BBC Radio

Short tease:

Longer show,

Sweeney interview about 1:39:40, Martin’s interview: 1:49:55:

Brilliant Martin!  That is what it is all about.

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  1. Any fence-sitters reading this blog, who just listened to the subject at the end about the Headley’s being disconnected from their family:

    Disconnection was cancelled by LRH.

    It is being forcibly used by David Miscavige in present time, despite the slimey, 1.1 denials of Tommy Davis.

    “Handle or Disconnect” is actually very legitimate ethics tech. But, ask yourself…is the church allowing people to “Handle” fellow church members who have doubts and reservations?

    Absolutely not! OSA, the local DSA’s, the local MAA’s, etc, are bypassing the handle step and going straight to disconnection.

    For being able to handle means being able to fully two-way-comm first. And this is simply not being allowed.

    Afterall, how can anyone two-way-comm if they aren’t even allowed by the church to look at the internet?

    Being prohibited from LOOKING means that one is also prohibited from KNOWING and thus taking RESPONSIBILITY.

    How dare anyone tell you what you may or may not look at!

    You are a grown up and you live in a free society.

    Why is the church blatantly violating human rights???

    • ‘Disconnection was cancelled by LRH.’

      Reference please.

      • Since we can now handle all types of cases disconnection as a condition is canceled.

        — L. Ron Hubbard, HCO PL 15 November 1968, CANCELLATION OF DISCONNECTION

      • Yes it was cancelled at first, because as usual it was so much abused and perverted… it was such a nice tool to control and suppress… and it is back and again used as such in the majority of cases.

    • Its handle or disconnect, no one has to handle first. Ethics is personal though so they shouldnt be telling people what to do. Average man would agree with its your choise.

    • Davis and the CofM defend disconnection by saying that people have a right to associate or not with whomever. That is absolutely correct. I have a right to disconnect from my aging Mother, or from my elderly aunt, or from my son, or from my best friend. I have the right. But it is still wrong.

      My daughter says, let’s say, “Scientology sucks!” My response: “I DISOWN YOU!”

      This is wrong.

      My mother leaves the church. My response: “I DISOWN YOU!”

      This is wrong.

      I have the right to be an asshole, a jerk, a lousy human being. But it is wrong.

  2. That was good, but the later Jeremy Vine Radio 2 slot was a half-hour, and had me on it!

  3. Excellent!
    Self-criticism is something you will NEVER hear from a CofM official…EVER.

  4. Can someone resident in the UK …. P-L-E-A-S-E …. put it onto YouTube with less than a minute delay.

    Please, I want to be there …. at the beginning of the interview.


  5. The CBC’s ‘The Passionate Eye’ aired last pm. It was a cut and paste of an Australian broadcast earlier this year. Nonetheless, it was sweet to see again.

    I realized watching it that one hour is not enough. To really impinge on these crimes of disconnection, RPF, fair game, etc. needs at least, a minimum, of two, maybe three hours to really get the basic story out.

    Maybe someone like Micheal Moore would be interested. I’m not a fan of his, but he does ask questions, and I think he’d be outraged if he was made aware of what is going on in the CofS.

  6. I just want the beatings to stop!

    Yep, looking forward to the VID!!

  7. In case you are like me and just can’t wait until somebody posts this program (which will be posted as certainly as the c of m still practices disconnection) you can watch it on your computer via this link

    That’s BBC One

    If you are located outside of the UK, the above link to BBC One does NOT allow you watch the program on your computer. However, spend a few minutes and purchase a legal program for roughly Euro 5.- (valid for 10 days). It it called Identity Cloaker and, once installed, you can tell it that you are “located in the UK”. And, courtesy of BBC One, the above link allows you to watch it.

    Just did it – works fine.

    Enjoy the show!

  8. Kudos to Martin for his radio interview!

    He said it loud and clear what his/our viewpoint is on Scientology.

    WE ain’t heretics.
    YOU are frenetic!

    • Wayne Froemke (AKA "Safe")


      Great word, “frenetic”.

      I kinda like …. “YOU are frenetics!” 🙂

      Or, “You are a bunch of frenetics!”

      Frenetics, n. Those who practice “freneticism”, an applied reverse Scientology.

      Frenetic also means …

      fran·tic (frăntĭk)

      1. Highly excited with strong emotion or frustration; frenzied
      2. Characterized by rapid and disordered or nervous activity
      3. Archaic Mad; insane.

