Frankly DM, the Hamiltons don’t give a damn

Well, with mixed emotions, we are announcing we are now declared “suppressive persons” – the mixed emotions are amusement and embarrassment – our amusement, but not our embarrassment. It is embarrassment for IJC and CJC and all those involved in writing or approving this issue.

We will share part of it with you, so you can see that it must have been written quickly and under a lot of pressure to do so – thus it was general (in violation of writing an ethics order), full of out points and very inaccurate.

Number one, it says: “Mark and Lisa Hamilton of Henderson, NV”…now come on, don’t they read their emails? their mail? or any website? At least they could have looked in the phone book. We live in Gardnerville, NV – which is almost 500 miles north of Henderson…we have NEVER been to Henderson, nor do we even know anyone who does. We are debating if they are simply that sloppy or they thought there might be people trying to stay friends with us or find us and this might throw them off the trail….hmmm…

Secondly, it says we “were promptly encouraged to apply LRH policy [after we blew]”. Another blatant lie. Kirsten from OSA Int called Lisa’s dad to see if he knew where we were. He said no (which was the truth). Lisa wrote Kirsten a letter from Moose, Wyoming (as we were out and about seeing the Grand Tetons and Old Faithful) and said not to contact our relatives and we had no plans to come back at that point. We never talked to her or anyone else at that time or received any communication. We had NO comm from anyone in the church for about a year after that – after we had to flap about them not following the law as we could not get our year-end tax forms. The flap did impinge and got us our forms.

It says we violated HCO PL Leaving and Leaves as we “secretly planned to leave” – which is not true. We did not plan or talk about it until the morning we left – when we just could not take having our hygiene cut AGAIN in order to sit in a room and cold-call people and reg them for another Basics book package. We just decided to leave and left. No planning. Just pack and walk out. Then have fun driving to Wyoming.

Very spontaneous.

The rest of it is just as bad or worse. We can’t even tell what they are referring to in parts of it, even though it is us who supposedly did these dastardly deeds. Besides the dropped out time on events, it says Mark was assigned to “simple administrative functions” – he was an executive in his org. It seems to be made of frustrated, whole cloth and we guess they are trying to somehow “dead agent” us so people think they will get sick if they talk to us.

Some months ago, Lisa wrote IJC and asked for our Freeloader Bills as we were going to at least start paying that. We NEVER got what those were. There was some sort of rigmarole between IJC and PAC Security where we guess they were going to try to get us to come down to PAC for the information – very obviously had some sort of plan as it was a big Q&A. But after Lisa would not agree to violating her integrity and only be friends and/or talk to who they said was okay, she could never get a straight answer from either IJC or the Security guard as to WHAT exactly was our F/L debt. In fact, neither IJC nor PAC Security have answered her last email from MONTHS ago. CJC, who wrote this dumb issue, never even tried to contact us…or on second thought, maybe he was looking in Henderson….

Now, you may ask, how, then, did we get the declare if they forgot where we lived? The simple answer is a friend found it and sent it to us for grins….which we did get and for which they are thanked for.

Lisa can take some responsibility for the issue being so bad, as Richard Valle, the CJC used to be her junior and she is no longer there to verify the data is accurate. His senior, Lon Kloeffler, the Snr I&R, (who unfortunately was also her junior) is not usually concerned with truth, but with making people look bad, so his innate meanness and twisting of the truth to suit the occasion would have blinded him to the errors. We are, though, very surprised with IJC missing the gaping out-points, but then he must still be off post regging for the IAS or the Basics. Who knows?

Realize that the truth is that the church terminals did not want us to have a copy of our declare as they knew it was ridiculous and it would be exposed as such. The same is happening to others…they are being declared and then being told they cannot have a copy of the issue as it is “church property”… it is pathetic and cowardly, really.

This may seem a bit harsh. However, it is being done tongue-in-cheek and with laughter in our hearts. We are alive, doing well in – GARDNERVILLE, NEVADA – and are applying Scientology to our lives – openly, freely and for the better.

We hope you are too.

 -Mark and Lisa Hamilton-

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  1. Mark and Lisa,

    Welcome to the wonderful world of independent scientologists!
    You bring a wealth of light and laughter and will find many kindred spirits here. If there is anything I can do to assist you, please let me know.

    My wife Gretchen and I had a similar moment of hilarity when a friend found and sent our super secret declare to us, complete with cover letter saying “The attached issue is to be kept in HCO and not leave for any reason at all…”

    Have a wonderful new life!

    David St Lawrence

  2. You guys look great! Love the picture with your animals. The desperation with those writing this so-called declare shows. Since DM got on the lines the truth is non-existent. Those following this persons orders truly need to look and move on. There is a life outside this insantity and you will reach your tipping point.

  3. Give the Hamiltons a round of applause!! I am happy with you!

  4. Hello Mark and Lisa! How very ridiculous (and funny, because of it). Could you give me your hushmail account to discuss something privately to do with my declare. I believe you can give me some good insights (I believe Marty can vouch for me being a “genuine article”).

    Reading the outpoints of your declare – I am appalled! Geeeee, I thought my declare though false to the bone was at least UNIQUE! Do they just rubber stamp them these days? Guess so – ’cause the show, … I mean the regging, must go on.

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  6. Yay! Cheers Mark and Lisa!! Welcome.

    It is great to see you with your pets, so happy. I hope this is the start of many fun new adventures for you.

    Sending a hug,

  7. Theo Sismanides

    Hi Mark, hi Lisa,

    Hey Mark, you seem to have lost some hair there (hehehe) but you definitely look sooooooo happy, man!

    I have met you in some difficult times at ASHO D but I can say you were always calm, humorous and a good exec, actually one of the best I have met.

    I have spoken about Lisa before on this blog, everybody knows her anyway.

    You guys look great!

  8. Scott Campbell

    Great to see you guys out! Congratulations on your goldenrod “Badge of Honor”


  9. Congrats you two! I’m sorry for the crazyness, but happy you are out and about and learning what life is like NOT cold-calling and selling books!

    Lisa, I think I met you at ITO. You look familiar to me, were you on the FEBC evolution in the early 90’s? Anyways, take care and welcome to Freedom!

  10. This was truly a great and fun read!
    It also gives me hope that my own declare is in some drawer somewhere waiting to be found and sent to me. 🙂

  11. Hi Mark and Lisa.
    You guys look great — all five of you.
    I guess now you are in unauthorized possession of super-secret, confidential, church documents. The silliness knows no bounds.
    One of the things I discovered when we got our declare was that as soon as they “post” the declare on any bulletin board, it becomes classified as “published.” At this point whoever posted it becomes liable for potential slander or liable charges if the published article contains damaging lies.
    Since most, if not all of their declares are based on false reports or fabricated lies, they don’t dare let them out into the public.
    They do try desperately to find crimes on the folks who are leaving, but since it’s the good staff leaving an off-source operation, they can’t find them. I truly hope that the good staff will continue to cognite and find freedom.
    You have our love and admiration.

