Daniel Montalvo – the latest

Daniel expresses his gratitude

Since escaping unscathed at the Sunset Blvd cafe, see https://markrathbun.wordpress.com/2010/10/09/montalvo-update-the-wild-wild-west/, Daniel has been enjoying his stay with a family that has accepted him and treated him as their own.  Realize that Daniel lived in the Sea Org from the age of four until the age of nineteen, never really experiencing what family is all about. In this time of crises, he is rapidly learning the true value and meaning of family.

Daniel was quite touched by your outpouring of concern, care, and genorsity.  He asked me to try to convey that to you all.  But, I don’t know whether words can really do the trick.  He is in awe of what you did.

Daniel is now represented by one of Los Angeles’ more accomplished lawyers, John Duran.   You can read about Mr. Duran here to get the idea, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/John_Duran.    I believe, and more importantly Daniel believes, Mr. Duran has Daniel’s best interests at heart and  has the skill and wisdom necessary to help remove the dark clouds of two legal attacks (the larceny and the domestic matter) mounted by the Corporate church.

The fact that you all doubled the targeted retainer amount made this quality of representation possible. Thank you very much.

Here is the promised accounting of the Free Daniel Montalvo Fund:

Contributions: (150 contributors)                                             $13,150.30*

*after 3% Paypal handling fees and new Fund account set up charge


Duran and Thomas (retainer for Daniel Montalvo matters)             $10,000.00

Tiziano Lugli  (re-imbursement for bail)                                                   $ 2,000.00

Marty Rathbun (re-imbursement for Daniel’s LA-Tpa airfare)      $      425.40

Daniel Montalvo                                                                                                  $      500.00*

*for living costs (note that the family is covering virtually everything, but several of you noted you wanted to get some cash into Daniel’s hands to use as he sees fit).

Balance:                                                                                                                          $224.90*

*to remain open pending both of Daniel’s legal matters being satisfactorily terminated.

If any contributor has any objection to these disbursements please email me at howdoesitfeel@hushmail.com for a refund.  Include your name and the amount contributed.

It is my view that it is best that  we let Daniel’s counsel go about disposing of these unconsionable attacks with as little noise and distraction as possible.  We will know soon enough if the fix is on. If it proves to be, I’ll be the first one on the ramparts hollering for volunteers.  

Thanks again to everybody.  The level of competence, speed and support demonstrated for this rescue and defense operation against the  Corporate Scientology empire is absolutely unprecedented.  Don’t ever forget the role you played, and are continuing to play, in it.

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  1. Thanks Marty. So glad to hear that Daniel is in a family and has great legal representation. Am unclear what you mean though about the fix is on and we would be the first to know when you holler for volunteers. Just not clear about this … Volunteers and the fix?

    Thanks. Most times I really need a translator 🙂


  2. Dear Daniel, I am so happy for you! What a courageous and beautiful being you are!

    To Marty, thank you for the accounting of funds used. We gave and will give more if needed.

    And a warm thank you to the family who is caring for Daniel.

    Love, g

  3. Glad to know he is doing well. Of course if he needs anything from us or a place to decompress without church interference he can visit anytime.

    Also he has our voice, since we were there when his mom was the cadet I/c just to be with him and with his dad after he got pulled to LA.

  4. Excellent, excellent, excellent.

    Great work.

  5. Yeah! Go team!
    Thanks Marty for all that you do. Not enough words for that either.

  6. Nice. Good to know he’s decompressing in a family setting, poor kid.

    Daniel, it just keeps getting better in Wogville, believe it!

  7. martyrathbun09

    WH, In an earlier post I alluded to Corporate Scientology’s cozy relationship with Sheriff Baca. They spend millions per year to keep politicos on board. If the D/A’s office turns out to be playing footsies too, all hell will break loose. That I guarantee.

  8. Accounting transparency. Bravo!

    Since dm has occassionally taken points raised on this blog and made (tempoary, token) reforms (as when Heber got a brief visit from his son), can we now expect accounting transparency from the mighty IAS? (ROFL!)

    My buddy Ben and a few of his brothers will hang around and be ready for the next round.

  9. Very clever lawyer selection, that’s 10 grand wisely spent.

  10. Tony DePhillips

    Hi Daniel!
    Enjoy your new found freedom. I am happy to have you as part of the team here. Also I would love to hear a post from you when you are ready.

  11. Fantastic! I’m so happy he’s all set up with a family/home and a competent lawyer. Really wonderful! And he’ll be able to enjoy the holidays for real this year. LOVE TO DANIEL and everyone involved.

  12. Daniel, you’re more than welcome mate. You got a great bunch of friends here – the best, actually. As Gaiagnostic above “We gave and will give more if needed”.

  13. martyrathbun09

    Hey Dallas! Thanks for checking in. Hope all is ok in your parts.

  14. Thanks for the update Marty. We’re glad to have helped lend a hand.
    From the profile of Duran via the link he appears to be a good legal representative especially considering the jurisdiction and the bottomless pockets of the Vampire Church. In our judicial system you get what you pay for; not very fair but true.

    Intention is cause; I sense this will work out satisfactorily.

    Thanks again for all you do.

  15. I just want the beatings to stop!

    It must be weird to be able to eat, relax, breathe, have your own thoughts, and just to be free!!!

    And the auditing in the field actually works, cuz it’s standard, not squirrel like in the Church.

    I know it took me over a year to be able to sleep on Wednesday nights……with Thursday at 2 coming up.


  16. Thanks very much for the update, it’s great that we’re all moving on up a little higher. Please don’t hesitate to say if there are any complications or more is needed as the price for freedom (against those corporations and legal lackeys who espouse freedom as their PR byline).

  17. Theo Sismanides

    Daniel, you are among the tigers here!!! And the tigers nurture their babies. Just kidding!!! Welcome!!

  18. Daniel, good Sir, great to hear you are doing fine. Good show, carry on. 🙂

  19. Simply Revolting

    Daniel, you’re very welcome.
    We want you to win in this.
    To be free to pursue your life.
    Marty, thanks for the words of validation to us all.
    If there is a need for more just mention it…

  20. So glad to hear this! Now I hope some people close by will help Daniel find a “real” job — he can make more money than he did in SO and still have LOTS of time to do as he pleases by, for example, working in a coffee shop (Starbucks, Coffee Bean) where he will come in contact with lots of nice and energetic real-world people; and in a little while (maybe spring semester?) enroll in a Community College (costs very very little) where he can meet even more people, of his own age group, and have fun learning some things that might lead to a rewarding career in the real world.
    Best wishes to you, Daniel — and to all who follow your lead!

