Let Me Be Crystal Clear

For the potential edification of those reading with open, intelligent and curious minds and for the less-than-likely clarification for those reading and reacting with closed, arrogant and narrow minds, I offer some context to Saturday’s post, “The World Is Leaving Scientology Behind.”

That post was researched, conceived and written within one hour of my having just attested my then-pre-Clear to the state of Clear.  And I mean Crystal Clear.  A person with whom I never once discussed exchange for my services, except reluctantly when the person orginated on the subject from time to time; and those discussions never, ever put the slightest pressure nor invalidation upon the pre-Clear. A person, whose inevitable increasing sense of the rightness of things (through the conquering of the reactive mind) naturally wound up exchanging in such abundance it is indescribable.  A person who had never heard the word “Scientology” until it passed from my lips. A person who received no conditioning or programming as to organizational mores (whether  memorialized in green ink or orally created over time by a little dictator).  A person to whom it was never suggested she find a way to change her livelihood in order to find a way to contribute more energy to any “cause.”  A person to whom it was never even suggested  not to look at criticisms of the subject, the Source of the subject, or the auditor.  A person who was never encouraged to op term, investigate, “handle”, or alter communication in way, shape, fashion or form with those skeptical of her auditor or the subject she was participating in.   A person who was allowed to have her wins, test them during the week in a working environment utterly devoid of any Scientology or Scientologist influence, thereby perhaps attaining a level of personal certainty of ability that I have yet to witness in thirty years of involvement with the subject.  A person who received not one encouragement, nudge, threat or invalidation to “get to the next level” or get to Clear.  A person who on her own determinism and out of her own curiosity decided to read every LRH book and listen to every LRH public lecture on her own time during the course of her auditing.  A person who received standard tech – without a single organizational/Miscavige arbitrary entered in along the way.  A person who received thorough auditing at every grade along the way (one to two intensives per grade and five intensives of NED).  A person who now exemplifies LRH’s model in What We Expect of a Scientologist more than perhaps any other I’ve ever encountered in my three decades of involvement.

A person who is the gold standard in my view in terms of EMPATHY for her fellow human beings. 

A person whom I believe would have been tragically turned into a rather unempathetic and narrow-minded person had she gone the route of the flat-earth church of Scientology machine.

Now that it quite in addition to over the past year standardly (including using LRH C/Ses that Miscavige has banned and cancelled from use to deal with the very matter) handling five people with church-arbitrary induced confusions about their Clear statuses, introducing and beginning several pre-OTs on NOTs, completing the entire NOTs program on another pre-OT,  getting several people onto and through solo OT levels, debugging several church-stalled cases, using specific rundowns to advance a number of people in life, and helping several people – antagonistic to Scientology generally – review their own history in context and recognize that which they did get from Scientology so that they could continue to walk their chosen paths no longer stuck in losses and victimhood and intent to attacking the subject and its Founder.   And all that was done while fighting off a multi-tens of millions of dollars operation to prevent all of the above from happening and destroy me personally.  I’m not asking for kudos here. That is not the point.  Instead, I am asking those who are so damn high and mighty they suggest I am suggesting Scientology lacks worth, what have you done in the last year in and with Scientology? 

My hat is off to the dozens, if not hundreds, who understand that the the high-octane obsession Miscavige has with myself and the several others who have exposed his sordid operations over the past couple years, creates the perfect opportunity to get busy and build up the practice of Scientology across the world by independent and EMPATHIC folk (the only type of folk who can make it work to its full potential).  To such a degree that when the little dictator finally takes his eye off his appointed game for a moment, he will see the monopoly is no more and that the aims of Scientology might actually someday be achieved despite his best efforts.  Truly, thank you people.  You are doing the really important work individually and collectively.  And I do know that you are the folk that see eye to eye with me on the importance of absorbing wisdom outside of Scientology in order to  enhance your own appreciation of Scientology and to make the sharing of what you know of Scientology possible and valuable to others.

For those purporting to be hard core, loyal, and unwavering Scientologists who find attempts to share the wisdom of Scientology with the world and to understand and support efforts aligned with the overall aims of the subject so offensive, I recommend you contemplate the following provisions from the Code of a Scientologist, written by L. Ron Hubbard:

1. To keep Scientologists, the public and the press accurately informed concerning Scientology, the world of mental health and society.

2. To use the best I know of Scientology to the best of my ability to help my family, friends, groups and the world.

8. To support true humanitarian endeavors in the fields of human rights.

11. To actively decry the suppression of knowledge, wisdom, philosophy or data which would help mankind.

13. To help orgs and groups ally themselves with public groups.

14. To teach Scientology at a level it can be understood and used by the recipients.

15. To stress the freedom to use Scientology as a philosophy in all its applications and variations in the humanities. 

16. To insist upon standard and unvaried Scientology as an applied activity in ethics, processing and administration in Scientology organizations.

17. To take my share of responsibility for the impact of Scientology upon the world.

19. To set an example of the effectiveness and wisdom of Scientology.

20. To make this world a saner, better place.

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  1. Thanks, Marty….I am very glad you clarified this matter.

    The title alone of your previous post just landed squarely atop my standard tech button. I apologize for being a bit too vociferous (to say the least).

  2. Impartial English Girl

    Much Kudos to you Mr. Rathbun. Strength and honour.

    Only a week to go until Panorama…!

    Love to all from England. x

  3. To the lady who just attested to Clear:
    CONGRATULATIONS!! You’ve gotten your Bridge delivered the way it should be done. Standard tech is alive and well in Corpus. Lucky lady!

  4. Time does heal many wounds. Keep EXPOSING to the people DEEPLY involved in SCN, the truth about DM and his crush reg machine known as SCN.

    The IDEAL ORGS are eerily quiet and SCN stats as an organization continues to steeply decline. WHY? People r waking up and I thank u guys for taking the bull by the horns and taking it on the chin as you m move forward.

    Little by little you are making in roads and making a difference.

  5. Thanks for that. That’s the real spirit of scientology.

  6. On the Outside

    Memo to DM:

    You are the one who magnifies hate
    You are the one who distorts our love
    You are the one disguised as a saint
    It won’t be long, your kingdom will quake

  7. Hell yeah! Congrats to your PC turned PreOT!
    I blew so much charge with your description of her journey with LRH. WoW! I’m still blowing charge and speechless actually.
    Very Well Done Y’all!

  8. Way to go Bro – nothing succeeds like success – great to hear of PCs & Auditors winning LRH style. There is a future…

  9. This blog and your last – both excellent! Thanks Marty.

  10. The last time I read this code was when I was in the church, and I remember I didn’t feel too good about it. Apparently there were some points about which I felt I couldn’t follow those.
    But I just read it again, and for the first time I feel good about it.
    Speaking about nr. 1, keeping Scientologists, the public and the press accurately informed about Scientology, I just launched a new website http://www.scientology-philosophy.com.
    The aim is to get a top ranking in Google, so it will reach many people, both new publics as well as ex-church members.

  11. crashingupwards

    “a person is as valuable as he can help others, and he is no more valuable than that” LRH.

    Way to go Marty.

  12. Dear Marty,

    Thank you for being “Keeper of Tech”. Its an honor to know you and I look forward to the day I meet you.

    Tom Gallagher

  13. Perfect comment CU. Perfect.

  14. Bravo Marty,
    I have always been interested in what is out there beyond the doors of the org and have always come to the conclusion that whatever I saw had been predated by LRH or paralleled or learned by LRH. He has always been on the track of truth. Some of my biggest cogs in auditing were where the clouds opened and there in it’s pristine beauty was a datum I had seen somewhere in LRH’s ovre or that explained a datum in his work. But I was discovering it for myself right there in my own universe. What I realized is that the truth is the truth. LRH, like I did in session, discovered it too and wrote it down to help others arrive at their own understanding of that truth. He did not invent something, he observed and codified it. So naturally anyone that is looking can discover these truths. Our greatest debt to LRH is his figuring out procedures by which we could rapidly arrive at these truths. I would imagine a kind of reverse engineering. Something like what was I looking at that brought me to this conclusion and what was I looking at that brought me to what I was looking at. That was brilliance and kindness to help the next guy along.

    Many of these other guys were honestly looking and stumbled like I did onto true datums. Some perhaps took it into directions that LRH didn’t have time to work on or had a different priority about.

  15. This is a very uplifting, “re-purpose-fying” blog post.
    There are many of us out here who will continue to make the world a saner, better place.

  16. EXACTLY! I am so thrilled about your recent Clear and I know she did it 110% (not a typo) on her own determinism. Congratulations to you both. That’s the beauty of Standard Tech. It’s so easy to “re-sign up” a product of Standard Tech–you don’t need an army of Regges and Ethics Officers to force the person to continue, or these days now force the person to give away his money for nothing (!) and then maybe continue on his auditing if he has any money left. Real Scientology lives, in lots of places! Just not in the threatening, destructive and idol morgues.

  17. Hallelujah, Marty! You are awesome!

  18. Marty, First, Hooray!! Yippee! Very well done on attesting to Clear!
    Second, I’m sure most people got what you were saying on the last post. I did. Another beautiful OT! I couldn’t be more happy! The world is that much brighter. Love you guys.

  19. Scott Campbell

    VWD Marty!

    You are truly a shining example for us and certainly exemplify the commitments provided in The Code of a Scientologist.

    Congratulations as well to the stellar being who saw the truth in LRH’s technology and gave her safety and trust in you for a chance to go free.

    Boy, am I ever glad I found you. You have also helped me tremendously in my own journey to spiritual freedom. I’m absolutely sure that the vast majority of others within your ever expanding sphere feel the same way.



  20. Tony DePhillips

    Hi Marty,
    As I observe that you walk the talk and a lot of others do a lot of talking. When I was younger I heard the phrase “talk is cheap”. I think that is appropriate here with a lot of the “Standard tech defenders”. I have seen a few people get on their “High Horse” and talk big without any stats to back them up.
    Wishing you continued success!!

  21. There are many keepers of the Tech out here. Not just one and I count myself as part of that even if I not super trained.

    I been on facebook telling all the Venus Project people who I am and how I look the tech. In a year and a half I only had one attack me for posting a quote of LRH’s. I cut him off and blocked his behind as fast as I could.

    The rest call me intelligent and they are a good gang. I been trying to inform them of the tech as best as I can so they will accept people that used the tech. I am the only one out there doing that but one highly trained auditor as I Posted said once he comes back to the USA will help me do so. Even offered to audit a few of them. That is if the rep of the church does not destroy any possible good will left out there.

    I been working trying to build a better world in a way I can without auditing training. I do know basic stuff. People don’t think I do but I do.

    I am trying to blend the tech inside of what will be the new society so it all of it works. With an RBE Society and auditing there is nothing to stop man then. One can’t call it a religion in this game. Why because look at the history of religion and groups. Until the base cause of such is handles which I think the tech and such a society will then one should not be building new churches for they almost always go corrupt.

    The tech is much better without the brainwash and programming. I got what you were saying. It is good to look beyond and find the good in the tech and I found other data that adds to the understanding of it.

    See no matter what people will do what they have to to survive. NO matter the ethics. It is so simple that it is in the tech. This is what the Venus Project handles. The tech handles the people so they would have the personal responsiblilty so it will work. Other wise I fear it may not work. It will take education as well in how people work and how society works. We can be who we are meant to be.

    LRH did say one time. Anita Warren gave me the quote but I can’t recall it exactly. He said someone should get busy and design a new Society and someone did. He is Jacques Fresco. He worked on it his whole life. In his videos I think he gets it right about most of the time and the parts that he misses the tech would fill it in. He sounds a lot like LRH at times.

    He is 95 and he was never corrupted and he is doing a world tour now promoting it. There are millions around the planet aware of it. He refused to go into the working for corporation route. He made his own money and did his own project. The web is what is making the difference in his project. Now he has others that will take over when he goes.

    Anita thinks he is Brilliant and she is a trained auditor and a well respected one too. She started to ask me about it and it was the hardest two way comm I had trying to get the concept to her. I am not very flowery with words. At times I can be but not often. She was so libertarian that I kept hitting my head literally when she missed the concept. After a few mock headaches I gave up. I had sent some links to videos and she took the time to go over them.

    I was shocked when she sent an email saying she is on board. She is now a left Libertarian as I am. It is a good way to describe it. It is logical and handles the reality of what is now.

    We had the tech and the church and it still went down. Why would that be so? The answer is the main cause was not handled. It is why I quit trying to reform the church and went to support what will help handle the cause of all groups going this way. The tech and the VP there is nothing to stop man then. Next the stars.

    I know there are those on the blog who will not think so. I say wait and see. Either we go up in an RBE society or we go down because of the causes of what took the church down as it takes all groups down.

    I know case has to do with that too. But this can handle the case while the thetan booster is put in with auditing.

  22. Your humble servant


    You say you aren’t looking for kudos, but you certainly deserve some. I think just keeping up with this blog would be a full time job for me if I were doing it–if I could even do that! Yet at the same time you are straightening out pcs and OTs, auditing people to Clear, reading books, keeping up with current events, handling Miscavige’s attacks, maintaining a 2D and a 3D and fishing! Have I missed any? Amazing! Thanks for all you are doing.

  23. Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha! This is great news!

    Just Me

  24. I am intriged that the video is upped on a dutch site. Are you dutch philosopher ?

  25. crashingupwards

    Your Humble servant, I couldnt agree more. Some folks just do so much. LRH was a good example. It always amazed me. They carve out a big game on a big stage and just do it. Impressive.
    And although lots of folks can do a lot, we all should be mindful of our daily actions and long range plans and evaluate what it is we are doing that actually helps others. Because at the end of the day, when we look back over a lifetime and see how we spent a decade involved here or a decade or more there, we want to feel a sense of fullfillment, not regret. Being exterior to your lifetimes efforts should not leave one empty and shaking their head. There is always time left to make a difference for good in this world.

  26. Marty,
    You’re doing just fine. Better than fine, you’re doing great. The “hard-core”ness you are running into, I think, is part of what got Lisa M. into the trouble she ended up in.

    There is a whole world outside of Scientology that has been ignored for too long by the die-hard, loyalists of CoS and is for their purpose that the Church will untimately fall.

    LRH read much, reasearched much. lived much, and learned much. More than many will ever give him credit for and more than most of us will ever really know despite all the history keeping and documentation.

    You’re on the right track. Don’t stop and don’t look back. Keep up what you are doing and stay on-purpose. You’re trained. You know what to do. You don’t need our approval. It’s up to us to keep up or catch up… or not.

  27. A big theta hug to you and your beautiful PC. Congrats!!!!
    Thank you Marty for being there and helping all of us. Thank you for applying LRH Tech standardly.
    We LOVE you so much.

  28. Please clarify this for me. Are people afflicted with the downs syndrome thus less valuable than productive members of society?

  29. martyrathbun09

    I can feel the intent behind that question, all the way down here in the middle of torrential rains in South Texas. And boy is it creepy.

  30. ✺Congratulations and VWD✺ Very Well Done to pc and to the auditor. Reading the Aims of Scientology in this context was spot on and inspiring. Marty, you walk the walk. ✩ Exemplary – both you and PC! Congratulations again. There’s a whole lot more happiness in this world….it spreads exponentially. Thank you so much!

  31. Hi Marty and Mike,

    Please excuse my syntax, I’m from a foreign country.

    We agree on that DM hasn’t archived anything but declining membership and a bad reputation for Scientology. It is easy to take working orgs over and turn them into a cult and waste money for empty luxury buildings and other unnecessary expenditures. Anybody can do it. Blowing cash that others make is the easiest thing on the planet.

    But what I miss mostly from you both is a clear mission statement. What do you trying to archive?
    Do you just want to be left alone by DM and quietly audit people that come to you?
    Do you want the C of S reformed (turned to its original non-money oriented ways of LRH where any thetan is a VIP)?
    Do you want the orgs close down, and if, what should replace them?
    If you want the orgs closed down, why not rather reform them? No violence, no abortions, no forced disconnection (but you said it yourself before, disconnecting voluntarily of a SP is a human right) no excessive auditing or training prices, no luxuries for Dear Leader. Anything else?

    What must happen on orgs sides that would make you embrace them again?

    Do you understand that some Scientologists are worried that if you keep close friendships with those who attack LRH? Is there anything you can say or do that distance you from these folks?

    I read your 31 points to consider but I still miss a clear mission statement.

    What is your purpose now, after you left the orgs? At the end of this lifetime, what is that what you want to have archived?

    I would appreciate it very much if you would take the time and post your clear mission statement one of these days.

    Thank you,

  32. DrFaust~From the families I know who have a child with DS, they are MORE valuable to society than others.

  33. And I get the same feeling whenever I read that quote of Hubbard’s. Given the history of our country that euthanized people with these kinds of afflictions because they were deemed as “unworthy to live”, you might better understand not where I am coming from, but why.

  34. Let me clarify: I am not saying Hubbard would condone such a program. But because of that program I have been raised with the fundamental value that you cannot measure a person’s worth. I hope you can appreciate my position.

  35. Good job Marty,

    I wish you a long life, and I mean that.

    Because what you are doing is a sort of public experiment, and your blog here is the ongoing news and evidence of what you are experiencing and producing.

    I’ve several times thought, that in time, you will conclude many of LRH’s 3rd dynamic conclusions, in his OEC Volumes.

    I thank you for continuing to be so transparent and public, and I wish you honestly a very long life and continued sharing of what you do as relates to the subject of Scientology.

    My thoughts are, that you are actually walking down the same paths LRH walked, using his finalized tech, now, sort of in a new environment.

    You seem set up to defend yourself against the worst of official Scientology, and able to survive anything they throw at you.

    I wish you well. And I hope you live a VERY long life, and continue long range to be so open about what you are doing.

    Chuck Beatty
    ex Sea Org, 1975-2003

  36. Thought Provoking

    This reminds me of the often heard comment when one first discovers study tech. I wish I knew that this when I was in school.

    I am so happy to hear about our latest Clear! Heartfelt Congratulations to both of you!

    She obviously knows what she wants, only the best. I think she has created quite an ideal scene in her journey up the bridge.

    May many more follow her example! 🙂 🙂

  37. I think this is a good example to compare the Aims of Scientology with the imitation additives substitute that has crept into the zealot “brand” version.

    Case in point the individual who posted comments yestedray as “Standard Tech Zealot”. After a strong of derisive name-calling, the individual write, “Pick up the cans, you’ll feel better.”

