The post that follows was submitted by Northwest Independent Coordinator Tony DePhillips.  Tony coordinates an impressive network of prominent, smart OTs from Alaska to Oregon and from Washington to Wyoming – many of whom, for a variety of good reasons, are still flying missions under the radar.   This little gem on the subject of statistics was written by one of them. An indvidual, by the way, who has accumulated considerable Scientology expansion statistics of his own over the years.

I am going to introduce his post with the answer to his implied question: why aren’t statistics being shared and operated on by Miscavige and co?   Well, it is one answer, straight from cob:

Sworn deposition testimony of David Miscavige taken in a lawsuit in Los Angeles Superior Court in April 1990, three years after having invented and then appropriated to himself the highest “ecclesiastical” position in the church, Chairman of the Board RTC:




A. NO.



















by Nanook of the Northwest

The biggest omission in any Scientology event or International Scientology News magazine is the statistics of Scientology.

As every Scientologist knows all Orgs and Missions dutifully collect and report their statistics each and every week. The basic statistics are: Gross Income; Gross Book sales; Number of book sold; Number of auditing hours; Total value of services delivered; Number of books sold to new people (who have never started a paid service in Scientology) and First Service Starts (people starting their very first paid service in Scientology). Bigger Scientology centers have stats like the Number of Auditors made, or People who made it to Clear. There are MANY more statistics; Scientology Orgs and Missions report as many as 30 to 80 statistics to management every week.

Statistics are tabulated for each type of Scientology center, Organizations, Missions, Advanced Orgs, etc. They are tabulated by country, region, continent and of course world wide. The record of statistics goes WAY back.

It is possible to see the complete statistics of Scientology stretching back to at least the 1970’s, if not earlier.

So the question is: Why doesn’t the church SHOW the stats?

If the number of new people starting their first paid service in Scientology was going up and up and up, don’t you think that they would show us the graph?

Of course they would!!!!!

If any or all of the major statistics of Scientology were going up and up and up for the last 40 years you can bet your last cent that the church would be showing the graphs to every one.

Its not that the Church does not show ANY stats. There are graphs shown at events and such. Maybe there will be a graph of the number of LRH books donated to libraries. Or the number of Way to Happiness booklets distributed. But these are not the real basic statistics of Scientology.

Any communication from Management to Scientologists should include the real statistics. Let’s see the Mission network stats, all of them as mentioned above for the last year, 5 years, 10 years, 20 years. Let’s see the same for all Class 5 Organizations. If the Ideal Org program is working than this should not be a problem.

The very fact that the statistics are NOT shown is a strong indicator that they are DOWN.

Of course one cant say they are down just by not seeing the graph, but simple logic dictates that the statistical graphs not being shown broadly indicates something negative.

L. Ron Hubbard has written literally hundreds of policy directives about management by statistics.

In the policy letter entitled: “False Reports” (2 April 1965) Mr. Hubbard says:
“You will find inevitably that where there is a false report, a false attestation or a no-report or a refused report many other offenses can suddenly emerge. These were hidden like a group cancer. Pulled to view, the group clears.” …”Troubles, commotions and upsets only occur after a series of false reports, false attestations, no-reports or withheld reports.” (Italics not added, they are in the original LRH text.)

In any sort of a true group the stats would be shown, good or bad. They are the reality of what is. Up or down, the stats show expansion or contraction. If they are up then the discussion is about why they went up and what can be done to continue the rise. And if they are down, then the group can discuss why they went down and what can be done to make the stats go up again.
But to not show the stats, or report false stats short circuits the process. Now there can be no real discussion of what needs to be done.

A no-report indicates either a complete incompetence or something is being hidden…or both. It is completely wrong to think that there are “other reasons” for not showing the stats. Some may dream up the idea that reporting down stats is bad for morale. But LRH does NOT say this is the case.

Any competent and honest management would NEVER withhold this information, they would report what is and then work with the group to improve things, unless they had something to hide.

If you managed a company and one department refused to report their regular statistics but instead reported a bunch of newly made up statistics promoting how great things were going, what would YOU do?

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  1. The sea org has a data center bureau at FLO, CLOs, OTLs. The data center isn’t accessible to everybody, I have made some researches in the data system and I can tell you I remember several international crashes. I wish a good hearted sea org members will read this and escape with some stats.

  2. I saw the CLO EUS stats for years and I never saw a crash but can confirm what Marty, Dan and Lucy James and others have reported from the Int level which is a steady decline. It was uncanny because it never crashed down and never went up, it was always steadily down like an aquaduct. The main stats are the ones I’m talking about, and it was the two year graphs so they might have smoothed out what would be seen as crashes on shorter term graphs. That was org stats. You can forget about mission stats, not even worth looking at, that whole sector was non-e.
    I’ve mentioned this before but there was one event around 2000 or so give or take a year when COB showed all the important graphs at once on the screen. All of them were obviously affluence but like straight up basically. He then said that every major Int stat is in affluence. It’s an impossibility because EUS orgs are a big chunk of that and we were danger trending (long term emergency) without question.

  3. ΘTater/GaryLerner

    “In any sort of a true group the stats would be shown, good or bad. They are the reality of what is. Up or down, the stats show expansion or contraction. If they are up then the discussion is about why they went up and what can be done to continue the rise. And if they are down, then the group can discuss why they went down and what can be done to make the stats go up again.
    But to not show the stats, or report false stats short circuits the process. Now there can be no real discussion of what needs to be done.”

    Nanook, you are right on the money! Thank you for posting this info.

    Because David Miscavige does not understand proper “management”, he continues to CUT COMMUNICATIONS with everyone under his control. Meaning, that communicating the truth of what actions are being carried out by the Co$ (under DM’s bloody thumb), are purposely not being done. He “needs” to know everyone’s business (posts and actions thereof) but is unwilling to provide proper managerial advice and control. The post states that under oath David Miscavige DOES NOT UNDERSTAND even the meaning of MANAGEMENT! DUH!!!!!!!!!!

    Face it. David Miscavige is an SP!

  4. This post is as dynamic as it gets!

    Years ago when I first saw DM and thought he was “all that” I mistakenly assumed he had received every rundown known to man or God including the OEC-FEBC, Super Power, etc., only for the simple reason that in his covertly hostile presentation, he successfully emulate a beingness of confidence.

    Obviously, it is a complete sham, as has been proven by the many accounts of ex SO that had to live through his reign of terror. This beingness he mocks up, of having a direct line to LRH and knowing the tech inside out, is a complete false presentation. LRH says, “They can be very convincing.” My German Shepherd has had more wins than this guy and his objectives are flat! At least when I ack him, he wags his tale!

    When I read one of Karen #1’s write ups about how David Misgavige, while auditing on an internship at Flag and the session did not go well, HIT his PC! Yes, hit his PC! This says it all. Having read much of what she has written, I consider Karen # 1 an extremely honest and reliable source, with her stellar history as a LRH trained CS and dedicated SO member. According to her report, if I recall correctly, she was the CS at the time. I will not insult pigs by calling DM one as they are fortunately animals and actually have more attributes than this sorry excuse for a human being does. At this juncture…his future is not looking good, at all. The end is near for sure! Boy, do I feel good!

    Well done Marty and all who contribute here. Good for you Tony! You are IN COMM! Nice.

  5. Tony is the smartest of the smart. So is Nanook.

    Proud to know you!!!

    We AREN’T SP’s. We’re trying to stop Miscavige and company from destroying what’s left.

    And we are GROWING!


  6. Wow, priceless sworn statements and no answer from the deposition! I don’t think that anyone, including his office staff can swear that anyone has seen Dear Leader in any courseroom, per WIAC (What is a Course) doing actual study!

    Thanks Nanook for the posting with totally valid points as regards Statistics. From what I’ve observed throughout the years I don’t think Dear Leader had a personal down week of stats at all as having weekend rewards of going to the movies or watching videos were like clockwork, unlike a regular staff or SO member/officer. Perhaps being the Pope doesn’t require personal statistics either.

  7. Marty, you said: “Tony coordinates an impressive network of prominent, smart OTs from Alaska to Oregon and from Washington to Wyoming”

    Just for the sake of clarity… as someone on the scene, so to speak, I’d add the word “with” to your statement – to read: ‘Tony coordinates WITH an impressive….” (keepin’ it real)

    And call us what you will (prominent, smart, OTs, or not), my personal experience is that these individuals represent a growing community of people with an uncommon verve for life; a loosely bound community of individuals who enjoy mutual respect, tolerance and encouragement of differing ideas. With no leader, no hierarchy, no status. We’re a learning community. Learning from one another.

    Before posting my little “opt-out” declaration on this site last March, my husband and I were very much alone with our independent views of the Scientology subject and our anarchistic views of the Co$. Your virtual community here helped us connect with people that I now proudly consider extended family – each and every one.

