The Mad Mind of Miscavige

The following is an excerpt from a mid-2007 despatch dictated by David Miscavige.

In the last few weeks, it has not been nice. Do you know that pimple you saw? Well, I popped it. We’re talking two guys buying X-rated movies and masturbating simultaneously in the same room with one being the husband and one being the wife, going through Dean and Deluca (a gourmet mail order catalog) catalogs as husband and wife and the bald-headed guy buying the other one cheese as a favor. We’re talking about the guy who was on the finance lines and refused to get you the finance issues, waiting for R to come back so he can be permanently appointed for the rest of the universe as the International Finance Dictator. We’re talking about me finding out exactly what Mike was doing in 1982. We’re talking about Marc’s op. We’re talking about me knowing exactly what MR has been doing on his sympathizing for all the SPs who got nothing done.

Translation:  The bald-headed fellow is Marc Yager, WDC Chairman and CO CMO INT.  The cheese-eater is Guillaume Lesevre, ED International. You’ve heard Mike, Tom, Steve, Dan, Amy and I talk or write about Miscavige’s constant accusations that Yager and Guillaume were homosexual lovers. Well, here it is in writing.  This is after Debbie Cook’s experience in the Hole wherein Miscavige threatened all of Int that if they didn’t get a homosexual confession out of Marc and Guillaume, he would send Tom Cruise down to beat the hell out of them.   Debbie reported that Marc and Guillaume did not confess despite brutal beatings.  Debbie was then ordered to stand in a garbage can with a sign “lesbian” around her neck to be physically and orally assaulted for the next day. For those unfamiliar with this history please see,

After all that, what does Miscavige do?  He starts writing despatches like the one above to his pets at the time in continental units.  He runs a black propaganda campaign, with purely invented, lewd stories to tittilate his minions and destroy the reputation of top international management.

The Int Finance Dir he refers to is Wendell.  And yes, he is waiting for LRH; and the fact he won’t come off that belief drives Miscavige batty daily.

The reference to MR (Rinder) sympathizing with SPs back in 82?  You got it, he had disagreements with the power pushes Miscavige did at the time violently taking out Mayo, two CO CMO Ints, Mary Sue Hubbard, and Mission Holders Network.

That’s right DOX. Plenty of them.  Spread around the world in dozens of safe locations to guarantee they shall see the light of day.  Despite Miscavige’s expensive, violent, and best efforts otherwise.

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  1. Good lord, never mind the translation, this resounds like a malestrom about to implode like energy spun within itself to matter…

  2. That’s just disgusting. Glad it’s in the light for all to see. Yep, that must be where that nasty talk I heard filtered down from. 😦
    (Marty, hope you got the link re. Mr. F’s NOI being in Clearwater 10-15-10)

  3. I just want the beatings to stop!

    It’s so hard to send this to the ‘people still in’ as it’s just too hard to believe.

    One day they will all wake up to the truth.

    Gross. Very gross.

    Come on Debbie, speak out!!!

  4. When you get up to the highest paper OT certificate level in CofM, you too can talk all vile and nasty with your club of boys…especially to the girls.

  5. The incoherent ramblings of a madman…

  6. “Boil, Boil, Toil and Trouble…”

    The tipping point is bubbling over. Marty, let the chips fall. We’re all ready to stick a fork in DM. He is done. We’re ready to be done with him.

  7. DM is crazy. Really. Period. There is a why.

  8. The Insanity and Madness of Miscavige is hard to confront even when it is clear as a bell.

    +++++What executive of a Church would wake up staff in the middle of the night and have them chase after “musical chairs” to Bohemian Rhapsody and “Mozart’s Requiem Mass” under threat of banishing them to distant parts of Planet Earth split up from their spouse ?
    Only a Madman !
    ++++++What executive of the Church would force and demand an admission of homosexuality (when they are not) to lifetime execs he has beaten down into submission with North Korean mind control indoctrination.
    Only a Madman !
    ++++++What kind of executive uses vengeance, retaliation, Soldier-of-Fortune Private investigators to taunt, intimidate, bully his most senior former execs in a show of I am the Command-And-Control text even though the sordidness of his actions will appear in within minutes on Twitter, Facebook, BLOGs, Message Boards making DM’s cult appear to be a religious TERRORIST organization.
    Only a Madman !
    ++++++What kind of religious leader ORDERS a girl who works for him 7 days and nights of sleep deprivation (This is classified by CIA as TORTURE)

    Janela was also there when Jenny De Vocht the “Commanding Officer CMO Int” was forced to stay up for non-stop seven days… until her eyes were dark and hollow sockets. Even the CIA classifies shorter bouts of sleep deprivation as “torture.” When Jenny finally crawled into a bed, Miscavige had her hauled back to the CMOI conference room (“the Hole” a.k.a. “SP Hall”). Meanwhile, Miscavige also had a bed brought in and placed in the middle of the room. After humiliating and degrading Jenny as a “weakling who couldn’t go without sleep,” he ordered her to go to sleep in the bed while all CMO staff watched. After a week of no sleep, Jenny dozed for the next two days in a conference room full of people who were themselves not allowed to leave until she got out of bed.
    Read more ~

    Only a MADMAN, a SADIST, a man out of control punishes those around him with Drachonian Cruel and Unusual Punishment.
    It is barbaric.

  9. Thank you for sharing this…it is, yet again, further exposure and proof of the fact that the Church is in the wrong hands.

    Also, just since it was mentioned, I have always wondered what the truth was regarding David Mayo, Mary Sue, Missions, etc. There have been lots of accounts on the internet about what happened, but I will not really feel secure about what happened until I see some data from Marty, Mike, and any others so credibly trusted, who know just what happened. I remember being in the course room at AOLA and people would reach for a tech dictionary that listed Mayo in the credits. People would freak and refuse to use it. Later queries uplines resulted in an “OK to use it unless you see something in writing reading otherwise”.

    I hope some clarity will be given soon for those of us who are still in mystery about it all.

    Thanks again for sharing this.


  10. For those reading the first of many DM despatches to see the light of day outside of Int: this is the tone that increasingly permeated all DM’s comm over the years. Many are far more vile. DM arrived at a point where there were no checks on his dramatizations. He had absolute power and any self-control was exercised less and less. The guy used to post notes on his desk demanding of himself that he not smoke cigarettes but couldn’t stop himself and finally caved and began smoking more and more, justified by all the SPs around him in management and in Gold.

    Imagine your own darkest side playing out in full force all day every day and that is a tame approximation of what life is like inside DM’s head. To give you an idea of the effect this had on some staff, there was an Admin in RTRC who, while going through puberty, once THOUGHT, not did, but THOUGHT about masturbating and one of the execs in RTRC had to spend hours pulling her out of the self-inval and enturbulation to enable her to go back to work.

    The ideal SO member valence that DM mocks up for all to emulate has no genitals or feelings and does not experience any sensation (including sleep or food). He forces this valence on the entire base and SO and some staff buy into it in misguided agreement. Then when life impinges on it (like wanting some sleep, or a decent meal or some sexual sensation or even a walk in the park), which happens to anyone who is alive, the thetan is caught between that mocked up valence and life. It can get unpleasant until one realizes that this “ideal SO member” is just a figment of DM’s imagination. And then, per policy, they go outside and sneer.

  11. Just as DM gets wind of the Independents getting ready to handle him with dox online, Andreas Heldal-Lund, the owner of OCMB wrote:

    “Operation Clambake Message Board ( – aka OCMB – is currently down due to security measures. Dangerous security risks has been found in the version of the software we use to run OCMB and we’ve had to immediately close the whole message board down. ”

    OCMB has always been the #1 or #2 hit on Google for “Scientology.” I have not talked to Andreas, but the fact that he decided to take down the OCMB message board for security measures is date coincident with all Hell breaking loose for DM, OSA, and his PI’s on the Daniel Montalvo story and other issues.

    OCMB going down at this time is indeed curious.

    Mike and Marty: What do you see ahead in the next two weeks for DM and CoS? Do you infer any relationship to OCMB going offline and anything that is going to happen in the next two weeks or so? Is this a time when OSA would want OCMB offline?


  12. one of those who see

    Marty, Thank you for this. Kind of speechless for a moment…
    Here’s what I want to say. We, the public have had huge Affinity for the Sea Org Execs. People like you and Mike, Marc, Guillume, Ray and Heber. HUGE AFFINITY. Since you were one of them, you may not have realized. I for one, feel like just punching DM in the face after reading that dispatch. How dare he treat the men and women we love and admire like that. The public learning of his disgusting actions, can only turn on him.

    Thank you for the info regarding Mike R back in the early 80’s. Big smile. Thank you.

  13. Daniel Dickson

    Wow. That is some F’ed up shit. I’m glad I got out when I did.

  14. becomingAware

    Amen to that.

  15. What a complete psycho weirdo DM is.

    Truths like this need to get out, no matter how ugly.

  16. I have never been to INT Base but I know he drinks alcohol a great deal Karen and I am not so sure what the exact scientifically proven effects of this might be on an OT V’s behavior.

    He could take dope or perhaps he just has too many O/W’s to see what is in front of him anymore.

    I am familiar with the man’s behavior from certain reports from people, and I do not hate anyone, but I just don’t see how David Miscavige could consider himself a friend of mine past, present or future context if he continually subjects people to various forms of mental, physical and spiritual abuse.

    He certainly did not learn any of these things from LRH and the dwindling spiral of of public in org’s internationally is a good way of proving there is quite a bit of LRH tech missing from DM’s actions.

  17. 100% accurate post. This is the norm for DM since he long since passed the point of believing he has to create a total effect to create any effect at all. So he is just as koo-koo as they come. I think he actually believes the crap he says.

    “But that’s crazy” you say… Exactly.

    Bring on the DOX.

  18. Did you ever notice that the IAS statue has not genitals?

  19. This persone is mentally ill . period! He contaminate all humans in the church with is perversions ans mind jammed on the sexual normal things he degrades as a really perverted being! He is really really sick!
    He hate so much gay and homosexual !

    When this dictator will be brought into justice for human rights and criminal charges of abuse, torture , human trafic, fraud, running a labour camp, depriving human beings of the basic dignity and living necessities!
    he is also forcing hate towards homosexuals!
    People should be free and able to leave without any pressure or harassment and the Churc investigate thoroughly for financial issues and real activities!

    If there is not enough evidence, or witnesses, or trial, or death, or missing people, of children abuses , and that governements do nothing..or that they are paid or having pressure to let the Grat leader continue …

    A petition should be made with all the accusation – references – names- date of events- copies of trials – videos of harassment- and thousands of names of ex-scientologists all around the world etc.. to


    They are the ones who will investigate where any other authority is scare or corrupted!

    Enough is enough..I mean ..this guy is just a mentally ill person that drives labour camp and Ponzi scheme business !

    It makes me sick that we all know that Mr Jentz is old and incarcerated – probably ill- living in the swamp – Shelly Miscavige incarcerated probably at Happy Valley..and a lot of terrified and unhealthy children …A raid should be done to deliver people who needs to gain back their freedom , dignity…It make me sick!
    I mean are we in germany 1940 or North America 2010 ??????

    I am so shamed of having get people into this church of torture! I have so much regrets and would so much to see this ended up to free people!

  20. Theta Networker

    Thanks for the link re Louis Farrakhan, Tara …

    Also: I relate to your observation in your other post about the incidence of talk all vile and nasty with{in} your club of boys…especially to the girls. I witnessed some of that, years ago (in regards to a dear friend) and sorry to say I did not protest it.


  21. Redneck Janette From Detriot

    I just can’t imagine anyone putting up with such abuses, especially for as long as they have been going on for. Although I know it’s happening, it’s not real to me that people can be so brainwashed, I mean my first instinct is to fight back, when someone smacks me in my face, well their gonna get smacked back real quick, I don’t care who the F you are. All I can say is if I were there to witness any of these crimes.. I can assure you that I would have been “swinging” my arms, mouth, legs and anything else I could use to knock some F’ing sense into the people committing the crimes!! This abuse has to stop, these people have to be gotten out, the children joining the SO on a daily basis need to be warned… DM you can kiss my redneck ass… you have very bad karma and it will bite you in the ass very soon, it’s only a matter of time.
    I agree with an earlier posting…. Debbie Cook.. yes!! Please come out and talk, tell your story!!!

  22. When I read things such as these about David Miscavige, my first thought is always this: Can you imagine Pastor Billy Graham ordering everyone who works for the Billy Graham Organization to be subjected to a lie detector test to determine what sins they’re guilty of? If guilty, they must wear a sign stating this around their neck when they attend Sunday morning church services for a whole year. LOL! No, we can’t imagine this, it’s too sick to imagine! Can you imagine Pope Benedict XVI sending out accusing memos, gleefully outlining the punishment to be meted out for the sinful transgressions of priests he’s never met and never will. This doesn’t stop him from ordering letters to be sent out to every Catholic church and mission around the country listing the names of every priest and what sins they committed. Can you imagine the outrage, the uproar, the condemnation?????? No, it’s just too crazy to imagine!

    And yet crazier things than we can imagine are going on in scientology, all in the name of saving the planet. How twisted it all is and sad.

    If Billy Graham, Pope Benedict XVI, or any other Christian leader had even a whisper of something like this going on behind the scenes, it would be plastered on every TV station and every newspaper around the world. I realize DM’s not in the same league as they are by any means but that’s his dream, right? Won’t happen. One day he’ll be #1 on the list for Craziest Cult Leaders and being compared to Jim Jones, Sun Myung Moon and Charles Manson.

    I know you won’t post this comment but I felt moved to pass my thoughts along anyway. Thanks…..

  23. I personally know of Guillaume Lesevre as of 30 + years ago. He was one of the most inspiring people I ever met. I had a short fling with his So recruiter (Hans Fritzie) who told me how eager this young guy was to do anything LRH wanted him to do to bring about a sane environment for our kids to grow up in. Never, ever, ever, did I imagine that he ( the person I’d seen in real life, that I admired for his spirituality, his visions, his pure theta) would be the effect of a malicious, narcissistic bully, that took pleasure in seeing good people degraded and humiliated to a point where all self esteem was gone.
    Like in the case of Mimi Rodgers’ dad (Stickler something, thanks for posting the videos, somebody) I weep over what was and what could have been.

  24. Theta Networker

    “The Insanity and Madness of Miscavige is hard to confront even when it is clear as a bell.”

    Thank you for that, Karen. I just got a blog up and running, & added a Link to Marty’s 31 Points for Scientologists to Consider/KSW Begins With TR-O. [It’s not an exclusively Scientology blog, but] I now have enough posted re the Church of Miscavige, S.I.N.O. {Scientologist in name only} that it should get people to take a look …

    Also: I wanted to let you know that your “coming out” post on this blog — I mean Marty’s — was a kind of “tipping point” for me to really confront/take a look at what I had been not-ising … Thank you, Marty!

    Btw, I put Links on my blog, as well, to Grasshopper’s blog, the LRH Stood For Freedom/”COB” Stands For MEST one, and the Friends of LRH web site …


  25. Hey, Joe Howard! Miss you man!

    What you say is exactly accurate. It got worse and worse. Miscavige became so vile it is too hard for most to imagine and almost impossible to describe without feeling bad for relaying it. Almost all he ever talked about was 2D-2D-2D and he could not but compared everyone and everything to genitals. That’s really no joke.

    Anyway I thought I’d give a little bit of “inside skinny” about these transcripts you’re starting to see come out. Paint a little picture of Dave’s mind set.

    Amazingly, everything Miscavige said, every minute of the day (even those late nights we drank scotch and played backgammon while he nattered about everyone) were recorded. Everything! As one recorder ran out of tape, another would be thrown in front of him so as to not miss a word. If there was a delay, he’d pause himself and wait until one was recording again.

    The tapes would be run “up the hill” to be transcribed and usually within a couple of hours the transcripts would come back down as “orders” and believe you me the transcribed version (like you are seeing above) was edited down so much it doesn’t contain half the vile language or concepts that came out of his mouth. Not even close. This was routine day in day out and on an hourly basis. What he said was very important to… himself.