    Say what? Yeah. Right. Not only is there comm cycle additives – namely an attitude of self-righteous condescension delivered as an auditing command (!) – there’s a presumption that guarantees this individual is not going to do any listening but knows you’re a scum and has the remedy. FLUNK. And THIS is a “Standard Tech Zealot.”

    Standard Tech is different from a Standard Tech Zealot. A zealot is drunk on one’s imagined superiority. Zealots are driven by a fever that blinds them to the banner they hold up in pretense to fuel them in their image of self.

    Zealots … look up the very definition! Zealot is a synonym for: extremist, crank, bigot. In other words: Blind. (The word originates from a warlike religious group that advocated violence to overthrow Roman rule. )

    It was chilling, that creepy “Pick up the cans” that “Standard Tech Zealot” posted yesterday. Yet thank him for serving as an exact example of what Scientology is NOT. Zealot’s attitude and agenda belongs nowhere near the Auditor’s seat of a set of cans. It makes a travesty of auditing.

  38. Dude, if that quote conjures those thoughts, I think it is not the material that is at fault.

  39. Geez, take a day or two off and I’m 600 comments behind. This is quite a discussion you have going here, Marty, and I just want to say I think you are absolutely on the right track.

    In a philosophy defined as “knowing how to know”, it’s implied that using it correctly, you will continue to know more and more, i.e. continue to learn. If anyone finds themselves thinking they now know all there is to it, or that all of the answers are already there in the books and bulletins and they just need to get through them, well, that’s a sure sign they have reached a dead end. To those people I say “back up, look around, find something you don’t know, that hasn’t already been thought out for you, and learn that thing”. whatever it is. Just to get back in the groove.

  40. Raised the same way.

  41. all your answers are within this blog.

  42. I suggest you establish a relationship with someone with Downs. You will immediately see the ‘value’ they offer.

  43. The quality of a socïety can be measured by the way it respects them.

  44. You would probably call it a 3rd dynamic engram 😉

  45. Thank you!

  46. My guess, my extended extrapolation about what LRH would do, were he to arrive somehow in form that people would agree IS L. Ron Hubbard the being, my guess is LRH would thank DM for the buidlings phrase that DM’s accomplished.

    He’d likely put DM out to pasture into another position NOT anything to do with anything, maybe just make DM Chairman of Buildings (Tom Martiniano’s excellent title for DM).

    I think he’s invite all those still alive senior tech people BACK into those buildings, to use those buildings, for the delivery of Scientology.

    Hopefully LRH would take the advice of all the great suggestions uttered here on your blog and on Steve Hall’s blog these last couple years.

    He’d let you guys get on with it, using the buildings DM’s so magnificently renovated and spruced up.

    Of course, DM would be told he needs give up all his accumulated trappings, since those are church property, and NOT DM’s.

    Well, I dream.

    I hope someday the buildings DO go to the Scientologists, since those buildings have Church of Scientology on their doors.

    It would take a pretty big person or persons to come reconcile all this. But that’s my hope, even though I’m NOT a Scientologist any longer.

    Ah, maybe the buildings and the whole organizational phase of Scientology is over, now that the free internet makes communication so possible between Scientologists, that Scientologists don’t need buildings to practice their Scientology.

    Well, I’m glad you are so public about what you are doing, again.


  47. Congratulations and all my love to you both. What a wonderful road travelled and so much more.

  48. Kevin Bloody Mackey

    When I read your earlier post Marty I put my helmet on for the inevitable explosion. Personally I totally get how you got there and enjoyed the material.

    Within the CofS thought is stultified. I remember a notice on the Flag MAA board forbidding OTs to read “The Secret”. KSW 1 was the rationale.

    Outside the confines of DM’s church effective thought begins to occur, did for me, but it took a while. Here is where each LRH datum can be compared to data of comparable magnitude and thoroughly evaluated. Here is where, in my case I was able to really think with the data and even reject somethings for the first time in 26 years. I could decide for my self.

    But don’t you dare try that in the CofDM!

  49. Hey Cool Cat, I can appreciate your request but hang in there–you just have to look through the blog. I did and I learned a lot more than even what you are asking about. That’s why I’m saying this to you. It’s a whole different animal…! Enjoy.

  50. What if you read it as how it applies to the person instead of their worth to the outside world. You are interpreting it out of context.

    For example- you can raise the self-worth and general well being of a downs-syndrome person by letting them help, by letting them get in there and do something. Have a job, clean up the house, tell jokes whatever.
    I think what you are mising is that Scientology is about helping people. It’s never about judging, destroying or singling out people for euthanasia.

  51. Amen to that! Scientology for evaluating things for yourself. How can on properly evaluate anything with just one datum?

  52. Tony DePhillips

    Hi Dr. Faust,
    To me the idea “that a person is as valuable as his ability to help others” means this: That a person that is helping 100’s to survive really has more current value in that scenario than a bowery bum who gets drunk every day. It does not mean that the bowery bum has no value. I would even still say that the bowery bum has great value and potential value too. This doesn’t mean that the bum shuld be exterminated either. It means that the people that are functioning and helping others have more current value to the present time scene and should be weighed accordingly.

    If you were on a sinking ship and had to only take two others in your life boat, I think you would be making decisions based on the current value of the people around you to attain survival given your current circumstances. At least I hope you would.

  53. Yes, you can take almost any quote and twist it into directions where it was never intended to lead anyone.
    In that case, it is the one doing the twisting who came up with those thoughts.
    To paraphrase on the original qoute:
    “A qoute is only as valuable as it can help others, and it is no more valuable than that.”

  54. Kevin Bloody Mackey

    Dr. Faust, what you are implying actually is a reality within the CofS. I know because my own daughter is profoundly brain injured. My wife and I while in the middle of OTVII dropped our business plans and engaged in a full time therapy for five years full time and another five years part time since.

    We were told by several SO terminals, who were bent on getting us to do what they wanted us to do that it wasn’t beans for beans to spend all those years loooking after one person, we heard that it was all a product of our out ethics or PTSness, a motivator. I even heard she was a degraded being for “pulling it in”.

    In a way we were outcasts as OTs, an embarrassing reminder that “some” OTs were not infallible.

    So what is the worth of a person like that? Like Tara says, they can be more valuable to society than others less needy. She has taught me the value of humility. Before she came I was invincible in my own mind and had little time for any less OT or less productive. Sort of like Tom Cruise in his famous videos.

    I gained empathy and even while still on OTVII we rediverted our energy to helping families in similar situations from the demands of the CofS.

    One other thing I realized was how fragile our lives can be and that “there but for the grace of God I go”. Kind of humbling.

  55. Jean-François Genest

    Θ Congratulations to the lady attaining the State of Clear !!
    [Mosey? 🙂 ] *** you can edit if you want***
    Θ Congratulations to the NOTs completion pre-OT !!
    Θ Congratulations to ALL the other completions!
    Woooo Hoooo !!
    Thank you for today’s post. It makes total sense.
    To me, I consider those supposedly “controversial” posts of yours [Posts such as your Recommended Readings, The world is leaving Scientology behind, Louis Farrakhan gets L. Ron Hubbard, for example] more on the order of viewpoint-extensions of Scientology and Humankind. They BROADEN the scope of thought. [The only “filter” I put out for the Readings is for false data in their content, which I haven’t found very much.]

    I enjoy reading the info and watching the videos. They help bridge the viewpoints by providing a Reality for the ARC Triangle and Knowledge for the KRC Triangle. Those who try to “convert” Cat Dady and other commenters for example, DO have something to LEARN from your posts.

    It also helps in dissemination to people with different viewpoints yet a common purpose. While I was in the Sea Org, EVERY chance I had when I interacted with the general public, on the city bus, at suppliers, on the streets, I disseminated LRH, Dianetics & Scientology at THEIR understanding, THEIR viewpoint. And it worked.

    I gave assists and help to humans that other SO Members considered “downstat Degraded Beings”. I then scolded those very SO Members for considering themselves and Scientology too lofty. Excuse me ??!!

    In my country and sub-country (especially there, a province in the valence of a country) Scientology, Dianetics and L.Ron Hubbard have a VERY bad repute. Given, 99% of that is due to DM’s and OSA’s masacre. It is VERY hard to disseminate. People absorb the tech. It’s the NAME that is resented. With a bit of tact, it can nevertheless be done.

    Every time LRH, Scientology, Narconon, Applied Scholastics, etc. are mentioned in the media here in Canada, they always tag « SCIENCE FICTION author L. Ron Hubbard ». If only the general public would put on scales, on one side LRH’s Science Fiction works, which he wrote & sold to FINANCE his research, and on the other side of the scale all of his HUMANITARIAN works, the scales would literally CRASH. It might give them a cognition or two!

    I long for the day when the media introduce LRH as,
    «HUMANITARIAN author L. Ron Hubbard»

    Kudos to you Marty, Monique and the Shack gang for what you are doing. You have MY support.

  56. Thanks for sharing the wins, Marty. It’s always a pleasure for me to hear that others are charging up their meters and helping people who want the tech.
    My personal postulate is that we have hundreds and hundreds of groups all over the country that deliver auditing and training in a safe, uptone environment where people can come to achieve spiritual awareness and freedom. It IS happening. Can’t ya just feel it.

  57. Well done to you Marty. Its nice to see the subject used to help and not to betray and trap.

  58. Amen, Marty.

    Congratulations to the shiny, beautiful, wonderful, kind, loving, kick-ass, amazing new Clear! And congratulations to the perfect auditor.

    Thanks to you both for being there, communicating and carrying on day in and day out. All my love and respect.

  59. To Marty and his PCs
    I am especially fond of you all ♥

  60. Independent Scientologist

    Marty, thanks for this clarification on the last post.

    And thank you for your hard work and dedication to the letter and spirit of Scientology.

    You are setting a standard that we all should aspire to.

    – Ron Matlock

  61. Auditor’s Code Clause 15: “I promise not to mix the processes of Scientology with other practices except when the preclear is physically ill and only medical means will serve.” This is even taken from an original 14 Oct 68 PL, so it has not been altered in later revisions.
    When we APPLY Scientology, we apply it straight. Standard Tech. However, in the application of that technology, what we cognite on is uniquely and totally our own. Integrity. Likewise, as we study Scientology (or any other subject), we have the freedom to recognize and accept truth as we encounter it. As LRH said on SHSBC tape 360, “Don’t ever try to stop truth. That’s the only thing that can go through sixteen-inch armor plate.”
    Class VIII

  62. crashingupwards

    Hello Dr. Faust. Since I offered the quote, let me tell you my view. Its about helping others. Reading the quote there is no mention of productivity in it. That is something you have added. Its about help. Productive people may mean high income earners, physically adept or other definitions. Many of those probably never helped anyone. Yet a person with Downs syndrome may, though limited in ways you may deem important, may yet help others every day. Their very condition of DS have help others look into their own soul by their very presence. The quote by LRH is one I always valued and I never tied it to productivity. Its not about that. Its about intention, love, caring. Its about teaching others by example. Anyone can do that by the way they approach life and deal with its adversities. At least thats my view on it. One does not have to be a world beater to have value.

  63. I think a person’s worth can be measured, beyond what they “produce” having a monetary value. As a father of a little girl diagnosed with Downs, I can assure you her value is huge. And nothing Hubbard ever said or did would ever leave me to think he thought otherwise.

  64. ΘTater/GaryLerner

    Dr. Faust,

    Perhaps I can provide a clarification for you. My understanding of LRH’s Tech is that it primarily deals with the “spirit” of man. Also known as Theta or Thetan. If you have studied and audited and realized that you are not a body but the spirit (Thetan) then your statement of people afflicted with Downs Syndrome is a statement of A=A=A; bodies = spirit = maladies of the body and you’ve failed to “get” what LRH was communicating about the intentions of Scientology Tech (his creation not DMs).

    Controlling Bodies is a very low toned level for a person to be in and thus would have as a preoccupation the “euthanasia” of supposedly “unworthy of living” people. There is nothing intended or said or wanted in LRH’s Tech that states that “euthanasia” is a valid form of handling people (and thus Thetans).

    So my statement here is that assumptions of the validity of knowledge and it’s resulting outcomes of those assumptions should be thoroughly researched so as to not provide false data or at the very least guide you to the correct data.

    Thetans, all of us, are valuable though not equal (heck if we were then as soon as we “saw” each other we’d all as-is 🙂 )

    Hmmm….. “Truth” is a great “Equalizer”!


  65. Dr. Faust, I see your point, but it illustrates something. Of course, your country’s history with Eugenics would make you a bit sensitive to assessing someone’s “value,” especially when those that had less genetic “value” were shunted off to the horrors of the Holocaust.

    It is a leap to associate Ron’s words with the Holocaust, however, in this context. In this context, Ron is saying that someone should help to the best of their ability, and to not be selfish. He is not saying the converse, which might be “or you will rot in hell.” He is also not saying “A person is a valuable as he is able to pump out widgets for The Man” (which corporate America’s creed).

    This is an example of how Ron’s words can be misconstrued to imagined evil by those that are looking to find evil in the words. The very wise “If it is not true for you, it is not true” is taken by people like this to be an order by Hubbard to close your eyes to things you don’t understand (like Quantum Physics, or evolution) rather than asking someone to make up their own mind about the efficacy of Scientology. People look at the spoof process R2-45 and think Ron is serious, when it is an obvious joke.

    Dr. Faust, I would ask you to please try to assume the positive first before going negative. And also please note that Scientologists are extremely anti-Nazi, anti-Eugenics, and anti-Euthanasia.

  66. Kevin,
    Good point. I think a “Scientologist” is being denied the right to fully understand Scientology – among other things – by being prohibited from read The Secret.

  67. LDW,

    “hundreds and hundreds….”

    Was this not Ron’s original intention- A grassroots movement?

    This here is getting back to real “Basics”. Delivery.

    Thanks for pointing this out.

  68. Dear Marty,

    I really loved this communication and my very sincere congratulations to you on your fantastic accomplishments. You are an extraordinary thetan, DAILY injecting tremendous amounts of theta into the lives of many, standing behind LRH in the truest possibly way.

    I have found your blog to be a great “calming influence” in my journey out and away from the very suppressive influences (out tech, enforced must have, can’t haves, wrong indications) that were squarely ruining my life in the Church of Scientology. These problems seemed to increase over the last 15 years, directly proportional to David Misgavage’s insane influence. I was onlines for over 40 years. Lucky for me, the last auditor I had at Flag was a CL. XII, trained by Ron. That was in 1994 when I went back for a review on my L11. That auditing was probably the most superlative auditing I ever had. Just perfect! Fast forward to 2005 and I’m trying to finish my preps at the AO. Not to be had. I thought to myself, “Can this guy read the meter?” He’s calling one of my FN’s a read…and it was downhill from there.

    I KNOW what LRH would do, if he were here today and saw this little pimp running the show, invalidating and declaring the most accomplished staff: auditors, CS’s and admin personnel. The Church of Scientology no longer offers “the road to total freedom”, but only further entrapment and the ultimate invalidation, as the “pretended rightness” adds so much impact to the invalidation.

    By the way, LRH read everything and communicated to almost to everyone!
    I personally, found your last post very cool.

  69. Faust,
    LRH audits a Down’s Syndrome child and comments on it in the 1st ACC.
    The gist of the observation is that it’s a difficulty of the body (the syndrome) that the thetan has to cope with for that lifetime. No other significance, no other ‘solution’ than the usual.

    Sheesh. It amazes me the stuff imputed to this subject, to the man, that in have nothing to do with either.

  70. veritas,
    I was away for a couple of days and on my return I read your comment on the previous thread.

    My, oh my 🙂

  71. Kevin,
    You’ve nailed something clearly, and as succinctly as I’ve ever seen it stated:”Here is where each LRH datum can be compared to data of comparable magnitude and thoroughly evaluated.”

    Bloody right.

  72. Marty,
    Got back from my motorcyle ride. It rained over 3″ the day before my trip so the fishing was out as the river was a torrent. I did get to sit in with the band and had some great guys to play with for a few tunes (one, with a Carnegie Hall appearance under his belt to my great ‘envy’ ) and had an utter blast.

    Then Sunday off to the Gampoa Abbey, the Buddhist monastery in the Cape Breton Highlands. And I did say ‘hi’ from WH:-)

    Of course the current leader of the abbey was fascinated with how/who and so on, so I told him I was a Scientologist and we were ‘cousins’. He said he’d heard that. I told him ever so briefly that unfortunately the church had been usurped by a guy overwhelmed by dark purposes. He was empathetic. I mentioned that a number of us were working to resolve this and it was going fine. He smiled.

    Then he wanted to know what blog I and WH posted on. I told him, Moving on Up A Little Higher – Marty Rathbun. He loved the title and maybe he’ll tune in.

    WH, I told him that if you wanted to go to the abbey that there is an open invitation to stay at my place on your trip. It’s a day trip from here to there, about 4 hours give or take.

    OK, now that I’m back…HOLY CATS!! Well done Marty Rathbun for it all and in particular a new Clear!!!

    Movin On Up A Little Higher – it’s global.

    Thank you Marty, my friend.


  73. Marty, thanks for making a new clear and congrats to him/her. When it comes down to it, the only thing you take with you is your soul…. (from some song)

    My Father was in WWII, pacific Theatre. Prior to the H Bombs his ship was being refitted to become a casualty ship, the prediction off losses on both sides was astronomical. We did not have to invade, but his ship then went and picked up the Japanese POWs. He said he saw things that one human being should never be able to do to another. But he came home and lived his life with that “Jap” is the “Other”, refused us to have any Japanese cars or Japanese anything in the house. And Japs was the word used.
    A couple of years ago we were having a family re union and one of my in-laws kept talking about “the Japs”, ” The Japs”, I asked him to please stop using that word it is very pejuritive and I work, and my sister works with many Japanese individuals and companies, and we don’t appreciate it. My
    father over heard me taking him to task and said “I call them Japs” in a very sort of chastened soft voice. I took him aside and said “Dad, You know you are a Christian and as such you should forgive, but with the things you personally saw and personnally went through, no one on this earth has the right to judge you. No one.” A few month later he was in Assisted Living and had wanted me to meet one of his seat mates, But he was off as his son was graduating from a major college. His Seat Mate was Japanese, the same age bracket as my dad, so they had been enemies. My dad pulled me aside to tell me that they had communicated well enough with each other to make a pact and shake hands on it, that none of their grandchildren would ever fight with each other again.
    Empathy can happen in an instant — or after a few meals with a fellow seat mate at mealtime.
    And as far as all these sides and splinters and opinion groups we are breaking into, my point of view is that I belong to all of them, and I belong to none of them.

