Cynthia (Cindy) Pinsonnault – Another Texan Ya’ll


  Please give a warm welcome to yet another Texan (Houston) with integrity.

Dear Friends;

I have been a Scientologist for 44 years, since age 11, when my mother decided to take the Communication Course at a small mission in New York State and enrolled my sister and me as well. From that very first course my life was changed for the better.

I have tremendous respect for L. Ron Hubbard and I am grateful to him for the gift of his discoveries. I will continue with the study and application of his technologies and philosophies in my life.

I am also grateful to every auditor, staff member and friend who has helped me learn and apply the technology and thereby helped me attain greater spiritual awareness and affinity for my fellow man and the universe. And I commend all those dedicated staff and volunteers in missions and orgs around the world who tirelessly work to help others.

However, I can no longer support what the church has become under the leadership of David Miscavige.

I remember LRH’s church; it was fun, it was spiritually uplifting, the environment was safe, affinity was very high. For a long time, I have observed a slow but continual departure from Ron’s purpose of bringing spiritual freedom to man. My observations lead me to believe that the church is in decline and that David Miscavige is the suppressive person responsible for that decline.

“What is true for you is what you have observed yourself. And when you lose that, you have lost everything.” — Ability, Issue 125 February 1961 (Tech Vol. VI, p. 23)

For years I’ve ignored my doubts and made excuses for the outpoints I saw. My decision has been a long time coming and is the result of my own observations and my own integrity.

“[People] learn to keep their mouths shut, and it’s the wrong lesson. When in doubt, talk.” — The Phoenix Lectures 1954

I thought I understood “Keeping Scientology Working,” and yet for years I have remained silent while the technology has been degraded and misapplied. I accept my share of the responsibility for allowing this to happen.

International events present flashy but false statistics in an attempt to show success where there is none. Events have become overhyped sales pitches for the latest round of fund raising and the aggrandizement of David Miscavige, who now presents LRH materials that he has “fixed.”

Fund raising has become more important than tech delivery, more important than spiritual freedom, more important than the bridge.

Finance and org policies have been ignored or altered to support a flawed ideal org scheme.

Because of the above and much more, I hereby announce that I am withdrawing my support and leaving the organization of the Church of Scientology.

 Whether or not you have observed any of these outpoints is for you to determine. If anyone wants to know more about what led me to my decision, I hope you will think for yourself and start with the websites that report information Mr. Miscavige does not want you to have. The letter written by OT VIII Luis Garcia does a very good job of documenting the outpoints and departures from policy. I recommend reading Luis’ letter: . 

I also recommend Marty Rathbun’s blog,

For a thetan there are two very essential rights: One is the right to his own sanity, and the other is the right to leave a game.” — LRH, PDC, Dec 3rd1952

 I will not sever my communication lines with anyone who wishes to call me a friend. But I realize that my decision may mean the end of friendships. You have that choice.

 My decision is made. I hope that you will respect it even if you don’t agree with it.

 And to anyone who is struggling with doubt about their own observations, I hope that you are able to continue observing and stay true to your own integrity and know that there are many people outside the church who are courageously dedicated to keeping LRH’s purpose.

To actively decry the suppression of knowledge, wisdom, philosophy or data which would help mankind.” — Code of a Scientologist The Creation of Human Ability 1954

Look, don’t listen.” — HCO PL 7 February 1965 KSW Series 1, Keeping Scientology Working

With affinity,

Cynthia (Cindy) Pinsonnault

Grades, former mission ED, IAS Founding Patron

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  1. martyrathbun09

    Hi Cindy! It is a great point you make about KSW. You are damn right about that and I think to one degree or another applies to all of us.

  2. “To actively decry the suppression of knowledge, wisdom, philosophy or data which would help mankind.”
    Cindy, that says it all. Thank you for upholding the standards of a highly ethical being. It is heartening to behold.

  3. Welcome Cindy. Wonderful observations. Get your reservation made for the Independents party. There may be 40 acres set aside for the party but they will all be needed.
    First Ali, then Mubarek, now Quaddafi. How the mightly are falling. Every group has its tipping point.

  4. Miss Cindy,

    Welcome to the Independent Scientologists community. Such a calm, sane letter!

    I love this: “[People] learn to keep their mouths shut, and it’s the wrong lesson. When in doubt, talk.” Thanks for including that.

    I hope to meet you July 4 at “the Ranch.”