    As a matter of fact, when I finally got Miscavige’s $70+ million building completed (after he once again changed his mind about the design of his personal offices AFTER they had been completed) he did eventually move his secretarial staff in to their new spaces. One of those offices were for the Typists with 5 desks decked out with full transcriber equipment because, “It takes that many typists to keep up with me”. Next to the Typist office was a HUGE vault with a floor to ceiling wall to wall high-density file systems to file his stuff. Perfectly tabulated and tabbed were the ramblings of this mad-man. Beautiful!

    Well, one evening Miscavige calls me up to his newly completed building (I had already been busted and was labeled by him “The biggest over-spender in the history of the Sea Org”… of course only AFTER I completed his building). He called me up to show off his files and how much of the high-density system he had already filled up! And with great pride and high self-esteem said;

    “Tom, do you know that I personally have written more about Scientology than L. Ron Hubbard has? Can you imagine it’s taken me writing THIS much and they [referring to those same people he mentions so fondly the transcript above] still don’t get it!”

    Well now that you’ve read just ONE of his transcribed “orders” just imagine the thousands and thousands more just like it and then imagine trying to decipher his concept of Orgs, Management and the Tech….

    From my observation this is how he took Management out.

  26. Tara ~~
    I read the link, thank you.
    I have thought the relationship with Louis Farrakhan and National of Islam with David Miscavige and FSO to be very CURIOUS.

    But then Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad comess to New York in Sept 2010 (last month) and tells the United Nations that the US Government wilfully orchestrated 9/11 and caused the US planes to destroy the 2 Towers “to reverse the declining American economy.”
    That I found to be WHACKO.

    Then I read that Miscavige’s new Friend Louis Farrakhan has a secret meeting with Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad (an Enemy of the United States) after he tells the United Nations the above inane drivel.


  27. Joe Pendleton

    Mr. Miscavige is indeed lucky I am not one of his subordinates, because I WOULD at some point “lose it” and……let’s just say that there would be interviews being done for a new “COB.”

  28. Dear Karen,

    Brilliant and impinging post! I admire you greatly and your comm, always so straight forward, cuts like a knife!

    Marty, as always, my admiration to you, Mike Rinder, Tiziano, Jamie, Tom Devocht and all that are risking much on the front lines.

    I already knew DM was totally gone, but he’s giving the house away with his accusations.
    Reference: The Criminal Mind. This comm is definitely out there but the ones with pay dirt are on the subject of finance, the “religious nature” of the Church and it’s current and past human rights violations.

    One must notice, DM has “gotten rid of everyone that was close to LRH”, including most of the former staff at Saint Hill when the org was, “Saint Hill Size” and LRH was running the show.
    Are we talking murder here? Personally, I wouldn’t doubt it. LRH was not in too good of shape when he passed away. His wife was basically left in the ditch, estranged, third partied, from what I have read. I doubt he would have ever agree to the “injections” that were reported in the coroners report.
    Where is Heber?
    Where is Diana Hubbard and what is she doing?
    Where is Arthur?
    What happened with Mary Sue?
    Why was LRH’s doctor, “Dr. Dink” in Los Vegas gambling at the time of his death? Hmm mm….not good. How was it that his will was changed two days before his death?
    Who was in charge of reporting accurate information to LRH for the last few years of his life? You guessed it!

    DM may be “gloriously” wealthy by many standards but this restimulated piece of circuitry has the worst future ahead of him, imaginable. I read the “rules” by LRH…and had three lists on the FPRD with incredible wins. I understand how it works…The Abberated Personality, an old PAB, I believe was written so we could get it.

    Hey guys, still in. WAKE UP and stop supporting this psychotic pig.
    Let’s finish this!

  29. Joe Pendleton

    I just finished watching the five new Phil Spickler interview videos on youtube. What a different game it was and what a different reality. Marty, I would be most interested in your take on what Mr. Spcikler says, especially about LRH. I wish the interview would have questioned him more on this and more on what happened to prompt him leaving in 1980.

    The football player he audited is no secret (it’s in the player’s autobiography) – John Brodie, quarterback of the San Francisco 49ers and Most Valuable Player in the National Football League for 1970. Resulted in great PR for Scientology at the time.

    I knew of Mr. Spickler, but never met him. He was a very well known Scientology figure (certainly in the Bay Area) and worked closely with Ron as you can tell from the videos. I will give my own opinions of these interviews at a later time, but interested in what others say, especially Marty, Mike and Dan.

    What prompted me to write this now is the contrast between his values and Miscavige’s.

  30. There once was a human being in DM’s body, wasn’t there?

    Certainly nothing remotely sentient there now – He’s sent the same sort of message as this (although not as virulent nor perverted) to His OT VIIIs via his confidential briefing as I’ve had several “breathless” re-tellings of them from the more brain-fried of them, all about how He saved the day and how He works the long hours because no-one else takes responsibility etc etc ad nauseum.

    He’s basically allowed His “empire” here in Oz to crumble before a handful of us running a relatively minor campaign – now the truth is well and truly out here and Co$ is known as a vicious cult that needs euthanizing. Yet He spends enormous sums chasing Mike and Marty around with wall-to-wall PIs.

    There’s just no logic to His thinking – by ANY definition. I’m eagerly awaiting for more messages from the outer reaches of humanity. Gonna post some more rantings of His soon? 🙂

  31. EXACTLY! It would be great to finally hear the truth of what happened around that time from some reliable truth tellers. One thing almost as bad as the Sea Org thug actions at the time were the garbled, chaotic and often non-factual renditions of what had “happened” (supposedly) from the victims.

    Let’s have the truth for once. Also, for God’s sake, don’t anyone use LIES to defame DM! Why lie, when the truth will serve even better?

  32. Marty, this made another piece of the puzzle fall into place for me:

    “He starts writing despatches like the one above to his pets at the time in continental units. ”

    I always thought this was limited to the Int Base!!!!!!

    It explains this strange kind of “certainty” or “security” if you wish in those heading Cont Units – specific example Walter Kotric in CLO EU – he exudes this “being in the know” and “I know more than you” and “I have a direct line to ‘him'” combined with enough hints that “I can’t tell you” or “it comes from ‘the top'” or other flowery euphemisms for “David Miscavige most personally”.

    My quoted text of what Walter Kotric says is literal only in part because my intention is to convey the a-c-t-u-a-l communication, the meaning of his talk. How it comes across is what counts.

    A perfect Third Party – and the siblings (i.e. “commanding” officers) are getting “energized” (out valence) with this crap on several fronts:

    (1) DM is the man, ruthless to the core – he is the “role model” par excellence (obviously all twisted out of proportions to make it “right”)

    (2) Ignore anybody other than DM (Creator of Bullshit, COB) as even CO CMO Int or ED Int gets the works and there is no “job security” whatsoever if you do not jump to the slightest whim of Demented Midget, DM.

    (3) Treat your underlings the way he treats his underlings so you “emulate” being “him” and so “please him”. Obviously it’s all propitiation and what gets missed is that the sibling is just another underling to DM, expendable at, well, another whim of “him”.

    (4) It solidifies and cements the top-heavy, dictatorial “management style” of DM as literally “nobody knows” what’s really going on combined with the experience that it can hit you out of the blue from all corners. The symptoms of it are the virtual impossibility (combined with consequential irresponsibility) to get anything done that didn’t “originate” from the top (naturally, that in turn proves you are a piece of shite).

    (5) It is just a symptom but worth mentioning as it is such a pronounced “quality” of this “org” (orgasmization [sic!]). Anybody can be the hero today and the utmost scum tomorrow – and that is a lesson learned quickly and thoroughly because it is demonstrated emphatically and frequently at all levels.

    I’d be interested in others confirming or correcting what I say about Walter Kotric above.

    Little addition: I believe it was Sinar who recently commented that Walter NEVER worked with LRH directly – not that I don’t want to disbelieve it – as I certainly wouldn’t know it any better – but Walter created such an “aura” of having worked with LRH (including LRH TALKING to him) that it boggles my mind. His frequent proclamations THAT he “worked with LRH directly” is most definitely a part of the “status” he holds in CLO EU. Would be interested in any further details on that count too as Walter sees himself as a little COB (in his case it means Continental Ober-Befehlshaber).

  33. Thanks again, Karen, for pulling up respective older articles into PT!!
    Thus newcomers to the blog get the picture quickly and completely. That will even speed up the domino effect we are already witnessing.


  34. No no no. You must send it to DM apologists, even if they reject it out of hand; truth does impinge to some degree. Besides, you will be able to say with integrity that when the curtain finally comes down on this circus that you did your best to warn friends and family. You MUST take reponsibility for what you know – KRC.

    What motivates me as much as anything is the spectre of friends coming to me after the show is over and saying “You mean you knew all this and didn’t even warn me?” That AINT gonna happen. Nick, Paul, Tommy, Kenny et al, you know what I’m talking about. WAKE THE FUCK UP!!!

  35. Well,
    DM can always get a job writing for a porno magazine…. it will bring to light all his creativity and knowledge in the matter.


  36. MOAR!!! GIEV!!!

  37. MiscarriageHunter

    Man, that is some f’d up evil sh..! Marty, could you please post scans of all the DOXs you have and referring to, hard Evidence, in some secure place like Wikileaks, so that those of us filling formal complaints, formally accusing the DM of human rights violations, torture and the like can have some ammunition to point to? I will not rest until that evil man is captured and stripped of all power until such a time that every one else made it. Its not that he is just your ordinary dictator peculating a country, but he is literally abducting freedom for all for his own satisfaction (possibly sadistic sexual? – an overt speaks loud in accusation).

  38. More than happy to provide some light entertainment apropos to the general theme 😀

  39. Impartial English Girl

    Bl**dy hell – DM makes Charlie Manson look like an upstanding bastion of morality and sanity.

    I don’t doubt that DM and TC probably DID beat something out over the above dispatch – but not anything they’d want the world to know about… Gazing into each other’s rabid eyes as they cavort with Madame Palm and her five lovely daughters… 😉

  40. …. “many are far more vile”…
    And you had to M9 that drivel – unimaginably insane.
    I never had insight in such a mental hell. So, it’s definitely overall instructive.
    Now it’s perfectly clear why any expansion was suffocated in its seeds. It’s a miracle that the church and the Sea Org survived that so lang. Shows the power of life in all the good people even after all that oppression and high crimes against humanity.


  41. I got a ‘Permantly Posted’ Cert signed by Dave. Oh ..i wounder why it was worthless…
    Now I KNOW

  42. Good riddance to [very] bad rubbish

  43. Good by – David Mistake [VE]

  44. Wow! This guy should be in isolation, in a nice destimulative environment.
    I have seen plenty of Type 3 behavior before, but never in writing on dispatch lines! “The overt doth speak loud in the accusation…”….

  45. Your humble servant

    Thank you, Karen #1, for your precisely correct insights. It is always a great pleasure to read them. More fundamentally, even if David Miscavige were not a raving madman, sadist (which, by all reliable reports he definitely is) no one should have been permitted to take dictatorship control of the Church of Scientology. If there even needs to be such a role as “church leader” it would have to be a democratically elected position in some form, with all free to speak up and voice their views without fear of reprisal or punishment. Some have said the Church of Scientology is dead. It would appear to be, with empty, idle orgs, and unhappy–though valient–staff, continual, voiciferous attacks by critics, reverse-applied technology, and evident broad unpopularity. If this Church is to be revived or reborn, it must be along the lines of a more democratic ideal, otherwise the door is simply open for a new madman to wreak his insanity upon those subject to his domination.

    Right now, however, getting rid of this capricious, cruel, and destructive madman is top priority. For the past 30 years he has increasingly prevented the proper application of a subject and a religious philosophy that was potentially inclusive enough for all and which the world has desperately needed.

  46. martyrathbun09

    Samuel, the rundown of the situation is very accurate. Not only Walter, the entire international structure is run on the basis you have outlined.

  47. Tom,

    Of course anyone who has been there knows you speak the absolute (and in this case somewhat understated — as I dont know either how to state it so it really communicates, you just had to be there) truth.

    Those crazy transcipts would roll down, 50 or 100 pages worth of drivel — usually contradicting something said earlier (or earlier in the transcript) — but more importantly, they would inevitably name the target(s) of the day so everyone knew who was in disfavor and could be treated without regard to consequences because “they were not in COB’s good books”. Think Gary Wiese — one day he would be calling him an incorrigible c***sucker (and MUCH more) and so Lisa Schroer/Allen and anyone else around would viciously pile on him — the next day when he did something right on an edit, “COB” would tell everyone how “Gary is the only person who can get a product in Cine” and then Lisa and Co would be fawning all over him. It is one of the methods he used to keep everyone off balance and everyone more concerned about “what does COB think” than about following policy or getting something done right. His whim could mean the difference between “life and death”.

    Good things is — he has vaults full of his crap,and that means there is a LOT around to be exposed to the incredulous public so they can see the real “COB.” Of course, he will claim everything is a forgery and conspiracy — just like he did on the BBC. But readers can make up their own mind as to who is telling the truth.

  48. martyrathbun09

    Confirmation. And, agree with your conclusion Tom.

  49. MonkeySpanker

    Well, I thought about masturbating a few times in my life, does that disqualify me for the Int Base? However, I only think about the same sex.

  50. Watching Eyes

    DM can always get a job writing for a porno magazine

    You hit the nail on the head. That’s all he’s fit for; writing porn.

    I have to wonder about his obsession with the 2D. I think the dude’s gay but scared to death that anyone might find out about it. Really, he should just come out of the closet, take a boyfriend and LEAVE.

  51. Silvia,

    the more beautiful a woman that would say something like this to a man the more it would hurt the man.

    In your case, any half-decent man would cringe on the floor.

    However, you are taking over “his” head (literally!)

    🙂 🙂

  52. Mike and Mary are well-known SP and squirrels; don’t think a thought.

  53. Go marty go!!!! I want see NANOTRON (dm) in Prison …. Ksw1

  54. It leaves a sickening feeling in the stomach trying to comprehend what the madman does. But what else would you expect from the man that killed LRH. A black soul doesn’t even come close to describing him, his event horizon consumes everything like a rabid dog, I hope someone does the kind thing soon.

  55. Impartial English Girl

    Agreed OT VIII. As the old saying goes – “Truth is stranger than Fiction”.

  56. Tom, thanks for the insight into this oh so very bizarre “world” – I’m one of probably many who can’t wait for you to provide a whole lot more of that insight. Brings to mind LRH talking about 100 monkeys typing away and not producing anything worthwhile – who had thought DM would even get that joke wrong and not only transcribing but also tabulating the crap he’s uttering.

  57. Impartial English Girl

    I wouldn’t be surprised if hordes of tormented minions are being set to work with a fleet of shredders within a very short while (if they aren’t already). The last cry of the desperate unmasked is often “destroy the evidence”. But I suspect that’s already been considered by the unmaskers 😉

    Incidentally – why IS Miscavige so obsessed by genitalia? Doesn’t he have any? Puberty – when it finally catches up with him – is going to come as a hell of a shock to his system…

  58. Tom, thank you so much for telling it like it is. Please, do continue…

  59. Unfortunately, it’s not inane drivel.

  60. Just like Richard Nixon, DM has a huge Achilles Heel if the Government decides to take action against him. That room of all his tapes and transcripts would be the first place I would raid if I was the IRS or the FBI.

    It was the GO files that confirmed what they were doing.

    I remember long nights and days going through all the LRH orders back in the 80’s to take out any reference to him by razor blade and then having to hide those files in off base storage facilities in case of a government raid. I was in charge of one of those locations.

    Maybe DM should start worrying about that file room. Would be a prime target for a raid or a court order in a law suit. If I were an attorney suing DM or Scientology, I would be getting a court order to have them produce everything in that room related to my case.

    Of course, Im sure DM has figured out some failsafe way to destroy everything in that room, but now that this has been disclosed by Tom DeVocht and confirmed by Mike and Marty, maybe he will begin a huge drinking binge and worry about when the government is coming on a raid of that room. Lost in his paranoia

    Sweet dreams you Psycho.

  61. Yes, David Miscavige is insane, dangerous and culpable. No doubt about it.

    But if the church had been organized with any meaningful checks and balances it is possible, even probable, that Miscavige or someone else like him could not have amalgamated such massive power during the last 30 years and unleashed his evil broadly with such horrid results. He is accountable to no one and nothing within the church.

    The church, as it is constructed and as it operates, is dead. And its corpse is stinking. Everyone knows it – even Miscavige, his SO toadies and his public enablers. This is why Phil Spickler is weeping.