  21. Thanks for the update Marty – I am very glad that the efforts to preserve Daniel’s freedom are moving forward. Make sure he knows that he is most welcome, and everyone here is with him.

  22. I for one am rooting for Danny’s parents to join him for Thanksgiving. I am sure they could use a rest, too.

  23. From where we started a while back, I just have to say how cool this is. I’m so happy that all of you Independents and supporters are here doing what you do. What a great team. Thanks Marty.

  24. The Church as an entity has become suicidal. Now is the time when 1-2000 witness’ come forward to testify on record as to the abuse’s, in a courtroom in California on Daniel’s behalf. Domestic abuse? Isn’t that part of the culture he was raised in? Looks like this bathtub will all drain out in court records for the world to see. A stroke of luck. A stroke of luck Marty.

  25. Daniel, when friends are there NOTHING can hold you down!

  26. While this door is open, it would be great if as many people as possible could get themselves in front of Notaries and get their depositions to the attorney to get filed and on record in the D.A.’s office. The donations will keep coming because this is Green Flag GO time! This is a tipping point. It’s here.

  27. Truly heartwarming news! A really concrete example of “constant alertness, constant willingness to fight back” against an attempt to destroy someone’s liberty. Way to go team!

  28. This is unprecedented.

    This is the kind of help and support that people who have tried to escape the cult have needed for decades.

    You guys are awesome.

  29. David from England

    I saw a snarky piece the other day on another website “questioning” where the money for Daniel had gone, so I’m pleased to see this accounting, even though I trust you implictly in this area.

    And I’m even more pleased that we’ve been able to provide Daniel with the best possible support. This is a community worthy of the name of scientology, and one which deserves the admiration of outsiders like myself.

  30. Such great news! I’m with Tony: I’m looking forward to hearing from Daniel when he’s ready. Brainwashing can’t exist when the comm lines are wide open!

  31. Glad to see you were able to get a high-caliber lawyer!

  32. Thanks for the accounting. I was sure you would do it 🙂 – not that it was any kind of requirement (too many here simply trust you, Marty) but simply shows decency and manners which are so sadly missing in the Intransparent Accumulation of Shillings (IAS) – with the Shillings gone as well.

    Respects to the compadres that take care of our Mexican companero.

    Correct to leave the lawyer alone (poor DMology lawyer … he’ll be micro-mangled) but if something is needed that our he can’t seem to find the evidence for – you never know what a little “I need evidence for …” or whatever on this blog might produce. Just an idea.

  33. Here’s to Mr. Duran, he seems like a really great guy! I hope everything goes well. I can just hear OSA now … “But, but, Science of Survival says he’s 1.1 because he likes guys and all. Nothing like our upstat and ethical COB”.

  34. Fantastic, Marty. We are filled with as much gratitude for you as Daniel is feeling toward us. We’ll heed the call anytime the bugle is blown.

  35. Thought Provoking

    Since it has already been said…ditto my sentiments!

  36. We are all here very simple beings. And simple beings have something in common: they love to help, without any concern regarding any return. (correct me if I failed to express it in a correct english…)

  37. Funny – a similar thought had crossed my mind too. OSA “wants” to say it and “must not” say it – just problems with this riffraff 🙂

  38. You Minglish is wonderful – (it is English, don’t you worry) and you communicate very clearly.

  39. Alex Braverman

    Welcome to FREEDOM – from the suppressive tactics of the CofM.
    You are a fine example of the repressive tactics the CofM will resort to for the sole purpose of controlling you as a SLAVE. Now you are empowered to handle all threats directed at you by the CofM.

    Thanks for the transparent accounting of the monies raised, David Miscabige would never have thought to do same with the monies the CofM raises – it would be embarrassing for the public to know how much he spends on himself and Tom Cruise.

    Thank you for being there when the pinch was on, you are a true friend to Independent Scientologist; as the David Montalvo saga will probably be a milestone case i the annals of history when future Independent Scientologist read about the demise of David Miscavige and the CofM.

    The law firm of Duran and Thomas,
    Thank you for taking Daniel’s case. In the face of a morally and ethically corrupt church – run by an incompetent uneducated tyrannical midget – is a great place to be. Your wins will be great and your name will be remembered for years to come.

    To the CofM, OSA & ‘Church’ Attorneys (et al),
    Thanks for tripping over you underwear on this one folks, this is the exact situation that was needed to expose the CofM. For all your
    criminal enterprise will be exposed for what it is; a puppet theater – set up to abuse people and deny them their freedoms to live, love & learn.


  40. You are so welcome, Daniel. I would not miss the chance to help for anything. I’m so proud to be part of this unbelievable team.

  41. What Grasshopper said!

  42. one of those who see

    Marty, thank you so much for your transparency by publishing the accounting report. Not sure exactly why, but I had a huge win on it.
    Maybe it’s that you continue to put Scientology there the way it is supposed to be and it is such a key-out!
    Sounds like Daniel is in the perfect environment-a family.
    I’m sure this lawyer will accomplish the goal of freeing Daniel. I mean not only does he have his skill, but he has all our OT Postulates to back him up.
    It will be kind of fun to see what Daniel ends up doing out here in the world. We’re all kind of like his Brothers and sisters, Moms and Dads, Aunts and Uncles, Grandparents out here (depending on age LOL).
    And of course I am hoping that his real Mom and Dad get reconnected with him too.

  43. 150 contributors? Priceless.

  44. It’s always shocking when animals try to eat their young. Well done Daniel for being 100% inedible. You are going to crack more than a few fangs right out of David Miscavige’s human-centipede mouth (the lawyers are in the back, with Tommy Davis bringing up the rear). What the Church of Miscavige did was vicious beyond belief, but all-too typical.

    (If you don’t know what a “human centipede” is, it’s the subject of a horror movie currently playing “Based on the Works of David Miscavige.”)


  45. Thanks and Good Job all around! Reminds me of some of the Church’s past promo – “We are the Auditors”. There was pride in that at the time. It was real once, now it is real again! KRC in action, creating safe spaces in which Daniel and other beings can be free. Gives me hope, and I am happy to contribute when needed.

    Thank you all!