    Thank you so much for providing the safe landing place and spring board for us to create community WITH each other. 🙂

  8. I have said it before but it bears repeating: the long term trend of Scientology statistics rose, rose, rose throughout the 1980s, broke in summer of 1990 and sank, sank, sank throughout the entirety of the 1990s. I saw the long term graphs and they made an almost perfectly symmetrical Mount Fuji of statistical trend. When I showed these to Marc Yager, CO CMO Int and Guillaume Lesevre, ED Int, their comment was “Dan is just stuck in the past.”
    Imagine my shitface after hearing that from the two highest managers in Scientology. Wonder where they got that attitude from.

  9. If the above deposition excerpt piqued your interest into David Miscaviges “mind set”, you can read the whole thing here:

    You can form your own judgements from there.

  10. DFB aka Dfb99

    Events and other Miscavige PR rely heavily on anecdotal stats.

    I talked to a friend calling me to donate to my Ideal Org and I asked some questions about it being “on policy”.

    He said “Oh my god dude, you dont know?? You need to come to the events! There was a guy who was antago to Scn and he came to an ideal org and now he’s not antago!!” etc. And a couple other anecdotal stories.
    Theres no stats.

    How many auditors did Ideal Org NY make last week or last month or last year?? Thats a stat. A “stat” isnt that a guy got Dianetics from the library in Siberia and his headache went away. Thats not a stat.

  11. Girko,

    I can tell you when one of those International Crashes occurred and that was after the wonderful ,stupidentious Golden Age of Tech.

    Auditors made fell like a shot duck because GAT which was supposed to speed up training actually added time (an out point) to training.

    Also despite Ron’s proscription against adding materials to checksheets once started which happens to be in the HCOPL “Drills Allowed” (funny how that goes) the know bests in RTC ordered academies and SHs to add the drills to the Levels Checksheets immediately even if the student had already started the course.

    Not that it would have mattered that much since most auditors in training were pulled off their newly amended Checksheets to do the New Pro Upper Indoc and the New Pro Metering Course which many spent several lifetimes on (sure I exaggerate but only slightly) while the SHSBC and Class VIII course virtually shut down.

    You didn’t have to go to INCOM to see this stat crash to hell.

    All you had to do was pick up a series of the Auditor and Advance Mags and graph the auditor completions (which was easy to do after GAT since there was hardly any) before and after the Golden Age of Tech.

    In fact the biggest spike on the graph or as Dave likes to say straight up in vertical was 28 BC completions just one month before the fuckulous GAT by Chris Montgomery.

    However due to a rapid response by “HCO” Chris was quickly Comm Eved and the graph reverted after that to its flat line coma on life support graph of maybe 10 or 12 completions per year.

    Then just when the Graph couldn’t possibly get any lower.

    Bushy Tailed Dave pushed it down even further by introducing the “Basics”.

    Again pulling any auditor trainees left off auditor training and throwing them in Div VI.

    Anyway I’d say the stats have been in a steep decline into hell since the mid 90’s at least.

    The only stats that I think that are actually up is board footage and inches of press (which used to be only good press but now includes any press under the Huey Long philosophy of “I don’t care what you say about me jus’ as long as you spell my name right”) which in the last while has truly hit stellar heights.

    Probably the only upstat the self appointed Tsar of Scientology or TOS has gotten thanks to his best buddy Tom.

    The man who was supposedly single handedly drive all these people into Scientology.

    Not to worry though.

    According to Marty’s last post.

    Tom now has the ‘Silver Screen’ to drive ’em in with.

  12. martyrathbun09

    Yeah, “with”, but I was referring to a number yet to surface.

  13. Oh, yeah, brother!

  14. Nanook,

    Thank you very much for this – it’s exactly right on the money. The very fact that dm does NOT report the stats is the biggest outpoint of the events, and that’s saying a mouthful. I understand that an omitted is the hardest outpoint to spot, but I also know there have to be a lot of scientologists who
    notice that, while everybody else in the organization is required to report stats (and do the “appropriate” condition), the Popo of Scientology is not doing so himself.

  15. “If you managed a company and one department refused to report their regular statistics but instead reported a bunch of newly made up statistics promoting how great things were going, what would YOU do?”

    Well, I can tell you what would have happened if I’d have tried, as a Sales Director, to do this rather than show the numbers and back them up…..I’d have been looking back at the front door from the outside after not long at all -likely the first 90 days.

    Nanook, you can really tell it like it is!

  16. When you ask Staff, OT Committe members etc. about stats and the answer is, SPs, external groups, Black PR, Big Pharm.

    When you ask a Communist why their State is failing you get similar answers.

    It’s never their own fault.

  17. Brilliant analysis, Tony. And I love the deposition, Marty!

    Another great source for an actual side-by-side comparison of stats from the 1970s vs. today is 2/
    Especially Topic (page) 3 of that article.

    And as far as the phony stats Miscavige trumpets these days, 3/
    Especially Topic (page) 5 in that article.

    It’s the only reprint of actual org magazine stats I’ve ever seen on the net.

    If after seeing these stats in black and white and reading write-ups like Tony’s don’t convince somebody of crashed stats, then that person is not the Scientologist he’s pretending to be.

  18. DM did you know or not?

  19. Tony DePhillips

    Yes, we are mostlyIndependent Scientologists and as such direct our own actions.
    Some don’t consider themselves Scientologists at all anymore. We are a great group of people who are our own bosses and share in the joy of putting ethics in on the cult of cabbage. I can honestly say that what one of us does helps the others in the de-PTSing process.
    I still wear the mantle of “King Pin of the Northwest” with pride. It may only be an “acting” post but then who cares? I am not in it for the status. I am in it to win it!!
    Marta was a big inspiration to my wife and I coming out. She is a real scrapper. Her and Larry head up our Northern branch and believe me, they take no prisoners. LOL!! I think that they were “whole track kick boxers” or something…

  20. That’s interesting Dano,

    The beginning of the ’90’s I felt something was wrong but I wasn’t quite sure what it was.

    Back then it was “just a feeling” or a “hunch”.

    One of the craziest moves I remember was after AO went SH size they got rid of all non-SO staff.

    Truly one of those WTF? moments since 3/4 of the Tech Staff was non-SO.

    Another one was after us …er…newly appointed field auditors built up the new ASHO ‘Auditors Assoc.’ exactly per the LRHED and policies.

    Int management swooped in like a bunch of vultures and tried to recruit ’em for Org staff.

    Another WTF?

    Do you remember all the PR about the Church how the stats were going to surge after it *regained* its 501 c iii status.

    Well the only thing that actually surged was tax exempt donations to IAS.

    I think the desperation to get the stats up led to the unusual solution of the Golden Age of tech and all the others that followed such as the Ideal Org strat and all that.

    After that I think management went into a delusional state and pretended that everything was fine after failing to get the actual stats up.

    They didn’t want to hear any “bad news” or ‘entheta”.

    I remember reporting that things weren’t going well in Camelot in various sectors I observed and ending up getting roll back and put on the “Truth” RD.

    You can see how far its deteriorated since now that the Orgs are totally in the hands of an insane psychotic with no “management” at all.

  21. Dear Penny,
    Thank you. The David Miscavige incident was when he was doing his Class IV interneship. I was an Interne at the time, not a CS. He did strike his pc and it was blamed on his asthma medication.

    Even a casual study of asthma medication shows no evidence of it contributing to violence ~~ it is not a mind control drug. Miscavige was IMMEDIATELY removed from the Internship. The Org especially interneship area went into shock and then EMBARRASSMENT . The Incident was put into complete lockdown (shut up – don’t discuss it) due to the REPUTATION of the Org……Ron’s Saint Hill, no less.

    I had some good Facebook communication with a couple of Aussies who were there at the time of Miscavige striking his pc. They were there and recalled it all. They originated to me after seeing the disclosure. I had actually told Marty about this incident weeks before the story broke. I did not want to be the one to tell it first in case someone though it was just personal animosity from me. Someone else broke the story and I confirmed it.


    Years and Years later, he dramatized the same street urchin URGE to bash and punch and strike ~~ you most likely read
    Blown for Good
    and Counterfeit Dreams
    and Abuse at the Top.

    Re the beatings and encouraging and demanding his Juniors beat others.
    He has punched Heber Jentzsch numerous times.
    He punched Mike Rinder dozens of Times.
    He punched Marc Yager dozens of Times

    He has 100 or so Sea Org members in Lockdown in the infamous “SP HOLE”.

    This is the conduct and demeanor of a “Religious Leader.”

    Read how DM took power ~~

  22. Tony DePhillips

    Some interesting quotes from HCOPL Discipline, SPs and Admin How Statisics Crash. (It’s also in the new Ethics book.) :
    Begin fair use:

    “The executive in disciplining is concerned with those who would stop or hinder the flow and those who are just plain idle or stupid. So he severly leaves alone all upstats and only acts to move the Suppressives off the lines and not let the idle and stupid slow the flow. An executive could never make the world reform by discipline alone. He can by processing. So his only use of discipline is to continue to make processing possible. It’s as simple as that.”

    dm is not managing by statistic. He is a squirrel administrator. He attacks upstats and he is an SP. This is not the time to be idle or stupid. Do what you can to turn the tide. Come out as an Independent, turn in your letter of resignation, and ask for your money back in protest.
    You get the condition that you fail to assign and enforce. That is from HCOPL Conditions How to assign. The cult of mud cabbage is in Treason to the public and to the staff and Sea Org. cob has betrayed his trust. Let cob show us all the stats since he took control for the organization and let’s see what he has been doing.

