Miscavige Subject of FBI Investigation

Human Rights abuses directed by David Miscavige are the subject of an FBI investigation, according to The New Yorker magazine.   See details on this morning’s NBC Today show:


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  1. Category 7 indeed.

    THIS interview is even more damning than the 26 pages article. I doubt there will be a talk show that doesn’t interview Lawrence Wright …

    Tick tock


  2. I know, I just saw this on T.V. See how the church played it down saying that they ( the co$) hasn’t any awareness that it is being investigated? Someone is really trying to pay it down, of course.
    Wouldn’t it be great if we could do like what is being done in Egypt?

    I saw a post on ESMB that data is being gathered and that there is a contract of something that MSNBC will air it once there is enough data. Anybody else know about this?

  3. Wow! You see, our voices are heard.

  4. The wheels of justice grind slowly but they do grind.

    Enjoy yourself, DM.

  5. oops, I meant “play it down” and “contract “OR” not of.

    We are going to see if we can get our local paper to hear us and write something and I’m wondering what impact it would have now if several others could get their stories told locally? About their experiences in the co$. Especially about our children who are being made to disconnect.

  6. Tommy Davis said the church has no information regarding any FBI investigation. Could that be true or is it a lie. They seem to know everyone who steps foot in Corpus Cristi and who posts on the internet, but they dont know they are being investigated by the FBI. Its either altered importance or a state of denial. And either one leaves the problems they have undandled. Its a slippery slope they are on and the lies they use just serve to dead agent themselves. NEVER USE LIES IN PR. The sentence seemed clear enough.

  7. Clunk! Thunk! Clunk!

    That’ the sound of shit-bricks falling out of Miscavige’s pants and hitting the floor.

  8. Larry Wright, Thank you for being so intelligent, articulate and well spoken. 🙂
    What a great interview! He does not sensationalize, and speaks the truth from what he has observed and discovered through his research.

  9. Eliot and Monica, you have had a great life and served your client well. It is time to preserve your lifestyles and reputations. There are some great criminal defense firms, as you know, that specialize in the exposures you may have.

    You do not know who has been contacted or what path the investigation is taking. The New Yorker mentions the investigators had concerns with the integrity of the Clearwater office. That is an indicator this investigation is coming out of headquarters.

    John Travolta’s aircraft, flight logs, and relevant customs and immigration forms are no doubt being poured over by some of the best forensic auditors (the paperwork kind) in the game. Both he and Mr. Cruise need to consult with outside attorneys. The counsel they are receiving may be compromised.

    This will not go away with coerced NDAs and PR statements.

  10. I´m very happy about this News. Something is going to happen and this year will be a very bad year for Co$ and a step into direction of freedom for its members and staff. Free Heber !

  11. It’s about time!

  12. About time Thanks for the notification and the links
    Marthy/Mark work is invaluable to get to this .We hope it follows through Thank you

  13. Claudio Lugli

    Our son Flavio the 3 times that came two Italy in the past 13 years had one or more of those indicators:
    “The California penal code lists several indicators that someone may be a victim of human trafficking: signs of trauma or fatigue; being afraid or unable to talk, because of censorship by others or security measures that prevent communication with others; working in one place without the freedom to move about; owing a debt to one’s employer; and not having control over identification documents.”
    He has been subjected to HUMAN TRAFFICKING no doubts about it.
    Claudio and Renata

  14. The data about FBI doing an investigation is no doubt the best news I have heard for a long time.

  15. Wakey wakey John Sweeney. You’re being scooped by braver souls!

  16. Friend of Ron

    Marty, Mike,

    What a wodernful day on so many fronts………..including my own legal battle.

    This will help to show the continuity of criminality which I portray as the motivation behind the illegal acts detailed in my complaint.

    Thanks for your back up and help.

  17. This is the time for any and all readers of this board who have actual personal knowledge of, or actual physical documentation relating to, violations of the law by the Co$ to contact your local FBI office. It’s easy; they’re in the phone book in that “government” section near the front. Call that number and tell the receptionist that you have information that may be relevant to an ongoing investigation. He or she will ask what investigation that may be, and tell them it’s the investigation of the Co$ that you saw on the news. That person will find out what agents are involved in the case, and one of them _will_ call you back. It may take a while, but they will talk to you.

    This could be the Berlin Wall moment for the Co$, and any bit of information you have – in your memory or on paper – could be the crucial bit of info or corroboration that the FBI needs to make its case against DM and the Co$. If you want to Free Heber, this is the way to do it.

  18. Well,

    On one hand I am thrilled that one of the major new organizations is taking this on and will soon spread like wildfire; on the other hand, it’s sad that the philosophy itself will likely receive some collateral damage.

    It is very important that there is a marked distinction put out between the Scientology philosophy itself and the ‘Church of Scientology’. The ‘Church’s’ position is nothing close to the original aims of the subject and the only intention of David Miscavige, Tommy Davis and others is to try to whitewash their crimes and shirk responsibility.

    On another note: It must also be made clear that abuses (people held captive or against their will, deceit & coercion, outright lies, financial fraud, etc) have occurred right down the organizational line – even to the level of Missions.

    This is not only Sea-Org occurrence. Many public & lower level Org/Mission staff have experienced abusive & coercive behaviour. Granted, I haven’t seen Miscavige beat anyone myself, but in the number of years I was ‘in’ I along with other staff & public, were witness to many illegal activities and questionable conduct.

    I won’t even get into the IAS & OSA … they are both criminal organizations and act not for the protection of Scientology & Scientologists, but carry out criminal activities to coerce & fleece adherents out of their money and mis-represent the ideals & the desire to help of the average Scientologist.

    The sooner this is fully exposed & those responsible held criminally for their actions, the better.

    The vast majority of Scientologists are people of good will; unfortunately the black hats have taken over the ‘Church’ and their game is one of degradation & suppression.

  19. Friend of Ron


    I have sued some of their highest ranking OTs for almost a year. But Miscavige’s wrecking crew said they knew nothing about it when they saw me and yet within 10 hours of me arriving home, having seen Marty, they knew EXACTLY where I was. And before contacting me they might VERY sure my line to my daughter was cut.

    You don’t have to study the Data Series to see a lie of this magnitude.

    When it sounds like a lie, looks like a lie, feels like a lie and just simply does not match basic common sense then it IS a lie.

    My 4 year old grandson can spot that level of BS.

  20. This is entirely the point, CP. Democracy has many faults but a society such as this has a way of cleaning its dirty laundry, however slowly. There’s really been no turning back for MissCabbage since the Martys and Mike Rinders and others who knew the truth came together. Communication is the secret to this universe.

    Unsolicited advice to you, MissCabbage: get working on your exit strategy.

  21. Finally, the story comes out! And with real teeth!

    Who else is now interested in starting (or resurrecting) a Class Action lawsuit against the IAS, who we were told was “supporting and protecting the Scientology religion and Scientologists … so as to achieve the Aims of Scientology”. What a complete joke and fraud.

    I gave them $40,000 of my hard-earned money thinking that it was going for that purpose. In reality, Miscavige tortured and abused the IAS leader (Janet Light) and otherwise physically beat and abused the other supposed “leaders” of Scientology.

    And we now know that even the FBI is taking these allegations seriously.

    If there is any law firm out there that wants to start/resurrect a Class Action lawsuit against David Miscavige and the IAS, please contact me at mesamarg@earthlink.net.

    Between the Hollywood elite that have left the CoS and other Scientologists like myself, I bet we can come up with tens (if not hundreds) of millions in damages.

  22. OMG — the footnukes just keep on coming!

    The church knows nothing about any investigation and yet the article that makes the investigation publicly known is simply a “regurgitation of old allegations” and “rehashed unfounded allegations”. Which is it — new news they didnt even know about or old rehashed stuff?

    And Dave/Tommy, do you really think that people buy that Paul Haggis is “old rehashed stuff”? Your isolation from the real world (which is exactly what human trafficking is all about — and with every statement you make you add another straw on the camel’s back) will be your undoing.

  23. “The primary aberration in situations that are being mishandled is:

    — PL 23 April 65 PROBLEMS.

    OSA – the Cat 5 Hurricane that is about to New Orleans you is not caused by SPs exterior to you. It is caused by the SP you fail to remove. And if you don’t act fast, that “non-existent FBI invest” that is not there is going to cart your asses off as well. Time for the palace revolt and I mean now

    “Treat a bust or personnal office of mine with disrespect and the public falls away. Apologise for my policies and the public stays off in droves. There’s nothing superstitious about this. The public wants Scientology. Ron’s brand and they don’t buy other brands.”

    OSA, serious. Your org is going to be considered not only following DMs orders, but forwarding illegal activities such as Human Trafficking and Human Rights violations.

    LRH said in KSW that failure to deliver causes these problems. None of us would be out here doing what we are doing right now if we were delivered standard Scientology properly. Discover the SOURCE of this problem and rectify it or stand down as executives of the church because you are screwing the dog big time.

    ML Tom

  24. Exactly what I say.

  25. The long, brave fight that all of you good people have been putting up against such overwhelming odds has been very inspiring to me and, no doubt, other Outsiders who support you and your cause.

    After all these years of abuse from the top, Scientology’s reputation absolutely could not be lower than it is now among the general public, so I wouldn’t particularly worry about any collateral damage to your faith through all this.

    In one of my first postings to your board a year or so ago I predicted DM & Co would fall just as hard and fast as the other “smartest men in the room” over at Enron.

    From the ashes and ruin that will come from all this, I truly believe you will have an opportunity that is unique in modern religious history to restart, rebuild and regrow your faith on the principles of your founder.

    I think one of the keys to your success (and I have no doubt you all will succeed in reviving Scientology) will be to find more ways to reach out and include supportive Outsiders who will stand with you despite having a different faith and philosophy of life!


    PS: There are a couple of great songs in Les Miserables that you might post links to on this rather momentous occasion!

  26. The New Yorker story was excellent! Thank you all for speaking out like you do.

  27. So will the Church send in it’s PIs to intimidate the FBI?

    Sounds like a great idea. Get OSA right on it!

    Will Tommy Davis be sent in to “Handle” the agents involved? Maybe scream in their faces or ask them repeatedly what they are doing? I think he should agree to be interviewed and then change his mind and not show up.

    How should DM BP this operation? Hmm, get the FBI agents followed by OSA’s PI’s and park nearby wherever they are and race away when approached by the agents. Don’t talk to them when cornered and hold up file folders to block the Agents view inside their cars. Ya, that’s the ticket. It’s sure to work. It’s worked before.

    And when the FBI shows up to interview you, be sure to lie to them the way you have lied to the press and your parishoners, same for you pro DM Affidavit filers. Don’t worry about lying to the FBI, they’ll understand. Sure they will. Besides, what’s more important, going to jail or protecting DM? It doesn’t seem like a difficult choice. Be sure you make the right one, your future depends on it.

  28. I really, really, really am PROUD of this BLOG article Marty, and to ALL who helped make it possible.

    The public, including myself, is sick and tired of hearing church members did this, church members did that and got away with it without ever being questioned about it. It is almost as if the church is trying to set a new trend called “We the church are above the law, you that are not of the church are not”.

    The church itself is more than well known for reporting ANYONE to the police who they feel they can make trouble for and garner publicity for their organization for in the process.

    People are sick and tired of hearing what the church can do about other people’s alleged crimes, and just to make an example “The Paulette Cooper Bomb Threat” was a real crime or one the church manufactured for the above reason? Link here: http://home.snafu.de/tilman/krasel/cooper/

    It is high time people stop “looking the other way” as regards the church and their eternal question to the public “What are your crimes?”

    Hey Church of Scientology, WHAT ARE YOUR CRIMES for a change?

  29. Dear Claudio, I get what you are saying because my son had these indicators too and still doesn’t realize it. Do you know of ANY sea org member who isn’t “unable to talk”– to his/her family and former friends about the things that go on inside, for fear it will compromise the church in some way, and/or get him into the RPF for a decade? I don’t.

    Owing a debt to one’s employer? Try $100,000!!!! And that’s in U.S. dollars, which means being shipped back to your home country (wage rates 1/2 or less) you will never earn enough to pay it off!