  74. This is a song I’m reminded of by this post. Thanks again Marty, et. al.

    Move’n on up. To the roof.

  75. Wayne Froemke (AKA "Safe")

    Hi Philosopher. Nice!

    I’m not sure if it’s just my firefox browser or it’s with all browsers, but the font size looks like it’s about 6 or 7 point on a 1280×1024 monitor resolution, which makes it very uncomfortable for me to read without squinting or putting on reading glasses. Perhaps it’s something worth checking and adjusting if needed.

    I chuckled when you wrote …

    “The Church of Scientology is a worldwide network of organizations who claim to apply the principles and techniques of L.Ron Hubbard.”

    (The embolding is mine.)

    Nice! 😉

  76. I like, The Secret. When I get real down I listen to it and I try to change the channel. I have not heard it in a while so it is time to listen again.

  77. The only thing with which I disagree in the following video is that it’s a secret. It’s not a secret…

  78. Jim, thanks for the duplication…and for getting through my typos. I apologize to all for dashing comments off without proof reading.

  79. Wayne Froemke (AKA "Safe")

    crashingupwards quoted, “a person is as valuable as he can help others, and he is no more valuable than that” LRH.

    Will you please cite the reference? I have extensive search capabilities in my database of LRH works, and I can’t find anywhere that Ron said what you quoted. (Not only as a whole, but the specific words I have emboldened) Thanks!

    What I have found that LRH has repeated said in his “By L. Ron Hubbard” original works is this …

    “I am always willing to help. By my own creed, a being is only as
    valuable as he can serve others.”

    From my understanding (I could be wrong), this is not “tech” but just Ron’s own personal creed.

  80. Cool Cat,
    I’m going to assume that you are a Scientologist, rightly or wrongly and with that as my premise, remark on a few things.

    I’ve been told by a Scientologist in ‘good-standing’, yet aware of DM’s corruption, that among persons they talk to there is concern when people that have been taken as anaethma by the CofM post here. (I’m taking this as an example, maybe not on your list of questions, but related as a ‘ button’).

    There is an OSA site that even lists ‘good independents’ and ‘bad independents’.

    Me personally, I’ve always sort of made up my own mind about who I do or don’t communicate with. I know for a fact, the vast majority, and if absolutes were attainable probably the whole list, of currently declared ‘SPs’, declared beginning with ‘purges’ in the early 80s are NOT ANYWHERE NEAR QUALIFIED as SPs. Indeed, in all that long list, there is an item missing – in all liklihood THE single item. David Miscavige.

    The most absurd absurdity I can think of on this is that Scientologists would be afraid to communicate with a being.

    One can exercise the Code of Honor and give or receive comm as they themselves desire it.

    But fear?

    That fear seems to extend to the idea that there are Scientologists viewing this blog and they are ‘afraid’, when say Richard Behar posts and even more afraid when others engage him in a conversation. When he is granted life. They are afraid that somehow or other, communication, is going to harm THEM. It’s going to harm ‘Scientology’. Huh?

    Let me point up to those lurking Scientologists, in good standing, that there is nothing in this universe that won’t surrender to postulates and live communication. The ONLY curative agent there is is the theta being. You. Your postulates and your live communication.

    This blog is the Factors and the Axioms, in real time. The ‘diaper days’ are over. Fear is an anachronism. The very, very, very small percentage of truly suppressive personalities, are obvious enough. It ain’t subtle.

    Ease on in to the world around you. Spread a positive sphere of influence. Forgive as you have been forgiven and let’s make a better world with our fellows, of all stripes.

    This blog, the several others you know, are POSITIVE motion. That’s your purpose, and ours.

  81. I started a feeding the homeless ministry once a week in the city I used to live in so I could “help the homeless” and get out of my comfort zone. Funny thing happened, they helped me more than I could ever dream of helping them. I’m now working with inner city kids in a new city and the homeless ministry is still going on in my old city. The point is value isn’t necessarily a tangible product.

  82. Hey Marty,

    Fully duplicated, thanks!

    Your accomplishments have confirmed what I believed posible and routine without all the interference generated daily by the Church to its staff and public.

    To me you really exemplify The Code of a Scientologist and a living model of it line by line, look at it in a new unit of time.

    Keep this up and I may have to put your picture up next to LRH.

  83. please correct prevoius post to “looking at it in a new unit of time”.

  84. I remember when I got done with my epf and I was posted as lrh comm in 1986. I was having dinner with the other execs at smi when a crippled person passed by our table. I than had to hear how that person “pulled it in” and they were a db. I was in shock as the others at the table shook their head in agreement and of course I asked why would that happen to certain people. I got some lecture on cause and effect and past lives. I don’t remember finishing my meal and started planning my first blow.

  85. That video is amazing.

    I’m definitely passing it on.

  86. Wayne Froemke (AKA "Safe")

    “I remember a notice on the Flag MAA board forbidding OTs to read “The Secret”.”

    Seriously? OMG. 😯

  87. Was this video “The Secret”? Hard to see what the controversy was about. It just seems like your basic, inspiring-type video. This video was expressly “verboten” by the COM?

    Weird. I could imagine Christians objecting, as it is individual-centered rather than God-centered.

  88. A fitting milestone for a Queen of Hearts.
    Cowboy Up! There’s more coming your way!

  89. Wayne Froemke (AKA "Safe")

    Awesome, Marty.

    You assisted another soul in bettering their life with authentic Scientology … a “product” of which should be typical in Scientology auditing.

    My top 3 hot points of the Code of a Scientologist are:

    11. To actively decry the suppression of knowledge, wisdom, philosophy or data which would help mankind.

    15. To stress the freedom to use Scientology as a philosophy in all its applications and variations in the humanities.

    20. To make this world a saner, better place.

  90. A precious opportunity to become more of a soul, more theta, is wasted by those who react with arrogance, with disdain or with make wrong at those who present different viewpoints than the ones one wants to be presented with.
    I visit this website because it is the best website I have found that exposes me to a multitude of viewpoints. Sometimes the viewpoints are uncomfortable, sometimes annoying, sometimes they cause me pain, and sometimes they restimulate. It is those reactions, within me, that allow me to discover the hitherto unknown ridges, arrogances, and unwillingnesses to duplicate and accept that still inhabit my world.
    And because I thank Ron for letting me know I can AS-IS if I only accept and embrace those things I reject, resist, that are painful to accept, or that I am not wanting in my space, I become a freer, stronger, wiser, more decent, more understanding and consistently growing human being.
    Sitting at having to be right, at making wrong, at attacking viewpoints and their sources, at giving the pain back I am feeling, and at wanting to emanate I am wiser and better that anyone else never led me to the soulfulness I want.
    And I am quite sure it never led anyone else to it.
    So if you are reacting to something you have read and it causes pain or discomfort and you get the impulse to attack it, to ridicule it, to have to change it, be extremely happy you have been given an opportunity to grow…. and own it.
    The soul of Scientology is in a coma because it was denied the strength that comes about with the willingness to recognize one’s weaknesses and flaws so one can change them.

  91. Thank you to everyone who responded to Dr Faust’s question as the (I believe) sincere question it was. While the particular quotation that sparked it hasn’t troubled me so much, other quotations from Hubbard have, and for the same reason – the apparent valuing of a human being on the basis of their productivity. To read a thoughtful discussion by Scientologists explaining how you interpret the tech is extremely helpful. It is the way to break down fear and ignorance. I’m not saying that your comments fully negate the issues I have, but I am saying that I love when we are able to communicate with each other with mutual respect. Thank you.

    Marty, that PC of yours sounds like a catch. Someone should marry her! 😉

  92. Yes, I am a Scientologists of many years. This blog might be hard to understand for non-Scientologists but I understand the tech and the admin related postings quite well, Jim.

    I hope that Marty or Mike are not offended but I still haven’t figured out where this convoy is exactly traveling to. I know what you all think of Miscavige and I don’t blame you. I read that “good and bad Independent” article too and I consider it an attempt by OSA to 3rd party the Independents.

    Nevertheless, I don’t understand what the mission of the opinion leaders Marty and Mike is. This blog is evidently a part of it but will this be all?

    I am not blaming anyone. 2 Mio people hitting on a blog is quite something but as a Scientologist, I like a clear direction. I would like to hear what it is. My husband and I, we run a shop. Our mission is ethical products sold to fair prices to as many customers in my town as possible.

    So, what is Marty and Mike’s mission? And do they have the same mission or not?

    You are right, Jim, nobody should fear communication. LRH says to communicate more than less and that is solving anything. But there is a tendency that certain people forget their wins and original purpose and slides down the tonescale and are getting PTS when real SPs are influencing them. I have seen it happen with a couple of friends. They turned more and more into wogs and it wasn’t good for them. They had a higher ethic level and were more lovable when they were Scientologists.

    I mean no offence to anyone and I am not from OSA but I am a Scientologist in good standing.


  93. Very well stated Nancy. I like your viewpoint.

  94. Dr Faust, It would seem to be implict in your question that you yourself consider a person with Downs syndrome less valuable, damaged goods. You have placed them in a subclass of less productive.

    Is a baby or toddler less valuable? They certainly are not only not productive but a drain on resources!

    It may be that in some cases the “help” that some provide in exchange with others is more subtle?

    The devil may have been forthcoming with what ever you ask and never uttered an untruth to you, but has he volunteered all he knows?


  95. OT VIII,
    Thanks for the apology, you shall indeed ….

  96. EXTREMELY well stated Tony – spot on!!!!!

  97. Very well done to you Marty and congrats to the new clear!
    I am so happy and enjoy a lot of reading your blog.

  98. TheEmperorIsNaked

    That is really special how you granted him beingness. Really special. And what a great story and outcome (no doubt influenced by the granting of beingness).

  99. A thousend times this !

  100. I think anyone who failed to understand any of Marty’s recent posts simply does not understand what Scientology is in its most fundamental sense. LRH said early on that Scientology meant “knowing how to know.” Scientology is a collection of technologies that enables better living. It is NOT a replacement for living. Living includes learning — that is right in the Way to Happiness. It could be said if you aren’t learning, you aren’t living. Scientology is there to help you along the way; to help you live better by enabling you to know what is true and what is not true for you. So only an total idiot would be inclined to censor what is to be studied or not studied.

    Of course LRH intended you to study beyond the scope of Scientology. That’s part of why Scientology is there: to enable each person to augment the role he or she would take in life and living.

    LRH said in one of the lecture series from the 1950s (I’ve forgotten which one) that the route to understanding, seeking understanding, was unique in that it is the only route with no faintest hint of a liability to it. In other words, by endeavoring to simply understand you can never go wrong.

    Knowing Scientology, you don’t need to censor what subjects you study. You can study and learn from anything. You can clearly see what is true or false, right or wrong. A Scientologist can learn from any subject: you can at least learn the state of that subject’s advance.

    And when others who are not Scientologists describe in different words what is also described in Scientology, one can gain immensely by study for here you have a multiple viewpoint system in use by your own fourth dynamic. When you know how to know, it becomes easy to see which words are used synonymously. And as no two people have the exact same viewpoint, you can’t help but gain from the exchange.

    The various subjects extant on this planet were written about by your own fourth dynamic — an extension of YOU, whoever you are. Intolerance or lack of empathy is simply an inability to be your own fourth dynamic. The intolerant, the antipathetic… simply have not graduated back up to having a spiritual beingness.

    One doesn’t learn Scientology so that they then must censor what is to be read. One learns Scientology to obviate the need for censorship. And with that, you can follow and contribute to any subject at will and appreciate the greater effort of life to know and understand and progress toward enlightenment.

    There IS a basic urge to survive on each dynamic, and that urge on the fourth dynamic expresses itself in various ways, including independent spiritual growth.

    I found the video about empathy incredibly insightful. And Marty’s post makes perfect sense.

    Mankind is evolving. The Church is not in step. Some in acute spasm of arrogance think Scientology is a replacement for life. That is one of DM’s mechanisms to shackle Scientologists, keep them down and make them into slaves. The Church is stuck in the past, fighting enemies that no longer exist. The Church is dramatizing the reactive mind and it has become a reactive mind.

    The Church isn’t even current with its own technology, much less in tune with the world at large.


  101. Talk about an misduplication..

    These out of context, intentionally misduplicated “quotes” from LRH just plain suck. Thats my technical opinon of them. It’s a fine example of intellectual dishonesty http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Intellectual_dishonesty
    You can quote me on that Faust.

  102. That’s an awesome story, Nancy.

  103. Hey Marty – Great job! What a win.

  104. This wasnt directed at crashingupwards. It was about LRH being misquoted and quoted out of context on the interet by Anonymous and other anti-Scientologists.

  105. Wow! How well you describe that what is.

    Congrats to the Auditor and a big kiss to your PC now gone Clear. Truly fantastic news.

  106. Hey Marty,
    Spot on, it amazes me that there is ALWAYS, a LRH datum that indicates.
    If one only communicated # 16 of the code to the “C of M” staff they would know how off the wall they have become. But there again, the “bank is the bank” and “squirrel is squirrel” and the “SP, is the SP”.
    Keep em coming.

    Raf Madeira

  107. Marty, you are an example.

    “A philosophy can only be a route to knowledge. It cannot be crammed down one’s throat. If one has a route, he can then find what is true for him. And that is Scientology.” LRH

    I have to say, this quote is totally in disagreement with another LRH writing KSW 1 and it is not necessary that Scientology is the the route for a person or is the only route but in my understanding Scientology should be applied as you apply it and “it cannot be crammed down one’s throat.” Especially if it is altered in a vicious way. And if Scientology is applied gently with a whole-hearted sincere way than it can be true and only than it can be true for any person or group, etc.

    It seems to me, that you apply Scientology in the correct way. In my opinion You are a Scientologist in the fullest sense of the word.

  108. Martin Padfield

    Thanks for this post Marty – it meant a lot to me personally. Your description of the journey a pc takes along the road on the lower Bridge reminded me vividly of what it was like when I got started nearly 30 years ago; the (actual) abilities regained, the heightened awareness and affinity for others, etc etc. And I – once again – thank you very much for all you do.

    It’s nearly a year since I decided to make a public stand against the current “church” and boy, what a year it’s been. The friendships gained, the rehabilitation of certainty on all sorts of matters, the adventures, the rebuilding of my 1st 3 dynamics (did I mention Maria is pregnant again?), getting out of debt and booming business without the constant anxiety about money, and most of all the sheer joy of unsuppressed communication – finally I can say my Grade 0 is really in! I have absorbed a huge amount of empowering information from these postings, and various books and friends too. ( I have even rehabbed skills gained on the Gold RPF ironically; currently converting garage to an office).

    You know you and I have had our differences, at least about 1 matter in particular although it matters not a jot since in the context of the bigger picture, and let me say publicly – I have not wavered for a SECOND this last year. I wouldn’t change a thing; I am very content with the decisions I made and although not ready to resume bridge progress yet, in reality I am 1000% more of a Scientologist now than when a confused, squirrelled case, over-regged public on lines in the CofM.

    Initially I was disappointed that more of my onlines “friends” didn’t start to wake up too; one by one they seemed to fall away into the apparent “safety” of the Church. However many incidents and messages received tell me that I had far under-estimated the power of truth. There is a silent rebellion going on in the CofM, and it is growing daily. It won’t be silent much longer. Next week’s Panorama may or not be a watershed, but the cumulative effect of the hideous abuse and ciminality of DM’s outfit will ultimately create a safe environment where people like your fine pc will be able to get the benefit from the great body of knowledge that is scientology. Thank you.

  109. Dear Marty I loved to read all the points you listed…
    After studying it for over 15 years I find Scientology Tech fantastic and so sane.
    I do realize though that many people react to the very word of ‘Scientology’… to them represent just a bunch of invalidations, irrationality, suppressive and black masses.
    It is so painful to some of them to think of anything related to Scientology that they are A=A Scientology tech with the entheta and Black Dianetics & Black Scientology…
    Sometimes I feel we should have another name that does not restimulates such a huge BPCharge…
    The damage this Church of $ is doing is bigger than we think… It is violating and IMPLANTING people.

  110. crashingupwards

    Hi Wayne. I cannot. It was something that always stuck in my mind. For the sake of what we were talking about here in this post, “serve” others is surely as applicaple. I know I read the second sentence because it is not something i would add and it sure sounds like LRH to me. Maybee someone else will recall the source. I recall it on a poster or promo piece. I am sure it was BPI. Wish I could have been more (of service)helpful.

  111. WOW Marty! Your post is awesome! VVVVWD to you and your new Pre OT! Hopefully someday I will be able to read her success story. Love Jan

  112. Great news. People know you by your products.
    Well done to the lady that went clear.
    Continue with your successess.
    Isn’t that is why we here for.

  113. Martin, Thanks a lot for the overview. Congratulations on the new Padfield on the way!

  114. Steve, thanks for this gem. You have articulated that which I could not.

  115. Chad, I had a similar experience working with elderly and people with disabilities trying to get out of nursing homes they did not need to be in.

  116. The only thing I find wrong about The Secret is that it has already been corrupted in the original text. That was done by communicating over and over again in terms of attaining material wealth. Much as the C of M has been corrupted, so has The Secret. That which could lead one out of dependency and subordination of the physical universe has been marketed toward getting further into the physical universe.

  117. I just got that CD last week; and have been focusing on that very song. Interesting. Mosey and I go up on the deck. And there is where everything seems to fall in place for me.

  118. Thank you Nancy. When I think of God, I think of Theta doing it’s Theta thing. Theta doesn’t change, we do. And there is a time for everything.

  119. Bravo Marty!
    For Dr. Faust, I was an in-home aid for 2 ladies with Downe Syndrome and 1 “mentally retarded” lady. Two worked out of their home, one was retired. They rented a home, worked together to pay the bills, went to church, art classes, shopping, bowling, lived a “normal ” life. Their parents and case workers were thrilled at how well, happy and productive each was with me being there. Each took on more chores, more responsibility, and got better results doing what each was doing. It was work, actually play with a purpose, I had not before. But I am an OT and trained well enough as an auditor to , grant beingness, and to do something for the pc. I can think with the LRH Tech I know and apply it. We had a lot of fun, finding out what each could do and doing it, finding proper gradients to increase abilities, interests, and reaching further into the environment as a team, it was wonderful. Basic hatting to live better. It was most likely the first time anyone knew and treated each as an immortal being with proper respect, dignity and yes, empathy.
    As far as I’m concerned there are no acceptable excuses to not apply LRH’s Tech, ethics and policy to best of ones’ ability to all/everthing, everyone to improve conditions near and far.
    Marty, please keep producing Miracles as usual…and thank you for making this environment more alive and reaching.

