Independence – A Silvia Kusada creation

Look what Silvia created.

Thank you for your beautiful work in bringing people together Silvia.!/video/video.php?v=1589940262671

68 responses to “Independence – A Silvia Kusada creation

  1. silvia,
    Beautiful. Like you. 😀

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  3. Thank you Marty,
    it is a pleasure to be contacted by so many ex-Scientologists that are discovering, thanks to your great work and the work of many of us, they can finally go up the bridge, while being free and while keeping their own integrity.
    It is priceless to observe them getting out of the Suppression of the Church of $cientology, finding out about lies and crimes.

    I have seen few of them crying of joy!!

    We are very lucky to be where we are and we have a fantastic future ahead of us.
    It is an amazing group!!
    THANK YOU to you and Mosey!!

  4. Marty/Silvia

    For those two or three of us remaining on this planet who are not Facebook
    members, is there another way to see this creation?


  5. Awesome!

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  7. Silvia you have posted this wonderful video on the eve of my one year anniversary declaring my independence from the COS on Marty’s blog.
    Thanks for a super anniversary present.

    What I find so interesting about your video is the many happy thetans who have declared themselves independent and the Church of Scientology videos show sparkling buildings with no thetans in sight. You are a true artist. Your video communicates at a very high aesthetic level. Thanks …for taking the time to create this masterpiece.

  8. We have to thank Marty too,
    it has been a team work this present to you!!
    He post it just in time!!
    Woderful jack… Happy anniversary!!

  9. Silvia,
    Wow! The quoted Data Series as a banner running under the photos of happy beings was superb. Wow!


  10. this is the YOUTUBE link:

    big hug to you!!

  11. The pic I took of Aida and Sylvia is in it.

  12. Nicely done and fun to watch

    For a group of supposed Suppressives they all look pretty happy and uptone.

    And there are sooo many happy people. They look much like the people in Scientology 30 + years ago. Nice to see the happiness return, I for one missed it.

    Thank you Silvia

  13. Leave it to Sylvia Kusada.

    I have always said that she is not only talented, but pretty too.

  14. Tony DePhillips

    That was a great product Silvia!!
    Great LRH reference too.
    Nice combination of aesthetics and reason.

  15. Most awesome video and really punches home Ron Hubbardl’s point: McSavage’s bunch had been declaring SP all the good folk and leaving the real SP on staff.
    Michael A. Hobson

  16. Silvia

    WOW! The sheer wattage and unadulterated life-force in those beautiful faces, combined with the power of those words – the aesthetic wavelength alone is enough to get that message through!

    May every scientologist still “in” see this and cognite on the simplicity of this truth.

  17. Another Layer

    What a great work! To the question that immediately follows watching a DM video, “Where are all the people?” Your beautiful, perfect answer, “Here they are!!!” And the data series banner running throughout … makes my heart melt. Thank you so much!

  18. Theo Sismanides

    hahaha Lunamoth, not Facebook members, what’s that?

  19. Theo Sismanides

    Hahaha, Silvia, what a great way to communicate LRH and the positioning of the Indies. Simple idea, great marketing value. I see you are in advertising as I am too. This was so simple and so much R in it. Thanks Marty for posting it right away. This Internet Org works miracles. We don’t need space or time anymore, we are OTs by definition. Anything less is just case on post, hahaha!

    Great Promotion for the Indies!!!

  20. My son, my wife and I watched this video and we had a great time with Ludvig and all the good faces. Thank you very much!

  21. Lunamoth-

    I’m the other person not on FaceBook. Thanks for your query prompting the youtube link.


    Beautifully done. The Data Series scroll blew me away. Great musical score as well. And what shining faces.


  22. Scott Campbell

    Mike Hobson,

    I think I would restate that slightly: David Miscavige has been declaring all the good folks SP while leaving the real SP (himself) on staff.

    Great job Sylvia! It’s great to see all of these happy beings together, free of the chocking fetters of the C of S!

    Thanks for the theta!


  23. Hi Sylivia;

    As you noted, when someone decides to take the walk, they often believe they will lose everything, and be alone.

    The fact is, if you walk towards truth, you are never alone, and you lose nothing, you gain everything.

    Thanks to places like this, and people like you, and to so many others here, those lost souls still living the nightmare, those amonst them who will look and see, will realize the truth is they lose nothing, gain everything, and they will run, not walk, to the nearest exit.

    In truth, they are coming home.

  24. Very, very cool. Excellent reference, and great pictures! And, I always loved Beethoven’s 9th.

    Just shows that the people who are smiling are not the ones who are grimly hanging on hoping the nightmare of over-regging and over-sec-checking will pass.

  25. Wow! A whole video full of friends!! And my daughter too!! (proud mom)
    What a great create! Thanks, Silvia!

  26. That tune sounds awfully familiar. A godly relay.

  27. Looks like the only Scientologists allowed to smile are those who are officially declared. Very nice, high aesthetic. Thanks Sylvia, Marty and the team.

