A Tom Cruise Dream Comes True – the Silver Screen

David Miscavige, self-proclaimed “ecclesiastical leader” of the Church of Scientology, used many shifts to lead Tom Cruise into becoming his bossom buddy and  foresaking his career by way of public Miscavige-like behaviors.  One tactic was to use under-minimum-wage church staff to produce a string of over-the-top “personal” gifts from Dave to Tom.  One of those gifts was a custom-upgraded bus specially designed and tricked to cater to Tom’s every wish for a personal facility on the set of his movies.   While Cruise paid the costs of material and non-Scientology core structural labor, many hundreds of hours of Sea Org (the fraternal, elite “religious” order of Scientology) labor and craftsmanship coordinated, designed, and executed the plan to deliver a one-of-a-kind product, from Dave to Tom with love.

Custom Made Logo For Dave to Tom Love Bus


 The following despatch from Dir Vehicles Gold (Yvonnne Gonzalves) to COB COMM RTC refers to her Sea Org crew running rampant through Marathon (custom coach) company to ensure Dave’s target for delivering Tom’s bus is met.  This is only the beginning of the bizarre story of a “church” turned into a Hollywood custom gift production unit.

COB COMM RTC                      13 July 2005



Dear Sir;

Thanks very much and yes I have been silent.

I have been working over the Marathon owner, production head and head of engineering and design in order to get the TM back.

In present time the bus is to be completed by August 28th from Sept 12th from October 28th– I have done this by making quality control get done whilst the coach is being built [instead of one week at the end of manufacture], except for one test which has to get done at the end (electrical load test which required 12 hours of running the bus at full electrical load to ensure it can handle it – is a safety test). Only allowing 4 days for the painting of the coach (normally a 3 week TM). Getting as much done concurrent as possible.

I did find the why which you had mentioned to JB you did not feel had been found and it is financial.

Despite the planning being in place the bus was moving at a snail’s pace.

To explain, this company is building 18 coaches concurrent and Silver Screen is a custom coach requiring 2X the hours and incurs overtime. It is not handled with any priority due to the funding it requires. The general spec coaches which are sold off the lot and bring in instant funds are kept going through the production line in order to keep the company above boards. Bumping any of these “spec” coaches results in finance troubles and personnel out of work and is why the owner and head of production do not want to “speed” Silver Screen up.

It is one of the main factors which resulted in the owner and head of production bumping the Silver Screen bus back to Oct 28th.

This bus is more custom than anything they have ever done.

I am not making this my problem – it is the companies and am making the owner and head of production very aware of who they are making the coach for and the result this will have for them as a company.

It has started to move better as a result once I got this out of the head of production on the finance and is why I have the TM back to August 28th – literally I am running the head of production on the bus at least three times a day getting reports from him and ensuring that dones are gotten and any bugs/questions are handled.

There are two shifts on the bus and means that there are personnel on it from 7am till 12am at night. There is an estimated 9,000 man hours to go on its production and thus is 2,500 hours a week I need on it and there are currently 1,500 hours worked out to occur per week and this is being worked on by the head of production.

I am pushing them on purpose and getting the bus done for the man even before August 28th and will keep hammering them for how to get it reduced further. Naming out where time can be saved and getting this executed.


This company operates on a corporate organization tech which states people come first and I am pushing this to the hilt as well i.e. service as that is all I am asking for.


The owner and head of production repeatedly tell me that they wish I had been on the project back in Dec 2004 when Michael Doven first started it and in Feb 05 when he “signed the spec sheet” for the original design. As I literally handle any question within hours if not 10 minutes when they arise – like light fixture issues etc. I keep telling them they have no excuse not to get this bus done and it is in their best interest to get it delivered in exceptional time frame and anything they need I will handle.

Also for the four weeks that Mr. Cruise is shooting and Silver Screen is in production the owner keeps offering a brand new coach for him to use for that time period which I have refused. I want the real coach for him to shoot with.

I am going to continue to push on doing more actions on the coach concurrent in order to get the coach done for Mr. Cruise.

I have brought it back an additional 2 weeks and obviously need to continue.


Sherry is assisting at anytime I need her.

The roman shades were all sorted out and they look gorgeous.


This is ok.


P.S. One other idea I had to further get the TM brought back I could have Tommy D call and tell them that Mr. Cruise is expecting the coach on site when he starts to shoot on July 27th and that they had better deliver. I thought of using Tommy on it as part of his liability and assisting to get it done since he failed to inform that this coach was being built. Maybe this is not a good idea but thought I should communicate it.

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  1. What your donations buy: Rice and beans for the slave labor producing gifts from the heart, DM to TC. Burp, shudder.

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  3. Somebody tell me again why this crap is considered OK in CoS? I don’t see the Pope fawning over Mel Gibson like this, nor the Dalai Lama sucking up to Richard Gere.

    A few years ago I would have refused to believe a story like this. Nowadays, very little surprises me anymore where DM is concerned.

  4. Wow, all too typical. I saw the same sort of tactics employed with printing companies, browbeating the boss into putting all of his resources on the Scientology job, working impossible hours and ignoring other work. So Yvonne runs roughshod over the whole company, directly running their production lines. So they are forced to ignore their bread-and-butter production, lose money and lay off people. So what? It’s not Yvonne’s problem! Her problem is to suck up to Dave so he can suck up to Tom Cruise. Who cares what wreckage she leaves in her wake? And this is why Scientology is hated and ridiculed. Because they don’t really care about people. They don’t care how many people they have to step on to get what they want. And this is why Yvonne remains a DM “favorite” – she’s lost whatever moral compass she ever had.

  5. Tommy Davis: “Get it done NOW bus company! It’s for Mr. Tom fucking Cruise!”

    It’s all about LEVERAGE…….the most-often used word in the movie Battlefield Earth.

  6. Custom Tour Buses
    byNurse Ratched

    I’m sure they were only too glad to see that tranny factory misfit out of there.
    What she never realized is that the “people come first” policy of the company was probably intended to include the employees being treated with decency and respect….you know, litle things like their basic rudiments being in.
    I would have run her ass outta there!

  7. There are so many examples of this behavior within and regarding the “church” that it would be appropriate to modify the creed of the church to simply “WE DON”T CARE!” It still boggles my mind how I tolerated this mindset and hopefully did not exercise it much with regards to others.

  8. That’s an idea to expand the high deal orgs. Custom bus tours Org. Just like LRH used to have. If the public wo’nt appear at the orgs, sent the bus out to them.

  9. John Fennessey

    Tom Cruise is one of the reasons the Church of Scientology enjoys the reputation it has today. He deserves everything he gets. Didnt the Chairman of the Board say he is the greatest scientologist in the world, or something to that effect. Whats wrong is a little flow of power back? I am sure Tom was humbled and appreciated the extra effort. The planet will eventually go clear, can’t we take a little time to show each other how much we care?

  10. Gawd, this brings back memories of countless psychotic”TM”s in the Sea Org. Completely arbitrary time deadlines, an artificially created emergency atmosphere resulting in sleep deprivation for many staff unfortunate enough to be involved.

    This habit of creating artificial emergency time deadlines is one of the most stupid things the church constantly does. The justification for such, beyond avoiding the severe punishments meted out to all involved in the “non-compliance”, is some sort of statement that it is OT to make such targets.

    It is downright embarrassing when this craziness spills beyond the confines of the church and into the business world, which stares back at the smug and pushy scientologists, wondering what the hell is the matter with them. Then, the response is something like, “Okay, if it is that important, I will run an extra shift at double-time union wages.”

    Years ago, Mat Pesch told me a story about how, during one of these artificial time deadlines, he had to keep a film lab in Hollywood open round-the-clock, paying quadruple wages for all the personnel required to run the film processing equipment. Mat called it “using a golden crowbar to keep the doors open.”

  11. Jeff, Exactly! Also she says “This company operates on a corporate organization tech which states people come first” She could learn a lesson here.

  12. John Fennessey

    If that yvonne was working in Detroit for the big 3 auto makers, there would never have been a bailout necessary. She was wasted on just one trailer.

  13. “Custom Tour Buses
    byNurse Ratched

    I would have run her ass outta there!”

    Right on CP !

    Any business owner or salesman knows that these high maintenance customers are quite often nightmares to deal with. Despite charging them a premium for extraordinary work, they hardly ever pay off and result in new patches of grey hair.

    After finally collecting the last cheque, you sit back wondering whether it was all worth it and vowing ‘never again’.

    I would have run her ass outa there too and pay attention to my usual bread & butter customers – the ones that REALLY appreciate a job well done.

  14. SirArthurConanDoyle

    John Fennessey – Really? You are joking right? Scientology’s reputation is no better than the KKK at this point! And you’re right Tom had something to do with that, but these are criminal acts of fraud being perpetrated in order to kiss Tom’s ass! Motorcycle, Bus, airplane hangar, Katie Holmes and the list goes on and on… Wake up!

  15. Scott Campbell

    The Prince of Propitiation strikes again!


  16. Just to give everyone a heads up-

    This is what happened when Lil’ Dave’s BFF forgot to use his ultra custom DM approved Golden Age of Copper grounding wires one afternoon. These two really are joined at the hip.

  17. In the recording of RJ68 LRH read off a long list of celebrities that started Church services at that time. It was vast.

    However, I know of not one dollar that was spent on any of them, directly or indirectly, to provide gifts or anything outside the bounds of auditing or training, duly donated and paid for by the PC.

    Imagine if at that time LRH announced he was going to use parishoner funds to buy a car for Karen Black, or a boat for Clint Walker, or an RV for Mama Cass. I think it would have stunned the field. Many would have judged LRH feverish.

    Now we have the so-called leader of the Church of Scientology giving gifts, be it labor or otherwise to a celebrity parishoner, without public disclosure to the parishoners at large, and in clear violation of LRH policy.

    The good part about this is that this disclosure will most likely push another 25 or 30 Church public out into the independent field this month.


  18. John Fennessey

    Sorry to raise your blood pressure. I couldnt respond to this article with anything but sarcasm . Go back to the game, Packers are up 7-0.

  19. It’s great to see this kind of dox being brought out into the light. Since DM painstakingly eradicated all traces of CMU and other talent pools at int almost everything the unsuspecting public sees at “Int Events” has been produced by over-the-top priced hollywood talent. The general public has no idea the actual cost of these events. They think DM is using wide eyed and willing slave labor priced SO workers to develop these audiovisual products, but in fact he has gotten rid of all but one very weak willed but extremely talented staff member (Henning) who comes up with ideas and then everything else is done by paying huge sums to hollywood talent. The sums are huge. Its more of What Your donations Buy- over the top Hollywood audio visuals and graphic design. But if the general public was shown the cost of the visuals and all other associated expenses for the events they watch they would barf all over their patent leather shoes. There has been a tremendous amount of comment on what is wrong with the radical C of S- is it just DM, did it start with LRH, is it built into the philosophy. I submit that there is just one thing that would handle everything that is wrong with the CofS, and that is transparency. It would have to start with financial transparency, but would have to extend much further. Who created and cloak of secrecy and why is irrelevant. All that is relevant to us is that DM wrapped himself in it and has used it to crank up abuses of power to absolutely unbelievable levels. And I use the word carefully. DM knows full well and even counts on the unbelievability of his acts. But I digress. LRH created a philosophy that was supposed to exist in the light. I submit that it cannot exist in the dark and current events are proof of this. Solution? Marty Rathbun and this blog, along with the help of anyone who knows anything passing it on to him so he can bring it to the light of day. Marty maybe no angel, but he walked in the light and let the chips fall where they may. Takes a lot of guts to do that. Thanks for another little ray Marty.

  20. Watching Eyes

    Yvonne mentions putting Tommy D on the project “as part of his liability”. Does that strike anyone else as odd? If brown nosing Cruise is so important why on earth would she want to bring on someone in a lower condition. Shows you her grasp of the ethics tech — none.