    Just me

  5. DM,
    Ooops, there goes another one. This deal of yours is lookin as skinny as the hips on a snake.

    Thanks, Darling!

  6. Bravo Cindy

  7. Cindy,

    Somewhere, way out on the outer rim, LRH is smiling.


  8. Welcome Cynthia!!!

    KSW has one key point I’ve never gotten a straight answer for.

    “…you’re here on the same terms as the rest of us.”

    Well, can someone please DEFINE the terms?

    Fund-raising? Altered tech? Physical abuse? Human trafficking?

    I don’t like those “terms” a whole lot, myself.

  9. Wow!
    Just Wow. Maybe we can airlift some of that Texas water to the Idle Morgues, to dilute the kool-aid and detox them enough to where they can get the idea of being free again.

    VWD Cindy!

  10. Thank you, Cindy! I enjoyed reading your announcement as it left no question in my mind about your viewpoint as it relates to what we know to be true. We embrace you! Hallelujah

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  12. Ya gotta love those Texans.

    May be the Lone Star State but they are amassing an All-Star Cast!

    Welcome Cindy!

  13. Wow! Look at these Texans go!

    Very good post, Cindy – and great references!

    I keep thinking ‘Crap, I wish I had posted that’ – so many great references have been posted, but new ones pop up every time – just excellent!

    Thanks so much!

  14. Cindy,
    What a great announcement! I love the way you think. I look forward to meeting you. You are one lady who has her code of honor in! Thanks, 1 SP

  15. Kathy Braceland

    Hi Cindy,

    Love your post! So nice to meet you and so nice to have you here. Welcome to the fun group that has everything you love about LRH and the tech. I forward to hearing more from you.

  16. Yeah, the DOES say it all. I’m with Sam, this is heartening to behold.

    Many thanks for stepping up to this tyrant David Miscavige.

  17. Hey Welcome Cindy!!!!!

    (Wow another Texan!

    This must be some kinda conspiracy.

    A good one 🙂 )

    You know we’d be more active out here in LA Marty if we didn’t happen to be near ground zero of the Church of Scientology melt down.

    Not exactly a “safe point” right now.

    Though I figure it soon will be.

    The way things are going.

    Either Dave and his special friends will be acquiring a taste for prison food or sampling international cuisine while on the run by the end of the year.

    Again welcome Cindy.

    You look familiar.

    Ever get auditing at AOLA?

  18. Cindy! Another shining star from Texas. Yeehaw and Thank you!
    Please send me your email address so I can send you an invitation for the 4th of July Independent’s party. xoxoxo

  19. Whoo, Wheee! Sure seems like one hell of a round up going on in Texas!
    Independents are coming out in droves! Watch out Italy!

    Cindy, Great declaration! Welcome to the Independents!

  20. Nice work Cindy!! I hope your example will be followed by your friends.

  21. Honest question: Does “Look, don’t listen” appear in a version of KSW1? I couldn’t find it in my copy, but maybe I have an altered version.

  22. Hi Cindy! Welcome to freedom 🙂

  23. Dear Cindy,
    Excellent post! Congratulations! I really like the LRH references you pointed out and your announcement! Welcome!
    Marty, more sunshine every day! You rock!

  24. Scott Campbell

    Idle Org,

    Here’s how “interpretation” goes with David Miscavige:

    “A civilization without insanity, without criminals and without war, where the able can prosper and honest beings can have rights, and where man is free to rise to greater heights, are the aims of Scientology.” – LRH

    Miscavige to minion: You see, he says HONEST beings can have rights. Don’t think he’s talking about YOU! You’re a lying cocksucking, motherfucking piece of shit! You have no rights!

    Minion: But, but sir!

    Miscavige: Don’t backflash me, motherfucker! Lou – you see how he talks to me?! No get back out there, I want that 2 million done before you secure!

  25. Scott Campbell

    Hi Cindy,

    Wow. The Lone Star State is takin’ the lead on this one! Well done for all you have done and being unafraid to be a real Scientologist as opposed to a church minion.

    Here’s to you darlin! YeeeeeHaaaa!


  26. Dear Cindy,

    Thank you for the beautifully expressed announcement. You will likely never know the number of people you help very directly to free themselves from the suppression of DM and his workers.

    Welcome to the bright sunshine where you are free to be yourself once again.