  120. martyrathbun09

    Nancy, that is beautiful. Have you seen Haggis’ twin films about Iwo Jima – one from the American viewpoint and the other from the Japanese viewpoint. They are incredible. But, you have to watch them both.

  121. Martin Padfield

    Thanks! We wanted Ali to have a sibling for a long time.

  122. martyrathbun09

    Jimmy, this reminds me why it is we are especially fond of you.

  123. Cool Cat: Just keep your own counsel.

    Something we were told to do as scientologists and sadly, at least me, rarely did. I always checked to see the prevailing wind 🙂

    You’ll discover for yourself where Marty and Mike are heading.

    But, only if you open your heart and mind – there you will find yourself.

    And for my money – there you will find Marty and Mike.

    I believe we are on a journey without a goal. It’s the journey …


  124. The pulled it in line isn’t talked about that I’ve read unless it’s indirect to the point where anyone who’s existed can pull in anything because everyone’s done everything. In my opinion LRH was speculative about this area but I haven’t seen him say anything definite that applies to a person and their situation right now, on the level of getting birth defects at least. It’s trying to get people to control too much so it’s a control mechanism where you have to walk around maundering and afraid of abstractions. Lots of modern disabilities like autism can be traced to heavy metals in vaccines and infant shots. Industrial waste and flouride are placed in public water supplies despite evidence it kills people and wrecks their brains and causes cancer, and corexit is being sprayed over suburbs in Florida right now. Don’t vaccinate your kids or yourself, get a berkey water filter and shower filter, and take selenium, vitamin d and vitamin c tablets to prevent or handle cancer, and you should be fine, especially with the purif available if needed. Also take spirulina tablets, the ultimate superfood, because nutrients are intentionally being taken from the food supply.

  125. I’m sure we’ve all seen that attitude/viewpoint in play. I think it’s similar to a superiority complex. It’s dangerous and a slippery slope. When those “enlightened” people experience body problems what does that make them? Does that mean they’ve become degraded? Did they pull it in? Do they start running that on themselves? Nothing like a good ‘ole healthy dose of self-inval and introversion to make things better. Not! That’s the last thing anyone needs when they’re trying to overcome a body problem.

    Those “enlightened” people really need to think about this. This is planet Earth and the day will come when they too experience body problems. I can tell you one thing; their so-called friends will disappear in droves. After all, they’re downstat. (sarcasm off now)

  126. Jim: Delighted you got to see the Abbey — perhaps you were there for the Harvest of Peace celebration internationally transmitted from Halifax? I’ve never been and aim to visit one day for sure.

    (Halifix is BTW where the international headquarters are of Shambhala)(run by a handful of great people – low pay but REGULAR hours and no RPF ever 🙂

    Thanks for the open invite. That’s very kind. I was in Halifax in November for a world wide congress — but I’m sure I’ll come again.


  127. Luis – what a poignant post.

    This blog has for me been, as well, a wonderful opportunity to watch my own mind and see how I react or not. How I look for approval. How I can get arrogant.

    It’s a great microcosm of the greater macrocosm I believe.

    It’s also incredibly fascinating to watch and feel the changes we as a community and as individuals seem to be going through and the growth. To me, it’s palpable!!

    Yes — scientologists still involved are in a coma.

    BUT — with enough “prayers” and love – many comatose patients wake up.


  128. Although I would no longer consider myself a scientologist, I never thought that lrh intended for the “disabled and disfortunate” to be labeled that way.

  129. Marty and our newest Clear:


    And if this Clear is who I’m guessing it must be — I can’t imagine her looking shinier or brighter.

    We’ll have to wear glasses the next time we see her beaming while sitting on the dock of the bay!!


  130. It’s amazing what service and service done out of unconditional love does for a person. I felt I had more “case gain” between helping the homeless and helping the young men I’ve helped get into college than anything else I’ve ever done.

  131. Kevin, I have read much of what you experienced in Scn over at the ESMB website and just wanted to thank you for persevering and doing the right thing by your family.
    Your last paragraph is all important. I have posed it a few times in the past in the company of some scnologists to only get an odd stare, as though I had cast off all my OT’ness. In scn, all too often when a church member encounters a major difficulty or calamity, they are shunned in one fashion or another. Whereas, for example, in the Amish community if someone’s house burns down, the group is out en masse to rebuild the home. I would call that a real religious community, as opposed to looking in disdain at how the person must’ve “pulled that in”. Best to you and your family.

  132. Don’t vaccinate your kids or yourself

    There have been numerous studies by now that show there is no connection between mercury compounds in vaccinations and autism, however, due to the controversy raised many vaccines are nowadays produced without this.

    So please please have your kids vaccinated. If you’re so afraid of this compount, well then make sure the one you get doesn’t contain Mercury. But even LRH acknowledged the existence of viruses and bacteria. Thanks to vaccinations, many kids nowadays have the privilege of growing up without polio or other diseases.

  133. I believe I have read your story about two years ago. If you are the ones I remember reading about, you also wrote that the fact you got off course and dedicated your time and money to the treatment of your daughter, she was able to make good progress and do things never thought to be possible for her.
    I applaud your for your tenacity and doing everything for your daughter. It is in fact the best a child can wish in their parents for.

  134. I wonder what Lord loki makes of that


  135. Cool Cat,
    You may get a response to the ‘wog’ reference. I’ll try and preempt that by stating I understand what you are referring to, the idea of ‘back to the old patterns’ and ‘not even trying’. I even understand the phenomena.

    I was a working ‘road’ musician for some years after getting declared and expelled from the SO and Scn. Played all sorts of down and gritty clubs. Real blues rooms mind you. Places where the social veneer was pretty thin. I was reminded of a place on my earlier time track, a ‘Music City’ where the Sensation Station was the best club around.

    Ethics IS a personal thing, but like the Gampo Abbey, a Buddhist monastery I just visited, there is something to be said about the 3D and the support of agreement on discipline that keeps a firmer channel to more lofty conduct.

    I was responding to your post, as I said, on the premise that there are those in good standing that view this blog, and wonder, are ‘Marty and Mike’ promoting nihilism in terms of the 3D and some new anarchic revolution to overthrow the CofS and institute a wonderous mixed-practice idyll of BBQ and boogee-woogee (Long John Baldry) music where anything from ganga to group sex is the aim of the exercise and LRH, bless his heart, had a ‘good thing’ but just didn’t quite ‘get it’. ( I got an a ‘g’ frenzy there :-))

    What I’m attempting to address here is the concerns, even fears, that Scientologists in good standing have related to the ‘company’ that is kept on this blog, and the relatively free expression of thought that occurs in many postings.

    I am trying to get across an idea: IF Scientology IS what it purports to be as a philosophy, but more to the point, with the Factors, Qs, Axioms and the disciplines of auditing to apply those fundamentals, then surely thorough study and progress up the Bridge and a higher spiritual state and KRC would mean it would naturally follow that MORE COMM, NOT LESS, would be the answer.

    Less ridge. Less ‘enemy’, less polarization as in dramatization of GPMs, whether old or newly created. And a healthy application of postulates and live (well as live as this computer thing can be) communication to the end of spiritual growth and happiness for all sorts of fellow sojourners here on this biosphere.

    Eckhart Tolle is NOT an enemy of Scientology. Richard Behar recognizes the compelling importance of Scientology. Cat Daddy brought us a wonderful video of that guy, Norman Doidge, and the implications for advance in the ‘scientific community’ his ‘creds allow’. Jesse Prince is my old friend, and now thanks to this blog, we have a comm line again. My affinity hasn’t been alloyed with him because DM says he’s bad. I watched his address in the early part of this year to the audience in Germany. It didn’t disrupt my own KRC and certainty on what I know, rather it gave me an opportunity to view life from another perspective. Plus, he’s my friend and I just got havingness from seeing and hearing him again. All GOOD things.

    Again, my point I’m working on getting across here, is that it’s time to re-look at various things that have come about due to some false data and false notions of what Scientology is all about. It’s time to examine tacit mores and group agreement on the character of orgs, the character of the 3D, and the workability of some of the attitudes that seem to have taken precedence over the genuine help and succor that properly applied tech is there to be.

    There is a PDC tape wherein LRH asks the audience what THEY want THEIR 3D to be. Policy is described in the issue The Structure of Organization: What is Policy?

    Nowhere in that issue do I find anything that predetermines the character and the spirit of any Scientology org except that they should be bastions of reason and islands of sanity.

    That character is absent in DM’s vision of the 3D. His vision is not my vision. It isn’t LRH’s. It isn’t, as is apparent on this blog, the vision of the bulk of the beings who have experienced it.

    It is my reality, and experience, that the senior data, the fundamental truths of the body of work, especially the real ‘basics’, the Factors, Axioms, Qs, and such, are THE SENIOR DATA of life in this particular universe. They can and must be grasped and applied broadly, in such a way as to heighton ARC/KRC among our fellows on this earth. They can help others bring clarity to what they have themselves found to be valid and workable knowledge, IF they are applied in the character and spirit in which they were found and communicated by LRH: succor and help and a recognition of the rightness of the being.

    DM’s ‘church’ is a suppressive reversal of the subject of Scientology. DM’s isolationist, ‘only one’ psychosis is dramatized now in orgs and missions and manifests in the fear that this blog is some sort of splinter/squirrel group manifestation bent on the destruction of the workable principles of the Ethics, Tech and Admin of LRH’s body of work.


    Whither are they/we/you going? You decide for yourself, and then join the group that will help you attain that aim. Make your postulates for what kind of 3D YOU want, stick. You will, with persistence on a given path, get what you put energy into. If it’s gonna be DM’s ‘vision’, then THAT’S what YOU will get.

    In any case, you are here now, posting, viewing, cogitatin’ and if by some Fortuitous circumstance you Move On Up a Little Higher in the process, THAT’S Marty’s vision.

  136. The question: Decide who are one’s friends
    My answer: LRH Tech


  137. Hello, everybody!
    I am very happy about the multitude of answers I received, it is more than I could have hoped for.

    From Tony DePhillips:

    To me the idea “that a person is as valuable as his ability to help others” means this: That a person that is helping 100′s to survive really has more current value in that scenario than a bowery bum who gets drunk every day.

    I picked trisomy 21 as an example. I could have generally asked the same question however with homeless people, elderly people requiring intensive care, or those struck with a chronic illness, you name it.

    By Grasshopper:

    Dr. Faust, I would ask you to please try to assume the positive first before going negative. And also please note that Scientologists are extremely anti-Nazi, anti-Eugenics, and anti-Euthanasia.

    Like I said, I did not want to imply that Hubbard condoned euthanasia but wanted to explain to you why I am very sensitive when it comes to assigning a “value” to people.

    From Marty:

    Dude, if that quote conjures those thoughts, I think it is not the material that is at fault.

    I have good reasons for these thoughts. And these lie currently within the “official” brand of organised Scientology under Miscavige. The story of Uwe Stuckenbrock comes to my mind, who has been kept on the RPF even while he was confined to his wheelchair.
    Or the story of Kevin Bloody Mackey.

    I know that you are not the official brand of Scientology. That is why I wanted to know your take of this quote.

    And finally by DFB aka Dfb99:

    These out of context, intentionally misduplicated “quotes” from LRH just plain suck. Thats my technical opinon of them.

    I second Wayne Froemke who wants to know an exact reference.

    It’s a fine example of intellectual dishonesty

    You’re right. I should have worded the question differently.

  138. CC,
    Thank you. Perhaps it might be simpler than all these words going back and forth so far. Like the title of this blog – is that not enough?

  139. Thanks! (for the cryptic generality)

  140. WH,
    Unfortunately I only had seconds to read your post the other day before I had to get on the road, so when I got to the abbey on Sunday morning, and the group was gathering around the firepit for the ceremony, I only had a brief comm cycle with one of the residents and asked about the ‘rock star’ nun that you had mentioned. She had NO idea what I was talking about 🙂

    Of course, neither did I!

    Anyway, not sure what the ceremony was for but the resident stayed with me, at my request, to help me get the words I was coming across in the chanting. There were way to many, but she tried.

    When I got home I looked up the monastery on the interweb and I NOW get who you were referring to. Nope, didn’t meet her and I’m not sure I even saw her among the group.

    Just some more info on the place. It has a killer library. Holy cats!

    It has a ‘chapel’, where they were going to broadcast whatever it was that happened yesterday that was soooo inviting I think I could have stayed there for days. (Unfortunatly I had to be back for my job so I missed the broadcast.)

    The grounds are as peaceful as they appear on the web. More so, since they beings there permeate the place.

    I even managed to ‘get in trouble’ with one of the ‘nuns’. I hadn’t eaten breakfast and I was getting some nasty gas causing an upset stomach. I needed a glass of water so I went up to the lunchroom and got one. There was a meal being prepared and bowls of fruit on the tables, and a buffet. I didn’t know what the rules for eating were so I asked her. I said ‘excuse me, I’m not sure of the protocol here, so do I just start jamming stuff in my mouth or what?’

    She chided me on waiting to be offered food. Sort of like my mother would do when I came home from school and tried to sneak supper ahead of time. So, I kicked her in the groin and went out and had a smoke. Nahhhh, just kidding.

    Anyway, moving along. Lunch was served and it was DELICIOUS! Dessert too! And oatcakes that would suck any last bit of moisture out of your mouth just like my Nanna used to make. Mmmmmm. I loves oatcakes.

    I had some nice chats, one with a woman who recently lost her young son in a traffic accident, and was seeking comfort in the fact of life after death and past lives and such. I told her of my brother dying with AIDs and my conversations with him on ‘what happens when you die’ and how he left his body and was in very clear, compelling comm with me, making me take him around the neighborhood, out of his body he was, and holding up things for him to read. The body was blind by the time he left it so he was really happy about the fact ‘I CAN SEE!!!!!’

    Hmm, what else. Oh yeah, some woman asked me if I’d ever been an insect. I said ‘no’, ‘not enough to do and a life is only 24 hours long’. I’d been a bear though, and that had some good times 🙂

    Also, like I said, I told the guy that led the ceremony that I was saying ‘hi’ from Windhorse (a name that was all over the place) and let him know I was a Scientologist and he asked for the blog name. If he shows up, I hope he says ‘hi’ back to you!

    I’m going to get a copy of the Phoenix Lectures and take it up for their library.

    So, there you go WH. I sure hope you get to visit the place. It’s quite something.

  141. Hear, Hear!

    Superb, glorious, magnificent and all those synonyms apply here! Congrats to the newly Pre-OT and auditor – this is so 180 degrees to Mestology as a comparison!

  142. And Dean – thanks for the OUTSTANDING auditing.

    You rule!

    Every freakin’ year you took your due vacation. Every year you took the Ethics Lumps.

    Now that you’re out, guess what? You have the Blair Family.

    Miscavige has NOTHING except his own reflection in the mirror.

    Bravo, and I wish you well, a Hero of Standard Tech.

  143. My Dad was at Iwo Jima.

    His ship (I won’t go into detail) also distinguished itself off Okinawa.

    My Dad was not a Marine on the beach at Iwo Jima…but he did his share.

    His is an AUTHENTIC naval record – not a collection of self-serving lies. My Dad was due a Purple Heart as well as other Naval honors, yet he couldn’t be bothered to go through the bureaucratic rigmarole to try and collect them. He knew the real honors belonged to the guys at the bottom of the Pacific.

    Here’s to the guys in the BACKGROUND…who may have done outstanding service in defeating the enemy (Miscavige), but can’t lay claim to this for a l-o-n-g time.

  144. Luis,
    I want to thank you for that post. I really needed to read, look and own it. I say this in reference to my reply post to OTVIII yesterday. If you are reading this OTVIII….please accept my sincere apology for the inval I threw your way. I am not ashamed of having the reaction but am ashamed that I felt the need to throw it back on you. That’s not who I am or want to be in this life.

    A new Clear on this planet! How lovely, exciting, wonderful….all things beautiful to receive this news! Congratulations to you both.
    I send my love to you, Marsha Pearlman Sorensen

  145. Kevin Bloody Mackey~I too witnessed that cold-hearted CRAP run on people. It makes me sick!
    Yes, the value of humanity is the bottom line.
    I’ve been on the receiving end of it in smaller ways and a very-old-timer was the only one who cared and showed compassion…to the others I was developed-traffic, pulled it in, just wanted to be off post.Never mind me and my husband and our future (3 weeks hospitalized then losing our first baby at 21 weeks).

    My “sisters” of the Sacred Heart (alumni from Sacred Heart schools) contribute to society every single day in big and small ways – no strings attached. It is not about status – you get no awards. It is not about religion – they help anyone of any religion and we sure don’t say oh, look at us great Catholics we are. They don’t judge me because I don’t attend church. It is not about wealth – only that they consider their wealth a tool to help others less fortunate.

    The subject of Marty’s prior post and this one have proven themselves out to be EXACTLY right. If it weren’t for the holier than thou, I’m so right and you’re so wrong attitude developed in the CofM, it too in this day and age could be an integral part of life, the way LRH intended it to be.

    My kids would at least read a blurb in psychology mentioning LRH and his contributions to mental health. But nooooo!
    I could just rail on this….but you get the point.
    Love and theta flows to you and yours.

  146. Sounds like the medeval Roman Catholic Church.

  147. “People look at the spoof process R2-45 and think Ron is serious, when it is an obvious joke.”

  148. Bravo – the Tech rules!

    I have yet to see the detailed Ethics Formulas from those who were content to be Miscavige’s Bully Boys for years.

    Also – a serious betrayal of Scientology? Letting the IRS off the hook when they were BEGGING for mercy. I was at a live presentation of certain Sea Org member’s TAXGASM in the early 90s. When Miscavige said we were “friends” with the IRS? My wife and I took one look at each other, and walked right out the door. I remember hearing a chorus of “Where are you going?”

    That was the last Scientology event we ever attended. There was no comm lag.

    My wife and I are NOT friends of the IRS. I have worked in many countries – their own tax agencies are uniformly evil.