  12. ExIntStaffMember

    Welcome to your freedom! I sometimes wonder if the church could be sued for libel for issuing these declare orders. Perhaps that is why they no longer hand them to the victims?

  13. Hi Lisa and welcome! I never got my issue or even the freeloader bill either but I read my issue once and then it was taken away. Just generalities and lies anyway, not a single bit of truth except that I blew. They lie. That is just where the Church is at. It starts from the very top. Loved your beige animals. My wife wants a yellow lab and a yellow cat now. Do well, expand dynamics, go up the Bridge — THRIVE! If I you need my help you can reach me at

  14. OSA, et al: Sure looks like your declare on Mark and Lisa impinged. I would love to experience a similar degree of introversion and withdrawal from the dynamics. Could you please send a copy of my declare (reputed to have a 16 page addendum issued last October following a meeting in Denver with Marty, Mike, Steve and Geir) so I can get my ethics in like Mark and Lisa? You can mail it to PO Box 8-8008, Henderson, NV. Thanks.

  15. Look at those two.If anyone knows either Lisa or Mark, they know them to be two of the sanest and most productive people out of the hell-hole known as PAC. Even utturing that they are suppressive is a REAL suppressive act in iteself.

    DM keeps losing good people and turning them into enemies which is the stupidest thing a person can do. Keep feeding us Dork of Money.

    ML Tom

  16. Independent Scientologist

    Mark –

    I will forever be in your debt for getting me de-bugged on my Pro Metering course some years back. Thanks! I did go on to complete a bunch more training.

    You are a phenomenal being in my book and I don’t care what anybody else says.

    So you guys just “woke up” one day and left. No agonizing, no equivocating. Wow. For most people it’s not such a clean cycle.

    Oh – you look good!

    Hope to meet up with you some day.

    Ron Matlock

  17. Alex Braverman

    Howdy Mark & Lisa!
    Welcome to freedom! AND, your escape from the suppressive delusional world of David Miss Cabbage! Were YOU impressed with how terribly bad the CofM handles these declares? Let me tell you; it’s indicative of the way the church is being run today. The manipulated being led by the insane – I’m so glad you could see your way clear of this madness. Wait until you really get to feel just how liberating it is to be out from under the pressures and false allegations that have become the norm for DM & Co.

    The area you are living in is gorgeous! Far from what Henderson has to offer. I sincerely wish happiness for the both of you and want to echo what so many here will tell you; You both have more friends out here, genuine friends, that will help you in your transition from the craziness that is the church of DM.

    So get ready for your life to start as an Independent Scientologist, where the freedoms are YOURS and the arbitrary bridge blocks don’t exist!

    You have many, many people out here that still believe in the Tech, the original stuff. We won’t threaten, badger, lie to or deceive you. We don’t reg you and hell, we never lock anyone up either! And, if you need help, we are here for you. You guys are awesome, writing about your experience, hopefully, will help someone else that is on the fence right now and isn’t quite sure what to do make the right choice. They need to see that there really IS a life for them outside of the CofM. It does exist. It is also safe, sane and filled with love!
    Congratulations & Welcome to your Freedom,

  18. Mark – you and I go waaaay back – I believe we first met when we played volleyball at ASHO when it was on Temple, and I was doing my levels. I was a very happy student on the BC at ASHO F in the early ’80s.

    When I found out you left, it was another nail in the coffin for the church for me. You were truly one of the nicest, brightest spots at ASHO – and in Scientology, for that matter. Anyone here who had the opportunity of working with you at ASHO can testify to that. The laugh in the picture here is so you – I never think of you without you having a great, sincere smile on your face.

    To me, this is yet another example of the cream leaving the church. This is another excellent example of how SPs (i.e. truly evil people) drive away great staff and public.

    Dude, I wish nothing but the best for you and Lisa – you guys are great. I love Gardnerville – my family had a home in Minden, not too far away from there. I feel like we need to do a road trip soon to see my old friends!

  19. LOL – Hey, I want that PO Box!

  20. Mark and Lisa,

    It seems that Stan and Oliver had about the same reaction as you two upon finding out about their Declares. Thanks for the update and the insouciance.

  21. Tony DePhillips

    Hi Mark and Lisa!
    I never knew Lisa but Mark was always a stand out in the Sea Org. He was a pillar at ASHO and has nothing but a good reputation with the public that know him so I know dm must be hating this.

    I do hope you were joking about paying off your freeloader debt…

    I think it is such a dumb policy declaring people “SP” anyways. If Scientology is supposed to get you to the point where you can confront and evaluate data, why couldn’t an on-lines Scientologist be able to be in comm with Mark and Lisa and decide for themselves? I guess we know the answer to that.

    Anyways… you guys look great!! Enjoy life and thanks for having the integrity to do what you are doing.

  22. Tony DePhillips

    This is what tc had to say about your SP Declare.

  23. The “SP Declares” are just more foot bullets. When I worked at Flag I saw the staff resent and openly get upset with the “SP Declares” written on ex-staff and public that they knew, because the lies were so blatant.
    When I was leaving, the OSA staff member gave me my ticket, a couple hundred dollars (severance pay after 27 years in the Sea Org) and my SP Declare. I told the person that I had no interest in reading the SP Declare.
    When asked why I stated that it was common knowledge that they are just made up pieces of BS.
    I was leaving with next to nothing but I couldn’t have felt more happy and free. The OSA staff member was truely disappointed.

    SP Declares are just one more squirreled and misused tool.

    What do you know when a pin lands next to you?
    Some where close by is a Miscavige puppet with a live grenade in their teeth.

  24. Hi!

    Welcome aboard! A whole new and very exciting and very De-PTSing experience awaits you!

    Much joyful reading your way cometh!

    The truths shall set you free!