  46. Awesome to SEE you again Daniel!
    Thanks for the update Marty!

  47. Wonderful news! Glad to hear Daniel has a safe harbour to gather his energies and have “normalcy” for a change. There’s a saying about death by a thousand cuts! DM must look a mess!!! LOL. Anyway Daniel I’m glad you’re getting some quality help and we got your back kid! Thanks Marty et al for being there.
    ❤ Mits

  48. Marty,
    you wrote : “The level of competence, speed and support demonstrated for this rescue and defense operation against the Corporate Scientology empire is absolutely unprecedented.”

    And your organizing that operation is unprecedented, too. Thanks a lot, it really made my day that I can see such successes of truth and freedom.

    And big respect you to Daniel – because you didn’t surrender when cops and lawyers were harassing you. You truly deserve your freedom 🙂

  49. Marty,

    Are you talking about the same Sheriff Baca who says he’ll continue to bust people for possession of Pot even if its legalized by Prop 19?

    (Ah the good ol’days when we used to align ourselves with people like NORML and the ACLU)

    Now under his Satanic Majesty the Church aligns itself with people like Baca, the DEA and the Devil of course 🙂

  50. This is a great a really great wind of hope !

    A child raised in scientology and Sea Org – had succeeded to keep dreaming of freedom and of a better world! He decided , alone, that he would take the risk to escape in this Wog world that was said to be insane and unethical driven by ennemies …

    He is very brave because He had no base to rely on as a life before with a normal family nor school, play, friends etc..He gave a chance to find his freedom and took a risky road! Daniel you are the one who inspire us and give us many hope as the road is now open for kids to leave!

    Wih you all the rest, fun, love, happyness, true relationship, friendship, projets for futur that you are now free to have and YOU DESERVE IT. You grabbed the ”hapiness and freedon” man! We love you and support you in anything !

    Many things to everyone that have been part of the ”freedom commando” and that provides Daniel with a secure and loving environment with lots of good food, sleep and human care! Thank’s to You Mr Rathbun for arranging provision and professionnel to look after his legal needs in order he feels taken care and not alone but strong!

    This a huuuuuuuuuuuugeeeeeeeeeee major Winnnnnnnnnnnnnn
    I am soooooooooooo happy to see scientologists united together and to proove that a very strong and trustfully network to confront anything till it is resolved! Weel done!

    May Daniel be only the first one and lots to come soon!
    God bless you all!

  51. Impartial English Girl

    Wonderful to hear this update; I’m so glad that Daniel has a reason to smile. What a blessing that family who’ve taken him in must be. It really does the heart good to know that there are such good folk in the world – folk who have absolutely no hesitation in opening their lives and doors to those who need a hand, despite the full knowledge that their selfless actions could lead to nutjob reprisals.
    I read up about Mr. Duran – he sounds like a genuinely decent man, and definitely the guy for the gig. Money well spent there, I’d say.
    Keep smiling friends. It’s words and actions like this that make me feel slightly less-ashamed of being a human in our odd old world.

    Hope you all have a great weekend. x

  52. The best meal I ever had was a can of heated pork and beans after stumbling around in the woods all day starving. I can’t imagine how luxuriant these experiences must be for Daniel. Maybe overwhelming.

    All I can say to Daniel is it’s okay to cry and laugh, and to experience all the ups and downs. We all have families; it’s just that sometimes those families exist beyond the birth process.


  53. Second that.

  54. “If any contributor has any objection to these disbursements please email me at howdoesitfeel@hushmail.com for a refund. Include your name and the amount contributed.”
    What??? No waiver and writ of expulsion from the Indie group?!
    No worries – pretty confident your RRs (Refunds/Repayments stat) will remain at zero.
    Some of us just want to know he’s eating good hamburgers is all! 😀

  55. WH,

    The heck with a translator. It’s just so much easier to make up your own meanings.
    Then again, I’m lazy.
    And a bit crazy.
    But since I get to define “lazy” and “crazy”… It’s not necessarily disparaging.

    Agreements? What agreements? I don’t need no stinkin’ agreements.


  56. Thanks, Marty. Good on ya, Daniel. 🙂

  57. Marty:

    Yours is always some of the best news this side of the implant station. {LOL}

    All Daniel needed was people to support him which the Church of Scientology obviously did not do.

    Very well done to you and all the people that got him out of that mess and I know he will stay out of it.

  58. If somene here can communicate to Danny, can you tell him that John Powers, his former EstO at ASHO, says: “Danny! I’m glad to see you made it out!”

  59. I’m still watching this Daniel thing.

    My first inclinations are to give this kid 100% support…yet somewhere in the background there is something I still don’t grasp. Wish I could be more forthcoming, but…I’m in a vague state of mind on this subject. Sorry. I don’t have my thoughts in order.

    I’m a bit of a conflicted elitist – on the one hand, I wish LRH had restricted Scientology to the intellectual few – but if he hadn’t gone SO public, I probably would not have crossed his trail again this LT. This leaves me indebted to a public spiritedness that I do not share within my own life.

    Anyway, I wish this kid well – does he have children by his SO wife? If so, I hope his relationship with them is not damaged. You don’t have to be a perfect Dad to be a good Dad. Kids need you to wear the Dad hat. It is very interesting to watch kids thrust this hat onto you. I am reminded of the joke that “an adult is a baby’s way of making another baby”.

    Anyone who thinks he/she is the “master of his fate” just hasn’t had a child yet.

    Something I enjoy (in the afternoons, coming home from a demanding job) is watching the little muslim kids in their baby carriages. Whether they are tended by their Moms directly, or by their contented Grandmas, I treasure the look on these young faces (so serene, so safe-feeling).

    There is nothing wrong with helping a kid.

  60. Daniel,
    That’s a very nice picture. You look healthy and happy. There’s nothing quite like shaking off the suppression. Ah, life!
    Great news that you’ve got John Duran on your team. From what I read on his bio, he’s not a man who’s afraid to go up against Goliath. (The ending of that biblical story is that Goliath gets his head whacked off.)

  61. Freedom Fighter

    Thanks for the update, Marty. Daniel, you are most welcome! I stand at the ready in the event more is needed and you have my postulate for a just outcome.

  62. I’m with you! Same thing (as a little kid).

  63. When criminal acts occur within the Church such as rape and molestation of a 12 year old, it is carefully covered up and not reported to law enforcement for “image purposes”.

    Bad PR for the Church. It has happened in more than one country and more than a few times.

    How very hypocritical of Elliot Abelson and OSA INT Legal to file a TRO using the Legal system on “domestic violence ” when in actual fact, the “Church” hide criminal acts from Prosecution and the Legal system as a matter of course.

