Miscavige’s people can’t lie straight in bed

By way of background, I refer to my post of 19 August on this blog:  https://markrathbun.wordpress.com/2010/08/19/lying-in-miscaviges-70-million-bunker/

In that post I quoted excerpts from the July 2 deposition of Tommy Davis that were lodged in the court file in the Headley cases. Since then I received a copy of the entire transcript of the deposition.  The transcript reveals that Davis’ prevaricating was far more blatant than what was demonstrated by the then-available excerpts in the 19 August post.

On July 2 of this year Thomas “Tommy” Davis swore under the pains and penalties of perjury to tell Marc and Claire Headley’s lawyers the truth, and nothing but the truth. 

Let’s take a look at what regard Miscavige’s chosen golden boy has for the law of the of the land requiring one answer truthfully to questions asked in deposition.  Usually it requires some external documentary evidence to prove someone a liar. Davis proves himself to be a liar.

Q (question): So do you have any responsibilities for Sea Organization members who blow?

A (answer): No.

Q: You’re not supposed to follow individuals who have left the Sea Organization?

A: I’m not actually sure I understand the question.

Q: Okay. Do you follow individuals who left the Sea Organization without prior authorization?

A: No.

Q: Have you ever done that?

A: No.

Q: So you have never followed a Sea Organization member that has blown?

A: No.

Now, the following is what Tommy had to say just five minutes later during the deposition:

Q: Okay. So you have been to Texas in either April or May?

A: Yeah.

Q: Okay. And what was the purpose of that visit?

A:   I was — went with some friends to see a friend of mine who had left.

Q: Was that individual’s name John Brousseau?

A: Yes.

Q: Isn’t true that you showed up at his motel room at 5:30 in the morning?

A: Yes, it is.

Q: Did he call and ask you to come visit him?

A: He did not.

Q: So when you visited him at 5:30 in the morning, it was unannounced?

A: That is correct.

Q: And you came in a vehicle. And were there three other people with you?

A: Yes, there were.

Q: Had Mr. Brousseau recently blown the Sea Organization?

A: Yes, he had.

Q: How did you know he was in Texas?

A: I was informed by my supervisor.

Q: Did your supervisor tell you to go see him?

A: No, she did not.

Q: So why did you go to Texas to see John?

A: Because he is a very good friend of mine.

Q: But he did not ask you to come visit him?\

A: No, he did not.

Q: And at the time that you were visiting Mr. Brousseau, is it true that there were a number of vehicles that were sent to the home of Marty Rathbun?

A: I don’t know about “sent.”  There were some people who went to see him, yes.


Q: Who did send those individuals to Marty Rathbun’s house?

A: I don’t know of anybody that sent them. Nobody sent anybody anywhere.

Q: So no one sent you to see Mr. Brousseau?

A: No.

Q: And were you visiting him as part of your job duties for the church of Scientology?

A: No, I was not.

After Tommy unequivocally swore that he went to Texas to see John Brousseau with three other people at 5:30 in the morning unannnounced and uninvited on his own initiative, not as directed by his supervisor, not having anything to do with his duties in the church, and solely based on his decision as a personal friend to do so, he swore as follows:

Q: How did you get to Texas to visit Mr. Brousseau?

A: On an airplane.

Q: Who paid for your airplane ticket?

A: The church.

Q: Did the church also pay for Angie, Bob and Laurance’s plane tickets?

A: Yes.

Q: And did the church pay for the vehicle that you were driving to go see Mr. Brousseau at the motel?

 A: Yes.

After all of that Tommy had the temerity to swear to the following under oath:

Q: What is a blow drill?

A: The only time that I have heard that term was in receiving media inquiries. It is not a term I was familiar with prior to being asked about it by the media. So the definition I have of it is from the media, which is that people leave and there is some sort of drill by which, that goes into play when they leave.

Q: Have you ever participated in what you have an understanding to be a blow drill?

A: I don’t believe I can answer that question, because I just explained that I don’t know what a blow drill is outside of what the media has asked me.  So I could not participate in something that I never heard of until I had been asked it by the media.

Oh yeah, then there are the documents that JB reminded me of:

Hi Marty.

Then there’s the “Incident Report” filed by Warren McShane as President of Religious Technology Center on 12 July 2010 with the Riverside County Sheriff. Further contradiction and evidence of Tommy’s lying is where it is reported:

“Mr. McShane summoned (4) church members/employees who knew JB the best and sent them to Texas to attempt to contact him and perhaps persuade him to return to the facility in Hemet, CA. According to Mr. McShane the four dispatched employees were able to contact JB in the lobby of the Best Western motel on April 26th or 27th 2010. The group tried to persuade JB to return with them. JB retreated to his room and refused to come out or speak with the group.”

Yet Tommy states he and the others went on their own volition and were not “sent”?

Further, when I was in the motel room after they tried to approach me, Tommy slipped the following handwritten note under the door:


“This is nuts. We just want to talk. We’re here to resolve whatever is going on. But, you do need to understand the consequences of what has been done and what you’ve gotten yourself into personally. We have with us docs you have previously signed and which places you at risk. We mean you no ill will. We are not here to persuade you to come back. Rather, we hope we can reach an understanding whereby you abide by the covenants you have signed and we will refrain from further contact. We’re here because we’re your friends and wanted to help you do the least amount of damage to yourself and to Scn. We’ve come a long way to talk to you and have approached you in a straightforward way.

“I’m going to call you in room in five minutes so we can talk.

“We can end and resolve this simply and now.

“So, let’s just talk.”

Needless to say, the phone rang nearly incessantly after that, but I didn’t answer.

So, there’s more docs showing he is a liar.

It is 6 months now since I left. It still feels good!


Quite apparently Miscavige is having great success in molding into his own character those still within the confines of his bunker

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  1. Liar Liar Pants of Fire!

    Since he so obviously lied, shouldn’t Tommy be charged with perjury?

  2. Tommy is an idiot. Tommy is toast. His mother must be mortified.

  3. I just want the beatings to stop!

    Wow, Absolutely no Integrity.

    That’s the Church of DM.

  4. Why? Why? It is one thing to be stupid. It is quite another to be stupid under oath. People who are under suppression make mistakes, and besides, criminals are not the sharpest tools in the shed.

    I mean, really, why lie? Or, at least, why lie like that? Why not say: “JB is my friend, and since he just left church staff, we wanted to meet with him and see if there was any way we could help him and address his concerns. We felt bad about his leaving, and we wanted to do what we could to rectify the situation f we could. So, we volunteered to fly out and visit with JB, the Church paid for it, and yes, it was unannounced, but we knew he was upset, and like I said, we wanted to do what we could to make it right.”

    But, of course, he can’t lie like that, because Tommy can’t picture a nice, pleasant trip to help a comrade who is obviously distressed. Even if that lie is more likely to pass muster.

  5. DFB aka Dfb99

    No. There is no such thing as mortified. I’ve never even heard of that.
    Who told you that?
    I dont know who told you that, but there is no such thing as anybody being mortified in Scientology.

  6. Tommy:

    Blow, baby…..BLOW!!

    You need to stop the fraudulent front. You are going to be remembered as a modern day Joseph Goebbels. You have blown before. Come on home, all the way. A safe environment away from DM is possible. I hope you are not thinking you can succeed DM as COB some day. Quite frankly, I don’t think he would let anyone succeed him. He will see it all collapses before then.


  7. I see…..


    Obviously Two faced Tommy has been coached by the master(bater) himself:


  8. Hey, what’s that sound, kind of like a bowling ball rolling towards the pins? Ah, must be Tommy Davis’ head…

  9. You know what I admire most about all of you here? The Energy and the Vitality you put into your fight, day after day after day, without ever seeming to tire or lose faith in your struggle.

    You embody Thoreau’s observation: “Things don’t change. WE change.”



  10. Should be, at least.
    Maybe someone should show her this and ask her:
    – “Does Tommy sound brainwashed to you?”
    – “How dare you!”

    (Of course, she’ll most likely think it is all made up by the evil SPs in an effort to discredit poor Tommy.)

    Personally, I would find it hard to sleep at night if I had to be telling lies to people every day, but the schedule at the Int Base takes care of that kind of problem, I suppose. One soon learns to take a nap at every opportunity one can manage to get.

  11. Tony DePhillips

    Are these the types of people that are supposed to help us get to spiritual freedom??

  12. Impressed with Tommy? NOT!

    Integrity? Tommy Davis has NO integrity.

    That’s why he is the spokesperson for the Church of DM!

  13. Well that just makes it plain as day right there!
    Boy, what doublespeak too…makes my brain hurt trying to follow that.