    Just Me

  62. martyrathbun09

    Mike and Tom, you may remember during those marathon “post up the org board” tortures that often the discussions would include a lof of the qualification “he had a good comm cycle with COB” and the disqualification “he had a bad comm cycle with COB.”

  63. More Phil! More Phil!

    I’m sure there are a lot of good stories about to disappear that a hungry video recorder can harness. . .

  64. There’s gotta be video somewhere of this Jagoff doin his thing and talkin his crap! Hope they surface, but if not, the dispatches are good enough. As my son would say “this guy is batshit” crazy. What we need now is a another huge celebrity to leave the church and start talking.

  65. Marty, Mike, Tom, Sarge, how could you have put up with this type of behaviour for so many years?

    Was there never any recourse? Was there ever a time when he could have been called to account via church lines? Is the only way of doing so now via a government intervention?

    Soviet communism evaporated because it was just ignored. No one cared any more, no one feared it any more. And that scenario was created initially by that labour leader in Poland, whose name I can’t spell, and then within the Soviet Union itself politicians decided to ignore the ‘rules’. These persons realized that they were not alone, they had support, and no one really feared the Soviet government any more.

    Couldn’t just 4 or 5 key personnel at Int just say ‘No’, and refuse to follow his instructions, by pass him on the line, put him in a box until they had the reins? I’m sure others at Int would agree with them. Unless the scene at Int is still swamped in fear.

    If this is true, that a few key personnel could oust him, but don’t because they are still shitless with fear, and consider themselves alone thus vulernable, then a handle would be to go to Hemet on a regular basis and letting everyone know that they are not alone, that they all know that all of them are aware of what is happening, and that they can save Scientology if they stand together and say ‘No!’

    Or am I naive.

  66. TIME magazine:

    Working on getting this story and the NOI story posted on Drudge Report. If it hits Drudge, there are at least 3 or 4 major radio personalities nation-wide that will report it. Drudge pretty much writes several radio people’s scripts, or rather, they pull up the drudge report and start riffing.

    Rocking the boat… all I can.

  67. Bobo,
    I had all the same questions to. I scratched my head for weeks before it finally sank in. All I can recommend you do is go back to the begining of Marty’s blog and read. All of it.

    If it were as easy as you say, don’t you think they would have tried by now?
    Mike and Marty are doing what they can do, and much which we just don’t know about yet. Hints are dropped here and there. I really hope you’ll go back and read.

  68. Oh yeah. The criteria for posting and promotion/demotion has nothing to do with stats — other than the stat of “good/bad comm cycles with COB”. Lunacy. And hard to believe — but the gospel truth.

  69. Exactly correct.

    And many people that are no longer in the church are still powerless and clueless as to what course of action to take about it even though it is evident there is a course of action to take.

    Depriving people of sleep for 7 days and then depriving rested people of sleep for 2 days to watch the person deprived of sleep for 7 days “finally get some rest”?

    There is not any kind of positive publicity about the Church of Scientology that appears on television or in the news media if there ever really was to begin with. All “good news” about the church comes from the church NOT from people experiencing the benefits of LRH tech.

  70. DM thinks, “I think I’ve gotten everyone out of the way, now. In the future, everyone will look to MY writings to figure out Scientology. I will have them published in large gold volumes. MY picture will be on the first page of every volume. I will have more volumes, than Hubbard.”

    LRH thinks, “When I catch up to you, Miscavige, I’m going to personally kick your ass so hard, it’ll be sore for a hundred lifetimes.”

  71. And you see, the whole point is, that this kind of destructive trend in Scientology is not something that David Miscavige was “influenced” to do, this is something he agrees with and promotes with the help of like Scientologists.

    If I were to tell David Miscavige “the world’s alleged foremost trained Scientologist” that a Scientologist STOLE my personal letters from LRH, and then drained my church account for money to go out to eat with, and then destroyed my invoices so it would seem like the money was never there, and then ordered the ethics department of the church to issue a false declare on me so others could “know the truth” stopping me from continuing up the Bridge? David Miscavige would not lift a finger to even agree right from the outset that stealing LRH’s personal communications to people automatically renders anyone an SP anywhere in the world, unless personally instructed by LRH to himself to intercept his mail to people.

  72. Barney Rubble

    Wow. This insight is just like Nixon and his obsession with taping the White House. Thanks for the debrief!

  73. Anyone Konw the day of the party engagement betweem nanonano and Tom?

  74. Hey Joe, thanks for the tip on the Spickler interviews. What a remarkable, gentle thetan. He speaks so beautifully and whimsically about the true Scientology and obviously still has a HUGE loss on what happened to his Church. Highly recommended viewing.

  75. I wrote a para on DM’s sexual history and then junked it because I don’t want to think about it. We know he’s mad. I’m sure far more will come out that I can contribute on this topic. Instead, I want to comment on the Louis Farrakhan connection.
    Marty, I wanted to write to you privately about this but you’ve been ultra busy and its now topical on the board.
    The reason the Nation of Islam and the CofS are bedfellows is because they share a similar history of usurpation of the original founder. The Nation of Islam was founded by a very curious character named Wallace Fard Muhammad, also known as Wali Fard and by several other names as well. He held his job for a short while and turned it over to Elijah Muhammad who always praised Wali Fard ever after.
    But, the establishment of the entire Nation of Islam was based upon a fallacy and was much more sinister than the taking over the CofS of California and reincorporating it into CST, etc. In this case I am talking about America’s first prophet of Islam: Timothy Drew who became Noble Drew Ali.
    Drew Ali was taking the “black” community by storm in the Twenties and it literally scarred the hell out of the white community and especially our government. He was teaching melanated people their true history: that so-called black people were Moors and that they had lived in America long before Columbus and that the word America was derived from “Al Maurikanos” which means El Morocco. In other words, America was a protectorate of the Sultan of Morocco. This is evident if you study the first treaty of the United States of America which was with Morocco.
    Based upon his own natural abilities (he demonstrated OT abilities) and mystical initiations Noble Drew Ali established the Moorish Science Temple (again, to teach the truth about his people). The white establishment was so threatened by the truth he spoke that high degreed Freemasons created the first nationally syndicated radio show in the history of the United States (other than that, only football games were syndicated). It was called “Amos and Andy” and you’ve heard of that show. It had people in stitches lampooning black people but its purpose was to spoof the Moorish Science Temple. “Amos and Andy” featured the “Mystic Order of the Knights of the Sea” and Kingfish was the leader of this pseudo masonic lodge. There was also the Mackeral and the Jellyfish and the congregation were called Sardines. Ha ha ha. This was joking and degrading and its most sinister best.
    The legacy of Noble Drew Ali is very powerful and is one of the biggest “held down sevens” in history if not THE biggest. That is why you haven’t heard of him. His Moorish Science Temple was huge and growing and he had to be taken out of circulation. Some say he died of a brutal police beating when he was incarcerated but one of his wives told a Moorish friend of mine that he simply left his body because the burden of the Moorish people was too great and he could do more work outside of his body.
    As Drew Ali passed from this world, there was more infighting than you witnessed between DM and Broeker, etc. There were shoot outs in Chicago and one group fighting with another and with the police. Complete chaos and the Moorish Science Temple was virtually annihilated. Out of the rubble came Wallace Fard who was really Polynesian. While there are various theories about him, he has a thick thick FBI file (as does Noble Drew Ali) and questions about who he really was. We do know that he left Elijah in his wake. The purpose was to erase Noble Drew from history.
    The story goes far far deeper and it has a lot to do with planetary consciousness or what we call the 4th Dynamic engram. The whole slavery triangular trade route was invented by the biggest enemy of the Moors, the Vatican, and it began in 1492. It is ironic that today is 518 years to the day Columbus set foot on this continent. In 1492 was the capitulation of Granada which was followed on March 31st by the expulsion of the Jews. The next day, the Spanish told the Moors they had ships waiting for them to taken them home to Morocco. Suspicious, the Moors verified that there were indeed ships waiting for them. Upon leaving their homes for the safety, the Spanish burned their homes and also the ships. It was April 1st and forever after has been known as April Fool’s Day.
    The 1929 market crash and the subsequent reincorporation of the United States and the change in its financial system can be linked to Drew Ali and his presence at the Pan-American Conference of 1928.
    This is all the tip of the iceberg and I invite everyone to look up these items for themselves and do supplementary study. I tell you, Marty, because I know “black” culture is close to your heart and it goes far deeper than February’s Black History month will ever tell you. If you do not have time, I would imagine Mosey might be more than a little interested.
    Even though I was never active in the Freezone or any such endeavors, I have never stopped digging up “lost knowledge” from my Qual hat. So, when I see the CofS purporting levels like “Truth Revealed” I can’t help but wonder how it compares with this sort of thing. I was speaking to about a hundred Moorish or “black” people just the other day and they asked me about Scientology’s association with the Nation of Islam. I mentioned you and told them I would contact you about this information.
    The “White Devil” is not as racist as it might sound. Their prophecies, however, do suggest that certain white people will come forward to aid their cause and my influence and advocacy in these areas is well known if not legendary in Moorish circles. We need more white people discovering and speaking the truth on this topic. Most “black” people do not even know their own history. This is only one reason I am feeding you power on this blog. The other reason is that you are doing the right thing. I also know that Scientology works if it is applied correctly.

  76. Theo Sismanides

    This guy made me laugh:
    He has written more than LRH on Scientology, hahaha.

    And he keeps those “writings” in vaults. Now and then we get to see one of your “writings” and see your products, Dave. And it’s not just one or two or a hundred that see your products now. Thousands now can see you are a madman, an alien to the human race, a tyrant who will go down.

    Your punishment is this Dave. This very blog, speaking the truth from the mouth of hundreds of dedicated Scientologists.

    Who guarantees the future of Scientology? We Do!

    And we are taking back our old friends.

    Sorry, Mestavige! Mest was never superior to Theta. You got that wrong and you picked the wrong place to do that. Your Mestinsanity shows now all over the place.

    Who Guarantees the Future of Scientology, Dave? We Do, not you (thank God) anymore!

    We come back!

    Adios amigo!

  77. Miscavige all you think you have built up will fall down and discarded after you’ve gone.

    Goodnight sweet prince.

  78. I love Queen ! thank you sam for posting one of my favorit songs. 😉

  79. Indeed good Sir, MOAR !

  80. Ah yes Queen – most appropriate. Yes little Davey, it is perfectly OK to be as gay as Freddie Mercury if you want. We don’t have a problem with your own sexuality.

  81. Observation and personal opinion of an old timer:
    When DM took over and legally restructured, Scientology as an organization ceased to exist. Confusing, isn’t it? The question was, what Did it become? There were still buildings, people, activity. My answer: A Financial Institution, with all the orgs of every size and shape now mere ATM outlets. Whatever one’s official Post “title”, the actual title is “banker’s ______ (whatever, such as money collector, debt collector, etc.). And today we have All staff as IAS and materials salesmen, now even OT’s as mandatory salesmen, all public are asset customers. Valuable Final Product: Money in the Bank.

    Seems to me that literally No one has actually been on “Post” since way back when since there was no Scientology organization anymore, despite that name being used. So no surprise when I hear someone who queries an illegal order or illegal tech only gets a “No Report”. A No Report includes one that doesn’t answer the question, irrelevant, illegal, outdated, months later rather than expected time frame, etc. as well as simply none at all. Remember No Report = No one on post?
    It also is no surprise that those on “Post” are not following Scientology policy. They are not working for Scientology! Heck, they’re not even Scientologists. They’re actually just ATM Service Technicians. But then, they won’t find out Who they really are until they find out Where they really are, now will they?

    Madmen like Miscavige “know” their self worth is defined by their bank book balance. The Cash Receivables is drying up and reserves must be leaking like a sieve. I picture his treasure chest more of a “dam” he’s built up as a defense against his insanity just on the other side. Every “customer” who leaves is another crack in the dam. This explains to me why he now goes to such exorbitant lengths in the last 2 years for anyone who leaves.

    All the lawyers, PI’s, guards and spies in the world will not be able to hold back the dam much longer and when it breaks, those still holding it up will be washed away in the flood. For those still in, please notice there are No life preservers, not even a paddle, anywhere in sight.
    All just an opinion, of course.

  82. Hi Bozz;

    I have read this blog, every post, and I have also read a lot of Scientology-Cult. None of it answers my questions.

    It is difficult for me to take a position on this subject, because I was not there, and I don’t want to appear critical of those who were there. But, I do have questions.

    I can understand initially how Int staff went along with DM’s questionable orders and such, the ‘greater good’ justifier, that it would ‘sort itself out later’, that type reasonableness. The usual trap.

    And later, when it was obvious that it was not being ‘sorted out’, the intimidation and degradation would cause persons to keep their considerations to themselves, being ‘alone in their darkest considerations’. That neurtering would open the way for an outright Reign of Terror, loss of eternity.

    All that I understand.

    My thoughts are that the sense of being ‘alone’, and the ‘fear’ would shut people up.

    But now, nearly 30 years later, 30 years or so of this tragedy, surely now whatever is left of the group at Int, all of them know that all the others know that what is happening is not right, and must be stopped, and the harm to Scientology undone. There can’t be any more of this ‘alone in my darkest thoughts’ considerations. They all know they all have them.

    If even one of them stood up and said ‘No!’, and took the hit and still stood and said ‘No!, what ever shadow of theta that is in the rest, it would stand and say ‘No!’ surely?

    What could he do?

    The Soviet Union fell because a few people, a very few people, said ‘No!’, and ignored the consequences. Even Robespierre was guillotined after a short reign. It didn’t take those nut cases 20 years to get rid of him!

    That is what I would like to hear about. Can some key person, Heber, Mark, whoever, stand and say ‘No!’, and if there was a mutiny and DM was put in a box until it was solid, could DM do anything about it?

    Or does the government need to step in and bring the whole thing crashing down?

  83. That’s right DOX. Plenty of them. Spread around the world in dozens of safe locations to guarantee they shall see the light of day.

    ummmm, no pun nor offense intended but word clear “DOX” definition #2

    no physical documentation actually posted here, so thats an substantiated claim so “DOX or GTFO” applies. You dont get to claim dox without posting physical documentation… its not how it works.

  84. Perhaps Jim Logan could weigh in with the reference; however, I remember listening to an LRH tape wherein he spoke of someone who was completely MAD (crazy) who would write in his diary — every minute of his life. Now I am walking to the desk. Now I am picking up my pen.

    It seems to me that aside from dms egocentric madness of wanting to write MORE than LRH did — lies this other part. He HAS gone mad, desperately so and makes a notation of every moment of his existence.

    IF he didn’t — he feels he would DISAPPEAR. So, constant talking and constant demanding of exact notes – helps he to feel he has NOT disappeared.

    Having experienced my own slide into madness, that was one of the KEY things — this overwhelming terror that I would DISAPPEAR.

    I believe that it is quite possible that dm is hidden away, being cared and watched over by a cadre of mini-dms furthering his agenda and theirs (of course). To be brought out only for events. In any case, he is really long gone.


  85. I got thrown in the lake once for “having a bad comm cycle with COB.”

  86. My God!!!!!!! This is completely beyond discusting!!! Images of that vile little man, Soltan Gris from the Mission Earth series pops into my head. DM, hundreds of Scientologists flying under the radar reading this blog are now going to go an event and instead of adoringly applauding you, they are going to have MIPs of your discusting tormented soul. Eeeewwww!!!

  87. Jeff — apologies to Monty Python — “Luuuuxury! I wish I had just been thrown in the lake.” The insanity is hard to describe and harder yet to believe….

  88. With everything that has been going on for these many years, you can be sure that the FBI has been watching. They investigate quietly.
    At the proper moment they will raid the Int base and if the dwarf was stupid enough to record and transcribe all of this, it will be his end.
    I would just love to hear the recordings he has been making about Daniel during the past week.

  89. Slightly off topic — can someone here recommend a secure site where I can upload video footage and make it accessible to only selected people?

  90. Samuel,
    Walter Kotric worked for me on a finance/tax project in the early 80s. Back then he was an affable, funny guy that would tell tall tales that brightened our days. His math was not all that sharp and it surprised me that later on I ran into him in the late 80s at ASI where my sister worked and he was the Treasury Secretary. That was before I’d figured out that competence wasn’t the first priority for advancements in the CofS. I guess you can say that working at ASI is like working directly for LRH. It pains me to hear that he’s running his own hell-hole in EU. That is not the Walter I used to know.