  28. Dear lovely Sylvia,
    My face aches from the sustained smile from ear to ear I couldn’t refrain from during the entire video!!!!! Brilliant, marvelous, delightful. Two thumbs up up up.
    Now the question of how to get it in front of the public that needs to see it. I object to calling myself something that gives the idea that there is a legitimate entity and that I am in some way in disagreement with it and therefore call myself an independent whatever. Truth be told a Scientologist is a person who practices the data that leads one to Knowing How To Know. Anyone that perverts that data resulting in a prevention of the final result of the person knowing how to know is in fact something other that the legitimate entity. Those people are called in our slang, “Squirrels”. This video would be better named “Introducing the Real Scientologists” as we are the legitimate ones and any reference to the ones left behind who alter the Tech for command intentions self agrandizement and profit should be correctly called “The Squirrels”!

  29. one of those who see

    Hi Syliva,
    Grazie, Grazie, Grazie!!!! This was just beautiful. Will watch it again and again.
    So theta and then the LRH data to forward the truth of the situation.
    Wow. I’m at work with a big smile on my face!

  30. Tony DePhillips

    I just realized that “on-line’ Scientologists can talk to all manner of criminals. That is rapists, potentially murderers through Narconon, drug dealers, extortionists, etc, etc. BUT THEY CANNOT TALK TO INDEPENDENT SCIENTOLOGISTS!!!??? Now that is an out-point of monumental proportions!!

  31. SP’s go to Starbucks?


  32. (Theo – I’m not sure if you’re asking what I think you’re asking, so if I’ve misunderstood the question, Theo, forgive me).

    The link Marty provided to view Sylvia’s video was a Facebook address. I’m not a member of Facebook so was not able to gain access to the site. I’m pretty sure there aren’t too many of us left, people who don’t have a Facebook site, though I see TEG is another one.


  33. TEG

    We ludites have to stick together! : )


  34. Sylvia,
    What a well done video! It is always good to have faces to associate with the names from blogs or articles that I have read. I like the music and –the banner with the LRH reference is the Bomb- that reference is really all one should need to wake up and smell the …putrid wind seeping from the bowels of the enslavers.

  35. Sylvia I hope many Romances will come of your work spreading around a little more love into this world ;).


  36. Totally well done video indeed! A pleasure to view. It really communicates.

  37. More and more Congratulations on this video….this was a treat. This is the Internet…. the video it comes right up on your computer screen ~~ right into your bedroom, your living room, right up close and personal and we all share at the same time. Powerful stuff.

    I also love it that there are more ex-RTC (and CMOI) who have fled exactly per your Data Series quote than are left remaining in RTC at Gold base !!!!

    Think about that !

  38. Independent Scientologist


    An Englishman, a Scotsman and David Miscavige walk into a pub and order a pint of Guinness.

    As soon as the mugs are on the counter, a fly lands in each one and gets caught in the foam.

    Unconcerned, the Englishman flicks the fly out of his beer and takes a swig.

    Also unconcerned, the Scotsman just takes a swig fly and all.

    Miscavige angrily plucks the fly from his beer and starts shaking it violently up and down. “That’s my beer! Spit it out! Spit it out!”

  39. Lunamoth,

    I’m perhaps old fashioned. I like the KISS method. (Keep It Simple Stupid) Never-the-less we do need to stick together! Us Luddites that is.

  40. Karen- Thanks for pointing out this vital stat again.

  41. Well, I meant it exactly as I wrote it. I will not absolve the several thousand sheeple who carry out McSavage’s insane orders of their responsibility for so doing.

    Michael A. Hobson

  42. Just yesterday I saw an older post on another site that mentioned my Org being No. 3 in the Donation game for a retrofit!?! Despite the picture with confetti flying I couldn’t help but cringe that they were still beating their public for money. I could actually feel the mass of the endless reg events that created this victory. For what…a retrofit! Seeing this immediately confirmed that their game was no longer a game I wanted to play. There was no longer a loss contected to these terminals because we were no longer playing the same game.

    Then I saw your video, Sylvia and went VVGI’s. Instant ARC and recognition that THERE was my group. Pure THETA, a celebration of beingness! Lunamoth, above, really duplicates my feelings toward this video. And it wasn’t just me, the aesthetic wave drew others (non-Scientologists) right to my computer to see what I was looking at. Got a little misty-eyed myself. I am so PROUD to be an Independent!

    Thank you for delivering this theta product!

  43. Sylvia has always impressed me as a very classy and upstat thetan. One who sets a continually good example.

    Well done. I send my admiration from across the space time continuum.

    Pax Romana


  44. Alex Braverman

    WOW! So much happiness to be seen in this video!
    Thanks for sharing the truth for what it is.
    Truth is; SP Declares are just one more squirreled and misused tool.


  45. What a treat! Thanks a million Silvia! You never cease to amaze me. This is an incredible tool. Several Scientologists might not dare talking to declare SPs or lurking at Marty’s site but I think they will dare looking at this video on YouTube. I postulate that many, many will find their way to it. 🙂

    Grazie Bella!!!