  23. One Stat they are very very careful to HIDE is how much REVENUE they take in weekly World Wide. This is a stat deeply hidden and siphoned off but for a handful of people.
    I believe Hy Levy mentioned that FSO alone was still doing $2million a week in HARD CASH.

    The IAS weekly stat of revenue would be of interest…

    Ideal Orgs revenue world wide ?

    Revenues for SEA ORG ORGS combined…ASHO, CCINT, AOLA, AOSHUK. AOSHDK,
    AO in Melbourne etc etc.




    What is the TREND of the above ?


    Someone blogged the other day that AOLA would not open the Class VIII courseroom as she was the only student and it was not open for business with only one student. (They could not designate a full time SO member to be a SUP for 1 student.

    That’s the kind of little anecdote stat that tells a lot.

    Understood why DM’s cult does not want Scientologists reading the INTERNET !

  24. Now there’s a bright star.
    Not only do we find he has not taken the course that gives him the tools of the job he’s purportedly doing but he needs some legal help with the word “management”.
    I don’t think he’s being slinky–I think he’s truly dumb as a post.

  25. I was doing a Doubt formula back in 1982. I asked the CJC if I could examine the stats. I was told they were confidential. When I suggested that her personal pay might be an indication of how well the orgs were doing I got a heavy M/W/H reaction and little further communication of value.
    The only major stat that fully aligns with the stated goal of a cleared planet is number of Clears produced.
    Clears are dying and being undeclared faster than they are being produced.
    I doubt if the Cof$ has 10,000 Clears in its ranks.

  26. A certain “rotten” pro-Church/anti-Marty site posted a bunch of statistics in a recent post. They included “total assets and property of the church,” “combined size of church premises,” # of buildings acquired, square feet of renos completed. (Only one stat was about the # of people starting* and it was questionable.)

    All of these are stats that would be in affluence if one were to, say, build and renovate a bunch of empty buildings.

    I was tempted to comment with the LRH quite you guys always use, about how when buildings become important please blow up central HQ, but I didn’t want them to track me down and accuse me of making a bomb threat.

    I may frequently disagree with Marty, but I wholeheartedly agree with this post. The Church is clearly pumping out bullshit stats, and I can’t believe that Church members, especially staffers, who know darn well what the stats are, don’t see through this. I bet this article will reach a lot of them.


    * The one somewhat-meaningful stat says “The number of people newly introduced to Scientology and starting on training or counseling per week exceeds 26 times any previous week in history.” In order for this to be true, each week’s stats must increase by 26x. My guess: This was a bullshit stat that was so convoluted in its wording that whoever runs the site couldn’t state it correctly.

  27. Madness. LRH in HCOPL 5 July 1970 How to Find and Establish an Ideal Scene states:

    “Revolt is only an expression of too long unmended departures from the ideal scene of society. … The entire concept of an ideal scene for any activity is really a clean statement of its PURPOSE.” …”Statistics are the only sound measure of any production or any job or any activity.”

    “Knowing, then, the ideal scene and its statistic, one, by keeping the statistic, can notice without ‘reasonableness’ or somebody’s report or some fifth column propaganda, an immediate departure from the ideal scene. Remember, violent change only becomes seemingly vital when the departure from the ideal scene is notice too late.

    Opinion, reports, subject to outpoints as they almost always are, seldom tell one more than somebody else’s prejudices or his efforts to cover or failures to observe. … The statistic, guarded against false reports and verified, is a clean statement not as subject to outpoints as other types of statements.

    Whole activities have been smashed by not having a statistic of success but taking an opinion of trouble and, reversely, having a statistic indicating disaster but a broadcast opinion of ‘great success.’ Probably the latter is the more frequent. …

    If an activity lacks an ideal scene and a correct statistic for it, it has no stable datum with which to rebuff opinion and outpoints. To that extent the group goes a bit mad.” end LRH quotes

    And from the new Ethics Book Chapter 4 Statistics and the Conditions of Existence page 72 “a key datum is that if the formulas are not known or not correctly applied, an organism emerges from each crisis smaller.” Also on page 72, “…one can wreck an org or department or person by applying the wrong Conditions formula.” From page 74 “we operate on statistics.”

    No executive can manage without statistics. HCOPL 31 July 1983R Basic Management Tools lists Statistics as a tool. It is to be used! Every staff member and public is required to keep stats. If they are down it is usually ethics or justice for them. The most senior execs do not get a pass on this.

    There are really on two reasons we do not see events with real stats. The stats are down and the lies would be exposed for what they are, or the entire subject and structure is INTENTIONALLY being destroyed. Without proper stats, proper conditions, proper evaluations for real Why’s and their handling’s – then, just as LRH wrote “an organism emerges from each crisis smaller.” It is getting smaller, and smaller and smaller until it is but a dust spot in the far distance.

    Yes, madness. To not keep, follow and manage by statistics will get results on the Third Dynamic similar to – auditing – if we didn’t observe pc indicators, meter needle movements, keep track of L&N items, processes ran already or TA totals. Both result in loss of ability on the part of beings and friends who merely wanted to move on up a little higher.

    From a leader and group interested only in money, running Dianetics on OT’s, over-running processes or re-rerunning them, locking staff in the “Hole” or onto the RPF and utterly destroying the image and name or LRH, Scientology and/or Dianetics – are we really surprised that instead of how many Clears and Auditors made we mostly hear only measurements of square feet of MEST in their control.

    Isn’t that really what is making the Independent Scientology field expand rapidly, with the addition of trained Scientologists, OT’s and public who are not only aware, but responsible enough to hold their integrity and leave the Circus tent.

  28. Penny, Revelation 12:9
    The great dragon was hurled down—that ancient serpent called the devil, or Satan, who leads the whole world astray. He was hurled to the earth, and his angels with him.

  29. The following is enlightening. The Q (question from lawyer to DM) and the A is the answer from DM.



    Q. YES.




    This questions could have been answered by any staff member without making an A=A that taking the OEC (Org Exec Course) is = reading a policy.

    Later in the deposition DM admits to never having taken or completed the OEC. Reading this deposition reminded me of reading the text and emails earlier posted by Mike Rinder. Both show a convoluted and incomprehensible stream of words that can’t really be duplicated.

  30. Theo Sismanides

    Marta, this is great to hear about! ARC equals Understanding and what has happened in the church of Miscavige is NO Understanding anymore. It is great that a bunch of people up there cooperate one with another, observe and learn things. Time will come that we shall act. All of us!!

  31. Theo Sismanides

    Thank you Tony and thank you Nanook! This is a HUGE outpoint of course, omitted data (=stats), but in the world of Miscavige where nothing is logical or per management anymore, such outpoints mean nothing to anyone. I am very sorry to say. All that Ron did that little devil has managed to turn it into just meaningless words in books. No value at all.

    As a Translsation Unit Director in EU in 1999, we were many times forced to show up statistics by Walter Kotric. We had to find “stats” and find “products”. It has always been like that and there was never some unit there correcting such attitude. On the contrary the tendency was to find “products” and have upstats.

    So, even if there were Management stats uptrending I wouldn’t trust them until a whole Unit or a real powerful and independent HCO existed to put things back into perspective and keep stats as they should be: raw data.

    For example, we have always raw data (real stats) in life. Like here in Athens and everywhere in the world. Criminality going up or down (one can see that), children being well educated or not (again one can see that) and innumerous other stats and areas of life.

    Stats are a tool and a measurement to show one how Sane he remains in a crazy environment. If one doesn’t produce enough order (products worthwhile) one cannot stay Sane. This is what has happened to DM and his minions, they are not producing worthwhile products anymore. And by worhtwhile products I don’t mean just wins and completions of kindergarden. By worthwhile products and VFPs we mean Free Beings, in the fullest sense of the word. This is a worthwhile product. Free Beings (OTs who are also trained and active) can make a difference, they are Worthwhile Products. Not just someone who has some wins but then caves in again.

    Other Gross Stats on a planetary level? Is Scientology making it overall? Is it reversing the downspiral on this planet? Does it have an impact in society? I called on the phone a very upstat professor here in Athens in Education, Language and Dictionaries. When I told him about Study Tech and Scientology he didn’t even want to hear about it. Still he should be the most interested person in Study Tech. This is a real stat of David Miscavige. He has kept Scientology in a very bad spot for the world to even look at. So, we do know his stats and they are not reverting the scene but are making a New World Order type of Organization and this is not Scientology.

    I am very happy that some people organize bit by bit. Even that. Some little groups spring up and start doing something now here and there. This is going to continue. It’s just natural. You cannot keep that power under control.

