Guido and Marisa Minelli – Italian Independents

Guido and Marisa


With this letter we are publicly announcing our decision to leave the current Church of Scientology since we believe it doesn’t represent the spiritual freedom that was once expressed by L. Ron Hubbard, instead it perpetuates different purposes and it has introduced substantial alterations in the use of Admin, Ethics and Tech. 

These are suppressions that have caused and are continuing to cause sufferings in PCs, Pre OTs, students and staff members at any level. 

So, it is our duty to inform. 

We are addressing this writing to the entire Scientological field: the top of the management, our friends and parents, and the Scientologists that will have the courage to look, evaluate and act accordingly to what is right for themselves and their lives. Only the truth will set us free, and the price of freedom “constant alertness and constant willingness to fight back”. This is our story. 

In 1975 my wife and I started a long adventure in Scientology. We finally found the road that could give us answers to the true spiritual research, those which hide beneath the apparent materialistic world. We suddenly fell in love with this great being that Ron is. His wisdom hit our hearts in a very simple manner. His lessons contained the answers that we were looking for a long time, lifetime after lifetime. Although the essence of these teachings were of great philosophical depth, they were easily applicable to the day to day life enhancing every aspect of it. 

So it was that we joined the very first group of Italian Scientologists most of whom had been longtime friends of ours already, and partners of many adventures in that town called Brescia. We love reminiscing on the spirit of that group, the contagion of enthusiasm, the unrestrainable desire of spreading the news of Dianetics and Scientology to the world. The Italian Institution of Applied Technologies in Via Cavallotti in Milano had a very high tone level because this group was made for the most part of creative artists and rebels of the status quo – we could say not much inclined to be regimented. The aesthetic waves were easy to perceive, and that attracted people that would then begin their walk towards higher awareness. 

The study and application of Scientology allowed us to better ourselves to create around us a calm and safe atmosphere where we could raise our children; our work, our music and our creations have benefited from it, and we have tried to set an example. 

We have done a lot of courses. We have audited a lot of people, we are both NED auditors. We have given many lectures. We started a choir for the Church of the Three Lakes ( Brescia Org). My wife Marisa finished OT 5 and was in the middle of it. 

We will always be grateful to L. Ron Hubbard for allowing his technology to be at our disposal. His legacy has permeated our existence and will continue to be a guide for our future. For years we’ve trusted the management of the Church and followed its orders believing that they originated from carefully studied strategies and evaluations made by competent and responsible executives. However, we’ve noted a slow but constant departure from the original purposes as laid down by source:

Over time the religious and spiritual aspect became of lesser importance as the offer of help transformed in continual and forceful demands for money. 

The drive to gain religious recognition in Italy has been used and is still today used to gain more materialistic and fiscal benefits instead of just a genuine desire of being legitimate and to gain a sort of a hidden impunity for the exploitations of the work force in various Scientology organizations.

With the advent of the Golden Age of Tech (in fact a subtle invalidation of LRH and of all of those people that had successfully applied Scientology since then) we have witnessed prolonged training, having to redo the same courses 3 times, hence causing a departure from becoming a trained auditor and be able to continue on your own steps on the bridge. 

These are just a few examples of the numerous destructive alterations introduced by the current Church. If you’d like a more in-depth analysis of the current situations of the Church of Scientology we would like you to check in full the letter from Garcia (a real Scientologist!) and we invite you to do your own personal research. We believe that Scientologists can distinguish facts from entheta, and do not fall into those A=A=A kinds of generalizations from the reactive back. 

We’ve ended our extensive research on truth. It has been pretty painful and at times it was very hard to confront. We had to learn how to separate the wheat from the chaff, find out what was true and what was false. We’d read and spoke to people that we’d known for a long time and had a lot of esteem for, people that left the Church and had done great things for the Church.

We will always be grateful to these people for the precious guidance they offered. 