  46. I watched it again because the first time I was just so drawn in to looking at you all close up and personal…I didn’t even read the words.
    Now I’ve watched it and read it…awesome again!
    What really hits home is THIS is the BEST ad for LRH’s Scientology!
    I want what y’all have! 😀

  47. Sylvia,
    How thoughtful of you to put this together for all to see and share.
    That celebration was pure unadulterated fun.
    Powerful, wonderful, keyed-out, beautiful people.

  48. Sylvia:

    Thank you very much for making this video available on YouTube.

    I closed my Facebook account after this really entheta NY FDN staff member on the site and her husband were communicating with me that they were going to report me to the RTC, and then blocking me and the unblocking me and then communicating with me…

    Facebook is just much to juvenile for a person such as my self so I am glad that you made this available to everyone everywhere Facebook account or not.

  49. Silvia – great vid! And a great quote!
    Sooooooo obvious, isn’t it?

  50. MissedGarbage Watcher

    Thank you very much for the quote from LRH Policy.
    It’s persuasive.
    All of you look beautiful and shining.
    I’m happy about that.

  51. TroubleShooter

    Wow, that was awesome!

  52. Ditto on the aesthetic impact. And Dvorak’s ‘New World Symphony’ was an inspired choice for the theme music!

  53. Absolutely wonderful!

  54. Very nice work, Sylvia. A real theta smile maker.


    A Priest, a Rabbi and DM YCSPOS (not “Your Church’s Savior, Pope of Scientology”) are given the task of crossing the Red Sea. The Rabbi is given a staff; the Priest a chalice; DM a rod of gold.

    The Rabbi prays a bit, stands, holds forth his staff and exclaims “In the name of God I command these waters to part as they did for Moses! The waters part and the Rabbi walks across.

    The Priest takes a chalice full of the waters, blesses them, pours the blessed water over his feet and walks across the Sea.

    DM fumes, accuses the water of being the most Suppressive Pisson in the world, smites the water with his golden rod and orders it to GTF outa his way, or else.

    The water, with great independent insouciance, ignores him.

  55. Silvia, nicely presented. Thank you for putting this together.

  56. It can be verified by several people at least that OSA is very active on the Facebook site gathering information on Scientology critics and others.

    LRH Said that if something is causing you a problem just cut communication to it and I did. So now there are Scientologists on the Facebook site blocking non-existent accounts. That’s always a lot of fun!

  57. Marty, I would like to put in a plug for your new blog Casablanca Tejas.
    I think you need to rename it ‘The Theta Place’. I honestly don’t think enough people understand that this new site (blog) is a safe place for
    people who want to share wins and personal stories without the BS and OSA junk. Why do I have to defend and or prove my personal feelings and spiritual phenomena to people who have never walked a mile in my shoes.
    This new blog is a place where I know I can share my ‘Self’ with others without all the HEandR of self important fixed viewpoints. Lets surf the Theta universe and share Theta with one another. There are a lot of very OT beings out there that can write up their Theta stories and share them with friends. I plan to. Please join us. Love

  58. …and he rips his clothes off, leaving on only his silky black monogrammed thong, dons his shiny gold swim cap (can’t be ruining the hair plants), buffs up his arms, puffs out his chest and floats across…being so full of HOT air…all the while the applause track plays in his mind. 😉

  59. We are standing up proud!
    We are expanding, shoulder to shoulder we are strong, because we stand up for each other. We are interested in people, in families, in friends, in people around us..
    More people that we think are looking…
    Many are stuck on doubt, as they truly are PTS of the Church, confused and saturated of false data.
    But uniting we can create so much theta and positive energy to inspire and give strenght to the many that need it.
    So many are in fear in the “Church of DM”, but they look at us with hope and as “hope”.

    Thank you all for your fantastic partecipation…

  60. There are… many romances.
    We are creating them, many of us are.

  61. Beautiful Karen,
    thank you so much for sharing this
    people are really thirsty of good news… and we can give them out…
    we are not in the business of scaring people in order to get IAS donations…

    We are destimulating using truth… it is really beautiful and fun…

  62. one of those who see

    Happy Birthday Heber! We love you!

  63. Thank you all, thank you for the theta you flowing and for the wonderful words, thank you for being there for each other, for fighting for freedom and for believing in love and justice…
    Ii do not think there is another group in this planet with so many great, unique, valuable, exceptional, caring, powerful and aware people like in the Independents group.
    Thank you to all.

  64. I’d have to say that the independent waters are not going to float that boy. Not unless he spends some time in a whale, first.

    Also, he wouldn’t part with his rod of gold and I’m sure that goldenrod will sink him before long.

    ALSO, he’s had full access to the tech but has never learned to swim. He’s full of hot air, alright, but he’s a rock, he’s gonna be chilled by the independent waters and he’s gonna sink. One way or the other.

    (And that image of a monogrammed black thong… oooooh that’s just nasty!) 🙂

  65. ΘTater/GaryLerner

    Any day with this kind of theta is a good day! Thank you, Silvia for the beautifully done video. 🙂

    Gary (Booo! 🙂 )

  66. ΘTater/GaryLerner

    We don’t drink the Kool-Aide, we drink the Coffee!



  67. ΘTater/GaryLerner

    MY EYES…. MY EYES…, I’ve been blinded by His Goldness!

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