  21. How completely insane…
    If I had a company and there was a customer who behaved like Yvonne/ David Miscavige/Scientology I would immediately ask them to do business elsewhere. What assholes! Make your own god-damned bus!
    As already mentioned, the quote: “This company operates on a corporate organization tech which states people come first…”
    Yes, David and Yvonne, welcome to the REAL world! People, not stats or status come FIRST! This is what YOU are supposed to be doing, setting an example for taking care of PEOPLE, not MEST.
    To quote LRH:
    “The only capital an executive has is willingness TO WORK. Preserve it. No person can be driven to slave labor – as every society has found out. They always lose. When man is whipped, that work he then does still stems from his willingness alone. Anger made it smaller.”

  22. To the best of my recollection, TC jumped on Oprah couch in April 05, then he told Matt Lauer he was glib and : “you don’t know the history of psychiatry, I do” on June 28th 2005 (I just Googled it), which was also about the same time he criticized Brooke Shields for taking medication for post-partum depression. In the following weeks just about every talk show on TV and radio, from entertainment shows to political shows, all over the political spectrum, had segments about TC having gone stark staring mad. This letter is written two weeks after these disastrous PR outings that to this day he has not recovered from career-wise.

    Of course Yvonne Gonzalves, living in the Truman show, is absolutely oblivious to what is going on in “the real world”.

  23. Tory Christman

    LOL! Tommy doing “liability”? I wonder how long *that* has gone on.
    Sick folks who run C of $—using “celebrities”. I remember when TC was first “in” and it was all “don’t ask, don’t tell”. Then, as I’ve said, one day there was a “Mandatory Briefing”, for ALL on the base.

    Out came Tommy Cruise to announce: “I’m announcing I’m a trained Class 4 and if *I* can get trained up, you can get trained up”. 🙄

    We were all seriously still “in”, but left the briefing saying, “Someone handled HIM”. Hopefully one day these “celebrities” will get what’s *really* going down with them.
    Thanks for this info, Marty.

  24. Remember there were those racetrack outing photos of DM, Laurisse, Yvonne, Tom Cruise and Katie, at the race track somewhere in the US. So Yvonne has also been on outings with DM and Tom Cruise, at least that one that was in that photo a couple years ago.

    But yea, this is high level serving the leader stuff, with wonky solutions.

  25. Agreed. This is important history of top clique around DM behavior, and serving his personal mindset of what DM thinks important.

    Marty and Mike, Does Norman Starkey have ANY sway on DM’s choices and decisions? Has Norman at all ever in the last many years been asked by DM for Starkey’s opinion? Does DM ask anyone for their opinion?

    God, somebody’s gotta write a book about Life with DM.

  26. HCOPL 13 January 1969 UNUSUAL FAVOURS

    “The Condition for an Executive or Staff member who is using his position in the Org to give unusual favours to the detriment of Org solvency is TREASON.

    Using one’s position to order Class VIIIs to C/S or audit personal friends, giving away Org services to non paying pcs, obtaining free auditing for friends, letting students procure their pcs off Org lines, giving out or permitting use of Org materials or property, all just to be a ‘good fellow’ and to the detriment of the Org all come under this policy.

    An Org was once used by a small clique to ‘get the latest information’. They let the poor staff go broke. This was Joburg in the early 60’s.

    Recently the Case supervision of Class VIIIs was extended in many places to students’ free pcs, students co-auditing and even Franchise pcs. This was accompanied by plunging graphs.

    This comes under the heading of selling out the Org just to be a good fellow.

    It costs and Org money to furnish service.

    When an Org stats giving away its hightest services, it then DOES NOT have the time or personnel to really give PAYING students and pcs top grade service and it goes broke.

    This policy also includes standing about and doing nothing when somebody is flagrantly violating it.

    This policy specifically and only covers giving away or permitting the use of Org services to the detriment of Org value and income while on post as an executive or staff member.

    It also applies retro-actively, i.e. using one’s Org connections to obtain special service or material favors for field or friends after departure from Org staff.”

    L. RON HUBBARD Founder

    Heads up. If you are standing about doing nothing this policy is clear about your condition. If you (OSA) are condoning and contributing to it well… I guess you passed the point of Treason sometime back – I’ll leave you to figure it out.

  27. Priscilla Smith

    Putting Tommy Davis on it…. yeah, that’s a great idea. A flap just waiting to happen. I can just see Tommy calling up the head of the company and talking to him condescendingly, and then to start swearing at him like only Tommy knows how to swear at non-scientologists. “You look at me when I’m talking to you. I don’t need to explain how or why, but … do you have any idea that this bus is for Mr. Tom-F*cking-Cruise???!”

    When I read these kinds of stories, all I can think is that I’m so glad I’m not in the sea org anymore. Artifically created emergencies, and dealing with “wog” labor wherein the scientologists think the world revolves around them. It’s just so nauseating…. no wonder people don’t like the “church” of scientology.

  28. Jeff,

    This episode exemplifies Miscavige’s false stats and “PR” and that it’s all form and no substance approach.

    My wife and a group of artists worked on the trellis scene for the LA Renascence.

    Dobi who lead the artists said they needed to apply a fixative to it before it can be applied to the ceiling.

    As anyone knows who is involved in the fine arts.

    That once a painting is done.

    A fixative is required to protect the painting from the environment.

    Yet Miscavige wanted the painting up on the ceiling for his million dollar CCI Bash so a bunch of clowns stuck the art work on the ceiling with out applying a fixative.

    Typical of the cut corners approach that seems to be occurring on this Bus.

    It wouldn’t surprise me if the little cretin suggested they drop out the safety test.

    This is aside from the waste of man and woman hours spent on giving Tom that so special surprise.

    What happened to the manor was after all this work was done on it?

    Most Scientologists could no longer afford to stay there to do their services.

    Yet it sure looks purdy….

    So Tom gets this big beautiful bus that might or might not break down.

    What does Scientology get?

    More bad PR.

    Miscavige is your typical criminal who can’t see the consequences of his actions.

  29. Tory,

    Yeah that word ‘handled’ still gives me the heebie-jeebies 🙂

  30. Tony DePhillips

    This OP basis of rush rush rush, the planet is going to explode is pretty non-sensical.
    You see it throughout Mudcabbology. These are just fabricated “emergencies” to keeop people off balance. I really don’t know what cob is trying to do. Maybe he doesn’t either, or maybe he does. He is just destroying things and duping a lot of people along the way.

    I had dinner with some non-Scientologists last night and my wife and I tried to explain what we were going through. They thought we were nuts. I was embarrassed to see that I had been duped to that degree. I got a lot out of the philosophy, but at what cost?? My purpose is to now help others from going through what many of us have gone through. Also to see that the tech is delivered in a sane way and at an affordable price.

    Marty is leading the way with this blog and he is deserving of our support.
    I am going to flow him some energy and hope that those of you that are able to will do the same. Sometimes it is lonely at the top. Marty probably won’t like this as he isn’t into asking for help. I don’t agree with the idea that he shouldn’t put it out there that the realities of life require energy. But maybe it isn’t he who should ask but maybe we all could decide on our own to support him from time to time as a show of thanks.

  31. Inurement –
    Inurement/Private Benefit – Charitable Organizations

    A section 501(c)(3) organization must not be organized or operated for the benefit of private interests, such as the creator or the creator’s family, shareholders of the organization, other designated individuals, or persons controlled directly or indirectly by such private interests. No part of the net earnings of a section 501(c)(3) organization may inure to the benefit of any private shareholder or individual. A private shareholder or individual is a person having a personal and private interest in the activities of the organization.
    (From http://www.irs.gov/charities/charitable/article/0,,id=123297,00.html)

    Form to submit complaint:

    Click to access f13909.pdf

  32. John Doe wrote: “Mat called it ‘using a golden crowbar to keep the doors open.’ ”

    Good one. What your fees really buy. The waste in the CoS, in so many ways, is unbelievable.

  33. I agree with you especially your last few statements.

  34. By comparison, at this exact date and time in 2005, Miscavige had what was left of Scn management housed in a leaking, stinking LA slum which he refused to renovate, fed lousy and inaequate food while they were made to work ridiculous hours with no time off, paid just a few dollars a week and provided no health care except government hand outs because they “earned” so little while he had a billion dollars stock piled.

    Spitting mad doesn’t begin to describe it.

  35. I can’t even read the whole thing I’m probably rock slamming right now. Make advanced payments and schedule an arrival date to get trained in Tallahassee or Pheonix or England. It’s that or be led into the abyss by self important cowards like Tom and Dave for the next 1ooo lifetimes.

  36. and the back of the heads of you know who.

  37. This is all outrageous, probably illegal and certainly immoral. Churches and non-profits must be held to a high standard when it comes to handling parishioner’s donations and their leader’s salaries and expenses. Senator Chuck Grassley is in the news regarding his investigation of six Christian churches for such abuses. “A three-year investigation into financial improprieties at six Christian ministries whose television preaching bankrolled leaders’ lavish lifestyles has concluded with the formation of an independent commission to look into the lack of accountability by tax-exempt religious groups.”

    Also of note, it was a group of Christians that asked the senator to investigate these Christian churches: “The inquiry began at the request of evangelical Christians who shared their alarm with Senator Grassley about how the six ministries appeared to be using donations from the faithful to buy airplanes, lavish homes and jewelry, and to run profit-making businesses for leaders and their family members.” (http://www.ecfa.org/HomePage.aspx) One man in particular (Ole Anthony) has been on a 20 year quest to get such financial abuses stopped.

    Televangelist Investigation:

    Scientology, however is NOT being investigated by this commission. Why is that? I believe it’s because too few Scientologists, Independents, Ex-Scientologists, and Anons are filing official complaints. These financial frauds and crimes need to be reported to local, state and federal authorities. Your State Assembly member, Congressman, Senator and the Media needs to be notified.

    Raging on this blog or other online forums will not have the desired effect of putting ethics in to this situation. Anons and Exes have made over two million posts in the last 2-3 years and not ONE single American politician or law enforcement person has acted.

    What positive actions can the members here and elsewhere take? Please suggest/post the concrete steps that one might take to get Radical Scientology to stop its physical, mental and financial abuses?

    I believe the members of this blog are most knowledgeable and qualified to act.

  38. Well that’s a relief! I thought you were serious, too, John. I was going to give you a piece of my mind once I could speak again. Glad to know you’re just a sarcastic smart ass. I really can’t afford to give away to many more pieces of mind at this point, anyway.

  39. martyrathbun09

    I can’t tell you how much it means to me to hear you weighing in on this day Haydn. You Cockney Sumbitch. I’m sorry, Welch:

  40. martyrathbun09

    Dude, you have flowed me much more energy that I was ever entitiled to. For you and Marie-Joe:

  41. martyrathbun09

    Priscilla, Thanks for showing up and pitching in. Your mama didn’t raise no fool.

  42. martyrathbun09

    You are right on Sam!

  43. martyrathbun09


  44. martyrathbun09

    Hey Frankie.

  45. martyrathbun09

    Good obs, as per usual WE.

  46. martyrathbun09

    Hey Hillary, thanks for your several rays.

  47. martyrathbun09

    Wouldn’t, and didn’t, happen. THanks for illustrating the point.

  48. Unfortunately Sam.

    OSA now is a co-conspirator of what has become the criminal conspiracy known as the “Sea Org”.

    You see the fact that OSA’s progenitor the GO was “autonomous” was one of Miscavige’s biggest complaints.

    Now that its part of “the family” in the Mafia criminal sense.

    It really has no power to counter the titular Don of Scientology and violate its ormeta.

    Therefore what was once considered the “Guardian” of the Scientology network has been reduced to the “COB”‘s personal enforcers and torpedos.

    He even assigns the duty of consigliere to former DOJ employee Monique Yingling who isn’t even a Scientologist.

    Think about that OSA.

    You are merely a cog in Miscavige’s deus ex machina.

    More crudely you cover his ass.

    Probably why the name ass clowns suits you so well.

    That also goes to all you ex GO out there who have completely defected to the dark side.

    You now support the man who once called you a bunch of criminals while falsely assuming the moral high ground at your expense.