    Marty, I can’t wait for the next Sea Org blow and the next fund raising on this blog.
    It was *exciting* ~~ it was *team activity* ~~ it was *FUN*~~it was *Helping* another human being ~~ it was in *REAL time*~~ rolling out as it occurred. What a blog *Adventure* !

    Best wishes to Daniel Montalvo and may there be many more that escape from the cruelty and ABUSE from the modern day “Sea Organization” as ruled and micro-managed by David Miscavige.

  64. I am always skeptical about courts, especially when it comes to Scientology. In the old days, they would tend to rule against it. In these days, I might anticipate the opposite…..as a Church not a subject. I have gotten some insight into DM’s astrology chart and this legal matter with Daniel should restructure and transform certain issues for the positive (that which we are rooting for). It might not be the only legal issue that comes up but all of them should restructure the legal attitude and correct the wrongnesses of the Church. It will, however, require that those involved embrace the darkness of the matters at hand. I think everyone concerned probably all ready realizes this. This confirms it. I am not yet sure about DM’s tenure. It looks to me like it might take a while to unmock him but I will seek out a more expert opiniion. I also see that one of his biggest liabilities is his wife and this applies in particular to revealing his financial misdeeds. It would apply to any side-lover he’s had as well. Shelly is VERY angry at him. Anger will be her salvation in these matters. DM is trapped in a prison and Shelly will bite him bad, particularly in the years ahead. It will be slow and agonizing for him and might not reach its climax for several years. He also cannot trust any partnerships and is prone to deception. He’s in a prison himself. Scrutinizing Shelly’s exact locale/circumstances would prove very beneficial in resolving these matters. Hope to offer more when I can. I think Marty’s team is on the right path. Good luck!

  65. Third that 🙂

    One single phrase kept coming to mind while I read Marty’s post:

    Help. THIS is how you do it.

    It’s geek-speak and works best when said to those still in, but you get the idea. Hats off to everyone who chipped in, you set an amazing example.

  66. Thank you Marty! It is so great to hear that Daniel is doing great. He definitely looks awesome in this picture.
    My love and appreciation to the family who is giving Daniel a safe space and treating him as a family member.
    We are all your family, Daniel and will continue to support and love you ALWAYS.

  67. I haven’t seen the film, but Tosh.0 does a pretty funny monologue about it.

  68. My heart swells with this news!!! I am so happy for Daniel. Now he can pick up the pieces and start a new and wonderful life. I hope this attorney not only fixes this situation, but makes a landmark decision, making it easy for others to get out of there! Sorry about his parents, I guess they will never turn to help him. Get him educated on the constitution, the bill of rights, and some other cool books!!! He is probably starved for some real knowledge as a citizen of this country.
    (And never had any question in my mind about Marty’s handling of money. the call for help was honest).

  69. Scott Campbell

    Excellent job Marty, Tiziano and all who helped.

    Just holler if you guys need anything. I’m always willing to help a brother or sister in need.


  70. Marty – perfecto! Thank you.

    Daniel – sleep good, take a run or a walk and eat your vegetables. And, of course, enjoy some tunes. Think happy thoughts. Imagine the rest of your life. It’s youuuuuurrs!

    Nameless others, thank you, too, for what did today, will do tonight and tomorrow.

    And to the wonderful lawyer, thank you, too.
    Just Me

  71. ΘTater/GaryLerner

    Thank you Marty for the TRUE FRIEND that you are!! Seems like it’s gettin’ chilly in hell, huh? DemonMiscarnage must be shakin’ in his foot-bullet-ridden boots!!! 🙂

    Gary (just a villager grabbin’ another torch for DM…)

  72. Marty,
    Thank you so much for the update and the transparency by publishing the accounting report.
    You are a great worrier and leader. Just as LRH says: “In all great leaders there is a purpose and intensity which is unmistakable. Plus there is a certain amount of courage required in a leader.” LRH from the Management Series: “Leadership”.

    And here is also something for you David Miscavige : “A man who merely wants to be liked will never be a leader.” LRH from the Management Series: “Leadership”. Ouch that hurts, isn’t it?

    Daniel , all my best wishes to you, have a great start in your new life. And of course here is also something for you direct from LRH: “The clue to happiness is being interested in life. People’s happiness is as great as they can create it.” LRH from “A New Slant on Life”

  73. 🙂 🙂

  74. Just Me,
    You crack me up. “Eat your vegetables” – very, very good and motherly advice. All the Moms out here want a compliance report on broccoli consumption. 😉

  75. Absolutely beautiful post Marty!
    The accounting was interesting but not needed from this quarter.

    Daniel, looks like your future is getting better every day! What a courageous thetan you are! You left the suppression, with nothing. Amazing fortitude and you have my admiration! I hope that those you love will soon follow, but if it does not happen instantly, don’t be discouraged…not all can confront truth so quickly and easily as you. It speaks of your personal integrity so another acknowledgement right to you!

    Thank you to the family that has created a safe space for this young man.
    An incredible “well done” to all that helped and put a little juice in the kitty. You are effectively working toward fighting suppression and a very evil, selfish, delusional suppressive.

  76. Great news!

  77. Excellent !!!!!!!!

    This is how it’s done. Yeah.

    Love the transparancy, like icing on a cake.

    Is it just me or MARTY about 9 feet tall?

    And let not forget Tiziano.

  78. I’ll eat my vegetables if there’s chocolate cake for dessert 🙂

  79. martyrathbun09

    As my man Whimpy used to say: I’ll gladly pay you Tuesday for a hamburger I eat today.

  80. EXSO_WeComeBack4OurFriends

    Wonderful to see Daniel doing so well and all the support he has received from everyone here. I hope he’s able to feel like he’s gained a new family in the last few weeks.

    On a note somewhat related to SO members, and SO members held under duress, would anyone here be able to give me a current (or in the last 5 years) estimate on the current number of SO members in CoS? I cannot find any accurate hard data on this anywhere and it would be very helpful to many people to know. Could anyone here, particularly anyone who has left the SO in the last 5 years who was privy to stats, give me estimates? It’s data that’s currently very much needed and very much lacking – particularly to some disconnected family members.

    Since an accurate overall estimate may be hard to come by here’s a list of SO bases, maybe the former SO members here who were stationed at each one could fill in the data they know we could build an accurate estimate, if no one is privy to the total figures.