  91. Karen1,
    I like you. I am so glad that you post important information.

    Here is a correction about Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad in entirely his own words (not a news-edited clip). He lists some possible scenarios about 9/11/01 and asks that the United Nations conduct an independent investigation into 9/11.
    His entire speech – (

    It has become very apparent that a true independent investigation into September 11, 2001 should be done. The blatant lies from NIST alone warrant an independent investigation into Building 7. There has been an extraordinary obfuscation of evidence by our government.
    More than 1300 Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth have put their careers/names to scientific and forensic evidence that explosives were used to bring down Building 7. And there are many, many, many witnesses to explosives (even to an audio countdown of the demolition of Building 7).
    Scientists –
    Fire Fighters –
    Political Leaders, Religious Leaders, Military and Intelligence and Government Figures, Lawyers, Pilots, etc. are calling for a new investigation into 9/11.

  92. Mike-

    I would try the following:


  93. Yes karen
    Have to Agree A great many question remain unclear A) The current
    state , well being of DianaHubbard / Suzette and Arthur, Its a disaster beyound belief.

  94. OCMB for those that cannot access it Please clarify this

  95. Karen, Thank you for your post.
    The FOI (Fruit of Islam) soldiers are the security personnel for the Nation of Islam. Their uniforms have some similarities to the Sea Org uniforms.
    The FBI and Office of Homeland Security watches this group. With the COS courting and promoting to them they will be watched more closely as well. When enough info has been accumulated a major raid will occur and the light will shine on everything.

  96. Theta Networker

    Yes, Mark

    I thought of that also — if indeed there is a “room of all his tapes and transcripts.” Remember in the case of Richard Nixon: There were Articles of Impeachment written up by the US Congress … Then — when the disclosure of the Watergate scandal wouldn’t go away — he resigned, rather
    than becoming the only President in US history to not just be impeached [as Andrew Johnson was] but to be removed from office.

    It may be that the data disclosed on this blog — and others’ Reports [SP Declare, ETC.] on DM — could be considered to be the “Articles of Impeachment” on DM, which have been drawn up for his covert entheta actions AND “high crimes and misdemeanors” against the tech.

    Perhaps, as more and more data on “Miscavigegate” is disclosed, and would go the Nixon route and resign? … Just a thought … postulate … Don’t know if there’s any reason to think so …


  97. I Googled for “Secure Online Storage” and got this – I guess a good start – a comparison of how secure various online storage sites are:


  98. DM is completly sick and and a Nut and he needs to go NOW

  99. Sorry Marty, please delete my duplicate comment (not yet posted) – this is the correct one in reply to mrinder:

    I Googled for “Secure Online Storage” and got this – I guess a good start – a comparison of how secure various online storage sites are:


  100. One of the things I realized in directly working for him is that one has to be constantly alert, totally aware and very careful of what you say and do in his presence – always tip toeing, walking a tightwire, being very tactful and acting what you think is expected as in pushing power to him in the perverted version of the Power formula in the Simon Bolivar PL. Quite a few of these crazy orders originated as a whim, which the recipient had to first method 9 word clear. LRH didn’t require this.

    Dear Leader would not eat beef due to reading a fiction book by Robin Cook where a little girl died due to eating hamburger infected with E.Coli bacteria.

    The Scotch drinking started after Janet Light then President of the IAS in November 2000 after an IAS event at St Hill, took him on an IAS paid tour of Scotland, staying at a luxury Castle & visiting a distillery. He used to offer me a Corona or Fosters after work, but then it changed to expensive Scotch after returning from this jaunt to Clearwater and the Lisa McPherson suit ongoing. This added to the nuttiness and mood swings.

    Gary Weisse is a classic example brought up. This guy went from King of the Hill to lowest dirtbag at least half a dozen times like a trick Yo-yo, due to his performance as Editor and in charge of the Video truck at events.

  101. I personally know Guilluame myself. He was My Boss for quite some time while in Europe before going to the Jb as ED INT .I worked personal with him I know how he was , and how he treated People
    I certaintly want to be posted how he deals with this if and when he gets out

  102. Samuel,
    I think Walter and Zara (failed exec of Gold and Incomm and busted to the galley) are the sole remaining survivors of New Era of Management command teams picked, trained and sent from the Int Base a couple of decades ago to all the CLOs and AOs & Flag. Probably because of those actions as you describe. Walter was initially sent to open up Russia before his posting in EU.

  103. Sarge was one of the smarter ones and left in ’89 before the craziness got worse. Perhaps an analogy of the frog might be an answer – putting a frog in a pot of water and turning the heat on vs. dropping him in hot water.

  104. Theta Networker/Al

    Yes OTDT, as you say:

    “Unfortunately, it’s not inane drivel,” although I in no way [no way] look to the possibly Type III if not SP Ahmedinijad [or Louis Farrakhan] for any truth or analysis.

    I don’t know that this is the place — or time — to speak on it, but I’ll just say that I have seen printed data and DVD accounts, which draw upon scientific/forensic evidence regarding some of the supposed sequence of events on Sept. 11, 2001, that give one the impression that Al Quaida no more acted alone than Lee Harvey Oswald or James Earl Ray … Remember the case of the forensically impossible “single bullet” that public is supposed to believe killed President Kennedyafter having hit Texas Gov. John Connally and turned around or some such thing? … I am left with the impression, from some of the data I have looked at, that the version of Sept. 11 that the public is supposed to believe, i.e., that Muslim terrorists acted alone/out of the blue, with no warning, is just as forensically impossible. We should probably take a look at Sept. 11 with the Data Series …

    Unfortunately, there may be a grain of truth in what he says in the same sense as when Malcolm X spoke of the assassination of President Kennedy as “the chickens coming home to roost” — which I look back upon as Malcolm’s way of saying that “what goes around comes around” or — as we know — the US [same as other countries!] does not , historically have clean hands on the matter of terrorist attacks. I am thinking for one thing of LRH’s mention of the dropping of the atomic bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki in “the Wrong Thint to Do Is Nothing” lecture …

  105. Odd fires?

    According to WWP fire broke out at a lawyers office who was defending a critic. And a fire broke out at the Israeli Scientology building, suspected arson.

    Is this the latest dm tactic – get fires started and blame anon, critics or others.

    Desperate madmen can do desperate actions. And what better story to spin at the upcoming IAS event.

    Keep your eyes open, remain vigilent and get some extra fire extinquishers!


  106. martyrathbun09

    GTFO right back at ya. In time. For now, he’s not denying it. Interesting where his defenders are flocking from.

  107. Thetan Libero

    You can post private videos on YouTube, before uploading a video you can choose that option, also you can upload a video on facebook, when you fill up the info for the video you can click on the privacy tab, then customize, then make this visible to selected people only, then you input the first letters of your facebook friends name and they are gonna pop up automatically, there’s also a section for people you wanna hide the video from but as long as you select people nobody else will b able to see ur videos. If you have any question ask.

  108. The forum is gone. The other parts of the website are still there.


  109. Thanks Sinar – the data you give about the two matches exactlz what I have learned about this couple too.

    Just tell me once more (I know, I must sound like a pest), but are you 100% sure that Walter NEVER worked directly with LRH, i.e. not even SAW the man in person? I bet all staff at CLO EU would swear that Walter worked most closely with LRH. It’s just so mind-boggling to me that he would create such a fantasy (which, in turn would match DM “allying” himself very much with LRH and how closely he has worked with him … on and on and on) – as that “connection” is the only power they have – take that illusion away and what are they, besides fraudsters, …. nothing really but disliked and hated bullies.

  110. Hi Sinar;

    That’s pretty much how I view it, slow indoctrination using evaluation, invalidation and degredation, and pain and loss of course, to a nullification of personal values and the forced self-creation of an artificial personality to accept the implanted values to avoid the ongoing trauma. Something like that. Sounds too psychological, but …

    Still, doesn’t deny the question, can DM be deposed by a few key people saying ‘No!’ and boxing him up for a time while regaining control of the subjects and comm lines and bank accounts? And if they do so, what can DM do about it?

    I think it is an important question and I think it is worthy of discussion.

  111. David Miscavige is a sociopath. With someone like that “in charge”, you can only expect disaster and ruin for Scientology — which is precisely what the world has been seeing. Glad to see more of his true personality hitting the air waves.

  112. Bobo

    You created a spark of an idea there with me with that post.

    Made me think that it might be a workable plan to have a few “indies” or others outside Int Base, or any other facility or org, offering to help any who wish to escape. Perhaps one part of the problem of “getting out” may be that there is no one there to protect them from being “dragged back” by security if they do. If there were people outside offering “sanctuary”, maybe more would “make a break for it”.

    Just a thought.


  113. Bodil, thanks very much for responding to my question. I also know the Walter you describe. That working at ASI = working for LRH is an interesting proposition.

  114. When there are posts like today that focus on this failed personality, the psychotic dm, what comes to mind are some of the horror movies circa the 50’s. They sometimes provide comic relief amid the tragedy.

    Today it’s The Blob.

  115. I certainly cannot fathom a leader of a “church” writing garbage such as this.
    Profanity laced drivel from COB? Unreal…

    I sincerely hope the world wakes up and takes notice of his abhorrent ways.

    The truth should be known.


  116. Sinar, You have described DM’s modus operandi perfectly. He has some computation going on the order of, “I am in danger unless everyone around me is off balance and in fear for their lives.” He dramatizes on everyone around him what he personally feels every second of every day. Not a pleasant thing to consider. A dim approximation of how people felt and acted around DM can be seen in The Devil Wears Prada when Meryl Steep comes marching into her office and everyone freaks out. Magnify that several times and you have DM’s stroll through the world. No wonder he has no friends in the world. No one can relax around him.

  117. Devo! Miss you too. We will catch up one of these days.
    I don’t doubt your account in the least. I saw similar actions, statements and behavior countless times.

  118. Windhorse

    Yes. Those sound like some plausible explanations.

    Or maybe it is as you suggest but also a feeble attempt to claim against the insurance and as a bonus blame the “enemies” of the “church”. Since the public don’t seem to be using the buildings, maybe DM is trying to get “his” investments back. Obviously cannot simply sell them… that would look really bad after all the hype.


  119. You’ve come a long way, but some parts are missing. One is the technology of hypnotism, implants and post hypnotic suggestion, another one is valence and valence shifts and the third one is overts and dwindling confront. Davey is a natural master in all of them like any successful communist dictator or psych.
    1) His MO of control is done by exhausting his management so their awareness is lowered (first rudiment of laying in an engram) then he inflicts physical pain not unlike a pimp controlling a prostitute (the second rudiment for commands to enter the reactive mind). In that state he rants and screams all the desired engrammic contend directly into the bank. Afterwards the victims don’t know what exactly happened (like Mike not knowing what he shouted during attack) but they drink cool aid and follow Der Leader (doesn’t work on high toned people).
    2) Every manager now under control has resisted Davey madly but that’s in his advantage because he wears them out until they cannot longer resist, snap in the winning valence and become a little Davey clone.
    3) Once snapped in they now must copy him and so he forces them to inflict pain on others with the many goodies that go along with it. Foremost it makes him right if everybody does it, by contagion of aberration the implants spread like wildfire and his words are command for all, fear reigns, it protects him as guilty of same nobody will speak up, confront absolutely zero, total control (psych textbook).

  120. Thanks Al. If you remember, it took aggressive, enterprising reporters – Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein – to break open the Watergate case. They were active at interviewing people and getting whistleblowers to cooperate.

    My opinion on getting the Government involved and interested would be some reporter investigating the wall of fire around the IRS tax exemption for Scientology in 1993 where there reportedly is tons of perjury from DM and others. The government cares about money and people cheating the IRS. DM defends the IRS exemption like it is the Holy Grail. It is one of the things he fears most losing.

    The problem is getting a reporter interested in really digging in and getting some whistleblowers to divulge what went on in those negotiations. Defrauding the government is a serious crime.

    That room of tapes and transcripts would be fertile ground for any government invesigator for sure and would help to bring DM down. If I were him, I would be worried about it’s existence being known.

  121. Nope, seems like a hidden data line of some sort. When Walter arrived at the Int base, methinks it’s circa ’82 – LRH was off the lines with Pat & Annie and Sarge in ’83 on. Walter was never at WHQ in La Quinta or “X” (’79-’80) apartments at 105 North Mayflower Street, Hemet, CA.

  122. I fail to see how anything AnonLover posted constitutes a defence of Slappy M.

    And yes, the excerpt you gave is a yummy teaser (which I have no doubt is authentical and proofable, as you aren’t anonymous and fully available to legal recourse if you can’t physically provide the documents. You are not stupid), but meh, a non-excerpted scan/e-mail with headers would indeed be way nicer, even if the rest of it is just boring organizational crap.

    About DOX…you be stealing our lanugage, mon 😦


  123. JB would also know about this – he was LRH Transport I/C in those days and kept & maintained LRH’s vehicles in storages & at the bases.

  124. Swifty,

    Andreas is doing a long over-due software update. Board will be back by the end of the week.

  125. Mr. & Mrs. Rathbun and a few of their close friends are the ones who have stuck their necks out personally and financially to rescue Daniel Montalvo not the Andreas Heldal Lund Operation Clambake Message Board.

  126. I remember that a “practical joke” which had Dear Leader giggling and carrying on was to order an over one pound T bone steak, medium-rare from the Hibiscus restaurant at the Fort Harrison to give to Tom De Vocht in those days, due to Dear Leader not eating beef. Tom probably enjoyed it, but it seemed to be a sick puppy joke.

  127. Marty,
    I just wanted to contact you, I am not quite sure what to make of you and your motives. I’ll give you the benefit of the doubt-after all, you have been through alot.
    I wish you happiness above everything else, not sure if you can have peace of mind until you tell all about what you did to people for the COS. I understand, you honestly thought you were on the “good guy” side.
    I am still hoping you can keep an open mind, and please read the content of the following link :

  128. Hi WW;

    I agree with you completely. You are absolutely right!

    From what has been posted here numerous times from XSO, the fact there was no net for them to land in, made it much more difficult to leave. I’ve commented before exactly what you said, and that protests with signs letting these souls in pergatory know they can end the abuse and just walk away, right now, that they are not alone and they will be helped.

    Some of my favorite anon signs were those that said, ‘Your doubts are true. You are not alone.’, ‘Go ahead, ask.’, stuff like that.

    I’m not in the area, or I’d be there doing just that 3 or 4 weekends every month.

    I’d love to go to LA for a few weeks and just do that, get the public and staff, and particularly auditors, out and fixed up.

    We’d need a ‘Leaving SO’ repair list, or such, one that could be used for all who leave. There are some posters here who definately could use such an action.

    What a theta action it would be! Scare the crap out of DM if we could actually put such an activity into motion.

  129. Hi metaqual;

    Wow! I can see I’ll be burning up the ‘net and library for the next couple of weeks.

    Thanks for all the pointers.

  130. Centurion, One thing that gave me a broader view of David Mayo was reading his SP declare- it was one of the more insane justice cycles one would ever care to see. It was blatantly off-policy and literally gave Mayo no choice other than to leave and not come back. You can find it easily with google.
    Glenn Samuels who posts here sometimes has a lot of first hand data re that time period and the terminals involved- makes for some interesting stories, to be sure. Aside from any personal quirks Mayo may have had, I get that he knew his stuff technically.
    And when you look at the Black PR on Mayo, it started with the dm machine. So, I think we have all learned something about the veracity of his data.

  131. becomingAware

    The situation has taken an interesting turn with the Nation of Islam becoming part of DM’s plan.

    metaqual – Several days ago you mentioned that the power formula was not understood. I would sincerely appreciate expansion of that comment. I believe I’m beginning to see.

    It is truly difficult to separate the truth from lies from different viewpoints from truly evil and this of course makes it even more difficult and restimulating – which of course is the whole intent. Often evil is best hid in plain sight.

    I’m going to take some B vits and go for a walk and then hit it again.

  132. To clarify, there were two declares. The one written by RTC is the bizarro one.

  133. Bodil,
    You sure this is the same Walter? Treas Sec at ASI was John Alcock for years & Markus Wuttrich who was from EU. Walter Kotric was in CMO Gold and then VIP Chef at the Galley at that time period – late 80’s before he petitioned Dear Leader to pioneer Russia and establish a CLO there.