    So thank you again and keep it up you guys.

  32. Barney Rubble

    Tony is right. he refuses to be in a course room (I am myself guilty of such I just dont like a Supervisor lurking over me) and I was in a similar courseroon on the Apollo, ITO, FSO etc. It all stank.
    One can deal with it once but not 50 times
    Mr DePhillips keep it coming.

  33. Well done on the focus on real stats you guys. For those who have not read it, the website contains vital data for analysis. They have posted some very accurate stats where you can easily see “then” vs “now.”

    Here are just a couple of quotes from that website.

    “The individual statistic of any organization (except SH) is:
    The individual statistic of Saint Hill is:
    HCO P/L 4 October 1967 Issue I
    Auditor and Org Individual Stats
    (OEC Vol. 4, p. 118)
    That, from Ron

    This from the little implanter:

    “Even the manner in which we gauge our expansion has utterly changed. In previous years it focused on our internal statistics. Today our expansion is measured by broad-scale impact out there, helping cities, states, and entire nations.”

    IAS 21st Anniversary celebration, 2005
    (reprinted in Impact issue #112, p. 52)

    “Our expansion is no longer gauged by what takes place inside our churches. Rather, our expansion is now such that it is gauged across every ethnic, religious, and national concern on Earth.”

    LRH Birthday Celebration; March, 2006
    (reprinted in Scientology News, issue #33, p. 48)

    Thus, per COB, LRH’s way of measuring expansion (“internal statistics”) is now old and no longer used.

  34. Stats are stats. Most of the church’s stats are real but not good and getting worse.

    While it is very true that a corrupt executive or compeletly untrained executive seeking to lead a group will cause the group below him to fail, one must consider the group below that executive as well.

    Not all groups are comprised 100% of honest people. Bad leaders at the top cause the organization down below to crumble. Bad hats IN the group also help the matter considerably.

    With that said, I think it is safe to say that the truth is that the church’s stats have been on a steady decline since 1990, regardless of how many fancy buildings have been purchased. One cannot go into any one of those fancy new church buildings and learn anything about what their real stats are but still lose your money anyway and your time.

  35. On 16 May 65 LRH wrote Indicators of Orgs
    (all CAPS and italics as in the original):

    “The first indicators, good or bad, are statistics …”

    “The second of these indicators, good or bad, are TECHNICAL GAINS …”

    “The optimum state of an org is so high that there is no easy way to describe it. All cases getting cracked, Releases and Clears by the hundreds, command of the environment. Big. That’s an optimum state for any org. …”

    “Find out where its statistics are down and who is a PTS or an SP and ACT. …”

    End of quotes.

    Int Staff, OSA, E/O’s, Sea Org members, staff and public: A-C-T !!

  36. Fellow Traveller

    Nanook — Spot on.

    As far as what the CofM or DM himself promotes at events as statistics, Plain Old Thetan has done some very insightful (and I think onerous) work. I refer to his Sep 2010 article “Lies, Damned Lies, and Miscavige Statistics” ( and his very recent Jan 2011 “2011 – The Year of the PhoneyGraph” (

    Just how not statistics the presentations given as such at events are is very well covered in these articles.

    Tony — thanks for being the conduit for some indie illumination.

    Bruce Pratt

  37. A SP and IMPLANTER.
    He only want´s db´s around him he can manipulate.
    Big Beings are his personal nightmare.

  38. Basically there is no real need to see the stat graphs on paper to evaluete the situation. The true stats show basically the amount of theta created. Can someone imagine that the current Scn is creating theta? Why I went into Scn in the first place? As a kid I „woke up“ as I felt a big boom one day. Could have had something to do with Ron going through the wall of fire. Later inside you could feel every now and then a big boom in the universe around you and that without being an OT yourself. The big booms stoped long ago. Either my perception is reduced to body perception or there is no boom any more. (excluding 2010 to now)
    And looking at the actual paper stats (I could see them till 1992) for Cl5 orgs may show an uptrend to 1990. But remember that a big bunch of these upstats had been „produced“ by Hamburg Org. Those stats had been completely false. They had been that false that even a non OEC/FEBC could see that whithin minutes by compareing the different departmental stats. Like hundreds of new starts in Div 6. And hundreds of those next week starting major actions. Week for week. Count the number of bodies and calculate the needed space and then you know instantly that those numbers had been totally impossible. Or count the number of those and compare it to Gross Income for Service only. As those stats togehter show the flow of the public through the org board you easily can find false stats.

  39. Very astute post, Nanook. Thanks.

  40. When the word “Statistics” started spreading all over the place,
    it somehow caught my attention. 🙂

    “The Church” has plenty of it, a lot of stats are falsified routinely,
    since the push is horrendous, expectancies are high and consequences
    for being “a downstat” are unthinkable. It’s much easier to bend the facts a little, here and there instead, so it looks good at the staff meeting, reports to CLO, FLO, DM himself. You know?

    This is probably the best time to blow/leave.
    You know your real stats.

    You can do a lot more good for others outside, I believe.

    Peace, Stat.

  41. P.S. Forgot to mention something. Most of the time, if you can’t get your stats up, it’s not because you are out-ethics, it’s probably because there are some cross-orders and a general monkey-house of being on staff (all hands call in, you name it). You can try being a bad ass and protect your post with LRH references, but these days it will probably get you an SP declare too, eventually. Are you still worrying about your eternity? It’s yours.
    Things went too far, at this point.
    So what do you have to loose?
    Just think about it.

  42. Sapere, I want to really thank you for pointing out this ONE EXCLUSIVE area of this post.

    I would like to just expand on another nearby part of your post:



    Reading this correctly, that takes a lot of nerve for a witness (DM) to infer “Instead of me telling YOU what management means, why don’t you tell me what management means since you are asking all the questions”.

    All I can really say in my humble opinion is that takes a lot of god damned nerve.

  43. I believe President Obama during his speech and eulogy last night for the victims and survivors of the blood bath in Tucson said it so well:

    “We recognize our own mortality; we are reminded that in our fleeting time on earth, what matters is not wealth, or status, or power, or fame -– but rather, how well we have loved, and what small part we have played in making the lives of other people better.”

    It matters not the square footage of buildings acquired, the Silver posh winnebagos dolled out to celebrities to keep them in lock-step, nor feeble attempts by a desperate despot leading the blind faithful — BUT how well we have loved and the small part we’ve played in making the lives of other people better.

    This blog — in my opinion — strives to exemplify the concept of “how well we have loved” … AND works to make the lives of others better.

    It is here that I continually return to see how my old friends are faring. To help me to stem those repeating nightmares about SO life (still have them 31 years later), to add whatever bit of encouragement to the work that Marty,Mosey, Mike, Christie, Karen#1, Jeff, the NW Independents and so many others are doing and continue to do.

    May we always remember it is HOW we loved that matters. Not square footage of buildings.


  44. Tony, Marta, Marie-Joe, Idle Org, Nanook and you other folks in the beautiful Northwest, give ’em hell! And keep having a good time. Splurge on it.

    Just Me

  45. WH — Your wisdom and grace are always very welcome here, and missed when you are off doing other things. Mike

  46. Karen,
    Thank you for the correction and specifics. Too bad that session wasn’t caught on video! My admiration to you, always.

  47. AB,

    I prefer this one:
    Revelation20-2, 20-3
    2″And he laid hold of the dragon, the serpent of old, who is the devil and Satan, and bound him for a thousand years; 3 and he threw him into the abyss, and shut it and sealed it over him, so that he would not deceive the nations any longer, until the thousand years were completed; after these things he must be released for a short time.”

  48. “Her and Larry head up our Northern branch…” ROTFL. Jeezus, Tony, you’re hysterical funny.

  49. I wished some journalists/TV presenters pick up this threat and ask a few direct questions to Tommy Davis (TD). I don’t even think there is enough Scientology lingo contained in here to confuse someone. By now the media knows what an Org and a Mission is – ask TD “how many” and “show me a complete address list of the more than 8,500 orgs, missions and groups“; journalists know there are different levels of auditors and auditing, this thread provides you with enough LRH references on what an org should be doing and measuring in stats – ask for a stat (with figures) of how many have been trained/audited over the years. The International Number of Clears used to be published in a church newspaper called “The Auditor”.

    Please ask. And if he doesn’t show up or answer, do the program/article anyway – you will actually free some people out of the c of m.

  50. Current SCN is operating on what type of exchange? History shows what happens when an individual or an organization operates on exchange #!.

    It does not last. DM can hoodwink the few and he has some wealthy few who keeps giving and giving BUT the dam is about to break. The MANY knows what the group is ALL about, MONEY, MONEY and MORE MONEY!!

    They calculate and try and figure out how to extract as much money as they can from their parishioners.


  51. Mmmmm. Thank you WH.

  52. Tony DePhillips

    Thanks but “Nanook” gets the credit for the write-up.

  53. Tony DePhillips

    Nice reference SA!

