Radical Scientology Torture

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  2. Tony DePhillips

  3. Watching Eyes

    You mentioned Angie Blankenship. Her mother was Ellie Blankenship, OT 8 and I believe a Class 6 auditor. I say “was” because she died in around 1998: cancer.
    Note to Angie: When are you going to wake up? Do you really think your mother would support these squirrel / suppressive activities? You were raised in Scn. You KNOW better.

  4. In DM’s view, the kid who ran away is out-ethics because he is running away, “blowing.” Yet, LRH himself wrote that conditions can become so intolerable that one has no other choice than to leave. Of course, when someone leaves he or she immediately becomes free from DM’s control. Those staff still there are there by their own choice, as crazy as that seems. A person stays there until the pain of leaving becomes less in their minds than the pain of staying. All of us who left eventually reached that point. I had pretty much satisfied myself that the LRH datum about a stuck flow never flowing weaker but only stronger was going to continue to play out on the base (something Mike confirms in this video) and so I got on my bicycle one Sunday morning just before Christmas during the weekly cleaning time and pedaled off. The people still there are stuck mainly by their own consideration that they can endure it or things will get better or it is too risky to leave or some such logic. If the likes of Marty and Mike can leave, Guillaume could leave, Ray could leave, Yager could leave, Ingber could leave, Kurt could leave, Dan Sherman could leave, Janet could leave, Russ Bellin could leave, Lyman could leave, Norman could leave, Heber could leave, Wilhere could leave. The PR pressure continues to mount and one day it will spill over into legal and then DM’s game will be over.

  5. This is a description of a sick suppressive group as the result of its leadership. The fact that this is happening at the highest levels demonstrates that the group that existed to forward Scientology is dead – gone in totality. Only some bodies remain. This is a major group engram and the ill effects of it will remain until fully handled.
    In “An Essay on Authoritarianism” by LRH in January 1951 a very succinct description of this is given.

    “Considering authoritarianism in the light of the basic tenets of Dianetics one rapidly discovers that one is dealing, in Group Dianetics, with the manifestation of group engrams. The parallel, in Individual Dianetics, would be the command power, in terms of pain and word content, of an engram.” …

    A group engram seems to be any area from which Force is emanating without reason, but such Force, not being obeyed, will administer physical pain. Hiring and firing threats, physical punishment as in some military organizations, jailing (reduction of the space and time controlled by the individual) are all MEST actions. The engram, unless obeyed, inflicts physical pain on the individual; it cannot be reasoned with and it lowers the self-determinism of the individual. The last sentence applies at once to an individual’s engrams or to a group’s engrams. …

    It has been remarked that the ideals of any group are never higher than at the moment of their initial formation. This was before one knew anything about clearing groups. MEST can be controlled by a group, even a Dianetics group, so long as the control is not of enturbulated MEST, property in question, perverted mores of people, unreasonable prices, war with psychiatry, etc. etc.

    Because his authoritarianism is, of course, due to engrams, the authoritarianist is ordinarily an intensely aberrated person.”


    This sickness has to cease. Before mankind, one day, DM will be held accountable. Just as the Nazi atrocities in WWII and the Nuremberg trials, the world agreement has no tolerance. What occurs at the Int Base to dedicated SO members, who only wanted to help bring sanity to this world and that is why they signed on the duration, is unspeakable and horrible.

    DM will go down in history as one of the great Suppressives – he will be acknowledged fully for who he really is. Sick! It may take a while to bring others up to the confront of this, but it will occur. It is like confronting Pol Pot, the Rwanda massacres, Stalin, Hitler and Darfur.

    For any non Scientologist reading this – please understand that this is NOT what the subject, philosophy and technology of Scientology are about. This is what a depraved sick person is doing. It could be happening to another group but this is happening to this group.

  6. DM is a punk.

    Seeing Mike recount this disgusting story makes me sick. In fact, these stories infuriate me more than anything else. Seeing DM stoop to these unbridled, evil-purpose infested dramatizations during the period of “the hole” is what ultimately was my own last straw and led to me leaving.

    I was never in “the hole”, but I was there at the Int base. In fact, I am the guy who actually with my own hands and screw gun installed the metal bars on every exit door of the set of interconnected mobile-home trailers that used to be CMO Int headquarters and turned it into “the hole”.

    COB Secretary, Ailon Barram summoned me to the trailers and told me that “COB wants this place secured so no one can blow. He wants steel bars on all the doors except the main entrance.”

    I looked the place over and stated that I could secure the doors better by screwing them shut from the outside. Ailon replied: “No. COB said he want steel bars.”

    So I dutifully, as DM’s personal “engineer” (my post was RTC Estates Manager) went down to the Estates building and cut a bunch of steel bars and installed them as instructed. I called Ailon who came and inspected my work, approved of it and, I imagine, reported compliance to DM.

    I noticed that the bars were removed by someone else many weeks later. I guess DM got freaked that he might get in trouble for actually building a physical prison and ordered them removed. But he still maintained an unbelievably tight security watch on the occupants 24/7.

    I am disgusted by my involvement in this.

    Those in the hole got to experience DM’s sociopathic bahavior fully unleashed with no restraint. It’s horrible. Inhuman.

    He’s a punk. And worse.

  7. Impartial English Girl

    LOVING these clips… Reminds me of that old Broadway song “Old Friends”. But guys – I need to know – DID you catch any fish?!

  8. Scott Campbell

    Time to run waste-have on C of M members.

    I’m only half-kidding.

  9. Tony DePhillips

    Hi Joe,
    Kind of a nice picture, you peddaling off into the sunset but a bit sad too. All of that work and having to leave and start all over again because of a mad man.
    Ya, all the people you mention seem to me are like the little boys throwing rocks at the others that want ethics. They didn’t have the heart to do the right thing. So they chose their side and have to live with the consequences.

  10. I only met Ellie once, on the ship, but she left a larger impression than any other OT8 I met. She was definitely the kindest.

  11. JB,
    The creation of the “the hold” by DM is the real horror. The degradation of the SO members held there is another horror in this line. Bars, screws, guards, whatever – these are just the physical way the suppression from DM is being enforced. This will come to an end. I was never at Int and have never met you. I do know what it feels like when one confronts what one has participated in, done and the ramifications of those personal actions. None of us are angels. We speak out as part of making up for any past damages. You have spoken up to make up for anything you did while there.

    I too was disgusted with my involvement in what I did. Recognition is an awareness characteristic and from there we all move on up a little higher. The day will come when there will be no more “hole” and those that are trapped there will be allowed their freedom and dignity. Until that day I appreciate the opportunity to travel in the group with those such as you. We do this because it is the honorable and ethical right thing to do.

    The day will come when the “punk” will be held accountable. We all look forward to that day. That will be “Freedom Day.!”

  12. Was LRH prescient? Did he give us the Rundown of what was to be in Mission Earth? DM is definitely looking more and more like Soltan Gris
    (Suntan Grease) every day. Does that make Dan Sherman “J. Warbler Madman”? Lou S, “Teenie”? I better stop…its getting a bit too real….

  13. JB,
    Thank you sincerely for relaying your part in this and taking responsibility for it.

    I am sobered by the reality presented here. The state this has devolved to is difficult to confront.

  14. Marty and Mike,
    Thank you for sharing your private piece of Shangri-La with your friends who are coping with below zero wind-chills these days. I was struck by just how far you two have come from the days of SP Hall. It would appear that those Conditions Formulas actually do produce the desired increase in survival potential.
    You and yours are setting a fine example of how OT’s can flourish and prosper by simply being there comfortably and communicating truth with a firm resolve and a spirit of play. Here’s to affluence becoming power and power becoming the new normal for you and all who cherish this game of life.

  15. Thanks Brad. You remind me how precious is the warmth of true friendship, and boy, have I made a lot of wonderful friends in the last year — you and Natalie being front and center among a growing list, many of whom grace this blog.

  16. These further accounts of people being treated in such ways is just another stark reminder of why the independent field exists and will continue to exist.

    If DM thinks he can stop the independent field, he is sorrily mistaken since he is the chief reason that it exists and increases its size in the first place.

    Now, as to the fishing techniques in this video……..


  17. Tony DePhillips

    Good to hear from you JB,
    I hope your transition is going smoothly.

  18. No words can describe what I think about DM taking staff who’ve dedicated their lives to help people and making them into degraded, tortured, locked up animals. He even transformed some of them into evil little devils who would also commit such cruel acts on their peers.

    The “LUCIFER EFFECT” comes to mind.

    And so does PRISON.

  19. The more I look at this…. the more I see that this wasn’t what I got in in 1978. This is crap. I don’t buy into this and never will. The game will continue without me.

  20. Just my opinion, but I think David Miscavige had JB put bars on the Hole in order to protect David Miscavige. I think DM is afraid that if someone snaps from torture that they could escape and kill him. DM is the target of rage in RPF. He knows it. He wants to break people so that he can feel safe. However, people always hate their captor. People always want to escape to freedom.

    DM has a problem on his hands: He has created and now operates a large private religious prison. A religious prison is, by definition, Hell. This makes DM “The Devil” in his own bizarre little Hemet Universe. What a sick, disgusting story of inducing hypothermia in a religious prison. That is medieval, criminal, and warped.

    Screenplay concept: “The Devil Wears Elevator Shoes.” 90 minutes of a week in the life of an insane religious dictator. Based upon true life stories. This film takes an unsparing look at how a certain religious cult operates. Scenes of insanity interspersed with movie stars and garish PR events with golden columns. Scenes of brutal crush regging and psych breaks. R rated for foul language, violence, and depictions of full frontal nudity in front of a mirror in a private tanning salon.

    E-Mail if you want the rest of the pitch!


  21. 😦 JB, I’m sorry you experienced that but happy you got the hell out!

  22. That just made me sick. Thanks for the guys out picketing and everybody making noise that people stuck in might hear. Just sickening. Really.

  23. DFB aka Dfb99

    Arrogant and supressive, intentional attempt to destroy what remained of management.

  24. What would have happened if there was a fire with those steel bars on all the doors except for one?

    It happens all the time. Fire breaks out and then only one door open. People get trampled to death or die in the fire. Recent example happened a few years ago at a concert in New England.

    If the place is still locked down like that, can’t the local Fire Marshall be told what is going on so he can do an inspection and maybe order some action for their safety?

  25. Tory Christman

    Truly—as much as we’d heard about “The SP Hall”, and years ago, one of the OCMB people called and got a local authority to go check on them, sadly they responded: “We’re here on our own determinism”. ARGH!
    These stories are truly unforgivably horrific. Thank you both for continuing
    Fishing with Marty and Mike. These stories could NOT be made up.
    To *anyone* “in”….Please WTFU, and get out while you still can.
    My love to all here and around the world who are helping expose this phony
    “church”…aka: Mafia-like organization.