Thank you Francesco, Marty, Mike, Tiziano, Claudio, Renata, etc. We have to give a big acknowledgement to the entire staff of the Independologo. Everyone who writes on these blogs, your job in informing and connecting the dots is really precious and has been the determining factor for the entire movement of Independent Scientologists. We’ve discovered the abuses, the threats, the forced abortions, the beatings, the instigations of violence, the exasperate control, the perversions, the alterations of policy…all situations that were apparently unbelievable – but unfortunately true. 

Too many people have spoken…and now there is no more doubts on the fact that THE CHURCH OF SCIENTOLOGY IS DEAD.

And so we decided to leave the current Church of Scientology because we no more see ourselves in it. We are and always will be Scientologists. We will never compromise on this. And we will no longer spinelessly accept other-determined “truths” in the name of spiritual freedom.

“…And we emerged to gaze upon the stars again”

(Dante Alighieri – La Divina Commedia – Inferno, Canto XXXIV)

Guido and Marisa Minelli

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  1. martyrathbun09

    Welcome Guido and Marisa! Thank you to the Lugli family for helping them and all the others.

  2. Awesome Guido and Marisa!

    “We suddenly fell in love with this great being that Ron is.”

    That is a great statement! Mr. David Miscavige is certainly not Ron – not even close. The Church of Miscavige is certainly not the true Church of Scientology. Not even close!

    May you flourish in your independence!

  3. The two of them deserve a special award for coming forward to speak out in this way. But, there stories are not much different than most of the reports that wind up here on this BLOG. All of which say in not the same words “Scientology is no longer Scientology anymore”.

    The Independents movement should offer an award to people like this for outstanding courage and integrity in coming forward to express their reasons for leaving the church.

  4. Welcome. The contagion of enthusiasm you wrote about that was present when you first got into Scn is still present……..but now it’s with the Independents.

    One by one, as Independents, we left and took Scn with us. What we left behind is but a mere shadow, a distant memory, of what we all joined so many years ago. And so the tech lives on. DM can have his cult; we don’t want it. We’ve got the real thing.

    Congratulations to both of you. Once again, you’re free to be you.

  5. Bravo Guido and Marisa! The Italians are at the forefront once again! 🙂

  6. Welcome BACK To Reality……….We Missed You!!!!!!

  7. Well done Guido and Marisa and Welcome. The flame burns bright for Freedom.

  8. Guido and Marisa you are now part on a growing number of Scientologist’s who took a look, took another look, and then looked again.
    Seems all of us no matter where we live see the same thing.
    The Church of Scientology is dead, dead, dead’

    Welcome to the most alive group on this planet.

  9. It is quite astounding how the ‘word’ is spreading!

  10. A big warm welcome to Guido and Marisa!!
    The first step to handling anything in life is to confront what actually IS and this you have done. Your statement was to the point, with data and without HE&R. You dared to actually look, you duplicated, you made a decision and you have acted upon it.

    The Independent Scientology field is for aware and honest beings and you are most welcome here. We are where the real Scientologist, the one who is increasing their understandings and changing conditions with the application of LRH tech to ones life, goes and may travel amongst friends.
    Enjoy your journey moving on up a little higher, and if I can help you need merely to ask. My one word Italian vocabulary now – ciao .

  11. Bravo Guido and Marisa;

    Your write-up is concise and very clearly to point, It is exciting to have more OTs on board who know the truth and are ready, willing and able to push Scientology along through the dark madness and into the light.


    Tom Martiniano

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  13. Viva Italia!!!!! Good for you!!!!!

  14. Congratulations!
    Welcome to freedom.

    With this letter, you will help others to see the stars again.
    I have great admiration for your contributions and your patience.

    David St Lawrence

  15. Simply, Bravo!

  16. Scott Campbell

    Hi Guido and Marisa,

    Well done on coming out. Thank you for helping.

    I was just thinking about something today. If anyone cares to look or even check for himself, he will notice that in the general populace, the confront of evil is very low.

    Why is this?

    The only reason I can think of is, “Heaven” and “Hell”.

    Of the two, obviously Heaven is the place one wants to be. The place with no pain, hunger or want. The place filled with love, peace and joy. No doubt about it, Heaven is the place to be.

    But is one worthy of Heaven? The answer, of course, is a resounding NO!

    What to do? What to do?