  54. plainoldthetan

    RJ: I was one of the public who pushed on the establishment and mobilization of the ASHO Auditor’s Association in 1996. We found the identities of over 1700 people trained as auditors. Those 1700 people were asked to gather in the parking lot of L.A. org at its “reopening” after its renovations in order to get a photo taken of the “largest Auditor’s Association in the World”.

    As I recall, you and Liz were instrumental in the membership drive.

    After the photo was taken the C.O. of ASHO Day came to me and asked for the identities of all persons signed up in the ASHO Auditor’s Association as well as for me to organize a campaign to get every one of those persons into ASHO registrars and signed up for GAT training, even if we had to drive out to those people’s houses and drive them in to the registrars.

    I immediately asked: “Per what reference?”, because I had been word-cleared on the Auditor’s Association issues and not one of those references said anything about harrassing Auditor’s Association members at home.

    The C.O. hemmed and hawed and stuttered and gave me the ususal party-line rhetoric about Golden Age of Tech blah blah blah perfect auditors blah blah blah happy preclears blah blah blah get the area on the road blah blah blah GAT blah blah blah command intention.

    I agreed to bring it up at the next Auditors Association meeting, and I diid.

    That was the LAST of the ASHO Auditor’s Association meetings ever held.

    “It’s dead, Jim.”

    The thing that came out of the enrollment effort was an odd datum: out of the 1700 auditors located and signed up, a good 50% of them had last trained as an auditor on the HSDC. I interviewed as many of these and I could and i found out that they had stopped auditing when the Bridge was changed to no longer let them co-audit at Missions. That ARC break resulted in 50% of the L.A. area auditors ceasing to audit. I reported this to whoever would pretend to listen. But no, we had to kowtow to command intention and force, force, force them to retrain without handling the ARC break first.

    It was one of the first signs I had that the CofS was out of touch.

  55. Tony DePhillips

  56. Book stats, there all in my blasted cellar. That’s were they are:


  57. Plain Old Thetan:

    I was actually hoping to tell this to Sapere, who seems to be one of the most saavy people I have seen on this BLOG in so far as being LRH policy knowledgeable right down to the revisions. But, I can say it here as your message has to do with part of the WHY there are not as many auditors as there should be.

    I read on another web site one former org auditors account of how RTC had come to the org he worked in and was looking to recruit a very good auditor to INT, much in the way that Miriam Stave {Class XII} was brought to INT. The Dir. of I & R at the org he worked at went into his ethics folder and removed ALL of his commendations and replaced them with chits so that when RTC looked at the ethics folders of the top auditor{s} in that org he would be by passed and not recruited out of the org because of his “many ethics sits”.

    This of course would enable lazy downstat org staff to just sit on their asses all day and reap good pay from the auditor’s auditing which was so good it practically sold itself.

    So, here is a perfect example of RTC trying to rip off the org and the org trying to rip them off back {all in the name of playing the LRH Birthday Game} if you will, the end of result of which is no real auditors being made or upgraded.

  58. Last year I posted my own statistic analysis on Leaving Scientology.

    I can confirm what Dan said. International stats peaked in about 1990 and have been on a long, long decline ever since. The long-term graph looks like Mt. Fuji. They don’t dare show it, they would be ridden out of town on a rail.

  59. Jim,

    As far as I understand there were various efforts to resurrect the ASHO Auditors Association.

    Basically ASHO squirreled it up by placing a SO members who had no auditor training as AA Sec and Reg.

    Got rid of Joe Pinnelli a Class VIII and John Joseph who was Class VI because they were non-SO.

    In total violation of the LRHED.

    Typical MO of the new Church of Squirrelolotology.

    After that they tried to institute programs which had nothing to do with the purpose of the Auditors Assoc.

    By the time they finished they’re handy work.

    The AA consisted of a few hangers on who hung out in ASHO’s Div VI area near the Quad.

    By then it was screw the AA since they were too independent and get the OTC going probably because they were more “aligned” with what they were calling “command intention”.

    In other words easier to manipulate.

    I remember the whole GAT evolution.

    By then I was in Az going to MMI and swung by the Org on University Ave to see the vid.

    I was not impressed with the presentation.

    It seems that nobody noticed the gross Q&A on the final drill where the student started by flying an ARCX and ended up F/Ning a Withhold.

    By the time I got back to LA rounding up auditors to do the (un)Certainty Courses was in full swing.

    Anyway Jim you can reach me @archangel(AT)hushmail(DOT)com if you want to get in touch with me on the back channel.

  60. Actually, when you think of what the give-my-last-blood-donors in the C of M do it for – a fricking, blood f*cking TITLE, a piece of crappy paper on the wall, a special seating at so special events (so you can be easier regged) …

    You are then held up (for a few events) as a model, a hero, a stellar big being. The weird thing is you actually can BUY all of that in the c of m – but no freedom, no case gain, no ability to audit, no nothing guys … but status, lots of it and ever longer and ever grander titles.

    What has this got to do with Stats? Well, you guys just don’t get it: Tripple the number of Titles in the last 12 Months over any period in the entire histarie (sic!) of Scientologiiiiiii !!!!

  61. troll. you write a lot, say a lot. most of it lukewarm and wishy washy. just my humble opinion.

  62. Hi Raul,

    It seems to be “a lot of nerve” but in reality, in order not to be found out as dumb and incompetent, DM will do anything, say anything, blame anybody, deflect attention – all resulting in non-sequitur communication. Trying to make sense of the non-sequiturs is like trying to figure out the logic of the bank. But the bank has no logic. The bank is insane. DM is insane, but he does believe his own lies.

    I think a great idea would be that the independent field now offers Super Power!


  63. George, why dont we just throw out green on white and go with our feelings?
    The article was direct and crytal clear. Your extrapolation on it is not. Purpose?

  64. Raul, thank you for the following WHY on no auditors. Who would have guessed it was LRH’s birthday game all along. The old man is suppressing us even from the grave. You said;

    “So, here is a perfect example of RTC trying to rip off the org and the org trying to rip them off back {all in the name of playing the LRH Birthday Game} if you will, the end of result of which is no real auditors being made or upgraded.”

    You were born to be an evaluator.

  65. Raul, POT, RJ and Joe
    Raul, thank you for the compliment. Stats declining internationally and auditor training effectively cut, in my opinion, are both directly connected. We used to have a structure whereby someone came in and was trained first (TRs 0-9) and then onto Life Repair and/or training of HQS, HSDC, etc. That is what everyone did (except the very few “professional pc’s”). Books sold, auditors made and then auditing done. The field auditor was the wild frontier and you never really knew what you would get. Flubbed PC’s and auditors went to the org. The org promoted higher quality and handling bugged cases and making better auditors. The mission was in between.

    It was understood management at the top managed the layer directly under them and on down to the Div 6 of the org building a field of Field Auditors (book or higher trained), Missions, Dianetic Counseling Groups, and all of these were FSMs. There have been many blunders but a major one started during the finance police era. To force income in to the top layers of this structure without increasing the outflow exchange to match.

    The flow upward was broken. Field auditors and missions were penalized for lack of perfection, minor infractions, etc. It became unsafe to audit. It became unsafe to have a mission. Why train if you couldn’t use what you had learned. Just look at GAT and the mandatory retraining of Class 6 and 8’s with permanent certification. This should require a comm ev.

    It was dangerous to be an auditor, dangerous to argue to train and not donate to IAS, etc. A trained auditor was treated with disdain if they didn’t immediately want to joint staff or the SO. Sheer stupidity. We have a planet of billions to Clear and this requires millions of auditors. Let people train, let people audit, correct the flubbed products but don’t shut down, bar the doors and arrest those arriving for training.

    Auditors are smart, capable, causative, and apparently a problem to the current management. The power of the field carried forward for years until the stats peaked and begin the long downward path toward hell on earth. Without stats correct WHYs cannot be handled. Sort of like trying to audit with no meter, no lists, no pc folder, etc. You would have a practice shrink to zero. We see the org’s on the way down to zero.

    Without stats to review one wouldn’t see a broken affluence. You wouldn’t know what time period to go back to and see what successful actions have been dropped. What created the affluence is capable of creating it again, but without stats reviewed you would never know when and what that affluence was. This is not rocket science, even it appears magically when done correctly.

    Just like auditing – find what picture the pc is operating on (not in present time but from the past), get the pc to see and view the picture, picture blows and pc in present tiime makes correct and ethically actions, decisions and thoughts. Without stats it would be like find the picture being operated on but you are forbidden to look at or think about pictures while you do this – whiskey tango foxtrot (WTF).

    PS: I don’t have my reference library here with me while I answer. Anyone can request the references of the above.

  66. Tony, Marta, Marie-Joe, Idle Org, Nanook and OTs ‘yet to surface’
    Now that’s what I call FLYING under the radar as opposed to HIDING under the radar.
    Per Ardua Ad Astra!!!!!
    (RAF motto “Though adversity to the stars”)
    Wear your wings with pride.