  26. Tory Christman

    PS: Amen re Lord of the Flies, Mike, and “Prison”, Amy!~
    Mike —you said, “they were handled” (David Mayo and others you mentioned). I believe, FTR, each of them were paid off, weren’t they?
    And wasn’t the member’s IAS $$$$ used to pay these people off?
    This is a very important point, which most “in” do not know. Please fill in
    any holes you can.

  27. Thank you Mike and Marty for this video. I have long been curious about CST, Church of Spiritual Technology, and it was interesting to me that it was hidden even from staff at Int. It also answered questions I’ve had about why certain people, such as Russ Bellin, and Janet Light, Debbie Cook and others were attacked. Yes, the group engram is dissipating, and at a rapid rate.
    Of course, I have a great deal of concern, care, and empathy for those still at Int, especially those in the Hole and being tortured, and can only pray that they be released soon. I have added my public and private voice to the outcry against these vicious crimes against the dedicated staff whose original purpose was to help LRH clear the planet. Hopefully someday soon , with our help, they can fishing in the sun, reunited with you guys, telling their own dockside stories.

  28. Correction to last sentence above:
    “Hopefully someday soon, with our help, they can be fishing in the sun, reunited with you guys, telling their own dockside stories.”
    Much love, Catherine Von Ach

  29. JB,

    There is a good that is coming from the fact that you personally put those bars on, and that is that you are the first hand witness, and now you have told all of us that it was real, and you told us all who ordered you to do it. If it had not been you, then it would have been someone else, and maybe someone with less integrity and fewer scruples who would have succumbed and never escaped to tell.

    Now you’ve told the world, and confirmed that David Miscavige ordered the steel-barred physical imprisonment of human beings, not to mention the fact of who they were as individuals.

    Thank you for telling. Though I wasn’t there, and my response is not significant in the greater scheme of things, I would like to say that as an ordinary Scientologist, I do forgive you. I am deeply grateful for your drive to set things right and expose the truth.

    Best wishes to you,


  30. A couple questions about the archives if someone knows and can/will say:

    1) What control does DM have over the archives at Petrolia and Trementina and whereever else they might be?
    2) Does he put much attention on this sphere of effort – are these being tampered with by him?
    3) Assuming I have it right that CST is in charge of these and theoretically oversees RTC, then who is in the leadership position of CST in present time?
    4) Are the archives DIRECT imprints of LRH’s works with NO editing, or are the archives the edited/vetted versions.

    I am concerned about the preservation of authentic un-edited LRH materials – ALL of them, even those DM says are “Old, not used anymore…”. 🙂


  31. I know Kurt Weiland from his days back in munich. Never could imagine him doing those things you mention. How people can change. But on the other hand I know one that had shown things similar to that. Walter Kotric. Back in time in qual div munich org. He played the toughy. In order to increase his „ethics presence“ he had an axe in his drawer and pulling that out and laying it on the table in case a staff needed some encouragement to follow orders. Back in time I wondered how those kind of poeple can go up the org board in the SO. Now it makes more sense.
    And I cannot exclude me completely from that. I had bought the „only the tigers will survive“ stuff and help is only for the able (that can pay for it). Being OT has been somehow defined as „tough“, not careing, ruthless and overwhelming the „wogs“ is OK. That was not LRH definition but the street definition and attitude back in time.
    Or in other words: Back in time there had only been one auditor able to audit expanded dianetics in munich org. And then those processes had been taken off the bridge and for years there was no replacement technology to handle those evil purposes. We see now the result.

  32. A fitting response to this barbaric and reprehensible evil – a small token of our history:

    The first leaflet of the German anti-Nazi group the White Rose, produced in June 1942.

    “Nothing is so unworthy of a civilised nation as allowing itself to be governed without opposition by an irresponsible clique that has yielded to base instinct. It is certain that today every honest German is ashamed of his government.
    Who among us has any conception of the dimensions of shame that will befall us and our children when one day the veil has fallen from our eyes and the most horrible of crimes – crimes that infinitely outdistance every human measure – reach the light of day? If the German people are already so corrupted and spiritually crushed that they do not raise a hand, frivolously trusting in a questionable faith in lawful order of history; if they surrender man’s highest principle, that which raises him above all other God’s creatures, his free will; if they abandon the will to take decisive action and turn the wheel of history and thus subject it to their own rational decision; if they are so devoid of all individuality, have already gone so far along the road toward turning into a spiritless and cowardly mass – then, yes, they deserve their downfall. Goethe speaks of the Germans as a tragic people, like the Jews and the Greeks, but today it would appear rather that they are a spineless, will-less herd of hangers-on, who now – the marrow sucked out of their bones, robbed of their centre of stability – are waiting to be hounded to their destruction. So it seems – but it is not so. Rather, by means of gradual, treacherous, systematic abuse, the system has put every man into a spiritual prison. Only now, finding himself lying in fetters, has he become aware of his fate. Only a few recognised the threat of ruin, and the reward for their heroic warning was death. We will have more to say about the fate of these persons. If everyone waits until the other man makes a start, the messengers of avenging Nemesis will come steadily closer; then even the last victim will have been cast senselessly into the maw of the insatiable demon. Therefore every individual, conscious of his responsibility as a member of Christian and Western civilisation, must defend himself as best he can at this late hour, he must work against the scourges of mankind, against fascism and any similar system of totalitarianism. Offer passive resistance – resistance – wherever you may be, forestall the spread of this atheistic war machine before it is too late, before the last cities, like Cologne, have been reduced to rubble, and before the nation’s last young man has given his blood on some battlefield for the hubris of a sub-human. Do not forget that every people deserves the regime it is willing to endure! “

  33. This reminds me of the reports coming out of Camp Xray in Guantanamo and Abu Ghraib in Iraq.

    In my opinion this sort of thing is planned that way.

    It doesn’t just happen.

    Its basis is the authoritarian structure that was put in place in order to “save” the Church by many of the same people who are currently in the hole.

    Starky, Spurlock, Reynolds, Lesevre and much of CMOI were willing accomplices in destroying the franchise network, destroying WW, destroying ACs and ECs , destroying the GO and replacing it with its eviler twin OSA and eliminating The Controller.

    Maybe they realized the magnitude of the overt they committed and are now flagellating themselves for participating in a power push and aiding and abetting a suppressive LUNATIC and his “friends” who are now making a sham out of Scientology.

  34. “In DM’s view, the kid who ran away is out-ethics because he is running away, “blowing.”
    Tragic and true.

  35. +1
    Onwards and upwards JB 🙂

  36. Well done if you did!
    Texas fish are wily bait stealers!

  37. “leverage!”

  38. More like ‘Terl’

  39. The C of M with its abhorrent punishment drive is heading for internal revolution which is accurately predicted in AN ESSAY ON MANAGEMENT of 1951 (highly recommended reading). It will happen as soon as a sufficient number of “on liners” see that the theta goal they actually hold in their hearts and force themselves to believe is achievable only through the Pervert of Golden Tech has been replaced with a goal of “everything for Miss Savage” and “nothing for you” except trouble and possibly jail.

    Man would run better entirely unmanaged than in the hands of an authoritarian management for the end of such a management is group death. …

    “The Tshurch is dead” is not an empty call.
    It is in its death throws.

  40. Hi Scott,
    would be great getting in touch. Can you get my e-mail from Marty, pls.?
    The last years I was at a gorgeous place with lots of space and nice people around.
    I´m doing well. Since reading on Marty`s blog and also reading all the stories from the persons involved and also some of their blogs I had BD after BD. I could write pages of wins and cognitions.
    Thanks, to all of you! That´s really holding position in space.

    Greetings, also to Karry.

  41. KA

    Def. of Slave:
    “Positioned in another´s space and time.”

    Is there anybody positioned in another´s space and time?? Think about it! Scn is about getting free.

  42. It is hard to confront that in 25 years corporate Scientology’s highest leadership circles devolved into a torture camp, due directly to the innate cruelty and sadistic crimes of the church’s chief executive, David Miscavige.

    I look forward to the day when Miscavige is charged, prosecuted, convicted and punished for his crimes. This will bring a clearer conclusion to the travesty that corporate Scientology has become and make possible the reforms Scientology deserves.

    God speed to all victims, witnesses, legal counsel and law enforcement agencies working now to bring Miscavige to justice.

    Just Me

  43. More great campfire stories…some great third dynamic itsa on a broad scale format.
    I wanna go fishing with you guys!
    (I’ll behave myself.)

  44. Alex Braverman

    Keep on keepin’ on; with getting the truth told.

    It is only a matter of time until this madhouse exists no longer.


  45. JB
    re: getting people to “do it to others”. Thats one of the dirtiest tricks existing in the univers! (per my opinion). We all have been in this dirty game.
    When I was 13 years old (no clue about scn.) I had a dream about implant stations. As horrible as it was, the worst part was when I was made to do it to others. I was waking up then being out of PT and confused, puzzeling about my “dream” for some days.
    Then I forgot about it and started to have some fun as a teenager. But I never forgot the concept of the supression. My parents and their families were anti-Nazis during the rising of the regim and than WW II. So they hadn´t so much overts on it and were communicating freely about the subject and their experiences and I got a lot of data concerning the whole mecanism. If a person gets others to do all this overts, he is the REAL boss. Then he has real power over them! Able and kind people can be used as tools, acting like puppets and when scared and threatend further are just getting robots marching along with chanting the slogans of the SP. And can be be made to do many things they normaly wouldn`t do, when marching together in a certain direction with a commen goal ( like get rid of the jews, spread the arian cultur- it can be substituded by anything).We can look at the facistic regims which existed and are existing . Same breed of cat.Same mechanism.

  46. Can we get clips of 2 man (+2woman) drinking coffee after dinner or celebrating the lastest wins?

  47. It’s just standard history of any planet or culture.

  48. KA,
    That IS the fundamental definition of a slave. That same definition is what I cognited on while at the Int Base and it was clarified and bolstered in study of the PDCs and by my experience of one of DM’s key mechanisms; the use of forceful placement in space and time as a method of overwhelm.

  49. DM can for sure stop the independent field, he just need to retire….

  50. George, I can confirm everything you have said with the exception of the axe story – though I’ve seen Walter’s public announcement on the Munich Org staff notice board from a PTS handling at Int, I believe, talking about the “WW II planes ” having stopped flying “in his head”.

    I too know Kurt Weiland (then AG PR) from the good old Munich true-Saint-Hill-size days in the 70’s with up to 1,000 WDAH (though there certainly was a lot of stat push involved as well – Guillaume Lesevre was on Mission before he became ED Int). Not sure whether you refer to the same thing, but the post talks about Kurt being the receiving end of cruelty (while at the same time I believe those in the hole have little “choice” – even though they obviously do have that choice – to run all flows in this vicious prison camp.

    Wondered several times who you are, George. We should know each other. Would like to connect up with you. samuelsamuel94@hushmail.com if you would like to find out and connect up too.

  51. RJ,
    In this; “Maybe they realized the magnitude of the overt they committed and are now flagellating themselves for participating in a power push and aiding and abetting a suppressive LUNATIC and his “friends” who are now making a sham out of Scientology”, you have aimed right.