    Much love, Yvonne

  27. Well done!

    I love how the Texans see and say it like it is. Straight to the point.

  28. +1. LRH has a really big wide smile every time one of has the cajones to tell it like we see it and maintain our code of honor. He wanted us to rise above the group bank think and act as the capable beings we are. He didn’t expect robotic followers but individual beings shoulder to shoulder. I only see that in the Independent field.

    Cindy – a big hearty welcome.

  29. Michael Fairman

    Welcome Cindy

    Well written and well aimed.

    You’re gonna love it out here.

  30. Welcome to freedom Cindy. David Miscavige is a very evil dude. More and more people find this out every day. Well done on your courage and confront to see who he really is.

  31. Hi Cindy and welcome. It seems to me that the Yellow Rose of Texas is alive and well in Texas. Quite a heady bouquet.

  32. Congratulations Cindy. Good quotes. I’m starting to wonder if they even have students read KSW Series 1 at the beginning of courses any longer. If they are, they sure aren’t getting it. Here’s a line from KSW that the dwarf may not want people reading:
    “So the ogre which might eat us up is not the government or the High Priests. It’s our possible failure to retain and practice our technology.”
    It got me thinking……….years ago. That’s right dwarf, I’ve been on to you for years.

  33. Cindy, great announcement. I love the quote you included “[People] learn to keep their mouths shut, and it’s the wrong lesson. When in doubt, talk.”

    I agree with Yvonne regarding how you will be helping others by making this stand. I’m finding amongst the friends I’ve been in comm with recently that every person like yourself, who steps forward DOES tip the balance a bit more. It’s just that much more reality and agreement. I was asked recently by an OTVII if I would keep him abreast if any more of his friends came “out” (he knows I’m reading the blogs, but he’s too scared to go THAT far). He’s on the fence, and almost ready to jump…. but he’s got a “safety in numbers” thing happening. It’s a big deal stating your Independence, especially for someone mid OTVII. But the interesting thing is there is a groundswell happening that is truly heartening. So, thank you for adding that much more theta and for growing the numbers to make it easier for others to follow in your wake.

    and on another note…

    Alright you Italians…I know you love a good game. You gonna let the Texans whoop you? Seriously??

  34. JW,

    “Look Don’t Listen” is actually a PL.

    One of the Admin Know How Series.

  35. Fellow Traveller

    Welcome Ms Cindy.

    Texas is alive with operatin’ folk. I give all y’all this in a fair use quote from RJ 36:

    It is you who choose your future, it is you who holds firmly to your goals or lets them slip.

    It is you who insists upon receiving standard tech or tolerates shoddy substitutes.

    When all is said it is you who will be with yourself at the end.

    And it is you who will ask yourself, did I do right or did I do wrong?

    And the state you find yourself in will be the answer.

    Will you become a brighter person or a cinder?

    It is you who choose or not to achieve a higher state.

    Standard ethics will keep you and your friends on the straight road.

    Standard policy will give you a powerful organization, expanding and prosperous.

    Standard tech will take you into states of beingness where nothing can strike you down.”

    I think the state is Texas.

    Bruce Pratt

  36. Cindy Pinsonnault

    How very welcome you have all made me feel. I’ve already mentioned to a few friends how free my communication feels. Thank you, thank you for your friendship!

    And I can’t take credit for the quotes. They are all the quotes from others that I found helpful in guiding me to independence.


  37. Cindy, You know I love you for stepping out there and just adding another in the stat column for true freedom. We have to keep rounding up more Texans, we are stats to go up, up, up.

    Every day since my announcement, I wake up around 2-3am — slept just enough — and I have this incredible sensation of “I’m not in jail anymore”. “I’m Free”. And I am. The amount of pts-ness that we have all accepted as ‘normal’ is beyond unfathomable, until you are on the other side.

    Each day I find it more and more full of promise and great havingness. And prior to the announcement, there were days it wasn’t so good. A little something we all have R.

    Once you unequivocally DECIDE – it is a beautiful thing that happens. Pure freedom comes in all kinds of unexpected places.