    Have you completely sold out to this fraud?

  49. Watching Eyes

    Good reference. The problem is that the dwarf doesn’t operate on LRH. He operates on whim. I look forward to the day when someone challenges this point in court. The cult needs to have the names LRH, Scientology, Dianetics etc. taken away and be legally enjoined from even mentioning the words. Hey dwarf, don’t think it couldn’t happen.

    def enjoin v. for a court to order that someone either do a specific act, cease a course of conduct, or be prohibited from committing a certain act.

  50. Marty,

    Is it possible that this is what he’s devolved to?

  51. martyrathbun09

    Great to have a hard headed woman in the house:

  52. Worse yet, her statement sounds as though she’s saying, “What a sick operating basis–in the Sea Org we don’t let people come first.” (Which of course, is true.)

  53. Where I work we actually define a “customer” as one who wants to see our company do well also. CofS would fail by this definition.

  54. LOL! Please don’t suggest such a thing! They’ll pick up on it as a great idea!

  55. WE,

    Oh man seeing RTC get a cease and desist from using the trademarks and service marks would be such sweet irony!

    I’d love to see Miscavige trying to explain this development to the assembled faithful koolaidaholics still remaining.

    OTDT we need your help here as Miscavige’s unofficial speech writer.

  56. Sam, to start with I am not at all surprised or shocked by how DM is spending what he considers” his” money after the suckers part with as it is just normal procedure when you are running the successfull con.
    This last part of the policy you quoted “It also applies retro-actively, i.e. using one’s Org connections to obtain special service or material favors for field or friends after departure from Org staff.”
    I find very much open wide to intrepretation of who wants to shoot whom for whatever concocted reason.
    The way it looks to read is what is mine is mine and further more those years you spent on staff at low or no pay are mine also mine as far as any comm lines you may have developed while on post.
    Here we go again with the “if they want to quit let them fast” statement contradicted by painting a bullseye on their back as they leave.
    These are the type of contradictions I keep running into on the admin side that conflict with the phillisophy and tech part of Scientology for me.
    The best I can make of it is he (LRH) did not get a chance to reconsider these things with all the occurence of all the horrendous events from 1977 FBI raid till his death at Creston Ranch.

  57. In fact, is this a correct assessment of TC’s attitudes and attributions concerning his relationships and responsibilities? UUHHGGGG!

  58. A complete waste of parishioner’s good money. A sliver bus for Tom Cruise from DM does not a clear world make.

    Or the time that Debbie Cook {former Captain FSO} bought herself a new $50,000.00 car with money forced out of a Sea Org member named Maria Pia Gardini who at this moment is being sued in Italy by C of S for $10,000,000.00 for libel and slander.

    Great gift DM. Don’t forget to spend the rest of your money on legal fees justifying your actions.

  59. Churches are not supposed to be in the business of making money, they are supposed to be in the business of salvaging people’s souls. You don’t salvage someone’s soul by offering them a Hollywood studio tour bus custom made.

  60. Can’t this be sent all over the internet under the name Tom Cruise or something so that even Tom Cruise sees it before production?!!!
    Use search engines labled Tom Cruise or something? It doesn’t have to be labled Scientology or anything wrong – just celebrity Tom Cruise news!
    The way I found the clam bake site was by accident- I had never gone to the internet about Scientology- but AOL said Tom Cruise was one of the most popular looks on the internet so I clicked on it and it went to OCMB!!!!
    You can imagine my suprise after nearly 30 years in Scientology! I was disaffected already but didn’t know it wasn’t just MY PROBLEM yet! As a result I called Chuck Beatty and got a full repay of all monies on account — A very Large Sum!!

  61. Marty, could you provide some info about Ron journal 38 Today and Tomorrow, the proof. ?

    I learned english listening to Rons tapes and whoever is that guy in that tape surely like hell is not Ron Hubbard.

    I read somewhere in the net (exscnforum?) about one guy who knew the actor who did the tape.

    What is the scoop in this tape and the whole rationale 9or irrationale) to do this fakery?

    Thanks in advance.

  62. To play Devil’s Advocate on behalf of Tom and Dave, I think DM and his legal counsel would employ the following reasoning to combat the argument against inurement (IF they could be forced to deal with this and I’m not sure they will be). The staff is not really paid below minimum wage. That is a fallacy. They are compensated in expensive training and auditing that is worth more than a corporate executive. Now….they could even concoct “salary vouchers” if forced but they would want to avoid this for IRS purposes. So, they could argue that the slaves that worked for TC’s bus were really, in fact, high paid. I”m sure the people in the hole would be willing to sign affidavits confirming that they are well paid and well taken care of. As far as TC getting a “free” deluxe bus, they could argue that TC brings in far more in donations and new people than the CofS gives him. It might even be true. In other words, lawyer gobbledegook. IRS will let this alone due to their own skeletons in the closet unless political pressure forces them to act. Only then would the CofS possibly try to make such arguments. I hope I’ve overlooked something here so please comment if I have.
    Last report I recall from Marty on this blog was that DM’s or OSAs recent efforts have been very lame. I think he has some personal problems right now that will let a lot of his old behavior patterns slide.

  63. I just wanted to expand on something you said here. Allow me to quote you:

    “I had dinner with some non-Scientologists last night and my wife and I tried to explain what we were going through. They thought we were nuts.”

    That I believe. And I don’t believe that because I think you are nuts, I believe that because I know from experience that people that are not familiar with Scientology yet, do not want to hear that their only chance out of the trap has already been jeopardized by a reckless drunk named David Miscavige.

    I never bring it up to people unless they themselves ask specifically ask and they usually do not.

  64. I found about it here I remember now ;


    Marty and Mike, could you guys please make an article dedicated to this tapes? RJ 38 and RJ 39?

    It is important as this tapes are the only reference claimed where Ron gives autority to RTC can you guys provide some clarity about this tapes?

    Are they recorded by L Ron Hubbard or is an actor?

    Thanks in advance.

  65. Yeah, like Lilly Tomlin’s old gag about Ma Bell: “We Don’t Care. We Don’t Have To. We’re The Cult of Radical Scientology.”

  66. The movie Battlefield Earth…LOL.

  67. Hi;

    I’ve decided to fill in the forms and register a complaint.

    To be professional about it, I’d like to give exact time place form and event on the incidents, so if there is a data base somewhere where affidavits and first hand accounts are stored, please let me know at my email address above.

    If many persons do it, we can cover all the angles and incidents some of us may miss. Who knows, maybe that one that you send may be the one that sparks an interest by a responsible authority, and who knows what that resultant spark may accomplish.

  68. Scott Campbell

    I loved that answer Marty. You got a wicked sense of humor, man.

  69. Priscilla Smith

    Good points, but I think it’s going to take someone(s) with first-hand observation and preferably documentary evidence to really do damage. Otherwise, the church can (and will) just deny everything. The church also has a track record of destroying documentary evidence, e.g. the Lisa McPherson case. I only know what I’ve read on the blogs such as this one, and though I tend to believe them, my knowledge is just “hearsay”. The church has financial records, but supposedly Tom Cruise spent his own money on the materials. Slave labor was supplied by RTC, but there are probably no paper/electronic records of this, partly because slave laborers are not paid for their overtime. Documents such as this dispatch from the “Dir Vehicles RTC” to “COB” are good as evidence, assuming we can get the original.

  70. Here is the actual form referred to above. The form has blank lines where you can insert the data.

    Note page 2, item 6, paragraph 2, regarding complaints against a ‘church’. That may need some explanation from some of you who have knowledge in that area.

    Form 13909 (August 2007)
    Department of the Treasury — Internal Revenue Service
    Tax-Exempt Organization Complaint (Referral) Form

    Street Address: City/State/Zip Code: Date of Referral:


    3. NATURE OF VIOLATION: Directors/officers/persons are using income/assets for

    personal gain

    Organization is engaged in commercial, for-profit business activities

    Income/assets are being used to support illegal or terrorist activities

    Organization is involved in a political campaign

    Organization is engaged in excessive lobbying activities

    Organization refused to disclose or provide a copy of Form 990

    Organization failed to report employment, income, or excise tax liability properly

    Organization failed to file required federal tax returns and forms

    Organization engaged in deceptive or improper fundraising practices
    Other (describe):

    4. DETAILS OF VIOLATION: Name(s) of Person(s) Involved: Organizational Title(s): Date(s): Dollar Amount(s) (if known): Description of activities:

    5. SUBMITTER INFORMATION: Name: Occupation or Business: Street Address: City/State/Zip Code: Telephone: I am concerned that I might face retaliation or retribution if my identity is disclosed.

    6. SUBMISSION AND DOCUMENTATION: The completed form, along with any supporting documentation, may be mailed to IRS EO Classification, Mail Code 4910DAL, 1100 Commerce Street Dallas, TX 75242-1198, faxed to 214-413-5415 or emailed to eoclass@irs.gov. Catalog Number 50614A http://www.irs.gov Form 13909 (08-2007)

    Page 2 of 2

    General Information
    The information provided on this form will help the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) determine if there has been a violation of federal tax law. Submission of this form is voluntary.
    Upon receipt of this form, the IRS will send you a letter acknowledging receipt of the information you submitted. If at a later date you wish to submit additional information regarding the organization, please attach a copy of the form initially submitted, and send it to the address shown above.
    Specific Instructions
    ORGANIZATION NAME AND ADDRESS: Provide the current name and address of the organization. If the organization has used prior or multiple name(s) or address(es), also provide that information.
    EMPLOYER IDENTIFICATION NUMBER: Provide the organization’s employer identification number (EIN). The EIN is a nine-digit number, issued by the IRS, that the organization uses for tax purposes (like a Social Security Number (SSN) for an individual). If the EIN is unavailable, include a state nonprofit corporation registration number, if available.
    NATURE OF VIOLATION: Mark the description that describes the organization’s alleged violation. More than one line may apply. If none of the descriptions appear to apply, briefly state the issue on the Other line.
    DETAILS OF THE VIOLATION: Provide specific details of the alleged violation including names, actions, places, amounts, dates, and the nature of any evidence or documentation (who, what, where, when, how). Include the names of other organizations, entities, or persons that may be involved with the organization, providing EINs or SSNs, if available.
    YOUR INFORMATION: Provide your name, address, and business or occupation. Include your daytime telephone number, in case we wish to contact you. The acknowledgement letter will be sent to the address you provide.
    If you are concerned that you may face retribution if your identity is disclosed, check the appropriate box. You may enter “Anonymous” for Submitter’s Name if you do not want to be identified.
    SUBMISSION AND DOCUMENTATION: Mail the completed form, including any supporting documentation that you would like for us to review, to the address provided on the form. You may also fax or email the completed form and any supporting documentation to the fax number and email address provided on the form. Include a cover letter describing the documentation or evidence you are providing. If you have already received an acknowledgment letter, include a copy of that letter. If possible, please try to submit all documentation at the same time.
    If your referral relates to a church please be aware that Congress has imposed special limitations, found in IRC section 7611, on how and when the IRS may conduct civil tax inquiries and examinations of churches. You can find out more about these special limitations in Pub. 1828, Tax Guide for Churches and Religious Organizations, in the section on Special Rules Limiting IRS Authority to Audit a Church.
    CLAIM FOR REWARD: To claim a reward for providing this information to the IRS, file Form 211, Application for Reward for Original Information.
    NOTE: Federal law prohibits the IRS from providing you with status updates or information about specific actions taken in response to the information you submit.
    Catalog Number 50614A
    Form 13909 (08-2007)

  71. Scott Campbell

    Don’t be so self-deprecating, Marty. You do so much, and it’s always exchange in abundance.

    Many of us are still in the “Deliver an effective blow” and “Make up the damage ” phases of our Liability Formulas. Please let us have that and decide what you or anyone else is “entitled to”.

    Much love to you and Mosey, Brother.