    AOSH EU:
    CLO EUS:
    CLO UK:
    CLO EU:
    CMO WUS:
    CMO EUS:
    CMO UK:
    CMO CW:
    CC INT:
    WISE I:
    SMI I:
    ABLE I:
    OSA INT:

    Big thanks to anyone who can fill in any data. If anyone knows any mentions of accurate stats online that’s I’ve somehow missed, please let me know.

  81. Tony DePhillips

    Thats right Samuel.
    Wouldn’t it be amazing if the CO$ had transparency and let it’s paritioners know where the money was going? They could do it couldn’t they? What is the justification on why they don’t? I guess it’s not the greatest good for the greatest number of dynamics that the public know what dm’s expenses are.
    We can’t handle the truth… 😦

  82. Fellow Traveller


    Soul mate. I owe you a comm. In arrears yet again.
    Bruce Pratt

  83. Marty,
    Thank you on behalf of humanity for taking care of Daniel. To us mothers, he’s our son that might not have done everything right, but deserves to have an evaluation of what he did right and what he did wrong, where there’s no doubt that the good far outweighs the bad. At 19 he deserves the chance of paving his own way to a happy life without having to have two and 99/100 strikes against him for some minor oversight. His lawyer seems perfect for the situation. Tell him one of my employees is a former Disney artist. Contact me if he wants some really rare and unique Disney memorabilia.

    Marty, you know who I am, what’s my email address. Please don’t hesitate to ask for help in this matter. My husband is now watching your videos from the SP times and is coming around. Please tell Jason Beghe, who’s been incredibly supportive in his postings. Money, shelter, whatever I can do to help, please don’t hesitate.

  84. Concerning Ken Moxon’s involvement in what happened with Daniel Montalvo, I have question for everyone reading this:

    Do you feel that Ken Moxon’s ethics are out?

    If you do, I recommend you, Marty, Mike and all of us take lawful and legal measures to see to that they get back in.

    If that means his getting disbarred, so be it. Please understand that complaints can be very effective when there is a large number of people doing the complaining.

  85. Ditto from me too. I wish his parents would grab the backpack and head for the hills. They may be under watch now though. However Amy, you and Matt were extremely creative and boisteous 😀 so maybe they can think of something and outwit the dimwits!

    Welcome to The World, Daniel—flourish and prosper!

  86. Whoa–go, Steve! A little Halloween motif here? Actually I think the C of M could very well be described by a wonderfully ghoulish portrayal…..dark dank creepy night, slowly sinking into the quicksand, attornies and Tommy and a few other bots up to their belts already, with a hot air balloon above filled with so much money in it that it can’t float and DM burrowing around in it looking for his $10,000 wetsuit……

  87. What beautiful Karen said !

  88. LOL Bruce LOL


  89. Krautfag:

    Very wise indeed, wouldn’t you say?

  90. OT VIII:

    He will be declared. The declare will read like a tract from a witch hunter.
    He will be disconnected from and if his lawyer should determine that the church may be liable for other action that comes under civil law, it could turn worse for the Church of Scientology than if he had just defended himself from a simple fake trumped up Scientology criminal allegation.

    I am sure, some people, much more powerful and influential than I even, without all the funds, will be able to be witnesses for Daniel as to the exact time, place, form and event of his rescue. He was after all literally running for his life and terrified of something.

  91. Wonderful update Marty!!
    It is felt by many the pure care and ARC that many of the independent are able to exchange… something foreign to the Church of $.
    So many great, exceptional people are now part of the IND group!!
    Thank you!

  92. If this gets uglyER and testimony is needed about David Miscavige and organized scientology through him trying to set up innocent people for crimes they never committed I’m in. He’s been trying to do this since late 1981/early 1982.

  93. 🙂 🙂 too!

  94. Daniel~Realize it’s totally OK that you don’t know everything there is to know. We will help you. We care about you more than you can realize in present time. Relax. Chill. Be a kid for a while. It’s totally OK. hugs and theta wishes are flowing from my kids and me to you…

  95. Scott Campbell

    “Tell me who’s to say after all is done, and you’re finally gone, you won’t be back again? You can find a way to change today – you don’t have to wait ’til then…”

    Here’s to you, Daniel. Enjoy.

  96. Dear Bodil, my greetings to you and your husband, I hope he really gets the point. Have him read my story if he hasn’t yet. ML Ignazio.

  97. That’s beautiful.

  98. “I’m a bit of a conflicted elitist – on the one hand, I wish LRH had restricted Scientology to the intellectual few”


    “Definities van elitist op het internet in het Engels:

    •someone who believes in rule by an elite group

    •Elitism is the belief or attitude that those individuals who are considered members of the elite — a select group of people with, intellect, wealth, specialized training or experience, or other distinctive attributes — are those whose views on a matter are to be taken the most seriously or …

    •elitism – the attitude that society should be governed by an elite group of individuals

    •An elitist genetic algorithm is one that always retains in the population the best individual found so far. Tournament selection is naturally elitist.

    •elitism – 1. The belief that certain persons or members of certain classes or groups deserve favored treatment by virtue of their perceived superiority, as in intellect, social status, or financial resources. 2. (A) The sense of entitlement enjoyed by such a group or class. …

    •elitism – The position that society depends on a particular class in order to flourish. Classes might include intellectual, social, or cultural categories.

    •elitism – the belief or practice that government should be by a self-appointed group who consider themselves superior to those governed by virtue of their higher birth. — elitist

  99. You are such a trooper 🙂

  100. Aylesbury Wolf - A Hubbard Knight

    Hi Impartial English Girl

    No need to feel ashamed of being human if you are working toward making this a better world. Yes it is “odd old world”. But it is the collective of reactive minds cross-restimulating that make it so. Imagine the world if there were no reactive minds in restimulation? Consider the following LRH quote:

    “Early in 1952 – January 1st, to be exact – I was already well launched on another idea: Instead of attempting the resolution of this problem in terms of the reduction of the reactive mind, would it not be possible to put the analytical mind in such a state of alertness as to make it capable of handling and nullifying the reactive mind?
    I have found it possible to separate the analytical mind – which we call the thetan – from the body and, while it is separated, treat it until it is capable
    of handling with great ease any quantity of aberration in the reactive mind.” Associate Newsletter 28th April 1953 (Written after the PDC lecture series.)

    There is a lecture in the PDC series (No. 46) entitled, “Goal: Rehabilitation of Thetan, Case Step 1”.

    For me, this is what Scientology is about, the rehabilitation of us as Thetans.