    Its magic when you are not pts. The slightest postulate manifests itself in the blink of the eye. I think I am in love with life — because I have a new life. And I am grateful.
    Much love my dear,

  38. Freedom Fighter

    “[People] learn to keep their mouths shut, and it’s the wrong lesson. When in doubt, talk.” — The Phoenix Lectures 1954

    Boy, ain’t that the truth!! The current atmosphere in the church these days enforces the wrong lesson. Speak up and you get sent to Ethics. Speak up loudly enough and get booted out and your name drug through the mud. Force is used to introvert you into thinking that you’re just nattering when, in fact, you simply have the awareness and guts to observe what you observe and compare it to what the Old Man said, see the descrepancies, and say something about it.

    “Truth is treason in the empire of lies.” Ron Paul

    Welcome, Cindy! It’s good to have you here.

  39. Welcome Cindy, you are a woman with integrity. I loved your write-up and if ever I can be of assistance I am here for you!

  40. JW,
    Look, don’t listen (without quotes) is in KSW 1. Read the section with examples about auditor reports, incredible amounts of TA in session, etc. You will find LRH talking about listening to the brag, etc and not looking at the auditor’s report, the session records, or looking at the student. RJ is correct that the quotes is an actual PL. The concept is clearly in KSW 1.

  41. Freedom Fighter

    One other thing on this: Back in Aug. 09, Jeff posted the following on his blog “Personal Integrity vs. Fear”

    It’s a great post. If you haven’t read it, I highly recommend it.

  42. Welcome Cindy! Congratulations!
    Very glad to have you here with us.

  43. Alex Braverman

    Greetings Cindy!
    You are a shining example of why I love Texans! Sunshine has a way of disinfecting, doesn’t it? Freedom is priceless and Freedom is refreshing, I sincerely hope that more Scientologist that are ‘in’ get the opportunity to read your post and decide for themselves; do I want to be suppressed by David Miscavige and his endless ‘fundraising’ that only serves to allow him to live in such opulence and to shower the likes of Tom Cruise and his wife, Katie Holmes, with outlandish and expensive gifts at the expense of all the followers? Or, do I want to live with absolute freedom and truth? I’m sincerely glad you choose the freedom and live by the truth, congratulations!

  44. Joe, here are my Google results so far, although could I swear I read it in a complete form somewhere recently:
    It is possibly a quote from an Academy lecture, and possibly from the 1st Melbourne ACC.

  45. Scott Campbell

    To Steve H,

    I’m currently working on bringing my best buddy (your boat engine mechanic) with us to Independents Day.

    I never heard back from you on the boat. Did I get the story right? Or was it loss of short term memory?

    Meanwhile… a little HGC music for ya’.


  46. Tony DePhillips

    Hi Cindy!
    Gotta love a gal with courage.
    Welcome and hope to see you at the Indie party.

  47. Congradulations Cindy for having the Courage to step out in the right direction. You will love it out here…it’s a breath of fresh air instead of being stuck in all that COS smog!!!!
    :). Lori

  48. Hello Cindy,
    The point about ignoring more and more things that were done in violation of policy and KSW is well taken. If it had all happened at once there’d have been more people noticing, but we all sort of “swallowed the horse capsule” drop by drop.

    One thing that finally makes people shake themselves out of the coma is when they realize that there are “no results” as LRH talked about. And there’s plenty of “no results” available at every org. Step right up and get your fill! LOL

  49. Scott Campbell


    My bad bro, I just went back and read your comments. Enjoy the above.

    More than glad to help a fellow pirate, mate!

    I’m thinkin’ we need to have 2 parties a year. The second one is the politically incorrect Bo’sun’s Party!

    What say ye, mate?


  50. Cindy, welcome to the group of Indepenend Scientologists. Your viewpoint on standard tech and admin is going to fit in just nicely out here because it don’t mean a dammed thing inside the Church.

    Texas is kicking ass. Do we have any bids for Arizona and Nevada indies? Let’s see some new blood from the southwest.

    ML Tom

  51. Floating Needle

    The sun is shining in Texas tonight!

    Welcome Cindy… you are among friends.

  52. “Thus it happens in matters of state,when knowing a far off,which is only a given a prudent man to do, the evils that are brewing they are easily cured, but when for want of such knowledge they are allowed to grow until everybody can recognise them there is no longer any remedy to be found”

  53. Cindy,
    Very nicely said, thank-you!

  54. So nice to meet ya, Cindy! 🙂

  55. one of those who see

    Hi Cindy, Thank you for writing up your observations. Called a friend and read it outloud to him over the phone. He is not posting yet. Hope he soon will be. Needs to get a computer!
    Marty it is hard to keep up with the announcements! And I’m sure it is going to get harder and harder.
    Congrats to Texas! You are in action!