  14. What is going on in the actual mind of this man? Seems like the obliviousness of lie upon lie upon lie so he can’t even keep them straight anymore. Whatch out Tommy, when you mess up you get put in the Hole….then you won’t be able to see your family at ALL……right??

  15. Any chance of nailing him on it?

    Fingers crossed on seeing the Headley case go to appeal.

  16. Tomy Davis is ashaming his family with his behaviour. And he is moving himself closer to jail every time he perjures himself. Maybe he’ll share a cell with David? I am sure his mother, actress Anne Archer, and step father Terry Jastrow are cringing (or would be they knew of his lies – but I think they are being lied to, too heavily too see the truth). Shame really, since they are good people.

  17. This is complete nonsense! How could a judge not spot the glaring outpoints in his folish answers? It leaves someone to wonder ……

  18. Tommy Davis ….how is lying to the law and public repeatedly for years not a contrasurvival act?

    “I’m not upset that you lied to me, I’m upset that from now on I can’t believe you.” -Friedrich Nietzsche

    #EpicFAIL Scientology Corporation!!!

  19. There’s lying,
    stupid lying and then
    there’s Tommy Davis lying.

    “Lying is an alteration of time, place, event or form.
    Lying becomes alter-isness, becomes stupidity.” (Axiom 38)

    All in the vein of
    “There is no disconnection” – with the appropriate PL shown on TV.
    “There is no blow drill” – question is: who in the SO does NOT know about it.

    Granted, it’s quite believable that a church would pay for several flights, cars, coordinate odd times of “appearances” of a host of people in different locations without anybody involved knowing anything about what the others do. Just shows the whole thing is run on pure “faith” (that no one will notice, I guess).

  20. I don’t see any problem here. How many of us routinely show up unannounced and uninvited at the homes of friends at 5:30 AM with nineteen other people in tow? And don’t we then proceed to scream and yell at our friends and attempt to kidnap them?

    We do this because they are our friends and we want to lock them up behind razor wire fences to keep them safe. This is all done to keep our friends safe you see. Happens all the time.

    Yes Tommy, this is all perfectly normal and we understand it.


  21. How much abuse and lying for DM can Tommy Davis take before he flees ?
    That is the question.
    He comes across as quite unstable.
    Flouncing out of the Martin Bashir interview screamed of Human Emotion and Reaction ~ pure H E & R.

    But one thing sticks in my mind and that is those that BLOW, blow again.
    That urge to FLEE does not erase. He briefly blew after the 2007 BBC flap.

    I am puzzled why he is so buried and invisible by search engines.
    Cannot find any Church site (Only the sites that mock him)
    when GOOGLE searching

    Tommy Davis Scientology Spokesman
    Tommy Davis Scientology
    Tommy Davis Spokesman

    Now, I am not saying he will not surface on page 119 in a Goggle search or some such, but he is sure hard to find on a Church site.

  22. When is a blow drill not a blow drill? When it’s a DM approved and ordered sex act paid for by the Church of $cientiology.

  23. ExIntStaffMember

    Unbelieveable. Literally, unbelieveable. How does Davis escape going to jail for this blatant perjury?

  24. Poor Tommy. He wouldn’t know the truth if it bit him on his butt. Which it looks like it’s about to . . .

  25. Tommy’s memory seems to be failing fast. He knew all about the Blow Drill in 2009 but had no recollection of it – beyond the media – in 2010. In a letter to the SP Times dated November 1, 2009 he said:

    “The Church, of course, is interested in giving members who have failed in performing their duties a chance to reform and rehabilitate themselves. That is Scientology’s purpose. On the other hand, the policy (and it is policy) is that the Church will not keep people on staff who want to leave. Mike Rinder is the best illustration of this policy. As he well knows, nobody attempted to bring him back. The same is true for Marty Rathbun. They are complaining about a blow drill that was only conducted by them. They are speaking of their own efforts to keep individuals on staff who were unfortunately destructive and/or suppressive”.

    Tommy looks more and more like a man made in DM’s image.

  26. I can just imagine JB in his hotel room at 5.30am saying to himself “I so hope my very good friend Tommy Davis visits me now”.

  27. Tommy Two Toast

  28. Where is Tommy? Nadine is out, married to someone else. Anyone seen TD lately?

  29. Perjury ain’t a pretty word and difficult to prove in court. But doesn’t Davis’ deposition testimony also speak to the tax issue? He is using church funds for a purely personal adventure (for lack of a better word). You can’t have it both ways boy Thom!

  30. Well, Tommy Boy, you know what they say…
    It’s all fun and games until somebody loses a testicle.

  31. Martin — Yeah, and funny he didnt call beforehand to let his very good friend know he was coming!

  32. Well spotted Sherlock.

    Just to correct something here, Tommy doesnt have his own memory. He recalls what he is told to do and say immediately before his PT assignment. No other memory exists.

    Apart from this deposition, his contradictory statements are too numerous to count. Let’s not forget his most memorable “we do not practice disconnection” on CNN.

  33. Hi Marty.

    Then there’s the “Incident Report” filed by Warren McShane as President of Religious Technology Center on 12 July 2010 with the Riverside County Sheriff. Further contradiction and evidence of Tommy’s lying is where it is reported:

    “Mr. McShane summoned (4) church members/employees who knew JB the best and sent them to Texas to attempt to contact him and perhaps persuade him to return to the facility in Hemet, CA. According to Mr. McShane the four dispatched employees were able to contact JB in the lobby of the Best Western motel on April 26th or 27th 2010. The group tried to persuade JB to return with them. JB retreated to his room and refused to come out or speak with the group.”

    Yet Tommy states he and the others went on their own volition and were not “sent”?

    Further, when I was in the motel room after they tried to approach me, Tommy slipped the following handwritten note under the door:


    “This is nuts. We just want to talk. We’re here to resolve whatever is going on. But, you do need to understand the consequences of what has been done and what you’ve gotten yourself into personally. We have with us docs you have previously signed and which places you at risk. We mean you no ill will. We are not here to persuade you to come back. Rather, we hope we can reach an understanding whereby you abide by the covenants you have signed and we will refrain from further contact. We’re here because we’re your friends and wanted to help you do the least amount of damage to yourself and to Scn. We’ve come a long way to talk to you and have approached you in a straightforward way.

    “I’m going to call you in room in five minutes so we can talk.

    “We can end and resolve this simply and now.

    “So, let’s just talk.”

    Needless to say, the phone rang nearly incessantly after that, but I didn’t answer.

    So, there’s more docs showing he is a liar.

    It is 6 months now since I left. It still feels good!

  34. JB,

    You rock. Hope all is well with you. Update us when you can.

    – Tom

  35. Marty,

    Interesting you mention Tommy being Miscavige’s “golden boy.” You reminded me of something I have been meaning to comment on.

    Remember when the colors you associated with Scientology were red on white and green on white?

    Dear Leader, with his “Golden” Age of Tech and “Golden” Age of Knowledge, has blanketed the subject with his color of choice – gold. And how appropriate and symbolic of the lust for lucre that is the hallmark of $cientology under the Vampire Emperor.

    But as the old saying goes, all that glitters is not gold, so while he may be expert at making it appear to shine and sparkle with special effects, staged shots, false stats, glitzy packaging, fancy empty buildings and a lot of hot, droning air, there are an increasing number of people who choose to stick with the LRH brand of Scientology and leave the “Golden Scientology” to Dave and his Argonauts (IAS) in search of the mythical golden fleece (or perhaps “gold to fleece”).

    Miscavige brand ™ “Golden Scientology” ® is squirrel Scientology like Yellow Journalism is squirrel journalism (Yellow Journalism: journalism that presents little or no legitimate well-researched news, instead uses exaggeration, scandal-mongering or sensationalism. See Freedom magazine).

    It’s a simple, shorthand way to make clear the distinction between real Scientology and Miscavige brand. Golden Scientology is the “New Coke” and no matter how much he tries to market it, its an epic fail.

  36. J. Swift,

    You’ve got it soooo right. When you really love someone, the tougher you make their lives the better. The Hole is merely der leader’s expression of his undying tough love for those who serve him.

    I wonder if Ann will understand der leader’s tough love for her son when Tommy is thrown into the Hole.

  37. martyrathbun09

    Fool’s gold.

  38. Hey DFB aka Dfb99,
    Are you really trying to be an idiot? If you were to look up ‘mortify’ in the dictionary, you would find that the definition that’s being used here is – to humiliate. In other words Anne Archer must be humiliated. Now you are telling us that no one in the Church of $ has ever been humiliated? You’re joking right?

  39. martyrathbun09

    JB, Thanks. Exactly. I am revising the post to include this.