    Having no tech to help him resolve his “worthy of Heaven?” dilemma, the average Joe soon says, “Well, what about this Hell place?

    Hell is filled with pain, sorrow, deprivation and despair. Obviously, Hell is the place to AVOID AT ALL COSTS!

    What to do? What to do?

    Still without the technology to help him avoid being incarcerated in Hell for eternity, Joe soon arrives at an answer…

    “Maybe if I help the guy that runs Hell, he’ll cut me a break when I get there!”

    Marty, I’m glad you and others like you are out here with the tech to help us “average Joe’s”.


  17. Tory Christman

    Congratulations to you, Guido and Marisa, and thank you SO much for sharing your story! To all here, I wish you the greatest future of happiness, joy and freedom, truly.
    To you ALL 🙂 *★Happy★* 。 • ˚ ˚ ˛ ˚ ˛ •
    •。★New Year 2011!★ 。* 。
    ° 。 ° ˛˚˛ * _Π_____*。*˚
    ˚ ˛ •˛•˚ */______/~\。˚ ˚ ˛
    *° •˛• ☃| 田田 |門| ☃˚╰☆╮ May this year FAR Exceed last year in many ways, for each and every one of you, me, us 🙂 Thank you for being YOU! ♥♥

  18. questionwithboldness

    Thank you for sharing your story with us and for showing such courage. When I used to go to Flag in the summer, there would be many Italians there. The entire Sandcastle was busy and full of life. After course, the Italians would be talking very loud and happy outside the restaurant as a group. You guys are awesome and it appears that the Italians are getting truth about the C of M and spreading the word out. Very well done!

  19. Guido and Marisa Minelli,
    I read your post and understood all perfectly. My sincere and heartfelt congratulations to you both for standing strong with your personal integrity and leaving the Church of the Abyss, conducted by the delusional DM. Thank you for sharing this and welcome to the free world.

    As artists with acute perceptions, you will lead.
    Here comes the sunshine!

  20. Floating Needle

    Guido and Marisa,

    Thank you for your story and may 2011 be the year that all your wishes come true!

  21. I see the same pattern described by LRH in how Scientology grows repeating in how the Scientology organization shrinks: people look and find out and then act according to what they find.

    It is heartening how many Independents stick with LRH, throw past perversions of the tech overboard and disconnect from the organization. I am convinced that the vast, vast majority of Scientologists signed up for the humanitarian and spiritual objectives of Scientology and they remain free Scientologists for the same purpose. There’s no discussion about how this or that sentence of LRH’s could actually mean this or that. Who cares – it doesn’t mean this in their or my mind. And if it doesn’t make sense – well, we are free beings, aren’t we, with our right to accept or reject and to publicly say and do accordingly.

    You are wonderful people. Wonderfully simple!
    Hello and welcome!

  22. Guido and Marisa, welcome! Glad to have you with us.


  23. Theo Sismanides

    Guido and Marisa, benvenutti!

    Οnce Italy moves the whole of Europe will move, as Italy has so much to give to our continent. I am just next to you in Greece where suppression hits from all sides but I have deep respect for what you have done and what we can do from now on.

    Again, welcome to the Independents.

  24. Thank you for this great morning read, Guido and Marisa. And thank you for speaking the truth.

  25. Great!! I love it!!!
    I guess Italy could be the first Clear country, but will be thanks to the Independents…
    Welcome to the Ind family Marisa e Guido!!

  26. Great News!!!!!

  27. Francesco Minelli

    Mom & Dad , welcome ! Love

  28. Well done Guido and Marisa, welcome to freedom! It’s always so warming to see Scientologists regaining their backbone and selfdeterminism. Thanks to the Italians and Luis and others who care.

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  30. Independent Scientologist

    Thank you for speaking up and making a public announcement.

    Every person who openly departs the church makes it a little easier for the next person to step up and declare his freedom.

    – Ron Matlock

  31. Fantastico !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Welcome !

  32. Ciao! (Like Sapere Aude, my only Italian).

    With each new disentanglement with DM’s thingie, that much free theta life force is freed up to postulate and create the future reality of Scientology as it’s meant.