  72. Jim Bakker went to prison for this kind of thing and I believe will too Miscavige once he is investigated.
    ” In their success, the Bakkers took conspicuous consumption to an unusual level for a non-profit organization. According to Frances FitzGerald in an April 1987 New Yorker article, “They epitomized the excesses of the 1980s; the greed, the love of glitz, and the shamelessness; which in their case was so pure as to almost amount to a kind of innocence”.


  73. Jim Bakker went to prison for this kind of thing and I believe Miscavige will too , once he is investigated.
    ” In their success, the Bakkers took conspicuous consumption to an unusual level for a non-profit organization. According to Frances FitzGerald in an April 1987 New Yorker article, “They epitomized the excesses of the 1980s; the greed, the love of glitz, and the shamelessness; which in their case was so pure as to almost amount to a kind of innocence”.


  74. T Paine,
    Yes, what you said. That’s it. That’s what I want to say about this, this…
    ridiculous little man.

  75. Tony DePhillips

    Marie-Joe and I send this to you as an ack to the great white whale.

  76. That’s because Chuck Grassley is on the same plane as Riverside Supervisor Jeff Stone. Don’t kid yourself.

  77. News Flash of the Century! Near the end of 60 Minutes tonight a considerable sum of parishioner donations was spent to air a Scientology ad. Instead of the endless stream of Big Pharma ads they aired a Big Scientology ad. Unfortunately for the church it was essentially the same ad that Mike reported on last month with some voice over changes. In other words, the viewers had an extremely negative reaction when the word “Scientology” came on the screen, about the same as if a similar PR ad had been aired by Al Qaeda or Halliburton. It boggles the mind that DM would pay good money to air nationally an ad that got such a horrendous reaction during focus group testing. The man is never anything but RIGHT.

  78. Watching Eyes

    I am going to flow him some energy…..
    Tony, is “energy” a Sea Org term? Seriously. I’d never heard the word used in the context of meaning money until Carol gave me the 411. I had such an MU on “energy” used in this text that when I was typing this comment I even wrote your name as Scott. Nothing like going blank! Carol asked me what I was typing and when I read my comment to her she said, “Scott”? I said, yeh, Scott. We had a good laugh and I corrected your name to………..Tony!
    I figure if I’ve got the MU chances are that others do too.
    new def: Energy = Money. 🙂

  79. Watching Eyes

    Good choice. I’ve always liked his music.

  80. Tony DePhillips

    Thanks Raul.
    I usually don’t. These are some old friends and I was “experimenting” telling them the details to explain to them why I had been so out of comm with them for years.
    My policy now is tell on a need to know basis. 🙂
    They think we are nuts but they still like us a lot and wnat to spend more time with us which is cool. Most people who haven’t experienced the wins of Scn cannot understand the devotion people put into it.

  81. Tony DePhillips

    More Tom Jones for Haydn. 🙂
    I saw Haydn dance like this at the New Years Eve Party.

  82. Tony DePhillips

    Flowing someone energy sounds a lot better than flowing them money doesn’t it? Sorry for the MU.

  83. You have my support Tony on that! 🙂

  84. Journey Continued

    Although I think it is probably worthwhile pursuing, even if only to put a little more pressure on the rod man, I don’t think that it will wash legally.

    SO members are part of a fraternal organisation. Their “labour” is given freely and not for financial benefit. All they would have to say is that they did the work because they wanted to and not because it was part of their normal duties. The “Church” could argue that they did not use any of their employees to work on these projects. The SO as a fraternal organisation wanted to give the Cruise a present and everyone who worked on it did so voluntarily.

  85. metaqual,

    It would be hard to argue that these executives were being compensated in services for which they receive “no tangible benefit” from.

    That is if the IRS cared which I doubt.

    Basically the USG has Scientology right were they want it.

    Just another ineffective cult to lure the unsuspecting public into a state of introversion like the New Age in general.

    Why mess with a good thing?

    Though I’d suggest that he may have a little trouble in civil court trying to explain his actions however maybe not that much if the Headly case is any harbinger of the future.

    Sorry I tend to be cynical of these various efforts to turn the Church over to the forces of “Law and Order”.

    The only thing I see that will be effective will be the Scientology publics rejection of the Government Approved and Certified Squirrel Group.

  86. Tony, you are such a courageous guy. I think it’s brilliant that you told your non-Scn friends about what’s really happening. I’m sure they would have had to readjust their thinking to allow for the fact that two such terrific and accomplished people could have been in the CoS. And you’ve made a real investment in those relationships by letting your friends see a little of the truth of your lives, even if it was somewhat embarrassing. True friends know the chinks in our armour and love us anyway.

  87. Barney Rubble

    I’ve always loved Led Zep, esp Jimmy Page. Thanks for posting these youtube video’s as you have for awhile.

  88. Yuk, is all I can say. Excellent observation that this was the same time Tom went off the rails – June 2005. Tom PTS to Mr. David Miscavige – look what happened as a result?

  89. RJ,
    There is much I would like to know about how DM and unknown (to me) accomplices managed to engineer such a coup 30 years ago – push aside so many senior Scientologists. First he pummeled the GO, then bit-by-bit he stripped the other SO units. I still wonder how on earth he managed to persuade Mary Sue to literally give up her post and position. So many things you’ve said tell me you have a lot of knowledge, though I don’t know who you are.

    I believe you are quite right about DM’s hating the autonomy of the GO, though there were reasons LRH set things up that way in the beginning. You are also quite right in your description about the way things went down – the thuggish confrontations one Monday morning.

    I do think there must be many ex GO out there who read this blog and are glad to see it. Many are probably hoping truth will at last come out, knowing that Marty and the many who tell there stories have proven that DM’s SOP is to blame, blame, blame someone else, exaggerate, twist and lie, punish, abuse, threaten, betray. The fact that Heber, whom many of us loved and laughed with, would be ridiculed, imprisoned, humiliated, and beaten is reason alone to take a long hard look deep into David Miscavige’s eyes to see WHO and WHAT he really is.

    I hope that if any ex GO and/or OSA are entangled in DM’s web, unable to do anything to remove him from his position, that at least they will NOT HELP him and find ways to step aside and let others expose the truth. You will be HELPING SCIENTOLOGY.

    We may have a prayer of salvaging the subject, thanks to people like Marty and others who have provided a means for TRANSPARENCY and TRUTH.

    Thanks RJ, too, for your outspoken commentary.


  90. I’d pay good money to see that. 🙂

  91. Oh Sam, don’t be silly. “That’s “robotic”. LRH wrote that for an incident at the time of the issue. It doesn’t apply all of the time.” I heard DM tell WDC FSO Sue Price that exact sentence in 1993, then last week I read where Mark Pisani told the same to someone who posted. This is what S.O. staff are trained on now, to not be “robotic”.

    ML Tom

  92. This is enormously important. Thanks for the info, AO.

  93. Tony DePhillips

    That was funny TEG.

  94. Savage MissCabbage is the one who actually is worker oriented – however, he’s the only “worker” in his own world.

    HCO PL Good Versus Bad Management 10 Nov 66: The essence of good management is CARING what goes on. The worker-oriented fellow cares for the worker but not for the organization. The entire PL should be read for the full concept of what LRH wants to express.

    The bus company obviously made a mistake of playing along with RTC demands, as did any printing company (as Jeff pointed out), as did any lawyer working for the “church”. The “org” didn’t care one way or the other what happened to them after they did whatever unusual the “org” wanted them to do. The “org” just moved on and repeated their “make it go right” with the next company (no need to vomit more onto the waste, fraud etc. TC and DM are involved in … oops, just did).

  95. Chuck~~

    Norman Starkey, former Executor of LRH’s estate, early Apollo crew has been reduced to a shell of a human being.

    Did you not see him on CNN ?
    He was virtually having an epileptic seizure “Marty attacks my Boss” ”
    MY BOSS”.

    It was reported on Steve Hall’s site that David Miscavige suddenly and without provocation punched Norman Starkey, setting off Norman’s hearing aids.

    Starkey, a mere punching bag for DM like Marc Yager.


  96. Bobo ~~

    Just so you know OSA submit FOIA requests (Freedom of Information ACT requests so they can receive Government files of on them.

    These are usually quite redacted and take months and months to receive and it is possibly your name will not show.

    Email me for who to specifically report to within the IRS.


  97. Come on Dano,

    We know that Davy knows without question that he’s absolutely right and that every one else is wrong.

    Including the Ol’man himself.

    One HCOB that I think is worth cross posting is the following which in my opinion is exactly what is happening:

    Begin Fair Use:

    Saint Hill Manor, East Grinstead, Sussex
    Class VIII
    All Orgs
    After Standard Tech is out for just so long in an org, Scientology ceases to have any meaning.
    Squirrel processes and repairs wind the staff up in a ball, enturbulate the field and cause a general lethargy and trouble.
    Ethics then goes in hard or it all goes up in smoke.
    There is only one Standard Tech! It contains only a few dozen processes and
    actions. It was not complete before 1966. Students study mainly the Research Line.
    Standard Tech consists of the exact grade processes and Case Repair.
    Some still look for magic buttons that resolve a case all at once. Some can’t
    duplicate what they read and hear.
    They need the broad body of knowledge.
    BUT the actual application of Dian & Scn today contains only a few dozen
    STANDARD INVARIABLE SIMPLE actions and processes.
    When these are not used, when opinion enters, it’s all gone.
    No matter how bright, the other processes and new inventions of someone else (a) work only on a few and (b) are efforts to solve one’s own case by auditing others.
    To let Standard Tech go out is an act of Treason as Scientology then loses all
    meaning in an org.
    This is why I am teaching a Class VIII Course.
    Copyright © 1968
    by L. Ron Hubbard

  98. “I don’t care how much I pay.”

  99. Tony,

    Here’s another not so well known instance of rush,rush,rush that I believe signalled the beginning of all the re-release fever.

    I don’t remember the year but it was in the early part of the 2000’s. Debbie Cook was Capt FSO at the time. All the regges were gathered together and “briefed” (but kept in the dark until later) about an urgent target that had to be met immediately. This was the release of the PDC on “Gold” (gold colored) CD’s. This was the first of the CD releases of lectures if I remember correctly.

    For the first time ever we worked literally around the clock to sell them. It was urgent, had to be done like right now now now. There was a “limited edition” of 1,000 sets of these lectures. We actually ran shifts (not 8 hour or 12 hour shifts mind you) around the clock. Working as late as possible at night (maybe 2-3 am) and then the next shift would come in to call Europe (this shift consisted mostly of staff who spoke other languages so they could call other countries). As I recall, this target was given to all org staff (or at least the US) and we were constantly updated on how many sets were left until finally, in literally a few days, they were all sold.

    We later found out this money, which we were told was for a VITAL project that could not be revealed to us at the time (secrecy again?) was used to establish the CD production line at GOLD. The equipment was VERY expensive. The sale of these lectures (1,000 sets at $ 2,750.00 each) brought in $ 2,750,000 which was used to buy/pay for this equipment. Couldn’t we have done this without ripping apart org schedules and still have done it? I guess we all would have had that same thought had we known at the time what it was for. Instead it was some kind of “screaming emergency” that was so important we couldn’t be told what it was. I guess we all just dubbed-in that some enemy was about to pounce and we had days to avert the destruction of the Church by doing this. At least that’s how it came across to me. This is how you get normal people to do crazy things. Give them the idea that there is some great purpose which will be revealed to you in the future, align it with their own purpose to “make a difference” and you have the formula. This is the basis for all suchChurch activities to this day. It’s also how Hitler all but exterminated the Jews. I hate to make this comparison, as I might offend some Nazi’s who don’t want to be positioned with the Radical Church of Scientology.


  100. victor,
    Go to savescientology.com and read the actual legal documents that are the ‘authority’ for RTC.

  101. Hy,
    You’ve nailed it.

  102. I agree with both you and Journey Continued. Institutions throughout history have a tendency if not outright agenda to fail Mankind’s needs. What we essentially have in institutions is a system that is worked or exploited by downstats. LRH took a great interest in Communism because they had incredible stats during the 60’s and 70’s with new cells opening up and countries being influenced and taken over. The Sea Org has a lot of communism in it itself. The problem with those stats, however, is that they were manipulated. They were actual stats but the circumstances were manipulated. For example, if I have enough money, I can manipulate any stock or commodity on the market. I can also hire people to create cells land intrigue and topple governments. I think it is better to invest in people, starting with yourself (Dynamic #1).