  40. Yes, Karen – you say: “He comes across as quite unstable”.

    When I saw Tommy first surfacing as an MC of some Int Event, I thought by myself in appalled outrage “Is that arrogant strutting hawk the new generation of leaders in the Church”?

    When I see him now, I can’t even fathom the depth of overwhelm and complete confusion, this still young man is under. I just feel sort of motherly compassion for that poor sod – and my full outrage now goes to Anne Archer – his coward (?) mother. I hope, Dan is right and that she IS mortified and finds an adequate response to that.
    Like you, dear Karen!
    All my admiration to you!

  41. Good points JB.

  42. Valkov,

    Correct me if I’m wrong, but isn’t it church policy that only DM can have sex? Others are allowed to have sex only when having such with him.

    I think we have a money maker here. Like the old Catholic practice of selling dispensations, CofM could sell 2D dispensations to rich parishioners. With enough money, the rich person could just walk into any church and demand sex with any staff member or parishioner. With no consequences! Hell, that’s better than being an IAS member.

    Remember when Kings and Emperors had first rights to your new bride? If having more money makes you a better church member, we’re looking at a whole new royalty.

  43. Songbird:

    Let’s not rush into things and give the Scientologist the “fame” of being charged with perjury at this point! {LOL}

    Never mind about Scientologists not being able to lie straight in bed…Scientologists are not able to lie successfully at all. How can a person lie “with their heart on their sleeve” and expect someone to believe it?

    It is outrageous.

  44. Cause the courts are still gun shy of the CofS. Barry Bonds should have joined the CofM before perjuring himself before Congress.

  45. DM, in his greatness, has given a golden shower to the works of LRH.

  46. You got it perfectly, Grasshopper.

  47. LOL!!!!!!!
    What a wit!

  48. TroubleShooter

    I saw her at the AO. She was pacing up and down a corridor clearly upset about something and trying to contain her impatience while waiting for the SO member I was talking to. I started to get uncomfortable that she was not being helped and pointed out to the person I was talking to that Anne seemed to be upset and looked like she needed some help. The staff member looked over her shoulder at Anne with obvious indicators of not really wanting to go talk to her. I found it all very interesting considering what I had been learning about on this blog. I also hope that Anne does the right thing by us all and LRH and ceases her supporting role in her son’s major mis-eMOTION picture…

  49. Part of Davis’ rep on google:

    Tommy Davis: Scientology’s New Angry, Unstable Pitchman

    Says it all.

    He’s a Hollywood scion.
    Davis, 37, is the son of actress Anne Archer and Jeffrey Davis, a real estate investor. According to Rolling Stone’s Janet Reitman, Davis “freely admits to being a Hollywood rich kid. He dresses in Italian suits, drives a BMW and is addicted to his Blackberry. ‘I have enough money to never work a day in my life,’ he says.”
    Another reason why he’ll not do a stint in the hole – he’s rich. This is an admirable DM trait!

  50. Pericles,
    Look up the definition of Sarcasm. Such humor gets me in more trouble than I care to recall. 😉 If I am wrong, I’ll apologoize. I doubt it though… I almost posted the same thing. HA!

  51. Integrity is only for the upstats! If you’re an SP, you are unworthy and undeserving of any integrity. You know… great good for the greater number of dynamics and all that stuff.

    /rolls eyes

  52. Pyrite, fools gold for the fool. During the last “BIGGEST EVENT OF THE YEAR” the golden dwarf said, “there you have it, all the tech that is available is now complete, you have it all.”
    Drum roll………………what’s the next release?

  53. One was a deposition, the other communication may or may not have been entered into court yet.

    Courts are very fickle things and hard to manuver in. I came within one semester of becoming a legal assistant (paralegal) when I woke up one day (pre-Scientology) and realized the lawyers are all a bunch of crooks and I didn’t want to work for them all my life. Hence, my leaving college and going on to find LRH.

    If the post from Tommy hasn’t entered court docs yet, it will soon enough. And by soon, I mean legal soon which is 1 – 2 years to get into the record. Who knows? Maybe it is in? It would certainly give a judge reason to re-try or appeal the case.

  54. Hey Bozz, Great minds think alike ….hahahahahaha

  55. This is a short video of a gazelle running toward its destiny. Similar to where the dwarf, TD and others are headed in their own blinded fashion.

  56. Very good news TS, when you see Anne again you should tell her to visit this site as well. It does more wonders than any kind of regging or persuasion and it helped quite a few people to make very good decisions. If Anne is upset and she is not catered to, it means she is in discredit with the Church. Tell her how Karen Jentz uses this blog to make any illegal treatment of her son known to a broad public and for sure Ann will join in no time. Let’s see which other stars she is going to take with her.

    Tommy VVVWD! Please don’t stop any of your extremely effective ops. You’re making history and all Scientologists and Anons are going to love you for it. First you promoted with millions of BBC hits the controversial shouting spree that made it to the top of the journalistic and academic world; you really know how to retain public attention for over 3 years. Then you got 5 million BBC viewers by allowing the Mike Rinder interview to air in which you starred as the #1 Church stalker and in many PI video’s you proofed that the Church spends millions on harassment. Now you proof that the Church has its spokespersons lie under oath (what else you lie about?) and you cause a lot of upset amongst Church Celebrities; VVVWD! I can only imagine that Davey has put you permanently in the Hole as his personal archenemy, congratulations! You almost busted M & M from their Kingpin positions. I’m sure your next blow will cause a nice celebrity exodus and media spectacle.
    Thanks buddy!

  57. OTater/GaryLerner

    DM, the one-eyed snake, has definetly been “raining” on Truth’s parade.

    Thugs and pisses,


  58. I remember being “asked” (by the GO) to participate in a deception of a woman in a certain Midwestern state. This was back in the VERY late 70s.

    I just, couldn’t do it. The GO member who ASKED (threatened?) me to this? He later (NOT MUCH LATER) went completely mental, claiming “FBI agents are listening to me through the walls!!!!”

    Don’t listen to psychos like this. or any of their blood brothers via David Miscavige

  59. He capitalizes on the fact that the human-visible component of “theta flitter” is not dissimilar to “gold”. It is not IDENTICAL – but it is DERIVATIVE (in a certain way) OF THAT COLOR.

    I despise this “swine” called “David Miscavige”. The sooner we are rid of this mental case, the better.

  60. I don’t know. She looks brain washed to me.

  61. I am going to start saving.

  62. Cowboy, once again you make me laugh. That prairie wisdom. thanks.

  63. Marty – I just noticed that you did not post my friend’s recent astro forecast for DM and I defer to your judgement as I now realize it could possibly have accrued potential liability in one or more directions. I didn’t think about that and I just spilled out what came up….after all this is a 3D auditing session. Just so you know, I don’t have problems with you censoring as you have a hat to wear and I (or others for that matter) do not necessarily see your hat and different angles and you should be acknowleged and/or allowed to do your job. Maybe I should have prefaced it with “For Entertainment Purposes Only” as many astrologers and forecasters are required to do legally in different states. I know many people who read this blog consider it highly entertaining, and it now occurs to me that the cornering of DM and his team could turn into a gladiator blood sport. My post would have only added to the frenzy or perhaps even created it which was not my intention. Let me put it this way for everyone else. Things do not look good for DM and his fall from power could happen sooner rather than later. I hope what I said serves you (Marty) as useful intel information. I would also like to add that blood sport is never good. It keys in evil intentions and we need to stick to facts and circumstances and prosecuting the inevitable. Blessings are coming.

  64. grasshopper

    Your version obviously comes from a place of genuine caring and concern for another person. It’s been so long since Tommy has been there that he’s forgotten that place exists.

    I seriously doubt it ever occurred to Tommy or miscavige to respond to any comm from lawyers (or anyone for that matter) with the truth or anything remotely close to it.


  66. Like a laser! Thanks for that, Amy!

  67. Tony DePhillips


  68. Tony DePhillips

    (more sarcasm)

  69. So Tommy is JB’s friend? I wish they had asked: In the last 5 years how much time have you and JB spent golfing/playing tennis/hiking/whatever? And if the friendship was based on just talking to one another, how many hours have you and JB spent the last 5 years having one-on-one conversations?

  70. Tony DePhillips

    Wouldn’t it be awesome if Tommy blew and flipped to our side and then did another interview with John Sweeney admitting everything?? How would they spin that one??

