainly pointing to DM atrocities. I had no Email address. I was relatively unknown.

    But Office of COB decided to REALLY raise my presence on the web by outing me as

    Karen de la Carriere.
    Boy, did that increase my Email from the field !!!!!!

    People googled my name and found Marty’s site !!!

    DM’s cult did not have the guts to mail me a copy of my SP declare, which I should have per policy~ but as a silent “whispering campaign” mailed it discreetly to certain destinations.

    A few weeks ago copies started being mailed to me from STEALTH sources. (under the radar)

    Even though I am the mother of Alexander Jentzsch, Heber Jentzsch’s only child, DM’s cult carefully left the Karen Jentzsch name off the Declare while adding absurd names of step parents and so on, names not used since I was 5 years old !

    Therefore, as a thank you to an SP declare full of lies, I decided, since DM’s cult has such an aversion to the Jentzsch name being connected with me, I will use this prior name liberally.

    For many years, and 1000s of Ls pcs and Power Pcs, I was known as Karen Jentzsch, Class XII auditor, Class XII CS.

    Karen Jentzsch is Karen#1 formerly posting War and Peace

  87. and also…don’t let my short response lead you to believe that I don’t appreciate this most gracious of concessions. You are a peach. 🙂

  88. Karen Jentzsch, Class XII auditor, Class XII CS ~ Excellent Idea since so many people know you by that name.

    I’m so NOT surprised the erroneous declare is full of erroneous names…entering confusion is the name of the game nowadays.

  89. Very insightful and realistic. Thank you.

  90. Synthia,

    Gotcha. Thanks.


  91. Dear Kevin,

    I watched the clip where you spoke. It seems to have aired on Australian TV

    Worth watching. Good job to all concerned reporting the ABUSE.

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