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  1. excellent explanation in where the Co$ has come too. Marty, does this mean I need to invest in copper now?

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  3. C’mon guys, you are lacking imagination from not being around DM.

    I looked into DMs future and I can see that we are going to need a new Boeing 747 for the release of OT 9 & 10. This is not just any 747, this is a custom 747 complete with air tanker refueling DC-10 so it can stay aloft for 48 hours at a time, which is just the amount of time it will take to complete one of the VITAL rundowns of New OT IX in a completely safe, unobrusive environment. This airplane has a 4 Seasons Hotel in it for the 300+ public that can comfortably fit into the planes luxurious interior.

    Now, a brand new 747 costs 375 million dollars, but because TC has connections in the airline industry, he landed us a new one just off of the assembly line for 350 million. This, sleek jet airplane is a must for all OTVIII’s and OTVII’s who want New OT IX and X! Your IAS representative will be contacting you so that you can be THE Big Thetan in your area to contribute to this fantastic new release.

    And if you folks out there think this is just fiction…


  4. Let’s just pre-empt DM’s latest carrot in the box release–super duper copper grounding technology–right now. It already exists. You avail yourself of it whenever you take your shoes and socks off and walk on the beach or connect to the earth in any direct way, i.e., ground yourself. It is called Earthing and it costs zero. LRH was onto this in the last years of his life according to a conversation I had with Ray Mithoff one time. Concurrently, others were beginning to do research on the benefits that the earth’s electrical field can have on health and mitigating the effects of the increasing electromagnetic field (emf) pollution in society.

    Okay, now that is out of the way, Super Power is not part of the mainline Grade Chart for all cases. It is not superior to any level on the Grade Chart. It doesn’t replace anything on the Grade Chart. LRH developed Super Power to help make staff more effective on their posts and it worked like a bomb on the initial pilot cases. It could have been released 20 years ago.

    Super Power also has use on Dianetic Clears and replaces Power Processing for a Dn Clear, so I guess it does have a position on the Grade Chart. But that is mainly because there is a rundown on Super Power that unsticks the pc from a part of his/her track just like one of the Power Processes does.

  5. Mike and Marty — Very interesting video and so true! From Merriam-Webster online dictionary, definition of carrot: “a reward or advantage offered especially as an inducement.” H

  6. When it comes to DM, all I can say is:

    Doo Be.


  7. Doesn’t matter how much money the brainwashed masses throw at DM. Here’s the real problem:

    “7. The Anti-Social cannot finish a cycle-of-action.
    Such become surrounded with incomplete projects.”


  8. Marty and Mike,
    Good job.
    I’m thinking that the next purchase will be a cluster of islands. One in the middle which is surrounded by security islands so no one will have access to OT IX and X. Nic Cage can probably point us in the right direction, and ba-da-bing, we can start some serious fundraising, not this nickel and dime stuff.
    It’ll be chump change for a new ship to ferry the OT VIII comps right to the golden dock. I’m in.

  9. How many of you OSA bots are OEC/FEBC trained?

    Anyone out there under the radar who still attends Flag Graduation? I’d be really interested to know if anyone has seen an OEC/FEBC coming off the lines recently. Never saw one the entire time I was there.

    My point being that any trained exec should at this point be able to spot a CAMOUFLAGED HOLE (not to mention an SP) given all the glaring out-points.

    Did you get rid of the OEC/FEBC Davey? Along with the Class VIII course? (when I was at AOLA in 2008 the Class VIII courseroom was closed – the reason being ‘not enough students’).

    More to the point. How come Bridge doesn’t sell the Tech and OEC Volumes? And how come the bookstore at Saint Hill didn’t have any on display last time I checked? (oh oh! – didn’t kick me out early enough!)

    It’s almost like someone is trying to sabotage KSW points #1 and #2 to avoid getting found out isn’t it?

    OSA slaves and DM agents – Anyone done OEC/FEBC? No? The Data Series?…. No? All still on the basics or not allowed study time until you’ve met your quotas? Or not studentable most of the time due to all night regging? (just hazarding a guess here).

    For all those who ‘oooh’ and ‘ahhhh’ about the wonderful ‘new training line-up’ dreamed into policy by DM, realize the true motive is to keep everybody stupid.

    C’mon guys wake the f%@k up!

  10. Warning – Sam on a rant!…

    New R-Factor (as if invalidating Clears wasn’t enough)
    If you didn’t go OT on the New Mark VIII, guess what?

    Grrrr. Going for a long walk.

  11. Marty & Mike. You are utterly unbelievable. I do’nt have any money but I could do with Auditing Repair Action. Here is the “carrot”. If you know any Scientologist of good will and intent to sponser my sec check in to the Arthurian legend area useing the new Mark eight super meter. I will useing my G2 abilities recover for you the following data:
    1. The character and description of Excalibur.
    2.Arthurs data on extracting the Excalibur from the stone ( lock).
    3. Character and description of Lady Of The Lake. What was it.
    4.The Why of the last fight between Mordruit and Arthur.
    5Authers alien abduction in the woods.
    Yours Mjolnerg2

  12. This video was really enlightening. I never quite looked at that way before but sure…

    If I were DM I *could* say “As long as you let me HAVE this money you can DO OT IX and perhaps one day BE the EP of that level”. It is great to see that, but instead of going through all of that why doesn’t DM just spit in people’s faces when he asks them for the money because that would be more like what his attitude towards people is all about anyway.

    A place of cards is the C of S.

  13. Good points being brought up. Miscaviage continues to run a can’t have on the public. Never mind the fact that he has done a bait and switch a long time ago by releasing GAT, he now has the public even further diverted off the bridge by putting their attention on future can’t haves.

    Superpower has become another additive in the way it is being promoted.
    I was adviced once by someone who is currently a key enabler to just DO THE BRIDGE. I think this was great advice and I forsee that public, currently in the church will eventually see that one can only DO THE BRIDGE in the Independant field, if they are willing to LOOK.

    Safeguarding the Tech comes to mind. Scientologists have been wandering through the labrynth for far too long. The Independents are the guides out of that labrynth.

  14. One of the recruiters at FSO use to say there were three ways the planet was going to get cleared. One was enough people on OT VII, another was Super Power and the last was through the Buddhist monks getting Scientology spread throughout their monastaries. Whatever happened to the Buddhist monks? That was big news for a brief period. Now we hear nothing about them.
    I just don’t get how the “in good standing” Scientologists keep going along with the latest carrot. Back when Ronnie Miscavige was speaking at events, we would hear about the latest, greatest new dissemination program that was going to flood the orgs with new people coming in for services. You’d never hear about that program again. Then, sooner or later, a new latest and greatest program would be announced. And on and on it goes. What is the audience thinking, or have they all stopped thinking? I still have very dear friends whom I thought were aware, intelligent people, who to this day remain loyal to the church. I don’t get it. I guess DM got one thing right with one little correction: The blind IS leading the blind.

  15. You guys are great together.
    They might as well just throw out the red and green vols and get it over with. Slow torture is apparently a specialty of DM’s.
    My question to the management of the Church of Scientology regarding this chronic regging for buildings was always, what ever happened to the “building fund” that is collected from every org on the planet weekly?
    My next quest was, what ever happened to HASI (Hubbard Association of Scientology International)? I had a lifetime membership which I purchased for $75.00, when LRH was very much alive and the San Francisco Org had just moved to Mason Street. The building was not exactly glamor central but it was clean and in a decent business district and the academy was packed!
    I believe it was almost 30 years ago when I received the “highly confidential briefing” on Super Power in LA when it was being piloted.

    It’s pretty amazing that the leader of the Church of Scientology is not even a Scientologist, just a celebrity chasing, sadistic psychotic that is delusional and totally criminal. If one were looking for the quintessential SP, I would say, you have him in DM. Textbook case, per the references!

    Hey you guys peeking in on the blog from inside the Church. If you can’t confront the above, you will never be free.

    Not to change the subject but looks like Paul Haggis is going to write a book about his experiences in Scientology. Just saw yesterday.

  16. Marty- I received an interesting email regarding your “squirrel” tech group. I do not know how mu email was obtained by this person. I have never had contact with Scientology. Maybe my email was lifted from Mark’s site. If you would like me to forward this to you, please contact me via the email posted above. Maybe you think I am an agent of the Church trying to get to you. I don’t know how I can prove to you I am not. I am not Anonymous. I am just a interested observer who thinks CO$ is another ponzi scheme.

  17. My org already has a big building. I think it might even be big enough to be a St Hill size org. They have an entire floor that is empty and another that is half built. The areas they now have built in are more than they need. They have one auditor and like ten auditing rooms for example. They have a huge courseroom, theory and seperate practical and a huge div 6 courseroom. They dont even need a new building. They could double or triple in size and delivery and still have space available.
    The public are being hammered to come up the remaining millions to pay for two huge buildings that I assume will require millions more to remodel.

  18. Freedom Fighter

    OMG! I never thought of this before, but of course this is not just fiction and the “Idle Org” must-have-before-they-can-do-or-be is late on the chain. I remember how, before OT VIII was released, a ship (the Freewinds) had to be gotten and renovated so that OT VIII could be delivered “in a distraction-free environment off the crossroads of the world. . .”

  19. So true Mike. I had one of the original humungous rundowns back in the day, a pilot pc when LRH was developing the processes, before it was later redubbed as SuperPower. It was fantastic. Kicked the shit out of me to be honest. But you’re right, LRH designed the humungous rundown, AKA SuperPower, for staff, in fact, to help address a specific situation to make people better – of course. All this yack about SuperPower, and fancy billion dollar buildings and space-age mechanisms to show people their 50+ perceptics is ridiculous – it’s not LRH. In fact, in the 70s when he researched this, we got the rundowns in normal auditing rooms with great gains. This whole superpower is a ploy by David Miscavige to create a grandiose structure, the Vatican of Scientology, St Paul’s Cathedral of Clearwater – designed to awe people into believing that David Miscavige is someone to be reveered. My god – he’s the biggest scam in Scientology history. Raping Scientologists while convincing them it´s good for them.

  20. This is soo funny Sam….
    an after that there will be…
    if you attested OT8 being only a Lifetime IAS, you did not make it either….
    obviously you are irresponsible and therefore you cannot be OT8…
    (laughing, but not too much….)

  21. If the Church of $cientology continues like this… the Psyche will be soon out of Job…. only because the Church of Miscavige is doing a better job implanting people then them.

    I’m so happy, every time my pcs sit down and tell me with a deep sight of relief… “We almost sold everything we got to go to Flag…. and we would have lost everything and gotten nowhere… or they just feel happy again after handling the reverse auditing they got into the Church of $cientology.”
    It is wonderful to see people free and happy!!

  22. Naw, I reckon you’re just not shooting high enough, 747s & the like.
    This is space shuttle stuff, astronaut checksheets and fitness program pilots are being complied as we speak. Weightlessness, that’s the key to OT 9&10 & beyond. DM thunk that up all by himself while diving the Carribean and got in comm with a jellyfish – it makes perfect sense, it’s the missing step – cognite today & donate for your great, great granchilds future as well. Take yourself and your friends to stratastheric heights – two for one deals available.( No prior astronaut recognised). Hurry limited space available.

  23. Love the Sam rant. Something good usually comes out of it. Did you know that just about every Snr Exec at OSA Int has done the DSEC? Amazing eh? Think there are any MUs amongst them? Can they justify outpoints, or what? This would be a Cram Offs wonderland.