  71. Karen,

    There is pretty extensive coverage if one just googles Tommy Davis, plainly as it seems he’s pretty infamous already. Wiki alone has tons of negative mentions over 30 links, one of which was featured some time ago on this blog on the subject of Paul Haggis. http://latimesblogs.latimes.com/the_big_picture/2009/10/paul-haggis-on-scientology-morally-reprehensible.html
    One of the biggest Tommy (the two tone, footbullet man) Davis lie seems to be the one about no disconnection on prime time, which seems to have triggered many to drop the Kool Aid and seek sunshine. Lets not forget the lies as regards the Larry Anderson repayment request on the SP Times:
    On the other hand, he was working with Cruise and Dear Leader to come up with one of the biggest footnukes which brought 9,000 to protest Mestology globally – the TC IAS video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UFBZ_uAbxS0 The two tone does wonders for Dear Leaders Mestology PR!

  72. Tony DePhillips

    That was spot on Mike!!

  73. Sadly this is the Stockholm Syndrome. Two robbers robbed a bank and kept their hostages and themselve locked in the bank vault. It took a while to get them out. By the time they got out they loved their guards (bank robbers)
    Not only would they not testify against them, several wanted to testify for them.
    It can happen so quickly, and takes so much time to shift your mind back to reality.

  74. DFB aka Dfb99

    How DARE you! (followed by piercing scowl)

  75. Mike,
    Perhaps TT Davis only has RAM – random access memory which is erased when the device is re-booted & reprogrammed, well liked by Dear Leader just like the FART is, with no signs of intelligent life in proximity.

  76. DFB aka Dfb99

    I’ll have to work that into my life somehow. I’m sure a perfect opportunity for it will come up sometime. Maybe it would work on telemarketers. But then I wouldnt get to scowl, lean in and deliver it with my best acting.

  77. Thanks Tony. My new chant — Golden Scientology is squirrel Scientology!

  78. Sinar — You’re right. The device is reprogrammed every time he has a comm cycle with Dear Leader and the new implant is laid in: “Tell those F***ers that disconnection doesnt exist. It’s all bullshit. You got that?” “Yes, Sir!” “I will be watching. You had better not pussy out you little SP.” “No, Sir, I won’t”. Of course, once the show airs and VE sees the negative reactions it causes the next comm cycles is: “Why the fuck are you saying that disconnection doesnt exist? Dont you know that LRH says never use lies in PR? You are a complete fuck up and you are making me look bad — you are single-handedly destroying my PR that I have spent years building.Why can’t anyone ever do anything right?”

  79. My guess is that Tommy’s mommy is reading this blog along with nearly every other Scientology celebrity and on lines parishioner as well as those in the “between services area.” And Anne is dragging her missed withholds and cognitive dissonance into the org and probably spreading it all over the lines. Listen, this is all part of the debate now playing out across Scientology thanks to Marty, Mike, Steve, Jeff, Karen and others. It is a debate playing out on an emotional and action level and out of it will emerge a different Scientology organization. The TA is moving, do nothing.

  80. Go, Giants!

  81. Your hired as my Halloween PR.


  82. And try to take hundreds of millions of dollars (billions??) with him and go hide in some other country. No one else is going to get their hands on that–he’s worked too long and hard for it, right?

  83. Perfect Mike, LMAO. I can totally see that!

  84. CP, LMAO! Anyone for Rocky Mtn oysters?

  85. Agree Dan,
    Hope this information of the supreme lying VE cult can be used by Mr Duran to free Daniel!

  86. you normally do it on the quiet

  87. This is a bit off topic, but if you haven’t read Tommy Gorman’s exit interview, it will give you some glimpses of what goes into coaching a $cientologist who’s going to have dealings with police and law inforcement. Makes my stomach turn.

  88. Retarded From Asgard

    Alert to Squirrelled Tech: “Thou Shalt Not Lie” -modifier; unless of course thou find thy self in a sticky situation Loki!

    “What have I done wrong ?”

  89. It is fairly easy to tell when boy Thom is lying-his lips are moving and noise is coming out of his mouth. As a practical matter, the fact that the church footed the bill for air and ground fare is pretty conclusive that boy Thom was acting as an agent of the organization. Then, of course, there is the police report filed by McShane. Does anyone think for one minute that there is not a written “blow drill” policy that will not surface sooner or later? The lies keep compounding. So my advise to Tommy is -KEEP TALKING!

  90. I’m irked!

    What irks me is surely the lawyers at the deposition knew that TD would be lying!

    What irks me is that knowing that TD would lie, why didn’t the lawyers phrase questions designed to trap him in his lies? On this one thread there are examples of how TD’s lies could have trapped him.

    What irks me is that having lied, why didn’t the lawyers pull strings on the lies to really get TD to hang himself?

    What irks me is such a wonderful opportunity was squandered.

    I’m irked.

  91. @OT VIII: if that is true, then OSA already knows exactly who you are in the Real World(tm). So, why are you hiding that information from us?

    Michael A. Hobson

  92. Blow baby Blow, Disco Inferno!

  93. Once, My god you have a way with words. You tickle me in all the right places. You my friend are full of wit. (did I spell that right?)

  94. Mike,

    Good analogy.

    I’d just like to add that Golden is the color of Ethics Orders as well and that would have been the appropiate color for Miscavige.

    An Ethics Order declaring him a Suppressive Person and assigning him A-E.

    (Of course most of his time would be spent on point A due to his continuing overts however because he’s had very little actual training in Scientology point B should be a cinch)

  95. Mike, You are absolutely right about ‘Diamond Dave’. Its all about the ‘Gold’ (money). I saw it first hand years ago when DM was Pat Broekers toadie. DM is the one that showed me how to do ‘Creative Accounting’ when money was stolen from an RV I lived in. I was devastated. When I reported the theft Pat and DM laughed at me. The only thing that impresses DM is money. Money = Power to DM. He was not and is not a Scientologist. Scientology to ‘Diamond Dave’ is just a means to get more money and more power.

  96. I am ashamed to say it but there was a time when I would have lied for the church. I was brainwashed just as many of you were. The implant is “it’s the greatest good for the greatest number” that was the bullshit justifier I used all the time. Dreadful.

  97. Veritas,

    You must get the same quotes that I do. I just wrote a post on Jeff’s site with a paraphrase of that. Cracks me up. Like showing up for a party in the same dress.

    Of course, dresses will always look better on you than me. Though I do love the caress of silk against my thighs when I walk.

  98. Jethro Bodine

    Joe, Tommy’s mommy (Anne Archer) is just as big of a kool-aid drinker as Tommy as. They are also both in denial in regards to Miscavige and the state of the church. They both think expansion is new idle org buildings with italian marble toilet seats.

  99. Yes, his mother. I hope she’ll be motherly towards him. He needs some good mothering.

  100. The meltdown of the CoM and the whole sordid DM affair is like watching a train wreck. Here’s a visualization. Note the words of the boy in the background. He voiced my thoughts while I read this latest.

  101. Loki,

    Maybe we can pool our resources and pretend to be the exact same person. There’s so much A=A=A going on in the church I would gamble that no one would be able to differentiate between us. All we’d have to do is wear the same hat and eye glasses or something. Two for the price of one. I’m such a cheap skate. But, what the heck, to save a buck I’m willing to share.

  102. Easy to get affidavits from the cops near Int and other large Scientology facilities. Just read the first chapter of “Blown For Good.” These guys know, and don’t approve.

  103. Sarge,

    No, re the spelling. You left off the prefix “dim-.”

    Heh, I’m enjoying my convalescence. I threw out my back so can’t do all the work I had planned. (But who wanted to carry a stack of 80 lb bags of cement out to the patio? And then mix them by hand.) Gives me plenty of time to read this stuff and goof off.

    Maybe I should simplify my life. I often wonder how it was that I was able to be on course all day and not worry about anything else in life.

  104. Gary,

    “Thugs and pisses”? ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha. We should write for some comedy show.

  105. I made two attempts at donateing on that Friday for the lad. On both occasions when I entered text on the paypal, the text would disapear. Was the same period my “graphics driver” ( my mouse really) was in malfuction.

  106. Dan, What happened to the Philies? Ya think DM sold them the ‘Golden Age of Bats’ rundown for a cool mil?

  107. I’m sure there were three swings in there somewhere.

  108. Sinar,
    I think Karen was talking about CoM sites. They have practically nothing in them which mentions Tommy Davis as being the new CoM spokesperson.
    I’m guessing that DM doesn’t want to chance it, in case Tommy blows (again). DM has already cleansed all the LRH books, lectures and church promo videos of anyone’s name (including Mary Sue, LRH’s children, et al) and the only Scientology leadership that he now mentions in his promo and websites is himself.
    Apparently, everyone else is his enemy.

  109. Gary Morehead a.k.a Jackson

    Spot on Mike!

    As much of a fact it is David Miscavige sports a thong complete with tanning bed tan lines David Miscavige has Tommy locked down “paying the price” for …. Wait for it…. Wait for it….. “singlehandedly bringing my PR to it lowest ever. Come on Tom, if you’re gonna f&uck me like that, at least I deserve a reach around.”

