Attempted Suppression of Communication Lines

On the afternoon of 28 January the church of Scientology’s intelligence branch engineered the shutting down of my blog, Moving On Up A Little Higher.

The last two postings – the only two run since last Sunday – quite apparently drove church leader David Miscavige and his friend Tom Cruise around the bend.

They somehow managed to get the domain registrar to redirect visits to my url to a spam dead end. We are back up now though.  Please reset your favorites to this url,


You can follow me on twitter (@martyrathbun) for alerts on new posts and for messages when Radical Scientology manages to infiltrate and destroy communication lines.

219 responses to “Attempted Suppression of Communication Lines

  1. The collective independent world of former members, current lurking members, antis and just plain interested folk have breathed a sigh of relief.

    Fast work .


  2. OSA’s new Valuable Final Products: Temporarily Cut Comm Lines, and : Hours of Dev-T For Marty Rathbun.

  3. Watching Eyes

    Glad to see things back up & running. I guess with Michael Fairman’s wonderful posting and my instructions on where to write to get money back, the dwarf just blew a gasket. No surprise. Bullies are such notorious cowards; smack back at them and they just can’t take it. Boo Hoo.

    note to dwarf: Remember that comment I posted way back when about the Tipping Point? Dude, it’s been reached. You can not stop the Independents. You do not have that power. People will continue to leave your cult. Get over yourself. Take some money and run.

  4. I assumed as much. Pretty pointless, actually. Its the only game they know, never defend, always attack. Never mind that the subject they want to protect is being destroyed from within. They may win a skirmish here and there but the war they wage cannot be won in the age of internet. As long as one deals in the truth, growth of the independents will continue until its obvious to all that that the tech is safe. At that point it won’t matter what the church does. And most won’t care.

  5. Look into setting up a password or similar with your domain registrar. If they can’t switch to another who can/will.

  6. glad to get you back… onwards!

  7. Hey Marty glad the blog is back up and running again. I figured it was probably some moron who just could not take it anymore! After all the truth indicates!

  8. Constant alertness, constant willingness to fight back 🙂

  9. Theo Sismanides

    Marty, this was fast. When I saw the new blog I said to myself:

    “There we have it. What would LRH do if they shut down his org?

    Open Another! And since Ron had the ability and resources to build up new schemes fast at that easier time, what DO WE DO?

    We open up a NEW BLOG!!! Fast! Just like that!”

    So, this I said to myself and I have to acknowledge that though the Internet helps you, you, man, were fast. You just did the right thing and this ERA helps you do the right thing faster than DM can suppress!

    It is the Internet Era. We have a NEW BLOG NAME. The old blog is dead, long live the new one! Are we unmockable or what? Hahaha!

    Congrats, my friend!

  10. Scott Campbell

    “So long as the people do not care to exercise their freedom, those who wish to tyrannize will do so: for tyrants are active and ardent, and will devote themselves in the name of any number of gods, religious and otherwise, to put shackles upon sleeping men”. – François-Marie Arouet de Voltaire.

    The advent of the internet as an information sharing resource has brought about a paradigm shift in the “monitoring factors” in all of our lives. No longer are we subject only to the all-too-often ignored scrutiny of our fellow thetans, we must now deal with the fact of our self-created “Monitor by MEST”. The internet has now taken on an immortality all it’s own, spanning lifetimes. Children have been born into it for 20 odd years now. The benefits of this communication medium are incalculable. The potential danger in this has consequences nothing short of nuclear holocaust.

    Ultimately, SP’s may become desperate to forever silence their critics. And with one final world-shattering Electro-Magnetic Pulse, (EMP) they will effectively kill all of those “bad” electronic devices (read: “thetans” from the SP’s viewpoint) – in an instant.

    Will an SP ever watch the gripping drama of a World Series, Game 7 and realize he can’t push the button? Will he ever see an impossible last-second touchdown catch and realize he can’t do it? Will he win an hours-long battle with the trophy fish of a lifetime and realize that he can’t do it? Witness the breathtaking artistry of a classic ballet, an award winning play, a musical masterpiece, an Oscar worthy film or a photo finish at Churchill Downs – let alone accomplish any of these things himself – and realize he can’t do it?

    Tragically, the answer is no.

    What does this have to do with us? Everything.

    What can we do about it? Plenty.

    The first thing we can do is take responsibility for the existing scene and work to improve it. The only method by which to achieve this is personal responsibility.

    Marty Rathbun has taken enormous personal responsibility by dedicating his life to the recovery and rehabilitation of beings who have been ill served by the Institutional Church of Scientology.

    We can and should contribute to this motion by donating to support Marty’s web site. Marty’s activities in the form of Scientology third dynamic reform, seeing justice served, auditing and individual help are well known to all of us. Marty dedicates a lot of time to these activities as well as creating, moderating and administering his blog. He doesn’t just wave a magic wand to make all of this occur. It takes time and it takes money – his money. Please consider that the next time you go to “Moving on up a little higher” and don’t notice that “Donate” button at the top.

    For those who do donate, well done – continue.

    For those of you who need personal help as a first priority, Marty, as well as other Independent Scientology Auditors are available to help you.

    For those of you who are already donating and want to get trained to help others directly, a new, Independent Scientology Training Academy is opening.

    These are just a few of the most simple actions we can do in order to take responsibility for the reform of the C of S and to help establish Independent Scientology.

    In order to succeed in this and finally unmock the automaticities that have trapped us all in the endless cycle of life, death, and rebirth, our only recourse is to put things right and succeed in carrying out the Old Man’s original intent… to free us all.

    It is a responsibility we all carry, a responsibility for the privilege of existence as a Spiritual Being in the physical universe – an existence independent of, yet indivisible from the inexhaustible potential of creation. In order for us to remain free it is a responsibility that needs to be not only acknowledged, but insisted upon.

    Current C of S members and members of the general public need to see that our ways are not inimical to theirs. When we have truly achieved this, they will feel safe to cast a scrutinous eye at outpoints they see. Then, secure in the knowledge that there are rational, honest, ethical and responsible others outside of the Institutional Church, they will feel free to support whatever activity is actually the greatest good for the greatest number of dynamics.

    Regarding any attacks against Independent Scientologists or Scientology itself I would say only this: You need not convince yourself that it is a conspiracy, it would happen regardless of any organization due to the nature of the Reactive Mind and the Suppressive Person.

    Pawn or Prime Mover, Self-Determinism vs. Other-Determinism, the choice is yours.

    However, the question is and remains – Did you contribute to that motion?

    Scott Campbell

  11. This is great news!

    I did manage to subscribe to Twitter as the backup. I’m sure I’m not alone when I say collectively “We’ve got your back.”

    Mr. Ed

  12. Info on your domain

    how to find your domain registrar:

    .com, operated by VeriSign, Inc.

    Domain Name: WORDPRESS.COM
    Registrar: GODADDY.COM, INC.
    Whois Server:
    Referral URL:

    I guess that neither a verisign nor godaddy inc. admin did do this.

    I guess that a admin running did this.

    Anyway you see how much power little computer admins can have.
    I am computer admin too and never would do that. We have an ethics too.

    This admin or admins that did that should report at least to you.

    Maybe they can make a deal with you that if they go public they do
    not end up 10 years or more behind bars.

  13. Well, a momentary glitch … not to worry.

    All this does is add to the long list of attempts by the ‘church’ of Scientology, David Miscavige, the IAS, & OSA to suppress anyone who exposes their crimes.

    Witness the Roman Catholic Church and their attempts to hide crimes of their leadership … now they pay out multi-million dollar settlements.

    This is another big footbullet for the ‘church’ and will shortly come back to bite them.

    And Tom Cruise … time to face the music. Maybe sit down with Michael Fairman, a fellow actor, and take the blinders off for a brief moment – I’m sure he’d be more than happy to help – believe me, you being connected to this madman(David Miscavige) at this point and knowing of the abuses makes you a part of it – that’s one way to simply kill one’s integrity. You’re worth more than that – and no, I don’t mean money.

    Marty … might be an idea to mirror multiple your website/blog in other areas to ward off any lapses in the future

  14. I don’t know what made him/them flip but I like to state again: Tom Cruise YOU are a Human Rights abuser.

  15. Marty,
    Linda and I were actually laughing yesterday when we could not access your blog – not laughing at you because it was mucho dev-t. But we were laughing at the vision of OSA and what it took to get the blog shut down and it must have been a lunacy akin to the Basic Book evolution for OSA.
    We understand the magnitude of the missed withholds Davey has regarding pimping for TC. And I know a few of them and they are really, really, really wild.

    You see OSA, Dear Leader has some huge missed withholds and he is going to keep you guys up another long night trying to stifle communication, but it is not going to work because we are going to apply LRH policy and expand in the face of suppression, spend time this weekend setting up websites on Yahoo, Google, and Go Daddy just to name a few. And we’ll secure ontime, after spending an hour for dinner, watching a new release and having some good old fashion 2D time with the spouse. Ah, freedom.

    ML Tom

  16. Tom Cruise is a coward, bully and disgusts everyone! I am not a scietologist and the comments everywhere I go about him are negative. You are washed up Tom! You are a nobody except to David Miscavige! What does that say? PATHETIC!!!!
    Now, to try to stop communication between wonderful, happy people bringing about truth and honor is disgusting. Keep it up cowards (Tom and Davey) you are looking like bigger assholes each day!