    There’s been a whole bunch of free theta come to us with this family. Wow. Cool as hell.

  33. Welcome Guido and Marisa! We embrace you. Hallelujah!

  34. This makes me Very Very Happy that the Italians
    are getting the truth and thanks to this Blog for all
    they do to make the facts know

  35. Guido and Marisa Your write up was Extremly warming
    indeed Welcome.

  36. Welcome to the world of the free Guido and Marisa. So glad you are here to share the true spirit of Scientology with so many other Independent Scientologists who share a love for the tech and a disdain for the squirreldom of Dear Leader. Bravo!!

  37. Welcome Guido & Marisa, Hats off to both of you for looking at all sides and seeing the REAL truth. Your not buying the CO$’s lies ANYMORE!! Now both of you can have a very Happy New Year!!!!
    🙂 Lori

  38. Welcome Guido and Marisa! Bene, Bene, Bene!!!

    My greatest loss this lifetime resulted from having to leave staff because I felt my sanity depended on it. Before I left, several people had already died, one went crazy and walks the streets, a couple were on the brink of losing it, including myself. These were all things I not-ised or justified all happening at my local org. Sadly, since I left I heard that one of my auditors also died. These were not old people! They were my age! Not being SO qualified, I had decided to dedicate the rest of my life to forwarding Scientology and joined staff. When the suppression hit again and again and I became the effect of it and had to leave.

    Discovering the truth was a very sobering experience but it also allowed me to heal emotionally. And, I must say, every time a person announces their dedication to Scientology and disavows the church and what it has become, my heart SOARS. In my mind, I know Scientology is safe. I just had to laugh at the irony of how I and many others contributed to the preservation of the tech, ensuring it would withstand a nuclear blast (external attack) and the actual catostrophic event came from DM (internal attack) and YES, the tech has been able to withstand that!!!!

    So, thank you for your declaration as you have made my heart soar once again! The heart of Italybeats loudly and strongly! Viva Italia! Viva Indipendenti!

  39. WOW, that blew charge for me!

  40. As I was reading your post I instantly thought of “the free being” and then got to the part where you stated it yourself! Cool! 🙂

  41. Ciao! And welcome! You are both more than welcome here and you are encouraged to continue to COMMUNICATE! The “church” has long put suppressing communication. I hope you will be true to yourselves and get the word out!

    Enjoy your gazing at the stars! They are beautiful, aren’t they?

  42. Standard Tech Guy

    Looking forward to all of Italy joining the independent movement. BTW, where do I go if I want to do the Saint Hill Special Briefing Course? Where do I go if I want my folders reviewed?Based on the posts on this blog, Marty is not yet a trained C/S. Thanks, Tommy C.

  43. David Miscavige hates Italians.

  44. Guido and Marisa,
    Nice to have you here and let’s bring about the spirit of the 70s Brescia back.

    Response to Tony and Lidia, who via my mother-in-law communicated that there would be no family get-togethers as long as I kept blogging: Okay, I’ll stop blogging when you stop donating money to/supporting in any way any entity under the control of the psychopath David Miscavige. And I will come to your aid when the SO recruiters come after your precious kids, Kevin and Sarah.

  45. martyrathbun09

    I am a trained C/S. And thanks for keeping Dave’s record almost perfect by setting me up once again – I am just about to inform you all about auditor training.

  46. Tony DePhillips

    Thanks for your courage to be a pioneer in the Independent Scientology movement. I like how the Italians roll…

  47. Thank you both for speaking out!

    Happy New Year!

  48. David (not Nanotron)

    Seems to be a brand new identicon to me… Never seen that one before on this site…

  49. Dear Jim
    here is GUIDO with his Hammond B3 ! Check this out. We just need a bass player now……..


  50. FreeThinkerLikeYou

    Congrats! Welcome back. Well almost back to reality. I’d guess it was indeed a very painful journey thus far. I see that your devotion to doing noble acts drove you both toward the potential that you thought was there inside the COS. It must have came as quite a shock to start to see the Dream Crumble as you took it all in with your ‘Now Opened Critically Thinking Mind’ that Rationally Doubts. Yes!