      [Middle English frantik, from Old French frenetique, from Latin phrenēticus ; see frenetic.]

      All three definitions apply to CofM.

      • Wayne Froemke (AKA "Safe")

        Buy the newly released book, “Frenetics: The Modern Science of Mental Abuse” by D. Miscavage Ology, today!

        (Couldn’t help my expounding the idea. :twisted:)

        • As far as the modern science of mental abuse goes, you won’t get all that far with just “book 1” techniques. In order to really do a job, it helps to have 1.5 billion USD in sea ogre reserves in order to sick lawyers and private investigators on people with cost no object.

          I would say those b’tards got off easy harassing John Sweeney. If it was me, I would have been sorely tempted to make them relinquish all their spy gear, and fill their expensive cameras as well as their car tires full of lead.


      • Perfect – Rhymes the best

  9. Heh, heh, heh …

    Mike’s in London, and here’s the dox!


    Just Me

    • Yes JM isn’t that a hoot! Gotta say Mike looks sooooo much healthier in that pic compared to 2007. Mike I so hope you write a book on your experience.

  10. Well done everyone! martin you nailed it on the head.

    I just wish the church would get out of this finger pointing game, take responsibility for their actions- and the actions still going onto today without Mike and Marty.

  11. Congrats Martin !! It is a pleasure to listen to a free and independent voice which is broadcasted to millions! As Just Me said, it isn´t that easy to handle in a rapid-fire interview like this with Jeremy Vine but you came across natural and very sincere. VWD and thank you.

  12. Has anyone ever run across the datum “awareness is motion?” Or “knowing is rooted in motion?”

    That idea may seem irrelevant, but change is motion. And causing changes brings about increased opportunities to experience and know. This blog reflects motion, changes brought about, increased awareness. This blog is an expression of those things.

  13. Another YT video with Mike & John Sweeney in Clearwater.

  14. Just watched the BBC Interview Sweeney /in UK at 9pm I loved the fact you got Sweeney turned around and you used him to investigate with you the Church . Nice work

  15. Holy crap, that was incredible. From beginning to end, EVERYTHING seemed to be in there. Where the focus of CNN’s report and the first Panorama got sidetracked by the counter-attack, this one stayed on focus. MUCH more than I expected. Very well done! Will say more when everyone’s seen it. Don’t want to spoil the surprises (at least to me.)

  16. The show on YT is being processed, and will be available to watch shortly:

  17. Anons report that part 1 has just been uploaded to You Tube so will take a short while for it to process so you should all have time to go get a beer ( wine, etc.), your favorite snacks, go to the potty and settle in for the show.

  18. Impartial English Girl

    Mr. Rathbun – I’m just about to watch the BBC Panorama programme (I have to download it as I don’t have a TV to watch it in real-time). I am a writer (occasionally) and have, this evening, been doing some research for an article (not related to Scientology, but to the R.M.S. Titanic 1912 tragedy) on Youtube and anti-BBC Scientology ads were ALL over Youtube (on the Titanic clip I viewed, completely unrelated to the BBC, you, or Scientology) this evening. I took a screenshot, if you’re interested (but I don’t know how to attach it to a comment). Also, the BBC website was “down” for a short period this morning (very rare). Coincidence? I don’t know. Will probably post again in due course, once I’ve seen Mr. Sweeney’s report. In the meantime, all my best wishes to you and Mrs. Rathbun.
    IEG x

  19. “And the beat goes on…”
    Fed judge to state judge: Butt out of Scientology case

  20. Also just watched the program – I was pleasantly surprised how many times the differentiation between Scientology (the subject) from the c of m has been pointed out.

    Many good points in there, the pinch test by a real auditor and an interest-ED Sweeny.

    Kudos to all in the program – and Sweeny!! He’s got humor, sorry he’s a Brit, humour 🙂

  21. Sorry wrong part, please remove that link.

  22. Thank you Marty for explaining.
    I’m sure many people were disappointed to not get these big news or truth about DM and the Church of $..
    The good thing in the other side is that more and more people get cut in their comms… it is like pressure building up, till it explodes.

    I have so many Italians contacting me from the blogs. They know. The smoke is to dark to not being noticed, something is burning!!
    Continue your good job!

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