  17. Tony DePhillips

    Way to go Scott!!

  18. Great work Marty.

  19. Stellar post, Scott.

    And thanks for the donation reminder. Done.


  20. Damned mosquitos – slap –
    Right, now where were we…

  21. Tom and Linda,
    I had similar feelings. I think they just had to do something to get some positive stats for their 2pm deadline. Didn’t work. At most this is a partial done, or an attempt at best, if the target was to get Marty off the net. To give an idea of how much impact this blog has I just google searched for “rathbun+moving” and I see the current site in places 3 and 4 and the fictitious redirect site in places 1 and 2. That shows that in just less than 24 hours enough people searched Marty’s site to move this false redirect to the top of the list. That is true impact. Now their will be multiple sites reposting.

    Tom, seems just like someone trying to put out an oil/grease fire by putting water on it. Just spread the mess around and handle nothing. I don’t think wordpress, google, etc will take lightly to someone interfering with their business.

    The missed withholds are more than just this last few days. I noticed about a week ago the redirect but didn’t perk my ears fast enough. This op started at the beginning of the week (Fairman post time) and just culminated yesterday – lasted less than a day and withered away. Like a dud firecracker. About as much impact as clearing a FTF jam in a firefight. A 3-5 second delay in a multiple hours long event.

    Enjoy your freedom and your 2D time, she is a good lady.

  22. “We of the church believe: That all men have inalienable rights to think freely, to talk freely, to write freely thier own opinions and to counter or utter or write upon the opinions of others;”

    Axiom 38:
    “1. Stupidity is the unknownness of consideration.
    2. Mechanical definition: Stupidity is the unknownness of time, place, form and event.
    1.Truth is the exact consideration.
    2. Truth is the exact time, place, form and event.
    Thus we see that failure to discover truth brings about stupidity….”

    Thank you, Marty for creating and maintaining a vehicle whereby truth can be communicated and shared among those who have decided to seek and share the truth.

    In celebration of this sharing of truth, here is a success story from a PC who is mid grade 1:

    Success Story

    I can look at any problem in life. Regardless whether the source of the problem is me, others, a situation or an event I have the ability to confront it. It is my cumulative abilities that enable me to be bigger than a problem. It is my ability to be myself, true to my sense of ethics, values and principles; to comfortably live in Present Time, confronting myself and life; to feel free to communicate with anyone on any subject; and to be free from the gravitational pull of past track that enable me to look at any problem. A problem is quite simply a particle that I can look at, as-is, and be pan-determined to move past.

    The Dynamics of Life are no longer a concept for me to understand. My Dynamics are now dimensional in my universe. I see the reciprocal connectivity emanating from me to all my Dynamics. Being true to me allows me to effortlessly keep my Dynamics in alignment and to actively participate in life.

    I feel happy and free to live life on my terms. I can dream, postulate and create. I luxuriate in the joy of living.


  23. Beauth Scott. Very sane.

    ML Tom

  24. Hey Marty, Welcome back! Just curious, what was the subject that got you attacked the last time? Wasn’t it Tom Cruise again? I think it was. If so, that is a very interesting “coincidence” don’t you think?

  25. Felicitas Foster

    Hi Everybody,
    my friend still had problems to get to this page. It was handled with deleting all cookies, cache entries, the chronik etc. from her browser and then logging back onto the page.

  26. martyrathbun09

    I think it was BLACK DIANETICS visited upon CLEARS.

  27. Georg, or anyone else knowledgeable about these things,

    Is it possible to identify the admin who did this? How would one do that?

    Can you give a synopsis of the laws that cover this sort of thing? I presume it would be a federal, not state, offense.


  28. Scott Campbell

    Thanks guys,

    In my opinion the importance of what is being done in the Independent Movement cannot be discounted in any way – and Marty is the vanguard of this movement.

    To me, Marty best characterizes the intention described in The Aims of Scientology where LRH states:

    “We seek no revolution. We seek only evolution to higher states of being for the individual and for society.”

    It is an honorable goal that deserves our full support.

  29. Hey — I missed y’all! Glad Marty fixed the problem, and we’re up and running again. By the way, I haven’t a clue what this means: “LOSE THIS URL, IT IS COMPROMISED:” Could someone explain — very simply — how to “lose this URL?” Thanks. H

  30. Scott Campbell

    We of the church believe:

    That all men of whatever race, colour or creed were created with equal rights;

    That all men have inalienable rights to their own religious practices and their performance;

    That all men have inalienable rights to their own lives;

    That all men have inalienable rights to their sanity;

    That all men have inalienable rights to their own defense;

    That all men have inalienable rights to conceive, choose, assist or support their own organizations, churches and governments;

    That all men have inalienable rights to think freely, to talk freely, to wright freely their own opinions and to counter or utter or write upon the opinions of others;

    That all men have inalienable rights to the creation of their own kind;

    That the souls of men have the rights of men;

    That the study of the mind and the healing of mentally caused ills should not be alienated from religion or condoned in nonreligious fields;

    And that no agency less than God has the power to suspend or set aside these rights, overtly or covertly.

    And we of the Church believe:
    That man is basically good:

    That he is seeking to survive;

    That his survival depends upon himself and upon his fellows and his attainment of brotherhood with the universe.

    And we of the Church believe that the laws of God forbid man:
    To destroy his own kind.

    To destroy the sanity of another;

    To destroy or enslave another’s soul.

    To destroy or reduce the survival of one’s companions or one’s group.

    And we of the Church believe that the spirit can be saved and that the spirit alone may save or heal the body.


    What part of this creed don’t you understand?


  31. Bravo Marty!

  32. Impartial English Girl

    What a childish thing to do – try and stomp all over a blog like this one and honestly believe they’ll get away with it. Fools. I mean, I know Miscavige and Cruise aren’t the sharpest sticks in the woodpile, but REALLY… Ah well; another foot-bullet for CoM – it’s a wonder they’ve got any toes left.

    I did try to click on a link on this, updated, blog (in the post re. Tom Cruise’s Big G*y Fun Bus) and it led to the old, now-dud site – so some of the links might need a bit of adjustment.

    I echo the sentiments of everyone who is glad to see this site back up and running. It means a lot to a great many people. Also, the fact that Mr. Rathbun and his colleagues overcome these spiteful attempts to squash his efforts is inspiring and uplifting. And I won’t deny being somewhat amused at the thought of DM and TC, red-faced and running around like cheetahs with dysentry, hollering at anyone and everyone to get the website taken down pronto! I pity whichever flunkies bore the brunt of the raging.

    Fast work, Mr. Rathbun. Sometimes we all “Feel the need. The need for speed!”

    IEG xx

  33. Good show Marty… You have RIGHT to what you do. Doesn’t matter what I or anybody thinks about it.

  34. With what is happening in Egypt, Tunisia, and other foreign countries it should be evident that people will constantly fight against the oppression of dictatorships. We as Scientologists ask for more transparent, more open and honest communication with our Church. We ask for a Church that instead of protecting the status of the current leader of the Church, listens to parishioners’ doubts and concerns and treats those questioning with respect. The Church is truly fighting the wrong target, and in the process is causing distrust and rancor which will not be stopped by more suppression or the misguided attempts to silence us. There are too many Scientologists who are aware of the lies and falsehoods of the Church. It is way past the time where we can be silenced.
    Tom Price

  35. Marty,

    Apparently you really hit a nerve this week but we all know the truth will set us free! I continue to follow your blog and links reading all voraciously; the good, the bad and the ugly and slowly but surely I am reaching my own conclusions in regard to my many years involved with the Church.
    I have come to admire many who post here and was very disheartened when I attempted to log on last night. Apparently the Church of Scientology has now resorted to the illegal hacking of an incredibly popular blog that allows each person to think freely, speak freely and find real information about the activities of the Church and it’s administrative personnel that are hidden, lied about, illegal and ongoing daily.

    I had doubts about the ability of the Church to deliver standard tech years ago but knew of no other resources. Two years ago, I had a conversation with my former FSM whereby, I let him know that I thought “the CS” was an SP. Yes, I have listened to “Briefing to Review Auditors” and love that tape! Being a nice person, he actually duplicated my comm, as I had so many wins earlier on the bridge that were getting invalidated down to nothing with incorrect CSing, wrong indications with the release of the Basics and the Golden Age of Crap.

    The FPRD was better before!
    The auditing was better before!
    The original KTL, which I did at New World Corp, was beyond superlative.
    I could go on here for quite a while but suffice it to say it was literally impossibly for me to move on the bridge without compromising my reality.
    I had more wins in a conversation with an employee at my retail store a year ago (world class listener, that has never done a TR) than the last time I had a D of P and subsequent sessions at the AO. An example of the auditing I received in 2004 or thereabouts was on one occasion, I was “completely charge-less” on the subject at hand and the auditor, who was on the CL VIII Course, no less, attempted to run an ARC break while I looked at him expectantly waiting for an FN indication! It was shocking! Now I can laugh…but then, it was a different story.
    If there are any independents or would be independents in my area, my comm line is open. Contact info is on my site.