    Not having control over Identification Documents? Try being assigned to another country where even getting the equivalent of a “green card” is subject to the church’s oversight (this is a two-way word that means, they’ll take care of it, or they’ll FORGET to take care of it.)

    Keep talking, folks. Keep showing it as it is. M6

  30. Friend of Ron

    …..one more thing

    Even Miscavige and his wrecking crew are BASICALLY GOOD and that is why they are lying.


    It sure looks like they are succeeding.

    Even they are basically good and we are here to make sure that they are making it through this all right eventually.

  31. One thing the reporter had wrong was when he said that the apostates were generally those who had not experienced gains from their years in the church: the higher state of being, success in the career, more enjoyment of life, etc.

    I experienced all these things. He needs to talk to some apostates who still pursue Scientology outside the church because they want more of the gains they’ve already had. That was why we stayed in so long, and we’d still be there if the gains had not been shut down by the current dictator.

  32. Excellent advice, Ann! Love it.

  33. Hello Bioforming,
    I like your suggestions. The inclusion of outsiders is so much more real to me now that I am not blindered by the mores pressed down on us by the current CofS. I’m sure we’ll meet and laugh together some day. M6

  34. Tony DePhillips

    I thought the New Yorker peice was excellent. I thought that it brought out clearly dm’s involvment and made the church of misscabbage look like the cult that it is.

    I think that the tech will continue no matter what happens to the cult.

    This appears to be the first step of chemo-therapy for the cancer ridden body of the cult of $cientology. Once the cancer is cut and/or burned out then the healing process can begin.

  35. Tony DePhillips

  36. Well this certainly isn’t very fair to poor little Davey is it now?!?

    He’s had enough trouble just fighting Marty. Now he’s got to take on the entire Federal Bureau of Investigation! (and if they weren’t investigating already, they sure will be now).

    OSA: Three words to you all…. Guilt By Association!

    Wake up! Get out! Speak out publicly! Avoid a prison sentence! Do the right thing and you’ll have a much smoother future.

  37. +1

    If I was ever a journalist, he is a model to which I would aspire. Very well reasoned piece – albeit rather long – and thoroughly researched.

    A few of the “stand out” bits that caught my eye:
    1) Anne Archer, John Travolta, and Sky Dayton still guzzling KoolAid like drunken sailors:
    “I asked them how the controversy surrounding Scientology had affected them. “It hasn’t touched me,” Archer said”
    Hasn’t TOUCHED YOU? Anne, get a grip. Maybe if your son had been RPFed for 10 years for blowing, as he probably would have been if he weren’t your son, would that have “touched you”? How many RPFers have you spoken to in confidence, away from fear of retribution from speaking honestly? I’ll tell you exactly what the reality of the Int RPF is if you’re prepared to listen. How many victims of violent abuse have you actually questioned yourself? Is every SO woman who says she was coerced to have an abortion lying? What, all of them???
    “Scientology is growing. It’s in a hundred and sixty-five countries.” Really, is it really growing? How many BC graduates have there been from SH Orgs last week? How many Clears have Idle Orgs made? Where are these “millions of Scientologists” ‘cos they sure ain’t in my area.

    2) Paul Haggis is clearly a man of not only of the highest integrity, but has a wicked sense of humour, and the sublime and inexplicable.
    Haggis on his gang-bang SRA handlings: “I applied more Scientology in those meetings than they did.”

    3) Poor old TD is so lost in the labyrinth of lies and half-truths he comes across as some one on the very edge. Did Musical Chairs as described by numerous witnesses happen or didn’t it? Are O/W write ups confidential or not? Did he know about the Blow Drill or not? Answers vary according to the audience and what is going to get him into least trouble.

    Davis on forced affinity of SO members giving DM presents: “These gifts are tokens of love and respect for Mr. Miscavige,”

    The FBI investigation into Miscavige perfectly characterizes my level of love and respect towards him.

  38. This made my day! If the church didn’t know about an FBI investigation then they do now! I know what is hitting the fan in Hemet today. I think this is awesome; thank you for sharing.

    The celebrities for the most part have NO clue any of the craziness of what goes on at Int; they are shielded from any of it. People just disappear off their lines and excuses are given of where they went. JB has photographs and how are these justified?

    All gave a terrific interview. This came from people who had been in the church 10, 20 and 30 years.

    Again, thank you for sharing. Jan

  39. Great developments!
    Here’s a couple random bits of info to go along with all this.
    I recently heard a quote from a staff member, referring to the Letter From Garcia, “thousands have left because of that letter”. (thousands may be hyperbole, but I think the message was clear.

    Also got some intel on current GI at CCI and it is bad, bad, bad. Not even making minimum needs for utilities etc.

    Re RPF’ers and ‘detainees’ (human traffic victims): I created a web page at freeheber.com for their names and info to be listed. Special Search Engine treatment is given to those listed (google Shelly Miscavige for example) so that family, friends and…law enforcement can find information about them. link is here. http://www.freeheber.com/index.php?title=Operation_RPF
    Instructions on where and how to get known victims posted is there.

    My take: This is what they call the “tipping point”

  40. Yes Christie, a very well spoken man. He appears very creditable, intelligent, sane and even handed. I’m impressed how he handled himself.

  41. Tony DePhillips

    Excellent point M-6.
    I noticed that some of the celebrities were sort of confusing the line between the philosophy and the abuses. It appears that their justification is: The tech is good so it is ok to lie about all the abuses. If Mark Isham doesn’t have the confront to get through the Truth Rundown by the St. Pete Times then he better redo his TR’s…
    It is ok if Paul Haggis doesn’t feel that the tech is for him. What is true for him is true for him, but that doesn’t mean that those of us who have had success from the tech cannot be heard.

  42. When he used the word “apostates” I assumed instantly that he had been fed Co$ propaganda BS.

  43. Tony DePhillips

    So now the “church” admits that they have “edited out” parts of LRH’s books where things were “added in” by an SP transcriber????!!!! WTF??!!
    Are we supposed to believe this bullshit?? LRH was around for years and he didn’t know that some evil transcriber added “bigoted” comments into his books. PLEASE!! Let LRH’s comments stand as is. Let each person decide for themself whether they agree with what he says or not. I do not want cobby boy editing LRH’s words to suite his little pipe dream world of what Scientology should be.

  44. Mockingbird, I’m reminded of the plight of those indentured servants of the 1600’s-1700’s. Some interesting parallels. http://www.teachervision.fen.com/slavery-us/resource/3848.html

  45. I received 5 phone calls before the Today show interview even began. Many saw it, many liked it, many blew down!

    After reading the New Yorker article and watching the Today show, well all I can say is “Justice is Coming”!!!!!!!!!

  46. BAM! Love it. Hate to say it, but I love it.

    We have a few weeks until Ron’s 100th. As many of you know, I am taking the “under” that DM will be gone by then. Looks crazy, I know, but I have big dreams! But, this New Yorker article and the Today Show is not a dream – it is reality. The FBI investigation is not a dream, it is reality.

    It is the right thing for Mr. David Miscavige to go. Mr. David Miscavige cannot see this, of course – but, surely, it is time for Heber to step in and say “son, it is time for you to go.”

    Any pilots out there? Perhaps we should drop copies of the the article into Int!

  47. All true participants and most spectators on this blog are delighted today. We know the castle must fall. Let’s keep in mind most of us were duped once upon a time and on board the C of $. Those who have not felt safe to look and still listen to the false PR are very good people and are our brothers and sisters. Let’s keep are heart’s open and give them support when they discover their betrayal at the hands of the “DM’d” and his direct minions. These folks will be hurting big time like all of us have at one time or another. Long live LRH’s Scientology.

  48. Oooooh, Ann, SO right on.

    Does that sting a little, dave?

  49. M6,

    I actually would agree with the reporter, because I don’t think we are apostates. We are whistleblowers, denouncing the current regime’s departure from the tenets of our philosophy. But I would also agree he could have talked to more of us whistleblowers.


  50. Tony DePhillips

    cob, grab onto those copper rods baby!!

  51. Oh, and by the way, the article was a hell of an indictment of the Church as it has become.

    The outright lies of Tommy Davis is appalling. Transcriptionists put their own bigotry into DMSMH and SOS? Unbelievable!

    Tommy – just stop it. Really. No one is fooled – except maybe you and Mr. David Miscavige. Remember, aiding and abetting is a crime, dude.

  52. What a sad state of affairs DM has lead the church into.
    If the FBI is starting an investigation, then DM must be feeling like Hiter did when his generals told him that nothing stood between Berlin and 20 Soviet divisions in late April 1945.


  53. Raul,

    The HALLUCINATION and DELUSION of the MIND set of the RADICAL TALIBAN SCIENTOLOGY is almost humorous if it does not want to make you cry.

    While UTTERLY SQUIRRELING LRH Books and issues, metering, (3 needle swings to call an FN) 10-20 sec check intensives as a norm, ~~~~~they spout off on INDIES being squirrels


    WHILE Daily doing criminals acts on veterans, Depriving them of SLEEP, working them like SLAVES, confiscating passports so there is no escape, keeping 400 people in lock down in the GOLD INT base at HEMET, enforcing EST Type mob activity of screaming annd yelling and punching and overwhelming a single in-mate for his crimes ….they accuse FANTASY and FICTION lies on whistleblowers who shed light on these facts.

    Everyone who speaks out is ESSSSS PEEEE.



    I highly recommend you take the time to listen to this enlightening radio show of Human Trafficking at the Flag Land Base. (just aired)


  54. Hey FBI.

    Find Shelly Miscaviage (wife of Miscaviage – locked away in a secret location being subjected to unspeakable abuses) and Heber (the elderly man who was slapped repeatedly by Miscaviage and is currently being kept away from his family and then was shipped off to a secret location to keep him stifled) and get them to talk to you. THEN you will get all of the information you want! Talk about fruitful investigations. Start there and work your way down those avenues.

    ML Tom

  55. Christie, As hard of some of it was to take, you are absolutely right. He called a spade as he saw it.

  56. Friend of Ron,
    I have sent you some private Email.
    It is wonderful to have you aboard.

  57. So true. Of course, an “apostate” is:

    One who has abandoned one’s religious faith, a political party, one’s principles, or a cause.
    (American Heritage)

    I am certainly not an apostate. The use of the word by Tommy is a blatant attempt to define the story by saying that people who do not condone what the Church is doing have abandoned Scientology. This is exactly not true. The current regime has made it necessary for the true practice of Scientology to be done outside the organizations of Scientology. The current regime has documented departures from the actual practice and use of the subject of Scientology. Scientology is a religious philosophy, not a set of buildings or corporations. Those who practice it are Scientologists.

    Tommy Davis, on the other hand, has abandoned Scientology. He regularly violates very key policies on PR (do not lie, being a pretty big one). He calls himself a Scientologist but does not practice it.

    Who is the apostate, Tommy? You cannot BS us, dude. We know policy, and we know the tech. You can lie to the media. You can’t lie to us. We KNOW.

  58. Ann, your right in that they have a problem handling the FBI.
    BUT at least they have Tom Cruise, who can handle the shit out of that “GLIB” Matt Lauer. Tom Cruise, your up. Your “PR” skills are needed.
    I wish I worked for Matt Lauer today because I know he is buying lunch for the whole crew.
    And despite any reason he had to gloat or really pour gas on the fire, Lauer actually treated scintologists quite fairly in the questions he posed to Larry Wright. He comes across as a decent guy. He easily could be a PR ally if he hadnt been the victim of Tom Cruise’s need to display his own “wisdom”.

  59. Sweeney (and us) woke up braver (and more powerful) souls.

  60. Yes, OSA people. Your time in the chair is coming.

    Not an auditing chair but an FBI interrogation chair. Just remember – Miscavige may be prepping you right now on how to tell the lies that will “protect” his sorry ass, but tell them – and be caught lying – and Miscavige will disown you instantly, AND accuse you of the crimes.

    I doubt any of you are really smart enough to do the right thing first, so (not if, but) WHEN that happens (you get caught in a lie) – roll fast lest someone senior to you rolls faster – at which time your sorry ass will be on its way to becoming just a sore ass.