    Listen follks, if you don’t, can’t, won’t believe David Miscavige does not say or act in such a manner and enforces his direct staff to do the same I must say you are blind, dumb AND def!

    We are all here to HELP YOU confirm what you “suspect”, “perceive”, or are otherwise telling yourself “IT IS NOT TRUE!”

    Show me 1 person whom DAVID MISCAVIGE has helped and I will show 20 he has physically, mentally or spiritually HARMED by his own direct doing!!!

    Let’s help a MOTHER for gods sake to get her son back!!

    Let’s help create a safe environment for her to step into so she can get it off her chest and SCREAM out loudly… TAKE YOUR FILTHY HANDS OFF MY SONS THROAT YOU GOOD FOR NOTHING BASTARD!

    If anyone is in search of “THE” solution to free themselves from the grips of Scientology Management gone bad, click around for awhile on this blog. Be prepared cuz the solution will hit you square in the forehead. Blood unfortunately will be drawn but not to worry, there plenty of us here to help clean the wound and ensure it heals scar free!

    I for one am ALWAYS HERE TO HELP!

    — Jackson

  110. 🙂 I quote out of efficiency…. if it’s been said well, why say it again? 🙂 I do love “condensed truth”, and when something speaks to me, it’s more of a gem than a diamond! So the same dress is Truth. Can never go wrong, casual or formal.

  111. Tommy didn’t lie, he told the exact, precise, Scientological truth. Tommy is not confined to any WOG definition of truth, which is dependent upon some aberated notion of time being linear or truth having something to do with the mental image pictures held onto by WOGS and/or espees. Scientological truth, is, of course, on a much higher plain than that. By definition, it is that story that forwards the purpose of the Church of Scientology. There is another definition, which, of course, closely aligns with the first, and that is whatever comes out of DM’s filthy sewer, er, em, I mean mouth.

    Accepting truth, of course, takes practice … one must be disabused of all WOG/espee considerations of time lines, contradictions, and observations, but, knowing and understanding the exact Scientological truth of things goes a long ways towards advancing one’s case state.

    That and George Orwell would be proud of you as well.


  112. Sarge – The money attitude they had is over the top but I heard that one of the main items DM had over Pat was that he got him drunk one night and then said something like, “Oh….by the way, Treasury needs an accounting of that money dispersed to you…” and got Pat to sign for one of the huge cash transfusions they used to get. This, I heard, was used as leverage to threaten Pat with jail. Don’t know what aspect or how much of it is true but I think its a part of the truth. It is ironic if true.

  113. Yes, we can pretend. Let me go and pretend first, though.

    Your actually starting to scare me. I liked it better when you restricted your comm to universes and such. I want the keys to that liquor cabinet back. If you let your hair down any lower you will look like Cousin It.

    But seriously, Tommy Davis is walking on quicksand. They act as if they are above the law. They are becomming MEST, and the MEST universe is going to hit them back hard.

    TD should make a break for it. Run like the wind and -don’t- look back. Don’t- look- back- til you get to the- shack. The poor prick is going to be screwed. Karma. Plenty of time for him to start creating a new reality and a new brighter future. But he needs to start now before the final curtain falls.

  114. It is certainly field day on Tommy Davis. That name was once famous in my youth and to Los Angeles Dodger fans of the 60’s and 49er fans as well, but I must admit that when I hear the name, I no longer think of sports. I think of this poor unfortunate character is who an exacerbated PTS. He is a tragic case way over his head who thought he was doing the right thing at some point. He is one lost soul. My favorite quote is when he referred to the Sea Org as “tough sons of bitches.” We are, unfortunately, very close to reaching blood sport on Tommy Davis. Mike probably understands his psychology and personal situation better than anyone. If he could only be induced to leave and given a safe space. I don’t know if that is possible but if he were to follow Mike, it would make international headlines.
    When Joe Howard says the TA is moving, he is understating. It is moving wildly and it is one of those sessions where the PC does not say anything quite yet. It just starts moving like crazy. The auditor will hear about it later. If Tommy feels safer with the Independents, it will absolutely crush and introvert DM. If you are reading this, Tommy, I think the Independents would be kind to you and give you safe haven if they believe you were genuine. Think about it, he can’t turn to his mom or anyone but DM.

  115. Speaking of squirrels – with all that new fancy “print on demand” hardware, good luck tracking DM’s revisions.

  116. Sarge — THAT was funny!

  117. When you are young and you have an overinflated self importance because you are the spokesman for the (we rule the world) Church of Scientology it is quite easy to arrogantly think that you are an untouchable to the rest of the world…absolutely delusional over one’s own power.

    When failure is met with wrath, imprisonment and deprivation (the Hole) one learns quickly that one’s survival depends on keeping in DM’s favor. Tommy boy has quite a problem, to implicate DM in any way would be suicide and since he really is not quite bright he probably never conceived of being honest.

    Having been immersed in the church his entire life he has absolutely no understanding of the REAL world and chose to not-is the rules of the court. He is in for a real world reality adjustment. Either way this was a no win situation for him. Choosing to perjure himself was a dangerous route stemming from an absolute terror of DM.

    Underestimating Marty, JB, Mike and all the other whistleblowers is proving to be his death sentence. His only way out is to get honest and straight but I think he is too PTS to DM for that to happen.

  118. Well Joe Howard….. If Ann Archer is reading this blog I would like her to read this ::::

    ++++++After major contributions for 35 years, my son Alexander Jentzsch was manipulated to disconnect from me.
    “Never write to me, Mom, Never Text me, Never call me UNTIL YOU GET YOURSELF SQUARED AWAY OSA”
    Exact words. Now, in my Sea Org career, I worked at OSA INT for 5 years. I rarely talk about it, but I was one of them.
    I know the OSA culture only too well right down to the nitty gritty.

    +++++Did they think I just fell off the turnip truck ?
    +++++Did they think I was born on a banana boat ?

    +++++Office of COB/RTC/OSA put up a hate web site on me under the ones on Marty (sub page). And guess what ?

    ++++++Ann Archer, if you are reading this, imagine Tommy Davis guiding you an Internet hate site on you, with data ONLY from your pc folder. Put yourself in my shoes

    +++++It wasn’t that they sent me an anonymous Email with the link to the hate web site on me, they arranged and coached and controlled my son Alexander Jentzsch to do this.</b

    ++++++ Not to go too much off the subject of Tommy Davis and who he works for, but I would like to put a little blurb on what DM has done to former Class XII Cses. Only 6 of 7 in the world ever made it to Class XII CS….and here's what was done to those ahead of me….

    1) David Mayo, 30 year veteran jailed on trumped on chargers of being a Terrorist, using Interpol, planting evidence, getting him jailed for 5 days.
    2) Jeff Walker 30 year veteran, flees INT with the help of local enforcement so that he is not GULAG'd. In revenge on Jeff's return to New Zealand, the country of his birth, his native country, he is put in a holding pattern by customs and Immigration because an *ANONYMOUS* phone call had given his flight, name, arrival date and said he was a TERRORIST.
    3)Alain Kartunsuski the Class XII CS, 40 year veteran of Lisa Mcpherson was butchered after her death, literally butchered, and died off of cancer.
    4) DM, in his own style, not believing in CRAMMING and CORRRECTION or that a willing staff member can learn and correct ~~~
    toasted these Class XIIs
    FOREVER banned from tech lines

    Jim Sydeko
    Rick Sheehy
    Peter Buttery
    Rick Alexander and others….

    …….and so it goes.

    ++++++ I ask myself, will the day come when Tommy Davis is Banned from PR lines forever ?

    ++++++ More recently, the Church *PRETENDED* that my son Alexander Jentzsch hired lawyer Donald Wager (Long time co-hort and former partner of Elliot Abeslon) to write me a threatening letter to not publish on the web a certain crime covered up carefully by OSA. They used my SON to go legal on Me.


    +++++++To every action there is always opposed an equal reaction~ Yes Isaac Newton, yes. So I have countered the Donald Wager stupidity with signifcant and meaningful actions……..
    I received the legal threat with the stupid idiotic pretense Alexander had hired this lawyer to write to me. Donald Wager has been a cutout and conflict attorney for David Miscavige for YEARS.
    How very NORMAL of the Church to turn son against mother by use a hired DM lawyer.
    +++++=Has Tommy Davis given up private, private personal information in his pc folder ? Because there is no priest/penitent privilege . Some 40 people ~~ 40 terminals I can name can access the folder, not mention the video taping of it that can be watched by Execs at a HUB.

    +++++++The “CHURCH” lied to Jason Beghe on priest/penitent privilege.