    I can see that your Native Sense of Disbelief is beginning to be rehabilitated since you Question Authority, Seek Evidence of Claims, and Use Critical Thinking Skills to avoid ‘Cherry Picking’ Evidence or Playing Join the Jolly Bandwagon of Denial of the Current Situation. There is hope. Give yourself a Very Well Done!

    There is much work to be done to re-join our shared reality. Please reach out for help joining up with others that have broken the bonds like yourselves.

  51. Dear Marisa & Guido
    I really appreciated this BIG STEP that you have done. We have known each other since long time and I know you are wonderfull people and great artists.
    Now that both of us have a NEW 3RD DYNAMIC it will be possible at last to play again and rekindle that dream that saw us togheter a long time ago.
    Much Love,

  52. Tory Christman

    STG (not)….
    Have you ever heard the term: Beating something to death? You all have demonstrated this by *trying* ~~and failing—more than *I* could have ever imagined~~ to slime those out, doing great.

    Here’s a great NY resolution for Dave and Gang: WTFU. Period. To ALL the rest…..what a great year 2011 is going to be! 2 more people just called me, one yesterday, one today, nearly snagged “in”, but saw my videos—and are well on their way OUT of C of $/m. Thanks to ALL who help expose this insidious organization, the phony “church”. Love to all, Tory/Magoo

  53. Hi Guido and Marisa,
    Looks like the Italian Independents are on take-off. Yes!!!!!

  54. Tory Christman

    LOL! Good one, Tony—me too re the Italians 🙂

  55. Guido and Marisa Minelli,

    Welcome to the International Independence Movement.



  56. You should go to Palermo and get a pair of new boots! Moron!!!!

  57. I was thinking that the guy who keeps asking for Marty’s qualifications (oy vey!) may be the same one who keeps asking for Mr. Obama’s birth certificate. D’oh!
    Congratulations Guido and Marissa, and all who dare speaking up! Your courage is waking up mine and I am sure many other’s.


  58. I love how Games, Creativity, Music, Writing, Joy are all things that get rekindled by people who LEAVE the Co$.

    Anyone else notice this? Ever even realized all these were gone?

    See them now? I see them. It’s like fresh air!

    Happy New Year, Indies!

  59. G and M, It’s your big day! When I get discouraged I just think about what’s happening in Italy nowadays. Our protection has always hinged on the number of people who know the truth, and especially on the people who stand up like you two. I remember LRH talking about a problem disappearing just by virtue of everyone involved knowing all about it. Physics has been testing group attention too, and they’ve found it changes matter.

  60. GAT-Techie – your handle is a bit of a misnomer for it’s not Standard Tech but “GA-Tech” – there’s a slight difference between the two but how could you spot a bad apply while sitting in a barrel full of rotten ones – Jeff, I borrowed your analogy. Simply letting somebody read LRH (strictly in ones leisure time) and make up her/his mind about what he/she wants to do with it produces a better auditor, C/S, administrator than DMology ever managed. Now, go back to your HiTech MERC Terminal and write another embellished report of what you have produced today (I know, writing the “right kind of report” becomes increasingly difficult). Feel for you, for New Year’s eve’s going to be a bummer – no, I’m not referring to everybody-knows-anyway-“inside” data here – for YOU dread the thought of yet another must-see-must-reg event. Wouldn’t you just love to do what your heart tells you was the right thing? Well, then just do it, start walking and don’t turn back and you might end up a fully trained C/S yourself.

  61. Tony DePhillips

    Amazing!! Another amazing artist joins the ranks!!!

  62. Tony DePhillips

  63. Marisa e Guido

    Thanks you ALL!
    We don’t speak very well english, but your acks and admiration went directly to our hearts.
    We are proud of your friendship
    We are proud to be Indipendent and free now!
    Viva l’Italia Indipendente
    Marisa e guido

  64. Dear Guido and Marisa,

    Thank you sincerely for your communication. Your indication of the scene that exists within the organization controlled by the (D)emonic (M)aniac and his GOONS points to the fact that spiritual freedom, actually, exists. Here it is outside of the official MissCabbage thingy. Thank god for the independent movement. Welcome!