  61. BTW … I cannot express how happy it makes me to click on the home page for Marty’s blog and see today’s headline staring up at me:

    Miscavige Subject of FBI Investigation


  62. Right on Tony!

    While I was at St Hill a number of years ago, I walked into LRH’s office up to the desk that we see in the old photos – it was just as pictured.

    I opened a couple of the original books on his desk – they were the original green books and they had been well-thumbed over the years.

    Surely LRH while referencing someone would have spotted the outpoints if these books were so off the mark as the current ‘church’ professes.

    Miscavige & his cronies have overtly duped ALL Scientologists – this was NOT an oversight – it just as intentional as the IAS is now on collecting money for their mocked-up ‘dangerous environment’.

    These guys are simply CRIMINALS.

    If those original Scientology green books were good enough for Ron all those years, they sure as hell are good enough for me!

  63. Friend of Ron said;

    “Even Miscavige and his wrecking crew are BASICALLY GOOD and that is why they are lying.”

    I think a proper gauge of how basically good they are will be how soon they individually blow. As in leaveing a group that your hurting once you know you or the group have overt products.
    Maybee grossly obvious and unbelievable lies are one way to hasten the end of the overts. That way your unable to mislead anyone any further. I suppose the mind could chart that course. But I would think Blowing is a more clear cut statement of your feelings.
    Tommy Davis, get out of there.

  64. Marty, Scott,Tony I knew you’d appreciate this one. Been saving it for this occasion. Good song for today:

    Open your eyes,
    Let it begin with me.
    Brand new day,
    Fresh new way to live,
    The mornin’ is callin’
    Walk with me into the sun.

    Everything is comin’ our way
    Everything is comin’ our way.
    Everything is comin’ our way.

    Here’s my hand
    Reaching out to you
    Take it, darlin’
    And lead me on, yeah.

    Everything is comin’ our way
    Everything is comin’ our way
    Everything is comin’ our way.

    Organ Solo:

    Everything is comin’ our way
    Everything is comin’ our way
    Everything is comin’ our way.

    I can feel it in my bones
    No man stands alone.
    Sister, Brother,
    From all the same seed

    Everything is comin’ our way

  65. Watching Eyes

    re a class action suit-
    I don’t think this is the way to go. I could be wrong but it’s my understanding that in a class action lawsuit there are two parties who make a lot of money: One, the lawyers. Two, the original plaintiff. The rest of the people who join in on the suit end up with pennies on the dollar.

    There’s an occasional poster on this blog, Clearwater Lawyer. Maybe he could weigh in on this but I think I’m correct.

    A better way to go is to get your request into the IAS. If refused, go to one of the gov agencies I’ve listed in previous blog posts and file a complaint with them.

    With all the heat on the cult right now it’s not inconceivable that people could end up getting their money back…….. with ease.

  66. Watching Eyes

    My comment above was meant for Margaret (below). I don’t know how I did that.

  67. Heey David “Never gonna give you up”

    Signed: Anonymous

  68. I’m no expert, but I believe Miscavige probably believes everything he does and has done is justified and “right”. Even the physical abuse and severe mental torture.


    I don’t know if a guy in that condition snaps out of that mindset on his own.

  69. In the US there is the Thirteenth Amendment to the Constitution: Section 1. Neither slavery nor involuntary servitude, except as a punishment for crime whereof the party shall have been duly convicted, shall exist within the United States, or any place subject to their jurisdiction.
    Section 2. Congress shall have power to enforce this article by appropriate legislation.

    This is the Federal law against peonage. Peonage such as enforced by David Miscavige where a person works hard on their post for years, is no longer in the SO and is given a ‘freeloader’ bill, despite their proven contributions. Or the circumstance where they are held with the threat of this bill. That is by definition and ‘indentured’ slave.

    This is what LRH says: ‘No good worker OWES his work. That’s slavery.”
    Rewards and Penalties, PL, 6 March 66 Issue I, OEC Vol O.

    DM is so far off the rails he’s committing ‘human trafficking’ in violation of the applicable laws of the land.

    The evidence is there.

    Soon he won’t be.

  70. MB,
    Those you refer to AREN’T ‘apostates’. Like me. I’m still a Scientologist. I want nothing to do with David Miscavige’s suppressive squirrelling of the applied philosophy of Scientology.

  71. Ironically all the examples mentioned (except maybe Haggis) were whistleblowers. That didn’t show up due to OSA misinformation but he could have known as Marty’s activity was mentioned.

    I think independent success stories (thanks Luis) will proof that we’re not apostates and that the Tech works. It’ll also proof the rip-off of the Church charging tons for no exchange while independents are very able to deliver high value at fair price.

    The feds know how to follow the $$$$. It’s very easy to look at the invoices and find the high rollers and then interview them as to what they gained from each intensive (good luck on those endless sec check implants).

    Then look how they did in life afterwards; their success, their finances or if there was delivery on the Scientology goals of no war, no insanity, no drugs, etc. The last decade America went straight up and vertical on drug sales, incarcerations and war; the planet experienced a 400% increase in terrorism. The more $$$ they gave the worse the situation.

  72. Virg, sooth you speak.

  73. Marty, what did touch me the most is that you communicate those fantastic (and somewhat, shocking) news alongside with the wins of your pc’s. It’s bright, it’s theta, it’s real scientology!

  74. Truth though fought always in the end prevails. I think DM thought he was the only one who had a monopoly on this one.

    I was watching 60 minutes last week and they said that Wilileaks has secret data about the C of S. Does anyone know about this?

  75. I 2nd Tony’s comment here:

    “Let LRH’s comments stand as is. Let each person decide for themself whether they agree with what he says or not.”

  76. Watching Eyes

    To those investigating the cult:
    You may not be aware that a lot of Independent Scientologists and ex-Scientologists have been trying to get their money back from the official Church of Scientology. If you were to add it all up, we’re talking an enormous amount of money.
    It was the practice of the church to have people pay in advance for services. Many of these services were never taken so the money just sits on their accounts. People have been asking for that money to be returned. Some have gotten it, others are still trying. Per the church’s own policy and I believe their agreement with the IRS, they’re supposed to repay the money.

    There is also the matter of people wanting their money back from the IAS (membership arm of the “church”). Lots of pressure was brought to bear on people to get them to buy memberships. What started out as a $300/yearly membership in 1985 mushroomed into a Lifetime membership, then a Sponsor, then a Patron ($40,000) and many levels above that. The IAS has refunded people’s membership money in the past when they’ve left the “church”. There are accounts of this on-line. Currently they’re denying such requests. This is wrong.

    People have filed complaints with the following agencies:

    The New Yorker Magazine article directly addresses the issue of inurement: http://www.newyorker.com/reporting/2011/02/14/110214fa_fact_wright#ixzz1DJ7MQ96l

    It’s time for David Miscavige’s “church” to refund/repay any monies that ex-parishioners are wanting returned.

  77. Too true 🙂

  78. Karen #1:

    Is it *possible*, with all due respect, you could have found a longer radio interview of this caliber as this one was only a full 60 minutes? 🙂

    Thank you for it. Three points stand out right away, but so do the rest.

    1. 18 People in on space at the Hacienda Gardens sharing 1 bathroom before boarding the bus to the FH? That sounds hot.

    2. Putting the Church of Scientology on one’s resume? That is a no-no. It is OK to know how to know but not with people whose reputation indicates they would not know how to know themselves.

    3. The External Influence Course?

    That is how they keep them there.

  79. Tony DePhillips

    Look forward to seeing you all soon at the secret rendezvuos point.

  80. +1 Christie! He was also very much of a very polite gentleman when interviewing with him.

  81. Tony DePhillips

    Hey Marty,
    Isn’t it libelous that they are saying that you plan to take over the church??

  82. Hi Tony,

    you won’t win the battle against cancer with the above means. Even if you have success, it is usually short term.

    There are astonishing healings – even the worst cases – with alternative methods (my favorite is Rober O. Young). But besides the right nutrition, I guess the most important ingridient is: love

    A story about 100 % responsibility by Dr. Joe Vitale

    Two years ago, I heard about a therapist in Hawaii who cured a complete ward of criminally insane patients–without ever seeing any of them. The psychologist would study an inmate’s chart and then look within himself to see how he created that person’s illness. As he improved himself, the patient improved.

    When I first heard this story, I thought it was an urban legend. How could anyone heal anyone else by healing himself? How could even the best self-improvement master cure the criminally insane?

    It didn’t make any sense. It wasn’t logical, so I dismissed the story.

    However, I heard it again a year later. I heard that the therapist had used a Hawaiian healing process called ho ‘oponopono. I had never heard of it, yet I couldn’t let it leave my mind. If the story was at all true, I had to know more.

    I had always understood “total responsibility” to mean that I am responsible for what I think and do. Beyond that, it’s out of my hands. I think that most people think of total responsibility that way. We’re responsible for what we do, not what anyone else does. The Hawaiian therapist who healed those mentally ill people would teach me an advanced new perspective about total responsibility.

    His name is Dr. Ihaleakala Hew Len. We probably spent an hour talking on our first phone call. I asked him to tell me the complete story of his work as a therapist. He explained that he worked at Hawaii State Hospital for four years. That ward where they kept the criminally insane was dangerous. Psychologists quit on a monthly basis. The staff called in sick a lot or simply quit. People would walk through that ward with their backs against the wall, afraid of being attacked by patients. It was not a pleasant place to live, work, or visit.

    Dr. Len told me that he never saw patients. He agreed to have an office and to review their files. While he looked at those files, he would work on himself. As he worked on himself, patients began to heal.

    “After a few months, patients that had to be shackled were being allowed to walk freely,” he told me. “Others who had to be heavily medicated were getting off their medications. And those who had no chance of ever being released were being freed.”

    I was in awe.

    “Not only that,” he went on, “but the staff began to enjoy coming to work. Absenteeism and turnover disappeared. We ended up with more staff than we needed because patients were being released, and all the staff was showing up to work. Today, that ward is closed.”

    This is where I had to ask the million dollar question: “What were you doing within yourself that caused those people to change?”

    “I was simply healing the part of me that created them,” he said.

    I didn’t understand.

    Dr. Len explained that total responsibility for your life means that everything in your life – simply because it is in your life–is your responsibility. In a literal sense the entire world is your creation.

    Whew. This is tough to swallow. Being responsible for what I say or do is one thing. Being responsible for what everyone in my life says or does is quite another. Yet, the truth is this: if you take complete responsibility for your life, then everything you see, hear, taste, touch, or in any way experience is your responsibility because it is in your life.

    This means that terrorist activity, the president, the economy–anything you experience and don’t like–is up for you to heal. They don’t exist, in a manner of speaking, except as projections from inside you. The problem isn’t with them, it’s with you, and to change them, you have to change you.

    I know this is tough to grasp, let alone accept or actually live. Blame is far easier than total responsibility, but as I spoke with Dr. Len, I began to realize that healing for him and in ho ‘oponopono means loving yourself. If you want to improve your life, you have to heal your life. If you want to cure anyone–even a mentally ill criminal–you do it by healing you.

    I asked Dr. Len how he went about healing himself. What was he doing, exactly, when he looked at those patients’ files?

    “I just kept saying, ‘I’m sorry’ and ‘I love you’ over and over again,” he explained.

    That’s it?

    That’s it.

    Turns out that loving yourself is the greatest way to improve yourself, and as you improve yourself, your improve your world. Let me give you a quick example of how this works: one day, someone sent me an email that upset me. In the past I would have handled it by working on my emotional hot buttons or by trying to reason with the person who sent the nasty message. This time, I decided to try Dr. Len’s method. I kept silently saying, “I’m sorry” and “I love you,” I didn’t say it to anyone in particular. I was simply evoking the spirit of love to heal within me what was creating the outer circumstance.

    Within an hour I got an e-mail from the same person. He apologized for his previous message. Keep in mind that I didn’t take any outward action to get that apology. I didn’t even write him back. Yet, by saying “I love you,” I somehow healed within me what was creating him.

    I later attended a ho ‘oponopono workshop run by Dr. Len. He’s now 70 years old, considered a grandfatherly shaman, and is somewhat reclusive. He praised my book, The Attractor Factor. He told me that as I improve myself, my book’s vibration will raise, and everyone will feel it when they read it. In short, as I improve, my readers will improve.

    “What about the books that are already sold and out there?” I asked.