    +++++++ The” Church ” lied to Ken Dandar, lawyer in Florida of priest/penitent privilege.

    +++++++ The “CHURCH” does criminal, deceptive and lying actions as a daily matter of course. That is why Marty declared The Church of Scientology DEAD

    I sincerely wish a comm line of Ann Archer’s reading this blog has her read this.

  119. Tommy Davis “Leader of Anonymous” lol, keeps the footbullets comming.

  120. JB

    Fabulous blog, fabulous input as always. Missed you on this blog….please do chip in more…..*PLEASE*

  121. Margaret,
    Yes, his absence has been noted in other more critical boards. Perhaps he’s already in the hole?

  122. Good grief! Print-on-demand hardware? I can see the implications of that. Next will come the “Golden Age of On-Line” GAOL. With GAOL, you will be paperless, hence no paper trail for alterations… er, typo corrections. So there you’ll be, with your On-Line Kindle (better for limiting general net access than an iPad), M9’ing and a new sentence pops up a you’re half way through the “former” sentence. Such fun. No longer any of those confusing delays as arbitraries filter down through the lines. Now you’ll be able to be instantly confused.

    Shall we mention the chains? The tech news release would read:

    “To ensure you always have instant access to your latest orders or tech updates, each GAOL comes with a gold plated chain and engraved bracelet to keep it securely attached to your wrist. Don’t worry – GAOL has been made waterproof, so, yes, you can take it into the shower. And since it is waterproof, there is no need to remove the chain, so please report to HCO to have your personal, non-removable bracelet attached. Isn’t this fun? Big smiles, now!”

  123. LMAO Sarge!

  124. They only SUSPECT STRONGLY who I am. They lack the resources to go after me with far more potent targets (such as Rinder and Rathbun) to go after.

    I am not an opinion leader, outside of a small circle of Scientologists.

    My actual name would mean **zero** to 99.99999% Scientologists.

    There is no advantage to sharing my identity other than saving OSA some time. It’s an embarrassment to have to declare an OT VIII.

    Let’s leave it that way.

    BTW……who the hell is “Mike Hobson”? As in “Hob-son-Job-son”?
    Where are you located? Where do you work? From where do you derive the majority of your income? What are the names of your family and loved-ones? What’s your phone number? What’s your address?

  125. martyrathbun09

    Mike, you don’t need to answer this. You have been going by your own name for a long time now. You just outed an OSA-bot. Well done and thanks.

  126. @metaqual: this rumor you are forwarding is obviously disinformation. Only two people in the world could possibly have known of that event, if it had truly happened: David Miscavige and Pat Broeker. The only other place it might have come from would be one or both of there PC Folders (from a confessional) and we don’t post PC folder data here.

    So, are you now claiming to be Pat Broeker himself ?

    Michael A. Hobson

  127. “exacerbated PTS”

    SUPERB turn of phrase! That is Tommy Davis to a “tee”.

    Thanks, I really enjoyed that.

    Pity to watch an amateur liar like T. Davis work out his amateurism before so many wiser folks. Feeling sorry for him, however, is not my problem. Tommy Davis will be posting here on Marty’s site sooner or later, contrite.

  128. Thanks Marty – I needed the cover.

  129. Casual elegance. My favorite. Accessible, but stylish. Refined but not pretentious. Well fit but comfortable. All the hallmarks of our best adornments: be they words, clothes or viewpoints.

  130. one of those who see

    Tommy, Tommy, Tommy,Tommy, Tommy, Tommy, Tommy….

  131. Loki,

    Cousin It would be an improvement.

    As for universes, none of us will understand the condition of this universe without being willing to understand the darkest malevolence and the shrillest insanity. To understand anything you have to really be willing to be it. So, take heart when you see someone who can reach into the lowest depths and the highest highs.

    Besides, there’s not much response to my talk on universes here. I’ve got other outlets for that stuff.

    Sorry, I just can’t get too serious about Tommy. It’s way too easy to beat up on him. He’s in way over his head and he’s making a complete fool of himself. It’d be great if he made a break for it. Wouldn’t that be an Independent headline!? Maybe he and his mom could both make a break for it.

    You know, Tommy walked down the street and wondered “why am I so soft in the middle now, why am I so soft in the middle when my life is so hard?” Then there’s that stunning Ann. She could be my bodyguard. I could call her Betty. And she could call me Al.

    Uh, maybe I should put my back back in; I’m starting to hallucinate. We all know what they say about idle minds.


  132. Sarge,

    How friggin’ clever!

  133. So naive…..if you have EVER been in court in the USA, you should know that PERJURY is almost never pressed.

    In court? Advantage goes to the unprincipled liar.

  134. Thanks Marty.

    This OSA operative is what “he” is. A fabrication. “His” pen name or nom de plume was designed to captivate respect with it’s status. I’ll repeat a theme here. We don’t need no stinking status.

    To the authors of “OT8”: Try again; you will.

    I consider you shit heads.

  135. When I first saw Tommy on the original CNN interview where he disavows disconnection he frankly looked like he hadn’t slept for days. His eyes were all puffy and bloated. I often wondered if he had been put through the RPF or days of drilling. Whether DM wants to believe it or not Tommy has become the poster boy of exactly want a spokesperson for any company or product should not be like.He has very little if any credibility left and it is truly like watching a train wreck. Yet you can’t help but keep watching. It’s no longer a question of if he lies but rather when and how often. It’s like Pinocchio. He can’t help it.

  136. Metaqual-

    Here’s how I see it (and I’ll admit maybe I’m wrong). Anne Archer will break and take her loved son with her to the Hamptons. That’s when all hell is going to break loose. I don’t thing for a moment that she’ll allow Tommy to go to the” hole” or anything representing RPF. Rich kids go free.

    DM is in a box canyon. There is no more cannon fodder.

    Who’s next, Bugs Bunny?

  137. I’m curious. What kind of RPF’ing do rich kids with movie star parents get?
    DM has to be a little careful there, doesn’t he?
    If Anne Archer got pissed at the church, it would be major trouble for him.

  138. Nicely put, Sarge. That last sentence is one of the most direct and succinct descriptions of dm I have ever seen- says it all really. Thx.

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  140. Maybe Tommy is hiding out in Austin, Texas at his current wife’s parents downtown condo–Cindi and Joe Feshbeck who have relocated from California.
    Seems the Feshbeck family is out of the Mission network. Kathy dumped her Belleair Mission. Cindi has dumped her California Missions. Meantime Kathy and Matt have recently collected close to $150,000 FSM payments for building donations. Of course that is pocket change in comparison to Michael Phillips collection over $2mil in dono commissions.

  141. stop the madness of OSA bot comments coming through. There are very valid comments by sincere people wanting to get real truthful data known that post on here. Wading through all the crap to find the truth is exhausting!

  142. Allow me to continue and here’s my conclusion: This is looking like a huge disaster just waiting to finalize for MissCabbage.

    Maybe, probably, it already did happen in the theta/justice universe.

    As a result the CoM is going into court ordered receivership to satisfy claims. There is that much criminal fraud here. Our court systems work slowly but when they rule …. Kaboom!

    Look at it this way. This is the Church of Enron. No notice will be given here either.

  143. I’m glad somebody finally outed that guy as something.

  144. Regular jail is nicer than Davey’s jail.

  145. Scott Campbell

    This makes me think of a time when I showed “The Truth Rundown” to a Buddhist friend of mine. Afterwords, she said “Who is that liar guy? The church spokesman. He makes my skin crawl.”

  146. More like Baghdad Bob.

  147. Professional Astrologer

    It seems that your friend predicted a gruesome future for DM.

    Here is my take on it ( although prediction is particularly difficult here because we don’t know his birth time ) :

    At this time DM is more or less at the high point of his career.

    But the next 7 years will bring a number of troubles to him. Some of these will be unprecedented and might be extremely heay. There will be ups and downs but the main trend will be down. This will become more evident as time elapses.

    I expect an increasing relationship to booze within 3 years.

    Some readers would have liked to read that he will go down very soon. I cannot confirm that. But I guarantee you that you would not want to be in the troubles he will be getting into during the next years.

  148. Gabe used to be my roommate, along with his wife Angela. He seemed to be a good guy back then. In an ideal world, he would be doing some big amends project for the Gorman and Stewart families. I also like Tommy Gorman. Sure, there is HUGE BPC here, but I believe that the use of actual Scientology could help this situation. Too bad that will never happen in the Church. Still, Tommy and Jennifer have been blessed with three children and things are looking better for them. I definitely wish them well.

  149. Scott Campbell

    One of the reasons why attorneys representing plaintiffs against the C of S and judges presiding over such cases don’t ask all the right questions is that they do not have sufficient “Reality” on the church.