    ML Tom

  24. Miscavige briefed us one time that SuperPower, as he had it planned, with all of the NASA machines and high-tech stations and big circular running track, was “95% marketing.” I kid you not, those were his exact words. “SuperPower is 95% marketing.” He said that you don’t have to have any of those things to deliver the rundown (which Dan and others have confirmed). It’s all window dressing. Circus dogs and ponies, one assumes, for the “rubes” that visit DM’s Big Top.

  25. Or just grab water pipes in your house. They’re grounded.

    I remember uplines on Saturdays I would hook up with RTC cram offs and we would do all-hands cramming instead of all-hands renos. After around 4 months of guys on Super Power I noticed a decline in crams and a definite upswing in stats. I remember either Tom Ford or his wife telling me that I would never have to cram him/her again because Super Power was handling him/her in regards to his/her post. I saw it bite.

    ML Tom

  26. Sudden Sam, You don’t need to apologize here for your rant. One way or another we have all been betrayed. Rant away. Love

  27. You seem like a funny lady and pretty too so I am afraid to tell you something I know you will laugh at a lot.

    Today I stumbled upon a web link on Google that took me to a web site called R*TT*NR* {I printed it like that because I don’t want Mark to expel me from the BLOG} but that site is posted to by people like Causimo {the current or former Sandcastle MAA}. It is posted too by ALL Scientologists it seems and to be real:

    Mark here on this BLOG “mentions” things and people comment on them but I have never actually seen him as one to talk about people. And I mean *TALK* about them. Things like “Guess what color so and so’s underwear is this week and not because she went shopping at Kohl’s?” Stuff like that Sylvia.

    And, every post, every TOPIC on the site is INFLAMMATORY. My attention was removed from the people being discussed there {namely guess who – hint M.R and M.R?} and focused on the fact that the accuser’s on the Causimo sight they have so much more to say about defector’s than is necessary that if they really cared they just wouldn’t even say anything at all.

    Like me, if I just don’t have anything to say I don’t. I read there a long time and I burst out laughing thinking “I am going to go read Marty’s BLOG because they don’t talk so much nasty about people there like on Causimo’s favorite place on the web to post. And I am sure it is her, because WHO ELSE does anyone know from the Sandcastle that their names is Causimo.

    She calls Italian Independents {myself, Maria Pia Gardini, the Lugli’s} the “Italian Loonies Squad”. Rather than use real words that mean something like ex-church members.

  28. What we need is to purchase a NASA space-shuttle to bring us to Target Two!!!

    Only then can we all be free!!!

    Will that be Visa or Mastercard, then???

  29. Hmmm. Would love to get those guys on a meter for some good old fashioned False Data Stripping. I bet that would be fun!

  30. I just wanted to expand on something you said here if I may quote you:

    “Marty- I received an interesting email regarding your “squirrel” tech group. I do not know how mu email was obtained by this person. I have never had contact with Scientology.”

    That is interesting. I have 3 E-Mail addresses:

    1 Is for business {strictly}
    1 Is for personal {strictly}
    1 Is for leisure {strictly}

    Not one of my addresses has ever been the subject of being sent “Fair Game” e-mails or “Dead Agenting” type e-mails. I never, ever get any of these E-mails that other people have said they do, like you just did.

    And, in addition I received a personally encrypted E-mail from Mark Rathbun today verifiying it went from me to him, from him to me and back to him with no CARBON COPY stop along the way.

    There can be a couple of reasons why you get these. One of the worst for example is my cousin Lizette who frequently “Good Roads – Fair Weathers’ me that her daughter was in a coma, her daughter came out of the coma, her husband had a heart attack, the dog went to the vet…

    BUT…Every time Lizette sends me a message, it is always addressed to 50 to 100 other people that’s friends of hers to so the reason why I never answer her is because I don’t want to wind up in 500 people’s address books of their E-mail clients where malicious software can run it’s toll.

    And second, like I told Tony the other night that he agreed that lot’s of people out there in the world some never even heard of Scientology. So, for somebody like that to get a “3rd Party Fair Game E-Mail Conincidentally about Mark Rathbun” in their in-box, it would probably go to the SPAM rather than be applied, unless of course an attorney was looking at it…so I don’t why people get them.

  31. Okay, all you OT 7 and OT 8 comps, better get the new meter and redo those levels…

  32. All Dave would have to do to fulfil his dream of a cleared planet is part with half the stash and build the Ideal Orgs. All he’d have to do to ensure full gains as OTs is release the warehoused meter. All he’d have to do is give out the already done Super Power RD and let it be delivered.

    Within a couple of months, all the above, released, would ‘clear the planet’ according to DM.

    All you guys holding this man in power with support in whatever way it is you are doing it, there it is. The whole shebang, done, if only DM would release what already, as we live and breath, exists.

    IF you believe this man, then you gotta wonder how come he isn’t simply releasing it. He’s got it. It exists and is ready, with NO need of more time or development as it’s right now ready to wear.

    How come he won’t release it? IF his purposes are so beyond reproach and as noble as he asserts, his every effort to selflessly provide the wherewithal for every being on earth to benefit and it could be done in a heartbeat, then WHY WON’T HE DO IT?

  33. M & M: I like these videos. Please keep it up. Very good points.

  34. Truthfully, I honestly believe that ALL Psychiatrists past, present and future have given up about Scientology. They can’t even be bothered because they already know they aren’t even getting anywhere like that.

    And even though it can sometimes happen perhaps that someone who means another harm in life may approach that person and seek lasting peace, if this was to apply to Scientology, no way. The church would be right there taking swings at the peacemakers because like DM would say “No Scientologist of mine is going wind up some nuthouse!” No, of course not, but if you belong to the church anyhow, just go ahead, and if you’ve got nothing to do “take a swing at em’ ” just to see if they really mean it or not.

  35. Marty, Mike,
    Thanks for this.

    I believe the LRH the reference pertinent to this is the one that talks about Psychs and Priests, as being the main SPs that keep this planet enslaved.
    (Can’t quote it right now as I do not have my references with me. Maybe you can fill in the quote in a reply).

    I submit that DM is now part of that priesthood and he has turned Scn into somthing similar to a christian cult. He is the HIGH PRIEST of it.

    Let me explain:

    The priests promise heaven at the end of a long road of suffering and donating. But that heaven comes when one is dead, so no one actually knows if it exists and if it is real. It is just a ploy exploiting man’s eternal longing for Total Freedom. DM’s road to Total Freedom now also has become endless and many already have dropped their body after years of donating and hoping that they would see the end of that road this lifetime.

    The priests derive their authority and power from this FAITH they demdand that they alone have access and say over who does and does not travel thaqt road. If you do not believe in their heaven you lough at them and say piss on them. DMs derives his power from Scios believe that HE has access to materials that are essential to accomplishing the road to Total Freedom, that LRH’s road was incomplete.

    The priests demand compliance with their dictates, their rites, based on faith only, not on any knowingness. Having FAITH is what it all comes down to. Having FAITH in DM, that he knows what he is doing despite overwhelming evidence of his off sourceness is what it comes down to in Scn now.

    The priests create moral codes that are suppressive and they threaten eternal damnation if they are not followed. They use excommunication as their tool to leverage their threats, to be shunned by friends and family who still believe in the priests carrot that there is a Heaven as the reward of a “good, compliant christian life”. DM’s leverage is a) I control the road to Total Freedom so if you want it it is my way and my way only, b) if you try another road we wiull excommunicate you with all the consequences it has.

    The priests claim special status becaused they have been “called” by God to be God’s communicator and enforcer and insist that no one has to verify this. It is based on their word only. Same with DM now. He altered the fundamentals of the organization, through out policy and changed the Bridge. Now you need to have FAITH. And the more your case gets messed up — e.g. with endless Objectives (I know a guy who has been on them for three ! months) that put you back to the bottom the less KNOWINGNESS you have and the more FAITH you need.

    The priests claim that this entitles them to decide over people’s lives, to decide who and who does not get through to the doors of heaven, who will and who will not be condemned for eternity and rot in hell. DM does the same with his endless sec checks that implant ndw moral codes into people.

    DM is Scn’s new High Priest. He does all the above and fits all the above.

    He has created his own cult with his own following, with the promise that there is a heaven at the end of the DM road.

    The road will go on and on until he is either off post or dead. Then people might wake up and realize again that Scn was meant to be the road to Total Freedom THIS lifetime. That Objectives have a clear EP and one moves up from there but does not go back to the beginning each time one finds a new objective drill somewhere in an LRH tape. That LRH had the road to Freedom mapped out well before he dropped his body and that all one has to do is travel LRH’s road and one gets there in a matter of months and not decades.

    DM will extend the road with new gimmicks, new Objectives, new FN definitions, new CLEAR cognitions, which need to be HAVed before one can DO in order to then BE what DM is already now.

    Thank god there is a standard way, the one LRH mapped out long before his death and all covered in his books and writings — even if they did have a few exta semi colons.

    Just my two cents.

  36. Tony DePhillips

    Thanks for that Marty and Mike.

    I can add another one to your list of three.
    4. Getting 10,000 people onto Solo Nots.

    We were constantly hounded to get our friends onto the level because this was absolutely vital. Once we get the 10,000 Scientologists onto Sol Nots that will turn the tide on the theta/entheta ratio. They would use the LRH reference stating that there were only about 10,000 people on Earth that could do a little leading or steering. Sort of an attempt to schmooze us into thinking that we were one of these all important 10,000.

    My thought on this was similar to Mike’s on the point of the Idle Orgs. If it SO CRUCIAL to saving this planet then why don’t you lower the prices for the auditing and get tons of people onto the level??? How about that genius?? How about getting all the Sea Org onto it if it is SO IMPORTANT to the planet?? They used to kind of run on us that if we didn’t help to get the public onto it then we were contributing to the demise of the planet. I even heard that some sort of mathematical calculation had been done and that also validated the 10,000 number. This was just another fabricated BS story to get more suckers in to sec check and start milking them out of their dough.
    Don’t get me wrong I think Solo Nots is cool. But after they get you onto it you are hooked up to the dm milking machine. That is slang for being hooked up to a dm implant machine where you get balck Scientology and pay dearly for it. I got black Dianetics on Solo Nots too since I was undeclared Clear while on one of my “refreshers”then got an 8 intensive auditing program to fix me up. Most of you know that , I say it again for any new readers on the blog.

    I am happy that I am one of the first to be smart and sane enough to get out of the trap.

  37. Very insightful Friend.

  38. martyrathbun09


  39. martyrathbun09

    Two cents? More like a couple hundred large.

  40. Money is the cause and that is all there is too it. It is the basic why the SP got on the chain and wanted to be there as well to destory the tech. Most of it is being done for Monetary Profit.

  41. friend of ron


    p.s. And sorry for the typos. Had to get this off my chest while it was fresh and while I still had some battery power left on my laptop, lest the thoughts be lost. So some some typos slipped through.

    Maybe you can give me the exact reference on Psychs and Priests so I can get the exact quote in a local “idle org”…

  42. friend of ron

    Thanks much Mike.

  43. Sam and Tom M,
    I think we have more than MUs. How about missing Data Series 21 HCOPL 15 Mar 71RB Data Series Auditing. Per LRH “whenever a student cannot grasp or retain the data of the DATA SERIES policy letters, he must be audited on the Data Series Rundown (also called the HC Outpoint-Pluspoint Lists).