    Very pleased you are back up and running!
    Wish you were a little closer, I’d get myself on your line-up in a heart beat, you ruthless SP, you! Have a great day everyone. Thank for listening!

  36. plainoldthetan

    It seems to me that DM could learn a lot from the Egypt situation, which didn’t get out of hand until the internet was shut down for in-country Egyptians.

    I have to at least applaud the mini-Nazi for staying true to form.

  37. Hey Marty,

    You might want to fix the previous post as the link in it points to the compromised site that you are warning everyone about.


  38. Well done Marty.

    The knee jerk reaction of Miscavige is his way of letting you know the subject is hot and needs to be taken up. We wouldn’t want to leave the little rock slammer with a reading missed withhold.

    Sorry Davie, the internet is not going away. The crimes of you and Tom Cruise will exist for the world to see FOREVER. Everyday more and more and more people will come to understand who and what you and Tom Cruise are. The world will remember you both as two pathetic bums who lived in their own make believe worlds that crumbled under the growth of the internet.


    Where is your wife Shelly Miscavige? Damn your closet of dark secrets is packed full …..

  39. Hooray for the 1st amendment!!!

  40. Thank you Marty for letting us know I did wonder what was up and now you mention it great work and glad to see you back

  41. OSA,

    The “SP’s” are growing by the OT8-load.

    This means one of two things:
    The tech doesn’t work…
    You have the wrong target!

  42. Time to get the RAID out, for the mosquitos, gnats, roaches and things that go slither in the night!

  43. Independent Scientologist

    Felicitas, I am no longer able to contact you directly via email, did you change your email address?

    – Ron Matlock


  44. Independent Scientologist

    Agree wholeheartedly, we are outside the squirreling and suppression of the C of $, that means we are free to avail ourselves of standard Scientology, so let’s do so and help others to do so.

    – Ron Matlock

  45. Fellow Traveller

    Ah. “All games are aberrative. Some are fun.”
    OSA — long overdue on some differentiation. I understand the obstacles you have for even entertaining the consideration that maybe you should confront. Helluva game you got yourself into. By the way, that quote is LRH. Just trying to help with a little differentiation.

    Marty and folks — y’all rock. Now where is my Paypal info???? Fuel the fires of the beacons of truth. (I may get some more torches for the villagers, too.)

    Bruce Pratt

  46. I guess the truth about the Fairy Slippers was too much for them to confront.

  47. Luckily we are on the outside where we have time. We are no longer suppressed by the “anger” attitude of “no time/no time” that the church carries. Not that I would volunteer my time any more than Marty wants to on dev-t when there are better “fish to fry” (literally!) LOL

  48. I think we should consider calling this act, “The Fairman Effect”. Defined as: The berzerk actions taken by suppressive cultists to sabotage websites containing truth from former departed insiders who want to support LRH.

    It is so named after our esteemed independent, Michael Fairman, who so honored LRH and us with his declaration and support, and drove the squirrels to madness.

    Heber, if you are out there and able to excercise the basic right to a computer and to read, we are saving room for “The Heber Effect”, as well. I won’t yet try to define that, since it would be too wonderful for words at the moment.


  49. Lovin’ it!

  50. John P.Ralston

    Marty I love keeping up with your site.My Father who passed away 12 years ago yesterday.Donated thousands of dollars to the IAS and to the superpower project.He said that something was wrong with the top mgt of Scientology because of this high pressure regging for money.People loading up credit cards at events was wrong.I hope David Miscavage is taken to down and put away for all the hurts he has done to many families and the money he has used wrong to make his life better.He is a SNAKE for sure much love ..john

  51. Scott Campbell

    What a dream to maintain that viewpoint throughout life.

    Is this person an independent?

  52. Ooh, I got such a picture on your last sentence, sassyanon! Let me outa here! LOL

  53. All that effort by OSA to no effect. Losers.

  54. Considering that Cruise is such a news worthy individual, has anyone here forwarded this bus fiasco to the media?

  55. “Lose” would mean delete. My “favorites” button seems to have changed itself automatically to the new address.

  56. Hey, Penny, I know what you mean about the invalidation of your wins and abilities. Just had some handling on that very subject in the FZ and much happier now!

  57. Impartial English Girl

    Looks like Jack Nicholson (his character in A Few Good Men) was right… Tom Cruise (the actor, not HIS character) really “CAN’T handle the truth”.

  58. Scott Campbell

    Substitute the words “Church of Scientology” and “Independent Scientologists”, for the words “Egyptian Government” and “Egyptian People”.

  59. Amy’s Mom,

    Good reminder, the last subject I remember reading yesterday before the blog got shut down was a Troll bringing up the YT video with Dear Leader’s trailing edge, 20 years behind the times, ultra expensive waste of a 185 thousand sq ft tree killing, spam producing, glitzy facility. That action was also flanked yesterday with an autospam email from Hushmail with a link to a similar YT video braying about this East LA facility.

    I don’t know if Dear Leader, the pope of Scientology, has realized that showing thousands of square feet of glitzy mest and machines does not make him appear to be upstat! Where are the real, happy beings – Clears, successful Auditors and OTs which are products? It’s quite nutty to just redo actions that has not proven out to be successful.

    Actually, perhaps Dear Leader and his flying OSA monkeys are now reduced to just stopping things – stop Marty’s blog through whatever means (if only temporarily for a few hours), stop the unnatural BFF relationship with TC fact from coming out, stop the truth from coming out with smokescreens and videos, stop the exodus of Indies out of RS, stop the RPFers in Anzo who don’t want to be there, stop the heartbreaking disconnection stories, etc.

    The latest actions of illegally shutting down free speech just shows that Dear Leader is in “stop” mode, which is quite insane and opposite to the Human Rights that RS is supposedly in favor of.

  60. The situation in Egypt and attacks like this site derailment make one pause to think. Is there an effective way to communicate in the absence of the internet (and I presume most of our in-house phone lines are sufficiently linked to make them collapsible in the same package?)
    The fact that U.S. government officials are deploring the shutdown of internet in Egypt tells me that they have some intentions along the same line (you know, they say “banks are safe” and then collapse a few and sell them off at bargain prices to their friends.)
    Is CB Radio still an option for keeping comm lines open? I’d really like an answer on this.

  61. Persistence crazy the SP.
    (im sorry for my english language)

  62. Impartial English Girl

    Or possibly even “The Davis Diversion”… 🙂

    Avé, Centurion!

    IEG x

  63. +1 Fairman Effect!

  64. The code of an Indie (may I be so bold):
    Was mich nicht umbringt, macht mich stärker
    Nice try DM


    At best this was an OSA F*@ck-up, with nothing more than some hours of disruption. Not even 24 hours.

    Does it create an unfavorable backlash against the Church’s suffocation of FREE SPEECH ?
    Does it make OSA Intel look like a laughing stock of bumbling amateurs ?
    Does DM froth and during his epileptic fits of RAGE command OSA to do STUPID things that have far worse long range value ?
    Does OSA keep doing footbullets which make the CRITICS howl with laughter at their basic repeated INTERNET stupidity ?

    It is the repeated stupidity that is mind blowing. There is no ability to learn from past mistakes. It is the REPEATED bungling of the same idiocy that boggles the mind.

  66. Impartial English Girl

    Your English seems fine to me. 😉
    You are correct in ANY language!
    IEG x

  67. I try to keep up with what OSA is saying by reading one of their more egregious anti-Marty sites.

    I shake my head in disbelief more often than not. Couldn’t they come up with something better? Anything?

    The latest takes the cake. All about Dr. King. It says — (direct quote) – “Martin Luther King was black. He was born black.”

    You’re kidding of course. I never knew that.

    What is being missed by OSA is that Marty quotes Dr. King because he was a man of honor who didn’t give up in the face of extreme adversity and continued a peaceful walk toward freedom for others of color, even at the expense of his own life.

    There are many who advocate freedom yet too few who advocate peaceful civil disobedience to obtaining that goal.

    While we still have the right of freedom of speech may we always hold foremost our right to choose peaceful means over violence.

    Shutting down a website, forcing women to have abortions, causing families to become divided, encouraging friends to abandon friends, coercing people to part with their money over threats of losing their eternity — these are all violent means.

    People don’t think of the above as violent but it is. Violence, like everything, has gradients.

    The above is pretty high on the scale of violence – it just hasn’t hit the top, which is gunfire.


  68. By the way:
    “It ia high crime to cut the basic communication lines of Scientology”.
    HCOPL 23 December 1965RB
    L. Ron Hubbard.
    (just wanted to put the right indication out there as this group is the only one practicing real Scientology).

  69. “It’s quite nutty to just redo actions that has not proven out to be successful.”

    “Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.”

    – Albert Einstein

  70. Actually, the issue was with the domain “,” which was pointing to this blog. It was hacked or lied about, and the result is that it was effectively turned off by someone yesterday.

  71. martyrathbun09

    Peace, to you and to your father.

  72. martyrathbun09


  73. Remember Tom ? Fun ? laughing about oneself.

  74. martyrathbun09

    Somehow a lot of folks had this url as a link to my site. It dead ends now. Lose=don’t use it. Use

  75. They wished they could turn off the Internet …. sorry Dave and Tom, you cannot stop truth. Truth will find its way.

    Oh and thanks for letting us know your buttons. Marty, please keep exposing out-ethics activities between Tom and Dave. Seems like it drives the two of them really nuts.