    Many of those enduring this debased situation are ‘making amends’. Sooner or later, the ledger is balanced, enough motivators/DEDEXes have been taken and the cycle of the Overt – Motivator begins again as they get more Motivator than Overt and reverse the flow back.

    This is dramatization.

    Breaking dramatization is the product of thorough training and auditing with Standard Tech. That’s what is missing in this scenario. It is indeed, this ‘hole’, the Int Base and now spread out, a squirrel cage full of nuts.

  52. The current control over the church has its start in the power push of the early 1980’s as RJ points out. This is so very similar to the atrocities of Nazi Germany. The very successful two sided structure of the C of S, with the GO and SO was dismantled, rearranged and is now a single monolithic cold hard form with total control at its peak. To correct the structure was ok but the end result was worse than, not better, than the original design.

    All of the units, corporations, side checks, external controls have been systematically coerced, molded or smashed until power is held by one. We now have a structure that is like a military-industrial-pharmaceutical giant with the only purpose being to ultimately control and enslave all of the people’s of earth – starting with those following the technology of LRH. From that viewpoint DM wants to control all access and use of space, time, food, water, arranged marriages, kids/no kids, time off, what clothes and where you live. To some degree he even effects when you die and what is done with the discarded mest left. SO members are just tools of his.

    This is eye opening suppression. We who post, we who helped create or support the creation of this monster, work in our own way to reverse this. I believe it is being reversed. I believe as so many do that truth and the basic rightness of a being will prevail. DM will simply take his place in history in the black book. Others, who may have helped him at some time, but have redeemed themselves by their own actions and ethics will take their place in history in the golden book.

    At some time in the future, some race will have perfected a holding procedure such as the superman movie, and DM will simply be plastered onto a piece of mirror and hurled into space to just stare at himself, and stare at his own pictures, going forward into eternity until the rest of us are handled and we have time to clean out the litter box.

    We are not the first to have to confront such evil. So many of us have heard the following from Martin Niemoller, a Protestant pastor and social activist. Most of us do not hear of his earlier involvement in the Nazi movement and how he had helped forward that movement. Here are details and they are so so similar to what we see today.

    * Niemöller incicated that this was the version he preferred, in a 1971 interview.

    When the Nazis came for the communists,
    I did not speak out;
    As I was not a communist.

    When they locked up the social democrats,
    I did not speak out;
    I was not a social democrat.

    When they came for the trade unionists,
    I did not speak out;
    As I was not a trade unionist.

    When they came for the Jews,
    I did not speak out;
    As I was not a Jew.

    When they came for me,
    there was no one left to speak out.

    * He called on the people to show a sense of responsibility towards their fellow-men, he abjured them not to forget the lessons of the past and, above all, he reminded them constantly of the burden of guilt which had to be redeemed before a new life could begin. In so doing he was at pains not to exclude himself from a like responsibility, and told in this connexion the story of the visit which he and his wife paid to Dachau in the autumn of 1945. “After showing her the cell in which he had been confined for so many months, they passed the crematorium. A great white-painted board had been affixed to a tree and on it, in black letters, they read: “Here between the years 1933 and 1945 238,756 human beings were incinerated.”
    At that moment, Niemoller told his audience, the consciousness of his own guilt and his own failure assailed him as never before. “And God asked me — as once He asked the First Man after the Fall, Adam — Man, where wast thou in those years 1933 to 1945? I knew I had no answer to that question. True, I had an alibi in my pocket, for the years 1937 to 1945, my identity disc from the concentration camp. But what help to me was that? God was not asking me where I had been from 1937 to 1945, but from 1933 to 1945, and for the years 1933 to 1937 I had no answer. Should I have said perhaps: ‘As a pastor in those years I bore courageous witness to the Faith; I dared to speak, and risked life and freedom in doing so?’ But God did not ask about that. God asked: ‘Where were you from 1933 to 1945 when human beings were incinerated here? When, in 1933, Goering publicly boasted that all active Communists had been imprisoned and rendered harmless — that was when we forgot our responsibility, that was when we should have warned our parishioners. Many a man from my own parish, who went and joined the National Socialist Party and who is now to do penance for his act, could rise up against me today and say that he would have acted differently if I had not kept silence at that time. … I know that I made my contribution towards the enslavement of the German people.
    o Dietmar Schmidt, in Pastor Niemöller (1959) ?

    * The Reverend Martin Niemoeller had personally welcomed the coming to power of the Nazis in 1933. In that year his autobiography, From U-boat to Pulpit, had been published. The story of how this submarine commander in the First World War had become a prominent Protestant pastor was singled out for special praise in the Nazi press and became a best seller. To Pastor Niemoeller, as to many a Protestant clergyman, the fourteen years of the Republic had been, as he said, “years of darkness” and at the close of his autobiography he added a note of satisfaction that the Nazi revolution had finally triumphed and that it had brought about the “national revival” for which he himself had fought so long — for a time in the free corps, from which so many Nazi leaders had come.
    He was soon to experience a terrible disillusionment. … By the beginning of 1934, the disillusioned Pastor Niemoeller had become the guiding spirit of the minority resistance in both the “Confessional Church” and the Pastor’s Emergency League.
    Niemöller had once again delivered a rebellious sermon in Dahlem; at the same time transcripts of his tapped telephone conversations were presented to Hitler. In a bellow, Hitler ordered Niemöller to be put in a concentration camp and, since he had proven himself to be incorrigible, kept there for life.

    In the true words of Tory. tick – tock – tick – tock

  53. I have to admit that when I heard about pouring water on this poor man in front of the A/C, I began laughing. Not because I had an ev purp but because it was so utterly ridiculous as to be unbelievable. It makes no sense. When it got to the part about the fly swatters, however, I stopped laughing.
    Laughter is rejection and my soul could not fathom that it was actually happening even though I believed every word of Mike’s testimony. Most Scientologists would not believe it because it is too absurd. Many public wouldn’t believe it either. Obviously, law enforcement does not care enough to be pro-active, nor do the courts or public officials of any kind. As was already referred to, this is like Abu Ghraib. Dick Cheney, Rumsfield and G.W. enabled all this and directed it and were never taken to task. Our population is in a massive state of DENIAL. DM’s “church” is just one more example. The Gov doesn’t take him to task because they are just like him. Behind the scenes, politicians and judges frequent S&M dungeons and the like. I know a former Scientologist who used to run one of these dungeons and that’s not the only source. Tom Cruise’s movie “Eyes Wide Shut” is a soft-core example of what goes on. They made that soft porn and dared not show any depictions of S&M. By the way, after the shrinks removed homosexuality as a “mental illness” from their DMS-IV, they proceeded to remove sado-masochism as a mental illness. See an agenda?
    Mark Fisher’s comment about a fire hazard took the words right out of my mouth. Thank you, Mark. If the trailers have only one exit that is not locked from the outside (and if JB or others could testify, affidavit or whatever) that should warrant a visit from the Fire Marshall. If not the Fire Department, this is an OSHA matter. Not OSA but OSHA which is the Occupational Safety and Health Administration and they are ball-busters. The “IRS” of building codes. Call them. Seems many corners are creeping in on DM for the big Solstice “bust” on December 21st.
    Torture in this world is a much bigger issue than anyone might imagine. The USA indulged in it after waging a hostile war. DM is a microcosm. There is more to say in future threads. It is illegal in the United States. There are also Haebeas Corpus issues here. It is now time to do some list repair for DM. One could do an L4BR on any of the following themes:
    Anything to do with fire marshals?
    What about Shelly?
    Being investigated by OSHA.
    spies on your staff
    violations of IRS laws concerning 501C-3 corporations
    illegal acts you have committed
    not knowing what defectors know about you and how they will use it
    other members of your personal family willing to turn state witness
    Tom Cruise thinking about defecting but first acting as a spy to collect data
    Nancy Cartwright defecting and with the Simpsons joining Scientology
    (this is just a start)

  54. Leonore,
    Good questions. Here’s my answers, albeit qualified by my own viewpoint, experience and to some degree the reality shared on this and other sites.

    1. DM has complete control over anything and everything in CST, RTC, CSI. This is only modified by what his lawyers can tell him they can ‘cover’. They tell him all sorts of things can be covered, when in fact they can’t. THEY figure they are covered.

    2. He put enough attention on it to unmock LRH’s Estate Planning, which included a functional CST. Right now he figures that’s accomplished and he’s covered legally. He isn’t.

    3. See above.

    4. The archives originally were the exact LRH materials.

  55. KA,
    I had another thought on this slavery thing.

    In today’s, and frequently yesterday’s, Sea Org, a slavery is created. One has a berthing assigned, a placement of body in space and time, by a schedule (even the one that’s supposed to be in place Base Flag Order 226, Senior Policy, which was written to put in place a rational schedule), and in general is regulated as to space and time.

    Now, I joined the SO and agreed to this. So in my case, I determined that I would go along with a posting, berthing, pay and so on. I never did relinquish my right to assert my own Q1 determinism though, and in the end when DM’s group attempted a complete overthrow of my self-determinism to their other-determinism (rather than the sort of 50/50 proposition I’d agreed to), I balked and said NOPE.

    Saying ‘nope’ in this situation, today, means not only losing the ARC of friends, family, the agreement of purpose, the reality of this subject’s aims and the list of things that goes through one’s head, but it also includes punishment drive mechanisms to enforce your remaining in an other-determined place and time; heavy ‘freeloader’ debt, SP declare, blocks on the Bridge et al.

    It is unfortunate, and in need of remedy eventually, that the Sea Org as it exists and has existed for quite some time, does not allow for a different life choice, following a ‘stint’. In other words, a 5 year, renewable or not contract that leaves one with the ability to choose with no real penalty for not choosing a new 5 year stint.

    The Sea Org has to be an asssociation of self-determined beings if it is to succeed. That means those individuals do agree to some degree of other-determinism, i.e., the group’s projects, life-style, schedule and so on. However, it must also be an association that is made up of OTs and they are, if they are really OT, very, very, very capable of self-determined action and the absence of slavery, self or other imposed, at the turn of a postulate.

    An OT acts more or less according to the Qs and has reclaimed and rehabbed their ability to place in time and space, and create time and space to locate within. That is an aim, that ability, of the Bridge (both sides). That is a problem for DM. Both in and out of the Sea Org.

    He has put forth the line that an OT VIII OWES the Sea Org for their attainment of whatever they attained. It matters not that the person has paid, through the nose, over, over and over again, in various ways. They are in debt, indentured and can never free themselves from this debt. They are nothing other than slaves, placed in time and space by some nebulous group, the SO, that in fact doesn’t really exist but is factually the embodiment of this SP, DM’s, efforts to control and regulate any and every being he can – because he’s a chicken shit coward suppressive lunatic and is afraid of beings breaking the chains and being free to choose whatever the fuck they want to choose.