    The reason for this is that he himself has OUTPOINTS and it is necessary to audit him on this subject. … This does not mean the student is in any way crazy. It just means he is illogical and has outpoints in his thinking.”

    I would like to point out LRH stated “must be audited” and not may be or could be. If all OSA staff did the DSEC and can’t apply they need this. Then false data strip their fixed ideas and the fact that they “MUST HAVE AN IDEAL SCENE WITH WHICH TO COMPARE THE EXISTING SCENE” (LRH PL 18 May 70 Data Series 7).

    While we are at it lets get some cramming on “VALID ANSWERS MAY ONLY BE ATTAINED IN USING VALID DATA” LRH PL 12 May 70 Data Series 3. If OSA staff were only able to, and allowed to actually used, the Data Series I don’t think we would even be having this discussion on this blog.

  44. Jim,
    If you let the sheeple eat the carrot then it is gone. Without the “superpower” needing a special expensive building how would you collect the money used to renovate all other buildings around. This is what paid for the Oak Cove and its reno’s from what I was told. I was also told that when the new “superpower” building opens ALL other deliver at the FLB except for the AO will be moved into that building. Yet, only the top floor is used for Superpower, but we must have a big big building. That was the carrot used to build a delivery building.

    Now the problem is you don’t have enough deliver to fill it and keep any hotel full. So the “problem” becomes we need more funds, and now we need several hundred trained staff, before we can open the building.

    I know you know this Jim, but I had to reiterate to increase your certainty you understand. You need to really know how important this is – to someone else. Now REAL delivery will be starting real soon. NASA be damned, this is like the barn stormers of the past. Buzz into town, and get some real action going. That is how an independent delivers.

  45. I have a new name for DM…


  46. Priscilla Smith

    I think all these “carrots” boil down to one thing – Miscavige running a “can’t have” on public and staff. “you can’t have the OT levels until all orgs are saint hill size”. “you can’t have superpower until this monstrous building is built with all it’s contraptions”. I think the ultimate can’t have is the IAS, i.e. people can’t have the OT levels until they donate all their money for some artificial status, and then they really can’t have the bridge because they have no money for anything.

  47. Marty/Mike,

    I’m pissed.

    This particular video was undeniably correct and crystal clear to anyone who knows anything about Scientology, no matter which side of the fence they are on.

    C’mon OSA operatives. We’re not the bad guys. This is getting downright embarrassing, really.

    Look, Dan Koon’s comments about Superpower, as mentioned in said video, should say it all.

    WE DON’T NEED NO STINKING BUILDINGS to deliver Superpower! We need an auditing room, an auditor, a pc and the rundown. It can be done in someone’s BASEMENT for fuck sake.

    The joy and pride the average Scientologist is supposed to get should come from FLOATING NEEDLES and not any god-damned, gold-trimmed “MECCA”!

    That mega-monstrosity sitting half-finished in Clearwater is probably the brick-and-morter equivelant of DM’s hard-on for and desperate, psychotic, reactive need to look impressive in front of TC. Not to mention the massively criminal Ponzi scheme factor.

    And shame on you Tom Cruise for buying into this tragedy! How arrogant and blind are you, dude?

    How much has been raised for the thing now? Two hundred million??? Miscavige is a felon! The Superpower building is the physical manifestation of a gigantic overt, sitting like a festering boil of arrogance and greed, utterly mis-representing anything and everything having to do with true spiritual enhancement or L. Ron Hubbard’s work.

    Hubbard would be sickened by this and so many other things. If he were here, his wrath would rain down like thunder upon the self-appointed “shepard” as well as the sheep who blindly follow this lunacy.

    Did I mention, it’s embarrassing?!?

    The rest of the world certainly thinks so. Just look at how ZERO Scientology celebrities even DARE to publicly promote the church anymore. It’s pure poison to their careers.

    Ideal Orgs……give me a break. They’re empty! They’re not impressing or fooling anybody on the outside. They are a glowing, tacky and bold advertisement for a cult.

    How about getting back to policy and fixing the utterly destroyed Scientology brand?

    Too late for that now. The church IS dead. Just give us your money suckers, because it’s YOUR FAULT we’re not growing!

    Meanwhile DM rides around eating lobster in the Silver Screen with the utterly-destroyed former actor known as Tom Cruise.

    Shit, I just got an email from my local Idle Org promoting the need to come in and learn how to disseminate because apparently “we” aren’t doing enough to boom the empty cathedral. I guess our 14 million dollars wasn’t enough! Big surprise!

    What’s more, OSA, the fact that the internet is here, making things crystal fucking clear, LRH would burn you alive for still sticking with this sick little bastard!!!

    WAKE UP!

    Sudden! Just felt like it. Pardon my French, ladies…

  48. Please let me quote an important point you made here Tony:

    “If it SO CRUCIAL to saving this planet then why don’t you lower the prices for the auditing and get tons of people onto the level??? How about that genius?? How about getting all the Sea Org onto it if it is SO IMPORTANT to the planet??”

    The most mind boggliing question can have most simple answer. Why don’t they? That’s all. Why don’t they?

    Example: There are several “Flag trained OT’s” that live in my general geographic location. I checked one of them out. He’s OT VII. Is a millionaire sure and has been working hard at it for decades, has had about 200 intensives OT VII sec checks. It is not important to him. He has big company, with dozens of people, none of them are Scientologists so his wife can come in and parade around in a fur, like DM parades around with everybody’s donations he gets. That guy’s employees? It looks like most of them didn’t barely speak English. There’s a fast route up the bridge.

  49. ΘTater/GaryLerner

    You and Sam and Tom M are SPOT ON!! (Hmmm… no lack of logical thinking there. 🙂 )

    Is it possible to implode from all of the massive outpoints/overts done to LRH’s Tech? Hey!! That’s why DerMunchin needs the Copper Rods of Truth!!! When properly grounded and used he’ll be able to discharge all of that bad gas, er…. I mean bad GAT! Oops, bad GAK! Sorry… I just gotta “poot” on those thoughts. :p

  50. ΘTater/GaryLerner

    Geeeee…. do I have ta? Bummer. 😦

  51. Marty and Mike.

    You point out a basic flaw in the whole scene. Reversed be-do-have. The comments here and your examples also made me think of another basic rule being violated. That of POWER. It seems that the flow is all to the church, and not being returned. Wouldnt that violate the rules of power, of getting and keeping it. Won’t that result ultimately in the person or persons with the power having it taken away or withdrawn?

  52. ΘTater/GaryLerner

    Glad you did throw off that yoke, Tony. Real LRH Tech is soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much better!!!!

    Scuse me while I exteriorize Θ…. whooo hoooo!!!!

  53. ΘTater/GaryLerner

    IO, you speak a “Golden” truth! I think every one here is wet from being so pissed.

    How does Admiration turn into disgust? Read an original LRH Scientology/Dianetics book and then go to your local Idle Org and you will see for yourself. All FLUFF and NO SUBSTANCE!! No THETA. No ARC. No COMMUNICATION. No REALITY. No AFFINITY. !!!!


    ‘Scuse me again… gotta poot some more DM-isms… GAT… GAK… Phew!!!

  54. IO — Sudden doesnt imply inaccurate or “over the top.” You are spot on.

    Someone asked me a while ago how do you demonstrate the insanity of the Idle Org “strategy” without getting in a “LRH quote battle” with someone. It made me think a bit and I concluded that the absolute best proof of the insanity is to take what Dear Leader says at face value. Planetary Clearing will become a reality when every org is an “Ideal Org.” Now the RTC/CSI/IAS ball of wax slush fund isnt short on cash. Even if Davey spent every last dollar they had making his IDLE ORG BIG LIE strategy come true, if he believed his own bs the orgs would be flourishing and prospering like never before. And with that, his coffers would be replenished and he could sit on his piles of gold like Scrooge McDuck. And if that were the case, I for one would not be critical as the money would be EARNED with masses of people moving up the Bridge.

    Wishful thinking.

    The reality of the insanity of this “strategy” was highlighted with the recent purchase of a 45,000 square foot building in Denver “to meet the needs of our massive expansion.” Anyone who has ever been to the Denver org will tell you that a morgue is Grand Central by comparison. This “strategy” is ONLY a means to make money and generate PR. In this case, its the same tactic he employed by doing the groundbreaking for the “Super Power” building in CLearwater in the 90’s. Then it was the pending Lisa McPherson criminal charges and he HAD to show the community and public that in spite of the criminal case, we were “flourishing and prospering.” (No need for reminders that the building STILL isnt done nearly 15 years later). Well, next month the murder trial of OT VII Rex Fowler is scheduled in Denver. So, they bought a building. And sent a dozen SO Missionaires out to do “ethics regging” (pull people in on the meter “What is your CI to Clearing the Planet — you havent taken out a second mortgage and given all the money to the Idle Org and you havent reached the limits on your credit card”). Well, they apparently couldnt squeeze enough blood out of the stones and the building had to be gotten for PR purposes, so Dave “ordered” that it just be bought and now the public in Denver are being told they need to raise more millions to “pay back the loan” they took to buy the building.

    Boy, it would be nice if all those people who are being given the tools to “think for themselves” could observe the obvious.

    But then again, people have been running scams since time immemorial and there are always those that fall for them. And especially when the promised return for your contribution and participation is honey and virgins somewhere in your future.

  55. ΘTater/GaryLerner

    It’s a matter of What you give, you shall receive. DM’s “POWER” is a one-way flow to himself. He gives nothing and you get nothing in return. You give all of your POWER to him and you will NOT get any in return. An SP will always reverse Theta to Entheta in order to perceive that he is surviving by sucking the POWER from Theta. The BONEHEAD, DM, thinks that “Must Be Contributed To” is a sound operating basis to survival. Again, that’s a one-way flow. He takes but DOES NOT DELIVER!!!!

  56. Right Tony. Take them at their word. If this is going to save all mankind, why is everyone messing around. They say there are 8,000 SO members. Get every one of them onto OT VII and we are done. All you need do is pay for their food and basic subsistence — every one could RDD Co-Audit up through the Grades and then Solo and there are a lot of already trained NOTs auditors and many more auditors in the SO who are not auditing that could easily train to audit NOTs (I did when I was in the RPF).

    Tony — you are a genius. I think you should send an urgent letter to Dave and let him know you are the genie that can grant him his most cherished wish — planetary clearing!

    Actually, why not overkill it and take all the Class V staff and do the same with them. Hell, the CLass V staff deserve it. Send them money to live on and just have them go full time to get themselves up the bridge. It wouldn’t even use up the interest being made on the money in reserves each week. Let’s get to 12,000 SO members and staff (this is how many the church says there are).

    Boy, we have a few ways to clear the planet like in a year if we just DID what DM says. Only thing is he would need to spend SOME of his money to do it…. I guess that’s the bug. Bummer. A cleared planet and a bright eternity sure would be nice, but…

  57. Tony,
    I agree about the 10k solo NOTS target.

    Back when I was saving souls for a living in the 90’s the game was called “Target 2000” and was meant to accomplish the 10k solo NOTS auditors by the year 2000. Fail

    I came up with a way it could be done real fast. (assuming the psycho at the top were removed)
    I suggested this to some SO execs and friends and was laughed at and/or dismissed.

    Simple: Deliver it at all the AO’s around the world.

    The idea that only Flag can deliver this is a complete farce and only done for revenue reasons.