  25. Impartial English Girl

    Mr. and Mrs. Hamilton – welcome to the fold. A most interesting and brave post. Quite apart from your totally credible words, it is instantly clear to me in no less than FOUR cases, why you are good, honest, decent people who deserve respect and happiness:
    1 – The whole-hearted smiles on your faces in the picture;
    2, 3 and 4 – The eyes of the dog, cat and other dog in your picture. Their eyes cannot lie, their brains have no concept of good and evil (one only has to read the book ‘Dog Heroes of September 11th’ to appreciate that). I have never trusted people that my dogs did not trust – and the mutts have always (without exception) been proved correct. DM might have owned a pampered and, indeed, uniformed and saluted dog. But if anyone has a photograph of that unfortunate hound, then take a good look into its canine eyes – for there you will find only humiliation and meek compliance. Mr. and Mrs. Hamilton – your words and the obvious trust of those three non-human, yet sentient, mammals proves your worth beyond anything. Good luck and much love to you all.
    IEG + IEDog xxxxx

  26. Mark and Lisa,
    Thanks for a very amusing story, brought some chuckles and a few head shakes here. Great to see happy people and animals together, quite liberating and something one can’t do on staff.

    It seems like Mestology “Justice” is on a big withhold in keeping declares secret. One might venture to hypothesize that the numbers of these are very embarrassing and totally out PR. Or perhaps the lies written on them, need to be hidden.

    In the “old days”, I remember these declares used to be posted on the staff notice board, if not sent to comm baskets. Wonder how huge these things would be if not concealed and put up in Idle Orgs?

  27. Dan — You now have a “revised” Addendum with the additional Golden Age of High Crimes added “Not taking our extreme incompetence seriously” and “Conspiring to have others laugh at Dear Leader” and “Failing to acknowledge the absolute infallibility of Golden Scientology” and finally “Maintaining relations with a mother who wears army boots.” I sure hope that news has knocked that insolent grin off your face

  28. I agree !

    I applauze ;D
    We see an happy family, and considering this is a picture of suppressive persons , called so by the Church of Scientogoly – I guess it’s a good example of a huuuuuuuuuuuuugeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee paranoia and aggression toward the right to leave a cult or a group and live our own live another way.

    Good luch to you and be happy on your new way of happyness!

    ps. Your beautifull dogs and cat did not disconnect..and apparently did not smell your sp ”odor” lol – Will they also get declared by association with you??? ;D

  29. Hey Guys,
    Really appreciate the good laugh.
    Everywhere you turn these days in Dear Leader’s dwindling empire you see evidence of incompetence that would have been unheard of a decade ago and unthinkable 25 years ago.
    From the incompetence of the Justice lines making a mockery out of LRH tech, to the footnukes of Tommy and Dave on PR lines, to the horror stories of out tech/squirreling, to the travesty of the IAS running roughshod over the whole show, it really is a pathetic scene.
    Glad you are out, and the help you have already provided to many on a one-on-one basis is greatly appreciated.

  30. Another Kingpin family! 🙂
    Thanks for sharing this story guys. Well done to you.

  31. You got a 16 page addendum? Your special… 😉

  32. Mark and Lisa, you are so spot-on for pointing out all the idiocies. Well done for withdrawing your hard work and support. I still have not received my declare even after years. Can’t wait to see it someday–probably will be someone else’s word processed to have my name at the top. Everyone’s too busy fixing all the mistakes to do anything right…….

    BTW, your gato blanco is a real cutie!

  33. Wow , Did the Animals get their Golden Rods too ?

  34. I remember when first starting in the church declare orders were something that shook me up, and then you get ‘seasoned’. It was a word scientologists were using at that time, and I didnt know what it meant. Certainly wasnt in the tech dictionary. Not in the management dictionary either. Then you gain some experience with the group, lots of knocks and seeing others get knocked around. Your viewpoint changes, but your still pro tech, pro admin, pro ethics, pro justice. Now your ‘seasoned’.
    And the thing is, I didnt want that ‘seasoned’ viewpoint, I found out I lost my innocence and sense of playing a game. I would see new people with that innocence I had when I started, and wished I could have that back.
    Congratuations of getting out and starting a new life!
    That name, Kirsten from OSA, keeps coming up over and over again. I had knocks with her too. She always pretends to be your friend, and then you find out she’s the one behind it. (certain cycles).

  35. Hello.


    Love the photo.

    Roberto Sánchez Núñez

  36. I have not heard from Dragon Fly since i invited him to pass by Asgard and bring some salmon with him.
    He’s not changed form into Loki down on earth as he? Actually that was more like Pometheus after two weeks on his own weed.

  37. Brilliant! Lisa, you look amazing… Love to both of you!

  38. Mark and Lisa
    You look FABULOUSLY happy. Congratulations on your SP declare.
    Wishing you all the love and joy of life you can possibly handle now and always.

  39. Just a Reader


    Good one 😉

  40. Thanks for sharing this Tony. This guy did an amazing job spoofing TC.
    TC always says “first LRH, then COB and I just RIGHT there after COB”. He really believes all the shit David Miscavige feeds him with.

  41. Hilarious!

    The birth of a new genre of jokes!

  42. Mark and Lisa, Good to see you both out and doing well.

  43. I was told that the Church wouldn’t give out SP Declares to the people named in them because “it’s bad PR and they end up on the internet”. In fact I don’t even know that they are even posted any more. You have to go knock on HCO or the OSA door to read a copy, under supervision and ONLY if you are related or directly connected to the person so named.

    These squirrel ethics orders are the 180 from how and why LRH said to write them. The ones I’ve read on myself or others are things I could put on a dart board and no matter where the dart lands, I could disprove what was stated with evidence to the contrary to what the Church is spitting forth. They are pure propaganda on a very hush hush limited audience and seems to forward a sort of rumor-mill whispering campaign to discredit someone via public or staff who read them and then pass along the generality to answer someone else inquiring about it. You know, “what did he do?” … Reply: “It was all very bad stuff, very perverted 2D stuff, [or] lots of financial irregularities.” But no specifics, just generalities which can run through a field in 2 days flat.

  44. This may not end with the Independents taking back the “Church”. It may end with David Miscavige all alone with nothing but cold steel and fine marble to talk to. And then he can salute his own dog.

  45. My god Tom where do you find this stuff. Laurel and Hardy are my very favorites. I Love those two. Love

  46. Hmmmm…..

    Must be the Golden Age of Golden Rod.

  47. Amazing incompetence.

    As to IJC missing glaring outpoints.

    I have seen written correspondence from IJC responding to comments on a comm eve cycle that if they followed the policy they would never get anything done.

    I used to have a very high opinion of those holding the IJC post and considered them Elite Justice terminals. Oops- my bad.

  48. Hey, what’s with all this insouciance?

  49. Welcome Mark and Lisa! Thanks for sharing your amusing story. We too had to “send for” our declare orders and I will tell you when we got ours, we realized that the church no longer believes in LRH’s tech! They pulled up stuff from way back when — anything they could find — that all had been addressed and fully handled with standard ethics, tech and admin. It was an interesting realization, yet so blatant. It was at that point that I knew that church was no longer the church I knew. This is no longer LRH’s church, but a spin-off running wild by a madman.