  103. Too late. The Stockholm org did a fundraiser to buy a bus. This was one of the last events I visited, I think around -98.

  104. Super well said.

  105. RJ — This is a DEMONSTRABLE HCOB. Thanks for posting! H

  106. I was for long frustrated about me not being a US citizen (couldn’t influence the US authorities, I thought) but then I contacted the swedish police and later the Californian police. I did this. If I can do it, so can you americans with a better result I am sure..

    The Scn justice is long gone. Use the justice you have access to as US citizens.

  107. Watching Eyes

    Personally, I’m okay with saying you’re giving money, flowing money, etc. I mean, it is what it is and………it’s okay.
    The whole thing was actually pretty funny; classic MU phenomena. I went totally blank. Carol & I had a good laugh.

  108. Tom,
    My mistake!
    I guess I was “using poliy to stop” again.
    Must remember that “purpose is senior to policy”
    My bad

  109. John, I think Charles Dickens wrote about Yvonne’s view of labor a while back.

  110. Hillary, I totally agree with you. This just isn’t limited to CoS but applies in every sphere of life. If someone can see what you’re doing, then you tend to keep your ethics in.

    I asked not long ago to look at the finances of the IAS. Of course I knew there was no chance of that happening, but the terminal I asked was taken aback. It was as if I were betraying Scientology by asking to see where all that money goes.

    Well, that’s the idea that’s wrong! It is betraying Scientology to NOT ask.

    As for the substance of this blog entry, I worked uplines on several projects and saw the money being pissed away firsthand. As a (non-SO) Scientologist, I was expected to take it on the chin when DM failed to approve (he invariably failed to approve, by the way) a project and either not be paid or accept partial payment. The non-Scientologist pros I worked alongside, however, were paid in full despite the ranting of Int execs about “Overt Products”, parroting you-know-who.

    The outrageous TMs, plucked out of the air only to Key-In, Enturbulate and generally make people weak and out-ruds enough to accept implants, were SOP.

    It was an INSANE environment. The funny part is I thought it was just me who thought this and therefore there had to be something wrong with me.

  111. Thank you bobo for taking the initiative. That’s what I was hoping several people would do.
    I have considerable information about Int Base and their avoidance of Riverside County property taxes, if anybody needs it. I purchased from the County all records regarding property taxes for the last three years.
    I also have their Federal tax returns. In 2008 the Church of Scientology International (CSI) claims an income of only $53,979, with losses of $157,151. This was signed by Ellen Reynolds on Nov 15, 2009.

  112. Everyone’s in Lower Conditions around DM, no? Everyone underneath him is an incompetent, Counter-Intentioned muthafucken SP.

    He’s the only Cowboy left in a world full of Indians.

    Classic SP think.

    As for Tommy (Davis), he’s so PTS he’d do anything to earn the slightest reprieve from his little Napoleon.

    ps – Please note how Yvonne 3rd Parties Michael Doven to Miscavige. This is how to survive in that world. Sell out everyone else.

    It really is reactive; Lord of the Flies shit.

  113. 1) Mr. Cruise should have made enough cash to buy and possess everything he desires.
    2) From 1986 to 2001 I have not heard even ONE word from INT MGMT, that TC has done any relevant dissem action. Suddenly in 2005 the usual freedom medal was not good enough. For him there was made up the Freedom medal for VALOR. (Not good enough??)
    3) I really want to know how much publics walked through ORG entrance doors because of his actions?!!!
    4) How much publics became budhists because Richard Geere is a budhist?
    Gere even protested in public against the chinese occupation of tibet and discrimination of the budhist religion. Did he get gifts from the Dalai Lama?
    I am sure he would not even accept one penny…Cruise shall go to hell.

  114. No it’s an old def.

  115. Hy, you more readily accept the implant when you’re overwhelmed. Artificial creation of Out-Ruds is what Miscavige has mastered. That can be sleep/food or it can be ethics.

  116. I will jim.

    Still, that guy is NOT LRH.

    I still want to know about it.

    whyweprotest has a topic with a link to a audiofile where that tape can be listened.
    I never had, only read about it, listening that person was hilarious.

    I am hispanic. I have listened almost 600 tapes from Ron, that was how i learn to speak englsih.

    The person in those tapes is NOT L Ron Hubbard.

  117. Dear AnonOrange,
    Very good point regarding filing reports with local, state and federal government. From my experience these agencies are VERY interested in getting the reports and following up on them and feel a bit fustrated regarding the lack of reports.

    Scientologists are told over and over that government and media personnel are bad and evil people so they don’t turn to the very people who can help them put in ethics on the criminal activity within Scientology.

    I was really surprised to find how caring and intelligent these people really are. Once again I had to throw out more false information fed to me through the cult.

    I encourage people to document the criminal activities you know of (specifics) and make these available to your local, state and government officals. Given the goods they will act.

  118. Sidewinder,
    I’d like to know how many people DIDN’T walk though the org entrance doors because of Tom Cruise.
    I’ve been mixing with quite number of ‘wogs’ of late (since leaving the brainwash bubble of the exclusive Scientology clique) and I’ve found myself consistently questioned as regards to his bizarre behavior and rudeness…
    Thinking on… perhaps we all owe him a big debt of gratitude after all – just think of all the people he saved from reverse Scientology!
    Give that man a medal! Twice!
    Oh yeah! Go Tom Cruise!

  119. Sure you can Lunamoth, don’t deny us the enjoyment.

  120. Oldfox
    I get what you are saying about the seeming contraditions.
    Being trained more on the admin side I have just as deep a love of LRH’s 3rd Dynamic Technology as that of the 1D technology.
    I have found that it works 100% to the betterment of a group if used STANDARDLY and for the purposes it was intended and isn’t squirrelled or verbally explained or interpreted.
    In the hands of an SP the admin tech is every bit as dangerous and damaging as any other Scientology technology for the simple reason that it is powerful and can be used just as easily in reverse to harm.
    Green on white doesn’t need to be improved or changed. It works; In the same way that Red on white doesn’t need to be changed. Both just need to be used intellegently and constructively for good rather than evil.

  121. Priceless!

  122. Tony DePhillips

    Thanks Hy!

    Ok boys and girls, here are some more Tales from the Crypt from Hy:

    This is only a small taste of what it was like. I could, and will, say a lot more. Here’s just another small example of how much control was run on us:

    It was well known that staff were not to smoke in any public areas (even during meals) as it was considered
    out-PR. I often did anyway, as you know, as I had a porch outside and could get away with it (except security
    would often come by later, aftefr the public had left, and berate me for smoking on my porch).

    So, when things were really strict we went to the “loading dock” at the back of the Sand Castle. It was behind
    a fence that was also covered with boards so we couldn’t be seen by any public. During lunch or dinner, a number of staff would go there to smoke. It was sort of accepted as the one place we could do this.

    One day we got there and a sign had been posted “NO SMOKING” by security. We were a bit incensed by this as it was clearly just someone’s idea of controlling us even more. There was no valid reason for this except to just stop us from any activity that we enjoyed. There was no out-PR, no violation of any rules (of which there were many), so we just tore it down and laughed and kept smoking. It was just for the purpose of “controlling bodies” and we know where that is on the tone scale. It may not sound like much, but when it was the only freedom left to us it had a significance that words cannot easily convey. We were constantly finding ways to “get around” the restrictions imposed on us 24/7 so we could feel some amount of individual freedom of choice.

    As another example, around 1990, before the Sand Castle renovations, there was a little round structure at the top of the hill that used to be an office when the Sand Castle was a hotel. It had been turned into a canteen and had snacks and coffee there.

    It was a long standing routine, that on the way to post in the morning we would stop there to get coffee on the way to post. It took about a minute to do this. One morining we arrived there as usual and found a CMO messenger waiting there who told us this was not OK and we needed to just go to post. He was not very nice about this and acted as if we were all slack and very out-ethics. We had no choice so we left. One staff member who was there at the time said to me as we left “A new overt is born.” That is exactly what it was. Something which had been normal for years now all of a sudden was “out-ethics”. The number of things that “used to be OK” kept being added to the list of out-ethics activities as the years went by.

    I’ll give you another example of not allowing criticism of any kind.

    If you remember the layout of my office, it had one door on the right (while facing outward from the office) and had 2 desks, one on the right side (mine) and one on the left side. The original plan was to have 2 reges in each office. As soon as we moved in, I saw the problem. The guest chair was placed to align with the LRH references on where the reg should be relative to his desk and the public (there is a very exact reference on this). I saw that if 2 reges occuppied the same office, every time the other reg and/or a public of his came in to the office, they had to interrupt the reg interview already in progress by the reg on the right (me) by walking right between the reg and his prospect to his desk. It was horrible. I protested it and demanded to have my own office with no other reg in it to avoid this problem. I got my way for a long time as what I said made sense to most people who know anything about regging.

    I was then visited by an int exec who apparently knew nothing about regging. She wanted to know why no reg was sitting at the other desk. I explained it. She pointed out that in fact it was better this way as the other reg prospect (when 2 reges each had a public in the office at the same time) could be affected in a positive way by the other reg cycle going on. Like they could “feed each other”. This was insane, as anyone who has done any regging knows that public who are being regged most of the time are there to handle some problem and want to discuss it in private with their reg. Sometimes (not even a rare occurrence) they would cry at some point during the interview (they are often discussing their ruin). So try to imagine doing this with 2 other people sitting next to you having their own reg interview in a small office. Impossible. But this exec “knew best” and explained to me how this was a benefit. NUTS!! I couldn’t and didn’t argue with her at the time.

    Some short time after this, I again complained about the design of the office and I was told that COB either designed them or approved the designs. I don’t know if this was true or not but that is what I was told. After that there was no further discussion about the office layout. I simply tried to avoid the problem when I could and suffered through it when I had no choice. You didn’t dream of saying something was done wrong if COB had anything to do with it. Even if it was demonstrably true.

    OK, that’s all for now.


  123. Tony DePhillips

    Is this the real Tom??

  124. Tony DePhillips

    Maybe dm was the consultant on this film. He and tom 2wc it to discuss their favorite techniques:

  125. It’s interesting how Der Leader turns individuals into criminals using out exchange. If you examine the comm cycle and the two-way comm cycle, you’ve got cause distance effect with something riding across the line from point of origin to point of receipt. You have a give and take. All this originally occurred without bodies and moral codes.

    That give and take creates/maintains balance.

    Native State is pretty balanced. The further we fall away from Native State, the more imbalances occur.

    When you sink below curious and desire on the CDEI scale you seriously get into out exchange.

    A key factor of criminality is out exchange. When you convince another or others to commit acts which create a condition of pronounced out exchange, you turn him or them to that degree into criminals.

    Thetans basically know when their integrity and ethics are being violated.

    Of course, all of this gets very complicated as flows interact and alter and significances are added, altered, not-ised, etc. over and over and over. Throw in viewpoints and all the rest of the factors, mix on high for trillions of years, bake at millions of degrees centigrade for one hour on the theta-infinity scale until you stick a knife in and nothing is identifiable.


    That’s the simplicity.

    You can add marina for a bit more flavor.


  126. All this pro and con – on legal grounds – is actually quite interesting. However, irregardless of any legal validity: DM knows its wrong (illegal, immoral) as he’s hiding it from broad Scientology and the public at large. And so does TC.

    Anyone can make a gift to anybody and people – giver and receiver – usually are quite proud of particularly nice (and often expensive) gifts and even want others to know about them. Provided, that is, it was a genuine gift.

    If you give or receive but don’t want others to know about you have an intention connected with it you don’t want others to know about.

    At least that’s how I read the tone scale, around 1.1 that is.