    If making 10k solo NOTS auditors really would have a dramatic impact on worldwide conditions, then deliver it where people can get to it.
    I was able to get a couple dozen people up to, and on that level from the LA area, but could have gotten hundreds more had it been available there.
    Most people, “upstat” people with jobs and family, simply cannot afford or arrange to leave for months to get onto the level and then commit to bi-annual (and unnecessary) “return/refreshers/fleecing” trips.

    I could derail my own self here by going off about how destructive the “Flag only” pile of horse manure has been to the well being of our noble enterprise. But I will contain that rant for another day.

    Bottom line: they want 10k on the Level? Put me in charge and I’d have it done by the end of the year.

  58. Koolaid: “You’re trying to cut-down our Ideal Orgs and our Superpower building because you are an SP who can’t stand the fact that we’re growing!”

    Indie: “No, actually, I’m wondering why Superpower hasn’t been delivered since the nineteen-seventies, when LRH made it available and ready for enhancing staff around the planet. Further, I’m wondering why we’re making buildings instead of auditors and clears.”

    Koolaid: “COB RTC knows what he’s doing! Management knows what they’re doing! You just can’t stand people getting better!”

    Indie: “What people?”

    Koolaid: “Don’t be 1.1 with ME………. SQUIRREL!”

    Indie: “Fair enough. Listen, you’ve known me for years. You’ve seen me give and receive case gain. We used to have lunch together in the caffeteria. We used to crack eachother up in the courseroom during Bullbait. Right up until the sup wandered over in our direction, that is. You know I’m not an SP.”

    Koolaid: “Well you’re ACTING like one! Why don’t you write-up your OVERTS!”

    Indie: “Let’s bring this thing down a couple notches, okay. What’s going on is, I’m wondering why the public have been taught to be proud of large, elaborate buildings to the point of giving away what could’ve been their Bridge money, and why the buildings I’ve seen are quite empty after five or six decades.”

    Koolaid: “Gee, do you think you could NATTER a little more?!?”

    Indie: “Look, my initial vision for Scientology was having pride in seeing just how many people we could’ve helped. Even if it meant auditing in basements across the planet. And now it seems like the entire emphasis is on our image, the exact reverse of what LRH talks about in QUARTERS, POLICY REGARDING HISTORICAL.”

    Koolaid: “You have MU’s big time!”

    Indie: “Well, you’ve insulted me enough but you haven’t addressed any of my actual concerns.”

    Koolaid: “That’s because I REFUSE to talk to BANK!”

    Indie: “Another insult. Okay….I’m having a hard time here comprehending how far off the rails my religion has gone. We’re supposed to clear the planet but the planet can’t afford the Bridge.”

    Koolaid: “Nice GENERALIZATION!”

    Indie: “Didn’t your husband just file for bankruptcy?”

    Koolaid: “We did the RIGHT THING! Unlike yourself, we contributed to our IDEAL ORG! And the IAS! And SUPERPOWER! And the LIBRARY CAMPAIGN! We have FIVE SETS OF BASICS! We pre-payed on FOUR of the new MARK EIGHT EMETERS you have to have to go full OT! You’d know that if you’d attended the EVENTS! We want to HELP! Scary word for the likes of YOU!”

    Indie: “Alright. Just answer this one thing without an insult, please.”

    Koolaid: “FINE!”

    Indie: “Are you happy?”

  59. ΘTater/GaryLerner

    Mike, I think that the locals in Clearwater would rather have the old Grey Moss building than the S.P. phantasmagorical empty shell that stands there now. I actually miss the old Grey Moss! It had character.

  60. IO: Perfect encapsulation. How true. How sad.

  61. I got the same email as above. I got another one a couple months back. I think in my case, after I posted my email address a few months ago here on this blog, OSA probably added it to their list.

  62. God, I learn a lot from you and Marty.

    I’d never even THOUGHT with the idea of the midget covering his massive overt tracks by propping up glossy buildings in the immediate vicinities as a PR camouflage.

    My confront of evil moves on up a little higher!

  63. I donated to an Ideal Org on the east coast about 7 yrs ago. They ended up buying it back then with about 50% down and the balance on a mortgage. After gutting it (using the field’s free labor) within the first few months, it’s been sitting empty for the last 7 yrs, as the field went broke buying it. Last I heard the staff were trying to raise donos to pay off the balance on the mortage (which is basically ridiculous, because people [the field] used their life savings, retirements, and their own 2nd mortgages to pay for it). Then of course they’ll attempt to raise donos to renovate it. If they don’t end up having to sell it first. *sigh*

  64. Tony DePhillips

    You cut through the bull shit like a hot knife through butter Sam.
    Sorry for the bad imagery on that.

  65. Tony DePhillips


  66. What you are saying is so true, the only sense of urgency is get the money, really off the motivation scale. So DM & Co – use the money you have ‘squirrelled’ away and buy those ideal orgs – you have the ability and can prove to one and all that you really mean business in clearing the planet and let the public get on with it by using their money doing what LRH intended them to do with THEIR money – BUY AUDITING AND TRAINING (this will further the intentions of LRH, if you are in fact trying to follow source)?!?!?! Actually maybe you all should do the EXPANDED confusion formula as you are confusing the true source with DM as the source!!! 1. Locational on the area where one is. 2. Comparing where one is to other areas where one was. 3. Repeat step 1. Then go on to the TREASON formula and on up the scale. (I know wishful thinking) (Probably will need a lot of false data stripping first) Gawd what a mess!!

  67. Tony DePhillips

    Thanks for that Dave.
    The truth is that he doesn’t want it done fast. He has to run a scarcity on it. It’s a con game and he is a con man plain and simple and we KNOW IT!!!
    They say that Marty is a whole track prison warden. Which is bullshit but that really doesn’t sound that bad to me.
    dm is a whole track snake oil salesman. Getting kicked out of town after town. This is his banner year until he gets booted out of this town and it will be his biggest disgrace too!!

  68. Tony DePhillips

    Your clear thinking brings out the best in me Mike!!

  69. A zero gravity 2D flow? Maybe you have confused “floating TA” with “floating T and A”.

  70. Tony DePhillips

    I dedicate this song to you IO. Your “sudden” is like a fine wine or a perfect peice of music to me.

  71. An unsubscribe option ought to be available.

    DM’s OSA Goons should read “Problems Of Work” {a beginner’s book mind you} to recall that every cycle of action begins with start and ends with STOP.

  72. Yet when the ship was being re-fitted, it was fine to deliver OTVIII on land? That one still didn’t make sense to me. If it was necessary, wouldn’t they have gotten another boat for temporary delivery?

  73. Very well put, Mike!
    I wondered about that Real Estate purchase in Denver and didn’t believe that those real estate fund raisers, BBQs, dog & pony shows worked these days; what with quite a few major OT Opinion Leaders declaring independence from Dear Leader’s rip-off scam operating basis.

    It’s pretty clear that there is no intention by Dear Leader, the vulture emperor or Bugs Bunny with his carrots, to achieve Planetary clearing or to move beings to any higher states.

  74. DFB aka Dfb99

    A lot of truth there Sam.
    Those should be major glaring out-points to anyone willing to look.

  75. And, just wait until Rex Fowler’s trial starts next month and all the busy missionaire’s are running around making Denver “Scientology City” complete with a dinner invitation to the Mayor and maybe even a visit from from OSA’s PR machine to promote in Denver:

    “Who? Rex Fowler? I don’t think he was a Scientologist or if he tried to become one they turned him away. Oh, yes, now back to what you were saying about how much inheritance your granfather left you…”

  76. DFB aka Dfb99

    “First off, let me tell you that YOU GUYS are the most powerful thetans around. How do I know? Because you had the guts to show up here tonight (for six hours of crush regging). You guys are the top of the top. You have the CONFRONT to do something about it. I want you guys to give yourselves a BIG HAND for being here and doing something about it!”.

    IAS event (Howard Becker?)

    Not an actual quote, I was just sort of channeling his voice or something.

  77. IO:

    I am new here but I have been reading your stuff.

    I think David Miscavige has some kind of plan in mind, I don’t know how and I know you don’t either, it cannot be seen, but he has some kind of plan in mind that when all of a sudden the people “rush into the orgs for auditing” the orgs, the staff will be there and ready to clear the planet!”

    I realize that is far fetched of an idea, even for DM, but if the planet is going to be cleared then shouldn’t Independents and Free Zoner’s be included in that lot, or will be there be a staff IJC’s on hand at the door of each org waiting for them to show up?

  78. DFB aka Dfb99

    How about looking at the results of his programs?

    GAT didnt fix or improv anything. It didnt open the floodgates as I recall was promised at the event.
    Drills simulators? Worthless IMO. GAT drills? If you’ve done them you know in your gut they are wrong.
    GAK didnt fix or improv anything.

    None of his programs that are shown at the events with such fanfare as the solution ever really produce anything. The orgs are still empty. There are less auditors trained. There are less clears and OT’s.
    At best it’s just been introduction of one BIG arbitrary after another.

  79. Mike, when you compare one stable datum to another the contrast is sometimes very telling. Compare LRH’s way of building an org to DMs money/mest extrvaganzas.

    LRH: Get people routed into the org via FSMs and give them a personality analysis. Then get them on an inexpensive course that will blow their socks off, handle something in their life. Give them more Div 6 actions until they reach for Auditing or auditor training and then give it to them. Train lots of auditors and C/Ses in orgs and expand the facilities per the ethics conditions formulas.

    DM: First of all deep-6 LRH materials. Build a gigantic org and make the field pay for it. Blackmail OT VII’s and VIII’s into being execs for that org. Don’t bother training them on OEC or FEBC because the admin tech doesn’t work. Just give them streams of orders from DM to make sure the event’s going to be full in their city and that the next “release” is overpriced enough to make a pile of money. Block the exits of the event so public can’t get out until they purchase the “release”. Post IAS regges in the orgs, give them impossible monitary targets and make them get it. Get a new public into the org, don’t show them the LRH film, show them the film where some asshole tells them they are insane/suicidal if they aren’t a Scientologist just to make sure we show them what real arrogance is. Then send them to the fund-raisers and fleece them for everything they have. Give them nothing in return.

    Man-o-man. What a disaster the current scene is. People say: “Should we use the execs that are there to rebuild Scientology once DM is gone. No, LRH said you cannot build a broken society with broken people.

    ML Tom

  80. Scott Campbell

    This reminds me of something that happened at work not too long ago. I was at the Monday morning “product conference” at one of the job sites for the construction company that I work for.

    The project manager made this flowery speech where he read (in a tone of apathy, while reclining and slumped down in an executive chair, mind you) from a prepared script that was supposed to motivate the supervisors and foremen to get the workers excited about production, and how if we could just have “enthusiasm” we would be able to meet our production targets.

    The speech began with this quote from Ralph Waldo Emerson :
    “Enthusiasm is the mother of effort, and without it nothing great was ever achieved.”

    The speech was received with the same apathy with which it was delivered.

    At this point I said: “Excuse me Jerry, do you mind if I say something?” He said “Sure, Scott”.

    And off I went.

    I said, “I don’t agree with the statement, “Enthusiasm is the mother of effort”. I would say that a better statement would be, “Production is the basis of morale.” You see, there are three conditions of existence Do, Have and Be. In the cycle of production first you have DO – do, produce and or present a product that is needed and wanted. And what do you get from that? Added Value. By producing the products that are needed and wanted you HAVE added value and you HAVE the satisfaction of producing a product that contributes to the completion of the project. When you HAVE that added value and satisfaction, then you can BE. You can BE happy, you can BE enthusiastic, You can BE a valued worker, a successful foreman or supervisor and so on. So you see, ONLY by producing a valuable product will you then be enthusiastic – NOT the other way around.”