    I have made it clear that I have personal disagreements with LRH’s personal/familial conduct – the closest I feel to kinship with him is in his battle with the IRS. They harmed an unbelievably worthy researcher.

    Those who let the IRS off the hook? You owe the WORLD an enormous amends project. Don’t look for approval from ME. You had the IRS by the balls……..and you blinked.

    Go make another Clear! That leaves you 1,000,000,000 to go before your record is salvaged.

    I can’t be fooled on this one.

  149. https://markrathbun.wordpress.com/2009/11/09/east-grinstead-sussex-england-independent/

    Wow, you have more expansion that DM. Congratulations you sound like a good father. a good husband and a good man. In fact I KNOW you are. May your new child flourish and prosper.


  150. Silvia,
    When I find ‘Scientology’ as an End Word for some, I get the other half – Not Scientology and it seems to destim. Then, if need be, I get them to say ‘Scientology’ over a few times, Repeater Technique, and watch it desensitize.

    I’ve observed that since its release, it sure is ‘racketing up the time track’. Pretty cool actually.

  151. My dad was the Radar Man (top secret at that time) and saw an extensive amount of battle that he does not talk of. His ship was a troop transport ship, so his was always the target. He carried the first marines into Okinawa. I would like to know which ship, and type your dad was on. My dad kept a secret diary during those days. -nancy@MyBillionYearContract. nance

  152. Wayne Froemke (AKA "Safe")

    Excellent post Steve,

    DM’s Implant Technology ™ is the held down 7 in the Church of Scientology which has created mass confusion, inhibited spiritual progress, nullification, robotism, and even actual SLAVES.

  153. How do you know for SURE that LRH’s naval record wasn’t expunged —

    It’s always been innuendo and ahaaa with regard to LRHs history. Having NOT been there myself – it’s up to me to decide what to accept and what to reject.

    I’ve found that many with a very fragile understanding of THEMSELVES go into some sort of enormous decline when the person they thought (LRH in some cases) turns out to be … human. Full of mistakes, embellishment perhaps etc.

    Then they TURN on that person and HATE him.


    In my case, I had LRH on a pedestal and infallible. As perfect. As someone who SOMEHOW would prevent anything bad from happening to me or my loved ones.

    In fact — I thought he was a LIVING GOD.

    Hmmm — not true. He never said he was but I BOUGHT into the culture that SAID he was.

    And I had to figure it all out by myself — using bits of LRH tech, bits of this and bits of that — until I was able to stand on my own two feet with my own ability to discern.

    Took awhile but it’s worth it. And people can love LRH, hate LRH, be in the middle, call him good names and bad names.

    Doesn’t change what I gained and continue to gain.

    Not a bit.

    But, perhaps I’m misreading your comment about “authetic” naval record.

    It couldn’t be about miscavige — I don’t think he was even a boy scout 🙂


  154. Thanks Marty, Yes those films are incredible. It always drives me back to “sting” and the line “we better hope their mothers love the sons as well”
    and another line was “we all cry in the same language”. We do need to get rid of the feeling that their are “others”… If we all came from the same mom and dad, how can that be???

  155. No need to apologize. As any artist, your comm got across and the bits of technique (typos, et al) didn’t get in the way. I need an editor for mine too!

  156. Let me give you my example from my life:

    I’m a technical guy, an IT techie. One day many years ago I listened to my ex-wife and decided to deliver training to people who wanted to learn my field. I had previously had this idea that I wouldn’t be very good at it and wouldn’t be able to communicate the ideas at an appropriate level. I realized that all the information in my head wasn’t much use there, it had to come out and go into other people’s heads.

    To my surprise, I was pretty good at it, and the students reacted well to me. I got quite a reputation as someone who would really help and get the idea across. I went from a position of helping just a little by only providing a technical service to being of much more help by providing a service and sharing knowledge. Suddenly, I was worth more to others around me than I was before.

    The quote from Hubbard has to be viewed correctly, and you have to figure out the correct intent. It has nothing to do with measuring the relative worth of someone else. It has everything to do with measuring your own worth and realizing that for YOU to be worth more to OTHERS, you need to offer more help to them.

    There’s another similar quote: “To lead is to serve, and gives one only the right to serve.” Living by this keeps leaders grounded and humble. You will notice that Ghandi and Mandela do this well whereas Miscavige does not.

  157. I thank your Father for my freedom. And I am actually in total agreement with you on the guys in the background. They are often forgotten. Those who alsoo worked on the Tech in the backround as well as the black americans who had to stuff ships with dangerous bombs forbidden to fight. This is how my country has honoured the troops for the past 65 years. Just one of the parades that take place.


    “65 years since liberation from the nazi occupier at the hands of heroic Canadian troops. This was the last veteran parade in Apeldoorn, as so few are expected to be in good enough health to return in 5 years time. However, a special festival is plannened in its place to be held every 5 years. The opening was held in the Omnisport stadium in Apeldoorn, the Netherlands. 9th May 2010. These are some highlights of the day.

    Each of the living veterans represent many, many men and women who gave thier lives not for thier own country alone, but for strangers in a strange land. True heroes, never to be forgotten.”

  158. Wonderful adventure Jim.

    Yes — the rock star is/was Pema Chodron. She was the first abbess and got the place going at the behest of her teacher, Chogyam Trungpa.

    She’s written several books and does programs that draw hundreds and hundreds. Many non-buddhist travel from all over to hear her. She’s very real and very down to earth. Even swears!! 🙂

    Some of the nuns are pretty much like that — rap your knuckles — but most are a bit more gentle 🙂

    Great about being a bear!! I think I knew you (just kidding)


  159. Steve,

  160. Thank you the Emporor Is Naked. I am just so happy that my dad has gotten to put that “other” to bed before he dies. How can he be an “other” he’s sitting right next to him at every meal. nance PS there were many times we had machines and cars in our driveway that were actually made in Japan, but with an American Label, we never dared to tell him….. He’s coming to the end andhe’s making peace with his past, And yes, I believe theta is all connected and that is my concept of “god” ( for today, might change my mind tomorrow, cause I have that freedom back) Nance

  161. I think looking down on disabled people is just another example of arrogant shitheads using a “holier than thou” attitude.

    “Pulled it in” is just a convenient hook to hang the superiority complex hat on.


  162. crashingupwards

    Cool Cat.
    With all due respect, your posting presses Mike and Marty for a complete Admin Scale at a time when they are misrepresented by their ememies in all manner of ways by information they publish or utter.
    First, they are under no obligation to anyone for anything. Its their own affair. Their privacy or keeping their own counsel does not deny you anything.
    This blog is a great ride for those of similar mind. If the ride as it is does not suit your needs, I cant imagine what your needs could be.
    Pressing for information not required could be deemed bad manners. It could be other things as well. Patience is a virtue we all need to strive towards.

  163. Thoughtful,

    Your comment should be part of the Student hat !

  164. martyrathbun09

    I think we are just about done hearing from you. Your arrogance seems to know no bounds.

  165. Wayne Froemke (AKA "Safe")


    I love the entire article where your quote of Ron came from.

    The source is “My Philosophy” by L. Ron Hubbard (Red Volumes, 1965-69)

    A couple of other gems from this article of LRH’s are:

    “All we know of science or of religion comes from philosophy. It lies behind and above all other knowledge we have or use.”

    “The first principle of my own philosophy is that wisdom is meant for anyone who wishes to reach for it. It is the servant of commoner and king alike and should never be regarded with awe.”

    (Italics and bold above are mine)

    “The second principle of my own philosophy is that it must be capable of being applied.”

    “The third principle is that any philosophic knowledge is only valuable if it is true or if it works.”

    “For I know no man who has any monopoly upon the wisdom of this universe. It belongs to those who can use it to help themselves and others.”

    (Italics LRH’s)

    “The old must give way to the new, falsehood must become exposed by truth, and truth, though fought, always in the end prevails.”

  166. This is why Scientologists are looked upon as a danger to socïety.

  167. Boyd

    The concept may, in part, come from LRHs assertion that “you are entirely responsible for the condition you find yourself in.” I feel Ron is talking about a very high level of cause here. I do not believe it was an assignment of blame but rather an assignment of cause at a very high level. I feel that a totally “at cause” being ought to be able to create or have or not have any thing or condition. I personally would not want that concept diminished. It is my goal.
    I suppose then that any being operating at some level less than that could therefore be considered a “degraded being”. So, yes… I am a “degraded being” in that sense.

    But I do not think that that concept is in any way considered by someone calling another being “degraded”. It is not the other being who has had any revealing information presented. The person who uses such comments however says volumes about their own location on the “Chart of Human Evaluation”.


  168. My answer: Those who take me for the person I am.

  169. Wow !

    great job Marty !
    When I look at the quality of communication going on here and compare it to 1 year ago, it’s just beautiful. Moving up higher and higher and higher for eternity………………

  170. Boyd H. We have some very christian mofo’s who do not vacinate their kids. Polio is the visuable effect .

  171. I think if you read that quote thinking of Status you get lost but if you read it thinking of the help as something that gives you added spiritual value in your life it sounds better. Sure wish to see that one in context.

  172. This OT VIII guy reminds me of The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. IMHO. Wow!

    Arrogant Asshole with capital “A’s”.

  173. Who the f are you?

  174. And naturally, that leads to burning old books. 😦

  175. Jean-François Genest

    Dear O_bnoxious T_roll VIII,
    I second Marty’s motion.
    ♫ 5-6-7-8 ♫ Bye!

  176. OTVIII,
    If you would like to EFFECTIVELY enlighten others with your insight and observations, you might want to consider a lighter hammer with which to hit them over the head.

    If you are just venting, you should consider including some respect for the host who has provided you with the venue and audience.

    The Chaplain

  177. Exactly Athena8! Thank you.

  178. author also as an abridged five page report and was at Flag in 95-96.
    I still tell the odd associate or two that my time mis-spent in Cosima Passaro Ethics Office felt that I was being “interviewed” by IRS

    Author is not unaware but a tad antago

  179. Jean-François Genest

    Mr. Logan,
    Thank you, O’Druid! That makes total sense!
    Basic Dichotomy applied Θ

  180. Back to cramming with you! You might crack open your “New Slant on Life” and re-study “What is Greatness”.

  181. You are like the honey bee Jim Logan.


  182. Jean-François Genest

    Thanks Steve,
    Thoughtful, insightful and informative, as always.

  183. pollinating story Jim 😉

  184. Wayne Froemke (AKA "Safe")


    I too have wondered if renaming “Scientology” to something else would be a good idea so it’s not associated with all the Black Dianetics, Reverse Scientology, and all the other abuse going on within the Church of Scientology.

    Unfortunately, David Miscavage and his DM Implant Technology ™ has corrupted Scientology and has literally put the words “Scientology” and “Church of Scientology” in disrepute … even disgrace.

    How long will that take to clean up the reactive associations to the word?

    Even though I cannot think of a better word for the subject other than “Scientology”. The roots of the word are so appropriate (to authentic Scientology that is).


    [Middle English, knowledge, learning, from Old French, from Latin scientia, from sciēns, scient– present participle of scīre, to know; see skei- in Indo-European roots.]

    ology Denoting a subject of study.

    So adding the root scient and ology makes the word Scientology … the study of knowing … which makes a perfect word Ron named for the subject.

    David Miscavage’s CofM shouldn’t even rightfully be using this word because what’s being delivered by CofS (or CofM) isn’t really Scientology. Instead, the DM and his “tech” is an imposter of Scientology!


    One who engages in deception under an assumed name or identity.

    [French imposteur, from Latin impostor, one who assigns a name, from impostus, variant of impositus, past participle of impōnere, to place upon ; see impose.]

    But I can easily think of a applicable new word for the Pope of DM Implant Tech ™ …


  185. Totally agree. I found Eckhart Tolle’s The Power of Now fantastic. It rekindled my interest in Scientology as a route to a higher state. The Secret had me cogniting too..and The Tao..

    In case anyone’s interested, here is a different take on ‘karma’ 🙂

  186. I think that as time moves forward, we will see more and more external light shine on the various path signs placed by LRH. This is inevitable.

    However, it won’t change a single thing we do! We’ll notice the ‘new’, ‘sudden’, realizations, have a quiet chuckle, and give the next auditing command.

  187. And now we have the context for this quote.

    One should never direct people towards happiness, because happiness too is an idol of the market-place. One should direct them towards mutual affection. A beast gnawing at its prey can be happy too, but only human beings can feel affection for each other, and this is the highest achievement they can aspire to.

    – Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn

  188. Please be done.

  189. Not a case of lack of respect. A case of introversion. Walks in breath taking enviroments would do the trick hopefully.

    As stated before. I still favor organized Scientology in the right tech P.T. sequence for this (mad house planet) per LRH. If that is allowable.


  190. author is not OT VIII. I have done around 17 hours of NED auditing
    (had 17 hours rather) and could do with about 200-300 more to Clear.
    Provided I do’nt start looking like an engram.


  191. Mosey?


  192. OT VIII,
    Allrighty then, here’s something from Dn 55:
    “An entirely new concept in Dianetics and Scientology is that of

    “In Book One we talked about Self-Determinism. Self-Determinism
    meant, in essence, control by the awareness of awareness unit of that
    which it conceived to be its identity. Some effort was made in Book One
    to move Self-Determinism out into the remaining Dynamics.

    “Pan-Determinism is a word which describes determinism all along
    the Dynamics. Actually, Self-Determinism attempted to do this, and our
    earlier idea of Self-Determinism was a sort of Pan-Determinism.”

    (The whole chapter is entitled PAN-DETERMINISM.)

    And in the above light (including the rest of the chapter) is this bit from Fundamentals of Thought:
    “SELF-DETERMINISM is a condition of determining the actions of self. It is a First (Self) Dynamic action and leaves the remaining seven undetermined or, in actuality, in opposition to the self. Thus if one wants to take on the rest of life in a free-for-all fight, one could be entirely insistent upon total self-determinism. As the remainder of the dynamics must have a say in one’s self to function, they fight at once any attempt at total self-determinism.”

    Did you know it was an express ‘order’, covered thoroughly in LRH’s personal estate planning, that 501(c) 3 ‘status’ be obtained by RTC and CST?

    Hey, if you choose to elect out something for randomity, the IRS, psychs, ice cream men or whatever, that’s your right. On the flip-side, electing out Marty, on HIS blog, might be a tad ‘self-determined’ as per the above FOT def.

    I’m shaking my head at your choice. Putz.

  193. Wayne Froemke (AKA "Safe")

    OT VIII,

    I really do understand how you may feeling hurt and betrayal.

    If you’re implying Marty’s participation in what you’re talking about, then please forgive him. What he’s doing NOW takes an extreme amount of courage. He’s a revealed open target to the SP Pope of Implant Tech.

    Not too many others are willing to reveal who they are yet, perhaps out of some sort of fear. But Marty has. Keep in mind, too, this is his “house.”

    IMO, Marty has already far, far, far exceeded making up for any (little did he know) damage done unknowingly at the time while he was PTS under the Pope of DM Implant Technology.

    Perhaps this old Bible quote allegedly said by Jesus is applicable …

    Jesus said, “Father, forgive them, for they do not know what they are doing.”

    However, Marty does know what he’s doing NOW, and I’m very, very grateful for this and totally appreciate his new awesome beingness.

    Truly look at where he is now, compared to where he was. You may want to validate that instead of invalidate his old beingness (a complete thing of the past … history).

  194. You do the same for me and for all of us on a daily basis, Marty.

  195. Wow, so for those keeping score, “OT VIII” hates LRH, hates DM, hates Marty, hates the IRS, hates the people he worked with in the Church, hates the posters on this blog…have I left anyone out? So maybe “OT VIII” can tell us about his “Road to Total Hatred.”