  134. fair enough 🙂 but if your gonna talk like us anon, well them dammit the full set of memes applies.

  135. This is very interesting. You look at what DM is doing and he is disrupting your ability to think. He’s throwing all these repellent ideas at you so you withdraw your perception. It’s not that all this sexual stuff is difficult to confront, nor that it has much importance, but he’s exaggerating the importance of this stuff. He’s making it a huge overt, not only to participate in such acts, but to even think of participating in such acts. And to contemplate such acts makes you a degraded being. So, he’s saying these things should not be experienced.
    And what is experience but perception? So, he’s saying these things should not be perceived. And he’s driving in the message that these things are wrong and horrible and degraded.
    And then the fucker is forcing these images on you.
    Just like implants.
    So, your confront goes screwy. Your ability to perceive is on a withhold. Your ability to evaluate is disabled.
    The proper response should be a bit of a yawn, “Oh, so those two guys are sucking each other’s cocks and jerking one another off?” Big yawn. “Now, about those plans for getting all staff up through OT7 as quickly as possible…”
    Another aspect of this is the detrimental effect of ratcheting up tension. Perception depends on a degree of tension. This is going to be too abstract, so let’s liken it to tuning a guitar. You adjust the tension on the strings and you have the exact tone you want. Too much or too little tension and the vibration is wrong. And the sound isn’t pleasing.
    Well, there’s a certain vibration or tension that occurs in sight, sound, taste, touch or any other sensation.
    And you can block or distort sensation, thus perception by altering the exact tension of the experience. If you create too much tension, the experience is distorted or blocked. If you create too little tension, the experience is distorted or blocked.
    Even consciousness operates at a very high level of exact tension. You could even say that intelligence is the exact estimation of effort and tension. And you could say that stupidity lies in how far removed one’s consciousness moves from exact estimation of effort and tension.
    By creating too much tension, DM distorts your perception or your ability to perceive. He creates discord.
    If you think of moments when you’ve reached understanding, you’ll notice a feeling of harmony. Understanding is harmony of vibration, an exact perception of condition–and both perception and condition are rooted in vibration, which is rooted in tension.
    If you disrupt that harmony, you create misunderstanding.
    Entheta isn’t necessarily theta the problem. Entheta is enturbulated theta. It’s theta that has become subject to disharmony at some level to some degree. It’s theta in discord.
    DM is just sowing discord, messing up perception, causing misunderstanding, lowering confront. Why? So he can get away with his criminal activity. But even without that, he must really enjoy creating entheta.
    I doubt that the above will make a lot of sense after one reading without a bit of thought. It’s part of the other stuff I’m doing, which some of you are interested in and some are not.
    For those not interested, I’d say sorry about all the above, but I would guess you didn’t get this far, so ….


  136. Dan,
    Yes, that film with Meryl Streep is the perfect example – I had the same realization watching it.

  137. IMHO DM won’t be able to destroy all of the documents and tapes because it is his legacy. It is the proof of how much he has “worked for Scientology”. He will try and hide them somewhere. But…someone will know where they are hidden and we will get them. I do not believe DM with his delusions of Grandeur will ever be able to bring himself to utterly destroy all of his tapes and transcripts and as you say that is his Achilles heel.

  138. Funny, I had this EXACT thought today too. I have a number of friends who are non-Scientologists. (potential Scientologists) 🙂 Very nice people, contributers in society, happy, steady and responsible folkes, who just believe in a different religion. They always respected Scientology because they care and respect me. My being a Scientologist was never a problem for anyone I know…until now…Being a good example is just about the best PR for organizations you are afilliated with.

    But now I find myself embarassed, and a bit at loss at how to explain, when confronted very recently by a long time friend who is Catholic, but who enjoyed learning about Dianetics, and who had attended a couple of events with me as a guest. She had heard about what is going on…read the news and reports about Scientology, esp. about DM, an she was angry at ME for ever exposing her to such ‘evil’ that DM’s current CofS does. She blasted me for about 10 minutes about how sick and evil this ‘church leader’ DM is and how Scientology is a mockery all over the globe now because of him and those he causes to do his criminal bidding. She also told me something I found very interesting and did not consider until she mentioned it. She said there is an undercurrent in her congregation and other religions everywhere…(including those that previously were open to Scientology and had a general liking of Scientologists)…evidently things are spreading like wildfire about DM and the CofS throughout the planet via the churches and various religions in groups, discussions and other venues…everywhere.

    What she said was embarassing and I was at loss at what to say about inviting her and including her as a guest. I had been asked to bring her to events by someone at the Org. where I belonged. She made similar comments to what ‘NeverMe’ says above. Seems to be a growing sentiment that is spreading everywhere. She said people are talking about The CofS and how it has become a mockery. I truly didn’t know how to handle her with this, except to say that I understood her thinking as it pertains to the CofS as it has become. But that REAL Scientology was very good…and not at all the same as what is being demonstrated by DM and the CofS in present time. I didn’t know what else to say. Seems DM SP~ness is so far reaching he is making the entire Planet become PTS…even non-Scientologists!

    S.O.S. (Please O. S in Administration, you are an incredible being and OT….are you looking??? DO something please Sir!)

  139. Yes.

  140. Does anyone find it telling that DM seemed obsessed with producing “more pages” than LRH? Seems like the stat mentality has crept into every corner in his dark mind and thinks he is really beating LRH by producing so much endless pages of bullshit. I don’t think DM has ever understood quality over quantity in any aspect of life.

  141. Theo Sismanides

    metaqual, thanks for this post. I will have to re-read it in order to get more out of it.

    On black people, there is a whole wave of black people from Nigeria, Ethiopia etc. etc. who have come to Greece in the last 10 years. They are trying to adapt to the situation and the Greeks try to adapt with them although most of them do not want to. However, the number of black people especially in my area, near the center of Athens is tremendous. I don’t know many things about the Moorish movement. I would like to know more. Is the internet a good source of information about them?

  142. martyrathbun09

    Watch what you demand or I’ll start tripping on you all to abide our Scn definitions.

  143. no worries krautfag, under the circumstances marty’s reply is appropriate…. he know not the nearly sacred nature of calling DOX, nor understand digestive implications the calling of DOX has on a hive thats eats DOX and shits WIN for the lulz. But i have faith it’ll rub off overtime, memes always do along with the thick skin that comes with ’em.

    And for now, I’ll gladly take a promise of forthcoming DOX (just so long as it clear their forthcoming and not alleged) and put in my order for xtra popcorn now that Marty cleared that up for us.

  144. What you are describing sounds a bit like an Ice cream comercial 😉

  145. I went to a party once and ran into my personal attorney who knew about my background in Scn. He was shocked at what he heard from another lawyer friend who had just come back from DC. It was about the Scn case. He said that they had hired massive PIs to dig up all the dirt (sexual misbehavior, drugs, etc) and it was used as persuasive blackmail. If this is true, that stuff would be all buried anyway unless it is in DM’s archives. The IRS Anchluss is all a misdirection anyway. Meade Emory was prosecuting the CofS back in about 1968 as a leading U.S. Tax Attorney. Henning Heldt hired the “best” tax lawyer he could find, Norton Karno, who ended up seeing every bit of sensitive info the Cof S had, more or less. Karno was a colleague of Emory, the two dealing in high level tax cases. If Karno was an attorney who was working for his client instead of against him, he would have gotten them off the hook for ever and also LRH. He would have instructed them to file for the same status as the Catholic Church has? Do you think the Catholics run around accounting for IRS scrutiny? That is called Corporate Sole. Notice I said “file” and not “apply.” Nowadays, if you file for Corporate Sole, the IRS will send you a potentially intimidating letter saying they have received your filing and will ask you if you would like the IRS to make an adjudication on the legitimacy of your filing or some such. Then you sign it. Then your goose is cooked. The IRS then has your agreement to rule on you. If you do not sign it, they are helpless. They have no lever legally. This is sleight of hand and is mostly how the IRS works. Neither Henning, LRH nor MSH knew the tax laws. Meade Emory ends up years later as the corporate instigator of CST but this is clearly a major conflict of interest as he was the former adversary. Meade Emory also hired Gerald Wolfe during a hiring freeze when he was A/Commision of the IRS. Wolfe is the one who went into the IRS and photocopied documents against the IRS. Wolfe has every indication of being a plant. Not only was he hired (as a covert Scientologist seeking employment) during an IRS hiring freeze, but the statue of limiation had expired and the gov prosecutors could no longer touch him. He was off the hook, yet he mysteriously gave them a signed extension on the statue of limitations so he could be prosecuted. This is what gave the government validity to obtain a search warrant for the 1977 raids at D.C. and the USGO.
    This is hidden history. The IRS does not “control” Scn on a day-to-day basis. We all know that. But they have snooked them into a corner so they can’t move in any way they don’t want them to. The old gov enemies are quite happy with how the CofS is doing right now. This whole relationship was connived to violate separation of church and state. It is loaded with outpoints.

  146. As my old friend Karbo says: “he’s a legend in his own mind”….

  147. Immersive a great article,
    thanks for sharing

  148. The internet is a good place to start for sure. A lot of information. The ancient history of blacks is obscure in Eastern Europe and the Balkans. THe word “blackmail” however is from the old Moorish Kings who used to rule England and other countries. They were given tribute by their citizens and because their skin was black it was known as “blackmail.” What might interest you is that the etymology from Moor derives from Latin Mauros which derives from Old Greek Mauresh. Mauresh = mau (Egyptian for Cat) and resh (Hebrew for “head” or sometimes “king”). Moor means “Cat Head” and refers to ancient cat people and cats are deeply identified with the moon. Catholics used to throw cats off towers. It was a sacred act. They often did not die. Catholics hated cats, Moors and witches. If you email me at I can give you more info.

  149. i did not mean to be demanding… just a clarifying. each camp has their own lingo and aspects of functioning. despite the vast differences, theres still some commonality on some things between us.

    we all just need to figure out how to talk to each other when mutual benefit is to be had by all. And the spreading of physical tangible DOX for achieving the fastest possible state of viral exposure is perhaps a good place to start… when its time.

  150. Sinar,
    I stand corrected. I’m glad because Markus (not Walter) was a really nice guy. It is so heartbreaking when you hear about or personally observe a nice person disappear into the monstrous DM valence.

  151. By the way, Vitamin D3 (equivalent of sunlight) is excellent to take at this time of year (about 10,000 units) because when the days shorten we are deprived of sunlight and more prone to illness. Its not just the colder weather. Best prices I’ve seen are Whole Foods.
    The book FInal Blackout gives a successful but brutal example of Power Change. The banner of the “Leftenant” (this is how LRH saw himself – remember he was a Lieutenant during the war) is flying at the end. His men raise his standard after he gave the ultimate sacrifice and secured the future. “Headquarters” was worthless. You can look up the formula for Power Change on the web which is “don’t change anything” and then scope out the condition and apply normal or whatever. This book, however, gives a grilling reality of what the character had to put up with: suppressive bureacracy in the form of limp wristed brass, not field brass like Patton. I don’t think LRH was in Power when he dropped. The vultures were already swarming. I’m not sure when LRH himself was last in power let alone the church. This is a debatable point. I think one would have to cull all the power points. Not long after he wrote the power formula and conditions, the Tax Attorneys started coming after him as per above post. This caused a PTS situation and, I believe precipitated his accident in 1974 Las Palmas. In actual fact, this would require a project whereby all power points are written up, compiled, etc. It would be like a latter day Mission Holders Renaissance and I’m not sure it is so easy with attrition. I know LRH intended David Mayo be in charge of Tech but Mayo was worked over good after he took a leave and came home to find he had been had. He was 3rd parties to LRH and LRH thought Mayo did not like him or some such. Mayo’s line was cut.
    This is a good question you had which requires more time, thought and evolution of the drama now occurring.

  152. ugh…you win 😛

  153. Martin Ottmann

    Having read the above message, its translation and the other stories circling around Miscavige’s obession/fear of homosexual activities in his sphere, it appears to me that he likely is a closet homosexual himself.

    Imagining his two fellow execs masturbating and then having them beaten up by Tom Cruise? This is some kind of gay-leather BDSM fantasy. Miscavige is probably the modern-cult version of J. Edgar Hoover.

  154. Yes Mark, we need a Woordward and Bernstein type of investigation into Scn, though a lot of useful information is coming from ex-Int staff like Hawkins, BlownForGood, Scobee, and even Marty. However, I’m not so optimistic about overturning the IRS tax exemption. Please read this article on why the church settled with Larry Wollershiem. I’m guessing Rinder and Rathbun might know more of the behind the scenes details, but for me it was very illuminating, especially this part:

    Wollersheim, Leipold and others may believe that Scientology paid the $8 million to prevent a court hearing that could jeopardize its standing with the IRS, but tax experts say that it’s hard to believe that even the most damning evidence, as well as a definitive judge’s ruling, would sway the IRS to reopen an investigation of an enemy it battled for so long.

    “The IRS wrongly, as I believe, entered into a closing agreement with this cult,” says Donald C. Alexander, a former IRS commissioner. “I don’t think the IRS is going to go back and unravel that closing agreement as much as it might be in the public’s interest to do so.”

    Alexander was commissioner in the 1970s, when Hubbard’s agents were breaking in and stealing from government offices. His conference room was bugged and he was unnerved by 2 am phone calls on his unlisted home number. But while he was commissioner, he says, he vowed never to give in to Scientology’s harassing tactics. “One of my successors didn’t feel that way,” he says. “Maybe [Fred Goldberg] actually believed this thing was a church. Stranger things have happened, but I can’t think of any.

  155. I have another more obscure movie that demonstrates what it is like to work directly for DM.

    It’s called “Swimming with Sharks” with Kevin Spacey in the DM role as a hot shot Hollywood Executive who is a real asshole to his staff.

  156. Let me get this straight:

    The FBI maybe in deference to their spiritual leader J Edgar Hoover is once again violating the Bill of Rights ala COINTELPRO and you say this is a good thing??????

  157. my father never liked cats either, and he was catholic. It all makes sense now.
    but seriously, you have laid out a lot of information which for sure most do not consider , even blacks and its their history. There is certainly a lot of history which has been hidden, glossed over or steamrolled. I grant you that. But others may not connect the dots in the same way that you have.

  158. That is it in a nutshell. What we are seeing here (sorry to resort to psychobabble) is a clear case of projection.

  159. I was shocked to see how strong that ‘Straight from COB’ idea was in the church. When that FN horseshit hit the lines I asked the sup, “Where the hell’s this coming from?”

    “Straight from COB!” was the answer.

    When OSA tried ‘recovering’ me into the church after OT 8, they said, “Don’t you want to do what COB and Tom Cruise say you should do?”

    “No, I don’t give a shit what the hell COB or Tom Cruise think, say or do.”

    They dropped me like a hot potato.


  161. Something had been bothering me since the Daniel saga, followed by the Lubow comedy, and now… this. It made me realize part of the fundamental problem with DM. They really do have the intellect and wherewithal of highly advanced 5th graders. Their sense of justice? 5th grade. Their insults? 5th Grade. Their communication skills? 5th Grade.

    These are children with money, trying to build their own little system based on 5th Grade emotions and 5th Grade reactions.

    DM isn’t scary. He’s a child. A child with some seriously repressed sexuality, probably too much booze, and far too many people who fear him. He probably equates fear with respect — a common mistake of despots and tyrants from time immemorial.

    In the spirit of Al Franken, I would like to hereby challenge DM to a fight. We’ll pick some neutral ground, bring a few witnesses and a video recorder, and we’ll just fight… I’m pretty sure I could kick his ass. We’ll put the whole thing on youtube. 🙂 To the winner goes the spoils… If I win, I get to run your “church” for a day. You win… I’ll let you run my house for a day. You know where to reach me! It could be fun! It would give you the opportunity to smack down one of us annoying critics! Regain a modicum of respect by fighting a guy who can hit back. Truly, this is a win-win. 🙂

  162. Karen, you are absolutely right on the money. Achmadinijad and Farrakhen both trade in hate, fear and lies to stir up their “publics.” And unfortunately, their whacko tirades find willing listeners.