    Several people actually clapped when I was done and the Project Manager said, “Well said, Scott. I’m going to have to invite you out here more often.” (Normally I’m not out in the field because I’m the shop mechanic. I work at the construction yard)

    The group came up tone and as the meeting broke up one of the foreman said, “You heard the man, let’s go produce!” They were all smiles as they left the meeting. Afterward, the PM came up to me and said “Hey I really liked that, could you write that down for me?” I said sure and did a quick write up for him before leaving to do my own production.

    The point is, (and this is for those Church of Must-have-ology members out there) is that this is not fucking Rocket-Science. Do, Have, Be. Production is the basis of morale. What could be more simple.

    Freed beings, THAT is our product. Nothing else. Not buildings. Not statuses. Not fancy MEST. Nothing else.

    Freed Beings.


  81. theystolemychurch

    I think walking barefoot on your lawn is probably the best “de-charger” that you can get…… But, the beach is really nice, also.

  82. Tony DePhillips

    Spot on channeling. Did you hear him saying something about his 10% cut??

  83. Sounds like a kind of “disneyland” for gullible public, with hi-tech rides and special effects to put participants at effect as much as possible.

  84. Scott Campbell


    Here’s a few “Think for yourself” critical thinking skills quotes:

    But if thought is to become the possession of many, not the privilege of the few, we must have done with fear. It is fear that holds men back — fear lest their cherished beliefs should prove delusions, fear lest the institutions by which they live should prove harmful, fear lest they themselves should prove less worthy of respect than they have supposed themselves to be. ~ Bertrand Russell

    You assist an evil system most effectively by obeying its orders and decrees. An evil system never deserves such allegiance. Allegiance to it means partaking of the evil. A good person will resist an evil system with his or her whole soul. ~ Mahatma Gandhi

    During times of universal deceit, telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act. ~ George Orwell

    Big Government and Big Business … will try to impose social and cultural uniformity upon adults and their children. To achieve this they will (unless prevented) make use of all the mind-manipulating techniques at their disposal and will not hesitate to reinforce these methods of non-rational persuasion by economic coercion and threats of physical violence. If this kind of tyranny is to be avoided, we must begin without delay to educate ourselves and our children for freedom and self-government. Such an education for freedom should be … first of all in facts and in values — the facts of individual diversity and genetic uniqueness and the values of freedom, tolerance and mutual charity, which are the ethical corollaries of these facts. ~ Aldous Huxley

    The voice of protest, of warning, of appeal is never more needed than when the clamor of fife and drum, echoed by the press and too often by the pulpit, is bidding all men fall in and keep step and obey in silence the tyrannous word of command. Then, more than ever, it is the duty of the good citizen not to be silent. ~ Charles Eliot Norton

    The trouble with the world is that the stupid are cocksure and the intelligent are full of doubt. ~ Bertrand Russell

    The propagandist’s purpose is to make one set of people forget that certain other sets of people are human. ~ Aldous Huxley

    The shepherd always tries to persuade the sheep that their interests and his own are the same. ~ Stendhal

    The great masses of the people…will more easily fall victims to a big lie than to a small one. ~ Adolf Hitler

    The trouble with most folks isn’t so much their ignorance, as knowing so many things that ain’t so. ~ Josh Billings

    I have sworn upon the altar of God eternal hostility against every form of tyranny over the mind of man. ~ Thomas Jefferson

    Men become civilized, not in proportion to their willingness to believe, but in their readiness to doubt. ~ H. L. Mencken

    We are all tolerant enough of those who do not agree with us, provided only they are sufficiently miserable. ~ David Grayson

    We learn from history that we do not learn from history. ~ George Wilhelm Hegel

    There is no slavery but ignorance. Liberty is the child of intelligence.
    ~ Robert G. Ingersoll

    The means by which we live have outdistanced the ends for which we live. Our scientific power has outrun our spiritual power. We have guided missiles and misguided men. ~ Martin Luther King, Jr.

    He that would make his own liberty secure must guard even his enemy from oppression. ~ Thomas Paine, 1795

    The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing. ~ Edmund Burke, 1770

    The hottest places in hell are reserved for those who in a period of moral crisis maintain their neutrality. ~ John F. Kennedy

  85. theystolemychurch

    Have, have, have have have have have have MEST…. money and buildings.

    The dwarf is ACTUALLY a mest being. This is most likely why he makes fun of OTs…. and is afraid of thetans.

    Anyone that is even a little “up a little higher” absolutely knows that mest can enslave a thetan.

    Let’s not tell him, though. He just wouldn’t understand.

    The definition of mest being is in the Technical dictionary published around 1979 or so….

  86. Marty- have we started eceiving messages from outer space now?


  87. Raul- Thank you for the reply. I am still unsure how I got it because I RARELY post on this or Mark’s site for the simple reason I don’t want those junk emails. This is my first post in over a year. Obviously this is something I should just ignore and let go. Thank you again.

  88. This post needs flashing lights around it!

  89. Tommy Davis to the press:
    “And since we removed Mr. Fowler from our church, long before he shot his employee and himself, our statistics have been simply BOOMING!”…

  90. I do thank you, Mr. DePhillips.
    But…I thought you liked beer?

  91. “They would use the LRH reference stating that there were only about 10,000 people on Earth that could do a little leading or steering.”

    You mean it’s over 9000 ?

  92. Davey is right in many ways:
    The blind is leading the blind and new conditions are reached you never dared to dream about. The SP’s will go to prison. A new breed of auditor is created. Scientology gets world wide coverage and experiences unprecedented expansion while shaking the rafters of society. Scientologists move into a complete new era of operation and unknown states of being. Stats are straight and vertical. The release of super power only needs a couple of hundred more auditors and some buildings. Target are stiff and either met or no sleep. And orders are enforced, literally.

  93. They are probably tired, slammed, out-ruds, and unable to think straight, no matter the training cert on the wall or rolled up in the drawer. Imagine trying to get a proper eval through whoever is AVC authority these days!

    I have wondered, do today’s OSA staff have unrestricted access to all data, or are staff allowed only limited “need-to-know” access? Do all OSA staff have freedom to peruse anything and everything that’s on the net, the books published, the media reports and interviews, surveys, etc? Are OSA staff allowed free use of cell phones, personal computers, personal vehicles, tv/radio? Do they have open access to all org, continental, and int. OICs? Do OSA people even have free access to economic and political and social data so that they can do estimates and analyses? They ought to (as any other human being ought).

    I suspect not. So it is probably the proverbial garbage in/garbage out.

    Here is one reason that change and a public reckoning will be forced on the C of M and DM personally: The probability that today’s young, potential new scientologists, the kids of digital generation, will ever accept restrictions on their media access is near zilch. They might be attracted into the church with some glitz and intro courses, but tell them they can’t surf to the satisfaction of their curiosity – HA! Out the door…and rightfully so.

    OSA, it’s a new world. LRH predicted it! What a perfect definition he wrote for a computer way back in the early 1950s – “a servo-mechanism to the human mind.” Love it.


  94. Off topic, but does anyone know when the next good poll will be taken on religious patronage? Would be really interesting to see as compared to the most recent 2008 numbers of only approximately 25k admitted Scientologists in the entire world. Btw, my source on my above number is ARIS 2008.

  95. The Miscavage Ponzi scheme will fall apart as any other fraudulent pyramid investment scheme – there will come a point when the “investors” (Scientologists) will want to see some “return on their money”. A Ponzi investment scheme depends on more and more new investors being found to pay existing investors some (false, non-generated) return on investment (ROI).

    The few Idle Morgues are this false ROI that people buy into – for a while.
    Eventually they will see that the carrots held up were rotten.

    Idle Orgs are a “requirement” to planetary clearing: Scientology was BIGGER the further back you go: 10, 20, 30 years back it was bigger – in old and often downstat buildings – too many still remember that time for it to be forgotten.

    Super Power “requires” the SP Building: the c of m features publics (e.g. Feshbach) having completed the SP Rundowns in their promo – can anyone please explain how someone could complete this RD without this building being complete? It’s a contrary fact in my book.

    (Hypothetical as not public yet – the all-new Mark Super-Duper VIII Meter is “required” to go OT – this blog might even spoil the release of that meter and DM has to invent the Mark XXX to have something “new”). Does this mean that nobody made it to OT 7 and 8 with the old meters? Did nobody ever really go Clear on Dianetics – without even a meter?

    All this “new” stuff, in the world of c of m, CANCELS out and invalidates all “old” stuff and makes it even illegal to use: GAT made it illegal for pre-GAT auditors to audit, the new books made it illegal to read old books – it’s just a matter of time (following this “logic”) before “old orgs” will be made illegal and only Idle Morgues will be allowed to open their doors (c of m ONLY promotes Ideal Morgues – the rest virtually doesn’t exist anymore and is not even mentioned).

    What an Ideal Scene, Davy!!!!

    Eventually, and hopefully soon, enough people will see that all this “having to have before you can do” is a very destructive form of Dev-T (and obviously is the Have-Do-Be cycle that will never result in any product – as it’s another way of saying that “I have to HAVE the product before I can ‘have the product’ …”)

  96. Here’s what Ron said about Super Power in RJ 30:

    (Begin Fair Use)

    2. SUPER POWER. A super fantastic, but confidential series of rundowns that
    can be done on anyone whether Dianetic Clear or not that puts the person into fantastic
    shape unleashing the super power of a thetan. This is the means that puts Scientologists
    into a new realm of ability enabling them to create the New World. It puts world
    Clearing within reach in the future. This is a parallel rundown to Power in Saint Hills
    which is taken by the Dianetic Clear. It consists of 12 separate high power rundowns
    which are brand new and enter realms of the tech never before approached. Power is
    still very much in use on the Grade Chart but is for those who didn’t go Clear on
    Dianetics. Super Power will be delivered at Saint Hills within the next 6 weeks as we
    are right now super grooming the Super Power auditors in a special international
    course. It will be delivered in almost all languages.
    The New World Corps is being formed and trained this very minute, candidates
    for which must be Class IV, OT IIIs. Orgs were once promised Power for their staffs.
    If org staff are very, very good and get on policy and everything. they will one
    day look up and see a New World Corps team move in on them, and then…. New
    World Corps mean just that!

    (End Fair Use)

    As we know.

    Super Power wasn’t released in 6 wks due to “technical difficulties” which meant getting TRs in first and had Ron working on an extensive eval known as WOC (World Out of Comm) because he ran into difficulties in actually training auditors to deliver the RD flawlessly.

    (There’s one RD which became part of Super Power that had been released earlier as the “Bright Think RD” which was withdrawn that if it isn’t flattened will leave the Pre OT stuck on the track and in full revivification.

    Plus there are several others that are pure dynamite if run incorrectly.)

    Anyway for this reason Super Power was put on the “back burner”.

    However because of the research into Super Power and training auditors on Super Power there have been several RDs that have since been released.

    These include the HRD, CRL, SGF, the CTPs as part of Pro TRS, KTL and LOC.

    NWC was assigned with the task of training auditors for Super Power and exporting it to SHs but was side tracked by various other programs and was eventually counter ordered out of existence.