  56. Hello Cynthia! Great news! I loved what you said about KSW:

    “I thought I understood “Keeping Scientology Working,” and yet for years I have remained silent while the technology has been degraded and misapplied. I accept my share of the responsibility for allowing this to happen.”

  57. This is great stuff.

  58. So perhaps it is fair to say that “Look, don’t listen” expresses a conceptual understanding of that part of KSW #1? And perhaps in the PL that RJ cites LRH does say it in just those exact words?

  59. Congratulations, Cindy!!

    Me is grinning 🙂

  60. Some of the presentations at the Oslo freedom forum seem quite relevant here, this presentation on censorship and secrecy really struck a chord.

  61. That’s wonderful, Kay – I know EXACTLY what you mean!

  62. 40 Yr Scientologist

    Congrats Cindy!

    Here is a little something I just put together in honor of your announcement, and the Indy spirit!

  63. Madame Blavatsky

    This is awesome. It’s time to do a middle-east on Miscavige!

  64. Independent Scientologist

    I have to chime in that although I was not a resident of Texas when I made my announcement that I was leaving the church, I did live there for a couple of decades. A great, great place. The only state I have been in where there is an honest sense of pride just because you were born there and live there. Texas Scientologists used to talk about being the first Clear country!

    – Ron Matlock

  65. Congratulations for staying true to your own goals Cindy.

    Early on I realized that when evil people tell you you are suppressive then you know you are doing the right thing — you are suppressing their evil.

    America was started with a rag tag, barely suriving group of pilgrams. We are much stronger than that by now.

  66. Welcome and thank you for your story impresses me to read

  67. Makes my heart sing to see my friends having such wins. ML, Yvonne

  68. Mrs. Friend of Ron

    Welcome, welcome, welcome! You are in a place where welcome means something like nowhere else – except maybe in that great state of yours… =)
    Point is, I have never felt so welcome nor have I ever known the feeling of true friendship as I have recently, getting to know more and more truely free beings who have decided to HAVE true freedom and help pave the way to make it safer and and safer for others to have it too.
    I hope you feel the love and true friendship you are so wisely pulling in for yourself.
    Much love to you, …and did I say Welcome?!

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  70. Congratulation Cindy!!
    Look forward to meet you at the independents day!!
    lots of love and WELCOME!!!

    Silvia Kusada

  71. Tony DePhillips

    I’d love to be part of the politically incorrect Bosun’s Party matey!!

  72. Welcome Cindy! I totally agree that Scientology used to be fun! Getting rid of all that brainwashing is such a relief isn’t it?


  73. A very appropriate communication from Mr. Hubbard:

    “The next time you think you’re having an awful lot of trouble somewhere, well, just wonder whether or not you can’t communicate with it. And if you communicated with it gently enough, it won’t backfire hard. If you communicate and—miscalculate a little bit and communicate too much or too fast or with too much velocity, it’s liable to come back and knock your head off. But that’s all right, put your head back on and communicate again. That’s always what you must do. The reason you stopped communicating in the first place is you lost a few heads, but what are heads? Expendable.”
    — L. Ron Hubbard

    Excerpted from the lecture Power of Choice and Self-Determinism, delivered on 29 October 1955.

    There is a group that will knock your head off for saying what you think and what you feel.
    There is a group that will receive, listen, acknowledge, and discuss your communication openly and honestly.

    Welcome Cindy. Thanks for heartfelt communication.

  74. Dear Cindy,

    That is one heck of a declaration! I especially love the LRH references you have cited.

    Also, given the flood of Texans into the Independent camp, I can confidently assert that the Psychotic Pygmy (dm) hates Texas.

    The floodgates are open. Whose next?

    ML, Tom Gallagher

  75. 40 Yr Scientologist

    Here is a link to the same video, easier to use:

  76. Conny Lundberg

    Very Well Done, Cindy!!!:)))

  77. Dear Cindy,

    I also started at a small mission in New York and once had bright goals of getting up the Bridge and helping Mankind; goals that eventually no longer seemed attainable and that I had given up on. Your write-up, Michael Fairman’s, Luis Garcia’s, and others I have read now explain much of what has happened and have given me hope for the first time in many years. Thank you.