    There ARE limits to the Church of Scientology, the Sea Org and auditing itself lest it become a new slavery:

    “The limits—no, really, the limits of being able to do something for somebody are quite finite. You can do an awful lot for somebody as long as you don’t exceed the bounds of making it very, very difficult for him to help himself. And the second you exceed those bounds and begin to make it difficult for him to help himself, he’s injured rather than helped.” Plan of Auditing, 20 Nov 53, 2nd ACC.

  56. Scott Campbell

    Hi Karola,

    Cool. I’ll request you email from Marty and get in touch with you. Good to hear you are doing well. Good job.

    Karry says, “Hi Karola!”


  57. I hate injustice.

    Mini-Terl needs to go.

  58. I see a few people have questions about CST. I’m always surprised that scientologists have not been informed about it. It’s VERY important to understand the corporate structure of organized scientology. “In a court filing, one of the cult’s many entities — the Church of Spiritual Technology — listed $503 million in income just for 1987.” There are six locations for CST, most with large underground vaults. The vault at Twin Peaks cost 110 million to build, tax exempt!

    You will probably enjoy this video. I mention Russ Bellin and I get kicked out of there! Looks like a touchy subject!

  59. Hi Jim,
    oh, yeah… I understand. The def. helped me also tremendeously hitting in the direction”out of here!” I was reading it a hundred times (security camera pointing towards my face).
    Than I realizeded: yes, that is me, a slave!!! With the full knowingness just about the fact. It was very strange that I was very calm and had no charge about it. And at that time I was already locked in for many months being an “ethics particel”, prevented from leaving. I then rememberd that I`ve always been a BAD slave, not conform enough to be used by my suppressors, for example finding my REAL friends in the enemy`s camps, which I was supposed to inspect and spy on.
    That cognition really cheered me up!! I should have gone to the examiner to attest – to what?? Freedom of Slavery- or sth. like that.

  60. Dear Sam,
    Thank you so much for this text on the leaflet. I don’t know how or where you came up with it, but it is exactly how I feel about what we are doing as Independent Scientologists. It also has personal historical significance to me.
    My father was an American soldier during WWII. He marched with Patton during the famous trek through the snow to free Bastonne. He told me about this when he took me to see the movie “Patton”. After the war he was assigned to Salzburg, Austria and he met my mother there, an Austrian, and I was born there. My Dad stayed in the military, and I grew up as an “Army Brat”. After Austria, we came back to the U.S. and then back and forth to Europe many times, living in Germany, and later in Italy. But, we always, would go back to Austria for vacations to visit my Austrian grandmother, who lived in a little mountain village outside Salzburg. I still have all kinds of relatives in Austria and Germany.
    My mother told me that when she was a teenager, she was basically forced to be in a Hitler “youth group”, boys and girls, similar to the Boy and Girl Scouts. They had meetings and had to wear uniforms. She said the Austrians did not like this, but had to go along with it. She said one time Hitler came to visit the youth group, and she shook his hand. She said she was thirteen at the time. The history books say that Austria basically had to agree to be taken over or be taken over hostilely, with guns and tanks. My mom told me that they did not know what Hitler was doing with the Jews.
    I liken this situation to what is happenning with DM. As a public Scientologist, I did not know what DM was doing behind the scenes. When I started to find out, it was too incredible to be true. As I kept reading more and more stories on the Internet, I realized all these people cannot be lying. I had seen outpoints, but never knew how they all fit.

    We, as a group, are telling the true story so that the rest of the group can find out, before we do have a Jonestown on our hands, and before Scientology, as a philosophy, is destroyed by the association of it with the insane actions of the current “Church”. We are the White Rose of Scientology.
    Love to all, Catherine Von Ach

  61. What the Fxxxxxxxx is(was) going on in this “Church”?
    I just can’t believe it!!!!!!!!!!

    David Miscavige is Soltan Gries for sure.

    Keep on fishing guys.
    Sometimes in future we will hear about the story: “Two man while fishing and telling incredible story’s, brought down a whole “Church”!
    I like this legend!

  62. I can confirm the axe story. Walter told me that he even pulled it out and slammed it into the desk when someone’s TA was really high and they “weren’t talking”. Apparently the TA came crashing down and they started talking after that. I can’t imagine what that person thought of the “Church” of Scientology “religion” after that.

  63. Thank you to all who have brought more of this out in the open–Marty, Mike, JB and all the bloggers who are mentioning other horrible acts forced upon others by Miscavige.

    This was already going on for a couple years before I realized *something* was very wrong somewhere and took off. But I had no idea that there was this building with these horrific acts going on a short walk away from where I worked every day. This activity was kept secret from the other staff. That building looked sort of closed up, being trailers stitched together, and I thought the Int staff were still there in some sort of capacity.

    Instead, people you worked with every day just disappeared. We were told at staff meetings they were “taken off the lines.” That meant that they were slow on compliance or in someone’s mind working against all the powers that be, to such a degeree that the needed to be gotten out of the way. As far as what happened to them we would never get told. Sometimes one of them would come back on the job but would never talk about what had happened.

    I wondered how some of these hard-working, intelligent people could get trapped somehow or just taken away without a fight or a big scene. I thought there would need to be some sort of confinement arranged and guarded. Then I wondered how would they be made to stay there and “come to their senses” about how bad they were, and that gave me the clue. I thought maybe they were getting their own personal SP declares handed to them as they walked into the building or room. That would definitely make them succumb and pay attention.

    I deduced this by little bits of comments I would hear around the place, some dispatches Miscavige would send around to certain people about how the whole place is full of SP’s, and the fact that proper ethics policy was long gone at that location.

    Luckily I was not on a post that “threatened” Miscavige so I guess I got to stay out of the hole. And all the while I am working my butt off, 25/7, (not a typo) doing what he wants and re-doing it and re-doing it again while he’d change things on a whim and blame other staff for mistakes that he had to now correct. And kissing the as**es of the executives who had seen the light after being in the hole themselves and thought it was best to mentally and spiritually (if not physically) beat on their juniors to get them to do more and more and more while Miscavige takes the credit.

    I was called some pretty horrible names and had some pretty bad “vibes” shot in my direction, but did not receive much of the evil treatment I saw happen to others and what I now see in this blog. Yet there was something in the atmosphere, something that was perceivable that was telling me “get out while you still can.” I was very careful about it and got out without leaving a single clue.

    It was a *big* shift in my thinking–I had to accept what I was observing, like in LRH’s article about Integrity. I couldn’t stick my head in the sand anymore. I had to realize that I was seeing what I was SEEING. It didn’t take much to project that into the future a little bit to realise that I would soon end up confined as well, for who knows what, someone’s idea of how bad I was.

    I am describing this so that anyone else still there can see someone else’s train of thought about these horrible acts. I am sure many of them are saying to themselves “This is nuts, totally bizarre and not what LRH would do…” and still *think* they needed to endure it. While they may say to an investigator “Oh, I’m here on my own determinism, I’m fine, don’t know what all the fuss is about,” they know inside it is totally psycho and would want to be the hell out of there.

    I wish them the power within themselves (that cannot be taken away by anyone except themselves) to get the heck outta Dodge. There are enough people who are out now and are able to be found quickly who will unconditionally help them.

  64. More on CST locations: http://www.lermanet.com/CST/

    In Google Earth enter these coordinates (jut cut and paste) and you zoom right into the CST Logos landscaped into the ground.

    Trementina: 35°31’28.56″N 104°34’20.20″W
    The logo measures about 660 yards on its long side

    Petrolia: 40°22’5.38″N 124°19’59.65″W
    The logo measures about 360 yards on its long side.

    Does anybody know about other landscaped logos?

  65. Sapere,
    Thank you for an excellent and apropos post.

  66. Sapere,
    P.S. Did you mean ‘adjure’ in your post, not ‘abjure’?

  67. meta,
    There was an attempt at OSHA intervention at Gilman Springs. It fizzled as far as I could tell. Give it a search and you can track its cycle of action.

  68. Yes, we all know better, but whenever we get on the blogs and tell others that they should behave the way we see fit for them, it’s sort of like the Mom in the grocery store bawling out her kids. She knows it doesn’t work, but she does it anyway. So to get on here and say,”you KNOW better” makes me feel good, but I’m sure it won’t change your desire to do it your way instead.

  69. You mention Austria having to agree to be taken over, or be taken over by force. This was true in the case of the Netherlands. They refused and fought. But on 14 May, 1940, Hilter bombed Rotterdam flat–there were only a couple of buildings left standing. After that, the Netherlands capitulated.

  70. martyrathbun09

    I believe it. The TA came crashing down to about .00009, OVERWHELM.

  71. Hi Cathrine,
    other story: my granddad, a socialist, refusing to join the nazi party had following experience: He told his neighbours, actually friends, that Hitler would get them all in a grave (like running them into indisaster). One of his friends was picking up the phone to call the Gestapo, luckily anotherone was stopping him from making the call. He would have ended up being sent to the concentration camp. – Just for mentioning the “wrong” thought.-
    In another incident he was whispering to French prisoners (he spoke French, loved the French “enemy “) to keep up their hopes, and that the Amerikans are approching. He was listening to “enemy” radio, my mom, a teenage girl, staying on watch. It was forbidden and very dangerous. If found out he could have been shot for treason.
    Telling the truth, speaking out, listenig to otherminded people, helping them, is always dangerous under a dictatorship. But luckily there are always freethinkers, like my granddad and groups like the French and Italian Partisans at the time. And the Americans and Allies came.

  72. Jimbo and Sapere

    I’d just like to add also that the corporate structure is based solely on a not-is.

    The not-is was not running the group engram of what happened to the GO using standard group Dianetics and entering arbitraries instead in an effort to prevent a feigned take over of the Church.

    (This is evident by the fact that roll back did not uncover any actual infiltration)

    Personally I believe a false emergency and false urgency was created in this regard possibly by those who wanted to seize control of the organization.

    Since they knew that if the Church had been infiltrated prior to this point that application of Standard Tech and enforcement of Policy (one of the GO’s key responsibilities according to policy) would have prevented a take over from being successful.

    This is purely speculation but what isn’t speculative is that the more democratic system that was in place with Advisory Councils, Executive Councils and an OT Committee ,Franchise and Field that acted independently was totally eliminated and replaced with an autocratic top down management system that thrived on “emergencies” and demanded “mandatory” compliance to its mad schemes such as enforcing squirrel tech cleverly disguised as “drills” and building huge mausoleums called “Ideal Orgs” that are more like implant stations than Churches Of Scientology.

    All apparently controlled by a suppressive bullying lunatic who is an ignorant high school drop out with no real world experience and is a complete and utter moron.

    In other words the lowest common denominator of any organization rises to the top like scum and becomes its ultimate authority!

    I mean you can’t make this stuff up!

    This part the part that is known for sure is hard to speculate!

    I mean it goes beyond any tin foil fantasy!