  76. LOL. Perfect!

  77. Another ineffective pathetic attempt to shut down Marty’s blog. Once again we are looking at the childishness and ignorance of the current leadership of the Church of Scientology.

    Thanks, Mr. David Miscavige! Your actions once again are helping forward the aims of the Independent Movement. Keep it up! Please!

  78. Hi Marty,

    Just saw what happened to your blog and wanted to let you know we Independents of Denver will be burning the midnight oil tonight and throughout the weekend to notify every Constitutional scholar we can find about the Church’s most recent violation of First Amendment rights.

    I know for a fact that noted religious scholar, and former Church ally, James R. Lewis has an intense interest in such violations of personal freedom, and we’ve established an excellent comm line with him over the last few weeks.

    We’ll be continuing to do everything possible to expose the illegal and unscrupulous tactics of David Miscavige for all to see.

    Keep up the great work!

    Free Beings
    (an independent Scientology Field Group)
    Denver, CO

  79. +1 Scott!

  80. maybe someone can confirm the following:
    if you run a homepage and register you own domain like then this domain is registered by your provider. A bunch of servers throughout the world know the domain and how to route traffic there. In case one server is compromised others know and one had to delete the worldwide. In order to do that many people have to be involved. Thus that cannot be hidden.
    Marty has a so called sub domain. In my sample that means, that if you registered a domian like then you can add some subdomains yourself. like The administration of those subdomains are under your responsibility. All the traffic is routed to and the web server that hosts does make the subdomain handling. Thus if one wants to make inaccessible the sub domain then one only has to unregister that on the web server hosting Thus is a sub domain to and to make this sub domain unaccessible one only has to have access to the server hosting the domain Thus I assume the server admin of the web server has done that.
    Some server admin of should have a look at the server logs and check this out.
    The 10 years in prision is only a wild geuss of mine. I am not living in US. But compromising with internet traffic is quite a serious matter. Except done by governments like egypt recently.

  81. That’s right Karen. As I always said, you don’t have to believe a word Marty, Mike, you, or I say. All you have to do is look at what the Church is doing and saying.

    Mr. David Miscavige and his minions are INEFFECTIVE. They flunk the Supreme Test of a Thetan – they actually REVERSE it:

    “The Supreme Test of a Thetan is his ability to MAKE THINGS GO RIGHT.”

    Well, these guys are extremely good at MAKING THINGS GO WRONG.

    Mr. David Miscavige himself violated Technical Degrades by cancelling all certs prior to GAT, and by invalidating all earlier editions of the books Ron wrote and published himself.

    They are violating basic finance policy by having to have before you can do and by committing every single “Ideal Org” to huge payouts in future debt, future property taxes, and future utility bills without actually building a field or delivering any Scientology.

    Ron is very clear about how to establish an org – he put together a whole policy series on it (Est-O Series).


  82. So now ya gotta test my Deutsch? “What doesn’t destroy me makes me stronger,” right?

  83. Don’t worry Anon is on the case. 😉

  84. What was done was highly illegal which says a lot in itself. When Marty had made that posting, I had submitted a naughty limerick (that was censored) that exploited the proposition that their might be a gay relationship at work. Had it been posted it would have only exacerbated the vile reaction. So, I think it was a wise decision not to post that, Marty.
    If you ever see a talk show where TC appears, he is always heavily applauded. I should also tell you, however, that if you are an audience memeber, they coach and insist you applaud with signs and all. A live audience hypes up the show and makes it work.
    Of course, there has been plenty of speculation and innuendo but no proof that these two are gay. In any event, their juxtaposition gives us all something to run out “Flow 3”. There is a mutual highly condensed admiration for each other that usually only seen in high profile public romances such as Liz Taylor and Richard Burton. It is highly rare to see such high affinity and admiration between two males publicized (in this case, mostly on the internet but not exclusively so) in our society. It is a compelling drama that makes people wonder about the extent of the relationship and what is the common denominator. The most obvious common denominator is BIG money. They also fool people. TC fools people because that is the profession of an actor. DM is an actor too but a different kind. So, we have “fooling people” and “BIG money” as two obvious common denominators. They also both engage in boorish dominating behavior that become public spectacles. In the case of TC, there is Matt Lauer and his chiding of Brooke Shields. TC also acted as if he was “fooling” people into believing that he loved women when he jumped on Oprah’s couch). There is also the issue of financial irregularities in relation to non-profit corporations. It also hard to put either one of them too far apart from the computer crime just committed against Marty’s site.
    So, we at least have these common denominators: 1) BIG money, 2) Fooling people, 3) Dominating behavior, 4) benefiting or conceived benefit from computer crime targeted against their adversary. This is only a trail of outpoints and is not a complete picture in any way. Please mention other ones if you know them.
    On the gay issue, all we can do is speculate. I would, however, like to make some comments that I think are relevant to the bigger issues that encompass these smaller issues.
    I finished high school in Northern California amidst the hippie era. In that culture, no one cared if you were gay, black, long hair or whatever. Although I never identified myself as a hippie (I liked sports), that culture and all of your class mates rub off on you. I had not judgment and didn’t care. It was only years later when I did the PTS/SP Course and had run-ins with 1.1 gays on staff that I ever thought gayness might be a significant issue in itself. LRH said that gay people are out of valence. Michael Pattison has written something akin to a tirade on how Scientology “convinced” him he had to change his gayness. IF LRH was right on this point, I can only say unequivocally that Michael NEVER received the only type of auditing that was designed to get to the bottom of such a prospect (assuming it was an issue for the pc and was not cleared up on some other process which, of course, is possible). That type of auditing is Expanded Dianetics which was almost NEVER run after its advent in 1972 save for the RPF where we indulged in to the point where it was overrun. If he did have any XDN, it would have been a lick and a promise compared to the full gambit. Now, I cannot evaluate for Michael or anyone else but IF what LRH said is true, the proper rundowns were so neglected that no one has ever set up a controlled scientific experiment to see if LRH’s observations (which were usually quite astute when it came to cases) were true. Of course, Expanded Dianetics has everything to do with locating and blowing EVIL PURPOSES which make cases sick, PTS, suppressive and a host of other negative conditions. It is therefore my contention that EVIL PURPOSES as a subject has been neglected to the point where they run with free reign throughout the Scientology kingdom as well as society at large.
    If I now extrapolate upon this based upon the exhaustive research I have done and my personal experiences with regard to magical secret societies (I have never been a member) , with particular reference to Aleister Crowley, I can tell you that the top of their org board uses Gay Magick. It is called the 11th Degree (ironically 11 = 1.1 but eleven has other meanings as well). When you begin to peel back these societies and/or their connections to the media, academe, corporations, governments, etc., you will find that these trace back to occult characters that are Crowleyesque or worse. Their involvement is usually well hidden but mostly by the media. Crowley himself had a tendency to know too much about such characters and would sometimes pull the rug out from them. Sometimes he would fail or appear to fail when he really did not. All this has to do with occult hierarchies which is an obscure subject and is supposed to be. What I am pointing out here, however, is that they are steadfastly dedicated to a patriarchal orientation that is based upon male to male and domination of the planet and particularly annihilating the female’s true role. Gays are ingratiated into the public mores in a way that is far far beyond human rights issues (which of course should be affirmed) and feed agendas that are too often suspect.
    This is post is too long as it is. The only point I can make here and want to make is that the behavior of DM and TC mimics or is a harmonic of the 1.1 or 11th Degree “Control Center”. In magick, this is called a “sympathy”. In Quantum Mechanics, it is call “affinity” but it is the same thing. It is very much a part of the 4th Dynamic Engram on this planet. And if you wanted to suppress the 4th Dynamic, Scientology would be a very good thing to block.

  85. Scott.

  86. Enough Already


    All I can say is, every effective anti-Miscavige website I’ve ever seen seems to have been attacked by the Church over the years.

    It’s only if a two-bit SP like him DOESN’T attack that you should worry…

    BTW, another excellent article on Church suppression of free speech can be found at the following website:

    I recommend reading the entirety of this article. It’s a great accounting of how they were attacked, and how they (like you and so many others) bounced right back, stronger than ever.

    Three cheers for Miscavigian self-sabotage!


  87. Impartial English Girl

    To echo this – and the comment from MatPesch below – the saying used to be “deny ANY culture of food for three days and you will have revolution.” I think we have reached a key point in human history. Now we can echo the sentiment with “deny ANY culture of internet for…”

  88. Truth doesn’t comprise a lot of mEst.

  89. Thanks IEG.
    Soltan from Italy

  90. I like the speech. Applies to all groups and nations.

  91. Welcome back big guy.

    I knew OSA’s actions would be transitory and temporary at best.

    Sorta like…..

    An engram up against real Dianetic auditing as opposed to Squirrel Tech(TM) being offered at the orgs these days.

  92. The best way to keep comm lines open is to impinge on your leaders to ensure they do. Let them know to throw out legislation which allows government take over and shut down of all comm. You might find one day that the internet has already prevented some serious governmental hijack and take over schemes. You might find out that the current push to full internet control only serves the succesful implemention of those schemes.