  78. Kain’t ‘member the last politically incorrect Bosun’s party I was et but they told me I had a good time 🙂

  79. Kathy Braceland


    You know, you could post something spectacular your own darn self. Like oh…say…maybe you could write your own letter of independence. I could supply a picture if you want. Personally, I would love to know your entire story. Speak up young man. Don’t make me come up there….

  80. Great to have you out and about !

    Another quote for you.

    You can observe a lot just by watching.

    – Yogi Berra

  81. Tony DePhillips

    Hey M-6.
    I had my fill at the no results buffet. I finally had to leave as I just couldn’t swallow anymore.
    Sure enjoying dessert out at the restaurant of free life!

  82. Tony DePhillips

    LOL. Docs please…

  83. Tony DePhillips

    +1 Madame B!!

  84. Cynthia said :

    International events present flashy but false statistics in an attempt to show success where there is none. Events have become overhyped sales pitches for the latest round of fund raising and the aggrandizement of David Miscavige, who now presents LRH materials that he has “fixed.”

    Fund raising has become more important than tech delivery, more important than spiritual freedom, more important than the bridge.

    Finance and org policies have been ignored or altered to support a flawed ideal org scheme.

    Cindy, this is so very well said.
    In a few short lines, you said so much.
    Beautiful write up, truly from the heart.
    I so look forward to meeting you.

  85. ΘTater/GaryLerner

    Hi Cindy! Very Very Well Done!!! You are amongst friends here and as you’ve no doubt observed, we’re a bunch of Honorary Texans (expect for the real ones of course 🙂 ).

    I really liked your posting and declaration of independence. I do believe you’ve communicated your feelings and viewpoints to everyone. 🙂

    Just Say No To Davey!

    Love and ARC,
    Gary (a villager with a branding iron with davey in mind).

  86. That Lone Start stands for Independence!
    It’s in our history as well as our blood. 😉

    I’m thinking about making up a flag similar to this:

    …but with an e-meter on it.
    What do you think? Marty would fly it, surely! LOL

  87. Dang, Quick… better get with the program. I think she means it!
    And as for the “so many good references” point you made, try reading every OEC and the Executive Series! It’s very distracting when you’re trying to study… when you’re three feet away from the book! LOL

  88. I love that, Bruce!
    LRH asks the questions that define it all:
    1) Are you and your friends on the straight road?
    2) Is your organization expanding and prospering?
    3) Is your beingness improving?

    If you are not improving on a personal level, your group is not growing, then you and company are NOT on the straight road. Put all these questions to the nearest kool-aid drinker and get them to confront the answer! Wow!

    new Independent. 😉

  89. Joe Wog,
    HCOPL 16 March 1972 (esto series 8)

  90. oops that should be esto series 8
    wordpress turned my 8 into an emoticon!

  91. Woo Hoo Kay! So glad to hear these wins. Isn’t it just wonderful?

  92. Great post! Thanks.

  93. Cindy Pinsonnault

    I had to add this. It came from, of all places, Bridge Pubs. But it just seems too fitting. (all caps emphasis added by me)

    “Confrontingness is awareness. One can be aware—this is the eight-billion-seven-hundred-and-sixty-two-dollar question answered—one can be aware only of that which they are in some way willing to confront. Some willingness to confront is necessary for the phenomenon known as awareness.


”One can be aware of those things which he is willing in some way to confront. One, if he is willing—even to some slight degree—willing to confront something, he can become aware of it; but if he cannot confront it and will not confront it and HAS AN IDEA THAT HE MUST NOT CONFRONT IT, it after a while disappears entirely from view and he is NO LONGER ABLE TO BE AWARE OF IT. And in that is contained IQ, ability, talent and all other such factors.”


— L. Ron Hubbard

    Excerpted from the lecture Background on Scale of Havingness delivered on 31 December 1956.

  94. I sort of like the way MLK did it better…not so violent!

  95. No docs.

    (seems no one wanted to leave a self incriminating paper trail)

    But I do vaguely remember something called “Bosun’s punch”.

    Punch being the operative word.

    I think the busy lil’ Sea Org elves wanted to show us Non SO land lubbers that they knew how to pardee hardee.

    Anyway after a few lusty swigs of that swill which tasted something like a cross between lighter fluid, jet fuel and Baccardi’s.

    The last thing I remember was lying on my back counting the ceiling tiles of Leb Hall while catching a few bars of “What do we do with a Drunken Sailor?” or some other drinking song.