  50. Lisa and Mark,

    I love your photograph and your fun-loving attitude and spirit. Of course, you’re not strangers here, but this is a great ‘declare’ you’re making here about your ‘declare.’

    Very best to you both,
    Just Me

  51. New definition of SP declare on Golden Rod:

    Written declaration which indicates that the above mentioned declaree has achieved sufficient ability to observe that the scene they are departing is not ideal and has taken steps to remedy the situation thus requiring further recognition as an SP, by the SP’s, for having left the aformentioned supressive scene.

    Now that would make one hell of a clay demo.

    Glad you two are now out and flourishing as Scientologists should. May your enemies turn and run at the mention of your names.


  52. Theo Sismanides

    As a note here on declares, I just want to point out that those declares should be levelled at people who are knowingly SPs, namely some of our politicians running an insane and cruel agenda in a crazy world and not on staff.

    However, they have been “used” in the Black Scientology Agenda to 3rd Party good staff and good Scientologists. The 3rd Party has been found and its (how do you like the neutral genre for the monster) cycle is ending…

    Still SP declares should be used for a decent purpose like LRH wanted to do with some ex-president of the U.S. I think it was Johnson(?)

  53. Hi Mark and Lisa,

    One thing you wont find in the church is such great pictures of people who really know that Scientology is supposed to be fun. You can’t help but smile and laugh right back!

    Alas, the once feared goldenrod, now an opportunity for a good laugh, (whether seen or not seen) has lost its impact. Although, I am a bit curious about Dan’s…what could they do with 16 pages? If you ever get it Dan, you have to post it for laughs.

    It seems that people just can’t stay away from the Independents! 😉 🙂

  54. Welcome to the free world Mr. and Mrs Hamilton. Every week more and more people are leaving the Church of Miscavige. We are many and OSA, DM nor anyone else can stop it. The internet is a very powerful medium.
    Congratulations on your escape.

  55. Dan & Mike,
    However, the original and addendum of Dan’s declare are all secret. So you will just have to trust your friends and spies to tell you what lies, speculations and generalities are contained in them. You can’t hang the Golden Age Goldenrod up on your walls, framed like your artwork!

  56. Shannon,
    The Golden Age Goldenrod’s purpose is to have you disconnect from Mestology as disconnection doesn’t exist any more per Monique and Tommy TT.

  57. Makes framing it for the trophy case a little more expensive, though…

  58. one of those who see

    Golden Age of Golden Rod!!!!!!!! LOL!!!!!! Love this. Will be repeating it. Will credit you RJ

  59. That’s ruff.

  60. Right Sinar. I have heard tell in hushed tones of fleeting glimpses of my Golden Age Declare Rod but have never seen it myself. Apparently there were armed security guards standing by as it was removed from the safe to be shown to a privileged viewer who had made enormous donations to the IAS. It was also reported to me by a reliable source that both Marty I also have the exalted status of receiving a Golden Addendum, though sightings are extremely rare. Sort of like an Abominable Golden Man. I wish I had one to frame. Far more valuable than one of those Patron Golden Gluteus Maximus things that Dear Leader hands out. All joking aside (sort of), I would have thought that Dear Leader would have WANTED to let everyone know all the Suppressive Acts I have engaged in? He would want to ensure people knew to stay away from me? Why so secretive about the Declare Orders? They dont seem to have a problem with putting stuff on their websites. Though admittedly, they don’t actually acknowledge they are theirs. Oh, maybe that’s it — they don’t want to be liable for the lies they spout? And if they put it in an issue there would be a NAME that could be held responsible. Wouldnt want that now. Far better to keep them “secret” so they can lie with impunity.

  61. Welcome to the free world! VVWD!

  62. I’ve never met Lisa, but Mark Hamilton held the cans when for my passing video on Pro Metering. Many times I noticed his ring with the big “25” on it signifying 25 years in the SO. Besides being a super uptone guy, he was one of the folks who really did provide help and exchange to the public. I was a course supe myself for almost 20 years and I can recognize a great supe, which Mark certainly was. And then one day, he’s off post and on the phones full time (!!!!!!?????????????????????). He and Lisa are helpers and contributors, and like all beings, they are entitled to all the happiness in life that they can have.

  63. Hey,
    great to see you are having fun 🙂

    You wrote :
    “Lisa can take some responsibility for the issue being so bad, as Richard Valle, the CJC used to be her junior and she is no longer there to verify the data is accurate.”

    Yeah, the admin in Co$ is so horribly out now that you have to write your own declare these days – if you want to have them the standard way.

    But then you can write a SP declare on DM and his minions right away.

  64. Sarge-

    I guess I’m showing my age. I’ll explain it to you in person. There’s your enticement. You’re in Michigan and I’m in Ohio (albeit southern). But seriously we should get together for a visit. Stay as our guest. Email me at The Matlocks would enjoy a bit of fun too. Perhaps we could coordinate an Independents thang in this neck of the woods. Your thoughts?

  65. The Hamiltons don’t give a Damn !

    Insouciant, spirit of play, super posting, what a great read.

    ++++For any newbies, Lisa was the Dir I & R of CLO WUS working directly with KIRSTEN of OSA INT on those private hush hush OSA cycles….
    ++++Mark was the beloved SHSBC supervisor for decades.

    About the new fangled Declares and implementation ~~

    +++++ It is quite a HOOT that declares are no longer revealed to the SUBJECT ! They are HIDDEN in MAA office for *DISCREET* viewing only for those who have direct involvement with the Declared SP. They are quickly *HIDDEN* in a locked drawer with a key for MAA ONLY !

    Some SPs are more SP than other deeper SPs. LOL

    +++++New levels of Declare have been invented in the DM cult, never heard of in Green on White :::::

    Who invented this ? It trickled down from INT Base.
    Surely you are either SP are you are not.
    Like you are pregnant or not pregnant.
    Surely there is no such thing as being BORDERLINE PREGNANT. ?

    This is the term used to declare most INT Base Execs.
    It is covered nicely in Blown for Good’s Book. MOST all in the SP Hole are SP by Provisional declare.
    You still work, you still slave, YOU STILL REMAIN IN THE SEA ORGANIZATION managing IMPORTANT SEA ORG ACTIONS~~~ you do DM’s bidding like a slave, and you are in the group, while being the subject of a Provisional SP Declare.
    Such include Marc Yager, Heber Jentzsch, Ray Mithoff, Marc Ingber and a host of others still in lockdown.

    So, are Marc, Heber, Ray et al as SP as Marty and Mike ????

    Here’s where there is PROPAGANDA by changing the DEFINITION of the WORD.