  127. I would love to hear the church present an argument that the slaves had been paid in expensive auditing and training. That would be the basis of overturning all freeloader debts paid or unpaid.

  128. What Tom Cruise has to cover-up and not look at every single day is the fact that he did more to put the final nail in Scn’s coffin in 2005’s SUMMER OF CRAZY than all previous outside attacks on the church combined, world-wide.

  129. It’s good that DM built him a bus because it’s probably the closest he’ll get to an actual silver screen for a long time.

  130. The leaks are pouring in…


    Office of COB
    To: Dir Vehicles

    Re: Silver Screen

    I want a progress report immediately on the status of the items I added to my Silver Screen spec wish-list:

    1. Steering wheel horn button with hand-painted enamel portrait of Tom and me in the cowboy suits.
    2. Solid gold musical toilet seat that plays random soundtracks from Tom’s movies when you sit on it. (with high-gauge grounding rod ass-plate)
    3. Rubber blow-up punching dummy of Heber for the gameroom.
    4. That special Nascar racing bed I had made for him.
    5. That Oprah couch with Tom’s footprints on it. (Put Tommy D on it)
    6. Those height-enhancing convex floor length mirrors I showed you.
    7. Four of those throw rugs with LRH’s face woven into the center.
    8. Larger and more glitzy frame for mounting the Mary Sue resignation letter hologram.
    9. Permanently calibrated ‘Easy-Swing’ platinum E-meter with embossed TC logo and optional grounding rod attachments installed in the Mission Earth Impossible bathroom.
    10. Easily accessible emergency grounding rod jacks in every room.
    11. Soundproof ‘SP Hole’ room for employee ethics handlings.
    12. The digital windows I spoke about that double as 3-D picture displays for the voice-activated ‘Tom and Dave On-Demand Photo Gallery’.
    13. Revised driver’s uniform to resemble more like what Tom wore in Valkyrie.
    14. Revised set of those custom faucet handles shaped like Tom’s penis for Katie’s bathroom. (The last ones didn’t feel quite right)
    15. Change of plans on the chair reupholstery, I want to go with the ‘Tom & Dave’s Mobile Clubhouse’ logo. (The dual motorcycle headshot version)
    16. All guest seating lowered three inches closer to the floor.
    17. ‘Endless’ roll of that Mucky Ratburn toilet paper that Tom liked in my bathroom.
    18. Remote controlled dual stealth-ramps for covert motorcycle entrance.
    19. Top Gun fighter jet cockpit bathroom with 3-D flight simulator mockup and intuitive toilet paper dispenser.
    20. Oversized replica of that special version of KSW #1 Tom and I wrote for each other. (in stainless steel and gold)
    21. Six additional holding closets so his compliment of permanent RPFers can remain unseen until needed.
    22. DVD jukebox loaded with his list of favorites, including a copy those secret Travolta home movies I told you about.
    23. Full set of LRH lectures, the special LRH to DM digitally voice-morphed version. (Favored by Tom)
    24. Automatic Tom foot-sensors to extend brake and accelerator pedals in case Tom drives.
    25. Photosynthesis room for the mini-wildflower field Tom likes to walk barefoot on.
    26. Hubble telescope ceiling projection space map that shows those two pink stars I arranged to have named ‘Tom’ and ‘Dave’.
    27. Cancel that order for the solid silver bumper sticker that said, “You don’t know about psychiatry…I do!” Instead, I want to go with, “I do care…so very, very much!” with a tiny little “DM” in the bottom right-hand corner in pink sapphires, all solid gold with small platinum hearts and diamond chips framing it.

    I want a f#$%@ing compliance report on every f$%#ing one of these f#@$!&ing items before anyone gets any f$!&#ing sleep or food or f$@#ing worthless goddamn bathroom breaks or ANYTHING!! And I mean ANYONE! And I mean ANYTHING!!! People can starve to death and shit in their pants, I DON’T CARE! And I want the f$@#ing deadline pushed closer. For your f@#%ing sake you had better already have f$@#%ing moved it closer before you get this f$%#ing order or else I swear I’ll personally tear your f$%#ing arms off, beat you to death with them before I rip your f$@#ing head off and shit down your neck, you worthless bread-gobbling excuse of a turd-eating #$@%…!


  131. Dan,

    Wondering if this ad is a variation of the one on this website and it’s ratings:


    “The man is never anything but RIGHT” is totally correct especially with his unnatural relationship with BFF Tom Cruise, bestowing unusual favors, well documented for the past couple of decades. Am totally amazed that TC has not realized that his career has followed the graph of the ad due to this unnatural closeness with the SP.

  132. Sam, – thanks, I forgot about that one: “Purpose is senior to policy”! I heard that one come out of DMs mouth more than several times.

    How about “Go to cramming and get your MUs cleared up”. That’s a good one too.

    ML Tom

  133. Ah shucks Leonore you’ve got me blushing.

    Much of the information I have is second hand from actual sources and some of it is from my own personal experiences.

    Also I’ve done a lot of research on my own.

    (Not just google Scientology)

    Truth is that I was never a major player like Marty, Mike or many others who post here.

    I just observed from my position as fly on the wall.

    One of the “little people” involved.



  134. Yes, it is!

  135. This is off topic but ‘Who stole Veritas?’ Please just say hey!

  136. That whole reg set up is completely insane! Sounds like another effort on DMs part to sabotage Scientology. You just don’t mess with someone in the middle of an honest reg cycle, it’s suppressive!

  137. WTF! WTF! If this is not just a mockup… so glad Libran left the building in the 1990s and so glad A, M and K gave me a severe reality adjustment – I love the reality I am now adjusted to. Anyone who is raking in lots of money – since it doesn’t grow on trees, has to be squeezing it out of others – maybe small amounts out of lots of people, but sometimes large amounts and usually on some hope of being happy or healthy or enlightened.

  138. I love it !
    Beautiful !


  139. NEWS FLASH!!!!
    Tom Cruise, Katie Holmes boycutting Oscars over Anne Hathaway ‘SNL’ impression?

    Anne Hathaway on ‘SNL’ at 2:22:

    Anne did a great job impersonating the suppressed Katie Holmes!
    Tom Cruise really thinks that Oscars care about him and Katie disconnecting from them? Tom is following his “dear leader’s disconnection policy”.

  140. One of my favorite lines from HCOPL ETHICS is, “It is EXCHANGE which maintains the inflow and outflow that gives a person space around him and keeps the bank off of him.”

    You have reminded me of this connection and now TC’s behavior in 2005 makes total sense to me. It also gave me a better understanding of why the church could fail but the individuals (staff and public) still desire Scientology. It is really all about exchange. The church has none and is criminal exchange. Scientology is condition 4, exchange in abundance. Havingness also falls right along with it.

  141. Tom,
    Let’s just agree that all that stuff LRH wrote is old and not used anymore. After all, that would be…. “The greatest good for the greatest number of dynamics”
    Surely we know better than LRH? Because we’re “really big thetans”
    Ha ha – this is actually blowing charge for me 😉

  142. Nicely said Scott!

  143. OTDT,

    Now THIS was clever and funny on a whole new level!!! I think the only thing missing was the term “c@#%-sucker!”

    Either way, you missed your calling as a comdey writer.

  144. Tony DePhillips


  145. Tony DePhillips

    Boo Hoo. It’s a long hard road out of hell.

  146. Fellow Traveller

    I do like the way you think or at least entertain thoughts there Sam.

    Pan-Determined. I think OSA is using a different definition of Pan however: something about goats and flocks and fornication….

    Bruce Pratt

  147. Just filed a document with the Riverside court house that should make sparks fly. Jus’ sayin. I’ll see Moxon tomorrow morning.

  148. Fellow Traveller

    Referring to RJ referring to himself elsewhere as little people —
    We better wake up and pay attention to the little people…..

    This is wonderfully insightful. Thanks, little person!

    Bruce Pratt

  149. OTDT, Marty, Mike, Jim, Karen, Valkov, Tony, Michael, RJ, Sam, Samuel, IO, Cowboy, Quicksilver, etc., (no one is left out)

    You all realize that you’re bad to the bone……………

    Here’s a theme song for you all. Enjoy!!!

  150. How do I donate to The Church of Scientology’s Tom Cruise Special Gift Fund? I think giving huge amounts of tax exempt gifts to a wealthy movie star is a very important and worthwhile cause. After all, Tom Cruise is the Church Scientology’s Jesus. As such, let him be glorified — but only in a tax exempt way!

    It is my considered opinion that the statcrash in CoS has happened because Tom Cruise has not yet received enough gifts.

    I was disappointed to read that COB did not order Tom Cruise a second custom luxury in case the first one breaks. This CoS policy applies to e-meters and it should apply to luxury coaches and all other gifts to everyone’s special friend “TC.”

    PS: Never speak to TC or look at him. You may only speak to TC if he first speaks to you. Thank you.


  151. I love your work but not your venemous mouthon many occasions . But as a Scientology protester you are one of a kind.

    With regards KKS

  152. Yeah, who needs a freakin’ mind, anyway. : )

  153. Scott Campbell


    There is an LRH ref (Need a little help here, Jim Logan!) where LRH talks about how a thetan mocks up the physical universe by means of electronic flows.

    If someone out there helps me find the ref, it will help illustrate where the “money is energy” thing comes from. Also has to do with our other pending comm cycle.


  154. Scott Campbell

    You right ’bout dat!

  155. Scott Campbell

    I’ve often said that the C of S is probably used as an “Experience Model” by governments.

    What an object lesson in control!

  156. Scott Campbell


  157. Tony DePhillips

  158. Leonore,
    DM was at the right place and the right time. Luck had a lot to do with it. The GO was already in smack-down mode over the trials and MSH was offlines handling her trial and incarceration. Once R was secluded off the lines the actual comm could be controlled. You then had an “apparency” of successful activity to get ethics in with the reports and monies from the finance police, etc.

    I wasn’t in the middle of it, but, once LRH worked through ASI and MSH was off handling her own cycle there was a somewhat disjointed command flow/line or whatever you want to call it. R was still up there above Jane but only via ASI. Once control within the SO of the comm lines and data lines to R was established it was divide and conquer.

    The GO had been external facing so the rest of the SO and those management units didn’t support it and the GO didn’t get involved internally in the SO units. I read (can’t tell you exactly who) that MSH was confronted after surgery and given what was supposedly comm from her husband LRH and only at that point stepped aside. She was enturbulated and lied to about any last word from her husband, Ron.

    Up until then LRH policy was control went to the Controller and then the Guardian. Once MSH was off the lines it was go after Jane and use the trials, raids, etc to force the viewpoint that the whole GO was off source and off policy. A small amount of truth in that statement was stuffed down everyone’s throat.

    Just as the general public heard about Franks, Mayo, etc attempting to take over they also were informed of how bad the GO was they were the who and why of various problems. The situations and problems were real enough but out of context and with “answer hunger” it was a matter of filling the vacuum with what DM wanted.

    Once he had assumed the power he then took out anyone attempting to charge up the hill to handle him with LRH reference in hand – pushing them into the RPF, SP declare or just blast them into submission. Look at how the mission holders were hit, org ED’s, and staff around the world for true and made up things.

    Once the chaos was started it was easy to hide the real intentions and actions in the background. Once the mission all clear was in SO hands and out of the GO, the camel head was under the tent. Whether it was all intended that way or merely taking advantage of the circumstances I have no idea.

    What I do know having seen it in writing was LRH had stated that “the Guardian’s Office has far exceeded the condition of Power.” He went on from there to state “in the future, when more is known, their accomplishments will be legendary.” (that last quote might not be exact but very close to exact).

    I know that the GO was to create a safe space and vacuum into which the SO could expand orgs and Scientology delivery. I also know that the largest missions in the world were under MOWW (Mission Office World Wide) located in St Hill UK and under the Guardian.

    I also know that 3rd party between the SO and the GO brought about the condition of distrust and flared up into what we see today. I think about the LRH tape on A talk to St Hill Ethics Officers or something like that where he says the Ethics Officer should always be thinking of a situation and where his attention has been diverted FROM and onto the apparent sit. That is what I think happened with the GO takeover.