  73. Griàs Gōd Georg und Samuel,

    I would like to be part of the party.
    I met Walter in 75 while he still was a public, I can remember him very well, not being too bright and making funny remarks, I’d to train him on something but I gave up vey fast, thinking he didn’t take it serious. Years later I was very much surprised when I heard that he became CO Europe, it didn’t make any sense for me.
    I met Kurt Weiland in 1974 and was very in awe about him, full of arc and joy. A very kind person at those times.
    You’re right Samuel, Munich reached SaintHill size, had over 160 fulltime staffs, about more then 25 auditors in the HGC and I can well remember Helfried Riess when he came back as Senior C/S,after having been trained on the ship. I ‘d so many wins when being interviewed by him, feeling his presence full of arc.
    On 13th March 1975 we had 130 people starting their first service. About 20-30 000 books sold to new public in one year. Just expansion..and the cause of it was Jens Bogvad. My experience has been that the G.O Munich at this time hated him and was throwing all kinds of sticks into his legs.
    Only some years later, in 1978 I started to understand what happened to Munich Org and why this high production fell apart. I’d to do mest work in the attick of Folo EU (today CLO) and I found so many boxes with telex traffic of 1974/75 to Munich from LRH and the Flag Bureaux as well as of Diana (she was so sweet and full of Arc) and forgot about doing mest work and was reading that traffic for days.
    Lrh was upset that the G.O wanted Jens off post and tearing him down into ethics troubles. I read a telex from LRH where he said “I posted Jens Bogvad and nobody can remove him of post than me”. Nevertheless the G.O. won and Lrh had perhaps some other problems ? Who knows ?
    What I was most surprised about, when reading through the whole traffic was that all the problems that Munich Org had (I knew them !) were known by the Flag Bureaux and they had great Solutions and programms to handle them, so the the expansion could just continue. I was totally amazed when I read that, but it seems those solutions never arrived in Munich Org, as the GO had its own point of view of how to disseminate Scientology and rather wanted to stop any real dissemination and was more interested in attacking the ennemy. They talked like being at war with SPs and even Scientologists.
    So let’s “come together”

    Schöner Abend !


  74. I would say yes. I copied this quote from another but adjure would seem to be the correct word.

    From a dictionary – adjure -to urge or advise earnestly

    in the above “…he adjured them not to forget the lessons of the past…

  75. “Keep on fishing guys.
    Sometimes in future we will hear about the story: “Two man while fishing and telling incredible story’s, brought down a whole “Church”!
    I like this legend!”
    I second that 🙂

  76. WOW, what an incredible leaflet. It is a very important communication. Even after it was written the attrocities continued for many years before Hitler was stopped.

    Catherine, a chilling but very accurate parallel, thank you for sharing.

  77. This concept is stated byLRH in the basic books and lectures, maybe in COHA – that whoever can locate you in time and space can then evaluate for you. I can dig up the reference, or….. Jim?

    I think this is likely why Chairman Maoscavige wants all the OTs going back through the Objectives.

  78. There’s a similar, but smaller logo at Iron Spring Roads
    Creston CA aka “Hubbard’s ranch (where he died)”
    Here’s the pic:
    Also here (Zoom out to find it first)
    Can anyone confirm that this logo was chosen because it matches Hubbard’s enjoyment of Kool cigarettes?

    I gotta go check out that place some time!

  79. DM is the ecclesiastical equivalent of Hannibal Lecter. By the time he is properly fitted for his straight jacket (extra extra small) karma will probably land him with a non-fiction version of Nurse Mildred Ratched as his caregiver. Paybacks can be hell.

    By the way Marty and Mike- You guys look great! I look forward to the next installment.


  80. Jimbo,

    I believe these interventions by Government agencies are merely for show which is why they “fizzle out”.

    Aside from the fact that there is an omerta, code of silence, conspiracy among the remaining staff at the base.

    The tendency of the Government to at least look the other way if not outright support the activities of the current psychopath in charge are great.

    I mean they have the Church of Scientology right where they want it.

    No longer is the Church demanding social justice and human rights and for political entities to be held accountable as they did in the ’50’s, 60’s, 70’s and even the ’80’s.

    Partly thanks to 501ciii which is an effective muzzle against political dissent if you read the code carefully.

    But also because Miscavige and his dream team have done more to destroy any PR area control, reputation and good will the organization once had than all media, covert operations, false reports and the GO’s incompetence have done in the past.

    For them its a win win situation.

    The only reason they’d be forced to act is when and if one of the inmates in Miscavige’s version of Abu Graib lite files a formal complaint.

    The only problem is that they have been complacent and complicit themselves in any crimes they have committed.

    Thus the group is acting on a group withhold.

  81. Good to hear your account of what happened at INT. Glad you got out!

  82. Helfried Riess – a real gentle soul – just a beautiful guy.

    Last I heard he was at Flag although maybe back at St. Hill now.

  83. Theo Sismanides

    SA, I am with you! The monster is going to go down, just because he cannot now endure this Theta Force hitting him hard from nowhere!! Hahaha. We are 45s, man! Tone 45! DM is jumping like a mad dog on us and he is a very amazed dog as he doesn’t find anything there, cause there is nothing he can see or catch there! We know everything there is to know about it and we do nothing about it! This is 45 on the tone scale. Could be compared to the Fool of Tarot. (PDC lecture # 1).

    So, the end is approaching, as we are as-ising this engram now. We are many now… It’s a matter of quantity, don’t you know that you lurkers? Just come out and join, then it’s going to be finished, simple as that.

  84. Tory Christman

    You know Mark, that is a very good point. Doesn’t OSHA (not OSA)—the organization who actually helps ensure safety in
    businesses in situations such as that? Has anyone reported this, who knows about these bars, to OSHA? I just left a message, not here …but somewhere dealing with this. We’ll see what comes up. Meantime, here’s a web site that may cover this: http://www.osha.gov/Publications/employers-protect-workers-flu-factsheet.html

  85. Tory Christman

    Ooops: I think that’s the wrong fact sheet—but just Google OSHA.

  86. Dear Catherine,
    You will enjoy this website:
    Here you will find the translations of all six leaflets in their entirety and the history of the student underground movement in Munich.
    Yes. We are the White Rose.
    The 4th leaflet ends:
    “We will not be silent. We are your bad conscience. The White Rose will not leave you in peace!”

  87. martyrathbun09

    A lot of truth in what RJ says here.

  88. Me too. It has a really nice ring to it 🙂

  89. RJ,

    Understood. And the out-ethics and off policy of the GO was a convenient excuse to take it out. How about simply the standard qual action of correction. It was not only the GO that was external. Prior to that the mission network was under MOWW (Mission Office World Wide) and this was made SMI and under direct daily control. These networks did have a successful past being independent. Simple correction, ethics handlings, getting in any LRH references and get the show on the road.

    Instead, everything in the world of organized scientology was moved to where it was able to become one giant pyramid. Like all pyramid schemes they fall apart when the flow into the bottom ceases to prop up the pyramid due to no exchange. Reminds one of dono’s for buildings, IAS, planetary dissem, etc as a priority push over students and pc’s doing the standard grade chart. People moving on the real bridge to freedom is what the base should be. That is not what the current base is made of. Therefore, inevitably, the pyramid will fail.

    Makes one think of destroyed the KOT function? How convenient. NO networks functioning – no external GO/OSA, no functioning Mission Office, no functioning Flag Rep network, no functioning LRH Comm/KOT network. Sorry, forgot, we have an RTC network so the others set up by LRH were superfluous – how dumb of me, duh. Guess I report myself to the non-existent Qual. Damn, wish Jim L was still around for cramming.

  90. Which is why somehow letting them KNOW they can leave and meet up with others who finally got out, MIGHT just trigger one of them to get out also.

    I for years have commented to protestors, that protest signs with specific encouraging messages, MIGHT just be enough of a tipping point to trigger some of the people to get out, who have been so heavily abused.

    It is amazing that it takes so much time, even after having gotten out, to even get UP to thinking of doing what would be “normal” which is go to the police, and bring charges of battery, restraint against one’s will, etc.

    There’s a lot going on in their minds, keeping them there, keeping them protecting the movement and all its faults.

    It’s Stockholm syndrome, a group version of it, protecting the whole shebang, and not focusing on their fellow members who have all been co-driven to abuse each other.

    It’s a real group Stockholm syndrome, not just them protecting a single abuser, but protecting each other, who they know in other earlier times were NOT mean bullies.

    I’m so glad this is all coming out in more details.

    Thankyou so much Marty and Mike for CONTINUING to discuss firsthand experiences of the group to group member abuses, agreed, all driven by Miscavige’s demands and proddings, which result in this group member to group member abuse.

    It’s all the antithesis of Precept 20 of The Way to Happiness.

  91. I’ve often pondered the idea that Governments and police agencies are, themselves, too dirty to put ethics in on our former church.

    DM has destroyed any true ethics from within, as RJ points out, and so the church is not a threat to anybody anymore.

    Anybody other than our loved ones and all the future beings who dare enter, that is.

    Guess we’ll just have to keep on exposing and communicating.

    In the end, we’ll get rid of the little jerk and get our future track into much better shape than it would’ve been.

  92. Yes, this whole point of the Int Base, it is where people have always been the most dedicated, and HOW any of them could even be considered “SPs” is just nuts.

    In the whole history of religions, I wonder HOW often the top “temples” of monks have gone on any kind of self-abuse self-cleansing self-blaming trip like this?

    DM’s turning people on each other, is truly an abomination of the “Knowledge Reports” PL, where I can see it MIGHT be miscontrued to actually give someone a black eye, but surely LRH NEVER intended his figurative comments to be taken seriously.

    DM’s dramatizing his own case so badly, he’s infected the group to dramatize his case on each other. It’s group Stockholm syndrome instilled so widely they chew up each other, and dramatize DM’s wrong targeting and wrong indication techniques on each other.

    This is so not what a religion should be like, at the most dedicated top ranks echelon.

    You’d think DM’s brain would have a brain aneurism or something, all this shifting of blame and provoking people to behave so badly, it’s group blame shifting, getting others to engage in the same transgressions one has done, muddying up responsibility, and making others as incompetent at DM at doing anything right in this situation.

    Not the way one runs the top of an organization, nor makes the top ranks inviting for others in the movement who might want to join the top echelons and do the top jobs in Scientology.

  93. Anon Orange,

    Did you notice in this video with Mike and Marty, that Mike says that only 3 people in even the “SP Hole” even knew about CST’s Arrowhead location?

    It is SO important and a HUGE piece of fresh air, to let people know about the site you and Angry Gay Pope protested at, for this very reason.

    CST is such a well kept “secret” (NOT to us out here, but to members), it is part of their internal blinders control system.

    But note, Orange, that Mike says only 3 or 4 staff even at the Int Base, knew of CST’s location(s).

    It’s really hard to conceive how the top ranks of official Scientology can even sanely figure out how to transform themselves out of their instilled blinders self ignorance.

    They can’t read this blog, and they SO NEED to be reading this blog, and re think how to move forward and become a legitimate religious group.