    ML, Tom Gallagher

  65. Marisa and Guido, a big welcome and thank you for posting your declaration. More theta for the team!

    2011 is going to be a very exciting year. This trickle of Independents coming out will be a stream and then a river before long. I just spoke with an old friend– another Scientologist of 30+ years, OT and ex-staff (GO) who is now done with the Church. We hadn’t spoken for a while and he just felt like reaching out. How nice to find we could easily comm about the current scene. The Church is losing its grip of “fear of ethics actions.” I can see it. There are the hard core good Church members with blinders on, who can’t hear or see anything…but we can come back for them later. Those more awake and aware are becoming emboldened. The comm is flowing, truth is spreading.

    2011, here we come!

  66. Another One Bites The Dust !!!

    VIVA L’ITALIA….As the Titanic sinks, Guido and Marisa, you had the courage to free yourself from its chains, and to swim towards the nearby Island of Independence.
    Were Indy are now dwelling, the same ones that have been telling the captain, “there’s an iceberg straight ahead”, but he wanted to still push it (maybe for lack of his “pushing” ability in the bedroom), and when he saw it, he decided to even go faster and prove that he was right, and that he will un-mock with his hidden data line that iceberg….and here we are, all having a party in the island. Guido and Marisa, you are now playing and singing along with all of us…and it all sounds so much better 😉

    I know, we got a lot of friends on the boat…sooner or later they’ll figure out that it is best for them to jump…until then, we’ll keep the party jumpin’!!!


  67. Tony DePhillips

    Bring the party back home!!

  68. OMG a genuine Hammond B3 with Leslie! Great sound. Nice job Guido!

    ML Tom

  69. Scott Campbell

    Fantastic Guido!

    Gimme that sound and strain it through a Leslie!

    Right on, Tom.


  70. Scott Campbell

    And Italians love everyone!

  71. Scott Campbell

    We need more Hammond!

    I’m givin’ ‘er all she’s got, Cap’n!

  72. Scott Campbell

    Hi Karen,

    Where are you? In OC?


  73. Claudio,
    Holy Cats! That’s him playing B3 with a rock band!!! Amazing!

  74. Kathy Braceland

    Welcome Guido and Marisa! It’s so good to have you wonderful free spirits with us.

  75. No, FL.

  76. Scott Campbell


  77. David (not Nanotron)

    That’s so true!

  78. Ms. Christman:

    I am studying mysticism. And I was just looking into my crystal ball and Tarot cards about you. There were spirits in the room with me from the “other side”. And asked them about Ms. Christman. They said:

    “She’s going to meet a billionaire in 2011” & “He’s going to buy her a $2 million dollar diamond ring” & “He’s going to make her a movie star” & then “She’s going to live in Beverly Hills on Rodeo Drive”.

    I was so blown away by what happened just from reading this simple book on how to do Tarot cards I felt it would be unfair if I didn’t tell you.

    I know the Independents will frown on this and say “That’s not tech”.
    No, it’s not. But it was in the cards, and the crystal ball, which to this day holds about as much truth as the current management has to offer.

  79. The Dilithium Crystals aren’t even straining Scotty. Here’s a warp factor 7 B3 with Leslie. Leave it to Petty to do itjustice.

    ML Tom

  80. Yes, Bozz, have seen it, felt it, marveled and enjoyed it!!!

  81. Tiz, so true. Here’s a rare video of an OSA “Handler” dealing with a report that the Church-ship is “sinking” (the first few sentence are German … but then it gets funny).

  82. Compare that with “David Miss Savage at the Helm” showing everybody “how to do it …. ” 🙂

  83. Tory Christman

    I appreciate your crystal ball reading, and I guess most guys would think a girl like me would love that, eh? Well, here’s the truth: I *hate* Beverly Hills—you couldn’t pay me to live there. I grew up in the wonderful suburb of Park Ridge, north of Chicago. However, in the 60’s my Dad became a Football Broadcaster, for NBC, and made a lot of money, so they decided to “build their dream house”. We moved to Lake Forest, very similar to BH’s–“one of the wealthiest suburbs in the US”—big $$$, super snotty people, with heads WAY too big, and much too much time on their hands to do nothing. Thankfully I grew up in Park Ridge, where people were very nice so that’s where my base is from.