    But that is another post.
    love to Lisa and Mark

  66. I think you mean Richard Nixon. He had been involved in a raid on an org when he was active in California politics.

  67. You don’t have to credit me Big See.

    But if you make any money on it I’ll take a cut in royalties 😉

  68. Speaking of taxes, can SPs take tax deductions for services? Or do you have to be in good standing?

    What defines a service that is deductible? Could, say, Tony deduct for any contributions to Marty as an ordained minister?

    Would schisms nullify ministerial standing?


    Also, Mark and Lisa, this levity–I’m aghast. Simply aghast. How can we build a world of ideal orgs without mass? Seriousness equals mass. The more mass, the more bricks. Don’t you understand that our future and the future of our kids depends on having enough concrete to pave the entire world?

    Jeez, suppressives!

    On a lighter note:

    “Wouldn’t it be nice if we were older,
    Then we wouldn’t have to wait so long,
    And wouldn’t it be nice to live together
    In the kind of world where we belong

    You know its gonna make it that much better
    To say goodnight and stay together

    You know it seems the more we talk about it
    It only makes it worse to live without it
    But let’s talk about it
    Wouldn’t it be nice.”

    Welcome home,


  69. one of those who see

    Hi Guys!! Love the picture!! Keyed out in Nevada! Absolutely cracked me up that they got your city wrong!
    I went about finding an old friend. Wonderful, theta Scientologist. I spoke to a person in the church who I thought could help me find him and was told “he’s disaffected.” Don’t you love how that word is spread all over the place. I wonder if it has replaced “clear the planet” as the most used phrase.
    Well I did find him without her help. He got into Scientology in the early 70’s. He doesn’t have a computer, so we have been speaking a couple of times a week and I’ve been reading to him from Marty’s Blog.
    This guy is completely dedicated to Scientology and LRH. He writes poetry and I will probably post some here or on Casablanca in the near future. He is very happy that I called to fill him in. He’s been off lines for a few years. And now has the freedom to communicate all that has been on his mind too. Free communication!! It’s wonderful.
    And boy have we blown open all communication!! It used to be that people just disappeared. Are they blown, declared who knows??? Now people post their declares or write about their declares here ( ya know, if the Church is keeping the declare a big secret…shh…) People were being followed by PIs! Who knew? Now we are video taping the PIs and everyone sees them. Have you been kept in a room for 4 hours in a torture reg or recruit cycle? Well you don’t have to just bare it alone. It can be printed here so yes, everyone knows!
    It has taken me a while to see this huge change for what it is. And I am thinking with it. Wide open comm in Scientology will cause some extra randomity, but it certainly looks like the solution to me.

  70. You know Mike perhaps the Village Idiot should just go ahead and issue a blanket SP Declare against the “Whole of Humanity” all in one fell swoop a la an amnesty.

    It would save a lot of paperwork and trees.

  71. Mike,

    I thought you and Marty had achieved “Golden Maximus Antichrist Status with Honors”.

    Really Mike, don’t be bashful. You got braggin’ room.

  72. Mark and Lisa,
    yuppie!! what a beautiful picture of you guys… welcome to freedom and truth and the true LRH tech…
    Welcome to our group

    all my love to you

    Silvia Kusada

  73. Tom — would only save a couple of reams of paper a year. They only actually print them on the “top” SPs. They are maybe two pages each (though when you get addendums for being “more” SP the pages add up) and there are maybe 5 copies total printed. So, that’s 10 sheets per person. 100 people a year — that’s two reams. Now, where they could really save some energy for the planet is if they cut out the Facebook Police. 100 monkeys on 100 computers 24/7 looking for friends of friends of “SPs.”

  74. Yea, I noticed! The f*kn blog is getting overboard with high spirits! the stats are up: ROTFLMAO is in affluence!


  75. It was Nixon as I read a red on white 1959 Bulletin by LRH titled Don’t Vote for Nixon at AOLA in the 70’s .I also remember hearing from some different sources that LRH had said he thought the president
    Lyndon Baines Johnson was suppressive while he was in office.And while we are at it don’t forget another real suppressive Dr Henry Kissinger.
    DM will have to count on his government connections to be inducted into the hall of pint sized terrorists.
    OOPS what have I implied here?

  76. Mike,
    What’s interesting is that some time ago I told a Kool Aid drinkin FB policeperson to go check to see if I was declared and their Ethics had nothing on me. All good! Perhaps they wanted to sell a set of Basics (which isn’t wanted at all).

  77. one of those who see

    ‘Also, Mark and Lisa, this levity–I’m aghast. Simply aghast. How can we build a world of ideal orgs without mass? Seriousness equals mass. The more mass, the more bricks. Don’t you understand that our future and the future of our kids depends on having enough concrete to pave the entire world?

    Jeez, suppressives!”

    Once, this is priceless. Laughing out loud (to such an extent that I needed to spell out the words!!)

  78. Are you refering to Funny thing, they claim not to be afilliated with Scientology, Inc., but the site went behind Proxlexic’s firewall right along with the rest during the DDOS attacks in early 2008…

  79. Redneck Janette From Detriot

    Great pic you guys!! You are one of the few that got a copy of your declare.. thanks to your friend!! I have friends still trying to get my copy for me…
    it’s all bogus and a bunch of witch hunts and bull*#@!
    Good for you guys!!

  80. Good one, Mat.

  81. Congratulations, Lisa & Mark!

    “Declare” my tush! A tantrum by any other name…

  82. I find myself wondering how many souls ever *see* that bulletin board. Perhaps the “limited distribution” is aimed toward the internal audience, and this “may be used as entheta” angle is a shore story.

    (note: we OG call this B.S.

    it’s an old tradition).

  83. “The same is happening to others…they are being declared and then being told they cannot have a copy of the issue as it is “church property”… it is pathetic and cowardly, really.”

    Hi Mark and Lisa… and welcome!

    I still have not seen my declare either… your quote above pretty much sums it up for me. Besides, who cares! It means absolutely nothing in the REAL WORLD (outside of the snow globe)

    On another note, looks like Minneapolis org moved into it’s new building:
    Church of Scientology Minneapolis

    It’s actually pretty funny how these anonymous guys can muster more confront than the local org morgue.

  84. LMAO til it hurts! OMG this was rich. Excellent example of NON seriousness.

    Keyed me out as much as seeing the photo here of these two super-bright beings with their precious ‘family’.

    Thank you!!

  85. “what could they do with 16 pages?”

    Complexity is the name of the game. Split the viewpoints, pare the odds.