  93. Dave, as you see, we are still there, forever, forever, forever……………….

    Many thanks, Marty! I am not posting a lot since a while, but still read you every day. Persistence is the key factor, as well as courage, understanding and compassion.

  94. Yah! Good to hear M6! 🙂

  95. I just want to say there is nothing wrong with gay. You have gay horses and gay storks and what not.

    perfectly natural occurance.

    But the kind of gay that is veil is know by african americans as “being on the down low”. I like to extend that to our two brave boys.

  96. Metaqual, the other day I read a long post of yours and it was a home run. I liked it. I almost commented buy you really covered it all and I was happy.
    And impressed. But today I think you forgot your medicine.
    I dont think speculation or even facts on secret societies, Aleister Crowley or numerology is going to get us anywhere. And speculations about speculations really goes nowhere in my book. But when your on the money you really knock them out of the park.

  97. Great its back up and congrats to you, Marty. Really missed it. It’s my – and many others’ – daily news and inspiration, after all!

  98. That was great CD! I miss THAT Tom!

  99. Very good statement. You are using the appropriate reality level to use in order to communicate with our friends still in the so-called official church.

  100. Little addition: what kind of an IQ midget figured that shutting a blog down will stop this blog from appearing elsewhere? Which it did, even in the few hours that it was down.

    Dave, Tom, OSA – you guys don’t dare to take Marty, Mike, Jeff, Amy, Steve, etc. etc. to court for what they publicly and repeatedly said, right?

    Eventually, that will get YOU into court.

  101. Metaqual, it is easy to see that Tom Cruise and David Miscavige have a serious man-crush on each other. In this relationship DM has taken on the feminine role of doting over TC and arranging such niceties as ensuring fairy slipper shelves in the Silver Star mobile home. There are many other charming domestic arrangements as happened when DM made sure that Tom Cruise’s motorcycle was flawlessly painted or screening and supplying loyal domestic staff for Tom Cruise who submit to regular sec checks . And of course DM helped to select and indoctrinate Tom Cruise’s new Stepford Scientology wife Katie “Kate” Holmes. DM also had his Cult involved in creating a lavish airplane hangar for Tom.

    The list goes on and on. Tom Cruise’s concern is that DM inspect everything and approve of it before Tom walks in on it. This is very wifely on DM’s part. I wonder if Dave tucks Tom in at night after giving him CalMag and massaging his head. DM may simply be an Old Queen in the style of J. Edgar Hoover. In this case, Tom Cruise is DM’s Clyde Tolson.

    The romance between Dave and Tom aside, the real issue is how much of this behavior constitutes Excessive Benefits and is thus illegal in terms of Tax Exemption. This would be for the IRS to decide. In the meantime, I enjoy watching to nonstop Parade of Failure that is DM and OSA.


  102. I’m sorry. I went to bed last night, and when I logged on today… everything was just fine.

    Did I miss something?

    Hey Davey! Hey Tom! You two love birds REEEEEEEEEEEALY need to get a new hobby. Ya ain’t taking down this blog. Ya ain’t hurting Marty, Mike, Karen, Tom, and the countless others who are here on a DAILY BASIS. Why don’t you just back up your bags of money, all the MEST you can cram into your precious little BUSES, go park them in your exhalted HANGER have a giant Sleep-Over that last the next ump-teen years!? Wouldn’t that be nice? Hmm? You can take turns putting slippers on each others feet! You can watch Tom’s movies on the precious flat screen t.v.! You can count each other’s money and see who has more! Wheee! What fun!

    Listen, ladies (Tom & Davey)… you… SUCK! You have ZERO… EFFECT! You are not CAUSE! You are EFFECT! You know all those nasty things you want done to others? Crush peoples lives? Make them disappear? Find all their Overts and Withholds and BROADCAST THEM TO THE WORLD??? It’s all coming back your way.

    Enjoy the show. Ooooh! Don’t forget the popcorn! I’ll bebtcha Tommy has some in his extra-special bus thingy. Wheee! What fun!


    And Marty! Good on ya, mate! Keep the home-fires burning!

  103. Hey you are back! Excellent! Can’t keep the truth down! It is hysterical that DM thinks that cutting off the server would stop you. Like most maniacal dictators they are short sighted.
    I am sure it was the SP declare by OTDT that sent him over the edge. Probably, hit too close to home. Especially the cc.

  104. I guess OSA ops don’t know about or remember that this kind of illegal tactic landed more than a few Guardian’s Office personnel in jail. It just goes to show you how stupid these people are…

  105. ExIntStaffMember

    I keep track of all the media on Scientology lately by setting up Google alerts and Yahoo alerts which provide me links to everything that comes out on the subject. Of course the vast majority of news I get is horrible PR for Scientology. However, date coincident with the blog going down, I noticed far more press releases from the CofM being released about all their “wins” — i.e. about the low-tech printing facility in East LA, a new Idle Org in Australia and so on. None of this is in the mainstream news, mind you. It’s just their own little releases which they send out via PRWeb in hopes of getting the word out. They use PRWeb all the time, but I noticed that the PRWeb activity had intensified as I was trying (and failing) to get on your blog. Seems that the dwarf is trying to quash the source of his bad PR and fill the short-lived void with his fake “good” PR. Nice try pip squeak. TOTAL FAIL yet again.

  106. I left a link with Perez Hilton…..yes it’s a gossip rag, but he gets millions of hits a day. He has a lot of contacts in the news industry too. Next, I am leaving a tidbit with TMZ, the site that most stars pray nightly that their dirty laundry doesn’t end up there. LOL wish me luck!

  107. I am against gay storks.

  108. Impartial English Girl

    Grazie! x

  109. Impartial English Girl

    Right! Sehr gut!! xx

  110. especially look at the line:
    “Last Updated on: 28-JAN-11”

    find the updater on 28-Jan-11 and you have your target.

    details here:
    Whois Record For

    P.O. Box 821650
    Vancouver, WA 98682

    Registrar: NAMESDIRECT
    Domain Name: MARTY-RATHBUN.COM
    Created on: 30-DEC-09
    Expires on: 30-DEC-11
    Last Updated on: 28-JAN-11

    Administrative Contact:

    P.O. Box 821650
    Vancouver, WA 98682

    Technical Contact:

    P.O. Box 821650
    Vancouver, WA 98682

    Domain servers in listed order:

    P.O. Box 821650
    Vancouver, WA 98682

    Registrar: DOTSTER
    Created on: 13-FEB-03
    Expires on: 13-FEB-12
    Last Updated on: 20-MAY-08

    Administrative Contact:

    P.O. Box 821650
    Vancouver, WA 98682

    Technical Contact:

    P.O. Box 821650
    Vancouver, WA 98682

    Domain servers in listed order:

  111. umbringen = kill, zerstoeren = destroy, but yeah a little Nietsche is nice

  112. one of those who see

    Wow, Scott. Excellent!

  113. Scott. The first word “we” is misunderstood and every word after that is blank in his mind.

    ML Tom

  114. Agreed….I also think that back in the day when LRH wrote Dianetics and such, being gay was a hush, hush thing and not spoken about. Also, no one would ever admit to it. I think this is where gays being 1.1 came from. It was in the 40’s or 50’s correct? No one accepted gays during that time. It WAS considered an illness. I think Scientology maybe should have worked with that a bit and not made promises to “cure” anyone gay. I am sure they have actors married off to prevent any one from finding out they’re gay. But, I am not a scientologist so maybe Marty or someone can enlighten me as to the meaning of LRH’s policy calling gays 1.1 and/or why Scientology never changed or amended it.

  115. Apparently the CofS considers that cutting communication lines — even ones entirely external to its organization — increases freedom.

    Irony, that.

  116. Your humble servant


    I’m delighted to see your site up again, as I knew it would be. I’m very sorry for the trouble that the cult has caused you. (I have never before called the official C of S a cult, since that has become a very pejorative term, but it has evidently merited that nasty description for some time now). What strikes me is how blatantly illegal such an action must be. Comparable to boldly breaking into someone’s home in broad daylight and trashing their furnishings. (I think they have done that too). If you care to prosecute them, they will NOT get away with it. I don’t believe such criminal acts on the internet can be hidden. Of course you will file reports with the proper civil authorities. You probably already have.

    Let’s see, what laws have they possibly broken? Federal laws on communications and on the internet? Violations of the right to privacy? So called terroristic acts? Laws against “hate crimes”? Laws against “trespassing”? I am not too familiar with which laws applies, but I don’t doubt that some serious ones were broken, and felonies at that. Attorneys who deal a lot in internet business will know.

    Yes, I agree, Mr. David Miscavige must be beside himself with rage.

  117. one of those who see

    Well done Marty for getting us back up and running so quickly.
    The Church of Scientology: Master of the cut comm- line. Well done COB for another overt demonstration of reverse Scientology.
    Lucky for us SPs can’t complete cycles of action.

    Had a thought yesterday that I have been quite successful in my endeavors this life time. All except making it up the bridge. Then realized – in the church there was no bridge!
    Thanks to all those preserving the Bridge that LRH built. Marty, Mike, Trey, Dan, Jim, Mary and Frankie Freeman, Max Hauri, and so many others.