    “They aren’t out there,” he explained, once again blowing my mind with his mystic wisdom. “They are still in you.”

    In short, there is no out there.

    It would take a whole book to explain this advanced technique with the depth it deserves. Suffice it to say that whenever you want to improve anything in your life, there’s only one place to look: inside you.

    “When you look, do it with love.”

  83. I’m don’t think we can continue to say the celebs are shielded from what is going on within the Church. In the article, Wright mentions where Haggis talked about the issues to other celebs and pointed them where to look.

    At this point, no one can say they “didn’t know.” It is, as Haggis refers to his own behavior, “willed myopia.”

  84. Really good points!

    DM, you are so toast.

    My advice to the OSA people: Do not lie and do not fuck with the FBI unless you really want to sacrifice your sorry ass for the little dictator.

  85. Bioforming
    Done 🙂

  86. Mike
    I think it’s called ‘whistling past the graveyard’

  87. Wow! I hope they ‘unleash the hounds.’
    Tally ho FBI, there’s prime pickin’s for ya at the Cof$. Blind Freddie could earn a promotion from that lot – investigate with prejudice for all I care, we’d like justice served to those who truly deserve it.

  88. Clearwater Lawyer

    Hi WE,
    On the Class Action matter, it is important to recognize the distinctions between the FBI investigation and civil action brought by a person(s). the FBI investgates for criminal activities. They are trying to determine if charges should be pursued to seek jail time and/or fines. Restitution can also be a component of the criminal charges in some types of crimes. In this case the crime is human trafficking. The victims of these crimes are those who have actually been subjected to the abuse, confinement, threats etc. of the cos. A person who was mislead and donoted money to the church will not fall into the catagory of a victim of human trafficking so they would not be a party to the charges. It is likely that they can be a witness to testify to the of the activities of the church which may help prove up the charges.

    This does not mean that the there is no civil cause of action for others. It could be along the lines of false imprisionment, fraud, or other basis, depending on each person’s fact situation. If enough people join in whose fact situtaion is sufficiently similair a class can be certified – there are several other criteria too. One the court “certifies” the class, it can go forward as a class action. This can happen on either a state court level or federal court level. If you are talking about activities that happened in several diferent states or if you are making some kind of human rights violation claim your lawyer may consider Federal court.
    In the meantime if the FBI is speaking to people both “in” and “out” of the church they are locking down the various statements. Ultimately the witness / victims statements will be taken as sworn testimony. At that point the testimony (and facts) be even more locked down. So, depending on the scope of the investigation, the criminal investigative work may be very useful to a civil lawyer who takes the case later on. Hope that helps a bit.


  89. Mike,
    It has become a Natural Law now, that Dave/Tommy create enemies and footnukes at every utterance/pen stroke!

    Currently, Google News reports 22 articles and 3 major blogs carrying this story (the other half of the world is still asleep) while Dave/Tommy pours gasoline onto the fire!

  90. +1 Ann! Just tell them it never happened!

  91. Yeah Sinar.

    Their newest idiocy is to deny that any FBI investigation exists “because it was mentioned in a lawsuit dismissed by a Federal Judge.” Huh? And there is no federal defecit because someone also mentioned that in a civil lawsuit that has now been dismissed.

    The intelligent response that any other organization would give is (whether it was true or not): “We were unaware of any investigation and if such does exist we will cooperate with the authorities as we are confident we are breaking no laws.” Instead they try to make it disappear by closing their eyes, saying they don’t see it, and thinking everyone else has their eyes shut too. Lunacy bred born out of arrogance.

  92. Kathy Braceland

    Both the article in The New Yorker and the interview on “Today” were excellent. I really like Larry Wright. He’s intelligent, interested, poised, writes superbly and speaks just as well. He didn’t just write a story based on rumours, hearsay, old news or even his own opinions. He actually did a lot of research, dug around and asked a lot of questions. I’m impressed that he was able to condense what he learned into 26 pages for The New Yorker, trying to touch on everything but not lingering so much on some. I can see why he would want to write a book on this…he can include so much! I think it’s going to be awesome. He sure is the ‘Wright’ guy to do it…bada bing (roll of eyes and soft groan)…yeah well, someone had to say it.

    I chewed on this a bit before I wrote anything here. I started thinking of my many friends (public, SO and non-SO staff) that disconnected from me because I’ve been vocal about Miscavige’s reign of terror…the rampant out tech that exists in the church, etc. The church guys don’t like me and declared me…therefore, my friends may not like me either. Anyway, I’m thinking they’re going to be a little spooked by all this and everything else that is to come and they might need a shoulder as they’re walking out the door. I just want you all to know you can use mine. I’m still here, still the same ol’ gal you used to know and love.

    OSA, if you would be so kind as to let my friends know I’m here for them if they need me, I would appreciate that. I know you don’t have anything else to do besides bug Marty and Mike but that can’t take much time…and honestly…just between us girls, that’s getting just a little bit old don’t you think? And apparently you don’t know that the FBI is investigating the church, so that isn’t taking up any of your time or attention. So please pass my message to my friends. I will gladly supply a list of names in case you lost yours. Thanking you in advance.

  93. Or its the blind leading the blind…. 🙂

  94. Link says: This video contains content from Sony Music Entertainment. It is not available in your country.
    Sorry about that.

  95. Karin #1,

    Clear and succint and vintage YOU….;)

    Being declared by evil people , such as Miscavige and cew, is more and more public proof that such a declared person is basically good, stands up for Human Rights of one and all and can be trusted with one’s life.

    A golden rot as a testimony and proof that one can be trusted. Who would ever have thought this would ever come to pass. But it has.

  96. ……..;))

  97. If the COS claims that they don’t know about an FBI investigation, and the investigation is really ongoing that can be very damning for the Church because they won’t be able to hide the evidence against them since the investigation would have surely uncovered some pretty gruesome crimes already without their knowledge. But I am sure they are real aware, I wonder how many staff members are being put on the meter to find out if they are FBI informants? I know in 2004, I was asked if I was an FBI informant during an ethics cycle, I laughed and couldn’t believe that I was actually being asked that, but the E/O was cold serious, and actually told me in the old days the FBI would routinely send in informants to infiltrate the church. Since he had worked with LRH(and COB) shooting tech films I had no reason not to believe him. In any case a more appropriate response by the church would have probably been “we don’t comment on pending legal investigations” or something along those lines, because no matter what happens if it comes to light there was an investigation, and its on record that they denied it, it really going to spoil their credibility(if its not already spoiled) in my opinion. People aren’t just going to forget, especially the press.
    In any case its been an interesting last couple of day to say the least, and I really am looking forward to see some real positive changes coming out of Hemet, and rolling downhill to LA, Clearwater and beyond. I will stay tuned for more.

  98. Password has changed … check your IMs.

  99. Brilliant news, cheers!!

  100. Well this has certainly turned out to be a day for the history books! I got the feeling we really haven’t experienced the full brunt of this storm and the torrent that follows.

    Thanks Marty for everything you do. And let me extend that Ack to everyone else cleaning up dm’s crap. Here’s a repeat of an Oldie but Goodie to mark the occasion:

  101. Excellent, cogent, spot on.

  102. Thanks to everyone who commented on the term apostate above and I get your point, I agree that we who are still pursuing Scientology are not apostates. I also agree that it’s okay to be an apostate, it’s not a dirty word, it’s just a fact– One of the rights of a being is “to leave a game,” and that’s what they’ve done.

  103. Jimmy, you know what? Your comment here just blew a lot of charge in my universe. We are the Scientologists in the middle of all this. I know if Ron were around he would applaud what we are doing. I know he would appreciate that we are Keeping Scientology Working and that we are willing to do anything to get it back and running again.

    Thanks my brother.

    ML Tom

  104. DM(The Great White Hype) seems to think that he is above the law. We all are looking forward to the FBI taking him down a few notches. Best place to nail (arrest) him is at an event in front of all his parishioners. That should set the stage for real change occurring in the CO$. No bail because he is definitely a flight risk. I am sure OSA, Int & FBI are reading this.

    Enjoy boys!

  105. I 3rd Tony’s comment:

    “Let LRH’s comments stand as is. Let each person decide for themself whether they agree with what he says or not.”

    WTF, it boggles the mind that anyone would have the RAW NERVE to practice alter-is on LRH’s books, HCOBs, HCOPLs, and tapes.

    One of the main rationales for the monopoly and command structure of Scientology is to keep the tech free from alter-is.

    As LRH himself pointed out, if there were any earlier religions or practices or even civilizations that at one time had a workable technology, it was inevitably lost by way of alter-isness.

    LRH’s work should be restored to where it was pre-Miscavige, and that work should remain as the ONLY Source materials of Scientology through the millennia.

    One thing for sure, LRH should not be re-written to propitiate the “politically correct” viewpoints of the current culture.

  106. Clearwater lawyer,

    You don’t cite case law. May I enquirer the name of your law firm?
    I am a Scientologist who left the C of S several years ago.

  107. Part of seeing/observing/waking up is tied in with PERSONAL INTEGRITY. And I have to state that I lost that personal integrity during my educational stint on my OT Levels and my integrity diminished even further once I joined the ranks of the s o as I was now running off some higher purpose line – RTC,WDC et al. I would say that I honestly felt at that time that the purpose was greater and more important than anything else happening on the planet. Who cares about “saving the whales”, “ethnic cleansing” that was minor compared to the challenge we have at hand. Of course and only a small handful of individuals could pull this off – “dedicated” was the watchword. This is a high speed track you start operating on and it has a common thread – it has installed in it orders orders orders orders and demands compliance compliance compliance compliance. This track is booby trapped in that you will work till you drop never questioning any order be it insane or destructive. Should you fall short and not come up to par you are then incorrectly stamped “damaged goods” which require rpf’ing, deck’ing, ethics, sec checking and possible trafficking, which results in a reprogram of you the individual. No connection to any family member, friend or group member. Robot-ism ensues. Questioning or evaluating is no longer on the menu. You resign yourself to your current position – worried how to redeem yourself in the eyes of your own group members – all in the name of “clearing the planet” while being fed a course/diet of inval and degradation. From the original recruitment interview wherein you had been elevated to someone who “makes it go right”, “few are chosen” to this dichotomy of debasement is apathetically accepted. What changed? What the heck happened here?

    To cut to the chase ……. the above is something that started off as wanting to help – then being able to make a difference but with restrictions, then more restrictions and finally caught in the web and one goes with the flow embedded and coated with confusions and on a track that is running ahead of you and you being tagged and being dragged along irrespective of the repercussions.

    For parishioners, it is time, money money money money and more money spent again and again on the same courses or levels or books. This amount could place you in a comfortable situation in your retirement days. However you do not give up as you have already spent soooooo much of your earnings and are still hoping to achieve “enlightenment”. There is still hope, as much has been spent and “hopefully” not for naught. It would be a bitter pill to swallow once woken up. So the “look – don’t listen” is replaced by “listen – don’t look”.

    I am reminded of the documentary “TIBET Cry of the Snow Lion” and I mention this because it contains the atrocities which are finally exposed. But what shook me the most is that on one segment in the film a buddhist nun talks about the atrocities imposed upon her. Now ANNE ARCHER is the translator. Now one would think …. and walks away saying ….. omg …. Anne has some decency and is aware of the atrocities across the globe. But I have to review this comment by stating that it appears she is B L I N D to the atrocities occurring within her own group.

    And in this comments section earlier this is what was noted:

    A few of the “stand out” bits that caught my eye:
    1) Anne Archer, John Travolta, and Sky Dayton still guzzling KoolAid like drunken sailors:
    “I asked them how the controversy surrounding Scientology had affected them. “It hasn’t touched me,” Archer said”

    IMO – This would appear that this comment alone places ANNE ARCHER in la la land and her own personal integrity is no longer in existence. She has to regain this herself and take action herself. No one can do this for her.

    Before I WOKE UP – I too found myself defending scn religion, fellow members, parishioners, management, staff et al as we were all on a mission to “clear the planet” but over how many “dead” bodies never occurred to me.