    I have been doing the “OT drills” as outlined in the PDC lectures for some time now. I have a very solid reality of their workability! And bit by bit, you become rehabilitated. BEINGNESS is SPACE. As you recover your ability to create YOUR own space (creating your anchor points – as opposed to using the anchor points of the physical universe (MEST universe), your beingness increases accordingly.

    The Co$ and miscavige are about driving your anchor points in – crushing your SPACE and thus your BEINGNESS. And as LRH says, this is betrayal.

    As Indies, we are now free of miscavige’s betrayal. (Though, we have to work towards the sign “Under New Management” going up on all organizations across the planet. Nothing to be ashamed of in achieving that.)

    LRH’s tech is there, it is a matter of making it your own through study and then using it to be a rehabilitated Thetan and truly BE free.


  101. Dear Marty,

    Thank you very much for the update. We are causing an effect and I’m very happy about you don’t make any secret about the donations. Why not ?
    We don’t have anything to hide from the ennemy as we don’t have an ennemy !
    If Daniel ever wants to travel in Europe, we have a place he can stay at.
    Let him know that in Europe he also can get some hamburgers ! 🙂

  102. I am a little reluctant to discuss the pro’s and con’s publically, for obvious reasons 😉

    I’ll just say that in my opinion it’s a very good choice in many different respects and the money was well spent.

    *sigh* I wish I had been a fly on the wall then dirtbag Abelson got word of it

  103. man, I seem to have a bad-English-day today….meh

  104. Good news to hear your doing well Daniel. This B.S. will all get sorted out so you can live your life your way.
    The very best to you and your new family.
    Daniel as you know you have a large extended family pulling for you. You will be the victor at days end.
    Marty, I have to admit I do not understand the attorney selection. Daniel’s facing a larceny and domestic abuse charges if I understand this case correctly. John Duran is a gay activist attorney. I also noticed he is a Human Rights specialist.
    I guess my question is: Do you see this case evolving into a Human Rights issue?

  105. martyrathbun09

    Jack, I’ve never considered the matter anything other than a Human Rights issue.

  106. Daniel, Congratulations and Very Well Done! It may take a while for you to fully let go of your other (S.O.) life and create your new life, but follow LRH, his words, intents and power lines and you will do great.
    Marty, Thank you and y’all! Please carry on, I don’t hear any fat ladies singing yet. (“it’s not over until the fat lady sings”) but the orchestra sounds great, even with an ear turned toward the ramparts.

  107. Normally I wouldn’t respond to to this type of comment, but I think this bears understanding.

    Elitist? Intellectual few? Ah, yeah, that. Rising above the masses and going free. By dent of your own superiority. Wow! Sounds good on paper.

    But here’s my reality, my experience. Through the endless streams of time, I’ve reached nirvana and other such states; been OT more times than I can count. I’ve been way up the tone scale and visited native state and the theta universe so often that I get frequent flyer miles.

    And I can pretty much guarantee that no one is going to “go free” either alone or with an elite group.

    Freedom is relative. There is no absolute freedom. Through all the streams of time, we establish ARC and KRC with others. There’s no such thing as just walking away and not caring anymore about those left behind. If you get that high, you will care. If you don’t care, you don’t have a prayer of getting that high. It’s a weird Catch 22 situation.

    You can last for a while outside the space, time and energy of the physical universe. But, sooner or later, one of those comm lines will snag your attention. One of those beings you so conveniently left behind will reach out, wondering “whatever happened to Suchasmartypants?”

    Thetans have the native ability to find one another. Without bodies or identities or viewpoints, a thetan can recognize and locate another thetan. How do they do this? you might argue. After all, life is basically a static, and theta is basically a static, and if a thetan doesn’t place a viewpoint in space, then he has no location, so you technically can’t locate him.

    Well, yes you can. And easily. It just happens on a level beyond what we consider physical universe space and time and energy. It happens in the realm of theta perceptics and theta physics.

    So, you’ll get this conceptual comm going and you’ll gradually get pulled back into the time/space continuum via which those beings are operating. And this universe is only one.

    The aesthetics of the comm will eventually hook your attention. Affinity, Reality, Communication and Understanding comprise theta. ARC gives theta pleasure. Pleasure is the key element of aesthetics. And you will be naturally attracted to the added ARC of comm coming your way. It’s just the nature of the beast.


    Of course, you could block the comm, deny the comm, not-is the comm or any other such trick, which is basically the recipe for making the comm persist and creating reduced ARC. And the more you reduce your ARC the less likely you will maintain this OT state.

    As for being intellectually elite. That would apply to being intellectually elite as a human. The difference between the smartest human and the dumbest is about the difference between the smartest field mouse and the dumbest. In the grand scheme of things, an IQ of 200 isn’t much different than 70. It’s all relative. Just look at the smartest humans in history and the dumbest; they all ended up with the same fate: dead and unconscious.

    Finding ways to be superior to others might be amusing and might gratify the old ego, but who the hell wants to gratify an ego? Egos have no loyalty to you, so whatever you invest in ego is about as intelligent as “investing” in slots at a Vegas Casino. You might hit the jackpot, but given enough time, the machines will take back all your winnings and make you a loser. So will ego. Ask an old athlete wallowing in his glory days.

    The elite few are just putting on airs. I can’t speak for LRH but I’m guessing he knew all this. One person can’t go completely free. Neither can an elite group.

    Of course, I might just be nuts. But then again, I just ate some raspberries and they were excellent. Which, I’m pretty sure proves that Yeti have yet to dance naked in Times Square. Though I’m not averse to the Rockettes performing thusly and sending me the video. Nothing like a good aesthetic experience to soothe a damaged elitist intellect.


  108. RJ,

    Maybe hot brownies with ice cream?

  109. Just Me,

    Don’t forget the most important thing to a young man. Find someone to hug and kiss and…and…ah, you know.

    And when someone shoves a sheet of paper in front of you and demands an O/W writeup, you can write all the fun things you’ve done and tell that person to go to hell.

    Pleasure is pro-surivival. Overts are contra-survival.


  110. Jack,
    if Marty and me ever met we probably wouldn’t agree on the color of the sky, but since I read the wikipedia-entry about Duran I haven’t stopped grinning. Of course the whole affair is a Human Rights issue (recruiting minors as work slaves is definitely a Human Rights issue, as is the cudgel of disconnection from family) but that’s just one angle.
    Re-read the whole wikipedia-entry carefully and think about locations, connections and the usual church modus operandi for legal.
    Slimy Moxon and Abelson got a tough nut to crack, let’s see how their usual procedure shit plays out on this one.