  67. I thought that was Thor who was hurled down according to recent news:

  68. Here’s how to make a stat like that:

    “The number of people newly introduced to Scientology…”

    Now that includes seeing CoS websites for the first time ever, they have just been introduced to the subject for the very first time right? So some jackass figures out a convoluted ratio of how many page hits are from first-time ever visitors, does the division and adds this BS to last week’s number.

    Tada! 26 times as much!

  69. I got a good reference for those idiotic statements….
    HCOPL 8 February 1968
    “Some people have a METHOD of handling a down stat which is a fixed idea or cliché they use to handle all down stat situations in their lives…
    …Instead of seeking to prevent or raise a declineing stat in life such people use some fixed idea to explain it”
    L. Ron Hubbard.

    Busted again DM.

  70. Samuel,

    Couldnt agree with you more.

    Now they are offering discounts on status! Here is copy from the latest promo piece circulating in Denver:


    Management has issued a Colorado-only award for the balance of the building purchase.
    A 25% discount off your balance to any Humanitarian status and above!
    This offer is only available until we complete our local Org building purchase. Act NOW”

    Translation: If you give us $75,000 we will pretend you gave us $100,00 and give you a certificate to hang on the wall.


    If you give ME $75,000
    I will give you a certificate printed on golden (colored) synthetic parchment that certifies you made
    a donation of $1 MILLION
    (**this is 10X better than what Denver Org will give you**)
    and I will bestow upon you the status of “Master of the Universe and Savior of All Mankind for Eternity”
    in a special videotaped ceremony in front of the new Harry Potter display at Universal Studios (waaay bigger and better than the styrofoam pillars Dear Leader uses).

  71. OK… but what about the gold pin? I can’t WEAR a certificate so how will people know what an incredibly amazing person I am unless you give me something I can wear?
    How about a big gold plated pin (or better yet a medal) with an engraving of COB shaking my hand and maybe some little diamonds round the edge and it can say “To Sam with my eternal gratitude, love from Diamond Dave?”
    Is this point negotiable before I get my check book out?

  72. A similar research was done and published on Steve Hall’s blog:
    Hope this works – below should be a picture -if not, here’s the link

  73. I, like Penny, at one point thought DM was “all that and more”. For a little over a year, I have been educating myself on the hidden “church” activities. Well, maybe not so hidden, maybe it was because my blinders were on and I truly was blinded by the image of DM rather than the actuality. But, I’d learned another side to Scientology and Miscavaige from those who worked with him personally.

    I read more on this deposition, thanks Tom. I could only read up through part seven before deciding there was little point in continuing. I’d read enough to see for myself that all of the stories that have been relayed by others about having a comm cycle with DM were are all true. This was a good thing because it took me from a strong belief based on what others had said to a certainty that DM in his own words is nuts. He habitually avoids, misdirects, negates any communication directed at him. It is what he has been doing all along. The handling of international stats is a perfect example of this. He is the ultimate no-responsibility case.

    There is no integrity in the church, it has been long gone thanks to DM. The curtain has been pulled back and the wizard is really a cowardly weakling hiding from the light. The earlier admiration I once mistakenly had was only the social veneer of the 1.1 coming into view with false enthusiasm and distorted truths. DM is much lower on the scale, dramatizing controlling and punishing bodies when out of public site. He is barely above total failure and is the antithesis of Scientology itself. He is no leader at all.

    I have a renewed respect for Marty, Jeff, Dan, Steve, John, Jim, Karen and all the others who having been intimate with this insanity, applied enough Scientology to themselves to break this cycle of destruction thus allowing a true resurgence and rehabilitation of the subject, Scientology. You guys are REALLY awesome!

  74. “The old man is suppressing us even from the grave”
    Interesting WHY finding.
    And how does this open the door to a handling now that we understand the man who spent his life researching and developing the tech and training people so they could audit in the first place is actually ‘suppressing us from the grave’?
    Brilliant evaluation indeed!
    So what’s the handling?
    Should we call for an exorcist?

  75. A discount on a STATUS …. now THAT’s what I call an incentive! Always a good tactic in the c of m to wait long enough until heavy discounts are being offered. The poor Humaintarian Glutus Maximus that had to pay the full price for their paper on the wall – isn’t it a bit unfair, dear status-loving DMologists to give these precious titles away for less? I’m sure you didn’t think of retroactively raising the status of the full-payers? Come on, it’s only monopoly money in your books anyway.

    And, Mike … (I’m a bit shy and don’t want others to hear that) … would you also throw in SeniorMaster of the entire Universe … if I paid you before 2 PM

  76. Samuel,

    Don’t tell anyone, but today only, and for you only (unless someone else asks), YES. Senior Master of the Entire Universe is being engraved on your golden colored synthetic parchment as I type. Congratulations! It will be shipped once your check for $75,000 plus $4.95 shipping and handling is received (or would you prefer to do it by credit card?)

  77. Sam — Of course. The pin was actually going to be announced NEXT week, carefully mounted on a shiny hat (tinfoil perhaps) with a 3″ gold (looking) disc with glitter around the edges. Would that work for you? I will throw in (today only) a full set of Basics recovered from a library if you add $149 for S&H. Do we have a deal?

  78. Did you guys see the IAS “BOGO” (buy one get one) special?

    I got a promo for buy one lifetime, get one free for a friend or family member.

    No, seriously. I did.

  79. DFB — Yeah, saw that one too. Gotta tell you though, the cert you get for that is pretty crappy compared to the ones I am offering…

  80. And, to Nanook and all the other Northwest Independents…YOU ROCK!

  81. They might not share their real stats, but fwiw – there is several ongoing data collection efforts that are attempting to quantity the current exodus from the official church and qualify the underlying reasons for all the issues of concern.

    For more information, follow the link on my to my blog – where we attempting to setup a clean & neutral space (albeit from the gently critical yet greatly restrained side of the middle path) for hosting these projects and the published findings for all camps.

    Currently the latest results of the exit survey project is featured on the homepage of this collaborative effort blog, the links to “Basic Reports” and Summary Charts” seem to be the popular ones. For overview details on that project and the other similar efforts, click on “Projects” near the top of the blog or go here:

    There is also individual pages for each project that includes info on how to participate in each one under “Ongoing data Collection” and ya’all consider the welcome mat and my most cordial invitation hereby extended for any and ALL former church members to take part in these projects, no matter which camp you currently hang out in.

    (sorry marty if this seems like spam… i was torn on posting it and will take no offense if not approved. but i firmly believe knowledge is power, and these data collection projects seem to go hand-in-hand with the subject of stats and my intentions here are only to share & empower knowledge and not drive traffic to my blog)

  82. + 100 !!

  83. That’s inflation of inflated titles!

  84. 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

  85. I don’t have all the stats but from my perspective Flag was doing very good in the early 90’s. The KTL and LOC came out and the graduations became famous and the podium too small. Full Int management seemed to be in charge and took the stage many times. It even extended somewhat during the Pro Metering pilot but that was the first real big big obstacle. That was mid 90’s and then GAT came, Int management was brought down to the background and the rest is history.

  86. Sapere:

    You said:

    “Auditors are smart, capable, causative, and apparently a problem to the current management.”

    ANYONE smart, capable and causative is a problem to the current management. That person is smart enough to know when tech is not being applied right and no or bad results gotten that one is of course asked to pay for because the payment = the stats. But, what stats? So, the responses of church people to intelligent public people {Scientologist or non Scientologist} is another thing that turns people from the church which then never gets any stats. So, instead of admitting this, at that tone level, the church makes up stats. Clever, but not clever enough for public that truly need and want these things and desire them.

  87. Jeff

    I am curious. Does that peak in 1990 happen to coincide with the period when the multitudes of programs were being “run” into Class V orgs?

    I remember a time when we had what seemed like over a hundred programs being run simultaneously on our org. Trying to get “compliance reports” done and sent uplines consumed almost all of a staff members time. Most were working overtime to try to get targets or compliances done. Many targets were totally inapplicable to our org circumstances yet were being pushed with a vengeance from uplines.
    I was the ESTO and it was a total “management” nightmare. We didn’t even have a properly hatted, competent, basic org compliment. ( including myself)
    There was no proper data evaluation done. No “why” found. There was no tailored program, designed to handle our specific “why”.

    Many of these programs acted as “outpoints” in their own right. Added in-applicable, altered sequences, dropped time, and altered importance. We simply did not have anywhere near the resources necessary to carry out many of the targets.
    The whole fiasco operated as a “wrong why”
    I think it pretty much “broke the back” of our org while it was being pushed. I am not sure if the org ever really recovered since I routed out during that time.

    Just wondering if it was “date coincident”.


  88. That would indeed be something.

  89. Mike,

    Are you saying that I missed the tin foil hat special!!!!!!

    Oh wow!!!!

    Total bummer dude 😦

  90. No RJ, just for you, we have extended the special until midnite tonight! And for you only, your hat will be made out of gold colored tinfoil. Don’t miss out. Its not often you are presented with an opportunity like this.