  163. DM’s associates are all cowed and ill. Big SP trait. Guillame’s TR Zero was so bad on AC 360. That’s really mental illness, spiritual illness for someone of Guillames’s caliber. Starkey’s TRs were bad too, so were the wives’. They were all mentally and spiritually ill.

    DM has Third Partied his own senior execs to their juniors. That’s treasonous. And what the f@#% is he doing messing into whether someone buys cheese or jerks off or not? IT’S NONE OF HIS DAMN BUSINESS!

    He should be comm eved and off-loaded for leadership pretense solely for the small amount you’ve presented here today!

    Also, someone needs to plant a fist in his face.

  164. OT V? Are you saying you think dm is an OT V? According to everything I’ve read here on this site, dm has had very little auditing and I believe he has yet to attest to the state of Clear. Do you have different information?

  165. I haven’t heard much about the Iranian guy, other than he supposedly said stupid stuff about the holocaust and according to the general media, the people of his country hate him.

    But I’ve listened to a lot of what Farrakan has said, especially related to 911 and I say he is highly informed and accurate in his rants. The US gov is so full of lies and deceit on this subject it ain’t even funny. I’ve been watching Farrakan for decades. I believe Scientology has so far helped him become a more genuine, less hateful, higher caliber being.

  166. Its been suggested to Phil Spickler that he does more interview, and he seems to like that idea.

    On his own he persuaded the IRS commisionaire to help him regain tax excemption for COS. Had a special envoy visit him to give forms and explain how they should be filled in and so on.

    This earned him his final declare!

  167. Man, that’s gotta be way more disheartening from the inside than the outside.

  168. Hoover was head of his own cult, the FBI. Check it out; it fits the profile.

  169. Good one.

  170. Freedom Fighter

    Spot-on, IMO.

  171. Excuse me Cat Daddy? Do some research before you agree with this very inaccurate statement. Many many people have left due to the Andreas Heldal Lund Operation Clambake Message Board.

  172. I would love to see Phil Spickler relaunch as a spokesperson for a Renewed Scientology Movement. He is a treasure.

    There are others. They’ll pop up.

    Let’s get back to basics: “We’re here to help.”

    ML, Tom

  173. “We’re here to help.”

    And of course deliver.

    And there are NO enemies. Div 6 all the way through.

  174. OTDT-

    I’ve got a Louisville Slugger to use as an implant on Lil’ Wonder Boy.

    Figuratively speaking of course.

  175. Marty, this is Luke and I did not post this unless there is another Luke.
    Thanks, Luke

  176. Bodil,
    Yes, Markus is a really nice guy and I think is Swiss or something like that while Walter is Austrian.

  177. Thank you. I found one of the declares, written 2, March 1983. That’s a long declare!

    I think I will just wait until Mike and/or Marty writes up a summary on the matter, via books, etc., so I can read it from their perspective. I just do not have the experience to slog through that Declare and know just what was going on at the time.

    Thanks again.


  178. DM is a child and was given a position of money and power without having produced anything for it. He has never had to work a day in his life, where he had to worry about how to produce something on his own and actually collect a paycheck or get paid for a days worth of work. He doesn’t know how to make an honest buck and hasn’t had the situation of getting his ass out on the street to find a job so he had a roof over his head and food on the table. This whole out-exchange arrangement has put him into a state of criminality, and caused him to go nuts in the darkest way!

  179. becomingAware

    Dean – I think you are right on the money. DM thinks he is god and thinks those documents will be like the Dead Sea Scrolls at some point in the future when at that time people will understand his greatness and what he has done.

    His only protection is the money. There are two fronts – 1) to hurt the income and 2) to find out where it is all going. Pull on the string. . .

  180. becomingAware

    OTDT – – I enjoy your posts and this one made me laugh. Not at you but at the person that was so out of valance to even think that what ‘TC said you should do’ would mean a f*-%ing thing to anyone except maybe to TC’s dog.

  181. martyrathbun09

    Ok – so I know who the real Luke is now.

  182. becomingAware

    To write effectively experience is needed but I suppose fantasy could substitute. But wait . . . Bubba will teach him.

    Yes, it is sometimes fun to be 1.1

  183. Windhorse

    Reminds me of something from the Jonestown video. Toward the end of that fiasco Jim Jones was either talking directly or playing pre-recorded tapes 24-7. It was broadcast over the entire Guiana compound with loud speakers. There was no place one could go to avoid it. Continuous, mind numbing drivel at a hypnotic tone.

    On another topic…

    One of the problems I had trying to figure out what DM was talking about in the above dispatch was confusion, I simply wasn’t tracking.

    At one time in the past I would have figured it was me that was hard of understanding. At some point I realized that real communication really is a case of both ends of the “comm line” duplicating. I discovered, through some “research” that when I didn’t “get it” it was almost certain that the other person was not actually communicating in a “duplicatable” fashion. I often found that I WAS “duplicating” what was being sent. It was just that what was being sent was all confusion or misdirection or avoidance or invalidation and evaluation or covert intentions or an unwillingness to be “duplicated.”
    I no longer tend to question my own ability to dupicate. I look at the source of the “communication.”

    I find that trying to reconcile that dispatch is kind of like trying to reconcile an aberration. No… It won’t reconcile. It really is just plain abberated drivel.

    As you say… Perhaps an attempt to keep from disappearing.


  184. Joe, I think that we should look at the Third Party Law (and our government’s agenda and media) with Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. Listen to his speech. (
    His speech is not filled with hate nor even this false notion which the media imbued concerning what he said about 9/11.

    By the same token, I do not know all there is to know about Achmadinijad. But I do know (it is well documented) that the United States covertly overthrew a democratically elected Iranian President Mosaddegh and installed the Shah. (

  185. These are very interesting data metaqual.

    I also notice that in the Secret Closing Agreement itself that there is basically a gag order of sorts:

    [T]he Church signatories…agree to relinquish all claims arising out of any action or inaction of the Service [IRS] or current or former Service [IRS] employees that occurred prior to the date of this Agreement, including…any claims of continued conspiracy having a genesis prior to the date of this Agreement. In addition, the Church signatories…certify that no Scientology-related entity or Scientology-related individual shall assist (directly or indirectly) any party in any suit against the United States, the Service [IRS] or current or former Service [IRS] employees based upon any claim arising out of any action or inaction of the Service [IRS] or former or current employees that occurred prior to the date of this Agreement including…any claims of continued conspiracy having its genesis prior to the date of this Agreement.

    Can Marty or anyone else fill us in on this “continued conspiracy” ?

  186. Karen, You are absolutely right.
    With all due respect to opposing opinions, any one with the most basic engineering and physics training knows that explosives played no part in 9-11.
    I am an engineer and know what it takes to carry out a project of such magnitude.
    The incredible planning, logistics and problems in trying to exactly place, wire and test the hundreds, if not thousands, of charges that would be required make that scenario thoroughly impossible. Did not a single person in the buildings notice the miles of cables and the holes in the walls?
    Sorry, some things may be due to government conspiracies, but this is not one of them.

  187. Freedom Fighter

    You know, as I was watching Phil’s videos again tonight, I was reminded of the video library that Stephen Spielberg has created which documents the first-hand experiences of survivors of the Holocaust. It occured to me that it would be incredible if we could do something similar with those, like Phil, who worked directly with LRH and/or who were in Scientology back in the early days before things headed south — before those who are left move on.

    There’s so much data there as to what life was like back when Scientology was as LRH had intended it. Getting first-hand accounts like this would be invaluable, IMO, in giving people who weren’t around then some mass on what things were like when things were standard and could also, perhaps, be used to rekindle the purpose of those so beaten down into submission by the squirrel machine that the current church has become under Der Midget and his regime.

  188. Freedom Fighter

    TEG, yeah, that part about “We’re here to help” and “NO enemies” really got to me too. Talk about BPC!!

    It’s wild how the real game of helping people has become so completely obscured by this concept of “enemies”.

  189. Terril,
    I don’t live too far from the SF Bay Area (California), and if Phil is up for it, I’d be happy to volunteer to interview him more extensively. If you want to coordinate something or send me his email, my email is Thanks.

  190. Bobo

    Yes, as you said but I think something along the lines of…” We are here RIGHT NOW to help you if you can make it this far.” It would be good to have multiple video going because “security” will certainly be there to prevent any “breakouts”. Then if the staff member was “apprehended” the world would see “security” dragging the person back into the building under force.

    Unfortunately I also am no where near any of the SO orgs. Yes, that makes it pretty easy for me to suggest it to others. It was just an idea. I was just hoping that maybe someone may find some workability in it, “make it their own”, and go for it.


  191. Boooo-ring!

  192. Yes, there are outpoints galore in the official government story of 9/11 leaving the one certainty that any thinking person can have is that we don’t know.

    The sight of the Twin Towers collapsing at free fall speed simply boggles the mind. Per the government’s “pancake theory,” the collapse should have speeded up as it progressed, but, no, it collapsed as fast at the beginning as at the end. Both towers. Makes no sense, no matter how many pages of official report there are.

  193. Given the weaponry I’ve heard of on that base, and the likelihood that David Miscavige WILL take others down with him, government intervention may be of value. Or just play the guy, let him think he’s winning, while outside that bubble, the ship gets locked down and rescue begins. Then send in a team.

  194. He did the Clearing Course and I gave him a review session once on OT III.

  195. becomingAware

    The staff cannot get to the highway and there is no place to park a rescue van or bus on the highway for perhaps 1/2 mile either side of the guard booth. Perhaps Jackson has some ideas.

  196. Joe, I do not know Phil, but I went to a few meetings at his Palo Alto Mission. I was at the Berkeley Mission. Phil had several of the 49ers on mission lines including Gene Washington, Stan Hindman and Cedric Hardman. He also had Hal Puthoff and Russel Targ from Stanford who were OLs in the field of paranormal phenomena and quantum physics. He definitely created effects with OLs in various fields.

  197. OTDT
    You said:
    “DM’s associates are all cowed and ill. Big SP trait. Guillame’s TR Zero was so bad on AC 360. That’s really mental illness, spiritual illness for someone of Guillames’s caliber. Starkey’s TRs were bad too, so were the wives’. They were all mentally and spiritually ill.”

    I am not totally certain that some of what you see there isn’t a call for help.

    The “presence” and communication that are shown there remind me of the videos of hostages of terrorists that are shown to the world wherein the hostage is proclaiming his “guilt”. The hostages are often obviously saying these things out of fear. In some cases it is so pronounced so as to be a deliberate screaming call for help and the hope that someone will see that they are not saying what they believe.

    Maybe not in every case, but perhaps that is some of what we are seeing in those “hostage interviews” you mention.


  198. Walter showed up to Gold in 1983 when a bunch of people were brought in from EU to “handle Gold.” They were eaten alive by the Gold crew who were/are the most hardened staff members anywhere, any organization. They are capable of killing off ANY exec and would kill off DM if he were to become their CO. Anyway, Walter probably never even received a despatch from LRH, much less a face to face comm from him. He ended up a cook in the Galley before heading over to CLO EU.

  199. Nice call, Mike. I laughed.

    You had to get up two hours before you went to bed!

  200. Tip for young youtube players, the video may be private if you mark it so, but some screen grabs are accessible to the public.

  201. Samuel, I wasn’t sure if you will notice my reply in the middle of many others, so I double post it at the bottom, if Mike and Marty will let it go through.

    Re: Walter Kotric

    Samuel, I replied to your question on some of the earlier threads once.
    But it’s hard to find, so I will repeat it here again, since you still interested.
    I heard myself Walter Kotric telling a story of him being briefly at AOSH UK and being approach by LRH. He said he was intimidated to meet Ron, but when it did happen, in a garden somewhere, Walter felt very keyed-out. Ron sure could make anyone feel very comfortable. LRH had some rare, almost intelligent Japanese fish in these little ponds or fountains at AO that was not doing well. So he assigned Walter to give that fish a daily assist, Reach & Withdraw, I believe. Walter would have to slowly move his hand towards a fish and right about the time it would get scared, he would quickly move his arm back, acting like he was scared of the fish. The idea behind was that the fish felt too much at effect of people, therefore introverted, hence getting ill. So by doing the above Walter was restoring fish’ state of being at cause. Apparently it went really well. For a rare Japanese fish and for Walter. That is the story I personally heard from Walter, as far as his interaction with LRH. Hope it helps.
    P.S. I met Zara too. She was a gorgeous blond, American girl, I believe, but pretty arrogant. I remember Walter proudly saying he saved her from some abusive redneck. Anyway, she would just walk by in her perfectly fitting SO uniform and ignore me saying hello to her every time. Me being a hard core, dedicated Scientologist back then, knowing she is a Clear and manifesting such a lack of common affinity/manners was a bit alarming.

  202. Thanks Sinar!

    …. still shaking my head …. no, haven’t stopped shaking …

  203. Funny!

    I think LRH would also revoke his thetan.

  204. “And with the refrain, I thrust home!” Well done, Cyrano! 🙂

  205. Someone’s been doing some very heavy editing and CLEANING UP over on the Wikipedia page for David Miscavige lately. When you click on the View History tab, lots of edits are dated October 12th 2010. I stopped counting at 50 edits dated the October 12th but there were more. The majority of the edits are labeled as this: (added some additional, positive material to BLP about David Miscavige .) Uh Huh! Damage control, you think??

    Other edits were done to the section describing the Tom Cruise auditing files (→Tom Cruise confessional files: trim this sect down more. removed sourced info. removed entire paragraph.)

    Wiki saves the previous version so that everyone can see what was edited, thank goodness. I thought it was pretty interesting, myself, at what was changed. Tell me what you guys think???

  206. OTDT~If they can keep DM OUT of their group they certainly could apply LRH to better their existence. Learning the study tech, co-auditing, it could amazing for his congregation. If LF can grab LRH for himself and his people…great!

  207. 😦
    My account was debited for thousands of materials I didn’t approve or get, but a higher ranked SO person tracked it down (and told me the previous person was busted for doing this kind of stuff). I then wiped out the account to avoid any more disappearances…

  208. “Don’t you want to do what COB and Tom Cruise say you should do?” 😦
    Dang, that obvious, huh?! There were some advantages to being out in the swamps…whoa! When I left in ’99 I hadn’t yet heard this, just witnessed some of DM’s valence (that I didn’t understand then). And I was in confusion from the new GAT-whacked meter course underneath it all anyway…trying NOT to audit for a change so as to NOT screw up PCs.

  209. I don’t think he would be good at that either. I couldn’t even decipher the original note until Marty explained it. It’s gobbley-gook insane speak. He obviously can write it, but it won’t sell…not as porn anyway. FAIL again DM.

  210. 🙂

  211. And yet Lucy, with this background, he became the head of The Church of Scientology; an applied religious philosophy which proclaims us as the keepers of the highest knowledge and tech on the planet, on ALL dynamics. And he is able to overwhelm the large majority of Scientologists in his space; certainly with no real effective opposition (while I do acknowledge the resistance of the people on this webiste).

    This scene will never be as-ised and any similar sit handled in the future, until we find out EXACTLY how Scientology became an autocratic “dictatorship of force” that could give rise not only to the ascendency of a Miscavige, but also to the mass willing giving up of self-determinism and agreement to be overwhelmed by the majority of all the Scientologists in Miscavige’s space. These are SCIENTOLOGISTS, not members of Jim Jones’ People’s Temple. WE are the ones who are supposed to be aware of being aware.

    We will never be able to take full responsibility for this situation until we find out exactly what occured, and that includes LRH’s role and mistakes in this story as well as all of ours.

  212. Ray and Lucy,
    no libel on children, please!!
    What to characterize DM?
    Immature – yes.
    Retarded – absolutely.
    Demented – most certainly.
    Spoilt – in any way, shape and form.
    Even childISH – if you insist to get close to the word.
    But he is NOT a child!!

  213. martyrathbun09

    No. Routine settlement language. People tend to mock up all sorts of theories in order to explain pure evil before their very eyes. Understandably a lot of that has occured with respect to Miscavige.

  214. Michael,

    thank you VERY much!! Intensely interesting – wow.


  215. Hello Stat,

    thanks for reposting because I didn’t see the earlier post of yours. So, double-thanks.

    The story you relay is one that I have heard out of his mouth the way you describe it to and your description of Zara would match mine too.

    However, BOTH were really nice persons when in valence (as anybody would be) but that was not that often – really depended on the circumstances.