  111. Larceny? Are you sure? When was that added?

  112. Daniel, Happy to see you again. You are looking great. Looks like you have wonderful representation…thanks to you all!

  113. OT VIII: …”Sorry. I don’t have my thoughts in order.

    I’m a bit of a conflicted elitist – on the one hand, I wish LRH had restricted Scientology to the intellectual few – but if he hadn’t gone SO public, I probably would not have crossed his trail again this LT.”

    I truly hope you will get your thoughts in order and have a serious “think” about this elitist idea. A person should be measured only by their abilities and actions – and that doesn’t mean that a person with a “challenge” should be considered dirt. We all have different interests and different abilities. How you act with the abilities you have will determine how you are viewed by others. By that measure a person born from wealth and doing a great job is not “better” than a person born poor but doing an equivalently great job.

    The best auditors I have worked with all came from families of limited means. No elitism there. Also, there is nothing wrong with the idea of “helping the able become more able” when put in the same context. That (helping the able…) does not mean and end to humanitarian actions, it should result in more humanitarian actions as we progress through auditing and handle our 3rd and 4th dynamic reactivities.

  114. Tony DePhillips

    This could be a promo peice for the IAS!!

  115. Thank you Michael for this reply. When I read OT95’s musing, I shook my head, went outside, set up the ladders and cleaned some gutters. I imagine that’s how I asserted my elitism.

    “I wish LRH had restricted Scientology to the intellectual few…”

    I’m still shaking my head.


  116. Daniel, welcome to Scientology in the free world. Enjoy all your new friends and opportunities.

    Marty, I hope your choice on legal counsel meets quick success for Daniel. It certainly is an opportunity for counter claims and suits. You know the sayings, the defense of anything is untenable and never defend, always attack.

    There is enough here to really create a PR nightmare for $cientology. If the church is smart they will backpeddle their way out of this will frightening speed and offer Daniel a letter of apology and a settlement for years of service. Then they need to hope he is not as vicious and devious as they are. In that they are most likley in luck. But they need to act fast.

    They have totally overplayed their hand and shown their true colors. Its indicative of just how out of touch with humanity they have become.

  117. Theo Sismanides

    And in Greece some Souvlaki, hahaha. Right on LO!

  118. Theo Sismanides

    Once Upon A Time, A beautiful essay on Going Free and what it takes…

    Thank you, really. Such an insightful writing, I must admit. I will just print it and read it over as it surely exudes some wisdom.

  119. I don’t want to be in Moxon’s mind right now. It must be a real scary place when the wheels are turning plotting evil.

  120. Theo Sismanides

    Hey, Hubbard Knight, well put. You intrigued me to read that lecture (No. 46) from the PDCs. Never read that one. Thank you.

  121. Krautfag:

    Eliot Abelson? For goodness sakes -What a character!

    He should be behind bars himself and not preaching the “laws of the land” to people. He is a disgrace.

  122. (TEG – what is that program target doing here anyway.
    Blessing Michael´s raspberries and sharing a head shake. )

  123. Was told there wasn’t a CMO Gold for sometime now. This post on ESMB on July 07 gives you an idea of how many were left and how many Exs there are from the Int Base. Might not be totally accurate, but it gives you a general idea. http://www.forum.exscn.net/showpost.php?p=17367&postcount=1

  124. “Let’s get them out”

  125. Grinning here too. Yes, the types of landmark cases Duran has won to his credit, his Council seat, his broad connections, location, are absolutely superb. Brilliant choice for whoever chose him. I also agree about Moxon’s and Ableson’s “usual” will backfire. And you know Miscavige is completely unable to stop himseself from repeating stupid footbullets. Seen this for last 2 years.

    Daniel, no need to thank. You just might be the pivotal hero that turns the tide. I’m thinking you might be tired of being referred to as a “kid”,
    but it’s not meant in a bad way.. It’s just that 19 is young; but 19 and raised in Sea Org since 4 is even younger, only due to lack of information and normal family and social life. That’s the only reason. Whatever, I and many others know the courage and personal integrity it took for you step out that door.
    You have set a good, no stellar, example for all of us, your fellow SO friends, and above all, your family. As an older, ex SO, I can promise you that sticking to your personal integrity is often not easy, but the rewards are immense. I’m sure your family is weighing heavy on your mind. Hey, You obviously are the strongest link in that family. Let them follow you and the example you are setting. Best wishes from me and my family.

  126. He defends mobsters. DM is a mobster in my eyes. So Eliot Jay Abelson is right were he belongs.

  127. Michael- NO NO NO! Carrot cake with cream cheese icing!!!! MMMMMMMMMM……..

  128. Daniel, good to see your smiling face. You have a whole new game to create now, with loads of good adventure up ahead. You’re obviously a smart and strong being, so you’ll do very well. We’re here for you if you need anything.

  129. So true Larry.

    I remember reading about how the little weasel tried to set up the Mayo’s on drug charges.

  130. This is really nice. Thank you for posting it.

  131. Impartial English Girl

    Hi Wolf,

    Thanks for your explanation; most interesting. I guess I’m not ashamed of being a human – but I’ll always be ashamed of much of human action generally – the way just one species is screwing everything up for all the other life-forms who don’t have a choice, plus man’s inhumanity to man. Personally, I blame the Crusades – that’s when it all started going tits-up, I think.

    Are you a wolf from Aylesbury in England? My dad’s from there – but he’s more of a sloth, to be honest…!

    IEG x

  132. 2dmxr,

    It’s not totally OTVIII’s fault “able” has been perverted by gremlins in the “Church” to mean “able” to fork over large donations to the IAS.

    Just as “upstat” came to mean someone with a lot of doe.

    So you can understand why OTVIII is swimming in mis-u phenomenon and dramatizing his e-purps and ser facs.

  133. Once Upon a Time.

    You can be my mommy anytime 🙂



    Those veggies are history!

    TEG I’ll take the carrot cake too 🙂

  134. Watching Eyes

    Sure is a Human Rights issue and a huge one at that. Imagine if it goes to trial. Just think of all that will come out and not one bit of it will look good on the “church”. How will the brilliant minds of Moxin & Kobrin handle that? Ask for the courtroom to be sealed………on larceny & spouse abuse charges? Good luck on that one.

    note to DM: Are you starting to wonder at what point the Feds are going to say “enough” and go in?

  135. Scott Campbell


    Thanks for this link. I read it to see if those I knew were still there.