    I woke up after having to listen to staff who were separated from spouses, staff who were dying of some disease, parishioners who had been kept up all night for recruitment purposes who were deemed to be out ethics for not joining the s o, staff members who were too afraid to talk or voice a destructive order, rtc trainees who were screaming at maa’s, maa’s screaming at each other in front of parishioners, maa’s screaming at parishioners, c/s’s looking for SP’s in staff folders on osa orders/whim.

    I observed this and I knew this was insane, this was not safe, the staff were terrorized. Staff were just following orders to compliance. No compliance meant sleepless nights till what was ordered was “done”. I would not become party to this insane group think. I apologize to those who have a theety weety outlook, in that this sounds dramatic … but it is. I understood that this was a deadly game. You conform or you get programmed to conform. If you refuse you are declared in some fashion – ousted/labelled.

    I would rather keep my personal integrity than be threatened with the “necromonger way”. (“Chronicles of Riddick”) movie.

  108. CL,
    Thank you for replying. Your info is helpful.

  109. The Edge Radio interview with Tom Tampa/ Aired today 2-7-2011 with former Scientologist from Hungrey. I found of intrest thankyou for the link

  110. My My,

    Time for DM to know what it feels like to be investigated and probed. But this time by real professionals.

    It’ll be a slow steady compilation of names, times, dates, forms and events. With knocks on the doors and supoenas. Not pizza delivery guys or rent-a-PI.

    I’d like to see DM and crew try to F… with the FBI.

    If DM had only trusted in the TECH and followed LRH’s teaching.

    I guess some just gotta learn the hard way.

  111. @the Koz

    Quote: “I started thinking of my many friends (public, SO and non-SO staff) that disconnected from me because I’ve been vocal about Miscavige’s reign of terror…”

    Well, I won’t disconnect, Kathy – never have, never will.

    From your QM teammate & painter extraordinaire 😛

  112. Exactly. That would have been such a better response. You were so much better as a spokesman for the church than Tommy could ever dream of being.

  113. Password changed?? Oh, no.

    I just dusted off my tin-foil hat 🙂

    Looking forward to it too, Tony! 🙂

  114. Marty,
    I look forward to your sharing more bout LRH’s handwritten note about “OT III being skipped” as an experiment. That definitely sounds like new news to me.

  115. SA,
    Just right emote. Love it.

  116. I sincerely hope that this report is correct and that the FBI is indeed investigating human rights abuses in Scientology. For myself I have to see it to believe it. For years the FBI has ignored requests to investigate groups that can claim any sort of tie to “religion.” The one time they did act it was against the Branch Davidians and we know how that came out. Moreover, the FBI itself is no stranger to controversy. Agents have spied for other countries, their own FBI lab was shown to be inept and sloppy, they had information about a possible attack using aircraft as missiles (from one of their own agents no less) and still managed to drop the ball which led directly to the 9/11 attack.

    I think the FBI is most comfortable with chasing after traditional criminals and low IQ bank robbers. If they pursue Scientology on criminal issues fine. But I remain skeptical. This is one time though that I would like to be proved wrong. -Bob Peterson.

  117. I would just like to add the viewpoint here that to some of us who were in the church for many years, scientology was never a “religious faith” to begin with. It was always a applied philosophy of life. No “faith” required, because if it wasn’t true for one, it wasn’t true.

    Dm and every management terminal under him, every staff member and every member of the field can call it a religion and believe that and hold that truth dear, and I would never deny them that reality. But for me and for many others, no legal or tax benefits, pressure from the IRS or Upper Management strategy has changed my conception of what scientology is.

    I was a public person back in the ’70’s when management began the “re-education” of the public and staff , when we first began to hear how scientology really WAS a religion. I disagreed then and I disagree now, but that’s my personal viewpoint and does not have to be true for others.

    So if I change my mind and decide that scientology is not for me, I am not an apostate according to the definition of the word. I don’t know what the correct label would be, but labels are lazy and usually inaccurate anyway.

    Words such as “apostate” and “heretic” are used by the church as propaganda tools. For the sake of discussion one must use a certain amount of shorthand, but the c of m chooses their labels carefully in order to control public perception to their advantage. It grossly underestimates the intelligence of the public and it’s not working for them, but true to form they haven’t noticed that. Well, at least they’ve stopped using the word “heretic.” People were questioning whether the c of m was still stuck in the dark ages.

    The answer to that one, btw, is yes.

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  119. “John,”

    Until you are willing to provide your personal information publicly on this forum, it’s kind of, mmmmm, troll-like, for you to request it of others.


  120. Jim and Tom,
    So very true. We have not disavowed our belief’s and therefore not an apostate. It is a PR attempt to discredit by the use of the word. The arrogance of the squirrelly group calling those wishing to follow unadulterated LRH tech as apostates. Again – inability to recognize source.

    A dumb move on the part of OSA to challenge Larry Wright over Paul Haggis as an “apostate”. The FBI investigation as I understand is over human trafficking, abuses, etc. Maybe some need to read up on international law to understand the implications. Tommy tries to make any person stating the truth as they see it an “apostate.” Well, Tommy, read and word clear the following:

    The United Nations Commission on Human Rights, considers the recanting of a person’s religion a human right legally protected by the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights:

    The Committee observes that the freedom to ‘have or to adopt’ a religion or belief necessarily entails the freedom to choose a religion or belief, including the right to replace one’s current religion or belief with another or to adopt atheistic views […] Article 18.2[6] bars coercion that would impair the right to have or adopt a religion or belief, including the use of threat of physical force or penal sanctions to compel believers or non-believers to adhere to their religious beliefs and congregations, to recant their religion or belief or to convert.

    Hate Crimes can fall into this illegal enforcement of belief(s) or non belief(s).

    Your (Tommy) statements to discredit Paul Haggis just further verify the very subject the FBI is looking into. Ah, the foot-bullets, they do go down rather harshly without spices and liquids to get them down your throat.

  121. Debussy~Excellent post!
    “From the original recruitment interview wherein you had been elevated to someone who “makes it go right”, “few are chosen” to this dichotomy of debasement is apathetically accepted.”
    Really struck my thetan nerves there!

  122. hmm … this was supposed to go under Kathy’s post

  123. Libelous? Sounds more like a desperate plea to me: “Please come and take over the church…pretty please”

  124. I feel kind of sad about that.

  125. Lunamoth — Beautifully written and I totally agree! I A M a Scientologist even though I now operate independently of what has been called various names but — in my own mind — I call “organized Scientology.” Hallelujah

  126. Gets worse. Bush administration tought it could never happen. They ignored it.

  127. Kathy B.

    I suspect that most of your old friends already know in their hearts that you will be there for them. A thetan knows.

    Good thing you don’t actually need to depend on OSA, huh? They don’t seem very competent to me.

  128. We really need the data series understood and then restudy the PR series. The FBI investigation is a criminal investigation. It is my understanding the suit was dismissed as the parties were part of a religious belief and the judge couldn’t adjudicate this. Further, I belief the dismissed suit has been taken to the appellate court regarding the dismissal. The “answer” from OSA does not match the subject or question. Similarities are not identical and their answer was to a similar, but unasked question, as though it is an answer to the fact of an ongoing FBI criminal investigation.

    OSA needs to study their history. Criminal actions by individuals in the GO were not dismissed because the FOIA suits stated further documents didn’t exist in the files. Hint – that line of reasoning has the ability to merely increase the number visiting the big house.

    Confronting the truth of the situation with the personal integrity needed is the only chance to come out with the least ramifications. Arrogance, as though your idea of fact is truth, will not prevail. Time, form, place and event is the only thing which brings about duplication and as-isness. Those concerned, these are your choices to make.

  129. SA and Tom,
    What stuns me is the utter lack of KRC in dealing with these sits. The whole ‘apostate’ thing is a circuit picked up from some ‘scholar’ and it’s supposed to be effective in quelling the scene. It is absurd that DM thinks this works in this correctly-targetted-at-him shit storm.

    Dave, you idiot, ‘apostate-shmaprostrate’. You beat people, you incarcerate them illegally, you traffic in slaves, and it’s come to the broad public’s notice…it’s come to the FBI’s notice.

    And you will get the just desserts of fucking with the truth. Youch, that’s gotta hurt, I don’t care how numb your nuts are (you squirrelly peckerwood).

  130. You guys have a secret rendezvuos point?

    And poor me, I probably couldnt even spell rendezvuos on my own.

  131. Freewalker, What an amazing story! Great food for thought. Thank you for sharing.

  132. Perfect for the occasion!!!!

  133. Of course the C of $ has no awareness that they are being investigated by the FBI. The FBI is holding their cards close to the chest. Like the raid on the GO. The FBI had investigated them for some time before the actual raid occurred and it is the same thing here. One day in the near future I pray there will be a raid on the int base and a whole bunch of FBI agents will be rounding up the staff members there and interviewing them thoroughly. Little Davie will be going to prison for a long time. I am so very happy about all of this and can hardly contain myself from the happiness I feel. Tick Tock.

  134. Bahhhhh, you’re all prostates!!! PROSTATES!!

  135. Isn’t it ironic that Int Management (currently defined as Miss Cabbage) is now facing a “noisy investigation” instead of creating his own?

  136. THIS is amazing! Not because of ho’oponopono but because just yesterday I was speaking with a close friend of mine – a non-scientologist about something completely unrelated to scientology.

    She suggested ho’oponopono. That she does this from time to time and the results are profound.

    She suggested I google it. Which I did but your explanation Freewalker is much simpler.

    Thank you.

    This blog continues to AMAZE me!

    The interconnectedness and interrelationship is truly something to behold!


  137. OSA will be in the same boat that the GO was in so many years ago. The charges will be far worse however. I recall a lot of GO went to prison at the time and I am sure a lot of the OSA executives are going to go to prison this time for far more serious crimes. I am so so so so happy about it.

  138. I agree with you Mr. Peterson. Something about this doesn’t smell right about the FBI. Anyone that has been in Clearwater knows the Clearwater PD has an office specifically for monitoring CO$ within spitting distance. The FBI office is not on Fort Harrison or remotely housed there. It’s further into downtown Clearwater and is not a headquarter. I have reason to pause about how the agents willfully discussed these meeting locations. I am quite sure they used the suboffice of CPD.

    Further, the human traffic issue is stemmed from the allegations that minors are being withheld and forced to work under pressure and SHIPPED to other locations to serve at the pleasure of CO$. It’s modern day slavery or human trafficking; the abuse allegations are secondary.
    DM will go underground, unable to be tracked for a short period of time, and then something will happen, you know, like an invitation to a Hollywood event and he will be captured…

  139. Debussy — Excellent comment and so true! On my recruitment to a Cl IV org, what was used was “Scientology is the only game in the universe where everybody wins.” (Perhaps not an accurate quote.) I signed up immediately. Now we see from individual experiences which have been communicated, what being a staff member has become. It really wasn’t always that way, you know. H

  140. MB,
    Yep, anybody has the right to leave a game.

    Scientology, the subject, the applied philosophy, is exactly what it purports to be.

    With it, one can play a better game, in their OWN estimation.

  141. I hope they get the CIA on the IAS, because it’s headquarters resides on Curacau. That became an independant entity within the Kingdom of the Netherlands (Holland) last year.

    Leverage: American tourist-dollars (yes I am that cynical)

  142. If I was honchoing the FBI investigation, I would be asking myself questions like “When, where, and how to conduct a raid?” The answers would be pretty obvious … not any of the local orgs, but the RPF locations. The int base would be a prime target, followed by a few other locations such as the Fort Homicide and AOLA or whereever else there was intel stating that the location was home to an RPF.

    What would I do if I was Miscavige? Well, that would depend on my intel resources. If I had one within the FBI, that would be great, I would find out ahead of time when the raid was going to take place and where, and create a situation to make the FBI look like the abusers/total gestapo. Since I would be a sociopath and wouldn’t care about human life, if I could setup a situation where the FBI came in guns ablaze and wind up taking out a handful of innocents, particularly children if possible, that would be best. Of course, the follow up in the media playing the poor persecuted misunderstood religion angle would be played to the max, along with the lawsuits. If I was DM and could lure the FBI into wrongfully killing 5 or 6 kids and put a few more in wheelchairs and on ventilators for life I would be jumping for joy. Of course, who knows what intel resources DM has.