  216. Pingback: Others people whitholds and Black PR: the dark side of the Church of $…. « SILVIA KUSADA's Blog

  217. Theo Sismanides

    My wife says Miscavige is Mind Controlled. I asked her to say more about it. I bet you have seen the Manchurian Candidate! Well, this is beyond any R to me. So, my wife could be write on this. I will ask her to write all her thoughts, meanwhile let’s all take a LOOK AT THE DARK SIDE OF THE MOON! LIKE LRH COULD SEE BOTH SIDES! Please, this is insane! I know now that Mark and Guillaume are with us, no way they will stand that psychotic robot!!

  218. NeverMe,
    They sure have been doing revisions and a lot of them.

    I’d never looked at that page before and had to gag when I got to “Early Life and Family”. Like anybody cares about the dwarf’s early life other than for a psychiatric study.
    They keep it brief about the dwarf’s TWIN sister, Denise, and oddly enough don’t even mention that Davey & Denise are twins. Wonder why the omission. The weird part is where they state she was hired by Bryan Zwan at Digital Lightwave in 2002. 2002?? She was long gone by then after that absolute fiasco with the inventory.

  219. Squirrel management by emotional whim, with disregard to policy. What a treasonous phony.

  220. There are so many comments about DM taking over the lifetime work of LRH, and then twisting it, using the tech and literally changing the content, form and intent of real Scientology, ruining the reputation and benefits of Scientology and using LRH’s entire body of work that he took a lifetime documenting and sharing with everyone to heal a planet…but instead DM uses this gift of knowledge LRH created to do EVIL.

    An example came to mind about one of the ways he does this. LRH exposed the use of Psychopolitics, wrote about the evil it was used for by Gov. and others in ‘power’ to recruit and control others (individuals & the masses) He gave us this information so we would know and recognize these tactics, especially since certain very Suppressive regimes may still use them. LRH risked alot to identify & expose suppression in all forms.

    Evidently DM uses these same tactics as a means to punish, brainwash, recruit & control others for his own evil purposes. Certainly NOT what LRH intended. In fact the opposite.

    This is one of my favorite scenes from ‘The Princess Bride”…just when the evil suppressor thinks he was winning…the oppressed remembers WHO and what he is fighting for!

    Someday, there will be justice for those harmed by DM and his bootlickers!

  221. Cool LRH story.

    But as for Zara being saved from a redneck. Laughable. Perhaps from a redneck lifestyle. She worked in the galley as a dishwasher where she had been busted too and he was a cook. She would walk around even when she was the LRH Comm, but especially when wearing the white galley tshirts, with her chest pushed out as far as she could.

    Walter was her ticket out of the galley since he was on COB’s lines.

  222. Don’t need no stinkin’ new COBs!

  223. That’s more evil than most Scientologists in the church can confront.

  224. Yeah, that person was an OT VIII, high roller, opinion leader lackey for OSA and the IAS and a ‘friend’ of mine, the last of a long line of errand boys the RTC had been sending to my house to pound on my door, yell through the mail slot and stand on my stoop for hours, waiting to ‘recover’ me.

  225. Theo Sismanides

    Samuel, has anybody watched that glaring mad staring of Kotric and Zara when they got mad? I just noticed that on Zara when she was telling me to literally “get with the program” of translations when I was the TU DIR EU and said to myself “hey, I know this wavelength”, like some hypnotized glaring mad staring.

    In any case that night I lost any admiration I had for Zara when she told me that I was “stuck on HCOBs” (hahaha, what an exec) and on Walter (I had lost it long time ago, for him as he a brute) when he insisted I read COB and I insisted he reads LRH. I ended up the “comm cycle” (which was something like, Walter: read COB, Theo: Read LRH, Walter: read COB, Theo: Read LRH, Walter: read COB, Theo: Read LRH, Walter: read COB, Theo: Read LRH, you guys get pissed right, same did I), so I ended it by telling him “Read LRH and I’ll check ya out!! ” And he yanked me off post!

    So Walter is a bully, each time he would come back from Int he would say to a staff member “your breath stinks” and things like that, hahaha,
    so he got his Invalidation Course Certificate from Uplines!!!

    He led the Continental Unit as an Army against the Enemy, a great General but as an Executive not the caliber of a Loyal Officer by far! He asked me to bake black bread for his Austrian tastes when I couldn’t even show to him LRH ED 5 or 6 or whichever it was where Ron says that the Why for EU is the non application of the Tape Translations. Tons of false stats, stat push, last minute stat collection every Thursday before 2, lots of cooked data. After all a cook he was and a cook he remained. Now, he is cooking STATS. Ciao Walter, my chef! Want some unsalted black bread like I used to bake to you because I was f…king out PT because of what the was happening to me while I was talking about LRH uncancelled HCOBs? Hahaha! Ciao my big EU Chef!!! Keep Cooking (Stats) for Dear Leader!! He can’t digest raw data anyway!!

  226. That was really the final straw on a big pile of observations and conclusions on my part from seeing the church turn from the real Church of Scientology to the Church of the Usurption and the Incorrigible Hidden Data Line. I no longer wanted any part of it.

  227. NeverMe,

    great find! Definitely an OSA job.

    Short example of a “new edit/addition”:

    “His older brother is Ronnie Miscavige, who for a time was also in the Sea Organization” – aha, interesting, “for a time” …. nice wording, isn’t it?

    And the source for this “astonishing piece of information”? The book “A Piece of Blue Sky”. This is where the link in the article leads you to:
    Some of it reads like this: “The church’s publishing arm, New Era Publications International, tried to prevent the book’s publication, arguing that it infringed on its copyright of Hubbard’s works. A court in Manhattan ruled against publication, but the decision was overturned on appeal”.

    Naive question: who else but OSA would know what this book says, if its publication has been PROHIBITED? It’s like “quoting” a dead person.

    I don’t know how this OSA job can be reported to Wikipedia – almost worth to tip off the press on this.

    But more importantly: can anybody imagine what Ronnie Miscavige speaking out would do? I can only guess that he has been silenced with sufficient money and an encyclopedia of “contracts” to never even say so much as Peep-bo!.

    BUT his daughter spoke out …. Hey, Ronnie, don’t leave it all up to your kid. You had to threaten to sue your brother Dave in case you wouldn’t be allowed to see your daughter anymore!!! Ronnie, in case you get sued for speaking out – which you most likely and most horrendously will – we’ll collect for you too – promised!

    If Jenna (daughter of Ronnie) is on this blog, would you care to comment (please).


  228. As a former church member, it’s mind boggling to try to wrap my wits around the idea that while I was studying and auditing my ass off for years, paying hundreds of thousands of dollars to do so, that behind the scenes DM was guzzling scotch, degrading people and squirreling up a storm while filling a vault full of his insane rants. Makes my head hurt.

  229. WW,

    What you said about duplication in communication was also a milestone in establishing my own sense of integrity, my own certainty and confidence. You listen to someone spouting a bunch of words and you eventually get a feel for whether the person is honestly observing life and trying to understand or just doing one of the things you mentioned.

    But, I also noticed, that as I became more aware, things I had read long ago, which did not make sense, suddenly made sense. And things that seemed to make sense suddenly became inane.

    I think the wisest person you meet will be full of wise insights salted with pure bullshit. We all ride that line between what we know, what we believe and what we explain. The more I understand, the more I see areas that I don’t understand. And I don’t think that I will ever reach such a level of understanding that the billions of beings in this universe aren’t out-creating that understanding. Which makes life interesting. Which forces me to continuously ride that wave of “something more to learn.”

    Just as the wisest has much to communicate and understand, so does the most ignorant. The stupidest being you meet will still offer insights into existence. How did they become that way? What natural laws are they demonstrating with their behavior? What do they perceive? Why and where?

    It’s a matter of curiosity rather than dismissal. It’s easy to dismiss pure nonsense as pure nonsense. But understanding how that nonsense came about is fascinating.

    Even a rock offers great insight. A rock, I guess, is theta the problem. It’s communicating its condition. It’s not aware of its condition. And it’s easy to overlook the rock as just a rock. But to understand the exact physics and nature of how that rock exists in time and space gives you a pretty clear blueprint of much of the physics of the physical universe. How did that rock come into being and what is it doing exactly? Is someone creating it? Who? Am I creating it or simply observing the creation of another?

    And that’s just a rock. An inanimate object.

    Just think how fascinating idiots really are. Much of the explanation for the descent of theta lies in understanding idiots. Much of the explanation for the descent of theta lies in understanding the DMs of this world.

    I have read authors who I could not understand initially. In some cases it took me weeks to understand just one sentence. And with that breakthrough, a whole new world emerged. And the other sentences fell into place and the book became comprehensible.

    “Misunderstood words” provides a useful study datum. But vocabulary too often fails when the author is operating beyond the realm of words. Like the Tao. You just have to reach beyond the available definitions to grasp what is really being said.

    I speculate that the failure to become OT lies in the failure to become educated in the physics of theta which moves into exercise of those laws and application of those laws. It’s one thing to have cognitions in session, but it’s quite another to adapt those life.

    A man may study gymnastics and know exactly what a gymnast must do to perform a triple summersault, but be unable to perform one himself. He understands but can’t apply the material to his own body. He can coach others, but can’t do it himself. Understanding is not the same as application. Range of ability just seems to differ from individual to individual.

    Oh well, off this subject. I just saw these other aspects of what you wrote about.


  230. Samuel,

    thanks for pulling that string! Had some respective run-ins with Walter – and I join you shaking my head….seems hard to stop shaking…


  231. To me this whole post with its comments is the hottest EVER. Holy cats.
    Thank you all.

  232. Ha ha ha, there certainly does seem to be a whole body of slang and even fairly precise nomenclature among the culture of these internet guys. I had to clear that word ‘memes’.

    A meme (pronounced /ˈmiːm/, rhyming with “cream”[1]) is a postulated unit of cultural ideas, symbols or practices, which can be transmitted from one mind to another through writing, speech, gestures, rituals or other imitable phenomena. (The word is a blend of “gene” and the Greek word μιμητισμός (/mɪmetɪsmos/) for “something imitated”.)[2] Supporters of the concept regard memes as cultural analogues to genes, in that they self-replicate and respond to selective pressures.[3] Wikipedia

  233. Hypothetical, of course:
    Someone needs to just set him up. Right before an event. When he attacks, it’s self-defense time. No bat needed. Just a few knuckles. Make-up won’t cover the swelling of the knots on his face. Ha ha ha.

    All theoretical and hypothetical, of course.

    Or knot.

  234. Fidelio,

    Glad you liked it.

    I was laughing to myself while writing it, thinking, “This is not going to be understood at all.” But, oh well. One day. The concept of “tension” is very important to understanding the physics of theta and MEST. Mental image pictures can only be created and made to persist because of “tension.” Viewpoints and dimension points can only be created and made to persist because of “tension.”

    Every force must have a balancing counter-force or it simply flies off or dissipates immediately. Poof! Gone!

    And the interplay between force and counter-force creates a surface tension that can permeate the entire condition.

    This includes thought. You can’t have a thought persist without this “tension.” That tension exists from top to bottom of the know to mystery scale. It pervades thought, emotion, effort. Every physical perception has a degree of tension. Every theta perception has a degree of tension. It’s just a matter of rarification and condensation. Density and rarity.

    So, I’m sitting here, watching the sparrows eat all the bird feed, shrugging my shoulders and thinking, “Oh, well, this is just incredibly fascinating.”


  235. martyrathbun09

    Samuel, I don’t think it would be that useful. When it gets to personal (dragging in family) it gets right down to their level. The church has attacked me on the basis of genetics reaching back three generations and it has only done them a serious disservice in the public relations arena. I know so much about Miscavige’s family that makes my own sorry family history look like an American epic. But, I am not going there. That is one (of many) differences between Miscavige and me.

  236. Very astute. You know, I think I’m gonna watch it again and look for SOS eye blink signals or covertly raised middle fingers.

  237. Thanks Michael, that’s really interesting.
    Seems to me it is in the nature of the mind to look for patterns and try to make sense of them. DM is throwing out lots of random stuff which as you say creates disharmony in itself but also doesn’t make a pattern but he implies it does. So the brain, which is already in disharmony because of the c*** it has been forced to ingest goes into overdrive because it can’t make a pattern of it. In the end it is tempted to give up and just accept it – ‘OK I believe what you say’: the first step to being dominated by tyranny. The mind switches itself off because it is too painful to do anything else.

    It’s interesting to compare this ‘blind faith’ with ‘faith’ as found in the more traditional world religions. They all emphasise harmony but they bring the believer to a point which is superficially similar to what I described above, ie s/he accepts certain things as true which are BEYOND understanding. The fundamental difference is that DM’s way forces people to say “there is disharmony so there seems to be no pattern but he seems sure he’s right (and he scares me) so I’ll accept what he says at face value” (ie entering into his reality) whilst this way says “there is harmony so I know that there is a pattern but it is so complex that it is beyond my understanding”. Mystics of all faiths through the ages have discovered this pattern and entered into it through meditation and contemplation. This has brought more harmony into their lives, which is the seedbed of creativity.

  238. In 1988 I twinned with a German woman on OT 6. Her materials were in German, mine English. She was extremely frustrated. I discovered that her materials were atrociously translated. I would have her read to me what the line in German said, while looking at the English line and it would be completely altered and sometimes nonsensical. I spent extra weeks with her, full time, to read to her aloud the English material so she could get it. Evidently, she could comprehend the English being spoken to her, but she could not read it well. She was extremely grateful.

    I twinned with a French guy on another course. He was very fluent in English and French. He explained to me with specific examples how the French tape translations were horribly done, preventing comprehension.

  239. Thanks Marty for being the guy who speaks his mind! Really.

    I have been debating (with myself) making that comment about Ronnie but what you say is right – it so easily gets so disgustingly muddy. If he ever wants to speak out it has to come from his own heart and with that I close the case.

  240. “I know now that Mark and Guillaume are with us, no way they will stand that psychotic robot!!”

    But they ARE standing him and fully supporting him.

  241. Good choice.

  242. You’re wife is absolutely right. LRH wrote extensively on PDH techniques while the CIA was heavily experimenting with it. Psychs still practice it today in my country where our Queens events are the target of mental patients producing random panic and instability, one of their ways to create fear and thus raising budgets for ha, prevention. Fortunately our government is aware of that game and not only stopped paying for half of the psych drugs, they now also want to cut the amount of labels in half through re-examination. Davey was on medical lines, got drugs for his astma and is still intoxicated with alcohol; pain, aggression and engrammic dramatisations are easily observed. He´s gone mental and obsessed, so of course he controls through sleep deprivation (lowered awareness) physical pain, hypnotising eval and enforced inval, instilling engrams by the book, the way it was done to him.

  243. Seems to me it might be a good idea to keep the political stuff off this blog – including the conspiracy theories. Any serious student of the JFK assassination needs to read Vincent Bugliosi’s book “Reclaiming History”. While Oswald may or may not have acted alone, modern forensics proves that he was the only shooter. (I will add the usual caveat, IMO).

  244. When the IRS sets such bold language to get themselves off of any conspiracy charges, it sort of proves the point. Although it is water under bridge, their activities would seem to violate the civil rights of those of us who were practicing our freedom of religion back then. Interesting.

  245. Amen Joe. Very well stated, and so very true.

  246. You are incorrect and uninformed. Research who held the security alarm contract for the World Trade Center and what work was done on the wiring just prior to Sept. 11th, what vital eye witness testimonies were withheld from the official governmental investigative findings and look at the list of highly credentialed engineers who all disagree with you. It’s there if you look.

    Additionally, look at the simple facts of historical precedent for this type of operation, who the cast of characters were and who had what to gain. I’ll merely point you in the direction of Dick Cheney, who also ran the coincidental war simulation operation of planes crashing into the World Trade Center on the very day the planes hit the World Trade Center. This op is so in your face, it’s hard to confront.

    The outpoints are so numerous and glaring it almost defies credibility.

    Lastly, research the events of Iran/Contra-Gate for a basic course in how the US Gov and Military/Banking money boys have been intertwined through their incestuous relationship and hidden from view for a long time.

    After this, if you can say you still believe what you say is true, then I would have to applaud those who succeeded in tricking you.