  96. Love the quote!

  97. Welcome to the blog Thomas, nice to hear from you!

  98. Howdy Pardner Cindy,
    Now Houston has an Indie delegation! Loved your letter. In re: to “When in doubt, talk.” You won’t find any lack of communication in this group! It’s great to have another Texan here that’s been in longer than me. I got in November 30,1971, on my first visit to Austin Org, bought two intensives, came back next day and bought Pro-TR’s Course. What a wild ride! But the Indie buckin’ bronc is the wildest ride of all! You’re gonna love it! Hope to see you at the Ho Down, (and we all know who the “Ho” is that’s goin’ down), for some Chillin’ and Grillin’!
    Sooner or later, there are some wanna-be Scientologists that are gonna learn:


    Much love,
    Catherine von Ach
    Austin Indie Delegation and Welcome Wagon!
    The PI’s might be circling, but we’ll give em snorkels and firewater, and see what happens! Maybe they’ll pass out on the shores of the lake, and leave us alone.
    P.S. Proud of you girl, it takes courage to come out, but oh, is it ever so worth it, as you’ve already found out!

  99. Living is a pretty grim joke, but a joke just the same. The entire function of man is to survive. Not for ‘what’ but just to survive. I turned the thing up so it’s up to me to survive in a big way. Personal immortality is only to be gained through the printed word, barred note or painted canvas or hard granite. Foolishly perhaps, but determined nonetheless, I have high hopes of smashing my name into history so violently that it will take a legendary form even if all the books are destroyed. That goal is the real goal as far as I am concerned. Things which stand too consistently in my way make me nervous. It’s a pretty big job. In a hundred years Roosevelt will have been forgotten, which gives some idea of the magnitude of my attempt.”

    -L. Ron Hubbard

  100. Pingback: Top Posts —

  101. Bozz — Can’t see your link. But we will be flying the Independent Scientologists’ flag designed by Steve Hall last year. If you’ve got something ti fly alongside it, I am sure there will be plenty of room.

  102. 40 Yr Scientologist

    Wonderful selection, Cindy, and SO pertinent!

  103. Scott Campbell

    Fuck yeah,

    Someone has to keep the traditions of the Sea Org alive. Nothin’ like a great party at Christmas time where the men dress up as pirates and the women dress as saucy wenches! Man, we had some good ones before CMO put the clamps on us and turned it into a dull bummer.


  104. Scott Campbell

    “It is not the critic who counts; not the man who points out how the strong man stumbles, or where the doer of deeds could have done them better. The credit belongs to the man who is actually in the arena, whose face is marred by dust and sweat and blood, who strives valiantly; who errs and comes short again and again; because there is not effort without error and shortcomings; but who does actually strive to do the deed; who knows the great enthusiasm, the great devotion, who spends himself in a worthy cause, who at the best knows in the end the triumph of high achievement and who at the worst, if he fails, at least he fails while daring greatly. So that his place shall never be with those cold and timid souls who know neither victory nor defeat.” – Theodore Roosevelt

  105. Scott Campbell

    That was fuckin’ funny Silvia!

    The Church of Scientology is going green! It’s recycling clears!


  106. Scott Campbell

    Hi Cathie,

    Speaking of Ho’s…

  107. Theo Sismanides

    Cindy welcome to the path of freedom and truth! Let’s fight the suppression of knowledge and wisdom by those Misc-Engrams.

    We are growing bigger and more powerful every day speaking the Truth!!!

    Thank you so much for standing up against suppression!!

  108. Cindy,
    Isn’t it amazing how Patrick Howson and Nancy Vaughn keep those emails with the LRH quotes coming? They have what may be the best jobs in all of Mestsavagedom! Read/listen to LRH, find cool quotes, load them into the autoresponder, and blast them out! They may be the last bastions of theta in the entire Church of Mestsavagery.

  109. Thank you for the welcome, Karen, much appreciated!

  110. V,
    Don’t be too sure. It’s not known how much these guys have to stay up to meet their quotas!

  111. Cindy,

    Welcome to the Indies! Great point you bring up on Look & don’t Listen on KSW.

  112. Scott, This is hilarious. You definitely saved my boat — I still have it today! Just tell that boat engine mechanic to use a jack not just his arms to support any cars he gets under.

  113. Claire Swazey

    Nice to see you posting here. I don’t know if you remember me.

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