  118. Q,
    This site does mirror and shows if there is a new post of Blogs of Marty, Jeff, Steve, Geir and Oldauditor:

  119. WH, seems like a futile exercise in spotting illogics and torture having to slog through the weird tone level and slime, from those mainlining/snorting the Kool Aid. Rather would not have a nauseating experience.

  120. Freedom Fighter

    Your silly attempts at nullifying us are futile, OSA. *yawn* We are true Scientologists. We have the Technology and know how to use it. You cannot stop the truth. Give it up. You have lost. Either go home and do a proper Doubt formula using observable data — not propaganda — or go away.

  121. Marty:

    I am not trying to sound dumb asking this. I am dumbfounded to be honest.

    How do you know the church did this? Did they forge documents or impersonate you on the phone or in person? Is someone from the church going to be criminally charged? Shouldn’t your domain hoster file charges against the church?

    I am not sure how a person can redirect traffic from someone’s BLOG that is not their own unless they call on the phone and lie, write and lie, or show up in person and lie.

    I noticed the BLOG was down all day yesterday.

  122. But Sam, DM has a good alibi. He was out of the country opening another Idle Org in Melbourne and getting his square feet of glitzy buildings statistic up. He’s upstat!

    Surely all the violence, suppression of comm lines, OSA dirty tricks and bad things at the Hole didn’t happen as he was not at his lair at Gilman Hot Springs RTC building holding on to his grounding rods!

  123. Loki, I must respectfully disagree with you. For you to say to Metaqual, “But today I think you forgot your medicine” is an invalidation. To accuse someone of using drugs when you simply disagree with their point of view is hardly good manners.

    What Metaqual has found in his work is out there in books, many of which are extremely hard to find . I have read the same things he has read because I have access to private libraries and archives.

    I have long considered that there are “Shadowmen” who assist DM in running, and ruining, The Church of Scientology. IMO, this group is primarily composed of non-Scientologists such as the nefarious Monique Yingling. For example, she has helped DM to get away with human trafficking under the color of religion. As I understand it, and correct me if I am mistaken, but she apparently can approve expenditures of IAS monies as a cutout for DM.

    I frankly will not be surprised if, when CoS collapses in its present form, there is found a secret society at the center. Thanks to Wikileaks, we may be able to follow the IAS money and see where and to whom some of it goes.

    The hidden deviance inside of CoS is all being made known, and much of it by the Indies. This is why OSA must act periodically act to destroy Marty’s blog. It must really suck to be David Miscavige these days!


  124. Sorry Sinar. I don’t understand your comment.


  125. Scott Campbell

    I think you misspelled “Miscavigian”.

    It should be Misca-vag-ian.

  126. Betcha they were serving Koolaid in reception.

  127. I would really love it if folks here would lay off the sexual insults — heterosexual, homosexual, you name it. There are other, better ways to respond on this blog and in real life to the real issues being addressed here than by putting people down by gender / orientation.

    There, said my piece.

    Just Me

  128. J, my line about forgetting his medicine was more of a friendly tease than an accusation. I think metaqual will recover. I doubt he is more thin skinned than myself, and even I could handle that dig.
    As far as the conspiracies and secret cabals, I am sure there are vested interests supporting their reality as a lot of money and mest is involved. But I just do not think it reaches the level of esoterica some would argue or suggest. Its not real to me. That doesnt mean its not real. But its not real to me.

  129. J,

    I just brush it off as the typical response of those who while claiming to look fail to see.

    It’s been obvious to me that Miscavige isn’t working alone.

    Even on the surface it is obvious that he has willing accomplices.

    Whether he is being directed or controlled by some dark force seems likely but unknown.

    As Ron would say ParaScientology.

    Though in my opinion if he is an agent of Chaos he is an unwitting one at best.

    Commonly known as a dupe or patsy.

    Ron himself warned of the possibility of the USG seizing control of Scientology in the HCOPL ‘Politics Freedom From’ and the likelihood of this occurring to remain vigilant in many directives and lectures.

    Making Ron just as much of a crack pot on medication as you, metaqual or I.

    Personally I’ve spent many years researching this possibility myself and know for a fact that the Intelligence Community has had an interest in OT Technology since the early ’70’s.

    Just how far down the rabbit hole goes I can not tell.

    But I do know that there are those who will never be convinced of the existence of UFOs (despite the fact that they are being reported by Military personnel and civilians on a daily basis and there are millions of pages of documents confirming this fact) until one lands on the White House lawn.

    Much like those who will acknowledge the existence of a conspiracy until one of the conspirators is apprehended.

    Unlikely since those who may be involved have protection and the power of the Government behind them.

    That said.

    It really doesn’t matter if it is Miscavige pulling the strings or if someone is pulling his.

    (It may have mattered at one time when we had a chance to stop it with the resources of the GO)

    But now it is basically water under the bridge or maybe more accurately water over the bridge that once existed within the Church of Scientology that has since collapsed.

    We as independents can still apply the Religion of Scientology even if the org no longer does.

    They were never one in the same anyway.

    The law and the constitution is still on our side.

  130. anonymous was discussing this within 10 minutes of this blog becoming unreachable, what happened appeared to have been done in’s settings some days previously, when we all noticed that addressing this blog was displaying the rogue URL.. yesterday the rogues stopped pointing the rogue URL at and redirected it to nowhere – so it was done in two stages.

    now who on earth would want to take down Marty’s blog? can you think of *anyone* who might percieve that they’d benefit from martys blog being down?

  131. i think there’s some text missing from the end of that, i used the wrong brackets..

    2nd try then:
    i think they keep Tommy in the gimp cage.. and take turns (redacted for decency)

  132. How is this for a press release, DM on the Forbes website under “World Billionaires” link:

    Wow! Fabulous P.R.!

  133. Jethro Bodine

    The waist-high terror midget and his gay movie star BFF obviously have a lot to hide. Honestly, “I’m not going to set foot in my own bus until COB has been inside first”? Cruise wants COB to pop the bus’s cherry? Who thinks like that? And the thing about the slippers – is that so that they can jump up on the couches and not leave footprints? Seriously, these two should be embarrased over the recent postings. More importantly, they have more missed withholds than you can shake a stick at. No wonder they want Marty’s blog shut down. Don’t they remember an earlier similar time when they tried to suppress free speech by having that ridiculous Tom Cruise video removed from YouTube? That incident is what triggered international protests by Anonymous, which are still going to this day, three years later (despite the recent false assertion by COB that Anonymous has been “handled”.) The “church” creates it’s own enemies.

    Sure, COB and OSA can play their little silly games and temporarily take away our comm lines, but they’ll never take away our freedom.

  134. ΘTater/GaryLerne

    +2 !!

  135. plainoldthetan

    I wonder if Adolf was thinking that just before he shot Eva. And himself.

  136. Freshly made and strong concentration!

  137. I like to call him “McSavage” … it is a phonetic transformation of “Miscavige” reversing the ‘s’ and the ‘c’ sounds – and perfectly descriptive of the poor uneducated, ignorant barbarian.
    Michael A. Hobson

  138. Raul got a point. Miscavige has you under surveillance and tries to wear you and anyone who travels to your place out but Anonymous isn’t your friend either, Mark. You should ask the authorities to go to the bottom of it.

    While you and Mike Rinder were C of S executives did the church ever engage in a denial of service attack against its opponents?

  139. ΘTater/GaryLerne

    “Fast work, Mr. Rathbun. Sometimes we all “Feel the need. The need for speed!””

    Oh SNAP! IEG! 🙂

    p.s. Didn’t TC get his navigator buddy killed in that flick? TC is doomed to repeat history – davey… tick tock tick tock…

  140. martyrathbun09

    Is this a hoax?

  141. You want him to steal parishioner’s money???

  142. Yeah, all I need is Irish music and some rounds of ale. 🙂

  143. Scott, I am glad that this blog is up and running. I suffer on a 73% hearing loss but it got better just reading this blog.

  144. Yeah! Me! 🙂

  145. Does this mean that someone that works at Word Press collaborated on this with the church?

  146. Fellow Traveller

    Real enough. It’s actually a reference and contains the link to a wikipedia article. The wiki article can be found by a simple query of the DM’s name.

    Bruce Pratt

  147. Fellow Traveller

    Nice piece.

    Bruce Pratt

  148. DFB,
    Is that because the gay storks the ones who deliver the gay babies?

  149. Exactly. So did I and hopefully more in the future!

  150. Soon to become, historically speaking, the “MootSavage”.

  151. Mike,

    How’bout McDonald?

    You know since lil’ Dave with his Idyllic Org scheme is trying to turn Scientology into the Micky D’s of Religion.

    Miscarriage since that’s his idea of “justice”.

    Maybe Misunderstood since he probably feels Tom is the only person on Earth who understands him.

    Try Misinformed because that’s usually what the public are after one of his triumph of the will events…

  152. Mockingbirg6, you asked: Is CB Radio still an option for keeping comm lines open?


  153. There is no direct mention of this in the articles referenced. If you check out the action Forbes full list, he is not on it. I don’t know how it got under the billionaires heading.