    I’d never wear a 2-million dollar ring—too much wasted money.
    A movie star? Well….we’ll just have to see about that, darlin, but again, my suggestion would be to keep studying. Will I marry a billionaire? I wouldn’t put my money on it….but hey, life has some very amazing turns, so we’ll see. If I did, it would be with someone far less interested in fancy homes and rings, and much more interested in Helping others. Meantime, my theory since I escaped out of C of $ is:
    Life rolls on. So? Happy New Year to you, and you, and You! 🙂

  84. Marisa e Guido Minelli

    Thanks you a lot Luis!
    you have helped us along the way!
    Un abbraccio
    Marisa e Guido

  85. Guido and Marisa Minelli , What a magnificent entrance you two make into independancy

    Well Done !

    Cat Daddy

  86. Guido & Marisa,

    Long live the artists and rebels!


  87. Wow…

    I go away for a holiday rest and, when I come back, more people are leaving the Mestsavage machine and returning to LRH’s group of free beings. What a surprise……..(wink).

    Welcome to Guido and Marisa. May the gods feed you honey.


  88. Woo hoo! Party time at the Lugli household(s). Congratulations, Guido and Marisa.

  89. Scott Campbell

    More like…

  90. Scott Campbell


  91. Mr Standard Tech Guy,

    “where do I go if I want to do the Saint Hill Special Briefing Course? Where do I go if I want my folders reviewed?”

    You know, those are not such bad questions. The game has turned upside down and the REALITY is, you can’t get a standard tech SHSBC or folder review at any current Church of Scientology. The Church of Scientology is dead. But the tone of your question suggests you are not really looking for an answer to your questions, are you? However, if by chance your querrie is genuine, get your boots on boy – it’s going to take a little work to find the answers and cross your bridge. You must take responsibility for your own condition.

  92. Marisa e Guido

    “Long live the artists and rebels!”
    We love this statement!
    Guido Minelli

  93. OK, here’s B3…

  94. I love Italians! Welcome, Guido and Marisa!

  95. Scott Campbell

    Your right, It’s a beautiful piece for the Hammond, Tom.

    Here’s Keith Emerson making a Hammond beg for mercy.

    Incidentally, Keith just commissioned a piece of music from a friend of mine who hosts the writer’s group that I belong to.

    After seeing a performance from my buddy and his 26 piece orchestra, Emerson approached him after and commissioned a new piece on the spot. Wow.


  96. Tony DePhillips

    Yes Samuel, I would say that would be the best case scenario with dm at the helm. Probably more like this:

  97. Ciao, Guido and Marisa,
    Welcome to the Independent movement; Molto, Molto Bene!
    I lived in Italy for 4 years as a child, and have very fond memories of this most beautiful country. Viva L’Italia! I loved your statement; it was very precise and to the point. Most of all your quote at the end moved me to tears: “And we emerged to gaze upon the stars again”. That is the exact way that being Independent has felt to me. Thank you for sharing this Dante quote, from the Inferno section, with all of us. Enjoy your new found freedom and the expansion of abilities that Independence brings!
    Much love, Catherine

  98. Scott Campbell

    Tom M,

    Here’s a sample of my buddy Ross and his orchestra.

    They’re all top caliber, highly accomplished musicians and believe me, they put on a pretty wild show!


  99. Ah come on Tory don’t knock the Ol’ 90210 zip.

    I used to work there a few years back at Concord Records and I loved the place.

    So its a bit…….maybe a lot pricey.

    But at least its not pretentious like for example Dave’s Church of Suits where the dress code is like totally corporate (One of the key reasons I declined the invitation to become a staff member at LA Borg even when personally asked Guillame) though there is evidence of it going more Goth.

    Though I’m not into Goth.

    Anyway Tory I hope you get everything ya want for the upcoming New Year.