    The one thing I would definitely do if I was DM would be to make sure that in anticipation of a raid, with no specific intel, is either get rid of the RPF’s that were not needed and indoctrinate the crap out of the ones that could not be done away with or relocated. For instance, out at the int base, I would want all personel to be drilled relentlessly on what to say to the FBI when questioned, how you can leave any time, how you love it here, etc.

    It will be interesting to see how it all plays out.


  143. I’m intrigued.

  144. Yeah, please revive from the dead, like the scene from the film Abyss:

  145. Tony DePhillips

    It was just an analogy.

  146. Current Church Management is probably having some long meetings to discuss how to combat these new “attacks”.
    I am sure that they are worrying how to make sure that “good Scientologists” don’t read or see these new media exposes.
    One of the ways they attempt to limit the number of church-goers seeing the article and interview is to indoctrinate all Scientologists that anyone who criticizes Scientology in public is evil-intentioned.
    The thinking is that going public with criticisms of the Church of Scientology is suppressive because this would lower the public’s perception of Scientology as a whole.
    Further, the “think” is that opening Scientology up to external investigations could possibly “destroy” Scientology.
    There are so many levels of specious “reasoning” here that its hard to map all of them!
    First, nothing is ever going to “destroy” Scientology. There is too much truth contained in Scientology for it to ever be destroyed.
    Second, Scientology as it is now practiced in the official Church of Scientology is in fact NO LONGER SCIENTOLOGY. It has become a degraded mockery of what Scientology was supposed to be.
    Third, the effort of the current whistle blowers is not to “destroy” Scientology, but to reform it.
    Fourth, there have been many repeated attempts by literally thousands of Scientologists to reform Scientology from the inside, and this has been proven time and time again to NOT WORK.
    Fifth, current church management has been hard at work to destroy Scientology, and they have succeeded because anyone and everyone who observes how far it has gone off track has been largely silenced.
    The Church of Miscavigology (AKA: The Church of What Have You Done For Me Lately) line of defense is to brand anyone demanding reform as a heretic or apostate who hates and wants to destroy Scientology.
    Sixth, well, this could go on almost forever!

  147. Tony DePhillips

    I had to look it up in the dictionary DFB.
    Even semi-literates can do cool espionage type stuff.

  148. The FBI investigated the GO and we all know how that turned out.

  149. lunamoth, well stated. I happen to agree with you.

  150. The idiocy also seems to have infected Bert Fields: “… Cruise’s attorney says that “the Church of Scientology has never expended any funds to the personal benefit of Mr. Cruise or provided him with free services.”…” on the New Yorker article right after JB provides his story. What about catering the wedding with Nicole? And Thanksgiving, a custom lavish meal for his Mother, sisters and entire family at the Int Base? Set up of his house and personnel and even a matchmaking service?

  151. Believe me, I understand. I hated the idea of the Franchise being called a “mission” and Sunday Service and the collar and all that. I don’t even like the Scientology Cross for the same reason. What does a cross have to do with us? That part I never liked.

    I always hated the “Christian” style mock ups because we are not Christian – not because I particularly dislike Christanity. I actually respect Christianity a lot. But having a Scientology cross is like having a Scientology crescent. It is meaningless in our context. So why do it? I always felt it was an appeasement.

    We are what we are. From my perspective Scientology is religious, as Buddhism and Hinduism are religious. Scientology is about the rehabilitation and redemption of the Soul. It is about our place in the universe and with each other.

    We don’t need to ape some other religion to prove we are what we are. We don’t need to plagiarize some other religion’s codes and words to do what we do. “Apostate” is a borrowed word that has nothing to do with Scientology.

    Organizing as a religion seems to have brought out the worst in some people!

  152. $400K birthday party at the Freewinds?

  153. Watching Eyes

    He doesn’t have to cite case law. Hey Davey, go ask your own lawyer for “case law”.

  154. Fellow Traveller

    Brother Jim —

    Hear hear.

    I too was (am) shell shocked by not only the lack, ah er absence, of KRC as well as the minimal, ah, er, minus, ARC being used by all CofM terminals. Their actions in their understanding AND APPLICATION of those 2 pretty rock bottom fundamentals of this thing called scientology belie their identity as scientologists. Me thinks this name calling by the official representatives be group dramatization of “the overt doth speak loudly in accusation”.

    By the way, Jim — you do awesome Axiom 10s. It’s hard not to notice and admire them.

    Bruce Pratt

  155. ΘTater/GaryLerner

    Someday Karen, We will meet up at an Indie event (Marty and Mike and Mosey presiding) and we will all look into each other’s eyes (there will be no doubt quite a few wet ones) and utter the best four letter word for our group:



  156. I agree with you 100% about scientology’s “aping” of religious symbols from other religions. Never sat well with me, either. Not necessary. As my mother always said “Just be yourself.”

    At the risk of splitting hairs, here, I would say that scientology is definitely spiritual, and my gains from it have been spiritual; it addresses the individual as an immortal being, which is my definition of a spirit. But I do not consider it religious, and while I really mean no disrespect to anyone’s religion, I consider spirituality a spiritual to transcend any one religion.

  157. The University of Michigan has begun a Human Trafficking Law Program and just had a symposium on the subject just this past weekend.
    Here is the newspaper story and there is contact information to the project included:

    It is quite possible there are exes, particularly those who were “raised” in the Sea Org from an early age as well as anyone with first-hand knowledge, who could contribute meaning fully to this project’s database.

  158. +Like!

  159. (Sorry – I have a two year old who really wants to sit on my lap!)

    Last line should read ” I consider spirituality to transcend any one religion.”

  160. …in this case it’s the blind whistling past the graveyard, followed by a bunch more blind who can’t find their asses with both hands but are just following the sound of the whistle.

  161. Mike,

    Amazingly enough there are at least 50 media outlets carrying the FBI story. You’re totally spot on in the the line from the Vulture Emperor (with less clothes on today), Tommy, OSA and it’s bots seems to be “old rehashed stuff”. For example, the NY Daily News comments section are full of OSA Bots echoing this concept!


    I suppose there are no bright ideas for handling anymore, as those who could come up with them were sent to the Hole!

  162. More food for the IAS ie “the FBI were sent in as the last and final attempts of the last heavy monies pharmacuetical companties and psychs” we need your donations to put in the final nails in their coffins. So please don’t commit the overt of not giving your all, your every last cent, the last one could be the one that closes them down forever……..” 2-3 hours later the IAS is gone to their next hold up.

  163. ΘTater/GaryLerner


    Perfectly stated.

    Do you know anyone in the SO who has EVER been fully trained and audited? It seems to me that the Cof$ has been UNDER exchanging with it’s crew! Billion years or not, if you are working for someone and they don’t own you (as in previous civilizations/countries, etc..) then you are owed a fair income/exchange that is agreed upon that must be delivered. Otherwise it is theft!

    We are not SERFS to anyone (look how well that worked for Europe during the middle ages and into the Industrial Revolution). Is it necessary to enslave and control bodies in order to set them spiritually free? We all know what Tone Level that belongs to and David Miscavige is “controlling” the bodies. If your child was being abused you would do something about it. But if you are still “in” the Cof$ and see similar abuses occurring to the crew (be they children or adults) and YOU don’t stop or report the abuses or leave (handle or disconnect) then YOU are contributing to the physical and spiritual enslavement. If you look at the majority of crew and public on-lines and you DON’T SEE happy, healthy beings, then guess what… THEY. ARE. NOT!! Congratulations on joining the crew of a military ship with DM pounding the drum and yelling RAMMING SPEED! (And you’re heading for the rocks.)

    Gary (one pissed off villager)

  164. This FBI investigation may have further side effects. Co$ is known to “befriend” VIPs, politicians etc. Like Tom Cruise meeting with Richard Armitage ( former deputy secretary of state ), or Chick Corea being invited to the White House. Or the attempts of the Guardian Office to lure 2 senators into a sex trap on a yacht, spending some 250.000 $.

    VIPs seem to be precious allies for Co$.

    But I wonder how many politicians and other VIPs are willing to ruin their names and carreers – by being connected to a cult that’s being investigated by the FBI ?

  165. I second that Carol…”Justice Is Coming”.
    I couldn’t ask for a better birthday wish!!!!
    🙂 Lori

  166. click the “reply” link to the right of Kathy’s name on her post… 🙂

  167. Quicksilver,

    I agree on the differentiation of church and philosophy. As soon as I heard the article was going to hit the news I called some people that I knew would be alarmed of the news. In fact, it was the person who brought to light the Truth Rundown articles which I only read so I could dead agent the rumors.

    The family is quite religious and I wanted to safe point Scientology in all of this mess. Having witnessed the shape I was in when I blew in 2004 and observing the days of calls from “friends” trying to get in touch with me she made the following comment:

    “I guess what really struck me was when you were trying to get out. You should be able to say I no longer want to participate without being in fear that people are following you. ” (The only reason they didn’t show up on my doorstep was I left the area and they were certain where I’d gone.)

    I have kept this person informed of what has been going on with the whistleblowers and what I am doing to help get this exposed so that true reform can take place. I also explained that the church was not a representative of what the actual technology of Scientology and her response was:

    “I know there must be some really good inner truths for so many to be involved in it – even big celebrities.”

    Not only was she supportive of what we are doing, she will correct any others who originate reading about the article. This was important to me because she is the one who talks to everyone else.

    I think that most people are willing to experience entheta if it results in more theta. Exposing crimes, helping to free others and preventing another cult calamity such as Jonestown actually puts true Scientologists in a good light. They did something to correct something that had gone terribly wrong.

  168. Very well said Nanook.

  169. I don’t mean to be a popular personality in any way, because I don’t think I know everything, but, that video {radio interview} Karen #1 pointed out is kind of revealing.

    I get a little scared sometimes knowing myself as well as I do, and understanding those thing pretty well that influence people and cause them to have the difficulties they do, of myself winding up in an RPF for 10 years?

    Did you ever see that movie “The Road” from last year or the year before? Link here: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0898367/

    It is about life after a nuclear holocaust, what becomes of people that are not OT. Because all the plants and animals had died survivors captured survivors and cannibalized them and one couple hid them in a tornado shelter in their backyard that another survivor determined not to cannibalized stumbled upon.

    That is what comes to mind when I think of the RPF. That storm shelter.

  170. Maybe he is pretending to be literal by saying “funds” as in actual dollars. That sounds pretty much like an SOP response from the church, like calling whistleblowers apostates.

  171. So true, this is something Heber worked at tirelessly when he was able to move about freely. Not only did he gain a lot of support of Scientology as a religin, he was well respected by everyone he encountered.

  172. Debussy and Kathy Braceland above,
    Incredible post by both of you. The integrity shown in Tibet is also shown by the many who post here. Former staff, public and SO members willing to communicate to change the current scene. We are here to help as they come forward, leave the suppression, and work to move on up a little higher. The following is so fitting. Just another group, another cause, but we are all on this little mud ball of a planet together. We are all included in anothers dynamics.

  173. Scott Campbell


    Man, it’s been a long time since I heard that one! You’re right, it is.

    Sorry I haven’t commented on this post much but I’ve just been enjoying my space the last couple of days.

    L, Scott

  174. I really liked your post. When there is so much to be done in the world this is for sure getting a bit old. Thank you for being there (and a brief hello to Gary) and I understand that as our friends reach out we will be there for them. We have all made that decision at some time to help and that has not been changed. Otherwise, we would not post, read or even follow this issue. I posted a comment and vid below under Debussy which is also appropriate here.

  175. Scott Campbell


    I like you. ‘Cuz you’re a sweetheart. Wouldn’t it be great to see all our old friends again on the outside?


    L, Scott

  176. Tony DePhillips


  177. Holy crap…when Tonny says that the anti-gay comments in S.O.S. were the result of a bigoted transcriber who inserted those comments into LRH’s books, and now those comments have been removed to be in accordance with LRH’s recorded transcripts…I almost crapped my pants laughing!!!!

    Q: How do you get more and more Scientologists to leave Corporate Scientology?

    A: Let Tommy Davis talk to any reporter at any time.

  178. Scott Campbell

    Marty handles the evil wizard:

  179. Tony DePhillips

    Thanks Tom!! Love the Santana! Party time!!