    OT IX was supposed to be released after a certain number of Pre OTs had reached the level of OT VIII.

    Well we know what happened to that target.

    If not.

    It was shifted to when all orgs were SH size OT IX would be released which was later transmogrified to when all orgs become “Ideal Orgs”.

    Regarding the Running Program.

    It was developed after Super Power and was *never* part of Super Power.

    Anyway maybe the carrot and stick has a lot to do with it but personally I feel that thanks to Miscavige’s “brilliant” leadership (from the POV of SMERSH that is) the Orgs are incapable of delivering any of those RDs.

    I mean they’ve gotten to a point where they can’t even run objectives right!

    And they’re just stalling for time.

    My 2 cents.

  97. ++++ Ladies & Gentlemen: The Show must go On! ++++

    You are so clear, bright and right, by everything you are saying.

    Just a very insane, greedy, psychotic person with a very very very very very very very very very very very very low, bad and twisted Havingness and personality disturbance would act like this, asking for more and more money, MEST, possession, estates, ownership instead of using the invaluable Technology of the Scientology Religion to enhance and free people.
    Welcome to Planet Earth.

    Sometimes in future we will hear about the story: “Two wise man while fishing or not-fishing, but telling incredible story’s, brought down a whole “$hurch”!
    I just like this legend!

    Thank you so much Marty, Mike and Christie for standing tall and everything you are doing here and now.

    “If I have fought for a quarter of a century, most of it alone, to keep this work from serving to uphold the enslavers of Man, to keep it free from some destructive ‘pitch’ or slant, then you can certainly carry that motif a little further.”
    LRH, Scientology: Clear Procedure, Issue One, December 1957;
    Tech Volumes, Vol. 4, p. 199

  98. Hi! Raul!!
    I read some of these rumors and nonsense… everything fits to the tone level of the current church…

  99. Margaret,

    The sheer corporate GREED of DM’s cult is quite something.
    They are sitting with GOBs of money.
    In one account alone, SO reserves, there is $1 billion or more.
    This does not take into account Building Reserves such as Super Power Regging and FSO regging and so on.

    In spite of DM’s cult sitting with this type of $$$$, the raping of the little guy to takeout his 2nd mortgage and get in high credit card debt is unconscionable.

    I know a gouged woman in the San Francisco Bay area. She had a multi-million dollar home overlooking San Francisco Bay with million dollar views.

    She now lives in a one room as a boarder. Her entire wealth is gone. ALL Gone. Can you guess who sucked it all out of her ?

  100. DM is the fool of the fools. Since 1985 he could have had all the auditing he wanted done by the best auditors of the world, for free. And he could have had all the money he wanted on top of that. Now he only has money.
    After he drops his body he is tin cuped and put on a shelf alongside the other fools. Maybe some million years later he can do his RPF. Maybe.

  101. Mike and Marty,
    Very good video. Good and useful content.
    It has been reported over and over and over and over
    By the Print Media
    By TV programs
    By Judges in Law Courts
    By Authors in Books
    By Journalists and others on the Internet

    that the Church is organized to extract the maximum amount of money to each and every Parishioner.

    Inside it has been considered an “ENEMY LINE.”

    Not only is it true, the Vulture Regging has gone to a new high with IAS regging and Ideal Orgs regging. Sucking out $$$$$$ for no exchange.
    But The point is milking the same cows dry reaches a limit.
    Everyone has limitations.

    So new members are needed.

    Anyone see the the new TV commercials with Steve Hall’s slogan “Know Thyself, Know Life?” One aired on Sunday Evening during CBS “60 minutes” their old enemy ~~ that had done 2-3 Mike Wallace sizzling attacks.

    Shot-gun advertising to general and no particulat public when they are rated below Radical Muslim and Atheism by Gallup Poll.

  102. It was nice reading this post, Scott. It inspired me to disseminate more.

  103. Margaret is right, a person should treat their E-mail address like they treat their underwear. Be careful who you share them with.

  104. The commercial didn’t run in our market on 60 minutes, so they must have only been able to afford certain local markets. But an even bigger question is why are they wasting their money on 60 minutes? The demographic of viewers for 60 minutes is older people. That is why you see ads for big pharma, benefiber, etc… that is the target audience for 60 minutes. If the PR wasn’t so bad, the biggest reach for services would be from younger people – college students who are open to change the world, help themselves, etc…

  105. Thankyou for the explanation related to Ideal orgs.Certaintly explains the misuse of dollrs public keep giving .

  106. Mike — Also this: To deliver SOLO NOTS is OUTFLOW. To collect money to deliver SOLO NOTS is INFLOW. That’s why the public is the target for SOLO NOTS delivery = more INFLOW. To deliver SOLO NOTS to staff, even on a Read It, Drill It, Do It basis, is OUTFLOW and MORE OUTFLOW. It would never fly.

    This is also probably why Super Power will be promoted and delivered to the public = INFLOW. Although originally intended for the staff, it simply doesn’t create INFLOW. H

  107. Now is the time for an Air Force One for the leader of leaders….

  108. Church Members? Degraded to vampire fodder. God, do I want that sucking game to fold up for good!

  109. YES!!!!!!!

  110. Yes, Tony and Mike, simple math.
    So, what’s the REAL answer to “Why isn’t it just DONE DONE DONE?!”

  111. theystolemychurch — You state: “The definition of mest being is in the Technical dictionary published around 1979 or so….”

    I couldn’t find this! Could you please quote the definition? H

  112. Ex-Kool-Aid-Drinker

    As an OEC graduate, I found myself perplexed at some of these off-policy programs such as IAS, Ideal Org strategy, Reg fests at events, off policy magazines and promotion, etc. You can take pretty much any policy out of the OEC and you will find it being mis-applied in some degree more and less by the David Miscavige regime. Back then I believed that it was because I did not get the OEC and had MUs that I could not apply the data. Truth is that whenever you tried to apply one of these PLs down to the letter, you got shot from guns.

    At one of the Staff briefings Miscavige degraded the OEC saying something to the effect off (paraphrase) “The current OEC is laid out in the wrong sequence not taking into consideration various lines and therefore people who have done it are confused and can’t apply the data”. As usual for Miscavige he is from an other universe and this is the wrong why.

    The real why in my opinion as to why people can’t apply the data in the OEC is because the subject of running Scientology organizations has been permeated with hidden data from DM. You don’t believe it, try applying the Membership policy in OEC Vol 6 and see how long it takes for you to get shot down from guns. Or try to produce your own magazine…. (good luck) The funny thing is that DM has never run a Scientology organization, never dealt with the day to day activities of running an org, never audited anyone to their betterment but is forcing on everyone else his wicked know best about how to do things.

  113. The reference you are looking for is FPRD Series No. 1 — and I mean the original one — not the revised edition which left out the “priests”.

  114. “It´s a basic tool of the insane to maintain their own stability by unstabilizing everyone else.”
    HCO PL 20 aug. 1971, Musical chairs.

  115. You’ll never know; the super duper new VIII meters don’t need a TA counter because it’s useless and nobody will miss it anyhow. What do you need TA for?

  116. Marty and Mike,

    I love these sea-side chats. They’re quite informative and enlightening. Yeah, and downright entertaining. During today’s viewing I came to understand the psychotic runt as the ecclesiastical equivalent of Caligula. I’ve attached a movie clip that drives that allegorical point home. It’s striking…………

  117. Interesting – your post-OEC-training experience: it became almost an “everybody knows” datum that OEC/FEBC trainees failed – they just didn’t make a difference to the scene. I guess we operated on the wrong why of them “not having duplicated policy”. A probably much more workable why is much simpler: they were never allowed to apply it and if they did, were shot from guns and so, inevitably, “failed”.

  118. That answer can’t be that Davey hates Clears and OT’s, hates Scientology and LRH, hates case gain and IQ, hates free and able beings, hates happy and prospering families, hates a planet without eternal problems, hates conditions without consistent emegencies, hates personal abilities and awareness. It can’t be that Davey goes complete coconuts at the thought alone that somebody becomes better, more powerful, smarter, stronger, better perceived, admired and hapier than his Royalty himself. It can’t be that any LRH Process works better than his grounding techniques, mind control and violent punishments. Impossible that anyone would live his life in peace with his fellow men; can’t happen, will not happen, ever, as long as his royal ass breath shows on a mirror!

  119. Money is never the cause; O/W’s are. An SP is super afraid of everbody. He is terified of anyone becomming better or stronger than him. He lives his live to kill off or at least put in permanent lock down the rest of the human race. He is sooooooo terified that if his opponents get loose, they’ll do the same things to him as what he has done to them. He must obsessively take down his enemies and everybody is his enemy. He’ll work diligently on that basic obsession till his dying days. He’ll rather kill himself than face his victims or be held accountable.

  120. I just read some of the its insane there are sea org member full time on that “hat”

  121. Independent Scientologist

    The current church is a reflection of Miscavige’s values: money and prestige (wallowing in one’s own self-importance). I have seen the opinion written that DM is simply an extension of what LRH himself did. During ’66 and ’67, I worked, saved, and AP’d to St Hill for my SHSBC, Clearing Course, and OT I-VI. Upon arrival in East Grinstead in early ’68, I was delivered the services for which I had prepaid. I was never asked for an additional dime. In addition, I became Class VIII, OT VI and the only confessional I had had was my Joberg on Grade II. Compare that with today where eligibility cycles are nothing but extortion ploys and sec checks are used to encourage parishioners to buy their way out of ethics trouble. There is no longer any thought given to “Clean Hands Make a Happy Life.” They want the MONEY!! By the way, my SHSBC cost less that my roundtrip fare on Pan Am from O’Hare to Heathrow.

  122. Dang. My husband, Independent Scientologist, has been using my laptop again!

  123. You guys are just jealous that COB took us off the beaten path and won anyways. Here’s some new dead agent material I found on a site laying out why the Indies are catatonic with rage because Dave is flourishing and prospering into the teeth of the natter:

    “Overall Expansion

    * Total assets and property holdings of the Church of Scientology internationally have more than doubled since 2004.

    * The combined size of Church premises increased from nearly 5.6 million square feet in 2004 to 12.1 million square feet in 2010.

    * The Church has acquired more than 70 buildings since 2004 in major population centers around the world.

    * The Church has completed over 400,000 square feet of renovations of new premises this year alone. In addition, currently under construction are over 700,000 square feet, including Churches in Sacramento, Melbourne, Clearwater and Tel Aviv.

    * Over 9,000 Scientology Churches, Missions and affiliated groups exist in 165 nations, four times in just ten years.

    * The number of people newly introduced to Scientology and starting on training or counseling per week exceeds 26 times any previous week in history.”

    There’s more stats but they deal with number of guinness world records etc., all pleasant stuff but it’s really only the last two you can bite into. Assuming this new wave can be best reflected in first starts, if international first starts were 300 highest ever up till now (that’s two per org, lumping in the org’s missions – keeping the number way too low or it gets astronomical), then according to Dave they’ve recently experienced 26 times that amount. That’s 7,800 first starts in one week! That’s 52 per org with 150 orgs. Obviously crazy, but is it really? Factor in the fabian field groups. Cut that in half to 26 first starts per org because the 8600 field groups (“9000” minus orgs and missions) probably account for the other 3900 intro service starts per week. Somebody’s renting stadiums.
    The new average first service starts exceeds previous Bodies in the shop, wow. Bottom line, count on 31,200 first service starts over the next month, or vastly more considering this math breakdown is so handicapped in Dave’s favor you have to pretend like Milano div 6 etc never existed. Div 6’s just got 26x more effective in spite of Tampa, Buffalo and the industrial park orgs dragging the averages down. I think Dave’s new carrot is going to be his false reports but brought to a whole new level. Shout out to OSA.