    When they hear the word “Church” they think of a church in the traditional sense, a place where parishioners go to worship or confess/testify and occasionally donate money or time to the church’s charitable causes.

    They do not think of a highly regimented, bureaucratic money and time machine that literally dominates nearly all of it’s parishioners attention, energy and time.

    Things that we as Scientologists readily spot as outpoints don’t even show up on the average attorney’s radar.

    Any Indie Scn Human-Rights attorneys out there?

    If not, I shall be sorely tempted to make a derogatory remark about attorneys and money motivation.

    Just Sayin’


  150. Tony

    I’m thinking that Tommy has perjured himself and lied so often that he may well have no credibility left this lifetime. At best he might at least be honest to himself, but I doubt many would put money on that at this point.


  151. Cowboy Poet

    I don’t often just burst out laughing, but you really caught me off guard with that one!

    Thanks for that.


  152. ΘTater/GaryLerner


    We can take the show on the road and see if we can perform on stage at these “golden” events! What should we call ourselves? 🙂

  153. I’m suprised you haven’t heard of it. Put squirreled text of the day in one end, a neatly bound book comes out the other…

    lol GAOL. RTC = Real Time Changes?

  154. Really. Throw some sand in their gears. A little creative Dev-T can go a long way. When Tory was still somewhat freshly out, we had her over for dinner a few times, and that was when our Aunt was living with us. She was a retired Psych Nurse, and you couldn’t miss her car in the driveway.

    Her custom plate: SYKETEK.

    I like to think that kept a few heads up and running way longer than they liked down at HGB. 😉

  155. Tony DePhillips

    Funny that Goldenrod also matches that motif.

  156. Tony DePhillips

    Sorry RJ, I didn’t mean to steal your concept. I did it accidentally…please don’t sec check me..please..I beg you..

  157. Tony DePhillips

    Lots of people have been saying this nut is an OSA bot. Marty, maybe we can change his avatar to something saying ” I am an OSA bot”, so we don’t have to re-cognite on this every several posts.

  158. Redneck Janette From Detriot

    This is no surprise that Tommy Davis lies, they are doing themselves in just like the “old man” talks about… criminals leave clues so they can be stopped!!

  159. How does the random position of stars coupled with the random date and time of a body’s birth, have any bearing on a being’s/individual’s personality, attitudes, behavior and future life events?

    (Please don’t respond with a long response, but point me to a link that best explains your point[s] of view. Thx.)

  160. Oh come on Tony!

    What’s a little plagiarism between friends?

    I’ll freely admit to probably stealing one or two of your ideas too.

    Having written that.

    Probably the Golden Rod of Ethics on Miscavige would probably be the most popular release ever.

    Next to DSMSH of course 🙂

  161. In an ideal world, Gabe Williams would have gone to jail for raping a minor, and after serving his time, would now and forever be a registered sex offender. Rape is not something to be handled internally by Scientology or any church. Ever.

  162. Marty is not covering for you “OT VIII”.

    Michael A. Hobson

  163. Karen#1~That just rips my heart out. 😦

  164. OMFG I’m rolling 😆 Grab your piggy banks boys!

  165. Tony,
    Had this apparition on ignore already some time ago and didn’t waste time reading it’s regurgitation.

  166. JB~Glad to hear you’re feelin’ groovy! 🙂

  167. GAOL bracelet…Bwahahahaha 😆

  168. Sarge~Did they laugh because one of them stole the money? Certainly an inappropriate response to a theft!

  169. Truth Bryon…there you have the rights of a U.S. citizen (at least during daylight hours). 😉

  170. Powerful! What a beast of a thetan you are, Karen (most positive adjectives attached to the word “beast”).

  171. Mordern-Shaman

    LOL, just look at Tommy Davis ,he having no eye contact and emotionless with all the interviewers , he just say ,what ever he has memorized with out conviction. It reminds of robots or andriod of Ridely Scott movie BLADE RUNNER , where every andriod is made for specific purpose and specific life time and with specific emotions . I strongly ask Tommy to watch that movie and decide WHO IS HE?

    Church of Scientology (an IRS recognized religion) has no impact on general public or media even as spiritual organisation. Oprah and her show is considered more spiritual then the CoS. Above all Oprah never claimed her to be tax exempted or IRS recognition for her spirituality.

    Where does the Church stands now, bogged down on the micro management and “infrastructure” development it more like a real estate developer and publishing company.

  172. RJ:

    The Squirrel Watcher periodical is great.

    I really learned something from reading it. I am happy for the things other people know.

    I was surprised, astounded, aghast, taken aback by some of David Miscavige’s responses to the reporter’s questions in the periodical. {LOL}.

    I will absolutely be certain to keep myself abreast of updates to this important literature.

  173. Particularly on the last line: seconded in FULL.

  174. Scientology is becoming more and more PTS every day, yet the church claims no SP’s work for them.

    I am not so sure about that, but one thing is for sure, I never actually considered this church might be Type I, but I can almost attest every day most people like Tommy Davis are at least Type II.

  175. Tony DePhillips

    He might be an amateur compared to you..

  176. Obviously the lawyers deposing Tommy Davis knew he would be lying.

    But there’s always the fresh three-feet-back look after the fact on what happened and you spot an outpoint that you didn’t immediately see when you were still “in” the deposition and how you could have played it. See the development of this post as a real-time example of exactly that.

    Nothing lost. The lies are just better cemented. And the new questions that I trust will be asked will be that much more deadly.

    I hope the Headley case goes well.

  177. OT VIII,
    You’re very enthusiastic about Tommy being extremely PTS, something a social personality would only feel pity for. You feel pity that Tommy flunks his lying act whereas the social personalities here are happy to see the backlash. You feel sorry for Tommy not being a professional liar, something that would give hope to a social personality. You think he’ll be contrite on this blog whereas social personalities coming here feel very relieved and dePTSed.
    Can you think like a social personality?

  178. Board meeting at Church of Miscarriage:

  179. OTVIII
    If you want to have staying power on the blog as a professional troll you really need to have some entertainment value (case in point – SNOWHITE – very good troll! highly entertaining and fun to have around).
    You on the other hand are quite a bore.

  180. Hey ho stranger!

  181. Aylesbury Wolf

    Integrity is the only thing of any value that you take with you when the hunk of meat you wear finally carks it.

    Looks like there are a few in miscavige’s org we won’t be seeing next life. (Well, probably not in a human bod.)

  182. Gary,

    The Golden Boys, what else.

  183. ExIntStaffMember

    Oh I feel soooooo silly and apathetic now. I’ll guess I will just crawl away and lie down in helpless defeat, realizing nothing can be done about Tommy’s perjury. Isn’t that the idea behind your post, Mr. Troll?

  184. martyrathbun09

    slightly edited. I hope you understand.

  185. Tony DePhillips


  186. But OT VIII, when that GO member claimed back then that he thought “FBI agents are listening through the walls”…

    …at least NOW…in present time…he most likely would be right!

    🙂 🙂 🙂

  187. Of course I understand

  188. There’s a normal in this?

  189. Unfortunately, OT VIII is correct. A vast majority of perjured testimony is not prosecuted for a variety of reasons. The true ‘victim’ in a perjury case is the judicial system, not the party that has been adversely affected by the perjured testimony. Accordingly, in a civil case, if a referral to the prosecuting authority comes from a party to the action, it carries less weight than if it comes from the judicial authority. The judicial authority is not likely to make a referral unless it is obvious that a person has committed perjury. Even in those cases, the perjury is not as obvious as one might think as there are excuses or explanations that may leave one with a reasonable doubt as to the guilt of the accused. Additionally, the lie must relate to a ‘material fact’. If it relates to a ‘collateral matter’, whether a person lied under oath or not, it is not perjury.

    I don’t expect that Davis will be charged with perjury in this case and it has little to do with the temerity of the prosecuting authority. There is certainly a question in my mind as to whether the testimony relates to a collateral matter or a material fact in the Headley case. My view of this recent lying tantrum of Davis is that is best treated as a RICO predicate to establish that the church is a criminal organization.

  190. Translation for outsiders:
    TA moving, do nothing = continue all actions, postings, heat and exposure. LFBD = hold your horses. I hope Marty will indicate the proper phenomena as most of us are too far away for acurate observation.

  191. Gabe eventually did eight months in a plea bargain. And yes, he is a registered sex offender, now and forever. That doesn’t help Jennifer. Actual Scientology would have prevented all this in the first place. I believe the civil settlement was $750K, so that probably went a long way toward correcting this injustice. Still, Tommy is picketing SF org regularly, so he is not OK with the whole deal. I’m just saying, Scientology could have helped Tommy and Jennifer. Since that didn’t happen, they turned to psychs who really did help them.