  154. Sorrym meant check out the actual Forbes Billionaire full list…

  155. Scott Campbell


  156. Scott Campbell

    Ahhh, the penetrating insight of the plainoldthetan…

  157. Scott Campbell

    As I said: “Regarding any attacks against Independent Scientologists or Scientology itself I would say only this: You need not convince yourself that it is a conspiracy, it would happen regardless of any organization due to the nature of the Reactive Mind and the Suppressive Person.”

  158. Scott Campbell

    I think “Miscavige” is Slavic for “Miscarriage”.

  159. ΘTater/GaryLerne

    Bruce, I gotz da torches!

    On Sale. BOGO (burn one, get one) w/matches. Get ’em while they’re hot!

    (sniff, sniff… hey davey&tc… ya smell your fairy slippers burnin’ [or is that your “mutual” love]?)

    (just a villager keeping the castle/bus [aka lovebus] fires ablaze for y’all)

  160. ΘTater/GaryLerne

    OTDT, can you imagine the bullbait drill with these to cohores (ya, I know how to spell the latin version):

    TomCat slipping the fairy slipper on Daveys tiny feet… DM giggles. FLUNK!
    DM’s turn. Slips the slippers on TomCat. TomCat cries. FLUNK! DM leans close and wipes TomCat’s tears away. Then SLAPS him. FLUNK you PUNK!

    rinse, repeat drill….

  161. ΘTater/GaryLerne

    A future effect worth waiting for. 🙂

  162. I did some work for Citizens for an Alternative Tax System. Was that a real thing or was it just some kind of leverage over the IRS?

  163. Marty, Did you not setup to point to yourself? A few days ago, started being re-directed to it.

  164. ΘTater/GaryLerne

    Betcha there’s only about 10 people actually onlines there. The rest are hired.

  165. “You want him to steal parishioner’s money???”


  166. I think a lot of people who worked at CATS thought it was real.

    However there those who took a more cynical view.

    Funny how talk about an alternative tax, fair tax, sales tax etc sorta ceased after the so called IRS “victory”.

    Like it was simply a means to an end.

  167. M6,

    You have nothing to worry about, thetans will always find a way to make comm lines. If some ass switches off the internet, we just build another one. If a different ass switches off the phone network, we’ll build something else.

    There will be a short interruption of service, but don’t worry, comm will resume. It always does.

  168. Actually sassyanon, there was a policy written in 1967 called “Second Dynamic Rules” which made the subject of sex or sexual behavior completely off-limits as far as Scientology policy or ethics went.

    The CoM has chosen to apply or ignore that policy as it suits them.

    With regard to actually changing books like Dianetics or Science of Survival (in which LRH was using the then-current thinking that homosexuality was a sickness), there are numerous things in those books — including LRH stating that a woman’s place was in the home, and not in business or in politics — but those passages were never changed. Yet many women have held high positions in Scientology organizations over the years, and are welcome to participate in business and politics.

    So the books don’t need to be changed.

    The Church of Scientology simply needs to be led by rational people operating on reason and purpose, and not on greed and image at the expense of integrity.

  169. It looks like the list contains “anyone/anyting in the news” recently.


  170. LRH later said something along the lines of that being gay was quite unimportant, about as significant as sneezing. In a different PL he clearly states that a persons sexual affairs are his own business and not the church’s, where the only time the church should pay attention is if one person’s affairs are badly impeding someone else’s auditing progress. But I think you are also right about the general mindset in society in the 40s and 50s and how that influenced Science of Survival.

    Almost anyone who is competent with the tech and can get results with it will tell you that the only important thing is the pc’s case, and what is affecting the individual. If someone is gay and is bothered by it, then auditing can address that. If they are scared of the dark, and bothered by it, auditing can address that too. If someone is gay and not at all bothered by it, a smart C/S would leave it alone. See how the gay aspect actually doesn’t feature and it’s all about the pc’s own life?

    My own observation is that gay folk are as wide a spectrum as straight folk. I’ve met many fine gay people and they are not much different to everyone else. I’ve also met a few people that fit the “screaming queen” stereotype, and they’ve all been quite pathetic – horribly out of valence, trying real hard to be anything other than themselves, and quite 1.1 too – all very much the norm with someone badly out of valence; their being gay is not a cause, rather just an effect. Mind you, this whole sex thing is actually a strange behaviour for a spiritual being to indulge in, the subject gets very abberrative. 30 minutes watching soap operas is enough to convince anyone that this society is badly bent out of shape on the subject of sex.

    I don’t know why later publications on the subject are not as well known as the chapter in Science of Survival, but I do know that there is a long-standing concept that LRH’s writings are not changed or amended – they stand as first written. Sadly what is lacking in the current Church is the idea that people should think for themselves and be given all the data to make a decision with. DM is obviously whacked out on the subject of sex himself, this probably explains the strange altered importances on the subject.

  171. It’s scary that they will go to these lengths to stop free speech! Did they hack your domain or did they misrepresent themselves to your webhost? Either way, isn’t domain tampering along the same lines as a denial of service attack on a website? Wouldn’t that be illegal? I hope that you are getting to the bottom of this and make sure that someone is prosecuted for it!

    On the other hand, for a group that claims you are crazy, bumbling, and ineffective, it’s pretty humorous the lengths they will go to silence you. If you were really nothing more than a gnat buzzing around them, why would they bother with any of this serious, concerted, illegal effort?

    Keep it up!

  172. Scott Campbell

    Fuckin’ cool, man. Right on.

  173. Scott Campbell


    My hearing seems to have improved since I started reading it too!

    Here’s a joke for ya’

    Auditor: “Look at that wall.”

    Watwal: “Watwal?”

    ML, Scott

  174. “Gay and lesbian storks become parents”

    “Two gay families of storks in the Netherlands have successfully raised families, in what is expected to set the debate over gay parenting flapping.

    A gay and a lesbian stork couple were given an egg each at the Dutch zoo in Overloon, and despite fears that they may not pay them any attention, both hatched successfully.

    The zoo said the birds took to parenthood straight away.

    Zoo spokeswoman, Esther Jansen said: “The gay storks look after the eggs and the chicks just as well as our heterosexual birds.” ”

    “The agreement comes into force. Scientology pays the IRS $12.5m in back taxes and drops all the lawsuits brought by Church entities and individual Scientologists against the IRS.”

  176. The help to the non-scientology citizins with their claims against the IRS was stopped/ silenced.

  177. Impartial English Girl

    I had an open mind about the TC/DM bromance. But the defining proof for me that something’s going on is that clip of TC getting the Scientology medal from DM. The sharp salute from TC and the look on his face pretty much says it all.
    I just feel incredibly sorry for Suri who, when she is an adult, will have to try to comprehend all of this.

    But the bloke-love is only really a comedy sideshow, it’s the abuses of people and finances that are the real issues. It’s like chocolate sprinkles on top of a pile of rancid manure…

  178. For the record, you are right. I do not offend easily. What I have said is not speculation; but as you said, “facts…are not going to get us anywhere”. I disagree. When you trace back outpoints and omitted data. you will find such societies and aberrated associations which require further digging. The societies themselves, however, are just shells. It is what is behind that and that is, frankly, esoterica. It is another subject however. No time here. Not now. I was trying to illustrate a point about gayness. What is fascinating to me, however, is that so many people buy into the “modern cultural enlightenment” that gays are normal or just standard behavior. Much of this is agenda ridden by the media influencers which includes the portrayal of women as men, meaning that women should be more like men. Anyway…this gets too involved. Its interesting what a reaction this topic creates. Main thing is that if you don’t accept what I say, TC/DM are still mimicking the datum that I put forth and J. Swift made some very astute comments.
    One other thought. LRH said the 2D was man’s most aberrated dynamic but he didn’t say WHY. That has everything to do with the subject of esoteric magick which he had a firm background in. In any event, thanks for your comment. I suppose one wants feedback when they write something.

  179. It’s possible”Miscavige” is the French spelling of “Mickiewicz”. Adam Mickiewicz is considered Poland’s “national poet” who live in the 19th century. He was exiled and lived in Europe much of his life, ending up in France where he married and had at least 2 children before he passed on. So it is remotely possible our beloved Dear Leader is related to him! For the curious, here’s some Wikipedia about Mickiewicz. It is interesting that Mickiewicz got caught up in and supported a mystical/political movement called “Polish messianism”……. which sounds like it could have resulted in a Nazi-like development for Poland, mid-19th century or later. It appeared to be partly based on a longing for the “glory days” of the Polish-Lithuanian Empire.

  180. I meant to include, “Mickiewicz” is pronounced “Mits-kay-vich”, which is close to “Miscavige”.

  181. I’m with you 100% on this, Just Me. I think it’s sufficient to say there is a heavy PTS/SP type sit going on with those two guys; there’s no need to belabor the sexual aspect of it, it should be obvious to everyone by now. The overwhelming flattery an SP can bring to bear on the object of his/her obsessive intentions and infatuation is not limited to gay relationships. There are many gay men who struggle for sanity just as the rest of us do, who do not behave this way.

  182. Just Me, I want to add that I do see the value of the public exposure of the probable nature of their relationship, whether consummated by DM and TC or not….