  86. Well, goldenrod IS the official flower of the Independent Scientology movement.

  87. If it isn’t written it isn’t true (LRH)! And if the cowards manage to publish it like they’re suppose to, those who can see, know it’s a bunch of hog wash bunch of lies and generalties, just look at you guys, you’re only dangerous to a psycho SP (DM). Love You!

  88. No, seriusly, just blow past the asshole…

  89. You bet I will if I ever get my hands on it. A friend says he was shown it (along with Marty’s, Mike’s and Steve’s) and it was mostly long excerpts from PLs followed each one by a paragraph of BS. Still, I would give anything to have one.

  90. Barney Rubble

    Mark and Lisa,

    Well you know where”we” stand this is an awesome blog, (OSA).


  91. Poifect!

  92. You guys look awesome! When I think back at all the staged photoshoot that I have taken part of it makes me sick. Look at all the beautiful people we have without make up big lights & phony smiles. DM we don’t need you stinky staged photo shoots! When one truly finds freedom no make up, big lights or coaching is necessary to convey happiness. It all comes naturally!

    I’m so happy for you guys! Sending you a big hug!


  93. And FREELOADERS y’all ARE NOT!
    (That’s another redefined word)

  94. Hello Hamiltons! 🙂

  95. Concerned Citizen

    So happy to see your smiling faces

  96. Hello Lisa and Mark,
    Welcome to life! I think that all the staff that are leaving the SO and other Orgs are going to make a great shift in the theta/entheta ratio of the planet…those who leave are soooooo happy and uptone and those that stay will continue to spread solidity of black mass. As people are leaving in droves…the planet should be getting brighter. Scientology Orgs have become the Grand Illusions within the illusion.

  97. They should stop calling them a “Declare”. A declaration is a communication of a certain kind. To “declare” is to ‘announce: announce publicly or officially; “The President declared war”‘.

    These documents that go directly to the safe should be called a “Hide”.

  98. Even better! Instead of an “SP Declare”, it should be an “SP Tantrum”.

  99. Lisa and Mark, I love, love, LOVE that photo! Congratulations to you both.

  100. I have a book published in 1976 of poems by Scientologists. I wonder if your friend has any poems in it? The book is titled Golden Horses.

  101. OnceUponaTime
    love your shrewdness, Michael!!
    LOL LOL LOL tax deductions for SPs….
    the tshurtsh is the laughing stock…

  102. Independent Scientologist


    David Miscavige is berating a Sea Org executive.

    “You’re a complete idiot! You’re the biggest idiot this planet has ever known! You’re the biggest idiot on the whole track! If they had an idiot contest, you’d come in second!”

    Puzzled at the inconsistency of this last remark, the Sea Org exec asks, “Why would I come in second?”

    “Because you’re an idiot!”

  103. Well Joanna, it looks like two more SP’s have been added to the already 5 mile long list of SP’s that have made to the OSA list so far.

    Is there anybody left in Scientology to declare?

    This is unbelievable! The way I see it the “suspense” in Scientology is mounting to the point that “DM Is about to declare himself”.


  104. Felicidades! A word in Spanish that means Congratulations and literally means “happinesses”! There is more joy and happiness coming from that photo of you all than all CofMestology promo photos stacked all together! Really, just looking at all of you lifts one’s spirit! I hope to meet you someday. All the very best to you and thank you for coming out publicly.
    Mary Jo

  105. Maybe we should start issuing Certs for the declare. Bring in your CofM “declare” and earn a Cert for, say, “Stepping Off The Infamous Bridge to Nowhere.” Or Certificate of Eyes Wide Open. That would be vs TC’s Eyes Wide Shut.

    Or to really unsettle the minions of VE, those who haven’t gotten a suppressive declare could start demanding one from the local org and the IJC, just a mass flood of requests to be declared. Reason: you need an official declare to become a Patronius Excellantiosus in the IARS. That would be the International Association of Real Scientologists.

    These guys really believe the declare has impact. Joke’s on them.

  106. Is the Golden Eagle the official bird?

  107. “what cold they do with 16 pages?”

    Why not print these declares on very flimsy paper that comes in a roll and I think we could all find an appropriate use. Give you some entertainment while you sit there contemplating the wonders of being alive. Give real meaning to “I’ll be in my office doing some paperwork.”

  108. Karen,

    DM is only applying one of LRH’s unreleased memos.
    Haven’t you heard of gradient scales?
    Haven’t you heard that absolutes are unattainable?
    Well, DM had a cognition while auditing himself on OT 666 (he has personally discovered over 600 levels ABOVE those discovered by LRH) that all humans are suppressives to him.
    But on a gradient.
    For example, TC is BFF SP. He would be a little higher if he hadn’t jumped on Oprah’s couch, thus bringing ridicule to DM, which was pretty inconsiderate considering 1. DM had gone to all that trouble finding the loser a girlfriend/wife and 2. if TC is going to jump on the couch about anyone it should have been about TC’s BFF David (I’m putting my bodily fluids on your airplane sheets for you to admire Mr TC) Studmuffin. What better way to show how crazy in love you are than jumping on a couch ? But since only DM is worthy of love and admiration, jumping on the couch for an SP of Katie’s caliber was….disappointing.
    At the other end of the spectrum is Marty who warrants the status of @##$%%^^&%#$@#@#%$ SP.
    There is no SP lower than Marty. Marty’s SPness doesn’t even deserve a number or name. He (in a secret memo) has been declared THE SP FORMERLY KNOWN AS MARTY. When DM’s phantom league of Loyal Officers materializes from his imagination, they will swarm CasablancaTejas, capture HeWhoShallNotBeNamed, and throw his ass in a very bad place–such as the dark closet where the boogieman frightened Der Leader when he was a boy wetting his bed and sucking his thumb.

    Whew! I guess I’d better stop. Bet you guys wish my back would heal so I wouldn’t have so much idle time. But, newsflash: I’ve adopted it as my new best ser fac. Yippeee Skippeee!

  109. Wouldn’t it be fun for an independent group of Scientologists to move into a building vacated by a local org forced to downsize? Maybe we could invite the staff from the local org to come in for a look-see.

  110. Hi Mark & Lisa,

    When I see your happy faces, it makes me smile.

    I think the church is so busy writing declares and harassing Independent Scientologists that they don’t have time to fact check and and get their own records straight.

    Hell, I’ve posted here a few times and still get their mailings. I really wish those would stop. They seem to know my address, but do they know where I live? Gardnerville is straight up US Hwy 395. Can’t be missed if you are traveling that route to Reno.