  196. Wayne, You got that right! That’s a spectacular way to put it.

  197. Cat Daddy,
    My feline friend, you just about made me cry. Bless your anonymous kittiness too.

    Holy Cats 🙂

    Saint Hill Manor, East Grinstead, Sussex
    PR Series 9
    The original procedure developed by Man to oil the machinery of human relationships was “Good Manners.”
    Various other terms that describe this procedure are politeness, decorum, for­mality, etiquette, form, courtesy, refinement, polish, culture, civility, courtliness and respect.
    Even the most primitive cultures had highly developed rituals of human relation­ship. In studying twenty‑one different primitive races, which I did firsthand, I was continually impressed with the formalities which attended their interpersonal and intertribal and interracial relationships.
    Throughout all races, “bad manners” are condemned.
    Those with “bad manners” are REJECTED.
    Thus the primary technology of public relations was “manners.”
    Therefore, a public relations man or team that has not drilled and mastered the manners accepted as “good manners” by those being contacted will fail. Such a PR man or team may know all the senior PR tech and yet fail miserably on the sole basis of “exhibiting bad manners.”
    “Good manners” sum up to (a) granting importance to the other person and (b) using the two‑way communication cycle (as in Dianetics 55!). Whatever motions or rituals are, these two factors are involved. Thus a PR violating them will find himself and his program rejected.
    Arrogance and force may win dominion and control but will never win acceptance and respect.
    For all his “mental technology” the psychiatrist or psychologist could never win applause or general goodwill because they are personally (a) arrogant beyond belief (b) hold others in scathing contempt (“Man is an animal,” “people are all insane,” etc.). Born from Bismarck’s military attitude, these subjects have borrowed as well the attitude which made the Nazis an object of worldwide condemnation. No matter how many people were maimed or killed, the Nazis would never have dominated the world any more than their “mental scientists” will ever win over humanity.
    They just don’t have “good manners”; i.e., they do not (a) consider or give others a feeling of importance and (b) they are total strangers to a comm cycle‑
    All successful PR, then, is built upon the bedrock of good manners, as these are the first technology developed to ease human relations.
    Good manners are much more widely known and respected than PR tech. Therefore NO PR tech will be successful if this element is omitted.
    Brushing off “mere guards” as beneath one’s notice while one goes after a contact with their boss can be fatal. Who talks to their boss? These “mere guards.”
    Making an appointment and not keeping it, issuing an invitation too late for it to be accepted, not offering food or a drink, not standing up when a lady or important man enters, treating one’s subordinates like lackeys in public, raising one’s voice harshly in public, interrupting what someone else is saying to “do something impor­tant,” not saying thank you or good night‑these are all “bad manners.” People who do these or a thousand other discourtesies are mentally rejected by those with whom they come into contact.
    As PR is basically acceptance then bad manners defeat it utterly.
    A successful PR person has to have good manners.
    This is not hard. One has to assess his attitude toward others and iron it out. Are they individually important? One has to have his two‑way comm cycle perfect, so perfect it is so natural that it is never noticed.
    Given those two things, a PR can now learn the bits of ritual that go to make up the procedure that is considered “good manners” in the group with which he is associating.
    Then given PR tech correctly used, one has successful PR.
    You have no idea how important people are. There is a reversed ratio‑those at the bottom have a self‑importance far greater than those at the top who are important. A charlady’s concept of her own importance is far greater than that of a successful general manager!
    Ignore people at your peril.
    Flattery is not very useful, is often suspect, as it does not come from a sincere belief and the falsity in it is detectable to all but a fool.
    A person’s importance is made evident to him by showing him respect, or just by assuring him he is visible and acceptable.
    To see and acknowledge the existence of someone is a granting of their importance.
    To know their name and their connections also establishes importance,
    Asserting one’s own importance is about as acceptable as a dead cat at a wedding.
    People have value and are important. Big or small they are important.
    If you know that, you are halfway home with good manners.
    Thus PR can occur.
    The two‑way comm cycle is more important than the content.
    The content of the comm, the meaning to be put across to another or others, is secondary to the fact of a two‑way comm cycle.
    Comm exists to be replied to or used.
    Comm with the comm cycle being in first must exist before it carries any message.
    Messages do not travel on no line.
    Advertising is always violating this. Buy Beanos! Into the empty air. Other things must establish the line. And the line must be such as to obtain an answer, either by use or purchase or reply.
    A funny example was a letter writer who without preamble or reason told people to buy a multi‑thousand dollar package without even an explanation of its use or value. Response zero. No comm line. He was writing to a name but not really to anyone.
    In social intercourse a comm cycle must be established before any acceptance of the speaker can occur. Then one might get across a message.
    Good manners require a two‑way comm cycle. This is even true of social letters and phone calls.
    Out of this one gets “telling the hostess good night as one leaves.”
    One really has to understand the two‑way comm cycle to have really good manners.
    Without a two‑way comm cycle, PR is pretty poor stuff.
    If an American Indian’s ritual of conference was so exact and complex, if a thousand other primitive races had precise social conduct and forms of address, then it is not too much to ask modern man to have good manners as well.
    But “good manners” are less apparent in our times than they once were. This comes about because the intermingling of so many races and customs has tended to destroy the ritual patterns once well‑established in the smaller units.
    So one appears to behold a sloppy age of manners.
    This is no excuse to have bad manners.
    One can have excellent manners by just observing
    a. Importance of people
    b. Two‑way comm cycle
    C. Local rituals observed as proper conduct.
    These are the first musts of a PR man or woman.
    On that foundation can be built an acceptable PR presence that makes PR succeed.

  199. Wayne Froemke (AKA "Safe")

  200. OT VIII, I stood up for you a few times when I couldn’t figure out why some others were putting you down. But this post is nasty. A direct attack on M&M. It’s likely to prejudice how I approach your future posts. Maybe that explains the hostility that some seem to direct your way. I don’t know if “lighten up” is the right advice, but frontal assaults do tend to antagonize, even those merely witnessing on a 3rd flow.


  201. Bravo, Matry! You exemplify “The Code of A Scientologist”. Carry On! And may you be joined by a legion of others of good will, earnest intention and eternal vigilance.

  202. Note: my comment about innuendo was to OTVIII, not to Nancy but it’s unclear because of the way the various comments are coming.

    Loved this story Nancy about your dad and especially your comment about god and how you just might change your mind because now you can!

    Halleuluja … Isn’t it great to be outside the box?


  203. A note to Philosopher. You posting on Marty Rathbuns is funny as you have a page up on your personal website that links from http://www.scientology-philosophy.com/ex-scientology.php and it is not pretty what you claim Marty supose to have done.

  204. Steve, you are a master!

    Wonderfully expressed and communicated.

    Originally, when I read this post of Marty, I thought “why does he expound on this subject even further, didn’t he make his point a-l-r-e-a-d-y crystal clear the day before?”

    Reading the various comments I was amazed at some of the tangents af few of them took off on – almost off subject. And strangely and to my own surprise, even that gave me more understanding – though not necessarily related to the subject at hand.

    I don’t know the tape you refer to, but I have another one (which I unfortunately do not have) which is where LRH i-n-t-r-o-d-u-c-e-s the WORD “Scientology” and explains what it embraces. He states (paraphrased, of course) that it includes the study of anything, the occult, the weird and the scientific, the this and the that – ANYTHING from which knowledge could be derived from.

    Doesn’t it follow then that a true “follower or friend” of that philosophy called Scientology by necessity is a “seeker of knowledge”? ANYWHERE where he or she can find it.

    Should the definition of being a “true” Scientologist actually (hypothetically) mean that one’s study was limited to ONLY what that philosopher (LRH) has found and written up it would resemble the description of a “librarian”, reading old duty books in and being completely out of comm with the world and his “knowledge” useless – yet he wouldn’t even be aware of that, believing him the “bearer of the greatest wisdom”.

    If this (unnecessary) comment added a clearer view to an actually already crystal clear concept then I would be clearly …. surprised (but happy).


  205. Wayne Froemke (AKA "Safe")

    That’s OK crashingupwards, I know you mean well.

    I’m fairly certain that what was quoted is not what Ron wrote.

    I’m not surprised the misquote may have come from promo piece from the DM Church of Implant Technology.

    So when I quote Ron, I try to make it a point to direct one to the original source document of it so others can look it up to assure for themselves that it’s correct or not. Otherwise, it’s verbal data. If I can’t give the reference, then I don’t quote.

    At one time, Scientologists used to pay close attention to this. Over time (including in the Basic Books) this good habit has been falling out of use which propels me to stand guard and be vigilant.

  206. martyrathbun09

    No forgivenesses needed or wanted.

  207. I’m with Bozz on this one,
    I spent some time helping my brother on a Camphill farm/school where he worked for some years. In these communities the view seems to be that these people (Downs, etc.) are here to teach/help us. From a highly efficient, product-orientated, let’s-get-the-show-on-the-road point of view this might be hard to get but I can tell you you will find no better teacher when it comes to smashing down all the complexities, artifice and self-conciousness of your social machinery. Man, you better be straight with these guys because they pick up your bullshit instantly. It’s both liberating and humbling.

  208. Overdriver,

    Ksw 1 is seemingly the most misunderstood and most wrongly applied policy.
    It is not at all in disagreement with the Philosophy of Scientology.
    The only reason it exist is to tell auditors to audit the way auditing should be done and nothing else. It is a precise technology that has to be applied 100% by the book. Nothing else !
    If you would teach people how to handle explosives. Would you let them fumble around with it ? Or would you be very careful in that they really understand the tech and apply it correctly ?
    It’s no more complicated than that !
    The philosophy of Scientology and the aplication of auditing technology are 2 very different subjects, while the philosophy is senior, or you wouldn’t have the application.
    I suggest that some better writer than I could write an essay about KSW 1 with more context to it and some historical data.
    I was for 36 years member of the C.O.S and have seen the weirdest applications of that policy. For example an OT commitee that didn’t want to work out an admin scale together, as it could lead to a bank agreement.
    I would be happy if I wouldn’t experience again such funny ideas in the independent movement and that this pol. gets understood for what it is.
    It just says everything that has been spoken about here in the last weeks. Simple !
    Isn’t it ?

  209. Hi Marty,
    Can you recommend an on-source auditor who can handle Clear and above cases on on the West Coast? My wife and I would like to move up the Bridge.

    Thank you for your advise.

  210. Wayne Froemke (AKA "Safe")

    Yeah, Tara.

    Didn’t you know that the old “By L. Ron Hubbard” books, his writings that he was fully aware of in his current body, are completely out of date because they were squirreled right before Ron’s eyes by SP transcriptionists?

    Yeah. I “buy” that story from the Pope of SP Implant Tech.


  211. “I am not from OSA”
    I’m sorry but why do you need to state it if you are not?

  212. Wayne Froemke (AKA "Safe")

    That’s OK. I forgive to myself for my own sanity’s sake. 🙂

  213. Kevin you must have been there the same time I was. I came back after a vacation in Mexico and ended up getting sec checked on having bought ‘The Secret’ in a bookstore and read it (silly me for being inquisitive). The notice, posted in HCO, said that people had been found guilty of reading the book and forwarding the information to others in viloation of KSW #1. Anyone found guilty of a similar crime was to M9 KSW immediately and further ethics actions could be taken.

  214. We need more of these Type of Thread Topics … Wins applying Scientology Tech, People being cleared and going OT, that’s what its all about about.

    Well Done !!!

    The common denominator of many Natter Boards out there is that they aren’t making Gains in Life, they aren’t changing their Conditions, they are not helping or moving up the bridge in the currently very best place in in the World – The Freezone/Independents.

    No Unnecessary Setups or Sec Checks, bizzare “Good-Toad” Eligibility Requirements, Silver Certings, Ethics Actions based on RTC’s vested Interests, Regging Harrassments, ad infintum.

    Its all there Folks, for a Fraction of CO$’s extortionary Rates. Avail yourselves …

    Well, back into session …

  215. Author that is Awesome! Who cares what you look like!

  216. one of those who see

    Just love this Jim. The application of Scientology to solve the charge on the the word Scientology. This is what LRH had in mind. I’m certain he would pat you on the back. Also, had a win. Something shifted in my universe regarding application. So thank you. Love case gain from the blog.

  217. WTF ????
    What’s with the rambling?
    Is there anything coherent forthcoming?

  218. Oh! Well! Since he let it go through and the cat’s out of the bag I’m not gonna hold back!
    Well done on attesting to Clear!
    So that’s why the universe got brighter a few days ago 😉
    ☼ ☾ ☂ ☃ ☆ ✭ ❖ ♡ ♈ ♋ ♘ ☀ ☯ ☮ ☩ ☪ ♧ ✌ ♕ ♬ ♨ ✥ ♢ ✠ 😀

  219. Here’s to good manners on all flows. And the right to communicate or not recieve communication. I will have to hammer that in.


  220. Steven Lundberg

    To the lady who just attested to Clear:
    CONGRATULATIONS!! You’ve gotten your Bridge delivered the way it should be done. Standard tech is alive and well in Corpus. Lucky lady!
    Steven Lundberg

  221. Independent Scientologist

    Well, I have heard from some independents that Keeping Scientology Working is simply outside the church, but since every independent I have met does picking and choosing on what tech they accept and what tech they don’t, I think it is NOT a simple issue.

    Let me give you a concrete example.

    I left the church a few months ago. I am studying the R6 materials and plan to start auditing them in a few weeks.

    Where is it contemplated in any of LRH’s writings that somebody would be solo auditing R6EW at home, not at one of the Advanced Organizations or FLAG? Now, this is an easy question. The answer is: this wasn’t contemplated!

    So am I out KSW? I could see somebody having that viewpoint. I think in a situation like mine, where at this point AO would NEVER let me onto the advanced courses because of out-tech and out-ethics inside the church, my options are limited.

    So have had to ask myself: what would LRH do in a situation like this? What would he have ME do?

    I’m sorry, but my opinion is that all this talk of how much there is to learn from fields other than Scientology, SPECIFICALLY REGARDING THE PATH OUT OF THE TRAP WE ARE IN AND AUDITING TECHNOLOGY, sounds like a way to wind up with a thousand altered unworkable versions of Scientology.

    There are already people in the independent field, including at least one permanent Class VI that I have talked to, who think it is an acceptable practice to audit someone over the Internet. Son of gun, they have improved Scientology and brought it up to date by by marrying the subject with computer technology!

  222. Jeff — The only one you left out is “hates himself.”

  223. Wayne Froemke (AKA "Safe")

    I too despise DM’s current beingness. I also despise the suppression of the IRS.

    I try to find and look at what is good in another. (Though I find this extremely difficult with DM.)

    From what I’ve seen, OT VIII loves LRH Standard Tech, understands how suppressive the IRS is, understands the out-point of DM Implant Tech, and is an apparent “rebel” who’s not afraid to speak his mind.

    I like that part of his beingness!

    Of course, I may not always agree with what he/she? says or the way in which he may go about presenting his thoughts, I appreciate the fearlessness, and respect his right to utter his opinion, however “offensive” (a feeling I can decide to have or not have).

  224. Kevin,

    I too have read your and your wife’s stories over at ESMB. You both have my great admiration and best wishes. It’s a happy thing to watch when people take their lives back from the Cult.

    Just Me

  225. Samuel,

    Your comment should also become part of the student hat !

  226. “Scientology is a collection of technologies that enables better living. It is NOT a replacement for living.”

    Church Scientologists who might be lurking please duplicate this if you are still ABLE or FREE to do so.

  227. Would do if he’s become the archetype vampire!

    Not Bathory

  228. Wayne Froemke (AKA "Safe")

    Thank you LO! Your differentiation below is very clear and helpful in unravelling confusion with KSW.

    “The only reason it exists is to tell auditors to audit the way auditing should be done and nothing else. It is a precise technology that has to be applied 100% by the book. Nothing else !

    If you would teach people how to handle explosives. Would you let them fumble around with it ? Or would you be very careful in that they really understand the tech and apply it correctly ?

    It’s no more complicated than that !

    The philosophy of Scientology and the application of auditing technology are 2 very different subjects, while the philosophy is senior, or you wouldn’t have the application.”

  229. one of those who see

    Marty, you are truly brilliant. Wonderful post. I think the problem you are running into with people is their inablility to differentiate sometimes. Differentiation is sanity and indentification is nutty. Scientology training and processing up one’s ability to differentiate, so we are all getting there bit by bit. From my observation, you have a very high ability to differentiate. It is wonderful to see.
    The Code of a Scientologist is a perfect addition to your last post. Especially: 11. To actively decry the suppression of knowledge, wisdom, philosophy or data which would help mankind.
    And of course a person can read the Bhagavad Gita on a Monday, think it is wonderful and still know the worth of Scientology and audit with standard tech on Tues.
    I am so happy you are wearing your Auditor hat! Congrats on your wonderful products. And , very well done and congrats to our new Clear and all your other PCs and Pre OTs too.
    It is also a HUGE thing regarding the self determined shift in view point coming from people that had given up Scientology or found themselves antipathetic to the subject and it’s founder. I really have no words except this is real Scientology delivered in freedom.

  230. Tony DePhillips

    You are awesome Steve!!

  231. A VVWD to Marty for making another Clear! This has prompted my first posting.

    I have ready many posts trying to understand the LRH wanting us to use the concepts and teachings in life with ksw1. ksw1 was to stop alterations and squirreling making the tech unworkable and dangerous. This would include things like gang sec checks, forced out comm cycles by hammering the persons viewpoint without allowing any duplication of one item at a time; alterations of the HCOB’s, metering, TR’s and still calling it scientology when it isn’t true scientology tech or true application.

    There is a paragraph in bold all caps on page one entitled Special Message which states: “It was true in 1965 when I wrote it. It was true in 1970 when I had it reissued. I am reissuing it now, in 1980, to avoid again slipping back into a period of omitted and quickied fundamental grade chart actions on cases, thereby denying gains and threatening the viability of scientology and of orgs. Scientology will keep working only as long as you do your part to keep it working by applying this policy letter.” …We have some time since passed the point of achieving uniformly workable technology. The only thing now is getting the technology applied. If you can’t get the technology applied, then you can’t deliver what’s promised. It’s as simple as that. If you can get the technology applied, you can deliver what’s promised. The only thing you can be upbraided for by students or pc’s is “no results.” Trouble spots occur only where there are “no results.” Attacks from governments or monopolies occur only where there are “no results” or “bad results.”

    Later he states: “with what we know now, there is no student we enroll who cannot be properly trained.” This was before GAT and tech changes for all of us that really never got it because we had the “old” books, packs, tapes etc. I believed LRH then and I still believe what he wrote now. New printings, lectures on CD etc might be nice, if unaltered, but to imply nobody was being trained in scientology back then by LRH is pure poppycock. He personally trained briefing course students, the first Class 8’s the first Class 12’s and the first FEBC’s using the books, printed materials, lecture recordings that were available at the time. He didn’t travel into the future for some “needed changes”. He wrote and spoke it and he taught it – period.

    Ksw1 refers to using Scientology tech and auditing. Scientology the philosophy is for you to use in life. The tech is the exact procedures. There are many def’s of scientology in the dictionary. Using the procedures for auditing etc we use it exactly as LRH wrote. Using the stable data in life we use on all dynamics and he didn’t tell us how to use it he trusted we could duplicate and use it ourselves. Not possible for him to write every possible use of the ARCU data. He did write how to use it in auditing and gives examples to use in everyday life. The world begins with TR0 and this is more than just an auditing session in an org.

    Life is all dynamics. The tech is to be applied to the first to make us better. The tech is not THE first dynamic but a tool, and a very fantastic tool I might add. The policy is a 3rd dynamic tool. In HCOPL 9 Nov 1968 Standard Admin he discusses the basics needed to survive as an organization. In this PL he states “The best organization is one which has a thetan over it, methods of working out its problems, basic actions and a good desireable product. It adapts itself to its environment or surroundings or conditions of operation so as to expand to greater or lesser degree. Such as organizations must have a clear-cut purpose and fill a definite need in order to survive.” Please note that he says IT ADAPTS ITSELF, he does not state it is rigid in order to survive. Failure to ADAPT ITSELF results in the world passing it by and not even notice it is there. Failure to adapt results in blanket C/Ses and incorrect applications to the staff, field and world at large. Our world today, is different that the 1950’s through 1970’s when LRH wrote most of his material. We as individuals must recognize the basics and adapt them to the current.

    Also in HCOPL Your Post and Life (30 Jan 1983) wherein he states “If one knows the tech of how to do something and can do it, and uses it, he cannot be the adverse effect of it.” (this was all caps in the PL). “This applies in many, many ways and is in fact a key point of life — a fundamental that may underlie all others. And it applies to you directly on a post and in life.” In life covers all dynamics, hats, jobs, etc He understood there was more than just what was written in the green, red and blue volumes in addition to books and lectures. There was a whole life to live. If one taught you to drive an automobile in a Ford that doesn’t mean you can’t drive a Chevy, Toyota, Honda, BMW or whatever brand you want. You were taught the basics of how to drive. Pick your own auto and drive like the wind? what you apply it to changes but the basics remain the same (basics here refer to true basic principles as stable data to align other data not just all books and congresses as basics – they are simply a basic LRH library but the basics of life and livingness are the keys and found inside the library. Don’t confuse basic datum’s with a basic library which can sit on a shelf until they disintegrate with age and never changed a single thing. Only a living being studying this, applying it and bring about the desired change ever did anything. LRH codified this and attempted to put into a form wherein we could duplicate him (even included study tech to help us there) but still SOME here on earth just don’t get it. Use the tech to handle and better conditions on the dynamics not to control the dynamics for some other purpose!