    Love ya babe.

    Have your people call my people and we’ll do lunch sometime 😉

  100. Tony and Samuel,
    Tks for the planes.

  101. Mr Standard Tech is rather transparent. Just today “Joe” (from the hate site), wrote an article about Marty not being a trained C/S.
    Mr Standard Tech is this really why you joined Scientology? To be Miscavige’s lackey, trolling the internet with this crap?

  102. Tony DePhillips

    Great duplication.

  103. Nice! love it.

  104. It must be time then to toss this old crystal ball and Tarot card deck into the box in the basement to become an heirloom.

    It was the spirits from the “other side” that were in the room with me that told me of your fortune through the cards and the crystal.

    You could have no better fortune Tory, regardless of what my Quija board says, than to have gotten the HELL out of the church while you were still alive.

    So, happy new year to you as well. Now let me see, I know I had a book on candle spells somewhere around here……..

  105. Scott Campbell

    Where’s my brother???

    There he is!

  106. Guido and Marisa

    Warm, warm welcome. How very nice to have you with us in this group.
    Many Bright Blessings and Blue Skies,

  107. Scott, that orchestra, what kind ofstuff do they do? They look real interesting. What’s their schtick?

    ML Tom

  108. Scott Campbell


    It’s sort of an avant-garde mix of Frank Zappa’s wackiness and Spike Jones’ satire, influenced by Arnold Schoenberg’s complex 12 tone orchestral arrangements. The orchestra not only plays Ross’ fantastic original compositions and orchestral arrangements of classic songs, they also put on a wild stage show while they’re doing it!

    Ross Wright a.k.a. Elvis Schoenberg says that he likes to embody Elvis’ showmanship and Schoenberg’s musicality. Ross is a Professor of Music Composition at the Prestigious Musician’s Institute in Los Angeles. In Addition to the Orchestre Surreal, he composes, writes and performs in many other music genre’s and art forms.

    Here’s a link from the Musician’s Institute with a short bio.

    I’ve known him since third grade and he’s always been a musical prodigy. He also just finished writing his first Sci-fi novel and I can tell you, it’s a real barn-burner and page turner. He’s going through the editing process now and ideally would like to get a literary agent to submit it to major publishers for consideration.


  109. I know 🙂 – just didn’t want to be so graphic

  110. P.S. I can’t figure out if I’m an artist or a rebel. I think I’m both . . . . . .

  111. Jim,

    Gimme Some Lovin’ used to be my favorite song of all time until The Spencer Davis Group re-released it without Steve Winwood. My wife, bless her, put the new version on her play list for her cycle class because she knew I liked the original. “Oh, honey. Listen to this!” She compared and contrasted. Aha! Vibrant zing versus dull thud.


  112. Nice a little Zapa in there. Should be a real gas to watch. Tnhey sound really good.

    ML Tom

  113. Tony DePhillips

    That’s what we are for Samuel.
    You are the intellectual and wear that hat well.
    : )

  114. I’m a spiritual seeker. I became curious about Scn >1 yr ago. I’m trying to differentiate between the ‘Church’ of $cientology & the original core philosophy. I am 100% against the Cof$ due to their abuses; & am trying to solidify my stance on the Independent group & religion as a whole. I have researched religion & philosophy for 20 yrs & still wish to discover what’s worthwhile about Scn. I judge most beliefs by their followers & almost every Cof$ member I’ve encountered seems angry, closed off, defensive & not people I’d want around me. I’d LOVE to know how independents differ. I began to think negatively of the FZ & entire Scn philosophy until I read an article by Mr. Rathburn on how Scn focuses on ability instead of disability. This reminded me why I was curious initially. I’ve read articles by FZers who seem positive, honest, & living in reality. Is your info free? Do you teach auditing to anyone? Is your philosophy capable of evolution? How will this group protect itself from the pitfalls the Cof$ fell into? I have numerous questions, but don’t know the FZ rules. If I’m considered an SP by the Cof$ do FZers also not wish to speak w/ me? Are questions allowed?

  115. Pingback: Proč se církev bojí internetu | independent beings

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