    Good to see you guys here. I can’t wait to get together and share some wins with you from doing real LRH tech in the Independent Scientology field. We are so fortunate to have the tech and to be able to apply it in a the standard way it was meant to be applied. I know all of this has been said here umpteen times, but I have full certainty of the tech again and just can’t shut up, but I promise I won’t shove my viewpoint down anyone’s throat.

    I’m very happy for you guys and all the Independent Scientologists who visit and contribute to this blog.

    Peter Frigo

  111. Pingback: Where your books donations go? « SILVIA KUSADA's Blog

  112. William Johnson

    Congratulations on getting away from the cult!
    (I think)

  113. My post seems non-seq I think because the joke in question was removed. I think I get why it was removed, no problem. But it was funny! The “new genre” is Co$/DavidMiscavige jokes.

  114. Lisa Hamilton

    Thanks David! Appreciate your wishes. If there is anything we can help you with, you can email or


  115. Lisa Hamilton

    Hushmail account is Lisa

  116. Lisa Hamilton

    I was at ITO on the FEBC in the early 1990s. Write me at either or and let me know who this is and we can talk about old times!! Lisa

  117. Lisa Hamilton

    Ron, You can write Mark at and I will forward the message to him. He would love to hear from you. Lisa

  118. Lisa Hamilton

    Hello Grasshopper,

    Write Mark via me at….he is wracking his brain about who he played volleyball with, but has not yet figured this one out!


  119. Lisa Hamilton

    oops…see below for your comm grasshopper…put it in wrong spot…

  120. Lisa Hamilton

    Hey Peter,

    Good to hear from ya and thanks for your wishes. We should plan on meeting up soon! We owe you and your wife a dinner!!

    I’ll call you.


  121. Welcome Lisa and Mark.

    Mark, You were always helpful and positive when you came up to Seattle, as I worked through Pro Metering, the Basics, and some of the levels. I never did make it down to the BC, but am now continuing my studies in the freezone.
    Have a fun and love filled life, and maybe we’ll run into each other again.
    Mark Elliott
    Mark Elliott

  122. I just want the beatings to stop!

    Yep, that’s how it works. I still have not seen my declare. OSA called to get my address to mail it to me. They were just trying to get my home address!! I gave them my PO Box and of course, nothing arrived. Also, I’ve tried to get a hold of IJC several times and am getting NO response! Probably no one at that post anymore!

  123. I just want the beatings to stop!

    And I got a call from the Reg at my org to see how I was doing, etc. Just wanted to chat for a bit! They have no idea that I’m declared and I’ve been declared for a couple of months!!!

    A squirrel group out of comm…..If the staff knew all of the people that were declared, it would start more trouble for OSA, more blows.

  124. Hi Mark and Lisa,
    Your write-up is great.
    Mark, you helped me on my ProMetering Course. You really did. That was a rough time. I knew RTC was on your ass. They’d walk in the course room, talk to you. Nose around. Walk into the video room where the students on the final drill were cutting a video for their final submission etc etc and you always maintained a professional standard with your students. Being a standard supervisor, and knowing LRH supervisor tech had to be hell during that period. Because I know what was being demanded of you was not LRH — but a justified, know-best, bastardized version of it. There was no way you were going to win – the last thing they wanted was a KSW zealot in that courseroom. So you became an exec. That should have given them more room to mold you. But how on earth are you supposed to run an org when all of your juniors have to take time off post to go sell books??? And their life ruds go out when they have to do it during their 3 hours off on Sunday mornings which is allotted for them to do their laundry. I won’t regurgitate all the BS because it’s all on the blog. I just wanted to ack you
    and your post.
    Lisa, ditto — you were the most standard ethics terminal on the PAC base.
    Who above you needs or wants that???? You are just in the way of their brand of ethics and justice.
    The fact that the two of you spontaneously just walked is testimony to your sanity and on-sourceness.
    Lisa, you are so damned cute. And Mark, that laugh is SO you!!!!
    Love you guys,
    Linda McCarthy aka Darla and Spanky

  125. I saw you and your seemed so “dangerous” – not. Anyhow, wondered why I didn’t sick (lol). These SP Declares these days are so rediculous. You guys look great!

  126. This article just came in to me for what it is worth though I have personally researched parts of it in which the dots did connect for me.
    I do feel it is on topic for the main in what we are all concerned with so here is is:
    Federal Cover-Up Of
    Scientology In Military Intel
    From Elizabeth Walker

    For Immediate Release

    A chronological investigative analysis of once-classified intelligence reports, corporate papers, copyright and trademark records, court documents, and other public records has exposed a massive and pervasive co-ordination of the Executive and Judicial Branches in order to effect a cover-up, since at least 1972, of copyrighted Scientology technologies being illegally utilized in United States strategic intelligence. The study shows that the cover-up has reached all the way to the Oval Office in both Republican and Democratic administrations, including those of George Bush and Jimmy Carter. Bush’s knowledge and involvement dates back at least to his term as Director of Central Intelligence.

    The timeline of events documents that an employee of the National Security Agency (NSA), Dr. Harold Puthoff, infiltrated Scientology, completed its confidential upper-level courses, and almost immediately secured a top-secret contract with the Central Intelligence Agency to set up the CIA-initiated “remote-viewing” intelligence program. The evidence is that the program secretly utilized Scientology techniques–intellectual property of Scientology founder L. Ron Hubbard–without Hubbard’s or any Scientology organization’s knowledge or permission, and without compensation.

    The study also shows that Scientology’s Guardian’s Office (GO)–headed by Hubbard’s wife Mary Sue–had province over the intellectual properties being illegally used by the federal government.

    The GO became embroiled in protracted litigation, via the churches, of numerous Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) suits against NSA, the CIA, the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA), the Department of Defense, the Secret Service, and other Executive Branch departments and agencies.

    The FOIA suits sought the release of documents related to Scientology and to L. Ron Hubbard that were known to exist, but were being withheld by the federal intelligence agencies and the Defense Department, among others, on grounds of NATIONAL SECURITY.

    One ruling against the Scientologists even went so far as to justify withholding of documents about Scientology on the grounds that the Director of CIA is “responsible for protecting intelligence sources AND METHODS from unauthorized disclosure…[emphasis added].” Neither Hubbard, his wife, nor the Guardian’s Office knew the exact nature of the documents, nor about Hubbard’s copyrighted materials being illegally used by the federal intelligence agencies.

    Scientology’s FOIA suits spanned the very time when the top-secret Scientology-based remote viewing program and budget were not only being expanded, but were being utilized by the Department of Defense, the President’s National Security Council (NSC), and the Joint Chiefs of Staff. But the documents being sought by the Guardian’s Office were never released; the FBI raided the church’s offices in July of 1977, and the federal government filed criminal charges accusing Mary Sue Hubbard and the Guardian’s Office of “criminal spying”–a strange irony.