  247. He’s stuck his face in the upper materials, to the degree that he thinks he’s the expert. When I redid Solo Nots as part of GAT, the first step they had you do is go to a special room where you had to sign a bond to read Miscavige’s confidential RTC bulletin on his findings about Solo NOTs.

    In it, he rants about the intricacies of how Solo Nots had all been misapplied, by the solo auditors, the Case Supervisors, and all other technical people. Until he, DM, spotted it and brought it to light and is straightening it all out.

    He goes on and on, giving verbal data, his version of things and his interpretation. It really acted as an inval on auditors, CSes, qual, Flag, everyone. It made one go, “Gee, I guess those who trained and CSed us are all fucked up. We’ve all been fucking up. I guess I’m Glad he’s so brilliant to be able to square this around!” Sort of.

    In hindsight, he shoulda been shot.

  248. Finnaly some Sanity

  249. Oh yes, please please please! Mr. Rathbun, could this be done?

  250. Yes the “pancake theory” was one of those Sci Fi wonders that should have won the NIST report a Hugo Award.

    Personally I feel the 911 “Truthers” as they call themselves spend too much time discussing things like controlled demolition something which can’t be proven since the crime scene was immediately shipped to China and sold as scrap and don’t look at the actual circumstances that brought about 911 such as our rapacious merchantilism under the cover of “national security”.

  251. Ideally, such up front actions outside of Int. etc., were coupled with a 24 hour hot line, with a van and team ready for instant extraction to a safe house for a couple of weeks.

    Too bad this comm we are having is falling back into blog archives. It deserves a continual exposure.

  252. Maybe so.

    But why use such loaded language?
    Instead of the usual “hold harmless” etc.

    Also I agree with your point regarding theories.

    That said.

    I feel there is a total fixation on Miscavige in some quarters as well.

    What I call the “lone Miscavige theory” which places the burden of evil entirely on the little cretin and in my opinion assigns the ignorant and supercilious little runt more power than is entirely justified.

    The fact is that for Miscavige to get where he is he must of had facilitators.

    Yet there is nary a mention of them other than what I like to call the “lone Ron theory” spread by so called “critics” that happen to align with the lie spread by Miscavige that he was appointed by the Ol’man himself.

    Also it speaks very poorly of the technology (which I believe is intentional) of Scientology that some lone nut like Miscavige could seize control of the whole Scientology network and maintain his grasp of the organization all on his lonesome.

    No Marty as I was trying to write to Jeff before I was rudely cut off on his board.

    There must be other actors involved in this little morality play who are hidden that have in someway facilitated his rise to power.

  253. “Psychs still practice it today in my country where our Queens events are the target of mental patients producing random panic and instability, one of their ways to create fear and thus raising budgets”
    Stop your strawman arguments.

    I agree with most you say but STOP with the tinfoil about Psych conspiracys.

    Stop mocking up false meaning to a homeless person in Amsterdam called “the Rabbi” because of how he dresses.

    He yelled, Than a girl got frightened and screamed even louder and that edged on the crowd.

    Stop falsifying MY COUNTRIES history with your demented psych-conspiracy stuff.

  254. People always need priming to remember old times.

    Perhaps you guys should audit him on something akin “Self Analysis” and tape it for everyone to enjoy. Kind of like how they used to do auditing demonstrations.

  255. “After this, if you can say you still believe what you say is true, then I would have to applaud those who succeeded in tricking you.”

    You are the greatest trickster yourself. This sentence is trying to guilttrip people.

  256. “But I’ve listened to a lot of what Farrakan has said”

    Oh God no.

  257. “Unfortunately, it’s not inane drivel.”

    Yes it is.

  258. Nah. That’s a dumb idea. I would love to hear more of his stories though.

  259. OTDT~The more you share, the scarier it gets! WoW what a MESS he’s made, huh?! 😦

  260. martyrathbun09

    Well, if you apply rollback tech to the situation, I could say this about what has evolved. Miscavige works for Monique Yingling (former DOJ), Bob Gray (former CIA), and Tom Cruise (you know who he is – and DM’s unquestioning compliance is based on his own role as starfucker).

  261. Watch the government lie about crucial evidence…(
    Building 7
    A falling object CAN NOT increase speed (accelerate) when it strikes objects.
    NIST finally (quietly) admits the 100 feet of free fall of Building 7 in their Final Report after a High School physics teacher points out the obvious observation. A straight down symmetrical and LEVEL collapse through the area of most obstacles (most resistance)(joisted-mesh-steel 24 core columns and 57 perimeter columns) at free fall acceleration (just like a ball falling)…(not tilting, toppling or falling to the side)…a huge ‘dismantled’ consolidated rubble pile at the straight down footprint of the building…the third building in history to officially “collapse” due to fires (The Towers being the first two in history). The offical NIST government report admits that Building 7 suffered no significant structural damage, that damage played no role in the collapse, but rather a new never-before-seen phenomenon had occurred.
    Building 7 – (
    Outpoint Summary – (

    Unchallenged in the science community, published, peer-reviewed forensic evidence…
    …~ UNEXPLODED fragments of nano-composite high-tech, military grade explosives were found in all the dust samples from the 3 collapsed The World Trade Centers. This research was peer reviewed and published in mainstream science journals. No other study can discount this.
    ~ The remnants and residue of explosives were found in all the dust samples.
    ~ The residue signature of explosives were found in the EPA air samples.
    ~ The remnants and residue of explosives were found in the rubble and on the steel.
    All this is published in scientific journals with not one study being able to deny these facts.

    Another piece of forensic science is the fact that molten metal continued in the rubble like lava for more than 6 weeks, despite days of rain and fire hoses. We know that temperatures reached as high as 4,000 F, because of the molten molybdenum. Office fires and jet fuel absolutely can not melt steel. ONLY a chemical thermitic reaction can induce this molten iron and steel.

  262. Marty I can always count on you to add levity to the situation 🙂

    On that note I leave with a tune dedicated to Davy by the Stones.


  263. No it isn’t, times infinity.

  264. Ok, so keep it off.

  265. I listen to a lot of people, including you.

  266. Father of Cats,
    Don’t push it. I’m not a trickster by any stretch of the imagination. And I don’t put guilt on people. Some of your little quips are cute, but not this one. Besides, my comm was for Nomnom, not you.

  267. martyrathbun09

    RJ, I was only half-joking. LRH was serious about rollback. The effect of enemies on DUPES. A starfucker is eminently dupable. Appropriate disc, DJ RJ.

  268. Seems rather disingenuous Publius.

    While claiming to want to avoid politics and those nasty “conspiracy theories” which tend to challenge the official story such as the 911 Commission or more accurately Ommission report .

    You bring up another contentious controversy.

    Do you usually use gasoline to quench a fire?

  269. The idea that I am working on is that the van doesn’t need to be parked near any of the SO orgs. When activity is going on around the org, protesters etc., then yes, it should be there too, with a follow car to video the trip and act as interferrence for the van if it is followed. In addition to that, an 800 number easy to remember and highly publicized so that members can call whenever they can get to a phone, make arrangements to meet in the dark of the night, and have the van and car there to pick them up.

    If I ever get a chance to move to LA, I’ll do it. But until then, it is just a wonderful dream.

    Can you imagine a leaflet drop over Int with all that info?

    Bill board on Hollywood Blvd?

    I have a rich fantasy life.

  270. Excellent analysis; cats can only yap at it but no valid arguments can be brought against it. Thus governments ww can only look the other way to not offend Big Nucleair Brother.

  271. The real smoking gun is the collapse of WTC 7, which was barely on fire and was not hit by planes. This is where many federal offices were located as well as the mayor’s office. If the op was orchestrated from that building as the HQ, pulling it down into its footprint would be a perfect way to eliminate the evidence.

  272. You like Stopping? Do you know when someone goes insane? A mental patient killed 7 people in front of the Queen (and camera’s) on her Birthday. The Rabbi, an ex mental patient, now addict, stirred a crowd (and the Nation) on Memorial Day. Another patient threw a light to the Queen (on tv) at the State of the Union. Now that psychs lost all their suits and face huge cuts, coincidently their patients score 3 out of 3 in a row, never happened before, ever, in the entire history of our country. Do the math.

  273. Do you know why the queen is a magnet to the ill at mind ?

    Because she is a SYMBOL, Why do they atack this symbol. To give meaning in their own mind to their meaningless existance.

    By the way mental “patients”And NOT all of them were a patient at the time do MENTAL things. And one of them was NEVER a patient.

    “De dader is zwaargewond en wordt momenteel geopereerd. Hij is daarom nog niet officieel verhoord. De verdachte is geen bekende van de politie en voor zover bekend gaat het niet om een psychiatrische patiënt. Volgens weblog GeenStijl is dader de 38-jarige K.R. Tates uit Huissen (bij Arnhem).”

    “The perpetrator was seriously injured and is being operated up on. It is therefore not yet officially interrogated. The suspect is not known to police and to the extent known, it is not a psychiatric patient. According weblog GeenStijl the offender is 38-year KR Tate from Huissen (near Arnhem). “

  274. Oh I can offend any Nucliar Big brother

  275. “UNEXPLODED fragments of nano-composite high-tech, military grade explosives were found in all the dust samples from the 3 collapsed The World Trade Centers. This research was peer reviewed and published in mainstream science journals. No other study can discount this.”

    I agree that this was found. But you could have found it alsoo BEFORE the collapse of the twin towers.

    The fragments were very very small indeed and what do you expext in a city full of high rises.

  276. All very strong evidence.

    One of the Bush brothers’ companies was in charge of the security system at the Twin Towers complex.

    Check into the details of the war simulation operation which was run on September 11th by Vice President, Dick Cheney, which included simulated attacks on the World Trade Center and how FAA and military air traffic controllers were purposely confused so as to not be able to tell the difference between what was being simulated and what was actual. That’s why no interceptor jets were sent up until it was too late.

    Evidence and testimony from multiple credible viewpoints and sources are all over the net, in books and on video.

  277. I’ve seen these guys come a long way since the 60’s, when they were maniacally anti-white fascists. They had a secret sub-group nicknamed the Zebra killers as part of their inner Black Muslim sanctum in San Francisco in the 70’s where they would earn the right to go to heaven by killing white people. They killed about a dozen before they were caught. A carload of them picked up a good friend of mine, an ex-Sea Org member as a matter of fact, and planted an 8″ butcher knife into his back and left him for dead in a parking lot. He survived, recovered and ended up auditing me.

    I’ve had my eye on them ever since and have learned alot about them and watched them progress as a group. Farrakan is somewhat of a showboater and a politician, but he’s come a long ways spiritually and I currently perceive him as being sincere.

  278. You wouldn’t expect the presence of nanothermite in any quantity near civilian buildings of any kind since it is restricted to the military.

    Wake up and smell the coffee CD and stop acting like some Government shill.

    At least admit that there are some questions that haven’t been fully answered regarding 911 and that a full and proper investigation should be conducted.

    Not a white wash that explains away anyone who profited by short selling UA and AA stock prior to the attack as “unfortunately lucky investors”.

    Or doesn’t explain why NORAD particularly NEADS failed to respond to the attacks in a timely manner?

    Or why George Bush decided to read ‘My Pet Goat’ to a bunch of school kids while the country was under attack by terrorists?

    Why the black boxes from any of the flights were never recovered?

    Why the NTSB never conducted a full investigation of all four incidents?

    Why was crime scene totally dismantled before any kind of CSI could be conducted?

    Just some of the questions that were never fully answered.

    Also why despite the fact that CIA sent an explicit warning to Bush in a PDB of the attack it was totally ignored.

  279. Thanks Marty. I don’t think you are joking. I always thought Yingling was behind the scenes even with the take over when Pat and Annie were kicked to the curb.
    Who is Bob Gray? I have never heard of him. Is he another attorney?

  280. OnceUponATime

    Thank you for the additional understandings. Not much there that I find hard to understand and I find much truth.

    I also find that when I am confused in a communication that I tend not to automatically reject the comm or the person delivering it “out of hand.” I too find that I learn things from most encounters. I have found it not especially wise to think “one knows best.” It is a somewhat limited and dangerous attitude, because with that viewpoint as a generality, one certainly is not confronting the world around them, and one misses out on perhaps the valid observations of others. It seems that the wiser the person the more they are willing to view different viewpoints. That of course doesn’t mean one has to adopt what was said as part of your own understandings, but to make a final judgment on it before you have duplicated it is not optimum. And of course one would do well to always leave the door to further understanding open, even if just a crack. 🙂

    As in David Miscavige’s dispatch above I learned something about the communication skills, the emotional tone of the communication (as far as is observable in the written communication), the state of confusion of the being, and through closer study even some inkling if what he seems to be trying to say. I also get some sense of to what degree it is a communication from the being himself or from some automaticity of the mind.
    It is good practice in honing ones own confronting, communicating and duplicating skills.


  281. Bob or Robert Gray is a spook.

    “Former” Intel Officer who worked in the Clandestine Services then became a NOC (Non Official Cover) originally under Robert Mullen and Assoc. which was actually a PR firm used as a front for covert action.

    He then became the director of the PR firm Hill & Knowlton who ran perception management or PM activities for the DOD (they were the ones who orchestrated the black propaganda that babies were being thrown out of incubators by the Iraqi army when they invaded Kuwait and were probably behind the more recent lie regarding WMD that no one have been able to find) and also one of Davy’s “best friends” .

  282. martyrathbun09

    Once head of the once-prominent PR firm Hill and Knowlton. Dave really learned the ropes on putting a veneer over corrupt corporate pig practices from him.

  283. martyrathbun09

    RJ noted: they were the ones who orchestrated the black propaganda that babies were being thrown out of incubators by the Iraqi army when they invaded Kuwait

    RJ, they pulled off that caper while representing the church quite overtly. DM was thrilled when the bombing began and thought the Stormin Norman Schwartkopf (sp?) briefings were the cat’s ass.

  284. -You wouldn’t expect the presence of nanothermite in any quantity near civilian buildings of any kind since it is restricted to the military-
    “Did nano-thermite take down the WTC?

    -Why the black boxes from any of the flights were never recovered?-
    Could the most audacious terrorist attack in history be a “sophisticated masterpiece of demolition”?

    That’s what chemistry professor Niels Harrit has been asking, following his investigation of the World Trade Centre rubble, which has revealed traces of explosives.

    RT: Professor Niels Harrit, you examined the rubble that came from the World Trade Center. What did you find in it?

    Niels Harrit: Well, in there we find the remains of what we characterize as thermetic material, and this is a very energetic material which can be used either for melting iron, or it can be designed as an explosive.”

    “One of the more puzzling mysteries of 9-11 is what ever happened to the flight recorders of the two planes that hit the World Trade Center towers. Now it appears that they may not be missing at all.

    Counterpunch has learned that the FBI has them.”

  285. “Wake up and smell the coffee CD and stop acting like some Government shill.”

    A mad wrong sentence if I ever saw one.

  286. “Or why George Bush decided to read ‘My Pet Goat’ to a bunch of school kids while the country was under attack by terrorists?”

    Because he is the dubest dumbass alive. And I post this conspiricy vid on purpose because it tries to make a dumbass look smarter.

  287. All I can say to this Marty is “Wow!” I realize I have been out of the loop for 20 years, but what you just posted reminds me of what LRH says in the Data Series when a datum hits you right in the face and you go “Oh my God!”

    I remember how upset LRH was when Staff moonlighted in the 70’s and early 80’s at businesses run by Scientologists in order to make ends meet. I remember it was part of what he called “Confront of Evil” and a whole evaluation was done regarding it and string pulls were done to find the external influences. Then we were talking about Scientologists just trying to run their businesses using org staff to help them make a living, not government agents.

    Can you imagine what LRH would say if he knew that the head of his Church was being influenced on a regular basis by former Dept of Justice , IRS and CIA operatives? There would be an earthquake registering off the Reichter Scale!!

    This subject is worthy of it’s own post on your blog someday in my opinion. Full details please.

    It’s no wonder this place is being run into the ground. DM isn’t just the puppet master. Many times he is the puppet, which is not to excuse his actions one bit.

    Wearing my old Evalutor hat here, but where did the idea come from in the first place to start using these former goverment officials to handle Church business?

  288. Read the comment again it is about this particular case.

  289. There’s also Dropbox ( which allows you to make a folder (not limited to videos) available to select people.

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