  91. Tony DePhillips

    Ever vigilante… 🙂

  92. Yeah I know whatya mean Theo by NWO type of Organization the COS has become.

    The S should stand for SPECTRE especially the way OSA operates.

    Hey Tom if you’re reading this.

    Just remember what happened to number 2 in that organization in the movie Thunderball.

  93. Tony DePhillips

    Are you under the radar Raul or is that your real name?
    Can you tell us something about yourself? Just curious, you seem to be new here and I would like to know what your current scene is if you don’t mind, to increase the ARC.

  94. Nanook from the North is proud to be part of new group!
    While snow-shoeing this morning it occured to me that Scientology has become a microcosm of what is wrong with so much that we see in the world. The government (both sides) are constantly creating new statistics to falsely represent how GREAT things are going or how horrible the “bad guys” are doing. Just like the Scientology statistics of “Number of dust particles removed from something” the government pumps out reams of false and mis-leading stats daily.
    Another creepy similararity is how the government repsonds to critics: When WikiLeaks posted documents showing the insanity and crimes committed by the US their only response is to attack the source of the information. There is no acknowledgement that they may have actually done something wrong. Just a full frontal attack to descredit the people and groups who would dare to expose their crimes.
    Coincidence, or something more?

  95. Tony DePhillips

    Do I get an aluminum hat for this also? Can I have some glitter on it to please? And one of those little sticks with the plastic things that spin around… Please, please I need and crave status and glittery objects..

  96. Karen, there is actually a lot of data online about possible links between various kinds of asthma medications and increased aggression. There are “anecdotal” reports from parents of children with asthma, also.

    DM has reportedly been using inhalers to control his asthma for decades; the cumulative effect could be pretty serious, as many inhalers contain corticosteroids, which depending on dosage are proven to induce aggression. Overuse of steroids is known to cause overly aggressive and violent behavior. In children this is often described as “loss of impulse control”.
    Apparently this can happen to kids who are normally mellow, they can exhibit a personality change on asthma/allergy meds.

    You can find a lot of relevant sites by Google for “asthma meds aggression”, “corticosteroids aggression”, “inhalers aggression”, that kind of search, use your imagination.

    As long-time and possibly chronic user, LRH’s “Biochemical personality” write-up may apply to DM, and I myself do believe it does. Early inhalers, like those used in the 1960s and1970s, actually used amphetamines -“speed” – like dexadrine instead of steroids, and those are known to cause such personality problems.

    This is in addition to whatever anti-social traits he started with.

  97. Amen Bible, the Ancient Alien advocates (of which there are many with recognized credentials) cover Revelation 12:9 with plausable explanations as I see it.
    You can view their series on the History Channel or search youtube for details.

  98. Nice offer Mike, but I have one already. 🙂

    But what does this IAS offer do to the already existing suckers, er, marks, no wait….contributers? Isn’t it a STATUS DEGRADE?
    Can they get a refund, or do they get a “First Post” Pin?

  99. Freedom Fighter

    Spot on!!! I’ve noticed this more and more over the last several months. Just talking to others about politics, for example, often results in ad hominem attacks rather than any intellegent discussion about the issues. In the church, anyone who dares bring up a viewpoint or LRH reference that contradicts or questions “command intention” might as well just paint a bulls eye on their chest. It really wierd to observe this dramatazation both inside and outside the church.

  100. Truer words were na’er spake!

  101. I beg to differ with you. We hated being stood up to be admired at events. We did not crave attention and being used as Judas Goats. We did it because we wanted to help mankind. That is a double whammy when you find out you weren’t helping mankind, but you WERE helping Dave-kind. Blecchhh!!! But please don’t tar us with that stinking brush that says we were stupid enough to do it for a title, a plaque on the wall, or special seating at events. Sheesh!!!

  102. Barney,
    Nanook is a polar bear, so statistics of Dear Leader as pointed out due to their omission, the Pope of Scn probably follows a “Bear” market, not an uptrending Bull market as a subtlety.

    Courserooms at Int had much higher standards and were not like those you describe, estates guys had to take showers before showing up in totally renovated spaces, with clay tables and practical area separately. There were word clearers with their meters and so forth with tons of dictionaries, demo kits, etc. There was no limit on the training and courses one could do from the comm course to Class XII and SO basics to OEC/FEBC and other courses offered only at CCs such as the Art course. Seem to recall that Jan had set up a special room at RTC for IGs to study in separately – Marty could verify. That definitely is not a problem or stop to do courses.

  103. NAME: Raul Batista
    LOCATION: New York City
    STATUS: Dissatisfied former church student\staff.
    POSITION: No SP declare. Not offloaded. Unofficially resigned from Scientology.

    Now can I go to the bathroom daddy?

  104. I wonder who the executives were who covered this up and whether or not the GO was involved. If LRH was involved I am sure he would have banned DM from tech lines forever. I’ve never heard of such a thing before. A pc striking an auditor is rare enough but not the other way around.

  105. And, I am Italian.

  106. Some seek an answer in status. “If one has STATUS, one is safe” is about as frail as a house of cards. Ask some recently deposed dictator or yesterday’s idol what his status was worth. Yet many work exclusively for status. In Spain it is enough to have an executive degree. One doesn’t have to do any executiving. Work at it? Caramba no!
    In capitalisms it is enough to be an heir and in communisms it is only necessary to be the son of a commissar. Work? Nyet!
    Revolts are protests against idle status. Where are the kings of yesteryear?
    Riding along on the last generation’s statistics is as fatal as a diet of thin air.
    Undeserved status is a false statistic. Nothing is more bitterly resented, unless it is a statistic earned without status by those who live by status alone!
    LRH, Data Series 14, WORKING AND MANAGING.

  107. While we are on the subject of stats:

    Dan Sherman
    LRH Biograph–ahem, COB Speechwriter

    Cram Danny on President Obama’s speech last night in Tuscon, AZ.

    M2, M9, M8, M4 and *-rate speech transcript, or better still, actually watch it 10 times (a la your boss’ typical overhandling for any mistake or error).

    FDSing on “high ground.”
    Clay demo “reality.”
    1. Take any speech you have written over the past 20 years and blue pencil out any overblown, overhyped phraseology or incomprehensible concepts.
    2. Review whatever remains (if anything).
    3. Have a cognition about your life.
    4. Go back to writing bestselling novels.

    Cram Off to use a 2 X 4 on step 3 above as needed.

  108. martyrathbun09

    More wisdom yet from Nanook.

  109. Oh I’d say something more Nanook.

    I noticed the toadying effect in Fleadom Magazine during and after Gulf War I where the editors couldn’t seem to say enough about the virtuous and patriotic conflict.

    Taking the last vestige of every other scoundrel in the mainstream press.

    Same with the “humanitarian bombing” of Serbia and Kosovo having swallowed the line about “ethnic cleansing” hook, line and sinker.

    They might as well have issued it as a State Department memo.

    Not to mention Narconon’s unflinching support of the insane and unconstitutional war of drugs acting as cheerleaders for the DEA and passing out the same disinformation of the ONDP.

    Of course this is what I’d come to expect from Miscavige after his “friends” granted “his” organization full tax free status.

    Forget about rocking the boat or questioning the inane and insane policies of the Washington Death Star.

    Now they are demanding that DMCA squelch any First Amendment rights left under the False Flag of “safeguarding the technology”.

    So much for the Press policy Code of a Scientologist that’s “old”, “historical” , “background” ,etc.

    Peaceful dissent against the Church and the State have become one in the same under the Church of SPECTRE’s new management.

    Might as well assign the Church to America’s National Security agenda if they haven’t already.

    Assange is treated with the same dignity and respect by the Government as any whistle blower in Scientology which is none.

  110. “Someone blogged the other day that AOLA would not open the Class VIII courseroom as she was the only student and it was not open for business with only one student. (They could not designate a full time SO member to be a SUP for 1 student.”

    That is right. David Miscavige doesn’t care about auditors made, especially class VIIIs.
    But, David Miscavige orders Sea Org members, like Greg Whilhere, Tommy Davis, Jessica Feschback and the CCI president crew to find the ideal women for his best friend “Tom Cruise”. What a great pimp is David is.

  111. Throw in a pair of Gold Plated grounding rods and ya got yourself a deal Mike ol’ buddy!!!!!

    I’m signing the check right now!


  112. Scott Campbell

    Here you go Tony,

    This is a great post. Well done on your OT coordination and reform activities. You and your team are truly a stellar group of beings. I can’t wait to get together with all of you guys.

    “There is only one security, and when you’ve lost that security, you’ve lost everything you’ve got. And that is the security of confidence in yourself; to be, to create, to make any position you want to make for yourself. And when you lose that confidence, you’ve lost the only security you can have. … Self-confidence is self-determinism. One’s belief in one’s ability to determine his own course. As long as one has that, he’s got the universe in his pocket. And when he hasn’t got that, not all the pearls in China nor all the grain and corn in Iowa can give him security, because that’s the only security there is.” – LRH

  113. Scott Campbell

    Excellent analysis and references, SA!