    The sensational case resulted in Mary Sue Hubbard and 10 Guardian’s Office co-defendants being sentenced to jail without a trial by federal Judge Charles R. Richey, which led to the ultimate disbanding of Scientology’s Guardian’s Office.

    This opened the way for a new senior corporation, “Church of Spiritual Technology” (CST), doing business as the “L. Ron Hubbard Library.” It was set up in 1982–right after the Supreme Court had upheld Mary Sue Hubbard’s conviction–for the express purpose of gaining receivership and control of L. Ron Hubbard’s copyrights. But it was in the founding of this corporation that the first hint of the cover-up by the federal government lay buried.

    In an EXCLUSIVE 1997 STORY, the PUBLIC RESEARCH FOUNDATION reported that Meade Emory–former Assistant to the Commissioner of the Internal Revenue Service and former Legislation Attorney, Joint Committee on Taxation–had been a co-founder of CST, Scientology’s most senior coporation. That corporation now controls the copyrights for all of L. Ron Hubbard’s intellectual properties, once valued at close to $100 million. CST also enjoys ultimate authority over all Scientology-related trademarks, including even the name “L. Ron Hubbard.”

    But the discovery of Emory, a non-Scientologist, in such an unusual position raised red flags, since Emory’s involvement in setting up the corporation had been hidden for fifteen years.

    Then it was learned that Emory had been Assistant to Commissioner of IRS Donald C. Alexander from 1975 through 1977. Strangely, those were the very years that an IRS employee, Gerald Wolfe, was supposedly a Scientology “double agent” guilty of numerous thefts of IRS documents for Mary Sue Hubbard and the Guardian’s Office–leading to the arrests and convictions.

    Other oddities also surfaced:

    1. According to a U.S. Claims Court ruling, none of the founders of CST but one had any religious connection with Scientology. They were non-Scientologist tax and probate attorneys.

    2. The October 1993 IRS tax-exemption for CST was granted in a then-secret Closing Agreement only after a final round-up of every intellectual property ever produced by L. Ron Hubbard had been completed.

    3. On November 29, 1993, scarcely two months after CST had been granted tax exemption by IRS in a secret Closing Agreement, all 7,730 of L. Ron Hubbard{s copyrights were quietly transferred to CST.

    PRF’s original press release and supporting documents about Meade Emory’s ties to CST were sent to major newspapers–including the Wall Street Journal–and to Senator William V. Roth, Jr., Finance Committee Chairman and Vice Chairman of the Joint Committee on Taxation. Within 15 days the secret agreement between IRS and CST, et al. was leaked to WSJ, who never ran the story on Emory.

    But the IRS Closing Agreement, once released, revealed that it had been the final step in the United States government’s 20-year campaign to secretly get L. Ron Hubbard’s copyrighted technologies and techniques–being illegally used by federal agencies in strategic intelligence–firmly under secret federal government control. Putting the copyrights in a 501(c)(3) corporation bypassed the separation clause of the Constitution, because CST, despite its name, is not a church.

    So certain was the IRS that the secret agreement would never be exposed that it included a “Continued Conspiracy Clause,” requiring all signatories to agree in collusion to protect Meade Emory and all other “current or former” employees of IRS and the United States government against any and all claims of their having been involved in a “continued conspiracy.” Yet it was just such a “continued conspiracy” that apparently had brought the secret Closing Agreement into being.

    The federal government further secured its position by secretly setting up an illegal and unconstitutional “Church Tax Compliance Committee” to enforce Treasury regulations on the structure and function of the various Scientology organizations, including permanent installations of “Tax Compliance Officers” in each organization.

    Senator Roth’s inaction on the Executive Summary regarding Meade Emory’s involvement with the creation of Scientology’s most senior corporation has now raised questions whether the Legislative Branch has been involved in the cover-up as well.


    Email This Article


  127. one of those who see

    Hi Valkov,
    Don’t know. Will ask. Is that book available somehow. That was before I got into Scn. I never knew about it.

  128. Lisa! I remember you from the OEC/FEBC evolution at the HGB in 92/3. Great to see you healthy and happy!

  129. Rinder Loyalist

    Ah, shucks. T’warn’t nothing, sir.

    Rinder Loyalist
    and adherent to Standard Tech, not Guilded Tech

  130. Rinder Loyalist

    Don’t know if the bird is the word. But it sure seems the official science is alchemy.

    Rinder Loyalist & adherent to Standard, not Guilded, Tech

  131. Rinder Loyalist

    The Div 5 Dilemma

    How many worked how hard to answer the question (as well as it’s many variations):
    Will the current CoS reform as it should if Std (not Guilded) Tech (and Ethics and Admin) were to be applied?

    And once a full, complete, and honest answer to that question has been obtained, invoke their Code of Honor and Personal Integrity to pay the price?

    This bloke salutes those who have, especially the aforementioned and under acknowledged, Lisa and Mark.

    Rinder Loyalist (& adherent to Standard, not Guilded, Ethics, Tech and Admin)

  132. Lisa Hamilton

    Hi Azul Celeste,

    That is cool. Write me at my email –, if you wish, and let me know who this is!


  133. Lisa Hamilton

    Is this Bill Johnson, who was in the SO? Email me at and let me know….


  134. Frankly DM, the Hamiltons don’t give a damn.

    Mark and Lisa Hamilton and the animals hope you like it. I found the lyrics appropriate for your post ;).


  135. Hi Lisa,

    It is your ‘little’ Brother here. I just wanted to let you know how happy I am for you and Mark.

    I Love you very much, and I am happy that you guys are living a truly ‘free,’ and fulfilling life.

    You know you have ‘my’ support…!

    Love ya’,


  136. martyrathbun09

    Thanks for weighin in Shawn.

  137. From the various samples of declares that have turned up on the net, I have to say that Co$ is out-tech. Those things are supposed to be printed on Goldenrod paper, which is a fairly exact color used in publishing, but the ones I’ve seen are printed on Canary yellow paper instead.

    Speaking of freeloader debt, wouldn’t it be fun to calculate how much David Miscavige would owe on his? All those years of rent-free accommodation, clothes, meals, air travel, cars, motorcycles, staying on the Freewinds, scuba diving, scotch, casino trips…

  138. Lisa Hamilton

    Hey Shawn!!!

    Thank you VERY MUCH for backing your “big sis” up!! It means a lot. I know I can always count on you.

    I am really looking forward to seeing you and your wife next week here in Gardnerville!

    You have my love and support always!

    Love ya, Lisa

  139. Lisa Hamilton

    Very nice! Thanks a lot! We enjoyed that.


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