  192. Don’t worry, I heard Tommy in your post, DFB.

    (He’s angry. REAL angry.)

  193. “DM is the one that showed me how to do ‘Creative Accounting’ when money was stolen from an RV I lived in.”
    Looks like DM has been a seething mass of overts since the beginning.

  194. Why limit it to sex? How about a full menu of specialized dispensations, each with their own fees:

    Spit on a Staff Member
    Slap an Executive
    Pre-Thunk Process Cognitions
    Humiliate & Degrade Free For All in the Hole for a Day
    Confidential Telepathic Frequencies to LRH

  195. Also available as an anklet.

  196. I agree with all of you. But here’s my problem with this jerk…I’m trying to get new people to this blog. What I don’t want to happen is someone reads one of his insane, 1.1 posts and thinks even for a second that an actual OT-anything wrote that. Then I feel I have to post something to out the guy again, which is just developed traffic. Look at the fact that 9 of us have answered his one stupid post and you can see that what Lucy said is correct. What a waste. Freedom of speech is one thing, but false advertising is another. Haven’t we had enough of that from the Corn Cob Church?

  197. Maybe DM bragged about it to someone. Maybe Broeker complained about it to someone. Maybe. Maybe not.

  198. Professional Astrologer, how is this news to anybody?

    If you’re going to ask us to suspend belief in logic in order to accept your premise (of the validity of astrology as a predictor of miscavige’s future), at least make it worth our while – Spontaneous combustion! Alien abduction! A sudden and violent attack of extreme flatulence during his speech at the New Year’s event (while miked)!

  199. I’m a lawyer and I’ve been involved in a case where a witness engaged in serious perjury. Here’s how this works. The Headley case is a civil case, one of tens of thousands. The DA/US Attorney (I don’t know if the Headley case is state or federal) doesn’t pay attention to or care about any of those cases. They don’t have time. In the course of the civil case, Headley’s attorneys will point out inconsistencies in testimony and invite the judge to make a determination as to whether those rise to the level of perjury.

    If the judge thinks that perjury has happened, then the DA/US Attorney get involved, and can and do file criminal charges. The witness I referred to earlier who perjured himself is in the middle of a long sentence in the Federal pokey in Arizona – long because he compounded his error by trying to flee the country after he was charged. I can see the C of Mest higher-ups making the same mistake.

  200. Didn’t you know snow white is in the hole now, because He or she was entertaining and getting us all to laugh!

  201. Erwin,
    Very astute.

  202. Rich Scieno-Celeb Kid’s RPF:

    Not allowed to drive the Beemer for 90 days. (Gasp!)
    No new Italian suits for 6 months. (Arf!)
    Have to go without sunglasses for 2 solid weeks. (Pfffffftt!)
    Access to trust fund cut off for 30 days. (Baaaaahhh!)
    No special favors from DM for one year. (Egads!)

  203. The Goldenrod Age of Tech®?

  204. Tony DePhillips

    “They only STRONGLY SUSPECT who I am.”

    How would he know what they know or think?

    Unless he was in comm with them or just making up more bullshit.
    Maybe OSA sent him a despatch: “Dear OT8, we STRONGLY SUSPECT you are Joe Blow. So now we are onto you and can destroy you since you are so well known and cool and loved by millions.” (more sarcasm) ( for those who are sarcastically challenged)

  205. Might that GO staff member be Bob Ruskin?

  206. Professional Astrologer

    “as ABOVE, so BELOW” is an ancient spiritual principle. It means synchronicity between the heavenly bodies and our lives here on earth. It does not mean that a certain planet is doing something to a person’s life.

    Astrologers use certain empirical rules to predict the BELOW according to what the ABOVE is doing. It requires extensive study to realize how workable it is and how it is done. Just an example :

    ABOVE : Late 1995 / early 1996 DM had a trouble constellation.
    BELOW : Lisa McPherson had died at Flag, leading to problems regarding PR, law enforcement, and later the Lisa McPherson trust and Bob Minton.

    ABOVE : Early 2002 DM had a victory constellation.
    BELOW : Bob Minton surrendered to CoS.

    By the way: my earlier blog post was mainly for Metaqual and others who might be interested. I don’t want to start a discussion about astrology, as I
    am aware that the subject may offend Scientologists ( former practices, squirreling etc. ).

  207. Professional Astrologer

    LOL !

    But note that I have not ruled out any of these !

  208. Nightmares Getting Less

    In regards to the color gold, love Laker gold.

  209. “subject may offend Scientologists (former practices, squirreling etc. )”

    Oh, I’m not offended at all. I was just wondering how a person who agrees with the pretty core principles of Scientology (e.g. ones experiences are what shape who we are, and one creates one’s own future with postulates), is able to reconcile that with the notion that the date and time of the birth of one’s body as it correlates to the Earth-centric location and pattern of stars, has anything to do with ones personality or current/future events in ones life.

    I just don’t see the connection. So maybe the question was more for metaqual.

    (And for the record, I do believe that “foretelling the future” is possible, but the use of constellations and the body’s birth date/time stuff just seems a little irrelevant and extraneous. I feel the same way about palm reading and tarot cards.)

  210. Thanks CP and Luna. Really, there is nothing wrong with people trying to meet with someone who has left a religious order to try to see what can be done to get them back. And no one seems to get upset when family and friends pull an “intervention” on some drug addict to get him into rehab. But leave it to DM and crew to take something that could truly be laudatory and make it a crime. Just like having Mike Rinder’s daughter and brother show up to talk to him could have been a nice and positive experience.

    When I was nineteen, my mission at home “fell apart.” The mission holders and several of the staff and public just up and decided to not be Scientologists. It was, in our world, a big deal. I flew back, using my own money, to talk some sense into the mission holder and others – to see what the heck was up. I was passionate about it, and in the event, I didn’t change any minds. But my motives were sincere, and while I disagreed with them, it was not an ugly experience. I think there was some goldenrod, but I never disconnected from them, and neither did others in my family.

    But in Mr. David Miscavige’s world, it can’t just be a visit to see what can be done. No. It has to be yelling, screaming, threatening, blackmail, and profanity. They can’t even lie to make it sound like they care.

  211. Nos – you know you really are a gentleman who has a passion for life and whose only intention is to share your long life with others.

  212. Professional Astrologer

    you wrote :

    “I do believe that “foretelling the future” is possible, but the use of constellations and the body’s birth date/time stuff just seems a little irrelevant and extraneous.”

    Well yes, a being willing and able to perceive the future can perceive the future. However, not every being sems to be able to do so at will, in a direct way. But those beings still have a chance to use certain vias.

    I guess we could agree on this : that it is worthwile to strive for the ability to perceive the future without vias.

  213. Tyler Wiggins

    Any chance you could scan that hand-written note and put it up here for all to see?

  214. Karen:

    It is outrageous, it is a Suppressive Act that DM {a high school dropout and former Class IV intern that smacks PC’s in their faces} can assume that he can find fault with a Class XII auditor.

    I remember when I was 18 and I was part of group that received some group processing from you in New York. The image of you doing this, your personna, stayed with me for decades!

    I thought you were the most gifted person then and after seeing photos of you recently I am convinced one of the most beautiful.

    And I don’t care if anybody knows I think that because if I think a girl is pretty, she is.

  215. If you are Tommy Davis (or probably any “Scientologist” still defending the Kool Aid stand) it’s understandably easy to get a little “confused” and tell a little lie. After all, to remain IN the Truman Show by ones own volition, there is already so much continual lying to self going on that it becomes (just a theory) automatic. Of course, it’s all for the greatest good so that puts the urethane final coat over the layers of fiberlies on the surfboard. (I’m SoCal)

  216. I can’t wait to see this all play out in court. Texas does not take kindly to perjury and there will be penalties. I so hope Miscavige is actually made to appear in the Texas court system.

  217. Barbara Schwartz thought you were a dubbelganger. How wrong she was.

  218. Oh man. He is screwed if he does and eff’d if he doesn’t. 1. Tell the truth in court, repair some damage that he has done and try to live a good and honest life. BUT be at the mercy of the rage of Slappy Miscavige. 2. Lie, perjure yourself in court, go to jail. Slappy is happy.

    Tommy!!! Do not throw yourself under the bus for that little asshat. Do NOT pull a “Mary Sue”, you don’t owe him anything. What you need to do is make things right and tell the truth. The truth will set you free.

    If your mom has to disconnect from you for it, so be it. There are thousands out here dismantling $cientology, brick by brick. Actually, Mosey, et al is about ready to blow the entire roof off it if. The train has left the station and there isn’t anything anyone can do about it.

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