    Pushing for every scientologist to “own” everything LRH doesn’t change conditions. Trained auditors auditing changes conditions. Trained scientologist’s applying the tech changes conditions. A person with just 5 books of LRH tech, studied and apply to apply the data to their life is so much more successful in the game of life than a person with the entire LRH book and tape library on a bookshelf with none of it being applied. Conditions in life and livingness are changed on a gradient – put in basic concepts of truth one after the other. Not by thinking there is so much I can’t possibly know what is correct so I must study it all to try and find the correct datum. The shear volume of data to be confronted makes one feel ignorant and how to I know this is the correct datum or the correct application. The person himself is set up for a loss. This is implied by the idea that you can’t possibly think you can learn to audit and help another being until you have studied all books and basic lectures including the entire PDC. Then you must pass a rigid TR’s and Metering course and only then are you trusted to learn to fly rudiments in a session. Does someone actually believe LRH was stupid in the 50’s when he was training auditors in days or weeks to audit without all of this and without meters. He used tools available to start to move pc’s on the bridge to enlightenment, ability and expanded awareness as a being on their dynamics.

    As a reference point, I am a scientologist for about 30 years, a trained auditor, administrator and scientist with advanced degrees. The world is passing the Church by because it is stuck in time. The data series is quite clear on omitted time, omitted data, added time, added inapplicable etc. That thought is senior to mest is a fact and has been discussed scientifically since before DMSMH was published. LRH merely gave us true basic stable data that aligned scientific facts here and there that were unified by what he wrote. LRH truths don’t stick in time but the usage and reference point does. There is a learning drill to find the datum’s in the issue being read. The datum’s don’t age. Some specific applications may but not the true datum. Every word on the page is not of equal import. If LRH wrote how to set up a reel to reel machine to listen to a lecture may not now apply but the datum of correcting setting up any device in order to listen to LRH as still valid.

    Marty, by auditing and making a true Clear on earth is what it is all about. That is what LRH wanted. We fix this world by auditing others. The others may be aberrated by they are still part of our dynamics in life and we care. That is empathy and without empathy auditing cannot occur. To show empathy is to identify with another’s feelings. It is to emotionally put yourself in the place of another. The ability to empathize is directly dependent on your ability to feel your own feelings and identify them. This is a necessity for ARC to exist. Affinity is an emotion component with a position on the tone scale. An emotional position. The reality is what is agreed upon and this only has occurred if empathy is present. ARCU must exist to have a session. On the PRO TR’s course we were supposed to have completely learned this. The HCOB on auditor beingness describes this. To see, experience or read of others experiences in the present church environment shows that no session or auditing is occurring without the requisite empathy and ARCU. If that isn’t there then case gain isn’t occurring so matter what one is hoping.

    The game is learn basics in life and apply these. Auditors, auditing and applications of basics is what changes our world to the better. LRH gave us this to make us more able, to think in our lives, to act to better all dynamics, to expand our sphere’s of influence and affect changes in these. He did not give us this expecting to be a better trained pawn. “A large number of people de-aberrate just by the education contained in Scientology as they find in our subject the natural laws of life and seeing (confronting) them, “blow” huge holes in their complexities and aberrations. Therefore the above laws are very important ones as they explain what aberration really is and why processing really works. Aberration is a chain of vias based on a primary non-confront. Processing is a series of methods, arranged on an increasingly deep scale of bringing the preclear to confront the no-confront sources of his aberrations and leading him to a simple, powerful, effective being.” LRH from HCOPL 18 Sept 67 Study Complexity and Confronting.

    We are supposed to be playing the game not merely a player in someone else’s game. He trusted the basic goodness that we could observe, think and act in a better manner. I say we just carry on the game as he left it for us and win!

    Guess I got sudden on my first post but I had a backlog of thoughts to get out and my fingers on the keyboard just kept flying along – a thought stream.

    Sapere aude

    my moniker: sapere aude

    from wiktionary
    Etymology sapere aude

    It is from the epithet of a parable, which explains that the fool waits for the stream to stop before crossing it. But the wise man forgoes comfort and crosses anyway. The original use seems to be in Epistle II of Horace’s Epistularum liber primus [1]: Dimidium facti qui coepit habet: sapere aude (“He who has begun is half done: dare to know!”).

    Phrase sapere aude
    1. “Dare to know”
    2. “Dare to be wise”
    3. “Have courage to use your own reason”, in the context of committing to tasks that need to be embarked upon, however unpleasant or awkward.

    from wiki sapere aude
    The original use seems to be in Horace’s first book of Epistles: dimidium facti qui coepit habet: sapere aude, incipe (“He who has begun is half done: dare to know!”).[1] It can also be translated as “Dare to be wise”. The phrase forms the moral to a story where a fool (naive person) waits for the stream to stop before crossing it. “He who begins is half done. Dare to be wise. Make a beginning.” is a loose translation. Horace’s words suggest the value of human endeavor, of persistence in reaching a goal and of the need for effort in overcoming obstacles.

    Foucault too, however, roots his vision of Sapere Aude in a definite practice. Instead of a mere theory or doctrine, it becomes an individual “attitude, an ethos, a philosophical life in which the critique of what we are”. This attitude uses reason as a tool, to start a historical criticism of “the limits that are imposed on us” to be exercised in “an experiment with the possibility of going beyond” those limits, the limit-experience that is both an individual act, and one that breaks apart the concept of the individual all together.[3]

    per the above definitions and context all here (at least most) on this blog fit under this definition and category.

  232. PlainOldThetan

    “The Secret” was most likely verboten because it’s an alternate technology that would entice one away from the Church and its billion-dollar reg cycles.

    Also, “The Secret” is an alternate technology that is essentially free. Read a book, and you get the entirety of it, even if, at the end of the book, you ask yourself, “So what’s the friggin’ secret?”.

    Anyone who has studied the Affinity Scale (Lecture 17 July 1957, Theory and Definition of Auditing, 18th ACC) already knows the secret.

    Anyone who has studied the GPM (Clean Hands Congress) also knows why the secret doesn’t always work to get the mest one thinks one wants.

    The whole business of “illusions” as given in Freewinds services is essentially an application of the Affinity Scale — or the Secret.
    “Postulate it and you’ll get it” applies to the Affinity Scale — or the Secret; either one.

    The problem, within the Church, is that one is not allowed to “mix practices”. If you meditate, you can’t be on a book-and-lectures course, for example.

    So the “rule” about not reading “The Secret” is obviously self-serving. Someone applying The Secret would have to be removed from course if they insisted on continuing their “The Secret” activities and program.

    The “controversy” outside of the Church comes from its collision with “all bounty comes from God and God alone” adherents, and its collision with “you can’t take it with you” and “mest ain’t the way into heaven” adherents.

  233. Tony DePhillips

    You are a friggin nut job.

  234. Excellent point. So gross that is held up as the end all — it’s done to groom an obedient “consumer society” enslaved to getting the next bit of gleamming atoms. Actually I haven’t read the book and had/have no interest in doing so (by my own volition! 😉 as I surmised it had more package than content and easily gleaned what kernels of truth were intermixed.

  235. Tony DePhillips

    OT VIII?,
    The Jury just reconvened and they have their verdict:
    Guilty as charged, of stupidity and bad manners.
    You are hereby sentenced to live with yourself and have no friends.
    This term will last until you cognite who YOU really are.

  236. Wayne Froemke (AKA "Safe")


    Welcome! I appreciate you having the courage to read and post here.

    As to the WHY of Marty’s blog? Of course, if you’re “allowed” to talk to Marty or Mike, you could ask them directly here.

    IMO, one big purpose and result I see here is “the blowing MASSIVE 3rd dynamic charge” from revealed data about DM and the suppressive actions going on within the CoS (Church of Scientology).

    Perhaps you may want to take a closer look at this and ask yourself …

    “WHO am I in good standing with?”

    Because the leader of the group you’re currently with is a (now proven) true SP. This is fact.

    Understandably, the facts may be hard to confront at first. You are not alone in feeling some shock and perhaps dismay. It has been a challenge for each of us Scientologists here to confront the evil we’ve come to learn about.

    This confronting has been known here as “walking through the valley of the shadow of death.”

    I hope you continue to read and communicate here. I promise you a an ultimate positive outcome.

  237. “This blog has for me been, as well, a wonderful opportunity to watch my own mind and see how I react or not. How I look for approval. How I can get arrogant.”

    Oh, Lord! How true, how true, how true — of me.

    Just Me

  238. Marty Re: OT VIII.

    Marty, I’m with you. He should post elsewhere, where venom directed at those who are helping is the acceptable norm.

    OTVIII- Blame, Shame and Regret. Your post is offensive.

    ” I can’t be fooled on this one.” This is not the forum to get that run out.

    Well done on making a clear. It is a tremendous gift to your p/c, the dynamics and a very nice validation of your auditing skill.


  239. Thought Provoking

    So good to hear from another Class VIII.

  240. Cat, it is still an obvious joke – although less obvious for those who are not Scientologists. One side-effect of politically incorrect jokes is that some people will take them seriously. I guess DM would have taken this seriously, but anyone else would read this as “Damn! Ron is pissed off!”

  241. Those bastards! I protect my family from all that bull. I sneak and watch some of these videos. I don’t want them poisoned by that crap! The Panorama program coming out…I wouldn’t want them watching that. I hope they NEVER know what CofM is and maybe ever read about it in our coming History of Scn. book one day as the Dark Ages that came after LRH’s Golden Age and how we made it to the other side!
    Robotismology – Poifect.

  242. Wayne Froemke (AKA "Safe")


    Perhaps it would be good if you write a new post specifically for discussion on how to use grace, gentleness, and compassion regarding communicating to new church Scientologists arriving here, who have the courage to read and post here.

    It would fall in line with the “integrate and empathy” we’ve been recently discussing.

  243. Thought Provoking

    What a beautiful example of empathy all the way around.

    I am sure that you attitude towards your dad had a big influence on his changing his mind at the Assisted Living place. And he even took it a step further and postulated future peace between the two countries.

    Absolutely beautiful!

  244. Wayne Froemke (AKA "Safe")


    It surprised me that you repeatedly wished Marty a long life three different times in your post. Is there something you may be nervous about regarding Marty that you are hesitant to talk about?

  245. Wayne Froemke (AKA "Safe")

    In the subscription post, it looks as if it was directed at me. lol. But the context wouldn’t make sense if it was.

  246. Loved this post Marty!

    Am of course some sort of squirrel/renegade!!!

    Been posting success stories of standard scn for a decade.
    The last 3 years worth may be found on ESMB at
    ” Freezone Success stories” thread.

    Lovely to see you post similar. 🙂

  247. So, just for fun, I Googled this. There sure is a lot of uproar about this piece of paper. I would love to know if these people were actually “processed,” either with R2-45 or with reverse processing. I mean, Scientologists are blind, unthinking followers of a madman, so I guess the order had to be “executed.” Or, perhaps people are getting their panties in a twist over what is a bad joke.

    One more thing – the order says it is “BPI” and should be published in the Auditor Mag. “BPI” means “Broad Public Issue.” Well, was it ever published broadly? In the Auditor? The scans I see reference only this order, not the order in any other publishing medium. If it was printed as BPI, and it was not actually distributed, then that is more of an indication that this is an inside joke, more than a real document to be taken seriously.

    It amazes me that people think that R2-45 is anything other than a joke. It really amazes me.

    Cat, there is enough legitimate crap going on in the CofM. I think we can give R2-45 a rest, no? I mean, I only own a shotgun, and so can only run R2-12G

  248. LOL Wayne you’re right.
    Our manners are so out.
    Apologies Cool Cat for my immediate suspicion.
    I think I was suffering somewhat from PTSD
    I shall endeavor to control my urges and behave myself.
    O 🙂 See. Halo back on.

  249. Coolcat~I would suggest this blog is a work in progress with the ultimate goal being “Higher” than where it/I started from..
    I came here around March and went back and read previous posts as I could, current as I could. I still find some I missed…
    The most important thing I realized at first was that I was PTS and the OTs who were my seniors were especially PTS because they were very directly connected to David Miscavige. Nobody told me this…I sorted it out through the communications in this blog. I found the correct WHY for so many wrong things that had gone on that were NOT per LRH.
    There’s my take on it. Good luck to you and welcome! 🙂

  250. Wayne Froemke (AKA "Safe")

    I believe I’m lookin at, in real time, the propagation and contagion of an old, mirrored uncompassionate Scientologist (Version 1.o) valence.

    The “version” of Scientologist who has compassionate, non-violent communication is what I may start calling a Version 2.0 Scientologist. 🙂

    The discussion about empathy and integration really had an impact on me.

  251. Time after time thimerisol has been removed from vaccines only to find out later on it wasn’t because they lied. It’s a chemical weapon and Ely Lily is trying to kill everyone intentionally. Here’s a link. What studies are you referring to? The netherlands one where it was found out they were lied?


  252. Welcome aboard sir(“As a reference point, I am a scientologist for about 30 years, a trained auditor, administrator and scientist with advanced degrees.”). Your essay on the subject at hand is well executed.

    Cat Daddy

  253. At first, I thought someone had hijacked “OT VIII”s handle (e.g. OSA or an anon), but if that’s really the same person as the person who wrote the first message in this thread … damn, “OT VIII”, you have some SERIOUS issues goin’ on.

  254. Wayne Froemke (AKA "Safe")

    Awesomely cool! 😎

  255. Just apply the tech correctly in your sessions and you’ll get the results !
    The tech is for you to use it correctly !
    It’s simple. Confront and do it !
    Wish you lots of fun !

  256. It was a good, and interesting correction Safe. Thanks

  257. http://www.nvic.org/
    National Vaccine Information Center
    has excellent references.

  258. SA
    Thank you! I enjoyed reading your post immensely.
    Eloquent and beautiful 😀

  259. Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you.
    Thank you.
    I was beginning to think that ‘OT VIII’ was either a complete phony, or just drunk or stoned.
    Are there really people that arrogant who AREN’T drunk or stoned?
    Maybe just a WHOLE LOT of BPC?
    Anyway, good decision.

  260. sapere aude ,

    I love it. Continue writing ! Yu gave quite some context to kSW 1.

  261. Cat Daddy
    So glad you stick around despite the various shellackings you’ve had to endure from time to time. This blog wouldn’t be the same without you kitty cat (claws and whiskers and purrs and all).

  262. Marty,
    I don’t know how but this comment should go after Cat Daddy reply to my comment.

    Cat Daddy;

    Thank you for the acknowledgment. I apologize for the typos I see. I also find the data series very applicable to understanding and working in the field of science as well as the humanities and in Scientology.

  263. This is public relations old school. The way my granddad use to operate towards his clïents. And my uncle who would bluntly say if the competitor was cheaper, in the end his clïentbase was loyal, vast and gratefull.

    “Arrogance and force may win dominion and control but will never win acceptance and respect.”

    -Oh hi OT VIII

    “For all his “mental technology” the psychiatrist or psychologist could never win applause or general goodwill because they are personally (a) arrogant beyond belief (b) hold others in scathing contempt (“Man is an animal,” “people are all insane,” etc.).”

    -This is getting old but his opinion in a diffrent time-unit and in that time when it was put to paper partly correct because they are indivviduals too. But THAN :

    “Born from Bismarck’s military attitude, these subjects have borrowed as well the attitude which made the Nazis an object of worldwide condemnation. No matter how many people were maimed or killed, the Nazis would never have dominated the world any more than their “mental scientists” will ever win over humanity.”

    I do not like Hubbard here he is sliming up the area, generalizing and black propagandaing.

    Viktor Frankl wasn’t a Nazi was he ?

    Or Carl Jung

  264. Ha ha ha! Putz!
    Right on! I felt like calling him that earlier!

  265. …hates Elvis. Shit, I thought a man who used Yogi Berra quotes couldn’t be all bad.

  266. Going…going…GONG!

  267. Do you sense me laughing. Do you think the people who it concerned were laughing at the time?

  268. Here’s what I have to say about another new Clear!!!

    You go, girl!!


  269. Thank you for posting. You definitiely separate “the wheat from the chaff” and focus in on the primary concepts, the ones which organize the ones below them, restoring a proper perspective.

    Welcome, and you are much appreciated.

  270. Tara,

    Each of us should do what is best for us. And not listen to anyone else.

    I’m much more comfortable looking and confronting vs. avoiding and not-confronting everything I can, except that awful alien-thing ripping its way out of the guy’s chest in the first Alien movie. I’m still having trouble with that one!

    I figure eventually I’ll have to confront it (whatever it is), so why not do it now. I’ve felt that way for the last 9 months — reading everything I can find online about LRH, listening to people’s horror stories from their time in the Cult, listening to the ‘critics’ (some of whom are interesting and admirable and some of whom are instructive in a different way). To me, it’s just all TA.

    For example, I certainly believe that if someone who used to participate in Scientology doesn’t want to do so anymore, that’s fine with me. I’m not trying to SAVE anyone. I grew up with that precept in a different religion. Been there, done that, bought the tee-shirt.

    My take on this is that I’m not being ‘open-minded’ (a ‘Scientology epithet’ some would accuse me with), but just being increasingly willing to experience more and more and more. After all, Life offers anyone who’s willing to go there one long, big fat bullbait. Start!

    I’m certainly not flat on everything. Currently my biggest unflat button is the preachings of those who think they have everything figured out and keep hollering that unless I believe like they believe I’m not ‘through’ yet. Idiots!


    Just Me

  271. He blames Miscavige for not being vicious enough. You know what they call a person devoid of empathy don’t you.

  272. Kathy Braceland

    ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh…nice Marty. This is wonderful news! Application of standard tech produces incredible gains. Just as it should be….

  273. I am not refering to studies. I am refering to what I have seen with my own eyes. The onley place I see people with polio in my country is were these Christian mofo’s do not vaccinate.