  124. Great post Scott!

  125. “By the way, my SHSBC cost less that my roundtrip fare on Pan Am from O’Hare to Heathrow.”

    The 1982 LRH eval called “The solution to inflation” which I’ve never read, was to handle inflation I’m assuming. If 3 dollars now equals 1 dollar in the 60’s, or whatever the actual figure is, then that’s what services should cost is 4 times as much, or similarly the cost of living increase should be approximated into the equation or whatever. I’d be interested in how far above and beyond inflation the prices have been raised, because as far as I know LRH intended as much as possible to keep prices at whatever level they were always at, but added inflation only, into the equation to raise prices. I mean I bet Dave must have raised prices above and beyond the inflation rate? I’ve never seen the math on it but it sure seems that way. 1992-2007 for example were very good years for the economy and there were lots of jobs and living standards were high but prices for services stayed high too.

  126. Tony DePhillips

    Ha, ha!! And I am SURE you are one of them!! Want to sign up for Solo Nots now??

  127. Tony DePhillips

    I enjoy a nice red wine from time to time also.
    I don’t always drink beer , but when I do, I prefer Dos XX’s. (from the most intersting man in the world commercials)

  128. Tony DePhillips

  129. From Wikipedia regarding Caligula:

    “… the sources focus upon his cruelty, extravagance, and sexual perversity, presenting him as an insane tyrant. While the reliability of these sources has been questioned, what is known is that during his brief reign, Caligula worked to increase the authority of the emperor. He directed much of his attention to ambitious construction projects and notoriously luxurious dwellings for himself…”

    Sort of puts a macabre spin on “We come Back”.


    Office of COB

    Re: The Financial Future of Scientology

    1. Ideal Org Program

    Upon completion of the Ideal Org program, orgs across the planet are going to be flooded with millions and millions of brand new public . This is going to create a new problem: orgs will be too small for the giant crowds and will no longer be Ideal. This is obvious not an Ideal Ideal Org program and we cannot have that.

    Rather than wait until orgs are once again non-ideal, we’re going to solve this problem before we are the effect of it. Starting immediately we are initiating an intensive campaign for the Ideal Ideal Org Program which will consist of purchasing at least one skyscraper along with its accompanying entire city block in every major city throughout the world, allowing for inconceivable potential expansion. Now, THAT’S what we call a Truly Ideal Ideal Org program and will bring us that much closer to a Cleared Planet.

    2. Nation of Islam Utilization Program

    A recent in-depth eval revealed our Nation of Islam parishioners to be woefully underutilized. In our usual style of maximizing ALL available resources, we will be introducing the new Nation of Islamic Scientology Juggernaut Campaign, spearheaded by thousands of members going door to door throughout the country selling a special one-of-a-kind shoe polish.

    This multi-billion dollar market will give us immediate access to vast untapped resources and provides an unprecedented opportunity for dissemination. The Golden Age of Shoe Shine Technology drills which are being drawn up will demonstrate beyond the shadow of a doubt the superiority of Scientology technology to the masses, causing them to reach for the Tech in ways never previously imagined.

    3. Auctioning of Upper OT Levels

    It makes no sense to release further OT levels to our current public if they have not even truly completed their Objectives and were found to be falsely Clear. However, this is no reason to prevent them from securing the remainder of their journey to Total Freedom.

    The majority of Scientologists have not yet purchased OT IX and X, much less OT XI through XV. Hard won experience has shown us that not everyone is going to make it up the Bridge. To simply offer the remaining priceless OT levels for sale would be to devalue them as being too easily available. A recent donation analysis has opened our eyes to the fact that the majority of our donations come from a small percentage of our elite public who have the ability to make it financially go right on an almost unlimited basis.

    Our ‘True OT: What’s It Worth?’ campaign which is almost ready for release, entails auctioning one thousand packages of OT IX through XV to the most able of our parishioners despite where they currently are on the Bridge. Our most able public will hold the sole rights to these packages and will be able to trade them like commodities to those who eventually become eligible. This is a win-win-win situation across the boards, allowing the more able to immediately secure the rest of their upper Bridge, while providing the Church with more energy to get the show on the road across the vast horizons in which we operate on the fourth dynamic, AND giving those elite supporters of freedom a return on their investment. There are a few remaining kinks being ironed out with the IRS on this matter, but it is now nearly complete.

    4. Total Freedom Lay-Away Plan

    Not enough has been done to help the financially-challenged parishioner secure their Bridge. The age-old tradition of the ‘Lay-Away Plan’ has simply been overlooked, but is now about to be rejuvenated and utilized to its maximum impact. The new release of our ‘Build Your Own Bridge’ program will introduce a unique custom-designed software package that will simulate not only WHAT the parishioner will look like after he completes each step of his undone Bridge, but how much BETTER his life will be as a result. Customizable by entering in the parishioners own ruin and life circumstances, the proprietary Algorithmic Life Comparison software will present future digital images and simulated video clips that will evolve as the parishioner progresses on his lay-away plan. Used as a screensaver on desktops, laptops, iPods, iPads and smartphones, it will act as a constant Purpose Rejuvenation Process to keep them on target.

    Here’s to a bright and shiny future for us all!

    Love, KRC and Prediction,
    Captain David Miscavige
    Chairman of the Board, RTC

  131. The prices have been raised way above any inflation rate. Plus, there was no known end to the increase. One just didn’t know when the increase would end. A book could cost $ 100 (in Europe).

    Just a hunch without any data to support it other than DM’s personality and his presence at a point of command at that time: was it DM who took it over the top?

  132. Mike
    Great idea.

    However I sincerely doubt that David Miscavige will ever let the public “have” the “carrot”. First of all, I am in serious doubt that DM believes his own PR for a moment. He HAS to continue the fraud because he “KNOWS” (believes) that it is all a scam in the first place.
    OT IX and X, Do they even really exist? Seems questionable that there is anything in a usable form.
    Super Power has been sooo oversold that DM has got to be certain that it will fall WAY short of his rantings.
    He is probably fully aware that the “church” collapsing.
    Besides he likely personally has no idea that ANY of the bridge is workable as he has seemingly never partaken of but a whiff of it, and every day he “proves” (in his own mind) that HE is already more powerful than any OT VIII.
    I would have to guess he is going to push the ponzi scam for all it’s worth, until he has milked the public dry, or they turn on him full scale, and then he figures he will bail with the funds.
    That is probably why he is so afraid of the Independent Field, because it is “ruining his game”.

    Well David Miscavige… The Independent Field is “all in”.
    Time to show your cards!


  133. IO,

    My comm cycle went like this:

    Commanding Officer: You haven’t been around in a long time.

    Yeah, I’ve been applying LRH policy.

    Commanding Officer: Have you been visiting those “other” websites?

    What are you talking about?

    Commanding Office: I’d like to see you helping out.

    I am.

    Commanding Officer: How?

    By applying LRH tech and policy and nothing else.

    Commanding Officer: I sense something bothering you.

    No not really, but it would be nice to see others applying only LRH green on white and read on white.

    Commanding Officer: Hey, I know there are some problems that need fixing.

    Agreed, but are you willing to really look at or just consider the worst case senerio?

    Commanding Officer: Not sure what you mean. Let stay in comm. We’ll talk soom more later.

    Ok, love you dude.

  134. Something which has baffled me is how DM convinced people that public are going to flood into the ideal orgs for auditing. Posh org premises do one of two things:

    1. high tone level potential public wonders where all that money came from for the posh MEST, assumes (correctly) that it is a money motivated organization and stays away.
    2. low tone level potential public’s bank is restimulated by the posh MEST, walks in under the unconscious command of returning to the implant station. Further reinforced by the automated div 6 “enlightenment” stations”. Good setup for further implanting, bad for freedom.

  135. DFB aka Dfb99

    You know he never mentioned that. Neither did Jeff Pomerantz. Michael Roberts or any of those guys. For some reason they forgot to mention that.

  136. Yeah the price for the BC should in theory still be near the range of the airfare’s price because the airfares inflated at the same rate.

  137. Tony Dephillips

    OMFG!! OTDT you are a funny, funny guy. I could barely read that it was so funny. The auction and lay away program sound great!! JEEZ, I hope mud cabbage isn’t reading this.

  138. Scott Campbell

    Thanks guys,

    It means a lot to me to receive such wonderful acknowledgments from incredible and caring beings like you.


  139. Or even: Build Your Own Bridge! The old grade chart was an arbitrary. Why shouldn’t a pc decide what actions they choose to do and in what sequence? Mix and match! Why not! Because we’re gonna invalidate the gains once you get the top, so why not do OT III first, and then take the scenic route back to ARC Straightwire. They key being that the pc is in charge. Your bridge. Your choice.

  140. OTDT strikes again!

    I had forgotten that some people have already paid for IX AND X. Certainly grounds for repayment for non-delivery…how many years has it been?

    All who have been chosen as the “able ones” have been thoroughly verified by the latest up-to-date IAS status records. Don’t risk the possibility of dropping down on the list…DONATE today!

  141. Just had a flyer from London Org showing what an Idle O is like ‘day to day’. Lots of small photographs that could be of any old Org – one shot of a person carrying books, another of someone on course, another of a VIP shaking hands etc etc. No concrete signs of a boom just a few images they could quite frankly have gotten off the web.
    Those who remortgaged their homes five years ago for ‘unprecedented expansion’ must be thinking ‘somethings not quite right here..

  142. Haaaa!

    “Free Lay-a-way application form with your first donation flow.”


    Office of COB

    Re: The Financial Future of Scientology

    5. Theta-One Credit Card Strategy

    In his brilliance, COB RTC Mr. David Miscavige, has announced the release of the only credit card any on-board Scientologist need ever own. Said card will be automatically issued against the current stockpile of IAS funds at a ratio of one-hundred-thousand dollars loaned for every dollar currently residing in IAS coffers. That’s right! We are prepared to loan one-hundred-thousand- billion dollars to the Scientology field at large! Non-masturbators are subject to an interest rate of 37%, as they are less prone to current mandatory Sec Checking and are therefore considered to be in Treason. A generous 31% interest rate (All hail Miscavige!), applies to all non-celebrity Scientology frequent masturbators, as these are considered to be ideal Scientolgists. Celebrity Scientologists publicly praising Mr. Tom Cruise not less than once per 30 days will now receive their Bridge and all subsequent, blanket C/S retreads for a flat fee of one million US dollars (Each mandatory retread costing an additional one-hundred-thousand). Individuals refusing to accept their Theta-One card will be subject to immediate Sec Checking for C/I, at their expense, via their Theta-One accounts, at interest, of course.

    For questions, contact your local ethics terminal IMMEDIATELY, as we don’t currently allow any.



    Office of COB

    Re: The Financial Future of Scientology

    Apparently there was some confusion on the part of celebrity Scientologists regarding the flat fee on their Bridge and subsequent mandatory retreads?

    Well, you are hereby assigned the condition of confusion for causing COB RTC Mr. David Miscavige to have to fucking re-explaing himself!

    Do NOT test me, you incompetent c#@!-suckers!

    Just PAY!!!