  180. Tony DePhillips

    Incredible Sinar!!!!! Perfect.

  181. Tony DePhillips


  182. Dean, It takes a while to set the logistics up. dm is monitored night and day by NSA , FBI, etc. You know, the data sharing stuff.

    This king wears no cloths. Karma sucks, especially from the viewpoint of the sociopathic usurping runt who declared himself to be “COB”.

    There’s blood in the water…………………

    Some public servants within the judicial system will make their careers. Somehow justice and fairness will return and be renewed. IMHO. Tom

  183. This is fodder for a hell of a conversation, LM. We’ll have to meet up some time over coffee!

  184. Thanks Karen,

    I agree – once that differentiation is put there, you friends & acquaintances will actually defend you & your actions – they know you are trying to set things right.

    It’s one heckuva lot better than trying to defend or not-is glaring outpoints like the ‘church’ is doing. It is a PR footbullet. The Catholic Church tried this same stunt and it has cost millions. The public is much more aware & communication travels fast.

    After going thru many youtube videos and watching Tommy’s interviews & Miscavige’s events, zombie TRs, photoshop-ed photos, fake ARC, PIs, financial crimes … no wonder the public thinks anything to do with Scientology is bonkers.

    This differentiation between the ‘church and Scientology will help. I have seen people’s viewpoint turn 180 degrees once the right target is spotted. Friends who thought you were a nutcase for belonging to some alien cult are all of a sudden defending you for wanting reform. This is good.

  185. Tony DePhillips

    That was heavy Debussy. (in a good way) Thank you..

  186. Interesting point CD.

    Welcome to the cynics club.

  187. Well, I usually don’t do this but this song just started playing in my head out of nowhere. I havent even heard this one in probably 10+ years and to be honest I don’t even like it that much. I have no idea what the lyrics are about, but the chorus seems to fit.

  188. Just one more thing: As long as I have lived, I never thought I would ever see the words “Human Trafficing” and “Church of Scientology” in the same sentence. It is a sad state of affairs.

    Sadly, we have to raze this thing, I think, in order to make way for the Phoenix. Actually, we don’t have to raze it – Mr. David Miscavige and his followers are doing a bang-up job themselves!

  189. Tony DePhillips

    Nanook speaks the truth. Nanook good.

  190. Actually the thirteenth amendment talks about INVOLUNTARY servitude. What the Church has always claimed about the SO experience is that it is entirely voluntary… like voluntary disconnection… Oh sure, it is voluntary, but the weight, pressure and threats are so extreme that of course the person “voluntarily” tows the line.
    Employment laws have some exceptions including, I believe, religious workers and or lives dedicated, something like that.
    The problem begins where day after day in the SO, the “rights” become eroded such that overtime the person seems to have “agreed” to continue to live/work in certain ways.
    In the old days monks, nuns and some other hermits were flaggelants for example, who hurt themselves purposely, starved themselves, gave up all sorts of things due to their personal religious beliefs. If a religious order had begun (like the SO) with a well-oiled promise of service to God, but gradually day after day pushed the line further and further with the religious worker so the worker did not protest and therefore seemed to agree with actual abuses (like in the SO). Without protest, it can be construed to be agreed with. People outside always say – why did you not walk away? (the ultimate, and sadly, the only effective protest being to leave without “permission”). But the gradual erosion of rights happened over time, and finally became so many cruelties as to be considered human rights abuses. But, like the flaggelant who now welcomes his tormenter, so he can suffer for his sins (or in the case of the SO, to wonder what HIS own crimes are – never to question his torturer – after all it is for the “greatest good” for humanity, the planet must be saved, and all that).
    A crime often included with such abuses is “undue influence” where the torturer actually represents an important influence in the person’s life and brings this influence to bear against the person so the person will not protest but will continue to “agree”.
    I am so very glad to see the media exposure and hope it will soon shed huge light on the horrors that people have been FORCED AGAINST THEIR WILL TO ENDURE, which the church will say the people did of their free will, could of left, etc. Oh, the truth will out, now.
    Thanks to the brave: Marty, Mike, Jeff, Amy, and all of the others who have opened this can of worms to the WORLD to see, so the tortures stop and justice is done.

  191. Don’t we know it’s all Marty’s fault that this is happening to Dave. Heavy sarcasm but close to the truth. Attaboy Marty!

    The Scientology public (faithful DM parishioners) will now be lied to- be spun (be briefed) that it that SP Marty that is responsible for spreading these lies about DM and fomenting a false public outcry.

    And naturally there must be some fantastically false data in the FBI files causing them to behave this way. Maybe Dave should send in some B1 (OSA) undercovers to make copies of their files to expose them. Ya, that’s the ticket. Worked before. Oh! Have them use their own paper this time and keep the receipts.

    Side Note:

    Lets not give this news too much of an ack. Maybe more like, half an Ack, in a questioning tone of voice.

  192. Tommy boy uses the term “apostate” to discredit anything we say.

    Because you know according to some religious scholar “apostates” are “unreliable” sources etc, etc….

    An important distinction here that they probably learned from the CIA who labeled any whistle blower as a “defector”or “communist agent”.

    They did this Philip Agee, Marchetti and others such as Assange.

    I mean how many times has the media suggested he works for some mysterious intel agency of some kind?

    Anyway lil’Tommy like the rabid squirrel he answers to know damn well that we *are not* apostates.

    I mean I don’t know how many times that Marty and others interviewed by the press said they never rejected the philosophy of Scientology and that their beef is with the organization.

    Yet here is Tommy Davis promoting this “big lie” to the press straight out of Goebbels play book to the press.

    Just like they promote the “big lie” that they no longer practice disconnection and that Int Base is really Southern California’s answer to Club Med with the swimming pools and everything.

    The problem is that people like Lewis for example see through this crap and like Ron these lies eventually back fire on them.

    Truth is that the Church of Scientology has pretty much dead agented itself that Tommy says “white” to the press and they think “white”.

    Also instead of drawing attention away from us or distracting the press which is Davis and Co.’s intention.

    We end up in the spot light.

    Hope your Scientology Level 5 skills are up to par because I expect sooner or later we will end up taking to the press.

  193. amend para:

    Truth is that the Church of Scientology has pretty much dead agented itself that Tommy says “white” to the press and they think “white”.


    Truth is that the Church of Scientology has pretty much dead agented itself that Tommy says “white” to the press and they think “black”.

  194. Kathy Braceland

    Yes my twin, you’re right. On both counts.

  195. @the Koz

    Quote: “I started thinking of my many friends (public, SO and non-SO staff) that disconnected from me because I’ve been vocal about Miscavige’s reign of terror…”

    Well, I won’t disconnect, Kathy – never have, never will.

    From your QM teammate & painter extraordinaire 😛

  196. Kathy Braceland

    That was beautiful Sapere Aude. Brought a tear to my eye….

  197. Kathy Braceland

    I know. Same here.

    And I know that you will never change ’cause we’ve been friends through rain or shine, for such a long, long time…. I’d like to say I thought of that beautiful sentiment but Gordon Lightfoot wrote it. It’s appropriate here.

  198. theo Sismanides

    Μarty, Mike and all my friends here!

    This is now getting to a point where we can focus on that one thing that IS real to this world:

    Human Rights!

    I never thought of that angle, (always was thinking about the out-Tech part) even though I myself have been incarcerated in Denmark for about 1 month or so, by security, sleeping with the security guards, locked up and away from my wife, Olga. And made to be the baker baking black bread for the CO CLO EU because he liked black bread.

    As naive as I could be, I see now how this whole thing of Human Trafficking has been affecting and does affect so many here. We have evidence of that. And yes we are NO apostates. We are Independent Scientologists.

    Heber and so many others that are imprisoned and made to succumb by enslavement methods is another proof.

    I am very proud and happy this is turning the way it does. Our little 500 Indie Group has an impact now on the dictator. It says many things. Hopefully some people will come to their senses and do the right thing. As long as we keep putting Ethics in! I am following the news on a daily basis from Greece. Thanks to all of ya!!

  199. Lady Lancelot

    I hope they aren’t destroying evidence now that they know the Feds are coming.

  200. TROLL!!!!!!!!!!!

  201. You are a beautiful soul.

  202. For those of you who dislike calling Scientology a religion, I would like to share a bit of history so you will understand more fully why this must be.

    The courts have over the years come to accept Scientology as an “applied religious philisophy.” This has the benefit of keeping Scientology auditors (ministers) free of having to be licensed under Psychological Practices Boards. These boards are established in the laws of pretty much every state, and for the most part they follow the guidelines of the American Psychological Association. Required education, training, practice, professional conduct – all are regulated under these boards. (Go to your state website and inquire about licensing of psychologists. You’ll get a raft of requirements).

    We wouldn’t want to have Marty or any of our cherished auditors be brought up on charges of practicing psychology without licenses, a criminal act in most states. Historically, there were some major efforts to squash and regulate Scientology and Scientology practices this way before the establishment in legal precedent that Scientology is a religious philosophy. Recognition as a religious philosophy is a good thing we want to maintain.


  203. Happy Birthday Lori!!!! 🙂

  204. Tory Christman

    This is an excellent point. There IS no “Faith” in C of $ or even in
    Scientology. Ever since I heard Tommy Davis ranting about
    “My Faith”….I’ve posted: “His Faith in What?” LRH would throw
    up hearing his utter BS.

    And “apostate” is no different in how he uses it (merely attempted sliming of anyone who speaks out) than calling them “SP’s”. The only difference is they’re TRYING (and failing) to align with “real religions”. Sorry Davey boy, I’ve told you for years and here it is again:



    You can RUN

    But you CANNOT

    HIDE. =) (Don’t say I didn’t warn ya!)

    Lastly, for those lurking and stuck “in”:
    BAIL WHILE YOU STILL CAN. (I’m not kidding).

    Now is the time. The time is *now*.


    Love to ALL 🙂


  205. Boy, that’s for sure.

  206. Ah! That’s why they’re a pain in the ass!

  207. Tory Christman

    It’s Dave and Tommy doing what they do best:

    Good point, Mike and all 🙂 Blind leading the blind is an upscale
    from these knuckleheads.

  208. Tory Christman

    One thing I try to remember is not long ago—I was in just about the same shoes. Oh sure, *I* wasn’t as bad—which I’m sure is true for you all, too.
    But truthfully, many of us did way too many things that in looking back, we still cannot figure out how we got suckered into *that* so badly.

    I know, we didn’t do______(that, whatever it may be you did NOT do).
    However, we were “in”….very “in”, for many of us. Let’s not forget that.
    It’s key, as WE are the people who can help the world understand how smart
    people can get suckered into such a weirdo acting group.

    How smart people, people truly wanting to help others, can end up
    supporting such totalitarianism. Did we choose to? Hell no. However, we stayed, many of us, far longer than we would have–in hindsight, eh?

    I think we’re at a cross roads where we can teach the world some HUGE lessons, if we all keep in mind we were there, and make sure to speak about
    what *that* was like–both the attraction, the “cheese” in the trap, and the final waking up.

    If what I’ve said is a “wrong indication” to you…….just realize that’s all it is.
    I’m trying to say what’s true for many people I know. If it isn’t true for you, that’s fine, too. It’s an amazing time! I hope, I pray all the good people we know who are trapped “in” are soon freed.
    Peace! Tory/Magoo

  209. I agree with you. Scientology deals with the rehabilitation of the spirit. It is certainly a spiritual science. That does not make it a religion. Some may want to consider it their religion, they are free to do so. But that never fit well in my mind.
    By definition religion is from the latin, re-ligare, to bind back. I do not see scientology “connecting” one to any source of life which one would feel is greater than oneself, as in any sort of higher power. If we talk about “theta” and say scientology helps one to discover and recover more of it and that it thus connects him to the larger universe of “theta”, etc, that is relevent but its still more spiritual in a general sense than it is binding and connected to any worship or dependence or belief system in something greater than oneself. The PR line that one could be a scientologist and still be active in any “other” religion seems to water down its standing as a religion as well. That approach alone says to me it is an “aid” to ones religious practice, if he or she even has one.
    In fact, it always struck me as being at odds with religion in its emphasis on personal power even to the extreme of creating “supermen”. But I would absolutely defend its spirituality. It comfortably is a spiritual science.
    Just my opinion. I suppose the religion umbrella fit for tax and protection reasons but I think we would have been better off without it. To me the title does not fit and has always been a charade.