  183. Margaret,
    Thank you, this was just as I thought.

  184. martyrathbun09

    Yes, he does say why. You haven’t studied deeply enough to know that. I also recommend you broaden your study outside of LRH on the subject of gender. Try the first hundred pages or so of Ken Wilbur’s A Brief History of Everything.

  185. Scott Campbell


    Perhaps you should start your study with HCOB 26 August 1982, Pain and Sex.

  186. C.A.T.S. wasn’t simply stopped. Every participant in this Co$ PR operation got their “burn notice” – either declared and expelled or put through extreme, serious and severe “Ethics” injustices as punishment for doing exactly the work D.M. had set them to do.
    Michael A. Hobson

  187. Good point CD,

    Yeah I know when I read the so called “Secret Closing Agreement” with the IRS.

    I knew we’d been screwed by Dave and his “friends”.

    Besides being just a thug Miscavige became “tax crud” as well.

  188. That’s pretty much what happened CD.

    You could say the fix was in.

    I’d say the people in the Fair Tax movement were being played by the IRS much like the Peace Movement was back in the ’60’s by the FBI and CIA.

  189. John,

    Your father was Norman? The brilliant and gifted wholistic vet from Dallas? If so we know each other, many were sorry to hear of the passing of your Dad, he was both loved and respected.

    Mike Laws

  190. 😀 Awesome!

  191. Yup, prexactly! LMAO that video had maybe 150 hits and unfortunately 1 was mine. For the few seconds it took to see how ludicrous even the title was and X out. Really? Let your parishioners go on the internet and find out for themselves what the truth is. I’m NOT a church of David Miscavige parishioner so don’t waste it on me.
    But Sinar, you’re right…doing the same things that don’t work = same result. Nada.

  192. 😆 LMAO Bwhahahahaha

  193. MLK was black?!!?? 😉

  194. Wayne Oppegard

    DM & OSA are failing miserably at achieving their intended goal of disrupting the legal and Constitutional freedom of speech amongst us. Instead, they are blatantly exposing themselves to the world for what they truly are; Suppressive Persons.

    Justin Oppegard

  195. No the IRS employees where Fair Gamed by the CofS

  196. You are always talking some jive that makes no real sense.

  197. Marty

    Alert! Heads up!

    As of time of this reply, searching on “marty rathbun” in Google is not showing this blog.

    It’s only listing anti-Marty web sites.

    Apparently, something is not right with Google on your name.

    OSA could be trying to manipulate Google search results also.

  198. Marty you need to check your google rankings. Searching Marty Rathbun brings up the corrupted domain first and the various cult black PR sites along with various other sites. The goal of the cult may not so much been to disrupt you comm lines for a bit but to ensure any curious, doubting cult member would be unable to find your blog via google. (we all know the cults miserable attempts to rig search rankings – everyone remembers the awful member cookie cutter sites as an early folly in that regard) You need to get that domain voided asap so that people searching for your blog don’t get a dead end. People familiar with this blog will manage to get back on your lines but the really important people to reach are the CoS members making those first tentative steps to find the truth online, that’s whose com lines the cult is trying to cut or prevent from ever being formed. We need to make sure they find the real blog, not the crazy cult sites dead agenting you.

    ( googling “Marty rathbun word press” gets this address as the first result, but most cult members would have no idea your site is a wordpress blog or how to use google to find the correct site.)

    Just to be clear you can no longer find this word press site by googling Marty rathbun on the first page of results. The first result is the corrupted site and the next five are black PR sites. This is terrible for those taking the first steps to find out about you on the net – exactly what the cult wants.)

  199. Exactly Mike.

    He burned ’em like a piece a toast and sold ’em out for his “friends” in the IRS.

    What’ya come to expect from the cynical lil’ bastard.

  200. J.Swift ,first of all I must say that the Google search engine led me nowhere when Marty’s site went down but I thought I’d give Yahoo search a try and it got me to Marty’s new site so there was something wierd going on there.
    I am impressed with MetaQual’s and your research into Crowley and I wanted to know if you had encountered this procedure that I was amazed by in this link .
    Is this really a Crowley procedure you may have seen in your encounters ?

  201. martyrathbun09

    The more they hide it, the more initiative one will have to take to find it, the further out of his clutches they become. Word of mouth is out of boy’s control. Temporarily in any event. The FTC is investigating Miscavige on this matter. If he doesn’t reverse this – he could wind up in the pokey.

  202. Are you trying to bolster sympathy for the IRS Cat Daddy?


    The IRS had been “fair gaming” the American public for decades prior to the IRS Restructuring and Reform Act of 1998.

    The following song pretty much covers it:

  203. martyrathbun09

    The IRS is simply a collection agency.

  204. Nobody likes to pay taxes, If you want to kick someones ass for it kick upstairs.

    politicians and their bright Ideas.

    Maybe it were the “evil politicians” instead of the psychs who did mankind in. 😉

  205. If you know the sci fi series Babylon 5 than DM reminds me of a black parasite with eyes having to do with Za-a-doom living upon those pompous aliens with the funny hair ot some point.

    Those people that belong to Ambassador Vir

  206. I disagree Marty,

    Collection agencies go after people for not paying their bills for buying the things they either want or need.

    IRS goes after people who don’t pay their taxes.

    Taxes which are used to finance unnecessary wars and subsidize unpatriotic businesses who manufacture goods over seas and of course the bloated National Security State and the Military Industrial Complex.

    Here’s what one great American had to say about taxes:

    And what another great American had to say:

    Marty taxes in many ways are an enforced have and therefore to that extent are suppressive.

    Maybe if the American people had a say in how the money is spent.

    Or if were at least spent more wisely.

    It wouldn’t be.

    But currently it is.

  207. martyrathbun09

    Wrong, collection agencies collect for banks who defraud people out of money and other hucksters too. The IRS did not creat taxation, nor do they set it. They are a collection agency.

  208. Not true.

    A collection agency can be taken to civil court while the only court allowed to hear a dispute between a Tax Payer and the IRS is Tax Court where the IRS and the Treasury Dept hold all the cards.

    Also an individual can discharge all debt owed to any banking institution by filing Bankruptcy under Chapter 7 which the exception of current taxes owed meaning the IRS has more power than just any collection agency.

    Worse the IRS is supposed to follow certain guidelines under the IRS Reform and Restructuring act which they arrogantly ignore.

    Particularly in allowing any Tax Payer to Compromise any tax debt under 7121 of their own code.

    Instead according to the Taxpayers Advocacy Service they seek to levy and in many cases drive the Taxpayer into bankruptcy or into the condition of being declared “uncollectable”.

    Also while a debtor can directly appeal to the Banking Institution to settle or cancel the debt.

    A Taxpayer can only settle with the IRS directly.

    Thus they have much more power than any mere “collection agency”.

    Also even though there have been fewer property seizures since IRSRRA they still have that power.

    When the last time a collection agency ever invaded a home or business to seize property with drawn guns?

    Granted they are more Taxpayer friendly than they have been in the past but still their powers go beyond any collection agency.

    If they are just a “collection agency” then they are a collection agency on steroids.

  209. I agree CD,

    The politicians and Government Agencies like CIA have more power and discretion than “psyches”.

    Believe it or not I don’t follow the Church’s party line as espoused by Tom Cruise who supposedly knows the History of Psychiatry.

    Especially if he is claiming he does after reading Wiseman’s turgid and breathless “expose'” entitled “The Betrayal of Psychiatry” than he doesn’t have a clue.

    I am more supportive of the actual Psychiatrists involved in what has become known as the “Antipsychiatry” movement like Szasz and Breggin who make the distinction between Psychiatry and Institutional Psychiatry.

    The latter Psychiatry funded by the Government with the objective of controlling and manipulating the populace with such programs as Mk Ultra.

    Seems like Wiseman and by extension Cruise with lumping all psychiatry and even other forms of Cognitive Therapy such as Psychoanalysis as some kind of unmitigated evil is identification or A=A in the extreme.

    In fact when I worked in Qual we used to keep a comm line in with Psychiatrists who were also Scientologists to handle cases who were Type III or Psychotic (like Miscavige) who probably could have saved Lisa McPherson’s life if given a chance.

    However that’s all water over the bridge.

  210. martyrathbun09

    Conceded, apt modifier, on steroids.

  211. I do believe you RJ

  212. The beauty of the IRS that is is collecting no matter what.

    It has no morals or feelings.

    It collects.

  213. That’s pretty much true CD.

    Somewhat like the Kraken in many ways.

    Though Congress has managed to put a leash on it in the last few years by adding a Taxpayers Advocacy Service.

    Also I think the activism for a Fair Tax System probably scared the bejesus out of them.

    So you could say that CATS actually did have a salutary effect despite the fact that it was sabotaged by Miscavige when he totally sold out to the IRS.

  214. Not a hoax.

  215. I blame the event culture. It’s like a vacuum needing to be filled on a continuous basis. Where does the idea come from that there has to be new releases? Why does the Bridge have to be ‘marketed’ like some Hollywood production?

    Personally, I favor the BBC approach in the 1940s on radio. Instead of the responding to the time alloted for news, an announcer had the scope to say, ‘nothing newsworthy to report… back to scheduled program….’

  216. Pingback: Scientology Inc’s mafia-like Censorship | Moving On Up a Little Higher

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