    We didn’t see what attention was diverted FROM. LRH in the data series refers to a right Why and taking out the real Who and stats boom up. I don’t see that Scientology worldwide has leaped forward into Affluence and Power so it is obviously not a right why nor a real who.

    I would expect that we will never know the full and true story. Many of those in the know are either dead, thoroughly disaffected and have nothing to do with Scientology, still introverted in what the f… just happened to me or have drank so much kool-aide they really believe the altered story and have traveled on down the darkside.

    I can honestly tell you I expect many former GO follow this and other blogs looking for answers. Hell, I found my way here in a search for MSH to find what happened to her. I only search for 2 people. MSH and Linda McCarthy. Innocent enough – and look where that has led. Now there is so much on the internet I expect thousands connect up to blogs like this, go into disbelief and first, then find something they know is true and the “oh shit, is the truth of …”.

    Once you start down that road to truth the answer will draw you along. As I told a dear friend, who merely asked me “where does all the money for IAS, etc go? Who controls it and what for?” My answer was “that question will lead you down the rabbit hole. I want you to decide if you want to go there. You may be upset at what you find and once you start down the rabbit hole your life will never been the same.”

    About 10 days later when I see the person and say Hi – response looking me straight in the eye – “I went down the rabbit hole. Oh shit!” I believe this is happening every hour, all around the world. Non Scientologists who come to the blog at first are probably confused just as Scientologists are. This is too unreal for either to believe. Its unbelievability is what has kept it hidden for so long. When one starts to look, there’s the, “I can’t believe this” sensation followed by denial followed by duplication followed by I am mad I have been lied to.

    I think I have said enough for now. I do agree the GO was not all bad and has been blamed for a lot. That is in the past. We can make changes in the present and our future will be different. We, on this blog, come from all backgrounds – GO, SO, staff, mission staff, public, etc. We are the future. I would like history to be recorded but what really matters is removal of suppression and allow the future civilizations to benefit from the availability of the tech to help them.

  159. Scott Campbell


    Fantastic video, Cat Daddy. Who is this? Really funny.

  160. Karen B,

    Yeah, exchange in abundance. It’s not that a person gives all they have. That’s like loving all you can love. Or caring all that you can care. There is no limit on what you can have and what you can contribute. It’s when you get nothing of value back and the flow sticks. Then you can’t create more to contribute.


  161. It’s my muse. I am a youtuber. You should check her out yourself.

  162. admiring her at a distance lol , No I do not know her personnaly

  163. Tony DePhillips

    Hi Scott,
    It is probably in the PDCs.
    I will just for now say that it is MY definition.

    I can create knowlege too.

    I look at how I expend energy to get money and then I can store that as potential energy. If I have 100k for example I can get a lot of stuff done with that. It is my past efforts that I transfer to someone else to get their efforts or to give them energy to use for their survival. It works for me.

  164. Tony DePhillips

    I guess I have to learn how to spell knowledge first though.

  165. Wow!!!!


    I’m literally speechless…..

    ‘Cause I’m laughing too hard to say anything 🙂

  166. Tom,

    What Miscavige meant to say was that his evil “Purpose is senior to policy”!

    Another one I love is being accused of “using policy to stop”.

    Seems I was directly or indirectly accused of doing this when I sent a KR to RTC on how the ‘Golden Arches of Tech’ directly violated HCOPL “Drills Allowed” and KSW particularly point 4.

  167. Guys: I think Money = Energy comes from the awareness characteristic of Dept 7 (Dept of Income)

  168. SA,

    Actually I view Miscavige as the fixed aberrated stable datum many chose to hold back a confusion.

    I think that once we begin to confront the confusion as we all are doing to a greater or lesser degree this fixed aberrated stable datum may blow or move to Venezuela

  169. I love showing non scientologists everything from the grade chart to “a piece of blue sky” to this blog and esmb. Let them read it all. Most people who heard of Scientology have heard of xenu, hence I show them the grade chart and when most scientologists hear of it and how much time or money is invested. Don’t be afraid of sharing information.
    I’m a Christian now but I love reading Christopher hitchens and I would recommend that other Christians are well read even though I personally know that Jesus Is our savior and our only way.

  170. DFB aka Dfb99

    Seems more like a real person than his usual social vaneer.

  171. DFB aka Dfb99

    Some of you brought up Scientology ads.

    Did anybody here work on the newer stuff? The ads and videos, Declaration of Human Rights PSA’s, WTH PSA’s, and these new ads they are running?

    They use emotion a lot. People watch them and cry. Guys from Bridge would send me emails saying how they cried when they watched them.
    They restimulate these strong griefy emotions. I don’t know why peolpe thought that was good. It’s struck me as a very “WOG” thing to do. I don’t think LRH ever released materials like that and I didnt recognize it as Scientology. Maybe “Black” Scientology? I just never understood the intent of it. It seemed like they were designed to restimulate the viewer and make them more suggestable or something.
    There was some outpoint there, I just couldnt put my finger on it exactly.

  172. DFB aka Dfb99

    I miss the old days of SNL where they didnt rely on “making fun” of people to get laughs. But this wasn’t that bad. If it was me I would just laugh it off. I guess Tom is really uptight and defensive.

  173. Tony DePhillips

    For those of you lurking, don’t listen to what the church is telling you now. They have gone off the rails and want to keep you trapped into the money machine. You can get better Scientology outside of the church. You really need to wake up or you could end up in the twilight zone.

  174. theystolemychurch

    This data is on the “Money Tapes”

  175. Why should this happen? Did TC made any statements in public where he warned to join the Ind field, or any squirrel group ? If yes I wanna see it. And for the next medal I suggest he does the following: Single or togehter with DM he should walk through Harlem or the South Bronx*. No mobile phone, no body guards. If he learned all his lessons from the courses and able to apply he will come through. Then he can claim that he demonstrated valor. Right now he´s just a cheap copy of a daredevil, preferably demonstrated in most of his movies on the set in Hollywood studios. And even this is being performed better by Willis, Stallone or Schwarzenegger. (just my opinion)

    *for example , to open a criminon center.

  176. Really creepy how TC nurtures this love affair with dm, whatever its nature.
    It’s self-serving to the max and an enormous ego trip.

    Now when a terrific actress does a SNL spoof on his wife, the 2 drama queens throw a tantrum and throw all their toys out of the sandbox and boycott the Academy Awards.

    Now THAT’s mature.

    And more creepiness is receiving some yuk email from auto421 this morning. But not nearly as creepy as getting the occasional phone call from some poor starving and semi-literate young sea org member to my UNLISTED home phone. I’ve been off lines since 1993, have moved several times, always with an unlisted phone and I get calls????

    They forget — they threw me away in ’93. Why the romance now?

    Creepy. Very creepy.


  177. She’s VERY talented!

  178. Gary Morehead aka "Jackson"


    Once again you are so right!

    It is obvious Yvonne still has her CDL A with Passenger endorsement cuz she’s still driving a bus. She drove it right over Tommy Davis. Not that I have any sympothy for him but…. Unless Tommy is the Part’s I/C in Motorpool this “communication” from Yvonne shows that what we all knew as the “Orginizational Structure” does not exist. For Yvonne to drag Tommy boy into “her solution for production delays” shows David Miscavige is still publically displaying to general org staff what a fuck up Tommy Davis is. To your normal staff folk, what Yvonne has done to Tommy would be similiar to the Dir Comm making such a statement or recommendation about the Snr C/S.

    I’d like to direct your attention to the excellent use of grammer and sentence composition displayed by Yvonne. I even take into account there may be a typo or two by the passsing of or retyping of this document for our review. I was left confused as to what the problem was in the first place and what it was she was ACTUALLY getting done. The Black Op’s Pgm written for CB was the same…. written by a six year old.

    Yvonne writes this “MERC” or comm to David Miscavige as though she can’t get enough of that brown goop piled on her nose. Her nostrils are stuffed with David Miscaviges crap. Yvonne convey’s her fear. That is part of her “solution”. She BS’s throughout and FEAR is that undertone David Miscavige expects to see in presentations to him. Each update of projects or proposals made to him had better show how you are in fear and he is the REAL person getting anything done.

    Yvonne even drove her bus over JB by saying …. “I did find the why which you had mentioned to JB you did not feel had been found and it is financial.”
    JB was Dave’s direct staff.

    David Miscavige….. Think about it…. Who’s gonna be there to change YOUR DIAPERS when you are old and frail?? You haven’t helped a soul with your own hands ….. EVER!! Geeze, just last night I performed CPR on a neighbor until medics arrived. It’s not my job, my responsibility or hell, I didn’t even know the person but I sure reached out and helped the man and his family ON MY OWN ORIGINATION! It didn’t take one of your orders or threats by you! I was just being me. I love to help.

    There are Offramp Supervisors who have more talent than you ever will.

    You are going down, I and my buddies here are seeing to it. We are independantly shutting the feeder lines into your coffers.

    I am here in Portland Oregon and I have kicked your ass effectively, effortlessly, and repreateadly because TRUTH PREVAILS. I am not the only one. Truth brings resolution to problems. Your shoulders are so burdened with crimes and lies it explains why you are so short.

    Man, the day is comming David Miscavige. I know I will enjoy it. I know you will not!

    Where is your wife Shell Miscavige?? Is she okay?? Where is Heber Jentzsch??? Is he okay??

    Thanks Marty for this excellent piece of information!!

    — Jackson

  179. WH — Interesting you should bring this up: “they threw me away in ’93. Why the romance now?” Cleverly stated, and although the date and my personal circumstances are different, it’s so true. Thanks! H

  180. martyrathbun09


  181. Tony,
    Energy is the awareness characteristic of the Dept of Income on the org board. Income flows and energy flows are what happens there. Money is a measurement of energy or value of energy. You work and get paid. Your expenditure in energy is valued in money. The money is then used as a medium of exchange as its easy to carry around and buy eggs, gas, beer, whatever. The paper isn’t the value. It is the energy it represents by group agreement. Energy flows could be food, shelter, money, good will, etc. On the FEBC tapes he talks of exchange and support in these terms. One outflows products and inflows exchange of some type of energy support. Hope this helps any confusions here.

  182. Is this legal? or did DM and the Church figure out a way to gift it?
    Boy o Boy, what DM and the church will do to get some ass kissing.

    What other gifts to they splash their celebrities with?

    I guess DM and the C of S has figured out to be above the law and they are taking it all the way to the bank and some. What a racket they have created,
    ORGANIZED CRIME at its best.

    Should be called The Church of Mafia or something like that…

  183. RJ,
    You and I agree for the most part. I don’t see any confusion he is holding back. He caused and continues the cause the confusion and enforces himself as the stable datum. We don’t use him as the stable datum to align to therefore we see the real confusions.

    If DM was off the lines the true hidden confusions would reveal themselves. Then one would need working management structures, eval units, org individual evals and programs and it would take a bit to get this train-wreck back onto its tracks. It didn’t just fall off the tracks – tracks, cars, engines, caboose, switches, power grid and all have been smashed, damaged, some totalled and thus this entire area needs a full rebuild.

    I don’t think Venezuela would take him. It would have to be an area where one can buy some time and space with money – lucre. With the modern communication age, internet, etc the options are getting less and less. Maybe a private island. We could call it HOE land for hell on earth.

    I think I see a new day dawning, the earth turning, and the future is brighter. I actually don’t know you, but we can still have a beer sometime.

  184. Tony DePhillips

    I know what you mean DFB.
    But I see it as you know how a kid can find a button on an adult and then they will keep pushing it? Tom and dm have buttons on being ridiculed and for being part of dm’s cult. In their way they are trying to bully society to accept them. Is society supposed to accept a ruthless cult as “normal” because dm an tc and company will “disconnect ” from them if they don’t lavish praise on them?
    I would rather see them ridiculed than fawned over.
    Scientology is powerful and through tc has some influence in Hollywood. It appears as if they squashed the movie that was going to be made with Phillip Seymour Hoffman ( I think that is his name) about Scientology. I don’t think they could find anyone to produce it. I sur ehope that Paul Haggis isn’t scared away from doing his book.