  210. Pingback: Tweets that mention Miscavige Subject of FBI Investigation | Moving On Up a Little Higher -- Topsy.com

  211. Well, the IAS donators are paying the price of entrapment:

    Constant refusal to look, constand willingness to be exploited.

  212. Independent Scientologist

    In 2001 I worked for a competitor of ENRON, and knew lots of people who did or who had worked for that outfit. A Senior V.P. at my company had attended Harvard Business School with Jeff Skilling, and said that Skilling was far and away the most brilliant individual he had ever known.

    Department of Justice attorneys don’t get paid anything close to what attorneys in private practice make. The only satisfaction they get is putting criminals behind bars. And they have a HUGE button on criminals who think they are smarter than the DOJ and can therefore get away with anything.

    Jeff Skilling’s real downfall, in my opinion, was his “smarter than thou” attitude. He believed that reading but not affixing his signature to important legal documents would absolve him of any wrongdoing!

    And what gives me some confidence that DM will be brought down by the FBI and the DOJ is his absolute flaunting of the law, ala Jeff Skilling.

    – Ron Matlock

  213. Yes, but human trafficking, depending on a variety of factors can have either a criminal or civil sanction. The civil aspect isn’t necessarily contingent on the criminal aspect.

  214. Can anyone in the independence field confirm that there is an FBI investigation going on in present time?

  215. E X C E L L E N T summation!

  216. I agree that a class action suit is not the best forum. The tide has clearly shifted and the COS’s may find themselves the victim of their own policy of litigating an opponent into submission as more and more disaffected “apostates” (lol) file suit.

    My guess is that there will be an indictment against the church and many of the senior management. I would not be surprised if Moxon is removed from the “unindicted co-conspirator” roster and he is placed into the dock as a defendant. I have shared privately my “theory of prosecution” including the charges that could and probably will be filed with others and would be happy to PM anyone interested.

    In an earlier post, someone made a comment that the church really doesn’t know how deep this investigation is or will be. I agree with that, and more importantly, would add the observation that witness tampering, fabrication of evidence, demonstrably false statements and other attempts to obstruct justice are a favorite pastime for federal investigators; they are also RICO predicates.

    As far as “annihilating the credibility” of witnesses, good luck. The nine linear feet of derogatory information concerning those that have spoken out will come back to haunt them. The church has chosen those that bear witness against them; as others have properly questioned: how is it that an organization that claims to have an “ideal management” allow a culture of violence to persist for so many years?

    In conclusion, I will only state that the church is vulnerable to prosecution and those involved in supporting or covering up its crimes are vulnerable. Those on the fence need to decide whether they would like to be witnesses or defendants.

  217. Tory/Magoo brings up an important point. Most of us were at one time “in” – now due to circumstances, we are out and therefore free, we say.

    How much freedom is there in rejoicing in the demise of ones enemies?

    While it is critically important to stop the abuses, report the abuses and help those who were abused … to take that other step and be happy for the now incredible suffering the abusers will endure. Well — how is that freedom?

    How can one be free when their emotions can cause them to feel joy at another’s pain?

    I’m sure I’ll get the usual number of people — (same ones I’ve noticed0 reminding me that we are not doing kumbaya dances or a new age love fest but if any of them could let me know HOW hate every dispelled hate … wow — that would be interesting.

    Hate turned on its side is joy at the enemies pain.


  218. Impartial English Girl

    DFB; honourable point – but I don’t believe so. I think he gets off on abusing and tormenting people, then glorying in the effects, and he has gotten away with it (for the most part) for SO long that he now believes he is untouchable. Most criminals start small – and the more they get away with, the more serious their crimes become.

  219. Impartial English Girl

    Martin. Yes. Well said.

  220. Hi Windhorse, Your thoughts are spot on. You referred to an article last week written by Glenn Samuels re how people can go into the valence of bad characters, and how it explained a lot of what has occurred with C of S. I agree with your take on it, and I would also add that any joy being experienced at the possible pain of others is the barbell phenomena (an analogy in the article) still in play but hopefully reversing poles. Best to you.

  221. Very fitting video.

  222. I take NO joy in another’s pain.

  223. Perhaps DM, TC, the Inchwives and others will soon be joining the other well-known folks in this “line-up”:

  224. Thank you Marty for posting this. It is so important that any breaking of the law that has/or is going on, is stopped. Just because you are a religion, does not place you above the law. I think the Catholic Church learned that one very publicly and loud and clear. Every one of us went thru different experiences with Scientology, and we are all out because of a variety of reasons, but the one things that is indisputable (I have found) is that no one supports their illegal and human rights abuses.
    That’s where my flag is planted…. thanks for your clear and steady head in the middle of this mess.
    nancy many

  225. Sinar,

    When I left, Peter was in the hole. You know what a defiant negative he is (gag).

    Dear Leader was convinced Peter was deliberately not writing music for his super duper wonder events (how ironic that Peter has written grammy award winning internationall known songs and Dave is a wanna be piano player — but in this field, as all others, he knows best) and was therefore intentionally trying to make Dave look bad or “overwork” him in having to reject everything he did 50 times with micromanaging about what notes he used or what instruments he had selected. I saw Peter submit 20 or 30 versions of scores for one of Dave’s event videos and NEVER get one of them approved. Peter got less sleep than anyone I know in the entire Sea Org. And he was expected to compose, score and record music with no sleep for days on end. (Many other people, especially those that worked on events, would stay up for days trying to get something done that would be approved by “COB” — the vast majority of people on events slept on the floor of their work spaces during “event time” which was 6 times a year. In fact, Dear Leader had cots brought in to Cine and Music for the people taking a few hours nap every couple of days. I laugh when I see their Freedom Mags that make a big deal out of shots of me sleeping on the floor. They think it makes ME look bad!).

    Peter is a wonderfully creative, nice guy who has been beaten into a confused blob that knows nothing other than blind obedience to Dear Leader (or get a little more pulpified until you cognite how wrong you are).

    Rena Weinberg is another missing medal winner (also in the hole when I left).

    Jane Allen is another one — once part of the “in-crowd”, one of her mistakes was being too friendly with Loretta Miscavige (Dear Leader’s mother) who DM hated and treated with utter disdain.

    There are a bunuch of others too.

  226. Tory Christman

    Agreed, Tara.

    Windhorse says: “How can one be free when their emotions can cause them to feel joy at another’s pain?” I didn’t say that, nor do I feel that or believe others speaking out “feel joy at another’s pain”.

    I guess for me it boils down to education. Most of us learned or taught
    others when we were “in”….and all I’m saying is there are great lessons to be taught and learned once one leaves that group/organization/mafia-like “church”. Those lessons are key to share with media, who are now trying to figure out: How can this happen? What kind of person? People tend to easily buy BS stereotypes Scientologists, missing the facts. Those need to be made know, is all I was trying to say, and the time is now.

    Thank you all. TLC

  227. Hey FBI if you have some time grant some beingness to Jef Stone.

  228. Mike,
    Thanks for the inclusion of missing faces. I got to know Loretta when we were mostly in CW.

    On orders, I “helped” Loretta to maintain a certain diet & exercise program which she totally hated, but followed as DM insisted she be on it. She had to exercise at the FH and then eat at the Hibiscus (which provided the special diet for her). DM wanted her to lose weight and be trim (not on her own determinism) as he was on a kick to be “ripped” and have 6 pack abs.

    Ron Snr and Loretta are nice people and one wonders how they got a son labeled Enrico Entheta!

  229. Kathy Braceland

    Yeah Sapere Aude, they’re going to need us. C/S Series 6 comes to mind when I think of my dear old friends. Time to get the cotton tufts out….

  230. Kathy Braceland

    You’re a sweetheart too Scott and I love you to pieces! Yes, it would be really great! I look forward to when it happens. It’s going to be wonderful….

    You know, I haven’t see you at the house for a while. I miss you!

  231. Kathy Braceland


    In case you missed my message below yours, below this….

    I know. Same here.

    And I know that you will never change ’cause we’ve been friends through rain or shine, for such a long, long time…. I’d like to say I thought of that beautiful sentiment but Gordon Lightfoot wrote it. It’s appropriate here.

    By the way, I’ve been meaning to ask. Is that Quicksilver as in Quicksilver Messenger Service?

  232. martyrathbun09

    Kathy, I got a hushmail from your address but it came encoded and it won’t allow me to respond. Can you come again?

  233. Kathy, you got me thinking with that post. I too have friends in the SO and maybe they don’t know who to turn to if they walk out the door. Maybe they’re unsure, maybe because no-one clearly said they would help.

    So I’ll add my voice you your very eloquent post:

    To Sea Org members in South Africa:

    My name is Alan McKinnon, many of you know me and as far as I know I’m the only South African posting here. You know and I know that on the Internet there are many incredible stories by sane people about DM’s crazy.

    You know this. You’ve done the 4 hour sleep a night if you’re lucky thing. You know that no Africa org has made any decent number of Clears since Noah built the ark.

    If you decide you want to walk out the door and need a friend, look me up. I’m in Joburg (quite near JBGN actually) and I’m easy to find – Google knows me. I don;t have two heads, red skin, forked days and I don’t froth at the mouth when I grunt. I’m the same guy you’ve known since ’87, I have a nice house, one lady friend, two kids, three dogs, one cat – all pretty normal.

    The only real difference between me now and when you last saw me is that I dumped DM’s bullshit in the trash can and walked away after I did some real TR0.

    Like I said above, if you need some help getting back on your feet, I can help. You just need to call.

  234. Thank you for this data, I didn’t know this and had leaned toward losing the religion title and keeping it as a philosophy.

  235. Splog / Alan … good post, good man!

  236. Mike was an awesome spokesperson! I always felt confident about the church’s image when Mike and Heber were running the PR lines. And, the Dianetic ads that Jeff did were awesome too!

  237. Kathy Braceland

    Oops…sorry. I sent it again.

  238. Kathy Braceland

    Oh wow Alan…that’s so warm and wonderful of you. And witty…made me laugh. If I ever get to South Africa, I’m looking you up.

  239. Splog/Alan,

    O! Dis goed! Ek hou werklik daarvan.

    Oh, that’s good! I really like it. Thank you for assisting and being there for those that may need a space, a terminal, a bit of reassurance. Like finding the safety rail in your hand while in a storm at sea. Many of my South African friend’s may be stubborn and bull-headed but they are also like the salt of the earth.

    Your offer of a refuge is like a Voortrekker in the wilderness. All are welcome at the fire, to share and water and food; as you spend time in this journey together.

    Jy is baie vriendlik! (you are very kind)

  240. I have been asking myself “where are the authorities?” and the answer came yesterday. Historically, the government has backed away from interfering with religion in this country. However, the DM abuses are so flagrant that I pray the FBI will take action this time. Human trafficking…

    It is really a pity that it is has to come from the outside and that the checks and balances within the C of S have failed so dismally.

  241. Thanks for the ack everyone.

    @Just Me: I’m following your lead – I’m just me, nothing else. And this being called Alan actually likes all those SO members he’s known through the years. They’re all fine, dedicated people, just misled.

    @Kathy: You’ll be more than welcome in my house 🙂 I’ve even managed to flatten most of my SA case button on help flow 1 & 4. So one small favour – when you come over here, please bring your meter. And all your auditing skills. I’m not tech trained, and Casablanca Tejas is just a little out of reach for me right now 🙂

    SA: Dude, jy is so naby aan busted, taal soos joune is nie ‘n copy-paste nie. Jy is ‘n native, ek is amper seker daarvan. Dalk ken ons mekaar, ek wag vir die dag wat jy jou naam teken onder een van jou posts. Niks pressure nie, hoor; ek sê maar net….

    A final note to my org buddies. You’ll have to mail me from a gmail or yahoo account, anything that’s not a Church domain – those are all in my killfile and I never see them. Too much spam, too many fundraiser “invites”…

  242. Kathy Braceland

    awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww Thank you so much Alan! I would definitely bring my meter…it would be a pleasure to audit you. You are very welcome to my home too.

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