    Thank you for your continuous support and spot-on comments. You are a real asset with an impressive depth of understanding of LRH.

    I’m proud to call you friend.


  114. Looks fascinating and I will take a look. Just for the record, I am a person that had incredible wins with the tech, when applied correctly but I am interested in all viewpoints.

  115. one thing no one has posted here is that even if the church posts a true stat and one that is noble and a highest ever,it doesnt even matter because its all canibalism….the law of marketing and finance is new GI not old or within.
    miscavige is a caninbal and the field are eating themselves up.

  116. Windhorse,

    President Obama is a much greater leader than David Miscavige. People BELIEVE President Obama, feel he can be trusted and care about him. There is true ARC between him and the people he leads. No one need feel left out.

    I don’t think anybody believes David Miscavige, I don’t think he could get anybody to believe him. I lastly think that AFFINITY is something David Miscavige has “heard that people do but he never practices it himself”.

  117. Loki:

    I am sorry if I made you feel that way. And, I can understand your possible distrust of people with all the lies around about the church, its ex-members etc. But my story is a simple one.

    I went to a church seminar once after reading a Dianetics book and afterwards signed up for a course. I did another course, and then another one, another, another, and finally I joined staff. I was having a good time. Suddenly one day, I am not sure exactly what happened but “my eyes were opened” and I realized that the people in my church were actually thieves and criminals waiting to be caught. I finished my course and without any fuss left town and didn’t go back.

    For a long time I often wondered if anybody else had gone through what I did and by chance I wound up on the web site of a lady from Holland that was being sued by C of M and after a few e-mails she sent me a copy of what it was they were suing her for. I read it. I read it again. I read it again in disbelief. She had published confidential HCOB’s to her web site under laws that were not the same where the C of M that was suing her was incorporated.

    Aside from the uncertain benefit of reading confidential materials out of context of one’s training and auditing I realized that if the C of M had actually been doing their job the whole time like they claim they have been, these confidential OT data HCOB’s never would have made it to the web. Totally validating me for deciding on my own to leave the church in the first place. I have been happy and content in life ever since knowing that if all I missed out was a few pages of information describing how lethal implants can get then I can live with that.

    I have not become Anonymous, or picketed or sued the church or gotten a refund or even gone back there. I understand what I was doing in Scientology and I understand what the church wanted me to think I was doing there instead.

    I do no audit people in the field or sponsor any kind of group. I am an “Independent Scientologist” so to speak. I know this man LRH wrote things that are true and correct to the best of my knowledge that when applied work and improve life. Something no one anywhere else has ever been able to do. I am on the “DL” so to speak regarding Scientology. 🙂

    I hope that helps you a bit and maybe clears up any other lack of ARC anyone else may have had.

    I am just cool.

  118. Mockingbird
    It’s the mindset of DM not those who are genuinely moved to help. I’m sure many of us gave money and were proud to know we had helped.
    Love –

  119. TROLL. Your story is weak and has more holes than swiss cheese. Please give my regards to the mysterious lady from Holland and I hope those thieves in your Org get caught. Stay “cool” Raul.

  120. Hi Oldfox. Be glad of your data. After weekend eh?

    All The Best

  121. if by “Gulf War” you mean the original BushI defense of Kuwait, prior to BushII invasion of Iraq, then the fleadom mag promotion your referring to was probably coinciding with the the church’s efforts to be a recognized denomination on military bases and have the scientology symbol approved for arlington national cemetary markers. If I recollect correctly, that military recognition of their religous status finally got authorized a year after the US soldiers came home from Kuwait.

  122. Thank you Penny, we too are interested in all viewpoints and we are trying to stick to a singular vein of interest that everyone should be able to find value in – helping enable people to get free of the church though knowledge and educational resources.

    Thus we leave our personal views behind when we work on the Exit Zone. And we are attempting to pay it forward by sharing valuable tools and info on clean space common ground for all camps to easily find, use and benefit from without having to venture into parts of the internet they dont care to visit.

  123. RJ,
    Great comments!! Completely spot on.
    Washington Death Star and Church of SPECTRE indeed!
    Now I am starting my day laughing.
    When GW was president I couldn’t get the picture out of my head that DM, aka “fearless leader”, was just being a GWB Mini-Me.

  124. Thanks. It’s 5 degrees outside so staying cool should be no problem.

  125. I am WAAAAAAAAY more trained than he is. No wonder he is doing everything backward.

  126. Honestly Valkov,

    Miscavige reminds me of one of those LSD cases Ron describes in the HCOB ‘LSD, Years After They Come Off.’

  127. Raul,

    I’d just like to welcome you to the independent field.

    I think I know about the girl in Holland you’re writing about.

    Her name was Karin Spanik(?) I believe.

    She was another example of how OSA may be incompetent in other areas but excels in the area of making enemies.

    Anyway you are right that if the Church was doing its job the materials would have made it unto the web.

    However once the cat was out of the bag. The level of incompetency and blatant stupidity that followed in OSAs efforts to walk back the cat or run damage control was just to unbelievable.

    One would of thought while reading ARS that they *wanted* to disseminate the OT materials.

    Because almost every action they did seemed to accomplish just that!

    Anyway welcome aboard Raul.



  128. Geez! Mike and Tony and RJ – I ‘m experiencing STATUS ENVY! I not only want that special cert, but I want a special event to go with it!

  129. Tony DePhillips

    Yes you can. But make sure you shake it twice son.

  130. Tony DePhillips

    Thanks for the nice tune Bro!! It’s good to be duplicated.

  131. Or a Mini-me too.

    Where he had to get in line behind the neo-con crowd that’s brought this country to ruin.

    Though I’d say he shares the same distinguished title of “Prince of Darkness” with Richard Pearle.

    BTW thanks for the compliment Nanook of the North and to return the favor I’d like to say your article was very concise and well written.


    That is correct.

    I was referring to GW I brought to you by GHWB who bequeathed to GW II the sequel to his heir from hell G (“you’re either for us against us or against us” an obvious bipolar disorder that seems to have infected the Church of CIAology and Mini me Dave who seems to have emulated the current US actions toward peaceful dissent and protest who both seem to have an its “only paper” view of the Constitution or Policy) W (of course used as a term of endearment by his friends in the MIC when he ordered congress to give ’em “Whatever” they want) Bush (known to beat around it continually when ordering torture while selecting more PC phraseology such as “enhanced interrogation techniques” which could also apply to ‘sec checks’ these days).

    Who knows what the current Government Approved Organization’s view is of current US policy since Fleadom has become Dave Magazine.

    All Dave all the time.

  132. heh, well said! Except “All Dave all the time” deserves a proper warning label:


  133. Bawahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!!!!!

    Take a bow Anon 🙂


    You think if you put a pair a shades on him he’d look like a diminutive version of Jimmy Jon….


  134. Yes. It was Karin Spaink. She is a writer from the Netherlands and pretty too.

    And so to make a long story short let me quote something you said that really hits a home run with me:

    “One would of thought while reading ARS that they *wanted* to disseminate the OT materials.”

    That is the exact impression I got. Perhaps instead of staff standing out in front of their churches handing out OCA’s they should have OT III packs and tear pages out of them as public walk past to give it to them.

  135. There is a section about Karin Spaink devoted to her on Wikipedia here:

    She was sued by the C of M several times over a ten year period and won each time the right to freely publish her information about Scientology.

  136. That’s right Raul.

    I remember the ARS flap well.

    OSA in the person of Helena Colbrin or the Cobra as she was called tried to cancel the whole NG over Arnie posting parts of OT III on ARS causing a flap similar to the more recent Anonymous flap when they tried to yank that insane video of Mr. Div VI Medal of Valor winner Tom Cruise taking a psychotic break.

    Before that they sued Fishman and Gertz(?) who entered confidential materials on the public record as part of their defense.

    Another smooth move by Ex-Lax OSA.

    Never mind the fact that before that they sued Mayo over authorship of the NOTs material which caused the same sort of fracas.

    In short they set up the machinations for broad dissemination of the Advanced Course materials with their incompetent “legal” handlings.

    Not to mention the whole “not one thin dime for Wollershiem” episode personally handled by the dim wit extraordinaire Miscavige.

    If the PLs on the ‘Security of Materials’ where applied to the letter Miscavige would still be scrubbing toilets with a tooth brush.

    Either that or still working on some hefty A-E.

    But instead the brain trust at Management put this guy in charge instead of yanking whatever certs he had if any and giving him a bus ticket out of Hemet.

  137. There is always a huge swirling roaring controversy amidst when it comes to the church’s advanced courses materials. Chances are the church probably wouldn’t even fully understand them themselves yet as the reason why they have a problem getting them across to others.

  138. When I initially commented I clicked the “Notify me when new comments are added” checkbox and now each time a
    comment is added I get four emails with the same comment.
    Is there any way you can remove people from that service?
    Bless you!

  139. martyrathbun09

    I think you’ve got to link back through whatever link you used to be notified and check the box to be taken off.

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