  274. Wayne Froemke (AKA "Safe")

    Ref: American Heritage Dictionary of the English Language, 4th ed.


    1. A fanatically committed person.

    2. A member of a Jewish movement of the first century A.D. that fought against Roman rule in Palestine as incompatible with strict monotheism.

    Ref: Rogets II: The New Thesaurus, 3rd ed.


    1. One zealously devoted to a religion:

    devotee, enthusiast, fanatic, sectary, votary.

    2. A person who is ardently devoted to a particular subject or activity:

    bug, devotee, enthusiast, fanatic, maniac.
    Informal: buff, fan, fiend.
    Slang:freak, nut.

    3. One who holds extreme views or advocates extreme measures:

    extremist, fanatic, radical, revolutionary, revolutionist, ultra.

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  276. Welcome Sapere Aude … Latin for knowing how to listen?

  277. Beautiful song of warmth

  278. Just Me~It doesn’t bother me any but why taint my untainted family who have NEVER been exposed to DM’s church and wicked ways? Hell no dat! (Fixin to watch my Saints!)

  279. Who Dat?

  280. 🙂 We Dat!

  281. Thank you everyone!!!
    I have been really fortunate to have such extraordinary role models in my life. Now let’s all keep Movin On Up a Little Higher!!!
    Mosey 🙂

  282. Grasshopper,

    Some people just can’t take a joke – probably due to the position on the Chart of Human Evaluation. In ’79 after serving LRH his meal, while he was having his herbal (Alvita) tea and Kool, talked about the subject of smoking. He said that most people, when they get a bit of sore throat or coughing turn on quit. It’s the wrong thing to do, they just need to light up another one and smoke more as “what turns it on, turns it off.” He was joking and had all of us laughing. He did quit smoking later.

  283. (After each name is a date and the word reply:click on reply )

    Multidisciplinarity is needed for the Integration of this subject into the mainstream consciencious of humanity. You are the right person ariving at the right time. See there is the data series used in Science. Now where would be the first professors-chair in Scientology land ;). Mission statement: -To Independent Scientology in an Academic Enviroment- Keeping it small.
    I propose Cornell University but I got no damn dime :). Such a bum I am.

    Cornell Is the Sister University of the one in my City.

    Dare to Experiment, CD

  284. Wayne Froemke (AKA "Safe")

    Cat Daddy,

    Who is the “he” you’re referring to?

    You wrote …

    “You know what they call a person devoid of empathy don’t you.”

    Dead spiritually.

    By the way, I haven’t read all your posts, but I just wanted to acknowledge you (from what I’ve read) how, for a non-scientologist … you come across with amazing grace and I appreciate that tolerance here.

    Not too long ago, I posted at that whyweprotest forum, and I couldn’t believe I got “burned at the stake” trying to communicate there (nicely), just as I try to do here. There is absurd hate and unbelievable violent communication there. One went so far as to place false quotes of me saying stuff (I didn’t say) in their hateful replies to me. Worse, this abuse was tolerated by the moderators. So I won’t be posting there again. Do you know what their game is?

    It’s as if THEY are taking on the valence of David Miscavage! Crazy stuff to me!

    Anyway, I appreciate that you’re not any one of those folks, who so viciously behave this way and attacks new posters … especially Scientologists. (Though I’m sure Marty wouldn’t tolerate that behavior as a moderator here anyway.)

    Just so you know, I have extra appreciated respect for your diplomacy here as a non-Scientologist, compared to them.

    ( If you post there, maybe you might want to mention how they blew one of the “least programmed” Scientologists out of their forum with their hateful conversation. It’s as if they are not interested at all in a communication with any Scientologist, not even one out of CoM, and literally despise them like vomit. They also have a thing for Marty. My view of them was they acted pretty insane.)

    Anything you can tell me to understand this insane (IMO) hate?

    Every one posting after acted like they had the spiritual development of neanderthals. (Perhaps I was in the wrong section of the forum. lol.)

  285. *twinkles nose* I move so fast so I don’t actually get hit 😉 . Thank you Sam you made me smile.

  286. Good deal, he’s denigrating an upper level and just seems to be a Troll, abounding in outpoints.

  287. OTVIII? Really? Maybe Geir Isene was talking about you?

    Here is a recent post from Geir’s blog. Geir is OTVIII in his own right.


    “When a friend of mine came out an accident and in dire need of help, she turned to a fellow scientologist. She told my friend that she
    wouldn’t help because she could not get into such “entheta”, being an OT VIII and all.

    An other friend of mine turned to his OT VII and VIII friends for some assistance only to be told that it was beneath them to help someone
    at his level.

    If this seems bad, it’s nothing compared to a fellow scientologist here in Norway who refused to work for a friend’s company for a rather
    sickening reason.

    The company collected money for a group of musicians with Down’s Syndrome, making it possible for them to put up concerts and perform. And they are great performers even with their disabilities.

    The reason for turning down the job offer? He didn’t want to contribute to such degraded beings (DBs)!

    If it is something I’d like to see slayed before sunrise, it is this haughty, arrogant, I-am-better-than-them attitude that I more than a
    few times saw with dedicated scientologists. It’s a rotten attitude.”

    Strong words from the “normally nerdy Norwegian”.

  288. The fundamental arrogance of the Church of Scientology is that it considers itself to have all of the answers and is therefore inherently in charge of the lifeboat. In its propaganda, CoS has tried to show that it somehow led rescue efforts at Ground zero during 9/11, Hurricane Katrina, the Great Tsunami, and is in charge of education, drug treatment, literacy, and everything else. Tom Cruise made the point in the leaked “Go to Guns” video: Only Scientologists know what to do if there is an accident or a tragedy. Only Scientologists are literate; anyone reading one of DM’s speeches will see just how florid DM is at saying nothing.

    Laughably, or perhaps tragically, what Scientologists in CoS have factually been trained to do in real life is donate more money to IAS in the event of a disaster. Then, some VM’s and their camera crew head off to said disaster for a photo op. How does donating to IAS for a VM photo op actually help anyone survive in the lifeboat or in a disaster? The poor, hungry, needy, and downtrodden cannot eat copies of TWTH. The Tech is absolutely useless in places like Haiti where no one has any money to pay CoS for auditing. CoS would never give away auditing because that would be out exchange. Better to throw some copies of TWTH at the wogs who pulled in the disaster, take some photos, and then jet off to show the pictures at the next IAS fundraiser.

    Chivalry demands that women and children go into the lifeboat first and that the men tough it out, even if it means drowning. Women and children are fertility, nurturing, and the future; that is why they go in the lifeboat first and we men say goodbye and see if we can make it out somehow.

    Scientology does not have all of the answers and has never had all of the answers. In 60 years of CoS’ existence, its ultimate products in 2010 are David Miscavige and Tom Cruise. What does that say about the subject? Are Dave and Tom the most capable? Do they go in the lifeboat with the e-meters and the red and green? I guess so because Trementina, Petrolia, and Twin Peaks are all configured so that the “most able” survive any future holocaust. The “most able” in CoS are of course defined as the wealthiest.

    In the CoS lifeboat, the empty spots go to whomever has the largest bank account and can write the biggest checks to IAS. CoS would sincerely hope that those who drown will have made generous financial provisions for IAS in their wills. It is just a meat body drowning after all. This “Temple of God” nonsense is pure R6? Right COB?

    It is amazing to me that OSA and other powerful, angry people have not been able to nuke this blog.


  289. The he is OTVIII

    Regarding WWP your observations are absolutely true. The difference between Anons and the Church onley one side will drag you in court or send pI’s after you.

    The overall “beast” Anonymous is not your friend. Don’t worry it acts out towards any religion if given the chanche.

    But you could try to PM individual Posters on their that you like. The last 6 months I have onley done that. They do Stamp out anything that smells like Scientologist.

    The Game is: Never get upset because than you’ve been trolled and you’ve lost the game.

    WWP is a single purpose messageboard.

    Sorry you got burnt, maybe someday we can go on it at the same time and kick some but.


  290. Cat Daddy;

    Not ready to take up your dare. Touching the overlap between physical and spiritual is like touching one of the many 3rd rails in your city (go have yourself one of those really really big pastrami sandwiches). A German MD, with the New Germanic Medicine, made an overlap between Engrams and illness and it got him in jail. Probably didn’t help his issue that he addressed cancer – which in this country is by law no curable, any claim for a cure is prima fascia evidence of fraud. The following is from his web site:

    Introduction to Dr. Hamer’s Germanic/German New Medicine

    That there is a connection between the psyche and disease is neither a new discovery, nor is it Dr. Hamer’s discovery. To quote Dr. Hamer:

    “Through the millennia, humanity has more or less consciously known that all diseases ultimately have a psychic origin and it became a “scientific” asset firmly anchored in the inheritance of universal knowledge; it is only modern medicine that has turned our animated beings into a bag full of chemical formulas.”

    Welcome to Dr. Hamer’s page on The German New Medicine.

    If this is your first visit, the following will serve as a short introduction:

    Twenty years ago, Dr. Ryke Geerd Hamer, a German doctor with his own practice in Rome, Italy, received a call in the middle of the night. His 17-year old son had been shot while on holiday in the Mediterranean. Three months later, Dirk died and shortly after, Dr. Hamer, who had been healthy all his life, but who was utterly devastated by this catastrophe, found he had testicular cancer. Rather suspicious about this coincidence, he set about doing research on the personal histories of cancer patients to see whether they had suffered some shock, distress or trauma before their illness.

    In time, after extensive research of thousands of patients, Dr. Hamer was finally able to conclude that disease is only brought about by a shock for which we are totally unprepared. This last point is very important. If we can in any way be prepared for the shocking event, we will not become ill. In fact, Dr. Hamer does not like to say ‘cancer’. Rather, it is a special biological response to an unusual situation, and when the ‘shock’ situation is resolved, the body sets about returning to normality. This is a very simplified account, of course. The books explain in detail the complete process.

    He presented his work to the university in Germany with which he was affiliated. Without testing or proving his hypothesis, they asked him to deny his findings. Since he could not possibly contemplate denying what he had scientifically proven beyond the shadow of a doubt, he refused. As a result, his licence to practise medicine was withdrawn and the situation remains unchanged to this day. Even though the University of Tubingen was ordered by a court of law to hold tests to prove the theories, they have never done so.


    Me thinks that the purpose and activities of Scientology as well as the Church have to be more in order before any academics will reach into this field.

    So, at this time am not taking up your dare, but thanks for the offer.

  291. To the Lady that reached what she desired for herself: Congratulations


  292. Sam, LO, Valkob and veritas

    Thank you for your communication. Below after Cat Daddy is some more info I posted. I will not usually post scientific data but I may from time to time LRH data as I see and use it. I only will do this when I feel it is applicable and useable by you, the readers.

  293. martyrathbun09

    I take issue with this statement: Scientology does not have all of the answers and has never had all of the answers. In 60 years of CoS’ existence, its ultimate products in 2010 are David Miscavige and Tom Cruise. That is demonstrably false. They are NOT the product of Scientology.

  294. CD

    Additional post. I said I was trained in science not that I worked in it so I don’t have access to academic facilities. That said, it is very hard to prove anything in the field of the humanities. I have several PhD current researchers in the field of Pharmaceuticals and I know what they have to go through. If there isn’t a profit in it research just isn’t happening. Keeping in mind that research to prove must first determine a way to measure the outcome. Subjective success is not really considered proof.

    This is one of those things that you must show something is there but not be able to measure the something. Our definition is life is a static with no measureable anything. We can see the results but cannot prove its existence.

    A good book is The Philisophical Scientists (loaned mine out so don’t have the author) published at least 10 years ago and is a collection of essays from well known Scientists from Oxford and Cambridge and many go into the proofs of an organized form in the universe and not a random creation. As there is no profit, monetary or status wise, we don’t see research in this direction.

    LRH growing plants could show proof of the data series datum about find and reversing the change. Plant starts to wilt at temperature X when changed from temp Y. Revert back to temp Y and plant is good. Many LRH datums already have results which can be compared to it but we use different words, terms and descriptions of the same outcome.

    Not trying to not answer you but you asked a lot for proof to integrate into the society. Our current society happens to be rather controlled so I don’t see the freedom to prove that man is a free spirit and able to be made into an OT as something to be welcomed by the overseers if you get my drift.

  295. One of your best posts ever, Big Guy. ❤

  296. Marty, those two movies, “Letters from Iwo Jima” and “Flags of our Fathers” were both made by Clint Eastwood.

  297. “One doesn’t learn Scientology so that they then must censor what is to be read. One learns Scientology to obviate the need for censorship.”

    Nutshell. ^^^

  298. Marty, like you, I differentiate between CoS and Independent Scientology. That is why I said that Dave and Tom are ultimate CoS products.

  299. Just redundant, no extra thoughts or fears.

  300. Cat Daddy
    On a historical note… My father was with the Canadian troops that “liberated Holland”. When we traveled in Holland in the late 1950s the people were not in the least uncomfortable showing their appreciation to the Canadians. It was a wonderful trip.

    A few years back my father gave his original uniform from that event to a nearby Dutch community. They have it on display in their museum. They have not forgotten the sacrifices and the don’t seem about to.

    Thank you for the appreciation you show in posting your comment.


  301. Tommy Davis. M9 the HCOPL 30 MAY 1971 MANNERS.

  302. “Count Dracula”

  303. Nice cram Heather.

  304. Got it.

  305. Yes, and written by Paul Haggis. Quite a team.

  306. Kevin Bloody Mackey

    I think the ref. said: ” By my own creed a being is as valuable as he can serve others”

    Maybe not verbatim.

  307. Marty, I hope you don’t cut OTVIII off anytime soon. I’m practicing my TR’s on him and his posts. A very valuable exercise for me.
    Marsha Pearlman Sorensen

  308. Good find, CD! Now all we need are the dead bodies.

    BTW, I’d love to hear the backstory of this from those who were on the Apollo/Royal Scotsman at the time.

  309. Thanks, Sinar. I remember a similar joke on one of the basic lectures about “The Prince of Darkness” and he said “Who do you think I am?” in a menacing voice. Proof! 🙂

  310. STRESS CAN CAUSE CANCER, I know this and It’s all over the Internet. Just Google it. I hope Dr. Hamer gets rehabilitated.

    It was more of a avenue of thinking than something I can offer. I could onley offer Time, Effort and such. However It is not something that could not happen.

    Independant Scientology just needs a single chair at any University in the world. Ideally in the USA. Technicly The Netherlands would make sense because the COS has allready got it’s ass kicked here legally. Remember as a guiding country the Netherlands and 16th economy in the world little old holland has more to offer than wooden shoes, windmills and tullips.

    Scientology as a subject you can graduate in (I do not mean getting up the whole bridge but part) With a possible headstudy afterwards. Main topics Scientology as a Body of Knowdlegde. Scientology as a Religion and Scientology as a Philosophy. History of Scientology. Than you link up through Hubbards own acknowledgements to subjects as Psychology, Sociology, Manmagement, Philosophy, Theology. Students studieng for Example Physics could take coureses at the University subject of Scientologyand vice verca.

    The possibilities are endless. Open your mind. Identify “The Ideal University” to establish a independent professors chair in Independent Scientology.

  311. Jean-François Genest

    Congratulations Monique!
    Θ 🙂

  312. Think bigger Establish Scientology as a subject at a University. The more artists and actors See the light the more feasable it is to get funding for a University course in Scientology. Think Big.

    “What your donations buy” CD

  313. Wayne Froemke (AKA "Safe")

    I don’t think the spoof was funny either, Cat Daddy. I want to believe it was a joke, but an extremely bad one.

    Why do I think that?

    Because of this …

    Criminals Prosecution Bureau

    ROTFL … There was no Criminal Prosecution Bureau that I’m aware of.

    Also, 13 people declared for the same “crimes”? It is outrageous. I’d like to know where these 13 people are today, and have them explain publicly what at first appears to be a serious issue, and settle this.

    I can surely see how this could be taken way seriously by a non-Scientologist. At first, I too was concerned that it was serious. But I don’t think it is now. At least, I don’t WANT to think so. lol. I’m not sure if anybody will ever know unless these named people step up to the plate, if they are alive. Yikes.

    Maybe when I move higher uptone, I’ll cognite with utter 100% certainty of case that it is a joke, afterall. 😉

  314. CD

    Agreed. I must ponder this as to how I could apply it. Thank you for your input. The subject is so big, covers so many topics, I would have to see where this would start. We can continue this vein in another context later down the blog time.

    ps: Carnegie also has great cheese cake and a walk during the night through Fulton street is an incredible exercise in a visible but not posted org board of functions. smile.

  315. “While staying at a shrine, master Tan-hsia was feeling cold, so he took a wooden statue of the Buddha off the altar and threw it into the fire. The keeper of the shrine was dismayed and angry. In response, the master began looking among the ashes. “What are you doing?” inquired the keeper of the Shrine. “Looking for holy relics in the ashes,” replied the master. “You won’t find them in the ashes of a wooden statue,” said the Keeper. “If that is so,” the master concluded, “can I have another of couple of Buddhas for the fire to keep me warm?”


  316. One year at the FLB, the current Immigration Officer OSA FLB and I pulled an April Fool’s joke that had some pretty ridiculous results. She had the job of getting certain staff to get their legal immigration rudiments in. One day, after a particularly rough time she was having on those lines, we got a little silly and one of us came up with the idea that we should just get all those with issues to marry an American. It was, of course, always a joke. We started to “match” people up as a further joke. It helped her to relieve some of the very real stress she had to deal with on her post. For the April 1st issue of the OODs (Orders of the Day) we made up a totally outrageous entry from her post saying that the following staff were to get married to solve the immigration problems. Oh, please! Don’t know how more ridiculous it could have been and it was after all in the April Fool’s issue. Well, there was quite a hullabaloo as a result because, believe it or not, some took it seriously. It got sorted out rather quickly, but the point is that there will always be those who believe even the most extreme and bizarre things, regardless of how ridiculous it is. Cathy and I didn’t get into any real trouble over it, but there were a few ticked off execs on the Base, those with little or no humor. Tom DeVocht may remember it. I recall Debbie Cook pulling a good one over on the staff every year for April 1st. She was good at that… 🙂

  317. If you really did have an answer that was far and away better than any1 elses, would you be bold about it, or would you “pussyfoot” about it? I think Hubbard thought he really had something new, and I think that it is against the spirit of science to “pussyfoot” on such. No; much better to not mince words, imo.

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