  185. Marty-Once again you have a great post. Thanks for all you do in exposing the horrible mess that has become of the Church of Scientology. Hopefully they can be brought to justice sooner rather than later.

    I was speaking with an exmember this weekend and we were talking about the damage that has been done over the many years and what it will take for Scientology to regain what it once was. Class VI and Class VIII auditors and OEC/FEBC students will be needed to be trained up to fill the void of many years of little to no graduates. The PR to get people even willing to try Scientology after all the bad press that has been brought against it over the years and I think we’ve yet to see the worst of it. Like I posted earlier, most non-scientologists I know who have a little knowledge of Scientology and only know about OT 3 and that is taken out of context, thus it looks like the rantings of a mad man. DM has certainly made a real mess of things for those of you who are true believers of the Scientology faith. You have an uphill fight and there are many of us who respect the work of you and those around you.

  186. plainoldthetan

    My only disappointment with the SNL sketch was that it ended so soon.

    I really wanted to hear what Jesus had to say about Scientology!

  187. Word has it that just in case Jesus does return, Miscavige is ready with the plans for a similar luxury bus for Him:

    Cloud theme throughout with background choir and harp music.
    Honorary off-limits Office of God.
    Fire and Brimstone Ethics closet with flames on the door.
    Spinner wheels with crusifixes.
    Holy water in the radiator.
    Furniture in the shape of clouds.
    Dinner seating for 12.
    Holy Cross steering wheel.
    Similar TC (The Christ) front grill logo surrounded by fish outline.
    Cave bedroom with a hinged rock for the door.
    Optional ‘Switch to Wine’ lever on all water faucets.
    Custom designed ‘Water Parting’ bumpers.
    Straw beds.
    Manger cargo area complete with donkey.
    Three Wise Drivers.
    Skype connection for video praying.
    Multiple coin operated collection box slots on outside of bus.
    Mother Mary hood ornament.
    Simulated Wrath-of-God-sounding horn.
    Tires made from Holy Rubber that never wear out.
    Complimentary foot balm for each guest.
    Never-ending buffet of loaves and fish.
    Live satellite transmission feed for Jesus TV reality show.
    Interchangeable Emeter needles based on Disciple of the Day.
    Mini-grounding rods for easy insertion into holes in Jesus’s hands.
    Digitally updated bumper sticker that reads, “____ miles driven without a sin.”


  188. Sam, I do see where you are coming from and I believe the HCOPL 3rd Dynamic De-Abberation was supposed to cover this situation of people setting random counter policy.
    I have lived and worked in the actual organisations where the supposed implementation of this policy was lacking for numerous “reasons”.
    I observed it was more a matter of personality and the personal whim of who was in charge that either executed the expected routine function or hindered it.
    Here is where room for error slipped in with their own think on the matter of what they perceived the purpose to be that was superior to the policy .
    Their enforcement of their will of course was threats, duress and physical violence at times.As long as the stats were up it justified this means to an end so a cult mentality was forewarded.
    I saw that too often when one did his post he still did not get the remuneration of enough pay to just live on for that week’s production as a constant situation.
    The main cause was the FBO system grabbing all the money in sight to send up lines leaving little to pay bills and the staff.
    This was the scene that never got resolved and the only time I saw it work as a constant was in the Missions where there was no FBO Network hijacking the stagecoach every week.
    Salve labor has been the ongoing result of this situation that has never somehow been corrected by policy it self in actual practice as opposed to its theory.
    To say there were no flaws in Ron’s policies is to perpetuate the same mistakes again.
    Remember he was very human when he wrote the policy on Fair Game Policy in 1965 as a retaliation to the Amprinistics splinter group that I feel was a mistake in the way it was written since it is still used today by DM.
    The tech and philisophy are different matters which we have benefited greatly from.
    As far as I am concerned another good look at Plato’s Republic and some more reading on Socrates is what will help to view basic principles for reconsideration of the model..

  189. I seem to recall SNL making fun of just about everybody since day one, from Jerry Ford to Jerry Lewis to Joe Cocker to Julia Child to Keith Richards and hundreds of others, with no one off-limits. Cruise just can’t take it, what with being a Deva and all. His boycott is simply an attempt to punish his environment using the Jokers and Degraders ethics philosophy.

  190. SA,

    I wouldn’t assign the lil’ rodent (BTW did you squirrels are members of the rodent family?) that much cause.

    He never created the confusion.

    The FBI created a confusion which could also be known as a group engram.

    At that time Miscavige was tripping over some Camera trolley.

    I know how we all love to blame the guy for everything including pestilence, solar eclipses, the Fall of the Roman Empire and clap but unfortunately he wasn’t there.

    A stable datum is put there to avoid perceiving a confusion and Dave is that stable datum. However he did not create the confusion.

    Anyway we’ll have that beer sometime.

  191. DFB,

    Good ob.

    I never paid much attention to Scientology ads after Jeff’s famous Book I Ad.

    Most of them as far as I was concerned were pretty blasé.

    Real yawn fests as far as I was concerned. Especially this new one hitting the airwaves that starts out with that “stream of (pain and un)consciousness” intro that basically goes kinda A=A.

    I mean what’s up with that?

    Typical H&K type hype with no sense of positioning and directed toward Managing a (vague) Perception of some kind.

    Anyone who’d cry over that probably gets teary eyed over the spate of BP commercials that came out after their big oil spill.

    I wouldn’t doubt if there is some psyop involved. Since the game being played by the Government Approved and Tax Exempt Organization these days is more about manipulation and control than about freeing individuals.

  192. Yes, JD, you got it when you say “This habit of creating artificial emergency time deadlines is one of the most stupid things the church constantly does. The justification for such, beyond avoiding the severe punishments meted out to all involved in the “non-compliance”, is some sort of statement that it is OT to make such targets.”

    There was another one too…saving the planet. Gotta get all these things done Yesterday so the planet will be saved. It’s some kind of big fear that comes from the kool-aid high. And if you don’t get it done now now now the plant is in bigger jeopardy. They don’t even get that they are making it waaaaay worse with this behavior. If anything will be done with this planet to fix it up this sure ain’t the way to go about it!

  193. You da man!


    One of your funniest 🙂

  194. You pretty much nailed it OTDT.

    It pretty much proves that not only is Tom senseless but he has no sense of humor.

    Aside from the fact that going to the Academy Awards in his case would be a waste of time.

  195. Scott Campbell

    Will do.

  196. RJ,
    Thank you nevertheless for sharing what you have gleaned as a little fly on the wall. Flies have pretty keen vision!

  197. S.A.,
    I’m hoping you’ll see this even if it has been a few days since you wrote. Your lengthy response meant a lot to me as you duplicated much of my viewpoint, I can’t really respond in depth at the moment, but there is a lot I could and maybe in time will say. I don’t regret my service as a GO staff member, and I’m aware of and proud of LRH commendations for certain actions well done – both as as a group member and personally. DM’s accusations of corruption throughout are to me a manifestation of his sanctimonious propensity to blame, attack, invalidate. You are right, if his evaluation that the GO was responsible for all woes were true, the stats would be going up, not down; acceptances of Scientology would be widespread. However, truth is quite the opposite.

    Yes, it all is history, but we were so committed that it is hard not to notice that big old rabbit hole and listen to and ask questions of others as they tell their stories and reveal appalling outpoints and abuses. It’s hard to ignore that people we cared for had years of their lives stolen. Moreover, don’t we owe something to LRH at least to lend a little shoulder to help set things straight?

    Hope your life has gone (and continues to go) well.


  198. I worked at a digital film restoration company in the mid-2000s that did work on Hubbard lectures.
    I already had firm views of scientology at the time, was a regular poster on ARS, etc.
    So when the job was started, a person I know who was working on it (only a very few were…which was not normal for our jobs..it was kept pretty hush hush) pulled me into his room as he knew my feelings about Hubbard…and I literally squealed with delight and surprise. This may seem odd, but I thought it was so funny they brought this project to my work, and I considered my self very much an SP as far as scientology was concerned.
    But I kept it quiet, and didn’t do anything that might hurt my company regarding this job…like leaving xenu.net on the breakroom computers that can be seen from the waiting rooms…etc.
    But I needn’t have bothered. the SeaOrg made their presence known to ALL. They kept trying to go into places they were not allowed, like where we working on projects for other clients, the staff break rooms, other offices. We had to erect “Employees only” signs which we never had to do before to keep them out. And by the main entrance to the building, scientology kept a van with many young (late teens, early 20’s) SO people smoking and looking generally creepy. We had to pass by them to get to work. They were there at all hours.
    I worked grave yard shift a lot. Several times I had to take calls at 2 or 3 or4 am from whatever SO person was in charge of this project (or in charge of bugging us at all hours). The caller wanted to know where we were on it, what was happening, etc. I told him the group working on it was gone….left hours ago and would not be back until 8am. He assumed if ANYONE was working at my company at any hour, it should be on his project. He wanted me to call at 3am the person from our company who was in charge of the scientology project (it was ALWAYS called Golden Era, BTW) to make sure all was well. I declined because that was nuts. I finally pacified him by saying to his request that I go over and make sure his project was fine was not possible as only a few people had access to the files. This made him feel safer I guess. But they kept doing this and really pissing off my company and everyone that worked there.
    I never had to make one disparaging remark about scientology. My fellow workers got to see close up that scientology was a group the never wanted to get near.

    As a side note, I was able to go a computer where we were restoring one bit and clean a spec of dirt off of Hubbard’s face. So at least outed SP worked on it! Muwahahahhahahahaa

  199. RJ,
    Let’s call a spade a spade. TC is an accessory to the fact.

  200. I agree GG,

    Tom is an accessory and is just as culpable as Miscavige and truth be told so is anyone who complies with his insane off-policy orders.

    Not only that but they are accessories to any crimes committed.

    (think about that OSA while you’re making notes.)

    I’m just pointing out the fact that for example the Golden Age of Tech was initiated as a means to actually bypass training auditors by “grilling them to perfection” or something like that.

    And since we’re on the subject of Tommy whose been more of a PR Liability than an asset.

    Blofel…..er ….I mean Dave’s grand master plan was to use Cruise’s star power to “drive public in the org”.

    I mean who needed a functioning Div VI now that Tom was now “on board” bribed with his diamond encrusted Medal of Valor.

    Well we know where that went as many of us thought it would go.

    Tom’s gone from being a hot studio property to being frickin’ *radioactive*.

    (Probably Miscavige and Tom thought that was an “upstat”)

    Not that complete and utter failure of a plan would phase someone like Miscavige.

    If he ever read the Data series he probably went blank on the word “humility”.

    Besides it’s not in Dave’s vocabulary.

    If highly trained auditors don’t happen to like the Golden Age of Tech and consider it an abomination.

    He’ll just force it down their throats with the help of HCO.

    Same with Tom.

    If the public reject Tom Cruise’s forays at dissemination and if Mat isn’t convinced that Tom knows the history of psychiatry.

    He’ll just have to force Tom down everyones throat.

    (Honestly I think he has gross mis-us on the CDEI scale as well as a service fac as big as the Silver Screen but anyway)

    So I believe that the bus is the next step.

    In fact rumor has it that Dave has been secretly training a team under the watchful eye of CIA’s experts in extraordinary rendition.

    However instead of being whisked away in a Gulf Stream headed for Guantánamo you’ll be taken by Tom in his “Silver Screen” to the nearest Scientology Ideal Org!

    (though you may wish that you had of been taken to Camp X-ray instead)

    In which case Miscavige with the help of Tom may have actually succeeded in completing a program.

    Under the new stat:

    “Public driven into the org personally by Tom Cruise in his Silver Screen”

    I hear they are already calling it Project Silver Screen 😉

    But I digress….

    Yeah I agree Tom is an accessory.

    Not only that but so is anyone else that goes along with the walking Service Fac.

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