    This blog is truly cutting edge history of Scientology’s upper echelons.

    Thanks so much for all who comment and write here.

  94. Leonore,

    I can chat with you on what I read in the ASI advices from LRH, regarding LRH’s wishes for his wealth.

    If you re-listen to the “War Is Over” in that event, DM even gives out info from LRH’s final wishes, namely his will and and his advices to ASI, which were that his wealth go to CST, but only when CST had tax exempt non profit status attained as a corporation, which WAS attained in the 1993 IRS settlement.

    The Archives “advices” and LRH orders stretch back into a bunch of related projects, all centered around preserving the tech in as imperishable form as possible with earth’s technology.

    ASI for years did the regging for the “Preservation Project” and ASI funnels LRH’s profits from LRH’s fiction properties, and from the contracts that ASI keeps with ALL of the Scientology corporations of ALL types, so that the royalty payments and usage of LRH’s properties payments, are collected by ASI.

    And ASI then transfers pretty hefty chunks to the preservation project, namely putting LRH’s final edited polished works, into the metal plates format, and also into the acid free long duration paper book form that go into the titanium capsules that get vacuumed out and filled with some special gas, like argon gas or somesuch, so as to preserve the paper books for hopefully thousands of years.

    The originals, actual originals, I believe they are kept at the Twin Peaks site.

    Some former CST staffers will have to tell that.

    Dan/Joe Howard can verify that CST did the microfiche project and microfiche of all the original manuscripts, the microfiche are what LRH Tech Comps Unit (under C/S Int Office at the Int Base) had in their possession when doing compilations of LRH’s comments, despatches, the raw LRH material, including typed pages, and cassette tapes, from which the people, like Dan Koon/Joe Howard, and Russ Williams and Ken Rose, and others, then turned the raw LRH content into an HCOB, for instance.

    The actual job of compiling LRH’s raw writings/lectures/despatches, into an HCOB or HCOPL, is a detailed and very exacting process.

    I can tell you what I firsthand observed, I was for a tiny space of time, a helper for Dan Koon, like two or three weeks, when Dan was wrapping up the HCOB compilations for the 1991 edition of the red volumes.

    Dan’s written a lot (Joe Howard that is), and Google Joe Howard and read all he’s written on how compilations are done.

    I personally do NOT think the latest revisions of LRH’s books are “bad”, and I don’t think they have anything hugely missing from the earlier versions of the books. No major pieces of tech are missing or revised, in my opinion.

    Unfortunately, the 1991 editions of the tech and policy volumes, in the final editing, they messed up, and I think we will need some person like Gary Miller to someday tell exactly how it was, the personnel shifting in R Comps branch, the LACK of sleep, the human goofs, that led to the huge amount of goofs in the 1991 editions of the red and green volumes. It was a badly run project at times, causing all those pasteup sheets that one had to use to paste over all the mistakes they made.

    Russ Williams and Joe Howard (Dan Koon) are two who can answer most knowledgably about the last decade or two of LRH compilations.

    Email me, I’ll give you their email addresses.


  95. Lord of the Flies – great book

  96. There is history before Scientology. You will find this story repeated over and over again.

    learn to history

  97. My suggested protest sign for protesters at the Int Base:

    “Call 911, report the torture!!”

    That’d be a good chant:

    Report the torture.
    Call 911

  98. From one of the best movies ever made, watch this portion to get a good insight into why the church acts as it does right now.

    ML Tom

  99. Anon Orange,
    I can confirm that this logo matches the reverse of Kool cigarettes. LOOK, which in fact were the smokes LRH liked. You can take that to the bank too, Monsieur Orange.

  100. Sapere,


    They also had to get rid of guys like Jimbo because they had too much tech and policy knowledge and could ask such embarrassing questions of current “management” like:

    “What situation did you run into that you felt you had to invent something in order to do something about it?”

  101. Jim, Sapere Aude, RJ and others-

    I truly appreciate the conversations you have on this subject that concerns the usurpation of the organization of Scientology. You do much to clarify this murky area. The “how the hell did this happen?’ needs to be understood so that it can be as-ised.

    Thanks for your contributions.


  102. Spending millions of dollars on CST to preserve Scientology technology all the while DM is putting it in danger at the same time.

    It’s like running the heat in your house and at the same time running the AC.

  103. Jim, as you know I’m sure, OSHA is one of those checklist sort of orgs, so unless it says steel toe boots ___ (check) or chair under A/C with attached ice water bucket ___ (check) they aren’t going to do a thing. They’ll run whatever checklist they have for a construction site, for example and leave you a fix-it list first. It’s taken a LONG time for OSHA to even care about things like tattooing, for example.
    My point being (along with the mutual crimes they might have) that someone on the inside has to make strong complaints or report accidents/injury for them to notice or care at all. And even then, reports would have to be there for the ice water drippings specifically for them to even notice.
    (But see, I’m in super-pissed mode at federal agencies at the moment with all their inadequacies!)

  104. Which is why communicating to those “inmates” that they DO have the option to call 911, just MIGHT someday lead to a call to Riverside County Sheriff’s Dept, and some actual prosecution.

    “Report the torture. Call 911!”

    even though that would just bounce right off them initially, at some future moment, that communication might just fester into a phone call, and then the local police would HAVE to deal with it!

  105. Valkov,
    That datum is all over the first and second ACC’s, and numerous other places.

    What I’m pointing up is that the org, the group function of the SO has to be operated by the beings in it so as to perform a useful purpose. That includes a balance of freedows and barriers. It means it doesn’t just roll on as an automaticity. If it does, then it can and will make its members and others effect.

    It cannot supplant the life force of the beings who create it. It has limits.

  106. Chuck-

    You concluded “It’s all the antithesis of Precept 20 of The Way to Happiness.” TRY TO TREAT OTHERS AS YOU WOULD WANT THEM TO TREAT YOU. I agree.

    I believe The Way To Happiness will be known as one of Ron’s greatest works once the suppression is off the lines. I was the WTH I/C at my org (Cincinnati) after my SO stint and pulled off a pretty big event/campaign. The ED of the WTH foundation, Joni, even came in town for this event to help manage. She told me in passing that LRH indicated in an advice that this would be the item, TWTH, for which he would best be known. I don’t think she made that up.

    TWTH is applied poetry in motion. I’ve seen others on a simple read through experience life-changing cognitions. Sort of like Read it. Drill it. Do it. However the drill step is bypassed. Powerful stuff.


  107. TEG,
    Thank you. I can’t speak for Jim and RJ and others. For myself, this is questionable area for me. In order for me to sort out for myself my ethics in this I had to know what did I really do, how did my group (GO, etc) fit into the overall, what was/is an overt and what was just something that happened. After the total shake out things were different. Then I had to go and sort out for myself what were the truth’s there, what was alterations, what was my part in this, etc.

    I know this lack of observation and analyzing what happened can hang one up in the maybe, the what if, the WTF happened, etc. I will attempt to help anyone sort out their part. Each of us has seen bits and pieces of this puzzle but to as-is this crap we sometimes need a piece that another has. Not having access to SIR (Source Information Retrieval, I think that is the name of the computer system with all LRH references on it) the more each posts, the more the others put together.

    I am happy to hear it also brings understanding to others such as you. I will continue to contribute what I know and I believe the others will too. We aren’t necessarily special, we just happened to be in the organization during this time; we went through the same crapper, and we just keep moving up a little higher. I am pleased I/we don’t bore others with our details.

    I also thank you for your contribution(s). I happen to be one that does not like history re-written. I just want the simple truth so I can make my own decisions and conclusions.

  108. Thanks Tom. I’m blown away.

    Tom Gallagher

  109. Thanks Marty,

    And I agree with you IO.

    I mean most of us who are out have access to a key board and the ‘net.

    Marty has access to intel on a variety of OSA’s nefarious activities directed against Scientologists in general.

    These activities by the way are not just restricted to those who are out.

    I myself spent several months under surveillance while I was still in just because I happened to have a minor association with Arthur and Suzette and knew quite a few founding Scientologists.

    I also told Management to go f*ck themselves whenever they came up with some off the f*ckin’ wall crazy hair brained scheme of one kind or another.

    Or it could have been that I couldn’t stop laughing when OSA asked me to work for them 🙂

    But anyway you get my drift.

    They don’t like people who have minds of their own.

    You know “resistance is futile” or whatever….


    It may be “futile” within the current Borg structure but it’s sure a hell of more fun than robotically following their idiotic dictates and jumping on the band wagon to hell.

    And as Mary Sue once said “if it ain’t fun it ain’t Scientology”.

    And the current rendition of “Scientology” under Anton LeVay….er I mean David Miscavige is about as unfun as it gets!

    Unless you’ve had a lobotomy and stick to your medication.

    Take a look outside your window.

    That white van parked outside could be due to your neighbor’s problem with their cable service and that strange clicking you might be hearing on your phone might or might not be a problem with your phone service.

    Until you realize that your neighbor doesn’t have cable!

    But I digress….

    The point is you can say something about it.

    As Tory likes to say.

    Come join us on the outside.

    And bring as many documents as you can with you.

  110. I also know Kurt Weiland (from GO EU). He’s an incredibly nice person. He’s about my age which is going on 60. So are many of the other guys in there except for Starkey and Jentch, who are even older. Even though Misha reported (earlier on this blog) having heard from DM’s henchmen that the hole doesn’t exist anymore, as long as DM has total power there will be torture and abuse – and soon it will be outright ELDER-ABUSE, which is severely condemned in the rest of civilized society.

  111. Chuck,
    Calling 911 requires phone access. Which of the prisoners has phone access that is not under guard specifically to prevent such calls ?
    Michael A. Hobson

  112. The sick part about the whole scene at INT is they are beaten every second of everyday with emotional and mental imprisonment. It probably would be easier to deal with their situation if they were just told they are physical prisoners and will be locked up behind bars and doors that are locked from the outside and they are never leaving. They might know this deep down inside, but the emotional and mental imprisonment is far worse to wrap your sanity around.

  113. Metaqual-

    It seems to me that the next step concerning torture as dramatized by the DM inductees is to introduce actual Water-boarding as a practice. From what I understand it produces 100% compliance from its victims.

    I can just see the little demented troll announcing at his next international gold Styrofoam implant event the latest, newest, greatest lost tech, Dan Sherman worded pronouncement:


    (Ugh. I might have just given them another bright idea. Forgive me Lord.)

    Oh well I’ll go ahead and give DM the whole marketing campaign. We’ll call it the Abu Ghraib Rundown ™.

  114. … and what will happen at the next event ?

    He will tell the audience about the achievements of Co$ regarding human rights – without blushing !

  115. is it any surprise? its a known fact across the globe on the violence and torture that occurs within the church

    anyone with an internet knows

    how many more nails in the coffin does DM need?

  116. I think LRH explained all this more simply and clearly as the need for a being to be right.

    There certainly are a lot of Nazi references on this thread. Is this really the most apt comparison? Personally, I thought Jim Jones was a more fitting analogy, since we are dealing with a small group rather than an entire nation. Now, if you were a Nazi last lifetime I can well understand the bypassed charge.