    I saw that Marty was listed as, “Deceased?”

    Reminds me of the, “Reports of my death have been greatly exaggerated” quote.

    To say the least!


  136. Krautfag;
    I did spend some quality looking over John Duran’s bio. My post directed ato Marty was my wink, wink….
    Plus I wanted to make sure I was understanding the strategy to hire a well known human rights attorney for a defendent charged with a felony theft.
    As you know Kratufag this group is not low on OT abilities.
    At the end of day I’m very impressed with the legal counsel for Daniel.

  137. I wouldn’t wanna be in Kendrick Moxon’s mind at any given time.
    There isn’t enough soap in the world to cleanse yourself afterwards.

  138. Makes sense there would be no more CMO Gold–on of it’s LRH-given purposes when it was CMOS was to see to the establishment and stability of Gold, starting with the Gold execs. That would be such a threat to Miscarnage that it would have to be eliminated. I tend to believe it is no longer, or soon will be so.

  139. That really is you Powers? Nice.

  140. TEG,

    Lots of time for him to enjoy all of life’s experiences. God, I do love carrot cake. No need to cram all of this experience into too short a time frame. Lots of space. Lots of time.
    Delicious, savoring all the senses, not just of taste but of sights and sounds and all the rest.

  141. Could this be another Tar Baby?

    DM swinging away and every time he lands a punch or kick he becomes more stuck and can’t extricate himself.

    Watching him right now must be really entertaining. All of his old strategies don’t work and merely backfire. The more effort he puts out, the more effort he has to put out because all of his efforts become counter-efforts. It’s like the law “for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction” gone haywire for him. Every action is magnified with an exaggerated reaction.

    Course, that reaction is merely pent up energy that has been stored for decades looking for a means of release.

    Boing. Boing. Boing.


  142. Guys, please. “OTVIII” is about as OT as Miscavige. This is not the first post in which he “doesn’t have his thoughts in order” or “Sorry Marty, I misunderstood the post” etc, etc. I’ve seen a number of these from him.

    No OTVIII would have mentioned that “elitist” drivel.

    And yes, of course Daniel has MANY children–just like the rest of the young SO couples. What a great question.

    Hey “OTVIII,” I say how about getting your thoughts straight before you post, otherwise, gee, perhaps you’re just trying to distract and misdirect attention.

    If I’ve offended you with this, perhaps you can go out and watch the little muslim children and key out again.

  143. Dear Cat,

    Let’s coin a new one: Homo Nuttis. Nuts looove squirrels.

  144. Marty, thanks for the update on Daniel. I am glad he is doing well. My best to him.

    Excellent choice of legal representation and a very clever strategic maneuver Marty. Nicely done. DM is so outclassed.

    Thanks for the accounting, although unnecessary.

  145. That would not surprise me at all.

    I’ve known David Miscavige through the Int Finance Police trying to get people (actual dedicated staff, not some imagined external enemies) charged with crimes and put into jail on a regular basis. The charges were always trumped up and false. He wanted heads on pikes so that others would fear him and toe the line and did not care at all if they were innocent or guilty as scaring all into compliance was “the greatest good” in his deranged mind.

    There is one real thing that I am still proud of after over a year and a half of being Special Unit IC and WDC X. And that was after spending much of my time stopping or trying to stop such attempts to get others prosecuted based on false charges, not one person was successfully prosecuted for any of those “crimes” on my watch. Nor, as far as I know, were any staff actually brought before the police and charged with crimes like Miscavige wanted.

    I remember also the brutal busting of dedicated top staff at Int back in 1982 by Miscavige and those who did his bidding including seeing Miscavige punch one hard in the mouth back then, slap another down, choke another, spit on dedicated staff he chose to bust and otherwise brutally abuse them.

    Miscavige has been trying to carry out such atrocities since his earliest days in control there.

    He however is weak as is his trained pony Moxon as they try to prey on people without the resources to defend themselves or, for fear of losing loved ones, will not speak out or fight back.

    I honestly believe that the reckoning has begun as organized scientology under Miscavige implodes. I myself would dread being Miscavige or Moxon as I do believe that karma has not been kind when it comes to them and it is about to get much worse for them.

    What Miscavige is up against and what is rebounding onto organized scientology is far more powerful than all of the legal and financial might of organized scientology for within it can be found family and real love and compassion which, unlike the rapidly dying organized scientology, lasts forever:



  146. Thanks Larry,

    BTW well done on holding your position and doing the right thing.

    I am sure that Miscavige will “pull it in” (his favorite justification for f*cking people over) someday soon and we’ll both raise a toast over that.

    I think going after poor Danno here may be as the Brits say his Waterloo.

    By the way Danny.

    I got so caught up in banter that I forgot to acknowledge your escape from the Alcatraz Scientology has become.

    Well done kid 🙂

  147. Aylesbury Wolf - A Hubbard Knight

    Hello IEG

    No I’m an Aussie. I actually got into Scientology when I was living in London. I was on lines at the Tottenham Court Rd org for 3 years in the late seventies before heading home.

    Looking forward to the Ashes series here in Australia. I’m pan-determined enough to hope that the Pomms win the series since it’d make cricket a much more interesting game once the Aussies come off their dominance. May be starting to happen.

    The Wolf

  148. Dear Daniel,
    I am so happy that you are doing well and are free. The pic of you leaving really spoke.. very evocative picture, it really grabbed me. You’re a very courageous young man and I wish you the best in life. Rest up, read lots of books, get some good eats for a change, and enjoy getting to sleep in, wake up and decide what YOU want to do with your day. I think you have a bright future ahead of you and best of all, it’s YOURS.

    I’d like to donate to Daniel’s cause, so please keep us apprised of his needs so I can pitch in for Round 2, thanks Marty.

  149. I have tears in my eyes. What a wonderful post full of positive information. Daniel is one of the lucky ones. He has a new family that cares about him and I am sure they will have a special bond as time goes by. He will have a life full of laughter, friends, family, a normal job and the hundred of other things we take for granted each day,
    Now, to get through this legal maze. This lawyer is a great choice and is going to make Miscavige wish, once again, that he never screwed with Marty. The severe abuse of Sea Org, Human Trafficking and all the other Human Rights Abuses are going to come out. (good job Dave)
    Daniel, wishing you all the best life can give. Also to all the Independents on this blog…thank you for teaching me what your true beliefs are and I am proud to say I have nothing but the utmost respect for all of you.

  150. Wow. That kid looks like a young/smaller Andre the Giant.

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