  145. OTDT,

    You should be franchised. Naaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhh- Syndicated!!!!
    Good, well-intentioned, humor melts lies and confusion. (Especially when directed at the master of Jokers and Degraders: COB.) Keep it up.

    My heart-felt thanks and admiration, Tom

  146. Sarge
    Thanks for the perfect ack!

  147. Silvia
    Anyone who made it to OT VIII on a mere lifetime membership earned the right to say they DID make it! ha ha

  148. Leonore,

    OSA’s just a substitute for the GO.

    (see where “substitute” is on the Havingness Scale ie near the bottom)

    As SA said in an earlier post they have no intel capability in other words as GO staffers put it no ability to predict “which way cats are going to jump” because under current “management” they are in full operational mode.

    (think dirty deeds done dirt cheap or black ops)

    B1 for the most part was known as the Information or Intel Bureau but OSA ain’t got none of that. They just mindlessly act and act mindlessly based on very little or no intel.

    (By the way anyone who worked in B1 had to do the full DSEC and internship.

    So it is more than likely that many of the current OSA execs are GO retreads)

    Their DSEC pack is probably being used as a paper weight or door stop and whatever true data they had has been replaced by erroneously false data and have they have gone into the “winning valence” of those who overwhelmed them which was the autocratic structure established after the GO was “disbanded”.

    You know the autocratic structure that placed a guy who couldn’t even run a lemonade stand at its pinnacle.

    A guy who does what he calls an “eval” to herald in his idee fixee known as the Golden Age of Tech that is a joke to anyone who has any familiarity at all with the Data Series.

    Yet do these guys go:

    Are you outta your fuckin’ mind?”

    No they go.



    Just the tech staff who went along with his technical charade.

    Eventually they commit so many overts against tech and policy by one compromise after another that they literally go blind.

    So blind.

    That they no longer know the correct tech or policy any longer or a least pretend they don’t so they can stay out of trouble by avoiding querying the insane orders of a raving lunatic SP.

    So like Ron says in the lectures on R2-10 R2-12 they end up fully dramatizing this wrong item or in this case why “that the blind are leading the blind” and it in itself becomes a self fulfilling prophecy.

    Any way that’s my perspective on it, Leonore.

  149. Yeah right.

    The Ol’man was able to do all his research into the upper OT band using an inferior Mk VI.

    Uh huh.

    From what I’ve read so far this Mk Ultra meter is a cheap knock off made in Taiwan with a 12 pin connector.

    Woo Hoo!!!

    I’m gonna get in line to get soma dat.

    Of course after I buya piece of the Brooklyn Bridge.

    Sure sure.

    Gotta admit that the lil’ rodent is good at sellin’ the remaining koolaidholics shit they don’t need.

    Like a full new set of books to replace a few that mighta had a couplea typos for 10 xs the cost of the originals.

    And these swank and posh idle orgs that are as empty as Mausoleums each with their over priced implant station known as a “Knowledge Center” where you “just push play and ‘cognite'”.

    Never mind endlessly funding the IAS to create more antagonism so that they need more funding to pour more gasoline on the fires that they started.

    I anticipate that if they keep heading down the road they’re heading that the Super Power building will be a Casino and that the FH will probably be owned by RI before the end of the decade.

  150. OTDT

    You are truly insouciant ! Love your humor !
    Please carry on !

  151. Oh I missed the question. Yes I think Dave had something to do with it. He’s definitely the one holding the prices up now.

  152. ΘTater/GaryLerner

    Sara, MWAHAHAHAHAHAAA…. Absolutely funny!! 🙂

    I think also that on the offer of “Mix and Match”, that there should be an option to BOGO. Buy One Get One OT Level. Any order will do. You want to do OTV first and then OTII? No problemo! Just start today and you’ll be “free-wheeled” to the OT level of your choice.

    God Bless Little Davey for giving us our new Golden Choices Technology!!!


  153. ΘTater/GaryLerner

    IO, you’re gonna burn in hell!! I’ll be there shaking your hand, dear friend!

    Gary (a villager with a torch, a trebuchet and a lot of rocks 🙂 )

  154. theystolemychurch

    I have to go and find it, but will post it for you in the day or so.

  155. RJ,
    My point was that regardless of the DSEC training, if staff responsible for doing analyses and intel estimates don’t have free access to any and all information, they can’t pull strings and their analyses lack integrity. DM surely hides his abuses and secrets from OSA staff, too. There are probably huge restrictions on who can have access to the internet, to media, to books, to interviews, to general social data etc. OSA staff probably aren’t even allowed unrestricted internet, cell phones, vehicles, radios and TV. So, any analysis product would be garbage in-garbage out. (Old GO had no such restrictions, and as SA said, it was external facing – not much concerned with former or disaffected staff or public or whistleblowers, unless an issue went to legal.)

    Plus, if stories as to what went on at Int holds true for OSA, they are all probably so under the gun and in the dark about the real condition and reputation of Scientology that they can’t think outside the box painted for them.

    But I agree with your summation of what happened with staff after decades under a “raving lunatic SP” as you put it!

    Old GO

  156. If the Ol’man went upper OT on a Mk VI, for sure none of those should be available to none of us. Due to his royal obsession to alter any and all workable Tech, we must have a super duper Quantum or a spiffy Mk Ultra as ultimate tribute to Jolly West, Ewen Cameron, Sargant and other ground breaking VIP’s and friends.

    In honor of the Golden Age of Mechanics all auditors are replaced by automated cognitions centers funded by IAS extortions. Who needs auditors anyway? They are expensive, very dangerous and even think for themselves. Governments, media, health care and other enemies must be kept infuriated so as to continue the eternal emergency that keeps koolaidolics in enough turmoil and confusion to stop thinking for themselves or even look for actual data. The show must go on at all cost because giving in would mean the end of all ends.

  157. Push, play and cognite. I like that! that’s remarkable thinking. I think Iwill walk round the castle and chant that to myself. ummh
    Let you know what comes up.

  158. Leonore,
    Hey, that’s not Old GO – its Real GO. I completely agree with your post. The other reference is PR Series PR and Information. One must be aware of what is happening in real time. If any of the current OSA have external free access there is still the problem of ability to think. If OSA, DM, SO, etc just CAN’T be wrong then there is no way to evaluate.

    We must all remember – Contrary Facts means one or both are false. When current OSA view whatever data they have and my statement is contrary to their’s or DM’s this staff member CANNOT even consider DM’s statement may be false. Therefore, whatever they call evaluation will be over the fixed idea and therefore invalid.

    I know you and I understand because we have been there, done that. External facing on targets and actions is predicated upon true external facing ability and willingness to confront data – good, bad or ugly. It is just data. I suspect many don’t consider it all data – that’s black PR, that’s an enemy line, etc.

    They need to clear up enemy line. It is an agreed upon line by the PR of your opposition. It isn’t just a statement contrary to your own view. Lots of drilling and clay demo is needed for those currently on post to really spot and handle contrary facts. Just because they believe their fact to be true does not automatically make my statement the falsehood. One or both are false. Evaluation determines which is what.

  159. You sure you looked in Wiki under Caligula and not at Miscavige?

  160. Were you ever on staff Bryon? At an org or in the Sea Org? I was.

    If you answered yes to either of those questions, don’t you remember years ago, even decades ago, at staff musters the ED’s used to talk about “the rush”. They were gearing up for the “big rush” when all the people on the planet all of a sudden were going to rush into the orgs, flood them with business and the planet was going to go clear?

    I think the rush has already ended! {joke intended}, but seriously, where are or what is left of all those “programs” that were supposed to spearhead the rush to make it possible?

    The church is a lie. So therefore the people that are there must be liars or support one. I wonder if the big liar might be DM?

  161. “Hey, that’s not Old GO – its Real GO. I completely agree with your post.”

  162. Leonore,

    This restriction of access of information is a viral infection that not only has affected OSA but all of the Scientology network.

    “Need to Know” and “Don’t ask” are probably pretty common expressions used these days.

    Scientology Organizations have come to epitomize the secretive organizations they once opposed.

    (By the way it was the Old GO that lobbied the USG to expand the FOIA.

    It was the Old GO that demanded Government transparency long before it became fashionable.

    And it was the GO that was barred from suing the US Government for “reasons of National Security”.

    As far as I can see OSA pretty much demands the opposite.

    I.e. total secrecy under the false flag of “copyright protection”.)

    A total violation of ‘Essay on Management’.

    In my personal opinion OSA at least at higher levels has access to all this information but they just don’t use it.

    They’d rather not see what they see or not confront what they’re looking at.

    Instead they’d rather operate off fixed opinions and believe.

    Also an inability to confront the actual evil.

  163. Not only that, but all those super sexy gizmos apply to only one rundown, the one called the Perception Rundown. And you only do the drills on those machines on the perceptions off the 57 perceptics list that are charged. At least that is the way LRH laid it out. I have no idea what DM might have done with that 20 years later. In other words, most of these nifty devices will stand idle in the Super Power building. How ironic and how fitting.

  164. I object to soiling the name of the greatest cartoon character of all. Porky Pig, maybe. Best would be Goofy.

  165. Actually more like Marvin the Martian:

  166. Yes Erwin,

    I’m sure if Jolly, Ewen and Billy Boy Sargent though lets not forget Sid Gottlieb ,though he pretty much toiled in the shadows, were alive today they’d be patting Miscavige on the back for a job well done!

    Yes Mk Ultra the first meter that not only reads the PC’s mind but controls it as well!

    A stunning achievement by a former High School drop out who started his Scientology career by beating his preclears!

    Now he no longer has to beat his preclear into submission since not only does the new Mk Ultra come with variable sensitivity but a hefty increase in voltage.

    Why here’s a picture of one of the prototypes:

  167. Samuel,
    Super Power “requires” the SP Building: the c of m features publics (e.g. Feshbach) having completed the SP Rundowns in their promo – can anyone please explain how someone could complete this RD without this building being complete? It’s a contrary fact in my book.

    There were some who donated $1Mil with the promise of receiving SP as the carrot for doing so. Matt Feshbach was one who donated and then did receive SP. A year or so ago he filed bankruptcy, seems that being a broker for dm has a higher risk factor when the high risk investments don’t work out, ’cause Feshbach had to eat dm’s losses. Can’t have dm losing now can you when you are an upstat, OT VIII, etc, etc,??? Especially when your eternity and your wife’s and your kids’ are at stake. Easier to go belly up.
    Or so Matt must have figured. Wonder how Kathy Feshbach’s mission is doing…

  168. 🙂

  169. LOL!!
    I’ll let you in on a very close kept secret, promise you don’t tell anyone. The new Mk Ultra wasn’t Davey’s stunning achievement; the design was secretly stolen from his best buddies and even then it was obsessively altered.

    The idea to increase voltage and sensitivity wasn’t from the camera-boy-school dropout either, but it came from a pigs slaughter house and proved to work equally stunning effects on humans. Even the disguise as a benevolent diagnostic tool to help lost souls was stolen.

    I’ll let you in on another secret. The whole of the GAT, GAK and other garbage wasn’t invented by the happy pc slapper either. It was stolen from not quite bright but willing SO crew who saw out points and wrote bright ideas on how to improve. Whenever (non standard) suggestions came up that he could use and get accepted, they were installed as the new solution, thus the spiral could dwindle little by little while the crew either accepted or swallowed.

    The minor collateral damage is now all over the internet and even mainstream media love it, but then again everybody is SP anyhow.

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