    Is Hitler more important than the Japanese Imperial Army, which slaughtered 30 million people? I constantly see Hitler and the Nazis brought into Internet threads. Indeed, this phenomenon has a popular name, called Godwin’s Law. Doesn’t anyone else think it odd that we never hear a peep about Hideki Tojo? It seems as though we are supposed to look at history through a certain color of lens.

  117. Well thank you Chuck. Twin Peaks is the ultimate place to raid, downright scary sometimes. The last three times I was there, they has some scary goons with tatoos that definitely did not look like “Sea Org” type. Their behavior was totally different. Normally, people at CST run away from us. These guys would run towards us! I never had Sea Org people run towards me in a scary menacing manner. I would come back 3-4 weeks later and they were there on the porch still waiting for me.
    Pope has a great page about Twin Peaks. I hope readers of these blogs will check out these links:
    On the upper left corner are the goons that will welcome you in open arms to this peaceful mountain resort!
    You may recognize some of your buddies here

    I’m really itching to go to Creston. Anybody want to join me?

  118. good one.

    “It’s like running the heat in your house and at the same time running the AC.”

    such a simple and clear analogy. a pure definition of absolute insanity.

  119. Watching Eyes

    Interesting that you’d get critical of my comment. You totally missed the point so I guess I’ll have to clue you in. Aside from telling Angie what I think, consider this: OSA cringing at the mention of the mother of one of their stars dead from cancer as an OT 8.

  120. A day in the life. Metaphorically or otherwise. Look familiar? Int? DM?

  121. I was the guy who got OSHA to act at Int Base. Among other things, OSHA made them remove the 7-8 inch ultrabarrier spikes that were running along the top of the fence on the north side of the property, where Old Gilman’s house is located. I like to think that once the UltraBarrier was removed, Russ Bellin tried to jump the fence back in April 2010. He got caught, captured and put back in by the security guards. I’ve also had the county code enforcement visit the SP hall. They would not let them in until security cleared it.

    I have spoken to the Riverside Sheriff Stanley Smith as well as Chief deputy Joseph Cleary about many of these facts. I believe I made them realize that they have a big problem on their hands. San Bernardino OSHA and the local sheriff also looked at Twin Peaks. Some of the Twin Peaks case got transferred to the LAPD and are hot on the trail about some aspects of it.

    If anybody else has similar stories, the Riverside Sheriff is still collecting information. They have also sent some of my info to the FBI.
    You can send me stuff, but I prefer if you post and get the word out. This way, more people will corroborate the stories. I’ve never lived at Int, so all my info is second hand.

    I will be meeting with Capt. Scot Collins of Hemet soon. I need several Exes to join me for that meeting.

  122. Watching Eyes ,I faintly hear a horn in the distance blowing towards Angie Blankenship !What could this mean?
    She must be hearing some of the vibrations through the walls of Jericho.
    Stay tuned and see what happens.

  123. Thanks Tom. It’s the “It’s just a phase and it will soon be gone. Hitler will be gone too. But then you look around and the phase is now a way of life.” That pretty much explains why the SO crew at Int stay there. They are waiting for us to eliminated DM.

    ML Tom

  124. I was thinking somewhat long range of just getting the idea across to all Sea Org members, that they someday might be elevated to the top ranks at Int, and find themselves being beaten up by DM, and to remind them that when that day comes, and DM’s gone maddog on them, that they can always snatch someone else’s cell phone who is toeing the line and doing their job (a number of Sea Org members have cell phones depending on their jobs and standing), and call the police! Or they’ll know how to blow and get to a phone.

    The idea is cross that barrier, and report the torture next time it happens.

    There’s a safety net of ex official Scientologists (ex top people) out here now who they can come join.

  125. David Miscavige is a spiritual cannibal. There is another youtube post from this movie I find to grotesque to link to. It’s the eating of brain scene. There is a metaphor if you substitute the brain for the mind.

  126. You “jumping in the lake” is reminiscent of waterboarding although not as grueling. I think what RJ said about omerta is true but I think it also applies to agencies investigating Scientology. When satanic crimes are investigated, there is a cut-off point where commissioners and politicians enable the satanists. See “Ultimate Evil” by Maury Terry for how this process works. That book is about Son of Sam murders. “Sam” by the way, had a son who was in Scientology and did the OEC at the FLB. I used to walk down the street with him and Chuck you might remember him better or maybe you were still in the TTC then. Al Baker should know.

  127. Watching Eyes

    It’s greater than any issue regarding Angie supporting the dwarf. It really has to do with letting OSA know that we KNOW who the players are and calling them out on it. You just know OSA hates to have names and the family connections mentioned of their perceived “stars”.

    We never know who’s reading this blog and what will be the piece of data where a person finally “gets it”, says enough and walks away. OSA is terrified of that. They have no control over our freedom of speech and they know it. They also know they can’t control who is reading this blog. OSA is at effect.

  128. Tom – If we could only have Burt Lancaster describing the grandeur of OT and contrast it with what Int and DM’s church have become.

  129. You are right about the lens. I’ve studied a lot about Hitler’s occult side and he was more of a tool than he was a dictator. Tojo was connect to Dragon societies of the Orient who are more mysterious. Both they and the Hitler faction have ties (etherically and otherwise) to Tibet which used to include the Western Hills of China where the Dropa little people came from and also where Mao and Chou en Lai holed up during World War II before taking over China. Jon Birch used to run missions into that area of China for the Flying Tigers (later associated with the CIA). An intriguing area….Western China. LRH mentioned it as where he learned things although its disputed by some that he ever went to that part of China.

  130. Awesome AnonOrange. Wish I could be there but I’m far away. I hope you can forward some of the firsthand experiences we hear about here too.
    Excellent you got that fence dealt with too!

  131. Hey B,

    I don’t see why you’re getting so wound up about the uncle Addie comparison.

    Remember according to the Logics a thetan needs a datum of comparable magnitude and Hitler happens to be da man when talking evil despots like you know who.

    Also Godwin’s “law” in my opinion is about as effective as the outdoor smoking ban in Burbank.

    Another Wikipedia myth.

    Though I agree Miscavige ain’t no Hitler but he ain’t no Tojo either.

    He’s just a little “exceptional” child with a big ego who has a persistent rock slam.

  132. Thank you, Jim. I’ve more questions and thoughts on this, but for now I am glad to hear authentic materials were archived.

    What is Tom Vorm’s role/position at present?

  133. Theo,
    You don’t have to come out for the effect to happen. theta is theta and every lurker or fabian is a thetan with full intention. Intention is cause not the particular name tag of that theta. Every new lurker or fabian brought to understanding adds to our quantity!!!!!

  134. Chuck,

    The only problem is that these guys are convinced that they’ll forfeit their eternity if they call the cops.

    Plus they have there own overts in regard to the situation they’re in.

    In my opinion they are not just “victims” but were willing participants at one time or another.

    In other words they have their own mutual out ruds.

    Then there are others like Diana for example who look on calling some outside agency to intervene on their behalf as a betrayal (Who can blame her. Look what they did to her mother!) and would rather handle it with Scientology than with “wog justice”.

    Probably from her point of view at some point the opportunity to take out Miscavige will come and she’s willing to wait a billion years for that happen.

    Never say never to an immortal being!

    I believe this is the scene you are looking at plus what I posted earlier.

    The Government is quite happy with the way things have turned out.

    No longer do they have to contend with the nattering nabobs of negativity from the Church of Scientology who right now if it wasn’t for their savior David Miscavige would be complaining about their dismal human rights record and the fact that they are fighting a two front war that is draining everyone other than the military industrial complex of course of their life and treasure.

    You see Miscavige is as much a friend to them as he claims that they are a friend to him.

  135. I had been not in an interview done this way by him but I did see the axe in his drawer. He is a good example of the problems we had those days in german speaking area. WWII. We got the charge from WWII from our parents and from our past life. Many did dramatize the victim part and others the SS or GESTAPO. Maybe thats why LRH personally did care about this area.
    And sorry about my misduplication on Kurt. Did find out some hours later that I had the flow turned around.
    Helfried has a spark of LRH in his soul.

  136. JB:
    So good to see you post. I am still looking forward to a full essay by you as you had earlier planned…..

    The intense brutality and atrocities of the “Church” bothers me the most.
    They bother me way more than over-regging and even SLEEP DEPRIVATION.

    Kurt Weiland, former CO OSA INT and Janet Light IAS President, punched, degraded and overwhelmed by the rest of the mob while under Guard with no escape possible.

    …..Even Debbie Cook made to stand in garbage pails with water being thrown over them “I am a Lesbian” sign hanging over her….and abuse hurled at them to humiliate, even punched physcially by the mob, now we hear Kurt Weiland get slow water torture under air conditioner til his lips go blue and he goes into hypothermia

    This conduct at the highest “Church” of Scientology in the Hierarchy.
    It does not get more unbelievable.

    What are the Lawyers doing ?
    How can they permit this ?
    Do they give no legal advice for the million dollars and more a year they are paid ?
    Is MONIQUE YINGLING, the one who sat in at CNN “A History of Violence” happy to sleep at night feathering her nest and not getting DM to knock it off ?
    Is Elliot Abelson continuing to grin like a Cheshire Cat while he banks his high six figures and colludes with DM when on going Torture and Ritual continue at INT base ?

    These things have been reported for 10 years


    Forcing Int Execs to throw themselves in feces ponds.
    Forcing INT eXECS to work in Feces ponds without HazMed protection.
    Forcing 12 hours a day cleaning the bilges on Freewinds (normally done by machines)

    ~~ John Peeler and Marc Headley leaked atrocities to the INTERNET for YEARS and I cannot believe the Lawyers do not read this stuff.

    Are they so interested in their pay check that they do not try to get DM to tone it down and knock it off ?

    I have heard of hired GUNS.
    I have heard of dirty Lawyers
    I am very sad that Parishioner monies pay the payroll of Lawyers of this Ilk.

  137. If the little man with the little … came into an org today:
    HCO: “Ok Dave, you want to become one of us”
    HCO: “You are not qualified. You are a R/S, your OCA is way below the center line, the aptitude and leadership score isn´t acceptable and you have a criminal history and tendencies.”

  138. Sapere Aude — Thanks for the LRH quote on “Authoritarianism.” It’s a perfect quote for this topic! H

  139. Cal OSHA now REQUIRES that 911 service be available to employees.

    Click to access petition482.pdf

    The Petitioner in this matter requested anonymity and initiated the Petition after learning of amedical emergency at a place of employment wherein an employee tried to dial 911 and found
    that all business phones accessible to employees HAD BEEN BLOCKED from making 911 calls.
    [Gee, I wonder who made that request!]
    The Occupational Safety and Health Standards Board has considered the petition to make changes that would ensure employees have access to 911 emergency phone lines at places of employment. The Board has also considered the recommendations of the Division and Boardstaff. The Petition is hereby granted …

  140. Tony DePhillips

    I prefer I nice Merlot…

  141. Get them Tiger ! I hope some Ex-Scientologists are inclined to help you with this quest. :). Good show Sir, carry on.

    Cat Daddy

  142. Alex Braverman

    David Miscavige won’t last.

    Too many crimes, too many people hurt, too many angry people, too many authorities being notified.

    No, I believe it’s only a matter of time.

    Tick toc, tick tock, tick tock…….


  143. Yes, I can confirm the thriving expansion of Munich Org within just a few years. And I have known some of the Uber people of their Guardian Office.

    Never again have I met people who were so far beyond any bounds and limits. They would go against any journalist, vocal critic, government official, judge, state prosecutor, politician or whom ever they perceived as enemy ( which gave Scientology a bad name very quickly ).

    ( If someone has no clue about GO/OSA activities this might be a good start : http://www.factnet.org/Scientology/jesse_tape_1a.html )

    They were completely entitled and justified to do that ( “greatest good” ). They were well organized and knew with absolute certainty that they had “the correct tech”. They had money for their campaigns ( although much less than today ) and would hire any specialists required.

    I heard some of them state their contempt of Scientology public because they were “just preclears” and thus light years below their GO superiority. You see, they were the only ones who would protect Scn and thus the whole future of mankind ! Sometimes they said “we act beyond the overt motivator sequence”. They were far above anything else earth had ever seen.

    Or so they thought.

    My firm belief is that one should give such superiority and above-all-limits-attitude only to those who have been cleared very very thoroughly. They have to be like real angels. Because if they are not, this no-limits-of-any-kind-stuff is going to unleash some ugly things. As it did in case of GO / OSA.

  144. Even nice people can get involved in less laudable activities.

    In 1995 or 1996 I was a plain Scn public, which means I didn’t have a damn clue. I read one of the Co$ big glossy magazines dealing with its “fight for freedom”. It was about someone who was presented as a very bad guy – Robert Vaughn Young. He had visited Hamburg, Germany and had presented his knowledge of OSA crimes to state officials.

    There was a big photo of Kurt in his very best dress. And Kurt told he had met RVN in a bar and that RVN told him something that could not be repeated in print.

    That was the message of 2 pages of expensive print.

    It left me puzzled for days.

    This finger pointing was in no way related to what Scn was to me.

  145. You’re a REAL humanitarian AnonOrange!

  146. MQ,

    Here’s some additional information of the relationship of satanic cults and the Government:


  147. Kevin Bloody Mackey

    You’ll behave yourself…..NO chance!

    We’ll still go fishing though.

  148. Marty,
    It’s very difficult understanding part what you both say because of the wind blowing into the mike. I am sure there is a flag or fluff you can use to put over the mike so the wind doesn’t affect the dialogue. Other than that, it’s a great interview. Especially with you both sitting relaxed in your chairs fishing and ‘having and enjoying a life’.

  149. Thanks.
    Keep those videos coming!!

  150. Oh Chuck, your right, takes time to get back to normal thinking.

  151. Orange,

    If you go to Creston, last I knew, Bruno Moresi and his wife Julie are the couple that caretake the place.

    Say hello to them, they’re really a nice couple. I’m sure a lot of people have fond memories of Bruno and Julie.

    ASI funnels the money to fund and run all the CST sites, including the Creston ranch, all through the years, and even today. And all the lower churches have royalty or license usage agreements with ASI, and pay weekly their cuts to ASI, which funnels the money to CST and it’s sites and projects, and whoever else knows what.

    The ASI building in LA, down the street from the HGB, realize that right next to the ASI building is where dear Leader David Miscavige hangs out, and he lives and holds court in the connected houses/cluster right next to ASI. He’s apparantly retreated and works/operates there, so the Int Base staff are NOT seeing much of him lately, which I’m sure they are happy of that. But I imagine those staff at ASI are on their tiptoes all the time not to piss DM off. I believe he’s gone into the role model behavior of a high level Hollywood celebrity, essentially shielding and hiding himself from public view.

    SO, honestly, Orange, the decision making of the top of the line of money and top level secrets, all to do with the TOP of Scientology, all happen within a few yards of the ASI building there in LA. And David Miscavige is the top banana who makes those decisions about the whole Scientology empire.

  152. Well, here’s my personal case in point.

    I only learned by inference, in 1996-1997, while on the Int RPF, out at Happy Valley, being amongst the Int Base staffers who were assigned to the “Int RPF” at Happy Valley (Castille Canyon Ranch), and I learned of some of the staff to staff violence at the Int Base.

    On our RPF at Happy Valley, there were some restraints, and some almost physical confrontations between RPFers themselves.

    In my own case, I asked the then RPF Bosun, Jim Mortland, I gave him the hypothetical question of what he would do as Bosun, if I blew and walked, or tried to walk out. I asked him if he’d have some RPF members gangpile me and stop me, and he said yes, and heatedly so.

    I chose NOT to blow so openly, and was plotting the normal nighttime blowing scenarios, day by day, and getting sec checked day by day, and my auditor, was an RPFer from CST, Russ (forget his last name), and Bruce Hines was C/Sing me at this time, he will remember this.

    I gave up all my blow scenarios daily as overts when running the ruds, and within hours, the other RPFers would do some sort of physical handling, to counteract each one of my blow thought scenario escape plans.

    It was ridiculous.

    Anyways I chose not to blow, only because two other people blew right when I was planning to blow, Maureen Bolstad Smith blew, and Bruce Bromley (the prior boson of the Int RPF) both blew, and I felt me blowing at that time would just really be too much of an overt against the group, so instead I chose to “route out” standardly, and just suffer the huge long ordeal of doing the standard route out (which itself dragged on for 7 months, and I was browbeaten and humilated into continuing the RPF, and I caved and continued on the RPF, what a mistake, I should have blown despite all the other blowing RPFers).

    Anyways, at the time Jim Mortland told me he’d have other RPF member gangpile stop me if I walked out, that’s when with my limited ignorant viewpoint, I then started thinking police. Call the police.

    SO, the point is that people CAN be driven to think police.

    I heard that Jeff Walker, former LONG TIME Sea Org member, blew, called the police for help, the police escorted him back to the Base so he could gather up his stuff, and he left, went to Vegas and the Vegas group of senior ex Int Base staffers all helped with Jeff moving on in life.

    So, there’s TWO examples, and one of Jeff Walker who DID call the police, within hours, apparantly, of him BLOWING the Int Base.

    I contemplated it heavily, in the first months of 1997, while on the Int RPF.

    I was not like those at Int today, of course, I was way lower on the pecking order.

    And I agree it is really not likely that someone like Lyman Spurlock, nor Norman Starkey, nor G. Leserve would call the police.

    But a lower down staffer at Int just might! If and when, in the future, they find themselves boxed in, and threatened with violence (like I was).

  153. Jim-

    I recall that LRH when asked why he smoked Kools (non-filtered) his response was that “They impinge.”

  154. The last 2 videos are powerful, and appreciated. What you are doing and the effects you are creating are of high value. Lord of the Flies – great reference. And I always wondered whatever happened to Tom Vorm.

  155. I notified the Riverside County Board of Supervisors about torture at Int Base.

    Note that most public officials, teachers, doctors, nurses, ministers are “Mandatory Reporters”. That means that if they see or hear about abuse, they MUST report it. I believe that anyone at Int Base, who is a Scientology Minister has the obligation to report these crimes.
    The supervisors, being in the management chain of all county employees are the ultimate Mandatory Reporters. My little speech was to make them fully aware that they MUST report the beatings and torture at Gold Base, immediately and in writing within 48 hours. If they don’t do it, there are sanctions.
    I hope this notification will get them to move on this very important issue. Int Base must be investigated. Please report everything you know to the Sheriff of Riverside and Hemet. Follow up.

    Click to access California09E.pdf

  156. ΘTater/GaryLerner

    Ellie Blankenship was my senior (Office Manager/Esto) at RealWorld Corporation for 11 years. She was the kindest, toughest and best OT8 and FRIEND I have known (besides my immediate senior there)! I knew Angie also (she was a teenager then). She seemed at the time like a sweet kid but I guess when you join the Commodore Messengers under DM you become something that shouldn’t be. I have very fond memories of working with Ellie and the rest of RWC during the 80’s.

    Angie, if you see this blog/post, try and *feel* your mom’s beingness and do the right thing.

    Love and ARC,
    Gary Lerner

  157. ΘTater/GaryLerner


    DM in his favorite golden thong, slathered with “Suntan Grease”!!

    My eyes!!! My eyes!!! AAAHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!

  158. ΘTater/GaryLerner

    J. Swift,

    “The Devil Wears Elevator Shoes.” Absolutely HELLARIOUS!!!


  159. Maybe we’ll soon see a new book: “Advanced Scientology Ethics and the Golden Age of Water Discipline”.

    The golden rule of that golden age will be: “If face ripping doesn’t work, let the scum suffer the wrath of GAWD.”

  160. Chuck,

    I’m glad you escaped that living hell and are here among us.

    The more we expose what’s going on.

    The likelihood of this action continuing for very long lessens whether the powers that be are covertly supporting it by their inaction or not.

  161. “What are the Lawyers doing ?”
    As soon as I saw Marty & Mike’s videos I reported to Sheriff Sniff and an LAPD detective, who replied. The e-mail was copied (in view) to 6 local journalists.

    I also notified David Cantrell (Riverside lawyer) and Kendrick Moxon (who needs no introduction). I don’t expect a reply or any kind of action from them, but now they’ve been notified and they know about it. This will become useful later.

    It is important that many different people report these crimes to law enforcement and to the press. Don’t forget that the CoS management, PR and guards at Int Base are masters at deceiving inspectors and law enforcement. So, if only 2-3 people report stuff and they get a totally different story from Scientology, they’re likely to ignore it.

    During the Ordinance 884 debate (to restrict picketing at Gold), the base staff wrote 106 letters to the supervisors. How many letters were written from our side? Not one that I know about.

  162. ΘTater/GaryLerner


  163. ΘTater/GaryLerner

    Yes! “A Tale of Two Scios”!

  164. EXACTLY !

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  166. I thought ministers in particular were exempt from this very thing. It’d be the managers, supervisors, etc. that would be required to report on things…

  167. It depends on the state, but in the video I was referring to the Riverside Supervisors themselves. Here’s an explanation of the law:
    “While clergy-penitent privilege is frequently recognized within the reporting laws, it is typically interpreted narrowly in the context of child abuse or neglect. The circumstances under which it is allowed vary from State to State, and in some States it is denied altogether. For example, among the States that list clergy as mandated reporters, New Hampshire and West Virginia deny the clergy-penitent privilege in cases of child abuse or neglect. Four of the States that enumerate “any person” as a mandated reporter (North Carolina, Oklahoma, Rhode Island, and Texas) also deny clergy-penitent privilege in child abuse cases.”

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